AWOL (2016) Movie Script

Service to the country, occupation
and career enhancement,
leadership, diversity,
income, excitement and respect.
They're all great reasons
to join the army.
Which would you say
is your number one priority?
- Excitement.
- Occupation.
What are you naturally good at?
I uh, I'm good at fixing cars.
Like the old diesel engines
not the new computerized ones.
I'll tell you what.
You take the ASVAB.
We schedule the physical and
then we three will have another
little sit down and seal the deal.
All right?
All righty.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Excuse me.
Your change.
You'd totally get a guy
who'd do it for free.
Yeah, but I didn't
know any better.
I wanted to test it out.
I didn't think
anyone was looking.
Ice cream time, ladies.
So what do I need to do to get
my friend here some ice cream?
I'm all closed up.
Pretty please.
Got some chocolate sauce?
Are you working here
all weekend?
I am.
I bet you could use a beer.
Or two.
There's plenty
of beer at my house.
I'm playing music
with some friends later.
Play music with my friends.
Okay, let's keep
this party going.
You've been cradling
that same beer all night.
I bet you haven't
taken two swigs.
Don't be sorry, baby girl.
- Let's catch up.
- -Rayna.
We're taking off.
Oh, I should probably see
if I can get a ride.
They're not going anywhere.
All right.
I pour, you drink.
You don't want
to be rude. Do you?
You like me, huh?
Nailed it.
I knew it.
Hannah, Sadie.
Hi, gram.
You girls want some
Mac and cheese?
I said you guys want
some Mac and cheese?
You're gonna break
that horse if you sit there.
All right, Sadie.
Who wants some Mac and cheese?
You want to go ask mommy's friend
if she wants some Mac and cheese?
Who is she?
- What?
- -Who is she?
I don't know.
You've got to ask her.
What's your name?
I like that name.
You wanna ask mommy's friend
if she wants some
delicious Mac and cheese?
You want some of this?
- For lunch.
- Want some?
You can stay if you want to.
I'm, uh...
Half an hour late for work.
Hey, gram!
Could you drop my friend off
on your way home?
All right.
This is just between us,
you know that, right?
Okay, bye.
Girls you wanna say goodbye
to mommy's friend, Joey?
Bye, Joey.
Bye, Joey.
When you finish, you
better call your mom
because she was here
looking for you.
- You hear me?
- Mm-hmm.
Sounds good.
And where were you last night?
At a friend's party.
What friend?
No one you know.
I know everyone.
Can I, uh,
borrow your Van?
What friend?
A girl named Rayna.
Rayna hooks up chicks?
I said I was at her party.
Yeah, but you didn't
come home last night.
She knows you're my sister.
You know her too?
She's trash, Joey.
She's one of those girls
who'll just keep having babies
so she can get
a fatter welfare check.
Seriously, Joey, her husband
is an asshole.
Doesn't even drive a truck.
Well, he doesn't seem to be
around that much anyhow.
Started out this morning so...
Did you check the battery
before you took the starter out?
Your husband's
on the road a lot.
You wanna take a shot?
Yeah, I will.
Can we have two wild turkeys?
Oh, my god.
So you kind of have
the voice of an angel.
Just sweet, beautiful.
So, how long you been playing
with Pete and them?
Uh, like, since
graduation I guess.
Which was...
Like a couple of months ago.
You're getting out of here?
I'm not going to scoop ice
cream for the rest of my life.
Big muscles, big dreams.
Yeah, my mom says
I'm army material.
That's a good place to meet men.
The army.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I don't know if I should do it.
My sister is having a baby
and I wanna stick around.
Help her out so...
No, you should get out of
here when you can, soldier.
Yeah, where we going?
I am never leaving.
We're gonna have
a very good time
before you get out of here.
What are we gonna do?
I don't know,
I have a few ideas.
Probably starting with shots.
William, two shots.
A brown stuff.
Oh, my god.
Is that you wearing
a bon jovi t-shirt?
My mom and one of her
creepo boyfriends
took me to a concert in Jersey,
for the one and only time I've
ever been out of Pennsylvania.
Your mom was cool though.
She was flying, Joey.
Passed out before
the concert even started.
Scumbag fingered me
under the bleachers
while they played
"livin' on a prayer".
Don't look at me like that.
I ain't gonna tell you nothing.
Let me show you.
I went to this rainbow gathering
on the other side
of Pennsylvania.
Trippy amazing.
There's the grateful dead
and still,
still going and Jerry Garcia...
We could go on tour.
I bet they've got
a real nice bus.
And we can get fake boyfriends.
So that
no one will be suspicious.
I don't care what people think.
Yeah, right.
There are these girls
at the rainbow gathering...
and they were all
lovey-dovey and shit,
and they shared a tent,
and nobody in their crew
said nothing about it.
Where were they from?
I asked them.
Burlington, Vermont.
I took off next Wednesday
to take you to that
army physical.
Keep those on,
and try the blouse with them.
Mary's niece, Kelly,
you remember her?
Kind of.
Bonnie's older sister.
She was in the service,
and she went to college,
and now she's teaching fifth
grade over in Tunkhannock.
Mary says she loved the army.
Made lots of friends.
Yeah, um...
I don't know, ma, Chet said
that I could keep my hours
and just start doing cow chores
once the ice cream
season slows down.
And the band's got gigs.
Tuck it in.
I think Pete and Kris are probably
gonna need help with the baby too.
Oh, Kristen's got my help.
You need to start thinking
about your own future, honey.
And I think...
Kristen is fixing to ask you about
turning your room into the baby's room,
so, well, we're gonna
have to figure that out.
That's a church outfit.
After dinner, could you
give me a ride to Noxen?
Fair season is over, honey.
Why do you need to go out there?
Just visiting a friend.
People make crystal methane
at Noxen.
I saw it on the news.
She's nice, ma.
Pete and Kristen know her.
The law that has been known
as "don't ask, don't tell..."
Please tell me you are not
gonna try and stay around here
and let Pete and Kristen's friends
have a bad influence on you.
It's not gonna be like that.
Sexual orientation,
with our fear of reprisal.
So do you water
the cows every night?
- Yeah.
- Do you milk the cows?
One sec.
- Who the hell is up there?
- Oh, fuck.
I'm gonna perforate that loft with
buckshots in about 30 seconds
if you don't come down.
Oh, hey, Chet, just me.
I was watering the cows and I noticed
they could use a little bit more hay.
Sorry, Chet, I didn't
mean to scare you.
I think it's about time your
boyfriend came down from up there.
There's no one up there.
You're looking for me?
Do you think that
you could help me down?
I'm a little bit scared
of rickety old ladders.
Thank you.
Could they make like a
hemp-flavored ice cream?
I think that would be cool.
I got fired.
From the dairy?
What did you do? Gave away
too many free scoops?
No, you, uh...
You dipped the chocolate
with the strawberry scooper?
You got caught doing
the nasty at work?
Not nasty.
You did.
So, like, what? Did you go muff
diving in the back cooler?
Don't be a pig, Pete, come on.
You're a champ.
You're a fucking champ, Joey.
I don't know what your mom's
always talking about,
you not living up
to your potential.
You're like a carpet-munching
What's that supposed to mean?
That I'm not living up
to my potential?
Why isn't Kristen living
up to her potential?
She's the one who's
about to be a mom.
Yeah, well we're
already lost causes.
You're the hope, sister.
Let's go.
I'm coming in with you.
I don't mind seeing
how Rayna's looking.
Nope. -First time I ate
my shrimps was with her.
Did you know that?
Hey, Hannah.
Hey, Sadie.
Hi, Joey.
Rayna, I love you
and I want to be with you.
Let's go to Vermont.
Who is it?
It's Joey. Uh, she babysits the
girls and I owe her some money.
Joey, come to the club.
Oh, no, that's okay.
I'll just come back tomorrow.
Well, did you walk?
Where's your car?
It's down the road.
Well, come on in if you're in.
Come, Rayna, let's get
the baby sitter...
What kind of beer do you drink?
Oh, I'm okay.
Get her a beer.
You look after my girls?
Let me ask you something, Joey,
since you know I'm not someone who
knows what goes on around here.
Where has she been when you're
doing all this babysitting?
I don't know,
shopping and stuff.
Get the fuck out of here.
- All right.
- Shut up.
This was seriously...
What's your damn business?
What do I owe you?
Uh, thirty bucks.
That much?
I think so.
You want to get my wallet, baby?
Shit. Oh...
All right, service is rendered.
- It's okay, don't worry about it.
- No.
Take it.
I'll call you if I need you.
Give me a hand.
Where is he now?
Passed out on the couch
till morning.
The girls, they're...
In the car.
Jesus, Joey, I'm kidding.
They're with their gram.
- I hate this.
- Joey.
You're not the only one
that feels something.
I don't understand you.
If you fell like having sex
with him so much,
what are you doing with me?
What am I supposed to do?
Leave Roy?
Yeah. -And then what?
And then what?
- You tell me?
- We can get a place.
You, me, and the girls.
Being with you,
I feel like I'm...
You know, I'm gonna
have to start over.
You are, we can.
No, Joey.
I can't. I can't.
Well, don't worry.
I won't come by again, if that's
what you came here to tell me.
I took the ASVAB,
that army test.
Still thinking
of joining the army?
I can't afford
all that by myself.
So you do want to go to
college, you just can't cut it.
Well, let's say I did,
which, I'm not saying I do,
the army will
help me pay for it.
Yeah, well...
There ain't
nothing for free, Joey.
Here they go.
Hannah, come
get your pumpkin, sweetie.
Hannah, is this what you want?
- What about that one?
- Hannah, come over here.
What about that one over there?
This one, okay.
- Roy?
- Yeah, babe.
Here, I'll pay, you go
and put the girls in the car.
- Yeah?
- All right.
Oh, look at that pumpkin.
I love it.
The girls keep asking me
to take 'em to Joey's ice cream.
How much do I owe you?
I've got to give you something.
Otherwise my hubby
will get suspicious.
You working here tomorrow?
What time you get off?
Ooh, attitude.
Just run out of places
for you to get me fired from.
Little miss trouble.
I think you like
my kind of trouble.
You ever been to giants' spear?
No, ma'am.
I get off work at five.
Note taken.
We wanna get out.
We wanna get out.
Joey's pumpkins.
There was this horse,
and it was going blind.
It had this big field
all around him.
But it always just stayed right
close to this other horse.
Turns out the other horse
had a bell around its neck.
And the blind horse followed
this horse wherever it went.
They became almost inseparable.
Just the sound of it was enough.
So what are you
saying, that I'm...
Lost and you're gonna
show me the way?
Or am I the horse with the bell?
I'm just saying
that sometimes...
God brings people
into our lives,
and what we thought was our fate
really isn't anymore.
You really believe
all that hoopla?
What hoopla?
The Bible bangin' hoopla.
You know, all preachers
are perverts, Joey.
You act like the way things
are for you and the girls
is the only way that it can be.
But it's not.
You wanna
make a family
with me and my girls?
Then join the army
and get yourself some
skills and some money.
Forget it.
Sing a song.
Come on.
Sing a song.
Now I know
you don't like gospel.
Oh, I said I didn't like church.
I never said
I didn't like gospel.
Now I'm gonna keep going,
and you're gonna do your thing.
I'm not singing all alone.
- Oh, you're so good.
- Oh, come on.
You are, you know that.
- One more time.
- All right.
Roy lost his job, Joey.
He gets back from
his run tonight and that's it.
Last time he was unemployed, he was
home for four and a half months.
I'm not gonna let you
blow your future,
sticking around here and
making $7.25 an hour,
sneaking around with some...
Married woman from the sticks.
Are you?
- I don't...
- Now get in there.
I don't mind
sticking around here.
I don't mind waiting for you.
Pumpkins will be done, Joey.
You're gonna make
your mama real proud
loafing around here in welfare.
Just 'cause I stay here doesn't
mean I have to end up like you.
But I'm still gonna be
right here when you get back.
Do this for us, Joey.
Baby's room.
Looks great, kiddo.
I signed up for the army.
You did?
I haven't heard any talk
about the army for weeks.
Three years in, and I kind of
qualified to fix APCs and rhinos
and all the big stuff.
You signed up tonight?
Yeah, I signed up
tonight or this afternoon.
I have three years of service,
I wanna go to college,
and if I do, the army will help
me pay for a good chunk of it.
Well, put that roller down
and give your mom a hug, honey.
This is big news. -I've got
wet paint all over me, mom.
Right face, left face.
Present arm.
The diagnostics tool is the most
important tool that you're gonna have.
So, we would like to have each
one of you mechanics in the shop
to come up and use this
diagnostics tool
instead of trying
to just figure out by head.
Hut! Attention.
Right face.
If we have a vacuum leak,
where do we find it?
If you have a vacuum leak,
what you're gonna do is...
Look at the air
in the induction system.
The induction system
that you got.
And Joey, you're doing a good job.
I really appreciate that.
Right face.
- One, two, three.
- -One.
- One, two, three.
- -Two.
All soldiers be advised,
bus departs post in 1400 hours.
Final boarding call.
- You've got to pay for it.
- -What?
- I did.
- Did you make the beans?
I opened the can.
That's making beans, right?
That's what the extent is.
Culinary master.
Joey, your mom told me
they've been having you
fixing some tanks
down there in Virginia.
Is that what they're gonna
have you do in Iraq?
Uh, it's more like fixing
armored covered vehicles.
They're called rhinos.
That right, they're gonna
have you fix rhinos under fire?
Yeah, and I'm gonna be worried
about her night and day.
Pete, I heard
you got yourself a new job.
Uh, actually it was last month,
this month he got a raise.
Anyone wants soda?
Joey, you're gonna be filling in
for that shitty singer
Pete's been playing with?
If he wants me to.
Yeah, of course, she is.
- All right.
- We're practicing tonight.
Tomorrow should probably do.
Tomorrow works.
Oh, finally here. It feels like I've
been waiting for you for hours.
Beard! Since when
did you have that too?
Since I heard you liked it.
Is that enough to buy you
a shot or what?
Can I?
- Here.
- No.
Here's one on the house.
Uh, no.
You like it?
- What?
- Working in there.
Do you like it?
Pays better than Wendy's and I don't
smell like a fryer when I get home.
I don't know.
Looks like you're on display.
That's how I make
my tips, baby girl.
You could serve people drinks
without flashing your boobs.
Don't give me that fucking
possessive husband shit, Joey.
I don't need two of you.
I'm sorry.
I have some fun, Joey.
Just a little fucking fun.
I want to have fun too.
The girls are sleeping so we
have to be quiet, okay? -Okay.
I love you, Joey.
I love you, Rayna.
Oh, baby.
I wanna run away with you.
I hate life without you.
Come live on the post with me.
Be my army wife.
- In Afghanistan?
- Mm-hmm.
I'm just gonna pretend for
now that you're not leaving.
Me too.
Voila, you have light.
You're chipper these days.
You're not on drugs, are you?
Well, your ma didn't
start on all that
till you were already
in grade school.
So I gotta check.
All right, what's the
story with the stove?
Only one of them
burners is working.
If Roy gets you a new stove,
are you gonna keep it clean?
Oh, what do I need
with a new stove?
I'm gonna die this year.
I just want one of them
big burners to work.
You should ask Roy
for a new stove.
Better take it while you can,
'cause who know how long
he's gonna be in the picture.
Don't you start that nonsense.
You've been taking up
with them town boys again?
Don't you want me to be happy?
You're not gonna be happy
when all the kids in school
are beating up on your girls.
They're not babies
no more, Rayna.
This stove is not broken, gram.
You just got to clean it.
You know, your Roy treats be better
than any of my kids ever did.
That's setting
the bar real high.
I'm gonna surprise mom
on Christmas morning
with a fixed up car.
Motor oil, spark plugs,
I'm gonna have that dog singin'.
That's after you get mine
and Kristen's singin', right?
Oh, I forgot to tell you.
This amazing engine diagnostics
tool that I brought back,
it's worth, like, I don't know, 3000 bucks.
It tells you everything.
They let you to do that?
Just like...
Borrow a $3000 tool?
Well, I mean...
The check-in counter
was closed,
and I wasn't going
to miss my bus.
God forbid!
Not another second without
my beautiful Rayna!
Oh, god!
She's a good person, Pete.
Let me ask you something, Joey.
You think the day
is ever gonna come
when she's gonna leave that husband
and go and be gay with you?
Yeah, I do.
I mean, I support you,
I do. I support you.
It's just, you know, it's...
Shit, this was on sale
last week.
Same... hey, you...
Are you that babysitter
my little girls have been
talking so much about?
The one with the boy name?
Yeah, Joey. Hi.
Hello, hey.
Yeah, she's over heating right
smack in the middle of winter.
You should check the antifreeze.
So you fixes cars, huh?
Uh, I fix trucks in the army.
No, in the army?
I was in the army too.
Oh, shit.
You know, Rayna used to write
me the sweetest letters.
It really kept me going.
Hey, Joey.
- Yeah.
- Think we're gonna be late.
Yeah. Um, tell Sadie
and Hannah I said hi.
- Hey.
- There's my girl.
Fifteen minutes, honey.
All right.
Room three is empty,
if you wanna put a little
color in those cheeks.
Hmm, I'm fine.
How can I help you, honey?
You know a better
mani-pedi special?
Fuck Roy.
Fuck the army.
Let's start over
like you said, Joey.
What's your ma gonna say when you
bring home a bloody carcass?
Uh, hell no.
My mom's already got 500
questions she's dying to ask
without suspicious dead animals who
knocks around in our doorstep.
You could, uh,
dry up some deer jerky.
Eat it on your way to Vermont.
Let's bring it back to your
place and butcher it ourselves.
Roy is coming home.
Roy is always coming home.
Yeah, well, that's the way it
works when you're married, Joey.
That's the way it works
when you're too afraid
of the unknown to change
your life for the better.
I'm sitting here,
telling you I want to change
my life for the better.
I think it's you.
You're the one
who's too afraid now.
It's not legal.
I signed something
that said three years
because you took me to the
recruiting center and told me to.
Rayna, let's wait and do
it right, like you said.
You're fuckin' full of shit, Joey.
You know that?
I don't think you have any plans
of ever really being
with me ever.
I'm just your goddamn
Christmas vacation.
So let's just leave it at that.
You better hurry up
if you want a ride home.
I'm taking this deer
to gram's house.
When you headed out, Roy?
You used to like it.
Excuse me, how much is this?
You were in the salon
the other day.
Oh, uh, yeah.
My mom works there.
Well, that's cute,
hanging at the mall
with your mom.
Well, I'm only back for a
few days, I'm in the army.
Shouldn't think
that's hot but I do.
Men in uniform.
Got to do what I got to do.
I'm Haley.
I'm Joey.
That's your given name?
Ew, Haley picked
her up at the mall.
Joey, you're in the army?
- Mm-hmm.
- Wow.
Yeah, you guys, um...
You all go to college?
Oberlin, Wesley, and Smith.
So, um, post
"don't ask, don't tell,"
is it the dawn of a new era,
or an even more precarious
situation for lesbians?
Well... -I'm sure it's
the same fuckin' shit.
Women's sexual harassment
complaints are rarely pursued,
while charges of homosexuality
made by the same men
are almost always investigated.
Wait. What?
Hello, can Joey answer
my question please?
I mean, yeah, the army
is just like regular life.
Some people are cool.
Some people are assholes.
So what are you into?
Girls, clearly.
I think the term "girl"
is really derogatory,
unless you literally mean
underage young women,
in which case you should
probably keep that to yourself.
Oh, that's not what I meant.
It's cool. I like you.
Yeah, you don't know me.
So tell me something.
Like what?
Are you out to your family?
Kinda. Are you?
If you were rich would you
still be in the army?
Doubt it.
I do look good in camo though.
Have you ever been
with a woman before?
Are we gonna do this or what?
- Have you ever been with a woman?
- Yes, have you?
How many?
And a trans man.
Your twenty questions are up.
- That was five.
- All right.
For every five questions, I get to
take off a piece of your clothing.
Hey, Joey.
Do you like toys?
Put on these boots,
private Gibbons.
And this.
- Hey, girls.
- -Uh-huh.
Silly grandma forgot
to leave the lights on.
So Hannah, I just want you
to stay in the car, okay?
Rayna is so skanky, Joey.
Her littlest one was downstairs
picking gum drops one by one
off my gingerbread house
with her snot-covered fingers,
and Rayna...
Just stood there.
Wait, Rayna's here?
Came and went. I told
her you were sleeping.
She's crazy, Joey.
Kept going on and on
about her dead gram.
What time is it?
5:30. You've been
sleeping all day.
Everybody knows you're leaving soon.
They want to say bye.
Then my mom's gonna come back.
I give her one week
until she turns this
house into a meth lab.
I'm gonna pack up,
me and the girls,
and I'm gonna be long on the
road before Roy gets back.
What about the funeral?
I don't need some drunk-ass
preacher to stand in the field
and tell me that gram
was a good person.
What about Roy?
Roy is on to us, Joey.
I'm coming with you.
I can't make you a criminal.
I'm just gonna make it through
while you finish your service.
I'm coming with you.
How much money
you got saved up by now?
Uh, about 1000 bucks,
but it's in a savings account.
Do you think your ma's planning
to give you money tomorrow?
We're not gonna
be here tomorrow.
Hi, I'm looking for my mom.
Her name is Ruthie.
I think she's working here.
- I think she's in the kitchen.
- Okay, cool. Thanks.
Hey, mom.
- Mom.
- Is everything okay?
I was just wondering will you
give me money for Christmas?
What has gotten
into you, Joanne?
I'm working.
It's just that if you were gonna
give me money for Christmas,
it would be great
to have it now,
because I could
use it for gifts.
Hun, you've come with me
to the mall how many times
and now you're buying Christmas
presents on Christmas Eve?
Rayna put you up to this?
That Rayna is married, Joanna.
Mary sue.
You've met my youngest, Joanna?
Nice to meet you.
Your mom's so very proud of you.
Where are you gonna buy
presents on Christmas Eve?
You're coming to midnight mass?
I got a gift card for you
in your stocking.
Go ahead and take it out
tonight if you need to.
But don't be whining
tomorrow morning
that there's more in your
sister's stocking than yours.
I could use some cash too, ma.
Jesus works in mysterious ways.
The army is sending you overseas
'cause that Rayna
is a bad influence, honey.
Those ready, Ruthie?
Coming right up.
The natives
are getting restless.
Okay. You can get plenty of presents
with that Walmart card, honey.
Um, I need to get something
from my mom's coat.
She said that
it was somewhere...
The first bedroom on the left.
Oh, my gosh, really?
All coins,
and, hundred bucks,
and there's a Walmart gift card
in my stocking.
You should ask Pete
for money too.
You should ask,
he thinks you're hot.
Mm, once upon a time,
he was hot too.
But he's got a small cock.
You fucked
my brother-in-law?
Oh, come on!
That was like 15 years ago.
No wonder my sister
thinks you're skanky.
Yeah, well,
she went back for more.
I'm gonna go fill up,
and I'll be right back.
Just give Hannah the ball
if she wants to try it.
I need gas money.
Bring back change.
It's you I wanna be with.
Not Roy, not Pete.
Not nobody but you and my girls.
It never even crossed my mind to
start a new life until I met you.
And you came along,
little miss big dreams.
All right, quit dilly-dallying.
Let's hit the road.
Before I get cold feet.
Hey, moneybags.
Well, moneybags.
So that's what happens
when you get a raise, huh?
Uh, yeah.
I was wondering, if I could
maybe borrow a little cash.
How much are we talking?
Like... 200 bucks.
200 bucks?
Rayna put you up to this?
You're not gonna go do
anything stupid, are you? -No.
Give you a hundred bucks.
Do not tell your sister.
Okay. Thank you.
Let me ask you something, Joey.
What is it that you don't
like about guys, huh?
I mean how do you know you don't
like cock if you've never tried it?
I was just telling
your sister here
how she's way too pretty
to be a lesbian.
Come on, Joey, don't go
off being mad at me.
Where were you?
Making us some money.
Sold gram's painkillers
for $147.
I got a hundred out of Pete.
Oh, yeah, and also...
A hundred?
Damn. I should have asked him.
Let's hit the road!
You girls ready
for an adventure?
I am, you know.
When are we going home?
Do you girls like Joey?
Oh, yeah.
I do, too.
When are we gonna see grandma?
Are they gonna give me
four stamps in Vermont?
You're not gonna leave.
They have school and
I gotta work.
How are you gonna work
if you're running from the man?
Could do a lot of things.
Just under the table.
I'm scared.
Don't be.
We're almost there.
Okay, thank you.
Thanks, we will.
It's like a freaking
rainbow gathering in there.
Everybody is so nice here.
We got invited
to a party already.
No way! -Yeah, I think so.
What's a potluck?
- So you're new to town?
- Yeah.
You need a place
to stay tonight?
We do. We need
a place. Period.
Some rooms are opening up
at our house nearby in Johnson.
It's kid-friendly,
but you got to be into pets.
- She loves pets.
- Yeah.
I have so many pets.
I mean I don't have any pets,
whatever is good for the place.
How much is it?
Only $700 a month.
- Oh, cool.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, we could do that, right?
- -Yeah?
Can we do that?
Can we do that?
Can we do that?
That's cheap.
That's... that's Joey's,
that's Joey's stage name.
Ms. cheap.
All right, wonder if we're
gonna have the money
to get the girls' their bunk
beds after we pay rent.
Yeah and they'll be fighting
over who sleeps on top.
They're gonna be so excited.
Hannah, look after your sister.
It's not working.
Why isn't it working?
You think your mom told them?
I don't know, I'm not even due back
to the base until tomorrow morning.
What are we gonna do?
Thank god I sold that tool.
Okay, we're just gonna...
Put the deposit down and we'll lay
low and we'll figure out a plan.
What do you mean, you sold that tool?
What tool?
The computer fixing thingy tool.
I pawned it when
I sold gram's pills.
We got 600 bucks for it.
It's a stolen property
of the us army.
We got to get out of here.
What are you gonna do?
We are gonna cross
the border, that's what.
Come on, girls. Girls?
- Hello, sir, hey.
- Happy holidays
passports, please.
Uh, I got my military ID.
I need passports.
Well, we didn't think
that you needed those.
Since 2001, ma'am.
Whose children are those?
They're mine.
You have a driver's license?
There's a line
behind you, ma'am.
Don't be nervous.
Nobody's wanted
for anything. That's good.
All right.
Your military ID is okay, but I can't let
you or the kids through without passports.
Okay, well, how do we get those?
Not my job, ma'am.
Pull up here, turn around,
head back towards the states.
- What now?
- -I don't know.
Be careful.
- Okay.
- -Thank you.
Everyone had nap time
except Joey.
I'm good.
Quit your pouting and lay down.
How did you know
I had that tool?
I didn't tell anyone
about it except Pete.
You told Roy.
That day that you
met him downtown.
I did?
Okay, okay, I got to go.
Who are you talking to?
My uncle Gary.
He's making all
the funeral arrangements.
Let's go for omelets
in the morning.
Anything you want.
- Hello.
- Mom?
Oh, thank the lord, Joanna.
Where are you?
I'm coming to pick you up.
No, no, no, I'm okay, I'm...
I'm with Rayna right now and she
really needs me 'cause her gram died.
Bring her here with them kids
if you have to, honey.
And what is that platoon
sergeant talking about, Joanna?
Stolen goods?
I wrote it down
he called it a... 15-6.
I told him it's all a mistake.
Told him I was home
all day Christmas
so that I could
take you to the bus myself.
And you must have
mixed up your days.
Mom, I love you.
I'm really,
really sorry. Okay?
I'll call you soon.
Spend some time with your ma this
afternoon before you ship off.
I love you, mom.
God bless that Rayna
but she is not...
- Sadie?
- -Daddy, look at it.
She did.
Daddy, do they have chocolate milk?
Excuse me, ma'am.
Middle of a call.
Excuse me, Princess.
Do you have any chocolate
cows in this establishment?
Lot of flexibility
here really like that.
Oh, wow.
When I move my foot around...
Roy, you remember Joanna.
Awfully nice of you to drive my family
all the way up here to see me like this.
Bastards sent me driving all the
way from Florida to New York state
on Christmas day.
And when Rayna
called me last night
to tell me about
gram's funeral, well...
Sometimes you just
got to risk the job
to take care of your family.
I told Roy that, uh,
you should, uh...
Take my truck,
and, uh... have a little
peace and quiet
on your ride home.
And we're gonna
jump in with him.
Joey's about
to leave, girls, uh...
So, you wanna give her a hug?
Sweetie, please
go give Joey a hug.
Get going.
Drive safe.
Excuse me.
Excuse me!
Passport, please.
Ah, now.
I keep going, you do your thing.
- No.
- I'm not singing alone.
Come on.
Now there up top one more time.
Come on.