Axcellerator (2020) Movie Script

(tense music)
- [Radio Vox] Unit three,
in position on upper level.
- [Radio Vox] Roving patrols
are active on two and four.
- We have a live tap on all cameras, 10-2.
- [Radio Vox] East stairwell is clear.
- [Radio Vox] We have
the top exit in sight.
- [Radio Vox] Affirmative.
- Continue your sweep, floor by floor.
- [Sy] Red team fan out.
- [Radio Vox] Unit seven
staging at upper level.
- [Radio Vox] Rolling unit signal is 10-1.
(roaring jet engine)
- [Radio Vox] Expecting a
possible magnetic signature.
- [Sy] Red team, clear the third floor.
- Is that him?
- [Sy] No, that's not
Hawks, just some idiot.
- What's he doing?
- He's lifting it.
- You see, this is why
I love you older models,
a little more hands-on,
a little more intimate,
and with just the right
kind of gentle touch,
we should be--
(engine starts)
- [Sy] That's him, move in.
All teams move in.
- Code three, all units.
- All units, target confirmed.
- [Radio Vox] 10-32 units
four through seven hold.
- [Radio Vox] Subject is in black SUV.
- I'm stealing this car.
- I hate to break it to your bud,
but I'm kinda already stealing it.
- Then drive.
- What?
No, no, no, no, no,
this can't be happening.
- Look, in about 60 seconds,
a bunch of guys with guns
are gonna kill us both
if you don't do as I say,
- Hey man, I don't know if you had like
a really shit day at work or something,
believe it or not, I can relate.
- Shut up and drive!
- Okay, all right, all right.
- Here they come!
(car revs, tires skid)
- [Sy] I want the device.
- Let's move!
- Go!
- Well, there's no
returning this thing now.
(guns fire)
(grinding brakes)
- Go, go, go, man go!
- Drive faster.
- What, did you steal from a
classic car club or something?
- They take anything they want.
- Jesus!
(car horn blaring)
- Do you mind telling me
what the hell's going on.
- I made a mistake.
- What?
- I made something, something
that could change everything
the whole world but, I shared
it with the wrong people.
- I didn't know.
- Okay, well that
literally could not explain
any less information
as to what is going on?
- I can't explain it.
I have something, these people chasing us
because they want it.
- I'm assuming it's in the case.
The thing they want?
Not the most discreet
method of transporting
important secret things, just FYI
- Oh this is perfect, I hitched
a ride with a car thief,
who also happens to be
a sarcastic horse's ass
- You did not hitch a ride,
you hitch a ride with a thumb not a gun!
(car and truck horns honk)
- What's with that suit anyway.
- I was at a funeral
- You wore THAT to a funeral?
- [pedestrian] Look out!
- Hey, I hate to further my
impression as a sarcastic dick,
but that gun might be useful to shoot
at the people that are shooting at us!
- It's a pellet gun.
- ...And we're going to die!
I'm not a car thief, by the way.
- I don't care.
- My old man was a car
thief, it was his funeral.
- I'm sorry, ours could be next.
- I was supposed to leave
to go back home this morning
but I had one thing I just had to do.
- I should be getting
on a plane right now.
- Where is it?
- What?
We gotta get the hell out of here.
- Home! Where is home?
- New York City, Why?
(gun shots, tires skid)
- Put your hand on this.
- Uh, no thanks.
- The device, put your hand on it.
- [Radio Vox] Shoot, shoot!
- What is this?
- It's what they want.
- I can get you out of this.
You just have to trust me.
- Okay!
- [Police] Go, go!
- We haven't done human testing
yet, but it should work.
- Wait, what?!
- The arrogance of
humans, they somehow think
they are superior to
the rodent population.
- All right, all right,
just tell me how it works.
- Think about where you live,
the address, the neighborhood,
the inside of your apartment,
what it looks like,
every sense you can imagine.
- Okay, got it.
- Can you see?
- Yes I see it.
- Do you wish you were there?
- Yes.
- Do you?!
- Yes, YES!
Jesus Christ!
(beeping sound)
(upbeat music)
All I, all I, all I, really,
really, really wanna say
is, "what the fuck?" today
All I, all I, all I, really,
really, really wanna do
is grind up next to you
All evergreen, no histamine
All I, all I, all I, really,
really, really wanna do
is zag along with you
I got infinite ammunition
Coming out the yin yang
I got limitless stealth positions
Extract the champion
Extract the champion
All I, all I, all I, really,
really, really wanna say
is junga lunga lay
All I, all I, all I, really,
really, really wanna do
is post up next to you
All trampoline, no submarine
All I, all I, all I, really,
really, really wanna do
is bounce around with you
I got infinite ammunition
Coming out the yin yang
I got limitless stealth positions
Extract the champion
Extract the champion
extract the champion
All I, all I, all I,
really, really, really wanna
- Am I interrupting your evening prayers?
- Unfortunately, prayer is
not gonna fix this situation.
- Teams are on the scene now, they're,
they're cover is forensics.
- Forensics, that's cute.
So what do they know.
- Not much.
- Two were inside that SUV,
and we have zero information.
- well I'm not surprised,
have you seen what was left?
- Who hasn't?
Tomas Hawks is dead.
No one could have survived that blast.
The case the device was in, is charred.
But the accelerator is gone,
and no one was seen escaping.
- So what that tell us?
- The goddamn thing works,
any progress tracking it down?
- Nothing at this time.
- Damage control?
- Amanda's on it now,
she's already got an edit
on all the new stories.
- Let me be very clear on this Sy,
word on this cannot get out.
- I agree, but there are
clarity of detail issues.
- No witnesses, no outside knowledge.
- I wanna send someone in who
can help us get the job done.
I was considering sending Brink.
- He is terminated as an asset.
- No, he can help us get what we want.
And he can cut down on
any unforeseen problems.
- Brink is a psychopath,
walking collateral damage, Sy
you have a small army at your disposal,
will you use it and bring this thing back?
Or there will be a troubling
lack of inter-agency cooperation.
- Ray, why that has to be the
most polite veiled threat,
I've ever heard.
- So, there must be a reason
you didn't share the news
about the giant magnetic
surge in lower Manhattan?
- The teams are en route.
- Because that could be
considered as operationally
sort of a hostile act.
- We don't have a precise location yet.
Besides this is how we keep our edge.
- Well, I'm not sure
that's a good excuse--
- Amanda?
Information is power.
When the team lands I want the
jet refueled and ready to go.
- Going somewhere?
- To see an old friend.
(upbeat news intro music)
- [Announcer] In Miami, federal
authorities have confirmed
that yesterday's pursuit
and the subsequent explosion
of a stolen SUV near the
Miami International Airport
was in fact a foiled terrorist attack.
Miami police working with
both Homeland Security
and the NSA have reported
that a suspect whose identity
has not been released
was killed in the attack.
Other details are expected to
emerge as authorities continue
to collect evidence at the crime scene.
- I've gone crazy and this is insanity,
tightening its grip around my
brain, or it's a brain tumor.
No, it's emotional, it's the,
after effects of a traumatic
stress related emotionally
induced hallucination.
Or you're dead.
Is that this is, am I dead?
Nope. I'm alive.
(loud knock)
- [Landlord] Dane, open up.
This is your landlord, you're
two month behind on your rent.
I know you're in there,
I hear you talking to
yourself being a weirdo.
You been duckin' me for
two weeks you little shit--
- [Announcer] ...may have
been a man named Tomas Hawks,
a former government scientist
who also may be part of--
- [Landlord] I can hear you moving around
if you don't open up,
I'm gonna unlock the door
and I'm coming inside.
(suspenseful music)
- [Intercom] Kate Dalton to the office,
Kate Dalton to the office.
Kate, I'm so glad you
finally decided to join us.
- I'm sorry.
- This is the second time
you've been late this week.
- I'm really sorry. My dog Roscoe was sick
and I had to take him to the vet
and today was the only
time they could see him.
- Sure sure, use whatever
excuse you'd like.
Regardless, Val-Mart
policy against tardiness
is very strict, one more write-up
and you'll be terminated.
- But I really can't
afford to lose this job.
- I know, but it's sick dog or no job.
I'd dump the dog and find yourself a guy
so you can afford to be late.
- That's pretty cold Mr. McGuire.
- Don't worry, I'm sure
Prince Charming is going to
just drop out of thin air
and just whisk you away.
- Hi!
- Who are you?
- Where that little shit go?
- What just happened?
- I don't know how to explain
in science terms, but--
- No, stay away from me!
- Please stop. My landlord is
gonna hear you, here just--
sit, please, no one's gonna hurt you,
you're not in any danger
just please don't freak out.
- What is happening?
Where am I?
- Well, this is my apartment,
It's little, you know.
- We are in a city.
- New York.
- I was just in Arizona.
- What's your name?
- Kate.
- Hi Kate, I'm Dane it's nice to--
- Perfect.
- That's bad.
I should have guessed.
- What?
- Your, ah... name.
- Oh, yeah.
Okay, look. You seem like
a nice guy or whatever
and I'm really trying to hold it together
but I'm also very close
to losing my shit again.
So please, what is this?
- I know,
That is exactly how I felt.
That thing. That, takes
a person from one place
into another place, it
took me from Miami to here
and then here to you, and
then brought you back here...
...with me.
- Are you like a crazy person?
- Were you not just with me a
few seconds ago in Val-Mart?
- I was.
- Did you close your eyes
during the whole teleportation
through space bit, no, I bet
that you probably missed it
cause you had your eyes closed.
- No.
Okay, I get it.
I get that I was someplace
else, and now I'm here.
But teleportation, it isn't real.
- Well, I mean, yeah,
I would like normally
a hundred percent agree with
you but I'm going to say
based on the last two times
that I've done it, maybe it is.
- How? Did you make this thing?
- No, no, I did not make that.
I was in Miami and I was being carjacked,
and this guy had this thing
on him and I touched it
and thought of home and then, here I am.
- Wait, so if you just think
of where you want to go,
this thing takes you there?
- I guess, yeah.
- How'd you end up at the store?
- See, I don't know, that
doesn't make any sense.
I'd never even been there before.
- Well can it get me home?
Can I use it?
- Yeah, I think.
I mean, it should be able to...
...then again, we could wind
up on the moon for all I know.
(suspense music)
(bus engine)
- You look good.
- I've been in solitary
the past five years.
- What a surprise...
- What do you want Sy?
- You know for a man who
just got released from
three consecutive life sentences
in a Supermax prison...
you're pretty grumpy.
- It's my natural state.
- I need you to get something done for me.
I cashed in a lot of chips to get you out.
I need that object.
- What the hell is it?
It looks like a toy.
No, that's my way out.
- You get me that thing,
I'll let you disappear.
- Black Op?
- My Op.
Talk to me only.
- Any leads?
- There was a magnetic
surge in New York yesterday
and one today in Arizona.
- Do I get my toys back?
- You give me that thing,
it's going to be Christmas morning.
- [Dane] Focus on where
you live, think about
what it looks like, see it?
- [Kate] Yes.
- [Dane] Do you see it?
- [Kate] Yes, I already said I did.
- Okay, sorry, he just
asked me the same thing
a bunch of times so I don't know.
- It's okay.
- All right, so now just
put your hands on it,
do that and just hold my hand.
- What?
- So I can go with you--
or, so I can go with you
so I can take the device back with me.
- Okay.
- What did you think I meant?
- Nothing.
- What?
- Nothing, just shut up
and give me your hand.
Am I supposed to say something?
- Like Beam Me Up?
I don't know, I've never
had to un-hostage myself
from future technology.
I don't now what the rules are.
- Okay, just relax,
remember where you were.
Imagine yourself there.
Are you still thinking about it?
- Yes.
Are you positive this is how it works?
- No, I have no idea how it works either,
I just know that the guy who made it
"Wizard Of Ozzed" me here by telling me,
to "think about home," with
a pellet gun to my head.
- Okay, so, maybe it's
like not intense enough?
- We were in a car crash
and there were people
shooting real bullets at us too.
- Okay, I cross the line at, pellet guns.
- You know, maybe it's
broken, like from the fall
whatever, Maybe it just stopped working.
- So I'm just stuck here then?
I'm 3000 miles away from
home, my phone is destroyed
and all I have in my pocket
is a $20 bill and a dog treat.
- Okay, I'm sorry.
Most of my finances are
tied up at the moment.
Credit Card?
- Maxed.
- Me too.
Maybe you could call
someone and borrow money?
- No, there isn't anyone.
- Okay, okay.
We'll, we'll figure this out.
- I'm literally stuck here.
What am I supposed to do?
Go steal a car and drive home.
- What?
That is so funny.
No, we don't know how to steal a car.
- So what then?
- Well, my dad knew a guy,
he could fix almost anything.
He only lives a couple floors up.
We could take this to
him, maybe he can help.
- Hey?
Yeah, it's Kate.
I just wanted to check in on Roscoe.
What'd the doctor say?
- [Phone] He's resting,
and still needs medication.
- How much is that gonna cost?
- [Phone] Not sure,
Probably over like $300.
- Okay, uh...
Yeah, that's fine, just
have them go ahead then.
- [Phone] Okay.
- And can you please let him
outside as much as possible?
- [Phone] Sure, I'll do that.
- Yeah, he really likes that.
- [Phone] Okay?
- Okay, great.
- Bye.
- [Phone] Bye.
- Boyfriend at the hospital?
- Labrador Retriever at the vet.
Why would my boyfriend need to be let out?
- Good point.
- Is that what your
girlfriend does for you?
- No, I can't get one to let me in.
- [Amanda] The team is getting closer.
They're attempting to triangulate
the source of the search.
- So this thing can be tracked.
Thank God, where's Sy?
- I don't know, he took the
jet after the team landed.
- Well stay on him, I want
to know everything he does.
You remember who's in charge.
- My loyalty has always
been to the company.
But Sy is Tier One special ops.
- I don't care what dark agency he runs,
you're a spy, spy on the man.
Keep me informed.
- Hawks torched his whole lab.
He put a drill press
through every hard drive.
- Well if agent Graham's right Sy's
men should have the axcellerator soon.
- [Louie] Holy shit!
What is this?
- [Dane] It's kind of a long story.
- I just spent three and a
half hours in coach next to
a screaming baby, that was a long story.
- Yeah, We don't have time for ours.
- You left the funeral early.
Your aunt wanted to catch up kept saying
how much you look like your old man.
- That's what everyone says.
- I joked, you certainly
have his skill set.
- No, not really.
- What'd he do?
- Well, he and I--
- Let's rehash old
stories once we figure out
how to get this to work.
- First of all, I never
seen anything like this.
- What kind of car you
say you got this from?
- It doesn't come from a car Louie,
It's like, a scientist-made thing
that teleports human beings
from one place into another.
- Ah that's good.
That's funny.
- I'm not joking.
I can't figure out how to get it to work.
- He's telling the truth.
- Louie, remember how
my dad always said that
you could just look at something
and know how to fix it?
I was kind of hoping that'd
be the case with this.
- Dane, I used to run an
auto body shop, Remember?
I don't know nothing
about something like this.
If it is whatever you say
- It is, trust me.
- I do Dane you're family.
Where do you even get something like this?
- I'm telling you, the guy who made it,
after the funeral, I went, for
dad, kind of like a ceremony.
- I see.
- Wait, what ceremony?
Why are you talking in code?
- I Like her.
Where'd you guys meet?
- He took me hostage.
- What?
No, she's joking.
We met on a dating--
- Website.
- Look, Louie, there were
people after this guy
and he gave me this thing
and they were bad people.
They had guns, he was scared.
Could have been like government
or army, I don't know.
- Excuse me.
You seem to have left out
those important details
when you told me this earlier.
- Sorry.
- Dane, I don't know what
this is or where it's from.
But, if it doesn't belong to you,
then it belongs to someone else.
And, like any boosted car,
when someone has property
that doesn't belong to 'em, the person
who it does belong to is
out there looking for it.
- Unfortunately, as a
matter of Val-Mart policy,
I cannot discuss employee
issues with an outside party.
But, anyway, I've already reported this
to the proper authorities.
- No, you didn't.
Matter of fact, you're
not sure what you saw.
The others told me that her name was Kate.
Now, I could find out
the rest from your files.
- Sir,
did you pay for that?
- Not yet, I need to
know where this Kate is.
- I can't help you.
And who are you again?
Do you have a badge?
- Mr. McGuire...
You don't even require a
background check with this item.
I don't know what agency you're with,
but I can't stand people like you.
- People like me
- Opening things before you pay for them
and disassembling them, like
the rules don't apply to you.
Like you're special or something,
because you're an officer of the law?
Well, it's shoplifting really
- Funny, though.
- It's disgusting.
- This thing is as deadly as any firearm
- Oh wait--
- Shouldn't of lied to me, Mr. McGuire.
- You're like a son Dane,
I wish I could do more
to help you, I really do.
- I know.
Thanks Louie, I really
appreciate you trying.
- Anytime.
Don't hesitate to reach
out, you know that.
- That's a nice girl
you wound up with too.
- No, no we're--
- We're just traveling companions
on the great teleportation
highway for now.
- Hope that works out.
- Hey, do you happen to
have that old Mustang?
- Told you I sold it last month.
Gotta pay the rent.
I got a used Prius.
- Please tell me that's a joke.
- Times change.
(phone ringing)
- Everything all right?
- Exactly how attached
are you to that Prius?
- [Kate] Hey what happened back there?
- I got a message, people are
coming here, after this thing.
- From who?
- I don't know.
- Are we supposed to trust that?
- I don't think we have
much of a choice, come on.
(dramatic beat)
- Go!
(engine starts)
- You have your seat belt on?
- Yeah.
- Lets hope these things
are tougher than they look.
- Why?
- Who is this now?
- I don't know, but I think they're
related to the guys with guns.
- What are you doing?
- Relaxation breathing.
- Are you okay?
- No, I'm not okay!
I wasn't expecting a high
speed car chase so quickly.
Or ever!
- I get it, I mean,
it's only my second one.
In a very short period of time,
but I promise we're gonna be okay.
You keep driving like
this, you're gonna kill us.
- Okay, okay.
Keep doing the breathing thing.
That was a nice car.
- What the hell?
- I hope Louie has
insurance on this thing.
- This is madness.
- We're getting great gas mileage though.
- It's the police!
We're going to jail.
Nope. Been there, done that, not again.
- What?
What were you in jail for?
- Did I actually say that out loud?
- Yes, you did.
We should just surrender.
- Not today things are too weird.
- [Dane] we got to find a different car.
We need one that's um--
- Not covered in bullet holes?
Like a bullet hole filled piece
of Swiss cheese made out of a car?
- Are you okay?
- Am I okay?
No I'm great.
Just great.
I mean, before this my only
concern was having to deal with
a customer with too many
items in express checkout.
And now it's trying to find
a replacement getaway car
post high speed chase after
being shot at by a helicopter.
- We need to find another car,
a fast, supercharged, bulletproof car.
- Well you sure did pick
a hell of a replacement.
- It was the best available option.
A lot of new models
have electronic alarms,
computers on board.
And besides I mean it's not too flashy
and we won't draw attention to ourselves.
- Especially if we end up at
a convention for soccer moms.
- What?
- How'd you know how to do this?
- Do what?
- Oh I don't know the whole real life
Grand Theft Auto simulation.
How did you in a matter of seconds
professionally steal a car?
- I wouldn't say it was professional
it's more in a panic necessity, You know?
- Cut the bullshit,
just tell me the truth.
- Okay,
fine, fine.
My dad was like one of the
best car thieves, ever.
- Now, you steal cars?
- No.
Now I deliver pizza.
I left Miami, had to get out of that life
I moved to New York, and
Louie, he knew my dad.
They were old friends.
He hired me and I worked at
auto body shop with him until he retired.
Louie is more like a father
to me that my real one.
- Sweet guy.
- Yeah, Louie is actually the one
who convinced me to go to the funeral.
I hadn't seen my dad in years.
And he got shot boosting someone's SUV
and I thought as a kind of tribute,
whatever that I'd, finish the job.
But as I was stealing it,
someone points a gun at me,
shows me a device.
- And you transported through
space from a car in Miami
and into your apartment in New York?
- Bingo.
- I mean really still sounds
so insane to say it out loud.
- I know the whole,
stealing thing is stupid.
It just made me not feel as lost as usual.
- Maybe I should try it.
(suspense beat)
- What do you want?
- That's a sweet ride.
Hey, hey.
I wouldn't blame yourself on
the hiding spot, it happens.
Where do you think Dane would
go after he dumped your car?
You think Kate stuck with him?
- Who are you?
- I've been thinking about that a lot.
Of course you're not asking
the philosophical sense,
are you?
Where are they Louie?
- Why do you wanna know?
- I really don't have time
for games, it might be best if
you just answer the questions.
But then again, I'm always
up for a little fun.
- I told the police and
those Feds everything.
I swear I don't know
anything please, I swear.
- You sure you're not lying to me?
- No, I told them everything.
- I believe you,
I do.
Really, that's it.
No excitement?
My God!
I mean, you just
converted me to a believer
and you're not even happy
with your accomplishment.
breathe, breathe.
Let it go, let it go brother.
That's my fault, it's just
habit, you know symmetry.
But I think it's better this way.
Balance of pain, spread it out a bit.
- Screw you, asshole.
- I'm trying to help you Louie,
I am trying to help you here.
- The hell with you!
- I understand, I understand your anger.
I relate to you.
- You're crazy.
- True enough, that I
am, I'm gonna let you go.
If you could help me with
one more thing I need.
I want you to look like
you've been shot in the head.
Now you're free, Louie.
- With all the construction
going on around here,
this is where they put you?
- You should be in New
York, cleaning up your mess.
- I had a meeting in town with a senator.
- Glad you got the time.
- Well, my team's on the site.
The owner of the car said
the vehicle was stolen.
- You used an assault helicopter.
- which tracks, because we
traced the source of the surge
to an apartment owned by a millennial--
- Automatic weapon fire on public streets.
- You should get back in the field, Ray,
shit happens, We're cleaning it up.
And I thought I'd bring
you a kind of an apology,
it's a very fine bourbon,
it's rather expensive.
- Do you buy it by the case?
- Actually I do, I find that it helps
grease the rails of
inter-agency cooperation.
- You wanna taste?
- No actually I'd rather have a scotch.
- so you gonna tell me about this kid?
- Car thief, pizza delivery
guy, a loser, We'll get him.
- So other than the senator,
what are you doing here?
- Well, I wanted to talk
to you about Thomas Hawks.
- ...Romans bearing gifts.
- I don't understand why you're getting
in the way with me on
this, I'm playing nice.
But, you know, I don't have to
we don't serve the same masters.
- Sy, Hawks came to us
before he went to you.
He saw through you, discovered
what you planned for it.
So he runs, he doesn't trust anyone.
Now, we have a gigantic mess because,
neither of us could get him to prevent it.
- You know that's quite the story.
I mean, the way you tell it,
and it almost sounds like,
you're the "nice guy".
- So you're "goody two
shoes" in this situation?
- No, no, it's just that I
realized a long time ago,
they're no such things as "good guys".
I'm the smart one, a patriot.
This device is safeguard,
and incredible power to
breach and extract anything.
- There are too many variables.
This thing should have
been destroyed immediately
never even considered for funding.
- You know I remembered you
as being a lot more fun.
- We will wipe it out, all
evidence of it, everything.
- You sure about that?
Do you believe that's the best solution?
- It is the only solution.
- Thanks for the drink.
- Oh, one more thing. You
did bring Brink into this.
You didn't think we'd find out?
- Actually, I don't care.
- You should, the man's sloppy,
landed commercially at
JFK a few hours ago.
He is supposed to be a ghost?
- He is a ghost, but he
makes public appearances
when the Devil's too busy
...or I ask him to.
- What do we think?
- Nothing new, he's fishing
If he had anything more, I
would have heard about it.
- Well, with Brink involved,
things are gonna get worse
before they get better.
- Maybe we will catch a break.
- Graham, what do you really think of him?
- Yes.
- Sy is a dangerous egomaniac
who will stop at nothing
to get the device.
So, how did it go?
- The man is a scared pacifist bureaucrat
in a dangerous world.
(phone beeping strangely)
- It's gone.
- How's that possible?
- I don't know.
Is that a thing,
self-erasing text messages?
- Let me see.
- Should I even have this
on, can't they track us?
- Uh, you ask me like I've
done this hundreds of times.
- I'm ditching the phone.
- Wait, what if whoever that
was tries to contact you again?
- Okay, then just put it in airplane mode
and turn it off for now.
- I'm really starting to regret
being the teleporter's chosen one.
- It's okay, relax Kate.
Everything's under control, I got this.
- You could've checked the
gas before you stole it.
- Well, next time you steal
a car, you can do that.
- Why am I HERE?
- You know, I never thought about that.
- No, I'm just talking out loud.
- No I mean, really, why you?
Why did it take me to that place?
- Well, we'd be able to figure that out,
if the person who invented it wasn't dead.
- There's gotta be some
way to figure this out.
- What are you doing?
- Google.
- Actually at this point, why not?
- Yeah, if they track
us, they track us but,
if we can use this thing
they won't be able to.
- Anything?
- I don't know, lot's of
stuff about "Star Trek".
I just got a text; 'beware
of the blonde in black'.
What is this?
- Dane, they're totally
tracking your phone.
Ooh shit!
- Go, go, go!
- We want that device!
(device beeps)
(gun shots)
(grunting in anger)
- Oh, my God!
We totally did it.
- Hell yeah, we did!
- Okay, we're only in a parking lot.
- No, I think we're gonna be okay.
- We can do this, I'm
not that far from home.
- Yeah, we just need
to find out how to get
the rest of the way
without using this thing,
it's completely random
that it brought us here.
- Isn't this like a goldmine
for you or something?
- Any requests?
(upbeat music)
(car engine)
- Shut it off before you toss it.
- I broke yours, so you
should do the honors.
- I guess that's it for
perfectly timed mystery texts.
- Does this Jeep have a GPS or anything?
- No but, you make a good
point, we should do our best to
stay off the grid until we're
ready to make our next move.
- Yeah,
what is our next move?
- Well we have the device,
they show up we'll use it
to zap from wherever we are
to wherever it takes us.
- Is that really your plan?
We're just supposed to
randomly zap around?
- Only as last resort, I don't think
we should we zapping anymore either.
- Why?
- I think they're able to
track that somehow too.
- Whoa, whoa!
Are you planning on
driving us off this cliff?
- This is amazing.
Never been in the Grand Canyon before.
- Me either, it's beautiful.
- So if you could zap
anywhere in the world,
where would you zap to?
- Fifth grade.
- That's time travel
dummy that doesn't count.
- Oh, yeah, right.
I'd say Hawaii?
- Lame.
- What?
- I'm sure everyone would say Hawaii.
- Okay, so then where would you zap to
if you could just zap anywhere?
- Not so sure, I'm not
doing that right now.
- It's getting dark
even if we could make
it back to your place
in Arizona by tomorrow, They
could be waiting for us.
- Did you see all the
camping gear back there?
I mean, maybe we should just
camp somewhere for the night,
somewhere safe and off the grid.
- That's actually kind of perfect.
(ominous music)
- So let's get this straight
Sy, with all your resources,
plus the psycho you thought
to include, the pizza boy
and the checkout girl have
eluded you once again.
- Ray, Come on, I've been
trying to explain to you
we will get the device, but
all you're complaining about is
collateral damage while I'm
attempting to have my team
act with restraint, even Brink.
- Cut the bullshit Sy,
Where do we stand right now?
- The teams are on their way
to the site of the latest surge in Utah.
Their cell phone signal
went dead in approximately
the same location, we believe
that they teleported there
and we're not even sure if they understand
how the axcellerator works.
- Nobody understands how it
works and you certainly don't,
you don't even get how
dangerous this thing is
in the right hands, if we controlled it,
under the best circumstances.
- Oh I understand.
- No, no, you don't,
that's it Sy, You're done.
- Pull your people, I'm sending ours in.
This has become a (cough)
certified disaster.
- My people are on their way.
It's more efficient if they
follow through at this point.
- You blew it Sy, that's
why I'm getting in your way.
Because, I am not gonna risk civilization
with this thing falling
into the wrong hands.
Namely yours!
- Are you okay, Ray?
- Jesus!
- You sound all, worked up?
- You treacherous son of a bitch...
- You should really go
easy on that hard stuff,
my friend... it's a killer.
You know that man, he
can't hold his liquor.
(Brink laughing on cell phone)
- What was in that bottle?
- [Brink] Odorless, colorless,
tasteless, and untraceable.
Waste of a good bottle of bourbon really.
- Why aren't you on a plane to Utah?
- I have no idea where the device is,
but I know where it's going to be.
- Really?
- Really, I'll need Graham
to call her media friends.
(phone disconnects)
- Look what I found!
- Excellent, give me one.
- Wait a second, let's see what we got.
Beef Stroganoff with
noodles, breakfast skillet,
beef jerky?
- Ooo, an appetizer, perfect.
- This feels so surreal after
what we've been through.
Somehow camping in the
middle of the desert
with a stolen car, it almost feels normal.
- Yeah, it feels good,
- Right.
- So, besides the fact
that you work at Val-Mart.
- Worked at Val-Mart.
- Your dog is at the vet.
- My best friend.
- And you're from Arizona.
- Unfortunately.
- What you do?
- I have no idea what I want
to do or, what I'm doing.
- Yeah, I can certainly relate to that.
- After I went to Arizona
State, I couldn't get a job,
I was buried in student loans.
And my parents can't even
afford the trailer they live in
so, I just had to take
whatever job I could.
- What was your major?
- Art history.
- I'm sorry, yeah,
cause, that's really good
training for, not any career.
- Yeah, now they tell me.
- Don't be too hard on yourself,
all I do is deliver pizza.
- Following in the family business
would've been a bad option I guess.
- And I'm just now realizing that
I'm officially late for work... again.
- Well, now we're both unemployed.
- To unemployment.
- Better than bowing down to the man.
- More time for video games.
- It's funny, right?
Two of us somehow finding each other.
- All of a sudden being lost
but in ways we never expected.
(soft beat)
It's amazing how they all look the same.
What time do they open?
- They're always open.
- What's the plan exactly?
- Dane!
I got this.
- Shit, this is gonna be good.
(suspense beat)
- So my stupid boyfriend
decides to buy a TV
that doesn't even fit into our apartment.
- Well, the Val-Mart return
policy on electronics
is only 15 days and you
need a valid sales receipt.
- Really?
Let me see if I have it.
Thank God!
- Do you want this back
on your credit card?
- No, actually I left
my credit card at home,
but if I can just do a cash
refund that would be great.
- [News] As many in the country
begin to think twice about
their own personal internet security,
New York City and federal
authorities continue to believe
the torture and execution
of New Yorker Louis Moretti
was the work of internet
killers Dane Holloway
and his girlfriend Kate Dalton.
Holloway and Dalton
photographed the victim
after shooting him multiple times
and posted it on social
media with a warning
that more murders would follow.
Particularly chilling
was the way Mr. Holloway
lured Louis Moretti by using social media.
The motive for the brutal
killing is still unknown.
Holloway and Dalton
escaped from authorities
in a destructive high speed chase.
Unconfirmed reports place them on the run
to Utah or Arizona where
Miss Dalton had resided.
If seen use extreme caution,
do not approach and contact
authorities immediately.
The two are considered to be
armed and highly dangerous--
- Dane wait!
- Louie was the only person I had left.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm going back.
- You have to calm down,
you can't just go back there
without a plan or because you're upset.
- What difference does that make?
The whole country's after us now.
- Yes, but let's just think for a second--
- They killed Louis!
- I'm really sorry.
- We can't hide in the desert forever.
- Yes but let's make the smart move here.
- They just made it
for me, I'm going back.
- God this is crazy.
- Are you coming or not?
I'll see you around.
Thank you.
- We're in this together.
- Oh no!
- Wait, isn't this?
- Louis apartment.
They wanted us to come here.
- Okay love birds,
looks like someone heard
what I did to their friend
and they're not happy.
- Oh my goodness!
- Oh God!
No get away from me!
No stop, get away from me,
- Come on Dane, whatta ya say, huh?!
Come here.
Oh yes, look at that, little precious!
(dramatic beat)
- Goodbye asshole.
- You might as well give that to me.
We've got your girl and she's
long gone to Iron Mountain.
- ...It's what they want!...
- ...We're in this together...
- ...I'm going back...
- ...long gone to Iron Mountain...
- ...You just have to trust me...
- ...We're in this together...
- ...I'm going back...
- ...Do you wish you were there?...
- Iron Mountain...
- ...We're in this together...
- I should have told you,
be in motion on your feet
before takeoff, it helps with the landing.
- What is this?
- I know it must be confusing.
- Confusing?
What the hell is happening?
- You seem more high
strung than I remember.
- Don't worry you're not dead.
- I'm not worried that
I'm dead you're dead.
That's what worries me.
- That would worry me too
if that were the case.
(loud thump)
- Watch your head.
- It is the case, you died.
The SUV exploded, it
was all over the news.
- Yes, the SUV did explode
and had I stayed inside,
I most certainly would have
died but, by some mistake,
some portal opening,
teleportation error of the gods
so to speak, I was thrown
into the backyard of my childhood home.
- What?
- It may have been
residual psykinetic energy.
I'm not certain.
- Why didn't you try and find me?
People have been trying to
kill me for the last two days.
- Well, there is only one
axcellerator and a prototype
at that, besides you and that girl
have been surging so frequently
it's been hard to get a signal.
- Kate, her name is Kate and you know,
she thought that this would...
They took...
Iron Mountain.
- What did you say--
- Iron Mountain, they have her, Kate.
They took her to whatever that is,
do you know it?
- Yes, Sy knows it as well.
It's in Santiago, Chile.
- Chile?
Why would they take her there?
- It's the mountain, the physical makeup,
the iron core components
that make up it's center...
It affects the axcellerator,
it'll never work.
- Can we use it to get there though?
- Well, could be possible
but, you broke it.
- You should have made it
like a suit or something.
- Well, thanks for the design
input I'll keep that in mind.
- Look, we have to get
there and save Kate.
- Sy has a substantial
armed black ops team
under his control.
If he goes to Iron Mountain,
it's likely he's expecting us.
- Was it you sending me those disappearing
text messages helping us escape?
- Text messages?
- Those came from me.
- Who are you?
How did you find this place?
- I can find most anything I want.
- Who are you?
- My name is Amanda Graham.
I'm a member of a private
global peacekeeping organization
and not the United Nations,
they don't keep peace anywhere.
You don't really need
to know more than that.
- Because if we did, you'd
have to kill us, right?
- We've been discreetly
monitoring the abilities
of the axcellerator along with
several government agencies
who are funding it.
Sy wants the device for
war, greed, money, power.
The NSA wants to destroy it.
- What do you want?
- I want to use it for
good to help this planet.
But, now that Sy has gone
rogue, I want him also.
- I just want help Kate.
- Good, our interests may align.
If you're prepared to go further.
- How do I know we can trust you?
- You're standing in a laboratory of a man
you assumed was dead after
spending several days--
- Teleporting from place to place
blah, blah, I know I get it.
- Good, then you'll understand that
you can't trust anything.
- She makes a good point.
(ominous music)
- [Sy] Have you been to Chile, Kate?
- Iron Mountain, it's
actually a lovely resort,
good skiing, but not today.
- Why bring me here?
I have nothing to do with this.
- You know Kate, I'm sorry.
I have to apologize, I know
it's difficult being leverage.
But, your boyfriend
Dane, he's going to bring
the axcellerator to me because of you,
then I'll be through with the both of you.
- Do you enjoy being
such a sadistic asshole?
- Yes, I do.
(loudspeakers welcome tourists in Spanish)
(jet engine roaring)
- All right, our teams
are in place, on standby.
- Everything ours,
power, telecom, wireless?
- Everything.
- What about the locals?
- Oh, that was the easy part,
once you make your reservation,
our team will clear the summit.
- Well let's get this party started.
- With pleasure.
(motorbike engine roaring)
(anticipatory music)
- Take a good look,
Kate, we're in the Andes.
Nowhere to go even if you wanted to.
- Okay Brink, make us a reservation,
you know how I hate crowds.
(automatic weapon fire)
- [Radio Vox] Everyone
evacuated, summit secured.
- [Radio Vox] Access slopes are secured.
(loudspeakers telling tourists
to evacuate in Spanish)
- Jesus!
- I didn't mean to invent this.
- I'm not giving up without a fight.
- Dane, I know you've survived thus far,
and your instincts are excellent,
but these are real killers, bad men
especially Sy, you need
to stick to the plan.
- He's got no reason not to
kill both of us regardless.
- You give him the dummy device,
you radio us that you've got
her and get out, understood?
- I didn't have anything to lose before
but things have changed, understood.
- What am I supposed to do?
- You stay here with the real
device and get it working.
- You know what you're
big mistake was Kate?
You should have stayed on
the run, but you came back.
- Because someone needed
me and I care about him.
And I care about not acting like a coward
or trying to control things like a coward.
- You know something
Kate, with all your talk,
all your mettle, if I placed
this right here, we'll see.
You will shake like a
coward like everybody else.
You shaking Kate? Sit up.
- [radio] Sir, the
gondola has been restarted
and the kid is on board.
- Of course.
- [Amanda] How you doing Dane?
- [Dane] I'm all right, a little nervous.
- Well, that's understandable.
- Not about the whole hostage rescue thing
or shadow agency criminals,
I'm just not really
the biggest fan of heights.
- This is not right.
- We're gonna work to get you back down
as quickly and safely as possible.
- Much appreciated.
Also, if there's any type of
monetary reward for you know,
saving the world or keeping a
top secret experiment secret
that too would be greatly appreciated.
- I'll see what I can do.
- Sorry pal, he only gets
it when I get the girl.
Hey, Kate.
- Dane!
- Hello Dane.
- Kate is quite a
handful, is she worth it?
I mean, after all you've been through?
If I can speak, man to man.
- You'd have to actually
be a man to do that.
- Looks like two of you
are perfect for each other.
- Let her go.
- Hang on, how many people are with you?
- No one.
- Well, how did you find us?
- Because I can't use the device here
because of the mountain.
- You're smarter than I thought.
- Yeah, quick Google
search on the mountain,
it's obvious why you would
have chosen this place.
...So I couldn't use
the device against you.
It's common sense, really.
- Well, maybe it's common sense
that at a certain altitude,
let's say at the top of this mountain,
in this very restaurant, far enough away
from the mountain's
deposit that it might work.
- Well, if I had known
that I could have saved
a lot of the frequent flyer
miles I cashed in to get here.
(Brink laughing)
- Are we gonna do this?
- All right, let's say
you came here alone,
and you brought me the device.
I suppose that I could just
have Brink shoot you both now.
- Take it.
- Empty.
- What is he doing?
- You said I was smarter than you thought.
- This kid is gonna
give me a heart attack.
- Okay, genius.
Where is it?
- You release Kate, when
she's safely down the mountain
the device will come to you.
- No, Dane!
- Kate, it's gonna be fine.
- I like it.
That kind of makes it, sort
of exciting, huh Brink?
Get her out of here.
- No!
- Don't worry, I'll take good care of her.
- There she goes...
So let's have it.
- Useless!
- Set the timer for five minutes
then give me the trigger.
Well honey, I don't
think you're gonna quite
make it to the bottom, but
we are going to send you
bombing down this hill.
(detonator beep)
- Oh no!
(Brink laughing)
- [Kate] Up here, somebody help me?
Somebody help me!
- Clever.
(Chilean SWAT team chatter)
- So, how does it work?
- Are you really looking
at me to explain that?
- See this detonator?
Attached to the bottom
of Kate's gondola... C4.
It's a messy way to go.
- And I have set the timer.
- For how long?
- Five minutes.
- Ooooo...
That's tight.
- Move the teams NOW!
Go, get the chopper up there!
(detonator beeping)
- Come on kid, you're wasting time.
- Okay, okay, I can kind
of, sort of explain it.
- Well then kinda, sorta, do it.
- All right.
It's based off the intention
of the subconscious.
It takes you to place with pure intent.
- You expect me to believe that?
- Does anyone?
Look it's how I got home,
it's why it took me to her.
It takes you to what you want most
what in your subconscious you need.
- You know, that would
have been a nice moment
that you could have shared with Kate,
before I killed you both.
- It's okay, Sy, I never
expected to make it
out of here alive anyway.
(gun shots)
(Chilean SWAT team chatter)
(gun fire)
- Get out there.
Break out the big stuff.
It's time to get messy.
(Chilean SWAT team chatter)
(gun fire)
- Shoot him.
(detonator beeping)
- And blow up the girl.
- Why don't you try it first Sy?
- Why doesn't it work?
- That would have been
a nice moment for you
just zapping out of here like that.
- What did you do with it?
- Nothing, I swear.
- The interesting thing
about my job is when you lie
as much as I do, you can
tell when someone else
is not telling the truth, without a doubt.
- Fiddlesticks!
(beeping getting louder)
- Shoot him.
- Hi Sy!
- Hawks?
- No, wait.
(Brink groans)
(gun fire)
- Subject has escaped wearing
a red skit jacket, damn it!
Get him now, bring him to me NOW!
(chopper zooms overhead)
- Hey, dickhead!
(Chilean SWAT team alarmed in Spanish)
Hey, hey, hey, HEY, I'm down here!
Holy shit!
(music swells with suspense)
(detonator beeps)
- Oh, shit!
(heroic music swells)
- Okay, think, think, what do I do?
- [Sy's Team] That's him! Stop him!
- Please, somebody help me!
Oh God
(gun fire)
- Oh shit!
(gun fire)
(snomobile engine roaring)
- Help me, please up here!
Please, somebody help me!
(detonator beep)
- Jesus Christ!
(tree crack and groan)
Sorry asshole.
- Dane!
- Kate!
- Dane, up here!
- There's a bomb, there's a bomb on board.
- Yeah, NO SHIT!
Do something!
- Hang on I'm coming!
- What are doing?
- Heights, I shouldn't have
said anything with my luck.
- Oh, Dane what the hell are you doing?
- Dane, Dane please hurry!
(metal creaks)
Dane, it's gonna fall.
(metal strains)
- Oh God, I think my leg is broken.
- What?
Oh, let me see.
- Oh shit, look!
- Yeah I'm looking, I just can't see--
- No, no, NO Look, look, LOOK!
- I gotcha now.
- Oh shit!
Oh shit!
(Brink cackles with laughter)
- This is gonna be so
nice for me, all right.
- Ha, Ha, HA! Yeah!
- You have to leave me!
- Time to chop up my problems...
- Lets go!
You see me, don't ya?
What ya got?
(Brink grunts)
(Brink cackles)
That's a good one Kate, That's--goooood...
(Brink's laugh turns to a groan)
- A knife?
Hey, where did you get that knife?
- Camping supplies, Remember?
- Where did learn to throw like that?
- You kids had enough fun for one day?
- You're alive!
- Yep.
- Where are we?
- The geographic center
of the Sahara Desert,
3.5 million square miles of sand
and a new distance record for
the axcellerator, actually.
- Why?
- To rid the world of evil
like you promised me Sy.
- No, no wait.
- Good luck Sy.
- Wait a minute.
- Goodbye.
- Wait a minute!
- Now don't forget you need to
feed him once in the morning
and once in the evening and
take him on at least two walks.
- And no more teleport
experiments, that freaks him out.
- That was a one-time thing
because of the squirrel.
- Maybe I should have
left him at the vet again.
- I love animals and
they're fond of me as well.
It's people I can't understand.
- Can we all focus here for a moment?
You two sure you're really up for this?
A live run, a field test?
- It would have been a little difficult
to return to delivering pizzas
- Or bagging groceries.
- I have given Tomas free
run of this laboratory.
I'm really excited to see
what you've come up with,
Where are there new devices?
- They're wearing them.
- Wearing them?
- Yeah, he took some
pretty solid design advice.
- Oh, you're the Versace
of teleportation design.
- That was actually pretty good.
- Oh my God, Why did I
leave planetary security
in the hands of three jokers?
Can we?
- Yes.
Are we ready?
- If you want me
you'll find me.
- Yep, she knows how to
keep things interesting.
(upbeat music)
Every day, every day
Start panicking, turn into a mannequin
Take a breath now, ahh, begin again
Open your eyes please
Turn your smile on
Realign with now as well
You start freaking out
Wishing you were peaking out
Hold it together now
Instead of leaking out
Turn your smile on
Turn your smile up bright
Remember the days when
your laughter was meant
Remember the days when
you did what you said
You're counting the days
til you get high again
Chill out, be easy on yourself
Every day, every day
You stop choosing it
Suddenly you're losing it
Give it a kiss now
Instead of bruising it
More than a mean fear
Pieces whole here
Let the past go boys and girl
You start stressing out
Time to learn a lesson, doubts
Not in your jeans, so please
stop your guessing bout
Turn your smile on
Turn your smile up bright
Remember the days when
your laughter was meant
Remember the days when
you did what you said
You're counting the days
til you get high again
Chill out, be easy on yourself
Easy on yourself
Every day, every day
Every day in 50 million ways
I like to play with
each cell of your brain
I call and say Yo Hello Hooray
I'd like to wake up a
moment from your smile
Remember the days when
your laughter was meant
Remember the days when
you did what you said
You're counting the days
til you get high again
Chill out, be easy
on yourself till then
Every day in 50 million ways
I like to play with
each cell of your brain
I call and say Yo Hello Hooray
I'd like to wake up a
moment from your smile
Every day in 50 million ways
(upbeat music)