Axed (2012) Movie Script

[ominous music]
[frantic crowd]
(Reporter #1)
Absolutely horrendous.
Just one reaction
to the latest grim
unemployment figures.
(Reporter #2)
As the jobs market
continues to contract...
(Reporter #3)
It leaves a total
of 3.95 million unemployed.
(Reporter #4)
As the financial meltdown
gains pace...
(Reporter #5) on the line,
it's difficult to know who's
next for the chop.
(car unlocking)
[crowd yelling]
[alarm ringing]
[door opening]
When did this happen?
You mustn't say anything.
[door knocking]
Can you lot continue
this shit somewhere else?
Did you know about this?
He's a dweeb.
If you were at school,
you'd also hit him.
Just don't say anything.
What are their names?
Please don't.
I'm sorry, Jay,
this can't go on.
What can't?
What cannot go on?
Jay doesn't want
to go to school today.
He has bruises
all over his body.
We should go in with him
today and sort it out.
You'll come to the school?
Of course.
We should both go.
If our boy is being
beaten up by little children,
then of course
we should drop everything
and rush off to the school
and inconvenience
the head teacher
and let the boy
embarrass me
and my entire family.
Of course we should help him
because the boy has no balls!
When are you going
to stand up for yourself, eh?
Like a man, eh?
Like a man.
Sorry about that.
I couldn't decide.
Blue or red.
The blue's in the wash,
that makes it easier.
What are you wearing?
Uh, clothes, I guess.
Get off me!
I will not have
my disrespect in my house!
Stop it, Kurt.
You're hurting her.
Get off!
Get off me!
You've never hit them before.
I didn't hit her.
You need
to control the children.
There's nothing wrong
with the children.
I'll be the judge of that.
Is there anything else?
Like what?
I don't know.
We're going to be late.
[clock ticking]
Seen my scarf?
Are you sure?
I said no.
I'm ready!
(Radio announcer)
That sun looks like
it's gonna be staying
away from us--
[classical music]
It hasn't finished.
You learn a lot about life
from the weather.
Gloom, gloom, gloom.
And in a second,
everything can change.
You just passed
the school, Dad.
You missed the turn, Kurt.
Well, we're all very
observant this morning.
And are we going back?
We're taking a detour.
Where to?
This isn't funny.
I wouldn't say that.
Come on,
I'm gonna be late.
I thought you said
you didn't want
to go to school.
I don't.
Well, your dream
has come true.
I'm not going in?
Well, I am.
Not today.
Come on, Kurt.
Turn around.
Can't do that.
Dad, just turn around.
You are both
taking the day off.
You're mother's right.
I haven't been too great lately.
Too busy thinking about work.
Well, all that's over now.
Today is all about you.
All of you.
Now, that means
you, too, dear.
[rock music]
That's my turning.
That's right.
Well, what are you
playing at?
Come on, if they're
not going to school,
you can hardly be going
to work now, can you?
Yeah, come on,
Mum, loosen up.
Oh, me loosen up?
Okay. Very amusing.
Now, stop this.
Don't think so.
I've got to go in.
Doesn't my beautiful wife
deserve a break, too?
Come on.
And where exactly
are we going?
It's a secret.
You know
I don't like surprises.
We're going
to the countryside.
Ah, I thought
you said it was secret.
You know I'm lousy
at keeping them.
Today is gonna be
like it used to be.
All of us out as a family.
My boss!
What am I gonna
tell my boss?
Terrible blocked nose.
No, I've taken
something for it.
What's that?
Sorry, you're breaking up.
Oh, you lot could get me
into a lot of trouble.
Let's play a game
of "Spot On."
Never heard of it.
How does it go?
You see that sign coming up?
Uh huh.
Well, you all close your eyes
and then you guess
when we're about to pass
the next sign, okay?
Go on.
Close your eyes.
Person who guesses closest
wins a prize.
This is stupid.
What's the prize?
No peeking.
Okay, when you think
you're almost there,
you all shout, "spot on,"
but, and here's the thing.
If we pass the sign
and you haven't said,
"spot on," then
you all lose, okay?
No cheating, Steph.
Do you think you can do that?
In your own time.
I'll give you a clue.
No clues.
Not yet.
[gloomy music]
A bit bumpy.
The car can deal with it.
Yeah, but can we?
Clue: not yet.
Almost there.
"Spot on."
But not there.
Any day now.
Any minute.
"Spot on."
But not that minute.
Shut up!
[car sputters]
No, no, no!
I did say
we were going too fast.
"Spot on!"
Where the hell are we?
Middle of nowhere.
I'll get help.
We don't need help.
It's easily fixed.
We just need
an adjustable spanner.
You got one on you?
I'll get help.
You got a number?
Wait a sec.
You're not listening.
Why wait an hour
for a recovery service
when there's a place
over there that could help?
[ominous music]
Go on, give them a knock.
I don't know.
I don't like to intrude.
It's only a spanner.
Oh, come on.
Ours for the whole day.
Told you
there'd be a prize.
I thought we could
put on the joint.
You brought food?
Help peel the veg.
And while that's cooking...
a walk?
And all without that.
Today is about spending
time as a family.
Be nice to give
your friends a day off too,
wouldn't it?
[car sputtering]
[car starting]
[upbeat music]
Not too loud.
You know it upsets him.
Now, I want you to know
you do not have
to pussyfoot around me today,
or watch your language,
or keep out of my way
all the time.
You just be yourselves,
all right?
We're going
to have a lot of fun.
Dad's back.
He's been away
for some time now,
and I, well...
I realize that now.
But he's here now.
That means we can
crank this up for a start.
[music gets louder]
Nice one!
All right.
[muffled yell]
[muffled yelling]
Shh. Shh.
Oh, fucking, shut up!
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
This is what
it's all about.
This will all be here
long after we're gone.
Well, thanks for that.
We forget
to look around
and appreciate
what we've got.
Let's just enjoy it then.
What's up with Dad?
Who cares?
How long do you think
he can go on like that for?
He's a changed man,
Just for today.
This morning.
An hour.
We're screwed.
Make sure
it's not poisonous.
Can't afford to get ill,
not with my busy schedule.
I know about the job.
You can talk to me,
you know.
Why haven't you told me?
Not sure I follow.
They made you
redundant on Tuesday.
How would you know that?
Zack Petersen phoned.
Well, he wanted
to make sure you're all right.
Sacks me one minute,
concerned about
my welfare the next.
What a caring man,
don't you think?
We can get through this.
I didn't ask
for your help!
One hour sixteen.
Not bad.
You gonna leave me?
Why would you say that?
Redundancy won't
cover the mortgage
by a million miles.
So we'll sell the shares.
So you'll get another job.
Unlikely at the moment.
So we'll think of something.
We are going
to lose the house.
You are going
to lose everything.
There must be
some way out of this.
I'm working on it.
Are you going
to tell me?
What you're gonna do.
Megan! Jay!
Here, let me loosen that.
I'm fine, thanks.
Just a little headache.
Truth is,
things aren't too great
at work at the moment.
Things aren't too good
anywhere at the moment.
And I'm looking for
a new line of work right now.
Getting close,
but nothing yet.
You lost your job.
Not lost, no.
Everything will
work itself out.
If I didn't
have you lot around me,
I don't know what I'd do.
I brought you something.
Well, this is unexpected.
Sometimes you have to let
those closest to you know
exactly what you
think of them.
I think it's the right size.
Well, go on.
Try it on.
Let's all have a good look.
Because a father always
knows what his son likes.
I mean what he
really, really likes.
You haven't opened yours yet.
Well, go on.
Open it.
Open it!
What's this?
Well, if you have
to shag everything that moves.
I don't understand
what you're talking about.
I think you do.
Oh, come on.
Come on!
What a wonderful boss
he turns out to be.
Not only does he lay me off,
he lays my wife too.
I really don't understand
what you're talking about.
Jay! Now!
Jay! Now!
Your mother has
something to tell you.
Can we not do this in front
of the children, please?
Tell them.
I'm sorry,
I'm not playing.
Neither am I.
She's having an affair.
This is ridiculous.
We just bumped
into each other.
Oh, that's what
they call it these days.
She's been lying to us all.
They have nothing
to do with this.
They have everything
to do with this!
What hurts me
hurts them!
I'm sorry.
I haven't opened
my present yet.
It's cold.
Chop some wood.
We'll make
a man of you yet.
Careful with that.
Do you think it's true?
I don't know.
Bloody hope so.
Well, it means
they can split up.
They're not exactly
a love match.
Yeah, but--
Just because
he's your dad,
it doesn't mean
you have to like him.
He thinks you're gay.
Shut up.
Let's face it,
we'd be better off
if he just snuffed it
in the woods.
That's not
a nice thing to say.
Are you gay?
No, no, Jay!
Get off! No!
I told you
to talk to Zack,
to see if I was
in the firing line.
I told you to screw
some information out of him.
I didn't tell you to--
The office?
In our bed?
Nothing happened.
That's not what he says.
You've spoken to him?
I'm asking you.
Shame Dad
took away my mobile,
otherwise we could've
had a guy with a bit
of muscle like Sam
to do it for us.
Your boyfriend
is not Mr. Muscle.
He's fat.
Fit, more like.
Yeah, whatever.
Oh, and what
have we here then?
It looks like a phone.
It's my spare.
Just admit what you did
and then we can let this go.
You never
let anything go.
What did you talk about?
I can't remember.
Tell me.
I told you,
I don't know.
And maybe
we should ask him.
Yeah, middle
of flipping nowhere.
You comin' out?
Oh yeah, there was
a sign up on the way.
Sythemore Forest.
[muffled cries]
Oh my god!
Zack, Steph.
Steph, Zack.
I'm sorry, I'm forgetting
you know each other.
What have you done to him?
Hold that position, please.
One for the album.
It's very tasteful.
Kurt, let him go now!
Get me out of this!
I've never done
anything to you.
What was that?
Fucking bastard!
Get me out of this,
you asshole!
What was that?
Get me out of this,
you bastard.
Get me the fuck--
you fucking bastard!
Wait till I get
out of this.
I'm gonna kill you,
you fucking bastard!
Never talk to me
like that again,
you fucking
piece of shit!
Fucking piece of shit!
You're lazy.
I'm not lazy.
Dad asked me.
I have to do it.
All quiet.
Jay! What?
Where the hell are they?
I don't know.
I think the joint
is probably done.
Don't do that.
It's creepy.
What have you got?
Did you sharpen
the blade first?
A simple question,
did you sharpen?
No, we didn't.
Are you watching?
Are you?
Sharp. Yes?
All this.
Don't just stand there,
I gave you a simple task.
You're not going to do it.
Do you want to join him?
This was supposed
to be a day off.
Can you get off
his back for once?
There's nothing...
wrong with the...wood.
What the--
You broke my fucking nose!
You'll live.
Don't talk.
Shut up!
Here's how it goes.
We're going to play
a little game of fuck you.
How do you
play that, Daddy?
Well, your mother
shows us all the positions
she screwed
my old boss in,
and then when she's about
to cum, we all shout,
"fuck you!"
Kurt, please!
Fuck you!
Like that.
First positions there.
First positions.
Go on then.
Fuck you.
Nothing happened!
Well, show us then.
Show us!
Go on, darling.
No more secrets.
Not anymore.
Not anymore.
Stop it.
Fuck him!
Show us!
Go on, like that?
Like that?
Show us!
Go on.
Show us!
No, don't close the eyes.
That's not the rules.
Look at what she did to us.
Look at what she did.
Faster! Faster! Faster!
Jay, no!
No! No!
Help us!
Help! Help!
Shut up!
Please don't,
let me go!
I said shut up!
Kurt, stop this!
You have no say,
not anymore!
Kurt, please.
You forfeited your right.
Get this,
Get this gag off!
Get this gag off now!
Get this gag off me!
Help, he's gonna kill me.
Please, he's gonna kill me.
He said he was gonna kill me.
And your mom...
he's gonna kill her too.
He's gonna kill her too.
Is this how
we brought him up,
to run at the first
sign of trouble?
Well, what did you expect?
Why don't we just
go back in
and we can discuss it.
Why don't you just shut up!
Quick! Hurry!
Shh! Shh! Shh!
You gotta help me.
You gotta get me
out of here.
Would you
let him go now, please?
You have to.
Do I?
Let him go.
And let's go home.
Put that down.
Someone will get hurt.
Put it down.
He said you're gonna kill him.
Well, we all say things
in the heat of the moment.
He said you're
gonna kill mom.
How many times have you said,
"I could kill mom,"
for annoying you.
You didn't really mean it.
Did you?
Do you?
Two o'clock.
I will count to three.
Megan, please.
How am I gonna carve
a joint without this?
I thought
once we've eaten,
we could play
a game of Charades.
Once we've eaten
and let Uncle Zack go,
then perhaps we could
play a game of cards.
Or something.
You choose.
[cell phone ringing]
Your boyfriend.
Cheap shit.
what are you waiting for?
Tuck in.
[muffled cries]
[muffled cries]
[muffled cries]
I know.
Your choice.
Go on.
[muffled cries]
[opera music]
Developing a sense of taste.
Ignore it.
Ignore it.
Ignore it.
Ignore it.
Ignore it.
Ignore it.
Ignore it.
Ignore it.
Ignore it.
Ignore it.
Ignore it!
Down. Down.
Clean it up!
Clean it up!
You do not do that
at the dinner table.
Get away from him!
I have to!
It's over.
There's nothing to see.
You bastard!
How could you?
How could you?
How could you?
You didn't have
to kill him.
You didn't have to fuck him.
They'll send you
to prison.
No they won't.
You killed a man.
I'll be long gone
before it gets to court.
Anyone planning
on stopping me?
Well, can't just
kill myself, can I?
I'm a father.
A husband.
I have responsibilities.
I have to take care
of all you lot first.
Once he sacked me,
there was no way
to make it work.
There's the overheads.
The debt.
You borrow too much.
Can't pay it back.
But I knew the final project
had to work like clockwork.
We drive down here.
I take him out.
Then you.
Then the kids.
Then me.
And we're all done by
six o'clock in the morning.
No loose ends.
On time.
As always.
I was the best
project manager
he ever had.
And yet now,
and here's the funny thing,
now he's out of the picture.
Now I'm thinking
I don't feel so bad.
Now he's out of the way,
maybe we can make a go of it.
You know, start again.
Forget this whole thing
ever happened? Hmm?
I don't think so.
You killed your boss,
you fucking psycho!
Don't you dare
talk to me like that!
I'll say what I want!
Megan, please.
Why? What's he gonna do?
Kill me?
Then kill me,
you fucking nut!
Kurt, no!
Go to hell.
Stop it!
Please, everyone.
Just stop.
Just stop it.
We shouldn't
have any trouble...
burying the body.
Soil's as soft
as shit around here.
Little bugger'll go down
nice and easy, you'll see.
No one knows he's here.
I made sure of it.
He's just
going to disappear.
And no one
will be any the wiser.
I don't believe this.
And I don't care
what you think.
I think
your father's right.
I think we need
to be more positive.
We need
to hide the body.
And then we can
work out our next move.
Shh. It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay. Shh.
It's gonna be all right.
More blankets!
On time.
On schedule.
As always.
And I'm the one they sack.
It's all about respect.
I need a hand.
[car trying to start]
[suspenseful music]
Come on!
Hurry up!
No, mom.
What are we gonna do?
Fix it.
You can go.
Go on.
I won't look.
Oh, look--
Oh, dear.
Happens to the best of us.
Any luck?
Well, you never were one
to get your hands dirty,
were you?
So all three of my girls
and not a clue.
Oh, stop this!
No, you stop.
All I wanted to do
was to be able to trust you.
But you can't
even give me that.
I've given you enough.
Yes, betrayal, yes.
Aggro, yes.
Honesty, no, I think
that's a bit too much
to ask for, isn't it?
You want honesty?
You need help!
Psychiatric help.
You murdered your boss.
Your lover.
And now you want
your family to bury him?
Isn't that what
a decent family does?
They stick together.
You are unwell.
You are an
adulteress whore!
Of course I am.
Who wouldn't be?
She admits it!
After 15 shitty years.
Spit it out.
Nothing to be proud of.
Not a single
moment of pleasure.
You devious liar.
I'm only with you
for the children.
And a money-grabber.
At least
they care about me.
Like Zack.
He cared about me.
I gave you everything.
He wasn't just some
shitty sordid affair!
You pathetic little whore!
Zack's 50 times
the man you'll ever be.
And I don't just
mean in the bedroom!
You need help, Kurt.
Urgent help!
No, my dear.
I'm afraid you do.
You want to save mommy?
Do you want to save her?
Do you want to save her?
Come on, son, don't want
to hang around much longer.
Fine specimen you brought up.
What have you done?
What the hell
have you done?
Back to the house now.
There's nothing to see.
Come on.
I said there's
nothing to see!
Back to the house.
Count to three.
Stand up.
Stand up.
Stand up.
You'll stand up
and stand the fuck up now!
Not one of your mother's bests.
Luckily, we still
have dessert.
You first.
You're a big boy now.
It's best.
Why do we have to die?
Well, because I'm going
to kill myself a little later.
And I suspect
you children
won't be able
to cope without me.
I can cope without you, dad.
Me too.
Well, you say that now.
[suspenseful music]
We've gotta keep going.
Which way to the road?
I don't know.
Can you hear
any traffic?
This is ridiculous.
He's gonna get us.
What are you talking about?
If we just get to the road--
I can't keep up.
Well, then we're fucked.
[hooting owl]
I'll go.
I'll get to the road faster.
No way!
It's the best option.
I'm not gonna
leave you.
You gonna protect me?
[suspenseful music]
[birds flying]
What the hell are you--
Didn't think
I'd find you, did you?
It wasn't easy.
You look awful.
Give me your phone now.
It's in the car charging.
Well, where's the car?
Over there.
We've gotta
get out of here.
Megan, what's the matter?
[distant screaming]
[distant screaming]
What the...
Isn't that your dad?
Run, Sam. Run!
It's me.
Shh. It's me.
He killed him.
He killed him.
He just killed him.
Shh. Shh.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Look, I have an idea.
Is he still there?
Is he still there?
Just keep walking.
Just keep walking.
Just keep walking.
Isn't this what you want?
We all go as a family.
No, not that.
Isn't this what you
really wanted all along?
Come and get it, daddy.
Get this thing out of me.
You're not going anywhere, dad.
Except prison.
I did it, didn't I?
You think you can
get to Sam's car?
His phone.
I only wanted good things
for you and your brother.
Is that why you
gave us the pills?
That was then.
Now I've had time
to think about it,
it was
a bit selfish.
How reasonable of you.
You're special, Megan.
You've always been
my beautiful little girl.
You know that, don't you?
I'm not little anymore.
Yes, I can see that now.
So much brighter
than your brother.
You always were
a huge relief.
I know what
you're trying to do.
It won't work.
You killed mom.
In case
you've forgotten.
Yes. Yes.
That was a bit upsetting.
And you're gonna pay for it.
You see, you're right.
Jay is that little bit
thicker than me.
Which was why it was
so easy to get rid of him.
So I could be here
with you alone.
Now I take care
of family business.
I know you're angry with me,
but this really isn't
going to solve anything.
Seems to work for you.
Put it down now!
This is for mom!
And this is
for your boss!
And this is
for my boyfriend!
Feel good?
Now they'll
send you to prison.
What will
your little brother
think about that?
I'll say you
did it to yourself.
He'll probably
believe you.
We all know
what you think of him.
Don't pretend
you actually like him.
I don't have to pretend.
Not even close.
Yes we are.
Never have been.
He's my brother.
He's my flesh and blood.
We look out for each other.
That's how it's
supposed to work.
You're missing the point.
Which is?
Don't you move!
Don't you dare fucking move!
Oh, look,
the cavalry have arrived.
The Queen's cavalry,
of course.
Let her go.
What you gonna
do about it, hmm?
Megan! Run!
Come on!
Come on!
Let's go!
Oh, shit.
What have I told you
about smoking?
Shh. Shh. Shh.
Don't worry.
I'm not going to get
annoyed about it, hmm?
I've had time to think.
We could hide the bodies.
Forget the whole thing.
Go home. Hmm?
You're gonna be all right.
Why wouldn't you be?
I want to see you
get married one day, right?
Every father wants that
for his daughter.
You just need
to find the right man.
That's all.
You're going to have
the most amazing wedding
anyone has ever seen.
And everybody is going
to be talking about it.
And you know why?
Because you are
my special girl,
that's why.
I'm starting to think that
we can see a way through this.
Would you help me?
Can I trust you?
here's what I think
we need to do.
Shh. Shh. Shh.
Shh. Shh. Shh.
It's gonna okay.
We'll be fine.
We can get
through this together.
And you're going
to look beautiful.
[motor starting]
You're daddy's little boy
You're daddy's
pride and joy
Yes you are
You're daddy's little boy
You're daddy's
pride and joy
Yes you are
Yes you are
Yes you are
Yes you...