Axegrinder 4: Souls of Blood (2022) Movie Script

I can examine more of his
It's not going to tell
me anything I don't know.
Maybe not.
We've come at this from
every way imaginable.
I'm not sure what else we can
Maybe we should put him
back in his environment.
That would come with risks.
He heals very rapidly.
He uses a hundred percent of his
Humans typically tap out at 65%.
He's a superhuman, the
only one of his kind,
we need to find out what
makes his DNA different
at any cost.
We have the woman who
fought off a polar bear
to save her son.
And the woman who lifted a
car to save her daughter.
Sounds like you like moms.
We have their DNA, Dr. Trask.
Those were isolated situations
caused by life threatening
We cannot reproduce them
in the lab, we have tried.
We could place cameras
throughout the woods.
Maybe we'll learn something
from his environment.
Maybe it's his surroundings
that will secrete the uric
acid purines that we can study.
This is Dr. Trask,
prepare to deploy subject, Ax
Wow, you know, a weekend in
the woods,
I was skeptical at first, but
I think it's a great idea now.
Oh, it's gonna be a mega
Do you have something in mind?
You'll find out.
You're naughty, aren't you?
You're naughty.
Guilty is charged.
I'm starting to think
you had an ulterior motive
for bringing me here.
Oh, you're starting to figure
it out.
Tell me.
It's awkward, I don't
wanna talk about it.
But okay, you know how
we've been best friends
since we were little kids.
- Yeah.
- And we've
been through some.
Well, I wanna be more
than just best friends.
What do you mean?
You know what I mean.
Maybe, but I'm not gonna
make it easy for you.
Catch me if you can.
Come on, I've got big plans
for us.
Okay, you caught my interest.
Home sweet home, buddy.
Tell you what you gonna
change yourself, all right.
There's all your stuff.
Let's get outta here, man.
Hold there.
Oh God, you scared the out of
From the looks of it,
I scared the clothes off you as
Excuse me, can we
help you with something?
Do you know about these here
I know that people like
to come to these woods
to hook up in private.
These woods belong to him.
Oh, of course you would say
that the woods are claimed by a
Yeah, haven't you heard of
mother nature, she's not a man.
Consider yourself warned.
Warned about what?
Apricot, he was leaving.
Tell us, who are you
gonna warn us about?
15 years ago, Freddy Palmer
went on a killing spree
in these very woods.
And then it all went quiet
for a very long time.
Some say that he's part of
some sort of scientific
but whatever the reason, he's
back now,
has been for a few years.
And he's more dangerous than
He has no heart.
He has no soul.
He just kills and kills and he
enjoys it.
Okay, we get it, crazy
psycho killer with a knife.
It's not a knife.
It's an ax.
And he'll grind you with that
And he might even eat you.
Okay, we get the memo, bye.
Nice to see you.
What a creep.
What if he was right about
Freddie Palmer?
Definitely not.
I mean, we would've totally
heard about this on Twitter.
Let's go set up.
Freddy just killed two people.
Are we really okay with this?
We're looking at an extension
to life,
the cure for every known
major disease, cancer.
It's a trade off.
Are you not on board
with this, Dr. Sanders?
Because you were the one who
we returned him to his
What did you think was going to
I don't know.
I guess I just didn't
really think it through.
Are you having second
thoughts, Dr. Sanders?
Are you sure?
Should I be concerned?
No, not at all, Dr. Trask.
Judge Bias, I need to talk to
You don't have an appointment.
You ruled against me.
It was just yesterday, I
Come on, we're neighbors.
You opened a band rehearsal
next to a mental health
You were bound to run into some
You ruled that my bands
can't play past 8:00 p.m.
Most musicians don't even
wake up until sundown.
That's not even fair.
What do you hope to achieve
by coming to my office
without even appointment?
Oh, if I make an
appointment, will that help?
You know, no evidence was
that our music has any
effects on the nuts next door.
Really, the nuts?
Oh, the mental patients,
Judge Bias, I thought
we had an appointment.
We do.
Destiny here was just leaving.
Destiny's my name
and managing band is my game.
Melinda Day, nice to meet you.
I'm not giving up on this.
Oh, I know you won't.
Are you sure that it's
okay to meet now Judge Bias?
Yes, it's fine.
And you know when no one's
around, call me Sandy.
I mean, we're friends, I've
told you this a million times.
I'm here on an official
So I was going more formal.
All right, what is it,
Well, Sandy, you know the
program I've been working on?
The one that puts
criminals in the woods.
You know, no one gets
sitting in a jail cell, right?
I'm looking at working on them,
fixing them with proven methods
out in a camping environment,
where they can become one with
I love your passion, Mel,
but have you really thought
about this?
I'll only use non-violent
We've talked about this.
I thought I had your support.
I'm ready to do this first
I know what I said, but.
"The eyes of the Lord
searched the whole earth
in order to fully strengthen
"whose hearts are committed to
Are you using the Bible on me?
Chronicles 16:9.
All right, okay, we'll do it.
But I'm really going out on a
limb here.
So I get to pick the subjects.
You can't force them to
No, but I can reduce
their sentence by a year
and they will jump at the
I can't thank you enough,
What does your sister
think about all this?
You're not going out
into the woods's for a week
with a bunch of deranged
First of all, they're
non-violent criminals,
they're not deranged.
I'm not letting you do this,
You can't stop me, Belinda.
It's a great program.
You won't be safe.
"Submit yourselves therefore
to God,
"resist the devil and
he'll flee from you."
Don't quote scripture to me.
There'll be a correction
officer with me at all times.
She's very strong.
A woman?
All four subjects will be
I won't be in any danger.
Right, because woman
can't possibly be dangerous.
You hear me, Lizzy Borden?
Lizzy Borden was never
convicted of any crime.
I don't get you, Melinda.
You say you believe in family
and then you take advice from
some psychic
over your own sister.
That's not true, Claire just
a different take on things.
She belongs in a circus.
She's a fake.
I think she's touched by God.
I'm coming with you on this
even if I have to take off work.
That's not an option.
I'll be fine.
I'm a hundred percent positive.
Do you think I'll be safe
on this trip, Claire?
I see a stranger, a
dark stranger, a man.
I don't understand, a man?
I'm only going on this trip with
The spirits need more
rewards for more clarification.
All right, I'm seeing more now.
There's a strong woman fighting,
she's fighting for her life.
By a river, by a stream,
is there a body of water
Lakes, my corrections
officer's name is Lakes.
Lakes is fighting for her
Is she fighting one
of the test subjects.
Lakes is fighting a man
a man with a mask on.
That is all I can see for today.
Are you sure she was fighting
Maybe you picked up something
Can't you postpone this trip?
It's my life's mission.
Everything I've done in my
career has led me to this.
You better bring protection.
Or someone else,
someone else other than
someone named Lakes.
Who names their kid?
After a body of water?
I'm not bringing a
weapon, that's not who I am.
Well, then you better have a
way out.
We're dropped off for a week,
no contact with outside world.
Don't you think that sounds
No, I think it's bold,
I certainly wouldn't call it
Oh, I'm so sorry,
I didn't mean to actually
press the button.
I hope I never have to press the
I'm sure I won't.
So this is a remote device
that can send a shock
through the ankle monitors
you're all wearing.
There's a smart chip located in
the strap,
so please don't tamper with it.
And this is Lakes.
She'll be joining us this week
as your corrections officer.
And she'll explain more about
the rules and the monitors.
I don't anticipate any
trouble from any of you.
But I'm more than qualified
to deal with trouble if it
In addition to Melinda holding
the switch
that will trigger your ankle
it will also make a loud sound
if you go outside the
radius of five blocks
of this location.
Five blocks?
How are we supposed to
know how far five blocks is
in these disgusting woods?
The alarm will make a slight
Then a loud sound, if
you pass five blocks.
So you'll know.
And if you don't make it
back into the safety radius,
within 30 seconds, you'll
receive a shock
10 times as strong as the one
Cassie felt
in our demonstration.
Should be enough to render
any of you unconscious.
Any questions?
I got a question.
Did your parents really name you
after a body of water, Lakes?
I forgot to mention, I
also carry a shock button.
Oh, it's messed up.
What if we have to take
these off for some reason?
If you try to take them off,
you will receive the maximum
We're out in the woods,
what if something happens?
You can hear the traffic.
We're not that far from the
Melinda has a cell phone
and I can get to the road
in the case of an emergency.
It's hard to get reception out
But we don't anticipate any
so long as everyone cooperates.
So I think you'll all get the
So as long as you don't run away
and everyone participates
in the exercises,
everything will be fine.
And we'll get a year off our
But what I really wanna do
is to help you, all of you.
A year off our sentence is a
good start.
Let's get situated with
our sleeping situation
and then we can start a first
Follow me.
"Here I am, I stand at the door
and knock.
"If someone hears my voice
and answers the door,
"then I'll come in and
eat with that person"
"and they with me."
Revelations 3:20.
It's scripture,
she's quoting scripture.
She's quoting scriptures to
a bunch of sinners, awesome.
Speak for yourself, I was
Two of you will stay
in the cabin with me.
And two of you will stay
in the tent outside.
I claim the cabin.
It's a reward system.
So the two of you who do the
best at the exercises each day,
get to stay in the cabin at
We'll begin our exercises
Who are you?
Who are you?
Unhand me you ruffian.
Ruffian, dude's a
good judge of character.
Nobody's been staying here.
It's owned by the state.
We're gonna use it now
and I have a permit.
All right, fine.
If you have a permit, I'll be
on my way, but you should too.
It's not safe in these woods?
Freddy Palmer is back.
He'll kill you all if you stay
Who's Freddy Palmer?
15 years ago, Freddy Palmer
killed a bunch of folks
in this here woods.
It all started with a young
woman jogging through the woods.
Fuck you, asshole.
Thank you, you saved my life.
What the fuck?
Who the fuck are you?
Ah, fuck.
And then he killed them all.
No, no, no, this can't be
the place, it can't be here.
It's the place where Freddy
No, no it wasn't Freddy,
it was one of the campers,
some Blanche, my cousin
was one of the victims.
She drowned my cousin.
I can't stay here.
Do you really wanna go, Jenna?
Yes, I'm freaking out.
Take a breath, a deep breath.
Another one.
If you need to go, we all must
and no one's gonna get any
credit from this program
or a reduced sentence.
But if that's what you really
It's not what she really
I think I'll be okay.
You won't be okay, you'll be
You'll all be dead.
You're not helping Mr.
Joe, do you think it can
give us a little space?
We could really use our privacy.
If you don't leave right now,
I'll kick your up and down these
Lakes, I think you could
handle this more appropriately.
Fine, I will go,
but not because I'm
afraid of this here goon.
But remember, you'll all be.
All be killed, we got it.
All right.
Let's go inside.
We could really get to know
each other a little bit better.
I want us to all share a
little bit about ourselves.
Why are we here?
Who are we?
I'll start.
I'm Melinda, we can go
by just first names here.
I'm a social worker, as you
and I look for the best and
I'm very religious and I believe
I'm here to do God's work.
So who's next?
Remember the two who
participate the most,
get to spend the night in the
I go by Topper, I'm the top of
my gang,
well I was until I got busted.
What you get busted for?
It's none of your fucking
We don't curse here or make
others feel uneasy, Topper.
What did you think?
I'll go next.
I don't wanna sleep in a tent.
My name is Marilyn,
I was falsely accused of
blackmail, so I'm here.
Is that all you wanna share,
What about you, Jenna?
Do you feel up to sharing yet?
Jenna here, bank robbery.
Well, I was just a lookout, no
So I qualified for the program.
You wanna tell us about your
She was like an older sister
to me.
She looked out for me.
And if she was murdered in these
I don't know where, I mean,
it wasn't something I wanted to
But if that crazy guy is
right and it did happen here,
I don't know, I mean, do I
stay if it happened here?
It happened 15 years ago,
Yeah, I was just a kid.
She made an impression.
Do you stab lingering
I don't know.
I miss her sometimes,
after all these years, is that
No, not at all, Jenna.
Is there anything else?
I don't think so.
I'm the whore, did
you'll figure that out?
No need to be ashamed
of sex work, Cassie.
Well, I shouldn't be
in jail for it either.
I fully agree.
And that's why by staying here a
you'll serve no prison time.
I guess, as long as I don't
get killed
by a crazy guy with an ax,
it will all be roses, right.
Joe, you need to be more
We're gonna split up into
two groups and do some hiking.
In this exercise, I want you all
to talk
about what you would do
differently in your life,
if you could change one
thing, just one thing, a redo.
Marilyn and Topper, you'll go
with Lakes
and I'll get notes from
her on what you talk about.
The others come with me.
Pretty easy to see
who'll be sleeping in the cabin
Anyone need to rest?
We can keep walking.
I'm good.
I think we should at
least keep hydrated.
Isn't it beautiful out here?
It's okay.
I think it's a perfect place
to run through our next
If I could change anything,
I would've talked my cousin
out of her camping trip.
You know, the one that got her
That's an understandable
thought, Jenna,
but not very realistic.
You couldn't have known
that something was gonna happen
to her on that camping trip.
And you would still end up a
bank robber.
The lookout, I was the
Come on, there must be something
you could have changed.
Maybe a relationship
you could have avoided.
Kevin Tracks.
I should have stayed clear from
I knew the second I met
him, but never again.
He led you down a path of bad
Yes, that's a hard yes.
So if you were to meet someone
who might be a bad influence on
you again.
I treat 'em like country
And this Tracks fellow,
have you managed to get him
completely out of your life?
Completely out?
And there's no right or wrong
Either way, you get the
year off your sentence.
So just be honest with yourself.
Well, I would say he's not
completely outta my life yet.
You're supposed to be sharing.
Don't all talk at once.
How much longer do we need to
I'm getting sweaty, I hate that.
What the hell, Topper?
Are you okay?
My ankle, I hurt my ankle,
I don't think I can walk
Your ankle?
You landed on your ass.
Well they both hurt.
Do you wanna kiss it and make it
Are you telling me to kiss
your ass?
And my ankle.
What were you thinking,
Oh, hell no.
I need to go look for her.
Can you walk on your ankle?
I don't think so, but
go look, I can wait here.
I won't go anywhere, I promise.
Topper, come back.
This won't end well for you.
No, no please.
Please, no, no.
I can't find Topper.
We gotta go find the others.
Oh, oh.
I can't walk on this ankle.
How about if I wait here in the
until you sort this all out.
Earlier, it was your
left ankle you hurt.
Oh, oh, well they both hurt.
Ow, hey, this is police
I'm gonna report you for this.
What about you, Cassie?
What thing in your life would
you change, if you could?
That's easy, everything.
I'm sure there's one thing.
I would trust people less.
That's good.
Go on.
Well, I trusted that cop who
busted me.
I even asked him if he
was a cop and he said, no.
They have all these shootings
and politicians sleep with
whoever they want to me.
I get arrested just one trick.
It's not fair.
So you think you might
trust your clients too much,
how they represent themselves
and you would change that?
Well, I didn't exactly
have the greatest childhood.
Took me a long time to
learn to trust people.
Never again.
Where'd you grow up?
I was born in Germany.
I had a military family, moved
around a lot, blah, blah.
Where's Topper?
I lost her.
And you couldn't hear her
I think she must have found a
to remove it or silence it or
No service.
Let's go to the cabin.
It's gonna get dark soon.
I'll head towards the route.
I know there's reception there
and we can call in Topper's
We can spend the night here,
but the judge might make
us come back tomorrow.
Does that mean we spend 24
hours in these disgusting woods
and still don't get a reduced
I don't know exactly what that
I didn't expect for someone
to escape on the first day.
Cassie and Jenna will
spend the night in the cabin.
Marilyn and I will spend
the night in the tent.
This just keeps getting
better and better.
So am I gonna be safe
if we share the bed?
Well, unless you're pain
me, I'm not touching you.
Sorry, I didn't mean to joke
About us sleeping in the same
Don't worry, I'm a funny whore.
I mean, at least one
with a sense of humor.
Not like stand up, you
know, I prefer laying down.
All right, you are a bank
robber with no sense of humor.
I'm not a robber.
Right, right, right, lookout.
This is stupid, guys
are stupid, they suck.
And I don't know why I listen to
You know, they do suck
and not like a sex joke.
I mean guys, they all suck.
It's just a fact.
Yeah, I guess so.
Did he see that?
Something just past our
Maybe it was Lakes.
What even is up with her name,
Do you want me to go check it
What if that crazy guy is
that there is some serial
killer in the woods?
You don't believe that, do
They caught your cousin's
killer, right?
Yeah, I guess so.
I'll go check it out.
Be careful.
I'll be fine.
I didn't find any crazed killer.
Not even a peeper.
Oh, I definitely wouldn't
wanna meet a peeper
who lives out here?
I prefer my peepers to live in
the city.
I can probably sleep now.
There's something you're not
telling me.
No, it's nothing.
No, tell me.
I thought I saw something.
I mean, I probably imagined it,
Did you see it for long?
Just a second.
Was it dark?
Very dark.
Trust me, you didn't see
I hope.
Time we get some sleep.
What if we need to,
you know, use a bathroom?
Look around, the bathroom
surrounds you.
But what about number two?
You can do it anywhere, any
This just keeps getting worse
and worse.
Just don't do it near the
Okay, there's definitely
someone here.
Okay, let's both look this
Bad feeling about this.
Hello there.
God, what are you doing?
What the hell, Joe?
I just needed to warn ya.
You already did that.
15 years ago, some killer
ran around the woods.
We get it.
I didn't get a chance
to tell you though.
He's back.
He's back here again, the last
few years,
killing a bunch of people out
What do you mean?
He's been killing kids and
sheriffs too.
What you doing?
Oh, the best thing to do
is split up and go back home.
That's a horrible idea.
Okay, I'm gonna go this
way, you go that way.
Please, I'm an.
What the fuck is going on?
So you can see, he's
back and he's killing.
He's doing his killing again and
Joe, we are leaving tomorrow,
As soon as our leader gets
someone to pick us up.
You don't have a way
out of here, do you?
Usually I just walk down
to town when I need to.
But most of the time I live
right here in these woods.
Well, we are walking out
So thank you for your stories.
But we need to get some sleep
We promise we'll leave as
soon as it's light out.
Good to hear that.
Gratified that my stories
might have swayed you,
if they've done that.
Okay, goodnight.
Wait, if you see someone,
can you tell them to call for
help, let 'em know we're here.
I'll be seeing no one tonight.
Wait, wait, wait.
Do you happen to own a Bigfoot
Afraid not.
Anything else?
I'm really tired.
I know, I think we should
be able to sleep now.
God, I just hope he doesn't
bother Lakes of Marilyn.
Lakes, no.
Oh not again.
The crazy old guy was right,
there's a killer in the woods.
He hacked up Lakes, it was
We need to lock ourselves in
Go, go, go, go.
There's no lock on the door.
Do you really think it's the
best idea
to lock ourselves in here?
Shouldn't we make a run for it?
A run for what?
We can't get far with
these ankle monitors on.
And it's dark out, we
don't even know where to go.
I hope Melinda's able to call
for help.
I mean, we're supposed to
get picked up tomorrow.
Okay, this is our best chance.
We keep safe in here and
maybe get picked up tomorrow.
I wonder if Topper really got
or if she got, you know.
They say that you're my
but I don't know I have a
I don't understand.
I don't understand either.
I only know what your mind tells
What does it tell you?
Our parents were horrible to
Locked you up, beat you.
But I was abandoned, raised by
So I don't know I have a
It's good that they left you
for others.
Do you love me?
I don't know.
I've never met you.
Our father,
he knew where you lived.
He had photos.
He followed you.
But he never hurt you.
Freddy was busy last night.
I saw the footage.
Seems like some pretty high
profile kills,
social worker, corrections
We should get him pretty soon.
I think we'll be able to study
him more successfully now.
He stimulated, his DNA will be
Let's give him 24 hours more,
finish what he started, no
We'll get him first
thing tomorrow morning.
I think we should stay here
until someone comes for us.
We don't know if
someone will come for us.
I mean maybe Melinda, maybe
something happened to her
before we could make the call.
That psycho definitely killed
Well, if we try to
get away, he'll kill us.
You didn't see what I saw.
Do you think this door
will hold or I mean,
he won't get through the
So it's a plan, Einstein.
We go near the tent.
I'll make a distraction, while
you two hide behind a tent.
- It's three against one.
- Yeah.
You want us to fight this
You can surprise him.
Hit him with a rock or a stick
and then I'll grab the ax and
I'll just kill the asshole.
You're crazy.
What, you have a
better plan, say it now.
I'm in, I'll try it.
If he's really the one
who killed my cousin,
I owe it to her.
He's going down.
Come on, Marilyn, we need you.
Fine, let's try it.
Do you like my dance?
I can sing too.
Hey Mr. Ax man you want to get
But I just want to set you
I am sexy
That makes you relax
So it's time to give up your
Go, go.
Is he dead?
It looks like it.
Maybe you
should kick him again.
It worked.
You plan worked.
Okay now we walk so
that our alarms go off.
I just wanna say that, well,
I've always had things
handed to me in life
and it wasn't until I met the
two of you
that I realized what is
important in life
and that's pulling together.
We need a better plan.
We can't get away with
these stupid bracelets on.
Then help me get mine off.
Stop, we'll get shocked in the
Then keep going until it's
And when that's out, we
can run for our life.
Get it out, get out.
Cassie, Cassie.
Cassie, wake up.
At least it's off.
You have to make a run for it.
Go that way, go, go, go.
You need to come too.
I don't have time to
take my bracelet off.
You get help and come back for
Go, go now, go.
No, no, no, please stop, no.
No, no, no.
Come on, come on, come on.
No, no, no, please no, please
Only one left,
then no more witnesses.
When do you wanna retrieve
We can do that any time.
I'm sure he'll be done
by the time we arrive.
I see that the final living
subject is Cassie Johnson.
She was a prostitute.
She might be very resourceful.
Perhaps we should wait until
he's finished with her.
Do you have a fondness
for whores, Dr. Sanders?
Why do you ask that?
Now I didn't say I wanna meet
I said we should wait until
she's dead.
Is that how you like your
You like them when they're dead.
That's how you like to play with
That is completely
inappropriate, Dr. Trask.
Do strong women
threaten you Dr. Sanders?
Is that why you prefer them to
be dead?
I don't like this
line of inquiry at all.
You need to relax Dr. Sanders.
We've known each other for a
long time.
You need to have some fun.
We can go get 'em right now,
I'll make sure the whore
doesn't bother you.
I'll see to it personally.
Jones prepare the van
and Smith come in now,
I know you're right outside the
Smith, I'll be accompanying
you to the woods, all right.
Yes, Dr. Trask.
You know, I like that
you chose the name Smith.
It's not your real name, I know
It shows me though that
you're a man of simple means.
Am I right?
Dr. Trask, this is
making me uncomfortable.
She does that to everybody.
Do you like my legs, Smith?
I don't know, I guess so,
Is that why you position
yourself right outside the door?
Oh, no, no, no Doctor.
Then are you a spy,
listening to our experiments,
reporting back to someone?
No Dr. Trask.
Then why do you wait
right outside the door?
Because Jones doesn't do it.
It has to be about my legs, come
Oh, okay, I like your legs.
I mean, I like you, you're
attractive Dr. Trask, I'm sorry.
You are very, very sorry.
Now go get the van ready.
Yes, Dr. Trask.
For Freddy.
I don't usually take clients
this early.
Do you know who I am?
I wouldn't be much of a
if I didn't know who you are.
I know your face, Melinda,
I'm not like my
sister, you can't con me.
So then why are you here?
If you're psychic,
you know why I'm here.
Is it to gimme your
cousin Tiffany's number?
She's a real hoochie coochie.
Oh, what a waste of time.
I know you're worried about your
Believe it or not, she's my
friend too.
She had a lot of faith in you.
And you don't have faith
in much of anything, do you?
Except your sister.
So what do I do?
You need to go find her fast.
Okay, I will.
You haven't heard from her?
No, her signal's getting
Do I owe you something?
I'll settle for your cousin
Tiffany's phone number.
Well, she's cute and the
true reason I cannot say.
Okay, I'll text you her
I'm worried about Melinda.
She said she'd call at 9:00
a.m. every morning to check in.
Have you tried calling her?
Yes, no response.
I tried calling her too,
but maybe she doesn't have
a reception where she's at.
I have a bad feeling.
Have you been speaking to
your sister's so-called psychic?
I don't believe in that crap
Something's telling me something
is wrong.
So you haven't gone to see her
I did.
Come on, just tell me
where the rah, rah, get
outta jail free group is
and I'll go check them out
Okay, well that wouldn't be
And they don't get outta jail
okay, one year off their
Melinda can make us believe
in anything, can't she?
She gives you hope when
there just isn't any.
Come on, doesn't your gut tell
that something went wrong?
Her and one other officer
against four criminals.
Nonviolent criminals.
I'm not leaving until you do
You're just as stubborn as she
Fine, I'll call the park ranger
to go check things out.
Park Ranger Amanda
Briggs, identify yourself.
I'm so glad to see you.
I need to help everyone is dead.
Who's dead?
Identify yourself.
I couldn't stop him, he's a
You need to relax and identify
How do you want me to relax,
if you're pointing a
taser at me and a killer
could come out in literally any
Sit on the ground now
and put your hands behind your
Why won't you listen to me.
Now, what's your name?
Cassie Johnson.
I'm part of that test group.
The one with the prisoners,
camping for the week.
Melinda was our leader
and one of us got away or
who knows, maybe got killed.
And then Melinda went to call
for help.
She couldn't give reception at
the camp.
Did you hear from
Melinda after she left?
No, some crazy guys showed up
in a mask
and he killed Lakes and
then he killed Marilyn
and probably killed Jenna too.
Was that the rest of the
Everyone got killed.
And we need to get outta
here before he finds us.
Is that blood on your shoe?
I hit him with an ax.
Did you kill him?
He got up and killed Marilyn
right after,
and then he followed us to the
and my guess is, killed
Jenna there as well.
I'll call for backup.
Hi Judge Bias, I'm near the
campsite now.
Did she find Melinda?
No, just someone named Cassie
She's one of the subjects.
Does she know where Melinda is?
She says that when one of
the prisoners tried to escape,
that Melinda went to call for
They don't get cell
reception near of the camp.
And Judge, the prisoner says
that someone
has tried to kill everyone else.
Well go check it out.
I was just about to call for
I'll call for your backup.
Go investigate the camp, don't
But Judge, that's not
If Melinda is in danger,
she needs to be found, go now.
But Ma'am.
You owe me a favor, do you
If Melinda's in there, I'll
find her.
What are you doing?
Show me the bodies.
But we can't go back there.
I could always tase you in
the leg and go look myself.
Can you uncuff me at least?
Just keep walking.
No, I can't walk with
my hands behind my back.
Let 'em in front.
No, come on.
Do it.
Are you into bondage, Ranger
I'll let you do anything,
if you let my hands go free.
Just keep walking.
Ah, seriously, I can't
walk with these handcuffs on.
Like, have you ever tried it?
Get up.
No, I'm staying down here
unless you wanna explain why you
an unarmed handcuffed hooker.
Just remember, I have a
No shenanigans.
Shenanigans wow.
It's like you read too
many 1960s comic books.
This is where Lakes was.
No sign of a struggle
here, no sign of a death.
Well, I didn't see what
happened to Lakes here.
Marilyn just told us
that she saw her killed.
What did you actually witness
I saw him kill Marilyn,
it was right here where we're
How was she killed?
It was an ax.
The same one you used on him?
Yes, I guess I must have set
it down
after we thought he was dead.
Does look like a body might
have been dragged from here.
Yeah, he dragged the bodies
away and,
God he doesn't pleasure
himself with the bodies,
that's disgusting.
Some killers are cannibals.
Oh, oh that's worse.
You said there was another
Where did that happen?
Probably at the cabin.
Show me.
Okay, be ready, in case he's
in here.
Just walk in, I know what I'm
He must have taken all the
bodies away.
Would you like to confess
Come on, just think about it.
Do I look like someone
who would hurt anyone?
What's down the hall?
The bedroom.
Show me.
Go look at it yourself, Ranger
Stop calling me that.
Put your hands behind your
Oh, come, you don't think I
did this,
do you?
This is Ranger Briggs,
I found the body of Melinda
Day, she's been murdered.
I'm at the Cabin at Stones
I have one suspect in custody.
Come in.
Have a seat.
It's bad news, isn't it?
I'm afraid so.
Just say it, Melinda's dead,
isn't she?
She was murdered.
Why'd you ever let them
try that fucking experiment?
I'm so sorry.
You know it's painful.
I should never let her try it.
No, it's not your fault,
Look, it was her program, okay.
It was her passion, she wanted
to do this.
You know her, you know what she
was about.
What happened?
I don't really know right now.
It looks like one of the
You mean one of the prisoners?
One of the prisoners escaped,
Melinda went to go find
One of the other prisoners
got their ankle monitor off
and killed some of the other
And Melinda?
Apparently so.
So what happens to the
prisoner now?
I'm not quite sure.
She was a non-violent
prisoner and she just snapped.
So insanity, plea?
But I just think there's
more to this story
than we know right now.
Where are you at, Freddy boy?
Are you out here, Freddy?
Looking high and low for you
Think we gave him enough, Doc?
Yeah, that's enough
to put out an elephant.
What if it's not enough?
You worry too much, Smith.
Time to go home, Freddy.
You can leave us.
Hello Cassie.
I'm judge Sandy Bias.
And I'm the queen of England.
I'm hoping that you'll tell
me what happened at the camp.
I already told everyone,
who wouldn't listen.
Freddie Palmer the psycho,
killed everyone, except for me.
The only one who got away.
They found Melinda's body,
and she was a friend of mine.
Yeah, I don't know what he
did with the other bodies.
Your defense attorney
is a public defender
whose case rests on convincing a
that Lakes was in on it,
that she freed the prisoners
and one of them killed Melinda.
But that's just speculation.
Yeah, I'm not going
to lie about that story.
I already told the PD that.
It was Freddy Palmer.
Freddy Palmer is a myth.
It's like Bigfoot.
You're gonna argue that
Bigfoot killed everyone?
Well, if Bigfoot did
it, then yes, I would.
In fact, I actually thought I
saw Bigfoot
at one point near the cabin.
Do you know how crazy that
Well, it wasn't Bigfoot okay.
It was Freddy Palmer who did the
Just forget about Bigfoot, God.
The murder weapon was found.
The ax that killed Melinda
has your DNA on it.
Yeah, I used the ax to kill
Then where's Freddy's body?
He didn't die, okay.
We just thought I killed him.
So you imagined it?
I know what you're
trying to do, all right.
And it won't work.
I'm just trying to get to the
I have a hard time believing
that you killed everyone by
and hid all the bodies so
well that they can't be found.
Right, and no jury will
believe that.
I don't believe you killed
Her blood was found on you.
Yeah, she fell on me.
Ranger Rick saw that.
Your DNA is on the murder
Melinda's blood is on
you and you had a motive.
So why don't you let me help
I am done talking to you,
you can talk to my crappy public
if you got anything else to say.
I think he needs another
sedative, Dr. Sanders.
And then we'll extract the
uric purines from his liver.
Freddy speaks.
Did you know he could speak?
I did not.
Freddy, do you have anything
to say
before we gather this generous
your body for the advancement of
Let me go or I'll kill you
Sedative, please.
There, there, get a
good sleep now, Freddy.
I'll kill you, I'll make it
Do you enjoy killing Freddy?
What's happening here is
your redemption, ours too,
for all the terrible things
we've done.
But the world will be a better
with your blood and DNA.
If I sleep, even for a
moment, I'll wake up stronger.
And snap your neck.
Now Dr. Trask?
One moment.
Sweet dreams dark prince.
You may continue.
My ties are done
Everybody swaying, dancing
Having fun, think I'm
gonna take some chances
Feels like time is on my side
Ain't no way I'm going to lose
The music's right
I'm having the time of my life
Staring in the mirror
It's a good reflection
I'm liking what I see
I'm having a good time
But it get much better
You're standing next to me
Oh, life is like a dream now
It's a perfect combination
Black tie and knee length
Let's take you to the limit
Turn the music up now
Let your pretty hair down
Let's do the rest right now
My ties are done
Everybody's swaying, dancing
Having fun, think I'm
gonna take some chances
Feels like time is on my side
Ain't no way I'm gonna lose
The music's right
I'm having the time of my life
La, la, la, la
Da, da, da, da, da, da
Freddy Palmer
Freddy Palmer
Ranger Rick
Ranger Rick
Still rolling.
Five minutes left
and action.
Fine, Jesus.
Sorry I didn't mean to.
I'm still rolling.
Okay I got it.
Were you making faces at her?
Yeah, inside joke.
What about you Cassie?
Cassie and Jenna will
spend the night in the tent.
Marilyn and I.
- I'm sorry.
- I was gonna get excited,
but then I'm like no it's not.
Should I just take it
from my line?
Yeah, take.
Would we?
take one.
Are you rolling?
I'm rolling.
Wait, can we?
That was so fast.
Yeah, we weren't, hold
on, I was not ready.
Do the second kick.
- Woo.
- Oh.
Try it again.
Having fun, think I'm
gonna take some chances
Now one more.
Time is on my side
Ain't no way I'm going to lose
The music's right
I'm having the time of my life
Did it move?
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
Oh, I guess it's a butterfly.
It's 'cause it's long one.