Ayalaan (2024) Movie Script

We have reached the target.
what's happening?
Fast! Fast!
Go! Go!
Run quickly.
oh no, The door is closing.
Aryan, let's go.
Thanga, please..
Rise up from the water.
It is not safe.
! !
Please, save us.
Come on Aryan.
translated by Suhan Ahmed
:.: A.Y.A.L.A.A.N
:.: :.: ... :.:
sago, A baby elephant
got stuck in the hole.
quickly, He will
have to be rescued.
That child is not a
girl, But baby elephant!
We are not that strong,
I will rescue
him from the hole.
- The work is not that easy.
- Poor. How to come out now?
Look, the elephant
parents are screaming.
They have seen the
child, haven't they?
without standing,
Come and help.
Brother, elephants
are dangerous.
Won't they understand?
You help them.
She is quite clever,
Will not harm us.
So you want to say
we are donkeys?
Why are you
shouting so much?
If any person would understand,
While trying to use the
phone, you would fall into a
hole. What is your problem? Wait.
People block their path, By
giving iron and electric pole.
what to expect, Will she avoid
the pothole by using Google Map?
I will save you,
Fear does not pass.
stop shouting, I will
not harm your child.
Hold this.
Keep pulling.
Hey, someone please help.
No one will come.
Yes, it will come up on its own.
Otherwise both of them will go
down, Will have to be picked up.
! ! !
What do you want to do?
Why are you giving me food now?
Come on, come on! Keep coming.
hold on, - Get up, eat later.
Son, give some more emphasis.
Hey, hey! Let's stop now.
Be careful.
- Be careful.
- You have a child.
But the child, Have
to take good care.
Take it carefully.
This is the mother's

- The one who flies.
- Hey, what are you doing?
He will not correct it.
Take this.
This is a small habitat
of Poonambarai birds.
That guy takes care of it.
Come with me.
Take pictures.
How much courage
should you spill?
- Run.
- Come on, I'm telling you.
Welcome madam.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Hello sir.
Earth is the 3rd planet
closest to the Sun.
- I hope everyone knows about the planet now.
- You are late.
If you have any questions
please ask. Shut up.
Sirius, Canopus, Polaris, There
are many stars like this in the sky.
Do the stars also have names?
Not just the name,
There is shape.
look that way, Want
to see the first line?
The girl is smart, isn't she?
Imagine adding thunderbolts,
Then you will be able
to see the first line.
look that way, Do
you want to see birds?
I can't see anything.
Don't you want to see?
This hylo
means I. Come here.
Found your phone there. Ohh!
Thank you.
Please, go up.
Now raise your left hand.
Like this.
ok, Now turn your right hand.
Like 45 degrees.
Is it okay now?
- Yes.
Now stay in the sky.
- Yes..
Do you want to see them now?
But I can see the moon.
Let me ask you.
What do you want to see?
This is called Orion,
1st Hunter Tara.
Madam, Now I can see clearly.
They are not just hunters,
I can also see the
stars of farming.
This has started!
Go! Everyone go!
- Go away.
Go, go! And he
will keep saying it.
First of all, Agriculture has
to be saved from people.
Everyone go.
Talking about farming,
There will be no one else.
Come let's go.
Looks like he is at home.
Sago! Didn't you say
good bye and went away?
that means, I value
you as a human being.
Oil your wheels.
- That's what I'm doing.
What is this? !
Where are you going?
It is going in our area. Oh no.
Please, don't make me angry?
Why are you asking me?
Side areas.. There
has been a kind of fruit,
Don't go there..
Why are you destroying
the poor sunflower?
Well said!
I was asking to spray insecticide,
No you will use organic fertilizer.
Now take care of them.
Why do you want me? Beat them.
Hey, who is from here.
I can't tease them like this.
The area is
completely surrounded.
We are doomed.
Everything is over.
There was no damage to
other areas of the village,
But your crop has
been destroyed.
If you have compassion for the spider, But
there will be no need to grow any more crops.
Father, through someone's
destruction.. Someone else survives.
you will be
destroyed, We survive.
If I kill a spider, How will
I do farming in the future?
When I think about this,
But why am I not
using pesticides?
Don't say this, mother.
When I kill mosquitoes with insecticide,
Wouldn't it be poison if it falls on the ground?
Why would it be
poison for the soil?
Therefore, Use as perfume.
Don't spray your head.
I will become a fool.
Said this is not poison,
So why not now?
I can't argue with your son.
Come on everyone. They
don't need a good crop.
For good harvest, A well
prepared system is essential.
And that one
day, I will explain.
Let's go.
Brother, its clutch is loose.
It stops sometimes.
I was thinking, I will go and
get the servicing done myself.
fix it quickly, I have
a lot of work left.
Hey listen, Do I
feel like a mechanic?
Ohh! Are you the
district collector?
It's yours! what?
Took a loan, but the real
interest.. There is no name to give!
Are you having fun with me?
Mother, did you
take a loan from him?
Hey, how much
money have you taken?
30 thousand...
- 30 thousand?
3 lakhs.
- 3 lakh rupees?
- Yes.
He is right.
I can't live only in the hope of a son,
Will fulfill all those responsibilities.
That trouble binds, That
money seems to be mine to give.
Will solve your problems later.
After repaying the loan of Rs 3
lakh 30 thousand, Take the truck.
Are you feeling ashamed?
no mother, Looks great.
After purchasing the truck,
We saw beautiful mountains.
Great view.
You may not feel ashamed,
But after all this, feel ashamed.. I
will not be able to live in this village.
I trusted you a lot.
Tanamji's daughter,
Come to Madra and work.
I am also going there.
hope, Come I will get the work.

When will you pay?
Mother, I want motherhood.
Please, be careful.
And made him
listen to the words,
That he will pay your
salary, I will repay the loan.
please, Ask for food on time.
Do not wash the plate with soap.
This causes damage
to the skin of the hands.
instead of that, Mix
lemon with tea leaves and..
Will add to that.
- Are you really my son?
in my place, You can't go!
Mother, I should go.. Will you
take care of the milk business?
you raw penis,
They will tease you.
Is it worth crores of rupees? Which
number are you thinking about?
Only 35 rupees.. He will
be able to keep track of it.
Don't give too many excuses.
ok, So will you
inspect the area?
The crow comes and eats
it, What is there to see there?
Gold mother.
Still believe whatever father
says, Insects live around the soil.
Will feed the pigeon on time.
to the puppy, Will
not give salty food.
And birds..
Nothing has to be done. You
will not be the only one, busy.
Until I come back, Will
do everything the way I did.
I understand,
You want your son, Live in the
village with your head held high.
I am going,
I will return when I believe,
I can survive any situation.
Manners! Are you
really saying it?
Give me the bag.
Already removed your
clothes, Kept mine.
Hey, what will you do there?
Don't worry, Gave
me my friend's number.
He will take care of her.
Don't worry about him.
It's time to go, Joe.
I am going mother.
Ya, ya.
Brother, get off the bus.
Don't stand anywhere on the
way. Wait and we will return home.
Will continue continuously.
Tata. Come back please.
Source of energy in every age, He
is gaining dominance over the world.
And that is the demand
and reduction of energy.
This began to usher
in another power.
In 2030, Energy demand
will increase by 400%.
But fuel? Today even
half of it is not available.
Of course, these different forces of
the world.. Time to run around in search.
We can be the only source of
power, Which no one can refuse.
How are you so confident?
1st class countries,
Technologically ahead of us.
And you can't.
Our target is Nebha Gas.
It's deep and it catches people's
eye, There is stock outside.
Thinking that, How
do we go there?
This spark.
In this world..
It's such a powerful thing,
Which is beyond your imagination.
As you think, This
is not man made.
Nature's gift.
Explain about the reactor.
We dug so deep, What
no one else did at home.
Speaking about the
first class countries,
their high technology, Will
it not work at that depth?
bear the pressure,
To reach Nebha Gas.
Only this spark has that power.
And most importantly..
all over the world,
There is only one spark.
you really think,
Can provide power!
From a small mine in
Madagascar, For the whole world?
This is only a trial.
From Madagascar, We
have a wide range of sources.
South India's largest,
Will set up a gas plan.
And that's Chennai.
On the earth's surface..
Source of abundant
nebula gas, Waiting for us.
Will the Indian government
give this approval?
Named "Fracking Process Scheme".
meanwhile, Work has
started in the initial phase.
If there is any problem in future,
But get support from politicians.
Not thinking about politicians.
Rather, people will
have to be explained.
If anything happens these days, In
the name of protest on the highway.
That's why I, Selected
an abandoned mine.
Therefore there is no
chance of any such problem.
Excavation work
in Shirdi will start.
Thank you.
Please, stop this.
R&D.. During the project.
South Africa, Thousands
of people have died.
Now in your plan, How many
lives will have to be sacrificed?
No, Mr. Arjun.
Instill passion in business,
That would be a big mistake.
There was only one
accident, that's it.
Sir, for saying this,
I will not support someone like that.
Agreed to do everything for that money.
I am not into this.
What do you think, this..!
Gentlemen, Please, don't worry.
All his doubts will be cleared,
Because next,
Exhibition is the answer.
People cannot
work inside the mine.
Pressure, temperature,
electricity.. It can handle anything.
Go ahead.
Brother, where is this address?
- I don't know.
Sister, wait 1 minute.
Where can I tell
you this address?
My chain!
Give me the knife.
Leave it.
Give me another knife.
- Oh no, my chain!
Let's go.
- Get up and read! Get up and read!
Take away my chain!
Someone please save my chain.
oh no, Take away my chain!
I am telling you to give it.
Give it to me, You
have such great courage!
Brother, this is
not a gold chain.
Gold chain? Run away from here.
This woman! So why did
you create so much drama?
Do you consider yourself a hero?
your parrot face,
I will serve you.
Hold on! Hold it. Don't give up.
The one behind.
Look and drive.
You have such great courage,
Are you making our area dizzy?
If I can catch you,
I will catch you.
Give him a kiss.
hold on, Where to flee?
Come on, lift
yourself up slowly.
Look now boss.
Have you seen this?
- Tysa!
Yours is not just a
beard, Hold on to my life.
So what should I leave?
- What! Want to kill me?
Sister, sister!
Brake is not working.
Sir, saintly father.
I don't know where to go!
Brother, get some more sleep.
Child, you missed it.
Sister, sister! Someone stop me.
Just check now.
Brother! Brother!
Oh no! Went to the 24th floor!
The balloon is
going up, Hold on.
Let's catch the balloon.
Let's go.
I have caught it.
That's it, we are also flying.
Where are you going brother?
My pants are
coming off, Leave it.
Hey! Hey, the balloon
is going away. Oh no.
The one that flew away was not a balloon.
- 1 minute, listen to what I say.
I had a busy life.
listen to me - He
won't understand.
- Sir, please!
Where are you from?
Sir from Punmbarai.
- Poonambarai?
The village next to us.
you.. Will have to pay
two and a half lakh rupees.
Hey, balloon seller!
One balloon for children, Do you
want two and a half lakh rupees?
It was just a
balloon, wasn't it?
That was the
value of the project.
One and a half lakh rupees have
to be paid, Here for permission to fly.
What project again with balloon?
Boss, I am explaining.
Look at that building,
11th floor of the building,
Daughter's birthday today.
It was exactly 12 o'clock in the night,
Was waiting to give you a surprise.
Lighting with balloons,
I would blow it slowly.
You came and ruined everything.
Surprise with balloons!
Amazing idea!
mid night lighting, Had
Planta been successful.
girl's boyfriend, Give us money.
But he ruined his business.
that means, Were you organizing?
Boss, he is calling us a broker.
Take him with you.
Brother, I have come from
Chennai.. I was in debt in the village.
If you are in debt, Why do
you have to come to Chennai?
This city is for you,
There is a traffic jam.
Don't hope, Say sir.
work for me, Pay
the money and go on.
Boss, our fight.. Inviting for.
Accept my hard work, boss.
in such a way, Divided
one plate of idli and ate it.
And now the 4th person arrived.
I don't eat Idi, friends.
A little biryani will suffice.
Don't recognize the
boss! Come inside.
where is it? It's
a very big place!
Mansoor Ali here, Let's
make another hot curry.
Hey, put it down.
You weigh.
- Yes, please.
At least listen to me now,
Tell me.
This is my story.
- A common story.
"Have fun with it."
Why do you look so surprised?
The only safe place in the city.
Even when there is bloodshed,
Not even a drop of water comes.
Hey, this flood. Say it right.
, , whatever you
said! These stories cannot be believed.
Why in the city really?
Boss, looks like that
sleeper cell! [goendha type]
Married a beautiful girl of the city,
Will return to the village with him.
I'm telling the truth, boss.
Believe it.
Work with him for a
year, Still don't believe me.
Boss, 1 new order has arrived.
Start office mode.
I am doing it, boss.
Hi Sir. Hi, how can I help?
Sir, for 4 years.. I
am in love with a girl.
Only one girl?
Very nice girl, sir.
She is modern, homely..
And a soft natured girl.
Wow! Great girl.. What can I do?
When I type "" in iPhone..
The auto comes with his name.
If you listen to him!
And place the order.
Come straight to the point.
- Tomorrow's his birthday.
It's exactly 12 o'clock.
Want to give a surprise, sir.
Our soft, hard, middle eastern.. There are
many packages including virtual reality.
Sir, he works with software.
- Very good.
So I liked soft mud.
Thank you.
Well done.
go with him, .
No, let's all go.
Want to work with him, I
could sell juice in the village.
This brother.
Hey, Tysa.
Like a girl, Don't forget
what happened today!
Boss, today is his birthday.
Even if we don't do anything,
He will not forget this day, sir.
- Let's go.
My people have fallen.
Now cut into pieces.
What did you say two pieces?
This time things
will work as usual.
We ducked like thieves.
If anyone sees, That's
why you will be beaten!
If people beat,
But the bus will
give more money.
If there is less money in hand,
By giving the keys of the
bike, Make a mark on the face.
that means me, Can I
repay the loan quickly?
But now he knows it.
If I lose even one kidney, He
won't give a leaf, leave alone a stain!
Let's go.
Manners! The work will
have to be done quickly.
, .
Come here.
Sir, for 4 years.. I
am in love with a girl.
If you listen to him!
I am fascinated by him.
Hey, this is someone
else's girlfriend, Keep it.
Let's go.
about you, I thought it right.
Let's go.
Brother, I hope the plan works.
Well, this is the initial stage.
If you want by us, You can
even get your lover hanged.
I hope I did the job properly.
Well, he is getting excited.
Hey... not just your girlfriend,
Kaberi Apartment in a
while.. Love will illuminate.
What..Kaberi Apartment?
My girlfriend is in Godaboo Apartment.
- Oh no.
His girlfriend Godabareete?
Its meaning is that
the name is punching.
Super. Sir boss.
Sir, I am making
one extreme offer.
Godavari Apartment,
Why aren't you
doing the same thing?
From there we will go to Kaberi.
What work did you do correctly?
No, boss.
Hey, I'm talking to you.
Wait, I am telling you.
Will you do drama?
Do you want to listen to me?
what is this?
This is the 1st planet
of the solar system.
Our 324th secret journey.
on your 1st journey.
The most dangerous animals
in the universe, People live there.
stay hidden,
people can't find you
At the same time
people cannot be trusted.
of any human or animal,
Work will not be interrupted.
The food that humans
eat, That can't be eaten.
Will have to work only as per instructions,
Nothing can be done as per one's own wish.
If people catch you.
Will have to kill
myself immediately.
polythene: It takes 300
years to complete this.
Hey, excuse me!
Aren't you Ramasamy's son?
the intoxication of her milk,
The child is now on the streets.
Here, eat something.
Paper: It takes 2
weeks to complete it.
Your first project failed. But
I look a little disappointed!
Sir, boss.
You talk more.
What's the word?
That's why I don't
go in 2nd gear.
There is a lot of noise.
Aryan Industries. Chennai.

Check corridor number 7.
what happened?
Hey, stand up straight.
There may be a problem
with the security function.
Aryan, what happened?
There is some problem.
Leave the gas, child.
You will have to destroy
yourself immediately.
You will have to destroy
yourself immediately.
You don't drink alcohol
or smoke cigarettes.
But how can one be
skilled in teaching love?
never hope, You will go
on this dangerous mission.
Kept you waiting
for a long time.
Now don't make
me wait much longer.
Please, leave quickly Eso.
i love you

This is you, that motherfucker.
what is this?
On top of the building,
How to park the car?
Prayer in verses 7,
15, There is 1 line.
"God said: He shows
paranormal phenomena."
It is said in the police order, To
catch hold of you and take you away.
Will I take it?
Sir, it is not our fault.
If you park in no parking area,
The police can question us.
But if there is parking on top of the
building, But the owner will answer.
We will not be able to question.
What is your problem?
In front of the police,
Want to fuck me?
You are fine. Now shut up.
Sir, I don't know
anything about this.
Even when driving, The
speed should not exceed 40.
To be honest... I don't
know. How he climbed 40 feet.
Are you driving the car?
And I will drive.
Sir, I am not. And I will drive.
I am not, sir. That..
really? Am I driving?
He was so intoxicated that, I don't
remember who was driving the car.
Sir, I agree we were drunk.
But how did the car go over
the building? Don't know that.
Everyone is drunk, I will
give the case to drive the car.
Don't file a case, sir. "Police
people's friends" isn't it sir?
The license allows you to drive on the road, but...
- Let's solve it by talking, sir.
Extra on the road... Sir,
what should we do now?
After verifying the
identity of the person,
Just arrest them.
Okay, give me fu.
You are not drunk.
Add salt to paste, right?
Do it well and give it to me.
- That's not right, sir.
Sir, it is in the back
pocket, The bottle is hidden.
not mine, Sit here, sir.
I knew.
In this project thermal energy
wastage, Can be used without.
Sky, right mishaabi..
Otherwise it will blast.
Trying to get it right.
Welcome to the world
of aliens. Thank you.
My name tattoo.
I am an alien.
Many many from here.
Came from a distant planet.
many many, Have you
come from a distant planet?
I wonder how many gates you
have crossed! It cost a lot, didn't it?
Why name tattoo?
I am green colored.
I can mix with people easily,
That's why I'm named Tattoo.
you about our planet, Saying
some interesting things.
of our planet, There
are 300 moons around.
The gravity of our planet,
Much less than your world.
It seems he has understood.
I went to his house last night.
That's why he's
following me here.
Leave it.
Please, bow down to me.
what are you doing?
Asked you to come down.
Said to come down, Namaalam.
Hey, last night! That
was you, wasn't it?
To you!
- Listen.
read you down, Saved
me from breaking my bone.
Don't thank me for this,
Instead they are threatening me!
you in another way,
Will have to sleep.
Security! Security.
look crazy, Security is calling!
Can you recognize me?
You're from Mumbai, aren't you?
I want to talk with you, Because
we were seen in Mumbai.
After speaking I saw,
Your mind is made of stone.
By showing so much anger,
Now why are you saying sir?
When did I say sir?
Oh, what did I say?
I feel like wanting to say.
Whenever I feel like it..
at this address,
Come and say sir.
What is Surprise Management?
That too cannot
be called a surprise.
Our school..
Student project, sir.
Sir, they are government
school students.
What project is this?
This is a waste water
treatment project.
There is a 4 step process,
Dirty river water..
Which comes in the water tank.
Would you like
water? are you ok?
This kid made the project.
Basically this.. Waste
water purification plant.
are you okay?
through this,
Will you know how to do it at less
cost? Dirty water can be cleaned.
Girl 1.. Created model project.
Go there with the children.
Run, run. This way.
Go that way.
This side, Quickly.
Come on Eso, Don't be afraid.
Save the children?
Please, open the door.
Please, hold on.
Don't worry, Nothing
will happen to you.
Where is my mother?
Where is the ambulance?
Take him away.
Follow the ambulance.
What is the name
of this student?
Hey, Sona.
What was her name Jeeno?
Tattoo, within 10 minutes..
We will reach the hospital.
Nothing happened to me.
Don't be afraid, They will not
give injections only medicines.
I will have no use
in your medicine.
I will be fine, If I
could go to spaceship.
Because, I am an alien.
You said that earlier.
I am superman, Can
make people fly in the sky.
I thought people
were irresponsible.
But eat half of their brains.
Oh my God! Are you still
immersed in the character?
Gold boy.
where are you? Did you read it?
There is no use
looking back. I am here.
Here! where here?
Now is not the time
to play hide and seek.
I am not a game boy,
Rather a good boy.
don't shout, I don't like this.
Truck is coming
ahead, turn around.
Don't roam around so much.
Listen to the words,
don't be afraid..
don't shout, You
are absolutely fine.
Where do you
want? Don't be afraid.
Why run?
As the river flows, You
also jumped like that.
Oh Lord, save me.
Please, save!
Save me.
Stay asleep, stay asleep..
There is nothing to fear.
who are you?
A living being like you.
But not of this world.
Hey, you!..
Are you an alien?
Why should you kill me?
Don't call me alien.
I don't like this.
What do you want? Should
I give you a new name?
Aliens will destroy America!
So why Eli in our country?
We have come to
destroy your country.
You yourself are
destroying the country.
Like ,
Attacked your area.
I know,
You are a good living being.
That's why I'm talking
to you. what did you say?
Saying like this, As if I
am a spider or an insect!
Listen with open ears,
I am a human being.
Whatever you say,
I will not believe it.
Just a little distance!
Don't be afraid, I
will not harm you.
hello, I am not afraid.
Listen, please..
Get out of here.
I forgave, didn't I?
Hey, why are you
guarding the car?
don't know me,
Know everything about me?
Then turn that way.
And say, What should
I write on the ground?
That's why they say,
Don't trust people.
Try it once.
How long have I been here?
- 2 days.
And 6 hours.
Sir, all your mistakes..
Analyzed each stain.
Clearly this is not any
living being on earth.
Yes. This is an alien.
What are you talking about?
Why would aliens attack me?
It comes to attack you.
Sparkta missing.
Why are there aliens in my lab?
Specially.. Why
did you target me?
If it comes for spark,
But what is its purpose?
Or have you come
to stop the project?
Where is it?
As long as the spacecraft
remains invisible, We can't access.
Have you checked?
Is that spark inside?
advanced scanning
devices, I tried to give,
Did not get any fruit.
then break it, Want
that spark of mine.
No, no! This is not any
metallic substance on earth.
At the same time, not
knowing the security issue..
If it breaks, it can
be dangerous.
So, access only..
For aliens, right?
, sir.
We will need 1 ufologist. Uphologist - One who
believes in the search for unknown flying objects.
If you see, He threw
the car into the air.
It seems, Save the
alien's school children.
That means car.. Aliens
hovering over the building?
Yes.. you are right,
This is alien work.
Those who came from Bihar to collect rent,
He spoke without knowing the language!
And now come, Are you
making a story about aliens?
Hey, what do you think every day..
Will I believe the story you made up?
Hey, shut up.
Don't do anything stupid, boss.
- It would have been better if you had caught an alien.
The story of your fucking,
Couldn't believe it completely.
Alien is not in our category.
What are you trying to
say? Alien, nothing to say?
What do you believe?
Like a ghostly man,
Who tells ghost stories.
Similarly some scientists,
Decorate the story of alien.
So you want to say that you
are lying! Aliens can see and talk.
Do you want to say, is this true?
- Believe me, the alien is talking to me.
so long,
Green like this.
had big eyes, Just like him.
Boss, I saw aliens. Believe it.
Boss, he wants to
explain. You fool.
So always, Have fun with you.
Hey, shut up.
Boss, why should I lie?
Why am I sweating
even after bathing?
Donkey Boss. Keeps the
perfume open after use.
Boss, alien!
Hey, come and save me.
Boss, alien! Come here.
Boss, alien!
Hey, that's enough..
Alien's chatter.
not me, He has fun with you.
Save. Tore to.. Taisa!
little mother, When
did you come?
Gas has to be stopped.
Play with uncle.
Don't know how to play.
- Tyson, tie him up.
Oh no, what is happening?
Hold his feet. Get
caught and tied.
I wanted to catch a rat,
Now 1 alien has been thrown.
Why are you sitting like a
laugh? Get up and hold him.
Boss, I am not. That Dharuk.
Hold him. Everything
is breaking.
Do something.
- Tysa, coming towards you.
Do something.
- Tysa, do something.
you die,
Come join me Nice?
! I killed the poor guy!
are you alive?
Come see the outside.
Is it a man or a woman?
I will check and let
you know. It's dusty.
calm down and see,
How to talk to him?
This woman.
I don't know.
What is your name? [Hindi]
- What are you saying?
I can't understand anything.
Don't you understand?
Listen now.
what is your name? [Kannada]
- What is your problem?
I don't see him speaking
in Tamil language. Stop this.
He is speaking
in Tamil language.
I said it, He can say
it better than you.
Better than me?
Hey, alien?
Who is the alien?
you alien, Your
parents are aliens.
And if aliens call again, I
will become a human being.
What great courage, how much
fun with family? Want to get beaten?
This is unfair, boss.
- Leave it.
ok, What is your purpose
in coming to this world?
For travelling.
As if you are a thread, From
which country will I travel?
I will kill you and leave
you on the ground.
When I started traveling the country,
So why did you turn your back on us?
I understand boss,
this is the matter..
It's her lover's birthday.
He has brought a gift.
- This is a surprise!
She has come for him,
To surprise your lover.
Whatever we hope for, we don't have
a balloon. Which will fly high in the sky.
Leave aside the balloon,
There is no permission to fly.
Hey, boss.
He is saying the opposite,
And you are explaining that.
And he wants to say
something, Listen to that first.
What's the matter?
The spaceship I
brought you, It is lost.
What are you saying?
- The car is lost!
The car is lost?
Did you park in Pandi Bazaar?
Was side lock installed? Nah.
Kept it hidden at one place.
Is there any need to hide?
Anyway, it has been stolen.
Donkey Alien.
your stay here,
Dangerous for us.
I will book a taxi.
Please, go away.
Why! Deduct from salary?
Call a relative, Tell me
to come and take you.
my contact, The
device is destroyed.
Oh Lord, help me.. Car
missing, device destroyed.
Can't you be a
little responsible?
I came here, Because
there is no other place to go.
Look and don't be afraid of me.
Oh Lord, you are doing more.
You will be scared, yes!
This and that, I am not.
Hello brother.
The whole place
for you, It's a mess.
Please, get out of here.
Let's clean it. .
It's back to normal!
Hey, I killed him earlier.
Boss! Boss!
Are you from the next door
neighbor? Stealing the nose ring?
what? What does he say?
He says Kaberi Apartment,
The girl has come here.
Telling me to keep it hidden.
Boss, do something.
He will have to hide.
Hey, give me my T-shirt.
- I am looking, look at him.
Some names are a shame for us.
Listen, the boy named Panch...
Make a mistake and give a surprise.
I know uncle.
- That's why I came.
Came to meet with him.
Uncle, move in that
direction. Uncle, please.
Tell me.
Did you check Facebook?
Should I recharge
yet? What's the matter?
Look! You talk about the town.
.. I am really .
I thought I would offer
love, That's why I got angry.
This anger is normal.
No I mean... it was a joke. Ohh.
But thank you very much.
If you are not there, Everything
would have gone haywire.
Thank you.
I just fulfilled my duty.
Wow! Beautiful.
Why standing outside? So inside.
Okay, okay.
Go and drink milk every day.
Rose milk? Why did both
of them go inside together?
When he came, I was
cautious before that.
That he has come
to the city to woo girls.
Listen to me.
remove your hands from the
wick, Tipping in the wrong place.

I'm calling later, bye.
After seeing everyone,
I am very happy.
I like the house very much.
Will feel like his home.
You can come any time.
, .
Sir. Thank you.
You are great.
I will find your car.
Paris to live here.
Thank you boss, listen to
me.. To let him stay here.
Brother, you can go.
I will give him your hard work.
Boss, why are you
asking me to leave?
Hey, just don't
change your decision.
Boss, why is he saying this?
Should I ask her and tell her?
I can't live without you, boss.
Well, where will
the poor girl go?
I have informed the decision.
Just laughing. She
is smiling, isn't she?
The bus is laughing.
- Okay, you leave.
We together again.
- Shameless boss.
You too go and
bring your family.
what? What am
I seeing like this?
It's been a long time, No
one should look at me like this.
What do you like about me?

Oh no! Why didn't
you fill petrol?
I have finished eating
Bhaja Pudha. Shameless.
What do you want to eat?
Don't know what to do now!
How did I catch it?
Less weight.
It's okay.
I will fry it with butter.
? Give it to me.
Hold on.
Hey, what are
you doing? It flew.
Have you also got Corona?
what? It hasn't happened
yet. Breathe more.
Stand up.
what is this?
This is a rubber doll,
Bought from the beach.
How old are you to play dolls?
Sir, My brother has eye disease.

There is such a person in
America, What we are looking for.
His name is Dexter Williams.
Wrote a book about aliens in
the 90s, Became very popular.
After a few years..
When he says he has seen an
unknown flying object, Nobody believed.
But actually he saw aliens.
The hum is heard, The US
government has hidden the matter.
Even today, Wandered around
prohibited places like a madman.
Now this..
More advanced technology.
You know!
get it, It will take
us a hundred years!
We have to find the reason,
Why did the alien attack you?
Now that is not the real thing.
I need to know,
Where is Sparkta now?
Now I understand, You hurt him.
Because of which he ran away.
Ummm.. where is this
Faraday? No signal works.
Yes, what kind..
Signal will not work.
This means..
Aliens from here,
Can't raise it?
It is somewhere inside the city.
Let me hide in whatever corner
of the world! He has to be caught.
I want the spark back.
With my equipment,
I can catch it.
But you, Devalued the alien.
Whatever happens here, It is
understandable on that basis..
These aliens, Has
extraordinary power.
Boss! Boss!
- what?
what happened?
What are you doing
with the machine?
Hey! And mother planets..
Trying to communicate with.
Boss, I can't
find the fry pants.
He is doing research..and you! You are blabbering
like a person without any sense of responsibility.
Look quietly.

Technical problem or?
Ask for.
Get up. Go and make tea.
The song is beautiful.
- I will see you one day.
You will not be here that day.
- He hopes so.
There is no one else
in the world except me,
There is no such
advanced device.
This especially,
For alien research..
The device is outside the
world, Will find out the living entity.
And will send signal
Be careful.
Listen, it will cost Rs 500.
I heard it's free.
ambulance free,
But we have charges.
Give Rs. 500.
I have brought the child home, Because
there is no money to pay the medical bills.
And you are committing
robbery! What should we do?
I will play, If you
let me bat first.
Shiur, you bat.
Advanced Stage.
All types of doctors,
Tried treatment.
The doctor said to give chemotherapy,
His body will not be able to bear it.
The book he gave me
I don't know if I can finish it!
Don't say that.
If without pain,
Could have died.
Nothing will happen to you.
You are a lucky girl, right?
close your eyes, Relax.
May you get well.
Hey, what are I doing?
Will see you.
Hey tattoo, Stay calm.
what are you doing?
Tamizh, what are you doing?
Please, tell me..
What are you doing?
Tamizh, I am asking
something.. what are you doing?
Mother, I don't
feel any more pain.
Feeling good now.
There is no more pain, mother.
Can't stay here, Let's go.
Come on.
chasing us, Start
the car quickly.
I can't understand,
What is happening?
How to cure him?
What happened? Our drones..
Why are you chasing me?
Such a sinner is near.
Who is chasing us?
- Tell you later.
Keep quiet for a while.
tell me, What is happening?
I know them, Came for me.
Who is coming? And why?
Who are you talking to?
What can you tell me please?
What is happening here?
Alienata is in the car.
Great work.
tell me what's happening?
without us, Who else is here?
Oh die! What is this?
at whatever price, As if
the alien did not escape.
Still haven't been
able to catch it.
With your idea, He
will not be caught.
What's your idea?
What will happen if you pour poison
on the alien? You may not know that.
I have come to kill aliens.
Came to catch.
Take him there now,
Where Alienata is.
No need to go anywhere.
We will bring it.
How important is the spark to you?
Space is that important for aliens.
I am Shiur, He
is looking for it.
If spaceship goes, Take
out the Faraday cage.
The alien will come
looking for him.
Hey, who are they? Why
are you looking for me?
I have come to travel the world.
What about these
people? Nothing else to do?
Just find the path
to destruction!
They did not even
dig the surface.
Now the world is in trouble.
- The core part of the earth.
Kor's poisonous
gases, Very dangerous.
If they come out, The
entire world will be destroyed.
Even 1 drop will not be saved.
To reach the ends of the world!
How to give away the technology
they have acquired, Can go so deep.
It's impossible.
Why are we worried about this?
They will destroy the world themselves.
If it happens quickly,
That's good for us.
Man is not responsible
towards the earth,
But we.. I cannot
be irresponsible.
To maintain the
balance of the universe,
The destruction of the
world must be prevented.
humans use technology,
Trying to go deeper.
If I fail to save the world.
This is our planet, There
may be a threat to him.
Someone has to be sent into
the world, To observe everything.
Someone from our planet,
Not ready to go to this world.
Who are you thinking of sending?
This is our planet.
due to the explosion, One
piece had come to earth.
If they want to take
it, But let me destroy it.
It cannot be destroyed.
Then take it to your planet.
Sonic Switch On.
Where is the spaceship,
I was able to know that.
But someone that, Want to start.
I have to go now.
- Wait 1 minute.
Means the signal is coming
suddenly, They are looking for you.
Looks like there is a problem.
I too have dandruff problem.
If I want to make the
mission successful,
But my spaceship will be needed.
Look, there.
Then let's go, Hey, hey.
I disappear, I can
bring a spaceship.
You can go.
I can't forget you.
Of course come again.
your world, that is
causing problems,
Looks like we'll
have to come again.
If everyone was like you,
We won't have to come again.
Alienata entered,
But invisible.
Are you plucking your hair?
Take this.
Come quickly to me Eso. love you
, .. It
is not safe to stay here.
Who else is better?
Take it to a safe place.
Do your own work.
Don't be afraid. It can't dance.
Know! How exciting is this?
All species of the world,
From DNA formation,
The DNA structure of this
alien, Completely different.
Am I with him? Can I speak?
That's what I'm trying to do.
we can talk,
But when he became aware,
That could be dangerous.
For how long will I
have to keep it like this?
I would like to know where
the spark is. Do something.
We need some more time.
For this I give my all, The
project is going to be ruined.
Where are you from?
I don't know what to tell you!
Where's my spark?
Know how much it costs?
7 lakh 40 thousand 304.
By you till now,
Number of dead animals.
what? Tell me again.
What did he say?
What did you say?
yes sir, He said the words.
Whatever you think,
That will never happen.
I won't let that happen.
will you stop me?
Just press one
button, You are last.
Know that donkey of yours!
Are you thinking of killing me?
The problem will be solved, right?
You are not just a
donkey, Along with that fool.
If I die, Someone
else will come.
You are not against
me, But against nature..!
Will see it later.
But now you just die.
I am not a human being, I
will be afraid of your threat.
Torture it.
I need to know,
Where is the spark?
wounds on his body,
He goes away on his own.
What should we do?
Do you feel pain?
Yes, get that.
Then do that.
- No.
Please stop this hair loss.
And he is not afraid of death.
But if you torture
like this, He will die.
Give me some more time.
I will speak and you will
know. Where is the spark?
him with sharp
weapons, Has been hurt.
When he has to be brought, He
was in critical condition at that time.
Let's hope for something good.
- Doctor, please.
Save him somehow.
We are not such patients,
Since his condition
was serious, Admitted.
We are calling the police.
doctor, We are
handling the police.
Please, save him.
Hey, what are you doing?
I'm fine, doctor.
- You are hurt, calm down.
Be calm.
- Nothing happened to me, doctor.
I am fine.
Nurse, hold him.
- Don't get upset, stay calm.
Please listen.
- I am fine.
I am well.
I remember! When
did I start the project?
I said more, 1 spark required.
Now I can understand,
The real thing has been lost.
This is not true.
Spark safe.
So where is it?
This is my best,
Expected Project.
to you Investment only.
Will see in 3 days.
Hey, I heard Arjun.. murdered?
So, for this project.. 1
person already dead?
So I suggest,
Your survival..
of this project,
Depending on success.
Do you understand?
Are you really saying
it? What happened then?
As I said, The tattoo is gone.
I am fighting with them,
Who came to catch him.
hit me on the head,
And I became ignorant.
Did you see the car?
how was it to see?
no car, This is
called spaceship.
Yes, even I imagined..
It will be as big as a ship.
But see this, It was
round like a donut.
The tattoo returned home
beautifully. I am happy with that.
If there is anyone else besides
us, Cut it and start research.
I am a good person.
Not bad boss, Praising
yourself shamelessly.
Boss, one car in front.
press the brake, Oh my father!
Hey donkey! Drive like this?
Just look gentlemen,
Are you out of your mind?
Who gave you the license?
Boss, why did you
take out the knife?
Hey, give me the key.
This is not an expensive car.
Shut up and give me the key.
Sir, He wants to take our car.
I will go by auto.
No, boss.
- Tameez, wait.
Hey, you!
Give me the key.
Weigh the key!
- Don't do it.
Can't you hear
the words? Kill him.
Hey, weigh the key.
Give me the key.
Hey, is it magic?
Should I show more?
Hey, quickly. Drive fast.
Don't you have any sense?
No, sir.
Sir, already I am in doubt.
Don't get angry and
support me a little.
, boss?
Where is everyone?
Still feeling dizzy.
Who should keep
these things here?
Sir, I had a wonderful dream.
Like the matrix movie,
Saw a great fight.
And I am fighting like a hero.
This was a dream,
wasn't it? I will not chatter.
I am not blabbering,
But he is feeling fine.
Why are you
scanning him like this?
Hey king, Cheap
acting is happening.
Go and get a glass of water.
- .
He never works!
Of no use.
No binoculars, Do you keep
hanging around the neck of the chair?
How did you come here?
Here are your fingers, How
does the pressure come?
What kind of hair design is
this? Where did you buy this from?
Are you having fun with me?
Do you feel like a fool
when you look at me?
What great courage!
To you!
Hey, give me your hand.
Give me your hand.
Come on, pull..
sir brother, So, I
am picking you up.

- Great.
should I do it once?
Sir brother.
I will give you
the price of eggs.
Oh no. Just leave it ok.
don't do this,
Listen to the words.
Well done.
You will have to bring it.
That's why that car, It would
have been better to take it.
Please sit.
Sir, a type of amino acid..
Found in the body of an alien.
He has a weak nervous system
like you, 1 was given to the injured rat.
Now someone else, Let's test it.
And then..
- Firstly,
We don't have that much time.
Secondly, whatever
the side effects..
I will accept it.
Go ahead.
Sir, this serum is from
aliens.. Causes paralysis.
After that, he will not
be able to do anything.
Alien Alert!
Yes, the signal is coming from
that place.. Where I caught him.
- There's another new alien out there.
That means this
alien is not alone?
You Shiur, Only 2 aliens here?
I am only getting signal. But I don't
know how many aliens there are.
My detector doesn't
make mistakes.
This is where the tattoo went.
He might have forgotten.
about the people of the world,
Our initial thoughts were wrong.
This is the truth,
Very good man..
Those who are for others,
Ready to give up my life.
I am with such a person.
Believe him as yourself.
Whatever the situation, His
purpose will never change.
Because of his faith in me,
That's his strength,
Has been given to me.
Find the limit.
tell me the truth,
Where is the etiquette?
What is the relation
of alien with you?
Are you an alien?
Sir, maybe I..
Looks like an alien,
But I am not an alien.
I am a human being, sir.
Then die.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
She is crazy! My
surprise, isn't it?
This is an obvious surprise.
Who told you to do this?
The girl from the
block, right?
what are you saying?
Nor his grandmother.
Leave the tie. fear passni?
Yes, boss.
I was afraid that, Will have
to die without taking salary.
That's enough,
boss. Bring the cake.
Put it down.
The cake is completely my copy.
Boss, please give me?
This is the only
successful surprise. Great.
Here, boss.
What should I say, Alice!
Should I give you a salary?
But I did not lie!
I told the truth.
When did he tell the truth?
- Don't do this.
Ran away!
- Where are you going?
It's yours!
- Boss, stand up.
If you want a salary,
Will you come to kill me?
See how I survived?
Look now.
- what?
its activities,
Reminds me of tattoos.
I miss him a lot. Me too.
Okay, leave it. Maybe he
is having fun on his planet.
If I had strength like him,
I would throw
everyone into the sky.
Hey, do you want to listen?
Tell me, do you
want to listen to me?
Don't be afraid.
Came to help you.
You can trust me.
The alien is answering my call.
give me some time, I will
find out where the spark is.
Hey! No, no, no.. stop.
Aryan! Aryan! Please.
No, no, no.. please stop.
Please, stop.

Plantorium. Chennai.
Ashwin, do you see
the screen? This is Mars.
Here is our future birth.
chandrayaan 2 mission,
Very complex 1st mission..
which represents, One
important technical chapter.
Hey, look at the planets.
- Wow!
- Beautiful, isn't it?
Stop this.
my drone, Found the alien.
Hey, who are you?
Why are you pushing everyone?
There are no aliens there.
Tortured like this, He will die.
Send a drone to the plantarium.
I was going to kill him.
I feel like you are immortal!
Like an oil tanker.
Crushing you under my
feet, It was necessary to kill.
It was wrong to make a mistake.
Anyway, thanks.
Hey, do you want to hear me?
Don't be afraid. I
will not trouble you.
believe me, Speak up.
that you, Came to
save me from danger.
Listen carefully to
what I am saying.
Why do you want such trouble?
Tell me where the spark is.
I you, I will help in raising.
They are very dangerous.
Now whatever I say,
Listen to that carefully.
what are you doing here?
They are very dangerous.
Why are you saying
the same thing again?
What to know about Spark?
I am also asking the same
thing. What to know about Spark?
Actually.. Spark device.
Any device in the world,
Helps in digging deeper.
Then what will happen to the
world? If you keep digging like this?
And what will happen to them?
Who are dependent on the world?
Along with that, plants, creepers... And
what will happen to the animals and birds?
What will be the
situation of everything?
This is everyone, General
topics of the project.
So what about the
world? Not equal for all?
How can this happen?
In this world.. Humans and
other animals are not equal.
natural man, Owner
of a large share.
Man has been
here for 2 lakh years,
And you still think, Are
you the master of the world?
Telapoka is 20
million, It's been a year..
What are they thinking?
The world is theirs?
Think about people's
sense of worth.
people for a long time,
Has conquered nature.
Conquered nature?
So who has lost?
And you are proud of this!
people in the world,
Just a kind of animal.
So if this scheme is successful,
What kind of danger may come?
no danger,
Destruction will come.
Aryan, Pack your bags.
we can understand,
The spark is lost.
I also know this, Been
searching for this for so long.
When I invest in this
project, Invested in Spark.
Not on you.
There is nothing personal
here, Just business.
1 important truth, Instead
of convincing people..
People tell one lie,
Can be fooled easily.
To make you believe, The
lie I told about the project.
source of energy,
through fuel, We
can only do business.
But by giving weapons,
We can control the world.
I am in this project, I am
going to make such a weapon.
From the source of energy, I can
earn more money by giving weapons.
future welfare market
itself, I can control.
What are you saying? Now
should we make weapons?
Who are you? Someone
like Tony Stark?
Tell me, what kind of
weapon should I make?
Thousand years ago..
One man two stones,
Could drive together.
That was it.. The world's
1st source of energy.
So people in this world,
Becomes the dominant species.
The man who is on fire, Did
not reveal the secret of creation.
He may be the god of this world.
Now I am a god.
Oh my God! what's happening?
No! No! I can't breathe.
puppy, I will kill you
and get rid of you.
Please let it go.
- Forgive me.
This is not business,
Only personal.
If you don't save me!
Infinite people close to
me, Are you in danger?
stay with me, You will
also be in danger, they will.
Please, go away.
what happened?
Why do you talk like this?
The tattoo does not
go back to the planet.
come to save me, Gets caught.
What is in the
village, so here also..
Whatever I believe, I can prove
it. It puts loved ones in danger.
failed attempt, No consequences
for the mistake, Tamizh.
Because we make mistakes,
There are bad people around.
Then someone else,
Will it hamper my project?
I don't know who chose
me, To give him strength.
tattoo fought, To keep
spark away from humans.
today that, Gave it to him!
And for my own life and
the world, Believed me more.
But I could not keep the faith.
Same incident repeated!
Because of my mistake,
The world will be destroyed.
what do you think, The
tattoo just gave him his power?
No, manners.
He has given you responsibility.
You do farming in the village,
But fate has brought you here.
That means something!
The power that tattoos give,
There is a reason for this.
If someone on his
own, Loves nature..
That's you! And
Tattoo understood that.
Even now the tattoo is
waiting, Will go and help him.
If I wait for you, Will
you let him down?
Coming alone from another planet,
Do you want to stop this project?
good skull, I am with you.
Otherwise he would have been
caught in this moment, Labe stuck.
Hey, stop the drama.
I have been caught,
Only for you.
Hey.. I am sir.
But now I will save you.
So we together.
Please, take me to the
spaceship. I will get well.
Oh my God!
Where to go?
Hey, come here.
I will save you, And
you will save the world.
Come on, Let me take
you to the spaceship.
We are almost there.
Outside this door,
There is your spaceship.
You will be able to
return to the planet.
If these problems are
solved, We will take a look.
Future...you come back.
And my seminar, Guest speaker.
Then the world will
believe, I told the truth.
Come on.. come on.
Oh no! They have
come.. Disappear.
Quickly, they are
here. Become invisible.
And attack me, Trying to escape.
we got the spark, He is
not needed here anymore.
Where are you taking him?
Should I also come along?
The children got
stuck in the fire.
We will have to
rescue them quickly.
Come on, quickly.
Oh no! Children in the fire..
Someone save the children.
Please, someone help.
The children are
trapped in the fire.
Lord, save us,
The children are trapped in
the fire. Please, someone help.
Please, someone help.
The children are scared.
Save the children at any cost.
Oh no.
Please, save our children.
Brother, the whole
area is burning.
And you, Are you standing
with your hands raised?
Go and save the people.
won't it happen?
Don't be afraid.
I am here.
Let's go.
People are afraid.
fire extinguishing unit,
Working on extinguishing the fire.
Light the fire now.
The fire is spreading rapidly.
Can it be controlled?
That is not being said.
The authorities are worried.
How did the river catch fire?
Because of this, the entire city of
Chennai, There is instability among people.
Whatever they please, Why
would you get involved in this?
Then go back to
a better village.
This is a serious problem.
If I don't do anything! No one
else will be able to return home.
In this project government,
There is full support.
Exceptional organization of the
project, Even environmental workers did.
Don't know about its purpose.
She is tattooed like
a cat, Kept captive.
What will we do against them?
-They caught the tattoo.
came to save me, He
said he has been caught.
Now it is my responsibility.
- You won't listen!
manners, Please listen to me.
Don't know about Spark
Project, Helped Aryan.
I am sir. They will sell Alien.
If I can't stop the project! madagascar tragedy,
This time it will happen in your village also.
save the alien,
And stop the project.
only you, Can do this.

- Hey, Dexter! Stop.
Aryan has to be stopped.
Otherwise, cloud
gas will come out.
Everyone has to be saved.
I spark, Couldn't save.
First of all you are safe, Will
have to be sent to your planet.
your lover, I have
read the message.
But I can't understand,
What does he want to say?
But I understand this,
He is waiting for you.
You have to
complete the mission.
Now it is my responsibility.
What responsibility?
What are you saying?
Speaking in Tamil language,
Don't you understand?
Fuckin donkey.
Tattoo ran.
You also lost strength?
Come on Eso.
- Quickly.
Get into the car quickly.
- Come on.
Let's go.
Hey, where do you want?
I am fine.
How to save the alien, Hopefully
that way the world will be saved.
Sir, sir.. Nothing
will happen to you.
Let's go quickly.
How else without
power? Is it an alien?
That's it, he got the callacity
of herbs. He will get well.
Only they preach,
Get back lost strength.
Hey! I told you...Aryan is
strong, Don't bother with him.
But you are good,
Let's save the world!
Now let's all die together.
Aryan's true form, Will have
to be revealed to the world.
This is the only way now.
There is not
enough time for this.
First from Aryan, Sparkta
must be recovered.
Aryan? Who is that?
What happened to you again?
Have you lost your memory?
memory power?
Tattoo, you are another..
Came from the planet.
I remember! For what
purpose have you come here?
call you an alien,
Don't like that.
That's great!
Sit down, go away..
He has gone mad.
Hey! call me crazy?
You, your family are crazy.
See! Don't let anyone wash it.
importance of the situation, You
are talking without understanding.
Spark means to Aryan, Every
second is dangerous for the world.
Spark? Spark what?
Hey! go crazy,
That's not a problem.
But lost the memory, Now hit me.
What spark are you looking for?
Or do you want to kill someone?
O Lord! Hey Hari Ram.
Now how will I fix it?
break it, Throw
it in the dustbin.
Look how he looks!
I will be fine, If I
could go to spaceship.
Because, I am an alien.
Right. Richie Street?
If I find him there, But
memory and strength will return.
Not that, Spaceship parked
on the side of the road!
This to Aryan.
If I go there, Not only will I gain
strength, but everyone's desires will end.
Aryan's security guards,
Can't avoid my eyes.
I have one idea.
Special Notice!!
Pongal Special: Rice,
sugar, jaggery, sugarcane..
Waiting for you.
Quickly go to the nearest
ration shop. Requested to go.
Come on Taisa.
How is the idea?
Nobody thought of this.
Why are you coming back?
Boss, your idea is not working.
They are roaming around.
, turn off the lights.
What am I doing? Stand up.
Tattoo, it's from here.
did you like it?
Go to the spaceship quickly.
Where is the spark?
Hey! Have you
regained your memories?
The power is back, Tatu.
Hey, hey, hey, I am also coming.
Maybe there is a problem.
The power is going up and down.
Leave it brother.
Now the strength has
come back completely.
Thanks friend.
Tattoo, come on.
Tragic fire incident, Chennai
residents are shocked.
Aryan Industries Research
Lab, From this the fire started.
By court order, The
lab is closed forever.
Hence the project, Did
not cause any problem.
It has been banned.
What happened to spark?
Now all the problems
have been solved.
Stay for some more time,
There are events coming up.
If I stay in this world
for some more time..
To get one ID card,
Have to eat para.
He is right.
Our face on ID card,
Looks like a complete alien.
think about it,
How will he like it?
with my face, Don't
you dare speak.
Hey, Siddha!
i really, I like your work.
I am thinking of such a business,
I will start on my planet also.
Tell me the name of your planet.
I can proudly say, We have
branches all over the world.
Wait! I will not do drama.
But don't forget me.
I will never forget you.
Don't forget the words of "Enthiran"
movie. Which we saw together.
If it were there, But I
watched the movie "Dealer".
But you are leaving.
And he is saying, Cook the
tomatoes and then eat them.
Will miss you.
When teaching children about
the planets, Tell me my words.
I am leaving says,
Are you feeling bad?
Am I going?
Feeling bad?
Why would you feel bad?
Then you say, I am
leaving. Are you feeling bad?
Not at all.
Here he and his friends are.
There is a mother
in the village.
Rather you are one,
Came to an unknown planet.
My.. Have a lover,
friends and family.
Yes, your spaceship
will leave now.
I am going.
Everyone on my planet has the
same idea, That person is bad.
But I came here and saw.
Man is the best creature.
I mean we?
All animals except humans,
By killing his weak child.
But only man his weak
child, Keep ahead till death.
I will go and tell them, The people of
the world are full of goodness and love.
If danger comes again to the
world, Why are you coming?
You create danger in the world.
But if you call us!
Come and save.
Then I say don't take care now.
We are common people.
This is impossible for us.
Of course you can.
Hey! Are you selfie crazy?
Why silent now?
tattoo, Congratulations
to your parents.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Bye tattoo.
Tattoo, ta-ta.
Don't go here, Please
forward if necessary.
translated by Suhan Ahmed
to God, Pray with an open mind.
Hey boss, He went
and married a girl.
Now bring it to
the village also.
learn something from
him, You are right.
village boys, Can
impress the girls of the city.
But we, The city
boys have no hope.
There was hope, He
also took it to your office.
What did I say?
My child is drowning,
Someone please help.
O Lord.
Someone save me.
- My child is drowning.
Please, someone come.
Save my child.