Ayat-ayat cinta (Verses of Love) (2008) Movie Script

Maria! Maria!
I need...
Arab dictionary?
No... no...
English dictionary? No... no... Then what?
I... I need...
I... I need...
I need you to come over to my flat.
"Verses of Love"
One moment, Mama. I
want to go to Fahri's flat.
I don't know what's wrong with this.
You must've forgotten to
update the antivirus again.
The virus has wiped out all of your files.
Do you have any back-ups?
What kind of files?
But the most important
is my thesis proposal.
When is the deadline?
Three more days.
Fahri, you're not alone here.
Yeah... subhanallah, Maria...
I'm trying to find that book
about the prophet David...
There, on the table. We don't have it.
We do. Just try to look for it.
Your drink.
From who...?
From her...?
Assalamualaikum. Alaikumsalam.
Ful! Alhamdulillah, I'm so relieved.
Nurul told me that Mr. Jalal has
extended the deadline until next week.
So we can ease up a little.
Good, then.
Who's Nurul, Fahri?
Nurul is our friend.
She is Ustadz Jalal's niece. My mentor.
She often helps us if we have problems.
"My Beloved..."
No way! It's all mine!
Finished, Fahri?
Yes! Alhamdulillah.
Finished, right? Return them now!
"Wedding Invitation"
Congratulations. Thanks.
Congratulations. Thanks.
What did she gave you? Nurul...
Apparently you have a
talent to be celebrity.
Let's go upstairs.
So regeneration is very important.
This organization is like a campfire.
The members are the firewood.
To keep the fire burning...
we have to continually find new firewood.
How come a guy like Fahri isn't
married yet? What is he waiting for?
Would you want to be with him?
You bet I would... Ssshh... be quiet!
Even if there's only one person
who is willing to support it...
If it's God's will, then it will happen...
I am not forcing you, son.
You are a big boy now.
Marriage is your personal
affair. I'm just reminding you.
I haven't been able to fulfill your
and father's wishes yet, mother.
Moreover, it's hard, mom...
I haven't yet found the woman
that Allah has chosen for me.
Isn't there an Indonesian
girl who is suitable for you?
How about Nurul? The
one you often mention.
Nurul is just a friend, mom.
Moreover, it's impossible that Kyai
Sirath's daughter want to marry me.
If Allah has intended so, anybody
can become your soul mate.
Yes, mom. Assalamualaikum.
Fahri! Where are you going?
I want to "talaqi" at Al Azhar.
Can you buy me a CD? It's hot outside.
That's your favorite.
The CD is on me.
Thanks a lot for the mango Juice.
What kind of human are you? You
can't even carry this thing up!
You prostitute!
It's very hot here. It's common, Fahri.
What is this? Another letter?
Please keep it, Syeh. Holding it scares me.
This is why we are
supposed to get married.
Aside from perfecting religion,
marriage is to avoid slander.
And also to give spiritual composure.
How are you, Fahri?
How are you?
Where have you been?
From "talaqi".
How was football yesterday?
Who won? Zamalek, of course.
Fahri, those are American infidels.
How was the football, Ashraf? Tell me...
You didn't watch?
I fell asleep.
No! Please take my seat...
It's OK. I apologize for they
behavior. They don't understand.
Oh muslimah, why did you offer
her your seat? They are infidels!
I don't have heart to see her...
They deserve it! We're
intentionally not giving them seats.
Are you a muslimah or not?
I'm sorry. She's just try to help.
My mom's not feeling well, cause it's hot.
Islam teaches us to be kind to everybody.
But not to American infidels!
Do you know what the Americans
did in Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq?
They're accusing Muslims
of being terrorists...
whereas in fact they are the terrorists!
I don't care about all that!
Who are you? What is your problem?
I am an Indonesian and you
have offended Rasulullah.
You have defied the prophet...
and to be hostiled against Allah
later in the judgment day.
He is an Al Azhar student from Indonesia...
one of Syeh Utsman's Talaqi students.
If you are indeed one of Al Azhar's...
what do you know about the
suffering of the Arab Nation?
If any foreigners have
entered a country legally...
then their honor and
safety must be protected.
They're not foreigners!
Americans are terrorists! Infidels!
Muhammad SAW said, "He
who hurts foreigners...
hurts me. And whoever
hurts me, hurts Allah."
We may hate somebody's bad deeds.
But we still have to maintain fairness.
Stop it! What have you done? You
could be jailed, for Allah's sake!
Be patient! Be patient! Call Allah's name!
Calm down, everybody. Please calm down.
Hey, I'm Alicia. Thank you so
much for your help back there.
Your welcome, my name is Fahri.
I'm very sorry, but in Islam man
can't touch women except his wife.
Really? Actually I'm a
journalist from America.
And we're here searching about Islam
You think we could talk more?
Here's my card.
OK. I'll help you. Thanks.
This is my card. Okay.
Great, thank you so much. Your welcome.
Thank you Indonesian. Your welcome.
Are you an American? No, I'm German.
You can speak German?
A little, Alhamdulillah.
My name is Aisha. My name is Fahri.
Is this yours? Alhamdulillah,
I thought it was lost.
You are a good Muslim. I rarely
come across a Muslim like you.
Assalamualaikum. Alaikumsalam.
Uncle... Do you know an Al
Azhar student from Indonesia?
His name is Fahri.
Fahri... Oh yes, I know him.
He is Syeh Usman's favorite
student, My Talaqi's teacher.
Fahri? Maria? What are you doing here?
Before I got here, there were only two
things that I admired about Egypt.
Namely Al Azhar... and the river Nile.
Because there would be
no Egypt without The Nile.
And there would be no Al Azhar.
I love the Nile, too.
If the Nile didn't exist, there
would absolutely be no Egypt.
No civilization. Only desert.
Do you believe in soul mates, Fahri?
Yes. Everyone has... Their own soul mate.
That's what you always say.
I think Egypt and The Nile are soul mates.
How wonderful it would be if we
could find that one soul mate...
God has chosen for us from heaven.
Not from heaven, Maria. But
from the heart. Very near.
Astagfirullah. Sorry, Maria, I have to go.
Walaikumsalam, Fahri.
I almost forgot to give you that dictionary.
You need it, right?
To write the article your
American friend asked you to?
What about the sponge cake?
That's because I remember
that you always forget to eat.
Thank you, Maria. You're welcome, Fahri.
Uncle, when will you tell Fahri?
Have you spoken to your father?
I have, uncle. I told you that father
wants you to speak to Fahri.
Be patient. I'm busy correcting
dissertations. Still have piles of them.
Don't get surly.
Okay, I'll talk to Fahri this
month. Thanks, Uncle.
You prostitute!
Maria, did you hear that?
Yes... Forgive me... You prostitute!
Can you help Noura? I
can't bear to look at her.
Oh, Fahri! You know
how Bahadur is, right?
This is too much, Maria.
Please. I can't stand to see a woman
cry. Sleep here! Until morning!
Noura... follow me.
Noura... follow me.
It's all my fault.
Let her! Let her die there!
Noura, wake up! Wake up, Noura!
Come on.
Noura...! Who kidnapped my daughter?
Who kidnapped my daughter?
Who kidnapped my daughter?
Who kidnapped my daughter?
Who? Hey, Indonesian! Did
you kidnapped my daughter?
I'll smash your head!
I'll blow your brains up! Let go of me!
My father wants to sell me. He
wants me to become a prostitute.
Yes, Bahadur. Pretty. Different
from your other daughters.
He said... I'm not his daughter.
I was exchanged when I was a baby...
So I deserve to be sold.
Noura, I promise I'll help you.
Nurul, please let Noura
stay with you for a while.
I'll ask my friend who works
at Intelligence Department...
to look for Noura's real parents.
But I'm afraid.
Nurul, helping your fellow Muslim
is obligatory according to law.
I often see her being beaten. Please, help.
So as young Egyptian men...
must have the courage to
break through traditions.
Sleeping after prayers at
dawn is not a good tradition...
because religion suggests...
we should pursue activities
after prayers at dawn until dusk.
Syeh Ahmad. Assalammualaikum.
How is my teacher, Syeh
Utsman? He's fine, Alhamdulillah.
I would like to ask for
your help again, Syeh.
More than just a missing passport.
This is a matter of the life
and death of a muslimah.
Insya Allah.
Allahu Akbar.
Dahlia, she's your sister.
Thank you very much, Fahri.
Thanks to you, too.
You're a fantastic man.
For Allah's sake, you are a noble man.
Thank you very much, Fahri.
To a man with a gentle heart.
For a long time I have tasted
nothing but bitterness.
Darkened by suffering.
I have no one but Allah in my heart.
But you came with radiance.
I want to be the rightful one for you.
Have my brow kissed by you.
Have my tears wiped away by you.
From the one who always
longs for your radiance, Noura.
Please help me, Fahri.
So Islam really honour women.
Islam teaches us that
heaven lies on mother's feet.
Which is the basic principal,
which is with them in the hadist...
is also explain that Islam
really honours women.
But what about domestic
violence, with in a marriage?
Doesn't the Al Quran stage that a
husband is allowed to hit his wife?
Many Muslims men who are
coward to use Suroh Annisa...
as an excuse to hit their wife.
In fact that the Suroh explain 3
steps on how to deal with his wife.
Which mean that a wife who doesn't
respect the marriage commitment.
And the first is to give advice.
The second is to warn.
And the third... then you can hit her.
But not on the face.
And without the intentions of hurting them.
It's all in here, Alicia.
Yes. Your English is great.
Thanks. Maria help me.
Your girlfriend?
You have a girlfriend already?
No, no, no. Maria is my neighbor.
We don't recognize a dating on Islam.
We usually do Taruuf.
I've also write it in here.
Aisha, you said that you arrived from
your relative's place at Kentaki Mahdi?
I know a senior friend at
Syeh Utsman's Talaqi.
He's a Turkish man who
lives near Kentaki Mahdi.
If I may guess, his name is Iqbal.
Yes, right. He's my uncle.
Subhanallah. It's a small world after all.
How is his research about Indonesia
going? Smoothly. Because of him...
I have a deeper interest in
Indonesia. I like the culture.
Well, seems like you guys
know each others quite long.
You'll make a good pair.
So thank you, Fahri.
I have to go back to
America tomorrow. OK.
Asalamualaikum. Walaikumsalam.
Judging from your present condition...
you should have already been
able to achieve something, Fahri.
This is just a suggestion.
You can say no.
My ex-student is looking
for a husband for his niece.
Do you want to do the Ta'aruf?
I have a potential bride for you.
Just accept it, Ri. From
Syeh Utsman, right?
Yes, I know, Ful, but I... I
understand, I understand.
You still doubts about the concept
of a chosen partner, right?
Taaruf is only about meeting each other.
Witnessed by family members.
If you like each other, you can
step further into a marriage.
But if you don't, you can consider it as...
two families getting to know each other...
and maintaining a good relationship.
You also gain a new friend. Everything
depends on your faith now.
When you were a child...
you used to play by this window.
I still remember how you
laughed uproariously.
But lately I rarely hear that laugh.
Is it because of that Indonesian guy?
Mama...! You don't have to be like this.
Let's go to grandma's place in Hurgada.
It's been a long time
since our last visit, right?
Come on, Maria.
The taxi's waiting outside.
One moment, Mama.
I'm just a son of a local food salesman.
I don't have a steady job yet.
I don't feel it's right.
Istighfar, Fahri. Marriage
is an act of devotion.
Insya Allah, the way of
fortune will be shown to you.
The most important thing is the morals.
Fahri. Waalaikumsalam.
Now open your veil, Aisha.
Your husband to be has the
right to see your real face.
How is it, Fahri?
What's it?
I've found my soul mate. Alhamdulillah.
All of them have gone. Gone where?
To Hurgada since yesterday. Thanks.
As long as she is religious and
willing to come to Indonesia...
I will surely give my approval.
But you know that Father and Mother
can't endure long hours on a plane.
Our prayers will be with you, son.
What's wrong with you, Maria?
You're not going to call Fahri?
No, Mama.
I bought you new books.
Oh? But I still have my books.
Why don't you give those to your friends?
What's up, Maria?
Nothing, Mama.
Where is Fahri, Saiful?
Aisah... Hm? Isn't our flat too luxurious?
Honestly, I won't be able to pay the rent.
Honey, this is my mom's flat.
It's okay if we stay here
for a while, isn't it?
You can study in peace, and I
can write my book too, right?
But I will follow your decision,
cause you are my faith.
Are you still planning to pick
up the computer from the flat?
That's Fahri. What time do
you want me to pick you up?
Isn't his wife pretty?
No wonder he married her.
She's rich... just look at them.
Don't get envious, It's not good.
Hey, how are you? Fine.
I'll go there first. OK.
Assalamualaikum, Nurul. How are you?
How are you, Maria?
I don't understand, Ful.
What's wrong with Maria and Nurul?
You fool. You really don't understand
or are you just pretending?
What do you mean?
What? I have no idea what my mistake is.
Forget it. Just introduce
Aisha to both of them.
Maria... come on...
I am not going, Ma.
Fahri is your friend. Do you
want to disappoint him?
Fahri, Aisha, we have a gift for you.
Don't look at the value, okay?
But its candidness. Thank you, madam.
Fahri... Why does it seem
like Maria doesn't like me?
Let's not jump to conclusions.
Perhaps Maria was tired
from her trip to Hurgada.
She easily gets sick anyway.
Rud, whose turn is it to
do the washing today?
No way! I've got my turn already.
Rudi hasn't done the ironing yet.
"The Nile is getting dried... by
my Egypt which is changing..."
Aisah... Hm? I've been
thinking of taking up a side job.
I mean not just as a
freelance writer. What for?
We have enough money already.
Why don't you just concentrate
on your Master's degree?
But I'm the head of the family now.
I can't just sit here and do nothing.
Fahri... your responsibility
is not only material.
We are married now. We
have no material boundaries.
My money is also your money, honey.
But if you object, I have no
problem living in a cheap flat.
Even without a car, it doesn't matter.
Fahri has always been very kind to me.
He's always sincere, too.
Never asks for anything in return, right?
Do you want an orange, Aisha?
Or apple? Another drink maybe?
You are right, Ful. She
should be introduced.
Where is my computer?
I replaced it with this one.
I copied all your files here.
There's auto save on it, so
you just go ahead and use it.
Why didn't you tell me first?
I bought that computer
with my own savings.
It reminds me of my hard times.
My memories with my friends. With Maria.
Do all your belongings have
a connection with Maria?
Why, are you jealous? I'm not
jealous, Fahri. You're jealous, Aisha.
I'm not jealous, Fahri. I'm just asking.
Thank you for saving Maria.
I'm very sure it wasn't an
accident. It was intentional.
Fortunately, I was quick
enough to save her.
Assalamualaikum. Walaikumsalam.
Good evening. How can I help you?
I want... you to arrest somebody...
Who raped my daughter.
What's wrong, Ustadz? We want
to talk about Nurul. Nurul?
What's wrong with Nurul?
Nurul has suffered a lot. I
hope you can understand.
What do you mean?
We're sorry, Fahri, that
we had to come here.
Nurul has lost the light in her life.
What would you like
me to do? Marry Nurul.
Please, Fahri. I'm sure you can be fair.
Sorry, I don't want to.
I never once thought about doing that.
But she loves you very much,
Mere love is not enough, Ustadzah.
That is not the only foundation
for marriage in Islam.
I think you two have a
deeper understanding.
What have you promised Nurul?
We better go to sleep.
What did you hided from me?
For Allah's sake, Aisha,
I'm not hiding anything.
I never promised anyone anything.
I only had one taaruf and it was with you.
We have been married for almost one
month! And you just tell me now?
What about Maria?
Now who else wants to marry you?
Leave it. Let me open the door.
Good evening. Good evening.
Are you Fahri bin Abdullah?
Yes, I am. What's the matter? Come
with us. You are under arrest.
Under what charge?
You have raped an Egyptian
woman called Noura.
Wait! This is slander! I
never raped anybody!
Cuff him! Aisha, this is a mistake!
It's slander, Aisha! Call the
embassy and uncle Iqbal!
Fahri! It's slander, Aisha.
Indonesia, you raped an Egyptian woman...
named Noura on Thursday at 03.30 AM!
Confess! Slander! This is slander!
You'd better confess!
I have to see my husband now.
No, you can't! I have rights.
No, you can't! A rapist can't be
visited until the trial is settled.
I have rights. Impossible.
I am Fahri's wife!
I am innocent! It's slander!
Shut up! We can't be reckless.
Remember, Aisha, this is not Germany.
We don't know how they
implement the law here.
I know, uncle. I've made an
appointment with an Indonesian lawyer.
Indonesian? Yes, why? Are you sure?
He has been recommended
by the Indonesian embassy.
That wall is too strong for you to destroy.
Just accept it. We are all the same here.
No! I'm not the same! I've
been slandered! I'm not guilty!
I'm here because of the woman
whose honour I defended.
I'm different from you.
Anybody who is inside a jail is the same.
God exists not only for the just ones.
But also for the sinners.
So you still have German citizenship?
Aisha, as a lawyer, I ask you to
answer all these questions honestly.
You said that you've only known
your husband for a short time, right?
And then you had a ta'aruf
and got married right away.
What do you mean, Said Amri?
How good do you know him?
Are you sure that your
husband is really innocent?
Ah, please don't get mad
at me. It's part of my job.
And I still need a lot of
supporting evidence.
What are you looking for, Aisha?
Aisha! I don't know! I just want to
see who my husband really is now.
Who's Fahri? It's true I know
nothing about my husband.
Nobody can help me.
Try to talk to Nurul. I will also help you.
Syeh Utsman died.
Fahri and Maria brought
Noura to my dormitory.
Then Fahri asked Noura
to stay in my dormitory...
meanwhile he went to
find Noura's real parents.
So there was never any issue about rape.
He never even touched a
female who was not his relative.
You're sure? You haven't
forgotten anything?
I told you three times already, Aisha.
Then why did your uncle
and aunt come to my flat...
and ask Fahri to marry you?
Is there anything left
unfinished between you two?
No, there is nothing unfinished.
It never even started.
Assalamualaikum. Walaikumsalam.
Who is this? I am Fahri's mother.
Aisha... Aisha there? I am Aisha, mother.
Aisha... I was told I heard that Fahri...
Lailaahaillaullah, Allahu Akbar.
Aisha, you have to support Fahri.
Astaghfirulloohal azhiim. It's all slander.
I know Fahri. I've known him well, Aisha.
Hamid bin Jabar is pronounced guilty.
Next session. Fahri bin Abdullah Siddiq.
Fahri bin Abdullah is prosecuted
a sentence to hang...
on a charge of raping Noura binti Adel.
He's being slandered! Slander!
My hobby is to hunt at midnight
by climbing to the rooftop.
When I was climbing, from a
distance of about 3 meters...
I saw Noura in the flat on the third floor.
And it was Fahri who picked her up.
As far as I know, Noura
always praised Fahri.
She never showed any
sign that she was raped.
All this time I was admittedly
rude towards Noura.
Very rude.
But on that night, that bastard
stole Noura! Hang him!
I'm very concern, about the
rights for women here in Egypt.
And I want whoever...
whoever raped my daughter, Noura,
he must be sentenced to death.
This country is the most
respected country... in the world.
Noura! Noura! Noura!
Is this how you return his favor?
You're liar!
I'm not a liar!
Look me in the eyes and tell
me that Fahri raped you!
This baby is the proof! That
baby doesn't prove anything!
Are you sure? It's slander!
Noura! Slanderer!
Since Maria was afraid of Bahadur...
She finally took me to Fahri's place.
At first... he was very kind.
Eventually, Fahri tried to
seduce me... and...
he raped me and now I'm having his baby!
Your Honor... I request for
the court to be adjourned...
for the purpose of DNA testing
when Noura's baby is born.
We don't have any knowledge about
the condition of Noura's womb.
Miscarriage is a possibility.
And that DNA test cannot be
performed on the embryo.
The court continues and
the request is refused.
This is not fair!
We have to free Fahri.
Look at your face...
What if we bribe the judge?
I will pay no matter how much as long as...
We don't live in this world forever.
Don't you do that,
Aisha... Allah won't allow it.
Why don't you ask the Girgis
family to become witnesses?
They not answered the court writ.
Your friends told me that the Girgis
family disappeared after Maria fell ill.
Maria had an accident, Ri.
Their flat has been empty since then.
We have to find Maria.
She's my key witness.
Actually, there's one
more piece of evidence.
But I'm not sure if it is strong evidence.
There's a love letter from Noura
which I entrusted to Syeh Utsman.
Time's up... One moment...
Aisha, I'm sorry I didn't tell you
about this but I really am innocent.
Come on quick! One moment...
Come on quick! Aisha... Aisha...
Better for me to get beaten up in jail than
to know you have doubts about me.
How come an Al Azhar kid like you
doesn't know the key to prayer?
Don't tell me you only pray
when you're in trouble.
I apologize, Aisha...
The deceased was very
strict in maintaining trust.
So he never told me all this time...
where he kept things
people entrusted to him.
I apologize.
Aisha?! Aisha?! Aisha?!
Your body is getting hot!
Letter of Announcement.
Expelled from Al Azhar.
It's not the end of the world, Fahri.
Hey, wake up!
Wake up, Fahri! Wake up!
Wake up, Fahri! Wake up!
Allah is talking to you, Fahri!
Allah is reminding you not to be arrogant!
What have I done wrong to Allah?
Why would Allah do this to
me? Istigfar, Indonesia. Istigfar.
Think again about who you really are.
What have you done all this time?
Haven't you been arrogant, Fahri?
You think you are the most righteous.
You think you are the holiest.
Even in front of your own wife.
You remember... the tale
of Joseph and Zulaikha?
Zulaikha accused Joseph of raping her.
But actually it was she herself who
couldn't resist Joseph's charm.
Slander! It's all slander, Fahri.
Zulaikha accused Joseph of raping her
so that Joseph would be imprisoned.
Did he revolt?
No, Fahri.
Joseph knew that Allah was talking to him.
Do you want to know what Joseph said?
Do you want to know what Joseph said?
He said,"Oh, Allah, if my life would
have more meaning for me here in jail...
than in the outside world...
then I will choose to stay
here in jail, close to you.
Rather than living together with liars".
Allah is telling you to
be patient and sincere.
Patience... sincerity...
that is Islam, Fahri.
Excuse me.
I was informed that Madam
Naher worked here.
Do you know where is she now?
She's taking care of her daughter
who is in a coma in Hurgada.
Please ask for the address
at administration. Thanks.
This is Maria's diary. It's
what's inside her heart.
Maria was not open about certain things.
After you two got married,
she didn't want to eat or drink.
After she recovered from the accident,
she didn't want to wake up anymore.
I intentionally took her away from
things that would remind her of Fahri.
But... she still kept on
saying Fahri's name.
I thought Muslims are close
minded and self-righteous...
but after meeting Fahri, I saw peace.
I could feel that Islam is truly
a religion that brings peace.
Fahri opened my eyes to so many things...
honestly, straight forwardness,
modesty without cowardice.
Fahri also taught me that everyone's
equal... be it man or woman.
Christ, Fahri has drugged me.
Oh, my Egypt I want to be forever yours.
But Fahri has found
his Nile and it isn't me.
Because Fahri and I... we're different.
But I still love him, God! I love him.
Somebody wants to see you. Who?
I want to talk to you about Maria.
Everything is in here Fahri.
Now tell me how you first met Maria.
I hope your voice can wake her up.
I don't want to. Please, Fahri.
Please Fahri.
When I first met you, I knew
that you are a kind woman.
You are honest and straightforward.
Sorry, I must have got the wrong address.
You're Indonesian? Yes. Downstairs.
Assalamualaikum. Walaikumsalam.
I don't think the professor
understood the Koran.
He said that Alif Lamin has no meaning.
In my opinion, Alif Lamin
is truly God's greatest...
and most awe-inspiring
creation. You don't believe it?
I really like the Koran. I memorized
the letter of Maryam very well.
To be honest, I was amazed by you.
Now say that you love her.
Time's up...
My time is up. Please think about it well.
This is for us.
Aisha... I love you.
Her condition is getting worse.
Let me have a look...
At the hot and congested Metro...
there's a Crist's girl that amazed me...
Confessing for the greatness of Al-Quran...
then bouncing Sorat Maryam.
Maria's depression is getting deeper.
Perhaps Fahri himself
should have come over.
Okay... I'm going to get Fahri out of jail.
At least for about three hours.
I will use your right as a German citizen.
As a German, defense Attach...
Mr. Munich will be her guarantor
because Aisha is still a German citizen.
You can supervise the process.
And I guaranty that we'll
not fail that our agreement.
We had been working so
many year's together.
She needs your help,
Fahri. Please talk to Maria.
You remember the mango
Juice you often made for me?
Or how you often asked
me to buy you CDs?
Or your basket which often fell down?
Because it was too heavy to carry
my books that you borrowed?
Wake up, Maria.
Her eyes have begun to move
but the movement is still weak.
Tell her that you'll marry her.
Aisha, polygamy is not that simple.
There are many things to be accounted for.
You're the one that I chose
in the name of Allah.
The only one that I chose.
You are my soul mate, Aisha.
Soul mates are Allah's secret, Fahri.
A part of Maria is muslimah.
She needs you.
And the baby inside my
womb needs its father.
Marry Maria.
Wake up, Maria.
I love you.
Do you still remember when we
talked about soul mates by the Nile?
You have found your soul mate, Maria.
Don't ever leave me again.
I testify, there's no other God
except Allah.
I testify that Muhammad
is Allah's messenger.
Maria has a heart anomaly.
To be honest, we can't
figure out what's the cause.
But it's very possible it was
triggered by her depression.
So what can we do, doc?
You have to keep her away from...
excessive physical activities
and emotional stress.
Does the defender have
any new witnesses?
Yes, judge council.
I call Maria as a witness.
You said you hit her and she died already.
I told you to kill her, right?
I boldly testify in the name
of God who knows all...
Can I call my friend, Khadijah?
Hello. Khadijah...
Noura! My dad want to sell
me. Please help me Khadijah.
Where are you now?
I'm at Maria's place. She's the one
who saved me from my father.
It was Bahadur's fault.
It was he who raped me.
Bahadur has despised me for a long time.
That day I purposely passed
in front of Fahri's flat...
Because... because... he hadn't
answered my love letter.
Who helped you that night? Answer me!
I love Fahri.
When I knew Fahri was married
already, My heart broke.
So you chose to lie?
I was afraid.
Afraid of losing my parents again.
You won't lose your parents, Noura.
They will surely forgive you.
They will surely forgive you.
Herewith I declare that Fahri bin
Abdullah Siddiq is free from all charges.
Fahri! Fahri! Fahri!
Allahu Akbar! Long live Indonesia! Long
live Indonesia! Long live Indonesia!
Congratulations, Alazhar
surely will accept you again.
Your brother is free!
Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah dear!
Where do you want to sleep?
What should we do today?
You two have your own plans already?
Dear... can you come over here a moment?
Honey... come here, please?
Fahri, will you sleep with me tonight?
Yes. You should point at the folder, then...
You're so smart, my dear.
Where are you going, Aisha?
I want to make a devotional visit...
to the grave of my mother
in Turkey with uncle Iqbal.
Why is it so sudden? Why
would you go with uncle Iqbal?
I can accompany you. You
have to take care of Maria.
But your womb, Aisha,
our baby. Please, Fahri.
I need some time alone.
For the sake of all of us, Fahri.
I'm confused, Ful.
How can I unite Aisha and Maria?
I don't even have one wife yet, Ri.
How will I know how to handle two?
I'm tired, Ful.
Now, this is what I know...
You'll never be able to unite them.
All you can do is just try to be fair.
But remember...
It's difficult to be fair to
one wife. Let alone two.
It's all back to your faith.
Surrender everything to Allah.
Nobody ever asks for troubles.
But when troubles come to
us, do we have to be angry?
Our life would be very exhausting.
As Muslims, we must not give up.
Allah will always favor people who try.
It's not that I don't want to
accompany you to Turkey...
but does it have to be now?
I need some time to understand all of this.
Accept sincerely, Aisha.
That's what I'm trying to do.
I can't sincerely accept that
you are wealthier than me.
I can't sincerely accept the
conditions of three of us with Maria.
And I don't know what
is fair and how to be.
I will learn more.
But in order to do that, I need you.
I want to be a novelist. I want
to be a famous novelist.
A famous novelist?
What're you doing, Aisha?
I'm just taking a walk.
Your mama said if I want to give
birth smoothly I have to walk often.
You'll also have to do it
when you're pregnant later.
Aisha! Aisha! Nurse!
Aisha's womb is a little affected
because she was exhausted.
She was possibly also stressed during
the early stages of her pregnancy.
Will she be alright, Madam?
Your baby is lucky to have a
very strong mother like Aisha.
She just needs a few days of bed rest.
I would like to name him Yusuf.
What if it's a girl? If it's a girl...
Have you visited Maria?
I just did.
I'll buy you some food.
Buy some for Maria too, okay?
For the three of us.
Where is Fahri, Aisha?
Can you ask Fahri to come over here?
Maria! Maria! Maria!
Get the nurse, quick!
Forgive me... Fahri... Aisha...
Maria, you've done nothing wrong.
Why you should apologize?
I... I apologize not for my faults.
Now I realize...
to love and to possess
are two different things.
Forgive me, Fahri.
Aisha... forgive me.
Fahri, teach me how to perform shalat.
I would like to pray with the two of you.
Maria... Maria?
Maria? Maria?!
Maria! Maria!
Call the nurse!
Do you believe in soul mates, Fahri? Yes.
Everyone has... their own soul mate.
That's what you always say, right?
I think the Nile and Egypt are soul mates.
If there was no River Nile, there
would surely be no Egypt.
There would surely be no civilization.
Only desert.
Praise Allah you have found
your soul mate Fahri...