Ayisha (2023) Movie Script

I can't do anything if the
money doesn't reach there.
Please do not force us.
We've come all the way here,
facing a lot of struggles.
Please allow us to leave
this place somehow.
Sister, please
understand the situation.
If this money doesn't reach there,
nothing can be done.
All of you will be stuck here.
What good will you get by
looting us poor people?
You will get all our curses!
You will suffer!
Shut up!
Don't talk rubbish here.
Damodarji, don't raise your hand
at us just because we are women.
What if I raise my hand?
What will you do?
Not just a slap...
I can even strangle
your neck if I want to!
Nobody will come
and question me.
Do you want to see that?
Leave her!
I will take the money...
... wherever you
want me to take it.
Stop harassing these people.
These people left their
homes and are struggling...
for the past 40 days, to
get to the Middle East.
Wherever you want your
money to be delivered,
I will deliver it there.
Don't trouble these people.
Send them home.
What is your intention?
Don't you plan to return?
Why do you say so?
Why are you taking this if
you are planning to return?
Does anyone carry a funeral
shroud wherever they go?
Will there be anyone who
doesn't wish to return?
I doesn't mean that
it will happen always.
We have to die some day
or the other, right?
When that happens,
I want to rest eternally in the
three pieces of clothing I earned.
Is it too much to ask for?
Don't make any mistakes
like last time.
That's why we're sending a
girl with you, this time.
We don't want any more trouble.
Just handle the police.
Don't be scared.
You're aware of
Damodar Bhai's influence, right?
- Have you showed her the ticket?
- Yes.
Here's your visa and passport.
Your flight is from
Bangalore airport, tomorrow.
I don't understand why
you took up this job.
This is a very difficult job.
I am doing it out of compulsion.
I was caught last time.
That does not mean that we
will get caught every time.
Oh God!
This is becoming very difficult.
It's been so many days
since we left home.
No one has come to receive us.
All the other passengers were
received by their companies.
But we are forced to sit here.
How much longer do
we have to sit here?
This is really very difficult.
Oh God!
Sir, you tell us what to do.
Everyone is worried.
The company that
brought you here...
Don't worry about it at all.
It's under the control of Mousoom family,
the biggest in Riyadh.
It is not a small company.
The company has a great value.
In such big companies,
there will always
be a loose screw!
He is the Labour Supply
Coordinator for this company.
That's the only issue.
Oh God!
There he is!
You left them under the sun,
and they are angry.
Take them away.
Can't you be a little loyal
to those who feed you?
Did you make them
sit in the sun?
Haven't you told me not to
let ordinary labourers sit inside?
I will lose my job.
A domestic worker for Mousoom
Palace is in this group.
If anyone at the palace gets to know
that she was made to sit in the sun...
She is a worker, not a
family member, right?
Workers over there
receive premium treatment.
Yes, I will lose my job.
You are sure that you will
lose your job, right?
- Come.
- Huh?
Once again you are saved
because of my intelligence.
The fancy manager from
the palace had called.
You are lucky that
I overheard it.
I made that worker wait at the
visiting area, at a premium level.
Hey you!
This is not my first
time in the Middle East.
We've been sitting here and
waiting for you for so long!
Do we look like cattle to you?
Shut up!
You haven't come
here as tourists.
If you raise your voice here, you
will be sent back on the next flight.
Coming all the way here
to give us trouble!
You can be a little more humane!
We are not here to steal.
We are here to work hard and
make a living, just like you.
This is Abid's world.
If you try to act
smart over here,
I will make you sit
here for months!
Do you want to see that?
Let's go.
Hey, listen. Some lucky
ones are blessed by God.
One such lucky girl
is sitting inside now.
What's written in our fate?
To work at some
ordinary Arab's house!
Is this your first
time away from home?
The thing about
domestic work is that..
Our situation depends upon the people
of the house where we're assigned.
And continue acting as
long as you can.
You know acting, right?
If only I was as
fortunate as this hag!
- What?
- Eat, eat.
Have it.
Abid, the document clearance is over.
My work is done.
Take this.
You can leave with
this woman then.
Someone has to come to take her.
They have arrived.
Come quickly!
- Good morning.
- Walaikum assalam! Sorry... Good morning!
- How are you?
- I am fine, Sir.
- I hope they arrived.
- Yes, Sir.
What about the documents?
Documents are ready.
Just ID and medical are left.
- It will take a week.
- Okay, good.
Let me meet the GM
and get back to you.
And in the mean time,
ask her to be ready.
What was her name?
- Name... Err...
- Ayisha.
Err... okay.
Nisha, take Ayisha over.
We will get back after meeting.
- You!
- It wasn't deliberate.
I wasn't being over-smart either.
I did it just to save you.
To save me?
Riya... Hakim...
What have you done?
What? It is good, right?
Where's the Ayisha
for the palace?
She is the one sitting inside.
Dude, is this her?
I have seen this one somewhere.
Dude! Isn't she the one I
cursed in front of everyone?
Go and get her!
My God!
Why are you doing this to me?
I'm going to meet Hamsa.
- I had asked him to buy me something.
- Okay.
I will lose my money if
I don't see him now.
Come quickly.
It's upstairs.
That's Aqif.
Be careful.
This is our room.
There's one more
room for the servants.
But for now, only this
space is available.
The bathroom is over there.
You must be tired
from the travelling.
You take a bath and come.
I will bring food for you.
- Ah... don't you want to call your family?
- Yes.
They will be relieved to know
that you are safe here, right?
Tell me the number.
- Hello.
Shobha Chechi...
This is Ayisha.
Ayisha, did you reach there?
Yes, I have reached.
- What's happening?
You are fine, right?
I will go and get your daughter.
I will call later, Chechi.
- Is that so?
Just inform her that
I have reached here.
She comes here at least twice a
day, to check if you had called.
I will call later, Chechi.
I am really tired.
Mother! What are you saying?
I heard everything!
Is that what you've
been telling everyone?
Are you crazy?
Every month I send
you money for my kids,
not for you to spend it on booze.
That's why Father left you.
Go ahead, complain all you want.
Hey! Don't go on with
your dancing-wancing!
Play this music some other time.
When she's done shouting at
her mother, I have to study!
Studying this, that... and
still here for Kuboos?
What are you even doing there?
Fighting with your mother every day!
Snoring with a music,
fighting with your mother.
Snoring with a music.
Get a life!
I have a life.
I am fighting with
my own mother.
We fight... we love.
For you, I will pray...
Dear God, please
help me stop snoring.
Hey, switch off the light.
Turn it off!
Hey, what are you
going to show now?
Look at the light.
Oh, dear...
It's so wonderful, dear!
- Who brought this?
- Hamza, of course.
Only because of Hamza, we can
take things back home with us.
Anyway we are getting things done, no?
Hey girls! If we get to go outside,
we can also see
handsome men, right?
Don't remind me, please!
Did the new girl wake up?
Hey! You go back to sleep!
The next time you can sleep peacefully,
will be at your home only.
Hey, your bed is cursed.
No one who slept on that bed
has stayed here for long.
Oh, you woke up?
Did everyone speak to Ayisha?
We'll meet her later.
Get her something to eat.
Oh, you haven't eaten, right?
Come. Let us eat together.
Don't you know "Pakal-Kanavu"?
Day dream.
In our language,
we call it "Diva-Swapnam".
Things that won't
necessarily happen.
Yes, Diva-Swapnam.
It's noisy during the day.
When the night falls,
everything becomes silent.
During the time when there are no
sounds of utensils and people,
I come here and try
to dream something.
Well, forget that.
Since it is vacation time,
the palace will be
full of grand kids.
Hence, we'll have
more work to do.
Try to get a picture about the
daily routine at the palace.
The palace wakes up early in the morning
with the call for morning prayer.
Mithali, wake up!
Everyone will be in the kitchen
until breakfast and lunch are ready.
Come here! Come here!
Once breakfast is done,
it's like half the day is over.
After that, except for those
who are preparing lunch,
all the others should
go for cleaning.
Since you are new,
you won't be given
any important work.
When you look from the outside,
this family will look like it is
going smoothly without any problems.
But that is not the case.
Just like this earth,
the palace revolves around Mama.
The full moon rose over us
From the valley of Wada
Praising is now a duty for us
For as long as anyone calls us to God
O the Envoy (of God) among us
Who came with the command to obey
You have brought sublimity to this city
Welcome! O best among inviters
The light had set over us
The light of a benevolent Messenger
The light of security and peace
The light of truth and confidence
The God Almighty brought him to us
As a Mercy to the worlds
He's as a lightbeam to the land
And a lightbeam to the sea
The full moon rose over us
From the valley of Wada
Praising is now a duty for us
For as long as anyone calls us to God
Though she is undergoing
treatment for kidney failure,
nothing happens here
without her permission.
Not just here,
the Arabs are all people who
respect women's opinions.
The founder of this country,
King Abdul Aziz...
... reclaimed Saudi after heeding advice
from his sister, Princess Nourah.
That's what history says.
Do you know that?
In fact,
Arabs don't have the habit of living
together like they do in this palace.
The whole family is staying here
because of Mama's illness.
Mama's friends should be treated
carefully, like the apple of the eye.
If they don't like anything
we do, we'll be done for!
Everyone here likes them a lot.
They are the ones who support Mama,
even during this illness.
The days when Mama
doesn't go for dialysis,
they come here.
And then, there is Sarah.
She is the one who takes
care of everything for Mama.
There is no role for
anyone else over there.
Other than the family members,
there will always be guests here.
If a foreigner
comes to the house,
he will be provided food
and shelter for three days.
Only after that, will he be asked
about the purpose of his visit.
That is Arab tradition.
Oh God!
Too much work!
All these people and the kids.
When are they leaving?
The vacation is almost over.
Within a few days, they might leave.
... this Sarah...
We have to put up with her.
Sometime I feel like
giving her one...
In front of the family,
she acts all smart!
You wait and watch.
What she did with us,
it will go back to her.
When she first came over here,
she was just a housemaid.
Just like us.
Hey! There's another news.
Tomorrow night, there
is a family outing.
So, the day will be
much longer for us.
Oh God! I will be wasted!
What outing?
Outing... errr...
Praise be to God.
I'm fine.
Thanks for your love for
Mama and for coming here.
Come on, please eat.
It would have been a great
outing if Mama was also here!
Perform something.
It's not good to
stand like this.
At least do it.
Show some respect.
Go and perform something.
Don't waste time.
If you don't know,
just say "sorry" and come down.
Thank you for taking care of us all
these days with no room for complaints.
No need to thank us.
It is part of our job, right?
Please accept this as
our token of appreciation.
You can give it to Sarah.
She will distribute it.
No! No! No!
That is not possible. There
are people above him too.
I will take care of it.
Don't worry. I will come
to office tomorrow.
Where is the paper?
This is the paper for
that new servant, right?
- Yes.
- It's okay.
Only the medical test
is remaining now.
Your visa work will be complete.
You may go now.
There will be a car for you.
Belt! Seat belt!
You will fly off if
we hit something.
What is she doing?
Not like that. If you do that,
you will suffocate and die.
It goes here.
You're not used to
travelling in a car, huh?
There's a loneliness
experienced by the sea.
Only the sea understands it.
It does not have a
mate or a partner.
It gets company only when
a ship or a boat drowns.
What a boring life!
The sea wishes to swallow
the land entirely.
But even for that,
God's permission is required, right?
Nothing is easy.
In fact, I too experience
a similar loneliness.
So, I have behavioural
issues because of that.
... we cannot blame the
sea for that, right?
Can't you hear me?
It was between 1930
and 1940 that...
... petrol was first dug up here.
Those who took initiative
to dig it up back then,
became rulers of the
petrol economy later on.
Similarly, history shows
that everyone who have...
... dug somewhere at the right
time have succeeded in life.
If we Malayalis stick together...
... and I dig a similar
one inside the palace,
won't you stand by me, Ayisha?
No means?
No means no.
I won't stand by you
for your wrongdoings.
Oh... no... no!
There's nothing wrong
about me digging!
You have misunderstood me, Ayisha.
Take petrol, for instance.
It has its benefits. That's all.
Leave it.
Forget about the digging.
Don't exaggerate.
God does not like
people who exaggerate.
What are you doing?
Who are you to say that?
Who are you...?
Go out.
I will show you. I will teach you a lesson.
Just wait and see!
Go out. Go out.
I will tell your father.
You have to go to the farm house.
Everyone else is busy.
- Farm house?
- Yes.
You will know when you get there.
Some program is there tonight.
So it has to be clean.
Hamza will take you
and bring you back.
Fast... fast.
I will take Ayisha and bring her back.
I have to go there.
It is not needed.
That is needed!
Get on it.
It is alright.
It is nearby.
My God!
Hope it doesn't turn out like...
the way Prophet Yusuf was taken and
thrown in the well by his brothers!
Who is this?
She is new.
She has to be tamed.
Please... slow!
Slow! Go slow, please!
Stop... Please!
Run! Run! Come fast! Run fast!
Run! Run!
Come on, fast!
Hey! Come... come!
Come fast... come fast!
Come on, quick!
Quick! Quick!
Let me see it.
Thank you so much.
If you were not here...
If you were not here,
this wouldn't have happened.
Sorry, sorry.
Why are you saying sorry?
I enjoyed it.
Peace be unto you, Mama!
And unto you be peace!
- How are you?
- I am fine.
What is this?
Mama, it is pure honey!
Didn't you use to say
that honey is good...
... and that it is mentioned
as a medicine in Quran?
Oh great!
Pure honey?
From where?
It is from our farmhouse.
The bees were blown away!
Don't lie! Really?
It is true, Mama.
I saw it with my own eyes.
Who did it?
The new housemaid. Her name is Ayisha.
Have you seen her?
It was her.
How did she do it?
Hmm. She is quite something.
Of course! We were amazed. She said that
she will tie a swing for us. A big one.
Don't you want to have food, Mama?
Before that, we should
check your BP and sugar.
You have dialysis tomorrow.
you are drinking too much water.
Don't increase your weight.
You will have trouble when
you're at the hospital.
Aqif, please leave if you are
done with your conversation.
I will tell the rest of the
story afterwards. Let me leave.
Okay dear.
May God bless you!
Mama, show me your hand.
Seems like you're really busy?
Elders' words and gooseberries...
They may be bitter at first.
But they will turn
out to be sweet later.
Now the bitterness
keeps on increasing.
What else can be done, right?
I will bear that bitterness.
You bear it.
But I am not willing to bear it.
Well, who asked you to bear it?
No one has to ask me.
I will come along.
Hello! That is my quality.
What is that scar on your face?
From where did you get this trophy?
Get lost!
You will get more such wounds!
Your character is such!
Where is she?
Mama had asked to
leave a little early.
- Peace be unto you!
- And unto you be peace!
How do I look?
You look great!
We can't blame anyone if they
come with a marriage proposal!
You did not see the pearl necklace
Abdullah gifted me, right?
Wow! When did that happen?
It happened! Wait. I
will wear it and come.
Arwa, we are running late. Mama
will make an issue out of it!
I will be right back.
Mama is leaving?
But Sarah and Arwa
have not yet arrived.
Go quickly and ask them to collect
the tea and snacks for Mama.
They must have
prepared it by now.
- Hamza!
- Yes, Mama.
- Where are they?
- I will check and come, Mama.
Hamza! Come here!
No need to call them.
Start the car.
Won't it be a problem if
we go without them, Mama?
What problem?
Why shouldn't we go?
Yes, Mama.
I am the patient, right?
I need the dialysis, right?
Yes, Mama. It is not a problem.
So they will only have this
much concern about these things!
Take the car!
Okay, Mama.
Who is that?
The new housemaid, Mama.
Ask her to come along
if you are afraid.
Call her.
Okay, Mama. Sit down.
You should start the
car before they arrive.
Okay, Mama.
Yes... you!
Come here.
Mama is calling.
Come here.
Get inside the car.
Get inside.
Get in... get inside.
Get that thing!
Get that pillow for her.
Pillow... which one?
It is at the back.
Place it properly.
Where should I put this?
In my throat...! Oh my God!
Only you can save me!
My dear Ayisha!!
Place it under her hand.
Put it.
Are you deaf?
Can't you hear the beep?
Belt... belt!
Belt... I can't find it.
Mama's belt!
What the hell!
- Stop the car!
- Oh my God!
Learn how to put the seat belt.
I will teach her now.
Move aside.
Watch. Two pulls.
One... two.
Then take it like this.
Done. It is like this.
Did you learn?
Yes, Mama. Ayisha has learnt it.
Get in... get inside.
Now, I have to take
the wheelchair?
Oh God!
Oh my God!
You could have told me if
you are unable to do it!
Why are you begging
for an earful?
Couldn't you wait for me?
Don't just stand there and watch! Push!
Are you trying to be smart?
Thank God!
Move away from me!
Don't come any closer
to my wheelchair or me.
Move... move.
- Hamza!
- Yes, Mama.
Are you okay. Mama?
Go... go inside.
Listen... be careful.
I am saying this because
I wish to see you again!
Go on!
I am not dying.
I can do it myself.
This side! Lift it!
You do what I say!
Or do you want to break
the bed and kill me?
Turn the lever the other way!
Good morning Mama!
Good morning.
How are you?
You reached so soon!
Who is this?
Where is Sarah and Arwa?
They seemed too busy today.
I didn't bring them.
Thank God, you are here.
If I ask water, she will
make me drink acid.
Then let's start. Let's not waste time.
You are a Malayali, right?
You can give tea and
snacks to her now.
I haven't brought all that.
Oh! Usually we give
those before dialysis.
Once the dialysis starts, she can
eat only after that. That's why.
Where are my socks?
My blanket?
Where is everything else?
Why did you even come
without all of this?
I am asking you!
You don't have a brain?
You didn't know I
need all those things?
No wonder you are like this.
Don't ever come in front of me!
Get out from here!
You step aside for now.
I will arrange what
is required. Go on.
Come on, Ayisha.
Leave it.
Don't take it seriously.
Just consider Mama as a patient.
... her illness is changing
her into someone else.
She was not at all like this.
She was very lively.
Actually this is
her own hospital.
Eh... sorry.
I forgot to introduce myself.
I am Merina.
Merina Kurien.
I am from Kottayam.
My husband and kids have settled
in Canada for some time now.
Back home, who all do you have?
Merina, Doctor is calling you.
I'll be right back.
If she calls you,
will you run for it?
Do you even know anything?
Will anyone else here do that?
What if something
happened to Mama?
Then who will take the blame?
Finally, all of it will come to me.
You must have some
bad intention.
Otherwise you would not do that.
To all of you...
Don't try to act smart.
Then I will not make it easy for you.
This is a warning.
Stay in your place...
... and try to survive!
Are you done trying
to impress Mama?
Me first! I need to pee!
Try not to jump
in front of Mama.
Sarah is just making a
big fuss out of nothing.
She is only scared because she
thinks you will take her place.
Listen, my girls.
If anyone gets a
chance again with Mama,
don't think about anything else.
Just impress,
impress, impress her.
If we are all together as one
team, then Sarah will go down.
How? Will we get another chance?
Only if Sarah is dead!
There is no use
in blaming Ayisha.
She has only come now.
The same would have happened
if we were in her place.
Finished. It is over now.
Just finish your
work and go to sleep.
Are you worried, thinking
about what Sarah said?
Just leave it.
Everyone will have a tape
recorder of their own here.
If you record in it, write your
address and give it to Hamza,
he will send it home
through someone.
Here... press this button.
Dear daughter,
is everyone fine over there?
... your Mom is fine.
How is Nabeesatha,
Sharada Chechi and Azees?
Did the goat in
Sobha Chechi's house give birth?
How many kids are there?
Convey my regards to everyone.
Then...how is Kanichammayi?
Her health is fine, right?
I will send some
money next month.
Dear, did you forget me?
I thought you forgot me when I saw that
you didn't ask about me. Did you forget?
Kanichammayi, she won't
hear if you talk back.
She will hear all that.
Who other than her will hear it?
Are you fine?
You don't have any problem, right?
Come back here if there
is any problem. Okay?
Why should you stay there
hearing cuss words from others?
Careful, Mama.
That much anger was unnecessary,
just because we got a little late.
Only we can handle you.
Do you realise that now, Mama?
Move aside!
Stop the car!
Both of you get out of the car!
Call her.
Get inside.
You are useless.
Only trouble!
But this time, I saw...
... only you.
Ayisha, do not hurry.
I will come.
Okay then.
- Hamza.
- Abid.
You are always waiting
outside, right?
No progress at all!
This is why I rejected
the job at the palace.
But when did you
get a job there?
I didn't get it. But I will
reject it even if I get it.
That's right.
You can work anywhere, right?
You are educated and
very intelligent, right?
That is correct. Where are your
boss ladies, Arwa and Sarah?
They were thrown out.
It's the new girl now.
I think she'll put
everyone else in trouble.
- Who?
- Ayisha.
She might become
Mama's caretaker.
She accompanied Mama
to the hospital now.
The one who came recently?
That Malayali.
She is showing her true
Malayali colours now.
Hey, I will come later.
I have some work.
Take your time.
I am in no hurry.
My job is to wait, right?
Such a useless guy!
Good morning.
Hospital manager told me to collect
a document from here. Is it here?
- Manager?
- Yeah.
- To give it to you?
- Yes.
Who are you?
I am Abid.
I think... it's... not here.
Why are you here?
Are you ill?
I take care of everything
in this hospital...
... like expansion,
building, construction, etc.
It is a job full of hassles.
But it won't happen without me.
Oh God! She was here?
Ayisha, you did great!
Mama is really happy.
She said that you are good.
Glad that I could make her say
good things, at least for a day.
No way! I don't think this
will end with one day.
What if she makes you permanent?
Oh no! That won't be necessary.
I don't want to upset anyone.
Well, isn't this our Abid?
It's been so long
since I saw you.
Two years back,
when my husband came here,
he was after me for
getting a Canadian visa.
After that, I am
seeing you only now.
Well, I was busy with work.
Oh! So you are
digging in Canada too!
How is your English studies going?
- It is going on.
- Don't you want to fly to Canada?
Not now. After some time.
Shall I leave? I have some work.
Okay, then.
I think my husband never came to Saudi
after that because he's scared of you.
Shall I leave?
Come here.
I have to take a bath.
Give me a head massage.
I have to relax.
Ayisha, come.
Take this one.
Keep it here.
We are here now.
Don't try to take bath alone.
If the area in your arm where the tube
is inserted gets wet, it will get infected.
It won't heal then.
I am not alone.
It is Ayisha, right?
Does Ayisha know anything?
Ayisha knows everything.
Both of you can leave.
I will call you if required.
Old age and illness.
They are horrible.
They come together...
... as a couple.
Your family thinks...
... that you need peaceful space.
Away from everything.
But you need the opposite.
Till someone comes,
you feel alone.
Why am I telling you all this?
What's the point?
... can understand.
At your age,
you understand all of this?
Oh yeah! I forgot!
You are a grandma too, like me.
Ayisha, who all do
you have back home?
I have many people back home.
More loved ones than one is
supposed to have at this age.
I am a grandmother.
I have a six-year-old grand child.
I got married at
the age of thirteen.
The times were such, back then.
It didn't last long.
I had to leave him.
I realised that I am
pregnant only after that.
Married life...
I don't know...
It became like that!
in Islam,
a woman has a right to
cancel the marriage.
What is the problem
between you and her?
They are saying that you
are ignoring them, Mom.
Me? I didn't ignore anyone.
See? There is no problem at all.
It is resolved, right?
What is your intention, Mama?
Are you going to be stubborn
with your ailing body?
People can make mistakes, right?
If something happens to you,
I will be answerable
to everyone.
What stubbornness? To whom?
My body is being
stubborn with myself!
For a long time now, you have been
toiling day and night to take care of me.
Let someone else take care
of me for some time now.
Mom, what you are saying and why...
From now on, I only
want Ayisha with me.
Then you may leave.
you can do anything
to make Mamma happy.
No need to wait for
anybody's permission.
Who do you think you are?
You are better than me?
Start counting your days.
You are going to
know the real me!
You don't know how
powerful I am here.
You don't know ME.
Don't play with me.
Your game...
... you stop it.
That is good for you.
- Yeah!
- Wow!
Superb, Ayisha!
Sarah, your downfall!
Now, Ayisha is fully with Mama.
We win!
Sarah, you will see the real us.
Just wait and watch.
Let's go.
Let's go!
The girl whose kohl-lined
eyes has a story to say
The girl who dreamt of
touching the moon in the sky
She... is spreading a smile
She... is flying high,
spreading her wings
She.... is singing
a sweet melody
She... is searching for
dreams with her eyes open
This girl... as pure as gold
She is love
She is the guardian angel
She is fiery like ember
The girl whose kohl-lined
eyes has a story to say
The girl who dreamt of
touching the moon in the sky
What are you doing?
Let's go!
- Where?
- Yes.
Go home!
Have you ever bought what I said?
She says she will
file a complaint!
I don't want her
money or things!
You bring whatever you like!
Money also... whatever you like!
Come to me calling
Hamsa, Hamsa again!
I'll show you then.
One price on the tag and
another price on the bill!
- Go and file a complaint.
- What is it, Hamsa?
- Hey what happened, Nisha?
- Why are you fighting?
- Charu, what is the issue?
- Oh, she is crying.
What is it, Nisha?
What is the matter?
We are not able to
tolerate that Hamsa.
He is exploiting us because
we cannot go outside.
Without buying
anything we ask for,
he threatens us as
if we are his wives!
Let us find a solution
for this right away.
We have a small problem.
What is it?
Tell me.
Tell her.
- Don't worry. Tell her.
- No, no, no, no!
Why aren't you telling her?
Housemaids here in Saudi...
see only Riyadh
airport and...
... this palace.
They never go out.
They don't buy anything.
The driver takes money from us.
But he does not buy anything.
What about your weekly off?
Mama, off day was there earlier.
But after that accident...
When she ran away...
... and ended up in hospital...
After that, they stopped
taking us outside.
Oh, yes.
I know who is behind this.
Tomorrow is Friday.
Off day, right?
Whoever wants to buy,
you take them to the market.
And you will be
responsible for them.
Nobody will stop them.
This is my word.
Thank you, Mama.
Thank you so much.
Peace be upon you!
May the peace and mercy
of Allah be with you too!
Batha market is risky.
Hey, if you don't go ahead,
we will fully lose the
chance of going out.
You should take the
risk and proceed.
Don't worry.
We will go safely.
We will come back safely.
Now that Mama has given permission,
what can I do? You tell me!
She is not what we
thought her to be.
She is really cunning.
Is that so?
If she is boldly taking
them to Batha market,
she must be knowing
someone over there.
If not, she has got
some other motive.
In either case, her
intention is not good.
Then let us do this. Let us send
Hamsa to keep an eye on them.
Then we will know
what she is up to.
Let us not send Hamsa alone.
We will also go with him.
- Is that necessary?
- Yes.
Sarah, let us wait
for them to leave.
This is the market.
Go that way.
Also, note the place.
Take care of your bag. You won't
see it again if you blink an eye.
Where can we buy
clothes for kids?
Go ahead. The first
market is over there.
Over there.
- What's the price of this one?
- 50 Riyal
You are a Malayali, right?
I understood when you
asked the price and left.
You must have calculated what all could
be done back home with that money.
food that we like,
clothes that we like,
and sights... shouldn't we
migrants also have these?
Moreover, no one is going
to bring these to us.
I am not saying this to make
you buy something from here.
Take that!
My opinion is that the mindset with
which we live now is not right.
Each of us have different
problems, right?
It is difficult to meet ends even
if we live with calculations.
Why are you so baffled?
Comrade, doesn't she
look like our Ayishatha?
Looks like it is Ayishatha herself.
What are you saying?
How can that Ayishatha reach here?
Isn't it clear from her dress
that she is a housemaid?
What is it, Subeesh? Are you
talking about yesterday?
No, brother. There is someone
who looks like our Ayishatha.
At a glance, she looks
exactly like Ayisha.
Like someone put on
a costume for a play!
Who is this Ayisha that
you are talking about?
You don't know?
It is a long story.
It is a story of an era!
A Communist saga in which the history
of art was shaped through a woman!
Nilambur Ayisha!
Shall we go and
clarify our doubt?
Ayishatha, why are you
here in this attire?
This is my attire now.
Any theatre play...?
Have you come here for that?
You can say so too.
We had a doubt initially.
It took us a while to believe that
you are standing here in front of us!
You recognized me
even in this attire.
Maybe because, you're used to
seeing me in different attires.
Who is she?
Indira Gandhi?
Sarah, don't tell
anyone what we saw here.
Hamsa, did you hear me?
Did you hear me?
Yes, I heard you.
Let us not be here any longer.
Let us go.
Put that chair over there.
Please sit.
Comrade, we can't
bear this sight.
I see this as a negligence
of party workers like us.
Someone who sacrificed her own
life for art and the party...
...ending up in this world!
What else is this?
I had learnt to act only on stage,
and in front of the camera.
I did not learn to
act in real life.
This is the result of that.
I left without informing anyone.
The comrades came to know
about it only after I left.
What happened because of which you
had to leave without informing anyone?
It's pointless to talk
about all that now.
We got everything, right?
Shall we leave?
Okay then.
Well, you didn't tell us
the location of the house!
That... the driver will tell you.
Please move aside.
Sister, this is on my behalf.
- Please accept.
- Take it.
don't tell anyone here
what you saw there today.
A dream that we saw
while sleeping...
It was just that!
Oh, you are back?
Shopping and everything
else was okay, right?
I can't believe you reached.
Tell me, my friend.
There are so many people
in the market, right?
Isn't it?
Yes, there were many.
Small market or big market?
Very big market.
But it's not like you can get our
Filipino clothes there, right?
You will get everything there.
Was there any issue?
No issue.
Everything was good.
Isn't it?
Huh? Yeah! Yeah!
You all should visit Batha market.
Must visit!
Very beautiful.
Well, tell us what
all happened there.
Did you get anything?
Tell us!
We want to know what you bought.
What did I buy?
I didn't take money.
If you have money, you will
get everything in Batha market.
If you enter Batha market,
you won't want to come back.
Why? Your lover is there?
Alphonsa is always like this.
Shut up, Alphonsa. Let me ask.
You tell us what else happened.
You won't get it.
You have to see it.
You went this time. We
will go next time. Okay?
Yes, yes. We will!
Charu, show that baby frock.
If Hamsa goes, he will make
so much money, right?
I have crossed
the path of embers
The eyes, as deep as
the sea, are overflowing
Come, ladies. The water pipe in the kitchen
got blocked and is leaking. It is urgent.
Otherwise it will get blocked everywhere
and water will leak into the rooms.
We have to do something.
Come on. No time to think.
Hurry, hurry!
Let's go. Come on, come on. Let's go!
Quick! Quick!
[Different drama and
movie announcements/songs]
[Aren't you a Muslim, girl?
You don't have to save the land]
[Aren't you a Muslim, girl?
You don't have to save the land]
[Shots were fired at Nilambur Ayisha at
Manjeri while she was performing on stage]
[The star had a miraculous escape]
[Try to be a good human being]
[Kalinga Theatres presents
"This is Earth"]
[Playwright, Director
KT Muhammed]
We sent a letter to
your house, so that
we could avoid the inconvenience
of telling this to you in person.
We thought you would understand
that and avoid creating a scene here.
This is a unanimous decision,
taken by everyone.
Kalinga does not require
Ayisha's services anymore.
Who is this so-called "everyone"?
Whose complaint are you
forcing upon everyone?
Not just you!
No one can...
expel Ayisha from
Kalinga Theatres.
I need to talk to your brother.
Where is the
legendary playwright,
or the new academy chairman?
He is not here.
Even if he was here, you won't
be allowed to meet him.
So, I need your
permission to see him?
Their families are going to
unite with the marriage, right?
So why would they need
our permission?
A person who never thought
of marriage for 50 years...
You used a small girl from
your family to bewitch him!
Whatever that may be,
if brother-in-law wants it, we will make it
happen, since we are his family.
your desire to make Kalinga Theaters
your family property with that...
You can wipe that
off from your mind!
It won't happen as long
as we are alive, Ayisha.
With your arrogance,
don't try to get
on Ayisha's nerves!
Back when people
were not so bright,
I have a history of
performing on stage,
fighting the darkness with
lighted torches and petromax lamps.
That's who I am!
And if you try to gauge me
with your greedy eyes,
it would be really foolish!
Is your opinion
the same as theirs?
Not at all, Ayisha.
We are unable to understand
what's going on here.
All of us have a bond of
blood with this establishment.
That won't break if someone
comes and tries to breaks it.
This problem can be discussed and
resolved when the Master arrives, right?
One would rather bond with their
blood relatives than denounce them.
It's not like I don't
know that, Vijayetta.
I feel like ending this,
right here, right now.
Ayisha is resigning and
leaving this establishment.
Not just from here...
This is a farewell to my
life in the world of art.
I've suffered so much!
I am fed up.
These people can
say anything, right?
even if it takes a long time, some
truths will be revealed eventually.
Ayisha has only one stand,
be it in theatre or in life.
I am nobody to judge a marriage.
people who come forward to
change society through art...
should follow some basic ethics.
I cannot live with double standards.
I have crossed the path of embers
The eyes, as deep as
the sea, are overflowing
We want to see Ayisha.
Just for five minutes. Please.
Just inform them, please.
Speak to the palace.
Abdullah has gone
to inform Mama.
Brother, what's with the crowd?
Is there a charity programme?
She is a great actress, sir.
Actress? Where?
Not there.
She is inside.
Inside the palace?
Didn't you ask for
leave this afternoon?
Then why are you still here?
I remembered that I had to take your
plate after you finished eating.
You didn't take it earlier?
Oh, yes. I forgot.
Why are you closing the window?
Sand storm...
There's chance for a sand
storm a little later.
You are here?
I had sent Sarah
to search for you.
For me? Why?
Somebody is there to meet you.
I see! You don't know who it is.
Then you can go and check.
Who is it?
We still don't know whether
what we did is right or wrong.
It was a blunder to say that you are
here, during our month-end meeting.
Some people are adamant that
they want to see you somehow.
Especially women.
We didnt know whether it would
be possible if we came on a Friday,
or whether it
will be a problem.
What did Abdullah say?
He immediately understood when we
told him that we saw you at Batha.
And, it was Abdullah who
sent someone to call you.
We haven't brought everyone.
They would be very happy if
they could see you once.
- Abdul Rahim!
- Yes, Sir.
Ayisha's guests are our guests.
In this palace, if Mama
says yes, it's a yes.
You welcome them and
make them comfortable.
Every Friday, this sitting room...
... will be open for your actor.
Let us sit in the sitting
room. Please come.
[With love,
I'll be right back.
- Ayishatha.
- Yes.
I didn't know that you were
the actual Nilambur Ayisha.
Well, please don't hold
any grudge against me.
I won't.
Well, what are you thinking?
is it because you got bored of the
same happiness for a long time...
that you quit acting
and came here?
Once, my life stepped out of drama.
And now, drama has returned
to the same life once again.
The love and affection that
they are showing, right?
About people's love,
we can understand everything,
except for its power.
I may be going through this situation
now so that I could understand that.
Do you feel now that you shouldn't
have left your artistic life?
What did Mama say?
All this is happening with
Mama's approval, right?
But I am bit afraid of
what's inside her mind.
I don't know why...
I have great regard
for great people.
Is it because I'm a hypocrite?
- Of course!
- Huh?
... I wonder what made
you confess that now.
Good for you if what you're
showing outside, is not fake.
Not at all.
This is coming from within!
When it rains in the sea,
the sea smiles.
- That's my condition now.
- Oh! The sea again?
Don't exaggerate.
Remember what I told you?
God does not like people...
... who exaggerate things.
"Child's dress"
This is called...
"Child's dress"
[Song from old Malayalam movie]
Hey woman, bring me water.
For what?
Bring water for me, I say!
Tell me what for?
Wow! She will beat
Hema Malini in acting!
Oh my God!
[movie scene playing on TV]
Let us honor Ayisha, the actor,
with a huge applause.
In those days, men used to dress up
as women to play female characters...
... because they could not
find women who'd act in plays.
Korakkati Janaki and I were the
first women from Malabar...
... to act in plays.
Everyone said that I was the first
Muslim woman in Asia to do so.
I suffered a lot for that.
Banned from our community...
They threw stones at me.
They even tried to shoot me dead
while I was acting on stage.
And now,
look at the pathetic condition of
Eranad's brave daughter!
But dear,
today I got the highest recognition
Ayisha, the actress could get.
For contributing whatever
I could for art,
I was honoured.
I was overwhelmed.
making a comeback
as an actress...
Getting out of the well is not as
easy as jumping into the well!
Did any of the party workers or
theatre folks inquire about me, dear?
We cannot blame anyone
if they have forgotten me.
Mama is asking for you.
Sometimes, I think back in time.
And I don't even realise that...
... I had gone back...
... so long ago...
... with these memories.
They were actually...
... turning points in my life.
Like the time...
... I met Nasser.
When I met Nasser,
I knew...
... I was going to spend the
rest of my life with him.
You know that when you
see someone special.
That's what I felt when I
saw you for the first time.
You are special. But...
... I didn't really
know, in what way.
I was on a train to Turkey....
... when I met Nasser
for the first time.
Peace be upon you!
And upon you be peace!
Please sit.
They didn't come
to meet the bride.
I went to meet the groom.
Shall I ask you something?
Please do.
You are studying in Germany.
And you are living
in Turkey now.
Why is that, even though
you are a Saudi national?
I will only marry a person
who loves my country the most.
A religion with believers across
the globe... whichever be it.
From its dawn itself,
if that religion has shone light
from the Indian Ocean
to the Atlantic Ocean,
a human potential with extraordinary
abilities and qualities...
... should be behind it.
How can I not love the land
which groomed such a potential?
Even my studies are through
government scholarship.
Are you satisfied?
Yes, I am.
Next question?
Do you smoke?
Yes, I smoke.
It's not big enough, right?
It's not worth the money we pay for it!
Do you smoke as well?
Of course.
Is it wrong for women to smoke?
Ayisha, Ayisha
You have my heart, Ayisha
A season of love,
when music showers upon the heart
Here's manifesting
it for you, Ayisha
Ayisha, Ayisha
You have my heart, Ayisha
Like a sculpted artwork
As per the Lord Almighty's will
In the desert, which
is at the world's end
In the midst of the
scorching sand storm
There's a tree of love,
that stands strong
Turn your eyes towards it, Ayisha
Ayisha, Ayisha
You have my heart, Ayisha
Like the smoke from the
burning embers of dreams
There's a person
who fills your heart
Even when you disappear
as an angel far away
He will be your groom
Are you the door to
his rainbow of love?
You are love, Ayisha
Ayisha, Ayisha
You have my heart, Ayisha
If you have a
disease without cure,
why should they go through all of
these surgeries and operations?
Even after all this,
how long am I going to live?
Maybe, death is the only cure.
Life is the disease.
The only good thing...
... when you die
like this is that...
... we get to seek forgiveness...
... before we leave.
Am I right, Merina?
Yeah, because...
in the end,
we need to be one with God.
But she is a Communist girl.
What will she get from this?
the Communist Party
in our state...
is not like the Communist
Party of the old Soviet Union.
It is a worker's
establishment in which...
believers and non-believers
work together.
The Party in our place
has many specialities...
... like being the first in the world
to come to power through ballot paper!
Is it?
Is it so, Merina?
Yeah, what Ayisha said is right.
Others are not hell.
Others are heaven.
The way the world grows,
it doesn't have one story.
There are people who won
the world over and over.
They used their power to
write not just their history.
But also,
your history and my history...
those are the only
histories we know of.
Well, it is time
for us to leave.
We can complete the
story some other time.
Stories are not only for the
people who tell the stories.
It is also for the people
who listen to the stories.
Everything will become
clear when the time comes!
Let us go.
- Ayisha.
- Yes?
Are life and the stage the same?
When the actor steps
down from the stage...
and is out of the limelight,
will she be sad?
I feel like that.
We'll tell you what we've come for.
Sit down, Abid.
It's about Nilambur Ayisha.
We presented the matter to the District
Committee, through the Area Secretary.
To settle all the financial issues
regarding Ayisha's house,
and to bring her back
to the world of acting,
the Party will directly get
involved and do everything required.
We have received written
confirmation regarding the same.
But the responsibility to get
her back to her home-town...
falls upon us, as we are
the Party workers here.
We have no idea
how to go about it.
That's where we need
your help, Abid.
What do you think would be
the response from the palace?
How will I...
Now that they know
who Ayisha is...
But.... the issue is Mama.
Mama can't do anything without Ayisha.
You know that, right?
You must find a solution for this, Abid.
Please don't say no.
Ayisha, some people have come downstairs.
They are calling you.
I have to talk to Mama first.
Only then, can I give my answer.
Stop there!
Who sent you to serve
me in this manner?
Who told you that I am
lacking something here?
Did I tell you that?
What you did as a favour has
actually caused me trouble!
Ayishatha, we didn't think
of anything else ...
other than bringing
you back to our stage.
I abandoned it myself!
This stage you
are talking about!
Because I was fed up!
And it wasn't because Ayisha
couldn't find a stage to perform.
I am very content staying here.
It will be better if no one
cares for me likes this, again.
Ayishatha, do you believe that you
can continue here like this for long?
My beliefs are different
in different circumstances.
I had tried a lot to reach the
places wherever I could reach.
this is what happened.
I am not a slave
to my past life.
I'm not the master of my
life in the future, either.
I am taking it as it comes.
That is enough.
Mama is calling you.
Oh yeah!
Here comes our actress!
Come... come... come.
See, Abdullah...
I always wondered...
... if one acts with the
brain or with the heart.
Now I know how it is.
It is from the head.
I called for you to tell you that
you don't have to act here any more.
Wherever you want
to go, just go!
I don't want to go anywhere.
These are not my demands.
Really? Your fans wanted this?
You didn't ask them to do this?
You didn't come and
ask me directly.
You called all those people and asked
them to come and tell us to let you go?
Don't think that I don't
understand all this.
I am not a fool!
you are saying things that
I never even imagined.
Whatever happened here now, has
happened without my knowledge.
You didn't know?
It is not about what
has happened now.
It is about what happened before
and what will happen after this.
If we keep someone who is as popular
as you are, working for us,
we will be looked
upon as bad people!
When we go against
someone's dreams,
even if that person is
someone you love the most,
we will become a
stranger to that person.
And nothing...
will ever be the same again.
Mama, you are saying
this to hurt me.
You are doubting the loyalty
I showed to this family.
You can't be wise and be
in love at the same time.
Someone had said that...
... beautiful things won't last long.
There is some truth in that.
People are terrible, Ayisha.
They can't bear anything.
Everyone is replaceable.
But it is not like that for me.
As far as I am concerned,
nothing can be replaced
with something else.
But I can!
I like only those people...
who are true to themselves.
But you are not like that.
No need to explain.
You may leave.
whatever has to be
done for Ayisha,
get it done.
She should not be here any more.
Mom, did you have to
be so harsh to her?
This is the only way I could
get detached from her.
Shall I tell you something?
Tell me.
Or... forget it.
Why should I exaggerate it,
and upset God, as well.
You were going to talk
about the sea, right?
[Nilambur Ayisha back on stage
"This is Earth"]
Did you enter the house of the
naughty boy from the North?
Did you enter the shop where
he keeps tabs of kisses?
Did you enter the house of the
naughty boy from the North?
Did you enter the shop where
he keeps tabs of kisses?
Did you see her turning sixteen when
the teenage bee stung her cheek?
The smile that blossomed near the
eyes, bore the colour of Sherbet
Didn't it?
Did you enter the house of the
naughty boy from the North?
Did you enter the shop where
he keeps tabs of kisses?
The bee with eyes as deep as the sea
Did it buzz all over your heart?
Did it turn into a tree of shelter, making
you forget the heat of the desert?
Did the bright
eyes smile at you?
Did it twirl the
hair you kept untied?
The heart is beating
fast, in displeasure
Did she hear the
story of the heart?
Did she hear it?
Did you enter the house of the
naughty boy from the North?
Did you enter the shop where
he keeps tabs of kisses?
You must have slept, right?
No, we just went to bed.
Shoba Chechi, what
is it at this hour?
There is a phone
call for Ayisha.
They said they will call now.
She answered the call.
I think it is from Saudi.
Isn't it?
Peace be unto you.
And unto you be peace.
This is Abdullah Ma'soom.
Mama's son.
How are you?
All good, by the grace of God!
How is your family and kids?
Good... good.
How is Mama?
Is Mama doing good?
Mama is not doing well.
Actually she is very tired.
I would say her mind is
more tired than her body.
Even me, my brother,
the grand children...
None of us are able
to make her happy.
She misses you, Ayisha.
But I know that you have
your life back home now.
And I am not asking
you to come back.
I know that won't be right.
But my family wants to
know if you could come.
Anyway, how is
everything else with you?
Everything is good.
Is Mama sad because of me?
I also feel sad.
Don't worry, Ayisha.
It's not because of you.
I feel sad thinking of Mama.
Two days... Can I give
my answer in two days?
God willing!
May God bless you!
I will call you later, Ayisha.
Peace be unto you.
And unto you be peace.
You people and relatives
should get together...
... and find a solution to this problem.
What is the need for you to leave the
opportunities here and go to Saudi?
After seeing you suffer
in a foreign land,
it was our comrades who
took the initiative...
and brought you back
to the world of art.
Opportunities don't
always wait for us.
Why should we waste our life for
someone in some random country?
You will regret this
decision, Ayisha.
I am saying this from
the bottom of my heart!
Remember this!
Come, Madhu Chetta.
If she can't understand
even after we spoke so much.
she needn't understand.
Every family is
like a circus tent.
The tent is balanced by the ropes,
firmly tied to all the sides.
Each rope is a relationship.
When a rope breaks, the rest of
the ropes restore the balance.
It is natural for
the tent to sway
depending on the strength
of the rope which breaks.
The tent will have a pillar.
There's nothing that can replace it.
A pillar like that is
slipping away from our hands.
Apart from the dialysis issues,
Mama has been having brain
issues too for some time now.
Also, her memory is fading.
Most of the things that she
talks now are from her past.
But you are not in the list of things
that she has forgotten, Ayisha!
Please don't move, Mama.
What are you going to do?
Please stay still when I am
taking the blood samples, Mama.
It's just one minute.
It will be done soon.
When will it be done?
It will be done only
when I am finished.
You want to fill the
bucket with my blood.
I know you took it before.
We didn't take any blood
samples today, Mama.
This is the first one.
First one today?
How can you even say that?
Then you tell me, Mama. When did I
take the blood samples before this?
So now you want me
to tell you that?
Are you testing my memory?
I remember very well when
you took my blood sample.
She is right!
Do you have any
memory issues, Merina?
You took the blood
sample just now, right?
Wasn't it me who took
it over to the lab?
Just because she is a patient, why are
you poking and hurting her like this?
Nothing more for today! We have
a lot of things to do at home.
Mama got refreshed after the dialysis.
Right, Mama?
Shall we leave?
Ayisha! You!
When did you reach?
I am back.
I will be here with
you from now on, Mama.
Oh, Ayisha!
I suffered a lot
without you, Ayisha.
No sleep... no appetite.
My surroundings became
unrecognisable to me.
They felt like images which I
saw and forgot a long time ago.
I was just lying in bed, like a
piece of wood floating in water.
Oh my God!
Let's go.
Are you happy now, Mama?
I don't want anyone's
happiness now.
Just do not disturb us.
I have a lot to tell Ayisha.
Let's go, Ayisha.
Everyone is saying that half of Mama's
illness got cured when she saw Ayisha.
Wining over a person's heart is more
difficult than climbing Mount Everest.
Isn't it?
Words have the power to cure.
That's enough for
certain illnesses.
Well, all our old
folks are still here?
Yeah! Those who said that they
won't come back, returned!
But those who said that they will
be back, were never seen again!
That's how it is.
Do you remember that Abid?
I heard that he left
Saudi and went to UAE.
But even then,
I wonder how you could renounce
your fans and their applause.
There's nothing like that.
That's just an illusion, right?
Even we are all just an illusion, right?
While standing amidst the
applause of a cheering crowd,
we should be able to realise...
... that we are...
... not anything to anyone.
An artist should
be aware of that.
If you are a man, you should have
some sense of responsibility.
How many days have passed
since I told you...
... to book tickets
for me and Ayisha?
Tickets from...
... Riyadh...
... to Cairo.
After that,
... then Paris.
Where is Ayisha?
Mom, where are you going?
Oh, the great ones have arrived!
Now I don't have to beg you all.
Before I die, I want to go with Ayisha...
... to all the places where Nasser took me.
Apart from that, I don't
have any other wish.
You can go wherever
you want to, Mom.
For that, I will do
whatever it takes.
I brought Ayisha back, for you.
Wont I do this?
But you should also think about
your physical condition.
You have dialysis tomorrow, right?
How can you go without
doing dialysis?
To go to these places,
you should be in a condition
to travel, right Mom?
Oh God, what kind of a test is this?
Oh my God!
To travel along with my
memories of Nasser...
Oh God, why don't you allow me...
... to visit the places
where Nasser took me?
What is the use of
living like this?
The places you visited
holding Nasser's hands...
You will be able to see
those places again, Mama.
I will bring those places
to you, Mama.
The Pyramids of Egypt,
Eiffel Tower of Paris,
Grand Market of
Turkey... all of them!
Don't worry, Mama.
Always longing for the first place...
and end up being content
with the second place.
That has been my fate.
Always longing for the first place...
and end up being content
with the second place.
That has been my fate.
Always longing for the first place...
Always longing for the first place...
Listen to me carefully.
Always longing for the first place...
and end up being content
with the second place.
That has been my fate.
We have brought the chairs.
Do you want anything else?
Mama's chair is upstairs.
I will go and take...
If there are no props and
lights for Ayishatha's play,
won't it look bad on us?
Mama hasn't come yet.
You get ready.
I'll be right back.
Why are you sitting like this?
Don't we have to go downstairs?
Everybody is waiting downstairs.
I don't want to go downstairs.
Nasser will be there.
I don't want him to see me like this.
My face is swollen.
My hair is falling.
My nails are gone.
I don't want to go anywhere...
- ... like this.
- Mama?
Get up, Mama.
- Come.
- I told you no.
I don't want to go.
Mama! I am calling you, right?
- I will not come.
- Get up.
- Come.
- No.
What is this for?
No more questions.
I'll tell you what
this is for, later.
They pity me as a patient.
Or they fear me!
That is how I feel.
I don't even have...
... an open conversation with them...
or with anyone!
Towards the end...
... this is how it
is for everyone.
Only God knows who will end and
at what time it will happen.
Shall I tell you a story?
It's the story of Biyathumma
from my home-town.
Biyathumma was making a living...
by selling peanuts.
She would wrap peanuts and sell
them at places where crowds gather.
With the money she
earned like that,
Biyathumma decided to go
for the Hajj pilgrimage.
She went to the local
landlord to bid goodbye.
He was the wealthiest
landlord over there.
He made fun of her asking her how
she managed it by selling peanuts.
Do you know what
Biyathumma replied to him?
"Well, God's job is not
selling peanuts, right?"
Every person's life expectancy...
is in God's treasury.
By the will of God!
Who is this beautiful woman?
Nasser's good old Umera.
No! Why should I wear that?
- It doesn't fit me anymore.
- You have to!
Nasser has to see you in this.
Slowly... careful!
Hey... Hawwa!
Get up! Come!
Hey, where is it?
Start the next one.
Come... come!
Yes... come... come!
Husbands sometimes
mock their wives
by lying about an illness.
You are also mocking
me now, right?
You filled my heart, Ayisha!
Shall we leave, Ayishatha?
- Is it time?
- Everyone has duty tomorrow, right?
Anyway, thanks a lot!
I couldn't have pulled this off
without your support.
We should be thanking you.
This is the first time we had such an
experience, after leaving our country.
Then, let's continue
having such experiences.
I will come to your camp.
You should definitely come.
- Okay. We are leaving.
- Okay.
- Okay then.
- Okay. Let us go.
Take it.
Keep this in the vehicle.
Take it slowly.
can you write something
similar for me?
- Are you making fun of me?
- Oh no!
I wish to know what you
think of me in your mind.
- Is it so?
- Yes.
You don't have to know everything!
Mama... Mama!
Mama... Mama!
Oh God!
Mama... you are alright!
Mama! Oh no!
Isn't it?
It is time.
There's a distance
of a memory left
There's very
little time left
To bid farewell to this
beautiful body, with its shadow
There's an unending
fire in the heart
The grief is only
getting stronger
There's a time for
everyone, Ayisha.
Even if one is a great artist,
one should not go on
without realizing that.
There is nothing left here now.
The lives of two people
are getting ruined now.
Well, I just thought
of saying it.
That's all.
Like a word that got
separated from a song
Like a drop of tear
that fell from the eyes
Only this moment
remains, to depart
Darkness is all around
This dress...
You look...
... very beautiful in this.
Isn't it, Mama?
Like the crescendo
of the shining moon
The time we spent
together is disappearing
The night is in pain
Agony is escalating
There's an unending
fire in the heart
Only your memory remains
We wish you could be here
for our entire lives.
We don't want to hold you back.
We understand how great you are.
It's not because I think something
would be waiting for me back there.
If at all I start again,
I will have to start from scratch.
Everyone has forgotten me.
If there is no
other way to live,
again... like this...
I might start working as a
housemaid in some other house.
in this house where
Mama is no more,
I can't stay any longer.
I won't be able to do it.
I don't feel like doing it.
We understand you.
But if you ever want to
come back, feel free.
We are here for you.
Once again...
... this tent...
... needs a pillar.
I am not going anywhere.
I will always be here.
You will realize it, Aqif.
Though there's a provinicialism
in Nilambur Ayisha's name,
that was never a part of her life.
Crossing all borders of
parochialism and sectarianism,
she lived her life
on her own terms
and continues to live so.
A great artist!
Before that great
woman of vigour,
the minor civilities that
our society dictates,
do not turn out to be civilities.
The boundless life that the modern woman
of today won through many battles...
The fact is that Ayisha led that
life 60 years back, as an example.
She keeps reminding us that
life is not meant to be limited
to hanging at the door-steps coyly.
To be concise,
Ayisha is a liberation movement herself!