Ayka (2018) Movie Script

Get up.
Breastfeed your baby.
It's time for breakfast.
Feed him, don't be afraid,
he won't suffocate.
Don't take too long.
Where's the girl from
room five?
She's in the bathroom.
Your baby's crying.
Come feed him.
What's happening?
Ira! Come, quick!
Sorry, I couldn't answer.
I'll explain later.
I can't talk right now.
I'm not hiding.
I just can't talk to you
right now.
I'll send the money today.
Why are you late?
Aren't you sick anymore?
Turn up the heat.
The water is not warm enough.
Legs in the barrel.
Come on, come on.
Work, ladies!
When can we go home?
When are we going home?
When will we be paid?
Get up.
Go start the car.
- When will the payment be made?
- Just a second.
Go start the car.
Five minutes, girls.
I'll send the truck
and I've already paid you.
Get some chickens while you wait.
Great job, girls!
Here's a bonus.
Come on, quick.
No answer yet.
Maybe her phone died.
- You're so naive.
- Let's wait, maybe...
Wait for what?
What's going to happen?
He left for a minute
and disappeared
Where did he go with our money?
Two weeks of work!
How will we get back?
And what about me? You brought me here.
Go and find him!
Two weeks of work!
That bastard!
Asshole! I hope
his damn tire explodes!
It's your fault. You should have asked
for the money upfront...
Open up! Get out!
You, in the blue jacket!
Come here.
Take the suitcase and come here!
Turn up the volume.
This window is mine.
Did you buy it or what?
Did you see this?
Is she crazy?
Is everything alright?
Is there room for everyone?
Don't open the window
in the morning or at night.
If the police show up,
cover the stuff and hide.
Hang up the phone!
It's 6am, let me sleep!
Hang it up!
May I send you the money
in a month?
Right, I'll send it today,
I promise.
What about the new number?
It's inside.
It also has internet after you pay.
SIM cards for sale!
Hi! This is me.
This is my new number.
Don't give it to anyone,
No one at all.
Don't tell anyone where I am,
say you don't know.
Can you lend me 20 thousand?
Yes, again!
I really need the money.
I'm asking because you're my sister.
I'm not making you. Goodbye!
Urmat, hi!
This is Ayka.
Can you lend me money?
It's urgent!
Twenty thousand.
I'll pay you back, of course.
I'm going back to work.
I'll pay you soon.
I'll pass by
and explain everything.
I'm on my way.
The snow swallowed Moscow,
due by the fiercest snowfall
in more than a century!
Nature is literally furious,
punishing human negligence
with global warming.
35.000 street cleaners
and 15.000 snow plows
are removing snow from Moscow.
I hate snow!
Snow melting stations
are working flat out.
One of these stations,
in the north of the city,
have already filled
more than 300 trucks with snow...
Go clean the set.
It's no use walking around.
No money, I said.
And no more work for you.
It's over.
Urmat, Urmat!
- Yes?
- Did you clean the set?
Not yet, we took
a five-minute break.
What do you mean five minutes?
You sit all day!
Go there now and start cleaning!
Why? They said on TV
there'll be more snow.
I don't care what you think.
I'll deduct it from your wages.
We're going.
Would you like some tea?
You got me in big trouble.
You said you'd be gone a week
and how long were you away.
What more do you want from me?
I was sick.
Get out.
- Urmat!
- I was sick.
- Stage manager, answer me!
- Food poisoning. I spent
two months in the hospital.
When are you going
to clean up the set?
Hey! Why are you still here?
Don't just stand there,
go clean the set!
Yes, I sent someone.
I used to work better than her.
Discount me 30% if you want,
but give me the job.
You said yourself that
you didn't want to work anymore.
What are you doing sitting there?
How long do I have to wait?
Do you want to ruin my filming?
Go to work!
- Who said that?
- I said I don't have a job.
Why did you say
that I wouldn't return?
Because I wanted to.
Are you crazy?
This job is mine!
Well, now it's mine.
I also need money.
Go away.
This is not your job!
It's mine, understand?
Did you hear me?
Get off, don't bother me!
If you're still here in two days,
I'll kill you!
I need a job, quick!
Anyone, please!
Is it from the car wash?
Is Igor there?
My name is Ayka.
I worked for you.
Can I come back to work?
Yes, yes.
It's good there.
- What kind of wash would you like?
- The complete package.
When did you work here?
I don't remember.
Six months ago.
- I don't know...
- I used to work hard.
We take care of the discs.
We wash with chemicals.
Igor worked here.
Take this space.
These tires must be very dark, Ok?
- How long is it going to take?
- Only a few minutes.
I'm taking root here!
the Jaguar is ready.
Check back often.
I want some water.
Excuse me.
- Does Igor still work here?
- Sorry I'm late.
The coffee's on the house.
Do you know her?
I want to see your papers.
We're not hiring at the bar.
Can you do the cleaning?
Your work permit expired
a year ago.
- But I worked here with these.
- No more. With all these inspections...
Two minutes.
You'll be deported on inspection,
and I don't want this problem.
Are you looking for a job?
I need someone who speaks
Russian well.
Go to this address in two hours.
- Don't be late.
- Where is it?
Dear passengers, due to
unusual snowfall, Moscow buses
will be delayed.
Accessories, shoes!
Come on, boys and girls.
Clearance sale, low prices!
Miss, get a brochure.
Fashionable clothes,
Low prices.
Bags, accessories.
The second cup is free!
Where's Shubinsky Street?
Let's go.
You can't go there.
Alright, push.
Shubinsky Street, please.
Where's a bathroom around here?
Iguanas don't eat meat,
they are herbivores.
In the abdomen?
Come on Wednesday and Friday.
Stop it!
Hold your dog!
Get them out of here!
Put the collar on him!
- The bathroom?
- That side.
Put a collar
on your dog!
Are you sick?
Do you feel pain?
Come on, I'll get you some tea.
- Are you coming?
- No.
Come on.
Where does it hurt?
- Are you menstruating?
- No, it's a stomach ache.
Have some hot tea.
Chamomile too?
I'll be out in five minutes.
Where to?
Your jacket is all wet.
- Where are you from?
- Chuy.
- What's your name?
- Ayka.
I'm from Osh.
My name is Chinara.
Drink your tea.
I'll be right back.
Are you awake?
Why are you awake?
I told you to sleep.
Pee! Pee!
Go on.
Can I pee standing up?
I'll fill the bucket.
He's got chickenpox.
I had no one to look after him.
- Do you have kids?
- No.
- How old are you?
- 25.
You're old enough to have children.
I still don't want to.
I'm coming.
I'm coming.
Why is my office still dirty?
- I'm going to.
- When?
I said every half hour
when it snows!
Pee faster.
Every half hour,
every half hour...
What does "every half hour"
It means "every 30 minutes".
"Gryaznyy sneg",
what is it?
- "Gryaznyy sneg"
- "Dirty snow".
Can you take care of him
for a while?
No, I'm in a hurry.
Here, hold this.
I'll give you a doctor's number.
Go see her.
You're bleeding a lot,
it's dangerous.
- I don't need a doctor.
- She's not expensive. You can pay later.
No, I don't need to.
Yes, you must.
Can you lend me some money?
At least 10 thousand.
I can't, I have to send
everything home.
Daughter, the trip was good.
We've settled in.
The room is heated.
Yes, love, everything is fine.
The neighbors are nice.
There's a lot of snow here,
it's beautiful.
Alright, love.
Hi. Are you ok?
I have two tickets to the disco.
Do you want to go?
What do you want?
I like you.
Get away from me, understand?
When did you have the abortion?
The day before yesterday.
Why didn't you see a doctor?
Bleeding is very dangerous.
You could have died.
Go through the gate
and then go down to the basement.
Press the bell and I'll open it.
I'm going to lay her down.
and give her some saline.
Drink some tea.
Drink it.
Let's go.
- Will it take long?
- About one hour.
Do you have pills?
I have to go.
Pills alone won't work,
you've lost a lot of blood.
I'll give you some antibiotics too.
You need to feed
your baby better.
It was an abortion.
There's no baby.
You all say that.
As if there was no difference
between an abortion and a pregnancy.
It was a complete pregnancy.
The baby must have weighed
about 3 kg.
You should breastfeed him more often,
or your milk will accumulate,
- and you will have mastitis.
- I don't have a baby.
Do you know what mastitis is?
Maybe they'll have to cut
your breast!
You have to breastfeed the baby
more often
to express all the milk.
I'll be right back.
I'll accept the chicken
for the first and last time,
but you still owe me 700 rubles.
Breastfeed the baby,
don't play with that.
I'm going.
Hi. Come on in.
- For me, it's not worth it.
- Why not?
It's dangerous
in the second quarter.
How much will it cost?
50 thousand.
- Do you have the money?
- Yes, I do.
You may not be able
to have children anymore.
- We'll have an abortion.
- Come on.
Come on, and you wait outside.
Take off your clothes and sit down.
Lie down here.
Don't be afraid.
People say that nothing
can be changed,
that everything is in the hands of God,
that is destiny.
Don't listen to them.
Only losers with low self-esteem
say that.
You are different, right?
And you live in Moscow.
They dream about it,
and you're already here.
You are lucky to live their dream.
Here in Moscow,
there are big, unique,
incredible opportunities.
Your success depends
only on yourself.
Success is like climbing a ladder.
Its not waiting for the escalator,
like on the subway.
It doesn't work,
it doesn't happen that way.
Every day, you must overcome yourself,
move forward.
To climb the ladder.
Here we have an example: me.
I came to Moscow
on March 16, 2005.
It was freezing out there
and I didn't have any money.
And I didn't know anyone.
I was almost crying,
alone, in my rented flat.
Who? Who called?
What did they say?
Don't answer the phone anymore.
Yes, that's it.
I can't talk right now.
I'll call you later.
I came for the job.
Why didn't you come yesterday?
I called you.
I couldn't find...
We have no more vacancies,
we've already hired someone.
- You should have come in time.
- Wait.
Are you here for the
"Think and Grow Rich" training?
I told you, don't call me.
I can't talk right now,
Just don't answer the phone.
I told you, say you don't know
where I am.
That I left and we
haven't spoken in a year.
The problem is mine, okay?
I owe them, not you.
They just want to scare you.
I took money from them
but I'll return it.
Just calm down, OK?
Can you give me any work?
Is there anything else?
Look, I offered you
a good job,
as a waitress,
good salary, no papers.
You didn't come.
What do you want from me now?
Any other work, please.
- I really need a job.
- Only heavy work remains.
I doubt you want
to clear snow, do you?
Hey... you!
Go clean on that side.
- There?
- Yes, that pile over there.
Higher! Make a big pile!
Take the snow off the sidewalk
and put it in the pile.
Come on, faster. Fast!
What the hell are you waiting for?
To work!
Why are you standing there?
How about working a little,
What's up, are you sick?
You should have stayed at home!
It's never too much work for them.
Stay home if you're sick!
Okay, let's get going.
Let's go to the villa.
Let's go!
Are you missing the police or what?
We were cleaning.
We needed some air.
There's a lot of air in jail!
Leave it as it was!
I don't want to see a crack!
Next time you open a window,
you'll all pay a fine
of a thousand rubles.
Don't you understand that you
can't open them?
When will you pay the rent?
Can you give me two weeks?
If I don't see the money,
I'll throw you out in the street.
I said not a crack!
Hi, daughter.
How are you?
I'm fine here too.
How's school, love?
That's my girl.
Don't worry, dear,
your grades will improve.
Very well.
Can you call Bekzat?
There's my boy!
Moscow is beautiful, love,
lots of good people.
The subway is very beautiful,
it's like a museum.
Big subways.
Big roads.
Veterinary clinic?
Come on in, sit down.
- How are you?
- I'm OK.
- Did you see the doctor?
- Yes.
Take your medicine.
Give me the toy!
Two days with high temperature.
He needs to see a doctor.
Can you substitute for me?
How many days will I work?
I don't know yet.
- How much will you pay?
- A thousand a day.
Drink fast.
- What's the job?
- Cleaning.
Hi. Are you here?
Wait, don't come closer.
I'll go out with him myself.
Can you give me an advance?
Quick, put the jacket on.
- Are you sure you can do it?
- I'm sure.
Let's go, I'll show you
what you have to do.
The work is from 9am to 9pm.
The cages are there.
Here's the administration.
The bathroom's here,
always change the paper.
The cat needs to be fed.
This is the vet's office,
keep it clean.
Wash the hall every half hour.
Leave the toy.
Can you pick it up for me?
Be quiet, be silent.
Ok, bye.
But the snow keeps falling.
Frankly, the most frightening are
the weather forecasts.
Nature inevitably presents
another surprise.
Next week the air temperature in Moscow
will rise another two degrees.
Will all that snow become a problem?
Khoga, come here!
Khoga, shit!
Get out.
What's going on here?
Who released him?
Ira, I told you,
get this cat out of here!
All right!
We agreed not to release him
during the day!
Get him out of here!
Excuse me, miss.
Jackie, come!
Sit down!
Are you the replacement?
Come with me.
Did they say to mop the floor
every half hour?
I'll check it.
Get the snow off the porch.
You need to clean there.
And the boxes in the hall...
Take the bottles out of them
and put them in those cabinets.
Now you're going to help me in here.
Clean the table and
help me with the animal.
There's our star!
- How is she?
- She's getting better.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
Let's walk a little bit.
Lara, come to me.
Good girl.
Good girl, you're wonderful.
Let's take a look at the table.
Put her on the table.
The pelvis looks fine.
How about we shave, Lara?
Let's get her off the table.
Surgery's tomorrow.
- Anything else?
- No, you can go.
Jackie, stop it, come on here!
Jackie, where's Jackie?
Jackie, stop it. Sit, sit!
I won't involve you in anything.
It's not my fault if they...
I told you...
I told you, if they go again,
tell them you'll to call the police.
No, they don't know where I am.
Moscow is huge.
How could they find me?
Let them come!
They'll never find me in Moscow.
Don't lecture me!
What can you teach me?
How to have five children
and live on crumbs?
Listen, I don't want a life like that!
Listen! I don't want any of that!
I have my own...
My own life!
My own plans.
My own problems!
Put this on your head
once and for all, damn it!
Get out of there!
To the police station!
Let me go!
Where are you taking me?
My papers are in order!
Hands behind your back!
Tomsk 115!
What's happening?
- We got them.
- Bring them.
- This is Tomsk 115.
- Proceed.
We caught some illegal ones.
Shut his mouth.
Hit him and handcuff him.
That's what they get
for running away!
Where's your registration?
- Where's your registration?
- I gave it yesterday...
Where's yours?
What are you saying?
You're in Russia, speak Russian!
- My papers are in order!
- Then why did you run away?
Schedule their deportation!
Their registration is pending.
What the hell do they want?
There are a hundred more
in the attic!
- Galina Petrovna, enough!
- Thank you, miss.
Let's check.
Close your door.
Max! Attic and basement.
- Vitya, let's solve this.
- What the hell do you want?
- We always solve this.
- Solve what?
- Let me take care of it.
- Take care of what?
- Why are they running away from me?
- They just arrived.
So what?
Why didn't you talk to me?
- Vitya, I didn't have time.
- No time for what?
Come here.
Where are you going?
- He cleans our street.
- Why are you smiling?
Nobody listens to me!
They make noise day and night!
Close the door, please.
Follow me.
Excuse me.
Let me handle this.
I'll pay for these...
- I can give money...
- What money?
Let's go to the police station.
- But they only arrived three days ago.
- Exactly! Three days for free!
Let's solve this here...
Why get into trouble?
Why argue?
Nobody said anything to them.
So why were you handcuffed?
Why did you argue?
I'm asking, why did you
argue with the police?
My bedside table...
I don't believe that!
How many times have I said that
if the police show up,
offer money or call me!
What was not clear?
Everything is clear.
Are you insane?
You're a piece of shit!
Do you understand Russian?
Do you understand
what I'm saying?
- Do you understand?
- Of course I do...
Shut up!
If I hadn't paid them,
they would have taken you with her!
Fine of two thousand! You and you!
It's my last warning!
If it happens again,
one of you will be out on the street.
And I won't get you out of jail!
I'll let them deport you!
They will close my hostel
because of you!
Go back to your rooms!
Not a word.
Hostel of the Sun.
Don't just stand there,
load fifty into the truck.
What do you want?
How much for a room?
We have no vacancies,
come back in a month.
Yes, we have tulips.
Come here.
Here, from that box, those over there.
Those and those.
Get them together fast
and load them the truck.
Who cut them?
I'm talking to you!
I'm calling for the night shift.
Your family members are here.
Why are you hiding?
Why are you running away?
- Have some tea!
- Come out. We need to talk.
I'm asking you.
Get out of here, let's talk.
Get out!
Where did you run to?
- Stop shaking!
- I'm not shaking.
Straighten up, stop shaking.
Did you think you could
run away from us?
- No.
- Come, sit over there.
Did you think you could mess with us?
Run away from us?
Do you think you can mess around
with guys like us?
No, I wasn't going...
So why did you run away?
They didn't pay me.
Who didn't pay you?
- At work.
- I don't give a shit!
They escaped!
Brother, she's here.
You bitch, are you running away
from me?
You took 200 grand for your damn
sewing business,
returned 70 and hid.
I told you, no matter the place
I will find you.
Do you want me to cut your throat?
Get the money,
are you listening?
Don't make me go after you.
This conversation is over.
Yes, brother, we're done.
Do you understand
who you're dealing with?
Look at me!
I told you to look at me!
You understood?
Did you think you could escape
by changing your number?
I'll pay you in a month.
In a month?
What did you say
when you borrowed it?
I'm sorry. I'll pay everything
in a month.
You said you would set up
a business and pay me back.
Why didn't you think about that?
We know where your sister lives,
what she does.
We know what you're doing,
where you work,
where you go, everything.
Look at me.
We can cut your
sister's fingers off like that,
and send them as a gift
for you in an envelope.
A small package
in the mail, every week.
Every week, a new finger.
I promise, I will pay in a month.
Please, just give me a month.
Listen. I'm not here for fun.
You have two days,
You have two days!
If you don't pay by then,
things are going to get ugly,
very ugly.
Please, give me one month!
If you go to the police
or tell anybody,
we're going to kill you
and your sister,
and bury both of you in the woods.
One month, please.
Don't make a fool of me.
Still don't understand?
Do you understand?
Two days, do you hear me?
Look at me!
Look into my eyes.
Tell your friends
that the tea is good.
And don't turn off your phone!
Do you hear me?
Or you'll die.
Open up!
Did you think I wasn't coming back?
This is my job.
Open up!
Give me my money back!
I'm not leaving without it!
I'm going to cut your throat!
Do you hear me?
I won't go away!
Come here.
This job is mine.
Stop screaming!
No, she lied to you!
- She lied to you!
- I told you not to come here!
There's no work for you!
I told you never to come back here!
Lara, calm down.
The pulse are stable.
Very well, do the stitches.
- I'll be in the office, if you need me.
- Ok, Dr. Mikhailovich.
I see some scaling, but I don't know
anything about it.
He needs a herpetologist.
Come on Wednesday.
What do I do now?
I asked you not to enter
during an appointment. Get out.
When will you finish
painting the walls?
You were supposed to paint them
the day before yesterday.
We didn't have time.
And why didn't you clean it later?
Why did you leave
the floor dirty?
You have to clean it yourself.
Get out.
Finish it tomorrow.
Dr. Mikhailovich,
anything else?
Yes, please clean the floor,
this paste
and any remaining paint.
Prepare the table for consultation.
Dr. Mikhailovich?
Could you give me an advance?
I need money.
What advance? You're a substitute
and it's your second day.
Or maybe you can give me
a loan.
Do I have to adopt you too?
I can paint, paste wallpaper,
during the night.
I can do that.
Please, I can do that.
Did you hear me?
Do what I asked.
I can leave my passport.
What passport?
Can't you do your job
and get paid for it?
Just do your job.
Klenovitskaya, with the dachshund,
can come in!
Look, she's bleeding.
No one is bleeding.
She needs a suture,
a couple of stitches should be enough.
She'll be okay.
She's full.
Has she breastfed?
Not yet.
- Are the puppies yours?
- Yes.
Let them suck before operating.
- Can you hold her?
- Yes.
I'll take care of you,
don't worry.
Clean the table now.
Put it here.
Children, come!
Once I put in the stitches,
don't let them take them out.
- My dear.
- Watch his paw, move it away.
Look, the paws,
you need to move them away.
The heart stopped beating!
Excuse me a moment.
Where are you going?
Stay here and help.
Miss, hold here.
Hold it for me here.
My baby!
It's me, Ayka.
I can't pay you.
I don't have money.
I have a son.
Where did the baby come from?
He is my son.
- Your baby?
- Yes.
- You gave birth?
- Yes.
- When?
- Five days ago.
- Where is he?
- In the maternity ward, I left him there.
- Is he in good health?
- Yes, he's fine.
He weighs 3.2 kg.
I'll give you all the certificates.
- Where's the father?
- He doesn't have one.
What do you mean
he has no father?
Every baby has a father.
Do you want him to have
problems in the future?
Where's the father?
I was raped by a policeman.
It's alright, look at me.
Tomorrow you go to the hospital.
You will get the baby out of there.
They'll wait for you outside.
Tomorrow I'll tell you
the type of car.
Give them the baby
and all the papers.
All papers and certificates.
We will be close.
You will write us a letter
saying you abandoned him.
Look at me!
Don't screw with us!
If you screw with us,
we will sell you for parts.
Kidneys, heart... Got it?
Don't mess with us.
Don't do anything stupid.
You must take off your coat.
You're lucky I haven't filled out
the paperwork yet.
He would be in social services tomorrow.
You would have to get him
from them.
She escaped from the fifth floor,
- Yes, she escaped on my shift.
- Prepare the baby to be discharged.
Do you have any clothes for him?
What are you going
to dress him in?
Find something for her.
Sign here.
Why are you
all gathered in Moscow?
Couldn't you give birth at home?
You come, give birth
and leave them here.
They are cared for by strangers.
Have you ever thought about it?
What were you thinking
when you ran away?
What were you thinking?
Thank you.
Breastfeed him at home.
Look how hungry he is.
Here, take him.
Don't abandon him again.
I've got the baby.
I'm off.
Translation to English: pami