Ayla: The Daughter of War (2017) Movie Script

This movie is the story of a veteran ..
.. Korean War, Sergeant Suleiman Dilbrilli.
South Korea, June 1950.
5 years after the Second World War.
- Taraaa!
- That's a bike!
My daughter, dad made you a present.
Come up.
- Extraordinary.
- Let us go!
Come back. My daughter will arrive.
- What happened?
- It is okay.
Do not be afraid, daddy here.
- Hide it.
- Where?
Seoul, calm down.
If you cry, you will not
see mother again. Understand?
Wait here.
Assistant Director:
Jean Paul Seresin
Music: Fahir Atakoglu
Producer: Mustafa Uslu
Directed by: Can Ulkay
From subtitle: -
We apologize for the many mistakes of translation
Iskenderun, Turkey. June 1950
Come on.
- Suleiman!
- I come.
Patience, patience, mbokyo.
Rasah bengok-bengok.
Come on, quickly! Thank you God! Thank you God!
Every morning you like
a lot of work, every day the same.
- Today is hot, at least once to water this.
- Good work..
..you intentionally do the same thing, right?
Be disciplined.
We are sergeants, fix your tie.
That's right, right. Come on.
Shit, you're like a woman.
You know what I dream?
Cycling around the world.
Why are we staying here, brother?
Every day has much to go through,
it's like traveling around the world.
Hey why slow?
The girls are waiting for us.
Run fast, come on!
Without seeing them,
morning we will not pass.
I'm like a water faucet.
Start sweating.
You will not sweat
if less talk. Hurry up! Come on!
Mr. Turgay!
May I not be late.
No, do not worry.
That's special for you.
- Sir, do not tear.
- This is it.
Dear Allah.
Masha Allah, Masha Allah.
Our girls are okay,
but this one is different.
- See, right? - Will he look at you?
- Why not? Why?
- We will see.
At least once wear
tie it properly.
- Show yourself as a young officer.
- You torture me with your ties.
Do not make me show
military rule.
Do not talk about discipline,
I'm not like you guys.
I'm a sniper,
I'm always on target.
- Come on, sir.
- Please.
Let's go.
I met a girl.
Can I call her name?
Everyone hooked me up with her.
My heart is crying indefinitely.
My love is not satisfactory.
He left and will not return.
Let the years go by,
I will live, think of it.
My father said the country will send
soldiers to Korea, they too ..
Shhtt be quiet.
Why send them?
I do not know, but I'm worried.
My heart is sad for her.
Infantry Division Command.
Sit down, Suleiman.
It's an order, sit down. You know I call you?
We will send troops to Korea.
- I have heard, may Allah protect them.
- Amen.
Ankara prepares troops,
but there is an order for us.
I thought of you, Suleiman.
Your presence here is very helpful.
But they need
an independent soldier like you.
- What do you think?
- I'm honored.
Does anyone worry you?
No, Major. There is also life,
like my homeland.
- Koreans are very similar, are not they?
- Yes.
- Not like that.
- Suleiman.
You are a technical staff.
It was not a battle.
- I can not imagine you in a war.
- Look what it looks like, he's from Maras.
May Allah have no problem with this, my brother.
Think why someone kills someone else,
if there is no threat to his life.
Can we just go
and shoot Communists?
Do you want to do it?
There the people were tortured.
- So let's face them. - Shht, does he go with you?
My brother will go to war,
and I'm just here waiting for him?
- Who will protect it?
- Shht, you stay quiet.
- Have you talked to your family?
- Convey my message to Nuran through Ijla.
I'll talk tonight.
Ali just baffles you.
Do not keep quiet.
And what if you're lost
in Korea, Suleiman?
Do not talk like that.
People there ..
..they need our country,
and that's from me.
- Can I avoid this?
- But Jalal can?
But I can not. That is me.
Do not you love me for that?
I love you..
But it's very far.
Very far.
And if you forget me there ..
Do not worry. Why?
Does it scare you?
I'm an orphan.
Since childhood I was raised by my uncle.
I only have you, and ..
- ..you will leave an orphan ..
- I will not leave you, no.
I will send you letters and photos.
You will see it as if I'm with you, I promise.
Every morning I see you
only two seconds.
I tried to make you
remains in my memory.
Feel me too.
Do not ever forget me.
Remember my warmth.
MARAS (region of Turkey)
Nimet, a telegram came.
Try to read to me.
No problem, Uncle Hussein.
From your son, Uncle.
He was sent to Korea.
"Do not worry about me.
I will send a letter.
"Give me a blessing."
I'm leaving, Mom's waiting for me.
communism in Korea ..
That is the other end of the earth.
Bravo, Masya Allah.
I did not give birth to a child.
Do I have to be proud of her being sent there.
They have decided
to send troops ..
Protect him, O God.
Give him back in good health.
Easily walk Suleiman.
My life, when we were gone,
Iskendarun looks very small ..
Man will understand
how great the world is.
The earth is big,
and the distance is very wide.
But there are two fires in me. One - to help people
that I do not know.
And secondly - our love,
that bursts beyond your sadness.
That's why I'm not afraid.
And you also do not be afraid.
You and I can go through
everything in this world.
Because we keep two treasures.
Which people say "kindness and love".
"My dear father, do not let Mother worry."
Despite the strange American food,
but they took good care of us.
For example, they gave us egg powder.
Something new to Muharem.
You should see how he speaks
with mouth full of egg powder and panting.
Jelal and Ilhan, Brother.
Do not tell girls,
they gave us weapons.
We started shooting training.
We always say, "We will fight."
"We show strength
US Armed Forces. "
They train us.
"38 Parallel in Korea."
This movie is translated by Senior Lieutenant Mesut
He's an interpreter,
and our introduction is quite interesting.
- That's him, commander.
- Suleiman.
I need fuel for the engine.
Where do I get?
- I'll find it.
- Thanks, my room is an insect.
I do not know what to do.
All night bite me.
The Americans say, can you?
on the ship there are insects?
Of course it is possible.
At the harbor crawling on the ropes.
OK. Bring me fuel
to drive them out.
- But they will die.
- So, what to do?
Feed them.
They are willing to die for food, commander.
Let them find sugar and leave you.
You will learn to live side by side.
- Tell me, are you a communist like me?
- No, I do not understand those things.
But there is something that can
studied from ants.
He went to war,
but can not even kill the ants.
Ali, Masha Allah. The bullet is released
one by one easily.
Because he burned desire to kill communists.
He does not match Lieutenant Mesut.
My dear, one month
our voyage is ending soon.
As always,
do not think bad things.
- Are you okay?
- They have a priest in the army.
- They do not like to pray.
- No, not for prayer.
They have a pastor not for that.
Then for what?
Sergeant Ali, you will not keep shooting.
If the enemy kills us?
Every body needs to be buried according to its religion.
Busan, South Korea, October 1950
Come on, gentlemen. 95 km away
travel to Tegu city to North.
Tegu, South Korea
Brothers, this summer is South Korea
really busy.
But with the strength of unification,
the enemy army has retreated ..
And South Korea is protected by occupation.
Now it's time to give
the last attack on the border.
- We take the road to Kunu-ri.
- As a Turkish army ..
..we will first meet with the ferocity of war.
Oh God, what are they
do to this country.
After seeing it all, you will
realize the sanctity of your duty.
25. US Headquarters, Kunu-ri
Brothers, last attack
will be here.
Important strategic place.
- Why are their conditions so miserable?
- Maybe something has happened.
The Americans say the mission is over.
We'll be home in a month.
Let's go, eat marshmallows and drinks.
Marshmallow? Is our journey
Come here for sweets?
While waiting,
we have to do something.
The enemy will come to you alone.
Here we arrive and everything is decided.
American orders, and we do.
Are we coming to take advantage?
Do not believe in us?
Why keep us from the front line?
You're here to become a country hero
or to hunt down the Communists?
What do you mean?
On whose name are you, commander?
Are you threatening me,
report that i'm a spy? Tell me the truth, who are you?
Commander, we're here for want
do good things. Like the others.
Good idea to clarify this.
Let's get in the car, then something
the unexpected appears.
What's unexpected, Suleiman?
Orang2 say military action ended.
Completed task.
Dear Allah! Hurry up!
- Commander, are you okay?
- Hurry!
Hurry up!
Ali, contact Corps 9 that an emergency.
The connection is broken.
- I need a technical officer.
- Yes Sir.
- Also an interpreter.
- Yes Sir.
You will receive guidance from the army,
to find us, any questions?
When they arrive, the problem is resolved.
Will probably be back soon.
Insha Allah he will propose
after returning.
Also me and Jelal. So there are two
wedding in the fall.
Isla, let's go to the wedding parlor.
There is a very beautiful dress in the window.
We must be quick.
Can not Commander,
only the moonlight alone.
I know there is no other way.
Turn on the light. - Ali! Shadow!
- Leave the car!
Nimeth, why is my daughter?
What is wrong with you?
I feel anxious, Mom.
Commander, "is yours"?
They do not like you very much.
All right?
The enemy will ambush if we go the way.
We will go through the forest.
Let's go.
Pepe, did we take you
for safety?
- Yes, Commander.
- But why do not you shoot?
Commander, probably because
I'm not used to weapons yet.
You still call me Pepe,
I can be offended.
Did not they call you Pepe?
At least not so soft.
God, save us.
Very barbaric, all killed,
even children.
Open the eyes wide2.
They may still be here.
They're here, that bastard.
Ali, wait.
Commander, I think it's an animal.
Let me shoot for
find out what it is there.
If shooting, we are caught.
Commander, let me see.
Watch Out.
Come on, do not be afraid.
I will not hurt you.
Come on.
Let's go. He scares us to death.
But he himself was very frightened.
Have a talk with Suleiman, we have a job.
- Commander, we can not leave him here.
- Let's go.
She was cold.
- Suleiman, look at you,
- Let's go. - Oh sure, Brother.
9. Headquarters of the Unh Hung-Ni Corps
Commander, can this child live here?
Sorry Ali, there are many other important cases
why ask about a child?
Commander, this boy from South Korea ..
..or North Korea?
How do I know? What is the problem?
Obviously he was neglected.
For example .. In this region ..
..to the south, like Mongolia ..
Their cheekbones are slightly prominent.
Muharem, you will not be able ..
because "busy" talk.
Better go find the milk
for this little girl.
This child can die of hunger,
It was cold.
- Very cold
- Want to go to toilet?
Let him walk.
He's not talking?
No, just moaning.
We do not know his name.
Do we give him a name?
- How?
- Agreed. What is the calling?
To remember my mother, call Nagiye.
- Can not.
- Why?
Can a little girl be called Nagiye?
So what? Your mother's name? Who?
Gulchin ..Ckck, like enemy name huh?
So call what?
- Maybe Ayla.
- Ayla?
His face is like a moon.
We find our moonlight.
- May we call you Ayla?
- Congratulations, Commander.
Sounds good, Ayla.
I will give my life for you!
Tuan2. That's the action of the Chinese army.
We will also be involved.
It said the war had ended,
but now it starts.
Now North Korea is no longer alone.
Now North Korea
and China help each other.
- The war is complicated.
- We'll secure you with backup.
Captain Cage will be with you.
I will get information.
He said he would get the information.
We are together in this work.
Lieutenant Lee knew the area.
New route will be your guide.
The new secret route will guide us.
The Turkish headquarters will be allocated
on this line. We will contact the central command
to report a new plan.
Let's get started, Major.
Commander, I found milk.
There is also milk powder.
Americans say for little kids.
Cover the covers.
- Are you carrying it?
- Oh, my little girl.
- Watch Out.
- Let's go.
I'll tell you everything later.
They found a little girl in the street.
In order not to leave him alone,
they took it.
- What a noble deed.
- So true.
The Turks are the first
responds to the war.
When this war comes into history.
Neither you nor I will remember it.
They will go into history books.
Stay with this child.
Still not hungry?
See what I have.
Do you want some milk?
Do not look at me with that face.
I drink first, okay?
Ouch, I spilled it.
Would you like a drink?
I got a message.
We have to go to Kunu-ri.
He takes orders to go to Kunu-ri.
On road narrowing, we turn right to reach Kunu-ri faster.
After road narrowing,
we will turn right.
- Good plan.
- OK.
Ali, tell Suleiman to see
what's wrong with lieutenant car.
You were told to check the car, there is a problem.
Wait here, I'll be back.
- You can not come.
- Suleiman, hurry up.
Please wait. I want to check the car there.
You care about a kid or a car, sergeant?
Leave the child on the other.
Hurry, no time.
Take the kid if you keep going.
..and become their burden.
The child will not burden us.
He will take care of the child,
so as not to burden us.
Only a vulnerable child, how heavy?
Yoweslah, let's go.
I will not give you
on anyone, stay here. Okay?
Nice. Ali, sit behind the wheel.
Duh lousy! Are they not?
check it out before you go?
If it were me, I would suspend 3 months.
- Of course master.
- It's on.
Here is Suleiman, why sad.
Turn it on.
Okay. It does not work properly. Let's go catch the enemy.
He's watching you all the time
without looking away.
My girl? Sweetie.
Let's go.
Take the boy!
Ayla! Ayla!
- Suleiman!
- Yes fine!
Sign below here. Hurry up.
Do not get out of there.
- They're over here!
- Suleiman!
Why is the bullet run out?
Suleiman, do something! Suleiman!
Ali, protect me!
Ali, give me the grenade!
Hurry up! Hurry up!
Suleiman, be careful! Too much!
If they go down, we die!
Relax, do not worry.
Do not be afraid. I'll save you.
They're coming.
Ali, they come here!
Suleiman, get it done
and get out of there! I did not succeed!
News! News!
"The war is over, start again!"
They write about the country
which shocked the world.
We injured were found in the area
different. The loss is about 20%.
We must be ready.
You know what that 20% is.
This means every five people ... Do not like that. We must believe
and hope God helps us.
Serious damage occurred at our command post.
China helps the enemy.
There is a battle in the Kunu-ri area.
Suleiman is also there.
I do not know what to say.
We wait for the news.
I already told her, do not go.
I've talked to her a lot.
Suleiman, are you awake?
Where is my lion from Maras?
Congratulations for you!
Great! He's here to fix the machine.
And now conquering death ..
- Who are you?
- You're okay, brother?
Look, we're fine.
You have a problem? Are you seriously injured?
- It is okay.
- Where's your foot?
Do not laugh at me.
- I'm afraid something happens to you.
- I will not die. Come here Ayla.
- Come here.
- Alhamdulillah, this child is not hurt.
She keeps waiting for you.
She's like a kitten. I get your mum.
We will not leave you.
Koreans want to take it.
But Ayla does not want to. Lee will solve this problem
with his superiors.
The number of orphans increased.
Number of child guards
from Turkey is also not reduced.
But this is our children.
We must bring these children together.
And find solutions for their future.
China has helped North Korea.
In this case, we must run south.
It's complicated to think about these things.
The Turks advise
open schools for children.
Our relationship is close to Turkey.
How's Lieutenant Lee?
When creating a safe place for children ..
..the best place in the headquarters.
Please decide, Commander.
What is this.
War was in turmoil, Sergeant.
We will keep moving.
You can not work with a child.
I understand, Major.
But this kid is no parent ..
It's not our responsibility.
Let it be handled by the Korean side.
- Will be decided in 2 days.
- That fast?
Commander, he has never been apart from me.
How can...?
Therefore I tell you, do not get too tied to him!
This will make it hard for you and him.
Come back to your job.
I'll give it to Sadik.
Keep it as long as you're gone.
Stop being a nanny
and finish the job.
- Yes Sir.
- Ah, Suleiman.
We are proud of your courage
and other forces in Kunu-ri ..
.. who have sacrificed.
We will not let the enemy suppress.
Thank you for maintaining its integrity.
Therefore South Korea will give
medals to our heroes.
You're ready, Congrats.
Let the child with Sadik,
so as not to be your burden.
That is all.
Do not get annoyed.
No parent ..
.. i will be an uncle or aunt for her.
I'll take care of it.
- I'll sew the clothes.
- Is it true?
- Where did you get the cloth?
- The blanket you wrap.
I can also cook.
When there's no clothes ..
.. i scissors blanket into a coat.
- Can you make anything?
- Yes, that is so.
I did have a problem with my head, but I can do it all.
Tell me what you need, I'll do it.
Look, I gotta go,
You're here with Sadik's uncle, okay?
He understands? OK.
Ouch, you do not come, understand?
You're here, stay here.
Oh, no, no, no.
Prohibited, do not.
- Take him.
- What?
What are you trying to explain?
My heart is sad, but I can not be with him.
- You've been to the doctor?
- I told the doctor he was 4-5 years old.
Is it true? Do not talk about her shock.
Her parents were killed before her eyes.
What kind of world is this.
Masha Allah. It's like a vacation.
Take the camera to take a picture.
- You are right.
- Let the house people proud.
Are we photographed here? I decorate first.
The cute, my brother.
- Ready!
- Wait.
Back up a little.
"We have seen in Kunu-ri ..."
"From now on we have a bond together."
"The Turks deserve it."
- Thank you sir.
"At the expense of life for our homeland." "Your struggle will never be forgotten."
"Soldier, this time, you come with us."
"We'll never forget it."
Soldiers, thanks for the help.
Soldiers. we speak
with General Beyong Suun.
From now on we become a big family ..
..in healthy and happy ..
.. together with you, forever.
- Said, we're a big family.
- Unspoken emotions of the soul.
"Look, we're all right.
Medals and tributes are also clear. "
"This little girl is in the middle of a war
bringing light into our dark world. "
This looks good, why annoyed?
Smile a little.
I do not know Isla.
I'm afraid something will happen to him.
Because this little girl she risked her life.
What if he died?
January 1951
Suleiman, this is from home.
My wife entrusted this.
- How's our daughter?
- All right, Commander.
Limo, Enem, Pitu, Wolu, Songo, 10, 11 ..
..Rolas, Telulas, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 ...
- Relax. - Chase.
- Relax, it's a kid.
- Throw, throw.
Take, my daughter. Open your mouth.
Open wider.
Open haap..hebat, Ayla.
You know how to call me?
My name is Suleiman.
What about your name?
Why not talk, little one?
If you continue chatting,
I can not give milk.
Good night.
You can not come. You sleep here.
Your place is here.
You sleep here, okay?
Come on.
Line up soldiers.
4. God. 5. God 6. God.
7. God, one, two, three, four.
Left and right. Left and right.
One two three four.
March 1951
40, 41, 42, 43, 44 ..
45, 46, 47, 48 ..
- ..49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54
- Done!
- Rest!
- Yes Sir!
He can talk!
Of course, who is his teacher.
To the left. Once again.
- To the left.
- Rest!
- Rest!
- Ready to move!
- Rest!
- Rest!
I can not stand it, let me cry.
- Laugh.
- Let's all laugh. Laugh!
So he can write Korean?
I give the text and he read it. But he can not write his name.
He thinks his name is Ayla.
I do not know what to do.
He can learn from hearing.
Let us teach Turkish.
Friends sent me this. Ayla, look.
Is this the movie "My Daughter"?
No mother. No brother.
- My daughter.
- Dad. - My daughter.
April 1951
Sleep. Lie down.
Recent developments this weekend.
He said we're going to Tokyo ..
I'm telling you. That was a surprise.
- Let's finish this, Ayla.
- Swimming, Eyes.
Swim. It's a Bike.
Bike. The word "bike" pleases my girl.
- Bike.
- Yes, bike.
- Come on.
- Where, little girl?
Okay, I'm coming. Where.
Okay, okay. I come.
- Bike.
- Yes, bike.
- How do you know that, my daughter?
- Uncle Sadik.
All right, you play.
I have a little work, okay?
- What is this?
- Damn shit, sergeant.
I have to unload and assemble.
- Where did you get it?
- Local people.
Prohibited from communicating with them.
What you give them to get this?
Nothing, I just lend money.
After all, it's old stuff
and nothing special.
What is this bike for?
Are you going to drive it?
I will sell to buy Ayla's clothes, is that bad?
You're doing an illegal act.
Do not use Suleiman ..
.. for reasons, but Ayla, is not it?
- He made up stories.
- No, what are you talking about?
- This glove too ..
- No, sergeant.
That's the result of fixing the machine.
But I do this on my own initiative,
for that little girl.
I also have a sister.
I hope you understand, Lieutenant.
I'm not an immoral person.
All right, fix the bike.
I will not report you,
but if it repeats, we will get scolded.
- Enjoy your food.
- Now we're fine here.
- But soldiers are killed every day.
- Our goals are all the same.
- Will we be saved?
- There's no use scaring me.
See Suleiman has also gone.
..Sullar Solomon! All must be dead. You made the conclusion too soon
for the people, Commander.
- I was wrong, Suleiman.
- Do not take it serious.
My daughter, Ayla.
Why are you crying?
- They say you're dead.
- Aduuh, who said?
They say, "Suleiman is gone."
- What's he saying?
- Suleiman is gone, Ooh that.
Suleiman is not me.
That's another Suleiman.
- That's a story, a fairy tale.
- Not me, another Suleiman.
That's Sultan Suleiman.
- Is it true, not dead?
- He's not dead.
Is it because she is crying?
Holiday later, we take Ayla to go to party.
Ahh, that's great.
Lieutenant Mesut can do
whatever he wants with me.
No one wants to deal with you.
Tokyo Japan, April 23, 1951
I watched you today.
You take care of this bird yourself.
Then he flies.
We will return to Turkey.
How do we share with him?
Or how will he share with us?
- Sadik.
- Welcome, Commander.
No one knows. We find relatives of Ayla's family.
- A local resident saw it.
- The people you trade goods?
Yes. He said he wanted to take him home.
They ordered to submit
the child voluntarily.
I will meet them, but alone.
No, let me go.
I at least understand their language.
No, you keep Ayla.
And Ali should not know this.
Ayla, baby.
Read what is written here.
But promise, tonight you will obey.
Turn on Ali's uncle's radio and listen.
I have a little work.
I'll be right back, okay?
- OK.
- Clever girl.
Come on, read this.
Commander, I'll tell you something,
but do not be angry with me.
Su-su-sue ...
- Call Suleiman and Ali.
- Yes Sir.
Why did you let him go?
Are you crazy?
- You know where he is?
- I do not know.
Why not tell me right away?
What if something happens to her?
I said do not go, but he is
not listening to me. He goes. - What we will do?
- Come along.
- Where? How to find it?
- I know.
- Can you take him?
- No.
I have one way.
If Sergeant Suleiman sees this,
he will kill me.
- Is not it wrong?
- Do not insult yes.
I dream of traveling the world on a bicycle,
and now look at it.
- Do not move, bastard.
- Let me go.
- Where are the Americans? Say it!
- Stubborn!
How many soldiers
in your place, say?
- I do not understand. Let me go.
- Speak up!
Do not move! Do not move!
Do not move!
Return our people!
Our troops are outside.
Return our people!
You all step aside.
Come on, Suleiman.
Sadik, turn on the motor.
Sadik, turn on the motor, fast!
- Can the bike live?
- Get out of here, come on.
- What did you tell them?
- I said a lot of soldiers outside.
How did you learn it?
From Ayla and Americans.
Sadik, where are you? They are after us.
- Great! - Why are you doing that?
How do I know.
I thought they were relatives of the boy.
Gas! Gas!
- What do you think this bike is?
- Is this a motorcycle?
You have to answer for this.
- Where are they, Lieutenant?
- Look at the engine!
Sergeant Suleiman was a bit unhealthy, Commander.
Sorry, but something went wrong.
Above and below he ...
And Ali? Is he ..
Why not get out? What's inside?
We find out.
Commander, forgive.
- Your Marilyn is coming.
- Who?
Will sing some songs.
I know you are his admirer.
But unfortunately for Ali, there are important things,
the task awaits him.
Good luck, like that.
- Who's Marilyn?
- I do not know. (joke)
What are you doing?
Shit. If I do not see this girl,
I will die.
Better to get out of military service!
- Calm down!
- Suleiman, why?
- How long have I been waiting for this.
- Why grumble? It's still two days away.
- Do not get in the way, Suleiman.
- I'm not blocking. quiet. I'm willing to kill for this,
that prevents me.
I hope to meet him ..
..to confess feelings,
and the next day makes us more intimate.
- Why did you get in my way?
- Who's blocking it?
Listen ..
Yesterday I advised not to do that.
- Do you want to get punished?
- Suleiman is right.
Look, we'll go with Ayla.
I promise to you.
I promise to give you
signature directly ..
- .. and his lipstick kiss, hmm?
- What is this? New Trend?
- Did he make it and send it?
- Yes.
Did she sign specifically for me?
Of course, special for you.
"Ali dear, with love for you", he wrote.
Tomorrow we go.
You will say, "I am Ali."
I can be your interpreter.
- Tomorrow?
- Tomorrow.
- Do you promise?
- Yeah I promise.
- You promise, Suleiman?
- Promise, brother.
He also promised. Yes, my daughter?
It will be very difficult.
- We already promise, how?
- I do not know. If it fails, Ali will not see me again.
I will not go back without it.
I'm leaving, Lieutenant.
Excuse me.
My daughter, up. Wave your hands.
He saw.
Come here, little girl.
Do not forget about Ali.
Ayla, do not forget Ali.
Hi, what is this?
You want a signature? Yes?
For who?
- Speak up, son.
- For who?
- Ali.
- Smart!
To Ali? OK. "For Ali".
This is for Ali.
Do I have to give you a kiss?
Wait for me.
Music, please.
Sulei..man ..
Commander. Commander!
Commander! Please! Commander!
Commander! Commander! Please!
Do not Cry. I will not leave you.
July 1951
Brothers. For a year we are in Korea.
Our brothers became martyrs.
May their souls be at peace.
It's time to get back to our homes.
Step by step we have been through.
thanks. God bless you.
- Thank you.
- Ayla, eat.
You can not play food.
- The second army?
- Yes, they will replace us. We go home. First the soldiers,
then high-ranking officials.
Happy with you guys.
I will stay here.
Maybe come back after some time.
Suleiman, do not rush
with a decision on this matter.
My dear, we moved location again.
We are currently resident in the old camp.
I wrote the address in the letter.
I thought the news had reached you too.
Everyday I listen to news
and songs on the radio ..
.. left from Ali.
I think about you.
Please, wait a little longer.
- Goodbye, Commander.
- Come here.
- This is for you.
- Bike.
Ayla, se, sa, sa ..
- Goodbye.
- My dear.
My love, we sent the officer home
who are in our command.
After them, others will come
replace us.
I will stay here temporarily, Nuran.
- Any posts for me?
- No, Commander.
Why not tell us?
He also left without asking us. Well, I'm proud, but come back now.
"Pay it off."
It's time to marry him.
They say he has a lover in Iskenderun.
We continue with the song
"The Hour of Our Heroes".
Upon request of Nuran from Iskenderun.
The work of music, a creation of Sedat Odiprach
Special for Sergeant Suleiman Dilbrili
who served in Korea.
May he listen ...
Just to know how much I miss you.
To know, oh ..
How much you missed me ..
Just to know, oh ...
Where to defeat ..
Never returned.
My love.
Where to lose,
Never returned.
My love.
My daughter, I understand your suffering.
I do not want you to hope in vain.
He will not see you again,
because there are others.
- Man is indeed ...
- I'm fine, Mom.
He's a good man. And her lover ..
They deserve to be happy.
So all is well. Why did the radio sing, father?
- "Home ..."
- Where?
Home, I also have a house.
- Are you leaving?
- I will not go without you.
Why do not you go home?
You can not act as you please, Suleiman.
While in the armed forces ..
.. You have to run the command.
Or it will be fired.
What if I shoot, Major?
I promise to be responsible.
Son, what are you saying,
You do not understand?
I feel sorry for Ayla.
She already thinks of me as Dad.
What if I'm not there?
- Let me take it.
- Enough! Conversation complete!
Ayla is a citizen of this country
so stay here. Go!
- Why not go home?
- She said there was a child ...
And I? What about me?
- There are submissions?
- No, Commander.
Sergeant Suleiman.
Colonel wants to meet you. Please.
Tunngu here.
Please, son. Please.
On Friday, a ship sailed.
Will take you to Izmir (Turkey).
You gotta go with it. It's been 10 days for the troops to leave.
and other forces replaced the task.
- You can not stay, go home.
- You do not understand.
- What about Ayla?
- There is a children's camp in Suwon.
"Ankara School". Ayla will stay there.
With other children.
This lady is her boss.
- It's for Ayla.
- He brought it to Ayla.
Give the uniform to him.
Mrs. Ming collects children,
which is under our control.
They are grateful.
Do not burden yourself.
This is best for Ayla.
May I leave Ayla
another way?
I want to see where he will stay.
I will accompany him, Colonel.
Do not worry.
Let the best
done for this command.
Ayla, you know why we're here?
Here you will find friends.
You will meet them.
Can you go with a teacher?
At school you can not be with me, my daughter.
Look, the other kids are not afraid of anything.
Do you want to be called a coward ... ... who can not go to school without his father?
- OK.
- All right, smart.
- Goodbye to the father.
- Go on.
Yes I'm coming. Come on, I'm coming.
It's a canteen.
You see the other kids?
Ayla, greetings to your friends.
Hello, I'm Ayla.
A great place.
It will get better.
The Turkish army will continue to help the people here.
- I'm Ayla.
- Very good.
- Enjoy eating well.
- Eat well.
Here you will learn English.
It's an amazing show, is not it, Ayla?
Mars, like a song.
- Like on the radio?
- Yes, like on the radio.
Listen, if you learn this,
you have to sing it well.
I'll be proud of you, okay?
Where are you going? You said you would not leave me.
You promised me.
No, I will not leave you.
We go from here, come on.
It will be a bit difficult,
but you will not lack air.
When I love code,
You have to calm down, okay?
Once on board, then it will be easy.
Do not you care about the house?
You're late.
This is an important task, Commander.
What is a big suitcase. What's in it?
Captain, most of it
holiday souvenir in Tokyo.
In my letters there is mention
about the place.
If you want, I will open.
Sergeant. Goodbye.
Thank you, Captain.
Suleiman. Suleiman.
- Suleiman, where is the boy?
- Open the suitcase.
You know what evil do you do?
I told you, but you do not understand.
Climb on the boat, sit down, and go home.
When it comes here ..
.. i left everything behind. All.
Now they want the same thing.
I leave Ali, and all the memories.
I can not leave Ayla.
He also can not leave me.
He's a kid, can not make a decision.
Nothing separates you.
When the war ended,
and start a new life ..
..you can come back later,
and Ayla is still here.
Trust me. Please, think wisely.
The seed grows best on the ground. By Allah, Mesut. Are you sure
with what you say?
I am sure. Trust me.
I'm sure you'll come back here
someday for him.
Do not Cry. Do not.
I will be angry if you cry.
All right, cry a little.
But after I left,
you will not cry anymore, okay?
- You promise?
- Promise.
Good, now I'll give you an appointment.
I'll be back for you, okay?
I will come back, and we will not be separated.
- Do you promise?
- I promise.
"Father is fighting for their children."
"They live to keep the promise."
I will be back. I promise.
I will be back.
Iskenderun 1951
- Welcome, Brother.
- Meet again.
In Izmir I was greeted.
They love to meet me.
You go home alone.
I never thought we saw each other again.
I congratulate you guys.
Hopefully happy. Which Nuran?
I have not heard from him.
Could not come,
or are you preparing a surprise? Not only we are married, Suleiman.
We do not want you to hear it,
hope you understand.
Is it true that I heard?
Uncle heard on the radio.
To you the world is huge,
but here is not like that.
What did he hear?
You can tell him.
Tell him how he is.
Why are you silent, Nuran?
Am I a liar, a coward or a bastard?
No, you're not a liar.
Nor are bad people.
You're not that, Suleiman.
If we talk about you ..
..you have to think
why not go back so long.
I already told you.
But you do not care.
For you more important that little girl ..
..from the woman who waits for you here.
I wear this ring.
So you can settle for a new medal.
May Allah be with you.
- I want to send a telegram soon.
- Please.
Dad, I'm back.
I'm home.
I will marry the girl you choose
and leave this city.
Your son, worship sungkem. Istanbul, 5 months later
Welcome, madam.
I've repaired the house, like new.
Son, discard the writing.
Let's take a look.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- You do not eat anything?
- I do not have time. Have a nice day.
South Korean Embassy, Istanbul
Commander. The embassy is still closed.
Come 9am - 5pm.
Ahmed. Today I came home early,
Everything is fine.
The Major car broke down on the street, Commander.
It's urgent.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
This time at least drink tea first.
- I have a job, Nimet.
- You're looking for that little girl, are not you?
From Korea.
I know about it.
Sit down talking, calm down.
We will make a decision together.
I do not know exactly what you know.
One night as we were ambushed,
I found him.
Do I have to leave her?
I can not do it.
You must see how sweet he is.
His face was like moonlight. We named Ayla.
I tell you all, that's how it happened ..
.. about this little girl, Nimet.
I'm proud of what you do
for the little girl, Suleiman
This is the man I love.
We're married.
Let me help you.
How did you help me?
Your daughter is my daughter too.
Your promise is also my promise.
I'm going to some institutions.
Do not say you no longer have a plan.
Show me how, I'll learn fast.
I'm a war veteran's wife.
Anyone will treat me with respect.
Let me.
- I'll let you know and start the search.
- Thank you.
Tn. Suleiman, as you know,
war still continues.
It's hard to find anything.
We could not find a child named Ayla.
But that's it. No other names.
By God, Mr. Suleiman,
we got no information.
We will keep trying.
This is what we can do from afar. Sorry.
We send a message to "Ankara School" and wait for the results.
Hopefully answer soon.
We have a chance
get information from them.
But it will take time.
We will find the child.
This little girl forgot her name, Nimet.
But if he knew his father was looking for him
he must answer.
She has not forgotten, I'm a girl,
can i forget my father?
I had to ask for permission after the war was over.
- I have to look for it.
- It takes a month to go there.
Can be two months back and forth.
What if it lasts longer?
There must be another way out.
I'll check everything.
Such is the possibility.
If the state can not afford it,
I'll find out for myself.
You're not alone.
Calm down and try to sleep.
Soon, Suleiman.
Just a little long.
Suleiman! Suleiman! Suleiman!
Suleiman, is it okay? Nimet, how about?
After 47 years
August 17, 1999
Marmara Earthquake
Earthquake that occurred at 3:02 am ..
.. caused major damage in Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara,
.. Eschisehir, Adapazar, Zonguldak and Bolu.
Residents are awakened by tremendous shocks,
and then they fill the streets.
Many buildings are destroyed.
Goeljuk even Yalam also severe.
I do not know how many victims ..
Suleiman, where are you going?
do not leave home.
- Daddy? Dad, where are you going?
- Do not worry, I'll see.
Suleiman. Children worry.
She is also my son.
Suleiman ...
I survived the war and stay alive ..
People stop paying attention to death.
As if defeating Izrail
(Angel of Death).
Like you have a lot of time, but ..
..50 years passed.
We can die anytime, Nimet.
But I want to give him a word.
I do not want to die before keeping my promise.
Korea has come.
A virtuous person. Masha Allah.
Maybe Ayla came to her father's house
to repay its debt.
How, Uncle Suleiman?
What is the point?
June 29, 2002 South Korea - Turkey
Relax, do not run. Father looked at the Koreans.
Due to the search over the years.
How to find it?
He can go there.
Very easy? No money
or relatives there.
Just stay here
can not visit, is not it?
She may be an old lady ..
..but Dad just keep it that way,
not listening to us.
- Do not talk like that, look.
- He may have long died.
People's opinions can be true, Mom.
Dad. I'm coming, Dad.
Suleiman! Suleiman!
Several reporters from Korea came.
Covered the 60th anniversary of the country's friendship.
They want to help find Ayla.
They want to meet us.
With our South Korean counterpart, Sung Jun.
We're working on it
Korean War film making.
60 years passed and nothing else
that is told.
For the life of our veteran,
about the events there.
Look, everyone is talking
about what happened there.
All speak how they are
was among the bullets. I told them,
that we have Sergeant Suleiman ..
.. that saved a child there.
We are enthusiastic. We will discuss
with fellow filmmakers.
So maybe we can find Ayla.
If you help us,
we will find Ayla.
What are you guys talking about that kid ..
.. is the only thing I want
from this life.
They say give him another name
before school closed.
Do not worry. Everything is different now.
There are notes and archives.
Do you have any Ayla photos?
Of course. I keep it on the album neatly.
Extraordinary. That's what we need.
So we can start work?
Seoul - South Korea
Country Archive, Seoul
In the archives, almost all have been burned.
Lots of missing information.
Our work is complicated,
because Ankara School is closed.
Ayla's name means nothing.
We find out the real name.
We can find students
who are still alive today.
Probably among them some remember Ayla.
I thought about it. We look for the list.
My assistant is working on it. Jieong!
Tn. Sung, here's the list of names.
We managed to find 6 students at that time.
We'll get in touch.
- They meet each other every year.
- I'm sure they remember Ayla.
- We have to meet them.
- Of course.
Good evening, Uncle Suleiman.
We found alumni
Ankara School in Korea.
They studied with Ayla.
They said, "Yes, we remember him."
That is the Turkish army.
He sat quietly in the corner
and do nothing.
He does not want to talk to them.
He just said,
his father will come for him.
Their teacher taught in the Turkish camp.
And he joined them.
Stand in front and sing
hardest of all.
He said: "My father will be proud of me,
if I learn this march. "
Uncle Suleiman, this is just the beginning.
We will meet people who know him.
Hope he is alive ..
- Must live. - You sure so alive ..
- .. say it's impossible.
- Be quiet.
I excused myself.
Mrs. Josge, listen. You came here
and regardless of my father's condition.
His body could not survive.
It really will not last.
I do not want this to continue.
- Got it.
- Good.
My son, my daughter. What are you talking about?
Why did you say that?
I have an appointment.
"Father is fighting for their children.
They live to fulfill their promises. "
For you, your sister. Not really
I did the same thing, huh?
Because I?
You're afraid I'm dead?
Oh God, my daughter.
Do not be afraid.
I will not die before fulfilling my promise.
- Hi.
- Hello, Josge.
We find Ayla.
We find it right now.
- Is it true?
- Yes.
This is good news, but we have to talk.
Okay, I'll call back at my office.
We have contacted his friends.
They meet each other for 20 years.
- They say his name is Kim Eunja.
- Are you sure it's Ayla? The story is exactly the same. We've been careful.
Married, but dear
her husband died young.
Look at this. Here's the picture.
Poor woman.
He can not enjoy life.
In order not to burden anyone,
he worked hard all his life.
The maid at school, what do you think?
Did we tell Suleiman?
Today her daughter is causing trouble
and he has a reason.
Look, these two photos are very similar.
We must try again.
We can not give up.
Okay. I arrived with the first flight.
Make a meeting with the woman.
Come meet him.
If he remembers Uncle Suleiman
after so long, and ..
.. feel like hanging out together.
That will be the fruit of our efforts ..
..if these two people are reunited.
Monggo mlebet.
Really! This is my father!
Father! Father! Father!
Can I forget my father?
Dad..Is he still alive?
Seoul, April 2010
Seoul has become so big.
Who knows Aylaku ..
He suffered a lot, Nimet. And I was not there.
Ankara Park, Seoul
Is that Ayla?
Father! Father!
Dad is fighting for their kids.
They live only to fulfill
promise them, I promise.
Suleiman and her daughter Ayla met
again after 60 years ..
.. on April 10, 2010 in Seoul
and no longer separate.
Is that Ayla?
Currently, 28 million children are on
under UNICEF's worldwide umbrella ..
.. who like Ayla,
and has been a victim of war,
1.5 million of them live in our country.
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