Ayngaran (2022) Movie Script

- Where is Mathi?
He is working out.
This is his workout?
This isn't called a workout.
It's called grinding flour!
Hitting two birds with one stone?
Not two birds...
but three!
Mom, add more chillies.
- Okay, son.
Forget about the chilli, add some salt.
- What?
I came here to tell you
not to ever come near my factory.
Thinks he is Ambani
running a big factory!
What's with him?
- He talks too much!
This girl's timing is terrible!
Aunty, mom gave this money
for the flour. - Get going!
You've started selling flour?
Let it be...
You show all your inventions
to that officer...
but that wretched man doesn't
approve any of it.
The water lorry is here!
- I'm coming.
At least do something
for the people in our hood?
You're going to fill water, right?
Go ahead, I'll come.
Sister! The water lorry is here.
Such a long queue already.
Oh no!
They can't make room for me.
Rukku, can you please...?
Pushpa, make some room!
Make it quick, boy.
We need to send our children to school.
I don't have five hands, do I?
Vasantha, what's your son dragging along?
That's my boy!
'Wham! We hit them;
Bam! We got them.'
'Wham! We hit them;
Bam! We got them.'
'We're the paper-knife guys;
Don't lead a life of violence.'
'Rise to the top silently;
Prove your talent openly.'
'Some people will put you down;
Ignore them and carry on.'
'You make rockets out of paper;
You're a rocket scientist, brother.'
'In a small way, in a new way;
Keep at it, you'll make it someday.'
'Look up, rise up -
Be the change you wish to see.'
'Friend, your thinking is top-class;
Friend, you're a science whiz.'
'Friend, you're here to shape up the world;
Friend, you're the sharpest lad.'
'Born and raised in the shanty;
I'll change the world with my creativity.'
'I'll come up using my brain;
I won't let my life go in vain.'
'Always keep your mind active;
Single-handedly you'll do the job of five.'
'Gotta keep changing with the times;
Gotta toil to deserve acclaims.'
'A marvellous mechanic;
A talented techie.'
'You can achieve through silence;
If you learn his science.'
'Wham! We hit them;
Bam! We got them.'
'Like a spear tearing through the wind;
Stay competitive to grow and build.'
'From tomorrow, no more idling;
Poke and prod, sprout like a sapling.'
'Come together again, we can form a pillar;
Nothing is trash, we can make a world record.'
'Don't believe in dupes, I'm no dummy;
I challenge you, I'll launch satellites in sky.'
'Set your mind, and it's done;
Dream on hard, and it's a win.'
'I won't even run;
But I'll score a century.'
'Wham! We hit them;
Bam! We got them.'
This is our Ezhumalai's factory.
Our scientist picks some of the parts
for his inventions from here.
So Ezhumalai does not like it
when the scientist visits.
When your father came to ask
my hand in marriage...
he said he'd get promoted to
an inspector the next month.
But he's still...
My husband is at home now.
- Yes.
Not today.
- Okay!
He'll go out of town
in two days.
Oh yeah?
I'm always ready.
- No, sir.
I'm only paying for the tea
you served us!
But the inspector--
- I'm paying for him too!
I'll call you later.
- Okay.
Perumal, think the tea shop guy
would erect a statue in your honour?
I don't need any statue.
But he needs to feed his family.
He's still a Head Constable.
Mathi, I am banking all my hopes on you.
You need to do something
and make your mom proud!
Mom, bless me.
So it's this box today!
Mom, this is will only
cover the bus fare to Coimbatore.
How will your son eat?
Be safe, son.
- Okay, mom.
I'll see you.
- Okay.
Tickets, tickets.
Everyone, buy your tickets.
Anu, I've got the tickets already.
You don't bother.
Check check.
Check check.
Anu, your ears exist
only for you to wear earrings?
You can't hear or what?
Excuse me...
I need to send a mail urgently.
There is no net centre around.
Can you give me your tablet?
I'll just send a mail, please?
Oh no! My bus is here.
- My bus...
You're dead.
Oh no!
Make way!
Please move a little.
Stupid face with stupid glasses.
- Wait till I catch you.
How much, sir?
- 50 rupees.
Hello, sir.
This boy turns up every week!
Here comes G D Naidu!
He looks like a parrot astrologer
with that box!
Welcome, Mathi.
What's your new invention?
Sir, when a table fan runs normally,
it uses 0.039 units.
For 2 fans, it would cost 0.078 units.
But with this double sided fan,
we can get more air with lesser power.
Air circulation is wider.
Moreover, this fan rotates 360 degrees.
It's rpm is...
- Let it be, son.
Let's come to the point.
How much does this cost?
About 900 rupees and change.
Change? How much?
You think change grows on trees?
The thing rotating up there...
it's 799 rupees.
If we are shameless enough
to ask the shopkeeper...
we can get that one rupee change.
This will serve 10 to 12 people.
You are correct, sir.
But you can fold this fan
and take it wherever you go.
I will sit where the fan is.
Is that even a problem?
He turns up claiming to have
invented a fan. Praise the lord!
Do something meaningful
with your life.
Or try to lead a meaningful life.
Leave now.
Today is the 2nd.
Akshaya Trithiya is on the 12th.
All the jewellery shops will be
dealing with a lot of diamonds.
Get it?
Our targets are Chennai, Madurai,
and Coimbatore.
After executing the Coimbatore plan, we leave
by Nizamuddin Express at 4am on the 13th.
Where is Ezhu (Seven)?
After six and before eight.
- Well...
I know where he's gone,
but he told me not to tell you.
Oh yeah?
- Oh yeah!
Where is the bike key?
I know where the bike key is,
but he told me not to give it to you.
Whenever I get a call while at work,
it has to be him!
You told him
not to give me the bike?
It's just... I have the key.
I don't need the key.
Just the bike.
I bought the bike,
but you ride it more than me!
Wonder when he hung up!
Back home from the marriage?
- Yes, dear.
Brother-in-law Ilango will bring
some money. Collect it from him.
Ask your brother to come to the farm.
I'll be waiting here.
What's the baby doing?
- She is right here.
Pass the phone to my darling.
Here, talk to dad.
- Dad?
Have you eaten?
- Mom hit me.
- Mom hit me.
Mom hit you?
- Yes.
Let's hit mom back!
Fine, what does my precious want?
Dad will get it for you.
- What?
Two milkshakes.
- Okay!
- Bye!
Show me the bank statement.
The KFC account has been settled.
We are sending 75 loads
to the Andhra party tonight.
What's the weight?
- 120 tonnes.
Why is the weight dropping?
Increase the dose.
This is enough, son.
It's something we eat.
Even poison is food
once it's boiled.
Ask them to increase it.
Hello, Mathi.
I need an adapter
and a rechargeable battery.
950 rupees.
What on earth is this?
Looks like a real estate map!
Sir, none of the workers turn
the street lights on by 6pm.
Similarly, it isn't switched
off at 6am.
They turn the lights on at 8pm,
and it goes to waste till 12 noon.
So a lot of electricity is wasted.
- Is that so?
What can I do about that?
Sir, if we fix these adapters
in all the street lights...
they will switch on at 6pm sharp
through the censor in it...
and switch off
at 6am.
Fine, okay!
Through this, we can save
approximately 25000 units.
There are 1 lakh workers
at the EB to turn lights on and off.
If I fix this adapter...
it will be very convenient.
Those slackers won't do any work at all.
When there is a power cut,
they unhook the phone and fall asleep.
Now this, too?
You're some guy.
Listen, son...
Don't spend your time
inventing useless things...
and waste your life.
A thousand people like you come here
everyday with their inventions.
We forward it too.
But a few years later...
we get a report saying
someone else invented the same thing!
You are educated.
If you get a job somewhere,
you'd earn about 50 grand a month.
Get a monthly salary
and enjoy your life.
Try and make a living.
There are a thousand people here to say,
"Don't run, you'd fall."
But not a single person to say,
"Don't fall when you run"
Thanks, sir.
' 10:00 PM '
' 01:29 AM '
Why are you late, Kumar?
It's just 1:30.
I'm on time.
You will turn up at 4:30
if I didn't question you.
Keep at it and I'll buy from someone else.
Brother, tea?
I don't want any.
My stomach isn't good.
He doesn't want tea?
- Didn't you hear him?
The old man got so drunk last night.
So he has an upset stomach!
What happened?
The vehicle broke down.
Sir, come here for a moment.
The vehicle isn't starting.
Can you give it a push?
You want me to push it?
Someone please help!
Help me.
If he'd just had the tea, he would have
only been temporarily asleep.
- Wait!
Done. You can start now.
At the heart of the city,
they made a hole in the wall...
and stole diamonds
worth 50 crores.
What are you even doing?
According to the forensic reports,
4 people were involved in the theft.
They didn't touch any gold.
Their full focus was on the diamonds.
From the theft pattern, it's likely
that they are from some other state.
The only witness we had
was the tea seller.
But unfortunately...
we found his dead body
on the railway tracks at Mambalam.
They didn't leave behind
even the tiniest of evidence.
Including fingerprints.
The report says
one security guard is missing.
We found traces of his struggle
against them near the bored wall.
He could have been murdered
in that struggle.
No fingerprints...
no evidence...
and no witness!
So we are left clueless!
We have a clue.
With your permission...
can we replay those visuals
for a moment?
Yes, proceed.
- Thank you, sir.
This is the normal hand impression
of a human.
Suppose he wore gloves...
the impression will look
a little bigger, like this.
But if we properly observe
the hand impression we have...
we see an abnormality.
Normally, a man's pinky finger
is never this big.
What are you trying to say?
One of those 4 guys
has 6 fingers on his left hand!
[News on Radio]
At a popular jewellery store in T Nagar...
an unidentified gang drilled a hole on the wall
and stolen diamonds worth 50 crores.
This has left the people stunned.
A special team has been set up
under Assistant Commissioner Subhashini...
and a hunt is underway in all major
railway stations and bus stands in the city.
A security personnel working at the store
has been reported missing.
The police are investigating in the angle
that he might have been murdered.
Come up!
One ticket to
the bus stand.
Tickets, anyone?
Are you stupid?
Look at his face!
Conductor, he is sitting
next to a woman!
Who is that?
Get up!
Troubling me first thing
in the morning.
Acts like he has reserved this seat.
Let's check this bus.
- Okay, sir.
Hello, sir.
Everyone get your tickets out.
Show me your ticket.
- Here, sir.
Ticket, please?
Your ticket...
Show me your ticket.
Your ticket...
He ate it.
I only ate 4 idlis for breakfast.
So what if he's eaten?
Show me your ticket.
No, he ate my ticket!
Would any fool believe that?
Would you, sir?
He ate it?
I've seen a lot of cheats,
but you'd eat up everyone else.
Sir, he is laughing!
Look at him.
Not just me.
The entire bus is laughing.
Selvam sir, we have a 'without'.
Fine her 500 rupees.
- Okay, sir.
I'll handle you.
- I'm also waiting.
What's your name?
- Shanmugam.
Your father's name?
- Sakkara.
Your address?
- Saanam Paarai.
Identification marks?
I have something here.
- What's that? It's not visible...
it's a mole.
On your left arm.
What other marks?
- I only have this one.
Do you have any cuts or scars?
Lift your hands...
What is that?
- Nothing else, sir.
Where is that file?
Watch it, Perumal.
You get blinded while doing your duty!
Always in a hurry.
Your husband looks better
than me?
Forget him. You know I never wore
lipstick the other day?
That wasn't lipstick?
That's your original colour?
My little darling!
I want you.
A fax says that one of the wall pulling gang
members from Chennai has six fingers in one hand.
They're North Indians.
Where is the vada?
- They only made bondas today.
What happened, dear?
I asked for vadas...
but they only have bondas.
How is the bonda?
Sir! Sir...
It's plump, just like you!
- It's the fax!
Oh, yeah?
It's hot, just like me.
Don't wear tight clothes.
- Because...
I'll just eat up!
- I'm feeling shy.
Don't like that?
How do you want me to eat?
I want to eat without using
forks and spoons.
I know that.
Mom, what are you doing?
Get me some water.
Dear, what is it?
- Nothing, just go!
Oh no.
Don't touch it...
Go wash your hands.
- Let it be! What happened?
It's nothing.
- Nothing?
Get me coffee.
You have eyed that Inspector's uniform
for 20 years, hoping to wear it some day...
Now you spit on it
and say it's nothing?
What happened, dad?
Tell me.
Where do I begin?
I got an important fax
about the Chennai theft case...
that one of the 4 guys involved in it,
has six fingers on one hand.
When I took it to the Inspector...
that bloody--
He used it as a tissue
and threw it away.
He may do a
lot of bad things...
but how can a cop
be so careless when on duty?
I can't...
Why should I put up with everything?
What am I going to achieve
by living a life of integrity?
Dad, more than achieving something
by living a life of integrity...
just living a life of integrity
is an achievement.
Does it hurt much?
- Not really.
It's worse if it doesn't hurt.
Maybe you got a hairline crack.
I'm really okay!
Why are you torturing me
by bringing me here?
Be quiet, mom.
Oh no!
What happened?
It fell down and broke.
That was a gift from his third wife.
You broke it?
That's it!
When that rubber-mouth sees it,
he will yell at you.
You're done for.
- I'm scared.
I'm leaving!
You handle it by yourself.
I hear someone crying?
No idea.
It broke...
Oh, you are a nurse?
Let me see you win today!
The money is mine this time.
Where are you?
He hasn't washed that shirt
since she sprinkled rose water.
There he comes!
Even though we have all these
body sprays and foreign scents...
nothing like the smell
of our local rose water.
Is that your latest invention?
I pursue women actively
but none of them heed me...
you look so naive,
but you got an awesome chick!
Dude, rather than going after
every girl you see...
we must get the attention
of that one girl we pursue!
Are you picking up trash
from the hospital?
You want to use that excuse
to go back to the hospital?
Where did you get this?
It's waste I picked up
from Magudi's chicken farm.
This at the chicken farm?
Take as much money
as you want.
But don't try to impose
any of the rules on me.
- My bike...
The boss is on the phone.
I don't care about the rules.
Brother, who is he?
He is 'Chicken Farm' Magudi.
You don't know him?
I've heard of him.
Never seen him in person.
- Where the hell did you go?
Come quickly, I need the bike.
- I'm coming!
It's not like you tested my birds
and gave a certificate all this time.
What's this new policy?
I need to leave.
What's the hurry?
Go away!
- It's nothing.
Solve this problem by tonight.
Or else...
If you create any more trouble...
I won't take the blame
for anything that happens to you!
This is your last warning.
I won't talk to you
about this issue anymore.
I won't be talking.
There he comes!
I can't even use his cycle
for scraps as a revenge.
Get off! The kid is picking trash
all alone at the farm.
Which farm?
- Magudi's chicken farm.
Hop on.
I'm coming along.
Don't ride it like a bicycle!
Hurry up.
Jesus! The boss is here.
Double up.
You've only loaded half the vehicle
in all this time?
He pretends to work fast
when he sees me!
- Yes, boss?
When you unload it at our place,
segregate the metals and plastics.
This lazy oaf would take 3 days
to sort them out.
Okay, boss.
- Load it all!
Finish this up quickly,
we need to go to Magudi's other farm.
Okay, boss.
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
I came with Ezhumalai.
That doesn't matter,
you can't be here. Go there!
Let's go.
The Tamil Nadu Government has newly
recruited 1200 nurses.
The people are panicking after the
chicken scandal video went viral on WhatsApp.
This is the doctor's opinion
on steroid chicken.
Girls come of age faster...
and men have a drop in sperm count.
Importantly, children lose their immunity.
There will also be a higher occurrence of diseases
like high BP, obesity, heart problems etc.
So it's best to avoid eating chicken
injected with steroids.
We got to know that the specific farm in question
belongs to Mr. Magudi in Namakkal.
The Food Safety authorities paid a surprise
inspector to his farm following this.
They confirmed the use of steroids
and have sealed the farm shut.
Just like Chennai, a group of thieves
have burgled a jewellery store in Madurai.
Atrocious crime committed by
a group of North Indian burglars.
The police department has tightened
its presence at the borders...
to prevent the criminals
from fleeing the state.
Two days back, the police investigated
at Ratan's site in Chennai.
Does that mean
they've traced us?
Not sure.
But the chances are high.
So, let's finish the Coimbatore plan?
It's likely that their
next target is Coimbatore.
Let's move to Coimbatore.
No, it's better we skip Coimbatore.
We should all immediately
escape from Tamil Nadu.
The Andhra border via the
Dindugul-Chennai route is 650 kms.
But the Kerala border via the
Dindugul-Madurai route is just 400 kms away.
But if we take this route...
we have to deal with the Highway Patrol checks
and the heavy Forest Department checks.
So, the Karnataka border
through the Dindugul-Salem route...
is just 450 kms.
There are only six toll gates.
It is the safest route for us.
Get it?
Boss, I checked the phones
of all our workers.
None of them did this.
Naveen is checking
the CCTV footage.
15 farms.
2000 workers.
All that security!
How did it happen
despite all that?
Find out which WhatsApp number
shared that video first.
Find him, chop him to pieces
and bury him with my chickens!
Okay, boss.
Go on.
Karthi, we are checking it with
someone in Coimbatore.
Be back by morning.
I'll talk later.
Someone sent it 2 days back
from this number.
Boss, we found out the WhatsApp
number from which it originated.
Who is that?
It was from your number.
Do I look like an idiot?
Boss, it went from your number
to a new phone number.
From that number, it spread
to several WhatsApp groups.
The video came to your phone
through Share It.
Then the video got deleted.
Play the previous day's footage.
This is it.
That doesn't matter,
you can't be here. Go there!
Where are you going?
The boss left his phone
in the car.
We'll go to Mohanoor and be back.
Oh no!
Pick it up.
Son, is it okay?
It got turned off.
Let me check.
Turned off?
It'll be okay?
- I'll check.
Is this our only farm?
We supply half the chicken
consumed by Tamil Nadu.
You ask if this is our only farm?
Here you go.
- Is it okay?
Who are you?
I came with Ezhumalai
to pick scrap.
- Dude, are you done?
Sort out the black ones--
Get up! Where is he?
Go away!
Who do you mean?
- The one who came with you.
Why, what happened?
- After everything you've done...
Get in!
Let's go.
You're just a dog that lives
off scraps from my farm.
You dare get someone
to finish me off?
If he doesn't come now,
I'll chop and bury you right here.
People trust you,
but you poison their food.
You and your associates know
what you're doing is illegal.
I can't turn a blind eye
when something wrong happens.
I sent that video.
Tell them not to hit Ezhumalai.
You rascal!
Get him!
You won't reach your home alive.
Why did you do that?
I'm scared about what will happen next.
You lose half your strength
when you get scared.
We'll handle it.
Are you okay?
Brainless oafs! Throwing out a cigarette
on a highway.
Hop on.
Forget it, Mathi.
I have a bad feeling.
Let them go.
Just shut up!
You just smoke cigarettes
and flick them out of the window...
with no regard
for the person behind you?
Sorry, brother.
It's my fault.
It's my mistake.
I am really sorry.
- Be careful.
Sorry, brother.
Hop on.
You don't have the originals?
- I've got it at home.
Pull over! Come this side.
Turn right!
Fix your headlights.
It had a problem.
What happened?
- What now?
I'll check.
It's stuck.
Get out!
You sit in there.
Push hard. Push hard.
What happened?
It didn't move an inch.
How did this happen?
What do we do now?
What happened, brother?
We tried our best,
but it's firmly jammed there.
You can take your vehicle out now.
Namakkal is just 7 kms away.
You can fill the tyres at the petrol bunk.
Thanks, brother.
It's okay.
Let's get home
before it starts raining.
Mathi, they had boxing bags
inside that car!
Maybe they're boxers?
They didn't look like boxers.
When I saw them speed earlier,
I knew they were going to get into trouble!
Mothi, let's fill air here.
The same guy has interacted
with us twice.
Let's change cars.
Hey, stop.
Let's not ride together.
Our meeting point
is 10 kms after Salem.
Try to avoid the highways.
I need some money.
I gave you a lakh
only last month.
All that is spent!
- Sir?
It's 11:30 pm.
When I come back from my rounds,
your shop must be closed.
If you don't...
- I will close it, sir.
You show your authority
only to innocent people like him!
Tell me, woman.
- Yes, dear...
Why do you need money urgently?
I knew it!
I saw a necklace...
I'm a married man, too!
When will you be free?
What happened?
I will get done with the rounds
only by 3. It will be too late.
You want me to come?
What are you doing here?
My bike isn't starting.
Where do you come from?
- Show me your papers.
What's the vehicle number?
It's TN 28 AS 2273, sir.
Come here!
You go.
Show me the RC book.
- Yes, sir.
Tell me, darling.
How many times
should I say it...
Hold on a moment, darling.
Make it quick.
- It's stuck, sir!
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
Sir, we're just coming back
from our friend's reception.
Fine, I don't really care.
Show me your ID card.
Is this yours or a stolen bike?
- No, sir. It's mine.
Come back.
You shouldn't wander here at night.
There was a crime here recently.
Show me your hand.
Your other hand.
What happened?
I just hurt my leg.
- Be careful!
Mothi... oh no!
What have you done!
Torch light...
Take it.
Give it.
It should be at least
200 feet deep.
This is an unclosed
bore well hole.
What do we do now?
You stay right here.
Agni and Veer are waiting for us.
I'll meet them and come back
with a plan quickly.
Okay, Mothi.
Mangal, be careful.
If it's just 50 to 60 feet deep,
we can try.
We can take it out ourselves.
But it seems to be
more than 200 feet.
We only have 4 hours
until sunrise.
Do something!
We risked our lives to steal that,
and now it's stuck in that hole!
What are we going to do now?
We have to find a way to take it out.
Do something fast!
Let me think.
A kid fell into the hole.
Someone help!
A kid fell into the hole.
Someone help!
The public are shaken up by the incident
of a girl child falling into a bore hole...
...ordered for the immediate rescue operation
and life support for the child...
... team of doctors are trying
to save the girl's life...
...the depth of the bore well
is about 200 ft...
...the child is stuck about 120 ft...
...the child must be at 120 ft...
they say the kid is stuck
at 120 feet deep.
We can see that the district collector
has arrived at the scene.
Have you informed the PWD?
Inform them immediately.
Okay, sir.
First, give me confirmation that
the kid's life isn't under any risk.
Mr. Subash, ask the entire fire service
rescue team to be alert.
Move the public's vehicle's away
from the location.
Take immediate action.
Block the area from 100m away.
Arivazhagan, I need to know the
kid's health condition immediately.
They say it's only been 5 hours.
I'm sure we can save the kid.
Sir, PWD will be here in 10 minutes.
Why is it taking so long, Manickam?
In a privately owned property
in Namakkal, a hole dug for bore water...
the incident of a three year old girl
falling into the hole has shocked the people.
It's at least 200ft deep.
The child is stuck 120 ft under it.
The district collector has taken measures
to ensure the safety of the child.
Hurry up.
- Take it in quickly.
Fast, fast!
Move, move, move.
Make way, please.
Move away. Don't block the way.
Let the tube in.
- We need an oxygen throw of 200 cc.
This cylinder would only last 2 hours.
Please arrange for additional cylinders.
The fire department has also arrived here
along with several rescue equipments...
We can see the medical team
supplying oxygen through a tube to the kid.
The government has taken complete
responsibility to save the child.
Arrange a webcam immediately.
The doctors have set camp here
to ensure the child's life is not endangered.
Oxygen is being supplied
into the hole that has been dug.
All the medical equipments are kept
ready to attend to the child.
To prevent disturbance...
- How is the kid's health?
We are supplying oxygen
for now.
The doctors say if we don't
get her out quickly,
we may not be able to save her life.
That poor kid!
Ezhu, where are you?
- At home.
Did you see the news?
- No, why?
A child has fallen into a bore-well
hole in our Vallipuram locality.
What are you saying?
The rescue operation is ongoing.
The whole of Namakkal is tense.
The kid is in a serious condition.
I'm going to make an equipment
to save that kid.
Get me whatever money you have.
- Okay.
...he has assured the safety.
The fire department is
also ready to step in.
What is this, son?
This happened in our town?
A robot and a drilling machine
have been brought here.
While rescue operations are underway...
the child Aradhana's parents are weeping
at this tragic situation...
...it is a sad sight indeed.
Our child...
Listen to me.
This is an unlucky time for us.
It's an auspicious day.
Let's go to the temple?
Go with your father, woman!
Dad, can you come too?
Come here...
Dad has some work.
Can you go with mom to the temple?
Take her away!
The two of us shall go?
Let's take dad
some other day, okay?
Mommy will get you toys
on the way.
- Okay, mom.
Let's go.
- Yes, boss.
The Food Corporation has sealed
all my 7 farms. Apply for a bail immediately.
I'll apply for an
anticipatory bail, boss.
Call me when it's done.
Who was it, boss?
A young boy!
He took it all away
in a single day.
He shouldn't live
to see the light of day.
Boss, I'll take care of him.
Okay, I'll get going.
- Ride safely.
Go, go! Faster.
Go closer...
Get him!
Come at me!
Go quick.
He is getting away.
Don't let him escape.
Surround him!
Yes, madam?
Boss! Boss...
- Our kid...
Little Ammu!
It's impossible to retrieve the goods
on our own.
But we can't leave it
behind either.
Yes, Mangal?
A tipper lorry
is dumping sand here.
What if they close the hole
and start some construction tomorrow?
What if they close the hole?
What if they close the hole?
How will they close the hole...
if there is a kid inside?
We're dropping a kid
inside the hole!
Don't say stupid things
when you're tensed!
To get back something
we risked our lives for...
we can do that only
by risking another life!
If we drop a kid inside the hole,
the whole country will watch us.
All the police and media
will be there.
How will we get our stuff back?
Think, Agni.
The government won't stop till they
get the kid out, dead or alive.
All sorts of risky operations
will happen.
They won't stop till they dig another hole
next to this one to get the kid out.
The entire crowd
will be gathered there.
We will blend with the crowd.
When the kid comes out...
the entire crowd
will go behind the kid.
And then, there starts a game again.
Let's go!
Papa Teddy Bear, Mama Teddy Bear...
all of then went together!
Teddy's nose looks
just like Ammu's nose!
Let's go home and tell your dad, okay?
What happened, dad?
- Ammu...
My baby!
Pick up the phone!
I'm leaving, sir.
Tell me the truth.
I'll tell you everything, sir.
Come here.
50 crores from Chennai,
10 crores from Madurai...
Everything is down that hole.
But you tried to divert me
with a few thousand rupees.
Use your money however you like.
But half of it is mine.
Okay, sir.
Come on.
Drop her in quickly!
Be patient, brother.
This precious thing is going to
get our diamonds back.
Let's play a little game with her.
Pick that up.
Let's go back to mommy?
Come and pick this up.
A child has fallen into the hole.
Somebody help!
A child has fallen into the hole.
Somebody help!
' NOW '
Sir, step aside.
Connect this cable!
Lower the camera carefully.
How did a child fall down?
Why did it come here?
Everyone is protesting
to save the kid's life.
They are attempting
to save the kid's life.
It remains uncertain if the
kid can be brought out alive.
The media is exaggerating this issue.
The pressure is mounting.
The minister is on the way.
We will have to give him constant updates.
The kid is a little critical.
She's 120 feet deep.
If we dig a hole about
15 feet away from here...
we can connect the two holes
and reach the kid.
We are supplying oxygen,
so the kid should be okay.
Is it safe?
- Definitely, sir...
About 50 to 60 of us
are here from the PWD department.
We will try our best.
Start work immediately.
Make it fast!
Okay, sir.
The current plan is to dig a hole 120 feet
deep next to the bore hole to save the kid.
How much have you got?
Twenty thousand rupees.
- We need more!
Okay, come.
Since it's been over 6 hours
since the kid fell into the bore hole...
there are mounting fears
concerning her health.
'If money is the valuable thing;
There is no light in this world.'
'When man makes another man fall;
There is no hope for dreams.'
'Below, below - Our hopes are buried;
Above, above - Everything crumbles on it.'
'What's a brain that can't help another?
End the darkness, Five-Handed Lord.'
'Humanity is falling into a dark pit;
Lend a helping had, Five-Handed Lord.'
'Why, oh why? Do we destroy ourselves?
Why, oh why? Do you then blame yourself?
'Deceit masquerades as purity;
Burn it all, Five-Handed Lord!'
'Cunning foxes seek to stomp on goodness;
Crush them all, Five-Handed Lord.'
'Is a fire burning up inside you?
Is the voice of people calling out to you?'
'This must come to an end;
Give us the hope, Five-Handed Lord.'
'A dawn will come soon;
End the night, Five-Handed Lord.'
'If money is the valuable thing;
There is no light in this world.'
'When man makes another man fall;
There is no hope for dreams.'
'Below, below - Our hopes are buried;
Above, above - Everything crumbles on it.'
'What's a brain that can't help another?
End the darkness, Five-Handed Lord.'
'Humanity is falling into a dark pit;
Lend a helping had, Five-Handed Lord.'
Let's go.
You bring the rest in your bike.
- Okay, Mathi.
Our sources have revealed that the child's
residence is about 10 kms from the scene.
Last night, three unidentified men
have snatched the child from her mother...
according to a statement made by the parents
to the Namakkal Police.
Anu, Mathi is here.
I feel really bad
thinking about the kid's situation.
I fear that even with all of us around,
we might not be able to save her.
Don't worry.
We will save her.
Come quickly.
Sir, the SP is on the line.
- Yes, sir?
What happened?
All efforts are underway.
We will save the girl.
I am trying to reach the kid
by digging another hole parallel to it.
I don't care what you do!
I'm facing immense pressure
from the higher ups.
This government is
hanging in the balance!
I don't care if the kid dies.
Get her out quickly.
Don't worry.
We will take care.
Don't let a crowd gather there.
Fine... just get it done.
Sure, sir.
Thank you.
Sir, my name is Mathimaaran.
I've completed
mechanical engineering.
I've invented an equipment
to save the kid.
We can easily save the kid using this.
I can show you a demo.
This thing?
We have all these
huge machineries.
There is an experienced rescue team here.
You can do something they can't?
Who is that media person there?
They keep crossing the barricades!
Perumal, check on him.
This boy might just ruin
the whole plan.
If they need any equipment from our hospital,
arrange for it immediately.
Cut that wire.
Not that one...
- Sir?
That one.
- Sir!
Can I have two minutes?
What? Wait, I'm coming up.
Okay, sir.
Mathimaaran, a mechanical engineering
graduate from Namakkal....
has arrived at the spot with his new device
to save the kid from the bore pit.
He claims that he can pull the kid
out with his device.
He is pleading with the higher officials
for permission to use his device.
No one should be slacking.
Follow up continuously.
Sir, we can pull out the kid
in half an hour with this device.
This can go down 300 feet deep
and pull upto 30 kgs easily.
I can show you a demo.
Fine... but is this the time
to test your new device?
We have enough on our plates now.
Go away.
They just barge in...
Sir, check this for a moment.
What's your problem?
What's this?
We can't dig any deeper.
- The arm isn't going any lower.
There is a rock here.
This place?
- Right there.
See the arm hitting the rock?
This area has loose soil.
How did a rock get here?
Can we extend the pit
to the right?
No, sir. At this depth the rocks
are dense and long too.
This is unfortunate.
Increase the oxygen flow a little.
- Okay, doctor.
Sir, the arm is getting damaged.
I'll pull out?
If we need to dig deeper,
we have to blast the rocks.
But that is very risky.
Let's not do that.
Sir, we dug 20 feet deep
but encountered a rock.
It's not possible to go deeper.
- What are you saying?
We will discuss
and come up with a new plan.
Sir, the minister is here.
Greetings, sir.
Hello, sir.
What's the improvement?
We thought we can reach
the kid in 2 hours... - Okay...
but we had a setback in the rescue.
- What's the problem?
We are working out an alternative idea.
I'll show you, sir.
20 ft into the pit dug up
to rescue the child...
the rescue team encountered a giant rock
which has jeopardised their efforts.
Sir, the bore hole is
totally 200 feet deep.
The kid is stuck at 120 feet deep.
We are supplying oxygen.
The kid is safe so far.
Oh God!
Please save this kid.
We planned to dig a parallel hole
and use this to reach the kid.
But we hit a rock.
How deep is the rock?
We planned to go 120 feet deep.
But we hit the rock at 20 feet!
It is a strong rock?
- It is a big one.
Do whatever needs to be done.
Don't delay things!
Okay, sir.
Sir, they are the kid's parents.
The girl is their only child.
Her name is Aradhana.
Ma'am, don't cry.
The Chief Minister is providing
all the help to get the kid out alive.
We will definitely save the kid.
Please do something
to save my child.
We will save her.
Don't cry.
Take care of her.
Sir, please.
Get it done quickly.
- Of course, sir.
I will get back with an alternative plan.
- I'll talk to the CM.
Take care.
- I will update you.
Do something immediately
without any further delay!
Sir, we just did a soil test
to the left. It's not a problem.
If we start work immediately,
we can reach the kid in 4 hours.
Do it fast!
Sir, the kid's health
is deteriorating quickly.
If we face more delays,
getting the kid out will be in vain.
Sir, even if we use our full force
it will take at least 3 hours.
Sir, no point just talking
about the crisis!
Tell us what the solution is.
We need to act immediately.
Then get the work started
on the left side. Hurry up.
Get that piling machine here.
Come on.
Come, come, come.
God, only you can save my kid.
Not only Tamil Nadu, but the whole nation
holds its breath hoping for the best.
The people are engaging in protests
and praying that the child be saved.
As they hit a rock at 20ft
and couldn't dig any deeper...
we can see the piling machine drilling
another hole by the side.
Aradhana, can you hear mommy?
My baby!
Mommy is right here.
What happened?
The kid is falling deeper.
I can't breathe.
My child and I have never hurt anybody.
We had a rock there,
so the kid didn't move.
But because it's just sand here,
when we dig deeper...
the kid will fall deeper
due to the vibrations.
We can't help it.
Sir, if the kid falls any deeper...
there is no chance
the kid will survive another hour.
We can't save the kid!
Doctor, please don't...
- Sir!
I can easily save the kid.
Stop bugging us!
Perumal, go do your job!
People are working so hard,
and he is disturbing everyone.
Sir, please give me one chance.
I can save the kid.
Son, I don't get to decide that.
The entire rescue operation is under
the control of Public Works Department.
Please understand.
All of you people are gathering in circles
and discuss about what can't be done.
Why can't you give a chance
to someone who says he can?
The kid is running out of breath
down there.
Forget the Public Works Department...
the public themselves said it!
Just give me one chance.
Please, sir.
You're talking rules here?
Sir... don't!
Let me see you save her now!
I can save her.
Sir, everything is under control.
We are trying to work it out.
The kid's movements are being monitored?
- Yes, sir.
I am handling things here,
and everything is under control.
One minute, sir.
What's going on there?
That was just for
the demo...
this is the real thing!
What's happening?
What's going on, Manickam?
It's nothing, sir.
Just public disturbance.
Sir, I can use this equipment
and get the kid out within half an hour.
We can save her.
- It's very risky.
No way he can save the kid
with this thing.
My child is suffering with no air
amidst stones and sand.
At least bring me her body!
He will save my child.
Let's not, sir...
It will be a wasted effort.
You do it, man.
Okay, sir!
Ezhu, come here...
Things like these may
look like a wasted effort at first...
but if this boy does succeed,
we'd all be lauding his perseverance!
Mind your job.
Bloody fool!
He is some Collector!
Tell me.
Get the L angle.
Mathimaaran's undaunted effort
has paid off.
The District Collector has granted permission
to use his invention for rescue.
Mathimaaran has started his effort
to rescue the kid from the bore hole.
Lower it.
That's my son!
If they pull the kid out,
they will close that hole immediately.
The people are waiting here with the
hope and faith that Aradhana will be saved.
The entire nation is watching
Mathimaaran's efforts.
If his mission is successful, in the event of
such tragic incidents in the future...
Mathimaaran's invention can be used...
to prevent a terrible thing
from occurring.
Hold tight!
Make way, please.
Move aside.
Everyone move aside.
Move it!
Hurry up.
Don't just watch!
Put the mask immediately.
- Okay, doctor.
Close the door.
Start the ambulance.
Check what this is!
Sir, these are diamonds.
Manickam, take this to the
SP's office immediately.
Okay, sir.
- I'll come in a bit.
Come on.
- Quick! Quick! Quick!
Hurry up.
Be careful!
I'll get in.
Take her straight in.
- Move, move, move.
Be brave, baby!
- Step aside.
Take her inside.
Close the door.
Don't allow anyone inside.
Make it quick.
She doesn't have
any big injuries...
but her pulse rate has dropped
because she was in fear.
I wanted to take your life...
but you've given my life
back to me.
It's okay.
Perumal, turn left.
Just take the left!
I'll inform them?
- Yes.
The child's condition
is normal now.
Nothing to fear.
There comes Mathimaaran.
Turn the camera on.
Mr. Mathimaaran, one minute.
Sir, how did you come up
with this device?
When I heard the kid fell into the bore hole,
I wanted to somehow save the kid.
I got the equipment ready
in just 6 hours.
Have you obtained patent rights
for any of your previous inventions?
How can I get it?
I know hard work means good grades.
I know good grades
means a good job.
I know a good job
results in a good salary.
I know all this but...
I don't know how to get recognition
from the government for my inventions.
Not just me.
There are many more like me.
What's the problem?
When I invent something
and submit it at the patent rights office...
they reject and discard it
without even going through it.
We have scientists
who send rockets to space...
and we also have scientists
who can get kids out of bore holes...
but not the brains
to recognise it.
What do you think about the frequent
incidents of kids falling into bore holes?
When a bore well isn't in use anymore,
it should be closed immediately.
Lakes, ponds, and wells
should never be closed.
But everything is the
other way around here!
Who values a life anymore?
To the government,
we are just data.
To the politicians,
we are just votes.
To the businessmen,
we are just customers.
No one looks at anyone as a human.
Sir, a bag came up with the kid.
How did it get there?
What was in it?
You need to ask that
to the police.
Today, you've finally got the recognition
and respect you always wanted.
How do you feel now, sir?
I would've been happy if my parents
were with me now.
Let's go.
- One more question.
Hello, dad?
Yes, Mathi?
Looks like dad is in trouble.
Sir, what happened?
Jayaprakash sir?
Dad, are you okay?
I heard gunshots...
Mathi, this is the inspector.
One the way to the Commissioner's Office,
a team attacked us...
and stole the diamond bag.
The diamond bag?
How is my dad?
Two sub-inspectors
have died...
They shot my hand.
Sir, hope nothing
happened to my dad?
Your dad is dead, too.
My boy!
You know that hero
who saved the kid?
It was his son.
You made the plan,
he completed it!
The little scientist!
Perumal, the thing is...
No crime should happen
in our jurisdiction.
If something does happen...
it should happen
under our control!
You sinners!
So, the kid was...
How did you have the heart
to do that?
A child panics so much even when
it gets stuck inside a bathroom door.
You took a little kid...
and dropped her 200 feet deep!
Imagine what she
must have gone through!
You eat from everyone like a pig!
Isn't that enough for you?
The government has trusted in us and
given us the rights to question injustice.
But you ganged up
with these thieving murderers?
Don't run your mouth, Perumal!
You were right, sir.
He is a pig!
But I'm a lion.
How would a lion ever
share its bounty with a pig?
You're destined to live
another hour...
Start the car.
Hold his legs.
...they took the diamond bag.
They shot me in my arm.
What is in the bag
that surfaced with the child?
Mathi, they have boxing bags
in the car.
Maybe they are boxers?
Mothi, at exactly 3 am,
2 kms from Hosur...
Kochi-Patna express
stops at the crossing for 5 minutes.
So we only have 15 minutes more.
Bloody, hurry up!
What are you doing?
The vehicle is out of control.
What are you doing?
Set it straight.
What are you doing?
These are the ones who
dropped the kid into that hole.
Let's not waste time.
We will miss the train.
We shouldn't spare
any witnesses.
Mathi, be careful.
You evil man from the North
who dared to hurt an innocent child.
Happy birthday!
- Thank you, uncle.
Uncle, you saved me
using that, didn't you?
When it lifted me up,
it felt like my own mother
was lifting me up.
Can I feel it once?
I have invented so many things.
Every single thing I've invented
have been for people to use.
But this one equipment...
I hope no one will ever
have to use under any circumstance.
Let such a circumstance never arise.
Many young scientists toil
to invent things...
and yearn for their due recognition.
Any science first forms in the human mind
and takes shape in the paper...
but we crush these fresh ideas
like we crush a piece of paper.
Where will these people find their recognition
as they carry the burden of idea?
When will they get it?
Who will give it to them?
It's a good thing Newton lived in England,
so he became a scientist.
If he had been born in India,
the apple tree would have been a Bodhi tree.
Newton would have been Buddha.
'Born and raised in the shanty;
I'll change the world with my creativity.'
'I'll come up using my brain;
I won't let my life go in vain.'
'Always keep your mind active;
Single-handedly you'll do the job of five.'
'Gotta keep changing with the times;
Gotta toil to deserve acclaims.'
'A marvellous mechanic;
A talented techie.'
'You can achieve through silence;
If you learn his science.'
'Wham! We hit them;
Bam! We got them.'
'Like a spear tearing through the wind;
Stay competitive to grow and build.'
'From tomorrow, no more idling;
Poke and prod, sprout like a sapling.'
'Come together again, we can form a pillar;
Nothing is trash, we can make a world record.'
'Don't believe in dupes, I'm no dummy;
I challenge you, I'll launch satellites in sky.'
'Set your mind, and it's done;
Dream on hard, and it's a win.'
'I won't even run;
But I'll score a century.'
'Wham! We hit them;
Bam! We got them.'