Ayogya (2019) Movie Script

[cloud bursting]
Life spares no one!
It tests everyone!
Until it happens to us,
we really don't understand what life is.
The day that we do understand,
all our values turn upside down.
That's how it is for me, today.
I don't know
if I'll be alive the next minute.
But I'm not new to getting assaulted.
Top of that, as I'm an orphan,
anyone can assault me.
No matter how much I am brutalized
I was taught from childhood
that only money can save me.
How dare you steal!
Why are you hitting me?
Didn't you steal?
I can't hit you, huh?
I didn't steal!
Then what's this?
Take out the money!
Sir, we have a license!
License? What does that mean?
My boss told us
that we can steal from anywhere
in this area!
Do you know who I work for?
You'll be finished!
Who is your boss?
Rajendran! Bullet Rajendran!
Greetings, Mr. Cop! Are you well?
Why arrest school kids like so?
Hold on, my boy. I'm here!
-This guy's your boss, huh?
Is it? Take a good look!
Please come closer, sir.
Sure. I'm coming.
-Oh, God!
-I've seen it all, man!
I said no such thing to him, sir!
Your boy's giving me orders
not to lay hands on him!
How much you must've have
hyped yourself up for him to talk like so?
-Some boss, you are!
-Don't beat me.
-Boss, huh?
-I never said I was the boss!
He's a young kid!
Doesn't know what he's saying!
Damn mongrels!
When asked, he says he has a license!
It's been two weeks
since you renewed that!
Where were you? Get out the cash!
Wait sir. Take it.
-What do you have there?
-For safety. Knew you'd ask.
-Safety? What do you need safety for?
-And over there?
-Nothing there!
Get money from him!
Got anything? Please give it.
Please do as I say!
This damn guy's scuffing me up!
Damn loose change!
You can keep this, too!
Don't always speak highly of yourself.
-No sir.
-Hype up the cops, too!
Alright, sir.
-Toss these out!
-Take the stuff! Let's go!
-Lift it up! Lift it!
-What are you glaring at?
Get going, you little devils!
You always do what I tell you not to do!
Run along!
What did you tell him?
He hit me so hard!
I said you're big boss,
but you get whacked
and give him all the cash?
-Rather than whacking him...
-Voice down! He might hear us!
Was what we got not enough?
-Why? Won't strike back?
You're so huge!
So what if I'm huge?
Expect me to hit a cop?
Cop, my foot!
We toil hard and steal from others!
Without moving an inch,
they stole from us!
What's the difference?
The uniform, dear boy!
The police uniform!
Wear it and you can do anything!
We do it, it's stealing.
They do it, it's levying fine!
He's watching me count money!
Might do something to get me in trouble!
Then settle my dues.
I'm leaving!
What dues are you talking about?
Thought you were a big shot
and I could become like you
but I realize what my future would be
if I stick with you.
I've decided
what job I'm going to take up!
Which is?
I'll put on a police uniform!
I'll become a cop!
I'll levy all kinds of fines!
Alright, let's go.
Know who you're laying hands on?
Upon a cop!
Since that day,
I have been a cop in my own head.
I decided that if I wanted to steal,
I'd do so only as a cop!
I needed to study to become a cop.
I had no parents
who could send me to school.
So, I worked
whatever job I got during the day.
I studied at night,
but had a hard time learning.
It was very difficult!
But it kept ringing in my head
that I wanted to become a cop!
I kept watching around me
what luxury a cop's life would be!
Take a wrong route? Fine of 50 rupees.
No license? Fine of 100 rupees.
In case of an accident,
money comes from both parties!
Money from the thief
as well from the victim of theft!
Anyone comes with any problem,
it'd be money for me!
I spent sleepless nights
yearning to become a cop!
Not just that.
I began watching a lot of cop movies!
Memorized dialogue, too!
[man in pain]
Good morning.
What, Mr. Minor?
You asked for my head.
Here I am! Come take it!
Without knowing who I am,
you mess with me!
Criminal bastard.
-You dare challenge a police officer?
-You dare challenge a police officer?
Stand before me for another minute,
you'll lose your head!
-Get out. I said get out.
-Get out. I said get out.
-Know what courage is?
-Know what courage is?
-Pretending to show no fear.
-Pretending to show no fear.
-I've already seen the fear in your eyes.
-I've already seen the fear in your eyes.
-I intend to slowly
-I intend to slowly
-and patiently draw it out
-and patiently draw it out
-and introduce it to you.
-and introduce it to you.
I'm an expert at that!
With great difficulty,
I passed tenth grade.
By that, I don't mean
first in school or the state.
I just barely passed!
At one point,
I figured I couldn't study anymore
and couldn't become a cop.
But every robbery and act of corruption
in the country left me sleepless!
My heart would wince at the fact
that I wasn't there where it happened!
It'll take another five years for me
to graduate, bro!
I can't study anymore, bro!
So let it go!
I must become a cop!
Must I study to become one?
Yes, man!
Clearly spell it out.
To become a cop,
must I study, or do I need certificates?
-You'll need certificates.
-In that case
.must I study to get it,
or is there another way?
You can buy it with money.
So I bought all education certificates
needed for the job of a cop!
My respect for money increased!
I genuinely passed
only in the physical test.
Through either my fortune
or your misfortune, I became a cop!
Inspector of Police! Karnan!
[English rap song]
[English rap song]
[English rap song]
[English rap song]
[English rap song]
How about that?
The strict cop has arrived!
Hey! Give them the stuff
and send them packing!
Here you go, bro! Beat it!
Why I ought to...
Let go of me!
-Let go of me! Hands off!
-Don't push me!
When my brother finds out,
you're done for!
[vehicle approaching]
Hello, Mr. Minister.
Hi! How come this month's collection
hasn't come in yet?
Is it wrong to catch fish in the sea?
-Is it wrong to run a club?
-Who the hell said it was?
As we were fishing, we snuck in cocaine
and heroine and sold it in the club.
What's wrong with that?
Why do your cops call it smuggling
and arrest my brothers?
I'll take care of it.
It'll take me less than four minutes
to kill that inspector.
Then, another upright man like him
would take his place.
He'll also disturb my business
in the name of truth and justice!
Then, we'd kill him.
This will go on and on!
So? You want to abolish police stations?
Replace the inspector in this post
with a cop who'll listen to me.
That guy shouldn't even know
the spelling of truth or justice!
Simply put,
he must be tons worse than me!
[vehicle approaching]
Put him in the vehicle
and get him to the spot!
Take the stuff and run, god damn it!
Run and hide, kids!
Damn it! I need a place to hide!
Hey! Hold it!
Sir! Sir!
Sir, I didn't think
this would lead to a firing order! Sir!
-You're on his side?
-No, sir. I'm always with the cops!
Then why run from me?
The thing is, I'm normally scared of cops!
I swear I'm not part of the crowd
that gets whacked after mocking cops!
I know all too well
that you're afraid of cops!
Isn't this my story?
Your fear is what made me a cop!
With his height,
-they'd select him right away!
-'Bullet' Rajendran!
What's he saying?
I'll put on a police uniform!
I'll become a cop!
I'll levy all kinds of fines!
Know who you're laying hands on?
Hey, Karnan! How are you?
Inspector Karnan.
Oh, God! Just like you said,
you became a cop?
Great cash we once made!
-You're free, right?
-Hereon in, yes!
-Let's go to the spot!
[approaching sirens wailing]
[engine reviving]
[door close]
[shutter clicks]
Said he'd give me a job,
but he shows a corpse?
Recognize this guy?
Hold on! I'll check!
Oh, him! He's Anbu.
Councilor Ramanathan's brother.
-Who would've done this?
-Who else? Dhinadayalan's faction!
They compete in politics and real estate.
They both kill each other's men.
Know something else, Karnan?
This guy killed that guy's brother.
Dhinadayalan's group didn't do this.
It was someone else.
Call Dhinadayalan.
Hey! I mean, Karnan. How can I?
We'll sell the corpse!
[song playing on TV continue]
Shall I kill
Councilor Ramanathan's brother Anbu?
-Who are you?
-What's important?
Me or your brother's killer?
My brother's killer!
He's right in front of me!
Quickly tell me
if I should kill him or not!
I don't care who you are!
Pop him right now!
Alright. My fee?
Ten thousand.
Ten lakh rupees!
Tell me if this works for you.
Else, let it go.
Alright. How do I trust you?
Near the bus stand,
is Saint Mary's Church.
Come there.
I'll be done before you arrive.
Look at the corpse, pay up
and go about your day!
[phone keypad]
[vehicle approaching]
[phone ringing]
Seen it?
You did in ten minutes, what I couldn't
in four years! Who are you, kid?
-Don't call me 'kid'!
-Alright, sir. Who are you, sir?
Confirmed it, right?
Leave the money and go!
You're quite the shrewd guy, sir!
Like to join my business, sir?
I happen to be
in a good business right now!
Leave the money
on the nearby Activa and go! Hurry!
Oh God.
I have to give this to cops.
Made ten lakhs off a corpse?
It'll end up rotting in the soil,
anyway! So there you go!
Never seen ten lakhs as a whole before!
-Come on!
-Hold up! There's more!
Go to that constable
and get the dead guy's phone, old man!
Old man?
[shutter clicks]
Yeah, you can call me that. Go ahead.
Let's see how much love
Ramanathan has his for brother. Go!
Shall we talk?
Tell me who he is, sir!
Turn him over to me!
-I can't do that, man!
-It can't be done!
Then what are we here for?
Why do cops and courts exist?
It's my duty to ensure he is punished.
There's no need for that, sir!
Just give him to me!
Good grief!
I can't do that sort of thing, man!
If I take the legal route,
I'll get a gold medal and a promotion!
Gold medal, right?
Tell me how much gold you want, sir!
No need.
It must be melted before being sold.
Take it as cash.
-Name a rate yourself!
-Ten lakhs?
Damn, that's awesome!
Is my gold medal and promotion
just worth ten lakhs?
-Is our brother's life worth just so much?
-It was our brother who died, man!
And you want to fork up
just ten lakhs! Moron!
Give the collection money
of twenty lakhs from the car to him!
Oh God, twenty lakhs?
At least tell me now, sir! Where is he?
-See that vehicle over there?
He's in the back!
-Hold on, nimrod! Listen up and go!
Do nothing here! Understand?
-Alright, sir!
Come let's go.
Get that guy!
We'll kill him in our hood!
Karnan, in thirty minutes,
you made thirty lakhs off a corpse! How?
One of those will suffice!
Will he give me two?
Here! Five lakhs!
-You kept the rest inside! Five lakhs?
-Be happy!
In my family's legacy,
I'm the first one to make so much money!
Keep me as your assistant, Karnan!
-I can't! It's difficult!
-I raised you, Karnan!
Does that not make me eligible?
As of today, my service ends here.
-Where are you going?
-To where?
-The capital city! Chennai!
Gandhi's birthday. Pray diligently, sir.
Pray that you can save this station
and this area from the new inspector!
His name may be Karnan.
But generous, he is not.
He snatches it all!
Justice, integrity and virtue.
It's all just money, money, money to him.
A rogue of the first order, sir!
Simply put, he's corruption favorite son!
To welcome me, rains down
a shower of colorful flowers!
Anwar, Sarvarang, Vadivel, Govindraj,
Murgan, Raja, Swaminathan, Shekar.
Suryakumar, Advin.
What's your name?
-Khader, sir!
Abdul Khader, sir!
Abdul Khader wasn't taught to salute
during his training, huh?
My hand is hurt, sir!
Once it heals,
salute with both hands!
You owe me a salute!
Who are those guys?
They've been arrested for smuggling!
Their heroine and cocaine
is peddled across the city!
Quite a big crime, isn't it?
Open it up!
Shut the main door and the gate.
-Okay, sir.
-There's no need for that! Open it up!
Sir, they'll run away!
So many cops over here!
Do you think they can run away?
That's not it, sir...
Why make me talk so much?
Open the cell, Khader.
-What I'm saying is...
-You heard me!
They look like little kids!
Sure you arrested the right guys?
Don't get it?
Are you sure they are the perpetrators?
Yes, sir!
We arrested them with evidence!
Let's go!
They're running away, sir!
Let's get them!
What did I tell you?
What did you tell me, Khader?
You never told me these guys
run this fast on East Coast Road!
Their vehicle'll be ready outside!
They can't be caught!
You let them slip away
like it's nothing!
How can I rely upon you all
and run this station?
When higher authorities ask about
the smuggling suspects,
what will you say?
Answer me!
-The new inspector opened...
-New inspector?
I haven't finished any formalities
and haven't taken charge!
My goodness!
All of your jobs are at risk!
Tell me! What are you going to do?
How do you intend to file this? Tell me!
You answer that, too!
Must I answer that, too? Alright.
You folks didn't arrest them
nor put them in the cell.
You didn't open the cell now
and they didn't escape. That's it!
But the First Information Report
has been filed!
If the report burns up
due to short circuit,
what can you do?
Sir! What are you doing, sir?
Said your hand was hurt
and you couldn't raise it.
You're putting it out
like a fire engine!
Can you lie on Gandhi Jayanthi?
Isn't it wrong, Khader? Salute!
Salute me!
Sir, after knowing
the kind of man you are,
my hand will not raise and salute you.
# Are you well? Are you well? #
# Are the body and mind doing well? #
-Where is Kalirajan's house, Khader?
You heard me right!
And what you thought was right, too!
Where is Kalirajan's house
on East Coast Road?
[vehicle approaching]
Welcome sir.
Brother, the new inspector is here, sir!
What's wrong with him?
Inspector Karnan!
I did have a bath.
Your scent will tell me
how loyal you'll be
and how well we'll gel together.
-Did it tell you?
No scent of a cop in you.
You're one of us!
Thank you very much for releasing
my brothers, like we discussed.
Every town chases me away.
You're the first one to invite me over.
Anyway, where are your brothers?
They got a new birdie
and they're playing with it.
Must sow their wild oats, right?
Do you want any chicks?
Not at the moment.
If I need any later, I'll let you know.
Alright, then. What'll you drink, kid?
Tell me, kid. What'll you drink?
I don't need it, old man!
I need nothing, old man!
That good enough for you?
Get pissed when you're called that, right?
The same goes here!
Your ego is within.
But mine surrounds me like Wi-Fi!
It'll get in my head!
And when that happens,
I'll lose control! That's all!
There won't be any trouble
to your business.
I assure you.
But don't ever call me kid!
I'm fine with buddy
or Karnan and brother.
Are you cool with bro?
What'll you drink, bro?
Bro-ndy or whiskey?
For freeing my brothers
and to welcome you to the city,
you get a surprise party!
Know who's come?
-The one you like the most!
Sunny Leone!
-In Chennai?
-She's Sunny?
Super Leone! Silken Queen!
# A young girl, is Silken Queen! #
# A single wink of mine
draws one hell of a crowd! #
# Quite the stunning babe, I am!
Caress me lightly, if you wish! #
-Is it okay?
# Leave no leftovers! Finish it all! #
# Wish to touch?
Start counting out the notes! #
# There's a meter before the mischief!
I'm a good girl who works by her rules! #
# I won't fall for your charms
just because you're dazzling! #
# If kickbacks bring the kink,
it's a whole new level! #
# A whole new level! #
# Through all the moolah,
you get to a whole new level! #
# A whole new level! #
# The respect I get for my money
is at a whole new level! #
# A young girl, is Silken Queen! #
# A single wink of mine
draws one hell of a crowd! #
# Quite the stunning babe, I am!
Caress me lightly, if you wish! #
# Leave no leftovers! Finish it all! #
# Wish to touch?
Start counting out the notes! #
# There's a meter before the mischief!
I'm a good girl who works by her rules! #
# I won't fall for your charms
just because you're dazzling! #
# If kickbacks bring the kink,
it's a whole new level! #
# A whole new level! #
# Through all the moolah,
you get to a whole new level! #
# A whole new level! #
# The respect I get for my money
is at a whole new level! #
# Hey, guy who asks for goods!
Quite famous, I see! #
# The stories told by saris
are always spectacular! #
# Ask far and wide! I'm a rogue cop! #
# Pass me the suitcase
during this jolly time! #
# Shall I change the mood of the cops
who came to party? #
# Shall I name a price for their valor
and put them in handcuffs? #
# Alright, lady!
Shall I drive the vehicle of fun, too? #
# Shall I pull up the history log
of the money I've made? #
# You're a well-built guy,
who suits me fine! #
# Come with me,
and we'll go to a whole new level! #
# A whole new level! #
# Your machismo is at a whole new level
when you got the moolah! #
# Through all the moolah,
you get to a whole new level! #
-Hey, Khader.
The Silken Queen is dancing there!
Why look so glum?
Here you go!
[vehicle aaproaching]
Welcome sir.
Sir, Hereon in, this is your guest house!
24/7 liquor supply!
# God created it... #
# Gave it in my hands... #
# He sent me over to relish it all! #
# He sent me over to relish it all! #
-Heroin! Cocaine! Babes!
Ask us anything you want! Anytime!
Isn't that right?
Good! Good!
You can indulge in any atrocity
you desire!
-Anytime! I'm by your side!
-Right, sir.
-Now get going!
-See you later, sir!
-Get going!
-A most fitting inspector for us!
A swimming pool and beach!
Superb place, isn't it?
Do they own this place?
It belonged to a doctor.
They snatched it away from him!
Always the case with them!
Don't worry, Khader.
We'll snatch this away from them, soon!
We'll get you a place like this, too!
You must be awed from witnessing
my sense of duty all day long, right?
You'd feel like saluting me now, right?
About turn.
I said salute.
Sir, I don't care
if you use your authority
as a high ranking officer.
Or if my hand involuntarily
rises up out of fear.
I'll personally chop off my hand!
Yes, sir!
I'll personally chop off my hand!
# So, you are that songbird? #
# Which home do you belong to? #
Khader, I really love songs and music!
Second to money!
Here's what you do.
Arrange for a good music system!
Let's listen the hell out of songs!
# A green parrot! A string of pearls! #
# Who is that wild jasmine? #
#The doll comes along in a chariot... #
-Stop the vehicle, Khader!
-Station's not here, yet!
Is that what's important?
You listen to this parrot.
I'll check out that parrot!
# A green parrot! A string of pearls! #
# Who is that wild jasmine... #
Who are you?
Just that I saw plenty of parrots.
Wanted to get a closer look.
Wow! Free breakfast!
Service, huh?
Why? Does that concern you?
Who are you? What do you want?
I'm Karnan, the inspector of this area!
Alright! How much does this all cost?
Twenty kilos in the morning.
Twenty in the evening.
So approximately 600 to 700 rupees.
So if it's 600 rupees per day
for thirty days
it's 18,000 rupees a month!
So much money for just parrots!
What do you gain from it?
Compared to the happiness you get from
keeping that 18,000 rupees in the bank
I get a little bit more!
You don't worry!
Can I take a picture? Okay?
[shutter clicks]
What is this really large parrot?
This isn't a parrot. It's a macaw!
Does he know he's called a macaw?
How can that be?
That's not a he, but a she.
So that's the problem!
A parrot doesn't know
it's called a parrot!
Ditto for a dog!
Only we have named all of them, right?
What's your name?
Nice name. I'm Karnan!
You already told me!
Okay, Sindhu!
Let's meet up often!
I'll send the pictures on WhatsApp.
What's your phone number?
It's alright. Thanks.
I have plenty of pictures!
For any other issue,
you may need the help of police.
There is no such issue.
Okay. Good! Good!
See you. Bye.
Let's trap this parrot!
Khader, I really like that parrot!
What skin! What complexion!
Hey, get her details!
She's a really good girl, sir.
-Won't suit you.
-I know that.
Why is that?
She's into a pet care.
An animal lover!
An animal lover?
Then she's perfect for me!
Is there a bigger animal than I?
Fix us up, man!
I'm not that kind of man, sir!
I am that kind of man, Khader!
Utterly despicable!
What the hell, man?
You neither salute me
nor fix me up with a girl!
Alright, have them bring those
who often get caught for theft,
to the station.
Watch how this parrot flies over to me!
[vehicle approaching]
My daughter's been missing for two days,
-Two days, huh?
-Which area?
-Kumaran Colony. Third Avenue.
Order two mutton biryanis
from Thalapakatti.
Thala curry, too!
-What were you saying?
-Sir, my daughter is missing!
-How old is she?
She's doing her undergrad.
[phone ringing]
-Got a photo of her?
Hey! What became of that real estate case?
It's a lake area.
They fear there'll be problems.
-Tell them I'll finish it for them.
-Sir! Sir!
15% for us!
-No problem will arise! Arrange a sitting!
-Alright, sir!
-Have you given a written complaint?
-No, sir.
You must do that!
You should have given a written complaint?
Provide the phone number, contact details,
info about her friends and go!
-Alright, sir.
-Get it from her!
Alright, sir. Madam.
Greetings, cop!
Refer to him, as 'sir'!
Sarath Kumar will deal with him.
Cool with it?
-Come sir.
-Best thieves in the area, sir.
He is to thank for that, sir!
Instead of catching us
in the many places we steal,
he just salutes at us!
We even robbed his house once!
He just let us go!
-When asked, he said he's a cop!
Don't beat me.
Why hit me, sir?
Sir, my grandmother was not well!
Had no money to buy medicine!
So I began to steal from a young age.
I continued doing so
and the job's going well!
Now she's feeling much better
and posts videos on TikTok!
-Why you...
-What can I do about that?
Don't hit me, sir!
I won't steal anymore!
Only from now, must you steal!
You must steal big, man!
He got us into his team, too!
Alright, who is this damn thing?
Gramps Rahul!
He's my boss!
Hey, why the hell are you like this?
Attire isn't good! Hair isn't cut!
On seeing you, I feel sorry!
Have the two of you eaten?
Sir, you're the first cop
to ever ask me that in my entire life!
I'm proud of you, sir!
I am very proud.
Don't cry, guys!
I came up the ranks just like you did!
-But you didn't have proper guidance!
Order two more biryanis to go!
-That'll do?
-Order two more!
Order two more and have them delivered
to the guest house!
-Come along, my dears!
-Super, sir.
What great food! Wonderfully tasty!
You're no cop, sir! You're a God!
This'll do, sir!
This is enough for us!
Not just for today.
Hereon in, you can eat here every day!
Stay here, too!
Conduct your business well!
But in terms of the loot,
a 60-40 share!
-A small request, sir.
-What is it?
Can I bathe in this swimming pool
every day?
-What about me?
-You jump in that sea and die!
You can bathe here.
You can bathe there!
Do whatever you want!
But you must steal!
O Lord Almighty! Deity Supreme!
You have all the qualities needed
to enter politics!
Good! Good!
If you enter politics with that attitude,
and make me minister of education
-and him for finance before he dies
we'll be inside the office
and never come out!
-Minister of Education?
-Of course.
What have you studied?
Second grade! Isn't that enough?
Then you're definitely qualified!
Know 'Pet Care' Sindhu's house?
Sindhu's 'house'?
That's not a house, sir! It's a zoo!
What's the most expensive thing in there?
That girl, sir!
-It's not that, sir!
She looks like a milky sweet!
So we went into her compound,
thinking it's Sethji's house
we found her rearing dogs!
There's more!
One, a street dog like us.
Another, fine like her!
Another, dangerous like you!
She had them all bathed,
powdered and cradled!
Know how annoying it is to see that?
Then that is what you must steal!
Oh, be quiet, sir!
We barely made it out of there alive!
-Hey, tell him!
-Yes, sir!
We are in trouble sir.
I ask you to steal
and you just don't listen!
-We're ready to do it, sir!
-I am ready.
-Good! Good!
-Please lower that!
Excuse me, Inspector.
The parrot is here!
-Hold on, ma'am!
- Inspector!
-Hey! Let them through!
-Okay sir.
-Oh, Inspector sir.
What is it, Sindhu? How is the macaw?
Last night, someone stole our babies!
- Wretches!
- Little babies, sir!
-Little babies?
Our dogs! 52 dogs are missing, sir!
Oh! They went missing, huh?
Alright! Who is this?
-Your sister?
-She's my mother!
-I like this boy!
You mustn't hide the truth!
When did you last see them?
Did you scold them?
Nothing like that, sir!
Someone did it on purpose!
Yes, Sindhu! They did it on purpose!
Why simply take the risk?
There's a big market for them!
Don't you know?
A market?
There's a huge godown in Royapettah!
They bring well-built stolen dogs there
kill them, slice them up
and supply the meat
to all the shops nearby!
What? Dog meat?
How would the buyers or eaters
know it's dog meat?
A pity! Who knows which stove
it's being fried on?
Don't say that, sir!
My babies can't bear the heat!
I raised them in an A/C environment!
Despite knowing all this,
why haven't you taken action?
Didn't you just file a complaint?
I'll take them out today!
-Hey, Shekhar.
Get their phone number
and contact details!
-Okay, sir.
-Get going.
-Thanks, Inspector.
-Thank you.
Officers, load the guns!
-Get ready for the operation!
-My babies...
Ready the helicopter, Khader!
We must conduct an encounter!
Helicopters and encounters
are too over the top for this!
The girl left ten minutes ago!
Oh! She left, huh?
-Yo, 'stache?
-Yes, sir?
-Get me a tea and chicken 'pakoda'!
-Okay, sir.
Speaking in a high pitch
has left me hot in the head!
Ready, sir.
-Hey, 'stache!
-Buy a mirror for the station!
-Will do!
# Arrived, did the golden belle!
Gave a plenty, she did! #
-Where's the bro now?
-Heading to an encounter!
-An encounter? What's up?
-Girlfriend's up!
-A girlfriend so soon?
-Who is that princess?
-I'll tell you. Where are you now?
I'm in depression, bro!
Why? Did they seize some of our stuff?
I miss you, bro!
Don't you get how much respect
I have for our friendship?
You give respect for our friendship!
But I'll give up my life for it!
For so many years,
I awaited to give up my life for someone.
It took me 33 years to meet you!
I'll finish the encounter
and then give you my life!
I'm hanging up, now!
-He's a lot worse than we thought!
-Yes, sir.
-Nod your head again!
-Yes, sir!
A bunch of you stick around
just to nod like that!
Our babies don't even eat meat!
My goodness! Do they even sell dog meat?
To hell with them!
Come on, Raghavan!
Stand back before you let them loose!
They'll bite!
No bones will be left behind!
Pull that hard! Let them jump! Come on.
My babies...
My babies...
Come on.
My babies...
Thank you, sir. Thank you, so much!
On their way to the stove!
Barely escaped!
Thank you.
Who is that?
He's the inspector!
He found our babies!
Within four hours of filing a complaint,
he found them? So many dogs, even!
I've never seen the cops find something
so quickly, until now!
Granny! If we do it quick,
you ask us how so!
If we take our time,
you claim the cops are always late!
What can a cop do?
Do you really like dogs a lot?
Do I like dogs?
I grew up alongside dogs!
Dog is great!
Dogs are the only creatures in the world
who love unconditionally!
They like us people a lot more
than they do other dogs!
Or hell!
If you ask me, the best creatures
in the world are dogs! Not humans!
Then what?
So, if there's any problem, call me.
Been two days since I filed a complaint!
You don't seem to have found anything.
Why are you so irresponsible, sir?
Who is Kaushik?
My daughter's friend.
They study together.
Where is he?
He lives near Adyar.
His hostel is behind fourth street
near Madhya Kailash in Adyar.
He's also been missing from the same day
as your daughter!
Do you get it?
He and your daughter have eloped!
My daughter is not that kind of girl, sir!
We get ten such complaints every day!
All parents who file them
say the same thing!
When your daughter's jewelry
and money run out
and he has had his fill,
they'll come back.
Don't order us around
or tell us how to do our job!
Don't spread word
that your daughter's missing!
If we find out anything,
we'll let you know! Get going!
Needlessly nagging me
early in the morning!
-What a damn headache!
Sit down!
I'm a little bummed!
Start the vehicle!
-Let's chill out!
-Okay, sir.
[vehicle approaching]
What's going on there?
So damn close!
What the hell is going on there?
Who is he?
He touches my music while talking to her!
Why I ought to...
What are you doing, sir?
Why pull out a gun?
That too, in the middle of the road?
Khader, she's my music, Khader! My music!
No one else gets a chance!
She is just for me!
What's this side of you, sir? Seems new!
I am like that, Khader!
-Why I ought to...
-Hey, sir...
Sir, don't do it!
Think it's some kind of special event.
Judging by the guy's attire,
think it's the girl's engagement.
Whose permission did she take?
She's a good girl. The guy seems nice.
They make a handsome couple.
They make a handsome couple, huh?
He looks like a damn porn star!
I'll match them up! Come along!
Sir! Hold on, sir!
What is this?
Hey, who is he?
Who is this guy, Sindhu?
Why's he feeding you ice cream?
He doesn't suit you at all!
What's wrong, dear boy?
Who is this guy, Aunty?
He's hitting on her! Who is he?
Dear boy!
Granny! Who is he?
This guy? For Sindhu?
They won't suit each other at all!
Khader, who is he?
They won't suit each other, right?
-It won't, right?
-No, sir.
That's what I'm saying!
Who the hell are you?
This girl won't suit you at all!
Who are you?
-Who is he?
-My cousin!
-Your cousin?
-Her cousin?
-Brother, Granny!
-Brother, dear boy!
Brother, Khader!
Didn't I tell you? He's a brother!
Didn't I already tell you? A brother!
Look at the brother smile!
Touch her again, I'll kill you!
-My brother!
-Brother, right?
# O sweetheart! Shall I take you away #
# to a faraway land? #
# Shall I pounce like a wild animal #
# and hear out your desires? #
# O sweetheart!
Shall I take you away to a faraway land? #
# Shall I pounce like a wild animal
and hear out your desires? #
# O sweetheart!
Shall I take you away to a faraway land? #
# Shall I pounce like a wild animal
and hear out your desires? #
# O beautiful belle!
I'll devour you with my eyes! #
# Your coquetry and style
has left me in shambles! #
# O beautiful belle!
I'll devour you with my eyes! #
# Your coquetry and style
has left me in shambles! #
# My heart cannot bear the agony
if you do not hook up with me! #
# The craving I've never felt for anyone,
I feel for you! #
# O sweetheart!
Shall I take you away to a faraway land? #
# Shall I pounce like a wild animal
and hear out your desires? #
# O sweetheart!
Shall I take you away to a faraway land? #
# Shall I pounce like a wild animal
and hear out your desires? #
# Are you a peacock's feather?
I do not know! #
-I want to try.
-You? Okay, come.
# The heart of a tiger become one
of a dove! I do not understand it all! #
# I thought to bring down to earth
the soaring angel and capture her! #
# I yearn to take you entirely,
in secret! #
# Are you a peacock's feather? #
-# I do not know! #
# The heart of a tiger
become one of a dove! #
# I do not understand it all! #
# My heart cannot bear the agony
if you do not hook up with me! #
# The craving I've never felt for anyone,
I feel for you! #
# O sweetheart!
Shall I take you away to a faraway land? #
# Shall I pounce like a wild animal
and hear out your desires? #
Sir, phone.
-Your phone's ringing!
[phone ringing]
[phone keypad]
-You busy, bro?
I was in a musical mood!
Tell me what's up!
His name is 'Garden' Venkatraman.
He has a farmhouse.
If we get a nightclub in there,
boozers will rejoice! Money will flow!
I quoted him a price.
He didn't budge.
I threatened him.
He went to the collector's office.
Your brother wants that garden.
-Okay, sir.
-Start the jeep!
[water spritzing]
[vehicle approaching]
It's awesome!
Such a place in this city?
When did you buy it?
Must be about twenty four years, sir.
How much did you buy it for?
Back then,
it cost two and a half lakh rupees, sir.
How much does it cost, now?
Now, it'd be worth six crore rupees.
Prices have gone up, right?
Okay, who are they?
Your relatives?
No, sir.
They usually come by to eat here.
Free food, huh?
It can't exactly be called 'free'.
All must eat to their heart's content.
Children and the elderly eat for free.
The others pay
as much as they can afford to pay.
Social service.
[birds chirping]
Why aren't you selling this place
to Kalirajan?
He's threatening to buy this place
for 50 lakhs!
Moreover, I have no intent at all
to sell this place!
I've saved it for my granddaughter.
Your son will provide for her.
Why must you worry about that?
My son and daughter-in-law
died in an accident.
I am all my granddaughter has.
Then why does Kalirajan say
that he has the documents for this land?
The original documents for this place
are all in my name!
By the time it's proven in court
whose documents are original
twenty years will pass!
You'll be long gone by then!
You won't get to enjoy it,
and neither will your granddaughter.
Why have this problem?
All you have is just one granddaughter.
50 lakhs is way more than necessary
to fund her education and marriage.
If you wish,
I'll have them pay twenty more lakhs!
Isn't it unfair to demand a place
that I have no intention to sell?
What is unfair?
What's important?
A property worth six crores
or your granddaughter's life?
You don't wonder why she hasn't
come home by 4:45
when school was out by 4 PM?
This place is more important to you,
They're horrible guys, sir!
They'll slit her throat
and go about their day!
-Sir! Sir!
Has our girl come home, sir?
Folks at the school said
she left thirty minutes ago!
I've been waiting outside in our car
for the past hour!
I don't know where our girl is! Sir!
-Didn't I already tell you?
If they kill your granddaughter
it is your fault.
Right now, you're the only one
who can save your granddaughter.
Are you going to save her?
Or will you kill her?
Sign it.
Sign it, sir!
Why have a property
that'll kill your granddaughter?
Granddaughter's important!
The property isn't!
[vehicle receding]
-My dear!
It's disgusting, sir!
You kidnapped that old man's grandchild
and stole his place!
-Why so unjust...
-I saved them, Khader!
I saved both of them!
Had I told him to spare them,
would he have done it?
He would've killed them both!
I even got them another twenty lakhs!
So is this how your justify
your despicable behavior, sir?
This isn't right, sir!
What you're doing is wrong!
Being a cop, would you be a slave
to a criminal like this?
Who is he, sir?
Starting with illicit liquor and through
real estate, heroin and cocaine
he's a huge criminal, today!
I've been watching him since his youth!
Been watching him, right?
Been watching his criminal activities,
You both have been in the same city
for the past twenty five years!
Why didn't you do anything?
Here! Here you go!
Here's the gun! Go kill him!
Go! Go and kill him!
What will happen if you do so?
They'll hang you to death!
Go and die!
The high justice you believe in
will live on, won't it?
Why didn't you do that?
You'd have made plenty of people
like that old man and his grandkid happy!
Either be on this side,
or be on that side!
Sloths like you who're stuck in the middle
are useless to this country!
And hell,
you're useless to your own family, too!
By peddling truth, justice and honor,
you don't let guys like me live!
Yes! I am utterly despicable!
I'll remain that way!
Check how many bundles the bag has!
Learn how to earn it!
I will not touch this filthy money, sir!
Look! Look closely!
This is your money!
And this is mine!
This is justice! And this is injustice!
Now which is good money
and which is bad?
Tell me!
Tell me, Khader! Tell me, man!
The honesty in your money
isn't there in mine!
They're both money! That's all!
Know who is the first witness
to every injustice in this nation?
Right here! This man!
It is he!
It's the man in this photograph!
Keep the bag safely at home!
It isn't wrong!
I won't touch it, sir!
Money! Money! Money!
How much more, sir?
When will your thirst for money end?
I don't know, Khader!
I don't know!
Give me a hundred crores
and I'll talk then!
Some desire women.
Some desire power.
I desire money! That's all!
Right now, you're my bank!
Consider this a deposit from me!
Take it and go! Do as I say!
Will not a tsunami come by
at this very moment?
Will it not swallow you away?
Oh, I so wish you would die right now!
A tsunami, huh? A damn tsunami, eh?
Tell it to come!
Call forth your tsunami!
I'll see what tsunami shows up! Call it!
Tsunami... Tsunami...
I'll stay here all night!
Call the tsunami! Tell it to come here!
Have it take me away!
It will come, sir! It will!
It will swallow you whole!
If it comes,
it won't just come for me!
If it does, it'll kill me, you, Kalirajan,
the old man, his grandchild
good people and bad people!
It'll devour them all!
It has no hesitation
about who is good and who is bad!
Tsunami, he says!
I'm still here, right? Call your tsunami!
It didn't come!
You question me
as if I've committed rape or murder!
If you want some,
take how much ever you wish!
I won't hold it against you!
[birds chirping]
Today's the last day, dad.
If the fee isn't paid today,
they won't let me write
the exam this year.
They'll expel me from college.
If you want some,
take how much ever you wish!
I won't hold it against you.
-How much must be paid?
-Thirty five thousand!
Your father cannot arrange
that much money, dear.
Why must we wait
for them to expel you?
You just stop going to college.
Once I raise that much money next year,
you can continue your studies.
All cop families are doing well!
Only ours is suffering!
You have a father who can't even pay
college fees! Come!
Sloths like you who're stuck in the middle
are useless to this country!
And hell,
you're useless to your own family, too!
Thanks for the chocolate, sis!
-Happy birthday, sis.
-Happy birthday, sis.
-Bye. Bye.
What are you doing here?
-Never mind.
-Why ask me to come here?
Eaten yet?
I did eat.
But I'll eat again, for you.
I'm starving! Shall we go?
Alright! Come!
-I said I didn't want a police vehicle!
I totally forgot! So sorry!
A motorcycle...
-There is no speed breaker here.
-Please stop here!
-Hold on! I'll join you!
-Thank you very much!
Hello! Ask me any help you need!
Who's that?
Damn! Not this guy!
[motobike approaching]
-Sir! How are you, sir?
-What is it?
Who was that? Your girlfriend?
Social service, sir!
She asked for a lift and I obliged.
She asked you for a lift?
I couldn't believe it, too!
Don't know why she was in a rush!
She got on and got off!
Where'd you steal the bike?
How did you know? You're very smart!
Give me the bike!
Ride for three, sir?
You're breaking rules yourself!
-Take it.
That's my vehicle!
Roam about town with it
and drop it off!
At the nearby petrol bunk,
use my name and fuel it up! Go!
-A small request, sir.
Grandma's anniversary in Cuddalore.
Shall I take my relatives there
in the jeep and return it tomorrow?
Is that a police jeep or a share auto?
-Buzz off!
-You look lovely in white!
-So sweet.
Sorry, sir.
[motorbike receding]
Thought I was a thief,
but he's a bigger thief than me!
I mustn't be in his area anymore!
[snapping fingers along]
What's the occasion?
Wasn't that a cop
from whom you took the bike?
He is a cop,
but a plainclothes cop!
Forget that! What's the occasion?
This place is lovely!
It was you who stole my dogs
that day, wasn't it?
It maybe.
Let's go.
It's your birthday?
Happy birthday.
Tell me! What do you need?
Mobiles? Gadgets? Electronic products?
Even smuggled goods is doable!
-I don't want anything that simple.
If I do, I'll ask something expensive!
I must give the birthday baby something!
Now, I'll give you a treat!
But you mustn't refuse it!
What fish do you want?
-What for?
-A roasted fish or a fried fish?
I hate killing fish!
-What about chicken?
What else will you eat?
Piping hot rice!
Mango curry!
Dhal. With plenty of ghee!
Roasted papadums,
vegetable stew and curd!
Is that all?
No trees or leaves?
I forgot!
Tender coconut pudding! My favorite!
-Can I eat these?
These are already dead!
Can't be tossed into the sea!
The sea'll get filthy!
I trusts us to eat it!
It'll feel bad if we don't!
Tell me what kind of fish you have, bro!
Calamari roast! Smoked seer fish!
Pomfrey! Shark meat!
Tell me in Tamil!
Calamari roast! Smoked seer fish!
Pomfrey! Shark meat!
Four pieces of each!
You must try all of this, Sindhu!
Get her over here!
Bring her here.
Kill her!
Kill her!
How dare you lay a hand on my girl?
Karna! Get out of the way!
Get him, guys!
Leave me.
Leave me.
Who is this?
-Leave me.
-It's okay. Calm down.
I'm sorry, bro! Sorry.
-Sorry, bro! It was a mistake!
-What mistake?
How dare you abduct my girlfriend?
Your girlfriend? She looks awesome!
I'm sorry, sis!
They abducted the wrong girl!
Where is she, man? Where is she?
-Where is she?
-She was on that bike, sir!
Abduct anyone on the bike, huh?
-You dare touch my girl?
-Alright! Alright!
-I'm sorry!
-Get off!
Sorry, bro. Sorry.
I told you this was an accident!
Why were you on the bike?
Despite all I said,
how dare you touch her?
Sorry. Sorry. Apologize, man!
Sorry, my foot!
Sorry. I said I am sorry!
I'm really sorry, sis!
Come to the guest house
in the evening. We'll talk then!
She must be here somewhere!
Quickly find her! Come along!
[vehicle receding]
What's this blood on your hand?
-I'm alright!
-Let's go to the hospital!
-I'm fine!
-Listen to me! Let's go!
[motorbike approaching]
You'll be fine!
The doctor's over there!
-I'm fine!
-Doctor. Doctor.
-The scan report of that patient.
Her hand is hurt, doctor!
She's bleeding! Have a look!
-Look at this!
On her forehead!
It's nothing! Just a small wound!
Nothing? She's bleeding, doctor!
Do something! X-rays or scans...
We'll take care. You wait there.
-Doctor! You come along.
-Go on!
-It's nothing, Sindhu!
-He's acting like a newlywed!
It's nothing, Sindhu!
Sindhu! Everything fine?
It was nothing, right?
Have some rest here, Sindhu!
We can leave later!
Nothing happened, right?
What if it had?
For one second,
I thought I'd never see my family, you,
my house, or my pets again!
That's it!
I thought my life was over!
The sound of bullets
keep ringing in my ears!
Forget about it!
Nothing happened, right?
Nothing happened to me.
But they thought I was another girl
and tried to kill me!
If they find the girl they sought,
will they kill her?
She'd have a family, too!
She'd also have bid her mother goodbye
as she stepped out, right?
In a little while,
they're about to kill a life!
Knowing it, how can I let it happen?
All lives are equal.
They only take different forms.
I know you really like me.
I'll tell you right now. I feel the same!
You were scared for my wellbeing, right?
If that's true...
I don't know a damn thing about that girl!
But she mustn't die!
You asked me what I wanted as a gift,
I want that girl.
That girl
will be my birthday gift from you!
Catch her!
Drive fast.
[tyres screeching]
Somehow, you guys got the right girl!
What are you doing here, bro?
I told you to come
to the guest house at dusk!
Let go of the girl.
Why must I do that?
Let her go, brother!
Why must I do that?
Is she your girlfriend, too?
How many do you have?
If anything happens to her,
my love life will be at risk, bro!
Least it's just your love life
that is at risk!
If she remains alive,
my whole life is at risk!
-Try to understand! Send her over!
-Can't oblige a brother, huh?
Brother says he wants her, yes?
No need! Let it go!
I said I want her!
When I tell you to let it go, do it!
He won't listen to reason.
You go and get the girl!
Let my brothers know!
Have them come to the fishing wharf now!
What new angle is this, Karna?
I told you to let the girl go!
To protect her, you'll even hit our boys?
I'll hit anyone who lays a hand on her!
[gun loading]
It has six bullets.
Anyone tries to touch you,
pop them right away!
Pop one and the others will run!
Hey, you just remembered
you're a cop, huh?
I raise four dogs in my guest house!
I toss them bones!
And I toss cash to a cop like you!
That's the only difference!
Damn it!
You made a mistake! You made a mistake!
You spoke the word
that you weren't supposed to!
It got to my head!
My head is all messed up!
Didn't I already tell you?
That my ego surrounds me like Wi-Fi!
You have switched it on!
What? It has been switched on?
Hey, switch it off,
along with the girl, guys!
[man in pain]
Bring it on! If you got the guts,
try crossing my Wi-Fi border! Come.
Hey, stop it!
You said you'd give your life for me!
Is this friendship?
What friendship do we have?
What friendship?
You're a criminal! I'm a cop!
Is this why I brought you here
from Tuticorin?
Yes, this is why! Indeed!
I came here to destroy you!
[gun loading]
Inspector Karnan says so!
Listen carefully!
Your bad time has begun!
Kalirajan will not be
on East Coast Road anymore!
Only East Coast Road will remain!
I'll put an end to everything you own!
I'll sit inside your head
and take you on one hell of a ride!
From now, even if you want to sleep,
you do after I say so!
A fight with me, huh?
This isn't a fight!
It's only a fight if we trade blows!
From now, I'll be the only one who hits!
The dance has begun!
Karnan's Dance! Karnan's Dance has begun!
[gun shot]
Brother, he's neither at the station,
nor at our guest house!
He's not answering his mobile!
-Call him again!
-He cuts the call! I tried ten times!
What the hell does he think he's up to?
What friendship do we have?
What friendship do we have?
You're a criminal! I'm a cop!
Good grief!
Oh my goodness!
Do you know what kind of stuff
I said to him, Khader?
Everyone has an ego.
But why does mine
surround me like Wi-Fi?
Why did I have to talk like that?
He got the minister
to bring me here from so far away
but you know what I told him?
Yes, this is why! Indeed!
I came here to destroy you!
Did I stop there? No!
I'll sit inside your head
and take you on one hell of a ride!
From now, even if you want to sleep,
you do after I say so!
Like he hasn't given me a big farmhouse
and I didn't have a better place to sit.
When I tell him I'd sit inside his head,
won't he be hurt?
From now, I'll be the only one who hits!
The dance has begun!
Karna's Dance! Karna's Dance has begun!
[gun shot]
Karna's Dance!
What kind of phrase is that, Khader?
I haven't read that phrase anywhere,
nor seen it in any movie!
I don't know how I came up with it!
I lost control! I lost control!
He's a really good man, Khader!
Had I been in his place,
I'd have killed me!
Karna's Dance, my foot!
One team at the station.
Another at the guest house.
-If he shows up, kill him!
-Got it!
Hey! Hold on a second!
-Come here.
-He's sent a text message!
'East or West, friendship is the best!'
Look at what he's sent!
East or West, friendship is the best!,
he says!
What the hell is he trying to say?
Another message!
'Karna's Dance does not mean a challenge.'
'It means that I, Karna,
am your blood brother. I love you.'
Bull crap!
He's spooked, sir!
Now he would've gotten it! Now.
[phone ringing]
He's calling!
The Minister?
-What the hell, man?
Threatened the young lad, huh?
You're not taking his calls, eh?
Not replying to his texts either,
it seems!
Texts? I'll kill him!
I'm here to sort out any problem!
I'm coming over with him
in ten minutes. Be ready!
Yes, bring him over!
He's on his way with the minister!
-Let's go!
-Okay, brother.
[vehicle approaching]
[gun shot]
Stop it! Stop it!
What are you doing, you lunatic?
I'm hurting inside, sir!
Know what'll happen if that hit me?
-My voters will strike back at you!
-Know what he told me?
What did he tell you?
Hey! Hold on!
Give me that gun! Give me.
What's happened has happened!
The young lad feels bad!
I'm here to call a truce!
-Young lad?
-Who? Him?
What does that gesture mean?
What must I do now?
Tell him to hug me, sir!
Else I won't talk!
Just hug him, man!
Yes! Go there!
Go! Get over there!
Don't sniff me! I hate it!
You asked me to hug him
and he bit me, sir!
His teeth may've accidentally grazed you.
All settled, right? Let's go booze!
I'm thirsty! Let's go!
Where is that girl?
Hey! I asked you a question!
Where is that girl?
For whom did I come here
from another city?
For you!
And you'll fight with me?
Isn't that wrong?
Please be quiet!
He's switching topics!
Tell me where the girl is!
Before you,
I've never addressed anyone as brother.
You pick a fight with your own brother?
Who started it? You or me?
You must've started it!
Why else would the tot say this?
Who? Him? He's a tot?
He told me that he'd give his life
for our friendship!
Didn't I give it?
Didn't I shoot at the sky?
Did I shoot at your heart?
What does that mean?
Tell me what it means, sir!
Tell him what it means!
Your bald head won't understand
what he's saying, sir!
Stop confusing!
Tell me where that girl is!
Why look at me like that?
Why glare like that?
Are only the five of you brothers?
Am I not one, too?
Look how he confuses them!
-What'll you drink?
-What am I saying? And what is he asking?
I asked what you'll drink, old man!
You dare call me 'old man'?
Why? Can I not say so?
Can't brothers talk to each other
that way?
Aren't you my brother?
Oh! Must I refer to my brother
only as 'sir'?
Why has he turned so, sir?
Why does he show so much ego?
Why is he getting angry?
[glass shatters]
Indeed! Now you're ego's gotten very big!
-My ego has gotten big?
Sit down! Let's booze!
We can booze later!
Ask him where the girl is!
We'll discuss that later!
First, let's booze! Sit!
Sit down, my man! Sit!
Pour it in! Drink up!
Where is Sandhya?
Who is Sandhya?
The girl you saved
after saying your punch lines!
-Oh! Her name is Sandhya, huh?
-You don't even know her name?
I don't!
My girlfriend wanted her as a gift,
so I obliged!
Who does your girlfriend think she is?
If she asks for my corpse tomorrow,
you'd give it to her?
What do I look like to you?
What do I look?
Did I see her because I came to meet you?
Or did I come to this city just for her?
Are you and her the same?
What do we care
what happens to Sandhya?
You're more important to me!
If I'm important, give me Sandhya!
What's this guy about?
Despite a truce, he asks for the girl!
Is this how you call a truce?
One big farewell to you, brother sir!
I've had enough!
I'm much hurt!
Don't talk to me for the next 24 hours!
I'll take care of my life!
[glass breaking]
Hey Minister, first, stop drinking!
What did I gain from this meeting?
'What did you gain'?
You brothers were separated!
I brought you back together!
You hurt the tot and he angrily left!
I hurt him? What about the girl?
What girl?
Without knowing what's going on,
you came by with this damn shawl!
-Some truce you called!
-I'm a minister!
Come, sir. Come, ma'am.
She's the gift you asked for! Sandhya!
Thank you.
Thanks to you, I'm alive!
Hey, it's okay.
What happened?
Why do they want to kill you?
Please don't ask me about it.
I'm not in a state to talk about it.
Nothing will happen to you.
Don't worry.
He's here for you!
I gave you the gift you wanted!
Where's mine?
Here you go!
A white shirt?
I told you I don't like white!
It's alright. Wear it when you like it!
Only a shirt, huh?
What else do you want?
[vehicle approaching]
Charts are ready.
They just have to be sent
to the Commissioner's office.
24 hours are up, sir!
Can we talk now?
Tell me! Where is that girl?
Why do you want her?
To fix up a wedding date
and plan a baby shower!
Hey, quit playing around!
You saved her life for your girlfriend!
But this is about my brothers' lives!
She has some evidence.
If it's out, my brothers go to jail!
-What did your brothers do?
-What's it to you?
I must kill her! Tell me where she is!
Why kill her merely for the evidence?
Do you want the evidence
or do you want the girl?
I want the evidence!
Alright! I'll get it for you!
Will you spare the girl?
Will she give it up if you ask for it?
If there is anyone in the world
whom she trusts right now
it's only me!
I'll bring it to you.
You spare her!
I'm in the same position, too.
You're the only person in the world
that I trust, right now.
My brothers' lives are at stake.
Trusting you, I leave now.
Start the jeep, Khader!
No, sir! Don't do a wrong deed!
This is a betrayal!
Don't deceive that girl!
Don't preach to me, Khader!
Just do as I say!
Is the fear gone?
You've been crying
since you got here.
But you won't say what happened.
What was it?
Why are they after you?
If you believe I can solve your problem
tell me all about it.
Tell me!
I work in New York.
My mother and sister live here.
I came to India to meet them.
My sister's semester holidays
was just a week away!
So, they both planned to come along
with me, next week!
My sister said she'd come to the airport
to pick me up.
But she didn't.
We didn't know what happened.
My mother and I searched all over for her.
But we couldn't find out where she was.
That's when I got a call!
I don't know if I'll be alive
when you find me!
What are you saying, Bhavani?
Where are you?
I don't know, sis!
I was coming to pick you up
at the airport.
Kalirajan's brothers abducted me!
They're talking about killing me today!
They're going to kill you?
Nothing will happen to you, Bhavani!
I can't take it anymore, sis!
For all their torture,
I'll be better off dead!
Nothing will happen to you!
They've maimed my entire body, sis!
A girl in my position, before she dies,
would pray
no other girl faces this horror!
Let it end with me!
Those four mongrels must not live!
They must be hanged!
They record everything on camera
and watch it over and over again!
The phone I'm using now, is theirs!
I've tossed that camera
under a cupboard!
They've come, sis!
Take care of mom!
Don't spare them!
-Bhavani! Bhavani!
-Get up, guys!
Everything's ready! Lift her up!
Then, I went to the location
that my sister sent on the phone.
[chains clanking]
They killed my sister, sir!
Kalirajan's brothers raped
and murdered my sister, sir!
Trusting him as a media person,
I told a guy about the camera.
Turns out he was Kalirajan's stooge, too!
He deceived me!
I didn't know who to trust!
I was so scared.
That was when you saved me!
-Does your mother have an American visa?
Give me the camera
and the two of you go to America!
Do you have faith in me?
Do you trust me?
You're the only one I trust!
Alright. Let's go home.
[vehicle approaching]
[approaching sirens wailing]
Sir, my mother doesn't know any of this.
She told the cops
that Bhavani's run away.
She believes that.
I convinced her that my sister
would return home soon.
Come along.
'My daughter's been missing for two days,
-'Two days, huh?
-'Which area?
-Kumaran Colony. Third Avenue.'
Did you get any information
about her, sir?
Has Bhavani been found?
Sandhya, take your mother inside.
Come, mom.
Got an urgent call from the office!
-We must go to America right away!
-We'll be back in fifteen days.
-Right away?
Did you get it?
Book two business class tickets
to America right now!
I'm sending them both to America!
Tickets to America?
What about the camera?
Book the tickets, first!
You'll get the camera!
[phone keypad]
Why are you looking at me like that?
Why throw me such a nasty look?
Yes! I'm sending them to America
for their safety!
I'll give up the camera to Kalirajan!
And I'll get paid for it!
That is what will happen!
There is no better solution
to this problem!
Don't look at me like that!
Don't look at me like that, I say!
Can't you hear me?
Don't look at me like that!
Get going! Get going!
Go to the station!
Get out of my sight! Go!
You will pay for this sin, sir.
[vehicle approaching]
No problem at all, Sindhu.
I'll take care of everything.
Sandhya and her mom
are ready to go to the US.
Yes. Okay.
Pass the phone to Sandhya.
Sandhya! Sindhu!
Hi, Sandhya!
Call me as soon as you land, okay?
Thank you.
And don't worry,
he will take care of everything.
-Did you get the camera?
Not yet!
Quickly get it
and come to the guest house!
Fine! Have the money ready!
Always on and on about money!
Call me after you land in New York.
And then...
-You said you'd give me a camera.
My daughter will surely be back!
When that happens
please tell her
that I'm not angry with her.
Alright, ma'am.
It's time. Get going.
Come along.
Fourteen days!
For fourteen days,
they assaulted my sister
and then killed her!
This isn't just rape and murder!
They burned her with acid!
In Gandhi's nation,
does a woman deserve this fate
on Gandhi Jayanthi Day?
You'll understand when you watch it!
They've desecrated a young woman!
None of them must be spared!
They must be punished by law!
They must be hanged!
The entire nation must see it!
One must be afraid of getting hanged
if he even thinks about defiling a woman!
Who gave these mongrels the freedom
to joyfully roam about the streets?
Every girl will then believe this atrocity
will never befall any other woman!
That's what my sister said
before she died!
Let this end with her!
My heart thunders
that I can get justice only through you!
Don't spare anyone, brother!
When that happens, I'll come back!
In Gandhi's nation,
does a woman deserve this fate
on Gandhi Jayanthi Day?
Anyway, where are your brothers?
They got a new birdie
and they're playing with it.
He and your daughter have eloped!
Pick up the damn phone!
[vehicle approaching]
You question me
as if I've committed rape or murder!
What is it, sir?
You said
you were going to the guest house.
But the camera is here!
Your friend Kalirajan is calling!
Talk to him!
Your eyes are tearing up, sir.
I've never seen you like this!
Something happened at the airport!
Tell me what happened!
-Nothing happened!
-Nothing happened?
If that were true, instead of going there,
why did you drive back here?
If nothing happened, why is the camera
here, instead of with him?
If nothing happened,
why didn't you take his call?
Something's not right, sir!
I suspect something's amiss!
You're not the same man
that I've seen so far!
You've changed!
You've changed, sir!
You've changed! Changed, indeed!
I have not! I'm still the same rogue!
I am a scoundrel
who does anything for money!
Stop badgering me! Stop.
You're lying, sir!
-You've changed...
-I have not!
How can you proclaim that?
I am the one seeing you!
Stop it, I say!
I'll kill you, Mr. Khader!
I'll kill you!
Do not irritate me!
I'm sparing you for your family's sake!
Mr. Khader?
You just remembered my age, huh?
Since when have you cared about
another person's family?
This is why I said
that you have changed!
You have changed, sir!
You have changed!
I know not how much you struggled,
to come out of your mother's womb.
But I see your struggle to be born a new
from your old self!
I see it with my own eyes!
[vehicle approaching]
Sir, I claim that you have changed.
You claim that you have not.
Why must we debate this?
They'll say it!
If those rascals leave with the camera,
you are right.
You haven't changed.
But if only
their corpses leave this place,
I am right!
I'll watch! I'll sit aside and watch!
I'll watch from here, sir!
Why didn't you take the boss's call?
Where is that camera?
Want that camera, dear?
It's next to him on the bench.
Go and take it!
Abdul Khader, sir.
All for this, sir!
All of us yearned to see you like this,
Salute him, everyone!
Inspector Karnan.
Police! Police!
Police! Police!
Police! Police!
[vehicle approaching]
Hey, Kali!
A new inspector has arrived in this area!
All these days,
you would've seen a corrupt cop!
From now,
you will see a cop who'll cuff you!
A new son has been born to my mother,
the holy Law and Order!
His name is Karnan! Inspector Karnan!
No schmuck on earth
can save your brothers now!
Karna's Dance has begun!
Bye. Bye. See you soon.
What kind of lines are these?
Who the hell scripted it for him?
He was in touch thirty minutes ago!
Asked for two business class tickets
for the US!
Said he'd bring us the camera!
This guy's raving like so!
What's he trying to say?
-He clearly said it!
-Said what?
That his mother has given birth
and he can't come!
Mustn't the son be with her?
You keep ranting about a camera!
Why give him such an important camera?
-Who made him a minister?
What was that?
He screwed us!
He deceived us! He has changed!
Didn't you spring him onto me?
What? Didn't you ask for someone
who was even worse than you?
Can you take that back now?
All of you get going!
[snapping fingers along]
-Everyone head underground!
-What the hell can he do to us, brother?
Know what you guys have done?
Want to murder? Commit only murder.
Want to rape? Commit only rape.
You did them both together
like a club sandwich
recorded it on camera, watched it on TV
and left the damn thing behind!
All of it is now on my head!
-Get out of here!
Leave me.
[woman in pain]
Leave me.
Leave me.
[vehicle approaching]
[Sanskrit chants]
Drink it.
[Sanskrit chants]
[Sanskrit chants]
[Sanskrit chants]
[no audio]
[Sanskrit chants]
[Sanskrit chants]
[approaching sirens wailing]
[Sanskrit chants]
[Sanskrit chants]
[woman in pain]
[vehicle approaching]
[phone ringing]
Mr. Venkatraman?
You own a garden, right?
We're interested to buy it.
What do you say?
I did own a garden, once.
But I don't own one, anymore.
They snatched it away from me.
Oh my!
Who did such a thing?
It's no surprise when ruffians
and scoundrels do it.
But a cop who was supposed to protect us,
committed this atrocity.
Don't you feel any anger?
Don't you wish to do something
to that cop?
I want to slap him hard
and ask him how his parents raised him
and why was he even born!
I don't have parents, sir.
I have no parents, sir!
I was an orphaned child!
I raised myself!
No one showed me
right from wrong.
I believed what I saw,
was how the world worked!
My stomach would feel the pangs of hunger!
It'd burn with it!
Thought money could fix anything!
Believed anything done for money
was right!
I thought only about how to survive.
I thought not about how to live.
I made a mistake!
I made a mistake!
I made a mistake!
That thing you said you wanted to do?
Do it now, sir!
Slap me!
Slap me, sir!
Slap me!
You must slap me now
and I must go in there and pummel them!
Slap me, sir!
Please slap me!
If your son made a mistake,
would you stand by and be silent?
Slap me!
Slap me, dad! Hit me!
Don't hit me.
[gun shot]
Tell Kalirajan
that if the land's documents
aren't reverted to Mr. Venkatraman
by tomorrow morning, I'll stick a bomb
under his rear before the next sunrise!
How long do we hide like this, brother?
He must be killed!
Hey! He's no longer the man we knew!
He's a man possessed!
If he catches you now,
he'll beat you all to death!
Don't get out in the open
until I tell you.
I know where to strike him!
-We lay low for now.
Damn it!
What I've said so far
is who I was until yesterday.
I thought I could make money
off even that camera.
But I'm not that man anymore.
That is because of you!
I had no one since childhood!
Thought I didn't need anyone!
I believed that for the world
to know my importance,
it'd be only through money.
Everything that I yearned to have,
I got because of you.
I'm not saying all this for you
to accept me.
But if you're by my side, I'll feel good.
I came here to tell you that. See you.
[cell phone buzzes]
-We found her, sir!
I'll be there in five minutes.
[news playing on TV]
In a well near East Coast Road
a young girl's body was recovered
in a decomposed state, today.
Her body has been taken
to the government hospital for an autopsy.
It's rape and murder.
The brutality that Bhavani went through
cannot be described in words.
In the girl's
we found four broken needles!
She was injected with drugs
and brutally tortured and killed!
As it was in the water
we had to do an autopsy
on a very decomposed body.
Besides these,
we couldn't find anything more.
You're dealing with Bhavani's rape case,
How will you proceed? Found any clues?
Kalirajan's brothers.
Sabari. Vinay.
Kumar. Prakash.
[gun shot]
Justice to Bhavani! Justice to Bhavani!
Justice to Bhavani! Justice to Bhavani!
Justice to Bhavani! Justice to Bhavani!
Justice to Bhavani! Justice to Bhavani!
No other girl must experience the horror
that my friend Bhavani went through!
The sentence meted out
to the perpetrators,
must strike fear in all!
Justice to Bhavani! Justice to Bhavani!
Their deaths must not be painless!
You must die brutally!
Punish the culprits. Punish the culprits.
To hell with the legal procedure!
They must be beaten to death!
[shutter clicks]
We want justice. We want justice.
We want justice.
Few years ago, it was Nirbhaya in Delhi.
Yesterday, it was in Pollachi.
Today, it's Bhavani.
Is there no end to this?
They must be hanged to death
in the street!
The four of them
must be hanged to death right away!
Condemning the cruelty to Bhavani,
the public are rallying for the arrest
and immediate execution of the guilty!
A rape happens in thirty minutes!
They'd be arrested
and the case'll drag on for years!
The same will happen
to these four scoundrels!
They'd get arrested!
But their sentencing will be stalled!
Hang them to death!
Hang the perpetrators!
The police have announced
a reward of five lakh rupees
to those who help capture
Kalirajan's brothers!
Mani will come by, soon.
Head to Vizag right away!
The minister's friend, Prasad Reddy,
will receive you.
Hurry up! Come along!
Hurry up. Hurry up. Come on.
Tie it quickly.
Go! Go! Come on.
Come fast!
Come on, move. Come on.
[engine reviving]
You said that you'd give money to those
who turn in Bhavani's rapists, right?
They're trying to escape to Vizag!
-Can you hear me?
-Listen to this, sir!
Do you hear me?
Sir, the four people you are after
are going to escape to Vizag!
I'm not telling you this for the money!
I have two daughters of that age, too.
Hang them, sir! Come soon!
They don't deserve to live!
Police has come.
They are surrounding us.
That side.
They are downstairs.
How dare you do something like this?
[man in pain]
Spare me, sir!
[woman in pain]
Think girls can be abused like that?
How dare you commit rape?
-Hurts, doesn't it?
Please let me go!
-Spare me, sir!
-Shall I let you go?
Die! Die!
Hey, come.
Die! Sexual predators like you
need to be whacked here!
Not in the knees!
[news playing on TV]
With regards
to the Bhavani rape and murder case
Inspector Karnan
has arrested four murder suspects!
[cell phone buzzes]
I called many times.
Why didn't you pick up?
My mother isn't feeling very well.
Her pulse rate was dropping!
She's constantly watching news
about Bhavani.
Can I talk to her right now?
Put the phone on her ear.
Mother, those who ruined our dear Bhavani
will not escape!
I'm here for you!
I'm here for you!
We want justice.
We want justice. We want justice.
Bhavani was brutally raped and murdered
by these four men.
This has become a huge issue in our state.
The entire nation
is waiting for your judgment.
Submit your evidence.
There is no data
in the evidence you submitted.
This is your evidence, huh?
We did produce the evidence!
There's been foul play!
Move aside.
Without any evidence, they've filed
such a case against my clients!
It is a clear cut hoax, Your Honor!
I ask that they be declared innocent
and the case be dismissed, Your Honor.
Did you sell out, sir?
Did you sell out?
For how much money, sir?
Due to lack of evidence,
this court deems the accused as innocent.
For producing no evidence
this court vehemently condemns
the prosecution for wasting our time.
I have another piece of evidence!
What is he saying?
What evidence?
Ask for a day's time!
I have another piece of evidence.
No issue with asking for time.
If we ask for an extension
without proper evidence
there'll be trouble!
A criminal offense!
Sir, just trust me
and ask for a day's time!
I'll definitely bring evidence!
Your Honor,
we have another piece of evidence.
We need a day to produce it.
Objection, Your Honor!
First, it was the camera!
Now, they claim there's more evidence!
My clients are already mentally scarred!
The nation falsely believe them
to be criminals!
They're well respected in society!
Due to lack of evidence,
I ask that this case be dismissed.
One day.
The extension is granted!
-Damn it!
-Damn it!
Due to lack of evidence
the verdict of the Bhavani case
will be declared tomorrow.
What does he have, sir?
Did he tell you anything?
He doesn't have anything else!
He's just blabbing!
No. He's a lunatic.
If he says with so much conviction,
he definitely has something!
To tell you the truth,
I have no more evidence!
But you said you'd submit it
to the court tomorrow!
I said it to stop the case being dismissed
and the four being released today!
For all these days, I was also someone
who did anything for money!
If I change, will everything do, too?
Had I been the man I was,
I'd know a thousand shortcuts!
As it wasn't something to be copied,
I gave the camera in its entirety!
Now what do I say?
[phone ringing]
He's not answering his phone.
What happened?
How did the evidence go missing?
That's it.
He has asked the court
for twenty four hours' time!
Does he have something else?
He'll definitely have some!
Don't worry!
My mother and I are on our way back.
Our flight's in four hours.
Let him know.
I only need five minutes
to kill those four guys!
Just five minutes!
But for what they did to that girl,
they must be hanged!
Only then would predators like them
be afraid to even touch women!
-What are you going to do?
-I don't know!
I don't know!
It's getting late. You get going. Go.
# If all you wished for, comes true... #
# If all you... #
[cell phone buzzes]
Who is it?
Hey, traitor!
Tell me!
What else do you have?
We'll meet in court tomorrow!
Hey, I'll give you how much ever you want!
Give that to me!
We'll meet in court, tomorrow!
I have no other family, man!
I have no kids, either!
My brothers are all I have!
Don't destroy them!
It hurts, you swine!
How the hell
will you ever understand this?
Aren't you an orphaned dog?
You orphaned dog!
Hey! Who the hell, man?
Who the hell are you calling an orphan?
I have a father!
I have a mother!
I have a younger sister!
Your brothers ruined
and killed my youngest sister!
I won't let it lie!
Come what may,
they're my brothers!
I'll even kill you to save them!
Even if I die,
I'll ensure your brothers get hanged!
Hey! Wherever you may be,
I'll hunt you down and kill you!
Why must you hunt me down?
I have no clue as to where I am,
I'm somewhere near the Neelankarai beach!
But I'm alone!
Hey Kalirajan,
I'm mad as hell! Come on over!
Let's end this tonight! Come on.
Come on!
Hold up!
Send two bottles of booze
with your goons!
Send what?
Booze, old man! Booze!
My booze bottle is empty!
Send some more!
If you send booze over,
I'll remain here!
If you don't, I'll simply leave!
You want booze, right? It'll come!
Come on over!
Bring it on! Come on, bring it. Come.
Come on over! Let's fight it out! Come.
# Remained in place, it did,
within the womb for ten months! #
# Formed, were two arms, #
# two legs and two eyes! #
# What forms life? #
# What forms the body? #
# Speak the truth, o divine seer, #
# that bestowed life upon the body! #
# Have a shot, O dear Lord! #
# What troubles you give me!
Bother me no more! #
# Who set this in motion?
Wasn't it you, O Lord? #
# Fell into ruin, I did,
for overstepping my bounds! #
# Accompany me, you must,
to listen to my tales until dawn! #
# Examine my tally of sins
and make away with your share! #
# Who set this in motion?
Wasn't it you, O Lord? #
# Fell into ruin, I did,
for overstepping my bounds! #
# I lay forlorn on the street!
Did you ever think of feeding me? #
# I went wherever my feet took me!
It led me to ruin! #
# Have a shot, O dear Lord! #
# What troubles you give me!
Bother me no more! #
[vehicle approaching]
# Committed all kinds of atrocities,
I did! #
# With no respect for the land! #
# Why weren't you there
to stop my reign of crime? #
# Despised treading the right path,
I did! #
# Strike me, you did not,
as I traversed down the wrong route! #
# No longer in my hands, is my life! #
# Aboard a flying chariot I will arrive,
to reclaim it! #
# I know not why I was born,
O dear Lord! #
# I fell and shattered into pieces! #
# No anger, I feel for you! #
# For you are me, too! #
# O dear Lord! #
# Have a shot! #
# What troubles you give me!
Bother me no more! #
Come on, dance.
# O dear Lord! Have a shot! #
Look at him wielding that bottle!
Let's just kill him and go!
Where's the booze, man?
Where's the booze?
Want booze, right?
Booze? You dare ask for booze?
Trusting Kalirajan,
I waited here for the booze!
Not only did you deceive me,
but you all came to strike me, too?
[glass breaking]
-You dare strike me?
-Don't beat.
Who the hell hit me in my ribs?
Who hit me in my ribs?
Beat him.
Tell me!
I did!
It was you, right?
I'm coming!
When I was speaking
one of you hit me!
The one with a checked shirt!
I didn't like him at all!
Where are you going?
[man in pain]
Don't beat me.
I can't focus my attention on each of you!
So, all of you come at me together!
You'll get struck in all the wrong places!
So please co-operate!
Come here.
We'll talk.
[man in pain]
Leave me.
Hold him down.
Hold him. Come on.
Don't leave him.
[cloud bursting]
Every life born in this world,
has a duty that must be performed.
Until that duty is complete,
no life can leave this world.
Ten more minutes for the court session.
All await Inspector Karnan.
Let's wait and see
what evidence he brings forth!
What evidence will Karnan bring?
Will it get justice for Bhavani?
Let's wait and see!
We want justice!
Bhavani deserves justice!
We want justice!
Bhavani deserves justice!
We want justice!
Bhavani deserves justice!
We want justice!
Bhavani deserves justice!
Sandhya, I'm lucky you came into my life.
We want justice!
Bhavani deserves justice!
Won't you ever die?
Why torture me, so?
It's time. Let's go!
Don't rejoice that you survived!
The verdict will be out in ten minutes!
I'll write out your verdict
as soon as my brothers are out free!
They'll be out free?
Why build so much hype for nothing?
Do you really have something?
What do you have?
Tell me! How much do you want?
What's your price
for your brothers' lives?
No. I don't like it.
I meant hundred crores!
That's what I don't like!
Even if I sell all my belongings,
it won't suffice!
As it is, I'd need to borrow ten crores!
So much love for your brothers!
[Sanskrit chants]
[Sanskrit chants]
[Sanskrit chants]
[Sanskrit chants]
Where is the evidence you claimed to have?
Where is the proof?
I am the evidence.
I am the eye witness.
Eye witness?
So you're the eye witness
to the rape and murder of Bhavani
by these four people?
Not four people, Your Honor!
It wasn't four people
who defiled and killed Bhavani!
It was five people!
Five people, Your Honor!
The fifth person is none other than me!
The five of us abducted
that girl together!
-You idiot!
-He's lying!
The five of us sexually assaulted
that girl together!
He's blabbering, sir!
We punctured her entire body with needles!
Not just for one or two days, Your Honor.
For fourteen days!
For fourteen days,
we put that girl through hell!
She fought us!
To no avail!
She pleaded with us!
We didn't spare her!
She even beseeched us with folded hands!
Let me go! I can't take it anymore!
Just kill me, she cried to us!
But we didn't spare her.
We're sadists, right?
The more she begged,
the more aggressive we got!
We began to torture her even more!
Hey, Psychopath.
Psychopaths, right?
-Am I right?
-All lies!
He's lying, Your Honor!
If you're one of them
-why file a lawsuit?
-For the money!
I asked for money, sir!
They didn't give me!
We got into a dispute!
I blackmailed them
about having evidence in the camera!
I lied!
They still didn't budge!
After I filed a suit,
they ran away in fear!
Yesterday, when you all found
that the camera had nothing
I lied about having more evidence!
I didn't take their money!
So they tried to kill me last night, sir!
They smashed me up!
I was bleeding all over!
My life was slipping away!
I couldn't bear the pain!
I felt I was going to die!
It was then
at that moment
I understood the torture
that girl must have gone through!
What brutality!
It was hell, sir!
I felt death would be better!
It was then...
To so many people...
To this holy haven of a court...
To Gods like you...
I realized that I live to tell you
all of the brutality Bhavani went through.
They even tried to buy me out just now!
I don't want money!
I've done enough
for the sake of the money!
Every moment,
I keep hearing that girl's screams!
We gave a brutal death to Bhavani.
Do not spare us, sir!
Objection, Your Honor.
So he'll file a lawsuit himself
and then claim he's guilty, too!
How do we believe any of this?
Actually, the one meant to be abducted
that day, wasn't Bhavani.
It was your granddaughter, Chitra!
What are you saying?
What is it, sir? Don't believe me?
Chitra, sir!
She's studying
Visual Communications at MCC College.
Her house is in Thoraipakkam, too!
We had arranged a spot
to abduct your granddaughter Chitra!
On the day of the abduction,
Chitra did not turn up!
We chanced to see Bhavani!
Your granddaughter got lucky!
Bhavani did not!
I didn't want to abduct her!
Sabari didn't agree!
-It wasn't me, sir!
It's alright! What does it matter
if it's Bhavani or Chitra?
Just any girl, right? He asked!
Sabari said that we'd get Chitra later!
He's lying!
Sir, I think...
It may have been a Thursday or a Friday...
We went there again.
For Chitra!
But Chitra didn't turn up!
Think she went to Coimbatore.
Isn't your brother's house over there?
Do you feel no fear
for committing such a big crime?
Why must I be afraid, ma'am?
What can you people do to us?
If not this court, there's another court!
Hundreds of sections in the penal code
and as many loopholes for us to escape!
First, we'd be out on bail.
Then, we'd destroy the evidence.
Next, the case would be dismissed.
That's all!
After that, there's another Bhavani,
Nirbhaya, Jyothi, Geetha, Madhura...
It'll just go on and on!
We have the guts to abduct
and rape a girl
in the very moment we see her!
If that is a crime
can you sentence us right now?
At this very moment?
Can you? Can your law
hang us to death within a day or two?
Can it be done?
It can't be done, sir!
You'd claim
this has never happened in India!
You'd say the law doesn't permit it!
You'd say a hanging
can't happen within two days!
Never mind all that, sir!
You ask me so many questions,
even after I admitted my complicity!
This is why!
This is why, sir!
This is why people like me
really love this country!
Tell me which other nation
offers this kind of freedom?
My India is great!
I am proud to be an Indian!
We have the guts to admit our crime
before so many people and so many judges!
In the same vein, do you have the guts
to have us hanged to death, tomorrow?
I'll kill you!
-Control them!
-You're dead meat!
Control them! Get back, you four! Order!
-Stand back!
-I won't spare you!
-Order! Order!
-Catch them.
The confession statement of Mr. Karnan,
who has committed the crime
has proven without any doubt,
the brutality meted out to Bhavani.
The Indian ethos
and India's constitution considers
the progress of women,
to signify the progress of the nation.
In a country that believes in said notion
such incidents of gang rape
shakes up the conscience of the society.
Such inhumane people who pose a threat
to the safety and the freedom of women
.are not fit to live in this society!
Inspector Karnan
and the four other criminals
This court orders they be hanged to death
within the next twenty four hours!
Oh, God! Damn!
What will happen if you kill him?
They'll hang you to death!
Go and die!
The high justice you believe in
will live on, won't it?
Either be on this side,
or be on that side!
Justice for Bhavani! Justice for Bhavani!
Why did you do this?
Why did you take the blame?
How can I live without you?
They mustn't easily escape
after ruining a girl, right?
From now, when a guy even thinks about
defiling a girl
he'd fear an immediate death sentence,
They should be killed.
You sinner! You ruined that poor girl!
Think you'll have it easy in life?
You call yourself a policeman?
All of you ruined that poor girl!
-Weren't you born to a woman, too?
-Unhand him, ma'am!
-Kill him right here and now!
-You're mistaken, ma'am!
Why? Why the hell, man?
You can't let women live in peace!
-Why do all this? Die and go to hell!
-Stop it, ma'am!
-Let go of him, ma'am!
-Why the hell were you born? Go die!
-Come along, ma'am!
You are not nice person.
Hey, leave me.
I swear to you, that you will be damned!
Beat him to death, sir! Kill him, sir!
Will not a tsunami come by
at this very moment?
Will it not swallow you away?
What say you, Mr. Khader?
Your tsunami has arrived, right?
Please, sir!
Don't spare them.
You will go to hell.
[news playing TV]
Today, in a historic verdict
to the Bhavani rape and murder case
the High Court decreed that the guilty
be hanged to death within a day!
In all these years,
I've seen many criminals.
You neither raped that girl
nor did you kill her.
Then why do this? For what reason?
It's really easy to beat them to death.
But it would end with them.
For the torture inflicted on that girl,
they must be sentenced to death!
If I must die for that to happen
so be it.
Is there anyone you want to talk to?
Anything you want to say?
Through Bhavani's case,
the law has shown what will happen,
if a girl is preyed upon.
This verdict is not just for Bhavani.
It's for every woman across the nation...
For such a crime, won't they now fear
an immediate death sentence?
[news playing on TV]
The court has ordered the criminals
to be hanged to death, within a day.
The verdict has brought
much joy to the public.
At 5 AM tomorrow,
the death sentence of the five culprits
will be carried out.
-Why sir?
-Take the others.
-Yes, sir.
Let go!
-Let go of us!
-Back off!
Hurry up.
Let go of us! Let go of us!
Let go!
Let go of us! Let go of us!
-Why did you do this, man?
-We won't do this anymore, sir!
Listen to me!
Please spare us!
Please don't hang us to death, sir!
Is there anyone you want to talk to?
Anything you want to say?
I want to die contently,
after watching the four of them die!
[man in pain]
Those four mongrels must not live!
They must be hanged!
No other girl
must have to live through this horror!
Let it end with me!
Culprits of the Bhavani rape
and murder case,
were executed a few minutes ago.
[news playing on TV]
For sentencing the criminals to death
within a day the public are in joy
over their increased faith in the law!
[news playing on TV]
Breaking news
on the Bhavani rape and murder case!
Inspector Karnan
had nothing to do with this rape case!
Only those four men
raped and murdered my sister!
To ensure they don't escape justice
and they be hanged to death
he sacrificed his own life!
# The sky #
# crumbled! #
# All of the city #
# came together in mourning! #
# Someone... #
# Are you the male mother? #
# Becoming one with death, #
# you won eternal life! #
# The judgment that was meted out to you #
My heart thunders
that I can get justice only through you!
-# Why did we forego the truth? #
-You have left us and gone.
# Will we be forgiven for this sin? #
# Your soul will be the guardian
of womanhood, for all of eternity! #
You call yourself a policeman?
All of you ruined that poor girl!
# The earth and the skies
will forever speak your name! #
He is dead!
My dear son!
Please open your eyes just this once!
# Your footsteps will etched in the soil #
# as our temple! #
# Hereon in, the agony of women
will simply fade away, #
# because of you! #
# You are my son, too! #
# Yearn for you, will all of motherhood! #
All men will now fear
an immediate death sentence,
if they ever molest a girl.