Ayothi (2023) Movie Script

Give me ten more rupees.
This is ten rupees.
It isn't, give me 20 rupees,
Keep your money with you.
Get lost!
Move away from here.
I'll hit you if you
keep on bargaining.
"Glory to Shri Rama."
Protect our world.
Hello, Balram.
- Hello, Ram Dutt.
How are you? Is everything okay?
- Good. How are you?
- Then let's go.
"Praise be to Lord Rama."
- "Glory to Lord Rama."
"Praise be to Lord Rama."
"Praise be to Lord Rama."
"Praise be to Lord Rama."
"Praise be to Lord Rama."
"Praise be to Lord Rama."
"Praise be to Lord Rama."
"Praise be to Lord Rama."
"Praise be to Lord Rama."
"Praise be to Lord Rama."
"Praise be to Lord Rama."
"Praise be to Lord Rama."
"Praise be to Lord Rama."
"Praise be to Lord Rama."
"Praise Lord Rama."
"Praise be to Lord Rama."
"Praise Lord Rama."
"Praise be to Lord Rama."
"Praise Lord Rama."
"Praise be to Lord Rama."
"Praise Lord Rama."
"What a strange story
this is turning out to be."
"Who knows its prologue
and its epilogue?"
"Destination. Where does it go?"
"Neither he nor I know."
"What a weird story
this is turning out to be."
- Sister, come inside.
'No, I'll wait.'
- Alright, I'll come.
Go and freshen up.
- First, give me money.
Jai Shri Ram.
"Oh, Divine Mother, our
hearts are filled with darkness."
"Please take this
darkness distant from us,"
"and promote
illumination within us."
"Oh, Divine Mother, our
hearts are filled with darkness."
"Please take this
darkness distant from us,"
"and promote
illumination within us."
"Oh, Divine Mother, our
hearts are filled with darkness."
"Please take this
darkness distant from us,"
"and promote
illumination within us."
What are you doing, son?
When did you get back
home from college?
I got back by 5 PM.
We are going to Rameshwaram
next week on a pilgrimage.
Pack two days earlier.
- Yes.
The coffee is cold.
Get me hot coffee.
- Okay.
On 'Deepavali' day?
The right person has to
teach you a lesson, isn't it?
How dare you rip the fishing net?
I'll rip your intestines
apart. Get lost!
Come, brother.
Which saree shall I
wear in Rameshwaram?
Your favourite colour,
'will be absolved.'
'Kavacha Theertham.'
'People who bathe in this
spring will not go to hell.'
'The spring is also located in
the Sethu Madhava temple.'
- The vibe...
Dad is ready.
You get ready too, go.
- Hmm.
Get ready soon.
- Mom,
why leave now to
catch the 8 PM train?
Don't be annoyed,
your father will yell.
I'm yelling like a dog,
can't you answer?
I'll be happier not
travelling with him.
Yes. Coming.
Wait. I'm getting ready.
Hurry up.
You go, I'm not coming.
If we bathe in the
Holy springs there,
He will become a
better person, dear.
I feel it will be
beneficial for our family.
Please tolerate him, for my sake.
We are ready, we were
sorting out our clothes.
I told you to get
ready two days earlier.
Can't you do anything properly?
Let's go.
'Madurai Junction.'
'Madurai Railway
station welcomes you.'
(Railway announcement)
We must
reach Rameshwaram before sunrise.
We'll be late if we go
by bus. Let's take a taxi.
Hurry up.
Come, Madam.
- I'll take you in my auto.
I can take you real fast.
- Come, Ma'am.
Meenakshi Amma temple?
- Want an auto?
Karuppu, why did you grab her bag?
- Get in, Ma'am.
The fare is only fifty
rupees. Get into my auto.
Don't be scared. Get in, ma'am.
I can take you
right into the temple.
My boys are inside to take
you close to the sanctum.
- Let go.
Who is he? Did he snatch the bag?
- Are you mad?
I just took his bag. Why
are you getting so hyper?
Who is he?
- He must be a lunatic.
All of them are thieves.
You should be careful.
Sit down. Wait here.
I'll be back.
Mom, how long is it to
Rameshwaram from here?
I don't know, dear. It
may take 1-2 hours.
That long?
Let's go, I got a cab.
- Okay.
Make it fast.
Mom, I need to use the bathroom.
Why didn't you go on the train?
It's festival time, you saw
the mad crowd in there.
How could I?
Okay, wait.
- Open the boot.
Get in.
Listen, we'll be back in a bit.
- Why?
Shivani needs to use the toilet.
Oh my God!
Do you know what your problem is?
You both don't know
where and how to behave.
What bad timing.
She's a teenager.
- Absolutely not.
Stop being a drama queen.
I'm anxious about
reaching Rameshwaram,
before sunrise. End
of the discussion.
Nothing wrong in
holding on for a while.
Get into the taxi.
Sir, belt. Wear your seat belt.
Oh... Seat belt.
Do you have an air conditioner?
AC... air conditioner You...
Wait, I'll switch it on.
Speed only 70? At this pace,
we'll reach there by lunchtime.
I don't understand. What?
Don't you understand Hindi?
Faster. Drive faster.
Drive faster.
What is your name?
You! Hindi!
Why are you spitting inside my
car? Don't you have manners?
Take it and wipe that.
Take it.
Wipe it, man. Staring at me.
Hey! Wipe it clean. He's
just doing it for the sake of it.
I don't know which
side of the bed, I got up.
Hey! What did you just say now?
- What did you say?
- You think I won't get it,
if you swear in Hindi?
- What?
Don't bug me. - I thought
that you were going to the temple
I'm warning you, don't argue -
with family, what are you speaking?
I'm sparing you because
you're my customer.
Hey, shut your gob.
- What is it, you .
Going on a pilgrimage, eh?
- Don't shout at me.
God will run out of the temples.
- I'm telling you.
Are these the words to
use in front of children.
Stay within your limits.
Since you got in the car.
- Please be calm.
You are creating havoc.
- Don't talk to me like that.
You deserve to be...
I'll hit you. Don't talk rubbish.
- What will you do?
What will you do, man?
Shut up.
- Don't just yell.
I'm sparing you
because of the ladies.
I would've made you get down.
- Look, I'm telling you.
That's what I'll do.
What can you do?
Barbaric brute! Hey!
- I'll hit you.
Brother, eyes on the road.
- Hey!
Hey, stop the car.
Hello, Kanagu. Happy Deepavali.
What are you saying?
Brother, give me sister's blouse.
Have you got items for the function?
- Yes, sister.
Did you collect my
blouse from the tailor?
Yes, sister.
Check if it is stitched well.
- As if I can wear and see.
These people. I'll be there.
- Did you start?
I'll be there in five minutes.
We'll celebrate 'Deepavali'
in style, okay?
Come soon.
- Brother.
Happy Deepavali.
- Come here.
Come where? I have to attend
a ritual at sister's house.
I must hand over Holy
water and the blouse to her.
Get in the vehicle.
- Where to?
Leave that wire bag behind.
What are you saying?
Is our son crying?
My duty finishes by 8:00 pm.
Tell him I'll buy
crackers on my way back.
Ask him not to cry, dear.
Collect your license tomorrow from
the station after the RTO enquiry.
What happened?
Get down.
- Mom!
What happened? Mom?
Mom, open your eyes.
- Mom!
Mom, look at me, wake up.
Mom, get up.
- Mom!
- Janaki.
- Janaki.
Mom, get up.
- Mom!
Open your eyes, mom.
- Hey!
Mom, get up.
- Mom!
Poor lady!
- Mom!
- Mom!
- Doctor.
Check her, quick doctor.
Look at me.
Look at me.
What is your name? Can you hear me?
Can you?
What is your name?
Madam? Look at your daughter.
Mom, it's Shivani.
- Look at your son.
- Open your eyes.
Mom. Look at Sonu.
You can hear us, right?
Can you hear me, mom?
- Lift your hand.
Raise your hand. Lift your hand.
- Okay.
The patient is responding.
Nurse, ask everyone to wait out.
- Doctor.
Will my mother be fine?
- Let's go, sister.
Please save her.
- Please wait outside.
Please save my mother, doctor.
That guy?
You are the reason for all this.
Who gave you a license?
Sir, wait. Hear me out.
I won't spare you.
- Sir.
I'll not spare you.
- Sir.
We can talk it over, sir.
- Hey!
What do you think of yourself?
- Sir, listen to me.
Kindly listen to me.
We can discuss it, sir.
I'll make sure you are dead.
- Hey.
I'm telling you we can discuss it.
I see.
Have all you Tamilians ganged up?
Tamilian, huh! Vagabond!
You're at fault.
How dare you blame us?
- Brother.
Come here.
I'm not scared of anyone.
- Dad.
Is mom alright?
- I'll push all of you behind bars.
You tell.
- We don't have a neurosurgeon,
take her to the government Hospital
in Madurai, you can save her.
What are you saying?
- Severe head injury.
Cerebral haemorrhage.
Shift to Madurai Government Hospital
immediately, okay?
Ventilator ambulance
108 is not available.
Arrange for a private
ambulance quickly.
Ask him to do so, why should I?
He caused this accident.
I can't say all that.
First, come and sign the report.
Come in.
Don't be annoyed with my father
That's his character.
Kindly arrange for an ambulance.
We are to blame Father for this.
How is it my father's fault?
I don't know anyone here.
How will I arrange an ambulance?
My mother is very critical now.
I don't know what to do.
Every second we delay,
her life is at risk.
Please help us.
Arrange an ambulance, please.
Sorry, brother, I'm sorry.
It's our fault, right?
I'll apologise. I'm sorry.
Please. Arrange an ambulance.
Please help.
Hey! Go and call the ambulance.
Go, I say.
Okay, take care of him.
Thank you.
Thank you.
She will be fine, right?
- Hey, keep quiet.
It's bad enough you've hurt your
hand with bursting crackers.
She will be fine. I will take care.
What happened?
- Brother.
has a ventilator ambulance, brother.
But the driver has
gone to the temple.
What do I do now?
Is the ambulance ready?
Time is of the essence to save her.
- I'm coming, sir.
Ask him to arrange it faster.
- Is there no other ambulance?
'I have enquired
in four different places.'
'I can't get a
ventilator ambulance.'
We have no other option, brother.'
'Shall I wait here
till the driver returns, Brother?'
We don't have time for all that
You drive the ambulance here.
We can ask the driver
to come to the hospital.
Sir, my duty gets
over in ten minutes.
David will take over, sir.
We don't have time
until he comes, go.
Ask them to get in.
What happened?
The driver promised to come
but isn't picking up my call now.
What do we do now, Brother?
In one go,
we will drop them off in Madurai.
In one go? I must give sister
this blouse in half an hour.
Get in.
Sir, can you wait for ten minutes?
- Why?
My duty is over. David will be here.
Get inside.
- No sense of emergency.
Get in.
- I have to go home, sir.
Please wait, sir.
- Wait a minute, brother.
We can be back in two hours.
- Sir, please, sir.
Get in first, get in.
I will be home soon.
I'm telling you. I'll be home soon.
Okay, disconnect now.
Drive fast, man.
My college fees have to be paid.
Two days later.
Today is the last day.
Did I ask you to go to college?
I'll pay when I can.
"Oh, Divine Mother, our hearts
are filled with darkness."
You forgot to take your lunch.
- Oh god, bless us.
- Bless our souls.
Oh god, bless us.
What, mom?
- Tiffin box.
If I don't eat one day, I won't die.
'Ganpati Bappa Morya.'
Pay your fees.
Mom! Mom?
Hey, man.
Hey. Look at her.
Move aside. Give way.
- Mom?
Mom, what happened?
- Mom?
- You'll be fine, mom.
Check fast,
what's happening, brother?
- Mom.
Check what's going on. Check now.
- Mom.
Brother, drive fast.
It looks like she is having fits.
Ask him to speed up.
Mom, nothing will happen.
- She has got fits.
Please speed up.
Nothing will happen, mom.
Nothing will happen.
- Janaki.
Check what's wrong, brother.
- Mom.
Mom, you'll be fine.
- Mom?
- Brother, quick.
Attend to her.
What do I do?
Brother, drive faster.
Attend to her, quick!
- Tell the driver to go fast.
She is critical. Drive fast.
- Fast, please.
Nothing should happen to her.
Please do something.
- Mom?
What happened?
- What?
Sitting like that! Do something.
You'll be alright, mom.
I'll not let anything happen
to you, mom. Get up, mom.
Open your eyes, mom.
- Mom?
Look at us, mom.
- Janaki.
You are okay, mom.
- Please look at her.
Get up, mom.
Do something.
- Mom?
Can't you hear me?
Why are you sitting quietly?
Out of your mind or what?
Look at her.
- Mom?
Tell me.
- That lady passed away.
Where are you now?
- Near ring road in Madurai.
Drop her at Madurai
General Hospital.
Police will take care of the rest.
Bro, you have to tell, right? - I'm
here only to do emergency first aid.
I can't say if she's alive or dead.
Hey, speak like a human.
- Only a doctor can.
Won't you declare her dead?
I can't pronounce her dead.
Only a doctor can certify.
Try to understand.
- Hey, what's the problem?
I believe he cannot say
if she's alive or dead.
Better to get it
confirmed by a doctor.
Mad fellow!
What, sir?
- She's dead.
Take the body to GH.
- What?
Post mortem.
- Post mortem.
No post mortem.
Post-mortem is compulsory.
Accidental death.
- You don't understand.
If I say no, it means 'no'.
How do I explain?
How do I make them understand?
Brother, listen.
We follow 'Dharma'.
Our religion doesn't allow it.
Post mortem.
If she dies.
After death.
The last rite is on the pyre.
Before that,
no cutting or any poking.
- What is he saying?
Sir, he comes from a family which
follows righteousness strictly.
He says post-mortem is not allowed.
If it is done, he says
he will be in a royal mess.
Where did you find him?
- What?
- No, the postmortem...
Want to use the restroom?
Sir, is there any bathroom?
- Right there.
Try and convince him.
Okay, sir, please come.
'We'll be back now.
- Why?'
'Shivani needs to use the toilet.'
'Nothing wrong in
holding on for a while.'
'Get into the taxi.'
'Mahant of Deshrath Gaddi, our Baba
Brij Mohan Das never remains sad.'
'Mahant of Deshrath gaddi...'
Hello, Ram Dutt.
- Hey Balram!
Had a good pilgrimage
in Rameshwaram?
Janaki passed away.
- Oh God! When?
Doctor is insisting
on a post-mortem.
No post-mortem.
According to our religious beliefs,
the body, once dead
should not be cut open.
Listen to me.
You bring Janaki here to Ayodhya.
Ram Dutt, there are no
trains for three days.
Why do you have to bring her
in a train or a bus?
Airlift her.
Do you have cash with you?
- I lost it all.
The bag, cash, and
clothes are all gone.
Don't worry.
Go to the airport.
I'll send you the cash.
Thank you, Ram Dutt.
You're doing unnecessary stuff.
We're in a rush, just like you.
Keep quiet.
- So...?
Will you get confirmation from all
the quack doctors on the roadside?
Why will we come here
knowing she's dead?
That is not my job.
I can only do first aid.
Only government doctors will follow
procedures and tell you factually.
Damn the procedure!
- Look here.
Drop us at the airport.
I'll handle the rest.
What? To the airport?
I can't go to the airport.
I'll deliver the body at GH.
After that, bloody well
follow their advice.
Sir, watch your tongue.
Had this lady got
hurt ten minutes later,
I would've been home by this time.
Unnecessarily you are bugging me.
All my fate! Get into the van.
You can go in ten minutes.
Don't scream now. Get into the van.
Get in.
Wonder what more will happen!
Tough to handle this Hindi
man and mad chap. - Brother.
We don't know anyone here.
I don't understand your language.
If you would like to help us.
Send us back home at the earliest.
What does she want?
I can't understand
what she is saying.
But I figure she's
asking us to help her.
Hey! Go away.
Go burst the crackers over there.
Bursting crackers
near my brand-new bike!
Happy Diwali, dude.
Will they allow
a dead body on the flight?
Yes, they will.
But some rules and
regulations are to be followed.
We must enquire only at the airport.
Any problem?
Nothing. I will call you later.
Hey, where are you going?
Why did you turn left?
You have to go straight for GH.
Stop the vehicle.
- Why invite trouble?
Poor thing!
Let's drop them off at the airport.
Hey! Stop the vehicle.
Where are you happily
driving off to?
Hey, you are going as you wish.
We'll drop them off
and come back soon.
I insist you stop the vehicle.
How can we stop on a highway?
- I insist you stop the vehicle.
He might jump off
the vehicle, mad fellow.
Pull over on the kerb side.
I swear, I will...
Hey, get off the vehicle.
Get down, I say.
Are you thinking that
you are driving a call taxi?
Turning as you wish
with a corpse inside!
The airport is very close to here.
If we buy them two tickets and
drop them at GH, they'll go home.
Some stranger died.
Going overboard
as if it is your mother!
You've been nasty
from the beginning.
What is your problem?
Listen, an ambulance will go
to the airport first and then to GH.
Get in if you want.
Otherwise, leave.
Sir, a lady passed away
She has to be airlifted.
Then you must enquire about cargo.
Where is it?
- Take a left.
Dude, you stay here.
Please come with me. Come.
To send dead bodies by flight
You should have a police FIR,
mortuary card, death report,
police clearance certificate,
embalming certificate,
sealing certificate,
undertaking certificate.
Along with these, we need
ID card of the dead person.
Also, a person to go with the body.
This is our protocol, sir.
What is this, sir?
Your list is endless.
Air India flight leaves at 8:00 pm.
If you arrive two hours
before departure,
we can send the body by that flight.
This is the last flight
to Lucknow for tonight.
If you don't make it, the next
flight is only after four days.
The last flight?
How much will it cost? Total money?
Three tickets, cargo.
Approximately one lakh rupees.
How much?
- One lakh rupees.
One lakh rupees?
- Yes.
Don't buy the tickets first.
Arrange for the seven certificates
and then buy the tickets.
Sir, even changing the initials
in our ration cards
name will take one month.
And you are asking for
seven certificates in one day!
That too on a festival day.
How is it possible to get it?
What to do?
I have to follow our rules.
Hello, what?
- How can it cost one lakh rupees?
- Trying to fool us?
I'll be right there.
- How can it be one lakh rupees?
Brother, this is
government fixed-rate.
Where are you going?
Hey, at least talk
about the post-mortem.
Why do they need
so many certificates?
What is that bag in your hand?
- My sister's blouse.
Why are you here?
- I came to help them.
Pandi, what is happening?
You manhandled the white uniform
and he called the khaki uniform!
Hey, who are you?
Sir, I drove the ambulance.
- Are you an ambulance driver?
No, sir.
- Then?
How are you related to them?
Sir, they are tourists from Ayothi.
On the way to Rameshwaram...
- Get into the police jeep.
Get the ambulance, bring them.
Get them in.
- Why are you taking us, sir?
Get in the vehicle.
- What did we do, sir?
Get them all into the jeep.
- What mistake did we commit, sir?
Senthil, park the ambulance at GH
and come to the police station.
On a festival day
they give us a hard time!
This is for Inspector's
This too, sir?
- Yes.
I have parked the vehicle in
government Hospital, here's the key.
(Voice in the walkie talkie)
Are you a troublemaker?
If you manhandle
a staff member on duty.
As per Section #332, you get
imprisonment for three years.
Do you know?
Brother, do you know them?
- No, sir.
Why did you bring us here?
Look, my wife just died.
I have to leave immediately.
- Relax.
What is he saying?
Post-mortem is out of the question.
My wife...
My wife's body cannot be cut
or dissected by anyone.
- No!
I won't allow post-mortem.
You are objecting to post-mortem.
Then did you kill her?
If you raise your voice
you'll bleed instead
of peeing if I hit you.
Brother, enquire
about them individually.
Check if their stories match.
- Okay, sir.
Come with me.
Brother, you come along too.
Will they visit Rameshwaram
even during the festival of lights?
Lord Rama built that temple.
He is their family deity.
That temple is open to devotees
the whole year through.
Give sir that milk sweet.
What is that?
From which shop?
- Deepavali freebies, sir.
He gave us stale sweets!
- We can shut down his shop, sir.
First, do that.
This chap seems so familiar.
He has robbed a drunken slob
lying on the road, sir.
Passers-by who saw called.
Sir, once sober, he'll make
a beeline to the
government liquor shop
I kept it as a safety measure.
Bloody thief!
Heard that excuse, head constable?
He is going to call me.
Come here.
- I am in for it.
Hello, sir.
- Hey!
What are you up to?
- Sir, greetings.
You detained me for a day
and thrashed me in Tirunelveli.
Do you remember me?
Did I jog his memory in haste?
That was a long time ago.
I don't steal now, sir.
Why is he shifting his posture?
I'll try to wriggle out of it.
This is just a matter of habit, sir.
Caught red-handed.
Hey! You sing, right?
Yes, sir. You're right, sir.
Shall I sing about my girl?
Do you mean to say
you have a girlfriend?
Yes, sir.
I interrogated them, sir.
They are from the government
Hospital in Ramnad.
He has the AR copy, sir.
It is an accident case.
No other problem.
If you file a first
information report,
I can take them
to the mortuary, sir.
What are you looking at?
You are the one to blame.
Sir, I'll take leave.
Hey! Where are you off to?
None of you can step out
without doing the post-mortem.
Go and sit.
- What did I do, sir?
I just lent a helping hand.
Is catching roadside travellers
your idea of help, eh?
Any accident is a police case.
When you drove to the airport
instead of a government Hospital.
You committed a crime.
Why should I even talk to you?
- Sir.
I'll handle this, sir. Come with me.
Come along, brother.
Whichever angle you view this,
you can't step out now.
If you are a bit patient,
you can get the post-mortem report
from the mortuary, and go home.
This isn't a place to fight.
Who will help
if he behaves like this?
Natural Instinct
will be to step back.
I understand, please sit.
If you don't sing properly,
I'll slap you on the cheek!
Okay, sir.
Sing now.
My glasses?
"She stole the heart of a thief."
"She made an impact
on this dry heart of mine."
"She stole the heart of a thief."
"She made an impact
on this dry heart of mine."
"We shared milk
popsicles juicy near the pillars"
"and shared it
with certain intimacy."
"Her slightest glance of desire
will make cold water catch fire!"
"Even a red ant will
fall for her words."
"She asked for a gold chain as a
gift, I stole it with my expertise."
"To give her a gold earring."
"I saw ninety ears
before snatching it."
"She stole the heart of a thief."
"She made an impact
on this dry heart of mine."
"She stole the heart of a thief."
"She made an impact
on this dry heart of mine."
"Pretty as our head
constable is she."
"Just like you, her
father would glare at me."
"Her skin tone is like this stick."
"If I make a mistake,
she will spear me with her eyes."
"I scattered into pieces explosively
when her pinky finger touched me."
"When both her hands touched me
I forgot my existence truly."
"I have always stolen
and got away most often."
"But in her heart alone
I got caught all of a sudden."
"She blazed, shining bright
in my heart and mind with delight."
"Like a grain to the soil forged
into my soul and merged forever."
"She stole the heart of a thief."
"She made an impact
on this dry heart of mine."
"She stole the heart of a thief."
"She made an impact
on this dry heart of mine."
"We shared milk
popsicles juicy near ten popsicles"
"and shared it
with certain intimacy."
"Her slightest glance of desire
will make cold water catch fire!"
"Even a red ant will
fall for her words."
"She asked for a
gold chain as a gift."
"With my expertise, I stole it."
"She wanted gold
earrings as gift ."
"I checked ninety ears
before I snatched it."
When did you flick this?
They don't know Tamil anyway.
Okay, anyway, the post-mortem report
will certify it is
an accidental death.
Despite it, if the cops nab us.
We can cover up
asking him to forgive us, giving
Deepavali as a suitable excuse.
Why invite more trouble?
We will leave in ten minutes.
If you want to return safely,
hold your tongue in the mortuary.
I won't agree to post-mortem.
No post mortem, no Ayothi.
Get down.
Come, sir.
Hurry up.
What is this ruckus?
- Greetings, sir.
Thirteen dead bodies today, sir.
A 9-year-old kid committed suicide
because his parents
didn't buy him crackers.
I'll drink tea and be back.
- Okay.
How could he kill himself for this?
- That's how our world is now.
It costs one lakh rupees
to airlift the body?
Cheaper to take her by road
in an ambulance.
That will be even more expensive.
Cops will stop you at check posts
the entire three day
journey and hassle you.
That's even more torture.
No freezer facilities on the train
and the body will decompose.
So whoever dies here,
flight is the only option.
Give me money for tea.
- I don't have any cash on me.
Don't be mean, head constable.
- Shut up!
Don't be a pain!
- Thank you, sir.
We can show off as police outside.
We have to be friendly with them.
Otherwise, they won't release
the dead body till evening.
Who is he?
How stone-hearted can he be!
He hasn't shed a
single tear for his wife.
Hey, Muruga brother.
Hey, Muthu.
What? - Celebrating
Deepavali at the mortuary?
These cops will take care
of the rest. Let's go back home.
Let's go, Brother.
- Wait, let me go and tell her.
I'm leaving.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
- I'm sure she will, let's go.
No... no need.
Do you wish to donate
your wife's eyes?
- Yes.
What 'wife'?
- Eye donation.
- Yes.
Eye donation?
- Yes.
My wife's eyes?
- Yes.
Get away from here.
What nonsense!
- Real madcap!
First, dissecting her body.
Now grabbing her eyes?
Do you have any saree
to drape around your mother?
Bring her saree.
Okay, sir.
Poor thing! Not knowing
the local language.
And losing her mother
is a cruel blow.
'Your favourite colour.'
I celebrated Deepavali
with you for the past four years.
Even on a festival day,
a policeman gets only a cold meal!
Take it.
Dissect Kumar.
This case is through us.
Deal with it carefully.
- You've told me, right?
Check the body after I prepare it.
You'll think she's asleep.
- Okay, go.
Sit down, dear.
'Send us home at the earliest.'
'What does she want?'
'I can't understand
what she is saying.'
'But I figure she's
asking us to help her.'
'Who is he?
How stone-hearted can he be!'
'He hasn't shed a
single tear for his wife.'
Hey! Turn the ambulance.
Reverse the vehicle.
Hey! Do as I say.
What happened, brother?
If we leave her halfway through
my mind will be guilt-ridden.
You leave if you want.
I'll stay and help them.
Bro, I said, 'Let us leave.'
I never said I would leave alone.
Come, let's try our best.
Must take her to your city.
Do you have cash on you?
Money... money.
- No, accident.
Will come in thirty minutes.
Your wife is dead. - Have you
arranged cash for the ticket?
Wait, he doesn't have money.
We have to arrange it.
That isn't real gold.
That is just fake gold.
How much do you have?
Give it.
Take this cash. Buy the ticket.
I'll send you the balance cash, go.
Do it.
- Durai, please speed it up. - Okay.
What is the next step, sir?
- Next is embalming.
Must get permission from the Dean.
Today is Deepavali,
So she won't sign.
What do you do...
His name is Chitrapandian.
If he recommends,
the Dean will sign.
Token number one-Murali.
Sir, Deepavali.
Token number two-Janaki.
Give whatever you can.
It's Deepavali, a festival day.
Got cash on you?
I gave you whatever I had.
Why do you ask now
when we are stressed.
Brother, here you are.
Go give it to counter number four.
Hey, out of seven certificates
required by the cargo officer,
we have got four ready.
- We have only four more hours left.
We must get three more certificates,
arrange one lakh cash
and send them right away.
I'm asking you again.
Do you have to take so much risk
and send them home?
At any point of time in your life
without anyone coming to your aid.
Have you stood all alone in front of
the pyre of your most loved one?
To get them out of this place
as fast as we can
is the biggest favour
we can do for them.
Is it even possible?
- Why not?
I believe if
Chitrapandian recommends
the Dean will sign immediately.
How about the money?
That man said people from
his town will send money.
Listen, you take them
to the Dean's house.
I'll bring Chitrapandian, go.
- Okay.
Dude, we have
eighteen thousand rupees
with the gold chain
and cash you gave.
But one ticket costs sixteen
thousand and five hundred rupees.
We can book one ticket for now.
Whose name should we book?
Whose name should it be?
Anyway, we can't book
in that man's name.
Both his children
will be stuck alone.
Can't book in minor son's name,
because he can't fly alone.
The only option is to get
a ticket for that girl.
Okay, book it in her name.
Dude, I booked one ticket.
We still have to buy two more.
But only four tickets
are left on that flight.
We can book depending on
how fast you can arrange the cash.
Do you have any money on you?
I already told you, dude.
I spent what I had on the bike.
Okay, hang up.
- Quick, dude.
How much money can you spare?
- I thought of asking you!
Come and share a peg or two.
But don't ask me for cash.
He can't be trusted.
They have sent only
five thousand rupees.
The ball is in our court now.
I told you to drop them off.
- I know what I should do.
Just send the money.
This is the coffin box.
After a person dies, his body
will be sent by flight in this.
There are different types of
coffin boxes based on each town.
How much will it cost?
Maybe around fifty thousand rupees.
I hope you have money!
Can I give you tomorrow?
Sending it tomorrow, so pay me then.
We have to send them by tonight.
The next flight is after four days.
How is that possible?
Today is a holiday.
Sir, they are doing a post-mortem.
Post-mortem is done
365 days a year.
But embalming will not
be done on holiday!
It is the job of the Anatomy
department in medical college
to embalm the body.
Sir, I heard that if you recommend,
the Dean will sign the report.
It doesn't matter who recommends it,
she won't sign on a Deepavali day.
Can the body be sent
without embalming?
Without embalming,
airlift isn't allowed.
Sir, they have come
from North India.
They haven't even dipped
their feet in Rameshwaram.
Try to do something, sir.
- What can we do?
I'll give you extra
money if you want.
This is my daughter's first
Deepavali after her wedding.
Still, didn't I come
just because you called?
Just not me, Dean won't sign today
under anyone's recommendation.
Those are the rules. Do you get it?
Please come tomorrow.
Bro, where is Chitrapandian?
Hello, brother.
I want to meet the Dean.
Do you have an appointment?
- No.
She isn't well, I've been instructed
not to allow any visitors.
Look there, very urgent.
At least find out from her.
If I go in unnecessarily,
she will yell at me.
Hey, turn on the siren.
We may get into trouble.
- Okay.
Turn it off. Switch off the siren.
What can I do if she is resting?
All I did was obey orders.
You go turn it off, please.
If the dean gets to know,
it will be a big issue.
You at least turn it off.
Sir, please tell them.
Can you hear me?
Please go inside
and turn off the siren.
I beg you.
Turn it off. Sir, please.
I'll lose my job
if you trouble me like this.
I lost my job.
Hello, madam.
What is the problem?
- An ambulance is parked outside
I can hear a siren.
- They wanted to meet you.
Why are you twiddling your thumbs?
- I'll take care of it now, madam.
Tell them to come in.
- Sure, madam. Okay.
Turning up to jinx my job!
All because of my blessed fate!
Bloody! Go inside.
No help.
Enacting a drama!
If the gates aren't opened for you
will you turn on the siren?
Madam, we didn't know how else
to contact you, please pardon us.
I was briefed about you.
That's why I am talking to you.
None of the embalmers are in town.
Go now and come tomorrow.
It is possible if you
set your mind to it.
I'm also not feeling well.
Even if I sign, the embalmer
is not available.
Please leave.
- Madam.
Tell me what should be done.
I'll do it myself.
Do you know what embalming means?
We have to rip the stitches
from the post-mortem.
Remove the intestines,
kidney and brain.
Removed portions have to
be stuffed with cotton.
Make a hole in the thigh and
through nerves, pump
formalin chemical into the body.
Eyes will burn.
Finally have to restitch
the body perfectly like before.
No flight will accept if there is
even the slightest mistake.
What? Are you willing to do that?
No, madam.
- Come back tomorrow.
What are you doing on a festive day,
without even eating?
Coming, mom.
One ticket has been booked already!
Where are we going now?
As if you won't tell me if you knew!
They are ganging up to make me mad.
No one...
I know no one will help me.
I can't go back home.
This is hell.
Did I commit theft?
Did I do something wrong?
They are making me go mad using
the government as an excuse.
What did the government do?
What is the government doing
for the common man?
I can't take my wife
back in this birth!
What the hell!
Hey! Don't keep yelling
in an alien language!
Bad enough. We are
wondering where to go!
Asking me to sign here,
there, everywhere.
Stop the vehicle. Stop.
Reverse the vehicle.
Reverse, I say.
Stop now.
'It is the job of the Anatomy
department in medical college'
'to embalm the body.'
Why are you not
picking up the phone?
Very few tickets left.
Send the money soon.
Okay, I'll call you later.
Whom should I meet for embalming?
- Mohan, take him to Venkatesh sir.
Kanagu, what about the cash?
- Trying to arrange for the money.
Give me some more time.
- Please do it fast.
- Okay.
Embalming can be done.
Pay twenty
five thousand rupees at the counter.
The body can be embalmed.
Sir, I was told the
government centres
charge only a thousand rupees.
I don't have so much money.
If you don't have money,
it can't be done in private places.
Dean asked if the staff was
available then it can be done.
If you have your staff,
can you send them?
It'll be very helpful.
They are out of town, sir.
Annammal Medical College,
Anatomy Department, madam.
Can you sign now, madam?
How long will embalm take?
- Ninety minutes.
Why are they insisting on embalming?
Other passengers on the flight
shouldn't get infected, right?
Grandma, serve generously.
I am the happiest to serve.
Have your fill.
Eat properly.
- Hello, who is this?
Sir, please bring
the coffin box immediately.
Bro, don't you understand?
I got a signature from Dean.
We are in medical college.
Bring the coffin and come soon, sir.
Tell me.
Dude, I've transferred
20 thousand extra to your account.
Book another ticket.
Hey, I've also arranged for money.
Let's book all the tickets.
Super! Book for all three of them.
Embalming. What is embalming?
Nothing. Removing
the stitches during post-mortem.
Kidney, intestines
should be removed.
A chemical Formalin
should be pumped in.
The job will be over in an hour.
- Hey!
Are you all mad?
- What happened?
Durai has arranged a cash
for buying the tickets.
The coffin box is on the way.
- Super, brother.
So our problems are
getting solved one by one, right?
'No embalming!'
I've been watching all your drama.
I won't allow this.
I won't allow any more of this.
'From this morning, you have...'
- Why is that man screaming?
Let go.
You can't embalm my wife. No!
What happened?
- He isn't allowing us to embalm.
Hey, what's your problem?
Only if all this is done,
you can go back.
Just ignore him. Let's wheel...
- Move aside!
Have you gone crazy?
Don't you get what I'm saying?
Agreeing with the post-mortem,
I have committed a huge sin.
Why the hell can't you understand?
You'll take the heart out,
take the intestines out.
And the kidneys, then the brain.
How will I do the
last rites for her?
How will she go to heaven?
How will her soul rest in peace?
Which world are you living in?
Move aside.
Even if I die,
I will die, but I won't let
the embalming happen.
Go and die!
Just die!
Fine, one to talk of peace!
You didn't let my mother
live in peace even for a day.
Now you are spinning a yarn about
heaven after she has passed away?
If you hadn't forced
the driver to speed up,
my mother would be alive today.
She would be alive today.
You murdered my mother.
You killed her. You!
These are strangers.
They have been helping us
the whole day. What did you do?
As father and husband,
what did you do?
What have you done to date?
Enough now!
Just shut up.
If you want to sit, do so.
Otherwise, get lost!
I can take my brother
and mom back home, anyhow.
Get out!
Please take her inside.
Come. Let's go.
Can we seal it?
Let's go.
Doctor, one minute.
- What happened?
One minute, ask them not to seal it.
I'll be back right away.
Holy water from Rameshwaram.
Holy water from Rameshwaram.
Water from Rameshwaram!
Sprinkle on her.
'If we bathe in the
Holy springs there,'
'he will become
a better person, dear.'
Take ten copies of this.
You'll need it at the airport.
Sir, I have to pay you...
- It's okay.
Brother, do you believe in souls?
A person who is alive
may forget a good deed,
but the soul will never forget.
Just watch, this will change
your life beyond your imagination.
From now on, only good news
will knock at your door!
- 'Tickets not available.'
'I tried my level best.
I couldn't get it, though.'
'What to do?'
Okay, bring the cash to the airport.
What is it?
He couldn't get a ticket, it seems.
Jinxed mouth!
On top of it, he smiles!
Let's go, brother.
- Hey!
How do I break this news to them?
'What to do? We have to tell them.'
I'll take leave, sir.
- It's okay, take care.
Tickets aren't available.
- No ticket.
Your daughter has a ticket.
You and your son
didn't get the tickets.
It's getting late.
We can easily get them tickets
if they are going by bus or train.
We've never been to an airport.
What do we do now?
"Like a kite flying
with the cool wind."
"Like a kite flying
with this cold wind."
"This life is like a kite flying
along with the cool wind."
"Who can even tell
the direction it will blow?"
"How can what I saw now
suddenly turn untrue somehow?"
"Will I ever get back again
the soul that left me in pain?"
"We came all the way to see God.
Instead, we lost our Goddess today."
"Is our life just a
hide-and-seek game every time?"
"Am I the only witness
on this earth in total distress?"
"This life is like a kite flying
along with the cool wind."
"Who can even tell or know
the direction it will blow."
"I did not realise your value, dear
when you were by my side here."
"Now that I do,
you are nowhere, dear."
"Like a boat all alone in the sea."
"My life is lost and lonely."
"No punishment in this world
can redeem my actions multifold."
"Even if a flower
blooms in water daily"
"its fragrance mixes
only in the air duly."
"How strange fate can be!"
"This heart wilts in sadness
in love, lost and unexpressed."
"Eyes well up with tears forlorn."
"Even a flower blooms in a stone."
Sonu, what happened?
Sonu. - Sonu, open your eyes.
What happened to you?
What is it?
- Sonu.
Brother. - Stop the vehicle.
- Brother, stop.
Sonu. Give me a hand.
Look at him.
What happened?
- Get some water, brother.
What happened?
- Sonu.
What is it?
"Red ants queue up to carry
a grain of rice in harmony"
"marching to their
home in solidarity."
"Truth be told in reality."
"I did not take care of my family.
Not even like this tiny red ant."
"Even if I set out on a pilgrimage
as a good deed in my middle age."
"Can I atone for my sins ever
in this world, I wonder?"
"Only today, for better or worse
I see my face and my true colours."
"Eyes well up with tears forlorn."
"Even a stone hearted
person is changed in time."
"This life is like a kite flying
along with the cool wind."
"Who can even tell or know
the direction it will blow."
"How can what I saw now
suddenly turn untrue somehow?"
"Will I ever get back again
the soul that left me in pain?"
"We came all the way to see a God.
Instead, we lost our Goddess today."
"Is our life a
just a hide-and-seek game?"
"Am I the only witness
on this earth in distress?"
Where's the certificate?
- In the ambulance.
What, brother?
- He's coming.
Why is there
a spelling mistake, sir?
See this.
Her name has been typed 'Janki'
in the First Information Report.
In the death certificate
it is 'Janaki'.
So what, sir?
- How can you be so flippant?
We are concerned about even
the smallest of spelling mistakes.
Different name
means different person.
It means you have
hidden a dead person
and bought some other corpse here.
Are you serious, sir?
I asked you this morning.
You said if we miss this flight,
the next flight is four days later.
I agree. I did, but what can I do
about this spelling mistake?
Get me a proper certificate.
- We are running short of time, sir.
Air India will maintain
this record for five years.
We have to face the repercussions
if there's any mistake.
It's getting late.
Go and rectify it.
What happened?
They won't allow it.
- Why it seems?
This document has
a spelling mistake.
Give it.
- Hey!
- Wait.
All this has to go to Lucknow.
- Are you playing the fool?
We sweated it out from the morning
and got everything ready.
You ask us to come tomorrow
so coolly. - Get out of this room.
Why should we go?
We won't go until
we send them back home.
If a person from
another state dies here.
Red-tapism rules the roost,
it's alright.
But shouldn't
you consider our plight
having got everything ready, sir?
You make trouble
for those who are alive
and you don't spare
the dead, either.
How will a spelling mistake
affect the dead woman?
What is the problem?
In their certificate...
- Sir.
One minute, please step out
and look at the bereaved
family, then speak, sir.
Come, sir.
This is the daughter.
Give me the paper.
- Here.
Did you do this in one day?
- Yes, sir.
Submit a declaration
and you can take the deceased home.
Thank you, sir.
- Okay, thank you.
Will you show your
sincerity to them?
Sorry, sir.
Okay, go home.
- Let me also stay.
It was so good of you to have gone
out of your way on Deepavali.
Go home.
- Okay.
Let's go.
- Yes, Brother.
Where's your bike, brother?
Who will lend money
on a festival day?
I didn't know what to do.
I sold my bike.
How could you do that?
Don't feel bad.
Nothing compared to this.
I can handle it. See you.
Let's go.
'The flight to Ahemadabad,'
'Gate number one from Chennai.'
'May I have your kind attention,
please, ladies and gentlemen.'
'This is the security call for all
passengers travelling
on SpiceJet flight.'
SG 611.
You'll be fine, dear.
I won't leave you and go.
- Don't be sad.
Sorry, sir. Tickets
are not available.
Please wait.
Madam, somehow...
- Flight is fully booked, sir.
Passengers are waiting, sir.
Please listen to me.
- No, ma'am.
No chance of getting two seats.
Please co-operate, sir.
I couldn't get tickets for them.
What do you mean?
No ticket.
'May I have your kind attention,
please? Ladies and gentlemen.'
'Air India flight AI 4208 to Delhi'
- Hey, give it.
'is now ready for departure.'
- Have this.
You have to take
a connecting flight.
Safe travel.
I'll somehow send them soon.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
B... B...
My Shiv.
- Let go.
'May I have your attention, please,
ladies and gentlemen.'
'This is the call for the
flight 6E 7198 from Chennai.'
'May I have your attention, please,
ladies and gentlemen.'
'This is the security call for
all passengers travelling on'
'Spicejet SG 611 to Chennai.'
Sir, boarding has
already been announced.
No Air India staff member is flying
either to give up their seats.
What can I do, sir?
We don't know anything
about Airport rules.
It took time for us to
get the death certificate.
Sir, this flight
is only up to Lucknow.
To reach Ayothi, she has to
travel another 135 km, sir.
How can she shift
her dead mother's body all alone?
I am flouting rules. Listen to me.
This is the passenger list.
If two passengers
give up their seats.
You are lucky.
I can't do anything more.
- Thank you, sir.
'Attention passengers of
Air India flight 4208 to Delhi.'
'Due to an emergency,
a family is seeking your help'
'to travel to Delhi'
'If any two passengers
is kind enough to'
'withdraw your tickets
and help the family.'
Hello, excuse me for one minute.
Sir wants to talk to you.
Please listen to him.
This travel must be important in
some way or the other to all of you.
But she has lost a dear one.
Unknown city. Unfamiliar language.
Every single minute, she is here.
She must be yearning to
go back to her home town.
And cry for her departed mother
in her mother tongue.
This is natural.
If just two of you can give up
your ticket for them.
It will be a lifetime
favour for them.
Please help them.
Please. Just two tickets.
I have enquired everywhere
Their problem is genuine.
And your help will be appreciated.
No chance, sir.
- Appeal once again.
We've done our best, sir.
What more can we do?
My dear son.
We are going to visit our grandson.
It's our first flight experience.
But that's alright.
You take our seats.
We'll go some other day.
- They got tickets.
- They got tickets to fly!
Bring them here, quick.
- Okay.
Hey! Hindi! You got your tickets.
Your ticket is confirmed.
- Come.
Come, my dear boy.
'May I have your kind attention,
please? Ladies and gentlemen.'
'Indigo announces the
arrival of its flight, 6E.'
How did you come here?
What is your name?
Abdul Malik!
"When good people get together
good deeds accumulate forever."
"Every town and city will be
a garden of love certainly."
"Whatever one's religion may be,"
"whichever direction
we travel daily."
"When the language of love connects"
"everything changes
to shower a success."
"Life teaches all of us for sure via
ups and downs, pain and pleasure."
"Faith is the key. If you
believe anything might change."
"Oh, mind,
hold on to faith night and day."
"Faith will unite you and me
in our life in solidarity."
"Love is the bridge that will
connect to make our lives perfect."
We will return to Rameshwaram.
I don't know if it
will be a pilgrimage.
But I'll come to see
my brother, Abdul Malik.
Thank you.
"Our lullaby for you."
"Our minds and hearts bloomed anew"
"with help from
strangers we never knew."
"Abdul Malik or
Sitaraman may be the name."
"It is the same."
"Love is the key
to peace and unity."
"When hearts bloom in love-shower"
"where do Gods and
religions feature?"
"In every heart will flow
love as a spring, you know."
"Tears are the true essence
of love in every sense"
'Good evening, passengers.'
'This is your Captain Anburaj,
'We are happy to welcome
you on board...'
God is the greatest.
God is the greatest.
My mother has passed away.
I don't have money to cremate her.
I was told you would help out.
You'll have to face the police
formalities and red tapism.
I'll do it for you. Come.