Azali (2018) Movie Script

[mournful choral music]
[more upbeat music]
[man shouts in soundtrack] Amina!
[man shouts in soundtrack] Amina!
Alpha! Package heading your way.
Move it, move it, move, move, move!
Police, on your knees... Down.
[police radio] Alpha, do you copy?
Alpha, be advised, hostages on board.
I repeat, hostages on board.
Do you copy? Use non-lethal force only,
hostages on board.
This is the police.
You are safe now.
[indistinct police radio]
[Ghanain language] Young girl.
Young girl.
What is your name?
Where do you come from?
[woman] What is your name?
Amina, where do you come from?
Why did you put my bag on the ground?
Get away!
Brother Yussif!
Brother Yussif!
-Are you on properly?
[woman] Yussif!
[chatter all around]
[lots of shouting]
[man] Thief!
[man] Thief!
Look after the things.
Where's the goat from?
Alhaji Dauda was here.
I don't like the way you are
taking gifts from this man.
I've told you already
that he will not marry Amina.
I only see what is better for her.
Take the goat back!
[goat bleats]
Akatok. Where's the goat?
The goat I tied here yesterday.
Mother, look, it's too early for that.
Look at how we suffer on this compound.
You are meant to be our savior.
Ahba! Don't you feel pity for us?
Pity on you?
Who has pity on me?
Everyone treats me like
a leper in my father's house.
Who treats you like a leper
more than yourself?
All you do is lie!
You steal!
And when day breaks,
you do absolutely nothing
except sleep and lazing about.
You are a useless son.
Mama. It's OK.
Someone should tell
this useless man the truth.
[screeches] Akatok!
Hit me. Hit me.
I said hit me!
You are very lucky today.
I would've hit you.
How was school?
-It was fine.
-Why are you following me?
No reason.
Did you see Baba's goat?
Don't talk about that goat with me.
Eh, Auntie.
-Thank you.
-Have a seat.
-Thank you.
Rukaya. She wants to see you.
-Auntie, welcome.
-Thank you.
She's the woman getting jobs
for our little ones in Burkina and beyond.
But I told you I'm thinking about it.
Eh, what is there to think about?
Look at Amina.
What can you give her in this town?
I can't do this.
Amina is my one child.
Rukaya, I promise you, if you don't
listen to me, you are on your own.
Don't worry, you will take Amina soon. Mm?
You give me small time.
You better think fast.
You better think fast.
My sister, I will leave now.
-OK, auntie, bye bye.
Rukaya, do you think you are better than
all the other mothers
who have sent their children away?
Poor person with pride.
[Amina and her mother singing]
[Rukaya laughs]
How's your competition heating up?
That girl is a witch.
-Have you see one before?
-Auntie Lamisi.
Don't believe everything you hear...
if you want to be fifth.
I had some time on my hands
and I decided to pass by and say hello.
Oh, OK. We are fine.
[man] May God give us good health.
[he laughs]
Amina. Get inside. Don't come out.
Rukaya. We were waiting for you.
Have a seat.
Baba. You were my father's friend.
Yes. That's why I want
to take care of your daughter.
By marrying her?
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Going after your friend's granddaughter?
Is it because we are poor?
Rukaya. Shut up!
I said shut up...
If you had listened to me,
Alhaji Dauda would've been
your husband by now.
But you refused.
And went after that useless boy
who impregnated you
and fled to the city.
Do you want Amina to end up like you?
Mama. I want better for her.
Leave this house.
Oh. She says I should leave?
Rukaya must be going mad.
So you think sending her to some
strange land will solve our problems.
Mama. Any option is better than
becoming a fourth wife.
Say something to your sister.
Since when did my opinion
matter in this house?
Is that all you can say?
I have to get to the market.
[sadly] Oh.
[sad music]
What is it?
I don't want to go.
Come closer.
Your mother loves you. She will never
allow any harm to come to you.
Do you hear?
I'm afraid.
You are matured now.
You are a child no more.
Talk to your mother before you go.
Do you hear?
-No, I won't.
-Please. Please.
-Do you hear?
-No, I won't.
We have to pick up
the last person quickly.
So by dawn we should've left.
That's fine.
[engine starts]
[young child laughing]
Come out.
Come on.
What you said is right.
Now we have gathered them.
So what we're supposed to do now is...
-Bro Yusi...
What are you doing here? Huh?
Do you know why you are here?
Huh? What are you doing here?
Listen, you are going to be sold.
And you won't come back again. Huh?
Calm down. I must find a way...
to get you out of here.
Madam, this girl,
she is very stubborn and disobedient.
Get away.
Calm down, OK? Hmm?
You will be fine.
You'll be fine, OK? You'll be fine.
Don't mind him, OK? Stop crying, OK?
-Big brother.
Is everyone done with the work?
Hmm... Everyone is done, except Yussif.
Ah! Hunter.
-Yes, sir.
-Come over here!
Don't shout, calm down.
We can't have the kids agitated now.
Get them into the truck.
[woman] Hmm. So sad!
Where's brother Yussif?
He's in police custody.
I'll be back. I'm coming.
When are we going home?
[woman] This is going to be your temporary
home until we can send each of you home.
[boy] How do we get food to eat?
[boy 2] There's plenty to eat.
I hope we're ready.
They loaded the harvest this afternoon.
-[girl] Are you sure?
I've gone there two times today
so this is our last chance
If we miss it again, we have
to wait for the next harvest.
-We won't.
-And what about money?
We don't need money.
Please, I don't want trouble.
No. What trouble?
You were speaking Dagbani yesterday.
You are always sad.
My name is Seidu.
My name is Amina.
So what's wrong?
I want to go home.
What's funny?
Not everyone goes home.
My home... I couldn't remember it.
How old were you?
-Do you remember your parents?
-I don't want to.
They gave me to people for money!
My mother.
Seidu... We have to go.
Get up, it's time.
-Where are you going?
-We're running away.
-Can I come?
Hey! Fuseini.
Start the vehicle, I'm in a hurry.
Take the cutlass. OK!
I'II be away for five days.
So take care of the farm.
-OK, Baba.
Why haven't you started the car yet?
[engine starts]
[static as radio tunes in]
-You've got it now?
-Just like I want it.
[mid-tempo music plays]
Fuseini, stop!
Fuseini. I suspect there are people
in the truck. Open it and let's see.
There are people in the truck.
Open it properly.
What are you doing in the truck?
I said what are you doing in the truck!
Baba, please, we can explain.
Explain what?
Baba, we're sorry, we only needed
to escape and you know how long
some of us have been there
and we've no money.
-Shh! Shut up.
Look here, Fuseini.
Start the truck and let's return.
[both] Baba, please, we can't go back.
Why are you begging?
What do I get out of this?
Baba, we help you sell faster.
In exchange for the transport money.
It's OK. Because of the offer.
It's OK. Fuseini, let's go.
Close the truck.
[indistinct chatter]
Let me give you this one.
Two for two cedis...
-Thank you, Baba.
-I should be thanking you people.
Hey. What are you doing?
-I'm going back.
-Going where?
Get down.
Do you want to cause problems for me? Ah.
Don't you hear me?
Look at this girl.
Come. Leave here.
Go away.
So what now?
We heard to Accra.
You lied to me.
No. I said we were running away.
So what now?
Follow us to Accra.
Your mother doesn't want you home
without money. So follow us to Accra.
Look at all this money.
Follow us. See...
So how much is my share?
Now we're talking.
So why does your grandmother
want you to marry the old man?
I don't know.
So, it's good you didn't go.
My mother can protect me.
I just want her to know I'm OK.
As we're in Accra now, you'll be fine.
Look, this is wonderful.
Wow! Look at the big gate.
-Wow, this place is nice.
-Oh, look at the flowers.
Wow, they're nice.
Look at the beautiful building.
Oh, look. It's walking alone.
Look at the other side.
Look, look, look.
What do we do now?
We'll get off at the last stop.
[street noise]
[market traders calling out]
[thunder rumbles]
[gentle music]
[music only]
What is your name?
-You understand English?
Where do you come from?
My village is Sandema.
I was as young as you
when I came to the city.
Things are difficult for people
who come here for the first time.
But later, it will be OK.
[women singing]
Do you like them?
Have you seen what you've done?
Oh, no, madam.
Get away from me, idiot.
You are a hard woker.
I will introduce you to my boss.
Can you take me today?
When you finish work,
we can go to my boss.
I like the way you work.
I will take you to him, OK?
[string instrument music]
[birdsong only]
[birdsong and music only]
[ominous music]
We must find my Amina, we must find her.
Akatok, please.
You have to go to Accra.
Me? Why me? I won't go.
OK. Stay here.
And take care of Mama. I will go.
No, no!
I'm going to look for Amina.
Thank you.
What could she be doing now?
[thunder rumbles]
[men shouting indistinctly]
[woman] I'll make it 400 cedis.
Have it, that's all I have, OK.
-It's not enough.
-I'll top it up next week.
-I'll be on my way.
-OK, thank you.
God help you with sales.
-Please help her carry it.
-Hurry up.
If God permits, next week.
[people arguing]
[man] Give us five cedis.
What are you doing?
You'll spoil my apron.
Stop what you're doing
and give us the money.
[woman] Is that the way to take
money from someone?
-Eh, Seidu.
I've been looking for you everywhere.
OK, ask for the boss's place
in the yam market.
Hey, head porter. Ah!
Let's go, what are you doing there?
I don't care, give us the money.
[they continue to argue]
[Afrobeat music]
What are you doing here?
You told me to come so you'll help me.
-Have you been drinking?
-I'm busy.
Busy doing what, smoking and drinking?
I need to fit in,
or else they'll throw me out.
You don't need them.
-What do you want?
-You said you'd help me.
I heard you.
You're drunk!
I'll come and visit you.
A coconut, please.
[woman] Akatok.
Unbelievable story!
Have you started looking for her?
No! I'm sure she's fine.
You can't say that?
You don't know what people
are going through in this city.
But I have to survive first.
So... What work do you do now?
I have a chop bar.
In Teshie.
I live there with my daughter, Esther.
Can I work for you?
-Good afternoon.
-Afternoon. How was school?
Go inside and change and come back.
Go and come.
What's with you today?
It's OK, stop, stop.
Akatok. Please come.
You know what?
Go and wash the things.
Hurry up.
What are you doing here?
-How are you doing?
-Do you care?
I'm sorry for the other day.
OK, but you have to be careful,
don't forget why you're here.
Yes, madam!
My small girl is now my madam.
That's my girl.
Ooh... Really? It's like that, huh?
Amina, Amina, wait...
[Amina] I'm fine.
Amina, listen,
I want you to be my friend.
Look, I want you to be my girlfriend.
I like you.
-Erm, no.
-Amina, wait, wait, wait...
One hundred cedis just to sleep with me.
How about that?
I'm not a prostitute.
Where is your money?
This is the second time this week.
You want me to kick you out to the street?
Madam, please, tomorrow I'll bring double.
You will bring double?
It doesn't apply to you alone.
You and this girl
have not paid anything today.
If you don't bring double
by the end of tomorrow,
you will sleep on the street.
Foolish girls.
My dear, where is your money?
Where is your money?
What is this? Ah.
What's wrong with you? Are you crazy?
As from today, the money
you will bring each day is 15 cedis.
Nonsense. Foolish girl.
I will deal with you. It won't be easy
if you fail to give me money next time.
Favorite girl.
You give money today
and fail to give tomorrow.
My favorite girl! What's up?
This is the kind of lady I like,
consistent with her payment.
Not like the others.
How's work?
Not too bad.
That's why I like you.
You pay your money.
You are unlike these other girls.
They're not regular in payment.
I like you so much.
Tomorrow I will see you, yeah?
See you tomorrow.
Look at all this money.
And the others are failing to pay.
You there, bring your money.
[melancholy music]
Don't cry. Don't cry again.
OK? You are a woman now.
In this place, it's normal
the way people treat you.
Don't cry.
From today, me and you,
we will make good money.
You know you are a beautiful girl.
You are a woman now.
Watch your face. Tell me something.
Smile. Hm?
[melancholy music]
[sad piano music]
My money.
Ah. We agreed on 20 cedis.
Get away, which 20 cedis?
Get away.
I will give them to you for six cedis each
-[woman] What type of yams are these?
-It's white yam.
OK, how much is it for everything?
You bring what you have
and take these away.
OK, here.
Carry the yams and let's go.
Serve her, Seidu!
Take care of everything.
[woman] Amina...
Where are you going?
-Where are you going?
Wait a minute.
-Check the boss's room.
Thank you.
[man] Yeah, who's there?
[Amina] Please, it's me,
I'm looking for Seidu.
[man] Come inside.
Sorry. I thought Seidu was here.
Don't go. Seidu will be here soon.
He's getting something for me.
Come, sit.
Why are you looking for Seidu?
I came to tell him that
I'm going to my hometown.
What's in your hometown?
Everything is here.
I will take care of you.
[he laughs]
Don't worry, OK?
Relax. Relax!
[she screams] Please, stop!
Shut up...
Oh! Shi--
Wait, let me see if the boss is in there.
[Seidu] Sorry, boss.
Next time you do that, we will kill you.
[his mother]
You do absolutely nothing except sleeping
and lazing about.
You are a useless son.
They've been too long.
Don't they know there
are people waiting to bathe.
What is it? Who's in there?
Hurry up and get out, your time is up.
[madam] Amina.
You are pregnant! In this house?
How am I going to get my money?
With your pregnancy,
you expect me to feed you?
How am I going to get
my money every evening?
You have to abort that bastard.
No babies in this house, that's the rule.
Do you understand?
Go and abort it before I throw you out.
Sit on the bed.
Don't be afraid.
Young girls of your age
come here all the time.
Even twins.
The most complicated ones
can be aborted easily.
Just relax.
You won't listen to my advice
and you won't comply.
These girls are my witnesses.
The day you don't bring money again,
that day, I will send you out packing.
Do you hear what I'm saying?
Foolish girl.
[traffic noise only]
[children chatting indistinctly]
How are you?
I now have to go home with bad news.
You will find her.
No! I have failed.
I have failed!
Take the books outside
and continue with your homework.
Take it, OK.
I remember when... my husband...
my husband threw me and Esther out.
My whole world...
came crashing down.
At one point,
I wanted to commit suicide.
There was this day...
After seeing Esther off to school,
I sat on the front porch.
Six to seven hours passed
I felt...
a touch,
on my shoulder.
When I turned, it was Esther.
It felt like everything will be alright.
Ever since meeting you again...
I see you have gone through a lot.
You will surely find her.
Sister, please, I'm looking for this girl.
Have you seen this girl anywhere?
I'm looking for this girl,
her name is Amina.
-Her name is Amina, I am looking for her.
Have you seen her?
[indistinct response]
She is here? She has come here?
-We're looking for her.
-Is she a relative?
Yeah, we were told she is here.
What's all this problem...
We have gone around.
-Have you been to Kokomba?
-Tomorrow we will go there.
We have been to Tema.
-Have you been to Tema Station?
-We are just coming from there.
Thank you so much.
[sad piano music]
[man shouts in soundtrack] Amina!
Are you sure about this?
As long as I live under Adiza's roof,
I will never go home.
Where to?
The streets.
[she sings]
Please, Sister Ama asked me
to deliver these.
-Did you find anything?
-No one seems to know her.
-Have you got everything?
-No, I need to get one more thing.
Please help her carry the things.
Kill him!
[she screams]
Idiot, kill him, he's not dead!
He's not dead yet, kill him.
No, no!
[indistinct shouting continues]
[shouting continues]
Kill him, fool.
Animal, kill him, he's not dead...
Fool, he's still alive, kill him!
Kill this animal.
[they continue shouting]
Uncle, you found me.
I'm really sorry.
[Akatok] Amina. That is your father!
[man shouts in soundtrack] Amina!
[music only]
-Mother, good afternoon.
-Good afternoon, my son.
Is that you?
[Amina moans]
[baby crying]
[man shouts in soundtrack] Amina!
[man shouts in soundtrack] Amina!
[man shouts in soundtrack] Amina!