Azhar (2016) Movie Script

Oh..Hi, Ivlanoj.
Ivlanoj, are you sure
you want to do this?
Think again!
This can even go against you.
- So?
What difference does that make?
Come on, clip it on.
One has to get in the filth,
in order to clean it.
Your clothes
are bound to get dirty.
People have a right to knovv..
..about everything that happens
in India in the name of Cricket.
Don't vvorry.
Once you switch this camera on..
..consider it the
end of his..innings.
So we're back live, and
Azhar is playing his 99th Test match!
Azhar! Azhar! Azhar!
I am Azhar.
Famous for three things.
First, I believe in God.
Married twice..'
Land scored three centuries
in my first three matches.
Azhar is just 1 run away
from scoring his century.
Can Allen stop Azhar
from completing his century?
Or not?
Crowd Cheering 'Azhar'."
What a wonderful
use of the wrist. the ball races to
the boundary for a four.
So here Azhar completes his century..
..and Tony this is
what I call a comeback
The entire stadium is
giving Azhar a standing ovation
Move aside, move aside, clear the way.
Azhar sir, one autograph sir.
Everything was going perfect.
There was a time when I
was the Captain of India.
Or shall we say,
the son-in-law of India.
Azhar sir..!
Life was first class.
Brother Azhar, you are all alone?
Where's your wife Sangeeta?
She's shooting.
Wow, you're wearing
that nice expensive watch.
It shows the right time. - Really.
Also tells whether
your time's right or not!
I saw the same vvatch..ditto.
But it was beyond my budget, pal.
This was gifted by some fan.
We don't get such fans.
I became a commentaton.
..but you're still going strong.
You've already played 99 tests.
Soon you will play your 100!
And then?
When you're playing
for Indian Team'..'s never enough.
Thank you.
Hello. - Hi Azhar.
Ajju, you are looking handsome.
Azhar sir, Nisha from Hindustan Times.
First I would like to
congratulate you for the century.. scored in your previous match.
Thank you.
Do you think you will be
appointed as the captain again.
..after your 99th match?
I don't perform out
there to become the captain.
I do it only to make India win.
Excuse me sir.
Do you think it's
better to retire now?
I am still too young. Don't
start thinking about retirement yet.
My grandpa once said that
I'll play at least 100 test matches.
I must respect his feelings.
Azhar..the chairman's
called you immediately.
Let's go.
Well guys/the bosses are calling.
It's a long series.
We will continue this net time.
- Sir..sir..
Come in.
Azhar, I have some bad news for you.
I don't know hovv to say this.
What's wrong, sir?
I thought you will
congratulate me for my century.
But things seem different here.
You've been accused
of match-fixing.
Azhar, Hansie has
given his statement.
..and he's clearly
said in his statement.
..that you introduced
him to IVIK Sharma, who is a bookie.
And..this is a serious allegation.
The Association cannot ignore it.
Read this.
This news is going
to spread like wildfire.
We will have to order an inquiry.
Sir, this is wrong.
I don't know any IVIK Sharma.
Come on, Azhar.
That's not the point.
150 players, 11 teams.
But he named you! Why?
Sir, I meet thousands
of people in the party!
They hug me,
shake hands..even take pictures.
Hovv would I know
if one of them is a bookie?
There's no point talking to him.
We must take action against him.
Azhar, I have a lot of
respect for you as a player.
So take my advice.
Hire a good lawyer.
Because this is going
to take a while to settle.
And until this
inquiry isn't over..
..the Association cannot
allow you to play cricket.'ve known
me for all these years.
Can I ever do a thing like this?
Tell me?
Azhar, I am sorry, there's
nothing more we can do for you.
But, sir..
Let's go.
You are a strange guy.
You came to me saying
they offered 2.5 million.
Isn't it?
Who, sir? Azhar, right?
You told me this.
Hovv can you forget?
Cricketer ivianoj carries
out a sting operation.
The biggest epose in
the history of Indian Cricket.
There's a huge uproar
in the world of cricket.
But this Azhar..
It's hard to
lay hands on him.
We must fi him.
Tell me hovv do we do it?
He's a fraud.
Angry cricket fans burnt
effigies outside Azhar's home.
He had a locker, in Royal Hotel.
You mean Azhar?
I personally kept money
in it number of times.
Azhar paid 500,000 in cash.
..and bought a watch from Pappu.
I mean..who carries
that kind of cash?
On 15th June, Hansie said..
..that Azhar was one of the
guys who introduced him to a bookie.
The investigation
against Azhar..
..was ordered
after this statement.
Azhar was accused
of fiing three matches.
Number one, India Vs South Africa,
played in 1996, Jubilee Cup at Rajkot.
Second, India Vs Sri Lanka,
And third, the 1999 India
Vs Pakistan match played in Jaipur.
|\/Ir. Azhar, we have orders
to search your house.
Here's the warrant.
The Chandrachur Committee.
..appointed to
investigate Azhar's ro|e..
..have stated in paragraph
no.153, of their 330 page report.
Azhar had close relations
with IVIK Sharma and other bookies.
And he was
involved in match-fixing.
I am in absolute shock!
I refuse to believe
Azhar could do this.
I've known him for many years,
this just seem impossible.
Azhar is a traitor.
He sold the country!
Azhar is a traitor.
My Azhar.
I've been accused
of selling out my country.
Fans can make noise..and
make you sweat too.
It will be a bad
influence on the kids.
Everybody is complaining about me
to their Gods.
People would
turn around before also.
It's the same eyes.
But their view has changed.
Oh, that's Azhar.
But the person I have come to meet
willl never change.
Born and brought up in London,
but at heart is an Indian.
Hello, brother.
Will definately look at me and say,
did we have to meet here?
Did we have to meet here?
My horoscope said "Be careful".
"|'|| have an
argument with someone."
You still read horoscopes?
You have changed, not me.
I get horoscopes at my home too,
but I don't read them.
I know what will
be written in them.
"Times are bad."
"Not all your
well-wishers will support you."
And today's color is "Black".
Brother, I need your black coat.
My black coat? Why?
I've decided..vve must
defend this. - We?
If I take up this case, people
will point fingers at me as well.
Please, don't involve me in this.
Even you think I am guilty.
- |..
I don't know.
And I am not some
big-shot lawyer either.
Maybe..but you're an old friend.
Look, Azhar.
Go appoint some big lawyer.
You're rich, you can afford them.
Those who don't have many friends,
are not rich.
And what's the point
of finding the truth..
..when those few friends
are only against me.
So what's the point of fighting?
Good bye.
Hovv many
times have I told you?
But you don't listen.
Every time it's the same thing.
Raja sir, you? Here?
Reddy, hovv are you? - Fine.
I came here to meet a
c|ient..but I met Azhar instead.
Strange man. Very strange man.
What happened?
I said..|'||
defend your case. - Yes.
I will get him acquitted.
But he questioned me instead.
"Are you sure I am not guilty?"
I told him, I don't care.
Whether you are or you're not.
But look at him, he tells me
he doesn't wants to fight this case.
There goes my free publicity
Even I cou|d've featured
on page 3 for a while.
We||..|'m getting late for a meeting.
Come on.
Where are you going
without your keys?
And why did you refuse Raja?
He's the top
lawyer in the country.
I don't want to win this case.
Won't make a difference if I lose.
What kind of a man are you?
Fevv minutes ago you wanted
me to defend your case.
What else do you want
to do other than win this case?
I want a clean image
more than a clean chit, Reddy.
I want to win their hearts again.
I want my country, my community back.
Because..| cannot tolerate
the way people look at me.
Do 100 good deeds,
and no one remembers.
One wrong accusation
and they just disovvned me.
If you watch a movie
from the middle.'s hard to understand a thing.
Do one thing..revvind.
Tell me from the beginning.
You'|| take up my case?
It's tough!
Chances of winning are impossible!
But you see..| watched
all your innings..
so, I get to play one too.
Tell me from the beginning.
Prayer Call.
8th February, 1963. Hyderabad.
Congratulations. - Thank you.
Congratulations. - Thank you.
Congratulations. - Thank you.
His face glows with grace.
Suggest a name, father.
A child with such grace.
..wi|| shine a light on
our entire community, our country.
Grandparentscan usually
predict the future. '
When he said it
the first time, I didn't get it. '
When I held the bat
for the first time.
I didn't have a single clue.
But grandpa had faith.
He'll make our entire
community proud.
He'll play 100 test-matches.
Won't you, son?
Come..come on.
Hovv are you going to do it
in the last over, Azhar?
Partner, now that I've said it,
we'll do it.
Look Salim, Goliath is
trying to sound like the Giant!
You must let your
game answer for you.
If you yell and scream,
only few people will listen.
But when your bat does the talking,
the whole world will have to listen.
You will play
100 matches for India.
This bat will be your voice.
Now p|ay..come on.
And since then I let
my bat do the talking.
Grandpa's dreams were to
see my name become an eamp|e.'
Since that day, this game
became a part of me.
I decided..this
is what I had to do.
One day I must play for India.
Play for grandpa.
But I took too long to grow up.
What are you doing here?
You must go to Ivlumbai.
The selectors are coming,
I can't leave you.
Your health.
Leave me..
Are you a doctor or a nurse?
Do what you can.
Don't rack your brains.
Leave now..or do I need
to give you a whack. - Dad.
I won't be able to play.
Fine don't play.
Someone else
will play in your place.
Someone e|se's grandpa will be happy.
..that he played 100 test-matches.
don't wait for anyone.
One needs to seize
it at the right time.
So what, if you don't go.
Then do one thing,
tear up your ticket..and go inside.
And go get my medicines.
Who cares if someone
else gets selected in the team!
Take it.
I may not be with you,
but I'll be close to you.
I'm going to bat for two days.
What's wrong?
Why did everyone shut up?
Ravi, is everything okay?
I'm sorry Azhar.
Ajju, if you want to go home,
go home.
If I don't play today.
..|'|| never
be able to play again.
I want to play 100 test-matches.
Grandpa said..if I don't
play 100 test-matches.
..he will whack me with my bat.
He will.
I won't play anything
less than 100 test-matches.
I won't.
Today I will play for my grandpa.
What's wrong, Azhar?
Can't connect
your bat with the ball?
Hovv about I let
the kids teach you?
How's that!
I had heard a lot about him.
Guess we'll have to select
someone else from the south-zone.
Bowl a little more to the off-side.
Well I think you guys don't knovv..
..that his
grandfather passed away.
He meant everything to him.
And it's a big thing that
he's still playing out there.
And that is what you ca||..
Dedication. the ball too fast?
Hovv about I bowl
under-arm for you?
He was always speech|ess..
..and now,
even his bat has lost his tongue.
You must let your game
answer for you.
If you yell and scream..on|y
a few will listen.
If your bat does the talking,
everyone will have to listen.
This bat will be your voice.
Now p|ay..come on.
"To win again."
"To win again."
My wrists started
flicking automatically.
Whether it was my talent
or grandpa's blessings.
But after that India found Azhar.
And Azhar. .found India.
A young player from Hyderabad,
debuting against England.
He is hitting the ball
all across the ground.
Azhar completes his century
in his first test match.
"To win again."
India is in a difficult
position again.
..and here comes in-form batsman Azhar
on the field.
And he hits a four again.
And Azhar has done it again.
Back to back centuries.
Everyone's expectations
are from Azhar.
And another flick shot. With
every ball he is breaking boundaries.
This young player from
Hyderabad has created history.
..with a hattrick of centuries.
That was my past..and
this is my present.
Yesterday they pointed fingers.. they hurled stones.
Tomorrow someone will shoot me.
I am not afraid to die.
I am scared of grandpa.
..he won't let me in heaven.
Even God couldn't
prove the truth easily.
You are still human.
Don't worry,
we'll think of something.
Ganesha! Ganesha!
- What happened?
More bad luck for you.
Do you know who's defending
the case against you?
She was my junior
in London University.
One Ivleera would sing
religious discourses.
..but this one's a real tormentor.
She's a very cunning
and stubborn lawyer.
Once she was arguing with
the defendant in a high voice.
The judge said order-order.
Do you know what
she said to the judge?
Shut up!
What happened?
- First let me say what I was saying..
..and then you can speak.
You know the Azhar case,
I am fighting it.
Wow, that's great.
But. - But what?
I fought with so many people!
I defended him saying
Azhar cannot do such a thing.
I was his biggest fan.
He really broke my heart.
He is guilty,
and now I've to prove that in court.
Did you finish preparing
for the case? - Yup.
I am going to India tomorrow.
To meet Azhar's wife, Naureen.
She's a woman wronged.
Who else can be a
better witness than her.
Does he play cricket as well?
That's not why you're here.
Naureen, I want you to
be my witness in this case.
Would you like tea..or coffee?
Just your support.
I've to fetch my son
from the coaching class.
Asad must be waiting for me.
I am getting late.
Naureen, the Cricket Association
was shocked, they spoke out.
The cricketing fans were outraged,
they refused to stay quiet.
You're his wife.. I mean, you were.
Didn't you feel bad?
Would you like tea..or coffee?
You didn't answer my question.
- Neither did you.
Tea or coffee?
So you won't help me out.
Anyway, at least I had
the pleasure of meeting you.
Thank you Naureen.
Sorry to have troubled you.
Ivleera. - Yes.
Do you have children?
No, lam still unmarried.
Then you won't understand.
Relationships don't
end even if people seperate.
Thank you.
What did you say? - Marriage.
Mom, I got hit by a ba||..
I can't hear you properly.
I said..your marriage.
You must get married. - Do what?
Fine..don't talk to me.
Mom. - I don't want to talk to you.
lvlom..listen to me.
I was only joking.
Sit down. Come on.
What is it?
She's a nice girl, Ajju.
I'll be spending the
rest of my life in a helmet.
..and she, under a burkha.
Don't get us into this mess.
Fine, then you go say no to her.
I am..delighted to be here.
I am..delighted to be here.
Perfect conditions!
We..wi|| give our best.
Brother..this isn't a match,
it's a match-making.
This won't do? - Not at all.
Then what should I do?
Say something nice..praise
her all you can.
"What beautiful hair you
havemvonderful earrings."
That's nice.. Nice.
"What beautiful hair."
"What beautiful
hair..wonderful earrings."
"What beautiful
hair..wonderful earrings."
And what's this.
Huh..what is this?
Don't blink your eyes.
Your eyes may get tired,
but don't look down.
Look into her eye while speaking.
Like this.
Please come along.
Azhar, in this situation,
I can give you my good wishes.
But you must pray yourself.
Just don't blink.
Hey..go inside.
ls there something in your eye?
No, no, no..
What beautiful hair you have.
wonderful earrings.
No..| mean, if you're wearing one..
What beautiful hair..
I am delighted to be here.
Perfect conditions.
We'll give our best.
I thought my daughter's the shy one.
But, it's the same
with your son too.
They will start talking
after they meet a few times.
This is Azhar.
They are seeing you
for the first time.
In person, and not on the TV.
Come on children, go out.
Leave them alone.
I didn't do it intentionally.
You can..keep it.
Do you accept?
| do!
Do you accept?
| do!
Congratulation. Congratulation.
Congratulation. Congratulation.
"| walked up at your
threshold and stopped."
"My eyes have turned believer."
"Together we.."
Ajju, can't you hear my voice?
Yes, father. Coming.
"Me and you.."
"We've bonded together in |ove."
"And become a single soul."
"We were incomplete till now."
"But we complete each other now."
"Me and you.."
"|'|| say this clearly to you."
"It's really simple."
"| am in love with you."
"That's the reason
I am crazy about you."
"It's really simple."
"| am in love with you."
"|'|| say this clearly to you."
"It's really simple."
"| am in love with you."
"| am in |ove..with you."
"Just you..and me.."
"There's nothing else
I want to wish for."
"Should I give my heartor my |ife.."
"Tell me what should I do?"
"Our more
delicate than the air we breathe."
"There's no one like
us..nor there will be."
"Like two hearts beating
in a single body.."
"Like you and me.."
"Our lives are entwined together."
"Like you and me.."
"| loved you..more than myself,
"You're the one..|
always felt around me."
"|'|| say this clearly to you."
"It's really simple."
"| am in love with you."
"That's the reason
I am crazy about you."
"It's really simple."
"| am in love with you."
Why don't you answer?
"|'|| say this clearly to you."
"| am in love with you."
"| am in love with you."
Come here.
Don't forget to pack
extra underwear, Ajju.
Okay, father.
And count them every night.
I'm sure they tear
a lot while playing.
Yes, father.
Or someone else will
be playing wearing your underwear.
Yes, father.
Yes, father.
Write your name on them as well.
Yes, I'll do that.
Son, wear that yellow shirt.
You look really handsome in it.
Don't forget to pack anything.
I've packed everything,
from socks to shirts.
But don't forget to recheck.
And underwear?
Why aren't you answering?
l'll wear them over my pant,
like Superman.
You can watch it on TV.
Who was it?
It was her..because I can
even recognize her silence.
I gave you a list of witnesses.
Yes. I saw it.
I struck out two names. - Which ones?
Both my wives.
I don't want them to
face trial because of me.
And I can't say whether the
rest of them will turn-up or not.
Don't know?
Great. Reddy.
What a case!
You won't call your family.
You can't count on your friends.
Let's do one thing.
Why don't we take a deck of cards.
..and we'll play rummy in the court. spent half
your life amongst these people.
There must be someone
who can stand with you?
There's one man.
who can do something.
We're on time.
If he supports you in the court,
then we may have a chance.
Don't worry, Reddy.
He helps people when
Every else is against them.
Come on.
President sir's called me..a|one.
You worry too much.
- Everything will be fine.
- What fine?
We just lost a match with Pakistan.
And that new boy Sachin,
everyone is cheering for him.
He's in middle-order as well.
There's no one who can play like you.
What if they fire me?
Hovv can they just fire you?
Forget that..hovv much money
do we have in the bank?
We've to pay for our
children's education as well.
Around 5000-6000 rupees.
5000-6000 rupees. .that's it.
Why do all problems come together?
We'll handle it.
Don't vvorry.
Just play well.
Keep your head up.
Don't look down.
Fine. I am hanging up.
We'll talk later.
Would you like to be the captain?
But sir..
Anyone else would've jumped with joy.
Sir..the senior
players will get angry.
Hovv can I become the
captain instead of them?
Senior players.
have few more years left.
And after that?
I am looking at the future team.
Speak up..wou|d you
like to be the captain?
Yes, I would.
You speak so lovv.
Hovv will the senior
players listen to you?
What if Ravi
is bowling badly.
..or Navjot is misfielding.
Ivlanoj makes a mistake. Then?
Hovv will you handle it?
Ivlanoj is standing at long-off.
Call him.
I couldn't hear it, hovv will he?
Whenever there's
a match played in India.
..the commotion is louder than this.
Now call him.
Why did you have to play
that out-of-the-line ball?
You got out on the first ball!
The entire team was under pressure.
The runs aren't too much.
But if we keep the
bowling and fielding tight.
..then, we can win this match.
What's wrong?
Why is everyone slumping?
Show some energy boys,
we need to win the match.
Oh were just recently
appointed captain.
Stop lecturing us.
He's right.
I am more experienced than you.
Along with the captaincy,
you also found your tongue.
I thought you will be happy.
Your friend became the captain.
I was happy for you my friend..
..but not for this
boss that you've become.
I'm only doing my duty.
You're taking undue advantage everyone
in the name of duty.
"Your fielding's bad..your position
isn't don't make runs."
If you feel so offended
by my advice.
..then quit the team.
What are you saying?
Forget it.
What's going, guys?
Kapil sir..
Don't get so hot-headed.
Show your energy
when we're on the field.
Come on.
Come on. Come on.
These things will keep happening.
But remember,
one can become captain.
..because of his
performance and capability.
And you're the captain of India.
Don't feel bad about
such trivial things.
Concentrate on your captaincy.
Remember/the naughtiest
boys in the class.
..are the ones who trouble
the monitor the most.
Hovv can I be the captain
when my team's against me?
You're not just the
captain of these 11 players.
You're the captain
of1 billion Indians.
Understand that.
And once you're on the ground,
you must decide..
..whether to win this match and let
those 1 million Indians sleep in peace.
..or lose the match,
and make them weep in their pillows.
Come on, let's go defeat Pakistan.
One thing..
If you ever feel you're alone in life,
let me know.
I will stand besides you.
Come on, freshen up your mood.
Or I'll abuse you in Punjabi now.
Three types
of vvar are world famous.
The one between
the husband and wife.
Between vvater and petrol.
And the India and
Pakistan cricket match.
Hello, welcome once again.
This match is being played
between India and Pakistan.
..this is a crucial match for the
Indian team's young captain Azhar.
And like every India-Pakistan match.
..everyone has high
expectations with this match.
If we lose to Pakistan.
..the people won't let
us out of the stadium.
..and our family won't
let us in the house.
I am trying my best.
They've already smashed
two of your overs.
Now look at this pitch.
You own it.
Bowl at a good length.
Come on.
Javed has scored a lot of runs
in Ivlanofs last few overs.
But India's new captain Azhar
has complete faith in his bowler. matter who bowls today.
..| am going to smash
them all over the ground.
What's wrong, Javed?
Did you take an
extra-dose of ovaltine?
It's Friday? - So?
Allah's with us!
You're forgetting, brother.
Mohammed's in my name.
He's making his delivery.
Come on.
And that's excellent drive from Javed on
the backfoot, and hits that for a four
And the Pakistani supporters
are ce|ebrating..
Javecfs looking at Azhar.
They had a bit of
a tiff before this ball.
And Javecfs given a fitting reply.
Cricket lovers are
enjoying great batting.
Ivlanoj on his way for
his second delivery.
He tried to drive that.
..And Azhar's caught it..
And we can see the happiness
in the Indian cricket team camp.
It's very imported wicket for india.
Kapil sir has apologized.
Why? What's wrong?
He said he can't meet today,
because he's busy.
But we've come a really long way.
He knew we were coming.
Hovv can we go back?
Sir, I told you what he told me.
Sorry, sir..
Everyone's refusing to help us.
And who knows what
lvleera's got her hands on.
I am so happy to be back home.
I really miss London.
But you know,
once you get busy with vvork..
..then you can bid adieu
to your private life.
That's true.
But remember hovv
we would bunk classes. go watch the match.
Like crazy people.
And you chase after Azhar.
I still am..but my
reasons have changed.
And that reason is..|\/IK Sharma. Right?
Yeah, that's right, Sanam.
You and your newspaper really
did a great job in finding him.
He's really important for this case.
It's not a problem at all,
don't vvorry.
You know, everyone in UK
is just as shocked, as in India.
Here. . MK's address.
He's living here under a false name.
May I help you?
What do they call you here?
IVIK Sharma, or..
Don't worry, I am not the police.
But I know everything about you.
You've complete information about me?
What do you want?
Please, sit down.
Nothing's going to happen. Please.
The police coerced everything
out of me in the torture room.
Even made me sign the papers.
I don't have any more information.
I am after what the police
couldn't coerce out of you.
I don't have any information.
I don't know anything.
And why should I tell you?
The truth is..|
don't want to be dead.
Hovv long can you run?
I will try to save you.
Just tell me..
You gave Azhar 1O million
during the Jubilee Cup, didn't you?
Spare me.
I don't want to die
by answering your questions.
Look, this will all be confidential.
Your name won't be mentioned anywhere.
That's my guarantee.
Come on, hovv long are
you going to hide here?
Azhar's roaming free.
This is your chance to get back.
Help me get him arrested.
Come on.
I used to make a decent
living from betting. one gives up an
opportunity to do something big.
So..| took the leap as well.
Hello, Marshall.
I made a plan and
approached Marshall.
I can fi the entire series.
With Marshall's supportl
set out to fi the whole game.
I was in search of a 12th man.
One who could get me in the
Indian team's dressing room!
And I found him.
Hovv much did you lose?
500, OOO!
I paid his loss,
and in return I got..information.'
Every detail about the players.
'..their taste, their choice..'
Even their family issues.
We can get him.
I don't want to waste my money.
Millions of sentiments are
connected with these 11 players.
We had to knovv..who was
willing to sell out his God.
Azhar! Azhar! Azhar!
Now he can come in handy.
Get him over,
and we can get rolling.
Expensive habits..epensive
Their girlfriends habits.
What happened then?
Did Azhar say yes?
Has anyone ever said no to money?
I gave him 1O mi|| cash.
Testify against him in the court.
You'll be safe.
Forget about me,
think about yourself.
RemembenAzhar cares for no one.
"|ndian Captain Sourav
is just one match short.."
"..of breaking Azhar's
captaincy record.."
"|n other cricket news.."
"India's former captain Azhar.."
"..has decided to challenge
the life-ban imposed on him."
"Today is the first hearing
of the case."
|\/Ir. Azhar. |\/Ir. Azhar.
|\/Ir. Azhar,
would you like to say something.
..about the match-fiing
charges against you?
|\/Ir. Azhar, why aren't your
team members supporting you?
Answer me.
Azhar, why did you take the bribes?
ls it something you did..
or maybe some love-affair.
People give-up their
life for love, they don't take bribe.
It's not like what you think.
As you can see..Azhar is
still answering in his unique style.
But we'll get the right answers.
..when the verdict
on this case is announced.
Hello, Azhar.
Here comes the traitor.
All rise.
Plaintiff, please present
your appeal to the court.
Yes, your honor..
We appeal that the
ban imposed on Azhar.. the Cricket
Association is baseless.
It's illegal, and should be
dismissed immediately.
Defendant, your plea.
Your honor,
the ban is imposed on the grounds..
..that Azhar fied three matches.
He took money in order to lose.
India Vs South Africa,
Jubilee Cup, 1996. Rajkot.
India Vs Sri Lanka, 1998.
And India Vs Pakistan,
Jaipur. 1999.
He's guilty of fiing matches.
..and letting down hundreds
of cricketing fans.
..a|ong with the entire nation.
Your honor,
the court believes in the truth.
And the truth shall be revealed soon.
Azhar's made his identity
through his game.
..and he has a right
to defend that name.
Ms. Ivleera, your witness.
Your honor, I would like
to call Azhar to the witness bo.
Please repeat after me and swear.
I Will tell the truth,
and nothing but the truth.
If I am honest,
then my God will save me!
I will tell the truth,
and nothing but the truth.
Your honor, there's no
surprise if people change.
People even change their faith when
their prayers aren't answered.
When Azhar realized that
his playing days are numbered.
..he started
taking money for his game.
Objection your honor.
Ms. Ivleera,
please stick to the case.
Yes, your honor.
May l, your honor.
- Proceed.
Thank you.
Your honor, Jubilee Cup.
India Vs South Africa, Rajkot.
What is your score?
Just 9 runs.
Another match in the Jubilee Cup,
your honor.
India Vs Australia.
Azhar's score, just 1 run your honor.
Your score's telling your truth.
Objection, your honor.
Ms. Ivleera is altering the
evidence to her convenience.
What is your point, |\/Ir. Reddy.
Ms. lvleera's concealing
the real facts.
What do you mean?
My client didn't have
a different agenda.
..your honor it was
just sheer bad luck.
May I. - Sure.
Your honor, in cricket.
..the batsmen often get out
due to wrong decisions.
And this was one such decision.
So now you're blaming the umpire.. order to save your client.
I am accused of intentionally
throwing away my wicket.
Take look at this footage.
Did I play some easy
shot and give my wicket?
I was given out
due to wrong decision.
You can all see.
The entire stadium was yelling.
"Everyone please calm down,
or the match will have to be stopped."
It was a clear inside edge.
Your honor, if Ms.
lvleera's telling the truth..
..and my client took money
to under-perform, then what is this?
India Vs Australia, Jubilee Cup.
If India had lost this match,
they would've been out of the series.
But I am sure Ms.
Ivleera can see Azhar's score clearly.
94 runs.. Man of the Match.
That's his game-plan.
Under-perform for some matches.
..and do better in others.
So that he makes money.. well as secure
his place in the team.
He's a true all-rounder.
Clearly you're a better
all-rounder than I am.
You're the judge and jury.
|\/Ir. Azhar, hovv long have
you known IVIK Sharma aka Shawn?
I don't know him. - That's a lie.
We've these CBI reports,
your honor.
And according to these reports. have met |\/Ir.
IVIK Sharma before.
I've even met you, Ms. Ivleera.
But I didn't know you.
Please tell the court where
you met him for the first time.
'95 or '96.. with Jay.
Royal Hotel, London.
I don't remember the day.
But I do know it was morning.
And there was a lot
happening in my life.
That's when I met
IVIK for the first time.
What brings you here?
Well, this is Shawn,
and he's a big diamond trader.
And a good friend.
Hello. - Hello.
He has a proposal for you.
Since he was in London,
and so were you..
..| thought I
would introduce you two.
I am big fan of yours.
If this is about an ad,
then I can't do it now.
The Jubilee Cup is coming up.
So it's difficult
to spare any time.'s alright.
But since we're already here,
if you could spare five minutes.
You can see hovv
busy I am right now.
You're right.
We'll meet some other day
and talk when you're comfortable.
See you.
Your name? - Shawn.
Shawn. - Shawn.
Please tell the court everything
that happened in that meeting.
They praised me..and my batting.
A bookie..meets with
a team captain.
..and he just
shook hands with you and left?
I didn't know he was a bookie.
He said he was a fan.
The truth is, |\/Ir. Azhar that. took 1O million rupees
from IVIK Sharma to underplay.
We have Hansie's statement,
which he gave to his Association.
Your honor, truth can
be suppressed but not hidden.
And the truth is..
..Azhar has betrayed his team. His
country, his fans and his community
Ms. Ivleera, the real traitors
are not easy to apprehend.
Whereas I've come
to your court myself.
Your honor, this is a personal attack.
- Yes, it's personal.
I might be the one talking, but It's
the voice of those 1 billion people.
And Azhar came here.. he can tell the truth
to those 1 billion people.
Ivleeramoney is not
above honor and love.
Order. Order.
This is a lawsuit,
not some street fight.
Yes, your honor.
Both of you be careful
and show some civility.
Yes, your honor.
Court is adjourned
till the net date.
During the first hearing on Azhar's
case, it's been proven that.
..he did meet IVIK Sharma.
But did he take money from IVIK Sharma?
Everyone wants to know
whether I met IVIK Sharma or not.
Sometimes money is more
useful than people.
Think about it.
The Association
does as it pleases.
Your bat does the talking.
..but they give the orders.
Because they can fire anyone
they like, or make anyone captain.
Everyone's looking
out for themselves.
You should too.
When you step out
of this dressing room..
..there will be nothing left.
That's when you will regret.
What will you do then?
Hovv will you make ends meet?
So what should I do?
Sell out my country
for a little money.
Little money?
1O million!
There's 1O million in this bag.
You won't make this
kind of money in 1O years.
What if we're caught?
- Hovv can they catch you?
What can they do if you get
out in a match ear|y..|| the police?
There's also a phone in this bag,
If you ever want to talk to me,
give me a miss call.
I'll know.
And..| know you are smart.
Aren't you scared?
If I yell out loud,
a huge crowd will gather around.
And they will beat you to a pulp.
That's why there's
more money in the bag.
When money
talks..everyone listens.
Think about it.
If you don't take this
opportunity, someone else will.
1O million.
There's 1O million in this bag.
And you need to do just one job.
You are right.
Everyone wants
money after all.
Ivlahendra finishes off in style.
India wins the 2011 World Cup.
And it's a Indian captain who
has been absolutely magnificient.
Another captain..another
World Cup.
It's been 8 years..but there's
been no progress in my case.
Since you got what you decided to keep quiet.
You see Ms.
Ivleera, I can't eact|y..
..pry open my chest
like Hanuman and prove..
..|'ve nothing to hide.
Everything's right before you.
I already said what I had to.
There's nothing more
I want to say now.
There's still one match
no one's spoken about.
31 st October, 1996
India Vs West Indies,
What happened in that match?
Did you try getting
a job with the Crime Branch? would've gotten the job.
What made you become a lawyer?
Tell me..what do you
know about that match?
The vvhole world knows
about that match.
We had few balls,
and needed more runs.
It was time to attack,
and not play defense.
I can understand
tension in a game.
I held my ground..alone.
Everyone e|se..came and left.
Ivlanoj was only playing
to score his century.
Azhar, he's only
playing for himself.
Be careful out there.
You know what, Tony.
It hurts.
Feeling really sad
for Ivlanoj right now.
Anyone else would've
retired hurt, and back to pavilion.
But he stood his ground.
He sent all his team-mates
back to the pavilion.
..but stood his ground.
All he cared about was
raising his bat in the air..
..after completing his century.
Even if it meant
shaming the entire team.
He's playing so selfishly.
I wasn't making the
century for myself.
I was doing it for the team.
I admit I was playing s|ow..
but, we had already lost the game.
In fact,
I saved my team's honor that day.
I thought I'll get
a pat on the back, but.
You made us lose a winning game.
Leave my collar.
I had instructions to play slow.
I did as I was told.
No sane captain will ever say..
"Forget the team,
and complete your century first."
Are you were given
instructions not to save the match.
Of course.
That day I realizectsomething
was definately wrong.
They were playing a game
other than cricket.
But everyone came after me.
They blamed me for everything.
Not only did he play badly.
..but he blamed the coach and me..
..c|aiming that we
told him to play slowly.
Tortoisesnonly win in stories,
not in real life.
We dropped him
from the net match.
And it's a lovely drive
through covers for a four.
India placed a huge total.
Let's see if West
indies can chase this.
You know, Ravi, West Indies
have some pretty good hookers.
Brian slashes at the ball,
and what an amazing catch by Azhar.
This man can field in any position.
India are the champions.
And the Ivlan of the Match is
none other than the captain Azhar.
Can you tell me little
bit about the strategy?
We batted vvell,
bowled well and..fielded well.
He dropped me out of the
team..didn't let me play the match.
But, that wasn't enough for them.
I thought of you as my brothers.
They fired a rocket at me.
I made up my mind..
to expose this entire racket.
I see you're doing that already.
Anyway, thank you Ivlanoj.
This has been really helpful.
Don't you think/this
case is taking too |ong..
..|ike Ramayan or Ivlahabharat?
No..| mean, hovv much longer?
Soon. I am trying my best.
Are you going to put up
an exhibition of the evidence?
I performed the sting
operation 11 years ago. that everyone who's guilty,
gets punished.
And I get the credit. the guy who exposed everyone.
But what happened?
Neither did they get punished,
nor did I get any credit.
You will.
- But.
Even I have a |ife..
- What do you think?
Are you the only
one who wasted his life?
I've spent 8 years
of my life on this case.
Been married for 3 years.
And have been telling my husband
for the past 2 years.
..that once the case ends
we'll finally go for our honeymoon.
- You made the allegations.
But we're the ones who
have to prove them.
And must
have a lot of buddies.
But I am not one of them.
We now clearly know who the
brain behind all this is.
But I can't defend this case.
What's wrong with you suddenly?
I don't want to waste
ours or the court's time. defending this hopeless case.
Our strongest witness
is your biggest weakness.
I've told you 100 times,
I can't bring Sangeeta to the court.
Why? Why not?
She's the reason you're
in this situation.
You're crossing your limits.
Not me, the pub|ic's saying this.
The country's saying this.
An innocent Hyderabad boy
sold himself out for a heroine.
Imported cars,
designer c|othes..hi-fi lifestyle.
I've worked hard for all of it.
I represent India,
so what's wrong in looking good.
You used to represent India.
Used to.
And the reason
behind that is Sangeeta!
She set you on this path.
Sangeeta has nothing
to do with this case.
She's suffered more than I have.
Everything was
going good between us.
But, whether it's cricket or |ove..
..if the timings not right,
nothings right.
What gorgeous girls.
If you get in this mess it
will ruin your game and concentration.
Ajju, it's nothing like that.
Do you know the kind
of willpower it takes. not look at a beautiful girl?
Hovv about we..blindfold ourselves?
Do it. At least then
you might score a century.
Go ahead, mock me all you want.
Ravi isn't in form right now.
But Ravi is into some
other kind of form right now.
Fine..then let's go
for our physio-therapy.
Where are you going? It's my booking.
- I'll tell you.
going to be 70mm wide.
A Bollywood heroine's here.
You'll get a whacking in 3D
Don't forget,
your wife's here too.
My innocent friend, according to my
wife I am with you in physio-therapy.
I won't lie for you.
You have to do these
things for friends sometimes.
She looks hotter in real life.
You guys can't even tell the
difference between real and fake.
See that, net to her.
That's real beauty.
You're absolutely right, Ajju.
The real beauty is in a sari.
Not like her.
Now bend your knee a little more.
Keep doing it, good..
Ravi isn't here?
Ravi. - Sister-in-law.
Ravi's right here,
he's getting a massage.
Fine, but why isn't he answering?
Tell me the truth,
or else I am coming in. - No, no.
Don't come in,
ladies aren't allowed in here.
And we aren't wearing anything.
But why isn't he answering?
he's lying on his stomach.
With his face in the pillow.
He can't talk.
Any message.
- Look. I am coming inside.
He can tell me in gestures
hovv long he's going to take.
just a second.
Ravi, sister-in-law
is asking something.
he's showing 5 fingers..3 times.
15 minutes. In the lobby.
Please tell him, Azhar.
If he doesn't show
up in 15 minutes.
..then I won't care for anyone,
even you.
No more knocking, I'll barge
right in. - Yes, sister-in-lavv.
He'll get me killed someday.
Wipe the oi|..your
shirt will get ruined.
I can wash the shirt.
But if we get caught,
we're sure to get a whacking.
Sangeeta's room.
- Sir, room no. 723.
Open the door, Ravi!
What? I didn't order anything.
You're just as bad
as you're beautiful.
You should also try
doing some bad things..
..might make your
face better to look at.
My players are my responsibility.
I won't let you work
your charms on them.
We|| least you admit
that I am charming.
Will you send Ravi
out or should I come in?
Ravi! Ravi!
That's a very unique ecuse
for entering my room.
Stop acting in front of me.
Ravi's marriage will be at stake.
Look, go away now.
If someone sees you here
in this condition.
..then you and I will
become tomorrow's news.
I won't leave without Ravi!
Ravi, are you coming out..or
should I call your wife?
Coming, Ajju.
Why call my wife?
on, m.
You're looking gorgeous.
Brother's choice is really good.
You should know
one thing about me.
I can never think about
two kind of guys in my life.
First, cricketers..and second,
married men.
I did make a mistake.
'..but I wasn't in the
mood to make another one..'
' admitting it.
All I knew vvas..| didn't
vvant to see that face ever again.
I love you.
Cut it!
Ma'am! Ma'am! Ma'am!
We must see the chemistry
between you two.
The love in your eyes.
Some faces only invoke anger.
Hovv can you see the love?
I never got so angry,
even when I got out on a duck.
Sir, do you know who he is?
Everyone knows him.
My son is a big fan his.
He's a star batsman.
Not just a batsman,
but do you knovv..
..he's done a PhD on girls.
Crazy woman, blabbering nonsense.
- Sir..Sir..
Ma'am, let's just finish
this shoot properly.
Please cooperate. - Okay, sir.
Only for you.
I am a professional.
Thank you.
Doesn't know a thing about
acting..alvvays dabbing makeup.
The entire world is our fan..
But we are fans of Prayag.
Prayagfrouching lives every day.
Smile. - What?
Cut it.
Even the villains in
my films have not been this bad.
I got stuck doing this ad with you.
What will the people say?
What kind of an actress is she?
No one thinks you're an actress.
We|| least you'll get
some importance because of me.
Ma'am..please. . interview. question.
No personal questions.
Ma'am, we've heard there's a
different heroine in your love-story.
Your relationship failed,
will it affect your career?
Ma'am, what do you have to say
about your relationship?
Ma'am, look here
ls the crew ready? - Yes.
Shall we take the shot again?
- Excellent.
Come on, guys!
We're going for another take.
Clear the field!
Clear it.
I am from Zine magazine,
it's for our cover page, ma'am.
Excuse me..
Excuse me, ma'am..
If we have your permission..
then can we shoot?
Excuse me! Excuse us!
Compose yourself, we've to
take the shot again. - What now.
Just do as I say.
Action! - Come on.
Sir, where are you going?
Over here.
I'm sorry.
All these peop|e..
they just.
Don't let people's negativity
bring you down.
You've a wife, right?
You've given her your name.
Don't ever let her down.
I came back home,
Naureen was with me. Near me.
But there was still a restlessness
that kept increasing.
You can't sleep?
Feels |ike..we're close,
but not together.
I am right here.
Now go to sleep.
I feel scared.
Of what?
My dreams.
I am scared to dream of things
I shouldn't dream of.
You've given her your name.
Don't ever let her down.
Are you going out? - Not me, we are.
Get ready. We'll go watch a film.
I see..which one.
Something that makes you happy.
And I'll be happy
seeing you haPPY-
She's so beautiful.
And look at her pretty.
"Time has given the signal."
Why should I look at her eyes?
Did I come here to see her eyes?
"The hunter will become the hunted."
I'm watching the film.
"This scene will change completely."
"Time has given the signal."
Dear, please come here.
I'll be right back.
And now on Bollywood Ivlasala,
this week's number 1 song..'
"Destiny always plays games with you."
"It never gives
you what you want."
"And the one
You keep running from.."
" always just around the corner."
The captain's getting quite
popular amongst the women.
He recently did
an ad with Sangeeta.
It's all thanks to that.
Remember what a stir
his '|\/Iacho' ad created.
Azhar, my son wants to meet you.
He says he'll grow up
to be a batsman like you.
I'll be right back.
someone's here to see you.
You can't be here.
Hovv did you come here?
I just found out.
This is my friend's home.
So please, don't embarrass me.
I want to talk to you..
- If you don't leave now..
I'll call your wife. Please.
Tell her.
If you don't, then I will.
- Hovv can you say this?
You're married.
Sangeeta, since I've met you..
..| see just one face everywhere.
Only one name that I hear.
- This is wrong.
This is all wrong.
Go away, please.
I wouldn't have come here,
if I could help it.
Please, you're
complicating the situation.
Now please just go.
Please go
Just go now.
No Azhar, I can't!
"Don't love me so much.."
I told you to leave, didn't l?
"..that I might drown in it."
No, no, this is wrong.
"And to get
back to the shore again."
"Since I saw your face."
"..| haven't slept for weeks."
"Say it, please."
"..vvhatever's in your heart."
"| won't tell anyone, I promise."
"Say it, please."
"..vvhatever's in your heart."
"| won't tell anyone, I promise."
"| won't tell anyone, I promise."
"| can't sleep alone."
"Come in my dreams."
"| can't walk without you.."
" my SUPPOW"
"Other than loving
you..there's nothing I can do."
"Say it, please."
"..vvhatever's in your heart."
"| won't tell anyone, I promise."
"Say it, please."
"..vvhatever's in your heart."
"| won't tell anyone, I promise."
"| won't tell anyone, I promise."
"Say it, please."
"..vvhatever's in your heart."
"| won't tell anyone, I promise."
"Say it, please."
"..vvhatever's in your heart."
"| won't tell anyone, I promise."
"| won't tell anyone, I promise."
Nice house.
A house like this, in London.
Not bad.
Don't you just love it?
It belongs to my friend.
I am so bored of hotels.
You don't get
such privacy in hotels.
Away from prying eyes..
Perfect hideaway.
Hovv is he? - Who?
Come on, the whole world
is talking about the two of you.
Why are you hiding it from me?
You know I don't like
discussing personal stuff.
He's the captain of the
Indian Cricket Team.
And you're such a big actress.
It's not personal anymore.
Anyway. I am only
giving you a heads-up.
You two will be featured
as the cover story. my magazine's net issue..
Be careful.
People will talk..point fingers.
If pointing fingers was a crime..
..then half the world
would be in jail.
If breaking a heart was a crime,
then too!
Necklace..bag..vvatch..the best.
Send everything to madam's
house in an hour. - Yes.
Hello, Azhar.
What brings you here?
Well, this is Shawn.
..and he's a big diamond trader.
And a good friend.
Hello. - Hello.
He has a proposal for you.
Since he was in London,
and so were you I thought I
..wou|d introduce the two of you.
I am a big fan of yours.
If this is about an ad,
then I can't do it now.
The Jubilee Cup is coming up.
So it's difficult
to spare any time.'s alright.
But since we're already here..
..if you can spare five minutes.
You can see hovv
busy I am right now.
No, you're right.
We'll meet some other day
and talk when you're comfortable.
l'll explain everything in detail.
See you. - See you.
I've been trying to talk
to you for so many days.
Even called you so many times.
I love you.
Azhanrelations like ours,
don't get much respect.
Think about it once.
Love never gives you time to think.
This will end lot of things.
But I will have you.
With this decision you could
lose a lot more than you would gain.
Go back home.
Just go.
She didn't want to break my family.
And I didn't want to go back home.
'But..| had to!
How's the Biryani.
It's nice.
What's nice?
The mutton..spices. . rice?
We||..every thing's nice.
why don't we ever talk much?
There's so much to talk about.
I've come back after so long.
There must be something.
You can scold me if nothing else?
Your co||ar..
Lower it ..doesn't
look nice this way.
Azhar's here.
Greetings. - Greetings.
Take a seat, son.
Greetings. - Greetings.
I've something
important to say to you.
Not now, I am busy.
Forget your work.
I've been trying to
talk to you for four days.
..but you don't have time.
I'll be right back.
You stay here.
Why are you behaving like a child?
There are so many
guests in the house.
Why don't you talk to them?
I am not going anywhere.
Greetings. - Greetings.
But I am leaving soon.
My new series
is about to begin.
Are you worried about packing?
- Naureen, |..
Don't vvorry.
Just go inside and rest.
Nothing's more important
than your new series.
Naureen, can you come here please?
I left for the series without
saying anything to Naureen .'
But it felt wrong.
And notjust Naureen..| had
to tell the whole world.
And Azhar make a another century.
Very well deserve hundred by Azhar.
He has made the country proud.
Presenting the indian captain Azhar.
What would you like to say
about your innings?
When the entire
country's supporting you.. get the
courage to play well.
You've to be honest to your fans,
and to your game.
And fans are right here,
and so is this game.
If I don't say it in front of
them, then who else will I say it to?
I want to dedicate this
award to somebody very special.
Sangeetafrhis one's for you!
"The tears brimming in my eyes,
run deeper than the ocean."
"Even God knovvs..why it's so."
"You don't think about me.."
"Every leaf knows my condition."
"You don't know
what I'm going through."
Today for the first time..| only
thought about myself.
You didn't think
about your family.
You shou|d've thought once..
..before dedicating
the match to her, that.
..your name is attached to mine.
You just announced
it to the world.
It would've taken longer
to say it in person.
It felt like the right time.
And the truth was out.
When you won your first
Man of the Match trophy..
..was she with you, or was it me?
All night, when you would toss
and turn because of your bad form..
..was she with you, or was it me?
I prayed for your success!
And have left me behind.
I'll do whatever you say.
I won't go anywhere if you tell me not to.
- Then don't go, Azhar.
Stay right here, at home.
In front of me.
But what I actually want. for you to live happily,
while you're with me.
And not due
to some helplessness.
"Every leaf knows."
I left her..but
I couldn't leave her.
She's like some bad habit.
I didn't marry her
to break her heart.
What I did to Naureen wasn't right.
Maybe that's why
I am in this condition today.
Look, those set in stone
days are over.
Change is the reality of life.
Reddy, I won't change my decision!
Sangeeta won't come to the court,
do you get that?
You can try your best
to conceal her name.
But lvleera's definitely
going to use it.
Your honor,
if someone falls down on the road..
..then at least a few passer-bys
step-up to help him.
This case has been
going on for 8 years.
But no one has shown up yet.
Not even his wife.
Neither Sangeeta,
nor Naureen..or his family.
No fans..or friends.
Right, |\/Ir. Reddy?
Did anyone show up?
He played cricket for so
many years..earned so much fame.
..but couldn't make a single friend
who would stand by him.
What could be the reason?
- The reason is clear, your honor.
Because everyone believes
that Azhar is guilty.
And that Azhar is behind it all.
And so they have
refused to support him.
You're quiet, |\/Ir. Reddy.
This means you agree with.
- Actually.
Your honor..'s not enough to ban such a man.
In fact, he should be jailed.
So that it serves as a warning
to all the other players.
And they never resort
to match-fixing.
That's all, your honor.
|\/Ir. Reddy, do you have any witness?
|\/Ir. Reddy.
Sorry, your honor.
Your honor,
this case is still in our hands.
..because you haven't
given your verdict yet.
I would request you
give to give another date.
..and then you can give
your verdict. Please?
Okay, there has been way too many
hearings already regarding this case.
8th November.
After that I'll be giving my verdict.
No more dates.
- Thank you, your honor.
The court is adjourned
till the net date.
The countdown has begun.
Finally you will be charged
guilty for all the accusations.
Ivleera, why do I feel
that you're my biggest fan?
I was. - Doesn't take time
for the winds to change.
You will be my fan again.
You can't fi anything here.
I don't understand one thing.
I gave you some money
before the case started.
You kept the money and you're
still fighting against me.
What nonsense is this?
You're being absurd.
There's a similar
rage filled inside me.
False accusations are made
every day in your courtrooms.
And the honest ones
have to save thier heads.
Look Azhar, if this had
just been about ball-tampering.
..| would've stood right beside you.
If this had been about s|edging..
..then I would've fought for you,
I swear.
But I don't want to get involved
in the mess you're in.
Please try to understand.
okay, bye-
The accusations are
quite serious, Ajju.
Those who will stand with you,
will be accused as well.
I am getting married,
I've to make a living.
Your son wanted to be like me.
Since the day I read your news
I put him in acting school.
Now he'll become an actor.
- Best of luck.
Here's a peice of advice for you.
I've a friend.
He's opening a gym.
He needs a celebrity
for his gym's inauguration.
I can speak to him for you.
VVhat..vvhat happened?
It's hard to kill time here..
..and he wants me to cut ribbons.
Not bad idea.
You want me to cut
ribbons in this condition.
Azhar, we'll have
to do everything we can.
Such publicity can be
good for our case. - How?
Look, if you're seen
amongst public again..
..they they might start thinking
about you the way they used to.
Maybe this ribbon cutting can mark
the beginning of your good innings.
Please, brother.
This is what was missing.
This is my reality.
The crovvd..people
cheering my name.
'..their madness.
This is what I was.
lvlust be experiencing all this
after really long, isn't it?
Reminded you of your good old days,
haven't l?
Hovv are you feeling?
I am what I am because of my fans.
Then hovv about you shake a leg.
And let people see
that side of you too.
Let's save the dance
for your first anniversary.
And settle for autographs for now.
You're the first one to enter the gym.
So you're supposed
to wear this gym jacket.
No, the b|azer's fine.
I am not asking.
You should be seen
wearing the gym's name.
..whi|e cutting the ribbon.
And it's always the
client's preference, right?
Come on, wear it.
Everyone wants it.
Come on, wear it.
Here you go.
Come on, start!
Let us show you.
Batting! Batting!
We|| about you show
us some of your flick-shots.
This isn't the place to bat.
You're Azhar. You can bat anywhere.
Yes..your batting.
I mean..if you don't
show us your shots.
..then what's the point
of calling you here?
Come on, show us some
of your goods shots.
I can't do it.
Stop showing attitude
and hold the bat.
Come on..vvhat are you doing?
I want a few of your
flick shots..come on.
You must let your
game speak for you.
If you yell and scream,
only a few will listen..'
I can't do it!
Anyone will come up
and ask me to hold the bat.
I am a sportsman, not a monkey.
I can't do tricks.
Get lost.
It's wrong to take
pity on people like you.
"Even the sky gets defeated.
Spends time on the ground."
"Dreaming to achieve
those heights again."
"When life shatters.
All hopes are lost."
Today I've nothing left.
But I am happy..nothing
makes a difference to me.
And there comes a change in life
when nothing matters anymore.
"My heart will soar again.
in the sky."
"The heartvvill battle with
the two worlds again."
"To win again."
A coin has two
sidesheads and tails.
But destiny favors
those who make a comeback.
"To win again."
"To win again."
Ivleera, you were my junior in London.
And you still are.
Yes, |\/Ir. Reddy.
ls your witnesses here?
The one you requested time for?
Your honor, I would like
to call upon a witness.
..who is Azhar's biggest fan.
- Objection.
His biggest fan will
only speak in his favor.
This will be misleading, your honor.
Your honor, at least give me the
opportunity to call my witness.
If you feel thier statement is
misleading, you can dismiss it.
But Your honour, such a witness.
- Overruled.
|\/Ir. Reddy, you can call your witness.
- Thank you, your honor.
By the way,
I don't need to call her..
..just request her.
The witness name is..
Ms. Ivleera Verma.
The defense lawyer as a witness.
This has never happened before.
- It has, your honor.
1988..Carlson Vs Loraz
Disposal Services Ltd.
This example is from
a lawsuit in Canada.
Your honor, the court's
duty is to serve justice.
Whether it's India or Canada,
justice is justice.
And you must admit that my
witness..won't mislead the court.
I will allow it.
Ms. Ivleera, will you please step into
the witness stand?
Yes, your honor.
So Ms. Ivleera, hovv does it feel
when you have to answer questions.
..instead of asking them?
Just do yourjob, |\/Ir. Reddy.
I'll speak the truth,
and nothing but the truth.'re a big
fan of Azhar. - Was!
Sorry, you were.
So you knovv..vvinning and losing
is a part of the game. team wins
and the other team loses.
So all the cricket matches that
the Indian team has lost till date.
..must been fixed.
I didn't say that.
So, the three matches which
my client's been accused of fiing..
..cou|d've been natural defeats.
But we have CBI reports
of all three matches.
CBI reports?
Hovv did CBI prepare these reports?
On the basis of the sting operation.
Sting operation.
Your honor, please take note.
Please take note..
Ms. Ivleera, there's one
detail that's bothering me.
Before the proceedings, you
were forcing take an oath.
"|'|| speak the truth,
and nothing but the truth."
What was the reason for this?
Because this is a court proceeding.
And the holy oath is taken. that the testifier does not lie.
And the truth is revealed.
- Correct.
So if the same man
gives two statements. under oath,
and the other one without.
..vvhich statement
will be considered true?
Obviously, the one given under oath.
The oath.
I am taking note, please continue.
Sorry, your honor.
What is your point, |\/Ir. Reddy?
- Point?
My point is..that during
the sting operation.
..the people who were comfortably
sitting on their sofas and chatting.
..vvent quiet in front of
the Chandrachur Committee.
Why? What could be the reason,
Ms. Ivleera?
It's your point,
why don't you clear it?
The reason is clear, your honor.
When these people had to say
the same things under oath.
meaning, they had to tell
the truth, they clearly refused.
No one stepped forward.
They didn't take the oath,
no one told the truth.
So, these sting tapes, which are
the foundation of this entire case. can we believe them to be true?
was talking in the air.
Everyone does it.. Gossip.
And they took everyone's
name, ecept for their ovvn.
So, if we believe
these tapes are rea|..
..then we should ban everyone.
In fact, we should ban
the entire Indian Cricket team.
You're quiet.
That means you agree.
Can I go now?
Ms. Ivleera,
I know you're not used to..
..standing on the other
side of the witness bo.
But please clear one point for me.
Your honor, please take note..
|\/Ir. Reddy, I am not sitting
here to just say order-order.
I am taking note.
Please don't keep reminding me.
- Yes.
Who imposed this ban on my client?
The Cricket Association.
The Cricket Association.
And who carried out the investigation?
|\/Ir. Ivladhavan the Cricket
Association's head.
The Cricket Association's head.
And who paid the salary to |\/Ir.
|\/Iadhavan's panel?
The Cricket Association.
The Cricket Association!
That's my point.
The Association imposed the ban!
The Association decided the panel!
The Association paid
this panel's salary!
So hovv can this panel
do their job neutrally?
if the government fires you..
..pays me,
and asks for my advice.
Then who will I favor?
The government. - Exactly.
We believe that the
Association violated rule no.8.. appointing |\/Ir. Ivladhavan.
The association's initial
inquiry is faulty.
This ban is a conspiracy.
Completely illegal!
Your honor, we request the
court to take note of these points..
I mean..consider these points.
..and give justice to India's
most successful captain.
He dedicated his entire
life to cricket and this country.
Thank you, Ms. Ivleera. I am done.
Thank you, your honor.
Ms. Ivleera, you may take your seat.
Thank you, your honor.
"To win again."
"To win again."
"To win again."
Order. Order.
The court is adjourned for lunch.
The judgment will
be announced at 3pm.
Azhar, come fast.
Azhar, come see what
they are saying about you on the news.
Come on.
Before going on a break we said..
..we'|| tell you what
Kapil thinks about Azhar.
Because during this
sensational moment.
..the country trusts only Aaj Tak.
So we've invited Kapil on Aaj Tak.
Yes, |\/Ir. Kapil.
Hovv true are the accusations
he's been charged with?
100 percent.
You can't be 100 percent
sure of what you see..
..and these are just rumors.
In my view..Azhar was a good player,
a very good captain.
..and as far as I
think..he should be innocent.
You stayed quiet for so many years,
so why support him now?
I would like to say..vve
all made mistakes.
We didn't support our teammate.
We didn't support him
when he needed us the most.
And he kept fighting alone.
But..Azhar is a fighter.
As far as I know him,
he'll never give up.
We are live at the finals
of the Jubilee Cup.
..between India and Sri Lanka.
India wins the toss and puts
Sri Lanka into bat.
Sanath and Romesh are in form batsmen.
Let's see hovv the Indian bowlers fair.
And a beautiful leg drive..
..that's a misfield,
He's grabbed on to so much cash.
..that there's no room
to grab the ball anymore.
This match is ours.
That is strange, very rarely
we see Azhar leave a ball.
Ani|'s bowling
brilliantly from one end.
He's asking Azhar for the net over.
But what's this, Azhar has tossed
the ball to Ajay for the net over.
Ajay's ready to bowl his first over.
I thought jumbo's coming up net,
but it's the joker instead.
Ajay must take care
of the line and length.
What's wrong with Azhar?
Azhar has taken a
very strange decision.
India will either get a wicket.
..or this match will slip away.
What do you have to say about it, Bob?
It's exactly what I thought.
The first ball itself Sanath has
hit over the covers for a boundary.
2.5 million..lndia will lose.
A great shot. Four runs!
Listen..make that
5 mi||ion..on India's loss.
Oh my God, that's a biggie
all the way to the stands.
The Sri Lankan crowds are thoroughly
enjoying this batting spectacle.
Anil bovvling..and that's a wicket!
The Indian crowd is finally starting
to enjoy the game.
Finally this partnership's
come to an end..
..and Romesh is heading
back to dressing room.
But danger man Sanath
is still at the crease.
Captaincy is not
everyone's cup of tea.
It's like handing over the
prey to the lion. Go on, have a blast.
Ajay back in the bowling attack,
and the result is the same.
And the ball is just
flying all over the park.
That's a massive inside-out shot for
si. All the way in to the stands.
Sanath has hit it high in the air.
And he's got,
a tough catch taken by Sachin.
He did good.
The game will get
over in 4O overs..'
Land the profit will be double.
The Sri Lankans have put a good total
for this pitch.
India need 280 in 5O overs
to win the Jubilee Cup.
India's opening pair, Sachin
and Sourav walking down the field.
So what's the price on India's loss?
Leave the calculations to us.
Just get this straight.
..from this day onwards you
won't have to play another match.
Chaminda will bowl on behalf
of the Sri Lankan team.
And Sachin's played
a beautiful straight drive.
Excellent shot.
Sachin's already unsettled Chaminda.
And that's out.
Sachin's wicket down, and
the Indian fans are disappointed.
We were afraid of the little guy.
But you convinced him too.
You're amazing.
He got out himself.
It happens in cricket.
There goes Dada after the little guy.
You turned out to be an ace-player.
It's a big loss for India.
They have just lost Sourav's wicket.
The crowd is getting restless, and
there's still no sign of Azhar.
The judge called you twice.
Come quickly.
This case wasn't easy.
The public outrage
and the media pressure.
The truth was right in front of us.
..but it takes time to get to it.
Azhar! Azhar! Azhar! Azhar! Azhar!
Here comes our player.
Azhar will have to
play a captain's inning.
What do you have to say, Tony?
You're right, Azhar will have
to play a captain's knock today.
..or else India won't make it.
They have always relied on Sachin
and Azhar so today, that leaves Azhar.
Azhar! Azhar! Azhar! Azhar! Azhar!
Azhar! Azhar! Azhar! Azhar! Azhar!
Azhar! Azhar! Azhar! Azhar! Azhar!
Azhar! Azhar! Azhar! Azhar! Azhar!
And once you're in the middle
of the ground, you must decide..'
'..when you win the match. let those 1 billion
Indians sleep in peace.
'..or lose the match,
and make them weep in their pillows.
This bat will become your voice,
get that?
Come on..p|ay.'
Azhar! Azhar! Azhar!
Azhar! Azhar! Azhar!
What a swift square cut for four.
Ms. Ivleera Verma.
- Yes, your honor.
The way you fought this case. just like Azhar
used to bat back in the day.
On the front foot.
And Azhar's gone berserk.
He's only dealing in fours and sies.
He's going to play some shots.
If they lose easily,
people will get suspicious.
And that's what the doctors
ordered for the Indians.
And it's
working well for Azhar.
I am watching the match as well.
Hang up! Hang UP!
The court knows that
today's judgment.
..wi|| affect the entire Indian team,
and not just Azhar alone.
India needs 4 runs in
3 balls for win this match.
If India wins today/then
you are a dead man.
Azhar! Azhar! Azhar!
Many people were at fault.
CBPs fau| charge-sheet
was prepared against the bookies.
We didn't receive any voice
memos of Hansie's statement.
But only one person was blamed.
Azhar! Azhar! Azhar!
And lnclia has won a brilliant
finals against Sri Lanka.
What a brilliant captain's innings
for lnclia to lift the Jubilee Cup.
The court dismisses the life ban
imposed on Azhar by the Association.
..and gives order
to revoke it immediately.
This case is unsustainable against
Azhar due to sheer lack of evidence.
The court lifts the cricket
association's ban on Azhar.
This case is closed.
Azhar! Azhar!
Azhar! Azhar!
Azhar! Azhar!
Madam. This letter is for you.
Sir.. Sir..
Calm down. Calm down.
Let Azhar speak..let him speak.
Please. Please.
My grandpa had said that
I will play 100 test matches.
But sir, you only played 99.
This court case was nothing
less than a test-match.
This was the biggest
test match of my life.
It's not my fault.
He took money.
He even shook hands.
And clearly said he'll
play according to us.
He went back on his words..
Azhar, you made
the biggest mistake of your life.
This game is my life,
I won't let anyone play with it.
You took money..
That was my game.
So that you don't
approach anyone else.
You bet on India's loss.
But you're the one who actually lost.
You clearly went back on your word..
..but if you open your mouth, then
we won't spare anyone in your family.
Don't worry about me.
Allah will look after His Mohammad.
I've returned your money.
Sometimes I think about that day.
What if I had got out?
This is the story
of my entire innings.
Whether anyone believes it or not,
I'll let you, the people decide.
I fought this case.
because I know.
Records are made
when you score 100..'
' one cheers
when you get out on 99.
"To win again."
"To win again."
"To win again."
"| know that I am broken,
but not shattered."
"| am not a peice of ice
that melts away in the heat."
"My heart won't be
scared of these storms."
"My heart will fight
against both the worlds."
"To win again."
"To win again."
"To win again."
"The darkness fades away,
and the dawn's finally here."
"| can see the light
from the cracks in the darkness."
"My heart won't be
scared of these storms."
"My heart will fight
against both the worlds."
"To win again."
"To win again."
"To win again."
"The darkness fades away,
and the dawn's finally here."
"| can see the light
from the cracks in the darkness."
"My heart won't be
scared of these storms."
"My heart will fight
against both the worlds."
"To win again."