Azor (2021) Movie Script

What's happening?
I don't know.
Is everything all right?
Yes. Don't worry.
They must be looking for somebody.
They're just kids.
It's a matter of minutes.
They'll let us through right away.
What about your cousin?
When will we see him?
I think he had to leave Buenos Aires
for a few days.
Excuse me, my friend.
Do you know when gaspar
will be able to see us?
The ambassador is in the south
until tomorrow morning.
He told me he wanted to see you
as soon as he came back.
- Tomorrow?
- Yes.
Very well.
That's it.
We'll be moving right away.
You don't have to worry.
Car identification.
This vehicle belongs
to the Swiss embassy's diplomatic service.
And these people are here
on a tourist visit.
1. The camel's tour
yvan de wiel.
Can I see your passports?
Geneva! Switzerland!
We can speak in French,
if you wish.
With pleasure.
This place is beautiful.
- Looks like the Beau rivage, right?
- Yes.
- Did you have a nice trip?
- Marvellous.
We were delayed
when we arrived in the city.
Oh, there are many road works.
The government has started
extensive work to modernize it,
due to the world cup.
And they've been celebrating
the national team's victory since then.
That's right. Two years of partying!
The government has high ambitions.
You have to understand...
The situation was awful here.
The country needs major reforms.
I see.
The swimming pool's on the first floor.
- Did you find it?
- Without any problem.
It's like being in Europe.
Many people in the street.
It's impossible to guess
what's happening in the country.
My cousin just called.
He's meeting us tomorrow.
He sounded glad you'd arrived.
The way he spoke,
it seems he's relieved keys left.
- What did he say?
- Not much.
- Were there any complaints?
- Just claims, I think.
- From whom?
- I don't know, quinet.
He just said your partner had built
a reputation for being depraved.
Depraved? You're exaggerating.
That's what he said.
He invited us
to a reception on the 20th.
The minister will be there.
And other people who may be interesting.
- What about this one?
- What does he do?
Former motor racing champion.
Retrained himself in the industry.
I think he wants to enter politics.
Anibal Farrell.
You'll look too snobby in that.
Try something more garish.
Cream. Something worse,
to give them more confidence.
Don't you have a double-breasted one?
It emphasises your shoulders.
Sir, I'm yvan de wiel.
- Nice to meet you.
- This is my wife, Ines.
So, you are the substitute of mr key?
His partner,
absolutely, mr Farrell.
No, I'm dekerman, the farrells' lawyer.
Well, mr dekerman...
Do you speak Spanish?
- Yes, of course.
- Let me buy you a drink.
- With pleasure.
- This way, please.
It was a long trip, right?
You must be shattered.
Did you have a stopover?
Madrid, Caracas,
Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires.
Damn it!
Do you know Europe, mr dekerman?
Not yet. Boy, bring me a whisky.
- Madam?
- Tea, please.
First time in Argentina, right?
The first time this far south.
- Mineral water.
- Of course, sir.
So... are we waiting for mr Farrell?
He's had a problem.
He's not coming.
He sends his apologies.
Did you meet keys, mr dekerman?
Yes, I met him.
You've got a different style, right?
Mr dekerman...
I'd like to meet Farrell.
Farrell only cares about his horses.
You could go and meet him
at the racecourse, if you want.
You were very good, quinet.
Farrell is the typical tough client.
We don't know each other.
He's testing me.
It's a classic.
It will come.
They're the ones who need you.
It'll take some time.
Especially when the client
sends his lawyer.
Dekerman is extremely rude.
Imagine what the client's like.
You'll have to try harder than usual,
quinet, to reassure them.
They're used to him.
Keys was very charming.
He's twisted,
and uglier than a toad.
He'd been coming
for a long time, that's all.
Very well, very well. And you?
We arrived today.
Yes, today.
It's always a bit long,
but everything's fine, thank you.
Yes. Yes, yes.
Good, good.
What time?
At the circle of...?
Can you give me the address, please?
Keys is fine. He's very well.
We haven't contacted him so far,
but we know he's fine.
I understand.
Yes, don't worry.
There won't be any changes.
We'll follow the same path.
I'd like to phone Switzerland.
The number is 004122280042.
Thank you.
How are you?
Did I wake you up?
Well, so do I.
- Dollar over 10,000 pesos
- how are things in Geneva?
"Gold goes down and dollar goes up."
Can you write it down now?
So... ciba, sell.
In the best case.
Aibis, buy at 400. Right.
And belimo,
sell at 250, but wait...
Since when
haven't you heard from him?
- About a month ago.
- Have some salad, Ines.
- Bijou spoke to him on the phone.
- I don't know who bijou is.
Sorry, she's my secretary.
She's in charge of the transition.
She was the last to talk to him
after coming back from Geneva.
- Is he in Switzerland?
- Yes, probably.
Bijou says he's all right.
We've had no news since then.
It's a sensitive issue.
You don't just leave this country
right now.
I need to be certain keys
is not locked in a basement in this city.
Othennise, I must deal first
with the militia
in charge of external affairs,
and then with Bern.
He's not in Buenos Aires.
- I can guarantee that.
- But then, what's happened?
We don't know.
Nothing makes me feel better
than not having someone like keys
around any more.
The situation
is quite unpredictable this way.
But I must warn you,
there are many rumours.
Ines told me
about some complaints.
Did I say "complaints"?
I think I said "comments".
- No, I think you said...
- They're rumours!
Neither comments
nor complaints. Rumours!
And here, at this moment,
rumours are a problem.
Anyway, let's forget about keys.
To your journey.
At last you're doing this tour.
How do they call this in private banking?
This initiation rite...
- "The camel's tour."
- "The camel's tour."
I did it long ago.
All right.
But you're going to change your status.
We're at the front line here.
Come to the reception on the 20th.
I'll introduce you to some people.
- Will it be at your house?
- No, it's too small.
We don't even have a pool.
A member of the Swiss club
of Buenos Aires will lend us his house.
Over the years, this party
has become a very exclusive event.
Excuse me.
Was it really necessary
for her to come with you?
We're used to taking
this sort of trip together.
The clients like her.
Do you think this is Roland garros?
Tell me...
Did you know keys had a flat here?
He never stayed at a hotel.
He had his own flat.
We took him there once with francoise.
It's in palermo chico.
It'd be regrettable
if there were names going around.
I can tell Dante
to take you there.
I hired a second chauffeur,
recommended by the Indian ambassador.
I don't know his real name.
Everybody calls him Dante.
He's a terrible driver...
But he does us some very valuable...
Thank you.
2. The visits
My daughter
went to rosier school.
Is it in caux? Or morges?
Rosay academy? In rolle.
Rosay, in rolle.
Not rosier.
And in winter, in gstaad.
- Anyway...
- Anita!
It's a lovely city.
- You have no idea...
- Do you know gstaad?
What this city
was like a few years ago.
We have a chalet in saanen.
But we're undergoing
a significant decline.
We are neighbours
of lobkovitz's son.
It's still one of the best cities
in the world,
but it has lost a great deal.
My daughter
was in class with franziska.
Do you know Paris well?
- You know franziska?
- The cadet? No.
I haven't had time yet.
The military career is very demanding.
Ah! Are you a soldier?
The prince. Poor man, so pale.
Now I'm in
the import-export business...
My daughter called him "chambourcy".
At the moment,
especially in the leather sector.
My daughter is terrible!
Excuse me.
Oh! Agapanthus!
Agapanthus. What a nice word!
Ines, do you want to see the garden?
I'll go with you. Come on.
Is guido amusing you?
How much do you value his potential?
Your partner is a very interesting person,
mrs lacrosteguy.
"Partner". He's very kind to me.
Your French
is really admirable, madam.
All good things are lost, unfortunately.
How's your daughter?
My daughter?
You were just talking about her
with my wife.
Is she still comfortable
in Switzerland?
Bibi lives in New York,
but now she's here.
You'll meet her.
Once again, I appreciate
that you have received me and my wife.
- Ines loves travelling.
- Your wife is charming.
We have so many acquaintances
in common
that we could even be cousins.
We have a lovely house
in the heights of vandoeuvres.
You're cordially invited.
Didn't you know
I don't want to travel any more?
It has been an honour to receive
your visit all these years, madam.
- If the bank can help you...
- Times are tough now.
Times are tough.
And the departure of Rene...
Of keys, your partner...
This is embarrassing for me.
On behalf of the keys Lamar
de wiel bank, I apologise.
- Keys' attitude is deplorable...
- No, mr de wiel. Come and sit here.
Your partner left at a very bad time.
Some of the things
happening here these days are scary.
Yes, I understand.
The violence of the extremists is awful.
I'm talking about something else.
Something much more serious
which has to do
with the upper echelons of power.
You and I are in the spotlight.
We're in the spotlight.
They're chasing us like rabbits.
They're after us.
Ren keys often reassured me.
He used to travel with me.
I understand.
A horsefly. Damn bug.
- Is everything all right?
- Yes.
Do you know
who I met playing tennis?
- Really?
- Yes. Yes, yes, yes.
- As divine as usual.
- Did he say hello?
Yes, of course.
Obviously. We talked for a while.
He told me he had resumed
horse training with his father.
They're there,
next to the racecourse.
- Oh, good.
- Yes, lovely.
Good thing Harold
is only coming next week.
He's so jealous,
he would have made a terrible fuss.
Be careful what you say
in front of our friends.
Don't give a bad image
of your husband.
Do you know
what he also told me?
Do you remember prez?
They went to his house
and took everything from him!
They went with three lorries
and even took his horses away, mum.
Mr de wiel...
- Aren't you going to swim?
- No, thank you.
Mum, did you hear me?
- They took everything.
- Stop.
My husband never swims.
So glad you came, mr de wiel.
It's a pleasure.
It's very important for my mother.
When we flew,
ren would take care of everything.
He would book the Tuesday flight.
It was wonderful.
Nobody ever asked anything.
Rene knew exactly what to do.
And on the plane,
I would sleep the whole journey
to Geneva.
I was... relaxed. At peace.
After arriving in Geneva,
we would go for a last drink
at a lovely caf, caf clmence,
right below the cathedral.
Ren liked that gin...
An English gin.
Gordon's gin.
It was some kind of ritual,
to celebrate a victory.
I guess I was happy.
We had some games, such as,
when we were getting close
to the customs office,
any customs office, at the airport...
At cornavin station...
I would start singing a song...
And ren would finish it.
And we would laugh.
It was easy, because he knew
many songs, and I like to sing.
And we would laugh together.
He used to say...
"Custom officers smell fear,
just like dogs..."
"But they don't suspect
happy people."
You can go up now.
Second floor.
Can I turn on the lights?
Don't be long.
He was scared of something.
We don't know, Ines.
So, you're telling me
he left all his things.
- His room was untidy.
- He must have left suddenly.
- It's not really his style.
- No.
What's his flat like?
It's a maze.
There are lots of doors.
Did you find anything?
A calendar.
His schedule of meetings?
The calendar mentions a meeting,
right before he left.
On November 5th,
he wrote "lazaro".
Who's that?
No idea.
The same as on the list.
What list?
The one I found
under the leather protector.
It's just like mine...
But with this lazaro added.
Could he be a client?
Steady. Steady.
Steady, my dear.
Don't be afraid.
It gets scared of rats on the ground.
These trees were planted
by my great grandfather,
in order to unify
the different parts of the property.
My father took care of them.
He called them les grands boulevards.
But little remains today
of haussmann's
greatness of that time.
You must know France
perfectly well, mr padel-camon, right?
I even had the privilege
of taking a nap in Paris, madam.
The black one is hobbling around.
My wife must have come back.
She hardly goes out any more.
the situation calls for it.
This country has become
a private hunting ground
for some people at the top.
We're coming.
I'm going.
De wiel,
I want to talk to you for a minute.
How's your
good notary Blanchard doing?
You know he worships you.
Just like his own father did.
- Listen, de wiel...
- Call me yvan, please.
On the phone,
you mentioned a solution.
For transport? Of course.
Mr decome.
He's here at the moment.
I'm meeting him this week.
What's that deccme like?
A stand-up guy?
Absolutely stand-up.
He's a former partner of the bank.
An old man,
a great friend of my father's.
He became fond of Buenos Aires.
Shall we open the account
in your name, sir?
Wait until we decide
how to proceed with this matter.
Tell me, de wiel...
Keys is not coming back, is he?
I apologise on behalf
of the keys Lamar de wiel bank.
A house like ours takes 200 years
to build its reputation.
Rene keys doesn't accept
his responsibilities.
It's regrettable.
Don't blame keys.
He's a good man.
Keys knew me well.
He knew perfectly that...
My head is not in business.
The disappearance
of my daughter leopolda
took me away from all this.
The two sons I have left are useless.
Always so jealous of leopolda.
They plan to sell the arable land
and build a country club on the rest.
A country club.
Look at them.
They look like idiots.
Their mother pampers them too much.
Two chubby calves.
They only speculate.
They only think about money.
Dad, come here!
- Help yourself.
- Thank you.
What was his wife's name?
She's in charge of the miss foal pageant
for tandil's annual feast.
- It's funny.
- Very.
She teaches the girls good manners,
she teaches them to chat.
- Is she unce?
- I think she is.
She inherited from her father
a country house in marbella,
next to the bismarks.
She's related to a Spanish count,
salamanca or some such.
We'll have to go and visit them there.
And what do you think about the sons?
The youngest is a boget.
No potential.
The other is trying
to get a place in a ministry.
- And him?
- He's getting old.
He's staying with us.
Did you hear about his daughter?
The poor man is devastated.
- Did he tell you about it?
- Hardly.
Magdalena made
a strange comment about keys.
It's a bit confusing.
We were talking about a minor issue
and I mentioned keys in passing,
talking about you or our trip here.
She stopped me at once.
She said you seemed
a very good man, very correct,
that she could see it in your face.
Whispering, she added that keys
was nothing but a despicable manipulator.
That he was dangerous.
It's only hearsay.
Prudery, Ines.
Augusto may thinkjust like his wife.
He spoke of keys as a friend.
And he doesn't seem
to have many friends.
But what did he do, quinet?
She said "dangerous".
Hello, bijou!
Fine, fine. And you?
Am I disturbing you?
Aren't you having lunch?
Well! Here it's awfully hot.
Look, I've got a bag with me.
Decome will take it next week.
Yes, that's right, it's for him.
No, we'll wait and see
how they want to proceed.
Can you do me a small favour?
Check the list of pseudonyms.
See if there's a "lazaro" somewhere.
That's right. L-a-z-a-r-o.
Just check
if he's got something with us.
I'll call you back.
Thank you, dear. Bye. Bye.
3. A duel
Look at them.
It might be the last time.
These days, they don't have
enough with people.
Now, they disappear horses.
And with horses, they have good taste.
At last! De wiel!
- Mr Farrell.
- How are you?
Very well.
My wife.
Have you seen the horses?
What do you think?
- They're lovely.
- Especially number 5, "usurper".
Except for its name.
But it's a really lovely horse.
One minute, de wiel.
No women.
Darling, why don't you go
and bet a bit? On horses.
Gentlemen, excuse me.
De wiel,
we could go to the fifth floor.
We have a box.
We could discuss some issues there.
Do you have time?
Fine. Let's go.
De wiel, please help yourself.
You're making me thirsty.
It used to be much easier,
when I just bet on me.
Anibal won niirbungring
with Ferrari twice
and the Brazilian grand prix
with Mercedes once.
Dekerman, have you been served?
Nacho, can you tell pataroni
I'll see him later downstairs?
Yes, sir.
Don't leave me alone, Farrell.
We'll meet later downstairs.
Can't you see
I'm with my Swiss banker? Look.
Nice to meet you.
De wiel...
They told me you have
a very big castle in Geneva.
We have a very big house,
from our family.
You're welcome there.
How many hectares
are we talking about?
Compared to what you're used to,
it's just a small garden.
What did you do
before becoming a private banker?
My grandfather was a founder
of the keys Lamar de wiel bank.
Consolidated by my father, of course.
I'd never have guessed that.
Dekerman, please, close the door.
De wiel.
Tell me what you propose.
You have five minutes.
No, no.
I'm joking, de wiel.
When we worked
with mirabela motors,
in the usa, we did this
with the people of mckinsey.
They were...
I like that, I value that.
They had three pillars...
The marines, the church
and themselves.
They're actually friends
of your partner, I think.
Ren keys has got many friends.
The management model
I can propose
is very similar to what keys has.
There may be some small differences
between him and me...
Let's say...
In style.
Mr nazarian is looking for you.
He was with the minister.
I forgot.
De wiel, I'm leaving you
with my lawyer,
to sort everything out.
I'm leaving.
When are you going back
to Geneva?
I have a few days left.
Okay. I'll see you
before you leave. Bye.
I'll go with you.
Us too?
The military
are a bit restless lately.
It's nothing personal.
Don't torture yourself.
The decision had already been made.
Keys and Farrell were very close.
I think Farrell
has shit his pants too.
He worshipped your friend,
like the drug addict
who sucks the dealer's cock.
I'll keep you posted.
"God's fervour"
finished seventh. What a pity.
How's anibal and his elephants?
Farrell is leaving the bank.
Are you sure?
Did he tell you why?
He doesn't have to.
- And what are you going to do?
- What am I going to do?
Dekerman says Farrell had made
the decision long before we arrived.
Farrell has deuxjaunes.
He's older than you,
and he dresses like he was a law student.
Can't you see he's a deuce?
Those people think
they can buy anything.
If you adapted your methods a bit...
You and your directives.
The new generation's aggressive.
That's what they're asked.
Enough, Ines.
Your father was right.
Fear makes you mediocre.
How are you,
my friend? You look pale.
Excuse me. I'm exhausted.
Are you sure you're okay?
Have some sugar.
- An orange juice.
- No, I'm fine.
You were telling me about the sale.
Yes. The minister
couldn't refuse the purchase offer.
This electric company
was a Thorn in Bern's side.
We must admit that credit suisse
was able to negotiate really well.
What was their representative's name?
Lutz. A good Swiss,
from zug.
He's staying at the Sheraton
with lombier's son.
Between you and me,
since credit banks started sailing
in the same waters as we do...
A real war of greed has broken out.
It's not the same world
we knew with your father, yvan.
Regrettably, I agree.
Frydmer is delighted
with the finance minister's attitude.
In fact, we will meet at frydmer's
on the 20th, won't we?
Oh, no. I'm returning
the day after tomorrow.
Ludivine is getting married.
Do we know the lucky man?
A chalignac.
The poor devil is not very bright,
but he seems to be
a hard-working lad, anyway.
Ah, here it is!
My secretary has been warned.
I'm grateful
you took care of the transport.
It's only natural, son.
I'm happy to help.
By the way, you look great.
And you? How do you feel here?
It must be different
from Geneva and Paris.
Hernan corts must have also felt
a bit disoriented when he disembarked.
I've got an appointment
in an important club in a little while.
Really? Which one?
The circle of arms.
Act as simple as you can, my dear.
You have to tug
those people's heartstrings.
Have you seen the inflation?
And not only that.
Here, people constantly live in fear
of what may happen tomorrow.
The circle of arms. That's good.
The cream of the junta meets there.
Be alert all the same, son.
It's been a pleasure seeing you.
- Shall I help you?
- No.
Give Ines my regards.
Of course.
A client has invited her
to dinner tonight.
Very well. You are going fast,
my friend. That's great.
As for keys,
it's not a comfortable situation.
Your father would never have
allowed such indolence. No offence.
People behave differently now,
as you said.
This will not benefit you.
Keys was brilliant.
Probably one of the best among us.
So much exuberance was toxic.
After spending so much time here...
His methods became...
There are dreadful...
Someone trustworthy
saw keys with certain people.
We all have a breaking point, I guess.
Keys has completely lost his mind.
What a waste.
So much talent, and such a fall.
to the circle of arms, mr de wiel.
If you want the bar,
it's at the back of the main room.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Good evening.
You must be the famous Swiss.
I didn't know I was so famous.
Water, please.
Look who's arrived.
His holiness tatoski.
Excuse me.
Mr de wiel?
It's so nice to meet you, my friend.
So nice!
The pleasure is mine, monsignor.
- Inchauspe.
- Yvan de wiel.
- Captain peraltchuk. Nice to meet you.
- Yvan de wiel.
- Ambassador damestoy.
- Yvan de wiel.
Nice to meet you.
Amadeo casten. Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Adolfo Nelson.
- Where are you from?
- Geneva.
- Borges.
- Sure.
Geneva is borges' favourite city.
Do you know why borges
likes Geneva so much?
- Why?
- Because it's a city that hasn't changed.
So, when he goes there,
wherever he is, he can recognise...
Yesterday, I had lunch
with a colleague of yours.
Lutz, from the credit suisse.
- Really?
- Yes.
You're really tough for business.
We don't exactly share
the same line of business.
What do you mean?
Aren't you a banker too?
Rogelio, you're offending mr de wiel.
Mr de wiel belongs to private banking.
It's different to commercial banking.
It's like comparing
an airliner to a private jet.
Gentlemen, our friend here
is a man of the world.
He comes from a lineage.
a commercial banker is nothing
but a mere slave to his bank.
Look, with all respect,
after dealing with the Swiss for a while,
you'll realise who's really a slave.
- You see how things are getting!
- You sure you wanna get into this?
He didn't look like a slave.
Don't listen to them, yvan.
They're like children.
Mr de wiel is a great banker.
He's the partner of our friend,
ren keys.
Shall we take a walk around the circle?
Rubn, be nice.
Take him on the guided tour.
The creation
of the circle of arms
took place thanks to 78 gentlemen,
all of them amateur fencers,
at a time when duels were rife.
The main initiative came
from Mariano paunero,
son of the general
wenceslao paunero,
a colossus
of the war of the triple alliance
and the liberator of corrientes.
The circle had among its members
some of the greatest men of the nation -
Carlos pellegrini,
Julio argentino roca,
both uriburus, Manuel quintana,
figueroa alcorta...
To name just some
of the presidents of the republic.
As for illustrious visitors,
we can mention anatole France,
the Duke of windsor.
nowadays the fencing piste
has been replaced
by a squash court and a sauna.
He's a patriot!
Do you see how much he knows?
He's something
of an institution in the circle.
- Adolfo! Come here.
- Yes.
Excuse me.
This city has known chaos, my friend.
Since then, we're going through
a purification phase.
Now we must re-educate
all the young people.
Unfortunately, there are
some unrecoverable elements.
Parasites must be eradicated...
Even in the best of families,
don't you agree?
You're different to keys.
- Keys has probably got less...
- You're...
More reasonable, more humble.
He said we were all murderers.
Have you had dinner yet?
Let's go to the bridge room.
Let's buy hoffmann-laroche.
The stocks are at 82.75.
Increased on average.
Order 200.
- Very well. Limited?
- Unlimited.
Limiting it to a week
would provide more guarantees.
It's not necessary.
Caterpillar, buy. They're up 700.
You know and I know
they're expensive.
- You have a call, monsignor.
- Who is it?
- Captain grossini.
- Tell him to call again later.
- Care for a drink?
- No, thanks.
Here they have that dry gin, Gordon's.
Keys drank it.
He said it was the best of them all.
Okay, a gin.
Listen, my friend...
What do you know about that?
The coup came out of nowhere.
Nobody thought
obote would come back.
He was finished.
The schilling is very fragile.
Let's open a forex contract.
The forex?
The forex is a particularly
complex operation.
And of high risk.
"Let's be greedy
when the others are prudent."
Keys used to say that.
How much are you thinking about?
1.5 million.
I want to be honest with you.
I think there's a very high possibility
that you will lose
the money you invest there.
We have no interest
in operating in the currency market.
It's a totally unpredictable market.
War is won on the front.
It took a lot to convince him too.
Did keys operate in the forex?
Have you already done it with him?
Pastimes are rare
in these turbulent times.
Your predecessor knew
how to be exceptionally generous.
As far as he could be.
Did keys...
Inform you of the reasons
for his sudden...
Anyone has the right to get scared.
Even the best of them.
Do you know a certain...
That was probably too much for keys.
Anyone can get scared with lazaro.
We're talking about serious business.
I don't want to push you, but...
If I were you...
You're on a trip
and trips are usually entertaining.
Now, the country needs people like you.
Brave people.
We mustn't forget we had
to go out and clean the streets.
We live in difficult times.
Dark times.
4. The gala
We also say, "to condois."
To condois?
My husband does it very easily.
It means to pretend
you haven't seen anything.
I love dialects!
My husband and I use it, some cousins,
the world of private banking.
It's a limited dialect.
And the other one...
Cousin Arthur?
No, to cousin Antoine.
For example,
I see your partner among the guests.
We're pretty far away.
I see him, but he hasn't seen me yet.
I have the possibility of ignoring him.
For whatever reason,
I prefer not to say hello to him.
I don't meet his eye.
I played cousin Antoine.
It's very practical.
You're brilliant!
One more, my dear!
To play singe en bouche d'or.
Play the innocent.
I like this one - to have deuxjaunes.
When someone cannot be trusted,
we say that he has deuxjaunes.
"Be quiet."
"Careful what you say."
Yvan! Are you alone?
- Momentarily.
- Good. Is Ines having fun?
I think so.
Mrs urzue talaman! Welcome!
Yvan de wiel.
My cousin's husband.
Nice to meet you.
- Your first time in Argentina?
- Yes, the first time.
You must see the rio de la plata.
It looks like an ocean.
Of course!
A great ancient fortune... went broke.
A great radio drama actress.
Lombier is here.
With lutz.
Have you seen them?
From afar.
Mr padel-camn.
Your husband is a gem.
An honest man.
He loves you, my dear.
You support him a lot, don't you?
As one of my friends says,
my husband and I are one
and the same person -
I get so bored.
You have no idea how much.
It's a divine punishment.
Magdalena? Good evening.
You've made a mistake.
I'm not magdalena.
I'm her sister.
Alicia domecq. Nice to meet you.
I'm sorry. You're so alike.
It's amazing.
Don't worry, I'm used to it.
A little less now,
since I don't live here any more.
- And where do you live?
- Paris.
And marbella, Madrid.
We have a small herd. Bulls.
The party is livening up, de wiel.
- It's a lovely party.
- Yes, lovely.
There's a question
they must be asking you a lot.
What do you think of argentinian meat?
Is it better or worse than others?
It's as good as any other, isn't it?
It's excellent.
Well, de wiel.
Open the account in the name
of my daughter, leopolda.
Legally, the holder
cannot be an absent person.
I mean,
it has to be someone who can sign.
But she has to be able
to dispose of her money,
in case she reappears.
It's crazy!
What a shitty country!
In such particular cases...
The bank makes available
transfer accounts.
That could solve the problem.
Fine, but don't let my wife and sons know.
My sister leads a life
that's very different to mine.
Poor her, they were very dark times.
When his daughter leopolda disappeared,
Augusto was on some land
in the south of the country.
Augusto became
aggressive with his people.
He was mad with grief.
Leopolda was his darling daughter.
He had a lot of expectations for her.
He knew she was a member
of a political group
and they argued a lot about that...
But leopolda was stubborn.
Like her father.
Augusto doesn't tolerate
any weakness, you know.
Oh, de wiel!
- So nice to see you.
- Mr dekerman.
I like you.
Your colleague, though, was a fanatic.
- Did you cross Farrell?
- No.
Do you want me to tell you?
The whims of people like Farrell
are trying my Patience.
I'm not as dedicated as some of you.
Farrell is not a bad guy.
Ambition is his problem.
Now he wants to belong to high society.
To be a politician.
An idiot.
Besides, he's paranoid.
A little meeting.
You might have fun.
"As the shareholders' representative,"
"I would like to express
our satisfaction with regards..."
Yvan de wiel.
From the keys Lamar de wiel bank.
He's part of the family.
Lutz, go on.
"With regards
to the buy-back of the electric company
"by the argentinian state.
"The resolution of this dispute
"will enable us to open the doors
of the credit market for you."
"I would like to seize
the opportunity, minister,
"to thank you
for your personal commitment."
there we go.
Excellent. Shall we start?
The next step
is a trip. An "unofficial" visit.
But not now.
Let's avoid
the spotlight, gentlemen.
What about, uh, June... or July?
9th of July.
We'll organise them a nice parade.
That's very good,
it's a good possibility.
- Salati has to get in there.
- Surely.
So, yvan...
Are you sightseeing?
I won't bother you any longer.
A honeymoon
is consummated in private.
It seems that keys
left everything incomplete.
He must have left you a huge schedule.
Do you listen behind doors, guy?
I don't even have to.
But, tell me,
it seems keys hit the Mark.
"El dorado! At last!" Right?
What did they call it?
Are you interested?
We don't go there, you know.
We don't need to stoop to that.
If you want to enjoy
a decent swimming pool,
I'm at the Sheraton until the 10th.
You're very kind, guy.
Please, yvan.
- Take care.
- You too.
Keys is ahead of me.
He's always ahead of me.
- He's irreplaceable.
- Quinet...
They miss him, Ines.
He sold his soul for them.
He was brilliant.
I'll end up humiliated.
On the contrary, yvan.
You're going to get
where keys never got.
You just need to keep quiet.
Lazaro island military zone
Yvan de wiel?
He went to get the inventory.
He's on his way.
The 603 is arriving, with two units.
Manchado is with them.
We'll be right back.
They're thoroughbred racehorses.
Section 4,
1,826 suitcases,
11,132 plastic combs,
658 electric shavers,
5,674 metal and plastic glasses,
178 blenders,
2,784 refrigerators,
68 old kerosene stoves,
234 table fans,
674 sewing machines,
1,435 black and white televisions,
5 colour televisions.
Section 5,
a Chevrolet pick-up model 1968...
The cars aren't here.
They're at the warehouse.
And why didn't you tell me?
Section 6...
One French silver tea service,
one wall clock,
probably from the 19th century,
three persian wool carpets,
16 French chandeliers,
14,876 dupont lighters,
one mauser rifle,
from the Paraguayan war...
Nine silver and gold creole knives,
one old edition
of Don quixote of la mancha,
one Bible from 1400
written in Latin, restored,
one bilingual dictionary of 7,000 pages,
one Santos Hernandez guitar,
dated 1924,
one Francisco simplicio guitar,
dated 1927, not in good condition.
Section 8,
- a capybara leather jacket.
- That isn't here, either.
Section 9,
an offset printing machine,
model 130,
a double craft rotaprint,
a standing stapler,
400 fruit baskets,
1,007 synthetic fabric rugs,
657 portable record players
and 7,467 leather belts.
Why are the leather belts here?
This is a 1960 alfa Romeo.
A very good car.
In very good condition.
Very good.
This one, we had to paint it.
We had some issues.
And you can show
the property titles, I guess.
Yes. Yes, of course.
Very impressive.
Very good, gentlemen.
We're not an auction house.
But we can adapt...
When it's worth it.
Should we reach an agreement,
we can coordinate
the transport of the goods
you'd like to take out of the country.
In Geneva, there are companies
that specialise in such movements...
And which are particularly discreet.
As for things
that should be sold here,
we can also supervise, if necessary.
But I don't think it's the most advisable.
So we are in agreement.
We'd take care
of managing the proceeds.
We only work with commissions.
That's to say, a percentage
of the deposited money.
In general, that commission
ranges from 2-3%.
In this case,
given the characteristics of the business,
we should raise that amount.
I'd say...
Do we have any idea
of the inventory value?
From what I've seen,
off the top of my head...
I think it's near 600 million.
Very good. Very good.
And do we have to sign anything?
Not yet.
Okay. Very good.
Nice to meet you, mr de wiel.
It's been a pleasure, colonel.