Azuloscurocasinegro (2006) Movie Script

Son of a bitch...
Come here!
Jorge, tell me it's not you.
Please, tell me it isn't.
It's me.
No, not you...
I can't work as janitor.
I can't, really.
I can't stay with you.
I've tried.
I swear.
I need to move on.
I'm sorry, Dad.
You understand, don't you?
I can't.
I don't want to.
Seven years later
Let's go.
Maternity Ward
Maintenance Service
to Ward 5.
You won't talk to me?
Why not?
Because you're bad.
Why do you think I'm bad?
All the women here are bad.
Hey, are you coming orwhat?
Well, well!
- Hi, girls!
- Gorgeous!
Everyone quiet down.
Please, everybody.
Calm down.
Here, sit here!
Take a seat, up in the front.
Please, calm down.
Quiet. Quiet!
Okay, I assume you're all aware
this is a theater workshop,
Sure, you think we're dumb?
No, you're all very smart.
But I'm on to you.
You're all looking
nice and dressed up...
I know what you're after,
you don't give a shit about theater.
You're looking for action,
maybe a girl or boyfriend...
If that's why you're here,
please leave now.
Okay, Manolo, she got us.
Back to the ward, boys.
No hard feelings.
No, I'm just kidding.
Very funny, thank you.
We're very interested
in theater, aren't we?
Leave the spoon, Dad.
You'll fall.
I'll get you a clean one.
What about your main course?
Chicken breast?
An omelet?
What are you doing?
Dad, what the fuck!
- My bread...
- Put the money down!
Dad, look at me.
Look at me, Dad.
This is your bread.
Look at that guy's tattoo.
Pretty cool, huh?
- Do you have any tattoos?
- No, I hate needles.
Otherwise I'd get one right here.
The face of a tiger.
With colors and everything.
- I hate tattoos.
- You do?
I don't like them much,
Tigers, yes.
Do you like tigers?
If not, then I don't either.
I'm at your service.
Hey, you.
Antonio Mateo?
- I'm Antonio.
- I know.
Maria del Mar Sueiro Montes...
Jose Carlos Velasco...
Manuel Jimenez Castro...
Daniel Linares Nibeiro...
Where's my bread?
Lourdes Machado Parra...
Jorge Mateo Nieto...
Jorge Mateo Nieto?
Jorge Mateo Nieto?
Mateo Nieto?
Marcos Miranda Piquer...
Cristina Ortigueira Martin...
Pablo Palazuelo Arias...
B.A. Business Administration
These are for you.
- They're all yours?
- Yeah.
- You're bound to find something.
- We'll see.
- Good luck.
- Bye.
Another window for your bedroom.
Kisses, Natalia
- Morning.
- Morning, Amparo.
Natasha Setchenko, your lawyer
is here to see you.
Keep out, I just mopped there.
I heard you're in another workshop.
How is it?
Already got a boyfriend?
I bet you do, bitch.
Stolen someone else's man?
Think your new boyfriend
will like you like this?
- Mister?
- Mande.
- Spanish?
- Yes.
Watch the movie, Dad.
- Are we going to mass?
- No.
- I heard the bells.
- No, you didn't.
Tell your mom to get ready.
Okay, I will.
Where is she?
She should be back by now.
What's the name of the movie, Dad?
What could that woman be up to?
- "Smut Starts..."
- She gets on my nerves.
"Smut Starts in the Pyrenees."
What is this? Let me go.
- When I get back.
- No, you're coming to mass with us.
Let me go!
It's so you won't hurt yourself.
You want to kill me.
They've dressed your dad up
like a rabbit!
Laugh, you're a Spanish macho!
Seven years to graduate?
I was working part-time.
I'm working.
I don't see any work experience.
It's unrelated to the sector.
What sector is that?
Well, I'm a doorkeeper.
A goalkeeper?
No, a doorkeeper.
In a building.
This broom is the prop
we're going to work with.
It's normally used to sweep
and collect trash, but today...
What happened?
Today this broom is a vehicle.
Avehicle you can fly away with,
or escape with,
or jump over any wall with.
I need a volunteer.
- Jump! Go on, fly away!
- This thing won't move.
- Jump!
- It won't take off!
Jump, jump, jump!
Okay, another volunteer
to take off.
You're not gonna come?
It's impossible to concentrate here.
We can trade places.
No, forget it.
It's been proven
there's more friction on the clitoris
if you're on top.
No, it's better this way.
Betterfor what?
To get pregnant.
I told you to stop showing
my dad pornos.
He'll never get off
with the movies you show him.
He's in no shape to get off.
Well, I am.
You know that weirdo
who lives across the way?
- Which one?
- The one with the motorcycle.
And his blinds always shut.
His AC is broken.
So he had to open the blinds
and you can see inside.
He's a masseur.
My back's fucked up
from lifting my dad.
- Make an appointment.
He's got an ad in the paper.
Didn't you have an interview today?
How did it go?
Bad, worse than bad...
How much does he charge?
Damn, that's expensive.
Hand-job included.
He's giving him a blowjob.
No, thanks.
you and me are like two fiish.
Two ordinary little fiish.
The problem is, you're not satisfied
with being in the fish tank.
And fish tanks are cool, man.
Really cool.
Come on, Dad.
One, two...
A long distance degree.
I couldn't attend classes.
I had to care for my father.
What's wrong with him?
He had a stroke seven years ago.
He has vascular dementia. It limits
the flow of blood to his brain.
Sometimes he's unaware
of his surroundings.
Hands up, Dad.
Lift your arms up.
Abit higher.
- You take care of him by yourself?
- Yeah, I manage pretty well.
More or less.
Dad, I just changed you.
Now what do we do?
It must be hard.
Any other family?
Yeah, one brother, but...
But what?
He and my dad don't get along.
Why is that?
Typical family problems.
Dammit, Jorge, you're a bad liar.
It's written all over yourface.
You'll never get a decent job.
Very bad, Jorge.
Very bad.
I should kick your ass.
Wake up, man!
Learn how to lie
or you'll never get anywhere.
Yeah, 'cause you're doing
just great.
I'm in here for being stupid,
not for lying.
And one jackass perfamily is enough,
so don't bust my balls.
Don't bust my balls.
Number 3, five minutes...
But, it's okay.
Here. I need you to buy me this.
What is it?
They're hormones.
Anabolic steroids.
You want to bulk up?
No, not at all.
It's easier to get a girl pregnant
with this stuff.
Afriend told me.
Dimitri. He's an expert.
Fuck you too, faggot!
What do you mean,
get a girl pregnant?
Is she cute or what?
She's my girlfriend.
My girlfriend.
We met in theaterworkshop.
Almost a month ago.
- And you already want kids?
- Don't you want to be an uncle?
You're out of your mind.
Have you seen the maternity ward?
Me neither, obviously.
But I heard it's amazing.
Doesn't seem like a prison.
Fancy rooms
decorated with little flowers,
kids running around,
a day care center,
a doctor, good vibes...
With this I'll definitely
get her pregnant,
and straight to the maternity ward.
Number 5, time's up.
Look at her, Jorge.
They beat her up.
They do all sorts of stuff to her.
They have it in for her.
Big time. They're jealous
because in here
she's like a princess.
Like poor people
hating the rich. Why?
Deep down they want to be rich.
Don't you hate
- rich people?
- No.
You hate that old lady
on the 3rd floor.
She hands you her trash
without even looking.
Why are you so stuck on her?
You're about to get out.
Haven't you ever been in love?
Or wanted to do anything
for a woman?
I know you have.
You have.
But not me.
Until now.
So if I have to shoot up
this crap,
then I will.
What are you doing?
I'm trimming your hair,
it's too long.
No. Your mom will do it.
- Just a bit...
- No!
Shit, Dad.
What are you doing?
My dad likes
wildlife photography.
I'm keeping up a family tradition.
Get that camera out of here.
We'll split the money.
Sean, cut the crap.
Take it down.
The other day I saw a guy there.
Married, with three beautiful,
naive little daughters
who don't know
theirfather's a pervert.
Shouldn't God punish him?
- I'm taking the camera.
- You're such a pain.
You're being a real jerk lately.
You're uptight.
I'll buy you a massage.
You could use one.
Yeah, so you can blackmail me.
- Let's go.
- I'm not leaving
and you can't throw me out.
You can't live without me.
What did you say?
You don't know it yet,
but you need me here all day.
You need me by your side.
If you take that camera,
I swear I'll never come back.
And I'll take Miguel.
You gave the fish a name?
Miguel, an ordinary fiish
like you and me.
Go ahead, try and throw us out.
Come on, tough guy.
Aren't you going to ring my doorbell?
When did you get back?
Last night.
I'm dirty.
I don't care.
What happened to your hand?
Where have you been?
- Abroad.
- Abroad where?
Studying? You're useless.
You take aspirin every day,
I was where they make aspirin.
In Leverkusen, Germany.
For a pharmaceutical internship.
We'll be late to mass
because of you.
You can't go to mass
with that hair.
You get on my nerves.
I'm sick of being
burdened with you.
You're worthless,
you always have been
and you insist on staying that way.
- One day I should...
- What?
Have the church bells
rang yet?
No, not yet.
Go take a shower, you stink.
I'm a love addict.
I'm almost done.
Come on, it's almost our tum
to go on.
- Do something to me.
- In the ear.
I've had enough of you two.
What am I supposed to do now?
If I report you,
you'll never see each other again.
Shit, I mean...
- Request a face-to-face.
- We already have.
Can't you wait?
He's not that good-looking.
You've got braces.
I feel like a teenager.
Is that it?
After a year that's all
you notice?
That's all.
The gap in your teeth
is getting wider.
Let me see.
Open your mouth.
- No.
- Open up.
- No!
- Let me see.
It hasn't changed.
It's hard.
What is?
- Picking up where we left off.
- Where did we leave off?
I don't remember exactly.
That's why it's hard.
Aren't yourfolks
selling the apartment?
I'm staying until
they find a buyer.
Then we'll have to take down
the "for sale" sign.
I've really missed you.
Me too.
Hi. I'm here to see my brother.
Jorge, look at me.
You're laughing at me.
Look at me.
I'm not laughing.
I'm really upset.
You're laughing
at your stupid brother.
- Look at me.
- I'm not laughing, see?
- Sorry.
- Don't be such a bastard.
I almost died.
How long will you be in here?
I don't know, a few days.
It really sucks.
I had a face-to-face
with Paula tomorrow.
Ourfirst face-to-face.
There'll be others.
What do you think?
It's a bit tacky.
Of course it is,
I made it myself.
- Here.
- No, I don't want it.
"I don't want it."
It's not for you, it's for Paula.
Help me up.
- Take it to her.
- No, Antonio.
Don't you want to meet her?
- I don't know.
- "You don't know?"
Well, she wants to meet you.
I've told her all about you.
The big white hope of the family.
And your success is my success.
So tell her you've seen me
and she won't get paranoid.
Face-to-face's are for family.
She is family, Jorge.
She is family.
No ands or buts.
You fiinished.
Finished what?
Your degree.
I saw the diploma in your room.
Have you been snooping around?
Why didn't you tell me?
You never let me surprise you.
Antonio said he made it himself.
You're nothing like your brother.
That's good.
- You're sure Tono's all right?
- Yeah.
Still a pain in the ass.
Jorge, they ran some tests
on your brother.
They found a varicose vein in his
left testicle. He can't have kids.
He didn't say anything.
It can be operated on.
But the waiting list
is over a year long.
For a half-an-hour surgery.
Why didn't he tell me?
You know your brother.
He felt humiliated.
He's insecure,
he feels less manly.
I'll talk to him
so he won't worry.
Jorge, I have a favor to ask.
Well, it's for both of us.
It was his idea.
Antonio's idea?
Well, what is it?
Would you try to get me pregnant?
He said you wouldn't have come
if he'd asked you himself.
I just started ovulating.
Paula, I'm really sorry.
Look what they do to me.
Why do they do that?
- No, Paula.
- Tono said...
you've always had a crush
on the same girl. Your neighbor.
Please get dressed.
You can close your eyes
and think of her.
Why is Dad selling the van?
Because he is.
It was supposed to be for me.
Leave me out of it.
You want the van?
Sell a fiish and it's all yours.
I can't, I got a job.
Oh, yeah?
Why aren't you at work?
I start later.
Doing what?
Being himself.
An idiot.
Surveiling idiots.
- You fucked her!
- No...
You did, you bastard!
I didn't fuck her!
You should have.
Don't you like her?
Paula doesn't tum you on?
Well, faggot? Not in the mood?
- Don't bust my balls.
- Knock it off!
I knew you'd chicken out.
I knew it.
But now I feel better.
Because you have principles.
Now I know I can trust you.
- Trust me?
- To do it.
I'm not doing anything.
You know
what some transvestites do?
They cut their own dicks off.
They make a big mess
and the doctors have no choice
but to operate. I should do the same.
You see this?
I'll do it myself.
Antonio, stop that.
You'll get us in trouble.
Paula won't wait a year.
If I don't do it,
someone else will.
She'll find another guy.
She's only with you
to get pregnant?
You think a girl like that
would notice me on the outside?
You think when I get out
she'll give me the time of day?
Then you shouldn't be with her.
Jorge, I've never asked
anything of you.
Nothing important, anyway.
Please, bro.
You doing it is like me doing it.
Having a kid won't solve anything.
That's for me to decide,
isn't it?
Be hygienic about it.
- Hi.
- Here.
This is for you.
How sweet.
You want to come in?
Some friends are visiting
from Germany.
- Speaking German?
Or English.
I'd better not.
I'd like you to meet them.
Why didn't you call me?
Would you have come?
What can I do
to change your mind?
Take out the trash,
change my dad's diaper,
give him dinner and put him in bed.
All 90 kilos of him.
Come by after.
I speak Spanish.
- What are they celebrating?
- I have no idea.
I met my brother's girlfriend.
- Where?
- In jail, in a face-to-face.
- Those are forfucking.
- Or talking.
Nobody talks in a face-to-face.
How the fuck would you know?
She wants to have a kid.
- And my brother's sterile.
- I'll do it.
- Do what?
- Shit, you know.
Why not?
They want me to do it.
Your brotherwants you
to get his girlfriend pregnant?
My dad's a fag.
Like everyone else's.
More than everyone else's.
I'll trade with you.
This isn't tricked?
Not "oh."
Say something.
Hand-job or blowjob?
No idea, man.
I didn't watch.
That's the right thing to do.
I have more.
- What's that?
- Just advertising.
For advertising they use a prepaid
postmark, not a stamp.
They get a discount that way.
Shouldn't you be at work?
Here's your lunch.
Yeah, make him lunch as well.
No wonder he tumed out so lazy.
I love you a lot.
He's much more affectionate
since he got a job.
If I offer you this job
and you accept it,
you'd have to quit your job
and move out. Is that right?
- Yes.
- Have you somewhere else to go?
You'd be working here
- Who'd take care of yourfather?
- That's my problem.
Here your problems
become my problems.
Your father becomes
my father.
you have an excellent job.
A fixed income,
a stable residence...
Yourfather would be
in good hands.
What am I touching, Dad?
My ear.
What about my ear?
Where is it?
Find it.
And where are my eyes?
And what is this called?
You've got two of them.
Well, Dad?
- Son...
- What?
Why don't you like being a janitor?
Why don't you like being a janitor?
Because I didn't choose to be one.
Because I didn't choose to be one.
We're sorry to inform you that due to
the limited number of openings
and the quantity of applications
we've received,
we cannot offer you employment
at this time...
"Your resume will remain in our data
base forfuture consideration.
Warm regards..."
What are you doing in there?
It's too hot outside.
Here, I got my first paycheck.
You'll take instalments,
won't you?
- Why are you avoiding me?
- Me?
Yeah, you're avoiding me.
I'm here 20 hours a day.
Not with me.
Why are you all dressed up?
I started work today
in a pharmaceutical lab.
How did it go?
I'm still adapting.
- Good aftemoon.
- Bye, Alfonso.
I've been doing it all my life.
Doing what?
Avoiding you.
Your brother was sure
you'd be back.
I'm still not sure.
You have an hour to decide.
I went to South America for a summer
and ended up staying two years.
Because of him?
I met him on Margarita Island.
I was working at a luxury resort
as an activities coordinator.
He was in real estate.
that's what he said.
It all happened so fast,
it was great.
He'd travel back and forth
from Spain twice a month.
And he was crazy about me.
After 5 months I got pregnant
and he said he wanted
to have it here in Spain.
I agreed,
so he got me a ticket
and I came back.
He got held up a few days.
On business, of course.
And what happened?
He never thought
a pregnant Spanish girl
would get stopped by customs.
You didn't know
what you were carrying?
I didn't want to.
Something inside me
decided to ignore it.
My folks still think I live there,
on Margarita Island.
Have you heard from him?
Why do you keep them?
So I won't forget.
It's not his fault I'm in here,
it's mine.
I got on the plane,
I carried the suitcase.
That's the part I can't stand.
Have your friends left?
You used to do the same thing
in school.
You neverwanted to go out
with my friends.
I don't like sharing you.
That's not how relationships work.
Why do you only get involved with me
when you're leaving?
When it can't go anywhere?
I don't do that.
Yes, you do.
You leave me all screwed up.
I'm here now.
Are you seeing anyone?
Have you been?
In what sense?
In any sense.
And you?
Not me.
I was 4-months pregnant
when I got here.
I went straight to
the maternity ward.
It was already moving.
I'd spend the whole day outside,
lying in the sun.
One day they did an ultrasound
and there was no heartbeat.
So they made me abort.
They took me out
of the maternity ward
and wouldn't let me see her.
I wanted to see her.
It was a baby girl.
- How much longer have you got?
- 3 years and 7 months.
I mean here.
In the face-to-face.
This is where we first kissed.
My dad caught us.
I was so afraid of him.
You know what he said to me
later that day?
He said,
"What do you think you're doing?
She's out of your league.
You got that?
Give it up."
We were 11 years old.
It stuck in my mind.
I still haven't gotten over it.
It's about time.
I've seen someone else as well.
That's a relief.
I didn't tell you because
I knew it wouldn't bother you.
Why should it bother me?
It bothers me
that you've seen other people.
You can see whoever you want.
And it does bother me
that you've been with someone else.
Hi, I'm here for a massage.
Come in.
Sorry it's so hot, the AC broke
and in summer they take weeks to fiix it.
- What's your name?
- Ramon.
You want to take a shower?
- No, I'm all right.
- Okay.
Get undressed, Ramon.
And lie face down.
I'll be right back.
Oh, hello.
Sorry, I just started
with another client.
Come back later.
Sorry. Bye.
How's that? Okay?
You started a bit tense.
Yeah, it's my job.
It destroys my back.
Turn over.
What for?
To finish up.
I don't want a hand-job.
You prefer a blowjob?
No, I don't want anything.
It's included in the price.
I don't need one.
It looks like you do.
Look, I'll say anything
you want to hear to get parole.
That's obvious.
I imagine nobody's
dumb enough not to.
What really matters
is whether you believe
my good intentions.
To that effect,
what I say makes no difference.
I think the real question is
what I transmit.
So if I may, I'll just sit here
quietly for a little while.
You watch me
for as long as you need,
and see if I transmit something good.
Nice fucking suit, huh?
Check it out.
It's a lucky charm.
I don't see why you don't like it.
- Look what they put on me.
- What's that?
A surveillance microchip.
A device they put on me
to see if I'm here,
or here, or if I do this...
or if I do that.
To fuck with me.
Did you kiss?
How long did you last?
Not long, I imagine, after so many...
Tono, you can't expect me
to give you the details.
Was she naked?
'Cause pulling down her panties
is enough.
- Did she come?
- No and we didn't kiss, dammit.
No more questions.
If she came I'll kill her.
- What's wrong?
- I can't breathe.
Look at me.
You didn't take any crap,
did you?
- I have to get off.
- Antonio, we still have...
- Stop!
- Antonio!
- Stop, I'm suffocating.
- I can't.
I just got out of jail, dammit!
- I can't.
- Open the damn door!
Breathe slowly.
This sucks.
That's what you get
for asking questions.
It's not that.
I just realized that...
now that I'm out,
that I'm free...
What the hell am I going to do?
And it upset me.
You can start by coming home
and helping me with Dad.
I can't go home.
You know that.
Why not?
Dad won't notice.
He doesn't even recognize me
at times.
He doesn't?
That's good.
Hi, Dad. How are you?
How was school?
Got any homework?
Yeah, plenty.
Go do it.
I don't want a stupid son.
Look who's here, Dad.
Have you got homework, too?
"Homework," he says.
With this face?
Here, look at me.
Do you remember my name?
- Jorge.
- What do you mean, Jorge?
How many sons do you have?
You've killed me, Dad.
You've killed me.
I don't exist anymore.
Will you take me to mass?
Let's go.
- You won't be able to.
- Move.
Look, Dad.
Church bells are ringing.
He gets hysterical
as soon as he crosses the door.
Listen to that, Dad.
- Antonio, I've tried...
- "Clang, clang..."
"Clang, clang..."
My brotherwith my dad
and me here with you.
Would you prefer it
the otherway around?
I'd prefer neither.
You sure know how to make
a girl feel good after sex.
What made you notice my brother?
He sat next to me,
he made me laugh,
he has beautiful eyes
and he was the only one
with no tattoos.
He says you'd never have noticed him
on the outside.
- Probably.
- And that you'll blow him off
when you get out.
And that having a kid
might change that.
I've never lied to your brother.
Why are you sitting like that?
Because it helps the sperm
reach the egg.
That's a lie.
You've never done anything
just in case?
Tell me about Natalia.
It's her birthday soon.
What will you get her?
I always get her the same thing.
Will there be preppy rich girls?
You know, the uptight ones
that end up being total sluts?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Nothing, I'm just homy.
When was the last time you got laid?
Not long ago.
Not long ago? When?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Nat, it's the janitor.
Any trash?
We're off to a great fucking start.
She's kidding. Come in.
Happy birthday.
From the two of us.
The three of us.
Didn't we say the three of us?
My dad's a jerk, right?
And so am I.
Well, if he's gay,
maybe I'll end up gay as well.
Shit, man. Getting a massage
doesn't mean anything.
Maybe he went in there by mistake.
He went back for more.
It's crazy. I'm blackmailing him
and the bastard goes back.
- But he couldn't get in. Fuck him.
- Yeah, fuck him.
I got there first.
What was I supposed to do?
- You got a massage?
- I had no choice.
Of course you didn't.
How was it?
Fine, you know, a massage.
He's very good with his hands.
He's good. Maybe my dad
only goes for the massage.
He strains his back a lot at work.
You wouldn't think so,
but waterweighs a lot.
- And the hand-job?
He gave him one, so what?
I mean, did he give you one?
Are you crazy?
Me, a hand-job?
It hurts that you could think
such a thing.
She's hot, huh?
Hand-job or blowjob?
Hand-job. Don't push it.
Natalia, one question.
Is my brother one of those guys
who has a dick
you could fall in love with?
Excluding yourself as usual?
Learn from your brother.
You've got it all wrong.
I'm not excluding myself.
I'm spying on you.
Your mom called the other day
and asked me to watch you.
She said to call her
if I saw anything odd.
Then I'll have to bribe you.
What's this?
Gonzalo works in Human Resources.
I told him about you. He's expecting
your call for an interview.
You and me in the same company?
It would be nice.
Personal relationships at work
are not often allowed.
That sucks.
I can see why.
It affects productivity.
It wastes time, you know.
That it does.
So is this Gonzalo for
or against that policy?
How do you think I got the job?
What's wrong?
With me? Nothing.
Exactly. You look so relaxed.
No, not just that.
Great music. Very cool.
Thanks a lot.
Hey, listen.
I think I'm a homosexual.
Will you have sex with me
just to make sure?
Why don't you try with a guy?
Why are you wearing that?
Where did everybody go?
They left.
Where were you?
In the bathroom.
For two hours?
I thought you'd left
without saying goodbye.
- You look handsome.
- I know.
Jorge, dude.
I came.
I'm a man.
Hey, come back to bed.
I'm not done yet.
That's too bad.
They spoiled the mood.
I'm used to him doing that.
If anything happens between us,
I'll think it's the suit.
Then take it off.
Shit, what are you doing?
At least wait till I'm done.
Trimming your nose hair?
You've never done that before.
Go on, get out.
You missed one...
- Get out!
- Okay, take it easy.
Get out!
Get the fuck out!
Maybe I could come to the next
face-to-face with my brother.
The three of us could have a chat
and then I'd leave.
- No, I'd feel awkward.
- Why?
It would be better,
less dramatic.
I need to touch you.
Antonio, no.
You're acting weird.
Well, it's just...
I feel bad,
try to understand.
- Do you miss me?
- Of course I do.
Especially in the workshop.
How is it going? Watch out
for those people...
Number 5, time's up.
Don't let them push you around.
Tell them who your boyfriend is!
Tell them!
I'll kick someone's ass.
Number 5, please exit the cabin.
You're not taking it?
It's your dad's.
He doesn't use it.
Remember when
my mom used to gather
used clothes from the neighbors
for the poor?
- Yeah.
First she always took out
whateverfit us.
She'd dress us in clothes
the neighbors threw away.
Then they'd laugh at us.
I never laughed at you. And I even
caught you in my shirt one time.
It looked great on me.
Take the suit or I'll never invite you
to my birthday again.
I just saw Paula.
How is she? Any news?
Not yet. Maybe there's
something wrong with you too.
Come on, let's have a look.
I got you a face-to-face
for next week.
Why don't you go?
You should see her more often.
What for?
- What for?
- To be with her.
To touch her. Kiss her...
To screw.
What do you want?
To humiliate me?
Humiliate me even more?
Haven't I made myself clear?
- Dad, what is that?
- My money.
- Where did you get this?
- From a drawer.
His account is empty.
His pension goes to me.
You're a thief.
Do you know how much shit Paula
has to clean for each face-to-face?
- I can't be with two women.
- What two women?
- Natalia...
- And no one else.
You're not with Paula.
You're just fucking her, okay?
You got that?
Who are you with?
- Natalia.
- That's right. No ands or buts.
If we do anything,
I feel like I'm cheating on her.
Are you going to tell her?
I should.
I wouldn't tell her.
I wouldn't want to know.
Don't worry, we won't do it.
- We're already here...
- No, Jorge.
I understand, really.
It's okay.
Are you angry?
Of course.
We're trying to start a family here
and you're screwing around on me.
If I stop coming,
will you find another guy
orwait for my brother?
You can't choose here.
Here we are.
This isn't the church.
Dad, God is everywhere.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- I'd like to update his account.
- We changed these a while ago.
Yeah, we got it but we can't fiind it.
He's always hiding everything.
It's okay, we'll give him...
We'll give him a new one.
Yeah, Dad.
We're going to mass.
We're very Catholic.
- This account is empty.
- Is it?
Oh, Dad.
So absent-minded!
Didn't I tell you
it was the wrong account?
Can you check for
any other accounts?
Can I see some ID?
- Yeah.
- No, his.
Dad, where's your ID?
Don't touch me.
Dad... Dad.
I need your ID.
You're after my money.
Did you hear that?
All day going on about visiting
the bank before mass,
and now this?
- Then we'll leave.
- Yeah, let's go.
- Dad, cut the crap.
- Don't touch me.
- Dad...
- Don't touch me.
How about that!
He does this to me all the time.
He doesn't care how many people
are waiting.
I wouldn't wish him on
his worst enemy.
- You shit yourself.
- Moron.
There! Yell now!
I took a dance workshop before the
theater workshop. And I met a guy
named Juan.
One of the female inmates
had been after him for some time.
They hooked up a couple times,
but he wasn't into it.
The problem is, she considered him
her property.
She found out about us
and she wasn't too happy.
She's the one after you?
Yeah, and her clan.
Did you ask him to get you
pregnant as well?
- Yes.
He didn't want problems.
Does my brother know?
Then you did lie to him.
That's a pretty nice bike.
A 600?
So you make a nice living.
Thinking of becoming a masseur?
Yeah, right.
I don't see myself jerking off
some of your clients.
Why choose this line of work?
Because I'm good at it.
Aren't I?
Tum over, Ramon.
- My name isn't Ramon.
- It isn't?
It's Israel.
Much nicer.
But my pals call me Sean.
They say I look like Sean Penn.
Yeah, you do.
Can I touch you?
- Jorge?
- Hi.
Follow me.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
- That's okay.
- Natalia's told me a lot about you.
- We're old friends.
- Yeah, she told me.
What wasn't clear was
if you two are together or not.
What did she say?
To stay out of her life.
This way.
I brought my resume.
Okay, I'll take it.
I have a meeting so Emilio
will show you the ropes, okay?
Look, this is Jorge.
Treat him well, he comes highly
recommended. See you later.
I'm here until 11 PM.
Then you take over until 7 AM.
Nice suit.
The cars all need a sticker,
you see?
It's assigned parking, but people park
wherever they fucking please.
There are security cameras
on each level,
but you should check things out
every hour
and keep your eyes peeled.
Careful, don't stain your suit.
Look, that's Gonzalo's car.
Cool, isn't it?
Son of a bitch.
You have to pay for that.
Keep the change, Dad.
Was the interview so awful
you couldn't face me?
No, it was great.
I'll be parking your car
instead of taking out your trash.
Though I could do both.
He offered me the night shift.
I'm sorry.
I had no idea.
That's right.
You have no fucking idea.
Jorge, what have you done?
Why did you tell him
I was a janitor?
- He asked me what you did.
- Then shut up and let me tell him!
- I also said you were my friend.
- Your little janitor friend.
My best friend.
Who you screw on birthdays.
Did you tell him that, too?
I spoke highly of you.
That's why he offered me shit.
Did you tell him?
Did you say you were
interested in finance?
You didn't say anything, did you?
I didn't want you to look bad.
Don't worry about me, Jorge.
I don't care.
Of course you don't.
You have your career, your master's,
your experience in Germany...
You can work anywhere
you fucking want.
You don't like your teeth,
you get brackets...
Who do you think you are?
I have a 3-month contract,
the pay is shit
and I'm being exploited.
You think you're
the only one struggling?
You're totally out of it.
You're the only one who ever
made me think I could do better.
But you have to face
your own limits.
You might end up making
things less bitter
for both of us.
You blame yourfather,
your brother,
you blame me...
But you're the one
torturing yourself.
Stay away from me,
you got that? No more.
What a bastard.
I'll show that fucker.
The whole neighborhood will know.
Sean, give it up already.
So what if your dad likes
seeing a masseur?
It's his life.
Can't you live with that?
I think I like Roberto.
The masseur.
I can't stand my dad seeing him.
I can't.
Had you everfelt attracted
to another man before?
Once, when I was 15.
Looking at magazines.
I flipped through a Playgirl
and got a hard on.
That's it?
No... Well, I stole it.
I jerked off like a madman
for a week.
Then it disappeared.
Shit, my dad must have stolen it,
that fucker!
What about me?
What about you?
We're always together.
I don't turn you on?
Jorge, I don't know if I'm gay,
but I do know I have good taste.
There, there.
Momma's gonna kiss it better.
You do this with your dad?
What for?
It favors sensorial memory.
To not forget basic things.
Your ears,
your eyes,
your nose,
your mouth...
Know what I like most about you?
That you tumed me down.
That you're gentle.
That you're afraid.
That you're handsome.
That you're on the outside.
That you bring out
the tendemess in me.
That you tum me on.
That you're just as trapped as I am.
I'm pregnant.
Then why am I here?
I got pregnant the first day.
I've missed twice already.
What about the maternity ward?
In two weeks.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Are you scared?
Well, I am.
You shouldn't be.
Who's going to behave
himself today?
- You.
- Yeah, me.
- But so are you.
- Not me.
Yeah, you will.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
- No, it's for the client.
- I'll show it to him.
Look, Dad. You can stop worrying
about your accounts.
Anything else?
You see, my dad...
I can't bring him here
all the time.
There must be a way someone
can access his accounts,
I've told you not to smoke here.
It's out.
Shouldn't you be working?
- I quit.
- Quit or got fiired?
I knew it.
You can forget about the van
and the money you've paid me.
What you did to Jorge is wrong.
How could you think Jorge
would do such a thing?
He's a goddamn angel.
Only a real bastard like you
could do such a thing.
Your own flesh and blood.
Son of a bitch.
Lay one finger on me
and even the fiish will know.
What do you want?
- Are you a fag?
- No.
- Gay?
- No.
- Homosexual? Bisexual?
- No. No.
Then why not go to a fucking
Dominican girl masseuse
like everyone else?
- I won't explain myself to you.
No? How about to Mom?
I'll kick you out.
I don't care, Dad.
I don't want to live in a house
where everything's a fucking lie.
Will you stop going?
It doesn't look like it.
Dad, does that look like
your signature to you?
You've got Alzheimer's,
not Parkinson's.
It's not Alzheimer's,
it's vascular dementia.
How did it go with Paula?
Fine? That's all you have to say?
- Don't start.
- Can't anybody talk around here?
You know what this is?
It's called an authorized
signature card.
Even though it's not a card,
it's paper.
It authorizes you to withdraw
money from an account.
Or make a deposit.
- Whose authorization?
- Dad's.
I told you, his account's empty.
His pension goes to me.
Dad has another account.
A savings account.
You were too little to remember,
but when we came to Madrid
Mom insisted
we take out a life insurance policy.
She thought this was
the Bronx or something.
Then it happened...
I remembered, but I didn't know if
the policy was valid, how much it was,
or if Dad had collected.
And he did.
He collected.
I assume he didn't tell you.
How much is it?
It wasn't much at fiirst,
but Dad stuck it in the bank...
Seven years without touching it,
and now it's 100,000 euros.
If he signs this,
it's ours.
How long have you known?
I didn't know, I suspected.
That's not suspicion.
Either you know or you don't.
Why didn't you tell me?
Yeah, right.
So you could keep it.
But hey, great news, right?
We could use it.
- It's not yours.
- Of course not.
It's for the two of us.
The two of us?
It's mine.
Mine and Dad's.
What does he need it for?
We'll put him in a home.
He'd have given it to me,
you hear?
He'd have given it to me.
Really? He'd have given it to you?
Then why didn't he?
Why didn't he?
Let's ask him. Dad.
Why didn't you give Jorge the money?
- He's the bastard, not me.
- Leave him alone!
To bed without supper,
both of you.
I'm sorry, Jorge.
I'm sorry.
I've been fucking selfish.
I needed to believe
there was something
waiting for me when I got out.
That I didn't have to start over,
at my age.
Especially now,
with Paula and what
the future may bring.
You understand, don't you?
You're going to be a dad.
Paula's pregnant.
Will you forgive me?
What for?
For everything I haven't told you.
What will you do now?
I don't know.
Figure something out.
You're old enough
to have an idea.
Yeah, but sometimes people
are late in realizing.
When did you realize, Dad?
Realize what?
Did you realize all at once,
or did it happen separately?
I mean,
did you think:
"I like massages"?
"I like hand-jobs"? "I like men"?
Separately, like that?
Shut up, Israel.
Orwas it all at once?
You thought:
"I like men giving me massages
with hand-jobs."
Israel, please, stop.
You want me to stop?
What about him?
Shut up.
Keep eating.
Come here, my love.
I won't squeeze too tight,
it'll fall out.
We made it.
Let's celebrate.
- Did you talk to Jorge?
- Barely.
He's so quiet.
He never says anything.
I ask him, but it bothers him.
He's ashamed, he won't talk...
Then I start thinking about shit
and I get all paranoid.
We may be brothers,
but we're totally different.
Let me see.
- It's easy to take off.
- Wait.
It's okay.
You can have sex
when you're pregnant.
I know, it's not that.
It isn't that.
Then what is it?
Why did you bring me here?
We can't be together.
That's news. You've been saying that
since we were kids.
Yeah, but now it's different.
I was afraid before.
I thought we were on different paths
and that sooner or later
you'd blow me off.
- And now?
Now I don't just think so.
I'm totally convinced
it will happen.
There's another girl.
She's in there.
She works in the prison?
We can start a business.
I always wanted a video store.
We'll open one.
You don't even know my plans.
You should have told me.
That's not my fault.
Of course it isn't.
Then fuck the video store.
What do you want to do?
Antonio, open a video store
if you want.
If you want a tattoo,
get one.
- Right.
But you don't want to.
What do you want?
What do you want?
I'm right here.
Waiting to hearwhat the fuck
it is you want...
and give it to you.
What do you want?
She needs me.
That's not enough.
It is for me.
It is for now.
There must be something more.
It can't be just that.
With you I feel like
a hand-me-down.
I can't help it.
With her everything's new.
It's about time.
What is?
That you surprised me.
- What are you doing?
- Dad will kick me out.
I'll save him the trouble.
- I won't let him.
- It's okay, I don't want to stay.
I don't understand why you do.
Come with me, Mom.
Or between the two of us
we can throw him out.
I already knew about your dad.
Well, I imagined something worse.
I didn't know he was
only getting massages
with hand-jobs.
This sucks.
It sucked before.
When your dad was
always bitter and made
my life hell.
- Have you talked to him?
I don't need to.
He's learned to live with it.
And so have I.
- Now it's your turn.
- What the fuck is this, a sect?
- Afamily.
- And that's it?
That's it.
Up the butthole.
I wouldn't use that expression.
If you tell anyone,
I'll kick you out
- Jorge knows.
I trust Jorge.
Where's Jorge?
I don't know.
What's Paula going to do
when she gets out?
Get a B.A. In Language Studies.
Although she'd rather do
social work.
Help women in her same situation.
Say that again...
Get a B.A. In Language Studies.
Though she'd rather...
What did I say?
What did I say?
I said only to fuck her.
Just what I needed.
take it easy.
Does that suit
mean that much to you?
It's not the suit,
it's what it means.
What does it mean?
Not always feeling like
there's something in between.
In between what?
Me and what I want.
Why that one?
Because I see it every day.
And it's nice.
And no one ever buys it.
They keep marking it down
and it's still there.
- Jorge.
- What?
Why don't you ever let me
buy you stuff?
I'd like to get it for you
as a gift.
You're like a girlfriend to me.
But without sex,
or even wanting it.
I have to get that suit by myself.
You have no money.
I don't want to buy it.
Not anymore.
What do you want to do?
Can we trade places?
Does this thing have an airbag?
- Where are you going?
- To a job interview.
- Another one?
- Yeah.
Where'd you get the suit?
I don't want Mom's money.
I wasn't going to give it to you.
I know, but I still don't want it.
You keep it.
Of course I will.
And Dad, too.
No, you keep Dad.
It's yourfault he's a vegetable
in a wheelchair,
so you take care of him.
- You really think it's my fault?
Finish up, Dad.
We have to go.
What are you doing?
Are you stupid?
Okay, it's all right.
Sign another,
you've got it down.
- Antonio.
- What?
You remembered my name!
Let's see.
What's my name? Say it again.
What's my name?
What's my name?
Bye, Dad. I'm off.
Bye, son. Be good.
Help me...
What are you doing here?
Will you leave me alone?
Sure, Dad.
But I was fiirst in line.
I've been coming a while now,
at your expense.
What's your problem?
Your own flesh and blood.
You're not a fag, Israel.
I raised you.
Parents notice that stuff.
Did Grandpa notice you?
Show some respect, Israel.
Don't fuck with me.
If you stop coming, so will I.
I have a better idea.
You get even days, I get odd days.
This is a bit awkward.
- See you later.
- Bye.
- Working as a janitor?
- Seven years.
- Well?
- Great.
- A business degree.
- Is that a problem?
No, it's great.
But it might be too small
a job for you.
I don't think it's too small.
Try to understand.
I don't want you to bail on us.
- I want somebody committed.
- I studied Business in my free time.
Ajanitor can find free time.
Right. Any family?
Yeah, I have a girlfriend.
That's not family.
We're a couple.
She's pregnant.
With a baby girl.
She's working abroad,
but she'll be back soon.
Would you have noticed me
if you weren't in jail?
Probably not.
Will you want to be with me
when you get out?
Okay, it looks fine to me.
Any questions?
Do I have to wear a suit?
If you prefer to.
I do.
Why did you quit your job?
Did something happen?
I just needed a change.
Another job as a janitor?
You call that a change?
I liked the other rooftop better.
What are you looking for?
Something to keep fooling myself.
Just like you.
Clang, clang, clang...
Clang, clang, clang...