Azumi 2: Death or Love (2005) Movie Script

Ueto Aya
Ishigaki Yuma
Kuriyama Chisaki
Kaneko Syusuke
They've increased in number
Five from the west
Five from the south
Who the hell are
these persistent guys?
We're assassins who've
killed many people
It's obvious
that we're marked
That's true
Let's go!
They're coming...
You're rats
caught in our fangs
Prepare yourselves
Kill them!
I'm sure I sliced him
- Let's fall back for now!
- Don't lose them!
These guys are
wearing steel armor
Is that Kanbei?
I'll get revenge
for Lord Kato
Shoot them!
- Damn!
- They jumped off
We lost them
They couldn't be unharmed
from this height
You still don't
know them well
Let go of my hand!
Everyone died...
Now it's just
the two of us left
We have to kill Sanada
and complete the mission
You can't die a meaningless death
in a place like this
I'm going
Azumi 2
Death or Love
Kanbei, why have you
come such a long way?
Lord Kato
whom I served...
...fell victim
to assassins
Their last target
is you, Sir
The only one who may wield
the power of the Toyotomi... you, Sir
I traveled this far... ask what
you intend to do
- My intentions...
- Yes, Sir
You want to
know my intentions?
When Kato fell
right before your eyes...
...what the hell
did you do?
This pain... Kato's price
It is my
suffering as well
Endure the suffering
Then you will naturally
know my intentions
If you do not...
...explain your intentions
to this lowly servant...
How could he fathom
the deeper meaning?
I was driven out
by the Tokugawa
For 10 years since the
attack at Kudo mountain...
...I have never lost in
a battle against the Tokugawa!
But... the war between
the Tokugawa and the Toyotomi... not over
The Toyotomi's defeat
is imminent
Wasn't it you
who said...
...that in a war with
no chance for victory... couldn't let
your followers die, Father?
Even my son
doubts my strength
You are deluded
by something, Father
The Uenokogashu's ninja,
The girl called
the demon of war
Young Master Yukimura
is unsatisfied with us
I just don't
want a hopeless war
What are your personal reasons
for assisting Father?
Watch your words,
You're really something
If those are truly
your intentions...
...then I will go
right now to Osaka...
...and consult the
opinion of the Toyotomi
Well then
Nagara, are you all right?
Get a hold of yourself
This is where Master
waited for secret messengers
If we wait,
someone will come for sure
Good job, Azumi!
Nachi, watch
You're doing well
You've really become strong
There's something
I really wanted to say
I really like you
The mission
ahead of you...
...will be
infinitely brutal
You must harden yourself
with a steel resolve
That is the
path of an assassin
The partner you
are matched with...
Kill him!
I want to
complete the mission
This is
our destiny
What's the matter?
I'm hungry
I'll go get something to eat
You're invulnerable
- Azumi
- Yeah?
Please give me
something to eat
- OK, here you go
- Thank you
Your change
Nobody move!
D~don't misunderstand
We're noble robbers
who help others
We work for the
sake of the world
If you want to do something good,
you have to be alive first
So let's all
get along and share
We need
your help
Give us
all your money
Don't hesitate
Hurry up and fork it over
Give it up
You too
I don't have any money to give
to a bandit the likes of you
Then why don't you
leave your sword
You won't have another occasion
to use it anyway
You insolent fool
Put out your worries and
just hand over your money
Hurry up and fork it over
- Where are you going?
- Please move aside
It's a girl
with a lot of guts
She's cute
Such a pretty face
- Ginkaku
- Yeah?
What are you doing?
take a look...
What do you think? Pretty, right?
Let's take her with us
You agreed to work for
the sake of the world
If we had a girl...
...she couldn't become one of us
how about an assistant?
- Hey hey hey
- Stop it
Son of a bitch, the effect of
your blood was awesome!
Fooled them all in an instant
Man, you really
looked like a warrior
Why did you drive away
a hot girl like that?
- That girl is strong
- What?
Clumsy awkward guys like us
would take the fall
- R~really?
- Yeah
Azumi, stop!
They're on our side
I am Hanjo of Iga
We came because
Lord Tenkai sent us
I heard many
rumors about you
They were incredible
Asano Nagamasa
Kato Kiyamasa
Thanks to you
killing those two...
We were able to
avoid a blameless war
You fulfilled your
mission successfully
That is sufficient
There is still one man left
Sanada Masayuki
We are too inadequate
to take Sanada down
He has hired
a killer ninja squad
They're called
the Uenokogashu
They're a gruesome bunch that
don't belong to any ninja school...
...who make assassination
their business
We may even have to
mobilize the army
We're here so that
we can avoid a war
We will deal with
Sanada Masayuki
As our master commanded,
we will complete the mission
We will finish it for sure
for the sake of our fallen comrades
You will not
come back alive
Master commanded us to
kill our own comrades
For the sake of making me
a cool-headed assassin...
I killed my partner who was like
a brother to me with my own hand
I don't have any expectations
of coming back alive
Complete the mission
I want to go too
Allow me to guide you through
the lay of Kudo mountain
Hanjo sent spies
to Kudo mountain
They're watching
Sanada's every move
The movements of Tenkai
who regulates the Tokugawa...
...from behind the scenes
are suspicious
The pigeons
are crying out
The assassins
of the Tokugawa...
...came to cut the head
off this old man
You smell
like blood
Isn't it your
favorite scent?
When I was young...
...this was
my happiest moment
And now?
With this old body...
...what craving
could be left...
...except to
verify that I...
...still have the strength to live
The day those who make
attempts at your life...
...fall into the hands
of our ninjas...
We've come to a major road
Gozue is
really excited
Let's go
What are you doing?
What's the matter?
I met a guy who looked
just like Nachi
He's a bandit who goes
by the name Ginkaku
You want a fight?
What did you say?
- Sorry!
- You assholes
How pathetic, running away
If we catch you one more time
you're dead
You have all gathered below
the banner of General Sanada
You're a sad
lonely lot...
...who don't
have homes...
...or family
to lean on
But there's
no need to worry
Starting today,
you are servants of General Sanada
Hold up the banner of
General Sanada and follow him
You will kill the assassins
who seek the life...
...of our ever vigilant Lord
and fight the Tokugawa
If you do that,
then the Lord Sanada Masayuki...
...will grant
you a reward
Those who want to become
a soldier for General Sanada...
...come to this side
- K~Ginkaku
- Ginkaku
Pick out the
skilled ones
Yes, Sir!
What do you think
those assassins are like?
You're really going to
become a soldier for Sanada?
I took the money
All we have to do is
kill the assassins, right?
I don't like
slicing people with swords
Ginkaku will
take care of it, right?
Who's the guy who went on about
how he killed 100 people?
When did I?
If you don't want to
then we can just run away
B~but you know,
that girl from before...
If I keep thinking about her
as I look at the stars...
I'll meet her again, right?
- Hey man
- What?
Want to meet her?
I'm talking about that girl
You're the one who really wants
to meet her, right?
Maybe it's because of the war
but the atmosphere is really dreary
- Ginkaku
- Nachi?!
Are they the assassins who are trying
to claim Sanada's life?
There's no mistake
What should we do?
Hold on a moment
Don't get in the way
What are you doing?
Didn't you hear me
tell you to wait?
I changed my mind
These guys are the enemy
All right!
Do as your told
Kill them!
You can't trust
anything in this world
Are you
a demon?
You bastard...
Hey everybody,
Big Brother's back!
Have you all been well?
These are children who lost
their parents because of the war
I brought
them here
You've grown a lot
This guy's gotten fat
Don't cry
Come over here
You're good right? Don't cry
Want to play with Big Brother?
Let's play
- Saburo
- Yeah?
- How about elder brother?
- He died
who's this?
These are my friends
These gentle people
are your friends?
They may look like that
but they're assassins
They kill people
without even blinking
Is that true?
With a pretty face like this,
you commit murder?
We kill the people
who start the war
The war
won't go away
As long as people are here,
it will continue
The people who get
used as tools...
...are the most foolish
Are you saying
that to us?
Be patient
You heard him just now
This bastard didn't
just insult us...
...he insulted our
fallen comrades as well
I'm sorry if I was disagreeable
Give me the money you raised
You didn't do
anything bad, right?
Chiyo, there's no
good or bad with money
If a good person spends it,
then it's good money
- Grandma Yone
- What?
Look at this
There's so much
You were up to no good again
You won't die in peace
If you are healthy
and eat well...
...and if the children grow up well,
that's enough for me
Chiyo, leave him be
He'll sleep when he gets worn out
Chiyo, I'll help
That's fine
Please just sleep
and leave quickly
Did we do
something wrong?
Assassins who kill people
are abominable
What's the use of
cultivating love and devotion?
It's obvious that we'll just
fall victim to people like you
We want to
get rid of the war
So there won't be
children with no parents
You chat well
for a murderer
What about the children
of the people you killed?
Gozue, get up
Azumi, let's go
We live in a different world
than these people
The enemy is at
their base
We're finally moving out
If Lord Sanada
attacks Tenkai...
...then the feudal lords siding
with the Toyotomi will be furious
If we get wrapped up in
a violent battle again...
War would probably
break out again
While Young Master Yukimura
is gone...
...this is the time
to make our move
The Black Spider
is getting amused
The Black Spider
will be the opponent...
...of the assassins
aiming for the Lord's life
You are strong
One of their spies
is on our side
Don't leave out a single person
Annhilate everyone
Show them clearly
the strength of the Uenokogashu
It's Sanada's soldiers
Who are they?
It must be a war
Let's go
Can I ask
one question?
What's the secret
to dodging arrows?
Both of you have
never been hit by an arrow
Let the master of running
teach you something
Take an arrow
and stand here
One two three...
Eight up to here
In my experience,
it's eight steps
If you have this much distance,
you can dodge them
only needs six
All right, try shooting me
From here?
Shoot for real?
Don't worry
Just shoot me
Wow! You're amazing
Arrows are surprisingly slow
If the distance is enough,
you can dodge them
- Let's go
- Sure
There's none left
What you see over there
is Kudo mountain
That's where
Sanada Masayuki is
We've arrived at our destination
You like Azumi, right?
Has anything happened while the
two of you have always been together?
Azumi is just like
a little sister to me
You really don't have
any feelings for her?
Well, I like her
Our fallen comrades
liked Azumi too
That's why I'm going to
protect her in their stead
It looks like she
likes that Ginkaku guy
Azumi's true intentions
are probably... disappear to somewhere
far away with Ginkaku
It can't be
You saw it too,
haven't you?
Actually, that guy...
...looks exactly
like Nachi who died
That Nachi guy...
Did Azumi
like him?
Let's send Azumi
to Ginkaku
To us, the mission...
If you really want
to protect Azumi...
...then let her get away
from a dangerous mission
Let's kill Sanada
Sanada left
Kudo mountain
Now Kudo mountain
is just an empty shell
I'll have to verify
with my own eyes
Trust us
Is the mission
that important?
You stay out of this
Did someone say they'd recognize you
for risking your life to fight?
That's right
In any case,
the war won't go away
That's right!
More than that...
...why don't we think about
a way to live happily?
Just like Chiyo
What do you think about
living with the children?
Let's do that, Azumi
I want to do that but...
I can't
- Why? Why can't you?
- Wait
Come on everyone, persuade her
hold on!
There's no reason you can't
Follow Ginkaku
Why are you even doing this?
Don't make me laugh
Gozue and I are
going on a vacation
Listen up, I'm sick of
following the mission
I've endured it up to now
but I finally understand
In a vain ideal,
we lost our comrades
I felt the attacks of our enemies
as we stood before them
There wasn't a single day
when my mind was at ease
Do you really mean that?
Of course I mean it
You should live happily
with Ginkaku too
Forget about
completing the mission
Nagara, get a grip
Why are you doing this?
You get a grip!
I'm finished living
for the sake of the mission
We're leaving
Take care
Please, I'm begging you
Don't do this
take care of Azumi
And don't show up
in front of me again
Nagara, wait!
He's right
Look at us
Though we don't have anything...
...we live with
freedom and happiness
- Isn't that true?
- Yup
I'm different from you guys
Everything I've seen,
touched, and perceived
So don't interfere
We're not interfering!
- Right?
- That's right
- Right?
- That's right
- Right?
- That's right
D~don't go
What are you doing
not trying to stop her?
Don't go,
Live with us
It's for the best
If it's Ginkaku,
you can relax
Azumi will be
happy now too
If Ginkaku's words
are right...
...then Sanada has
already left Kudo mountain
After Azumi and the rest...
...have gone away...
...let's take this chance
and hit Sanada
Let's chase Sanada
I know
all the roads
- Is this the right way?
- There's no mistaking it
We've been going in circles
If we go a little more,
there'll be a major road
Then let's hurry
What the hell is this?
Did you say to shoot
within eight steps?
You taught me
Gozue, you...
We're on the same side
I'm the spy the
Uenokogashu sent
I trained under ninja
ever since I was young
I built up trust...
...and waited only
for a day like this
Burying Tenkai's gang... my first
priority mission
Don't be careless
and try to pretend
This can't be happening
Let Azumi...
Of all times, why do people
come to interfere now?
Next time, I will definitely
cut your throat
I told you that
Sanada isn't here
He already left
with his soldiers
It can't be
He isn't intending to
attack Lord Tenkai, is he?
Their target is you,
Lord Tenkai
Are you saying that Sanada
has left Kudo mountain?
We have received word
We do not have
a moment to lose
If we flee from here...
...we have to
abandon Azumi's party
We don't have time to
take care of our assassins
I must protect you,
Lord Tenkai
- You're telling me to throw them away
- Lord Tenkai
Azumi is...
It can't be helped
I'll do what you say
I was right, wasn't I?
Sanada's henchmen are
spread out everywhere
There's a temple beyond
that mountain over there
We're completely trapped in
It'll be hell from here on
Hurry and go back you guys
A~are you worrying
about us right now?
We've already come this far
so let's go to the end
I like it!
Let's go crazy for once
Kill anyone who comes close
The blood's gonna break out
Let's have a helluva fight
Your mouths are lively
so you can talk a lot
I had a friend
who was a lot like you
Was that guy
also an assassin?
He was a guy named Nachi
There are many people
who look similar
So what happened to him?
He died
I... killed him
- What?
- Let's go
The ranks to the west
are in position
The ranks to the east
are in position
We have blockaded
the road to their base
Tenkai is a cornered rat
They have no holes
to run away
Instead of wasting
precious soldiers...
...allow us handle this
You must not lose him
Yes, Sir!
You're one step behind
Lord Tenkai,
please escape
This way
Sir Hanjo!
Take care
You assholes!
Move aside
Everyone is dead
Thanks for looking out for
this dim-witted big brother
Don't say that
I feel good
Open your eyes
- Mistress Kunio
- Why are you coming now?
We lost them
What happened?
They're not average assassins
Rokpa also has fallen
Rokpa was beaten?
The Matchless Rokpa?
I can't believe it
We must bring them
into the spider web
Are you saying we should lure them?
If they get caught in a web
loaded with poison
Their bodies will become
paralyzed and they won't budge
The slightest mistake and
you'll be in the same situation
Mistress Kunio,
please throw the bait
These are the only
soldiers who survived
This is too horrible
They all died trying
to protect you
You know that?!
- Ginkaku
- It's OK
You're right
Where's Nagara?
While fighting enemies
to protect me...
...we got split up
He'll be all right
He was the most agile
of all of us
- Why are you looking at me like that?
- I just...
It's nothing
There is a shortcut to the
Tokugawa temple grounds
I'll guide you
Lord Tenkai,
please wait here for a moment
The mission...
It was a mistake!
We're surrounded by enemies
What did you say?
You bitch!
Where's Nagara?
The mission...
I asked you
Where's Nagara?
I killed him
What did you say?
To the end, he only pleaded
that I let you live
Of course that's a
promise I can't keep
I couldn't should you from here,
could I?
Tell me that's a lie
...the mission I was given
Nagara is dead
To think he'd fall
to someone like you
Don't follow me!
I'll deal with Sanada
Are you Azumi?
I sent Gozue to hell already
I also lost my only companion
I'll tear you to shreds!
I'll repay you...
...for the words you just spoke
Has the poison spread?
How dare you...
Rokpa and Gozue weren't enough
So even the Black Spider?
You've dried up the seeds
of the Uenokogashu
You insolent bitch!
What a man is...
What life is...
Even what the world is...
You're an inexperienced girl who knows none of these
I can't forgive you
Has the poison spread?
This is the end
Drop into hell for me
Prepare yourself!
Lord Sanada...
Are you all right?
Get a hold of yourself
Is the mission
that important?
I'm going to
complete the mission
There are many people
who look similar
Isn't that true?
The mission...
- You know who I am, don't you?
- Nachi...
It's OK
The poison only
spread a little
You have to live
You can't die
- Kunio
- General
Mistress Kunio!
I couldn't kill the assassin
What do you mean?
How did you
get these wounds?
Your dreams of war...
...cannot end here
Everything was for your sake
I only wanted to see you smile
Wake up
Why did you...
Instead of me...
Why did you die
in place of me?
Why dammit, why?!
The people I love around me...
Why do they all die?
Listen up
This is an all out attack on Tenkai
Move out!
And the prey comes
walking up to our feet
Get her!
Prepare to fire!
Call off the attack
You must not!
Get out of my way
To think such a young girl
is an assassin
What reason do you have
for seeking my life
It is to get rid of the war
Gather up the troops
Not only the Toyotomi...
...but now no one
is on our side
This is not your place
to interfere!
Go back to Kudo mountain
There is no hope in
taking action like this
These are all the consequences
of my actions
You be quiet
Priest Tenkai
General Sanada
Do you intend to face
all of these soldiers
My defeat is imminent anyway
If we are to die here...
...the Tokugawa will not sit tight
If I let you live
the result will be the same
It is time to make a decisive decision
That despicable girl...
...took away what I treasured most
Leave that young assassin and go
Then I, Sanada Masayuki,
will return to Kudo mountain
I will not resist
the Tokugawa again
H~hold on
You want us to leave Azumi?
No way
No way...
I am an assassin
I am always prepared to die
All of my comrades...
...died feeling the same
If you believe a
world of peace will come...
Even if we were just used...
Even if that's the case...
Today will be the end of everything
If I eliminate Sanada
You will be hated
I willingly comply
- General
- Stop!
- No one interfere
- Father
Even if you don't interfere
this is enough
I brought this all
upon myself
I will get revenge for Kunio
Prepare yourself
Don't shoot
Lower your guns
Stand back
You wench...
Sheathe your sword
She killed every one
of our most skilled warriors
And she cut the
sprouts of the Toyotomi
This was my father's
last wish
I want to protect what
little honor remains
Nobody interfere
I must get revenge
for Lord Kato
How could I not
know your rage?
However, the promise of a warrior...
...must be kept even
at the risk of life
Do you think the war
has really ended?
The mission is over
Our affiliation is only
up to here as well
Where are you saying
you must go now?
Facing what...