Azur et Asmar (Azur and Asmar) (2006) Movie Script

Nanny, sing us the sweet words.
A small boy
Becomes big boy
A small boy
Becomes a big boy
Crosses the valleys
Puts out fires
Crosses the valleys
Puts out fires
And he saves
The Djinn Fairy
Together they live in happiness
And a handsome prince will come
bearing the three magic keys.
He will save the Djinn Fairy.
And he will find love.
Mama, what are djinns?
They're little people
who look after the world around us.
Sometimes they are kind.
Sometimes they are wicked.
So it's necessary for the Djinn Fairy
to keep control of them.
Are there djinns here as well, nanny?
Yes, but they're known as elves.
Perhaps some kind ones will come
to soothe your sleep tonight.
Sleep well, my loves.
Good night, nanny.
Good night,
A little boy
This child will grow
Becomes a big boy
Handsome and strong
Crosses the valleys
Puts out fires
He will travel far across the sea
One day he'll save
The Djinn Princess
And he saves
The Djinn Fairy
And both shall live in happiness
And both shall live in happiness
How is my son?
He's growing big, growing strong.
And he has the eyes of an angel.
- Be certain he wants for nothing.
- Yes, master.
Far away, across the sea,
in the land of the Djinn Fairy,
the sun always shines.
The scent of roses and jasmine
fills the air.
The houses are white and blue,
as in a dream.
- Asmar's got a bigger slice than me.
- That's not true. It's smaller.
That's not true. He's eaten it all.
Stop arguing, or I won't finish the story.
- No!
- No!
- So, what do you say?
- Thank you, nanny.
Thank you, mum.
Now, the Djinn Fairy
is held captive
in a black mountain far away.
Inside it, there is a great Hall of Light
decorated with precious stones.
And within a crystal cage,
the Djinn Fairy is held imprisoned,
more beautiful than any diamond.
One day, a handsome prince will come.
He will find the three magic keys.
He will defeat the Scarlet Lion
with the blue claws.
He will defeat the bird Saimourh
with its rainbow wings.
He will find the secret passageway
in the Black Cliff.
Azur is no longer a baby.
It's not proper for him
to be living with you.
As from tonight,
he will sleep in his own room, upstairs.
- You're just not good-looking at all.
- Yes, I'm the handsome one.
Your clothes maybe, but not you.
But I've got lovely blue eyes.
- They're ugly.
- No. I look like an angel.
You, an angel?
My country's better than this place.
How do you know it is?
You've never even been there.
- I know because my mum said so.
- That's not true. She never did.
- She did too.
- No, she didn't.
- Did.
- Didn't.
- Did.
- Didn't.
- Did.
- Didn't.
The rain stopped.
And anyway, this is your country.
You were born here.
This is not my country.
- Yes, it is yours.
- It isn't.
- It is.
- It isn't.
Stop that.
Which one's Azur?
The time's come for you to learn dancing,
fencing, riding and Latin.
You'll do me credit in all of them.
God willing.
What's that?
I said, God willing.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
Much more nobility in your bearing.
One, two, three, four.
I asked for a certain nobility in bearing,
not a tight neck.
Try and bring a little grace
to what you are doing.
One, two, three, four.
And one, two, three, four.
What I asked for is grace.
What I get is porridge.
One, two, three, four.
Good. We should call a hold there
for today, I think.
Bow nicely.
No, no, take your time.
You may go now.
You look like a duck.
You haven't even got a dad.
Yes, but you haven't
even got a mum.
Maybe I haven't,
but your mum is my mum as well.
Oh, no. My mum is definitely not yours.
She is mine too. She is.
No, she is my mum. Not yours
She is my mum too.
And I am her favorite.
That is not true.
Rat. Good-for-nothing.
Stop that.
Azur, go to your room.
You'll go to bed without supper.
Thanks. That's enough.
Otherwise, I'll only get the runs.
Straighten up.
Try to be worthy of your mount.
Trot now, if you please.
That bad horse disobeyed.
You won't improve by accusing others.
If the horse misbehaves,
it's never the horse's fault,
but the rider's fault.
If the horse misbehaves,
it's never the horse's fault,
but the rider's fault.
Know what?
When I grow up,
I'm going to travel across the sea
to free the Djinn Fairy and marry her.
No, I'm going to marry her.
- You've no right.
- Yes, I do.
Anyway, I'm stronger than you.
We'll see about that.
- I'll show you.
- You don't know anything.
- Rat. Dungheap.
- Stubborn! Idiot!
Not again.
And rolling in a dungheap this time.
This finally has to end.
Azur, I have a surprise for you.
Meet the tutor I have engaged for you.
Good day, young sir.
Follow me, if you please.
Stay there.
Get in.
You're off to study in the city.
You'll live at your tutor's house.
Your trunk is onboard.
Goodbye, my son. Study hard.
And avoid bad company,
I strongly urge you.
But I need a wash.
You'll have time for that
when you arrive.
- But I need to say goodbye to nanny.
- No.
You have nothing to say to her.
No! I don't want to leave!
Let go of me! Let go of me!
You have no right! Leave me alone!
I no longer need you.
- Leave.
- What?
Don't you understand?
You're no longer needed.
You're dismissed.
But where will we go, the two of us?
That's not my concern.
- Where's Azur?
- That's not your concern.
He left in a carriage.
Without saying goodbye?
He had other concerns. Get out.
But I need some time
to pack my belongings.
No. Everything in this house is mine.
You'll leave with the clothes on your back
and nothing more. Go.
I curse you and your family.
Leave my house
before I lose my temper.
Azur, you're a grown man now.
What will you do with your life?
I want to go to the land
across the great deep sea
and liberate the Djinn Fairy.
- You're joking.
- No.
That female Saracen's venom
is still poisoning your veins.
- I should never have employed her.
- Shouldn't have driven her out.
Your disrespect should be punished.
Stop punishing me. Help me.
But have I not done that?
Regardless of the obstacles,
I shall travel to the land across the sea.
I'm going to the land of my dreams
to find love!
I've lost everything.
I dont know where I am.
What a bleak place.
--widow, Jenane, gave me
the remains of her...
Nanny's language. This is her country.
--more that she had...
Those poor men.
She gave it to me.
It is nanny's language,
but I dont understand it.
It's been too long.
And nanny spoke more slowly.
I must go over. Be bold.
What a sad life...
Good morning to you, sirs.
Look at his eyes.
That is all we need.
What did I say?
No more blunders this time.
I wont say anything.
Blue eyes.
Leave my child, you monster.
- He will bring misfortunes.
- Help!
Leave, leave you filthy man.
No, no.
No. Leave!
Leave, you are cursed.
No, no.
Why? Why? Tell me.
Why are you afraid?
You have blue eyes.
I know, blue eyes. So what?
You are cursed.
Cursed? The evil eye?
Blue eyes bring bad luck.
I bring bad luck with my blue eyes.
Leave, leave!
What's that stench?
I'm as hungry as this dog.
The dogs see that I have blue eyes too.
This country smells bad.
The people are crippled.
They're malicious. They're ugly.
The houses are ugly
and the countrysides ugly.
I believed in the Djinn Fairy.
Nanny lied.
I should have drowned.
My supply of grain is almost gone.
Someone's coming.
Dont let them see me.
-...from that at all.
- Look!
They've seen me.
Come, let's go see him.
- He is a man.
- Is he dead?
They're going to hit me.
He has a strange looking hair.
He may be sound asleep.
He does not look bad at all.
No, they're not going to hurt me.
Yes, but my eyes are closed.
They dont know they're blue.
They'll never know.
No, he is not dead.
This world is ugly.
I'll never open my eyes again.
From now on, I'm blind.
But he is blind.
Good morning.
Good morning.
We are very poor.
You have to go to the city.
The city.
The city?
Go to the city where you can beg.
To beg.
To beg?
Come, we will show you
the way to the city.
That is better for you.
You are now facing the way.
Thank you. See you later.
See you later.
Good luck.
I guess you're a foreigner.
- Like you.
- Yes.
We need to form a defensive alliance
against the locals.
I can hardly walk these days.
Your legs are strong.
My eyesight is great, but yours ain't.
I speak the language very, very well.
You can hardly say a word.
You carry me on your shoulders
and I'll steer
and do what talking's necessary.
The angels must have sent you.
I was getting utterly desperate,
being by myself in this horrible country.
Climb up.
Full ahead.
The name's Crapoux. And yours?
That's an odd name.
- What are you like?
- You might say I'm like you.
Tall, blond.
What color are your eyes?
Oh, dark. I wouldn't ride around openly
if they were blue.
The local people are totally convinced
that blue eyes are an evil omen
and bring bad luck.
That's incredible.
But true.
The locals are superstitious to the core.
Turn back, quick!
What's wrong?
A black cat to the left. It's bad luck.
And that's not superstition?
No, it's been scientifically proved.
Everyone knows that.
I don't.
Look out. You're heading for a palm.
What's a palm?
It's a local tree.
It's as ugly as all the rest.
They don't have pine trees.
What's that sound?
A gazelle. Its legs are too long.
They don't have rabbits.
- What's that?
- An irrigation canal.
They have to move water in pipes.
They don't have rain.
Anyway, what are you doing
in this awful land?
I was shipwrecked
and washed up here.
You speak the lingo a bit. How come?
My nurse came from here.
I was very close to her as a young boy.
- Is she dead?
- Yes.
My father threw her out with her son.
They vanished.
And then we heard that they had both
been devoured by wolves.
Well, anyway,
they had no business in our country.
And you? Why are you here?
You won't believe this,
but 20 years ago,
I came here to liberate
and then marry a djinn fairy.
- What?
- It is true.
The stupid things young men do.
I believed the fable.
- The Djinn Fairy doesn't exist?
- Oh, yes.
But I thought the natives
would help me succeed in my quest.
Some chance. They sabotaged me
every chance they got.
Without them, I would have found
the secret passages long ago
and the Djinn Fairy.
Speaking of which, we're in front
of the Chapel of the Fiery Key.
A magic key? Guide me.
I want to see-- To touch it.
Poor boy,
there's nothing to see or touch.
Stop. You're there.
It's odd.
No, it's not odd. It's tiling.
They don't have whitewash.
- Watch your step.
- Guide me.
There are holes all over the place.
Why's that?
These chapels are always empty.
So the Djinn Fairy's suitors
dig up the ground,
trying to find the Fiery Key.
But a fiery key makes no sense.
The Fiery Key exists.
And I know where it is.
What? The boy is out of his mind.
It's warm.
But how did you know?
I just had to touch the wall.
Among the cold tiles, one was hot.
Give it here. This is worth a fortune.
I don't want to sell it.
The real pleasure lies in having it.
Here we are in the city.
Here we are in the city.
What's that?
They call it music, but I call it noise.
They don't have proper tunes.
O those precious eyes
Let's sing to them
O those precious eyes
Let's sing to them
Let the pigeon fly, and sing to them
Hey, giddyup.
Have mercy, O generous people.
The Lord is the most generous.
Have mercy, O generous people.
The Lord is the most generous.
Have mercy, O generous people.
The Lord is the most generous.
Have mercy, O generous people.
The Lord is the most generous.
The Lord is the most generous.
Thank you, sir.
Dirhams. They don't have pennies.
Watch out, watch out.
Look out. Donkey.
Turn right.
There are guards to keep us away.
- From what?
- Princess Chamsous Sabah's palace.
A princess? What's she like?
They say she's intelligent,
but no one's ever seen her.
- Why?
- Princesses are shut up indoors here.
She's probably as ugly as sin anyway,
like the other girls here.
Good morning, Crapoux.
Aren't you tired?
You found yourself
a very handsome donkey.
Young ladies, it is better to help
this handsome young man.
- Here, take.
- Thank you, my beauties.
Don't keep everything to yourself.
See you later.
Have mercy, O generous people.
Have mercy on the cripples.
- What a smell.
- Yes, it stinks.
We're in the dyers' souk.
It's full of hanks of wool.
Blue, yellow, red.
They don't have gray.
Have mercy, O you generous people.
Thank you, sir.
God is great.
- What's that?
- The muezzin calling them to prayer.
They don't have bells.
Watch out. Duck!
You nearly got us run over
by some scrawny nag.
They don't have carthorses.
Who's this?
Some so-called musicians
banging bits of metal.
They don't have bagpipes.
You don't need to shout.
Me? I'm not shouting.
Anyway, they don't understand.
Have mercy, O generous people.
The Lord is the most generous.
Have mercy on the cripples.
Take. This is better than money.
Thank you.
Have some.
- What is it?
- Couscous.
A mash of wheat and lamb.
They don't have stew.
Have mercy, O generous people.
Thank you, my princesses.
We have quite a lot now.
All right, we'll share it evenly.
- Here.
- Thank you.
- I smell something.
- Of course, you can smell something.
It's the spice market.
They spice everything.
They don't have applesauce.
Have mercy on the cripples.
You've got the whole range
of white pepper,
the whole range of black pepper.
Watch out, you.
I am sorry.
Can't you see? I'm guiding him.
We're by a stall selling ginger.
And nutmeg.
No, it's further on.
Look out!
I am sorry.
There's also cinnamon, cumin,
dried rosebuds, fennel.
- Watch out.
- You idiot.
I am sorry.
Coriander, saffron, aniseed,
bay leaves, sesame seeds,
cloves, cardamom.
This is it.
It's another chapel.
The Chapel of the Scented Key,
they call it.
Don't bother.
No one has ever smelled anything here.
There are no tiles.
And the ground's
been dug up here as well.
Would you get down a while?
I'm worn out.
Have mercy, O you generous.
The Lord is the most generous.
Have mercy on the cripples.
Hey. Are you mad?
- What is he doing?
- Another idiot.
Come back down here.
You idiot.
Look what you have done.
I am sorry.
What do you want me to do with this?
What have I done to deserve this?
The poor guy did not mean it.
Did not mean it?
Those foreigners are bothering us.
What about you? Aren't you a foreigner?
Speak Arabic!
For pity's sake, you're blind.
You need to be guided.
It's when I'm not guided
that I find things.
The only thing that I can trust you to find
is a heap of trouble.
That smells good.
- This one we will sell.
- No.
But just think, we can get a good price.
And it's no good to you.
Who can say?
You can't seriously think that you
have a chance of winning the Djinn Fairy.
That's the very thing I'm wondering.
Nothing personal,
and don't take offense,
but you don't see too well,
just in case you've forgotten.
Nothing personal,
and don't take offense,
but just in case it slipped your mind,
I've found two magic keys.
Pure luck. You're a simpleton.
I am not quite the simpleton you think.
Oh, yes. I've tested you
and I assure you, you are.
Although I know you've no hint of a limp
and kept four extra coins.
- You can see.
- No, but I can hear.
Look out! Look out!
You ran up to me smoothly
and quite steadily when we met.
As for the coins, I counted each one
as it clattered into the bowl.
Why didn't you say anything?
I couldn't do it.
My nurse taught me
that I should always be polite.
It's not polite
to call people liars and thieves.
What, even if they are?
You really are a simpleton.
Thank you.
One's missing.
Bring it.
- I know that voice.
- What voice?
- They're all yelling.
- This way.
You miserable fool.
Do you not see what you have done?
That poor foreigner did not mean it.
Take care of your rotten grass
and this heap...
I told you to wait for me
and stop causing trouble.
Take care of your rotten grass
and this heap...
Let's go.
You are an ignoramus.
There is no excuse!
It's here.
-...a man in the sea.
- Yes, madame.
Also, you did not pay attention.
There's no excuse.
Yes, madame.
Is the ship ready to sail?
I know that voice.
I doubt it. You know no one here.
It's my nurse.
You're insane.
Widow Jenane is the richest merchant
in the whole city.
That's my nurse.
Knock on the door and ask.
Oh, no. I'm not insane.
They don't like foreigners in this house.
The servants keep people out.
And your nurse is dead.
If she escaped,
she'll have forgotten you.
Or else she'll reject you
as you all rejected her.
That's possible.
But at least I've got to try.
Don't you see? I've got to speak to her.
Please, go and ask for her. Explain.
If it works, you'll have money.
A lot of money.
Right. Just for you, then.
Good morning.
This young man, Azur,
he knows Lady Jenane very well
and he wants to see her.
Happy now?
Hey, you'll get us a thrashing.
It's Azur! Nanny!
You shall see the stars at midday.
It's Azur! Remember?
Let me in.
Why are you making all this fuss
outside my home?
Nanny, I'm Azur.
I can't tell how you know about him,
but such deceit will gain you nothing.
You're not that child.
He's gone from my life.
Please leave.
Nanny, I am Azur.
Azur is on the far side of the sea.
Nanny, I've crossed that sea.
Azur didn't have your voice.
Nanny, a boy's voice changes.
Azur wasn't blind.
A young boy
becomes a big boy...
Crosses the valleys,
Puts out fires
And he saves
The Djinn Fairy
Together, they will live in happiness
In happiness
My son.
He is the boy I raised
on the other side of the sea.
Hey, it worked.
Look out! Look out!
Dear Azur,
how handsome you've grown.
And you, beautiful.
Before, I was blind.
And before that,
I saw ugliness everywhere.
And here you are,
as beautiful as a queen.
Let my eyes feast on you.
Your beautiful blue eyes.
Nanny, doesn't it concern you
to have me in your home
with my eyes so pale?
You mean the superstition
about blue eyes?
Listen, my son.
I know two countries,
two tongues, two religions.
And so, what others know,
I know twice over.
While others may shrink
before eyes that are blue,
or black cats, I press on.
And I win.
So never mention that miserable
nonsense about blue eyes again!
Blue eyes!
You pathetic fool.
If blue eyes bother you,
leave this house and don't come back.
And tell the others that.
- Go!
- Did she understand?
With the tone I used,
the language doesn't matter.
Could you give me something to eat?
It's been so long.
My son is hungry
and I don't think to feed him.
Bring refreshments to the garden,
and let the music play!
My son from across the wide ocean
has returned!
Come and see my garden.
You're here without warning.
And look at you.
You're as tall and handsome as a prince.
I can barely believe it.
How did you come all this way, Azur?
You've no idea what happened to us.
Life can be so surprising.
We have so much to talk about.
Where can we start?
My head's spinning.
My Azur's here. What joy.
Eat, my child.
Thank you.
- Nanny.
- Yes, my son?
And Asmar?
Asmar. He has grown tall
and handsome like you.
You're just in time to see him again.
Tomorrow, he leads an expedition
to liberate the Djinn Fairy.
Needless to say,
I'm not pleased by his madness.
But he thinks of nothing else.
Though now you're here,
you'll keep me company.
- But I want to go as well.
- What?
How stupid I am.
Of course you want to go too.
You always wanted the same things.
There he is. My joy is now complete.
Peace be upon you.
What is this vagabond doing here?
No, he's not a vagabond.
It's Azur, your brother.
What is he doing here?
Didn't we suffer enough of misery
because of his blue eyes
when we were in his dirty country?
His beautiful land isn't a foul place.
And his blue eyes
have never done us injury.
Azur is here as our guest.
His presence honors us.
You haven't answered his greeting.
And peace be upon you.
This is the first time
that Asmar has ever shamed me.
He still hasn't forgiven the hurt
we were done across the sea.
- I understand him.
- Although not everyone hurt us.
You certainly didn't.
- You want to seek the Djinn Fairy too?
- Yes.
I always gave you identical slices
of cake.
I'll finance your expedition
just as I'm financing Asmar's.
But you won't know where to go.
You lack the information
that Asmar has gathered over the years.
Madame, Crapoux asks to see you.
No, no, it's not the moment.
I promised him a reward
if he got me into the house.
He shall have it.
Couldn't you let him in?
He guided me and helped me.
I know him.
He'll have lied, robbed you
and insulted the land
that gives him shelter,
so that your life will fail
as his has done.
Still, he helped.
He, too, wanted to rescue
and marry the Djinn Fairy.
Him and the Djinn Fairy?
But since you ask, he may come in.
Let him in.
I wonder what he looks like.
I greet you,
generous lady,
and I thank you for
receiving a poor man like me.
- You are Crapoux?
- Yes, yes.
This isn't how I saw you.
You can see?
And your eyes are blue?
Oh, no. If you don't like blue eyes,
you can go now!
No, no, they're fine.
Bring in the drinks.
Thank you, Madame Jenane.
Can you two keep a secret?
- Yes, yes.
- Yes.
How long have you been
concealing the truth?
Twenty years.
Thank you, Madame Jenane,
for inviting me to sit at your table.
You know, the servants have seen
and accepted my blue eyes.
- You can take off your glasses.
- No, I can't.
You're a rich kid now,
safe in a palace.
But I'm a tramp.
I need the people on the street.
News would spread around the house,
spread around the whole city in no time.
I can shelter you if you like.
I don't want that.
Perhaps I scorn the city, but I love it.
People despise me and mistreat me.
But I reassure and I amuse.
In return, they give me
what I need to live with them.
But if you pay me well, I'll help Azur.
How can you do that?
I can teach him about the Djinn Fairy
and I can guide him to her.
Who says the Djinn Fairy
interests me that much?
I'm not the simpleton
that you think I am either.
And who's to say
you won't use this opportunity
to try to win the Djinn Fairy for yourself?
I'm no longer on the road
that leads to the Djinn Fairy.
Azur is.
He is the very flame itself.
But I can help him, passing on to him
what I have learned during my long quest.
My life won't be a failure
if Azur succeeds.
Nanny, let Crapoux be my squire.
- You trust Crapoux?
- Yes.
With eyes closed?
You're the same size.
You know, that suits you.
Yes, yes. We don't have time for this.
The boy needs a hood to wear.
- Must hide his eyes.
- All right, stand up.
Three people can reveal everything
to Azur.
- First, Crapoux.
- We've noticed.
I'm not finished yet.
Second, Wise Man Yadoa.
Excellent choice.
I often seek his advice myself.
He's an old friend, so he'll help out.
Thirdly, the Princess Chamsous Sabah.
I don't know how we can get to her.
She has the secrets.
No problem. I'll send her a message.
You know the princess?
Chamsous Sabah?
Yes. Lower your head.
We discuss things
such as foreign trade.
Everything interests her.
Princess Chamsous Sabah
is as intelligent as she is pretty.
May God preserve her.
She is the future of this land.
Poor boy, you're almost as blind
as before, with your eyes lowered.
Still, there are many
interesting things to see.
Do you like my new shoes?
How beautiful.
No hatred in religion.
We can differentiate between
wisdom and ulterior motives.
No hatred in religion.
Their shoes are fascinating.
They're ridiculous.
They're called babouches.
They don't have clogs.
Crapoux, stop it.
You know, I really did have a bad foot,
but Wise Man Yadoa cured me.
He's a great doctor as well.
The country's lucky to have him.
Welcome, Azur,
son of Jenane.
- You speak my language.
- Yes.
We're from the same land.
Why did you leave it?
I had a great-great-great-grandfather
born far away.
And people called me a foreigner
and tormented me.
So I sought refuge here.
Here? Don't they see you
as a foreigner here too?
Yes, but not a tormented one.
I continue my research
and give lessons
in Greek and Hebrew
to the Princess Chamsous Sabah.
God preserve her.
She is the future of this country.
Bring me the Book of Fairies,
Thank you.
You must cross
the Mountain of Ancient Cities.
But where?
- I know.
- Excellent.
You must beware of other suitors
who will try to kill you.
Of bandits, of slave traders.
And of the Scarlet Lion
and the bird Saimourh,
who have devoured many a prince.
Yes, my nurse mentioned them.
You must carry meat to feed them,
hoping that it will suffice.
You must find the Black Cliff,
whose entrances cannot be seen.
They are cracks within it.
If you do succeed in finding one,
you will enter an underground world
full of pitfalls,
but one that contains
the Duplicate Doors,
the last hurdle before the fairy.
One leads into the Cavern of Shadows,
meaning you lose.
The other leads to the Hall of Light,
meaning you rescue and win the fairy.
And the right one?
None can tell.
They say it doesn't matter
how you choose.
It's always the Door of Shadows.
Yes. Certainly, I've heard that.
But could
the Princess Chamsous Sabah...?
Time to go to the palace.
But will we be able
to understand each other?
Yes. Right through her life,
the Princess Chamsous Sabah
has been taught
by the best tutors in the world.
She speaks several languages.
Let the guest of princess
Chamsous Sabah come in!
Let the guest of princess
Chamsous Sabah come in!
Let the guest of princess
Chamsous Sabah come in!
Sir, Princess Chamsous Sabah
is waiting for you.
This way, please.
Arrival of our princess, Chamsous Sabah.
Good day, sir.
What beautiful eyes you've got.
Good day, Your Highness.
My eyes aren't causing you
any offense?
You mean because they're blue?
I'm too grown up for such childishness.
And you,
does it bother you that I'm not old?
No, no.
All the men in my family are dead.
They were either all poisoned
or killed in battle,
if not by enemies,
then by each other.
- That's sad.
- Yes, it is.
But you must let go or it'll never end.
We must live our lives now
and be useful.
Since I'm a girl,
no one thinks of killing me.
That's handy.
My mother teaches me
what she knows
and has the things she doesn't know
taught to me.
Perhaps your enemies
will begin to understand.
It'll be too late.
I'll be stronger,
and so I'll have them killed.
Now, we need to rescue the Djinn Fairy,
because we need her here.
This bottle contains
the Fog of Invisibility.
Thanks, Your Highness.
- Can I help you?
- No, no.
I'm strong enough.
Thank you.
This is Leonine Tongue,
a sweet that enables you
to talk to lions.
Princess should not be doing this.
Yes, respectful guard.
Thanks, Your Highness.
An iridescent feather
from the Saimourh.
And its properties will probably
prevent him from devouring you.
- You're wondering where we are?
- Yes, princess.
We're in the astronomy observatory
of Wise Man Yadoa.
But we're underground here.
We can't see the stars.
Push that handle at your side.
Those trinkets
may well be of use to you.
But be wary.
The fog lifts, the sweet melts
and the feather flies away.
What counts the most at any time
is your courage.
You or Asmar will succeed.
- You've seen Asmar?
- Of course.
I gave him the same knickknacks
as I've given you.
I have none left.
But I sense that one of you
will liberate the Djinn Fairy.
I don't know which one.
- The loser will return to help me.
- I'll return, even if I win.
Asmar said the same thing.
Princess should not be doing this.
Yes, respectful guard.
The drought will come to an end,
young men will stop killing each other,
and princesses will no longer be
locked up in palaces.
Close the roof, if you please.
Wise Man Yadoa says you mustn't leave
these machines in the sun.
Princess should not be doing this.
Yes, respectful guard.
Princess, they say that whatever happens,
we choose the Door of Shadows.
People do say that,
but I don't know what it means.
When you've reached the Duplicate Doors,
use your brain and your heart.
Princess should not be doing this.
Yes, respectful guard.
These are my clothes.
Yes, they're your clothes.
How old are you?
My work buys you fine things.
You can lend one to your poor brother,
who's lost all he owns.
You'll leave to find
the Djinn Fairy together.
Together? But it is a matter of
rescuing her and marrying her.
You'll be journeying high up
into the mountains.
Four have more chance
against robbers than two.
You'll separate when the time is right.
Azur, where are you going?
I'm going to explore the city.
But you should be resting.
You're leaving at dawn.
I want to look at the city
before leaving it.
- Take a companion.
- No.
What is it you're hiding from me?
Nanny, don't worry.
I won't cause any harm.
I know that.
I know you won't harm anyone,
but it's you who could be hurt.
I'm outside.
I'm out in the street.
I know everything
from the books in my library,
but I don't know anything that's real.
- What's that on the ground?
- There's nothing.
Just earth.
Real earth everywhere?
That's extraordinary.
The palace has tiles everywhere.
- Do you think I can touch it?
- Of course.
- Is that a cat?
- Yes, that's a cat.
- Aren't there any in the palace?
- Of course not.
They'd bite me and scratch me.
No, they wouldn't.
Stroke it.
A tree. Is it real?
- Definitely.
- Palace plants are all in pots.
- Can we go closer?
- Of course.
Are there djinns in the tree?
Those are fireflies.
I was wise to open my eyes.
My city is sleeping.
Look, the palace stands out.
I prefer it from the outside.
That's the mosque next to it.
With the church.
And the synagogue.
There, in the booksellers' souk.
The madrasa, where people study.
Someone's still working.
Then the maristan,
where the sick are cared for.
You can see the fondouk,
where travelers spend the night.
This is the home of Wad,
a merchant.
He hates Jenane because
she's a woman and more powerful.
When he is close
to reaching the Djinn Fairy,
we shall kill him and take his place.
Come on, hurry up.
Catch those two spies and kill them.
Quick, we must run.
Not the palace.
You can't climb back in now.
Jenane's house.
If the door's locked, we're finished.
Princess Chamsous Sabah.
I was so afraid.
What folly have you committed here?
We wanted to see the city.
We overheard Wad and his men
in their courtyard.
They're getting ready to follow Asmar
and his foreign brother to the Djinn Fairy.
To kill us.
And take our place.
Let's do things in order.
First, the Princess Chamsous Sabah
returns to the palace.
Impossible, with those men outside.
I can sleep here. I can sleep here.
Out of the question.
You must return to the palace
at all costs.
And no one must know that you left it
and went out tonight.
Or you will be severely punished
and we shall all be executed.
How can you be so irresponsible?
Asmar, you can't understand.
You've never been blind nor a princess.
That is not an excuse to kill yourself
and others.
Climb on my back, princess.
I will return you to the palace.
I hope no one will ever discover
what we have done with the princess.
While you sneak out the back door,
I'll confuse the men at the front
with a false princess.
Good idea. Thank you.
Okay. Enough.
Asmar is back. The princess is safe.
Let's approach.
Wad and his men know that you know.
They'll just hide better
and gather more men.
And they certainly won't give in.
We know that. Our plan is to lead them
in the wrong direction.
We shall vanish with the vanishing fog.
- Don't forget this.
- Fine.
Here, some pastries.
- To give you strength.
- Thank you.
You have your sheepskin coats?
Yes, yes.
But what on earth is that?
They're carrier pigeons,
to keep me up with your progress.
But, nanny, we're riding out
to seek the Djinn Fairy.
We can't sit and write letters.
I'm simply asking that you free one pigeon
each day so that I'll know you're still alive.
But, nanny...
From now on, everyone is
responsible for himself.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye, Asmar.
I wonder if...
Wanted to go on alone.
Serves him right.
- Well, one less contender.
- Oh, no.
I am here,
and this is your end.
They are very strong.
You are wounded.
No. It's just a scratch.
- Thank you.
- I am the one who should thank you.
But we have to go
our separate ways now.
Yes, goodbye.
I bet he knows a shortcut.
Let's follow him from afar.
No. I'm not Wad.
Oh, that's all right.
My path is the best anyway.
They must be in trouble.
That's blood.
Is this Azur or Asmar?
How should I know?
Their blood is the same color.
Search the plains and the mountains
Do not come back
without Azur or Asmar.
This piece of meat is too heavy.
You already said that.
The meat will be vital if we happen
to come across the Scarlet Lion
or the Saimourh bird.
Don't tempt fate.
The Scarlet Lion! Run!
No, we're getting close.
Yes, yes, close to the lion.
- Let's get out of here.
- We're nearing our goal, Crapoux.
We're not near anything at all.
And if the Scarlet Lion gobbles us up,
it'll ruin your chances
of ever liberating the Djinn Fairy.
I have this meat, Leonine Tongue
and this feather of the Saimourh.
I shall manage alone.
You've guided me and saved my life.
Thank you, Crapoux.
- I'll carry on, then.
- Don't.
Nobody has succeeded.
There are other fairies in the world.
Come on, I've grown used to you.
Don't go dying on me.
Crapoux, we know all the obstacles.
And they only increase
my determination.
The time has come
for the two of us to part.
You're right. Good luck, goodbye.
What you do is slay the lion
with your sword
while he's busy eating the meat.
Azur! Above you!
- Asmar, you speak my language.
- Yes, of course, it's mine as well.
I learned it with you.
Don't talk to me. They'll hurt you.
No, they're never gonna harm me
if they want a good sale price.
- Be quiet.
- This man is killing our guards.
He is defending a stranger.
It didn't take you very long
to turn into slaves.
Don't you ever do that again.
They want you as a slave.
But when they see your blue eyes,
they'll kill you.
- Well done.
- Shut up!
Or I will kill you.
Let's go!
The sun behind you.
Go after him!
It's a secret door.
Take this, you dog.
Press on the lower--
One more word, and you shall die.
Press on what?
The jaw!
Take this.
Enough, let's go.
Come on.
You're mad.
- It could be a trap.
- I know.
Let's hope they don't find out
how to get in.
No risk of that.
All they can do
is knock with their swords
until they break.
Leave it, it's no use.
That's how it goes, Azur.
We couldn't both win.
Yes, it isn't just a scratch.
You're hurting me. There's no point.
Go now, you're nearly there.
Others are getting close.
I want you to be the one to succeed.
What are you doing?
- There's no doctor here.
- It's too late for a doctor.
The third door.
It's the only one the bats use.
- What's wrong?
- The bridge is gone.
- You can jump it.
- No, not with you.
Without me.
Put me down, Azur.
We've no choice.
Azur, don't give in.
I'm not giving in.
The heat, it's almost unbearable.
We'll have to turn back.
The Door of Fire.
We're getting close, Asmar.
We can get through.
I've got the Fiery Key.
What a stench. It's disgusting.
The Door of Gases.
Quick, the Scented Key.
What a noise! It hurts my ears.
The Door of Iron.
I don't have the key.
I don't have the keys to turn back,
nor the key to keep going.
I have it, in my left boot.
The Cutting Key.
Asmar, the Duplicate Doors.
We're there. Soon we'll have reached
the Hall of Light, Asmar.
Or the Cavern of Shadows.
We've got to choose. The right one.
- Why?
- They say left is bad.
That makes no sense.
It's like blue eyes.
I'd be surprised if one could win
the fairy with such silliness.
All right, then. The left door?
I don't know.
I think I'm going to die.
No. Hang on, Asmar.
We'll enter the Hall of Light,
with a thousand torches
reflected in its tiles as in a mirror.
Asmar the Djinn Fairy will be there,
more beautiful than any diamond.
The Cavern of Shadows.
All is lost.
You have won.
The Djinn Fairy.
You are the victorious prince
who has delivered me.
Welcome to your realm,
handsome prince.
Welcome to your realm.
Farewell, brother.
It's my brother who has won.
He sacrificed himself for me.
But he's here.
It was he who found the last key
and the last passageway.
And he's dying!
Save him!
The Djinn Doctor.
I'm alive.
It's so beautiful.
We were lucky it was the right door.
It made no difference.
Both the doors
lead to this selfsame hall.
It was I who gave
the light djinns' orders.
I left the other princes in the dark.
They didn't interest me.
Yet you are here, Djinn Fairy.
Within reach. Beautiful.
But I'm not presentable.
The Djinn Tailor.
I'm the more handsome.
Be careful, he's wounded!
The Djinn Doctor.
- I'm the more handsome.
- No, I am.
Both of you are magnificent.
But which one saved me?
- He did.
- He did.
You've got to decide.
- It was you.
- No, it was you.
No, no, it was you.
Here we are again,
exactly like when we were boys.
There's only one person
who knew how to stop us.
- Our mother.
- But she's far away.
Bring the mother of both princes.
My sons.
Good day, madame.
We have brought you to judge
which of the two princes,
your sons, saved us.
My lady fairy.
I must confess to you.
I am a simple merchant
and my sons are not princes.
We know their conduct.
They are princes,
as we understand the word.
- Tell me what happened.
- I'll tell you.
Azur kept saving my life.
I'd be dead now,
if it wasn't for Asmar's sacrifice.
Both of you are wonderful.
How could I choose between you?
My lady fairy, I can't say
which is the more deserving.
But I know a brilliantly
quick-witted person
who will not share my concerns.
We'll fetch her, then.
It's the Princess Chamsous Sabah.
One, two.
With the right foot, please.
Oh, please!
Help me!
Somebody stole the princess!
It's so beautiful here.
Azur, Asmar.
You're so handsome.
Jenane, I'm so happy.
Lady fairy, I'm delighted
to see you saved.
We're going to do good work together.
- Who will you marry?
- I don't know.
We're counting on you to tell us.
I'll explain. Up in the mountains,
Asmar put himself...
I wouldn't be here if Azur
hadn't been so brave and saved me.
What do you advise, Your Highness?
It's simple.
If I were you, I'd marry them both.
- Oh, that wouldn't do.
- I don't know, in that case.
But I know someone
that knows a lot more than I do.
Welcome, Wise Man Yadoa.
We need your wisdom.
This is what happened.
Azur and Asmar
came here to set me free
and reached my palace at exactly...
Now you know everything.
Alas, Madame Fairy, that is far from true.
And in spite of all my wisdom,
I cannot offer an answer
which young man,
this one or that one, is more deserving.
But the six of us
must find the answer to our quandary.
We are too similar to each other.
I know a seventh person
who thinks differently.
You're alive.
Well, I see the whole family is here.
Good day, madame.
Good day, Master Asmar.
My respects, master.
Hello, little girl.
this is Princess Chamsous Sabah.
Oh, sorry. My respects, Your Highness.
Hello, Crapoux.
The Djinn Fairy.
...I have dreamt of you
for so many years.
Thank you, kind sir.
But fate has decided otherwise.
So who's the lucky winner?
We're counting on you
to tell us who's won.
Which one arrived first?
They arrived here together.
But that isn't how they should
have arranged to conclude the affair.
Nevertheless, that's what they did.
Forget that.
Well, it's a classic dilemma.
Since no one can choose
between these two suitors,
the answer, obviously,
is that you have to choose a third one.
They're both extremely pretty,
that's true.
But they're rather poor
- Your humble servant, however--
- Thank you, thank you.
We must choose one of the princes
who overcame the ordeals they met with,
or the curse on me will return.
We must settle this.
My cousin, the Elf Fairy,
gives excellent advice.
Ladies and gentlemen.
I greet you, my dear cousin.
I am very happy to see you saved.
Welcome, my dear cousin.
Yes, I have been saved at last.
Tell us,
which of the two princes has won?
I heard your message
regarding your dilemma
while crossing the deep sea.
And like everyone else,
I can't solve it for you.
But there's no hurry.
Let's take the time
to enjoy each other's company
and get better acquainted.
I'm sure that our gathering will lead
to a happy outcome.
The answer is becoming obvious.
And ending as all stories should.
Let's dance.
It's easy, just follow me.
Choose your partner.
A pavane for our friends, please.
One, two, three, four.
And one, two, three, four.
One, two-- The proper foot.
One, two, three, four.
Don't look at your feet.
Hold your head up.
Not too stiff.
With elevation, but ease.
Sir, let there be
no misunderstanding between us.
I find you gifted with every quality
and worthy of inspiring love.
But I find your brother Asmar
Sir, let there be
no misunderstanding between us.
I find you gifted with every quality
and worthy of inspiring love.
But I find your brother Azur
Bow, turn.
My brother.
I beg to inform you
that the Elf Fairy prefers you.
My brother.
I beg to inform you
that the Djinn Fairy prefers you.
- I can't pretend that I'm sorry.
- Neither can l.
It's even better this way.
Yes, it's the answer
for a harmonious future.
I myself am free
and ready to enter such a union
with a beautiful and strong woman.