B-Boy Blues (2021) Movie Script

It's Mitchell.
I can pick you
up in 10 minutes.
I told you I wasn't going.
The weather is just right.
I got the Belgian
chocolates you love
and full use of the yacht.
Livingston, it's over.
It doesn't have
to be, come on.
It's not normal to have
to schedule an appointment
to see your boyfriend
with his assistant
or find said assistant
on all fours.
I love you so much, Mitch,
and I wanna change.
I'm headed to therapy.
I'm going there now.
Listen, Liv, I'm proud of
you for going to therapy.
You know, as black men, it's
important that we act...
Are you on Jacked?
Are you on motherfucking
Jacked right now
as you're pouring your
fake ass heart out to me?
Here come crazy
jealous Mitch again.
You know what?
I'm tired of being the bad guy.
I got multiple
degrees, seven figures,
and a 9.1-inch dick, and
you're still not satisfied?
I think it's best we
take some time apart.
You raggedy ho!
You can't take time apart
from somebody who
already broke with you!
But you know what you can do?
Take your dick, your bank,
your cottage, your yacht,
and your assistant and
shove it up your fucking ass
if you already haven't.
Ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
What is love?
We write about it,
dream about it.
Is it an emotion, a feeling?
Is it even real?
It can make you feel like
there's nothing in this
world you can't conquer,
but that same love
will wrap you up
and take over your
entire existence.
I've been there.
So although I love love more
than anyone you'll ever meet,
I've decided to take
a love sabbatical.
I wonder if the same
gender-loving greats before me
had to deal with this bullshit,
these trifling mother...
Let me stop.
Anyway, I digress.
My career and my bank
account will thank me later.
So do me a favor.
Don't play that song for me
because my house is a home
but love don't live here anymore
because it's all about
control, and I got lots of it.
And you be breaking
down the wall
So tell me about this cover.
Well, since we're doing
the feature on TV families,
why not a hodgepodge of stills
from those already discussed?
Mm-mm, that's not an original
way to package the issue.
The TV feature is
just one element.
When readers see our cover,
do we want them to say,
"That's me and my family,"
or, "I love that show."
Marketing will
have an easier time
selling I love that show.
Sell it to who?
We aren't TV Guide.
Michi, let's continue the
search on yours, all right?
Gordon, you know what to do.
I'll get right on it.
It certainly pays
to have a father
who plays golf with the
head white man in charge.
You have been hanging
around me too long.
I just pray the head white
man in charge doesn't fire me
after we tell him
that we can't keep
Gordon after this summer.
Please, you know the legacies
always have a place to land.
That part,
I don't wanna say anything
while Gordon was down here,
but I secured Bey and Solange
for the Chloe and Halle cover!
Oh, get the fuck out!
This will coincide with
Chloe's acoustic album,
Halle's mermaid release.
And the fact that we have
Bey and Solange
interviewing them.
Black girl magic
to the fourth power.
Let 'em know.
I have 13 weeks to
pull this all together.
We're talking next level, Michi.
No doubt.
Look, I see VP in
somebody's future.
Your lips to God's ears.
Lord knows we need more melanin
in senior positions here.
Well, no other editor
has risen as quickly.
These hoes ain't pullin'
16-hour shifts like you.
The head white man in charge
may even invite you to tee off.
Hell, no.
They ain't teeing off
with your black ass.
It's Mitchell.
You don't say.
Are you going to the vineyard?
Well, hello, Gene.
So happy to hear your voice too.
And no, you know I'm not.
After all that drama,
a weekend getaway is the
least he can treat you to.
If I went, I would
just be leading him on.
Even more reason
for you to go.
That smug-ass snot needs a
taste of his own medicine.
And besides, you haven't
been outside your apartment
or your office in months.
I am literally
outside as we speak.
Don't make me hurt you.
You need to go out.
I'm not talking
about a lunch break.
Tonight is Thirsty
Thursdays at Alibi.
Gene, let me run.
That's the office.
See you tonight at nine.
This is Mitchell.
Mitchell, there's
a package here
that I need your signature for.
Just sign for me.
Normally, I would,
but you'll wanna sign
for this one yourself.
Michi, what's wrong with you?
Stop smoking that stuff at work.
It's a big ass package.
What are you talking about?
I don't even understand.
Big ass package.
A what?
It's a big ass package!
You can wait over there.
Yeah, I don't even know.
They got me waiting for
a dude to sign for it.
I don't know.
She was mad insistent though.
I ain't finna wait
too much longer.
I got photo shoots going on.
Excuse me.
You have a package
for Mitchell Crawford?
Let me keep you
drippin' like a sauna
Do you have a package
for Mitchell Crawford?
Uh, yeah.
Sign here.
You ever delivered
here before?
A few times.
I've never seen you
before, that's why I asked.
Guess I get seen when
I'm supposed to get seen.
Sometimes you find love
in the most unlikely place
with the most unlikely person.
Find 'em and suck 'em
Lick 'em and fuck
'em then I tuck 'em
Trying to keep it cool
You didn't see that cutie
staring at you outside?
Of course I did.
So why didn't you follow up?
It is too early in the game
with all these fine ass
spe-ci-menz to choose from.
Mmm mmm mmm.
The usual?
Of course.
Grab our spot.
I'll be back, bitch.
That's right, we
have our own spot.
Gene's been holding
court for over 20 years.
Just over six.
Where were you when
I was going down
Where were you when
I was going down
Let me save this ho.
It's about time you got here.
So sorry, James, he's with me.
Uh, thanks for that.
You can thank me
in about a minute
with another one of these.
Your first time here, huh?
Yeah, you can tell?
It's written all
over your face,
and that outfit.
What's wrong with my outfit?
Love the shirt,
although ill fitted.
Like the hair, hate the pants.
But that conversation
cannot be had further
without a refill.
What are you drinking?
Long Island iced tea.
And what's your name?
Eugene Roberts, but
everyone calls me Gene
or head bitch in charge.
And I am Mitchell Crawford.
Nice to meet you, bitch.
I like you.
I guess you could
say from that moment,
Gene's been showing me
the way of the life,
and he's become my
very best friend.
Hey, best friend.
Hey, best friend.
I never met anyone like him.
That's your type?
And I don't think I ever will.
Mazel tov.
Mmm mmm.
Wait, whoa.
I needed this.
I see.
So do you see any other
prospects tonight?
Silly question.
Carl, 42, Detroit native,
lives in Gramercy Park,
private detective who
moonlights as a bouncer
and has a butt I would hump any
day of the week ending in Y.
Ah, the latter, I see.
How do you know about
all this random tea?
Are you forgetting that
I am the eyes, ears, nose,
and throat of this place?
There is nobody I don't know.
And if I don't know 'em, I
damn sure know somebody who do.
Do you see any prospects?
Who's that?
I don't know.
But I know somebody who does.
'Cause you had
me roll the dice
'Cause you be different
but something's missing
Something's missing
You got me twisted,
yeah, you do
You played the game
but now you lose
You played the game
but now you lose
I ask myself why
I feel this way
You wanted my heart but
you didn't deserve it
Going round and
round and round
Name, Raheim.
Very manly.
Age, 24.
Residence, Harlem.
Occupation, banging
compact cuties like you.
That is not his occupation.
According to
Wikipedia Wilkins, yes.
Just make sure you get with it,
hit it, and quit it this time.
What are you talking about?
Your fascination
with thugs is tired
and needs to be retired.
You starred in too many
versions of Boyz Under My Hood.
I know.
I just can't help myself.
They're just so irresistible.
Well, you got on
your tighter-than-the-skin-on-a-congm
You see it.
I see you over there.
Well, I'm gonna go let Carl
think he's getting to know me.
Well, go ahead then.
I'm going real quick
'cause I see something worth
checking out in the corner.
You looking for me?
Now, why would I
be looking for you
when I don't even know you?
I beg to differ.
And anyways,
you do now.
I'm Raheim.
I'm Mitchell.
Nice to meet you.
I remember.
Crawford, like Randy, right?
That's right.
So what's going down?
Nothing much.
I can tell you're
killin' me wit' them jeans.
And the rest you lookin'
mighty crispy too.
Yeah, nice and tight.
I guess you're looking
kinda crispy creamed yourself.
That was a jood one, yo.
What's that mean?
Yeah, better than good.
What poet came up with that?
The one and only.
So you think you
got a way with words?
I got a way with
a lotta things.
Maybe one
day I could, you know,
I could find out.
Pass me your digits
and maybe you will.
You just met me a minute ago
and you;re trying
to get my number?
I met you nine hours ago.
And stop frontin'.
You know you wanna
give it to me.
You on BlackPlanet?
I'm under Better than Jood.
That's your name?
I'll look you up.
So are you gonna
show me some love or...
You keep it jood and crispy.
It was jood
to meet you, Raheim.
I don't give a fuck
It ain't adding up
And you stilL think the
same rules will apply
Tired of tryin'
You used to keep on lyin'
You're so typical
You gave that boy your number.
I did not.
He wanted me to, but I
suggested that we link on BP.
Well, do not friend him.
Why not?
Because "friend" and "rough
trade" are not the same thing.
But look, he friended me.
The boy don't even
know how to spell good.
Jood means better
than good, thus...
That word is not
in the dictionary.
He made it up.
Of course.
What will these ghetto,
unfabulous children think of next?
I gotta piss.
Telling yourself
that it was worth it
You wanted my heart but
you didn't deserve it
This is so good.
I'm sorry, Jackie, hold one.
This is Mitchell.
Someone's here to see you.
Just sign it for me.
Nope, I'm not
doing this with you again.
Bring that ass.
What's wrong?
Cat got your tongue?
Uh, no.
I'm just surprised to see you.
I told you I was
gonna check on you.
I got a special delivery.
Where's the package?
Are you blind?
I know you wanna grab some
grub or catch a flick tonight.
Okay, so I check with
you in like an hour
and I'll let you know
when, where and what?
Stay sweet, sweetheart.
Mm-hmm, I will.
Don't hurt nobody out there now.
I'll try not to.
That's the kind of man you
not only write bad checks for,
but you steal somebody
else's ID for him to use.
A messenger?
And you already knew?
Mitchell, really?
Something wrong with that?
No, but there's nothing
exactly right with it either.
Bottom line is he's a BMW.
Black man working.
You call that work?
Looks more like exercise.
He's earning a paycheck.
And he looks fine as
hell in his uniform.
And you can't
wait to see him out of it.
Where are you two going?
A movie then dinner.
Is he paying?
He invited me.
You know how triflin'
these boys can be.
Besides, he's a bike messenger.
Chances are his favorite
restaurant is corner bodega.
Well, if he forgets
his wallet at dinner,
I'll just have to provide
me with dessert later on.
And I will be calling
you at exactly 11 a.m.
If I don't get an answer,
I'll be over with the po' po'.
Don't be silly.
I'll talk to you tomorrow.
11 a.m., on the dot.
Okay, bye.
Yo, they make a jood-ass
turkey lasagna here too.
You know, I make a mean
turkey lasagna also.
For real.
Maybe I get to taste it.
So I wanna know,
why'd you choose
the book session?
Oh, Elijah grew up
not too far from me.
It's jood to see a brother
in the hood do his thing.
He's like the new Michael
Eric Dyson and shit.
You know, it's funny because
the same type of movie
he believes is destroying
the image of our people
was literally playing next door.
You've got to be kidding me.
And those 10 commandments,
like the second one
reminded me of something
my friend, Gene, would say.
"Mmm, black people ain't
never gonna be free
"as long as we praying
to the white man Jesus
"and clinging to the
white man's Bible"
"like a junkie trying
to take a hit."
Well, I see you've
really enjoyed it.
I did.
I did.
Thank you for taking me.
Yeah, I knew.
Oh, really?
How so?
I don't know.
With you being a writer,
I figured you might wanna
interview him and shit.
That's actually
not a bad idea.
We have a social
justice issue coming up
and he would actually
be perfect for it.
You could thank
me in the masthead.
Look at you trying to
take my job.
I'm just standing
right next to you.
You want a drink?
Hey, your place is sick.
And you got my
favorite book here.
Yeah, what's that?
Just Above My Head.
That's my favorite book too.
Shit, I can't tell.
And you got three copies.
Shut up.
That's for me?
It is.
I'm sorry.
Damn, this shit is jood.
Glad you like it.
Hell, we gots to turn this up.
What would you
know about that?
You're too young
to know anything about
that, you know.
You feel so jood.
You too.
Was that your move there?
A little bit.
I like it.
Your lips tastes like honey.
And yours taste
like Hershey Kisses.
I got something
else for you to taste.
Oh, really?
I think I'm in love
I know you're the one
Trying to face my
life in the day too
You should play cool
Everyone think
I'm unavailable
I don't wanna fight
I just wanna
look at the moon
In my bed where you've been
Baby, why would you
cut the music off?
I thoughts you had left.
Why would you think that?
Aren't you gonna
kiss me jood night?
Jood morning.
Hmm, jood morning.
You know what time it is?
It's quarter past eight.
It's time for some more
of that rooty tooty
fresh and fruity booty.
I can make you
something for breakfast.
Shit, I just had my breakfast.
I had to be somewhere
like a half hour ago.
How about tonight?
What, you got other plans?
What do you want for dinner?
Surprise me.
It's time for me to go.
I gotta go.
Okay, okay,
fine, you gotta go.
Glad I don't have
to trek to Crooklyn.
And I can tell by that
jingle in your voice
he pummeled that pusswah.
So how was it?
As if I don't already know.
Better than jood.
Ooh, I see we have
officially adopted his term.
And I suppose it made up
for the chili dog
and cheese fries
at Chuck E. Cheese.
We went to Emilio's.
And how much did
this meal cost you?
He paid.
He paid?
Including the tip?
Well, a thug who
knows that fine dining
isn't a two-piece and a
pack of plantain chips.
Good for him.
Ugh, it was such a
perfect night and morning.
And it's not over with yet
because he's coming back later,
and I'm so excited about it.
Well, I'm happy you're happy.
No, you're not.
I am, Mitch, just like I
was happy for you with Royal,
and Ramone,
and Raykwon.
Bitch, what's your point?
The point is that a thug
gives it to you, uh, jood
and you lose your damn mind.
I'm not.
I hope not.
Homie smells of player.
Well, he certainly
doesn't act that way.
Slow dancing with me,
surprising me at my job.
And his lips,
they make me melt.
A romantic
roughneck, who knew?
Just don't get caught up.
A man will do and say
anything to get some.
So don't be surprised when
he bangs your brains out
this weekend and you
never hear from him again.
Um, I'm a big boy, and
unaffected is my new middle name.
Besides, if I'm gonna
get fucked over,
I might as well get fucked
down in the process, right?
Okay, fucky fuck
down, all right.
It sounds like rectal
gonorrhea in the making to me.
Son, this is
your mother calling.
Please call me back.
I called several times and
I never heard back from you.
Please call me back.
All right, I love you.
Nephew, let me
find out you up to no good.
And I spoke with your mama.
She said she ain't
heard from you.
You know Adam can't hold water.
He said he ain't heard from you.
You better hit me back, nephew.
He ain't gonna pick up.
I done called him three
or four times already.
Yes, he will, girl.
He answers for me, not for you.
Oh, really?
Watch, watch.
Well, we finally
get a live voice.
Hey, B.D.
I'm sorry, I haven't
gotten back to you.
And I take it
you're also sorry
you stood me up three times.
Aren't you used
to that by now?
Don't get cute.
You'll get cut.
I'm sorry, Gene.
It's been a crazy few weeks.
But we know you ain't sorry
about being dick-matized.
Now, who would be
sorry about that?
Listen, I promise I'll make
it up to the both of you.
I've heard that before.
Well, you can make it up to us
by buying the first
round of drinks today.
Today, what's today?
See, I told you he forgot.
Forgot what?
It's my man's
birth-gay weekend.
If he had never been born,
I would still be a rundown,
confused little ho, amen.
You are still all
of those things,
minus the ho part, of course.
Oh, okay.
Damn, I'm sorry, I did forget.
Brunch at Boulevard Bistro.
Chef Carlos will let us have
the spot from five to nine.
Uh, I don't know.
Ho, what don't you know?
You forgot the address?
You deleted your Google app?
You need a smoke
signal in the sky?
No, I know the
time and the place,
it's just I gotta get groceries.
I gotta do laundry.
You can tear yourself
away from Thugalicious
for a few hours.
Hell, why don't you bring him?
I wanna see why you've been
neglecting your bestest friends.
Raheim probably has
some things to do.
Yeah, like you.
You two have to come
out, pun intended.
This will be the perfect time
to show off your new man.
He's not my man.
Oh, no, what is he then?
we're just having a great time.
Uh uh uh.
I have no doubt.
And I doubt very seriously
that a boy like that
would want to have an
afternoon like this.
Trade from uptown?
Banging in Brooklyn, yes.
Hanging in Harlem, no.
Don't assume.
You just make an out of um.
Come again.
Just ask him.
Okay, I will.
See you in a few.
Love you both.
Yeah yeah yeah
I'm insane
My friend like
me better, bitch.
But you obvious, I
ain't got to say it
Blessed insurance
Jesus, Jesus
Jesus is mine
What the hell are you singing?
A church hymn.
But you wouldn't know about
those things, you hedonist ho.
My Lord, now.
Chile, even an atheist
knows it's blessed assurance,
not insurance.
- Assuredly.
- No.
Blessed insurance
That's right, Gene.
Blessed insurance
You better watch it, mister.
My man will be here any minute
and won't like you
being all up on me.
Well, let's give
that gorgeous man
something to be angry about.
Will you two quit?
Aw, I love you too, Gene.
Hey, Mitch.
Hey, Babyface.
Happy b-day, old man.
Hey, hey, watch it now.
I'm still getting carded.
Have y'all been waiting long?
Long enough.
I guess homeboy can't
tell time either,
but he has an excuse.
He's only 24.
He don't even know how
to pee straight yet.
Hey, Little Bit.
Hi, Pooquie.
You look surprised to see me.
No, I'm just surprised
to see so much of you.
You wasn't saying
that a few hours ago.
I'm Gene, and I'm sure
Mitchell has mentioned me.
He actually hasn't.
Was it John?
You got jokes.
Now, dearest.
Just one joke, and you're it.
And you must be B.D.
Which stands for brain dense.
Mitchell has told
me so much about you.
Well, believe
nothing you've heard
and only half of what you see.
This is my man.
Hey, Raheim.
I'm Courtney.
They call me Babyface.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
Happy birthday.
Thanks, man.
Well, now that our
entire party is here
and the introductions are out
of the way, can we please eat?
Come on.
Oh, chocolate.
Baby, feed me.
I can see it on your face
You got that
look in your eyes
You need some space
That's all right,
that's all right.
So I'ma let go
before you explode
Oh, hey!
Carl's here!
Hi, Carl.
To Babyface!
It'll be all right.
It'll be all right.
And just like that,
he was a fixture in my world.
His morning kiss is the
only way to start the day.
After a long hard day,
his smiling and fine form
are the best things
to come home to.
Everything we do
comes so naturally.
He can be so thoughtful,
and sometimes a distraction,
a welcome distraction,
And he does these things
that drive me crazy,
but they never
matter at the end.
I promise you I'm
trying to keep my cool,
but it's becoming more and
more difficult every day.
I love you.
Holding out on me
Hey, the
next showing is at two.
Shit, baby.
I'm sorry, I'm
working till three,
and if I forgot I'm supposed
to meet up with the boys today.
I can come through later though.
Are y'all
doing something special?
Nah, just chillaxing.
You wanna chillax here?
Shit, I don't know.
I'm already in your grill heavy.
I don't want you
to get sick of me.
No, no, never, never.
And I'd love to meet them too.
I could cook something.
It'll be a jood time.
Yeah, a jood time.
Man, I'm full for
the rest of the weekend.
Man, this deal hustler nigga
ain't even got no
Xbox or nothing.
Yo, what the they doing
up in here, y'all?
You just said it.
And next up in
worst of fag cinema,
To Wong fuckin' Foo,
crackers fuckin' in the city
and them golden bitches, nigga.
Can you say punk
with a capital P?
Hey, kill that
noise, all right?
Yo, just checking
out your boy's crib.
No, you been showing your ass
ever since you got in the crib.
I ain't the one
with the ass to show.
Now I see why you been MIA.
Nigga could pick up a
whole cherry by the stem.
Nigga, if you don't
shut the entire fuck up.
Hey, man, I'm
just keeping it real.
Nah, you been keeping it rude.
You gentlemen
ready for some pie?
- Nah, I'm good.
- I don't think
I could have
another bite, Mitch.
But since you went
through the trouble.
Man, this is jood as fuck.
And I don't even
like blueberries.
Well, I told you
my baby can cook.
You fellas wanna
watch a movie?
Nah, not from what I see.
What does that mean?
Too many pink people
and trannies on that wall.
Come again.
Just joking.
I know they drag
queens, not trannies.
I'd appreciate
if you didn't use that word.
What word?
What, you a
tranny or something?
If what you mean is
am I transgender, no.
However, I don't feel you have
to be to show some respect.
That's all.
Ease up a little bit, baby.
No offense.
Changing formats.
Nigga do got skiLls
in the kitchen.
I'm glad you liked it
but I'd appreciate if you
didn't call me that either.
Call you what?
Bruh, I ain't
call you no nigger.
I called you a nigga.
Same thing.
No, it ain't.
No, it ain't.
It's really not.
It is to me.
To you, it will be.
What does that mean?
You ain't down.
I ain't down?
Yeah, nigga.
You ain't down like that.
No, that's okay.
You ain't down like that,
and you don't get
down like that.
I guess I'll never be
down with any black person
choosing to disrespect themselves
or other oppressed people.
Any person that's choosing
to get down like that
must believe what white and
hetero folks say we are,
my brutha.
Mmm, just like that.
You just walked with my soul.
Brutha man.
D.C., you don't have to leave.
No, fuck that.
Nigga, nigga, nigga,
nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga,
nigga, nigga, nigga,
nigga, nigga, nigga.
I'm sorry, Mitch.
Jood to meet you.
It was nice to
meet you too, Angel.
You ain't have to crack
on my brutha like that.
Crack on him?
He's being
disrespectful as hell.
You took it the wrong way.
There was a right way to take
the bullshit he was spewing?
Brutha man was right.
You ain't down like that.
That's why you should have
just kept your mouth shut.
I see.
So I can't speak my
mind in my own house?
You gonna say
stupid like that?
It ain't a big deal.
It is a big deal to me,
and it should be to you.
Oh, so you gonna tell
me how to think now?
I'm not.
I also didn't tell him
how to think either.
That's not what I heard.
You know what?
Now that we on the subject,
what do you think
about these issues?
It don't matter what I think.
That's not the point.
It matters to
me what you think.
It ain't about me, Little Bit.
So what is it about?
Maybe everybody don't
wanna wave a rainbow flag
all the goddamn time.
Thanks for answering
the question.
Don't even do it.
Okay, so I was
a little flippant.
Negro, what year
are we in again?
And you should have been.
There is no debate.
And Dr. Feelgood has
no right telling you
what you can and cannot say
in your own house either.
I don't know why motherfuckers
feel like they can run you
just cause they turn
you out every which way.
Well, he was just
sticking up for his friend.
I can't blame him, Michi.
Uh, yes, you can,
especially when he was
sticking up for stupidity.
You invited them over
to get to know them,
not to be disrespected.
That's why you haven't
seen him in a week.
He know his ass was wrong.
I know.
But it'd be a shame to let
things end like this, Michi,
and I just wanna give
him just one phone call.
You wanna do more than talk.
I do not.
You're going
through withdrawals.
The big D was, well, jood.
Don't sweat him.
He just one man, one.
Let's go.
We gotta head back
to the plantation.
Oh, my gosh, come on.
I'ma take you by
the FedEx station.
You know you like a
big D in a uniform.
Let me upgrade you.
How long you been out here?
Since six.
Wanna come up?
If you want me to.
There's something
between me and you
Deep down I experience
From the way you
Little Bit.
I'm sorry I came outta
pocket like that at you.
I know.
I gotta pay attention to
what really matters to you.
That way, I can properly
pounce on these fools
and keep them in check.
You're so silly.
Nah, I'm serious.
You mean something
to the people.
You mean even more to me.
And you mean
just as much to me.
Little Bit.
Little Bit.
Little Bit.
I gotta bounce,
but I'll be back like around 11.
What for?
A surprise.
All right?
All right.
You got me a truck.
It's D.C.'s.
Surprise inside.
What's your name?
Raheim Junior.
Well, hi, Raheim Junior.
My name is Mitchell.
The man at my camp...
His name is Mr. Mitchell.
Do you know him?
Well, I can't say that I do.
You know anybody with my name?
At least one other person.
All right, little man.
We got a lot to do today.
Sit back and be
still, all right?
Okay, daddy.
All right.
- Yeah?
- Please
put the seatbelt on.
I'm sorry.
Let me put my seatbelt on.
Daddy, let's go!
So many things on my mind
A lot of girls
were made to cry
They don't deserve it
I can't ignore it
'Cause I'm
constantly reminded
Of all the times in the past
But since he said
I wasn't beautiful
Sticks and stones
may break my bones
But words are everlasting
You give life to what
you speak to yourself
Start with what's
on the inside
You gotta love yourself
You gotta love yourself
Now's the time for
you to redefine
You gotta love yourself
You gotta love yourself
You gotta love yourself
You gotta, you
gotta love yourself
I saw a girl the other day
In the reflection
that made me say
You got a story
You're more than worthy
It took a while for me
to see the queen in me
And all my presence
lost its beauty
So I no longer
speak negativity
When I'm looking back at me
Sticks and stones
may break my bones
But words are everlasting
You give life to what
you speak to yourself
Start with what's
on the inside
You gotta love yourself
You gotta love yourself
Now's the time for
you to redefine
You gotta love yourself
You gotta love yourself
You gotta love yourself
You gotta, you
gotta love yourself
So why didn't
you ever tell me?
You never asked.
I didn't know how to tell you.
So you decided
to let him do it?
You were surprised?
That's an understatement.
Was he a surprise to you?
Oh, yeah.
I mean, I ain't plan
to have no baby at 19.
Shit, I remember like yesterday
when Sunshine told
me she was pregnant.
That's what I call little
brutha's man's mom, Crystal.
When she smiles,
it's like sunshine.
Do you give
everybody a nickname?
No, not everybody,
just special peeps.
So that's where you
usually have to go
when you have to be somewhere
in half an hour, huh?
So you're bisexual.
But you've had sex with women.
Yeah, I had.
That's past tense.
So you don't anymore.
Not today.
So tomorrow, you will?
No, unless you're
trying to tell me
you ain't gay all the way
and you trying to have a
threesome with some chick.
I'm not attracted
to women, but you are,
which means you're bisexual.
No, it don't.
So what do you call yourself?
I mean, I don't like how folks
try to box you in and shit.
I like females, but that
ain't what I got my eye on.
They don't make my shit jump
and don't nobody make
my shit jump like you.
We should stop.
Because your son
is in the other room.
He out.
He ain't gonna hear us.
We can be quiet.
Be quiet?
Since when?
No, you can get some after
you drop him back off home.
And thank you.
Trusting me
enough to meet him.
I don't know if I can
handle the two of you but
I'm down to try.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Aw, ain't he precious?
Don't be jealous because
no one wants to play house
with your bitter ass.
If I did wanna play
house, my bitter ass
wouldn't be pulling a
737 full of baggage.
Too late.
Where there's a baby,
there's a baby mama.
And where there's a baby mama,
there'll be nothing
but baby mama drama.
Raheim has told
me all about her.
Does she know all about him?
She doesn't know he's
attracted to men, okay?
You mean she doesn't know
that he is fucking men.
And since when does
sleeping with men and women
not make you bisexual?
Oh, maybe he's a try-sexual.
If he tries it and likes
it, he sticks with it.
Raheim hasn't been with
a woman since Junior's mom,
and that was over
five years ago.
So he said.
You're getting too involved
with mister fluid
and his fluids.
I think what he did was very...
No, romantical.
That's not a word, B.D.
He didn't have to come back
or even mention his chocolate
chip off the old block.
Don't come crying
when you're paying his
back child support.
Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take.
God bless mommy, and
daddy, and Grammy Grace,
and Grammy Gloria, and
Uncle D.C., and Uncle Angel,
and my three cousin, Derricks,
and my cousin, Anjelica,
and Mitchell.
That was a good prayer.
You want me to
leave the light on?
No, I'm not
afraid of the dark.
Well I'm gonna leave the lamp on
just in case you have to
use the bathroom, okay?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Good night, Mitchell.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, jood night.
Most of these are not
even finished yet.
They look finished to me.
Why didn't you tell me?
And don't say it's 'cause
I never asked either.
It's just something I do.
It's no big deal.
This is a really big deal.
How long have you
been doing this?
Since I was eight.
It doesn't have to be
something you just do.
It could be
something you pursue.
Animation and anime is
really big right now,
and you already love comics,
and you could create your own.
You think I could?
Come on, magic hands.
This is nice.
This is real nice.
Hey, what's up?
I'm about to head into work.
How'd the call go with the
head white man in charge.
Well, our web traffic has
doubled since the last quarter,
and we've gotten subscriptions
from over a thousand
more schools, so.
We know who's
responsible for that.
Yeah, let's just
hope he knows that.
What's wrong?
Did we get any messages?
Yes, from a tall,
dark, handsome gentleman.
Your brother, fool.
My brother?
Well, he is a tall,
dark, handsome gentleman.
Speaking of, what's up
with them dark circles.
I'm ignoring everything
you're implying.
All I'm saying is Chloe
and Halle are three weeks out
and there are some undotted
Is and some uncrossed Ts.
And none of this
would've been happening
in the Mitchell world
that I was brought up in.
Have I ever neglected
a cover before?
Look, I apologize if I overstep,
they're waiting on
you in the office
to get those sketches approved.
And then once we get that done,
we can fit Halle in
London and Chloe in LA.
You seem a little preoccupied.
You gonna be on time, right?
Easy, breezy,
beautiful cover boy.
What's poppin', 'chelly?
You, what else?
You wanna come
to lunch with us?
My treat.
No, boo.
We got so much work to do.
Pooquie, we can't.
We have a lot to do.
Come on, Little Bit.
You gotta eat something.
Yes, at your desk.
No, I'll just order something
when I get in the office.
Come on, it's such
a beautiful day.
Michi, can you tell the
team I'll be in by three?
Y'all have a jood...
Well, you didn't
forget my name?
What are you doing here?
I wanna check on
my little brother.
you're my little brother.
Yeah, I got the size
that says otherwise, boy.
Come here.
Adam, this is Raheim.
Raheim, this is Adam.
What's up, man?
Finally jood to meet
you, big dawg engineer.
Heard jood things about you.
Jood means better than good.
Ah, ah.
You know, unfortunately, I
haven't heard a thing about you.
But, but then
again, how could I?
Don't start.
Look, I was on way
to the courts on Sixth.
Just figured I'd pop
in, say what's up.
I mean, I ain't been
there in a minute.
Well, if you don't
have any plans.
Uh, that's mister slow guy.
Oh, oh, with the
cross, with the lay!
You're a counterfeit
I'll take you.
You go over there.
Hope it's not allowed
Facts, big facts
I help build this shit
And now, you don't
want me around
It does not matter
Spend my life, never
We bleed the same,
I ain't no different
Look who I found.
Come here, honey.
Give me a hug.
Hi, baby, my baby who
sees me all the time
like he's supposed
to see his mom.
Look at that blue, it
brings out your eyes.
Are those the
earrings I got you?
Yeah, you know,
I got to hook it.
We gotta get you
some more pants.
You're too small for those.
You know I look good.
And you, do I know you?
Funny, mom.
I haven't seen you in months.
I was about to file a
missing persons report.
Don't do that.
Let me see you.
You look good.
Oh, my god, have
you lost weight?
And then them jeans, they're
a little skinny, honey.
- Yes, yes, yes, yes.
- A little tight.
They're real tight.
I think you should
try something else.
I know I don't come by
often, but I'm just saying.
There'd be food if
we're used to seeing you.
So she cook for you then?
Oh, yes.
You're the favorite son
since you come here so much?
No, the most visiting son.
That's the thing.
I actually come.
So son, tell us about Raheim.
What hasn't he
told you already?
Well, he only gave
us an abbreviated bio.
Look, I said he
was a cool brother,
but obviously, nothing
to write home to moms to
'cause, well, you don't
write home to mama no more.
He ain't telling no stories.
And I don't know why
you've been hiding him.
But I haven't been.
Yeah, okay.
Well, look, I could
see why you would
given your track record, right?
You know, I was
surprised to learn
he was a bike messenger.
And why is that?
Well, you know, you
look a little different,
and you know, normally, the
others that you're with,
it's like...
Well, Ann, please.
What your mama's
trying to say is that
you ain't never dated nobody
who just drove two wheels,
or who don't have
a college degree,
or that wasn't some corporate,
head up in the cloud,
self-congratulatory Negro.
Wow, that's how you see it?
She ain't telling stories.
Listen to me.
First, there was Kyle.
How are you a fashionista and
don't know who Dapper Dan is?
Then there was Livingston.
Oh, honey.
Oh, I wanted to punch him
so hard in his lockjaw mouth.
Listen though, bro.
It looks like you finally found
a boyfriend that's a winner.
Raheim is not my boyfriend.
And so you say.
What's so funny?
But mama, Raheim
not my boyfriend.
I haven't seen you
spend this much time
with anyone before.
This is new.
Well, it's to hanging out
with the little son too for me.
Damn, isn't there not
a brother code anymore?
Listen, I have to agree.
You know, I think
it's too early for you
to have met his son.
I mean, Anderson didn't
meet you and Adam
until we were dating
for six months.
Well, in gay dating years,
that's like three months, right?
Right, nephew?
But me and Raheim
are not together.
I am serious.
Are you still stuck on that?
Honey, listen.
Isn't he a little
younger than you though?
Isn't Anderson a little
younger than you too?
And Anderson and I
were full grown adults
when we were dating.
Why you all up in my business?
But see...
This is about him right now,
not about me.
But see,
see, Ann, no.
See, this is how
people get it twisted.
Just because that
man is 24 years old,
it don't mean he ain't mature,
and it definitely don't mean
he ain't taking care business.
He's taking care of it, ain't
he though, nephew?
- Are you telling my mama?
- Don't answer that.
I don't wanna heart that.
'Cause you're all about
the business, auntie.
You're all about the business.
I didn't say that.
And he ain't got to answer it.
It's written all over his face.
Why didn't you bring him?
I mean, you know your
date's welcome here.
I know, mom.
He's in Harlem with his son.
He'll be over later.
That's when the real
interrogation will begin.
Don't even listen to them.
Get outta here.
Out, out.
Y'all a mess.
See, why, Ruth, why you
always starting stuff?
Out, out, out.
All of y'all, get out.
Auntie, you know I'm
about to be famous, right?
I had three auditions last week.
Okay, rude.
Why is she rude?
She just a little mad,
all the time.
Babe, they take
a picture with me.
Hold on, hold on,
hold on, hold on.
Loving that black love, baby.
Cause y'all know
I'll be turning up.
It don't matter if
I'm your mama or not.
We gonna get it turned.
The last time,
we got 16 likes.
It's always a party
Even with your mama,
it's always a party
Even with your mama
You don't know
about this here?
Yes, I do.
You want me to teach you?
Okay, look.
So you go in, you go, "Hi."
You see that?
Do it!
You are so good.
Do it!
I could see it.
You don't wanna do it?
It was so great
talking to you though.
You are so talented.
Adam, I don't know
where you found her
but this is the one.
Yeah, she's great.
He likes me, babe.
He said I'm gonna be famous too.
Yeah, you just come
and sit right here.
You want something
to put in your mouth?
Boy, you done wolfed
it down already?
Hell, yes, man.
Everything is so good.
Technically, I'm
your oldest son.
So if the recipe should go
to anybody, it should be me.
No, no, no, look.
You are my oldest son.
Yet, still, I'm
gonna die with it.
Everybody, this is Raheim,
the guest and companion
of our dearest Mitchell.
And as you can see, he
did not come empty handed.
Now look, look, over here.
These are my sons,
Alvin and Calvin.
What's jood, y'all?
Jood, jood.
Jood means better than good.
I mean, come on,
what's with y'all?
They're corny.
Those kids are corny.
Thank god they got good skin.
Of course you know Adam,
and that's his girlfriend Tisha.
Uh-uh, it's Tesha, with an E.
And this is my sister,
Mitchell's mom, Mrs. Walker.
Nice to meet you, Raheim.
Who the fuck's hand
this nigga kissing?
Same here.
You didn't tell me your
mother was so fine.
Oh, he's so sweet, and
he brought my favorite.
Oh, and this is my
husband, Mr. Walker.
What are you doing?
Raheim, my jood brother,
how about we go Play some
basketball real quick?
No, he just arrived.
He might want something
to eat or drink, right?
I just ate not too long ago.
I mean, I can work
up another appetite.
Girl, did you see him?
Girl, mmm mmm.
Ooh, I think he's just
the chocolatiest thing
I ever seen in my life.
Makes me want a bite.
I know he better get
up off my woman's face.
A man can't even
barbecue in his own house
without these young
suckers pushing up.
Oh, god.
Why I don't bring these
knuckleheads up here anyway!
- It's Mitchell's man, fool.
- Anderson.
That's the dude with Mitchell?
That's his man.
I mean, he don't
look like he's,
I mean, what?
You know what, uhuh.
Don't even, don't...
Wait, wait.
Look, I didn't know he didn't,
you won't tell me you gonna
look at a brother like that
and think he's...
- Ooh.
- What?
I just know that nigga
better watch who he kissing.
Since the party this
Saturday is close to here
and D.C. and Angel
are going as well,
I just thought that maybe
you could call them too.
You must have
bumped your head.
If I did, it was on yours.
I'm telling you, Little
Bit, just leave it alone.
Come on, we have
to clear the air.
You get along with my
family and friends.
That's 'cause I make
it so easy to be loved.
Gene would definitely
disagree with that.
He would say that,
but he just don't like
the fact that he do.
Come on, Pooquie,
you can call them.
You call 'em.
It ain't that bad.
Yeah, who this?
It's Mitchell.
Something wrong with Rah?
No, he's fine.
He know you calling me?
I don't want that
brother thinking
I'm trying to push up on you.
You're silly.
He's sitting right here.
I was calling to see
what you're doing
before the party on Saturday.
I thought maybe
you can come hang out here.
I'm down.
D.C. coming?
I hope so.
I'm gonna call him next.
All right, just let
him know I'll be there.
He don't like to be left out.
All right, hurry up.
Nigga, where your ass at?
Like I don't know.
Uh, D.C., it's Mitchell.
I was calling to see
what you were doing
before the party on Saturday.
Because I wanted to
invite you to my house.
For what?
You obviously
don't like my movies,
so play some games maybe.
We got Scramble.
We could play some cards.
What kind?
Spades, spades.
What kind do you like to play?
Spades all the way.
I haven't played in a while,
but I guess I could probably...
I ain't conducting
no workshops, man.
What does that mean?
The MVP don't
play no wannabes.
The MVP?
So I guess that's
supposed to be you.
Well, your crown is
about to be taken.
By who?
Oh, you got me scared, yo.
There will be no
coughing, no waving,
no talking across the board.
No whispering, no
finger tapping,
no knuckle cracking,
no foot stomping.
And one you all find very hard
not doing, no dick tugging.
Can we breathe?
Hey, baby, what,
you don't trust me?
If you're his partner,
hell to the nah.
I told you he ain't shit.
You know, we getting this
party started off right.
I got six.
Nigga, this aint UNO.
My bad.
We're gonna go board.
Yeah, baby, I think
you should take board.
Play your own hand.
What you got?
Thank you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
Let's go.
Come on, let's go.
The guy won.
Give me my money.
Here we go, here
we go, here we go.
You're talking a lot.
Let's go.
Let's go, Angel, it's your turn.
Yeah, yeah.
I still think the
deck was tagged.
I guess it would have to be
for you to lose all three games.
And I expect for you
to hand that crown over
by the end of the night.
Nah, you're not
getting my crown, bruh.
It's not yours anymore.
I'm the MVP now.
Not the MVP.
Okay, I can roll with that.
You can roll with that.
Hard to believe
you can do or die.
Not everybody from
Bed-Stuy is gangster, D.C.
You the proof.
Let me go check on him right?
don't tell me
you're a sore loser.
How you gonna
play me like that,
kissing and hugging
on Angel and shit.
Beat us in spades, come on.
Pooquie, we were just
celebrating our victories.
And I didn't kiss him.
We just hugged.
I don't like that shit.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean
anything by it, okay?
All right?
Come on.
I wanna go dance
with my Pooquie.
Mm-hmm, come on.
All right, I'll see
y'all in a second.
Man, leave that
all the way alone.
Fuck around and
get your head tap
Coming out of your face
Get your cracked
I'm from a place
If we take it, you
never get your head back
I know these motherfuckers
heard me tell them
don't use my glasses.
Oh, funky
motherfuckers wanna act
like they ain't used to plastic.
Yeah, that's a head crack
Don't fuck around
and get your head tap
Don't fuck around
and get your head tap
Coming out of your face
Get your head cracked
It's not that deep.
Tell me why love feels
so much like tryin' to
Hey, yo.
Hey, yo, Jazz in his spot.
Pardon me,
but I see some ch-ch-ch-ch
ass with my name on it.
Have you seen Raheim?
He probably in the bathroom.
Yeah, I'm gonna go check.
Don't sweat it, Mitch.
They just dancing.
Yeah, just dancing.
Raheim ain't even
feeling him no more.
What do you mean no more?
I meant no more
than like anybody else
that could like dance.
So they used to be
together or something?
Uh, but that was a minute ago.
You want more jungle juice?
Yeah, I guess.
Dig for your nigga
You work for your nigga
You drop for your nigga
You cry for your nigga
You bust it for your nigga
You rock for your nigga
You can wiggle
for your nigga
You wait for your nigga
What's up, shorty?
Nothing much.
Now, we both know
that's not true
'cause this tight
little body you got
is poppin'.
Uh, thanks.
You're welcome.
So what's up?
You wanna dance?
Um, no, I'm with someone.
Well, word.
So where is this someone at?
Come on, just one dance.
And you surprise me every
time you call my phone
I'm not the type to say
I touch it all night long
You're all that I want
You're all that I want
Now, what the fuck
you think you doing?
Yo, who the fuck is you
running up on like that, man?
Man, you ain't got no business
putting your motherfucking hands
where they ain't supposed to be.
So you just gonna claim
everybody in this spot, huh?
Bitch-ass nigga.
Get out of my...
What you holding, nigga?
What you holding?
You bitch-ass.
You better step aside
before you get fucked up!
Fucked up by who, nigga?
I know you motherfuckers
ain't fighting
in my motherfucking party
in my motherfucking house.
Now, you bitches got
two minutes to get out
before I call them or I call me.
Take your pick, 'cause
either way, you gonna die.
That's why I don't
come uptown, nigga.
You're from Harlem.
Up-uptown, nigga.
Quit stealing my shit!
Are you okay?
Don't fucking talk to me.
This is all your fault.
My fault?
So you just gonna try to
play me in front of this punk?
I didn't bring you this
motherfucking party
to dance with any you
niggas you want to.
So did you try to take
him home and shit?
Oh, so I was supposed
to stand to the side
and watch you dry fuck, oh,
I'm sorry, dance with your ex?
You know, you got
a big fucking mouth.
Man, I didn't
mean to say nothing.
Man, shut the fuck up.
Hey, hey, don't
blame Angel and me!
This blew up in your
face because of you.
You played yourself
with your weak ass.
Oh, shit, man.
Oh, so you trying
to man up and shit.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Bro, chill!
Hey yo, hey yo, hey yo.
Bro, chill, chill.
I'm gonna fuck
this nigga up, man.
You better get...
Get in the car
or they're gonna call 5-0.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Hey, yo, A.C., you
better come the fuck on.
All right, all right.
A.C., come the fuck on!
Stop screaming, man.
Sometimes life
will have you writing
your own Toni Braxton
songs in your head.
Yeah hee hee hee hee
So have you thought
about what you'll do?
There's nothing to do.
Homie has once again
shown he's trash.
Well, hold on now.
Next time, there may not be
a friend to pull his ass back.
Absolutely true, all right.
But before we just
throw him away,
let's not forget we're
all a work in progress.
Nope, not in this case.
Raheim is a little rough
around the edges, but who isn't?
Rough around the edges?
Don't you mean ghetto?
I grew up in the ghetto.
There are exceptions
to every rule.
That kind of behavior
has nothing to do with
the ghetto, all right?
I grew up in the right
so-called neighborhood,
went to the right
so-called schools,
but I wasn't always the
sensitive, considerate,
secure man I am today.
If you do say so
yourself, counselor.
I was pigheaded,
stubborn, reactive.
I even got into a few
scuffles back in the day.
My man was a G, baby.
A wannabe, all right?
But I thought that was
the way to be a man.
Raheim's young.
He's got room and time to grow.
I never thought I'd be
with a man like B.D.
Now, I couldn't imagine
being with anyone but him.
Oh, babe.
Oh, my pumpkin pie.
Come here.
Come here, baby.
Gene, you know deep
down, you understand.
And dare I say it, you want
love just like the rest of us.
You know better than to
even say that word to me.
This shit is why I'll
never go there again.
Never say never.
You have to keep your
heart and mind open
for the right kind
of man to come.
There's only one kind of man,
a dog.
We will all have one, or maybe
even be one in this life.
I believe there are
three types of men,
mister right, mister all right,
and mister right for you.
Oh, really, Lucy?
Mister right is the
one you dream about.
He's perfect in every way, but...
He doesn't exist.
Now, mister all right is
the guy you usually fall for,
but nine times out
of 10, he's a dog
but knows exactly
what to say and do.
I've known a few of those.
Then there's
mister right for you.
He may not be
cultured, conscious,
or as together as you
may want him to be,
but he's a good man.
And we know where they finish.
Indeed, so we bypass
him from mister all right
and the never-ending
search for mister right.
You will sometimes
say something
that confirms there's more
than cotton between your ears.
Thanks for
coming to my TED Talk.
Don't get cute.
You'll get cut.
My man's still a G.
The spirit of truth, baby.
I'm a truth teller.
I'm a soul journeyer.
I'm a pioneer.
Gene, everybody knows.
I know you miss your
little pluggy pug.
I know you miss
Babe, you have
shirts in your size.
I bought it for him,
so it looks good.
Fugga lover rugrat fuggy.
You're saying I'm fat?
You're not fat, babe.
Because you bought it.
Where's my drink?
It's crazy how
quickly life can change.
Bruh, I'm telling you,
it's a new technology company
and they're coming after Tesla.
$11, now it's 23.
Nigga, every time you tell
me that shit, I get mad tight.
Hey, yo.
Ain't that the
motherfuckers right there
that threw hands at the party?
Bruh, I can give you a ride...
I'm just trying to get
me a patty.
Are you shitting me?
Hell yeah, that's
them niggas, man.
Look at those soft, baby
bottom ass, niggas, man.
Those niggas ain't want to
smoke with Kareem, nigga.
Nah, real shit, bro.
I gotta get home, man.
I should have popped that
nigga when I had the chance.
All right.
I'll call you tomorrow.
- All right, sure.
- All right?
You be bugging, yo.
Pop pop, nigga.
Pop pop, nigga.
Pop pop, nigga.
Fuck, fuck.
No, man.
For real, man.
Come on.
Come on, bruh, you're good.
You're good, bruh.
No, you're good, yo.
Come on, man.
D.C. is dead.
In his will
In his will with my soul
In his will
With my soul
In his will
In his will
With my soul
In his will
In his will with my soul
My baby!
You got this.
You got this.
Come on, bruh, you're good.
Where you at?
I need you.
I wanted to say a
few words about D.C.
We wasn't related but
he was my blood.
I don't know.
I just felt like I was rambling.
No, no you were
speaking from the heart.
You okay?
I just wish everybody
would stop asking me that.
I'm sorry.
That's my moms.
You gonna make it back
to Brooklyn tonight?
I'm so happy to see you.
Mommy, this is Mitchell.
So this is Mitchell.
I'm Crystal.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
You too.
You know, I should thank you.
What for?
Well, because of you,
he now likes spinach.
He said he had a jood
time at your house.
I do!
Hopefully, he can
come visit again soon.
Yeah, of course.
They're waiting for us.
All right.
Come on.
Thanks for coming.
Oh, you don't
have to thank me.
Thank you.
Anytime, Pooquie, anytime.
What's up, little brother man?
Love you, Rah.
Standing on the edge
Got nothing left
I dive off
I dive off it with you
So how is he taking it?
He didn't
sleep at all last night,
and he won't eat.
They were best friends
since they were five
and he died in his arms.
Truly sad.
We gotta do better.
Have you two talked
about the party?
Now would
not be the right time
to ask about that, Gene.
Just don't get sucked back in
without him knowing
how you feel.
Your shoulder don't come easy.
I know.
Be here with me
Where are you going?
To make you something to eat.
Please don't go nowhere.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Thank you, Little Bit.
Anytime, Pooquie, anytime.
Ooh, I dive off, yeah
Hey, Michi.
I don't have to
ask where you are
because you're not where
you're supposed to be, here.
I got sidetracked.
I'm so sorry.
You know I'm
down with Pooquie,
but now you're seriously
fucking with your paper,
which means you with mine.
This cover's your baby.
How you gonna let it
happen without you?
I know, but I would
never ever do this
if I didn't think
you could handle it.
Bullshit, Mitch!
Get here!
I can't.
Is he holding you hostage again?
His son is.
I thought he had a
birthday party to go to.
He did.
He does.
We are.
You're at a party?
Yes, I brought him.
Raheim was gonna...
Is missing in action again.
He said he would be back.
Oh, excuse me, black
in a half hour,
but that one's
last night at eight
and I haven't heard
from him since.
Even Junior called
and got no response.
I hope nothing has
happened to him.
Yeah, something
has happened to him.
He done lost his damn mind
and he out trying to find it.
What he you think,
you running a daycare?
I don't mind watching Junior.
And she's not familiar
with my part of Brooklyn
so I saved Crystal the trip.
You don't want your boyfriend
looking bad to his
child's mother.
I planned to just drop him
off, but he begged me to stay.
And god forbid
you say no to anyone
with the name of Raheim,
even if it fucks
with your livelihood.
I know, and I'm
so embarrassed,
but can you please just
cover for me and represent?
You know I got you.
But just think about
what you give up for him
and ask yourself what exactly
does he give up for you.
Come on, Mitchell.
They're gonna sing
happy birthday.
Yo, open up.
Damn, what took you so long?
Nice to see you too.
Damn, you ain't
got no beverage?
Raheim, forget the beverage.
We need to talk.
Man, you supposed to be
taking care of shit around here.
Yeah, I take care of shit
while you don't do jack shit.
Look, I know you going
through a lot right now,
taking care of Miss
Carter, going to court,
but you could show me
a little consideration.
Either you say
you're coming by
or don't have enough courtesy
to let me know you're not,
or you just drop
by out of the blue
like I don't have a life.
So I can't just drop by?
What, you hiding some other
niggas around here or some shit?
Since when I gotta call?
Since I can't depend on
you and nor can your son.
Say what?
You dropped him off over here
like a bag of dirty laundry
and forgot to pick him up.
He was coming here to see you.
What the hell are
you talking about?
He came to see us!
It didn't fucking
matter who took him.
It mattered to him!
You were supposed to take him.
It certainly was not
my responsibility!
So you gonna tell me
how to raise my son?
But if the Timbs fit, rock 'em.
Get the fuck out of my face.
Oh, so you got jokes.
What a punk like you know
about being somebody dad?
Stop disrespecting
me in my house!
Back up, back up.
What the fuck is
you talking about?
Stop calling me
a fucking punk!
Oh, here you go again, telling
other niggas how to talk.
Get outta my house.
Get outta my house.
Don't touch me.
What's wrong, 'cause
I'm speaking the truth?
The truth?
The truth?
- You pussy ass.
- Get the fuck out!
- You're a punk-ass...
- Get out.
The truth is we have
been sharing the same bed
for the past four months!
So if that makes me a punk,
what the hell does
that make you?
What you trying to say?
Hey, I'm a man.
I ain't no fucking punk.
Oh, oh, you a man?
If you're such a man,
right, get the fuck out!
Do something to
make me get out.
Get out.
Get out of my house, Raheim.
Get out.
Don't touch me.
Don't touch me.
Get out of my house.
Don't touch me.
Go be a man out there.
And I ain't gonna put
my hands on a bitch.
Get the fuck out of my house!
Get the fuck out of my bed!
Get the fuck out of my bed,
out of my fucking kitchen!
I don't want you to
come here anymore!
Don't put your hands...
Get out of my house, man.
Get out of my house, bruh.
Don't bring your son.
I don't give a fuck!
I don't give a fuck!
Little Bit.
Get the fuck out!
Listen to me, Little Bit.
Get the fuck out of my house!
Are you gonna file
a police report?
What's the point?
All of this.
I've been called a
punk all my life,
But you clock somebody
and then break?
That's a real punk.
I don't wanna
get the law involved.
Besides, I can already
hear the officers
laughing at our so-called
gay lovers' quarrel.
We pay these
motherfuckers' salaries.
Our lovers' quarrels
deserve the same due process
the heteros receive.
He'll just be another
black man with a record.
How do you know he
doesn't already have one?
He doesn't.
I looked him up
on jailbirds.com.
Somebody had to.
This water?
I mean, I gotta
check with you.
I'm staying with you tonight.
No, no, I'm fine.
I know, but just in case.
He won't come back.
And if that father-fucker
does come back,
I got a few things for his ass.
I ain't playing.
It was nice of
Carl to drive you.
I didn't know you two were...
We're not.
Gene, it's been over a decade.
Sean would want you to be happy.
Now, who are you, the
Ghost Whisperer now?
What makes you
think I'm not happy?
Happy with someone.
You know,
I could get Carl to
track his ass down
and give him an interrogation
that he will never forget.
Just say the word.
Thank you.
Thank you for having my back.
Now, you know I
detest cheap sentiment.
But as B.D. would shriek,
that's what Judys are for.
My Lord now
Some folk need
a lot of money
But all I need is you, honey
I need you to make me strong
And to help make me carry on
'Cause I, I, I
Baby, I need you
My friends, they
say I'm crazy
Lovin' you this way, baby
But baby, they
don't understand
How a love can be so grand
'Cause I, I, I
Baby, oh yeah, I need you
Some folks were born
to be kings on a throne
And some folks were
born to be all alone
But baby, I was wrong
to love you this way
And that's why I
need you everyday
Oh yeah
Were my sources correct?
Come on, mister
black-ass vice president!
Please don't tell me
you turned them down.
No, no, I accepted.
Try not to be so excited.
I'm excited.
Your blues are
giving me the blues.
You need to get away
and clear your head.
Don't you have some vacation
time you haven't used?
Yeah, I do.
Use it, please,
for both our sakes.
I'm gonna be all right
I love you, baby, oh yeah
I love you
'Cause I, I, I
Baby, I need you
What's wrong with you, nephew?
Mitchell Sylvester Crawford,
you could fool most of the
people most of the time
but you can't fool
your Auntie Ruth.
You ain't spent the
night home in six years.
And this is the first time
you haven't straight up
devoured my peach cobbler.
That ain't never
happened before.
And your mama, you
know she told me
you been moping around
here singing Aretha,
singing Phyllis, singing Mary.
Nephew, what's wrong?
I'm fine.
This Raheim?
Hmm, y'all had the fight,
the big one.
And you can't get over him,
and you're trying to forget him,
and you're trying
to forget it, right?
There's a very jood
reason for that.
Yeah, you're in love.
I can't be in love.
Why not?
Because I've been
in love before.
It's never felt like this.
Oh, that wasn't love.
I saw it.
You had that glow.
It was all up in your eyes.
And your mama, she saw it too
but she just didn't
know what it was.
I knew.
See, you didn't expect it.
You didn't expect it to happen.
You didn't think
it could happen.
But love don't always
come when you want it,
and it don't always
come in the package
that you want it packaged in.
And it damn sure
don't come easy.
But nephew, when it comes,
you better name it
and claim it.
So, what do you think?
It's nice.
You sure you wanna
leave Ailey though?
but I know it's
what I have to do.
I'm not gonna win my dozen Tonys
being a part of someone
else's ensemble.
Besides, I have the
perfect team in my corner
to make that dream come true.
I think you're right.
It needs a little work.
That's where my
jood Judys come in.
If you can get Gene
to do some manual labor,
you are a miracle worker.
Too bad Pooquie
isn't still around.
We definitely could put those
mus-cles to use.
That name still gets you, huh?
If y'all get another shot,
you've got some
inventory to take too.
What do you mean?
You fetishize that
man, if that's a word.
Keep going.
Too many black men go through
that, even with each other.
You think it would be so
easy to snag yourself a thug
and get a no strings plug
'cause you know it isn't real.
You can't take that
home to mama, right?
Wrong, 'cause you did
take him home to mama.
And you played the role,
let him run things,
run you, be the man.
And ain't nothing wrong with
that if that's what you want.
I have no problems letting
Babyface take the lead role.
But roles can be an
illusion, an illusion set up
by the patriarchy of the
white, male, heteronormative.
So don't get it twisted.
You decided not to rock the boat
so he wouldn't
stop rocking yours.
But look what happened.
You didn't fall in love.
You rose in it.
Is that Toni Morrison?
Jazz, yes.
The ditzy one reads too.
Well, you better come on.
You know though, there are
a lot of things I don't know.
But when it comes to the art
of dance and the art of men,
I can write the books.
Where the book at, bitch?
I wanna know where the book at.
Write the book.
Paper, pen, thank you.
Hi, Mitchell.
Can we come in?
Yeah, you can come in.
Now we in the building.
How was your vacation, Mitchell?
My vacation?
Daddy says you were
out of the country.
That's why we
couldn't come see you.
All right, little brother man.
Can you just take our coats
in the room and go watch TV?
But I wanna talk to Mitchell.
I know.
I wanna talk to him first.
You can talk to
him later, aight?
Okay, daddy.
And don't drag 'em.
I mean, okay.
I still don't know why I
can't hang with Mitchell.
I guess you think I
won't curse your ass out
because Junior's here.
Go ahead.
I'm a man,
just like you.
But that doesn't mean I will
be another man's punching bag.
If you ever put your
hands on me again,
not only will you never speak
or hear from me,
but I will also get my entire
family to whoop your ass
'cause I will not, I will not,
I will not fight with
the man that I love,
because all I ever
wanted and needed
was for you...
Little Bit.
I love you so much.
I love you just as much.
After what I did
and what I said.
I'm so sorry I hit you.
I don't even know how
to make that right.
We've got work to do,
but we can start somewhere.
I ain't never felt
like this before.
Me neither.
So what now?
We handle it.
And let yourself go
Let yourself go
And let yourself go
Let yourself go
And you believed him?
Yes, Gene, I believed him.
Because I saw it in his eyes.
Is this a road you
really want to travel?
If the best predictor of future
behavior is past behavior,
then you're in for a
lot more heartache.
It was a mistake.
A mistake is forgetting
to put the toilet seat down
when your mom is visiting.
We all do and say
fucked up things.
Don't people deserve
second chances?
By my count, homie is
on his third or fourth.
Don't let your
feelings cloud things.
I'm not.
He returns to the
scene of the crime
two months later to apologize.
But he doesn't come alone.
He brings the sequel.
How convenient.
He knew you wouldn't slam
the door in his son's face.
He brought Junior as
a security blanket, yes,
but for us both.
I don't want you
to get hurt again,
physically or emotionally.
It's gonna take a hell of a
lot more than you know what
to bring this thing out.
I know.
Does he know?
Most people think the
magic ingredient is I,
but the lucky few know
it's I-N-T-E-G-R-I-T-Y.
Right, but the fact
that he came back
tells me he knows
it and he's got it.
Right, his reappearing act.
Break up to make up, that's
all you two seem to do.
Does anybody wanna
change this tune?
'Cause it's skipping.
It's skipping.
It's skipping.
The only thing
skipping is my heart.
That's heartburn.
No other boyfriend's
ever given me butterflies.
Bitch, that's gas!
But I'm telling you,
Raheim's gonna make
a believer outta you.
It's not me he
has to convince.
I am gonna finish talking
some sense into you later.
I know you weren't
asleep through all that.
I got just about a
million things to do
Right now, I with that
you're included too
Sangria caramel, your
body in a powerful cloud
Don't fight the urge
And let your body
feel free to get loud
I said there's some things
that I simply cannot do
No oh oh
No oh
Without you
No oh oh
I said there are some things
that I simply cannot do
No oh oh
No oh
Without you
No oh oh
I said there are some
things that I simply can't
Dancing in the dark,
feeling all body parts
It's true ooh ooh
And I ain't never
fought the feeling
'Cause I don't have
to when I'm with you
Hell nah
Ooh ooh
It's got me feeling like
a junkie in a crowded room
Crowded room
No solo work, just me and
you under a silver moon
Silver moon
There are some things
that I simply cannot do
No oh oh
No oh
Without you
No oh oh
There are some things
that I simply cannot do
No oh oh
No oh
Without you
No oh oh
There are some things
that I simply can't
No oh oh
No oh
Without you
There are some things
that I simply cannot do
No oh oh
No oh
Without you
No oh oh
There are some things
that I simply can't
No oh oh
No oh
Without you
There are some things
that I simply cannot do
Without you
There are some things
that I simply cannot do
No oh oh
And I won't do
Without you
There are some things
that I simply cannot do
No oh oh
Without you
No oh
Without you