B+ jing taam (The Detective 2) (2011) Movie Script

That year I was twelve,
I asked again where my parents are.
She finally told me the truth.
When my mother found out
about my father's affair,
she turned psychotic.
When I was one month old,
my mother stabbed my father to death.
And she tried to jump off
from the window with me.
Luckily the sister next door grabbed me
in time,
but my mother fell by herself and died.
I've been an orphan ever since.
Since then, I started living
with the sister who saved me.
I never got upset for being a orphan.
Because I have a loving and caring sister.
This one really got a mole.
That's right, before my mother died,
she told me that
I have a twin brother.
I always thought that we me on both sides
in the picture.
Don't worry, even a murder case
I could solve it splendidly.
Finding your brother is just
a piece of cake.
I know that.
I have read about your wonderful
achievement from the newspaper.
Excuse me, I got to take this call.
Chan Tam Private Investigator.
Tam, I am Bulky.
You're getting famous now
and you already forgot your buddy.
We're buddy, stop teasing me.
Thanks for your help last time.
So you remember,
when will you settle the bill?
Bulky, I have a client now.
I will call you later
at the bank in a while, bye.
What were we talking about just now?
Chak, the superior is
so pleased that you solved
the murder case of Mok Wai Sum.
I'm now giving you a chance to learn
from Inspector Lo.
This will help your promotion
in the future.
Then you'll be inspector trainee
and I'll be senior inspector.
You two are partners from now on.
Yes, sir!
You should learn from me from now on,
there wouldn't be any problem.
Lo, how's the murder case going?
I've sent our informants
to get a line on it.
It'll soon be done, don't worry.
Good, wrap it up as soon as possible.
I've sent people to look for the officer
who investigated the missing case
of your parents.
But 10 years ago,
he was found having contact with
some drug dealers.
He was fired and went missing since then.
That's all you found?
That's it.
But don't worry,
I will do my best to track him down.
Hey, shouldn't you get promotion
for solving the murder case of Mok Wai Sum?
How come you don't get promoted?
I will get promoted but I don't know when.
Now I am under a prick
who takes all credits and dodges
all responsibilities.
Everyone knows that it's hard to perform
well being his subordinate.
But you'll see that I wouldn't let him
lead me by the nose.
I want you to be my informant
for getting me a promotion.
No way.
You will get paid, punk.
Well, you didn't say it upfront.
Oh, by the way,
can't your team help you out at all?
They have been working for me
for over 10 years.
They should long be gone
if they were any more competent.
They can never be as smart
as the one-and-only Chan Tam
Of course.
If it wasn't
for my serious nearsightedness...
I could be your boss as well.
Are you dreaming?
Now look into the case for me seriously.
The deceased, Lo Kwok Tung, 45 years old.
Without any wife or kid.
He died in his suite...
with his chest
and back stabbed over 20 times.
The weapon we found in the crime scene
is a fruit knife bent
from repeated stabbings.
There's no fingerprints on it.
There's no signs of robbery in the suite.
The neighbors said the deceased was
a sex maniac.
But there's one thing suspicious...
we found a posthumous letter in his room,
it seems to be left by his wife
And it read like this...
I have been married to him
for over 20 years
and we have our own kid too.
But he has an affair with another woman!
Staying alive could only
make me suffer more.
I hate men!
I have to jump off the building with him!
Literally, his wife killed him.
So we suspected that the murderer
is trying to divert our attention.
He is really trying to distract us.
But is the murderer a man or a woman?
Come in.
(Thai) Hey!
He's one of us.
What do you mean?
He's my informant from Chinatown,
he's Tam.
The so-called great detective
on the newspaper, right?
It's just vanity.
I can never as good as Officer Lo.
I'm here trying to learn from you.
Just look, keep your hands off.
Yes, sir!
How's it going?
The Indian discovered the body
The forensic expert says the female
deceased had been sexually assaulted.
There are bruises on her neck,
she should be strangled to death.
The case happened
in the small hours today.
We suspect the deceased was being
followed to the scene and got killed.
Chak, come here!
That lunatic is having his fits again.
Let's meet at nine in the bar.
We'd talk then.
I'm coming!
What have you got?
The name of the deceased is Cheng Mei Fan,
At first we thought the deceased
was being raped.
But the forensic report says
the wound in her genitals
was caused by a wooden dowel found
in the crime scene.
And there's no fingerprints on it.
Is there the primary scene?
It's not very likely.
Because there're scratches on her back.
She might have been dragged on the floor.
These wounds were made after her death.
And I think...
the dowel...
it's just a garbage at the scene,
the murderer grabbed
it as weapon randomly...
Or is it left over by the murderer?
If there's no fingerprints on the dowel
it's left over by the murderer for sure.
Hey, you're doomed.
Damn, losing so soon.
One more game.
Is the deceased a hooker?
How do you know?
She really is.
She was hanging out so late in the night
with such outfit and makeup,
how could she be a decent woman?
You're right,
you know damned well about that.
I think everything in the scene
seems put together too deliberately.
As it the murderer intended
to leave those clues,
especially the wounds
on the victim's back,
for fear that no one would know
he moved the dead body.
If he wants to mislead the police
into believing that's the primary scene,
he wouldn't have done so.
He is trying to make you think that
it's not the primary scene.
This guy knows how things work
in the police,
he left those clues on purpose.
The murderer... might as well be a cop.
Hey, cut that crap.
He's not only a smart cop
but also a successful transgressor.
The murderer...
...might be an impotent sex pervert.
An able guy wouldn't use a dowel.
Hey, why are you looking at me?
Relax, I am not saying it's you.
Of course it's not me!
I mean you're not a smart cop.
But I'm not sure about your virility.
I'm gonna wipe off all your pieces.
Cannon to the central!
What now? Are you scared?
I'd like to defend first.
Call me impotent?
I'll show you what I got.
(Thai) You still owe me money,
dare you borrow from me again?
(Thai) I told you to settle your debt first,
before I may consider another loan.
(Thai) I have been looking
for you for so long.
(Thai) Let me tell you,
if you don't settle your debt,
(Thai) I will buy two coffins for you.
(Thai) One for you and one for your father.
(Thai) Got it?
(Thai) Enough talking. I am hanging up.
(Thai) What... what do you want from me?
(Thai) You want money?
What's new?
The deceased's name is Chuen,
he's a loan-shark.
The neighbors once heard him crying
for help.
Since he's always bullying others
and many people did owe him money,
everyone wants him dead.
No one came to his help.
His dead body was not found
until it started to stink.
The victim died from being
hit in the head by a hard object.
But no weapon is found in the scene.
The Identification Bureau is almost done.
Officer Lo,
why didn't you tell me to come earlier?
How dare you say that!
Do you still respect me as your superior?
You just know bringing newbie
to mess around.
Officer Lo, I don't look like
a newbie though.
I'm bringing someone to help
solve the case.
When the case is solved,
you can take all the credits...
Everyone knows that you're not taking
anyone under your wings.
What did you say?
I dare you say that again!
See if I'll file a complaint against you.
Say it.
Come on!
Sorry, sir. I was wrong.
Sorry, sir.
Officer Lo.
What is that?
You dare to contradict your superior,
aren't you scared that
he will hold grudges against you?
That never crossed my mind.
I can swallow my pride
if he's insulting me,
but I can't deal with anyone badmouthing
my friends in my face.
What a friend!
By the way, the officer who investigated
the missing case of your parents
is Uncle Cheung.
A colleague of mine used to work with him
in the same police district.
I will tell him to look for Uncle Cheung.
I will let you know once I got anything.
Uncle Cheung?
I might have heard that name
when I was small.
Is his full name Cheung Suk Ping?
I have no idea what his full name is.
Okay, let's get back to the case.
My fellows told me that
they found many long hairs in the scene...
which are much longer than the victim's.
Maybe the murderer left them
during the struggle.
So I suspect that the murderer
would be a woman.
There are signs of fighting in the scene.
But the victim was so strong,
how could a woman possibly kill him?
The hairs might not be left
by the murderer.
Maybe his girlfriend' left them?
You have your own way of thinking.
Did you have that experience?
The hairs were already taken to the lab,
the report will be ready in two days.
The deceased was a loan-shark.
Maybe he got killed out of vengeance.
For those murder cases happened lately,
I don't think it's done
by the same person.
Because there's nothing
in common among them.
I think it's done by the same person.
The murderer didn't leave
any fingerprints
after the victims got killed.
And the motive for the killings
cannot be determined yet.
That's the common thread.
Huh? Is it a thread?
Where... are you going?
You go home first, I'll be back later.
I've already lost my parents,
I can't lose my sister.
Sister, I bought you something to eat.
No, thanks. I already had dinner.
Why did you cut up the shirt like this?
Lo Kwok Tung, a single promiscuous guy.
Cheng Mei Fan, a hooker who got
sexually abused and killed.
Murderer's gender...
Chuen, 30 years old,
his genitals got cut off.
Why did the murderer
stick a dowel into the victim's virgin
in the second case?
These 3 cases
seem to be independent from each other
without any common link.
But how do you explain the posthumous
letter of the victim's wife?
There wasn't an established motive
or a specific target either.
The murderer knows
the Police's investigation very well.
If there's nothing related
between the 3 victims
and there's only one murderer,
why did he kill them in different ways?
We are in big trouble.
Stop that...
What is it?
What happened?
Who beat you like this?
What's going on?
Officer Lo, the identification bureau
just confirmed that
the hairs we found
in the scene of the loan-shark's case
belong to different women.
Did the reports say whose DNA those are?
It's done.
Two of them belongs to the two women
living next door to the victim.
But they have an alibi.
What did you get?
What's your name?
Why makes you think I am the murderer?
I just committed molesting though.
Leung Wai Yip, 40 years old.
If I am the murderer,
I wouldn't be caught so easily.
Good afternoon, sir!
What is it?
Have a seat.
Yes, sir!
Are you Leung Wai Yip?
I once applied for the cadet school,
but I didn't make it.
I will help you
to get rid of those scumbags.
Give me a glass of water.
What's this?
Do I have to answer that too?
You don't have to.
Can you read this?
Leung Wai Yip.
in Olympic Memorial Elementary school.
Do your homework first.
Let's go.
Sister, do you know...
father told me that he didnt like him.
What did you say? What father?
I'm poking you to death!
Are you out of your mind?
You'd better go.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Today, someone slapped Keung on his face.
Don't be scared, dad will protect you.
Dad, you have to get revenge for me.
Keung relied
on his father's protection ever since.
Hey, what is it?
Why did you tell him so much?
Just lie to him.
Just let the stuff get confiscated,
got it?
Sister, can you keep your voice down?
You go home now and wait for me.
I'm making my call,
it's none of your freaking business.
What time is it now?
Why isn't the forensic expert here yet?
What's going on?
They got stuck on the road, sir!
They will arrive soon.
How's the situation?
This is Kiki, she's the fourth victim.
My district will be in deep shit
if it goes on like this.
Who is this Kiki?
She's just 18
but already the biggest drug dealer
in this area.
Many kids buy drugs from her.
As she died,
they will have no pills to pop.
We haven't got
any evidence to arrest her.
We could've thought...
Among prostitution, illegal gambling
and drug dealing, I hate the last one most.
The murderer may have done
a good deed though.
He got rid of the bad guys for you.
I will help you
to get rid of those scumbags.
Brother Chak.
I found a pair of scissors with bloodstain.
With pencil and scissors.
Judged from the weapons in the scene,
can this murderer be a kid?
Pencil and scissors.
Can a kid kill someone?
How's that possible?
The fourth victim is a teenage girl.
Kiki, 18 years old.
Inferring from the weapons,
the murderer would probably be a kid.
Assuming these few cases were done
by the same person,
Why would the murderer appear
in different identities and genders?
in my pocket yesterday.
Did you steal it?
I didn't.
My mom gave me my 30 dollars.
Sir, why would you think
it's your son the theft?
I did give him 30 dollars.
You gave him 30 dollars?
Then... is that you stole the monies
from me and gave them to him?
Madam was so mad when she heard,
she cried...
Check your suspects for anyone has
an insanity record?
Did you come up with anything?
Just go and check.
I suspect the murderer has
a split personality.
Trust me.
Early experience core training
clinical assumes,
a compensative strategy triggers
the incident.
Unhappy childhood experience
would lead to split personality.
Tam, I got it.
There's a suspect Leung Wai Yip,
he took medication when giving
his statement.
I found out that's
a psychiatric prescription.
Give me his information,
I will check him out.
Leung Wai Yip.
Mental disorder.
A nutcase?
Don't be scared,
those crazy bastards are gone.
How dare you call me sicko!
How dare you call me nuts...
Scared, huh? Now be very afraid!
Those crazy bastards are gone,
how dare you call me sicko...
Stop that!
Madam, hold it right there!
That's her!
I've been wanting to kill her long ago.
You kill her for me.
I have been putting up with her
for so long.
Right, she deserves to die.
You can't kill her with a knife.
You need a gun to finish her off.
Okay, please kill her for me.
Do it!
Hey, what are you looking at...
Call the police!
Why did you kill them?
I didn't kill them.
I just chopped them up.
Are you obsessed with the thought
to chop people up?
No, I'm not
I just wanna chop someone up
at that moment.
Do you want chop me up now?
No I don't.
Now I just want to chop that bitch up!
Wow, I thought I was so going to die
at that point.
I thought,
gee here comes another nutcase.
And he has a gun in his hand.
Luckily it wasn't a real one.
This handsome guy is so smart,
he faked crazy to save my life.
Smart my ass.
That's the only thing he's good at.
How was it? Are you alright?
How is it? What did you find out?
What did I find out?
Due to the lack of conclusive evidence,
we can't prosecute him.
He's got something wrong here.
I'll let the psychiatric department
to follow this.
Hey, Tam!
If you weren't there,
I can't imagine what'd happen.
That's right.
He deserves to get a Good Citizen Award.
That's it? Just an award?
What do you mean, that's it?
He's a citizen, not a cop.
That's right, I'm not a cop.
But I'm much better
some dumb asses who are.
What are you laughing at?
Thank you!
The murderer might have
a split personality.
But what about his motive?
Why did he kill those unrelated people?
Is it something to do
with his problem childhood?
Hey, what's up?
Tam, I found a witness of the murder case
in the park.
She recognized one of our suspects.
Ling Ka Fai,
on the night of September 1st 2009
from 11:00 pm to 03:00 am,
where were you?
I don't remember.
I must be sleeping during
such late hours.
Can anyone testify you're sleeping
at that time?
My dad, mom and sister.
How can we find them?
I haven't seen my sister
for quite a while.
And according to your statement,
you said you don't have no parents.
Your first time identifying a suspect?
Don't be afraid.
The suspects can't see your face.
They really can't see me?
You got your face all wrapped up.
How could they see you?
The key thing is,
you have to look at them carefully
and tell us when you're done.
Okay. Check them out one by one.
Did you recognize him?
Wait. Give me more time.
Okay, I memorize their faces one by one.
What should we do now?
we didn't ask you to remember their faces.
We want you pick out
the murderer you saw that night.
Oh, you mean
I don't need to remember their faces?
I recognize him. Number 5...
and number 3.
Look again carefully.
Was it number 5 or 3?
If it wasn't number 5,
then it must be number 3.
Okay Madam,
can you tell me affirmatively once more
was it number 5 or number 3?
I can tell you for sure
if it wasn't number 3...
then it must be number 5.
Just now when I showed you the picture,
how come you said it was number 5?
Oh, was he the one in the picture?
The one in the picture looks like number 3.
Take her out.
What should we do now?
What can we do?
Still lacking conclusive evidence.
Run over me!
Now you're trapped.
How come it's you?
Inspector Lo told me to warn you...
not to lay hands on this case anymore.
Warn me?
You chased after me
so hard just to warn me?
Tam, we're not planning to kill you.
We just want to scare your pants off.
I come for Inspector Lo.
Inspector Lo,
can I have a word with you out here?
You bastard! Douchebag...
Are you insane?
Are you out of your mind?
Just come after me.
He's your colleague,
how can you do this to him...
And you call yourself a man?
Shame on you.
Now stop it!
Or I'll charge you with assault against
a police officer!
Now think things through.
I wouldn't stir up shit like that even
if I don't get along with Chak.
I need to nail down that guy
who run him over.
Let me tell you, that guy is a nutcase.
He dares to mess with the police.
If you keep investigating the case,
you'll die first.
Let him in.
What happened? Tell me.
I saw a black van
dashing toward me
and ran me over.
The van stopped and stayed there...
for quite a while.
And then...
it seemed like...
it turned around to roll over me again.
I noticed that and I played dead.
Otherwise, I should have died.
He wouldn't hit you the second time.
He hit you with a van to fake it into
an accident.
Seemingly an accident.
Tam, you have to stay out of it.
Simulating an accident...
Are you okay?
You alright?
Do you really want to know the truth?
It's you again?
Here to arrest me again?
No, not really.
I come to apologize.
I hope you forgive me
for what I did last time.
I didn't want it that way either.
Your clothes are wrinkled.
You should iron it.
Sure. I didn't care much
about such things.
I wasn't like that at all.
The society pushed me into a corner
and I can't help it.
Well, how long have you been a cop?
I once applied for the police cadet school,
but they didn't accept me.
I'm not a cop too.
I applied to cadet school.
But I'm short-sighted,
so I wasn't accepted.
I used to hate doing the ironing.
What a drag.
We kind of get along, I suppose.
I'm Chan Tam, let's be friends.
You need to pass a test to be my friend.
Which is?
You tricked me first!
Don't fight back
if you want to be a friend.
In fact, I'm here to ask for your help.
Once I had a friend.
He's an upright straight
forward dude just like you.
We didn't really keep in touch.
I want to find him now.
Is there a way I can find him?
You don't have to do anything.
Just wait for him to come to you.
But I'm running out of time.
Besides waiting...
what else can I do?
You just do the same things...
he did before.
Follow his footsteps to know his motive.
What's his motive?
Why did he cut off her tongue?
What about the posthumous letter?
What about the posthumous letter?
What about the posthumous letter?
It was written clearly...
It was written clearly...
Why ask?
You guys sleep
around with women all day...
You guys sleep
around with women all day...
You have to die with me.
What about the woman who got raped?
I couldn't control myself.
I remember I kept walking
after I killed her.
And I didn't know where I was going.
But when I calmed myself down,
I thought the woman deserved it.
I remember I kept walking
after I killed her.
And I didn't know where I was going.
But when I calmed myself down...
I still thought she deserved it.
There were so many people in this world.
Why me?
Why did he cut off her tongue?
All men should die.
Don't want to listen to them.
Adult always lies.
Why do people murder?
Is that all out of hatred?
Is that all out of hatred?
Does a murderer with split personality...
have a miserable childhood?
Is he an orphan like me?
No childhood is worse than being
an orphan.
An orphan...
With no parents...
Ling Ka Fai.
Hey, Chak.
Can you pass me details
on the suspect Ling Ka Fai?
Ling Ka Fai?
We did his background check.
He's just a mechanic, he has a sister.
There's nothing suspicious about him.
I know now, the murderer is an orphan.
He's an orphan
but it doesn't mean that he's the murderer.
We're just one more step away
from revealing the truth.
Tam, you'd better stay out of it.
Look at me. I'm now hospitalized.
I'm worried about you,
something might happen to you.
So, are you telling me to quit after
so much work?
You asked me for help at first.
Okay, okay.
I will get the information sent to you.
I'll send you a necklace.
It's an amulet to keep you safe.
Sorry Miss, I need to be discharged.
No, you can't. You have to stay here for
a few more days.
Chak told me to pass it to you.
Ling Ka Fai!
Ling Ka Fai.
On a pitch dark street...
On a pitch dark street,
a woman shows up unexpectedly.
It looks like she's put herself
in a great danger.
Then things happen naturally
as the story unfolds.
A man who hurts a woman is unforgivable.
That will ruin a woman's life.
So a guy like that should pay
for his crime.
(Thai) What... What do you want?
(Thai) You want money?
And our hero has uphold justice.
But no one expects two police
impersonators would arrest our hero
and demand a statement from him.
Can our hero get away with it?
Ling Ka Fai, on September 1st 2009
from 11:00 pm to 03:00 am,
where were you?
I don't remember.
I must be sleeping during
such late hours.
Who can prove you're sleeping
at that time?
As the story goes,
the audience may want to know
who those two police impersonators are.
Our hero have to deal
with two more villains.
That would make them four in total.
I'm Chan Tam, I'm looking
for Ling Hoi Yee.
I am.
Has your brother Ling Ka Fai
contacted you lately?
What happened to him?
A cop dropped by and asked
about him a few days ago,
but they didn't tell me anything.
Do you know where he is?
I told your fellows already.
We haven't seen him for over 10 years.
I have no idea...
what he does or where he is.
We suspect he has something
to do with a few homicide cases.
You can't be serious.
How could that be true?
You haven't seen him for over 10 years.
Why didn't you keep in touch with him?
Did something happen?
Did something unusual happen to him
when he was a kid?
Not really.
He's just like any other kids.
Without any difference.
I'll tell you honestly,
We've found a tape recording of
his killing process.
He's suspected to have killed
at least 4 people.
If you don't cooperate with us,
more people might get hurt.
Even you would be in danger.
What are you looking at?
If you find him, please let me know,
In fact...
I'm not his sister.
You mistaken your sentiments to me.
At that time, my father had an affair.
My mom couldn't get over it.
She killed my father
and then she jumped off the building.
What are you talking about?
I was still young
and I had to support myself.
When I was 13,
I came home after work.
Someone grabbed me suddenly.
That guy was so strong,
he dragged me under the bridge
and raped me...
He raped me.
I was too young to make sense of
what had happened to me.
And my tummy got bigger and bigger.
Then I knew I was pregnant with him.
I really didn't know what to do.
I gave birth at home.
When he was born,
I really wanted to kill him.
But when I saw him crying,
I just couldn't bring myself to do it.
I didn't expect that decision
would make him suffer.
I didn't want him to know
about his parentage.
So I lied to him.
I told him our parents died.
So those stories about mom
and dad were made up too?
As he grew up,
he seems turning into a different person.
I knew we couldn't go on like that.
So I told him the truth.
In fact, I am not your sister.
That's the last time I saw him.
I told a lie. Just a lie...
that ruins his whole life.
Why did he cut off her tongue?
Adult always lies.
He thought you were his sister.
In fact, you are his mother.
Chak, listen.
I just met Ling Ka Fai's sister,
she told me everything.
He projected his childhood experience
in the murders.
To re-enact again.
Who are you looking for?
Who are you?
Did you steal my stuff? Fake cop!
Now give it back!
I will...
How do I give you back the stuff?
Put it back where you found it.
Your friend is waiting for you.
Ling Ka Fai!
Ling Ka Fai
I have seen your sister, Ling Hoi Yee.
Who are you?
And who are you?
Ling Ka Fai.
I have seen your sister
I know everything.
Tam, save that kid first.
Stop that.
Why didn't you get me later?
You guys just...
ruined my whole plan...
two more guys got involved.
Let the kid go.
Let him go?
He's an orphan, I am just helping him.
He doesn't have to be
so pathetic very soon.
Did you know that...
Did you know that
how miserable it is
how miserable it is
being an orphan...
How miserable?
I know that.
I'm an orphan too.
My parents were killed.
You're lying!
No I'm not.
Why did you mess up my place?
Who are you?
What should I do?
Sister, mom, sister...
What should I do?
What should I do?
Mom is here...
Mom is here
Are you alright?
Drop that gun.
Then she must be my sister.
We're all here.
Haven't I found my mom already?
I'm not your mom! I'm a cop!
Do you believe in?
I'm now telling you this gun is a fake!
Do you believe it?
When I count to 3, we'd shoot together!
I dare you!
Why didn't you shoot?
Isn't murder supposed to solve
every problem?
Why didn't you shoot?
I hate my mom for bringing me
to this world.
If she kills me at that time,
there wouldn't be so many problems.
Didn't you know...
killing solves every problem.
My radio drama
is just missing a gunshot sound effect
and it's done.
I'm returning it to you... hang in there.
Hang in there!
My radio drama is just missing
a gunshot...
and it's done.
Then he's my sister.
Everyone is here.
Tam, save that kid first.
We grew up together.
I can tell what you're thinking
by the look in your eyes.
I can swallow my pride
if he's insulting me,
but I can't deal with anyone badmouthing
my friends in my face.
Be my informant.
No way.
You will get paid, punk.
Well, you didn't say it upfront.
When you were born,
I really wanted to kill you.
Shut up!
I don't want to hear anymore.
What do you want then?
So, the stories about mom
and dad were made up too?
How do I know
if you're telling the truth now?
Why didn't you kill me right
after I was born?
Are you Chan Tam?
Yes I am. How can I help you?
I'm Uncle Cheung.
Fung Chak sent someone
and he asked me to see you.
It's about your parents.
I found out your parents
had connections
with a drug cartel...
and the kingpin of the cartel killed
your parents.
He emigrated to
Malaysia 20 years ago.
What did this kingpin have to do with
my parents?