B. Monkey (1998) Movie Script

Billets Doux
You grow up in the suburbs
You picture a life for yourself, right?
A life of danger,
late nights in smokey jazz clubs,
beautiful women everywhere.
Django Reinhardt with the
Hot Club in Paris 1939.
You're listening to "Night Duty"
at St. Joseph's Hospital.
Only then, you do grow up
and you're not living that life.
You're poor
you teach in the school
during the day
and of course you like it,
though you can barely find
time to play the bloody trumpet
while you hope against hope,
to reach those kids who remind you of you.
So you end up watching, not doing
waiting for something to really live for.
Now the closest I come to a
smokey jazz club
is the DJ booth at
this broken down hospital.
The only place in this town
my kind of records are welcome.
I work the night shift
alone and listen
to Django and Coltrane play the pain.
This next one's for all you
romantics out there.
Get well soon!
I'm Alan Furnace,
and you're listening to "Night Duty".
My name is B., B. Monkey,
they call me that because
I can get into anything.
These were Frank's rules,
we all worked for him.
The first thing you do is torch the car,
then you lose the gun.
After it was home to Paul's house.
We were a family,una famiglia.
Bruno and I did the jobs
and Paul looked after us, when he wasn't
selling drugs to rock stars
and putting the profits up his nose.
They Can't Take That Away From Me
Scotland Yard says it has as yet no
further leads on the series of robberies
which has taken place over the past few
months in leading West End jewelers.
They are still appealing
for any information
from the general public.
The number to call is:
0171 387
But the highs grew shorter.
And the emptiness took over.
I knew I had to grow up
I decided
it was my last time.
Love Anybody You Want
I needed to leave it all behind.
It was a long time
coming anyway.
Beneath the action we were all a bit
fucking frayed around the edges.
I felt my past dissolving
and that felt good.
Bruno now you're 18 uh?
Well you were a bit long in
the tooth for my taste but
congratulations anyway.
- Come on, drink up
it's my round.
Can I have three
more beers please?
Three beers!
That'll be six pounds please.
Thank you....very much!
There you go!
I feel so bloody drunk already.
to Bruno!
So what were you celebrating last night?
The destruction of your last brain cell?
Oh fuck you, you hag!
Now you little shit
you can get the fuck out
of my house, right?
You bastard Paul you can't just kick
him out like that!
Where is he supposed to go then?
Wherever he chooses Bea.
It's not as tragic as all that
change can be a glorious thing.
Besides I'm sick of you.
Stealing my silver and
fucking vomiting on my piano.
I've really had enough of this!
Yes mate?
The birthday party over there,
do they come in here a lot?
Till I find a way to bar them, yeah
Bar them? Why?
Because they're criminals Alan.
Will you get your fucking
feet off of my car!
This is exactly why we have
to live without him.
So he doesn't know whether he wants
to kill me or kiss me do you lover?
Fuck you Paul!
Just remember one thing, I took you
off the street you fucking gutter...
You fucking wally!
What's that?
What more rubbish? They don't seem
to teach you nothing at this place.
Come On! I thought I told
you to wait outside.
Bad day?
Oh it's Ricky Sturge again.
Oh no.
I asked him to sharpen the
pencils, they all want
to sharpen the pencils.
It's a great honor.
Ricky Sturge just glowers.
I can't get through to him.
Well give him a chocolate bar!
What do you want?
It's alright,
I only wanted to talk to you.
Just stay where you are!
I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to frighten you.
You don't frighten me,
so you can fuck off now right?
Have I seen you before?
Yes at the pub.
You took my breath away.
My name's Alan.
What the fuck are
you up to Alan?
I thought we could meet
for a drink sometime.
You're mad!
Okay, so let's go.
"Pacific Bar"?
Look ah, I can't now. I work
nights at St. Josephs Hospital as a DJ.
How about tomorrow night? Eight o'clock
tomorrow night?
Tomorrow's a long way off Alan.
I might have forgotten you by then.
Eight o'clock tomorrow, I'll be there.
I'm going now. Don't follow me... right?
Was he pretty?
No he's funny looking.
He thinks I'm extraordinary.
Well you are Benny, you are.
So I'm not gonna do it.
Why not?
Because I don't want to.
Yes you fucking do.
Look I fucking don't, alright?
Anyway I've got a job now, a straight one
I don't owe them anything.
Have you found
somewhere to stay?
That Jeremy bloke.
Runs a club on the Fulham Road.
Can't get to sleep without
something to suck.
I'll do it, until
I lose my temper.
Poor fucker won't
know what hit him.
I love you Bruno,
just you fucking remember that.
You look so lovely.
Frank asks if you could come over
for a second.
He wants to introduce
you to some people.
Sorry I have to go.
I'd keep him sweet if I was you.
He's a bit pissed off with Paul.
Ah here she is gentlemen.
My little Monkey.
Sit down sweetheart.
I'm sorry Frank I can't stay
I'm meeting someone.
Keep him waiting.
I've got a little proposition
to put to you.
Why me?
Because you're the best.
Well I'm sorry Frank
I'm not available
I'm working now.
Oh come on, Monkey,you
owe me one. Sit down.
My name is Beatrice and I'm not available.
I've retired.
What are you gonna tell your
poor Mama mia in old Italia?
What's she gonna do for money?
I'm sorry I have to go.
Goodbye, Frank.
Paul? It's me.
I've just seen Frank.
I thought you were all finished
with Frank now.
We talked about it darling
You decided yourself.
He wants his half of the deal.
He's serious Paul.
Listen I don't have it darling.
I mean he can do
whatever he likes to me.
But it's not going to magically appear
all by itself is it?
Paul he'll kill you.
You might not give a fuck about yourself
but I do OK?
Give him his money come on.
Do you really care about me Bea?
Of course I do.
That's all that really matters isn't it?
Have you seen a guy in here earlier
waiting alone?
Ah yeah the sad sack with the
bunch of flowers. He's gone.
The creation of the Quintet was an
accident like so many things are with jazz.
The eh ..Stephane was visiting Django in
his dressing room, the Claridge.
As Django was warming up
to go on stage.
Stephane casually decided
to improvise chords with him
and thus was
born the Quintet.
Hear them now as they cover a
Hudson-Mills-DeLange tune.
Stephane Grappelli with
the Hot Club in Paris.
An unlikely couple. A violinist
and a three fingered guitarist.
Some say love is like a violin.
Sadly I learned the trumpet and
I've only been to Paris on a school trip
But if I could play like that
I know who I'd be playing for.
And I know what I'd be playing.
This one is dedicated to a girl
I saw in the pub.
And it goes out to all of you
who met the love of your life sometime
somewhere, once in a street.
Billets Doux
My Name. Beatrice.
The way the English say it, it
sounds like a fucking vegetable.
In Italian it's Beatrice...
So where are we going?
You're taking me home Alan.
I never thought I'd go out with
a teacher.
I never though that I'd
go out with....
With you.
Listen if you knew about me
you'd throw yourself out of the taxi.
Yeah? Try me.
No tell me some stuff about you.
I teach Primary 3.
My family's very disappointed.
They hoped I'd do better.
Yeah? Like what? Primary 4?
You want to come up?
Because you can't.
Tomorrow you can take me to dinner.
Be here at eight!
Life Goes On And On
What's that?
A tattoo.
Wow! That's a monkey.
That used to be my name.
B. Monkey.
Once upon a time you could read "B. Monkey"
on every tube station.
Except the Northern
beyond Kennigton.
Why not?
Cos the fucking train never came.
Anyway I'm not B. Monkey anymore.
I'm Beatrice.
You got a lot of names.
B. Monkey. Beatrice.
She's gone too.
I left her in Italy a long time ago.
So who was B. Monkey?
I don't think you
would like her much.
Really? Why?
Because she did very stupid things.
What like graffiti or
We've all done stupid things.
No like armed robbery.
You're trying to wind me up right?
You're not?
You like lamps?
They're not mine, they're Paul's.
Who's Paul?
He lets me live here.
He's in Rotterdam.
Is he a musician?
No he says you have to have a piano
for the photographs.
He says if you don't have a piano
you're fucked!
He knows a lot of people huh?
Yes that's what you're
supposed to think.
He's a star-fucker.
He gets them what they want.
What can I say?
He's your lover?
It's not like that.
You are.
What are you waiting for?
Come on!
Like Miles said no matter how bad you
want to play it's the music that lets you.
It was as if we were hearing the same tune,
but different tempos.
Beatrice, I...
Ssh... don't talk.
Take me to Paris to the Hot Club,
and dance with me.
I don't think it's there anymore.
I'm sorry.
Morning lover,
No thanks.
I'm late for work.
Wasn't it pretty all those boats
bobbing around like little bath toys?
I'm a friend of Beatrice's.
Oh I was trying to remember your name,
I thought we had met
on the ferry from Rotterdam
Alan, Alan Furnace.
Paul, Paul Neville.
Are you fucking her?
Well she likes to be alone
in the morning anyway.
I'm late for work.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Angie? Can I leave
early on Friday?
Because I'm going to Paris.
With my boyfriend.
It will rain.
I want to look at you.
You look different.
Ah well if it's my face
you're referring to...
this does actually look like me.
Underneath there's a...
A Prince?
Just a good looking frog.
I'm bored with Princes.
I don't want you to change when I kiss you.
I want you to stay just the same.
That's remarkably discerning of you.
I think you have a very nice face.
Thank you.
But that jacket will have to go.
Where are we?
Look it must be down there.
Here! Here!
After you.
We're fucked!
Thank you.
Come on!
What just like that?
What? What do you want to do Alan?
Six laps of the Louvre?
Look it's not you.
I'm the only one here.
I'm sorry.
Have an oyster.
You know what they say.
Bit of a desperate solution
Don't you think?
Have one!
You're a funny lover Alan.
But you'd make a brilliant big sister.
I'll tell you a story
How about that?
Once upon a time
there was a girl called Beatrice.
Who came from a faraway land.
She was banished from her home
by her wicked stepfather.
She was always sure to
send a few coins that she
earned back to her mother
to keep her safe and well.
How do you know?
And in return
her Mother would send her lullabies.
To help her sleep.
Is it morning?
No it's Sunday afternoon.
You've been sick for two days.
I'm hungry.
So this is it?
Yeah this is it.
This is where Django
played with the Hot Club,
in the 30s and 40s. All through the war
it never closed.
Then what happened?
Elvis, I suppose.
You know what I have an idea!
Two Hearts Entwine
What does that mean?
I'm happy.
Give me your hand.
It's a miracle.
Glory Box
Is it still there?
God it's going down!
No it's not!
Oh sorry miles away.
Have you seen this?
It's me and my Mother.
I was nine.
You look very uh...
Mmm blurry!
I've never seen any pictures of me at
that age.
My parents took so
many of my brother,
they lost interest by the time
they got to me.
What happened to your stepfather?
My stepfather?
There's no pictures of him.
My stepfather used to hurt my Mother
so he got what he deserved.
Then I moved to London and ended up
with people just like him.
Paul and Bruno?
No Paul and Bruno were good to me,
they were protecting me.
Paul, let me in!
Paul, you fuck!
Open up!
Open up!
Alan wait!
Bea I've got to go to work.
Gotta go.
Close your eyes.
Oh Bea it's fantastic!
Who's it for?
Come on, try it on..
Darling you shouldn't have...
Ah It's great!
Do you like it?
I love it! Is it me?
Yeah well, it's an improvement anyway.
I hope there's nothing in here!
I've had that jacket
for years you know?
Well get ready for changes.
Hi Bruno.
Alan, this is Bruno. Bruno, Alan.
Hi Bruno nice to meet you.
And you Alan. Are you going out?
Call me if you need me OK?
What are you doing, Bea?
What do you mean?
I mean,
what are you doing with this guy?
Want some?
Frank and everybody keeps asking about you.
Wondering when you're going to reappear.
I'm not.
She's not!
She's too
busy playing house.
And what are you doing?
Letting Frank hold your hand.
Showing you the ropes.
He's just a guy in a suit,
he doesn't give a fuck about you,
you know that?
Nobody's ever given a fuck about
me except you Bea.
Not Paul.
Not anybody.
Does he love you?
I think so yeah.
Would he die for you?
Cos I'd die for you you know that Bea.
I know.
To be completely honest,
there are some things about her that I,
I don't understand.
What does it mean the closer you get
to a person,
the less you seem to know about them.
She lives her life when I'm not there.
well that scares me.
Why is he still here Bea?
Because he asked if he could stay
and I said yes.
Who is he?
He's a friend.
Like a brother... more!
Is he in trouble?
No he's just scared.
I'm scared Alan.
Of what Bea?
You don't have a fucking clue.
You think love is all that drippy stuff
in all your old songs, all moonlight and
laughter and candles in bottles.
You think it's a bed of fucking roses.
Perhaps it can be.
No it's not. It's hard.
It's to the death love.
I think she means you.
See you later.
Hop in, let's go for a ride!
Whose is it?
I borrowed it from a friend. I got to go
get some stuff from Paul.
What's wrong?
It's Ricky Sturge.
One of my kids from school.
I think he's being abused at home.
He'll be alright. You know the tougher
it is the stronger they become.
I wonder what he'll say.
Who? Paul.
Fucking hell!
Yoo Hoo..
What happened Paul?
my own fault entirely. Hello there.
Are you alright?
Bit of a cough.
And they walked all over my
fucking back Benny.
Terribly sorry about the mess, I've
been meaning to do something about it but,
can't even think where to begin.
Well I'm not staying I just want
to get my luggage.
I'll be right back. Alright?
What do you teach exactly Alan?
Ah everything to
very small children.
Oh that's beautiful.
I approve of that very much indeed.
It's a pity about the piano isn't it?
Do you play?
Not really no.
Well you do or you don't?
Um a bit.
only a bit left.
I play the trumpet.
Occasionally for the children.
Oh do you?
Like the pied piper.
It's the piano I really mind about.
I mean, Alan I told them
I'd pay them back,
I'd no idea they would get
so fucking desperate.
Don't go, stay and have a drink.
See what happens.
I know what happens.
Are you sure you're alright Paul?
You left me Benny.
Things will never be alright again.
What does it mean....
they walked on his back?
It means they walked on his back.
They got tired of waiting.
Who did?
Dealers. I don't care.
You do don't you?
Cds, air conditioning
I can drive this car
with one hand.
Look Who's Perfect Now
They say these amazing things sometimes.
They're really quite profound.
We were on a school trip,
the other week.
And there's this really solemn
little kid called Thomas.
He was frowning, staring out the window.
I asked him what was the matter?
He said well where's the trip.
I said well it's,
it's the coach, and it's the road
it's the houses flying by the window,
it's the whole thing. It's us.
And he looks at me and he goes "Oh",
well that's alright then.
I thought I'd missed it."
You know I wished I'd had a
teacher like you. I wish.
Come let's go down
to the edge...
That's a nice car.
You like it?
Yeah that's a great car.
Alright then.
We're on the move!
Just stand here for a second OK?
What are you doing?
Come on get in!
Ha ha, very funny Bea.
Come on please!
Come on quick please.
I think it's best.
They might be looking for the
other car by now.
Christ you stole the other car?
I borrowed it.
Come on get the fuck in.
No Bea!
Look Alan I want you to have this
car just for a little while Ok?
It's all part of
the trip alright?
Get out of the car!
Get the fuck in Alan!
Shit! You see? Come on get in!
Get out of our car! Hey stop!
The luggage!
What are you doing?
That's my bloody car!
Any time you're ready Bea.
You're The First, The Last, My Everything
Come on Alan don't spoil it.
We had a lovely time didn't we?
Did you really think, I had a friend
with an XJ40?
Who'd lend a XJ40 to me?
Yes I did.
To a mad fuck like me?
Am I supposed to be impressed?
Just fucking lay off me will you?
Because I'm not impressed.
Then you can fucking
well fuck off!
Pull the car over and I will.
Don't look at me like that!
I've got to go to work.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Very good.
How you doing here Ricky?
OK, just a few more alright?
That's enough for today Ricky.
One more.
Get off!
Get off me!
Jenna what's going on?
What's happening?
She snatched the book on me.
She snatched the book on me!
Well look you've got
plenty of them.
Sit there and don't move!
Michael OK let me have a look. Ok take
your hands away. Take your hands away
Michael, Michael come on. We're
getting it looked at Ok?
OK let's go come on. Put
your hand over your face.
Mrs. Sturge says you picked Ricky
up and threw him against a wall.
Is that what happened Ricky?
Look at me Ricky.
Is that what happened like
your Mother said?
It's not true is it Ricky?
Are you calling my son a liar?
He's 6 years old.
My son never lies to me.
He's 6 years old.
They all do it.
Not my Ricky.
He'd know what they'd get if they did.
You mean he gets
slammed into a wall.
What did you say?
Alan I don't think that's helpful.
He didn't get those bruises
at school Cherry. You saw him.
I grabbed him by the arm and sat
him down on a fucking beanbag.
You slammed me!
I think we should get Ricky
put on the protection list Cherry.
I believe he's being
physically abused at home.
Ricky it's Ok I understand.
You touch my kid again teacher
and I'll have you.
I'll bite your fucking face off!
Just leave him alone!
Mr Furnace!
Are you going to contact
Social Services or am I?
I will!
But it's going to
be an unholy mess.
She's cornered.
The only thing she can do is
try and hang the whole thing on you.
I just don't know what
your chances are.
What do you think they are Cherry?
Well my brother's got this nice
little school in Yorkshire.
I'll give you a great reference.
If she wins you never teach again.
Don't care.
You were having bad dreams.
Did I wake you?
I dreamt I killed a woman.
Was it me?
No it wasn't you.
Did you fuck her?
Fuck her?
No Bea I killed her.
If you dream of
fucking another woman
I'll kill you.
Thanks darling.
What is it? Mrs. Sturge?
I could lose my job.
No you're not.
Look if she beats her child
she's a coward. She's not strong.
everything's going to be
alright. I promise you.
Isn't that supposed to be my line?
Chinese Burn
I need your help.
Why me? Why not your teacher?
Because I need you.
If I do are you going to
help me with Frank's Job?
It's a simple job.
In and out. It's all over.
What kind of job?
The usual.
No crazy shit?
Cross my heart and hope to die.
It's the last time Bruno.
If you say so Bea.
You seen Paul?
Well tell him he's in big
fucking trouble with Frank.
Serves him fucking right.
Where to?
Who are you?
Mrs. Sturge, please.
What do you want?
We're from Social Services.
Alan wait!
She's dropped the charges!
what did you do Bea?
Beatrice, what did you do?
I went for a visit. We had a nice chat
and a nice cup of tea and...
Did you hurt her?
This wine is wonderful, it comes from
the north of Italy, it's called "Valone".
It's wonderful.
It's from Verona.
Sod the wine!
Don't fucking shout at me!
What did you do Bea?
Walk on her back give her a little
slap like they did Paul?
Look you got your job back
didn't you?
I don't want my fucking job back.
Not like that.
Well somebody had to
speak her language
That's not language Bea
that's sheer pig ignorance.
Yeah okay I'm a pig.
I'm not clever enough
to lose my job. I'm not
clever enough to have
a little kid be beaten
up again and again.
I was perfectly capable of dealing
with this my own way.
Yeah but you didn't and I did
and you got your job back
and the kid isn't coming to
school with bruises no more
Damn you!
I did it for you you fucking fuck!
I don't think so Beatrice,
I think you did it for yourself.
For the rush!
I'm Going Round in Circles
Oh Bea sweetheart if youre going out,
bring me a sandwich.
Salami ciabatta.
OK, but I thought you
were a vegetarian.
I've been living a lie.
Sausage roll.
80p please.
Nice hat.
Nice suit.
Nice coat.
Nice car.
Who the fuck is that?
His name's John you've met him.
Where's little Mick?
I couldn't find him.
Jesus Bruno! You never fucking said!
John's good. He's OK.
Be nice.
Rock 'N roll!
You know I'm always surprised considering
your rep what a little thing you are
Look at you. You might
as well have fucking
bank robber written
on your forehead.
That's a good one.
It's not funny.
You got three and
a half minutes.
If the alarm goes I want you
out of there in 45 seconds flat.
Come on, killer!
Can I help?
On the floor!
I'm sorry sir?
This is a fucking robbery.
Get on your fucking knees
Or we'll shoot the shit out of you!
All of you floor it. Now!
I'll be one more minute.
Let's all live happily ever after.
What the fuck?
On the floor! Get down on the floor!
Point the gun at them.
Give that to me son.
What did you say?
Get down on the fucking floor!
If he's not down by three shoot him!
Honey? Shut up!
Nobody moves nobody else gets hurt.
I'm sorry love!
Fine fucking robber
you turned out to be.
I'm so fucking sorry that's
never happened to me before.
Bruno you were supposed
to stay in the car!
If I hadn't hit him you'd
still be in there.
Little fuck!
I think I'm going to be sick.
Wipe your nose!
I haven't got a hanky!
I knew you'd fuck everything up
you're a bloody psychopath you know that?
I'll see you later then yeah?
The fuck you will!
You almost killed
that man for nothing.
So why did you think I got out?
You lost your bottle
poncing around.
Because it's crazy, because you are crazy
because you're sick in the head.
We're both sick in the head Bea.
Let go of me!
There's nothing that I haven't done
that you ain't done too.
You're not out of it.
You love it.
You're a fucking worthless piece of shit!
That's why Paul kicked you out and that's
why I don't ever want to see you again.
You understand? You're dead!
Took your time.
They didn't have salami so I had
to go to the deli.
Beatrice, I bless the day you walked
through that door.
Tarantelle Del Gargano
Mr Furnace.
I think it's important
to help children
develop their own problem
solving strategies.
After all it's going to be a very
different world from this one.
Well not too different one hopes.
Not in the Dales.
Tell me, Mr. Furnace,
do you have any particular personal
reasons for wanting to move to the area?
Well yes, yes I do.
We, that is my fiancee and I, we
we feel we've done our time
in the city and
well we'd like to have babies in a
good safe place.
You were streets ahead of those women you
know Alan, streets ahead.
You know when I read your CV I thought
"Hello" he's a lemon
But you've opened my eyes.
Thank you.
I've a cottage you can
rent if you'd like
that's very kind.
Two more please, Jack!
The day I buried my good
wife I thought
I've had me knock.
I've had a good innings.
I'm ready to call it a day.
I find my horizons are wider now Alan.
I never dreamt it could happen
to me, never dreamt.
I don't suppose you've ever been
tempted to go round the wicket yourself?
Round the wicket?
A young man like you
Right arm over, swing it both ways?
Oh God! Um no. No!
Well not to worry lad.
Offer of cottage stands.
Thank you.
I know I love him. Very much.
You must hold onto it
it's terribly precious.
Most people don't even get close.
D'Amour L'ardente Flamme
What exactly are you doing here Benny?
I wanted to be with family.
When I was a child growing up,
at school
I never dreamt I'd
end up like this!
Put it down!
Bruno told me you're in big fucking
trouble with Frank.
I'm aware of that fact Benny.
He loves you so much.
Benny, give us a cuddle.
A cuddle? OK!
Nothing more though.
Oh Christ you again what a bore.
Just watch it you cunt.
What the fuck is going on?
Another evening of
brilliant repartee.
Who are they?
You don't even
want to know sweetheart.
They're fucking remedials.
Shut up cunt!
Or I'll fucking kill ya!
We're not impressed are we Dad?
Who the fucking
hell are you then?
I'm his bodyguard son.
That's a fucking toy
Take it off her!
Yeah that's right pop pop!
Shit! Fucking shot me!
Benny, chaps, time to reflect.
She fucking shot me.
Next time I'll blow
your fucking head off.
You see that?
I've got a fucking hole in my leg!
Hello? Tony my dear!
No everything's fine.
I was just swinging from a chandelier
without a seat belt.
Oh that's sweet of you.
I'm terribly sorry.
Thank you. Alright good night.
Thank you Tony.
I think you should leave now.
Can you walk? Good.
and Tell Frank he should really
learn a little bit of patience.
Alright you fucker!
You are fucking dead bitch!
She can't fucking shoot me.
Frank's going to
fucking kill her. I'm going
to fucking kill her.
Paul this is for you.
Use it to get yourself out
of this mess.
My goodness!
I thought you'd left me.
I wanted to stop.
I need a bit of help Alan.
If there was just you and I,
if there was nothing else.
Could you bear it?
I would love it.
Tupelo Honey
It's only a bit of dust.
I used to love playing in tubs like
this when I was a kid.
I bet you never did this!
Sweet Jane
Are you alright then?
Well yearning for you
tragically Benny.
Lying awake at night
calling your name you know.
Fuck off Paul.
Benny I was thinking I'm so
glad you called if I only
knew where you were Benny I
mean I could come to you
only if I was desperate you know,
only if I was really at my wit's end.
Did you pay Frank the money?
Yes of course!
You swear?
My God strike me dead.
Oh Benny for God's sake give
me your number I miss you!
No I'm not telling you.
Give me your number Benny,
I'll give you a buzz!
I don't have a phone.
No phone?
No TV.
No TV! What's going on up there?
It's a trip. I just wanted
to say "Hello"
Hello, Benny.
I just wanted to see if you
were alright. Alright?
Bye Jim.
Oh bye, Beatrice.
Thank God for caller return.
The telephone number is: 01768...
Fucking Paul!
Benny darling...
I know it's smart to live in
the country but this is ridiculous.
What the fuck are
you doing here?
Missing you lover that's all!
What happened to your finger?
Stupid. My own fault entirely.
I was chopping up hearts. Some fucker
left me with his dog,
and all he eats is hearts. The fridge
was full of them.
I was listening to
Dusty Springfield
and for some reason
suddenly I burst into tears.
Bang chopped it off!
Gave it to the dog.
Bullshit. Come to the house.
Breaks my heart Dusty does.
Always did. Don't ask me why.
Cheers for the phone number Paul.
I don't suppose you're too happy
about all this are you?
No I'm not. I'm not happy at all Paul.
I think you're trouble.
The sooner you piss off the
better we'll be.
On the other hand you do
have a heart of gold don't you?
And you went to a good school
Shouldn't think, you chuck me out
on my ear would you?
Don't bet on it!
It's just for a couple of days
till he sorts himself out.
You told him where we are?
You must have done.
No I never told him, I phoned him.
I just wanted to see if he was OK.
You can't give it up can you?
You can't stop.
What do you mean "you can't stop"?
He's my friend I phone him up.
Is that a crime? Christ Bea.
What are we doing here? All this way
in the middle of nowhere for what?
I don't know.
I'm trying. It's not that
fucking easy you know.
God damn it Bea it is!
If I'm what you want it is!
Time and again you
say "Give me proof!"
"Prove to me that you
love me" and I do
over and over. Well where's mine?
Where's my fucking proof?
I'm your proof. All the proof
I've got to give.
No Bea what you say is not enough,
it's what you do.
Morning all.
Anyone want a glass of wine?
I managed to salvage a couple
of these after the sack of Troy.
I don't know how
to say this but I think
it's better for everyone
if you fuck off.
I'm in terrible fucking
trouble actually.
There's a surprise!
You didn't pay them did you?
For fuck's sake Paul.
Well I couldn't. I do
have my pride after all.
What about the money I gave you?
I'm afraid the very generous donation
you gave me was just a drop in the ocean.
As far as I'm concerned they can
fucking whistle for it.
But what about me Paul?
You are dead already.
But did you ever think for a moment
about what you're doing to me?
What if Frank finds you?
Benny there's no need to worry.
That's the marvellous thing
you see,
Frank's never going to find
us here is he?
You're a selfish bastard you are!
Right Paul,
Time to leave.
Alan please let me cope with it.
Bea he's leaving now. Come on!
I've had enough.
No let me deal with it.
Here we go
For God's sake out of my house.
Come on!
Selfish bastard.
Fuck off!
he knows where we are.
If he goes home
and they find him
He's not strong.
He'll tell them.
And then they'll know.
I don't understand.
It's not just Paul. It's me they want.
They want me too.
We have to leave. We have to go
somewhere else.
I like it here.
Hello lover.
Long time no see.
You're pathetic you know
that, don't you?
Yes it had begun
to dawn on me.
So you're moving up in the
world are you Bruno?
I'd hoped for something better
for you.
Oh deja vu. I'd been missing
these little bouts of pain.
Ssh It's me. It's me.
You gotta get the gun.
Use the gun if you have to.
I love you.
Hello there.
Who are you?
I live here. Who are you?
Fucking hell..
Fucking hell Al
when's the last
time you used that old thing eh?
We don't get many visitors.
Frank I've got her.
That must be Monkey.
Shall we take a look?
Hello Frank. Seems you met Alan.
Nice to see you Monkey.
If this bastard kills me you
blow that fuck away right?
Now now Bea you owe him one.
Do you want to fuck her
or kill her first?
Either way she bleeds.
Get on your knees!
I'm awfully sorry darling.
I don't think that I...
Drop the gun Alan!
Put it down or she's dead.
Fuck it you fucking twisted
little prick!
I'm putting my gun down, okay?
I love you Bea.
I love you.
You and me alright?
Don't stand there Bea. It's a stupid
fucking place to stand.
Bruno where are you going?
Give me the gun Bruno!
Shut up!
Bea tell him you're
coming with me.
I'm not letting her
go anywhere Bruno.
Bea you tell him!
Not with you... not with anyone.
Bea, please!
Never again.
You'll never understand her.
But I'll die before I let
anything happen to her.
I promise you.
Help us!
That was the last time I saw Bruno.
He contacted us to say he'd
got rid of the bodies.
We haven't heard from him since.
I just hope he's somewhere safe.
For the first few weeks we froze
every time the door rang.
or a car drove by.
After a while it became clear,
that no one misses people like Frank.
A lovely shot,
right in the middle.
Pitch it up lad!
He's got a lovely
run in your Alan.
Yeah you think so?
Oh aye, it'll be the cycling.
Up and down all the time.
Lovely rhythm.
Hey good shout!
It looked plumb to me.
and me!
You know Joy says you
got a lovely run-in.
What's Joy?
She's Trevor's wife,
she's the sister of Judith
You know the girl that
works in the shop?
Oh with the frizzy perm?
You know she's been on the radio?
She gives talks to women about sex.
No, No Joy, Trevor's wife.
She says he's got kissing abilities.
How do you know all this?
It's a long game cricket.
Are you happy Bea?
I'm very happy Alan.
Whoever thought I could find happiness
in the middle of fucking nowhere?
Jason Leeman/VanZan