Baabarr (2009) Movie Script

India's biggest state,
Uttar Pradesh.
In this most popuIated
state of India...
everything is in excess.
There is a Iot of richness,
and a Iot of poverty.
There is a Iot of honesty,
and a Iot of cheating too.
DayIight crimes is
commonpIace in this state.
There's onIy one ruIe here;
the one who has power, ruIes.
PoIitics was born here.
Every city here has
its own identity.
City of factories,
Ieather, shoes...
purses, utensiIs, toys for
chiIdren, and eIders too.
SmeII any amateur or professionaI
criminaI, bandit, sharp shooter...
or highway thief's gun carefuIIy.
You wiII get the smeII of
some street of this pIace.
One such street is Amanganj.
BeteI Ieaf and tobacco stains
and urine sprays on waIIs...
denote the cuIture here.
There are more arms in every home
than there are chairs to sit.
The more buIIets one has,
the more buIIying he does.
A vote bank of 1200000.
No party wants to
controI things here.
Everyone is happy. Everyone
thinks everything is systematic.
When man makes his own system,
he is most happiest.
There are factories here that
produce not products,but criminaIs.
- Aunt, save me!
- Just you wait!
Where are you running away?
- What happened, chiId?
- Babbad is beating me.
I'II kiII you if
you caII me Babbad.
Mother, teII her not
to caII me Babbad.
She is stiII smaII,
so she pronounces r' as d'.
- I'II puII out your tongue!
- Hey!
Look mother, despite warning
her, she is teasing me.
How Iong before dinner
wiII be ready, Kammo?
It's aImost ready, mother.
BaIIi, BabIu, come.
- Coming mother.
Come BaIIi, sit.
Just give me a gIass of water.
Happy birthday to you!
- Happy birthday.
Hey Chhutki, it's not your
parents birthday today.
It's their wedding anniversary.
You see that, mother.
They don't teach right in schooIs.
Stop her going
to schooI from tomorrow.
ChiId, give me a
piece of cake too.
Mother, eat the whoIe cake.
Go Chhutki, give it to mother.
BaIIi, you are not saying
anything today.
Cat got your tongue?
What to do?
No one Iistens to me.
So it is better to remain siIent.
Why do you aIways say such things
then? - I say what I see.
I'd say, whenever you see a wiId
dog, you must change your path.
How many paths wiII we change?
They are present in every street.
The onIy soIution is to pick
a stick and break their heads.
How many wiII you kiII?
KiII one and aII the
others wiII reaIise!
Or we are Iosing the shop today.
Tomorrow, we'II be Ieft homeIess.
So what shouId we do? Join them?
ShouId we pick up guns,
resort to bIoodshed?
We wiII have to do it, or peopIe
Iike KaIe PaheIwan...
wiII make our Iives difficuIt.
You think KaIe PaheIwan is aIone?
He has a whoIe team.
So what? Even we are six brothers.
Take mister.
- Thank you.
Good day.
- Good day.
Greetings Sarfaraz.
- Great! AsIam Katta is here.
How are you, AsIam.
I'm seeing you after a Iong time.
My arms business is such.
I keep coming and going.
I've come onIy ten days back.
Why? You had gone out somewhere?
- No, I'd gone in.
Kid, go and get tea. Quick.
That too, in my way?
- I'm sorry.
Is there a probIem, Sarfaraz?
- No, it's nothing.
Imtiaz, you teII me.
- He's KaIe PaheIwan.
He is eying our shop
since many days.
That's no issue. Want us
to settIe things right now?
No, don't do anything Iike that.
It's our personaI matter,
we wiII sort it out.
You don't interfere.
Why are you staring at me?
Are you new here?
KaIe, don't teII them anything,
they are my guests.
Who are you? Why don't you speak?
Keep your hands away.
- Or what wiII you do?
KaIe... KaIe... Ieave him,
he's just a kid.
No.. stop your men.
What's going on? Someone come
forward and stop this fight.
KaIe, no... no!
Oh God!
And thus, the fire raging in
the heart, reached the head.
And so began the journey of
Sarfaraz and Imtiaz's crimes.
This is my move.
- Rs.50?
Mamu, how did
this murder happen?
You are very smart, inspector.
On the pretext
of pIaying cards...
you want to get
information out of me?
- I'm onIy asking.
I am adding to my knowIedge.
You are from this area.
I thought you must be knowing.
I stake Rs.200.
Sir, we have finished
fiIing the FIR.
KaIe PaheIwan
was stabbed brutaIIy.
The murdered is dead,
the murderer has run away.
And we are trying
to investigate the case.
It's very hot, Mamu. Even my
underpants have become wet.
A Iot more of yours is
going to get wet yet.
Sir, the SHO is coming.
- Oh damn! Pick aII this up.
Let me keep the money, Mamu,
I'II give it to you Iater.
Jai Hind, sir!
- What are you doing here?
Duty, sir.
I was making inquiries with Mamu.
Why ask him?
He's himseIf a gangster.
That's an oId story, sir.
Now, I'm a sociaI worker.
Who was murdered?
- A butcher.
Who committed it?
- A butcher, sir.
The murder was intentionaI?
- It was routine.
What do you mean?
- This is a region of gangsters.
Over here, murders are committed
Iike a joke whiIe pIaying cards.
Hey! Shut-up!
- I shut-up, sir.
Where does the criminaI Iive?
- Hey! Where does he Iive?
I'II take you there. Come.
- Go, sir.
Jai Hind!
He's gone to catch fish.
Mother, poIice!
Mother, the poIice is coming!
the poIice is coming home!
Baabarr, go run!
Sarfaraz and Imtiaz have
gone out.
What have they gone to do?
- I don't know.
You must not even be knowing
his whereabouts. - No.
You are going right.
They are suppressed.
- Yes sir.
Hey! You take me to be an idiot?
We toId you whatever we knew.
Why are you annoying us
Keep your voice Iow
and zero attitude.
You don't seem to be
heading right.
I'II give you an advise.
Beware of a poIice's front
and a horse's behind.
Say yes.
Who is he?
- He's their youngest brother.
We have information even he was
present at the scene of crime.
What is your name, son?
- What is your name?
My name is Mrityunjay Dwivedi.
- My name is Baabarr.
Do you go to schooI?
- No.
- It's my wish.
He's a brave boy.
- Yes sir.
TeII me, what happened
in your shop today?
I don't know.
- Why don't you?
I was pIaying,
I didn't pay attention.
The oIder brothers became criminaIs
and guns began to be made at home.
The young were bound to get
infIuenced by the eIders.
Hey Baabarr!
What happened, BaIIi?
BaIIi, your Baabarr is hot headed.
LittIe Boss, this is meant
to be fired at enemies...
not at dear ones.
You did good.
Erase your foot prints,
even I may foIIow them'
Even Baabarr's smaII feet
took the same path.
Open the gun, push
the buIIet in and aim.
Press the trigger,
and the man before you is dead!
You have fired a gun?
- You think I'm Iying?
I can bring it tomorrow
and show you.
Baabarr, return my tipkat.
I said return it!
Have you gone deaf? Return it.
- Am I your father's servant?
Don't taIk nonsense. Return it.
- Want the tipkat? Take it.
Take it.
- Return my tipkat. Return it!
Throw it towards me.
- Return my tipkat.
Leave it! Basd!
Get the stick.
Hey Taufik!
You caIIed me a basd?
IIIegaI arms, IegaI buIIets.
How many?
- A hundred.
We asked for two hundred.
Be gratefuI
and accept what you got.
That SHO Dwivedi is a pain.
Why has he come here at this hour?
BaIIi, keep these inside.
- Yes brother.
Take this, inspector.
- Thanks for the money.
Now Ieave through the back door.
- Okay.
Where is Baabarr?
He's not here.
What happened to him?
Your Baabarr broke my chiId's
head with a brick.
But what happened? - Nothing.
Your Baabarr has become a hothead.
He's not mad. Even your
son must have done something.
I didn't do anything.
I was onIy pIaying.
Okay, son. Let him come home,
Aftab, I'II teach him a Iesson.
What wiII you teach him now?
I wiII teach him a Iesson!
Wherever I find him,
I wiII beat him so much...
Hey! Why wiII you beat him?
He's not an orphan.
He's our brother.
I'II break your hands...
You wiII break my hands?
- Yes.
Try it.
- Get Iost!
Is this your father's street?
- Mind your tongue, or eIse...
Damn your tongue!
Brother, warn him. - You don't
know who you've messed with.
Shut-up, show off!
- BabIu! PaheIwan!
Prepare to bury him.
- I'II bury you!
I'II deaI with you!
- Get Iost!
What nonsense is this?
Let him go.
Why did you get beaten?
CouIdn't you have beaten him?
Jiah.. Jiah, shaII I
show you something?
Oh God! What is this?
Greetings Mamu.
- Greetings Mamu.
Greetings. Everything okay?
Yes, by God's grace.
So, why did you caII us?
Someone has come to meet you.
He's sitting inside.
- Aftab.
Why has he come here? - He's
come for a compromise, why eIse?
We don't want a compromise.
We'II deaI with whatever happens.
Look son, the Iesser enemies
we have in our business...
the better it is for our business.
When Mamu is saying that, Iet's
do it. - That's better! Come.
Kid, if you don't have the guts,
you must not make big taIk.
What did you say that day?
Prepare to die?
Huh? Want to kiII me?
What happened now?
Don't treat my goodness
as my weakness, BaIIi.
We are neighbors,
that's why I'm quiet.
Or Aftab does not take
back his words.
Hey! What's going on here?
You two started off again?
There is no point is
stoning muck.
Bury oId skeIetons.
Shake hands and settIe this
matter here.
I said shake hands!
Come on!
What are you doing? WiII you
keep bIowing dust with that broom?
Go and get hot sweets.
- Right away.
What happened?
- Mamu, cheating!
BaIIi, Ieave him!
You wiII kiII me?
What do you have to say now?
- You won't survive, BaIIi!
Aftab, Ieave him.
I said Ieave him!
Have you gone mad? Leave!
Leave, I said!
Oh God!
It is said, the infIuence
of surroundings...
changes the atmosphere around,
man is nothing.
Baabarr's chiIdhood aIso changed.
These smaII feet that started
waIking from Amanganj...
crossed aII the borders of the
crime worId of Uttar Pradesh.
''He doesn't know to bow down,
he doesn't know to stop''
''Then whatever troubIes
may come in his path''
''He is immovabIe''
''He is a storm of anger''
''Crooked ways are his destination''
''His eyes ooze Iava''
''OnIy God knows where
his path Iies''
''He ruIes every street...''
''who has the power''
''When he moves, a storm arrives''
''His eyes ooze Iava''
''OnIy God knows where
his path Iies''
When Baabarr's terror rose
beyond Iimit, to wipe him out...
the no.1 encounter speciaIist
of Uttar Pradesh was caIIed in.
Hurry up, the SP is coming, it's
not your mother getting married.
Hang it there.
- Yes sir.
Listen. Come here.
Stand there. As soon as the
SP's car takes a Ieft turn...
you take an about turn and
inform me. - Yes sir.
Ramdeen, hurry up.
What a bother.
CIean it weII.
- Yes sir.
Look at the spit
stains on the waII!
Who has brought this?
- I have, sir.
What happened, sir?
- Your ass!
I asked you to get a fIower pot,
not a pIant pot.
Change it.
- Yes sir.
Is this garIand okay? - Yes.
- Sir, the SP's car has arrived.
- Hey, that's Mr.Dwivedi.
He's the SP?
Give me my cap.
Jai Hind, sir!
CongratuIations, sir.
Come, sir. WeIcome.
I have not come here on
routine transfer.
I have been posted
on a speciaI mission.
And the mission is this fiIe.
The biggest gangster.
No.1 among history sheeters.
He's invoIved in every
crime that happens here.
Abduction, kidnapping,
extortion, contract kiIIing...
are his target areas.
They are six brothers, and aII
six.. no, not six, five.
His one brother, BaIIi,
died in an encounter in 1998.
Sir onIy kiIIed
him in an encounter.
That is why the seniors
transferred him.
Today, BaIIi's
youngest brother...
I've been caIIed in
to encounter him.
I have received orders to
send him to jaiI or to heII.
Right, sir.
- Yes sir?
Baabarr became such a big
gangster in ten years.
- What's so strange about it, sir?
If you can become SP
in ten years...
why can't he become
a big criminaI?
But you are stiII
where you are.
You haven't even got
a promotion.
I didn't get a promotion,
or a transfer.
I have heard Baabarr caIIs
peopIe, threatens and kiIIs them.
You have heard right, sir.
I'm not out. Wait!
I'm not out. Wait.
Wait! Listen to me.
Take money and get aII
the cricket gear tomorrow.
Then try getting me out.
Cheating rogues!
Give me the bat.
It got disconnected.
They cheat and make me out
and then say...
Who is that? GiIani?
- Speaking.
You won't be abIe
to speak for many days now.
Who is this?
- Your father, Baabarr!
You haven't changed, have you?
You didn't Iisten to me.
Fifty Iakhs is more important to
you than your Iife, huh?
Baabarr, who do you
think you are threatening?
My name is GiIani!
I know your name GiIani.
You have an office.
You have a house in Govind Nagar
in which Iive your wife & two kids.
They are going to cry over your
dead body soon. - Damn you!
You think you are
a big sharpshooter?
I've been doing
business since 20 years.
I knew the dog wiII
sureIy come to get the cream.
So I have aIready
arranged for a stick.
I've paid 20 Iakh security money
to a bigger gangster, Tabrez.
Shut-up, rascaI!
That Tabrez wiII save you?
That Tabrez wiII save him,
who is himseIf on the run.
GiIani, I'II come to your
house and kiII you.
And I'II kiII Tabrez too.
I'II give you two so many
buIIet hoIes...
you'II Iook Iike a mosquito net.
For 20 Iakhs, you have not
bought your Iife, but your death.
O' worId...''
He's Iearnt to dance weII.
- Goes for dance shows these days?
- Sit, don't stand on my head.
What are you drinking? Strong
or Iight? - Light.
- Light. - Okay.
So you caIIed GiIani?
- Yes.
Without asking me?
- I didn't remember.
That means he'II die.
AIright then, get ready.
Why do you want to come?
We'II handIe it.
And who wiII handIe you?
Do what you are toId, get that?
Stop crying!
What eIse do we do? What eIse
have you Ieft for us to do?
To save money,
you put your Iife at risk.
It's not so easy to kiII me.
It is for Baabarr.
Once he caIIs, it means...
Are you my wife, or Baabarr's?
''He ruIes every street,
who has the power''
Did you get him? - Tabrez
is not answering the phone.
''When he moves, a storm arrives''
Stop crying!
I've paid him so much money,
now he's run away.
''He ruIes every street,
who has the power''
''When he moves, a storm arrives''
Get up! Let's go.
''His eyes ooze Iava''
''OnIy God knows where his
path Iies''
There he is!
''He's proud''
He's gone down.
''The whoIe worId fears him''
''Life is a jungIe,
he is a wounded Iion''
''Whoever sees him fears''
''Whoever messes with him dies''
''Whoever chaIIenges him
is finished''
''His eyes ooze Iava''
''OnIy God knows
where Iies his path''
Spare me, pIease.
Take 50 instead of 20,
but spare my Iife.
PIease spare my Iife.
- How much do you have?
I have five crores in aII.
It's Iess than
the vaIue of my word.
Spare me!
''He doesn't know to bow down,
he doesn't know to stop''
I'II skin you today!
''Then whatever troubIes
may come in his path''
CaII your savior, Tabrez now.
Baabarr, spare my Iife.
Take one crore, but spare me.
Give me one chance.
Take 1 .5 crores.
Take two crores.
- You wiII give two crores?
You have come?
Hey! You don't even
Iet me eat.
TeII me. - Mamu, Akram here.
Baabarr is not answering his phone.
If Baabarr is not answering his
phone, what wiII Mamu do?
But where is he?
- How do I know?
Who was it, Mamu?
- Your fan.
Baabarr does the kiIIing there,
and here, my phone starts ringing.
By the way, where is Baabarr?
Mamu, upstairs, Jiah...
Jiah, open the door.
Jiah, Iisten to me.
Jiah, Iisten to me. Open the
door, or I wiII break it down.
Jiah, Iisten to me.
I wiII break the door!
''Come, touch my stoIe''
''I swear I wiII not stop you''
''I have grown young''
Jiah, Iisten to me.
''What do I do without you?
My youth is so crueI''
I have come here to meet you,
and you...
''I swear I won't stop you''
''I've grown young...''
What happened? - A short
circuit of beauty and Iove.
There are bound to be bIasts.
Leave that, it may go off.
So Iet it. - Don't be
stupid Jiah, give it to me.
So the one who kiIIs
is afraid of dying today?
Shoot. KiII me.
KiII me.
''My crazy heart craves..''
No, how can I take my
own Iife?
Don't get annoyed with me.
- Why not?
You go missing for so many
days without informing me.
I caIIed you onIy yesterday.
UntiI my eyes don't
see your face...
they refuse to sIeep.
Your eyes are very naughty.
''May such a day never come''
''When I have to distance
myseIf from you''
''My crazy heart''
Jiah, teII me something.
I feeI, wherever I go...
your eyes keep Iooking at me.
They keep a watch on you.
Why do you troubIe me?
Because I enjoy it.
You enjoy it?
- Yes. - You enjoy it?
Enjoying it now?
- Stop it!
What are you doing?
- Enjoying it now?
God, Iet everything go weII.
The SP is starting from Amanganj.
What are you saying, sir?
He wiII enter Baabarr's turf?
He's gone mad.
I tried reasoning with him.
I toId him it's a dreadfuI area.
There are guns in every home there.
You never know when a
buIIet is fired from where.
True. Even a whoIe team
fears to go there...
and he wiII go there aIone?
I toId him that is Baabarr's area.
They chop you to pieces there...
and even your footwear
remains untraceabIe.
But wiII you go with him?
- Why shouId I fear?
I go there everyday.
I wiII wave the white fIag.
You are great, sir.
You reaIIy are.
He sure is not smarter than you.
You are great.
AII by God's grace.
What are you Iooking, SP?
I am seeing the 12 year oId kid
who I'd met 10 years ago.
That kid has grown up now, SP.
Yes. And he hasn't
changed a bit.
The same attitude, the same
stubbornness, the same immaturity.
Your oId eyes are deceiving you.
Get them treated.
Not my eyes,
your brains are deceiving you.
It may happen that even
your Iife may deceive you.
I'II be deceived onIy if I
have ever trusted anyone in Iife.
Life is a betrayer,
it Ieaves you when you need it.
You don't fear death?
Fear is a thing that
foIIows man at every step...
and kiIIs you every moment.
Hey! It wiII get cut.
When I was 12,
I kiIIed this fear.
Today, Baabarr himseIf
is a fear.
And I have vowed to
eIiminate that every fear...
that scares Iife.
So you have come to eIiminate me?
No, before eIiminating,
I've come to reason with you...
so that you have no compIains.
Better reform, or...
- Or eIse?
Or what wiII you do?
TeII me, SP.
What wiII you do?
Go home, SP.
I am sparing you because
you are in my turf.
Or peopIe wiII say Baabarr
kiIIed the SP in his own home.
When we meet in the open some
day, we'II reason with each other.
Be gratefuI that I have
come to your house.
And from today, pray that we don't
encounter each other in the open.
That day, I wiII reason,
and understand too.
Mamu, at 4pm.
Who is Baabarr's biggest enemy
in this city?
We are his biggest enemies, sir.
ObviousIy. Apart from you,
I mean, from the crime worId.
He has many,
but he has onIy one big enemy.
Where do you want to go?
- Is Akram there?
What work do you have with him?
- I need to send a truckIoad...
to CaIcutta.
Search him and Iet him go.
He's cIean. - Let him go aIone,
Iet the others stay here.
You can go.
I have unIoaded the whoIe
stock. Send the money.
Boss, this money...
- Keep it inside.
Move your hands fast.
Sort out the stuff quickIy.
DeIiver the goods.
- Greetings Akram.
- Greetings Tabrez..
What brings you here?
I made a Ioss.
I've come for compensation.
What Ioss?
- I Iost 20 Iakhs.
You must have heard.
- Baabarr kiIIed GiIani.
He used to pay me
20 Iakhs a year.
Look, I cannot do anything
in this matter.
This is between Baabarr and you.
Sort it out with him.
That is why I have come.
- What do you mean?
The 20 Iakhs GiIani used to pay
me, you pay me from now on.
Are you out of your mind?
You are being disrespectfuI now.
Then what do I do?
You are taIking Iike that.
You are threatening Akram?
I'm standing unarmed on your turf,
and you have Baabarr's protection.
How can I dare to threaten you?
I'm teIIing you niceIy.
How couId you dare to
ask money from me?
Look, I toId you I have
come for compensation.
I'II take money, or your Iife.
- You bIoody...!
No.. no.. Tabrez.. no.
Happy Id!
Aunt, save me!
- What happened, chiId?
Babbad is beating me.
- I'II knock out your teeth!
Have some shame. WiII you beat
such a big girI?
He has a habit of beating.
He can't heIp it, aunt.
She's grown so big,
yet she hasn't stopped Iisping.
Wonder when she'II change.
- Stop fighting now.
We have come after
so many days...
but you haven't
stopped fighting with her yet.
I'm going back to CaIcutta.
- The train Ieaves at 4pm.
Come, I'II put you on it.
Look aunt,
he distanced me in a minute.
No darIing,
you have to marry him.
Come, kid. I'm giving you.
UncIe, give us money.
- HeIIo. Happy Id.
Happy Id to you.
- Where's my gift?
And my gift?
I didn't hear you,
give it again.
I wasn't giving it to you.
- Then who?
To Afreen.
- What? Afreen?
Not that, I was giving her money.
When are you coming? - I'II
meet everyone, eat, and then come.
Come soon, because untiI you
don't come, I won't eat.
AIright, I'm coming.
How is the tea, brother Navaz??
- It's okay.
Okay, or good?
- It's good.
I got it made
especiaIIy for you.
You are Baabarr's oIder brother,
that's why.
Why do you keep
taIking about Baabarr?
Baabarr is my hero.
I can give up my Iife for him.
If anyone dares to mess with
Baabarr, I'II kiII him!
Mimic Baabarr and show us.
OnIy if brother Navaz asks me to.
Show us.
You didn't understand
what Baabarr said?
You haven't changed at aII.
I'II pump so many buIIets into you,
you'II turn into a mosquito net.
Boss, take a Iook at your
cIothes, they have just arrived.
How do I Iook, brother?
- My brave boy Iooks Iike a hero.
Brother, make a fiIm with Baabarr.
- Sure.
Baabarr Iikes Kareena Kapoor.
We'II cast her as the heroine.
Yes brother?
- How are you? - Good.
Madam caIIed.
Was asking about the LD A tender.
She was saying the tender
shouId go to SuItan.
Baabarr made the caII.
Sonkar wiII not appIy for the
tender. - So the fieId is cIear?
- So I shouId give my word?
Yes brother.
Think again. It shouIdn't happen
that we have to take back our words.
- Give the phone to Baabarr.
Greetings brother.
- Greetings.
Kid, there won't be any probIem?
It's never happened,
nor ever wiII.
When I've toId Sonkar he won't
appIy for the tender, he won't.
Good day.
Go, the fieId is cIear for you.
Boss, whoever has your support,
God is great.
- Yes.
Thank you very much. Good day.
- God be with you.
Oh my God!
Tabrez, why are you
pouring kerosene on me?
Cooking gas is over.
I'II burn you
and make tea on you.
Why are you joking?
I'II die.
WiII you appIy for the tender?
- Baabarr has forbidden me.
If I do, he wiII kiII me.
Baabarr wiII kiII me, Tabrez.
Don't kiII me.
I wiII appIy for the tender.
The tender for suppIying stationery
to aII LD A offices goes to...
RahuI Singh.
RahuI Singh,
submit the bank guarantee.
It's a revoIver.
Hey, keep it, he's scared.
Search me.
AIright? Search him.
This tender goes to
Mr.Parmeshwar Nanda.
Which is the next tender?
- I'II teII you.
Madam, this is the tender fiIe
for dust bins. - Okay.
Baabarr, over here!
Greetings. Come.
Sit down.
Where are the tenders for cooIers?
- Take.
I can't see Sonkar around.
- He's wise.
The biggest vaIue tender for
cooIers goes to...
Mr.RasikIaI Sonkar.
PIease submit a bank guarantee
of 10% of the tender amount.
The next tender is of
suppIying dust bins.
CaII the poIice!
Baabarr, the poIice has come.
I won't spare him!
Brother, Ieave me!
Let's go. - I won't
spare him! I'II kiII him!
The poIice has come, Baabarr.
Get in!
Baabarr, hurry!
Oh my God!
- Quiet!
You ran away from there
Iike a rat.
Now you are crying Iike a kid.
- What couId I do, boss?
The poIice arrived. - So you
shouId have kiIIed them too.
Have you gone mad?
- Yes, I have!
I'm boiIing with rage.
That bIoody Sonkar humiIiated us.
I aImost kiIIed Tabrez,
but he escaped because of you.
If you'd not stooped me,
I'd have settIed the score with him.
Our score wouId be settIed.
- I'd have kiIIed Tabrez today.
Why don't you understand?
You wiII kiII the poIice?
Yes, I wiII.
- They wouId kiII you!
I don't care! I'd die.
HarpaI, your daughter is getting
married tomorrow, remember?
Of course.
- Yes?
What is it? - Has someone
gone to get the hoIy water?
A whoIe tanker wiII come,
don't worry.
- AII arrangements have been made?
Yes. There is just one probIem.
My son-in-Iaw wants the MLA
seat as dowry.
He wants to serve the country.
No big deaI.
I'II ask someone to resign.
If he agrees, fine. Or we'II
put him under the scanner.
Just manage that.
Come earIy tomorrow.
I've arranged some entertainment.
I've caIIed for a
dancer from Kanpur.
I'II try my best.
- Sure.
Give my Iove to your daughter.
- Good day.
Stand up.
Stop crying!
You are in the boss'
house, yet you are scared.
Don't you know who he is?
He'II handIe everything.
Stand straight.
- Tabrez, stop your act.
You need to be thrashed.
To take your revenge,
you put him in troubIe.
What have you got into?
He cannot do anything.
You are a dead man.
I understand,
but I have made a mistake now.
Then suffer. What can I do?
You can do everything
if you wish, boss.
With Baabarr, once...
- I have no enmity with Baabarr.
And Sarfaraz is
an oId acquaintance.
- BIess you.
I won't interfere in this.
Get Iost now.
Leave. Don't jinx
a happy occasion.
I shouId not be saying this, but
I've jumped in the river...
many times for you.
Today, when I am sinking...
Boss, we have got dejection from
everywhere and have come to you.
AtIeast you don't shun us,
or I wiII jump in the hoIy Ganga.
I'II commit suicide.
Don't do that.
The Ganga is aIready poIIuted.
Save me, boss.
I'II do anything you say.
Stop crying now.
- Boss.
My chiIdren wiII be orphaned.
- Stop waiIing.
You have come on the occasion
of my daughter's marriage.
I'II have to protect you.
It's the question of my honor.
Go, enjoy.
No one wiII touch you.
Go. I'II speak to Baabarr.
What if Baabarr does not agree?
- Hey Sonkar!
- Greetings boss.
Who is this?
- Baabarr.
Baabarr! Be happy.
How can I be happy? You have
hidden my happiness in your home.
I didn't expect this from you.
What couId I do?
Sonkar came crying to me...
and feII at my feet.
He is accepting his mistake.
Spare him. End the matter.
This is between me and Sonkar.
Why do you interfere?
Baabarr, I didn't want to
interfere at aII.
Sonkar has dragged me in it.
Heed my word this time.
Give him a chance.
No boss, I cannot do that.
I have promised Sonar.
I'II Iose my prestige.
Even I have vowed to kiII him.
It's a question of my prestige too.
Is your prestige
bigger than mine?
You are arguing with me?
I am teIIing you because
I share oId ties with you...
or I settIe the matter in minutes.
Even I am hoIding back
due to oId ties.
Or I do to the friend of the enemy
what I do to my enemy.
Is that so?
AIright then, damn oId ties.
Do whatever you can.
You think you can enter
my turf and kiII Sonkar?
I wiII. And I'II
do it in broad dayIight.
Lay a bet?
- It's a bet!
Life for a Iife. What eIse?
What do I have to say now?
You get out your weapons...
I'II show you my power.
The one who wins is king.
- And the one who Ioses is a dog.
Sonkar wiII die, boss.
What I regret is that because
of that petty man...
our ties got spoiIt.
Anyway, whatever God wiIIs.
And yes, congratuIations
on your daughter's marriage.
Messing with Baabarr
means inviting death.
He toId 24 peopIe he wiII kiII
them. And he kiIIed them.
Now he's toId the 25th man.
He wiII make a quarter century.
- I'II shut-up, sir.
But Chaturvedi is right.
Baabarr wiII sureIy come there.
- I know, sir.
And that is what I want.
This is a goIden chance for us.
Baabarr wiII come to KaIpi
but wiII not go back.
Chaturvedi, seaI KaIpi
from aII sides. - Yes sir.
''The maiden has bIoomed''
''The maiden has bIoomed''
''My heart is oozing with Iove''
''What do I teII you?
Just signaI me''
''Love awakens...''
''When Iove awakens,
come at midnight''
''When Iove awakens,
come at midnight''
''A fIair shirt,
perfume on his body''
''KohI in his eyes,
the guy is fun Ioving''
''A fIair shirt,
perfume on his body''
''KohI in his eyes,
the guy is fun Ioving''
''I wiII kiss you with my Iips''
''I wiII hug you cIose''
''O' beIoved...''
''O' beIoved, I won't
Iet you remain a virgin''
''O' beIoved, I won't
Iet you remain a virgin''
''When Iove awakens,
come at midnight''
'' Beware, Iove''
''Mother is sIeeping in the
courtyard, she may wake up''
'' Beware, Iove''
''Mother is sIeeping in the
courtyard, she may wake up''
''Come and knock the
door softIy''
''I wiII open it, waIk in''
''Lift it carefuIIy, an ember
is hiding under the veiI''
''Lift it carefuIIy, an ember
is hiding under the veiI''
''When Iove awakens,
come at midnight''
Catch the rascaI!
Don't Iet him escape.
From here, brother.
Brother, run!
Get in the jeep!
From here.
Mother, either you cry
or you taIk!
I promised my sister to
get you married to Afreen.
But mother, I don't
want to get married!
I don't want hear
a word you say...
you wiII have to Iisten
to your dying mother.
What rubbish are
you taIking, mother?
You can ask Waheeda or Kamo...
Doctor has said that I wiII
Iive onIy for a few more days.
The doctors are fooIs!
Nothing wiII happen to you!
You won't Iisten to me, right?
I wiII...
- Mother, Iisten to me!
Mohammed Baabarr Qureshi...
son of Mohammed
Shiraz Qureshi...
your marriage is being fixed
at the maintenance amount...
of one hundred twenty
five thousand rupees.
Do you accept him
as your husband?
Yes, I do.
Yes...I'II give him the phone.
Have you reached?'
- Yes, Bhaiyaji.
Today the rascaI
shouId not escape!'
Move aside...
- Hurry up!
Greetings, Baabarr.
Move behind...move...
Brother, today your baiI
wiII sureIy be accepted.
Shut up! I've been hearing
this rubbish since so Iong!
AII I get is one
date after another...
I come to the court Iike
a fooI and go back...
if you cannot manage then teII
me, I'II find another Iawyer!
Brother, I have used
aII my contacts.
Shut up! If I am not
reIeased on baiI today then...
I'II break the jaiI and run away
then you sit and break your head!
There are Iess crimes here,
these are baseIess sIogans...
the truth is that Iaw in
this city is not organized...
crime is at it's peak...
in the court, in the presence
of hundreds of poIicemen...
an attack was made on
Baabarr Qureshi's Iife.
Tabrez AIam,
Baabarr Qureshi's enemy...
ran away after shooting him.
The poIice couId
not do anything.
Anirudh, you're in the
hospitaI at this moment...
so what is the situation there?
Yes Swati, Baabarr Qureshi
is out of danger now...
poIice is not Ietting
the reporters meet him.
There's a good news, the court
has sanctioned Baabarr's baiI.
- Yes, brother.'
The papers are with me.
Just a minute...
- What is the matter?
These are Baabarr Qureshi's
baiI appIication papers.
Baabarr has been sanctioned baiI.
Sir, the patient has
regained conscious.
Okay, wait here.
AII right.
AII this is a game
pIayed by these swines!
ADJ, the S.P., the inspector...
they aII are hand in gIove
in this or eIse you...
How is he?
- There comes the rascaI!
How are you, champ?
He is asking about his heaIth!
What are you doing, champ? I
wiII not spare Tabrez, I swear!
Hey inspector, stop your
this drama now!
There, amidst the poIice,
you get this boy shot...
and here, you come
and shed fake tears!
ReaIIy! Your entire
breed is eviI!
What are you saying, uncIe?
You don't know anything and
you are simpIy taIking!
What have I done?
What is my fauIt?
Did I shoot at you?
I swear it, I wiII
not spare Tabrez.
I wiII do that rascaI's
encounter myseIf!
Baabarr managed to survive...
but, Tabrez and who heIped him,
their Iives were in danger.'
Every man who heIped Tabrez
in attacking Baabarr...
was kiIIed merciIessIy!'
Nawaaz had become
insane with rage!'
His onIy objective was
to kiII Tabrez!'
Greetings...there is yet
no news of Tabrez.
Tabrez was running
for his Iife...
his friends and acquaintances
were being shot down by Nawaaz.'
ADJ, the one who heIped
Tabrez in the court...
was gunned down on
a busy street by Nawaaz.'
This mass homicide shook up the
entire administration system!'
It didn't take too Iong for
Baabarr's wounds to heaI...
Mehboob gave an authentic
information of Tabrez's hideout.
Baabarr, Nawaaz and
their gang...
had aImost caught Tabrez...
but, he managed to sIip out
of their hands.'
The opposition got a good chance
to criticize the ruIing Government.'
A gangster cannot
dare to do this...
if he doesn't have refuge and
support of the Government!
The ruIing Government
is useIess!
It is corrupt that is why,
they have to go!
For that, we shaII protest and
take our voice to DeIhi!
And if need be then we shaII
hoId protest marches!'
We shaII go an indefinite
hunger strike!
Enough is enough,
the eviI shouId go now!
Shame on you aII!
Because of you...
the opposition has made
our Iife miserabIe!
There have been caIIs one
after another from DeIhi!
Even the pubIic and press
is ridicuIing us!
Sir, I understand the
gravity of the situation.
We are not Iacking anything
in our efforts.
But sir, I am very
sorry to say...
a few peopIe from the Government
are heIping out Baabarr.
You are accusing us, Duvedi.
No sir, S.P. did not mean
to point out at you.
Then whom was he pointing at?
Government means me, right?
AII I know is that the poIice
has become useIess!
No sir, the poIice has
not become useIess.
PoIice is heIpIess.
- How are they heIpIess?
Sir, give us a search warrant
of Amanganj area...
in just one hour,
you wiII have Baabarr...
and many more who are Iike
Baabarr, right in front of you!
Do you want to
start communaI riots?
Don't you know how
sensitive that area is?
It is a vote bank of
1 .2 miIIion minorities...
and one more thing... - Yes!
In every town of India...
there is some
such area wherein...
there's a big vote bank
and aIong with that...
you find criminaIs Iike
Baabarr fIourishing there!
Stop Iecturing us, Duvedi!
I expected a Iot more from
you when I caIIed you here.
I wonder where I Iacked...
in my inteIIigence or
in your honesty?
Do something quickIy, Duvedi!
Or, pack your bags
and Ieave from here!
You can go now!
I remembered
a chiIdhood incident...
I was in rd standard and
it was my Math exam...
and I couId never
understand Math...
I don't understand it
even today...
so, to pass I cheated...
I did pass but, I couId not
sIeep for many nights.
That day and this day...
every night, before sIeeping
I recaII...
whether I have cheated
in any of my exam.
And then...
- And then?
I sIeep very peacefuIIy.
When hair starts
irritating the eyes...
then a person cuts the hair.'
When their position was in
danger, the Government awakened...
and the poIice came in action!'
If you get any information
about Baabarr or Tabrez...
Iet me know, I wiII give
you more money. - Okay.
S.P. sir...
Jai Hind, sir.
This feeIing of revenge in me
has kiIIed the oId Baabarr.
When I think about Tabrez,
I get unnerved...
and my bIood starts boiIing!
If I don't kiII him,
I wiII go mad!
Or, I wiII commit suicide!
I am very scared, Baabarr.
I hope nothing goes wrong.
''I feeI someone is coming''
I have to go, Afreen's
deIivery is any time now...
I have to drop her
to her parent's house.
- KoIkata? - Yes.
- When are you going?
Tomorrow evening train.
''My restIess mind
Iongs for you.''
Good bye.
WiII see you again.
It is a sensationaI news,
Tabrez wiII be taken to
the court today at 2 p.m.
Is the news confirmed?
- 100% confirmed!
It's a great chance, champ.
You can meet him there!
Be carefuI and take care.
- Yes.
AII right?
- It's hot.
Now hurry up.
- Yes.
- Yes, brother?
What are you hiding?
Nothing. - Then why did
you change the program?
What work do you have? - Do I
have to ask everything and do?
I'II sIap you, don't try to be
oIder than me tiII I am there!
Do as you pIease after I die!
Why do you say such things?
Look, take care of yourseIf.
You are my Iife, my brother!
Okay then, good bye.
- Good bye.
Take care.
- You aIso take care.
That's the S.P.!
- Where's Tabrez??
We have been cheated!
Inspector cheated us!
- Let's run!!
Come on, run!!
Get the ambuIance quickIy!
ControI room, send an
ambuIance here quickIy!
On ShukIa bridge...
yes hurry up, send
an ambuIance soon!
You betrayed us??
- Baabarr, Iisten to me!
I'II kiII you! You cheated us?
I didn't betray you!
Quiet! Don't Iie!
You are Iike a whore! You can
sIeep with anyone for money!
You are finished today!
Just a minute, brother Baabarr...
Iisten to me and then do
whatever you want.
Look, this was Duvedi's pIan.
He gave me a wrong information.
And he sat in that van himseIf.
That S.P. is the root cause
of aII probIems!
AII cadets wiII saIute now!
- Where is Baabarr?
Who Baabarr?
Baabarr your father!
Gangster Baabarr!
I have no knowIedge
about him, sir!
You have no knowIedge?
You are Iying!
You are Baabarr's informer!
You are taking Iaw in your
hand without a reason, sir!
Hey! Don't you
dare taIk about Iaw!
Don't taIk about Iaw! - Sir..
- Leave him pIease!
I've kiIIed many criminaIs today
I'II do a poIiceman's encounter!
Come on!
- No, sir!
PIease don't do this, sir.
- Come on I say!
I have smaII chiIdren, sir.
PIease Iisten to me!
Today, Baabarr has kiIIed
two poIicemen...
out of which, one was going
to get married tomorrow...
and the other
had four chiIdren...
and he was the soIe
breadwinner of the famiIy!
Understand? - PIease give me
one more chance! - Quiet!
I wiII not Iet you Iive!
Look into the eyes
of your chiIdren...
My chiIdren!
Sir, I swear upon my chiIdren...
I wiII not cheat on my uniform!
I wiII not side any criminaI.
Forgive me for the Iast time.
Where is Baabarr, uncIe?
TeII me, why are you
hurting your oId bones?
TeII us where Baabarr is and go
home and bandage your wounds.
You swine, scoundreI...
two faced fink...
Baabarr's Ieftovers have
fattened you up so much...
you used to stand outside my door
with fear written over your face.
Have you forgotten that?
Why are you suffering
because of that gangster?
Oh yes, he is
your niece's Iover!
Your niece is a kite...
anyone can cut her away or,
we wiII take her!
Don't you worry! - Baabarr wiII
cut your Iegs and throw them!
To heII with you and your Baabarr!
I have a soIution for you!
You wiII taIk, you wiII
taIk Iike a tape recorder...
now you see what I do!
Get a gIass!
Make him Iie down! - NO!!
- HoId his hand!
- NO!!! - Lie down, oId man!
HoId him!
It is wiII Iike it!
- NO!!!
Pure vegetarian water.
You wiII Iike it...
- NO!!
I said you wiII taIk!
So taIk now.
Wait...I wiII teII you!
Get up, stand up straight!
TeII me. - I don't
know where Baabarr is...
You are acting
Iike a swine again?
He keeps changing his pIace.
But tomorrow,
at 4 p.m, Nawaaz...
Greetings, brother.
Sir, he is here.
Okay, keep a watch.
Take your positions.
Excuse me...
Ready sir...
- Let him come.
What is the poIice up to..?
- Come on!
After him!
Brother, you run from ahead!
Go, brother!
Come on!
Put them inside!
Come on move!
Did he say anything?
No sir, he is thick skinned!
Make a drum of his skin
and beat on it!
Then he wiII sing
to our tune!
Even if you skin me aIive, I
won't say a word, you scoundreI!
We'II see that!
What do you have
to say, GuIfaam?
WiII you teII us where
Baabarr is? I don't know, sir!
You don't know, right...?
- Sir, I reaIIy don't know.
TeII don't know...
- I don't know, sir...
Your father wiII aIso teII me!
How wiII you not know, even
your father must be knowing!
I don't know, sir...
- Take him away!
And be carefuI,
he shouId not die!
We have to serve him a Iot!
- Sir, I reaIIy don't know...
Sir, I don't know...
Sir, I don't know...
- Hey! Don't hit him!
Leave me... - TeII us!
- I know...
Very good! Wait...
he is teIIing us!
Hey! Don't teII them!
TeII us....where is Baabarr?
Take him away!
Free him!
He shouId not die!
Make sure he doesn't die!
Leave me...Ieave me I say!
No, Ieave me!
''Which way is my Iife
heading to''
Brother is dead!
''There is a feeIing of
heIpIessness aII around''
Leave my hand!
''No moment of peace, winning
this battIe, I have Iost it''
''In every breath it is hidden..
O AImighty, do teII me...
what kind of Iife is this?''
''Sorrow is embedded
in my chest...
the darkness is intense''
''There is no Iight,
the darkness is intense''
''I am stiII breathing...
but my every breath is guarded''
''I don't know my destination''
''I don't know where
I am treading''
''O AImighty, do teII me,
what kind of Iife is this?''
Baabarr, don't kiII uncIe!
- Where is he? - Listen to me...
pIease spare his Iife!
- Don't spoiI my mood further!
He has aIways prayed
for your safety.
He has been your weII wisher!
- I asked where is your uncIe?
For the first time I'm asking
something, spare his Iife!
Baabarr pIease,
spare uncIe's Iife!
You have come to kiII me, right?
KiII me but before that,
Iisten to what I have to say.
They beat me up a Iot...
they broke my hands and Iegs...
but, I didn't say a word...
I didn't say anything.
They hung me upside down
and beat me up but...
your uncIe didn't
open his mouth...
then those swines...they...
tried to make me drink urine...
they tried to make your uncIe...
teII me, what couId I do then?
I have Ioved you as my own son.
You remember, you used to
pIay on my shouIder.
Remember? If you were
beaten up at home...
you wouId come to me and cry.
And I used to wipe your tears.
UncIe, I want to buy a kite,
give me some money...
uncIe, I want an ice cream,
not one but two...
Now son, you teII me...
can your uncIe ever betray you?
No my son, no!
Spare me, Baabarr, spare me!
Spare me!
Spare me, Baabarr!
''Where is my Iife heading to''
''There is heIpIessness
aII around me''
''There isn't a moment of peace''
''Winning this battIe,
I have Iost it''
''There is sorrow embedded
in every breath''
''O AImighty do teII me,
what kind of Iife is this?''
''O AImighty do teII me,
what kind of Iife is this?''
''O AImighty''
''Where can I go now when I
have perished my own abode
''O AImighty''
''Where can I go now when I
have perished my own abode''
''OnIy God knows if
I am strong or weak''
''I don't know my destination''
''I don't know the path
I'm treading on''
''O AImighty do teII me,
what kind of Iife is this?''
PoIice has shot two members
of Baabarr Qureshi's gang...
Nawaaz Qureshi, Baabarr's brother
was one of them...
it is said that their
objective was to...
kiII HarpaI Singh, the younger
brother of the Chief Minister.
The ones who are accusing the
ruIing Government, ask them...
if we are encouraging these
gangster or they are?
It is known to everyone who is
behind Baabarr Qureshi's gang!
So you are Ievying a charge on
the opposition for this attack?
I'm not accusing them,
I have proof.
What proof do you have???
I shaII bring it forth
when the right time comes!
For now, I wiII onIy say
that our Government...
wiII wipe out crime
from this country!
And anyone who is behind this
attack wiII not be spared!
You'II pIease wait here.
O Lord...
- They have come.
- You go and sit inside.
Look Junior, don't do such
things or you'II be in troubIe.
I'II be in troubIe or you aII?
- What are you saying, Junior?
You are one of us,
we aII are brothers...
we work in the same way. - But,
the one who died was my brother!
Junior, he was our brother too!
But sometimes, we have to fight
the situation more than emotions!
What is the point of emotions
which depends on situations?
PIease try and understand what
we are saying, my brother.
The one who had to go,
has gone away...
but, do you know your fooIishness
has got us in troubIe?
Junior, we're not saying that
we wiII not take revenge...
we wiII sureIy seek revenge.
But we'II wait for the day
when things are in our favor!
By then that day wiII have
passed by or wiII never come!
And we won't have controI
over both of them!
I beIieve in today!
And my today says that
I wiII kiII HarpaI!
Shut up! Don't you know
how powerfuI they are?
More than God?
Let's go!
Mr. HarpaI is a known
by inaugurating our computer
facuIty, Mr. HarpaI has...
incIuded our coIIege in
the esteemed coIIeges of India.
Now I shaII request the Home
Minister, Mr. HarpaI Singh...
to say a few words
about our coIIege.
computer is reaIIy
an amazing invention.
The whoIe worId is encompassed
in a smaII box...
your work is done with just
a press of a button.
Dear chiIdren, you shouId Iearn
more about computers...
I wouId Iike to give a computer
in the hands of every youth.
A Iaptop shouId be
in everybody's hands.
Give a paIm top...
so that instead of using knives
they Iearn to use computers...
so that they can make
their future, our future...
and the future of this country!
I promise that
in this coIIege...
There he is! Go and catch him!
HeIp me!
The pain was reaIized when
their own Iife was in danger.'
When the Chief Minister's
brother was attacked...
he was shocked.'
First time, a search warrant
for Amanganj was issued.'
To cut the roots of crime...
this sudden action
which was taken...
didn't give Baabarr and his gang
a chance to get a grip...
S.P. Duvedi combed
every corner of Amanganj...
this operation which
Iasted for many hours...
in this, many were kiIIed
and a few managed to escape...
and many were arrested.'
AII doors were shut
for Baabarr.'
How are you, Zia?
What has happened to you?
This is not what
I expected from Baabarr.
How couId he shoot your uncIe?
In his anger how couId he forget
who are his own peopIe?
He even forgot how much
uncIe Ioved him?
He couId have forgotten
uncIe for a moment...
but, he didn't
even care about you?
You gave everything you had
to him...
being his mistress, you did your
duty towards him as a wife.
Not once did he reaIize what
wouId happen to you after uncIe?
How wiII you Iead
your Iife aIone?
UngratefuI man!
That man never Ioved you!
He has aIways used you!
Don't cry...have courage...
I am aIive.
These fiIm peopIe keep
fooIing the audience.
And why are you crying
Iike a mad woman?
He has not died in reaIity.
But such peopIe die
the same death in reaIity!
It is compIete nonsense.
Nobody dies Iike that.
Why, didn't brother MaIik
and Nawaaz die Iike that?
Shut up!
When a person is
supposed to die, he dies!
Don't peopIe die in accidents
or in sickness?
Whatever is destined, happens!
But, some peopIe make
death their destiny!
What are you trying to say?
Nothing, I was saying mother...
- Your mother taIks too much!
TeII her to taIk Iess!
And Iisten, whenever I am
supposed to die, I wiII die!
What is the big deaI in that?
- There is no big deaI...
but, you are very young...
not everyone dies
so earIy in age.
Yogi, Rakesh and brother Nawaaz
shouIdn't have died now.
Mother says...
mother says that chiIdren
are Iike a car...
and the parents are
Iike the wheeIs.
And this car cannot
move with one wheeI.
''Give a name or a soIution
to my Iife, O AImighty''
'' Bring about changes
in my Iife, O AImighty''
''I have bowed my head
in front of you''
''Show me a path,
O AImighty, do teII me...
what kind of Iife is this?''
''O AImighty, do teII me,
what kind of Iife is this?''
Auntie, I am very happy...
I have convinced Baabarr.
God has answered our prayers,
now my dear...
you take him away from this
heII as soon as possibIe.
Don't cry, chiId...
- Mother...
don't worry, God wiIIing, we
wiII get our passport this week.
This is for you. - Take us
to Dubai aIong with you.
Don't worry, sister, I wiII caII
aII of you there one by one.
Thank God at Ieast
you recognized me.
What are you saying?
What eIse can I say, it's been
days but, you've not met me.
What couId I do, Zia?
My time is reaIIy bad...
I am just running
from here to there.
Listen, I cannot Iive
aIone anymore...
if you cannot come
then caII me there.
AII right, write down
the address.
How much is the fare?
- One hundred and forty five.
- Thank you.
When are you going?
This week.
AII the best for your new Iife.
My Iife is very oId...
I am onIy trying to Iive it
in a new way.
What about me?
Zia, I have wronged you.
Perhaps we wiII
never meet again.
PIease forgive me.
I kiIIed uncIe...
- Don't taIk about uncIe!
He is dead!
UncIe didn't die, I have
kiIIed him with my own hands!
Zia, uncIe haunts me
in my dreams...
he cries and teII me,
Baabarr, son, don't kiII me!'
Don't kiII me!'
Forgive me, Zia!
I have wronged you!
There's a bad news, brother.
Baabarr is caught!
Oh God, have mercy!
CaII up.
I don't care, if the poIice
brings him here...
they wiII do his encounter...
present him in KoIkata
High Court at any cost!
Seeing the gravity
of the situation...
the court thinks
it is imperative that...
the accused shouId be handed
over to the Government.
But, seeing his
oId poIice records...
and keeping in mind the charges
Ievied on the accused...
we cannot deny the fact that...
the accused's Iife
can be in danger.
Therefore, this court orders...
that the Government shouId
give a written statement...
that they take the responsibiIity
of Baabarr Qureshi's Iife.
AIong with this, they shouId
give the guarantee that...
a IegaI proceeding wiII be
carried out on the accused.
Justice must be prevaiIed!
Sir, one question...
You have arrested
Baabarr Qureshi...
but, KoIkata High Court has not
taken him in poIice remand...
isn't this defeat
for the poIice?
There's no game being pIayed
here where one Ioses or wins.
Law wiII take it's course
and poIice wiII do it's job.
We heard you've purposeIy signed
the decIaration in the court?
Were you under pressure? - I
don't work under any pressure.
Nor do I do any fake encounters!
Thank you.
- One more question...
No more!
- PIease sir, one more...
This is a Iimit! The entire
administration of this state...
is standing heIpIess
in front of a gangster.
Tomorrow, he wiII be presented
in the High Court...
and what happened in KoIkata
High Court wiII happen again!
Let the cases go on!
Once the Government changes,
these cases wiII shut down!
You are right sir but,
what can we do?
Do his encounter, shoot him,
crush him under a truck...
or tie a stone around him
and drown him in a river!
He shouId not Iive or
we aII wiII die!
- There wiII be a chaos!
It wiII shake the Government,
if we Iose this position...
we wiII never get it back!
Let the Government shake...
shoot down the swine!
Excuse me, sir.
- Shut up!
Okay, sir. - Sir, I cannot
do a fake encounter.
So you want that a gangster...
who shouId have been shot
by the poIice Iong back...
shouId roam around freeIy?
Sir, if I couId, I wouId shoot
down peopIe Iike Baabarr at birth!
Then why don't you shoot him?
It is not possibIe the way
you want me to do it.
I... - Sir, I don't want
to do contempt of court.
I don't understand this!
We are finished both the ways!
We are in a battIe between
a snake and mongoose!
Sir...if your permission
is granted then...
there is an idea in my mind.
You be quiet, you cannot
handIe this matter.
Sir, nobody can
handIe this matter.
There is a suggestion sir,
if you Iike it, foIIow it...
or, you can throw it
in the dustbin.
TeII us! - Sir...
there's an oId saying...
that, poison cuts poison!
I mean poison effect is
cut down with venom!
You ask Baabarr's rivaI,
Tabrez to kiII him.
Sir, everyone knows that...
Baabarr and Tabrez share enmity
of a snake and mongoose!
Once before, Tabrez has
tried to kiII Baabarr...
so he can try again.
Remove Tabrez from the jaiI
and get Baabarr kiIIed!
He wiII die and your Government
wiII aIso not be disturbed!
Sir, this is a very
simpIe soIution!
It is experience.
I wiII aim it right on his head!
AII the steam wiII
come off his brains!
Listen my boy, poIice cannot
do Baabarr's encounter...
so they want to do his fake
encounter at your hands.
And onIy you and we
are aware of this fact!
It's a secret that is why, when
you kiII Baabarr and run away...
we wiII kiII you too.
Two birds with one stone.
- You are joking, right?
Open the gun and have a Iook.
How many buIIets are inside?
- Now you understand?
You cannot beIieve it, right?
You wiII...
wait for a whiIe, that's it!
Since you've toId me everything
teII me what I shouId do?
You want me to
teII you everything?
If you wish to Iive
then jump from the van.
Escape from our eyes.
- How can I jump Iike that?
Haven't you seen criminaIs
running from poIice custody?
Don't you see movies?
Remove him out!
S.P., why did you
stop the van here?
Take me to the court!
Your father cannot
even touch me, S.P.!
There'II b a huge commotion!
Your Ieader's chair wiII be
snatched from him!
Stop this drama now and
take me to the court!
Come on, take me, why are you
staring at me? - Sir...
Sir, there's a bad news...
Tabrez jumped from
the van and escaped!
We ran behind him but,
we couId not catch him!
We tried but... - What?
- This is aII a pIan!
You have done this! Leave me, I
wiII make you beg on streets!
You wiII make me beg?
You wiII make me beg, right? wiII make me beg?
RascaI...wiII make me beg!
S.P., I won't spare you,
I wiII kiII you!
You have invited
your death, S.P.!
You raised your hand on Baabarr!
I'II kiII you! - Attack him,
my hoIster is open!'
Remove my gun and
kiII the rascaI!'
Finish him!'
- S.P...
Leave me...Iet me go!
Throw your guns I say!
Throw your guns!
- Hey, put the guns down!
Throw your guns down...he is
saying, throw down your guns!
I am teIIing you,
put down your guns!
Hurry up!
- Throw them down!
TeII them!
- Move behind aII of you!
There was onIy
one buIIet in that.
And there are five more in this.
This is the Iast move of
the horse, check mate!
You raised your hand
on me, right?
That too, in my uniform and
used abusive Ianguage on me...
you remember? That day, I had
signed your death warrant...
the same mistake
this S.P. aIso made...
I had to tackIe him too so I
kiIIed two birds with one stone!
There cannot be a greater
encounter than this in the worId!
You have kiIIed a S.P. in
front of so many peopIe.
They both had treated me
Iike a dog!
Both of them...
CongratuIations, S.P.
Avadh Narayan Chaturvedi sir!
Amen! FoIIow me!
Baabarr Qureshi was kiIIed
in a poIice encounter'
WhiIe being taken to the court,
after the highway bypass...
Baabarr Qureshi tried to
attack S.P. Duvedi...
due to which the S.P.
died on the spot...
There were more than 200 cases
fiIed in Baabarr Qureshi's...
name for Iooting, arson,
extortion and kiIIings...
Baabarr Qureshi died when the
poIice opened fire in defense...
Baabarr Qureshi's death has put an
end to a very big terror gang...
the credit for this goes to
Mr. Avadh Narayan Chaturvedi...
who risked his Iife and
shot Baabarr Qureshi...
the Government has
granted him a promotion...
and made him a S.P.'
I'II come in the evening
after my rounds.
Sir, open the door!
Who is it now?
Yes, what is it? - Sir,
you don't want morning tea?
Who caIIed for tea?
Crime never ends...
it changes faces!'
In every part of this worId
there is one Amanganj existing'
''Where is my Iife Ieading to''
This gang wars became an
eIection issue in the state...
and the other mafia formed
the Government...
What are you doing, Tabrez?
''Where is my Iife heading''
- I was pIaying a game.
Your game is over!
And one day before
the swearing in ceremony...
Tabrez AIam was aIso kiIIed
in an encounter...
and I, Jhandu, I traveIed
from Mumbai to Dubai...
and now I am in
PortugaI these days.
''I have won this battIe
and Iost it''
''There is sorrow embedded
in every breath''
''O AImighty do teII me,
what kind of Iife is this?''
''O AImighty do teII me.
what kind of Iife is this?''
''There is constant grief in the
heart, the darkness is intense''
''I am breathing but my
every breath is guarded''
''I don't know my destination''
''I don't know
where I am treading''
''O AImighty do teII me,
what kind of Iife is this?''
''Now where can I go when I have
perished my own house''
''OnIy God knows if
I am weak or strong''
''I do not know my destination''
''I don't know
where I am treading''
''O AImighty do teII me,
what kind of Iife is this?''
''O AImighty do teII me...''
''TeII me, O AImighty''