Baadshah (1999) Movie Script

Asthe Governor of Goa,
it gives me prie to say...
that our Chief Minister,
Madam Gayatri Bachchan...
is a mother-figure for people
of this state.
Politicians normally build big,
palatial houses for themselves...
once they become chief ministers.
Whereas, she has donated her
own palace to the nation.
I inherited this palace from my
father, Maharaja Virendra Singh.
But I believe that only the nation
has a right...
to the holdings of princes
and maharajas.
You' re not only the lady's husband,
but the president of the party, too.
Would you like to say
something too?
All I will say is that
l' m proud of my wife.
Madam gives you 10 minutes,
Mr Thapar. Please follow me.
Good morning, Chief Minister.
- Good morning. Please come.
I haven't been able to sleep...
ever since that accident
took place in my factory.
I' m terribly worried about the
families of those killed.
So I've decided. If I've got to
do something for them...
I must strengthen your hands.
And what do you want in return?
You have appointed a commission of
enquiry against Thapar Chemicals.
If you could withdraw that...
I' m willing to pay any price.
- How much?
100 million?
- Is that all?
200 million?
- 400 million.
All right. 400 million.
I'll pay you 400 million.
- Pardon me?
In return, you will give me
an arm, a leg and an eye.
What are you saying?
- Why not?
You' re not willing to sell
any part of your body.
And you' re here to buy the
death of 500 workers...
who died of poisonous gases
in your chemical factory.
That was not an accident!
It was the outcome of
using sub-standard machinery.
And you are responsible
for that.
I will not only have your
factory closed down...
I' ll bring a case against you
for killing 500 men!
I' ll have a bill passed in the
next session of our Assembly.
I will make sure that all your
chemical factories are closed down!
Gayatri Bachchan will have to be
removed from the C.M.'s chair.
No. Gayatri Bachchan is not
merely the Chief Minister of Goa.
She is also a mother to the
people of this state.
None of her MLAs will revolt
against her.
The ballot is therefore not the way
to eliminate her. The bullet is.
There isn't a soul in Goa who
will cast his ballot against her.
Who would fire a
bullet at her?
I will.
But it will take some time.
There are many professional
killers in Mumbai...
who'd assassinate anyone
for the money.
All right.
Leave for Mumbai today, Rani.
And give the contract to a man
who can do the job for us.
Don't let anyone smoke in here.
What do you do to guys who go
on rampage and break up things?
We have 4 bouncers here to
break those guys up. Take a look!
That's a whole lot of meat!
Who are you?
- Have you heard of godfather?
I' m not the Godfather.
Have you heard of Godfather ll?
I' m not that either.
Have you heard of god-friend?
- No.
That's me.
So you are here to gamble!
- I won't be gambling.
Godfather will.
- Godfather will? But when?
At exactly 8 p.m.
- At eight?!
This is a gambling-den, sir.
What are we here for?
Someone stole my diamonds worth
I' ll be getting them here today.
- How?
I've entrusted the case to Badshah,
a private detective.
He has called me here.
Who's that in your car?
- He's the CEO of my company.
Have you found my diamonds?
- Don't worry, sir.
They' re busy working
for you upstairs.
Smoking is not allowed.
Who's he?
- He's the manager.
Which table would you
like to gamble at?
But that's a no-limits table!
My boss has no limits to
anything he does, okay?
Didn't I tell you, sir?
He's a nut... Iet's go!
Would you like to
make some more money?
Sit down.
A new hand. And new cards.
Your turn.
Come home some day to
learn the ropes!
My stakes.
Could we have a loan please?
You' ll get it back when
the bank opens tomorrow.
This isn't for kids!
Go home, if your dough is over!
Hold it.
Each of these diamonds
is worth 200,000.
Here's my 400,000
What did you say?
This isn't for kids, eh?
Here's a tenner. To pay for
your rickshaw ride, back home!
Don't give up.
I' ll take over the game.
You' ll get your money back.
So what is the stake?
Two diamonds.
I mean 400,000.
Each of these diamonds
is worth 200,000 too.
Here's my stake. 800,000.
Uncle... I hope they' re
really diamonds?
Can't you see? He has decency
written all over his face.
Your moustache tells me
you' re not a cheat.
Not 800,000. Here comes
my stake of 1, 600,000.
1,600,000, eh?
- That's right.
I said "show"...
I asked for a show.
You didn't hear it...
He asked for a show.
A Jack. The second Jack.
And here's the third.
Where did the third king
spring from?
He's the King who has kings.
No jacks, you know.
His third card was a six!
I saw it in your glasses!
The glasses, eh?
Show him your glasses, Ramlal.
These glasses?
They' re meant for casinos!
Buy one now!
I carry so many with me!
So you guys have fooled me!
- Why must we fool you?
You are already a fool!
Let's go, Ramlal.
- Hold it!
Ever heard of Manikchand?
- Sure. The tobacco we spit out!
Sure, we've heard...
please lower the gun!
Let's talk it over...
You can have the money.
You can have my watch, too!
An expensive one.
Here are my glasses. In fact,
you can have my clothes, too...
It works less and shows off more!
I' ll put it away, okay?
Relax... this is a finger!
Lower your hands!
I don't only show it off!
I can use it, too!
Get cracking, Ramlal.
Gather the money.
Don't worry, sir. You will
certainly get your diamonds.
Hey, wait... hold on!
Bravo! Give me the diamonds!
- Here you are.
Old man... he's our man!
So you guys are
into this together!
What's happening here?
Where are the diamonds?
I tried to gamble with them.
- And so?
Badshah, the gambler, conned me.
He's taken away the diamonds!
Badshah is not a gambler!
He's a detective!
The moneybags had hired him to
retrieve the diamonds I'd stolen!
Don't you worry, brother-in-law!
Forget Badshah! Not even
a bird can escape this place!
He's right behind us!
It's just a body, boss!
- Look at the face, guys!
But it doesn't have a face!
- Of course, there is a face!
There is no face, boss!
- There is a face, I say!
There is a bloody face!
You've gone crazy, boss!
You' re imagining things!
We don't want to work for you!
- You' re always hitting us!
Hey, listen...
Here he is!
Now look, doggie...
I' m scared of dogs, you know.
One moment...
Badshah will arrive before
the count of eight.
Here he is.
Sorry, mister. I've arrived
five seconds early.
Here you are.
Diamonds worth 8 million.
And here's your 5 million
in cash.
This is Ramlal.
My chief assistant.
He' ll come to you tomorrow.
Please pay him my fees.
Don't worry about the expenses!
Your husband was my friend.
And Badshah called to tell me
about your difficulties.
No. I don't want to be operated.
I can see everything!
I last saw Badshah when he was
a kid. He must've grown up now.
Where can I find him?
- He must be in The office.
And where is his office?
There's this lane, you see...
don't take that.
Don't take the lane
beside that one, either.
Walk straight and you' ll come
across another lane.
Don't take that lane too.
- I understand. I take no lanes!
I' ll find Badshah on my own.
All that stuff that
gets in the way!
Who's the blind man?
- He's a renowned eye specialist!
My God! Finding Badshah
is indeed very difficult.
Well? What brings you here?
It's your darling son, Badshah!
I had great respect for
your husband, Mr Ganpatrai.
He had goodwill in
the police force.
And that is exactly why
I've been quiet.
Or else, I'd have the licence of
his detective agency cancelled!
He's driven the entire
police department crazy!
This bag is empty!
Where's the money, Ramlal?
Did you lose it?
It sunk.
- How?
I' ll explain.
We broke the gambling table, right?
I paid 10 grand for that.
2 chairs we wrecked;
that's another 2000.
That's 12000. Where's the rest?
- 2 cut-glass ash-trays...
worth 900 bucks.
- That's 1 2900. And the rest?
We shattered the chandelier.
That was worth 20 grand.
32,900... where's the rest?
- Another 1000 for small breakage.
That's 33,900... where's the rest?
- The rest, eh?
You jumped through the glass pane
like Superman, didn't you?
It was imported stuff.
I've paid 15500 for that!
Why did you have to break
such expensive glass?
You could've taken the staircase!
- l' m not fond of jumping either!
There was a dog chasing me!
You must still have 600 Rupees.
Isn't it, Ramlal?
See what l' m wearing? I could
have walked here in the nude!
I've paid 500 bucks
for the hired clothes!
And here's a hundred rupees.
Keep it.
Never mind!
There's no reason to worry!
Today's newspapers have carried
headlines of our exploits!
When people read that...
we' ll have a queue of clients
in front of our office!
There it is!
Where is Badshah's office?
- Up there.
Really? I've been through this place
four times. And nobody told me!
Wow! An automatic entrance!
It even shuts on its own!
Get on with the signals!
Hey mister! Where's the
paper in the typewriter?
This is an automatic set-up.
- Everything here is automatic!
Badshah works here, isn't it?
Where can I find him?
Badshah does not work here.
He owns this place.
Owns it? But where can I find him?
- Sit down.
That chair, idiot! Not this one!
- You are an idiot!
Are you Badshah?
- Me?!
When Badshah arrives,
there is a storm!
There is thunder!
And the clouds rumble!
The earth trembles,
you burden-on-earth!
Go back in there... go!
How are you, Mr Tata?
I have great respect for you, sir.
But I can't accept this case
of your ship's theft.
The Birlas and Ambanis are already
in the waiting list, you see.
As for Kirloskar! He has made life
miserable for me, sir!
Are you tempting me with money,
Mr Tata?
You don't know!
I possess millions too!
Tell Tata l' m not in,
if he calls again.
There was a call from
Clint Eastwood...
secretary to Mr Bill Clinton
of America.
He says someone has stolen
their atom-bomb.
They' re willing to pay a million
dollars to detect the crime.
You know my principles.
First come... first hauled.
Up here!
Hey! What the hell are you doing?
Set me down!
Put your secret signature
on these secret documents.
Where did you sign it?
That's a secret signature!
Well? What's your problem?
The operation is necessary.
But mother refuses.
Mother will have to be convinced.
- Right!
How old is mother?
- Should be around 50.
How about you?
- l' m 55.
Interesting. His mother's 50.
And he, the son, is 55!
I' m talking about your mom,
you ass!
My mom?!
Didn't you call me this morning?
Are you doctor Rustom?
- Correct!
He was crying and begging me
this morning!
He said he'd pay the cost of
the operation in installments!
And you guys are dealing
in millions of dollars!
You want a free operation, eh?
I will not do it!
Where is he?
- l' m here, doctor!
- We've made a mistake!
We thought you' re a client!
- Down, I say!
That talk of millions...
this office... it's all false!
- Set him down, damn it!
Forgive me, doctor!
Please operate on my mother!
- l' m a hot-headed man!
I' ll think about it
when I've cooled down!
What's going on?
I won't spare you today!
Where are you going?!
Not here in the office, mom!
These guys respect me!
And you guys let him talk you
into turning detectives, eh?!
I won't let you guys
get away today!
Everyone in Ganpatrai's family is mad!
She does need the operation!
I' m going to exorcise you of this
evil detective spirit today!
I' m going to make a
constable out of you!
You want me to be a big man, right?
- Yes.
You want me to succeed?
- Yes.
Dad wanted that too?
- Yes.
Give me 2 more months.
If I don't make it in these
I' ll even be a guard,
if you ask me to!
I'd even be a sweeper for you!
Really, mom!
All right.
Now come home and eat.
Sure, I will. You' re so
lovingly asking me too.
Where are those wastrels?
Here we are!
That's 10 million in advance.
The rest you will get after
you've finished the job.
Goa's Chief Minister.
Gayatri Bachchan.
The place?
During an inauguration of
a home for the aged.
Here's a VlP pass to
see you through.
That' ll only see me through.
How do I carry my weapon?
This is the Chief Security Officer.
He will help you.
The function is on the 26th of
September. A fortnight from now.
26th of September?
Which means we must do
something by the 24th.
And who will do it for us?
The Badshah Detective Agency?
Looks like a client is coming here.
- And he looks loaded!
There it is.
Impossible, sir...
We don't have the time.
Are you Mr Badshah?
Please wait. Mr Badshah is
solving a secret case.
This is very important.
Contact Mr Badshah immediately.
Somebody wants to meet him.
Dhirubhai! You mustn't worry!
We have located your ship that
was hijacked on the high-seas.
It's lying in our stores!
Just send the payment and have it
delivered to you.
And how is your wife, by the way?
Fine? That's good.
Don't you forget me, okay?
How did you know my name?
You' re wearing a bracelet
on your left hand.
It carries the legend:
K. Jhunjhunwala
Sit down.
Well? What is it?
This is my daughter, Seema.
I want to get her married.
She's beautiful.
And I don't mind.
But you'd have to talk to
my mother about this.
You misunderstand.
I've already found a match for her.
This is Nitin Dharampal.
My late friend's son.
I get it! You want your daughter
to marry him. Right?
That's right.
- So find a priest.
What are you doing here?
My daughter is obsessed with the
idea of finding her own husband.
She likes Nitin, all right.
But she doesn't want to marry him.
So why must you force your
daughter into something?
Because I have a tumour
in my brain.
I' m in the last stages.
I' m leaving for America on the 26th
of September. For an operation.
But life can't be trusted.
I could even...
That's enough.
I understand it all,
Mr Jhunjhunwala.
All you want me to do is to...
rid your daughter of the obsession
of marrying the man she loves.
That's right.
- Before the 26th then...
you want me to get
her married to Nitin.
Exactly. I' ll remain grateful
to you all my life.
I' m prepared to pay
any fees you ask for.
If you need an advance...
- How can you say such things!
Grab it!
A satellite problem here, you see.
But don't worry.
What will your fees be?
What do I say about such
a case, Mr Jhunjhunwala?
But still, about 10 thousand...
Ask for more!
Pay me 10,000 as an advance...
and the 40,000 when
I complete the assignment.
Very well.
You can relax now, Jhunjhunwala.
You can consider your job done!
May I leave now?
- All right.
Thanks a lot.
- Good-bye!
Here you are. In full and final.
Relax till our job is done.
Will no one suspect us?
- Don't worry. We' ll handle that.
Insolent rascal!
- What happened, madam?
This loafer was only
pretending to dance!
He was making
lewd gestures to me!
That's impossible!
The poor chap is blind.
My glasses!
What rubbish! How was he
dancing if he's blind?
How could he prance about, without
being able to see the place?
An artist uses his heart
to look at things, madam.
To earn a living, he has been
dancing and singing here for ages.
He knows every nook and corner
of this place.
You slapped him for no reason.
It's all right, manager.
Never mind.
Fate itself has dealt me
a severe blow.
What difference does
her slap make?
I' m not the lady...
here she is.
You' re wearing trousers, madam?
- Yes.
What you did was right, madam.
I have received so much of love
and sympathy from everyone...
that I forgot I was blind.
But your slap has
opened my eyes today.
You've made me realise that a blind
man is after all, a blind man!
I' m very grateful to you...
Your coat?
- Yes. Help Me wear it.
My stick?
- Here it is.
I must leave now.
Can somebody drop me at the
bus-stop? It's time for my bus.
I' ll take you there.
- you? Thank you So much.
He's a very self-respecting man!
He will even starve!
But he will never come here again.
He won't even sing ever again.
Excuse me...
- One moment, sister!
I' m blind. And I've just
been slapped by a girl!
I am the same girl.
- I see!
The girl in the trousers!
- I've made a mistake. I...
No. You have made no mistake!
It's my blindness that is to blame.
Have you forgiven me?
- of course.
Come on. I' ll take you
wherever you wish to go.
How can I refuse...
now that you insist?
Let's go.
He's done it!
- What?!
He has scored with the girl!
He's bringing her here!
This is it! My home is here!
How did you know?
There's a dairy farm around.
It stinks.
I must leave now.
- No...
You've come all the way.
You must have a cup of tea
in my humble abode.
It's pretty late.
Some other day, perhaps.
All right!
Let's leave it to God!
It's raining in summer!
- it happens in our locality.
Looks like God also wants you
to spend time in my house...
till the rain stops.
Please come with me.
Have you left?
- No...
Welcome... to my humble abode!
How fortunate I am!
- The house is a mess, l' m sorry.
Let me put these clothes
in the trunk.
The books lay strewn around.
Nobody cares for them, you see!
And the umbrella's lying here...
while it's raining outside.
I' m through!
- This is surprising!
You know where to keep everything
without even looking!
There's nothing surprising.
I've measured it all. Now look...
Three steps ahead is the TV.
You' re behind by three steps.
Five steps away is the fridge...
and you' re five steps behind.
Hungry? All right.
You broke the walnut without
shattering the glass!
This is indeed surprising.
But you can do it too.
Give me your right hand...
Go on.
Now hold the walnut between
two fingers and your thumb.
Move it 45 degrees
to the right...
now hurl it using your shoulder!
That's all right.
You seem to have caught a cold.
One moment, please.
One, two, three, four, five...
I don't want a cold drink.
- l' m not giving you a cold drink.
I was giving you something
to change into.
We keep the soft drinks in
the cupboard. Here you are.
Go ahead and change. I' ll go
and make some hot tea for you.
Strong, but low on sugar.
One, two, three, four...
For a moment, I thought
you were watching me.
I was watching you.
- What?!
Not with my eyes...
with my heart.
Were you by birth...
- No.
I wasn't poor by birth either.
My father was rich and handsome.
You' ll find his picture
on this wall.
We owned handloom factories
in Honolulu.
We had half a dozen bungalows
and a fleet of cars.
One fine day, there was this
blaze in our factory.
And my father died
of shock.
I lost my mother even
before I was born.
Then into this lonely life
of mine... came Meena.
Perhaps I was not destined to
enjoy those little joys either.
Even as she walked
on the streets one day...
There came this truck...
Meena didn't realise it...
and I screamed, " Meena!"
But she didn't hear me.
The truck was racing towards her,
and I screamed, " Meena"
"Save Meena!
Stop the truck, someone!"
But no one heard me!
And the truck sped towards her!
I ran to her, even as the truck
was about to run her over!
I leapt on her and...
The headlights of that truck
took away the sight of my eyes!
And Meena... how is she?
Meena... is now with me.
She's a mother to
two babies.
Where is she?
She must be around.
There's someone to meet you!
This is my Meena.
- This... Meena!?
Come to me, Meena.
- And I thought it was a woman!
What I regret is that I can't
see my Meena anymore.
Don't lose heart.
Your eyes can be cured.
Only if Doctor Rustom
wishes to!
But he asks for a fees
of 20,000 Rupees!
And I don't even have
Really? In that case, l' ll have
myself operated tomorrow!
We' re friends. And I haven't
even asked your name!
What... is your name?
- Seema.
My name is Babulal.
But you can call me Raj.
It's settled then. I' ll pick
you up from here tomorrow...
to go to Dr. Rustom's clinic.
- That's not necessary!
I' ll meet you at the bus-stop
at exactly 8.02 a.m.!
It has stopped raining.
- The tank must've been emptied.
- Tank... I mean, thank you!
You may leave now.
One moment...
That's the only kurta I have.
That's okay...
- l' ll go and change.
Hurry up, guys! Quick!
Here we are! This is the place!
Strange! This is exactly
like your house!
Really? How would I know?
I haven't seen my place.
That's okay.
Lokhandwala Builders, you see.
They make identical structures.
Shall we go in?
It's 8.04 a.m.
Do you have an appointment?
- Yes.
We were supposed to be here at 8.05.
We' re late by half a minute.
Okay... Please be seated.
The doctor's in the operation
theatre. He' ll join you soon.
It was such a complicated case!
I gave the kid a frog's eyes!
A frog's eyes?!
- Yes.
Small eyes for the kids, y'see.
They cause no problems!
Will you give him
frog's eyes, too?
Am I crazy to give him
frog's eyes, my boy?
I' ll transplant two
different eyes on him!
One from a goat!
Another from an owl!
Exactly! He can use the goat's eye
to see during the day.
But the owl's eye will help him
see clearly in darkness!
The double-purpose cure!
Praise doctor Rustom!
Can't you transplant the
human eyes on me, doctor?
I have no problem, you know.
But that' ll cost 5000 rupees extra.
I've brought 25000 with me.
- Never mind that, Seema.
I' ll manage with a goat's
and an owl's eye!
No, Raj! For my sake!
So let's get cracking! Because
even I can't see after dusk!
Why not?
- I have goat's eyes, you see!
It's a major operation!
Lie down quietly! Hurry up!
Do you know what a dangerous
case this is?!
Do wait for me...
Wait for me, Seema!
How was it?
- My foot!
What was that nonsense about
two different eyes, you idiot!
I was only trying to impress her.
You'd have been exposed, you idiot!
She'd have realised everything!
I told you I can't play a doctor.
- So What will you play?
I've always played the compounder!
- Rubbish!
I work so hard!
And all I get is abuses!
Put that bandage on my eye!
- I work so very hard!
Get up, my boy!
Take off that bandage!
Go on!
Doctor... will you remove the
bandage so soon?
This is a laser-operation, lady.
We must take off the
bandage immediately.
In a computer operation,
we don't even use bandages!
Whom would you first
like to see, my boy?
I want to behold the Goddess...
who has painted my black-and-white
life with Eastmancolor!
Now hurry up and open your eyes!
Which one? The left or the right?
- Open both!
Or you' ll see only
half the Goddess!
I can see again!
I can see everything!
You' re Seema, aren't you?
- Yes.
You are so beautiful, Seema!
And this is such a swanky hospital!
Sister... I mean, auntie!
You' re so good, too!
As for you, doctor...
you shake so well!
I've practiced it, my boy.
Let's get cracking on
the third operation!
Will you have a walnut?
This world looks so beautiful.
For you.
- This is amazing!
You broke the walnut again.
But not the glass.
Nothing amazing.
You end up breaking the glass...
when you' re in love with someone.
I don't agree.
- Don't you?
One second... try now.
Throw it.
This means, you are in
love with someone.
And I see my own face
in your eyes.
You' re aren't... are you?
Me too!
Come here!
I gave you the assignment to get
my daughter married to Nitin.
And I see you...
- No! You' re mistaken.
Actually, the truth is that...
I had to break her heart, to make
her and Nitin come together.
And the one who break hearts
and brings people together...
I don't know what they call him!
But don't you worry.
Send Nitin over to me.
I' ll explain things to him.
You don't have to tell me anything.
I have faith in Raj.
Believe me, Seema!
Raj is only cheating you!
It's Raj's birthday today.
And l' m going to him.
Come with me. All your
misgivings will be cleared.
Let's go.
- Let's go.
She has arrived!
Wasn't it fantastic!
We converted my house into a hospital
the second time she came here!
The truth is that I haven't met
a more foolish girl than Seema!
She's a bloody idiot!
And she said...
" How do you keep everything in place
when you can't even see?"
And look at my genius!
I said, " I have a measure
of everything"
I said, "Three steps ahead
is the TV"
" And three steps back
are you"
We were talking about you...
You cheat! You have enacted
this farce only for money!
You have toyed
with my feelings!
You pretended to be blind
and fooled me!
I was blind; not you!
How easily did I trust you!
I fell in love with you!
I just couldn't see the truth!
- That's all right...
Rains in summer! A tank
that was emptied!
Doctor Rustom and his
You said you'd manage with
a goat's and an owl's eyes!
We have it made, daddy!
- Shut up!
Don't call me daddy!
If someone hears you,
it could upset our plans!
Once this girl is
married to you...
I will see how my file
reaches the C.B.I.!
Come on in.
You have fulfilled
a father's dream.
I' m indebted to you.
- 'That's all right.'
Here's the rest of
your 40,000 Rupees.
Put this money in our
Swiss accounts, Ramlal.
By the way, people with short lives
must not make such tall promises.
Pardon me?
- that brain-tumour you have.
There's no cause
for worry anymore.
Go and arrange for your
daughter's marriage.
Seema is a very nice girl.
You' re lucky to find such a girl.
Go on now. And keep her happy.
Shall we leave, uncle?
- Yes.
Just a minute...
This is the 25000 Rupees I took
And this...
I didn't enjoy this work
for the first ever time.
We shouldn't have broken her heart.
That's what I think, you know.
No, Ramlal.
One has to break a girl's heart
to drive her closer to someone.
Had I not jilted her...
she would never have married
the man of her father's choice.
And we have been paid
for the job, haven't we?
The first ever job we
haven't lost our money on!
Before Seema gets to know the
truth about us...
marry her in court. So we can
carry on with our plans.
C.B.I. officer Deepak Malhotra.
I arrest you both in
the Dhanlaxmi Bank scandal.
Today is the 26th of September.
And it will go down in Goa's history
as the day Gayatri Bachchan died.
We will get to hear of her
death very soon...
and that will be the end
of all my problems!
There you are! The good news.
This is Rani speaking.
Deliver the good news, Rani!
Shiva's car has met
with an accident.
The mission has failed.
September 26; a public function
presided over by Gayatri Bachchan.
And only 200 metres away from
the venue, there was a car accident.
The man who died in
the mishap...
was Mumbai's dreaded
contract-killer, Shiva.
The police recovered from his body
this pistol, hand-grenades...
a return ticket to Mumbai...
and this half-burnt VVlP pass
to the C.M.'s function.
The police searched his house and
came up with 10 million in cash...
and a photograph of
Mrs. Gayatri Bachchan.
Which means someone had hired Shiva
to assassinate Mrs. Bachchan.
The recovery of the VVlP pass
that the man who gave the
contract has great access.
The one killed is the
contract killer.
Not the one who gave
the contract.
Before this man makes
another attempt...
we will send a
secret agent to Goa.
He will not only protect
Mrs. Gayatri Bachchan...
but investigate this case, too.
I have found a very capable
agent for this case.
He has single-handedly solved the
Jhunjhunwala bank fraud case...
and submitted the file to me
on the 24th of September.
The identity of the man is a mystery.
Only I know him.
You will go to Mumbai and give
this computer floppy to our agent.
This floppy has details of
all the people we suspect.
How will I contact him?
That is explained in
this envelope.
Mr Sharma...
our secret agent will occupy
Seat# 1 C on the aircraft.
You will pin this flower on him
and look after his security.
Mr Chopra... you will
receive him at the Goa airport.
This flower will help you
recognise him.
You will provide him all the things
he needs for this operation.
This operation will be
called "Operation Maa"
And the code-name of our
secret agent will be " Badshah".
A secret meeting of the CBl
was held today, Thapar...
What's wrong, Chief?
- This matter has reached The CBl.
They are despatching Badshah,
a secret agent...
to make enquiries.
Mrs. Nathan of the CBl is meeting
that agent in Mumbai tomorrow.
I want you to shadow her
and find out who Badshah is.
Well, Mr Mahindra? What makes
you remember Badshah again?
I can't tell you over the telephone.
Meet me at Fantasy Land immediately!
I' m waiting to see
whom you will meet.
Yes, sir?
Don't look at me!
Turn around!
Let's talk with our backs to each
other! No one must suspect us!
Well... what have you
called me here for?
My 7-year old daughter was kidnapped
Have you informed the police?
No! The kidnapper has threatened
to kill her, if I tell the police!
When did you get to know?
- Last night.
The kidnapper telephoned me.
This is Deepak.
I' m at Akbarally's, Mr Deepak.
Where are you at the moment?
I' m very close. But let's
talk over the telephone.
Someone could have shadowed you.
I could be recognised.
What message do you have for me?
You've got to leave for Goa.
Yes. The kidnapper has asked me
to put up at Hotel Blue Nile, Goa.
That is where I will
receive further word.
What has he asked for?
- Diamonds worth 50 million.
I' m willing to give him
the diamonds.
But he might take the diamonds and
still not return my daughter to me!
You must help me!
I beg at your feet!
Do not beg at the horse's feet.
What do you want me to do?
Go to Goa, on my behalf.
And deal with that man.
When do I leave for Goa?
- By the 9 a.m. flight tomorrow.
The code-name for the
operation is " Maa".
You will receive the ticket from
the executive-class counter...
of lndian Airlines on stating
your code-name.
What is the code-name?
- Badshah.
There's no time.
Quickly book us on a train.
Don't talk nonsense!
I' ll send you there by plane!
No... I have four assistants, too.
- Never mind.
I' ll leave the tickets with the
counter at the airport.
Collect the tickets after
telling them your name.
As for your stay in Goa, l' ll
inform my Chief Executive there.
He will arrange everything.
Turn around!
Here are the diamonds. Worth 50
million. And my daughter's snap.
Where is the dossier
of this case?
It's in a computer floppy.
How do I reach it to you?
Keep it in a purse. And leave
the purse where you' re standing.
I' ll pick it up.
Leave for Goa by
this evening's flight.
I' ll ring up Uncle Tom.
He' ll meet you there.
He knows Goa well.
Meet me at Goa airport tomorrow.
And remember; my code-name
is Badshah. And yours is Rosy.
This is Rani here.
- Yes? Any information on Badshah?
He's a smart man, chief.
He walked away with the floppy
without even meeting Mrs. Nathan.
The only chance to identify him...
and you've blown it!
I have another chance, Chief.
He will collect his tickets from
counter at the airport...
after identifying himself as Badshah.
And I will identify him.
Here's what you will do;
find a clever man this time...
who will finish Badshah
at the airport itself...
and come to Goa as Badshah.
I' ll get Moti to carry out
this job for us.
This job isn't for dogs, Rani!
Moti isn't a dog, chief.
He's my boyfriend.
He's just been released from
prison and is here with me.
All right. If Moti can
pull this off for us...
I' ll cover you in pearls.
Or you get acid on your face!
How will it help to bring
Moti here as Badshah?
The CBl will take Moti
for their agent, Badshah...
and appoint him to protect
Gayatri Bachchan.
He will kill Gayatri Bachchan as
soon as he gets the opportunity...
to turn an assassin.
Here we are.
Now behave yourselves!
Get the stuff, Ramlal.
I' ll go and fetch the tickets.
Want a trolley, sir?
- Is it for free?
Of course.
- l' ll take it then.
The name is...
I've forgotten my walkman!
I' ll be back in a moment!
Please don't go away!
Here you are.
Hurry up! If the plane fills up,
we' ll have to travel standing!
No worry, Ramlal. There's still
" Mr Badshah, who is travelling
by the Executive Class to Goa"
"There is a call for you
in the executive lounge"
Your ticket!
Badshah, my son!
This is ma here!
You've forgotten your
things at home!
My things?
- How'll you shave without the kit?
You've kept the sweets
safely, haven't you?
Give some to the rascals too!
Where's the lady?
....Well, never mind.
Could you give me
my ticket, please?
The name is... Badshah.
Here's your ticket, Mr Badshah.
Excuse me... your tickets are here.
"There's a call for Mr Badshah,
travelling to Goa"
" Please proceed to
the executive lounge"
Who could it be?
Hey... what's wrong?
Excessive pills. They've reacted.
I' m taking him to the hospital.
Excuse me...!
Listen... you've dropped something
to do with a computer...!
A call for Mr Badshah
Hello... this is Badshah here.
Ma?! What's wrong with your voice?
I see... Ma's operation!
It's the doctor, isn't it?
I think there's someone around him.
He's using code-words.
Yes. This is the doctor here.
Where are you calling from?
Your home or the dispensary?
- Good. So What Is it?
I have something very
important to tell you.
You will meet my man on the flight.
He will give you a rose.
Why did you have to take
the trouble, doctor?
The success of this operation
now depends on you.
This is a very big
operation for all of us!
But it's a minor ailment,
isn't it?
What we consider so important
is a minor ailment for him! Wow!
Yes. It's a minor ailment.
- Exactly!
Remember; this operation has to be
completed in 1 5 days.
1 5 days? I' ll wrap up this case
in just a week and return!
Don't worry, doctor!
Just look after Ma.
I love Ma very much.
Not only you. I love Ma too.
The whole nation loves Ma!
She isn't Ma just for you...
she's Ma for all of us!
She's Ma for the
whole nation!
We have finished
our conversation...
and the idiot standing next
to him will think...
that a doctor and his patient
were having a chat!
I am sure now...
that our "Operation Maa"
will certainly be a success!
Our man is now coming there as Badshah.
Our man is now coming there
as Badshah.
My name is Badshah.
You have an economy class
ticket, Mr. Badshah.
What are you talking about? An
economy class ticket for Badshah?
You will return it, won't you?
Your seats are back there.
But we' re together!
- Yes! We' re travelling together!
You have tickets for the economy
class, which is back there.
We arrived in the same cab!
- That's right.
So why this discrimination now?
This is the First Class.
The Economy Class is back there.
Third-class is
Economy Class in aircrafts!
Back there, isn't it?
- That's right.
Badshah travels first class;
and we suffer the third class!
We should've taken
a train instead.
Are they for free?
- Yes.
Come back with some more later.
Please sit down.
I know why people fly!
- Why?
The ticket-collectors
are all girls!
Oh no. That was an air-hostess!
That chap is the ticket-collector!
Strange! The ticket-collector
is selling chocolates!
He must have wafers too,
what say?
Please put your luggage
in the locker above.
If the luggage goes in,
where will we sleep?
This isn't a train berth.
This is a locker.
Could you send a tea-vendor
when the plane halts somewhere?
Have patience, sir. You will get
tea and snacks, too.
Snacks? No thank you.
Our boss is in the first class.
He's carrying all the money.
- We aren't asking for money, sir.
Everything will be
served free.
Get us some food-parcels, then.
And heat the food in this lunch-box.
Mom has packed the food
with affection, you know.
That was a nice joke.
What is life without a joke?
In fact, I'd say...
Who the hell is this guy?
- Must be flying for the first time.
I' m going to the loo.
I've been sent by the CBl chief.
What is this?
- A rose. For you.
A rose... I see!
A formality on the doctor's part!
You must tell him that
I consider him to be God.
Please sit down.
- No. My seat is back there.
The CBl has fooled us, Moti.
We've killed the wrong man.
The real Badshah is alive!
- There's another officer with him.
I will kill both of them.
Badshah is in danger!
I' ll blow your brains out if
you try any games with Badshah!
You will remain in the loo
till the plane lands! Okay?
The baldie seems to be.
Thank you. I have some.
What is your name?
- Rani (Queen).
And l' m Badshah (King)
Fantastic! A King and a Queen!
Where are you going?
One moment... I haven't
finished the drink!
The one to the right is mine.
Hang on! I' ll solve this case of
the left and the right glass!
You're to my right;
and l' m to your left.
But from where she stands, l' m to
the right, you' re to her left.
Nature's law. The one to the right
first picks up things to the left.
So the one to the left keeps
it to the right and so on.
The left and the right
then swap places.
Because you are to the right, you
will pick up the glass to the left!
So what are you waiting for?
Go on!
The case is solved!
I think the glass
to the right is mine.
Exactly! I thought so too!
What happened?
- I've done it.
I've finished both of them.
The glass to the right
was yours, you know.
Do you have a twin-brother?
- No.
I don't have one either.
He looked familiar. Who's he?
- It was Badshah.
There's Badshah...
There are people trailing him!
Why've they hit the ground?
No poisonous gas, I hope?
Beware! Who are you?
And who has sent you?
I' m here for you, sir!
The chief sent me to escort you.
So why did you fire?
- Someone has recognised you!
There's something wrong,
Uncle Tom!
What is this impostor doing here
in place of Badshah?
Do you know him?
- Yes.
His real name is Raj.
And he's a very big fraud.
I' ll find out why he has
come here, posing as Badshah.
My luggage! It's back there!
- C' mon!
He's getting into the car!
If the chief gets to know that
we haven't finished Badshah...
he' ll finish me!
I wonder who he has
gone away with!
Must've been the chief's man.
I' m glad he escaped the baldie.
How will we go now?
There's the chauffeur
Mr. Mahendra has sent!
Great arrangements, eh?
Let's go!
The bald idiot!
He kept staring at me!
I looked back at him
and quietly slipped away!
He took us for fools!
This is Suleman here.
- Yes, Suleman!
Have you brought Baadshah and
his friends from the airport?
Baadshah left with someone else.
I' m bringing his friends along.
All right.
Baadshah thinks he is too smart!
He has left with someone else!
But he doesn't know that
we are the kidnappers...
and that we hold the
boss's daughter captive!
This chit of a girl has made
life miserable for us.
Imagine what that 6-footer
Baadshah will do!
We will give you things that
will help you in the mission.
This is Mr., Rusi, the genius
of our research department.
This is...
I've heard a lot about you...
but met you for the first time.
I' ll let you have some
special gadgets today.
It's taken me 25 years
to make these.
This toffee. It has taken me
Unwrap it, put it in your mouth
and chew it.
But it back in the wrapper
and throw it like this!
No one can suspect you' re carrying
an explosive in the toffee!
And look at these shoes.
- Will they explode too?
No. They' ll stick!
Amazing! They' re like lizards!
- What a name! Lizard-shoes!
Now these goggles;
they' re X-ray glasses. Wear it.
Wait a minute!
See? Well, what do you think?
- It's great!
Isn't that a wonder pair?
- Big weapon, I must say!
This is nothing! You can see
every weapon the enemy carries!
Isn't it fun?!
I've designed this fully gadgetted
car, specially for you.
For me?!
- Yes. for you.
You mean, I can drive away in it?
- Anywhere you please!
Having seen all these
amazing things you've made...
it doesn't appear as if this
is an ordinary workshop.
Looks like it belongs
to the
But of course, it does!
As if you... you' re a
CBl officer, too.
Of course I am.
And so are you!
Before I accept these things,
I must make something very clear.
I' m not a CBl officer.
I' m a private detective.
What nonsense is he talking?!
He's on a secret mission, sir.
He's concealing his identity. are not a CBl officer!
That's right.
And my name is Baadshah.
You must solve this case, like you
solved the Jhunjhunwala episode.
So you've heard of that!
The world knows about it!
It's out in the newspapers!
"800-million bank
fraud case solved"
CBl arrests father-son duo
So they' re father and son!
And Seema... wasn't his daughter.
A backlight... do you understand?
- I understand everything!
Apologise to Seema on my behalf,
if you happen to meet her.
Apologise to Seema?
I don't understand this.
If you could, you'd be
in his shoes!
There he is! Let's go!
Seema! What is she doing here?
How do I open this
god-forsaken window!
He's leaving!
Open this window, damn it!
Do something, Moti!
- Give me the machine gun!
Now which button is it?
He's saved!
Give me the bazooka!
I've tried all the buttons...
What is this?
What car is this? I just can't
figure out the controls!
I've opened the window!
They've arrived! Hurry up!
Strange politics! They said they'd
put up us at Hotel Blue Nile!
They mustn't suspect they
have been kidnapped. Go on.
This is Mr. Mahendra's chief, sir.
That's okay, chief.
Where are my friends?
They' re taking rest in the
company's guest house, sir.
You have brought the
diamonds, haven't you?
Oh yes. But I won't give them to
that swine of a kidnapper!
I will even rescue the kid
Don't do that, sir!
The master has a lot of diamonds,
but only one daughter.
Give the diamonds to the kidnapper
and save the girl!
Not you... there's
a waiter here.
"Someone is awaiting you
at the Piano Club downstairs"
Who could be awaiting me, sir?
The kidnapper is here, I think!
We' re the bloody kidnappers!
So who is this?
So you sent the roses?
We have a misunderstanding, Seema...
- Don't say another word.
I know everything.
Mr. Jhunjhunwala lied to you
and involved you...
No, Seema. I have lied to myself.
Even as I pretended to be
in love with you,...
I really started loving you.
I realised it, when I saw
I had broken your heart.
Now look, Seema.
There is this...
Great! Your body says something.
And you do yet something else.
Where is Baadshah?
- Here I am. Before your eyes.
And you ask where Baadshah is.
- Answer me! Else, l' ll shoot!
You can't shoot me,
even if you want to.
You have this problem.
- What?
You haven't released the
safety lock of the pistol.
Here it is...
You' re the guy who met me
at the airport, aren't you?
Yes! You conned me and
I killed the wrong man there!
But I won't spare you here!
What have you done?!
You have killed me!
I didn't intend to!
The dog!
I' m scared of dogs, you know.
- Me too! They bloody well bite!
Dogs don't bite if you
sing for them, they say.
Nonsense! I don't believe it!
Let me go! Help!
Moti! What are you doing
in the dustbin?
What do you think l' m doing?
- Have you killed Baadshah?
He escaped! If it wasn't for the dog,
I'd have made mincemeat of him!
Let's go!
- Where to?
The hospital! I need injections
for the dog-bite, silly woman!
Mr. Mahendra's chief is a great man.
He's such a good host!
I was going bankrupt
taking care of the girl!
These guys will make a beggar
out of me with their appetite!
Ring up Baadshah now and tell him
that you are the kidnapper.
Ask him to come here
with the diamonds.
Call for you, Mr. Baadshah.
This is the kidnapper speaking!
You must wonder how I know that
Mahendra has sent you here.
I know you can reach
far and wide.
And l' m here to give
you the diamonds.
Just tell me where...
where and when can I meet you?
Be there at St. Paul's school
at 4 p.m. tomorrow.
How am I to believe that the
kid is still with you?
Talk to her.
Talk to him, dear.
Say you want to go to papa!
Go on...
Why don't you speak!
Don't touch the child!
See what we can do the girl?
So be there with the diamonds.
All right. At exactly...
Exactly at 4 tomorrow.
At St. Paul's school.
Okay. I' ll be there.
So there is a reason for
what the beauty is doing!
There is certainly a mystery.
The CBl suspects these four men
of trying to kill Gayatri Bachchan.
But Deepak has named Thapar
as suspect No. 1.
If we could reach Thapar, we
could know what Raj is after.
This man is a very
big industrialist.
He owns a club in town,
where he goes every evening.
Amazing, Mr. Thapar!
People like me feel young again,
when we visit your club!
Once here, even stones show
signs of passion, Mr. Advani.
I' m seeing you here
for the first time.
I' m here on a visit from Mumbai.
To visit such great places and make
friends with influential people...
is my hobby.
Will you be my friend?
Certainly! Why not?
My name is Rosy.
Rosy or Seema...
girls mustn't smoke.
In fact, nobody ought
to be smoke.
And you, sir, she's old enough
to be... your grand-daughter.
You ought to discourage her.
But you' re lighting her cigarette!
Who are you?
- Her lover. Baadshah.
Come with me, please...
- No! I won't!
My suspicions were right.
Raj works for Thapar.
Haven't you recognised me?
I' m the Chief!
I see...!
You can't be the chief!
You' re so cheap!
What have you been up to?
You' re dancing with youngsters...
Iighting cigarettes for a girl!
Don't you care for the girl?
The poor little kid!
The kid?
- Of course!
The kid you've called me here for!
He's calling Mrs. Bachchan a kid...
so nobody will suspect him!
The kid, of course!
I won't hide the truth
I wet my trousers no less
than four times a day!
But never mind that!
Tell me. No one suspects
you' re Baadshah, do they?
Whoever has made this
chap the chief?!
Why would anyone suspect
Baadshah for being Baadshah?
Not at all.
- But... I Have A problem.
Some of these guys think
l' m from the CBl.
That's exactly what I want!
Fix the kid and...
- Don't worry about the kid.
She' ll be at St. Paul school
at 4 tomorrow.
Tomorrow?! Really?!
I will settle this issue there,
once and for all.
Tomorrow?! My darling man!
- No... you' re ruining my clothes!
Pull it off for me!
I' ll give you anything you want!
Give him the card, sir.
Here you are. A business card
of our secret enterprise.
So... how is Rani?
- Rani, who?
The Baadshah's Rani!
- You' re really a cheapster, I say!
The Baadshah has a Begum (wife);
Rani is an inappropriate word!
As for my begum...
there she is!
Go and tell my begum that
the Baadshah wants to meet her.
What are you doing here, lady?
Go to your Baadshah!
Your lover!
- My lover?
We have in our midst today,
a lover...
who makes tall promises in love,
but goes back on them.
To play with people's feelings
and cheat them, is his hobby.
He's no lover...
he's a cheat. A killer!
I accept every accusation
you make.
But I must say this much
in this gathering today...
I want to tell you
something about Baadshah...
What a guy you've found, Rani!
He deserves to be called Baadshah,
not Moti!
He says he' ll finish our job at
St. Paul's school at 4 tomorrow!
I have good news, chief.
The kid will be at St. Paul's
school at 4 tomorrow, isn't it?
Which kid?
That's the code-word!
The kid... Gayatri Bachchan!
Who told you? The programme was
finalised only 1 5 minutes ago.
Baadshah has given me the news!
He's no ordinary killer...
he's a bloody wizard!
At St. Paul's school tomorrow.
He will finish Gayatri Bachchan!
Looks like he' ll use the
kid's shoulders to fire!
He's pulling out his gun!
We must alert Mrs. Bachchan,
before he gets into the act!
We can't get to her!
We must alert the Security.
A girl here says there's someone
who wants to kill Mrs. Bachchan.
This girl knows a lot about us.
Finish her.
Have you brought the diamonds?
Who the hell are you?
- l' m the kidnapper!
So you are in disguise!
Where's the little girl?
- Come with me.
Manikchand? So it is you
who has kidnapped the girl!
Not him. It's me.
Out with the diamonds!
Tell me first...
where is the girl?
Give me a chocolate, baldie!
I have another surprise for you.
Look up there.
How are you guys?
- Fit and fine!
Nice to see that you have
taken care of my friends, too.
So let's sweeten our tongue.
Here you are.
No! He's a fraud! He' ll put us
to sleep with that toffee!
Well, all right.
I' ll sweeten my own tongue.
Ugh! This tastes terrible.
Where are you?
- Here!
Throw those toy guns
and take that kid away!
What does that mean?
- Run for your life!
He's running away with the kid!
Go on... after him!
Hurry up!
Where is he...?
This is the exit, uncle...
Why' re you hanging there?
I was looking for you!
Come on down here!
May I go first?
- No. I go first.
Wasn't that fun, uncle?
- Oh Yes, It was.
So let's do it again!
- Okay. But you come first now!
Chief? This is Baadshah here.
- Yes, Baadshah? What's news?!
The good news is that
I have the kid.
The kid's with you?
You mean, she's alive?
She's not only alive!
She's playing in my arms!
Strange! This man is a magician!
- What happened?
He has caught up with
Mrs. Bachchan!
And she's playing around
in his arms!
Really? How disgusting! You can't
say with these politicians nowadays!
Where is he?
I' ll bring the kid to your office.
- No!
Don't do that!
That' ll ruin everything!
Bring her to my farmhouse instead.
I' ll meet you there. Okay?
Take the kid to this
farmhouse, Ramlal.
I' ll hand this bear and
the hippo to the cops.
No... why would I kill you?
What is it?
Let's go!
Don't scream! We' re through!
Put that away! He's with me!
- with you? So who were they?
They were your men!
- But I was all alone!
They were Thapar's thugs!
- Thapar? Who's that?
The chap you work for!
- I work for Mr. Mahendra!
Who's Mahendra?
- the chap who...
Don't try to confuse us!
We know everything!
Good! So explain it to her!
- I need no explanations!
I know. You' re here to
kill Gayatridevi!
To kill Gayatridevi?
I' m here to save the kid.
- Which kid?
You' re lying!
- Why would I lie?
You have lied to me earlier!
You have cheated me!
Okay. So I cheated you once.
Did I cheat you again?
Big deal! You just conned me
into giving you a kiss!
You were in my lap... how could
I let the opportunity pass?
Now look! I won't let you
con me again!
I promise!
I' ll never cheat you again!
Why not?
- Because I love you.
What did you say?
- Well... What was That I said?
How can I say such things
at my age?
It's the truth, Seema.
I' m not lying to you.
I've really fallen in
love with you.
Now tell us... why did you come
to St. Paul's school?
I' ll explain everything.
Now listen carefully.
Mahendra's daughter
was kidnapped.
As a private detective then,...
I took the assignment to
bring the kidnappers to book.
It was the kidnappers who
called me to St. Paul's school.
Do you understand?
- I understand everything.
Here... you will believe me now.
Here are the kidnappers!
He's chief of Mr. Mahendra's
company! Mr. Saxena!
Don't confuse me anymore!
They' re the kidnappers!... speak up!
Forgive me, Baadshah.
I' m Mr. Mahendra's chief!
Shut up!
You' re Mr. Mahendra's chief?
- Yes.
If this man is
Mahendra's chief...
then who's the man
I met at the club?
The man I've sent the kid to?
- l' ll tell you who he is.
Kiddo! Where are you, kiddo!
Don't be shy!
You've played in Baadshah arms!
Check out my arms, too!
Carry me, uncle!
I' ll play with you then!
Who are you?
Strange! Don't you
recognise the kid?
Who are you?
And whose kid is this?
Well, well! You can't
recognise the kid!
She's your boss's daughter!
- Boss? Who's that?
Bloody ingrate! How could you
forget the man who feeds you?
Who feeds me?!
Don't drive us crazy
now that you've got to pay up!
Pay you for what?!
What the hell is all this?
Where is Gayatri Bachchan?
Gayatri Bachchan?
Has the Bachchan married again?
Gayatri Bachchan... who?
- who the hell are you guys?
Where is Baadshah.
Here's the real Baadshah. Moti.
- What nonsense are you talking!?
I was scared of you, chief.
So I didn't tell you the truth.
But l' ll explain. The man you
met at the club isn't our Baadshah.
He's a private detective from
Mumbai. These guys are his friends.
They were here to rescue
this kid from the kidnappers.
And because his name
was Baadshah...
the CBl
confused him
The problem arose because
of the same name.
This problem will
now solve my problem!
I can't understand something.
- What is that?
This floppy was with Baadshah of
the CBl. How did you get it?
I found it at Mumbai airport.
There was this man who was being
taken away in a wheelchair.
It fell from his pocket.
I called out to them...
but they didn't listen.
I ran after them to the lift.
But then, the doctor...
This wasn't the man,
was he?
That's him. Of course.
And that man attending
to his wheel-chair...
I get it now, Seema. That man, who
took him away in the wheelchair...
why did he fire at me
in the car-park of the hotel?
And he said, " I've killed
the wrong man at the airport"
So this officer was already dead
when I saw him in the wheelchair.
What happened, Seema?
He was my brother.
Wear these earphones, Seema.
I have a cordless mike.
So you' ll get to hear
whatever we discuss in there.
Look after yourself.
Welcome, Badshah...
I've been waiting for you.
What a misunderstanding!
We kept mistaking each other!
I thought you were the chief...
but you' re such a rich man!
Forgive me, if I've said
anything offensive to you.
I know everything now.
- Good! I' m glad you know it all!
I had sent my friends here
with the kid.
I can't see them around.
- Don't worry about them.
They' re safe.
If you want them to continue
being safe...
you must do something for me.
- What is it?
At the Holiday lnn tomorrow,
Mrs. Gayatri Bachchan...
will inaugurate a function.
She' ll have tight security
around her.
No man can get to her...
except you.
Me? How come?
Because the CBl
So you are the one who
can carry out this job!
What is the job?
- Kill Gayatri Bachchan.
Kill Gayatri Devi?!
- 'That's right.'
No... I' m a small time
private detective, Mr. Thapar.
I' m not a killer.
I can't kill anyone.
You' ll have to kill her.
Or else, your friends and the kid...
I won't spare you if
anything happens to them!
This is Khanna. Gayatri Devi's
chief security officer.
He' ll shadow you.
One wrong move from you and l' ll
get to know from him.
Your friends and the kid
will be finished!
This is the place, where you will
put an end to Gayatri Devi's life.
No tricks.
The kid is in that van.
We've planted a bomb in it.
And I hold the remote control.
Here's your VlP pass.
And a loaded gun.
What are you carrying?
Get it out.
It's a nail-cutter.
- You can't take it in.
What's wrong in carrying
a nail-cutter?
Your turn, sir.
Dr Surati! They' re
plotting to kill the C.M.!
Which is why you' re here, Baadshah.
- l' m not the one you called.
They are hatching a conspiracy!
Make Dr Surati see reason!
You can't get in!
Let him in.
There are people here who...
- Yes? go on.
Actually, l... I' ll tell
you everything in detail.
There's this little girl...
What were you saying
about the little girl?
Go on.
- The kid's your fan...
she wanted your autograph.
What's the child's name?
- Yes? Tell Her the name.
Well,... we call her
Baby at home.
Here you are.
What rubbish were you talking!
Why did you waste
that opportunity!
I' ll shoot now!
"Save me, uncle! I' m terribly scared! They' ll kill me"
She will address the
press at 1 2.30.
Remember. You mustn't
lose this chance.
Out to save the kid, eh?
Come with me.
Even if you manage
to reach the van...
you can't escape Rani's eye.
Look at that.
Rani has her eyes on the van.
She holds your friends at gunpoint.
Go on inside.
Keep an eye on everyone
coming close to the C.M.
Arrest anyone you are
suspicious about. Go on.
I' m carrying a gun.
- So am l.
But it is you who will fire.
I oppose the owners of such
industries who...
how will it benefit the poor?
The report from the
commission has arrived.
Not a word from you!
Quietly listen to me!
I have been sent by Thapar
to kill the C.M.
Now quietly stand up with me.
Look ahead... he's holding
an innocent child to ransom.
And some of my friends, too.
He' ll kill them all,
if I don't kill the C.M.
Why don't you tell the man
in-charge of security?
He's involved in the
conspiracy, too.
I must warn the C.M.
Should you not trust me...
here you are.
You can keep the gun.
I have very little time...
What is it, Sheetal?
- This man says...
Mr. Thapar has sent him here
to kill madam!
Even your security in-charge is
involved in the conspiracy, sir.
What nonsense are you talking?!
- l' m speaking the truth, sir.
Despite the metal detectors...
how was I allowed to carry
a loaded-gun in here?
Have you told Gayatri?
No. She's busy with the
press conference, sir.
So I brought him to you.
I' m glad you brought him here!
I' ll do something now.
I can't believe it!
Can Thapar do such a thing?!
The bastard!
She wanted to foil my plans!
What fool have you chosen, Thapar?
He could have reached Gayatri!
Is this your fool-proof plan?
Is this how you want
all your cases shut?
I gave you all the help and
because I want the wealth!
I want the power for myself!
If Gayatri escapes today, she' ll
give away the wealth to the poor!
He will do as I say.
You think you' re smart, eh?
Gayatri will address
the guests at 2 p.m.
If you don't kill her then...
I' ll press this button on the remote!
Who are you? How did you get in?
Can you help me, please?
- Help?
Here are the carbon copies.
- Let's meet at two.
I don't want it.
" You have the support of
the staff in this hotel."
Keep an eye on him.
That's empty...
don't you believe me?
And this is... right here!
" Madam Gayatri; Thapar
wants to kill you"
" Your security in-charge is
involved in the conspiracy"
" It is your husband who has
hatched the entire plot"
"They have killed your P.A. and
have sent me to kill you"
" If you attend the function,
l' ll have to fire at you"
- Madam, I've got to...
- Let me make the coffee.
Here's your speech for today.
I think I must postpone
today's programme.
I' m feeling very uneasy.
I won't let you work anymore.
You must relax.
I' ll send you away
on an extended holiday.
All right.
Could you send Sheetal please?
I've got to make some
corrections in the speech.
She has left.
Her mother had a heart attack.
You won't find her home. She went
straight to the hospital.
Don't worry. Her mother
is out of danger.
Take some rest. Okay?
Be downstairs at Two.
Remain seated!
Here... Iet me do it here!
- Go on inside!
Have you taken the letter
to Gayatri Devi?
I've kept it in the file
of her speech.
She at least won't
come downstairs.
I must now save that
kid and my friends.
Do you have my bag?
- Yes.
Give me that bag, please.
- Sure.
What happened?
You look great in those clothes!
We have no time!
Hurry up!
Why am I doing all this?
I' m no Akshay Kumar!
Good-bye, thug!
Move... and I shoot!
Drop the guns and fight me,
if you' re man enough!
Man enough?
Wait till I show you my muscles...!
At least throw the gun way!
I' ll throw it away on
the count of three.
Don't touch me!
- Why not?
They've wrapped these
explosives around me!
They've wrapped them
around the kid!
All right. Hold the gun.
I' ll deal with it.
Hold it.. careful!
Were you a science student?
- No.
So why mess around?
Let's carry her away.
But Thapar has the remote.
And none of us knows
how to defuse the bomb.
Now... just do as I say.
What are you doing here, Khanna?!
Where is he?
He's in the loo.
- There are just 5 minutes left!
Bring him along immediately!
Hurry up! We have
only 5 minutes!
I' m through... all right!
It's those gases, you see.
Don't you have the problem?
Skip the nonsense
and come with me!
Don't lose your temper!
You' ll know it, when you suffer!
As president of the party,
I extend my congratulations...
on the success and silver jubilee
of this organisation.
This message of congratulations
is not merely a formality.
My wife, the chief minister,
and l...
Suppose she doesn't come downstairs.
Will all this be cancelled...?
Don't say such inauspicious things!
She' ll come downstairs... she will!
There! Isn't she here?
Go on!
Shoot him, as soon
as he fires.
I now request Gayatri Devi
to take the mike.
"Gayatri Devi; Thapar
wants to kill you"
" Your security in-charge is
involved in the conspiracy"
"This entire plot has been
hatched by your husband"
" He has even killed
your P.A."
She has left.
- Where to?
Her mother has had
a heart-attack.
" If you attend the function,
l' ll have to open fire at you"
" Because Thapar is holding my
friends and a little girl captives"
" l' m the one who sought an
autograph from you in the elevator"
See, Gayatri?
I have indeed sent you
on a long holiday!
Where to?
Here you are!
I've taken enough
of your nonsense!
Watch the fun now!
Victory to lndia.
Press the button.
No. The bomb will explode!
It' ll kill us all.
No, dear. They aren't
as brave as you are.
These people are cowards.
If he presses the button,
he' ll himself get killed.
Go ahead and press the button!
Press it!
Now look... don't you
come any closer!
Or else, l' ll press the button!
He' ll press the button if he
gets out of the building!
I' ll try to defuse this explosive.
Get me my bag of tricks.
No... please!
This bomb can't be defused.
We must take off this jacket.
Give me that remote...
Or l' ll throw you down!
Must you always
throw me over!
We must throw this jacket beyond
the range of the remote.
Ramlal! Look up here!
Baadshah! He' ll fall!
Thapar has run away
with the remote!
We've thrown the jacket out!
- To hell with the jacket!
Save me... my hands
are slipping!
Hang on.. we' ll do something.
Take a jump... we' ll catch you!
Come on!
He' ll die if he jumps!
Lay out that cloth instead;
he's good at sliding.
Hurry up!
Where are you guys going?
Bring it right at the bottom!
Asses! You've always
messed up things!
I give you one
last opportunity!
As soon as I sit in the car,
press the button on this remote!
And blow up everyone
with Gayatri! Go on!
Moti! We've blown him up!
We have no time, sorry...
Mr. Bata? Bye...
Call on Monday, not before that!
A call from Bill Clinton, sir!
The Monica case, sir?
A million dollars?!
Baadshah... it's Bill Clinton for
the Monica case. A million dollars!
Tell him that Baadshah is
busy with his wife.
Not for a million and
not for a hundred million...
will I accept this contract!
Grab it!
We have a satellite problem,
you see.
Come closer, darling.