Baaghi 2 (2018) Movie Script

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Let's go.
You have only two minutes.
You have to be fast.
Get out of the car.
Get out!
Let's go..
Hey! Wait!
Leave the car.
"I just request You"
"to shower Your grace
and fulfill my request."
You have come here
after two months.
Even then, you seem disappointed.
I have not seen anyone
else look so unhappy.
I am alone..
Nobody is helping me.
I thought that
He would help me..
But I feel as if
He isn't aware of my existence.
No, dear.
You shouldn't say that.
God listens to His devotees' pleas.
Have faith in God.
Here, the decisions will be made
based on the belief
you have in Him.
Just once
try to be hopeful.
Definitely, God would've chosen
someone to help you.
Ranveer Singh carried
out this operation
three people were killed
as a result.
Any explanation?
Sir, as per training,
it was under army rule..
No collateral damage.
Those three people were
terrorists, not civilians.
'Hey, army officer,
this area is under our control.'
'The stones hurled by us is more
stronger than your bullet.'
That was fine, sir.
But why did he have to do that?
'Hey, look at that vehicle!'
This is a gross violation
of human rights, sir..
He used Umair Afdani
as a human shield.
And he went out.
Killing a person
just because he hurled a stone
is not fair.
He hurled the stone. That was fine, sir.
He shouldn't have burnt our national flag.
We've suspended the DSP who was
a part of this operation, with him.
Now, you decide, sir.
Captain Ranveer Pratap Singh!
I have taken my decision.
You and your battle order
will meet me
in the training field.
And before I come
you must have completed marching
and covered 25 km on foot.
And your time starts now.
Break up!
Jai Hind, sir.
Today, the colonel saved you
from being suspended.
Did you have fun?
Your phone has been ringing.
In spite of having guns, we quietly
bear it when they hit stones at us.
'The office was ablaze.'
What else can we do?
They are our countrymen.
'Hi, Ronnie.'
'This is Neha. I'm calling you up
after four years.'
'I'm not sure if you use
this number or not.'
'But if you are using it,
then please call me on'
No, Ronnie.
Don't listen to her.
I know what you've gone through.
She didn't contact you for so long,
now, suddenly, she called you..
I don't know what she wants.
Yesterday, I saved you
from a disciplinary inquiry.
And you need a vacation today?
Yes, sir.
Why do you want to go?
I have some personal work, sir.
I hope you understand, kid.
There's nothing personal
in the army.
I haven't taken an off
in the past four years, sir.
I just want to go on leave
for seven days.
You've been here
from the past four years.
You would've forgotten how to
adjust and live amidst people.
I'll adjust, sir.
You have seven days.
On the eighth day,
when dawn breaks out..
Uniform.. And I..
All these and I will be awaiting
your arrival. Thank you, sir.
Jai Hind, sir.
Jai Hind.
Hi, Simmi.
Neha, please listen.
What happened?
I got Ronnie's number.
Who is Ronnie?
Oh.. That guy.
Mid-year entry.. He was enrolled
under military sports quota, right?
Yes, the slam ball champion.
What about him?
'What about him?' Come on.
Oh, is that him?
Yes, the one who's sitting over
there and holding the basketball.
Let's call him up. You're in luck..
Thank you so much.
Are you mad?
You can't call him. You
don't even know him. Sukhi.
You'll ride the horse, get
married and be sad. Not a horse
people ride a mare in the wedding.
Congratulations. Yes?
Invite us to your wedding..
Hey, Ronnie.
Hi, who is this?
You are so fit.
Nice biceps.
How did you build them?
By eating brown bread sandwich?
Oh, God!
Can I know who I'm talking to?
We escaped.
Oh, so you won't talk to us
if we don't tell you who we are?
If you don't reveal that,
how can I talk to you?
What will you say?
Oh, so if girls tell you
about themselves
you talk to them?
Are you both including yourselves
in that group of girls?
How does he..
How does he know about me?
What are you doing?
Hey, Mr. Michael Jordan.
Play your games
in the basketball court
not with girls like me.
Hey.. Shut up!
But you called me up.
Hello! I didn't call you up.
My friend called you up.
You are dumb!
And by the way
you're very lucky
that you got to talk to me.
Usually, guys do not
even dare to look at me.
So sad. Why so? Are you so ugly?
You'll fall for me even if you
happen to see my photo.
I see.
Let's try then.
Make me fall for you.
What do you mean?
I fell for you.
You sit here. I'll go. I know that.
You know, I met a
boy named Shekhar.
Very promising.
You must meet him.
Why aren't you saying anything?
Hey! Hey!
I want to talk to you.
I really like you.
You know, there will be three reasons
for us to like someone.
First one is their mental aspect..
Not madness..
I meant, your thinking..
Your mentality.
I mean, the other students
are busy having fun at the fest
but you are involved in creative
work. You're absolutely focused.
The second is the emotional
aspect.. Your nature..
Your friend stopped
coming to college
as she didn't have money
to pay the college fee.
You paid her fee.
And you told her that the college
has given her a scholarship.
it is the physical aspect..
Your smile..
You can't see yourself
smiling. It's so beautiful.
And this..
This aspect of yours..
Both fear and anger
is reflected in your eyes.
I really like it.
But I don't like you.
You.. You must
be her father.
Hello, sir.
This is how you must greet.
Nice to meet you, sir.
Anyway, remember me.
Because you'll see me often.
I will go..
Nice car.
Oh, by the way, I'm Ronnie.
Stay away from these type of guys.
Let's go.
Move, boys!
Now, you listen. Even I dislike
three things about you.
You're very arrogant.
Secondly, you were blabbering
in front of my dad.
And thirdly, you were following me.
I hate stalkers.
I liked one thing about you.
That is, you were very frank.
I like that.
Next time, if you want
to say something
come closer..
So soon?
Come closer!
This is my phone number.
Talk to me directly.
No need to involve my dad.
Now that you've got my number,
don't act desperate.
I carry pepper spray.
By the way, I'm Neha.
"Oh, God, you made me
capable of bearing the pain."
"You have made the storm,
the shore of this boat of mine."
"You collected the
restless thoughts"
"You collected the
restless thoughts"
"when nothing else could be made
with it, you made my heart."
"Oh, my beloved"
"without you"
"I seem to have"
"lost my path."
"Oh, my beloved"
"without you"
"my destination"
"seems unclear."
"When my eyes are shut"
"I don't know whom they search for."
"Such that I'm not
able to sleep.."
"Whom do they look for?
My eyes.. My dreams.."
"Such that I'm not
able to sleep.."
"It's hard to fall asleep.."
"It's hard to fall asleep.."
"Oh, God, you made me
capable of bearing the pain."
"You have made the storm,
the shore of this boat of mine."
"You collected the
restless thoughts"
"You collected the
restless thoughts"
"when nothing else could be made
with it, you made my heart."
"Oh, my beloved.."
"Without you..."
"My destination"
"seems unclear."
I love you.
It is obsolete.
Is there a new way of saying this?
What happened?
I am afraid.
When I was 17 years old,
I said this to a boy.
He kissed my best friend.
I know, it's funny.
In my childhood, I used
to tell this to my mom.
She passed away.
Let's do this. Forget that
I said, 'I love you.'
What do you mean?
I mean..
It's not necessary to say it.
It's important to feel it..
Take your mother, for instance..
She is not here
but you sense her presence
all the time, right?
Similarly, I want you
to feel my love all the time.
No matter what happens in life
I'll always be there for you.
"Oh, my beloved"
"without you"
"I seem to have"
"lost my path."
"Oh, my beloved"
"without you"
"my destination"
"doesn't seem clear."
"doesn't seem clear."
How are you?
How did you sustain these injuries?
That is..
Are you okay?
You've changed a lot.
You have got a hair-cut.
I am in the army now.
What about slam ball? You
really loved it, right?
I lost many things
four years ago.
Are you married?
I'm.. I'm happy.
What about you?
Any kids?
I have a daughter.
That's great.
One happy family?
After four years,
you remembered me. I mean..
What was so important that you
couldn't say it over the phone?
I need your help.
It was the first day of school.
She was adamant
that she won't go.
She agreed after I convinced her.
We were late by half an hour
when we arrived at her school.
The first day of school.
Are you ready?
Why? You'll make many friends.
You will have fun.
No. No?
You know, when I was young,
on my first day of school
I was so scared.
But I made so many friends. That I
started going to school everyday.
Let's go.
What happened? Are you sad?
Yes. Do you want to hug
your favourite soft toy?
Yes! Go get it.
Yes! Come on, take it.
They kidnapped my daughter.
In a moment,
my world turned upside down.
I-I do not know what they want.
Will you help me find my daughter?
Ronnie, please.. "The moment
you asked me for my heart"
"I gave it to you."
I need your help.
Please help me. Will you
help me find my daughter?
"You are the destination
of my journey"
"and I am the traveler."
"The moment you
asked me for my heart"
"I gave it to you."
"You are the destination
of my journey"
"and I am the traveler."
"The journey has started"
"you are my lifelong
companion now."
"The journey has started"
"you are my lifelong
companion now."
"you are my lifelong
companion now."
"I've stopped"
"being restless now."
"When you're not around me"
"my heart keeps thinking about you
all day and all night."
"Your presence has become
so significant"
"in every moment of my life."
"The journey has started."
"The journey has started"
"you are my lifelong
companion now."
"The journey has started"
"you are my lifelong
companion now."
Excuse me.
I need a car.
Only two things are famous in Goa.
A beer bar at every street corner.
And my cars that
people ride on every street.
Yes. But, first, give your
ID card and a security deposit.
Wow. You're securing
our country.
Hey, Chhotu! Yes?
Get a cool drink soon. Yes.
I respect army officers a lot.
A lot..
The thing is..
We kill each other on the streets.
And you guys lay down your lives
for the country.
And no matter how old you are
you will be called a 'Jawan'.
What brings you to Goa?
I have some personal work.
You have some personal work..
I had come here for
a personal work, too.
15 years ago..
Then I found this Russian girl.
Hey, Mariam.
She cooks the food
and looks after the children.
Ms. Usman..
What happened? Cool drink..
He didn't say anything.
He just left.
I can sense, there's something
significant behind his silence.
He has gone through a lot.
I had lost hope.
Then I remembered you.
I had lost hope.
Then I remembered you.
You had told me, right?
That you will always
be there for me.
'No matter what happens in life'
'I'll always be there for you.'
Today I need you, Ronnie.
She was the most beautiful thing
about our relationship.
Now, she's just a memory.
Rhea was everything for me.
I need your help.
In the past two months,
nobody has helped me.
I'm not selfish.
I'm desperate, Ronnie.
'Did you see my daughter, Rhea?
I did not see her, ma'am.'
'Did you see my daughter, Rhea?
We do not know.'
'I do not know. Actually, I'm
sorry. I have to take this call.'
But.. What about..
What about Shekhar?
Shekhar is depressed.
'Bring Rhea, Shekhar.'
'Where is my daughter?
Where is Rhea?'
The police..
'Sir.. Any updates
on the case that I had filed?'
'Madam, we do not have
any information.'
They came home last week.
They said..
'Madam, we have been investigating
this case for two months.'
'No clues were found.
Your case was closed.'
'Sign here.
What rubbish?'
Can I talk to them, Neha?
Sir, I'm not at fault.. Rathod.
Yes, sir? Why is the file here?
Keep it inside. And listen.
Keep it properly, in the last row.
Okay, sir.
Hey, Ms. Neha..
Come on.
You have lost weight.
Are you all right?
Mohith. Yes, sir. Get her file.
I'll get it, sir.
We were waiting for you, madam.
You did not sign it that day.
Sign it now.
Madam, let's close the case.
How will you close the case?
We investigated the case
for two months.
We didn't get any clues.
Anyway, we don't get
many things.
Yes, sir?
Okay, sir.
I'll send it by evening.
Right, sir.
Did you think this is a library?
Who are you?
I'm her friend..
Which type of friend is he, madam?
A family friend..
What story have you fabricated
and told your friend?
This is not a story.
This is the reality.
She's going through all this.
Her daughter is missing.
You're not doing anything.
How do I procure evidence?
This dog is barking too much.
Silence the dog!
Should I come?
No need, sir.
Eat it.
We cannot do anything officially.
But God will surely
help you get the child.
Just try.
Move back.
He seems to have forgotten
that he is at the police station.
I told you to step back.
Stop him.
Else, in the process
of wooing you
he will be thrashed.
How dare you hit me?
How dare you hit me?
Ma'am, if you stay here,
the situation will worsen.
But my friend is inside.
He has hit the policemen.
But the situation
is under control now.
They will release him
tomorrow morning.
Please go..
Are you sure?
Sir, look here.
Who the heck are you?
Sir, he's a soldier.
What? Yes, sir.
Why didn't you say it earlier?
We tortured you a lot
You consider this to be torture.
This is not a big deal for me.
I consider this warm-up.
This is not the border.
This area is under
my jurisdiction.
No one will come here to save
you, did you understand?
Hey, Sushil, get up,
the DIG is here.
Come on, hurry up. Get up.
He is here at 2:30 a.m.
The DIG is here. Hurry up..
Hurry up..
The DIG is here. Let's go!
Listen. Ranveer Kapoor...
That guy..
Sir, are you referring
to that actor?
Whom did you take into custody?
Ranveer Pratap Singh.
Fine.. Bring him.
Yes, sir.
The DIG called him.
The DIG is here, at this time?
Hey, untie him.
Bring him along.
So you are.
Ranveer Pratap Singh.
Yes, sir.
Do you know, Ranveer?
My elder brother used to say.
'Become a doctor.'
But I sleep early.
People would wake me up at
midnight if there's an emergency.
So I did not become a doctor.
But now,
my situation is such that
such sort of people wake me up
such sort of people wake me up
for whom I can't even
provide any kind of treatment.
Isn't it?
This is my fate.
You're an army officer. Don't
you know to respect the police?
I know, sir.
Then why did you hit him?
He forgot about his duty.
I reminded him.
What right do you have
to do that?
Are you God?
I'm covered under Army Act 104,
section 475 CRBC.
I guess, you don't know that you
cannot arrest an army officer..
You are an army officer.
But you are on vacation now.
An army officer who is not on duty
is a civilian.
I know this.
One moment.
Did you reach?
Yes, I did.
Your commando
is telling me about army act.
He is in front of you. Talk to him.
No, you talk to him..
Your Colonel..
Jai Hind', sir.
Jai Hind'. Is this why you went to Goa?
Ronnie. Can you hear me?
Yes, sir.
Thankfully, DIG Shergill
is my batch mate.
Or you'd have to stay
in the prison, all night.
Sir, I can explain everything.
Ronnie, you better
explain yourself.
Tomorrow at 7 a.m. on base..
I want a complete explanation.
Do you hear me?
Yes, sir.
You are his favourite.
Have you heard that proverb?
A rotten apple spoils the barrel.
Isn't it, cute?
Listen, young man.
My elder brother used to say
once a soldier
he will always be a soldier..
Next time
behave like a responsible soldier.
What, Soldier? You're
returning early in the morning?
Is there a war at the border?
Tell us if that is the case.
Look, a battle has been started.
Not here.. But you're fighting
a battle with yourself.
Does it involve a girl?
I thought that was the case.
When there's a battle
between the heart and the head
always follow your heart.
Because when we listen to our head,
we make a decision based on logic.
But whatever the heart
says, is always right.
'Rhea was everything for me.'
'I need your help, Ronnie.'
'Can you help me
find my daughter?'
'No matter what happens in life,
I'll always be with you.'
Turn the car around, Usman.
Turn the car around.
Go to the hotel.
It looks like you have decided to
follow your heart, not your head.
Yes, what can I do for you?
Ma'am, two months ago,
your school student was kidnapped.
Kidnapping? When?
On 7th February.
No, no such incident transpired.
You've got the wrong information.
Ma'am, actually,
a family friend told me.
I think, the police had conducted
an investigation as well.
No, no such incident transpired here.
Ma'am, this is her photo.
Rhea is her name.
Rhea Salgaonkar.
Pretty child.
But this child is not
a student of our school.
Then how could she have
been kidnapped from here?
No such incident transpired here.
That's interesting, Shukla.
Oh, okay, tell me.
Shukla? Excuse me.
You.. One moment.
Yes? Sir, two months ago,
a child was kidnapped.
They took her in a car.
So, what do you want me to do?
Do you know anything about it?
Who are you?
Are you a cop?
I'm her family friend, sir. Please.
Yes, sir?
Oust him.
This is a private property.
Don't come here the next time.
Yes, Mr. Shukla?
Sir, leave, please..
Wait for a minute.
He hasn't left yet?
Who is he?
Ronnie, all this happened
because of me, yesterday.
I'm really sorry
It's okay, Neha.
I had been to Rhea's school.
Neha, the principal said, no such
incident transpired at her school.
There was no student named Rhea.
She'd obviously say that.
She doesn't want
to be linked with this case.
But I don't blame her. Anyone else
in her place would do the same.
Had you guys fought with anyone
in your family
or regarding business?
Or, did you get any ransom call?
Nothing as such happened.
What does Shekhar
have to say about this?
As I'm in this condition,
he's trying to be strong
he doesn't express his feelings.
Can I talk to him?
Shekhar doesn't know about us..
He doesn't know about you.
Can you identify your attackers?
They were masked.
There must be some way.
Ronnie, had I known the solution,
why would I ask you for help?
I need some more pictures of Rhea.
I don't have it.
What do you..
Like, what do you mean?
You'd have it somewhere.
On social media, on your phone..
Or your friends may have it?
Friends are a luxury.
Using social media
is out of question.
Shekhar does not like all this.
Neha, you mean to tell me
you don't have Rhea's photos here?
What happened?
He's Shekhar's brother..
What happened?
Ronnie, you will have to go.
Neha, what..
Ronnie, go from here.
Neha, what happened?
If Sunny sees you here
it will lead to a major problem.
Please leave.
At least tell me
what has happened.
Please try to understand, Ronnie.
It will lead to a major problem.
Please leave, right now. Please go.
'Smoking is injurious to health.'
Baby.. My sweetie.
I mean, Sister-in-law.
Is anyone home?
Is anybody home?
My brother asked me
to keep an eye on you.
And you know,
I love checking you out.
I am joking.
I am joking.
Do you know?
Last night, at the rave.
I did a drug named acid.
We were grooving to Russian
themed music till 4 a.m.
We were grooving..
We were grooving..
Even you should try it once.
If Shekhar finds out
he will be very angry.
Is it?
What will Shekhar get to know?
What the hell!
Get the hell out of here.
Let's spend some more time, together.
Just shut up! No?
Sunny, leave, right now.
All right..
I am leaving.
But I'll visit again.
Who is that?
He is my brother-in-law.
He's a complete addict.
Whenever I complain
to Shekhar, he says.
'He's a child.'
I need his number and address.
Do not worry.
I am here to solve the problem,
not to complicate it.
Excuse me, sir?
Yes. Do you stay here?
Yes, why?
Do you know Shekhar and his wife, Neha?
They stay on the sixth floor..
Yes, sir. They had a daughter..
When was the last time you saw her?
Do they have a daughter?
Actually, there's an individual
apartment on each floor.
So, we don't know much about
our neighbours. Who are you?
Excuse me.
Yes, so..
Hello.. Hello.
Is this Sunny Salgaonkar?
'Yes, speaking..'
Your niece was kidnapped
two months ago.
I want to discuss that.
'Who are you?
Are you a cop?'
I am a journalist, I work in the
local news channel. 'So what?'
I need to cover your story..
Oh, Ronnie.
Hey, I've been standing here
for a long time.
I was wondering as to who you are.
How are you? What happened?
Did you experience hair fall?
I am in the army.
So you got a haircut?
How do I look?
You look like a groom.
You are right!
Look, I'm getting married, today.
Look who's sitting there.
Thank you so much.
My fiance.
That's enough.
Enough. Old friends. Come.
Hey, Ronnie..
How are you? I am fine..
How are you, Ronnie?
We really missed you.
How are you, Ronnie? How are you?
You look great, Ronnie.
The wedding celebrations
seem bleak.
You guys used to make weddings seem fun.
Yes. Yes.
Ronnie and Neha
used to rock every wedding.
No, no. I was just saying..
Ronnie, give us two minutes.
Two minutes. We will come.
Give us two minutes.
Wait here.
I will come back.
Hey, what nonsense were you blabbering?
"Keep your eyes down."
"Ensure that no one sets
their eyes on your fair cheeks."
"Keep your eyes down."
"Ensure that no one sets
their eyes on your rosy cheeks."
"Don't just fall for anyone.
Beware of lads.."
"You have just turned
into a lovely young lass."
"Beware of the lads."
"You have just turned
into a lovely lass."
"Beware of the lads.
"I will throw tantrums like a brat.
My swag is superb."
"My youthfulness is responsible
for this mess."
"At times, my mood is bad,
at times, it is good."
"Lads seem confused."
"Beware of guys!"
"How am I at fault
if my eyes are intoxicating?"
"My eyes have turned attractive."
"How am I at fault
if my eyes are intoxicating?"
"My eyes have turned attractive."
"I'm in the prime of my youth."
"I'm in the prime of my youth."
"Lend me some, then.. I need
an infusion of youthful vigor."
"Beware of lads."
"Beware of lads."
"Beware of lads."
"Beware of lads."
"Beware of lads."
"Don't just fall for anyone."
"Beware of lads."
"You have just turned
into a lovely lass."
"Beware of lads."
"You have just turned
into a lovely lass."
"Beware of lads."
"Guys talk about me
all the time."
"My presence is felt
in all of their hearts."
"Oh, fair-complexioned lass"
"your gait is similar
to that of a peacock."
"Oh, fair-complexioned lass"
"your gait is similar
to that of a peacock."
"No one is as pretty as you.."
"There is no one as gorgeous
as you. Beware of lads."
"You have just turned
into a lovely lass."
"Beware of lads."
"You have just turned
into a lovely lass."
"Beware of lads.
"Beware of lads."
"Beware of lads."
I love Neha, sir.
Say it, Neha.
This is my mom's wedding sari.
Shall we get married?
Hey, do it.
Wow, Ronnie..
Say cheese.
Hey.. Come on.. Wow..
I hate you.
I can't tolerate it
if you express your love anymore.
Neha, you have got a call.
Who is it?
Ronnie, I have to go.
What has happened?
You just stay here, I'll come.
Excuse me?
One moment.
Yes? Neha..
Do not hang up the phone.
I want to hear what's going on there.
Stage four.
The doctors suspected
that something is wrong. But..
If it had been diagnosed six
months ago, then, maybe..
You are going to get married!
Hey! Sir..
Hurray. Let me say it.. Excuse me.
I'm drunk.
I'm drunk.
Thank you.
Oh, excuse me..
'Uttar Pradesh Police.
ID Card.'
Excuse me, sir, your wallet?
You had come here
the other day, right?
Look, sir, if you come again,
I'll approach the police..
Greetings, sir.
A kidnapping took place
two months ago.
No, sir,
I do not know anything about it.
I need to check
the footage of these cameras.
Show me the footage
of 7th February.
Okay, sir.
A 3-hour footage
is missing.
I don't know
how that happened, sir.
The kidnapping took place
during that time. The footage
of those three hours is missing.
How is this possible?
Yes, sir, one day,
the police had come
the boss sent us home early.
Show me the footage
of the previous day.
Do you know where
the missing footage is?
Sir, all these videos can
be found in the boss' cabin.
How much money do you want
to show that footage?
It will take some time,
but your job will be done, sir.
Call me as soon
as you get the footage.
Yes, sir.
Who is this junkie?
Hey. He's the newly
appointed ACP.
Then why is he dressed
like this?
Good morning, sir. Good morning.
Welcome to Goa.
I'm Sharath Kute.
Sharath Kut..
Kute. Kut..
We must pronounce
your name properly.
Else, a confusion will arise.
Isn't it?
Hi, Kaale.
Hello, sir. How are you?
Your parents have thought it
through before naming you, right?
He's Rane..
Yes.. Sir.
He is your personal
assistant, Bosco.
Hey! Bosco..
Yes, sir.
Why do you have a pot belly?
Sorry, sir.
Do this.
From tomorrow
walk with me for a distance
of 10 KMs, every morning.
Okay, sir.
'Okay, sir.'
What do the people of this
department say about me?
Nothing, sir.
Do they not say anything?
They do not say anything.
They'd say something. Tell me..
Sir, the thing is..
People say you're different.
Are you calling me crazy?
No, sir.
Are you calling me crazy?
No, sir.
Who said so?
Did you say this?
Sorry, sir.
Did you say this or did they?
No, sir.
Who said so?
No one.
Give me their phone number.
Sorry, sir.
Why are you crying, Bosco?
I was joking.
Come on, you..
Sir, the DIG called you. Okay.
Seniors always keep annoying us.
Come in..
Loha Singh Dhull alias LSD..
Welcome to Goa.
I have heard good things
about you from Punjab police.
Sit down..
Your name seems very interesting.
Why are you dressed like this?
There's a saying that
when in Rome,
be like the Romans.
I've been roaming around
with junkies and hippies
so, I've started looking
like one.
And at times, sir..
I need to do what they do.
Look, LSD.
Your work is laudable.
But the method is very wrong.
My method is my identity, sir.
Let it be.
LSD, in yesterday's operation,
three people were killed.
If people aren't killed
how can your record of shooting
65 people in encounters
be broken?
Sir, that is the official figure.
Along with spying on the thieves,
do you spy on the police, too?
Sorry, sir.
Look, LSD.
As long as you prove to be
useful, we will handle it.
Just ensure that your image
is not like your looks.
If you want to learn
something from me
just learn this
one's reputation must be so good
that even 10 unofficial encounters
must be pardoned.
The record will break
and my reputation
won't be tainted, as well.
Wow, sir.
That was amazing, sir.
Let's take a selfie to make
this moment memorable.
Sir, do this..
Should I do this? Do this.
Will you only take a selfie?
I'll give it back, too..
I mean, I'll give good results.
If you stay in limits,
you will benefit.
Do not worry, sir.
The way I wiped out drug
peddlers in Punjab
I will wipe out
drug peddlers, in Goa, too.
All the best.
Thank you.
Why have you been following us?
I'm looking for a little girl.
I do not know anything
about little girls.
But I can show you a big girl.
Where is Rhea?
I do not know anyone named Rhea.
I just want to know where Rhea is.
I do not know anything!
Hey, Soldier..
Who were those Russians?
Oh, they wanted my help
in locating an address.
Would someone pay you so much
for helping them find an address?
Maybe they were rich people.
Maybe he was a rich tourist.
Why should I care?
Do you know Sunny?
This is Goa.
Even I get involved
in drug peddling.
If I had got into trouble,
I had this, to save myself.
You are a very decent man.
Why are you getting
involved in all this?
Follow my advice.
Before you take any
step think about it.
Usman, I have
already taken a step.
I've hit two people.
Are you mad?
Are you mad?
You've hit two people, 20 people
will come looking for you.
He is not following you.
He was trying to find me.
Next time, you will die.
Let's go!
He is my responsibility.
What do you want?
What do you want?
Why are you doing all this?
I'm looking for this child.
She was kidnapped, two months ago.
Do you know anything about her?
Have you ever seen her?
What can you see here?
Do you think I'm running a
play school or kindergarten here?
You're asking me
whether I recognise her.
I don't recognise her!
Don't get involved in this.
You will be trapped.
Don't do all this.
I'm worried for you.
You're worried for me?
Usman, you hardly know me
from the past four days.
I've been acquainted with the
mother of this child since years.
Just imagine
how worried I would be for her.
Come on!
Excuse me.
Sorry about last night.
I was drunk.
I hope I didn't bother you much.
No, that's okay.
Now, can I have my card back?
Sorry, I didn't check.
Maybe I took it by mistake.
Actually such mistakes
do happen. This is yours.
And that is mine.
Oh, no, that's why I was unable
to open the door using this.
I know. Thank you.
By the way, I'm Anand Tyagi.
I am a part
of Lucknow police force.
I'm Captain Ranveer Pratap Singh.
Nice to meet you...
Oh, it's amazing.
It will be fun
if we sit and have a discussion.
You are an army officer.
And I'm a policeman.
Come. Tell me about the army, I'll
tell you about the police force.
You will have to excuse me.
I am exhausted.
Is it?
Let's have a quick dinner.
I've had dinner.
In that case..
Room Service.. Good evening, sir.
Your dinner is here.
Looks like you do not enjoy
the company of policemen.
Anyway, good night.
'Sir, I'm the press reporter.'
'I'm at the hotel reception.
I've come here to take the photo.'
What is this, Ronnie? You've placed
an advertisement in the newspaper.
Neha, I have offered a reward,
so, people will give us information.
But Shekhar will return today.
What will I tell him?
I do not have answers to all your
questions. And trust me.
This is how we will gather
some information about Rhea.
Hey, listen!
Did you read the
newspaper, today?
Read the newspaper.
No.. I need information.
'I have the information.'
'But will you pay me by cash
or write a cheque?'
Thank you. Hello..
Okay? Stop it!
Hey, come. You seem busy, Captain.
Sorry. I keep
getting calls from there,
what do I do?
Is a war going on? Sit, have food.
One second.
Look, you will get money
if you have information.
Sir, I do not need money.
I just want to know
whether I'll get
my daughter back?
Okay, I'll send you the address.
Let's meet there.
Give me a cup of tea.
Mr. Tyagi..
We had gone to Mumbai
six months ago.
Rhea went missing at Juhu beach.
I looked for her everywhere.
We didn't find her anywhere.
I lodged a complaint
with the police.
But there is no result.
Then I saw her photo
published in the newspaper.
How do you know Rhea?
Why are you looking for Rhea?
Why aren't you present
in any photo?
Because I clicked
all the pictures.
I have more pictures at home,
of Rhea and myself.
If you want, I can bring them.
Rhea is your daughter?
Of course, she is my daughter.
Tell me the truth, else your
family members will look for you.
I have her birth certificate.
Look here.
This is the birth certificate.
This is the FIR filed by police
at Mumbai Police Station.
This is the hospital bill. My
daughter went missing in Mumbai.
Why are you looking for her
in Goa?
Hello. Is this Inspector Tyagi?
This is Shekhar speaking.
Neha's husband.
Were you the one who placed an
advertisement in the newspaper
that Rhea is missing?
I want to meet you right now.
Can you come to my office?
I am coming.
I'm on my way.
Listen, please.
The one who is wearing a blue
jeans and a blue shirt. Tyagi..
He works for the Lucknow police.
A Lucknow policeman in Goa?
We must be cautious.
Anand Tyagi.
Crime Branch.
You work for the Lucknow police.
Why are you here, in Goa?
I have come to attend
a friend's wedding.
And your commissioner
was my senior in college.
Shrishanth Rao.
Do you know him?
Yes, of course.
Let's talk to him.
How are you?
After a long time..
I remembered you,
so, I just called you up.
How are you?
I'm fine.
Oh, I see.. By the way,
do you know Anand Tyagi?
He is posted at Lal Kuan Police Station..
Yes, yes..
He is on vacation.
He has gone to Goa
to attend a wedding.
Yes, he is in front of me.
Will you talk to him?
The minister has called you up.
Yes? Hello?
Shekhar, I'll call you back.
I guess he is busy.
He disconnected the call.
How do you know Neha?
Oh, we met at a restaurant.
Common friends.
They said, Rhea is missing.
So, I thought of helping her.
Is that why, you spoke to our
neighbour, Shrivastav?
Yes, Ms. Neha said that she
didn't get any information. So..
So I wanted
to inquire him, first.
I returned from Dubai,
this morning.
I saw the advertisement placed
by you as soon as I came.
I was quite shocked!
Excuse me? Shocked?
How do I tell you that
we don't have a daughter?
We do not have a daughter.
On 7th February.
Neha was mugged..
They carjacked the vehicle
from her.
They hit her on the head.
She was in a coma for 10 days.
'How are you feeling?'
'Thank God,
you regained consciousness.'
'I was so tense.'
'Shekhar, where is Rhea?'
'Who is Rhea?'
When she regained
her consciousness
she started talking
about some child.
She started asking people
as to where Rhea is.
'Sonu. Yes?
Did you guys see Rhea? No.'
'Did you see my daughter, Rhea?
She used to play near the
building, over here.. Neha...
'What are you doing, Neha?'
At that point of time
she saw an advertisement for a
missing child in a local newspaper.
She called up and told them that
the child was her daughter, Rhea.
She became aggressive.
It was quite tough.
'Neha, please open the door.'
'Are you all crazy?
'We have a daughter, Shekhar.'
'Where is she?
We don't have a daughter!'
'We have a daughter, Shekhar.
We never had a daughter.'
'Where is our daughter, Shekhar!'
She was diagnosed with PTSD.
Post-traumatic stress disorder.
This can't be.. What! Yes.
We had a miscarriage.
Neha hoped that
her mother must be born again
in the form of her daughter.
Because Neha had lost
her mother in her childhood.
And then..
This accident changed everything.
'Come, I'll show
you Rhea's photos. Here..'
'See, there are no photos.'
'What happened to Rhea's photos?
They were here.'
'Photos in which you,
me and Rhea are there.'
'There was a dressing table here.
Her favourite dresses were here.'
'I've been trying to explain that..
'...we don't have a daughter.
Her photos were here.'
'Where are they now?
Believe me.'
'We don't have a daughter.
Where did she go, Shekhar?'
'Where is Rhea?'
She couldn't bear this trauma.
Next, she went to the police
and filed a FIR
that her child was missing.
'I was dropping my child
at her school'
'and suddenly, the car stopped.'
'And some goons emerged.
They took my daughter.'
'I don't know how to find her.
Please help me.'
Police suspected me, at first.
But later, they realised.
That it was a fool's errand.
Because, the reality was that we
didn't have a daughter named Rhea.
You are saying that
all this.. You're saying that
Neha is imagining all this?
You are a police officer.
Did you feel she's normal?
Neha! What story did you
fabricate and tell your friend?'
'No such incident transpired here.
You've got the wrong information.'
I'm sorry, Shekhar.
Mr. Tyagi.
Please don't do anything again
that will add to my troubles.
As you know.
I am already dealing with a lot.
Yes. Sir,
I'm the watchman of the house.
We've got the CCTV footage,
please come over.
When I asked for Rhea' photo
neither you had it in your phone
nor Facebook or in your house.
The principal said that there
was no kid named Rhea
in his school.
You were scared to give me
Sunny's number when I asked.
When I got an ad published
in the newspaper
you questioned me!
You changed the topic
when I asked about Shekhar.
Police stopped the investigation
because you were wrong.
Nobody has seen your daughter.
Neither the police
nor the principal..
No one knows anything.
I saw the CCTV footage
of the incident.
No one else is there except you.
She was hiding in the back seat,
She was scared.
They didn't take your daughter
but your car!
I just met Shekhar.
You do not have a daughter.
Please believe me, Ronnie.
How can I believe you?
The girl in the photo
that you'd given me
turned out to be someone
else's daughter.
Everyone is lying, Ronnie.
And what about you?
Did you tell me the whole truth!
How could I? Tell me!
I was scared.
Had I called you
after four years and said
that nobody believes me.
That everybody thinks I'm crazy.
You would have believed
the same.
Close your eyes.
And tell me whom you see.
My daughter, Rhea..
She does exist!
What was your mother's name?
What was your mother's name?
R-Rhea. There's no one in your
life named Rhea except her.
The one whom you have lost
is your mother, Rhea
and not your daughter.
You had a miscarriage, Neha.
You never had a child!
You never had a child.
Just leave, Ronnie.
Neha, please..
Leave me alone!
Just leave me alone!
Height marks.
Is Neha telling the truth?
Neha, this..
'I just met Shekhar.'
'You don't have a daughter.'
'Everyone is lying, Ronnie.'
'Everyone is lying, Ronnie.'
'The one whom you have lost'
'is your mother, Rhea
and not your daughter.'
You had a miscarriage, Neha.
You never had a child!
'Please trust me, Ronnie.'
Is this the place?
Yes, sir.
Is he her husband?
Yes, sir.
Who are you?
The devil's advocate.
Is not it?
I too feel suspicious
looking in the mirror
but I am a cop.
Cigarette smoking is injurious
to health.
Except for me.
Did she jump from there?
You pushed her?
Answer me!
What's the time, Bosco?
Forty past three, sir.
See, how quickly he answered.
Now it is your turn.
Tell me or do you want me
to thrash you?
I need to talk to my lawyer.
What the heck is this?
Are you trying to act
smart with me?
I just threw your phone.
I'll throw you as well.
Sit down.
Tell me.
How did all this happen?
I don't know.
Two days ago, I came back from Dubai.
Bosco! Yes, sir.
Check the details of the flight.
Okay, sir.
Why did you go to Dubai?
I've a branch office in Dubai.
Is it so?
Is this why you pushed
your wife from the balcony?
You are not searching
for what you should.
I lost my wife.
Who else visit your place
in your absence?
No one. Bosco!
Yes, sir. First lie.
Your brother comes here.
What if he is the culprit?
It's quite possible.
He is my younger brother.
He is a simple guy.
Bosco second lie.
Yes, sir.
He is a drug addict.
Okay, sir.
An addict can never be simple.
Look, mister.
If it is you or your bother..
He will push you two
from the balcony.
Wow, Bosco.
It's better you start practicing
sleeping on the floor.
Because prisoners do not
have bed to sleep.
And listen to me carefully.
Make sure
your brain
door bell and phone
are always active.
Or else you'll be finished off.
I was fooling you.
Bosco, let's go!
What do you think, sir?
Is he telling the truth?
I was trying to find out
if he is lying.
Could you find out?
He is a liar.
But he didn't kill her.
It means..
It's an open and shut suicide case.
A lot of people will
have a tough time
until this case gets solved.
Bosco. Yes, sir.
Knock, knock.
Who's there, sir?
Wayne who, sir?
"Wayne drops are falling
on my head!"
I'm sure this CCTV
is not working.
It's working, sir.
Really! Then bring it.
Let's see what is recorded.
Okay, sir.
Sir, this is Neha Salgaonkar's phone.
Do this. Hand it over to Bosco.
Yes, sir.
I want the call details.
WhatsApp, Snapchat
and Facebook data.
A married woman, Neha Salgaonkar...
'Has committed suicide
by jumping off the sixth floor.'
'Our sources say..'
'Rhea was my everything.
I need your help.'
'No one helped me
in the last two months'
'I am not selfish,
I'm desperate, Ronnie.'
'Please, Ronnie.
Help me find my daughter.'
'Had I called you
after four years and said'
'that nobody believes me.'
'That everybody
thinks I'm crazy'
'you would have believed
the same.'
'As per the news we
got from our sources'
'Neha Salgaonkar was
suffering from mental disorder.'
Sir, here are the call details
of Ms. Neha's phone.
The last call received was made by
some guy named Ranveer Pratap Singh
and we even got his address,
Great, Bosco..
Is it fine, sir?
Did you bring it?
Yes, sir.
Then why are you asking me?
Sorry, sir.
What do you mean, sir?
I don't know, sir.
What do you mean? Is it right or not?
Yes, sir.
Then, why are you asking?
Sorry, sir.
I'm just kidding, Bosco.
You.. You are very sensitive.
You.. You are very sensitive.
You got this, right? Yes, sir.
It must be right.
We'll catch the criminal
with its help.
Go now.
Okay, sir.
Sir. I know
Ranveer Pratap Singh.
How come?
He came here along with Neha
to solve his purpose.
So, why are you
feeling disheartened?
Sir, it's not that.
He beat our people
and damaged our property.
I want to teach him a lesson.
Sir, we got the CCTV footage.
But it's not clear, sir.
Then, send it to Chandigarh
and I want to see it
as soon as possible.
Come on, let's teach a lesson
to Ranveer Pratap for your sake.
'The autopsy report indicates
that this is suicide'
'and the police has verified it.'
'People are shocked
and stunned to hear about this."
Greeting, soldier.
Usman, I'll talk to you tomorrow.
Soldier.. The other day
you visited my garage
and showed a photo
of that child, right?
If I had told you the truth
perhaps Ms. Neha
would've been alive today.
Forgive me..
Do you know, Neha?
I do not know Ms. Neha.
But I know that all
these people are lying.
Ms. Neha was not insane.
Whatever she said is true.
A few days ago,
I went to meet Sunny.
To discuss my next deal.
Over there..
Greetings, Mr. Sunny.
So you are here?
I'll take this.
Next delivery?
Number 18.
This is for you. Okay..
Now leave.
Come on, get going.
I told you..
Come, when I call.
You two hours early.
I've no place to keep her.
Bring her.
Then, I saw her.
Mr. Sunny, this child..
Keep quiet. Or else you won't
be able to speak ever. Got it?
I was scared, soldier.
That's why I lied.
But I didn't know that
it'll cost someone his life.
She was looking for her
daughter desperately.
She cried in front of everyone
but no one believed her.
I deserve to be punished.
You can do whatever you want.
But you need to save that girl.
Is Rhea alive?
I do not know that.
Only Sunny can tell you.
Where can I find Sunny?
Yes, I know that.
Come on.
Are you sure I'll
find Sunny over there?
Anand Tyagi.
They killed him
mistaking him for me.
Before anything else happens,
I've to find Sunny. Come on..
What happened?
Oh, my God!
Whose photo have you sent me?
You have killed
the wrong person.
Ranveer Pratap Singh?
Who is this?
Loha Singh Dhull, Goa police.
That's not the guy whom I met.
Where are you?
Hotel Seagull.
Wait there.
I'm coming to see you.
I'm coming.
Who was it? Tell me.
Goa police.
Goa police?
"Mohini.. Mohini.."
"One.. Two.. Three.."
"Four.. Five.. Six.. Seven.
Eight.. Nine.. Ten.. Eleven.."
"Twelve.. Thirteen.."
"One.. Two.. Three.."
"Four.. Five.. Six.. Seven..
Eight.. Nine.. Ten.. Eleven.."
"Twelve.. Thirteen.."
"I'm waiting..
I am waiting for you."
"Come and meet me.
It's spring season."
"I'm waiting..
I am waiting for you."
"I'm waiting..
I am waiting for you."
"Come and meet me.
It's spring season."
"Come on, we'll live together."
"Hold my hand and think about
the rest of the things later."
"We are drunk."
"Tell me if I reside
in your heart."
"Let's sing together."
"You sent a message on 14."
"You were supposed
to visit me on 15."
"You didn't visit me.
Neither on 14 nor 15."
"How rude of you!"
"Even on 16, I was
waiting for you."
"Come and meet me.
It's spring season."
"Come and meet me.
It's spring season."
"I'm waiting..
I am waiting for you."
"Come and meet me.
It's spring season."
"On 17, I thought we broke up."
"On 18, my heart broke."
"On 19, I cried all day long.
On, 20, my heart shattered."
Yet I couldn't forget you."
Yet I couldn't forget you."
"Come and meet me.
It's spring season."
"I'm waiting..
I am waiting for you."
Where is Rhea?
Who are you?
Where is Rhea?
Why are you hitting me?
Tell me.
They ran towards the dome.
Call all units there.
Leave him..
Leave him..
Leave him! Come on!
Let him go..
He is crazy.
Take him.
It seems we need
to make you understand
that you are in a city
and not the battlefield.
I had asked you
to wait in the hotel.
Why should I have waited there!
Do you wanted me
to wait for Rhea to die!
Neha committed suicide
only because of you all!
You were there, didn't you?
Where were you when her
daughter was kidnapped?
Don't talk too much!
Or else I'll put in the lockup
and teach you a lesson.
All you can do is, threaten me.
You are a public servant.
Your duty is to protect people
whereas you put innocent people in jail.
Criminals are roaming
freely because of you!
Hey, soldier..
Calm down.
You attacked one of my officer
do you think you can handle
the entire police department?
I'll thrash you so badly
that you won't be able
to forget it ever.
You use your strength after
putting people under restrain.
Give one chance. I will
show you how powerful I'm.
Fine. Let me fulfill your wish.
Open the lock.
Leave him.
Leave him!
Move back!
How much bribe have you taken?
No, Loha..
You are getting emotional.
We don't have time for this.
You have the time to catch
the criminal, right?
What do you mean?
He is behind this kidnapping.
Why didn't you question him?
I have the evidence.
What Ronnie said, is it true?
Have you seen Rhea at Sunny's hideout?
Usman, do not worry.
Everything will be fine.
Tell me the truth.
What did you see?
Sir, I went to Sunny's hideout.
I saw her there.
Okay. Good.
Will you testify this in court?
Why wouldn't I?
No, no.
Will you say this in the court?
Yes. Well, then.
It is your responsibility
to bring him to court.
Bring in Sunny.
And so he is Sunny.
Yes, sir.
Let me talk to him.
Sir, he is a drug addict. Let me
talk to him. I'll handle it.
I will handle it. Please.
Hello, Sunny.
Now you'd say..
'Speak only the truth
and nothing else.'
No, it's outdated now.
No, it's outdated now.
It is only used in films.
I'll ask only one question.
Only one.
Where is Rhea?
Who is Rhea?
DIG does not know
who he is dealing with.
Your brother's daughter.
Your niece.
Now I remember! I see, Rhea.
Hang on..
Where are you, Rhea?
Perhaps she is in my back pocket.
Check it.
Is this the way to interrogate him?
He will tell you if you
ask him properly.
Sunny. Careful..
Do you have smoke?
First tell me where Rhea is.
I don't know.
I told you I do not know.
Tell me.
Where is Rhea?
I said, I don't know!
How dare you! He won't budge.
Now tell me.
Ask him, sir.
Move back..
Ask him, now he'll tell you.
Let me interrogate him.
Let me talk.
Sir.. He won't budge so easily.
He is very dangerous.
He won't listen.
Move aside!
I'm asking you nicely. Tell me. Got it?
I'm talking to him.
Let me talk to him, LSD.
Move back..
You do not move.
Do not move, sir.
Move back.
Put the gun down. Or else I'll shoot you!
I knew
you would kill me
and now I won't spare anyone.
It's okay. Shut up! Sunny..
I'm going to kill both of you.
I'll kill you!
Drop that!
Don't move.
Do you think I am naive?
Stop it!
Sir, move aside! Move back!
Don't move. Shut up!
No! You cannot die..
Ronnie. Whatever happened
was very unfortunate.
The situation was
out of control.
You have to control your temper.
I want revenge.
The police
do not take revenge, Ronnie.
The police bring people to justice.
You told me
that Neha committed suicide
because she could not
find her daughter.
Nobody was bothered.
Nobody cares. Nobody..
Do you see these photographs?
Smiling, happy faces.
It was my second anniversary.
I was driving.
We met with an accident.
My older brother.
My wife.
Our unborn baby.
Everybody died.
How it feels to lose your loved ones...
And how lonely one feels after that.
I know both well.
You used to love her very much,
'God, this is your life, Neha!'
'I owe it to my dad.'
We met in college.
'This is his last wish.'
He's dying, Ronnie.
We were about to get married.
'I was shattered
seeing dad's condition.'
'I couldn't refuse.'
'I'm his only family, Ronnie.'
What about him?
'I'll be getting married
to Shekhar in two days.'
'What will happen to me?'
'I have to go.'
'I cannot live without you.'
'You will not be able
to forgive me'
'but try to forget me.'
'Goodbye, Ronnie.'
Sir, goods are here for delivery.
Give these to Ratan.
Okay. Ratan!
Excuse me.
Yes. I'm sending something.
Check it. Okay.
Okay, continue.
Only Sunny knew her whereabouts.
Sir, I have no enmity towards Shekhar.
But I know he knows the truth.
Sir, arrest him. I promise
everything will get clear.
We can't arrest anyone
on the basis of suspicion.
We do not have any proof.
One last question.
This girl who
remembers her ex-boyfriend
and everything about him
how can she forget
that she has a daughter.
Ronnie, I understand
what you are saying.
But I would advise you
not to take any wrong step
such that your life
and this case get jeopardised.
Had Colonel Ranjeet Walia been here,
you would've listened to him.
I do not know who is involved
in this, from my department.
Is he LSD or somebody else?
Just give me about 12 hours.
I'll make sure to solve this case.
Just have trust in me.
Usman! Ronnie.
Usman! Get up!
What happened to you?
Those two..
Get up!
Come on!
My time is up..
No, Usman!
Do not say that, Usman.
Do not say that. Please.
Biryani is not the only thing
famous about Hyderabadis.
They are known to be benevolent.
'I'm sending something.
Check it.'
Where is Shergill?
Behind the Anjuna border..
In the middle of a forest
spreading ten acres
rivers are flowing.
Amidst this, armed men..
Surrounded by this army
is Shergill's residence.
Tell him that his goods will
reach the dock tomorrow.
'Do not take any wrong step'
'such that your life
and this case get jeopardised.'
'Don't get emotional.'
'You loved her very much.'
'I do not know who is involved
in this, from my department.'
'I am ashamed of my officers.'
'Assume that I'm
Colonel Ranjeet Walia.'
'I'm with you.'
'Just trust me.'
'Listen, young man.
Once a soldier, always a soldier.'
Catch him!
Find him!
'Sir, he entered the jungle.'
It isn't necessary
for every soldier
to become a martyr.
Let him come here.
Did you find the whereabouts
of Captain Ranveer?
Not yet,
but we are looking for him.
But if he gets caught
he won't be spared.
But if you can
make him understand
maybe he will survive.
You are mistaken.
I am not here to make him
understand or to save him.
I am here to save you from him.
This jungle is his second home.
If you try to trespass,
he will destroy you.
He won't lose anything
in this war.
But it'll cost you heavily.
He is equivalent to an army.
You better take care.
He is equivalent to an army.
You better take care.
Colonel, I too have
to tell you something.
I'll fire the first bullet.
I promise.
All the best.
Give me the gun..
Come in for Shergill..
Sir, he is unstoppable!
Get the machines.
Alfa One, come in.
Why is anyone not answering?
Hello, come in. Shergill Here.
Is anyone there!
Sir, he is inside the farmhouse.
You met me posing as her father,
Now you won't ever
become a father.
You know,
my elder brother used to say..
He was very talkative.
I killed him.
I had warned you, right?
Had I not!
What do you want?
Rhea... She is alive.
Anything else?
Now you'd ask what I want.
I was fed up of my job.
I was just looking for a chance
to earn money.
And I got it!
In the form of Rhea.
DIG? Today..
I had free time.
So I came here.
Any problem?
Problem? What are you saying?
Where is the stuff?
It is absolutely pure.
Good. Deliver in three days.
Okay, sir.
What's that sound?
Sir, do not shoot me.
Don't shoot..
I came to know the truth
when I went to meet Shekhar
along with Sunny.
Is he your brother?
I asked you to do one thing
and you couldn't?
What do you mean?
I mean
whatever happened so far
was done at my behest.
You can't live your life to the
fullest if you don't have money.
But if you have money,
you need more.
But if you have money,
you need more.
My needs are unlimited, you see.
I don't care
what you do with her.
Now listen to what
I am interested in.
The most important consignment
of my life was about to arrive.
Shekhar was the owner
of the shipping company.
Only he could get me
the clearance.
You need a big carrier to carry
such large quantity of goods.
It'll take at least two months for
the next one to arrive. Okay.
I will wait for two months.
Till then I'll hold
your daughter captive.
She'll be alive.
I promise.
You do my job..
I'll do your job.
But if something goes wrong
then both of you
will rot in jail forever.
I promise.
He used to hate her wife.
He wanted to prove her insane.
He didn't abduct Rhea.
He wanted to kill her.
Where is Rhea?
Rhea who?
I didn't want to kill Rhea.
It was Shekhar.
Shekhar wanted to destroy
traces of Rhea.
Doctors say that Neha
can't handle Rhea's death.
So we've to pretend as if
we never had a daughter.
I have lost my daughter.
I don't want to lose my wife.
Shekhar, but this is wrong.
Your lie will save my family.
Please help me.
I can't live without my wife..
I can't live without my Neha..
Mr. Salgaonkar.
We are with you.
He helped me.
So I helped him.
You need to pay extra
for killing those Nigerians.
Done. Or else you'll pay.
Please, don't shoot us..
Please listen to us..
For school's welfare.
Thank you, ma'am.
Thank you.
Come on, do it..
Let's go.
Listen. Yes, sir
Close this case.
It has come to a dead end.
Ask him.. Yes, sir.
Let me speak to him! Tell him.
He uses different means.
Take out the gun
from the holster..
He won't give in so easily.
I finished anyone who
tried to obstruct our way.
To win a war,
you don't always need strength
you need brain.
You did everything right,
But you chose the wrong child.
You chose the wrong child!
'Rhea was everything for me.
I need your help.'
'They kidnapped my daughter.'
Close your eyes.
Whom do you see?
Back.. Move back..
Goa is clean, sir.
Have a safe flight.
You cannot die so easily.
Get up!
Get up. Sir..
You cannot die so easily.
Get up..
No! Ronnie..
No, sir. He can't die.
He can't die so easily.
I know that, dear!
The war is over.
What was her fault!
I know that.
An innocent child, Rhea, sir..
Colonel, maybe not the first
but I fired the final shot.
How can I let you go?
Three years old child,
that too yours.
Now tell me..
'Mr. Shekhar,
Neha's reports are normal.'
'But she can't have your child.'
'Why? What happened?'
'Your reports.. I mean'
'you are sterile.'
Doctor, you are mistaken.'
'I have a daughter.
That's not possible.'
'Perhaps she is not your child.'
She wasn't my daughter.
Someone else was her father
and I was taking care of her.
Now you must have understood
why Neha wanted
you to find Rhea.
the time we spent together'
'is the most beautiful
part of my life.'
'It has become a memory now.'
'Rhea was everything for me.'
'Perhaps you won't forgive me'
'but try to forget me.
'Neha, please don't go.
I love you.'
'I am sorry.'
Ready to see her?
My daughter, Rhea..
Where is my mom?
Shall we go to your mom?
Let's go, Bosco.
Take out the vehicle.
Okay, sir.
"Oh, God! You made me
capable of bearing this pain."
"Storm led the boat
to the shore."
all the restlessness"
"You made my heart in the end."
"O' my companion."
"Without you"
"can't find"
"my destination."
"O' my companion."
"Without you"
"I can't"
"find the shore."
"When I close my eyes,
I can't sleep."
"I search for someone.."
"I wonder whom I wish to meet."
"I search for someone.."
"I get sleepless nights.."
"I get sleepless nights.."
"Oh, God! You made me
capable of bearing this pain."
"Storm led the boat
to the shore."
all the restlessness"
"You made my heart in the end."
"O' my companion."
"Without you"
"can't find"
"my destination."
"O' my companion."
"Without you"
"I can't"
"find the shore."
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