Baaghi: A Rebel for Love (1990) Movie Script

Good morning, sir.
Yes, good morning, soldier.
Give breakfast, Ramsingh.
Yes sir.
This milk? Why are you
taking it to the kitchen?
Sir, I got it from Sajan's room.
I think he didn't drink.
Sajan didn't drink it at night?
- No sir.
Maybe he didn't exercise too?
I never saw. He may have.
Serve breakfast.
Good morning, sir.
Wait. Didn't you exercise today?
- I did.
How much? Just a few crunches?
Stop your excuses. Ramsingh
told me everything.
Why did you open your mouth?
Answer me. Why didn't you
do exercise and yoga?
Why not? - I woke up late
Why late?
I slept late. - Why?
You know the punishment?
Yes sir. No breakfast.
Right. Go.
What! It's his first
day in college.
Will he stay hungry all day?
- Yes!
Then he will remember,
he is the son of a Colonel
and a grandson of a General.
And that next year he has
to join the Defence Academy
and become a military officer.
He who breaks rules and
discipline can never
be a good officer.
Now do you understand, woman?
- Yes.
Why are you still here?
C'mon, go.
I brought you here.
Sometimes support me too!
You beware. Why
did you complain?
Ramsingh! - Coming sir.
Sajan, wait.
Eat this in college. Go.
- Thanks mother. I needed this.
Vandana! - Coming.
How much he loves you! Even my share
of love is for you! - Enough.
Now go.
It's crushed. - What?
One sandwich. - Sandwich? Sorry.
Are you new?
- Yes, it's my first day.
Beware. The guys in this
college are very naughty.
They'll rag you real hard.
- Is it?
My name is Salim. My
pet name is Tempo.
You may call me the same too.
But you will have
to treat me once.
Sure. May I pick my book?
- Yes sure.
Now what?
- Have you come to study?
Is he new? - Yes.
Poor thing had to
give lunch treat.
May I come in, sir?
I have never seen you before.
Sir, today is my first
day in college.
Why are you late?
Sir, I couldn't
find the classroom.
Ok, sit down.
Wait. Stand
and introduce yourself first.
My name is SajanSood.
- Speak in Hindi.
Speak in Hindi.
I'm SajanSood. My father, Colonel D.
N. Sood,
he has got a military
transfer here.
Where were you till now?
- Madras.
Why not Bangalore? It's near by.
Sir, we own a house here.
Ok. This is a
Psychology lecture.
Take this book and
read page 225,
'Sex of a child.'
We already proved that children
consider their teacher as a mother.
Hello, mother!
Greetings sir.
- What is going on?
Sir, we...
- C'mon take your seat.
Sit down everybody.
Are you a student?
- Yes, my child.
Hello baby! - Hello Rizvan.
Hello baby! - Hello.
'My name is Raju, a vagabond.
My home is near river Ganga.'
Singing is prohibited
in library.
Dear, singing is
prohibited, not narrating.
Anything else?
Are you in F.Y.J.C? - Yes, why?
I'm in F.Y.J.C too, baby!
Nice meeting you.
Are you coming? - Where?
Don't you know, it's
'Clown's Day' today!
It's a college tradition.
Students make the college laugh.
One who is the funniest,
gets a Clown Cap
and a prize from the principal.
Come let's go.
It'll be fun.
What is all this!
Is everything ready? - Yes.
What is all this!
- I told you it's Clown's Day.
We shall get the prize.
Where is my bikini?
Inside. - And his?
I won't wear a bikini.
You will be thrashed
if you go nude.
Why are you acting smart?
Wear it quickly.
Rizvan, why did you get him?
He is new.
He doesn't know the
importance of this day.
I got him to get accustomed.
He will learn with us.
Brother, now will you wear
it, else get embarrassed?
An elephant like me has worn it.
So will the mouse.
Take, wear it.
Close it, fast!
Please give the keys.
Don't play mischief.
Buddha, Tempo, Refill!
You go and inquire the
name of the student,
who came to play cricket in a bikini.
Is it a fashion?
He entered the
grounds in a bikini.
I meant the same thing. Now hurry!
- Yes sir.
Hello, yes. What?
Did you call me sir?
- Yes, I asked for water.
It's in front of you, sir.
- Thank you.
Even the pen isn't working.
- Take this ink pot, sir.
All right. You may go.
Look, that boy in bikini.
Where is your bikini?
God! Don't ask in
front of everyone.
Shut up, you shameless boy!
Have tea.
We won't undress you!
Have you forgotten something?
Buddha, Tempo, the
joke made him cry!
Refill, get him here somehow.
There will be trouble if he
tells the principal. - Yes!
That absent minded principal may hit us.
- Yes.
You hurry! - Ok baby.
Buddha! Tempo!
He hanged himself!
He hanged himself. Look sir!
You put us in trouble.
Shut up everybody!
Mr. Sharma, get the 3 boys to my office.
- Yes sir.
You all should be ashamed! You
make fun of your teachers!
Rusticate them for
today's behaviour, sir.
You are right. They
must be rusticated.
Sir we didn't hang the poster.
- Did it hang by itself?
Sir, the new boy did it.
- Which new boy?
May I come in, sir?
Why? - Because I'm out.
Why are you out?
Because I want to come in.
- Yes come in.
I called you yesterday.
Yes. - Did you recognize me?
Yes immediately. Sit down.
You look just the same
even after 40 years.
In childhood, I saw your first film.
What was the name?
'Hum Dono'.
You misunderstood.
I'm not an actor.
I'm Johnny,
your old student.
- Johnny, my ex-student!
Where were you my dear boy?
Your memory is so sharp
that you recognized me.
Our family is known for 2 things.
One is memory.
Once we see someone,
we never forget him.
And secondly..
Why are you all still here? You
won't get a leave. Get out!
May we go? - Get out, I said.
They need leave for
small reasons.
So tell me, Mr. Johnny Walker.
Johnny! - It's your name.
Let's roam in the streets.
Let's enjoy.
Let's rule the place.
- Let's not worry.
Let's not care.
- About the world.
All around, left and
right, everywhere.
People call us loafer.
Borivali, Kandivali,
Dombivali, Chandivali.
Go anywhere.
People know us and
so does Mumbai.
We are good at heart.
World is divided, we are united.
All around, left and
right, everywhere.
People call us loafer.
Fair cheeks, dark
haired beauty, wait.
You make my heart race,
you make me crave.
Why are you on the road?
Come here, we will
give you love.
All around, left and
right, everywhere.
People call us loafer.
Hello, mom.
- Hello. You look happy. What's the matter?
Today I enjoyed in the college.
- Made new friends?
Yes. Three. - Really?
Mother, where is sir?
At an Ex Army Men
Association programme.
He must be coming.
Again? - Yes. You have to fill
the Defence Academy forms.
He told me to get it done.
Mother, the army
isn't my cup of tea.
I hate guns and rifles.
Why don't you explain him?
Look, son. It's a
tradition of the family.
Not a tradition. Sir is adamant.
So what? You know
he has his way.
Even I'm his son. I'm adamant
about choosing my career.
Is it? - Yes.
Your career has been decided.
You have to join the army.
Fill the form.
Sir, please listen to me.
- Fill the form!
Sir, please listen to me.
- Fill the form!
How dare you disobey me!
You fool!
You have 48 hours to think.
If you stick to your decision,
you have to leave
this house forever.
Do you understand?
Get out.
You are his son, why
don't you obey him?
Mother, what's your wish?
- I just want you to be..
Speak up!
Tell me.
My son!
Come I'll tie a bandage.
Saw the result of eve teasing?
You are injured.
Which girl has the
guts to hit me?
The girl's father must have
given the gift of love.
There is no girl in my life.
Sir would kill me.
Then what do you dream of?
Army parade?
Left right, Right about turn?
I dream of a girl.
- Who? Sri Devi?
Who Sri Devi? - The actress!
No. - Thank god!
Because she is my dream girl.
Naughty boy! Who
do you dream of?
I dream of a girl.
When I go near her.
Enough! - Keep quiet.
She disappears. - Damn!
This is a serious case.
He needs help.
He needs help.
- When will you help?
How will you help?
We came to a wrong place.
- Shut up!
Real men come here.
- What if we are caught?
Then they will say
we have grown up.
Have you been here? I'm scared.
Sir will hit me.
Don't worry. We are with you.
- Sir, listen to me.
Sir listen to me!
He is smaller than us too!
So cute.
Come with me. I'll take
you to a nice place.
You'll enjoy there.
I love you, I'm in love.
I'm ruined in your love.
I love you, I'm in love.
Why did you get
children here, Lambu?
The police will catch
you, understood?
No Leelabai. They were
lost in the street.
I brought them to
the right place.
This evening rain is beautiful.
Let's get drenched.
I have slipped on
the road of love.
Come darling, I like you.
I waited for sixteen years.
I love you, I'm in love.
Have you come for the first time?
- No I come everyday. Isn't it?
Why do you act smart?
- I'll kill you. How long will you wait?
You will give in one day.
- Jaggu!
Leelabai just deal with her.
She is so adamant.
Listen, I am very crazy. And
I will beat her very badly.
Jaggu, she is new. Be patient.
Things will be all right.
Where will she go? One
day she will agree.
Everything will be fine.
Why are you getting angry?
Welcome, officer.
It's your own house.
Leelabai is waiting for you.
Have a drink and enjoy.
My dream girl is in front of me,
Whom I asked for in my
prayers, I found her.
My wishes have come true.
My hopes came alive.
I'm so happy!
Her odour mingles in my breath.
Beautiful young damsel.
Where are you going?
To a friend's party.
- Don't be late.
I need some money. - How much?
Rs. 100. I need to buy a gift.
Need love or money?
I need money for love.
- Take. Enjoy yourself.
You? Didn't you come last night?
Leelabai, I told him he
would come again and again.
I'm small but I talk big.
Isn't it?
Whom will you go to?
Paro? Go.
Are you Paro?
Is your name Paro? - No.
Then what's your name?
If your name isn't
Paro, what is it?
Why do you ask?
- Out of curiosity.
I need to know your
name before I know you.
No problem. I'll say first.
My name is SajanSood.
I study in college. - You study?
Yes. I'm doing my first year.
Which subjects?
- Were you studying?
I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.
Please don't mind my words.
I'm an idiot.
I'll leave now.
Major! You are here. I
searched the entire college.
Are you worried? - No, nothing.
Any problem at home?
No. There is all
attention at home.
Right! Financial worries.
Don't worry.
My rich father has returned.
You will get money.
I'm getting a jeep
on my birthday!
On your 50th birthday?
- Be there on my birthday.
I'm leaving.
Buddha. - Yes?
Can you lend me Rs. 100?
- Rs. 100?
Sorry. Not Rs. 100.
It's a small amount.
People forget to return it.
And I can't ask for it.
Hence keep a big amount of Rs.
I'll give you more
to buy me a present.
I have to buy a gift but not for you.
For someone else.
Hello! How are you?
- Did Jaggu send you?
No, I came on my own.
Why do you come?
- I like to come.
What do you like?
- To see you. To meet you.
Do you stay nearby?
- No. At Juhu.
Where is Juhu?
- You don't even know where Juhu is?
It's near the sea at Santacruz.
- Your house is at the sea shore?
Strange! Haven't you
seen Juhu yet, Paro?
My name isn't Paro. These
people have named me.
If you aren't Paro,
then what's your name?
Kajal. - Kajal?
If you told me earlier, I
wouldn't have made this mistake.
What mistake? - I would've bought
you kohl instead of this clip.
Good you didn't get kohl. - Why?
It would've flowed away.
Are you here of your own wish?
How is it? - Very beautiful.
Please wear it in your hair.
Thank you. - For what?
You accepted my gift.
- On one condition.
Next time whenever you come,
don't get gifts for me.
Are you sure, I'll
come here again?
Kajal can I come
to meet you again?
Come, surely come.
Girls like you should
welcome all clients,
who come to my brothel
in this manner.
But never elope with
any prostitute.
Today he tried to elope with
a girl from my brothel.
Tomorrow some other may do it.
Then what will you
agents be left with?
Just imagine if one by
one all the prostitutes,
from the brothel elope
with their lovers,
then who will run the business?
You won't even earn a penny.
Don't look into my eyes.
Look down at my shoes.
This silly lover, tried to
elope with a girl from,
my brothel and thought
he would escape me.
This world is very big
but within my reach.
You fool, you can't
take a hotel bed home.
Did you think, I run this
brothel for men like you,
to come and wed my girls?
I trade in flesh. I don't
run a marriage bureau.
You scoundrel, if I kill you!
It will exemplify the rest of the girls.
My business will do good!
If you die!
Give the can.
Remove the gag from his mouth,
so that all lovers
can hear him scream.
Dhanraj! 00:47:06:0500:47:08:11Dhanraj,
you Idiot. Stupid!
Scum, we are curse you.
Any lover will kill you.
Lover, fool.
God! - What happened sir?
What is happening in this world?
A girl was burnt alive
on the road with petrol.
God! - Look at her photo.
She is too young to die.
It has happened twice
in six months.
Last time also a girl was burnt.
Sir, whoever did this
will die soon too.
Do I make your tea?
- Yes and listen.
Give one cup tea to ma'am upstairs.
- Yes.
Make two cups of tea.
Constable! Welcome, friend!
I was passing by and thought
of paying you a visit.
Make tea for the policeman.
- Make it tasty.
Colonel, how is your
wife and Sajan?
They are all right but
my mood is very bad.
Why? - Because of you.
Because of me? Why?
Did you read about this girl been burnt?
- Yes.
What kind of police commissioner are you?
Can't you do anything?
I can do many things but
I'm waiting for a chance.
Dhanraj is behind
all these crimes.
Dhanraj? - He is a big .
He runs brothels in the city!
He kidnaps girls and
deals in flesh.
He has a big network.
But Colonel, we don't have a
single proof to arrest him.
Because not only criminals, even
many police officials support him.
I see. Not only criminals even
police officials support him! -Yes.
Then there's only one solution.
- What?
Army rule. Shoot at sight,
kill that bloody man.
No, Colonel, army
rule isn't needed.
Look, you won't get
such a girl anywhere.
She's good. - She's a virgin.
Do you need some refreshments?
I need nothing. - A new chick!
Where did you trap me!
This woman is mad.
She hit me with a
bottle on my head.
What happened, sir?
If she's new, why did
you take me to her?
Tell me, you idiot!
- No, sir. She isn't mad.
But she has driven all of
us crazy since she came.
Today I'll teach her a lesson.
Will you agree or not?
- What are you doing! Will you kill her?
Yes, I'll kill her.
She acts smart.
She spoils my business.
Today a daily customer
got upset and went away.
She is ruining the
reputation of this brothel.
What does she think of herself?
Stop, Jaggu! Be gentle,
everything will be fine.
What are you saying!
If Dhanraj comes to collect
money, will you be answerable?
Yes, I'll answer him.
Think wisely, Leelabai.
You will have to pay a price
for loving this girl.
Love is always priceless, Jaggu!
But lovers care a damn
about it's price.
Don't cry, child.
Your tears won't
solve your problems.
Hello! Are you asleep?
Kajal are you asleep?
See I came again.
Hello, Kajal.
My God!
Jaggu hit you again?
Even animals don't
deserve such thrashings!
How inhuman he is!
I'll break his head.
It's useless. - As in?
It's my fate, it seems.
It seems all this torture
and this place is my destiny.
No, Kajal, this torture
and this dark place
isn't your destiny.
There is a vast and
beautiful world,
outside this place.
That is your destiny.
I haven't seen anything
beyond these walls.
Let's go now.
But they won't let us go.
I'll bury that Jaggu alive!
Don't ask Jaggu anything.
Just ask Leelabai.
Leelabai, I want
to take Paro out.
You intend to elope with her?
- No.
We shall roam around.
- Silly boy! He will roam around!
Be careful. If something happens
to her, Dhanraj won't spare you.
Forget Dhanraj, I'm
enough for this boy.
I can handle many such boys.
Leelabai, I'll just take
her out for a stroll.
How dare you stare
at me that way!
You're acting smart with me?
Get lost!
Don't touch me. Warn him Leelabai.
- Jaggu, listen to me.
He wants to take Paro out.
Let him take her.
If you say so, I'll allow him.
C'mon give money. - Money?
Do you think, she'll
go free of cost?
Give me Rs. 2000.
2000! - What happened? Now
you don't intend to go?
I don't have it now. But
I'll arrange for it.
All right. Come, when
you have the money.
Get lost.
Leelabai, take care of Paro.
I'll leave.
Did you take Rs. 200
from my wallet?
Yes sir. - Why?
There was an urgent need.
- What need? Why did you steal?
Sajan, why don't you reply?
Why did you steal?
Why did you steal?
- Stop it please, for god's sake!
It may be some urgent matter, as
he has never done this before.
I know, what urgent work he had.
He needed money for his notorious reasons.
Hence he started stealing.
But I won't tolerate my son
to be a notorious boy.
I won't spare you, if you
give him money henceforth.
Today onwards he won't get pocket money.
Do you understand?
Now come. It's enough.
- Get lost!
'I haven't seen anything
beyond these walls.'
'Do you think, she'll
go free of cost?'
'Give me 2000.'
'I won't spare you, if you
give him money henceforth.'
'Today onwards he won't get pocket money.
Do you understand?'
Damn it!
Driver, stop here.
- Here? This bungalow is of our Colonel.
How much? - Rs. 30.75.
Here. - Thank you.
Abdul uncle!
I'm sitting and waiting for you.
With hopes in my heart.
Who knows,
when my love will come to me!
Sajan come to me now.
I'm waiting for you.
Come and show me your face.
Sajan come to me now.
I'm burning like a lamp.
I'm melting like a candle wax!
In morning or at night, I
write your name on the walls.
Before I die of torture,
come and meet me dear.
Sajan come to me now.
Abdul uncle! - Sajan!
I can't understand your drama.
Are you a man or a ghost?
You drive the taxi at night and
attend college at daytime!
How long will this go on?
If sir comes to know, he won't even
consider, I was his ex-driver!
And he will throw
me out of the city!
What is going on?
- You better not ask me, uncle!
So much money! Did
you rob a passenger?
It's my hard earned money.
But Sajan, why do
you work so hard?
It's not for me but
for my girlfriend.
Sir, Sajan has stopped
attending college completely.
We came to find the
reason for his absence.
Sir, he isn't interested
in studies at all.
You explain him,
this isn't right.
You scared me! - We intended to!
To tell everything
to your father and
get you in soup.
But you are lucky that
he isn't at home.
Thank god! - Come,
tell us everything from A to Z.
Come tell us. - What?
Why you have disappeared
from college?
Now c'mon baby, out with it!
- It's nothing!
I was just a bit busy.
- Don't fool me.
I've had 35 affairs and
the 36th is going on!
These are the signs of love.
- Have you lost your mind?
Don't hide from your own friends.
Who is she?
Is she from our college?
- Else from your area?
She met you on the road?
- Else in a hotel?
Are you here to waste my time?
No, to remind you it's
Buddha's birthday today!
There's a big party.
If you don't come,
the prank we played
will come true!
As in, we will complain to
Colonel about you! - Yes!
Tell Buddha, not
today, some other day.
No, the party is today. And
you will have to come.
You may get her along! We
friends will be there!
Will you come? - Sure?
I will.
He has come! Paro!
Paro! He has come!
But remember, if
you misguide her,
else take her somewhere, I'll kill you, ok?
Now get lost.
Jaggu, I feel he is
from a good family.
He will keep his word.
Take her but bring
her back on time.
How do you feel? - I feel good!
Dream of love!
- Seems to be true!
How do you feel? - I feel good!
Dream of love!
- Seems to be true!
You are near to me!
- It's my good luck!
You are my heartthrob!
- You are my happiness!
I can't stay without you!
How do you feel? - I feel good!
Dream of love!
- Seems to be true!
You are near to me!
- It's my good luck!
You are my happiness!
-You are my heartthrob!
I can't stay without you!
How do you feel? - I feel good!
Dream of love!
- Seems to be true!
Everywhere there is happiness!
- I saw this world first time.
Everywhere there is happiness!
- I saw this world first time.
We are away from cruel world.
- We are away from sorrows.
Let's pray we never
bear torture!
How do you feel? - I feel good!
Dream of love!
- Seems to be true!
Don't break the promise of love.
- Don't ever leave me alone.
Don't break the promise of love.
- Don't ever leave me alone.
I won't be able to bear tears.
I won't be able to
survive without you.
Let's take a vow, we shall
listen to each other.
How do you feel? - I feel good!
Dream of love!
- Seems to be true!
You are near to me!
- It's my good luck!
You are my happiness!
- You are my heartthrob!
I can't stay without you!
How do you feel? - I feel good!
Dream of love!
- Seems to be true!
Hello, handsome! - Hello!
Major! - Buddha!
Happy birthday! - Thank you!
Good you came. I was about to
send Refill to your father.
What are you saying! By
the way, meet Kajal.
This is Kajal? C'mon
seek my blessings!
Touch his feet.
No, don't. I was just joking.
Tempo, Refill, come on here!
Hello, buddy! - Hello, Refill!
Hello! Will you have some?
- No, it will be less for you!
This night and this party is ours.
Hence enjoy yourself!
Come. - She is good, isn't she?
Excuse me, I'm at your
disposal, Your highness!
Your highness!
She doesn't wish to dance with you.
- But why? What's wrong in it?
Why are you creating trouble?
Your wife is here.
Dance with your wife.
Ketty control him.
Ketty, get aside! I'll
dance only with this girl.
Mahesh! You are drunk, else!
- You don't challenge me!
You get a to my
party and challenge me!
How dare you!
What nonsense is this!
Mahesh, why do you
spoil Buddha's party?
He called her a !
He spoilt the party! By
getting a prostitute!
You dare utter a word
more, I'll kill you!
Sajan, what is all this?
She is a ! Ask
her whereabouts!
Sajan, why don't
you say something?
Who is she?
- I'll tell you. She is a !
She is from Faras Road.
Isn't she?
Yes, she is from Faras Road.
She stays at Dhanraj's brothel.
But she isn't a prostitute.
She is as innocent
as your sister.
If you don't believe, she
doesn't trade in her flesh.
Tell me, don't you believe?
If you want a proof,
then here it is.
These are the bruises she gets.
This is a certificate of her clean
character of her innocence.
Now anybody wants
to know, who she is
and where she has come from?
Ask, why are you all quiet?
No one wants to ask anything?
But I want to ask
this noble character,
why he went to Faras road?
Although he has a wife,
whom did he go to meet
in Dhanraj's brothel?
Answer me, you idiot!
- Sajan, stop!
He abused my Kajal!
She is my life! And if you
say anything about her,
I'll kill you! Remember this.
No, Sajan!
Take me back from here, Sajan.
Leave me guys.
Kajal, don't undermine yourself.
You are much greater
than these lowly people.
Come with me.
Darling, take it easy.
Kajal are you upset with me?
- No.
Then why were you scared
of those lowly people,
who have narrow
thoughts and outlook?
Nothing they have.
They scream, abuse,
but they can't give support
or courage to others.
They can't help others.
Never fear men like Mahesh.
They are like stray dogs,
who bark at all passers by.
Why to bother?
I don't fear them. I'm worried
about your reputation.
They will spoil it.
My reputation was at stake,
when I came for the first
time to Dhanraj's brothel.
But all fears vanished on
meeting you except one,
that my dream to meet
you would shatter.
Reality is very different
from dreams Sajan!
And the reality is that
there are Leelabai, Jaggu
and Dhanraj's
brothel between us.
Not even Leelabai,
Jaggu or Dhanra,j
can stop the girl, who
leaves her house and comes.
There is a difference
in a house and a jail.
Doors of a house
open at our wish.
But the jail's door opens
with warden's wish.
Then tell me your wish,
the rest I'll handle.
Is there anything left to tell?
- No.
But I need to ask you one thing.
How did you land into the
hands of these people?
it's a frightening story.
I don't know,
if you will be able to hear it.
It's a real torture that I bore.
In a mountain valley,
a deep valley,
there was a small house.
My grandfather and grandmother,
who raised me with love.
And my father was very nice.
He taught at a school
but he passed away.
Once he went to school
and never returned.
When the earner in a house
dies, the house gets ruined.
Grandfather's minimal
pension was insufficient.
Things worsened.
Then I decided to take my
father's place and work.
I sent applications and
letters to many places.
I got calls but I had
no money to travel.
A company from Mumbai
sent me a call letter.
There was travel fare too. I felt
god had answered my prayers.
I came to Mumbai and went
to the address mentioned.
Many interviewers were there.
They saw my application again.
They asked many questions
about my house and my family.
I told them the truth.
I was given Rs.1000 as an
advance to send money home.
I met the same man
outside the post office,
who took my interview.
He gave me a lift in his car.
I sat in the car.
But I didn't think
of the consequences.
I found myself at
Dhanraj's brothel.
I screamed a lot to escape.
But nobody listened.
Then I decided to kill myself.
Suddenly you came.
I saw a ray of
hope in your eyes.
I want to live, Sajan!
But not in that dark room,
not in that brothel.
I want to live Sajan!
Darkness is over. Now the
daylight is shining!
Come with me. - Where?
To my house.
What kind of a boy am I?
- A very good boy.
Do you love me a lot?
- What childish questions!
Tell me, mother! - You're dearer
than anything in this world.
will you love the
girl, whom I love?
What do you mean? - Kajal.
Mother, she is Kajal.
I love her.
Come, child.
Greetings. - Bless you.
This boy is silly. Without
informing me he got you here.
If he had told earlier, I would've
come to your house to see you.
Mother, Kajal has no house.
Her parents have died.
Then with whom do you stay here?
I.. - Mother, she stays in a
brothel with prostitutes.
What nonsense are you talking!
- It's true.
I've decided, she'll never go back.
She'll stay here.
This is a very serious
matter, Sajan.
We can't take decisions
for anyone this way.
Her life's decision was
finalized the day,
she was brought to the brothel.
Today she's come to
appeal against it.
Say, what is your justice?
How dare you go to the brothels
and get a girl to my house!
I'll slaughter you.
Sir, listen to me. Kajal is of a
good character and decent family.
No prostitute can be
of a good character.
At least you don't abuse
her the way the world has!
I'm no different
from this world.
And you too have to
stay in this world.
If your world is like this,
then I don't want this world.
Where all the rights of
a girl are taken away.
Right to have her own relations!
Where a human being is kept as an
inanimate object in the market.
Where she is sold and bought
and her value is set!
I don't want this world.
- You dared to retaliate!
Don't hit him!
You are a curse to us! You
have ruined our lives!
Don't hit him!
- I'll kill you. Yes, I'll kill you.
I'll go away from here.
No! Wherever you go,
you will be with me.
You Idiot,
I'll kill you.
Yes. Kill me! But I'll
never leave Kajal!
Get out! You can't stay in
my house being a rebel.
If love means rebelling, if
supporting someone is rebelling,
then, yes, I'm a rebel.
And I'll do what a rebel does.
Let's go, Kajal.
How do you feel? - I feel good!
Dream of love!
- Seems to be true!
Let the world say anything,
I won't break my promise.
If I have a companion like you,
why should I fear this world?
It's my wish, I want to bear
sorrows and happiness with you.
How do you feel? - I feel good!
Dream of love!
- Seems to be true!
Wake up Sajan!
What happened?
What happened?
Sajan, I saw a bad dream,
that Jaggu killed you.
You are still scared of Jaggu.
Don't worry.
Nothing will happen to us.
Those are horrible people.
A girl tried to elope,
but Dhanraj burnt her alive.
We can't escape them Sajan!
- We can and we will escape.
We shall go to the police.
No. Sushmi said that Dhanraj
pays the policemen too.
God forbid, what if
we fall in trouble!
Then we shall go far from here.
Very far, where Dhanraj
can't even think of.
What if he doesn't think of us?
I'll always have a fear,
some day someone may find us!
It's very difficult to
live a fearful life!
What? We can neither
go home, nor police,
nor to far off place!
Where do we go?
We will go to the brothel Sajan.
- Brothel! Are you crazy?
You came out of it with difficulty
and you want to go back!
You won't mention about
the brothel again.
Just for a little while.
I'll meet Leelabai.
She is very good.
I'm saved due to her.
She is kind hearted. She
will surely help us.
Once will you come to her?
If she can't do anything,
then I'll do as you say.
Sajan will you come?
Please for my sake!
What are you saying?!
I request you to do something,
so that they let me go from here
and they don't harm Sajan too.
You are asking for
something impossible.
This can't happen, child!
Many roads lead to this place,
but just one road of death
goes out from here.
And that too with
Dhanraj's awareness.
You called me your
child, Leelabai!
Being a mother can't you
do this for your child?
Does this boy love you truly?
He left his house
for me, Leelabai!
Today if I had my own house,
I would've married you,
to this boy with great pomp.
But I'm helpless in the
present situation.
Here, either people are
killed or emotions.
God knows, how many people
will be killed for your sake!
Leelabai, Kajal will
certainly leave this place.
It's up to you to decide,
whether she leaves
happily or unhappily.
There is only one option.
You speak to Dhanraj.
He may be touched by
your true feelings.
Where can I meet him?
At Dhanraj Palace.
He meets people there.
How are things going?
- Everything is fine.
What brings you here?
- I have come to request you.
Tell me, what is the request?
A girl lives at your brothel.
I'll be obliged if
you release her.
Why? Is she your lost sister?
She is nobody for me
and nobody for you.
She is in your possession.
Please release her, sir.
Why? Are you in love with her?
- Yes.
You school boys
are really fools.
On meeting the first
girl in life,
you want to give
your life for them!
There is nothing called love.
Rich and respectable men have
given their sexual desires,
the name of love.
It's rubbish. Leave
it, forget it.
You seem to be from a
respectable family.
Tell your father to marry you
to a girl from good family.
You can't take a
prostitute home.
Are you trying to coax me?
I don't show mercy.
Once a girl enters my
brothel, she can't leave.
Sir, I beg you.
Please release Kajal.
Don't irritate me, just go away.
Sir, I'm ready to do anything.
I'll earn money and pay you.
But please release her.
You will earn money for me?
- Yes, sir.
Get lost from here. Have you
come to buy a TV on instalment?
Sir, please don't refuse! - Hey!
Sir, please don't refuse!
- Get lost from here.
C'mon, get out!
Chhote take him away and
throw him in a drain.
Dhanraj, not me, you
will land into a drain.
Release her.
- Beat him up so much
that he never goes to the brothel.
- I won't go without Kajal.
Take him away.
- I won't go without Kajal.
Leave her Dhanraj!
He seems to be a true lover.
Not like you.
Thrash him up! Take him away!
- I won't go from here.
Let's go!
- I won't go from here.
Look, who is he?
This is our Major! He may die!
Take him to the hospital.
- Let's go.
I won't die.
I won't die.
Leelabai! Balbir has come.
Leelabai! Dhanraj's
brother, Balbir has come!
You both be seated,
I'll see him.
Today is lucky for us!
Say, what is your command, Mr.
I've come to see the girl.
- You are looking for the girl?
Sir at least be comfortable
for a while and have a drink!
I'll present to you
all the girls.
Lambu! - Yes!
Bring all the girls for him!
See who is here. - Greeting.
Forget these girls.
Where is she?
Who? - For whom that
boy went crazy.
Which boy?
- The one who came to my brother.
He was begging to
release his girl.
Where is he? - He must be dead!
Say that you are lying!
Say that Sajan is safe!
Say that Dhanraj
has released me!
Please, tell me.
Tell me.
So this is the one!
She is good!
You all!
Take her away!
You can't take her away!
- Let me go.
You can't take her away!
- Go do your work.
Put her in the car.
- Balbir, she isn't fit for you.
Let her go.
- Why? Is she your daughter?
Yes, she is my daughter.
- Go get lost.
I'll take her with me.
- Leave me!
Come on. Let's go.
Take her. - Let's go.
He is still alive!
Come on, go back.
- Wha's the matter?
Leave her, you scoundrel!
C'mon, Kajal!
Hit him! You rogue! Trying to bully us.
- Let's go.
Sushmi, you quickly
take her and run away.
Okay. - Go.
What's going on!
Come on, hurry up!
C'mon, Paro!
Buddha, Tempo, Refill c'mon!
Tempo, Refill come fast!
Tempo! - Refill!
Open the door!
Open the door.
Open! - Move!
Run after them, catch them!
Catch them!
Take out the car! - Hurry up!
You cheat! Even you
supported them!
Sir, what are you
doing to my sister!
I said, she is my sister.
What is her fault?
You will know now.
Take both of them to my brother.
Take her away!
- Don't touch my sister.
Leave my sister! I
am telling you!
Speak the truth, Jaggu!
I like to listen to the truth.
I'm telling the truth, sir!
I didn't take money
to let her elope.
I agree, you are an honest man
and your sister didn't puncture
the tyre of Balbir's jeep too.
But did the girl elope or not?
- Yes.
From where?
From your brothel.
- Hasn't the news spread?
Yes. - What news spread?
That a girl from my brothel eloped
despite of my men's presence.
Now tell me, is my
reputation spoilt or not?
And who looks after my brothel?
You! - Yes, sir.
That means you are responsible
for my name being spoilt.
Punish me.
I'll bear my sister's
share of punishment too.
Punishment will be surely given.
If one after the other
all girls elope,
my brothel will become empty.
But he is my old employee.
He was very young
when I helped him.
Her sister was even younger. She
was in his lap at that time.
He is my old employee.
He is a kid.
If it was someone else,
I would've turned him into
ice in my ice factory!
But I have thought of a
right punishment for him.
His sister will do the trade
in place of that girl.
No! - No!
No, sir! Sushmi is my sister!
Now you remember!
The girls whom you forced to do the
trade were also somebody's sisters!
No! In our business, there's no
consideration for relations.
Only benefits are considered.
Sir, give me one chance.
I'll find them.
They will be found anyway!
They can't escape.
I have told Inspector D'Souza.
Inquiry is going on.
You tell me. Yes or no?
Sushmi! - No.
Sir, have mercy!
Sushmi is my sister.
Have some mercy!
What are you doing!
No! Leave me!
Sir, tell them to stop!
Sir, she is my sister.
- Leave me.
No. - Sir, have mercy on me.
Leave me!
Bhaiji! Don't do it, Bhaiji!
You are my guardian, Bhaiji!
Have some mercy!
Have some mercy, Bhaiji!
You forced other men's
sisters into the trade.
When it's your sister's turn,
you are crying? Get lost!
Sir, have mercy!
Yes? - Good evening sir.
Good evening. What's the matter?
I'm looking for your son, Sajan.
Where is he?
He is dead for me.
It's better not to
have such a child.
What crime has Sajan
committed, Inspector?
He has kidnapped a girl.
- Which girl?
She was a prostitute
at Dhanraj's brothel.
That same prostitute.
- I feared this would happen.
We threw him out of our
house and he got lost.
Your son is in
great danger, sir!
To take away the girl he
fought with many men,
thrashed Dhanraj's
brother badly,
his 3 men were wounded and
landed in a hospital.
Sajan. - Yes.
He thrashed Dhanraj's
brother and
landed his 3 men into a hospital?
- Yes.
All this Sajan did? - Yes.
I hope you aren't lying like other
cops, who exaggerate things.
I don't need to lie.
I can't imagine my useless
son would turn out so bold!
What are you saying, sir?
You are praising him
for kidnapping a girl!
No, not for kidnapping the girl
but for thrashing the goons.
Whatever the reason, officer,
he did a commendable job.
Why not?
Fathers like you spoil them
and we face the trouble.
You won't understand,
Inspector but I'll tell you.
I wanted Sajan to join the army,
to make him a brave soldier.
He didn't join the army
but he has proved, he is
the bravest among all.
You are with me in
the moonlit night.
You are with me in
the moonlit night.
The soft wind is blowing,
my heart is paining.
The soft wind is blowing,
my heart is paining.
I can't bear the pain,
my lips are trembling!
You are with me in
the moonlit night.
You are with me in
the moonlit night.
The soft wind is blowing,
my heart is paining.
The soft wind is blowing,
my heart is paining.
I can't bear the pain,
my lips are trembling!
You are with me in
the moonlit night.
You are with me in
the moonlit night.
I'm burning with a cold desire,
I can't take my
eyes off your body!
I'm burning with a cold desire,
I can't take my
eyes off your body!
Don't say such things, my
heart flutters with worry.
Don't say such things, my
heart flutters with worry.
I'm getting restless, my
hand is in your hand.
You are with me in
the moonlit night.
You are with me in
the moonlit night.
I'm lost in your dreams, my
eyes are awake, I'm asleep.
I'm lost in your dreams, my
eyes are awake, I'm asleep.
My darling, I can't
sleep without you,
My darling, I can't
sleep without you,
What will happen to us in future?
This is just the beginning!
You are with me in
the moonlit night.
You are with me in
the moonlit night.
The soft wind is blowing,
my heart is paining.
The soft wind is blowing,
my heart is paining.
I can't bear the pain,
- My lips are trembling!
In the moonlit night.
- You are with me.
In the moonlit night.
- You are with me.
You are with me in
the moonlit night.
'The soft wind is blowing,
my heart is paining,'
'I can't bear the pain,'
'My lips are shivering!'
In the moonlit night. - C'mon!
You are with me in the
moonlit night.- C'mon!
Give the money.
Come here, take. Thank you.
Bye! Thank you.
You are with me in
the moonlit night.
Jaggu. Jaggu.
Hold yourself Jaggu.
God bless you, you brought
our daughter back.
We'll forever be
indebted to you.
But child, where were you?
Grandmother, you won't be
able to hear my story.
It's scarier than a nightmare.
As in?
I'll tell you the
frightening story.
One innocent girl, in
a big city of Mumbai!
A lonely girl and such
a big responsibility!
Full day and full night
she would be busy.
She never had time to be free.
But child, what
kept you so busy?
I was..
- I'll tell you, grandfather!
She was doing the tough job,
of counting days!
Counting days? - Yes.
Counting days is very tough.
What is the day today?
- Saturday.
Saturday. But in America
it's still Friday.
But in New Zealand
it's already Sunday.
Three days on one day.
And each day has so many
hours, minutes and seconds!
Now, isn't it a tough
job to count days?
Yes. And hence she was
unable to write a letter.
We can talk about it later.
Come, refresh yourselves.
Come on. Let me
show you our house.
I'll arrange for
something to eat.
Why didn't you let me tell
grandmother the truth?
Lost friends and some
memories are painful.
Why do you wish to cause
pain to these people?
Make them share your happiness.
Let them share the
happiness of your freedom
and victory that
shines in your eyes!
You forgot to mention the
happiness of being close to you,
that is in my heart.
What's going on?
Sajan is telling a love
story to his lover.
Actor and Actress are
hugging and kissing.
I'll bang my head! - Why?
What are we three
doing between them?
We are playing a character
role in the story. - How?
You won't understand. Your
character is already bad!
We have a lot to do. Get
Sajan and Kajal married.
Why would you get them married?
Because I'm elder.
Elders are there in this house.
They will do the needful.
Yes grandfather?
I want to talk to you.
One story you told me.
But your condition,
tells me another story.
You can't travel long distance
with only clothes on your body.
My experience tells me,
Kajal was in great misery
from where you brought her.
If you want,
I'll tell you the truth.
No, son!
Some truths need
not be revealed.
I just want to know,
how long you will be with Kajal.
Grandfather, I vow to be
with Kajal all my life.
Sajan, today I have no worries.
May god bless you!
Love is the biggest promise.
Love is the biggest promise.
Even death can't
break this promise.
Love is the biggest promise.
Even death can't
break this promise.
I'll leave the happiness
of the world,
I'll leave the happiness
of the world,
but I'll never leave
you, my dear.
Love is the biggest promise.
Even death can't
break this promise.
I'll leave the happiness
of the world,
I'll leave the happiness
of the world,
but I'll never leave
you, my dear.
Love is the biggest promise.
Your music is in my breath,
your songs are in my heart.
Your music is in my breath,
your songs are in my heart.
This life isn't enough, I'll
be yours for many lives.
My love has blossomed,
my dreams are fulfilled.
If storms arrive,
they will recede.
I'll confront all
hardships for you.
Love is the biggest promise.
Even death can't
break this promise.
Our eyes met, I felt shy,
I'm lost, tell me why?
Our eyes met, I felt shy,
I'm lost, tell me why?
We fell in love at
the first sight.
New feelings are wonderful!
The world seems beautiful!
It can't be broken,
It can't be loosened,
We shall tie the knot strong.
Love is the biggest promise.
Even death can't
break this promise.
I'll leave the happiness
of the world.
I'll leave the happiness
of the world,
but I'll never leave
you, my dear.
Love is the biggest promise.
Hello. - Hello, mother!
Sajan! Where are you?
How are you?
How could you leave the
house and go away?
I didn't leave,
sir threw me out.
He is an angry man,
not your enemy.
A father is never an enemy.
Here, talk to him.
He'll help you.
Mother, I don't need
anybody's help.
Let things bygone be gone.
Kajal is released.
And tomorrow we
will get married.
What? You will marry without us?
Sajan is getting married?
Yes mother!
You bloody fool! Silly boy!
What happened?
He disconnected the call!
Where did Sajan call from?
The operator said Ooty.
Let's go to Ooty.
I want to see my
son a bridegroom.
I won't go.
- You know he is adamant.
Even if we don't go,
he will get married.
Then even though you disapprove,
she will be your daughter in law.
Colonel Sood's daughter in law.
Vandana, if he doesn't need us,
then even we don't need him.
We need him. He is our only son!
We should partake of his
sorrows and happiness.
It's our duty as his parents,
to be there at his wedding.
Don't talk nonsense Vandana!
I won't break my
principles for a rebel.
So you won't come? - No.
Don't come!
Stick to your false principles.
But throw the photo, you
keep seeing day and night.
It shows you're vulnerable.
You are crumbled at your heart.
And it's a rule of war, a
crumbled soldier surrenders.
first time in my life, I'm
speechless in front of you!
I'll make up your forehead,
I'll beautify your face,
I'll dress you up,
I'll make you my bride!
I'll deck you up
with my own hands,
I'll take you in my
arms and give you love.
I'll deck you up
with my own hands,
I'll take you in my
arms and give you love.
Your charm will enhance,
my love has the powers,
I will make you wear the
garland of flowers.
How do you feel?
I feel good!
Dream of love...
Seems to be true!
Whose wedding is taking place?
A wedding is always of
bride and bridegroom, sir!
Don't talk rubbish.
What is your name?
Sajan. But we didn't
do anything wrong!
Elders have consented
to our marriage.
Is the girl's name
Paro alias Kajal?
Yes. - You both come
to the police station.
What is their mistake?
- He has kidnapped this girl.
A kidnapper never
brings a girl home.
He takes her away from home.
But I got her home!
I don't know.
The police report says, you all
fought and got the girl here.
She will be arrested
and sent back.
Constable arrest them!
Please hear me out!
Go away! - Please listen!
What's going on?
Why did they throw us out?
Come! But never elope
with any prostitute.
Come here!
Come on. Come on here!
Come here.
Hey, Move.
What is this?
This girl is dressed as a bride!
D'Souza picked themup
from the wedding altar?
Had I been a bit latethey
would have got married.
Bloody hell!That was too bad.
You didn't let a girlfulfill
her only desire!
You didn't let her
get married!Too bad.
Never mind. Ill do it.
I'll fulfill her only desire.
I will get her married.
You are very fond ofbecoming
a bride, aren't you?
Answer me!
Hey! I will make you a bride!
How will she speak?Her
mouth is stuffed.
Remove the gag. Quick!
She will become a bride!I'll
make you a bride!
Now speak!Whose bride will
you become?Now speak!
His?It is no use.
You will become a widowbefore
your henna dries.
Look for someone else!
How about this, baldy?
No? Bloody hell.
Come here! Move.
How about this fatso?
Come here.And this short guy?
No? Come here.
Yes. Jaggu, hes perfect.
He is still mourning
for his sister!
Brother, make arrangementsfor
the retinue. Yes.
Don't forget the music. Yes.
And yes! Do get a priestto
get them married. Okay.
Who will do there
marriage rituals.
We will set up a
canopy here!- Yes.
As two of our loversare
getting married.
It should be a grand affair!
Are you serious, boss?!
Dhanraj never jokes!
She will get marriedand
everybody will see!
She will get married with Idiot.
A dozen grooms willspend
their nights with her!
Hey, phone our
important clients.
Ask them to come
to bid the price.
Dhanraj, what madness is this?!
What do you think Madam Leela?
Am I not going
madbecause of all this?
I'm going mad with anger!
Take her along anddress
her up like a bride!
As one dresses up a horsefor
an auction in the marketplace!
Otherwise,I will lay
so many corpses here,
..that it will bedifficult
to count even.
Don't kill anybody,
..or I won'tbe able to
take care of the problem.
What! You won'tbe
able to take care?
What will you do?I have taken
careof you all my life.
Release him.
Go! Go away!
Boss, please.. - Get lost.
Don't pick on my brains!
All of you at the windows,
listen carefully!
See how much control
Dhanraj has on all men!
After witnessing
their punishment,
no girl will dare to
elope from my brothel.
Younger brother - Yes?
Cut him into small pieces
and put them in our
factory's freezer.
Yes. - So that his love
becomes an ice candy!
C'mon, take him away! - Dhanraj!
I'll kill you!
Dhanraj, I won't let
this injustice happen.
Let them go. Don't
take their curse.
You cheated me and
made me a prostitute.
I don't mind even
if you kill me.
But don't destroy true lovers.
Let them go!
Sexy! You dress her
up as a bride.
And don't act smart, else
you too will be killed.
Brother, you dress Jaggu as a groom.
- Yes.
A wedding procession has
never passed this brothel.
Come on.
- Today a procession
will make me famous here.
Dress her up as a bride.
Come up.
Thrash him well.
After he dies, your marriage
procession will begin.
You will be the groom
after he dies.
Where are you going?
Forgive me.
Sajan come to me now.
Sajan come to me now.
See the outcome of our love!
See the outcome of our love!
Moments of unity turned
into separation!
See the outcome of our love!
Moments of unity turned
into separation!
My heart cries, when
your memories come.
Tell me, how do I
survive without you?
Sajan come to me now.
Sajan come to me now.
Stop the car! - Stop the car!
It's Colonel!
- What's the matter?
Who are you all?
- We are Sajan's friends.
But Sajan is in Ooty!
Sajan isn't in Ooty. He
was getting married,
when the police arrested us.
They threw us out of the van and the
cops took away Sajan and Kajal.
When we asked Ooty police,
they denied arresting them.
As in?
Dhanraj's men posed as
cops and got them here.
Dhanraj will kill them.
Please save them.
They must be at
Dhanraj's brothel, sir!
At Dhanraj's brothel? - Yes.
I'll change my uniform and come.
Sir, this uniform is for
protection of mankind.
And now they are in danger!
Sajan is in danger!
No! Let's go!
Come down.
Where is younger brother?
Where is younger brother?
Where is younger brother?
Where is younger brother?
Where is younger brother?
Where is younger brother?
Where is younger brother?
No! Move!
I won't spare him!
Where is younger brother?
Leave Dhanraj!
Else I'll kill her.
You scoundrel!
Where is Balbir?
Where is my younger brother?
Where is younger brother?
I have come, son! Carry on!
Yes sir! - Go.
You go left, you
right, you there.
Okay, sir.
C'mon, hit her.
Don't let her go. Catch her.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.
- Leave me! Let me go!
Where is he? - Wait!
Sir, please get up.
Sir, please get up.
I love you very much,
please don't leave me.
I'll obey you.
I won't leave you, sir!
I love you, sir.
Silly boy!
A small bullet can't
hurt Colonel Sood.
Yes sir.
Give me a hand.
Colonel Sood, we've been
looking for D'Souza for long.
He worked for Dhanraj.
Today all the girls of
this brothel will be free.
You mean my son did
nothing, Commissioner?
He should get an award
from the government.
Sir, whatever I
did was for love.
And only you can give me
my gift of love, sir!
No, my son.
Say father. - Father!
Father! - Father!
That's all right!
Kajal? - Go and get her.
Yes sir.
I'll make you my bride!
Major and Mrs. Major.
Come, meet father.
How do you feel? - I feel good!
Dream of love!
- Seems to be true!
How do you feel? - I feel good!
Dream of love!
- Seems to be true!
You are near to me!
- It's my good luck!
You are my heartthrob!
- You are my happiness!
I can't stay without you!
How do you feel? - I feel good!