Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (2017) Movie Script

The war ended, bahubali and bhlal dev
showed politeness and mercy.
But like bahubali defended his people.
By his impression, the queen
declared him the king..
The people were happy,
and queen was awaifi'ng for him.
Then the beast comes up,
who comes once In 26 years..
lt's the royal rules that the bride
of royal family goes to her test.
She's to go to temple bear foot
toward the beast holding re
fi'll the trouble goes away,
the feet shouldn't be stopped.
The queen..
Did you ever feel that you
should kill your mother.
l felt, the lap you should get It.
After his birth, your mother
gave him a half..
Then l feltto kill him
the seprafi'on In gold, kingdom,
and all the rights.
When she was giving him half
of evemhing, so l felt to kill her.
When he's giving the kingdom,
so l'm feeling to wreck his neck.
Do we kill him
lt's not your madhirapur.
Whats up you dog..
What to bark?
The bahuballi Is going
to get the kingdom..
Queen wanted you to know that..
lt happened that day,
my kingdom nominated to my brother.
And today my son's kingdom
Is going to nominated to his son.
Will my generafi'on stay
like a slave?
Why he's not nominated king.?
l'm disable so?
l've iron hand..
The reason Is not your disabality
your disable brain.
You dog, one who insult royals
will be executed.
Pardon me, think about killing
your wife..
You heared It..
No l'm dog, l smelled It.
She's the princess varohi.
lt Is said, there's no beaufi'ful
woman like her In enfi're india.
She hasn't shine In her eyes.
She don't deserve bahubali.
Find someone else.
Remember one thing, the girl will not
be only bahubali's wife but queen too
there shouldn't be any reason
to point her out
you called me..
Yes, you should go now for mission
this fi'me Is not good for that..
Why demi god's idol Is roaming In temple?
So the demi god can see
the problem of people.
When the future king goes out,
so he nds out the problem of poeple.
That old man ate my brain
telling me stories.
Till you'll come back, l'll nd the
princess for you ..
You're so amazing In this age.
You've not seen yet.
ln those days the girls never blinks
when l play with the sword.
This castle Is being build for you
this bow and arrow for you,
which can target 50 feet
l'm gem'ng this In exchange
ofgiving kingdom to younger brother.?
l'm not so low that l grief for
not gem'ng kingdom..
Your orders are on my eyelashes.
Don't insult me to give me gift.
What a power of veer bahadur.
There're some robbers,
and soldiers for catching them.
She's using sword like flash.
Who can she be?
l can't see veer bahadur.
Two go there, o tere.
And 10 people stay here.
You're like a horse, and hiding
behind the women, don't you feel shame?
Please forgive me, my nephew
Is the moron.
He can't do anything right,
so his family thorow him out.
His own family?
You're kind..lfyou teach him something,
so l'll be obliged for life.
He's tall, he can be soldier
If he learn to use sword.
l'll teach him
princess, no bodody Is more
religions than you In this kingdom.
Can't hit the o bird by one arrow.
Evemhing Is possible
for my sister.
You're teaching your
sister all this..
Will you choose one In purposals,
or l get you mary with my brother.
lt's a gada... you can't pick It up
lt's a spike, you can't hit It.
lt's a sword..
Ty It
tell me what do you know?
l know hide and seek, marbles
and girls don't let me
play with them
l'll teach you how to use sword.
Pick It up and hit.
l can't do It..
l'll show you again.
You hat It..
What happpned to you.
Princess Is coming.
Brave soldiers like you
shouldn't do It..
You may know It.
Yes, l forgot.
We've to go to hunfi'ng In morning,
the wildhog are ruining elds..
Farmers are complaining.
He scares with the mouse,
and taking him on hunfi'ng?
lf he'll come with me,
so he'll know what he can do.
Bring him
good hit.
Kumar verma amazing.
He killed wildhog alone.
Keep those corpse In cattle,
It will replic for new generafi'on
l was In doubt to see your acfi'ng
what did you tell your name.
This hands are wounded by war..
She's saying something..
He's just moron boy.
Call the bahadur.
You give him the spike..
He killed my nephew,
he hasn't loose his milk teeth
who's gonna mary him...
what do l do now?
Didn't you hear the physician?
Give him this medicine.
How can someone sleep
with a broken hand.
Who'll sing him lullaby
l don't know.
Will you sing a lullaby for him
lt's fi'me for worship demi god.
Bahubali reached to kundal village.
Bahubali Is acfi'ng like
being moron
why do he need It.
He's already moron.
But why? l think he fell In love
with the princess.
lt's her painfi'ng.
Kingdom and princess Is his..
l only should get It..
How come It possible.
Yu get the lover ofyour
younger brother,
because she don't know that
brother loves her, l'll move rst.
You didn't come In morning.
What happened..
l know..
The new planet raised In west side.
What're you saying.
l'm saying It..
Show me.
The beauty by whcih
beaufi'ness feels shy.
Who's she..
She's princess
since he saw this picture..
The planet changed the direcfi'ons.
Do you like the princess,
yes, l want that.
You're asking like she's a doll
why It's not possible..
She rejected the kingdom
lf l can't fulll his small desire,
so what kinda mother l am.
Send the gold to dev battalion
and also send the gold threat cloths
to royal family..
The royal sword of bhalladev.
Arrange the marriage with this sword.
Start preparafi'on for welcoming
the bride of our family.
The great queen writes to jaysena..
Handsome like kamdev..
Talented like great dev..
ln ght..the great warrior..
For my son..
l've selected your sister
as life partner for my son.
Send your sister to my kingdom
as my daughter-ln-law.
Till you'll come back. there'll be
a princess for you telling stories.
You selected her his life partner.
Vey big kings and prince sends
us purposal to bond relafi'on with us.
But our queen Is kind on you small kingdom.
Princess Is vey lucky
to sending your sister to us,
all the gifts are yours..
You've never seen these kind
ofgift ever In your life..
ls your queen like this or
eveybody Is like this..
People like you can move tail
for these kind ofgifts..
But these are like dust for me.
Uncapable person like him...
our kingdom dogs won't mary.
lt's her decision... write your answer..
To shivgami devi..
The queen of kundaldev...
ls wrifi'ng that...
what Is your son and what talented
ls he, you want me to consider him
great by sending gifts..
But l think he's the guy who
hides behind the woman... coward.
l'm sending my sword with your gifts.
Put on those jewelley to your son
tell him to mary my sword and
come to my house..
l'll take care of him like flowers.
Vey politely...
Tell our commander that prepare
for battle with them.
Why to use sword for killing bird,
bahubali Is near that county.
Send the message with eagle,
he'll destroy them and bring princess.
Take devsena as prisoner.
Send this message to bahubali.
l heared that queen Is singing
the love song..
That moron.
There's good and bad news..
What do l give?
Both..what Is good, l'll tell you
great queen has sent the
tambor for your marriage with devsena.
Mother knows what l want.
But princess sent the answer
with anger and rejected purposal
lt Is the good news too..
How, because she loves me
You used to walk like moron,
but today like brave.
Where're you going.?
To princess.
How dare you go to meet
devsena In midnight.
Our kingdom Is In trouble,
do what l say.
lt's not fi'me to explain you.
you're touching me.?
Time gives chance once to
become the great warrior.
The god gives life, physician saves
the life, and warrior protects life
who are you?
It's not fi'me to tell you
we're peacefull people we can't battle,
Ifthe thinking Is strong you can
your battalion are few..
Success Is low, are you ready
l couldn't know who are you.
l said to you rubbish.
l kicked you....
when you kicked me, l felt your power.
lt's not blood, but the vermillion
who says you're worrior.
You saved us like demi god.
Who're you?
Where you from?
Let It go who am l ..
l come here because you can help us.
What can we help to so great worrior.
He's In love with a girl ofyour kingdom
who Is the lucky girl..
Your princess.
What else can be so happiness.
The relafi'ves hugs each other,
never bow to each other.
The queen sent the purposal
for this great worrior..
Bahubali loves princess..
Queen never know that.
When you refused so she told
to take you as prisoner
my mother can't make mistake,
there's always reason what she says.
Come with me as a prisoner..
You're my lover.. Ifyou take me as
a slave, l'll live with you all life.
ls evemhing ne princess?
Your intenfi'on Is somewhere else
you don't wory, queen will lookafter
you like a daughter..
l insulted you sending orders
sent you answer with anger
and hurt your feeling
can you forgive my anger?
The anger on daughter-ln-law
of shivgami looks good.
Stand by your future husband..
My decision Is right or wrong,
maheswafi' will see It.
l've promised bhallal to mary devsena.
Who're you to arrange my marriage
with someone with my permission
an adult girl has right to choose
his husband..
Don't you have brain?
How dare you talk to me like this
make this angy girl like slave on knees.
lf anyone touch devsena..
So think you touch bahubali's sword.
l've promised to protect devsena.
You're going against the queen.
For the promise, and for truth and jusfi'ce.
lfyou've to go against anybody
even the demi god..
lt's a true religion.
lt's wrong to promise your son
without knowing girl's decision.
You made mistake.
Shivgami made mistake?
You swallowed your mother when born.
She grew up like her own son.
To annouce you prince?
Is that her mistake?
You want the kingdom..
Or that devsena?
For the kingdom, l break my promise,
It's insult ofyour educafi'on.
The child of devgami..
Who's known as bhallaldev
l'll protect this kingdom..
By taking oath ofgod
Bahubali means me..
The protector of kingdom and princess.
And the member of battalion
of bhalaldev
lf l may lose my life while
so l'll not think
l'm taking oath ofgreat queen.
Maheshmafi', since l'm adult,
my heart throbes for you
ln evey dream l saw you
on my head like crown.
After so many years and wars.
You've come to me,
why're you running away from me.
l loved you, and you refused me
and embraced bahubali
the sun raise on or not,
l'll set It down on west.
You feeded an snake.
One day he will sfi'ng you..
You've never gone against me ever
because of me, you've crush In your family
l'm vey sad about It..mother Is sad
fi'll we give her grandson.
You have not bring gift for me?
l'm the slave who has no right
to bless you..
What can l give you..
l ask you what you can give me.
We've tradifi'on that grandpa hold
the son when It born..
Will you take my son on your lap?
The female fi'ger born the cub..
Kumar hunted the fi'ger..
Is It true?
When l've sword of bahubali In hand.
So an kid can kill the fi'ger.
This Is happening In front ofyou
and you're seeing It like idol?
lt seems that you don't know
our tradifi'on..
lt's the right of king that to whome
he has to give designafi'on
lt's all excuses..
lt's the harmfull thing for kingdom
don't you know that..
Removing the designafi'on of bahubali
and giving to a an dog..
Whoever comes here with gift for me.
You have not give anything,
will you give me what l ask for?
You've to sit on the maheswafi''s seat.
lt's the wish of mine and people..
And It Is said, to fulll
the desire of people Is religion
the wife of bahubali devsena Is accused
that she cutted ofthe ngers
ofthe commander..
On the order ofgreat queen shivgami
this hearing Is decided.
Do you want to say something
about your felony?
Without any hearing l've hand coughs,
and declared me a culprit.
What kind ofiusfi'ce Is It?
You're culprit fi'll prove innocent.
Put yourjusfi'ce In river,
and excute yourjuy
lfyou say a word against so...
with the pride and tall building,
the kingdom never builds up.
lt's fi'me to come..
So l said..
Come from the other door.
not front door.
What Is the behavior, you're threfi'ng
the vicfi'm.
You're corssing limits,
this iuy crossed the limits to cought
a pregnant woman
whatever... the iusfi'ce
Is equal for eveyone.
Do you know what'd happened?
What'd happened devsena?
Shiva called all the woman a side..
He was tying to rape me..
So l cutted ofF his ngers..
You did wrong..
You should know cut of his nger
but you should behead him
one side Is your educafi'on
and one side your religious preching.
The war beeen both,
and In middle my sword.
l'll always be ready to protect
the maheshwafi'
lf he stayed alive..
Will live like king.
How can you sleep, he's provoking the
people to come Ifyou've problem
we don't need king.
Someone Is playing game there,
l'm afraid..
What're you doing here alone?
Why he has come here/
forgive me lord, today he manage to escape.
Till tomorrow, l want his head In my hand.
Or your head will be on your hand.
Who's head?
Bahubali's head
are you gone mad?
You want to kill him?
l'll kill his wife and kid too
lfyou come beeen me,
so l'll forget that you're my father.
l know my son vey well.
lf he thinks about something,
he'll do It done
we should tell this to bahubali
he won't believe that his
brother Is so mean.
There's only a way..
lt's In your hand.
You've to kill bhallal dev.
For bahubali and devsena.
l don't understand whats happening.
The great order for kill bahubali
by the shivgami's hand.
You're a small challenge.
Kumar and his people killed our
body guards
and injured the king too
after all this, now what're you thinking?
What're you thinking shivgami,
do your duty as a queen.
Bhallaldev Is not your son only,
but the king ofthis county
whoever tries to kill king..
He should be punished to death.
Your ancesstors took oath that
they'll be always servant of kingdom
and they'll follow the orders of king.
Are you sfi'll on that oath.
Order me.
Kill bahubali
what're you saying?
But why?
Do what you're said..
l beg ofyou, take your words back.
Bahubali can't make this mistake.
You feeded her ..
Now you've to kil him
l can't do this..
Will you kill him..
Or want me to kill him
this sin shouldn't be done
by your hands..
l'll kill him..
Kattapa Is being punished for betraying.
Haye you seen?
He promised me to take our
kid In his lap.
Bring him safely..
Leave me here..
Ty to understand me.
Let me die..
You promised my wife that
you'll take my son In your lap.
And l promised my wife to
bring you safely
let me do my work..
l beg ofyou..
Go from here.
lt was order to kill you
take care of mother.
l doubt on you for nothing katappa.
You're my dog..
Now l'm bahubali..
l'm the king of maheshwafi''s people
l'm taking oath of shivgami.
Moron queen.
You're going to kill me,
l made their trust..
And l made write your death by her.
And you were taking her oath
mOfOn aUeen..
When he was dieing, he was thinking
about his wife and kid
do you know what he said?
Take care of mother.
He asked for give bless
these hands snatch your husband.
Nafi'on Is cying because you've
not annouced the death of bahubali
now come and announce..
l'll take care ofthis kid.
Call the iusfi'ce iuy, the culprits
will be executed
the bahubali you loved alot,
you nd him guilty and killed him
and l'm so mean, why will you forgive me.
Kill that kid..
lfyou will save my son, so l'll think
that my husband Is alive.
You've to come back..
l'll wait for you
will you come?
There was no stop on the cruelty
of bhallal on kingdom.
Because of his anger on devsena,
he destroyed her county
lf any left for you In this world
so It's me..
We thought that you're dead,
but your grandma kept you alive.
Make your hands like weapons..
The kingdom of maheswafi'..
And the previlages
unfi'll l was thinking that..
l get safi'sed by It..
The iron made this chain..
Will punish devsena..
l want devsena..
Whoever supported her should
be beheaded..
Or l'll behead you
10 thousand family will scream
and you'll be reach to death
he lived with you for 9 months
In your womb..
And you lived with me
for 25 years..
So after his coming how
can you leave me alone.
Stop, how can l endure
that my mother Is In his prison
let me die ...let me go.
Did your mother waited for your death?
For his death.
You're the son of bahubali
think like your father.
Like bahubali
nd those soldiers..
What're you doing kattappa.
For so long your ancesstors
were loyal to kingdom..
By destroying kingdom do you
want to break your promise
x up your mistake.
Kill his son like you
killed bahubali..
Go kattappa, kill him
25 years ago, queen declared
bahubali our king.
Believing him dead,
l hided the truth.
Today our truth has come back.
Kattappa never breaks promise.
Before you nish the third round, l'll
keep ready creamafi'on to burn him alive.
Till you will come back,
l'll keep your son's head on your hand.
Whoever completed It.
Can't be succesful
stop It... devsena's
foot should be stopped.
Before complefi'ng temple stairs,
burn It down.
l thought you're dead,
but you came back
l can't tell you how happy l am..
Why are you running away..
l couldn't kill you
you've come back having
that face..
You gived me chance to
tear apart your chest.
How do l thank you
when he'll scream by the pain
ofthe death
so maheshwafi' castle's wall
will be shrived..
lt's my rst order after taking
the oath with queen shivgami.
Evey person who works with
jusfi'ce, honestly, good intenfi'on
will live with proudly..
lf someone did iniusfi'ce,
so he'll be beheaded fi'll hell
lt's my promise...
my promise Is my proud.