Baanadariyalli (2023) Movie Script

Why is my li'l one looking
so glum after her zoo trip?
Why dear?
What happened?
Okay, now please eat.
No dad...
What's the matter?
Dad, who is sent to jail?
The wrong doers are sent to jail.
Then why are animals sent to jail?
My dear, this isn't a jail. It's a zoo!
Dad, I didn't enjoy my trip this morning.
None of those
animals looked happy.
They looked so sad.
Why can't let them be this?
They are like us, too.
What wrong have they done?
Is that why you're sad, my dear?
Because the animals
have been kept in jail.
Dad, are animals kept
in jail everywhere?
Are they never
allowed to be free?
My dear, there's a
country called Africa.
There are is a massive forest there!
And in that forest,
all the animals roam free!
And they are extremely happy!
Really dad?
Will you take me there?
I will.
When you become a
big girl, I'll take you.
Because it takes
lots of money to go there.
We need money, right?
You earn it and take me along!
Dad, I'll start saving for
it from today itself!
You'll come with me right?
Of course! You must take me.
You must earn, save and
take me along, okay?
Now, that's my good girl!
Why? What happened!
Let's go! Run!
Uncle, come!
-Get in!
Let's go! Hurry up!
Siddu, stop!
-What is it?
My phone! Siddu please!
-To hell with the phone!
Is it worth more than your life?
-Uncle, you don't get it!
Don't you have any sense?
-Dad, please stay here; I'll get it.
You and your phone!
-It's my phone, uncle!
Siddu, come fast!
Let's go!
Hi guys.
My name is Kadambari.
I am from Davangere.
My father's name is Vishwanath.
He's a big businessman.
The reason behind this video is...
...I have been attacked by tribals!
And if anything happens to me...
What's it my dear?
This old man.
-Who is that?
And this fellow!
They are responsible for it.
They came to Kenya from Bengaluru,
...and have put me into a fix here!
And they are...
Yeah, who are we?
Jayanth R Gowda.
Nitin Ramesh.
Durga Prasad.
Sharath Kumar.
And Naveen Bala.
-Congrats dude!
These 15 players have
been selected for the State team.
Bad luck Sid.
-It's okay.
Sorry Sid.
I tried my best.
But sometimes money
and influence work better.
All the best.
Thank you. Bye.
-Tell him to play well.
Excuse me!
If you don't question
despite being hit,
then you definitely
know you're at fault.
It's common to
play games in politics.
But in games,
nobody should bring in politics!
Siddu, you're crossing...
At least when you select,
pick the talented ones!
Half the match can
be won with that!
I've seen all types of
bowling on the pitch.
But for the first time in life,
I'm witnessing,
...your type!
What's happening?
I don't know, sir. Some protest.
What's going on, sir?
They are holding a strike
against cutting trees.
Who are these
people creating nuisance!
Can you shoot
a video, please?
Are you ready?
-It's recording, right?
I think people don't understand
the importance of trees.
To widen the road here,
they are chopping down trees.
If we don't have social awareness,
our society will face problems.
We consider trees as mother divine.
And she gives us oxygen.
And they are chopping the
trees that give us precious oxygen!
It takes hundreds of
years to grow these trees.
But to chop it down,
all it takes is 10 minutes!
Save the environment,
save the world.
Green is life!
Down with the corporator!
Save trees! Save lives!
Let me go! And do my work.
Don't you have the
sense to not chop trees!
Listen to her.
Just like you have
eyes, nose and mouth
trees have leaves,
trunk and branches.
And if you cut it,
the tree gets hurt.
It will manage
to sprout. But you?
He'll fade out.
If you want your kids to
live well, save trees. Get out of here!
Get lost you idiot!
-Is the video saved?
-Yes, it's beautiful!
Thank you for shooting it.
This is for 'Save Tree' campaign.
So imagine if the video isn't saved!
-It's saved.
Back out the vehicles now!
Look at the nuisance
you've created!
Hey! Thank you! Bye!
Take my jacket; it's raining.
If you don't mind,
my house is close by.
You can change there.
Oh, okay.
But on one condition.
Even in this condition,
you have a condition?
I'll come only if
you have Wi-Fi.
Wife? No, I'm unmarried.
I'm a bachelor!
Hello! Wi-Fi! Internet!
I want to upload the video.
Ah! Wi-Fi I do have! Come.
You do?
-Yes, come.
Greetings grandma!
-Towel please!
Yes, for her.
You said it's a home.
This looks like a small scale industry!
Work From Home!
There's a room on top.
You can change there.
Make two coffees, please.
The boy who always plays cricket,
has brought home a cheer girl today!
Such a good break to see this pair
after looking at vegetables all day!
Hey, make two
strong cups of coffee!
Please sit.
What's the password?
Royal Challengers.
Thank you.
Are you a cricketer?
I had a bat this morn...
I played all of this morning.
Not now though.
I hate cricket!
Do you know how many
trees they cut to make bats?
Come, let's sit on
the floor and talk.
This table, chair, have all
been made out of wood.
That's not what I meant!
The furniture in my
home is also made of wood.
But, I dislike it when they
cut trees for selfish reasons.
Selfish? It's sports.
How can that be selfish?
It's uploaded.
Now let's wait and watch!
Have some coffee.
Thank you.
You know honestly speaking,
they should reduce
the production of vehicles,
DL must be
issued in the right way,
and vehicles over 15 yrs
old must be banned.
That's when traffic will reduce.
Cutting trees is
not the solution.
Hey! This is my father's
favourite pickle!
My grandma started this business.
Now, I look after it.
It's nice to see youngsters
in this line of business!
You know something?
With just one piece
of your Parampara pickle,
my dad can finish
an entire plate of rice!
It's the same with my friends; one
piece is enough to finish an entire bottle!
What nonsense!
Are they drunkards?
Not drunkards.
How did your granny
think of making pickles?
My grandpa would bring
pickle home, to go with his booze.
My granny would taste it
and thus the idea was born!
Initially, she made it at home.
Then, we started this company.
Sorry, one second.
-Madam, I'm at the location.
Okay, I'm there in a minute.
See you! Bye.
-One minute.
Varieties of pickles!
You said your
dad likes our pickle.
That's why.
-For dad!
Thank you so much.
That's so sweet!
How much will this be?
Please tell me.
Listen, you can't put a price on
both Parampara pickle and our love.
It's a compliment from us.
Brother, hello!
Here, paste this on your car.
Marketing. Take this. A gift!
Sir! Thank you!
I have a huge gang!
I'll bring them all.
You can give them all your poster.
Marketing from our side!
You're dropping my friend.
-So you're my friend, too.
Here's a friendship band from me.
Thank you sir!
I've dropped so many people.
But nobody had given
me a friendship band. Thank you!
So now that we are friends,
give me your phone number.
Sir, it's 77999047.
-Call me any time you want!
I'll do any work you want me to!
-Thank you.
Who is it?
-Driver friend...
Connect the blue tooth
and put me on speaker.
Okay, sir.
It's me, Siddu.
I just met you a while ago.
If we don't convey
what's in our heart,
then it's an absolute
waste to have a heart!
Why are you so beautiful?
I don't think you realise that, because
you look at yourself every day.
But, those who meet you
for the first time, will feel so.
"Who is this beauty?"
"And how beautiful
she is," they will wonder.
Our friendship began with Wi-Fi,
is currently flowing
through the blue tooth,
and is being expressed
on the loudspeaker.
Sorry! I forgot to ask your name!
Your name, please?
What a beautiful name!
Now, please don't get angry that I'm
speaking so much straight away!
You look beautiful when you smile!
Smile, please!
Driver friend!
-Yes sir!
Please drop Leela
home safely, okay?
Of course! After all,
you're my friend. Don't worry, sir.
I'll drop her and call you, sir.
Thank you friend.
Miss Leela...
Look at what he's done, dad!
He's slapped the selector's face!
What I can probably do now is
to fall at his feet and apologise.
What else can we do?
Are you keen on
becoming a state player,
or state rowdy?
And why did you slap
Jayaraj of all people?
Dude, people don't select
you even if you salute them.
So you think he'll select
you after being slapped!
Oh god! I had asked you to
stay cool like Dhoni.
But you're getting
aggressive like Kohli!
What else can I do!
Dude, me, sis-in-law & granny have
been waiting for you to become a state player.
And look at what you've done!
I saw Leela.
If I meet her again,
I'll marry her, that's it.
Who is Leela!
Her body was
like an hourglass!
She is as tender
as a mango!
She is not just
a tender mango.
She is as
beautiful as a lily, too.
Your highness!
You can marry
Leela or Mala,
but please be
ready at 10 am tomorrow.
Let's go meet Jayaraj,
fall at his feet and apologise.
This Siddharth slapped
that selector of his...
When will you
introduce me to Leela?
Take this and practice.
Yes, please share the details, sir.
I'll check.
Yes, I'll let you know.
Ok, bye.
Hi Keshav.
My brother slapped
selector Jayaraj,
so I'm here.
Yeah, okay.
I'll meet you in the evening.
What! Your brother slapped sir?
I hope none else know about it.
-Hello Ramesh.
Dude,my brother
slapped selector Jayaraj... we are here at
his office to apologise.
Okay, send the details. I'll check.
Didn't sir shout at you
when you slapped him?
What can the bowler do
after they've scored a six?
Hello, yes dude. It was my
brother itself who slapped Jayaraj.-Hey!
Keep quiet, will you!
That was Jayaraj sir!
Good morning, sir.
Switch on the news.
What are they saying?
Apparently, he slapped you.
They've come to apologise.
Did he tell you, too?
He's saying it to
everyone he's called, sir!
How many people has he called?
Only about 4 to 5 people, sir.
Ah! There goes the sixth call!
How many more people
has he told this to?
Sir, the guy who waters the ground,
The boy who serves tea,
That parking...
Now go call them in!
The one who slapped sir,
please come in!
Come Siddhu...
Sit down dude!
Get up!
Sir, what he did was wrong.
He's a talented player.
He got angry because
he wasn't selected...
One second, sir.
Hi. Yeah my brother
had slapped selector Jayaraj...
Cut the damn call!
Nobody but my driver and I knew,
about your brother slapping my face.
But you're broadcasting
it to the whole town!
It was wrong to slap you, sir!
-Keep quiet now!
More than the slap, it's what
you're doing that's hurting me more!
He slapped me. And you're
tom-tomming it to everyone!
Say sorry to him.
He wasn't shouting
at me, but you.
Is it? second.
Hello, yeah dude, my brother
had slapped selector Jayaraj...
Tomato, sir.
Sorry, Zomato, sir.
My wife loves brain fry.
Sorry sir, please forgive him.
Say sorry man!
Who is that, dude?
Where are you looking?
Say sorry!
I'm talking to you!
Where are you looking dude!
Look at him and say sorry.
Sir, please don't be scared.
I'm not going to slap you.
Sorry sir.
Now that's like my
brother! Respects my words!
Sir! You're getting a call.
Not mine. It's your boss's phone.
Sir, it's your phone.
Yes, state selector Jayaraj
was slapped by my brother.
Damn! Hang up the phone, you!
Sir, why are you tom-tomming it now?
-Get out!
An absolute idiot!
My baby...sweet baby...
Dad, you're embarassing me.
How am I embarassing you?
Of course you are!
Carrier, water bottle
and napkin you've got!
Even parents of little kids don't do this!
I don't care about
who does it or not.
But I will definitely
bring it for my daughter.
Now please don't
open an entire shop here!
In front of everyone!
My dear, I've watched YouTube
all night to make this for you.
Look, this is apple.
This is papaya.
These are sprouts.
Okay, I'll eat it all.
Of course, you must eat it all.
A morsel shouldn't be left!
Good food is...
- good health, I know.
If you eat well,
you can play well.
My dear...
You must win the national
championship this time.
Everyone should ask
'have you given birth
to a daughter or a gold fish?'
Okay dad. I will win it.
But please don't
bring a canteen next time!
No baby. Don't assume
swimming is easy.
Good morning coach!
Go warm up. I'll come.
Will you listen to me?
Why don't you listen when I tell
you not to give them free coaching?
We're middle class, right?
Now God has given us some privileges.
And if we share it with others,
there's no harm in it, okay?
Okay leave now.
The kids are waiting.
And if you feel
dehydrated in the evening...
I know. Drink protein milk shake!
I will. Thank you!
Dude, don't spit here!
Hey, what's wrong with you?
Why shouldn't I spit here?
When I go swimming
in the tank back home,
from peeing to
pooping, I've done it all!
Is orange okay with you?
Look, madam is right here.
Come on guys.
Madam, I hear there is
something called social media.
And on platforms like
Facebook, Whatsapp & Instagram,
'Save Environment' 'Grow Trees'
'Down with Corporates'
'More power to greenhouses'
is the content of some
video you've uploaded.
You better delete
that video right now.
If you don't...
Who the hell are you guys?
Hey kid, who do you think got
the contract for that project?
Our boss has got it.
We will definitely chop the trees.
And also widen the road.
Kids, please
take out your phones.
Cameras on and record this.
Dude, who exactly is she!
She acts as though
this camera is a gun!
Whether you show
us a gun or a bun,
we don't get scared.
We are known to
murder people on live,
you think a measly
video is going to scare us?
delete the video you've uploaded.
If not, like you always say,
'grow trees'
we will tie you to that tree
and ensure you're not spared.
Hey, mind your language.
So my dear,
you just relax.
I have your madam's
personal number.
And I'll call her
over whenever I wish.
Get out! All of you
from this property.
Get out!
Hello sir. Greetings.
Sir, which of these
is Miss Leela's house?
Leela? Who Leela?
Who are you?
Sir, you're looking like God
with holy smoke around him!
If not you, then who
can I share the truth with?
Please give me a cigarette.
Thank you.
Match box...
I'll give you that too, come.
May the man who
gives a cigarette live long!
I saw her yesterday, sir.
And I fell in love
the moment I saw her.
I even told my family.
That I will only marry
her and no one else.
If I get to know her house, then I'll go, speak to
her parents and marry her today itself.
Today itself?
If not today, then tomorrow!
She's not a nice girl, my boy.
Sir, tell me who's
nice in this world?
You're talking about that fair girl, Leela?
-Yes sir.
She's quite dumb, my boy.
Uneducated and dumb.
She eats and roams all day.
Forget her. Her father?
He's a coward!
Nobody like their family in our area.
Sick people!
Tomorrow, a prospective
groom is coming to see her.
A 100 boys must have come. All rejected.
Tomorrow's is the 101st.
We're all praying that she gets
married soon, so we can live in peace.
You're such a handsome boy.
Why fall for someone like her?
Go fall for someone else.
Who knows what's
written in our destiny, sir?
So a prospective groom is
coming to see her tomorrow?
Let him come.
Okay sir.
Thank you. Bye.
He's from the boy's side?
They're here. Please come.
They said she's the only daughter.
They seem to have a son, too.
They have only one
daughter. I know it. Come.
Then who is he?
Must be a relative,
a Facebook friend or a cousin.
Could be.
Come my boy.
The father.
Forgive me.
I wasn't aware that I was
facing a preparatory exam yesterday.
You did well, sir.
And...the holy smoke...
let that remain between us.
Let's go in?
Come in sir.
Get a good look at the girl.
Please take.
No, thanks.
The girl will now come in
slow motion with coffee.
The boy will look up
at her in slow motion.
And then, the two of them will
say they want tea instead of coffee.
And two others will say
give us sugarless.
And the aunty over there?
She will say let the girl sing a song.
Leela will pick up the
veena and start singing,
All this will take a lot of time.
Hence, I have a super idea.
Leela is a beautiful girl!
If the boy and girl get a
few moments by themselves to talk...
they can come to a decision.
What do you say?
Of course!
-I'm fine with it.
We're all okay.
What do you have to say?
Sir, what's your opinion?
My name is Tejas.
Hi. My name..
...her name is Leela.
And to her, greenery
means everything.
The boy earns a package
of Rs 50 to 75 lakh.
He's closed his car loan and
is booking a high-end car.
He's planning to book a pent house
in Bengaluru central. Correct?
And soon after marriage,
he wants to settle abroad.
What a lovely pair!
Please come this side.
Let me look at you both.
No...something's missing.
It's like the cherry
missing on a cake...
Wait. Put this on.
Now this!
Just the sunglass looks good.
Frame isn't looking so great.
It's like salt missing in the biryani...
Something missing?
What's missing?
What's missing?
Come this side.
This is missing.
What are you doing here?
Miss Leela, we have met twice.
Let's meet twice more.
Until then, keep this
salt-less biryani at bay.
When hearts are exchanged,
how long does it take
for a man to change? Right?
I'm such a handsome man!
What's missing, tell me.
He's so handsome.
He's definitely handsome.
But, you were not
looking nice in that spot, sir.
That frame just
didn't seem right.
Excuse me!
And who are you by the way?
Me? I'm the cherry on the cake
and the salt in the biryani, sir.
Cake? Biryani?
Your son is very smart!
My son?
Isn't he from your side?
Leela is your coach.
For me, she's a good catch!
I intend to lead a life
with her for about 100 years.
You guys will be married,
with kids,
and me, with my grandkids,
we can all come here
and practice swimming.
We will win a
medal at the Olympics.
Isn't it?
Your coach is in water 24/7,
doesn't she catch a cold?
Our coach is a strong girl!
Hey, excuse me!
What's going on?
Go and warm up!
Why are you guys wasting time?
Hi Greeshma.
I'm Siddu.
Can I take a look at that?
Greeshma, come!
Uncle, give my phone.
Let me clearly state two things.
I have planned two stops in my life.
So, like I said yesterday, when hearts
are exchanged, even people change.
So have you sort of...
given your heart to someone?
Two places are very important to me.
One is the place you saw;
my home, granny & pickles.
The other is very close to my heart.
Please make
some free time for me.
I would like to take you there.
I'm in the midst of
training right now.
That's okay. I'll wait.
Kids, learn quickly!
Coach has to head out somewhere.
Girls, line up. C'mon.
Okay, quick.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
My grandma,
the pickle company CEO,
she loves Kapil Dev.
She has a massive
crush on him.
And India won the
World Cup at the same time.
So, she was keen to
make me a cricketer.
At a time when I had to
hold a slate, I was given a bat!
My grandma's love for
Kapil made me a cricketer.
But, I love cricket, too.
I'm here for at least
5 to 6 hours a day.
Look at the greenery here!
You love greenery, don't you?
Mangoes that grow on red soil.
the salt that is birthed by the sea,
and chillies that
grow some place else,
how they all come
together to be made into pickle,
the same way, we met too.
I met you in the rain,
and you slipped into my heart!
So, this is my life.
My father is the sole
person in my life.
And if I don't go back in 10 minutes,
his BP and sugar will shoot up.
Pull it properly!
Greetings sir!
What's up ma'am?
You've caught a
top player for yourself!
When is the wedding?
What's it, boy?
- I said this time, the cup is surely ours.
We say that every time....
...and not once have we won.
One sec.
How many times do I tell you!
No matter what you say,
I won't delete the video.
Till you stop chopping
trees, that video will stay.
It will go viral
-Be warned!
Do as you like!
I'm not scared of people like you.
That swimming pool gang...
Grow trees. Save nature.
Dude, we're waiting
for Leela's reply.
I'll call you back, wait!
Did she text?
She will. In 2 minutes.
The heart, hug, kiss,
like a row of
biscuits in a packet,
these emojis will
also come in a row!
I'm very emotional.
I love you from
the bottom of my heart.
You are my transformer.
You are my converter.
You made my day.
So at least for 5 minutes,
you'll see "typing" on screen.
If not, she'll call and speak
for 20 minutes. Isn't it dear?
Of course! This is nothing less
than an achievement by our Siddu.
Tough job. It's like asking a
wood-cutter to plant a sapling.
Like asking Valmiki to
write the Ramayana.
Did you get the text?
There's a call for you. Check.
Madhava. Hello.
Yeah, our Siddu is in
love with a girl, so...
She must be at the pool...
Come let's go.
I've to collect some
information. I'll call later.
Hello sir!
You've maintained the nursery well, sir!
Are you doing this for timepass, sir?
I don't pass time with plants.
I spend time with them.
This doesn't look
like a nursery to me, sir.
It looks like a middle school to me!
Sir, rather than this, why don't
you grow fruits and veggies?
You can make money!
You can buy fruits &
veggies in the market.
Will you get oxygen?
These plants give us oxygen.
What do you want?
I want to make a roof garden.
Give me a plant that won't die easily.
I'll give you a plant.
Ensure it doesn't die.
Don't kill it.
Sir, if a plant has to grow well,
besides manure and water,
what else does it need?
-That's what brought me here, sir.
Please give me any two plants, sir.
Also, two plants that grow in shade.
Wait there.
A phone call sir. I've to take it.
Not yet. I'm trying.
I'll be back soon.
Sir, I want this, too. Very colourful!
You know this girl?
You're asking the mango tree
if it's aware of its fruit.
Is she your daughter?
I had seen her when I
went to Splash swim club,
to pick up my friend's daughter.
She's the coach there, right?
She's a national swimmer!
Super sir! Fantastic!
Now please tell me where &
what time I can meet her & I'll be off.
What's her number, sir?
One of my friend's wants
to join swimming, that's why.
She doesn't coach adults.
-I'm also enquiring for kids.
Listen, she's in Mangaluru.
She goes there to surf.
On weekends, she's usually there.
You go to the camp on Monday.
You can meet her there.
Okay sir. Thank you.
Roof garden.
Oh! Sorry sir!
I forgot!
Oops! The photo fell down.
Please take it sir.
I'll see you, sir. Thank you.
Don't you have any sense?
Oh god! He's made my daughter
fall and destroyed the plants!
-What's the matter?
She's in Mangaluru, is a surfer
and is there every weekend!
I've got you classified information!
If you get to know,
the whole gets to...
And now he's
got to know too man!
Wow! What a catch!
You've proved that it's
been worth teaching you cricket!
After I met you
my heart
has no other
in your love
I'm all set to be destroyed
and my life is
dedicated for it
Hi! What a surprise!
What surprise?
You being here!
Yes, I'm here.
Me too! Aren't you surprised?
Not at all. I expected it.
Did my brother call
you by any chance?
You went to our nursery,
and took information from my father,
and then my father threw the
phone in a fit of anger, I know all of it.
If a Romeo roams near our home,
even if I'm on roaming,
I get to know.
Technically, I got caught.
Isn't it?
But still, you must appreciate my efforts.
Okay, what brings you here?
They say made for each other.
Made for each other.
You and the sea.
Made for each other.
I knew you were a good swimmer.
Now I know you're a surfer, too.
Now on, when you're in
Mangaluru on weekends to surf
I'll also come and eat fish.
Bangude. Pomfret.
Ghee roast!
When you gently lay
your feet on water
Even the sea blushes
When if Mr Moon appears,
bowled away your beauty
he waits for the sun to set -
Your delicate heel
pretty in pink
and can paint the skies
with a beautiful hue
One must have all kinds habits.
But none should
become an addiction, says dad.
Like a milestone
for every kilometre,
does your father have to figure
in every conversation of yours?
Yes. Obviously.
My dad is my superhero.
The first word anyone utters
when in pain is "mother."
Probably, I'm the only one,
who even for an ant bite,
calls out "dad."
Why are you looking at me like that!
I really like you a lot.
Shall we get married?
We are made for each other.
The sea and you.
Me and you.
Do I have your consent?
In my life, consent is
not just mine.
It's important to
have my father's too.
Do I have your consent?
Your father must give us his consent.
I'll do it, don't worry!
Okay aunty. We are coming
together to Bengaluru.
Work is play for him.
He's a professional cricketer.
Yes, exactly.
Say hi Sid!
Isn't it?
-I'm glad at least you okayed me!
Okay, I'll call later. Bye.
She's not the one
who has to okay you.
I know. It's the third umpire.
Ok. Straight umpire. Your father.
Brother, coffee.
Hey Siddu! Come!
-Hi Siddharth! Sit.
Hello sir.
Sir, I'm a cricketer.
I don't waste both ball and time, sir.
I'll come straight to the point, sir.
Sir, I'm aware that
you're angry with me.
I am in love with
your daughter, sir.
And she loves me, too.
But she...
is keen on your approval.
Sir, please give her
hand in marriage to me.
I'll look after her until I die.
She wanted me to speak to you.
That's how much she loves you, sir.
And I'm seeking your approval.
That's my respect for you.
Sir, please note my respect.
Foster our love sir, please.
Brother, yes! They make a lovely pair.
Think about it.
Yes, please agree.
And he plays good cricket!
We can all sit together
and watch the match.
Not just that!
Your favourite pickle
brand is by them!
Isn't it?
Dad, take this.
Take it.
Dad! Just take it!
You please don't get tensed.
Have I ever gone against you?
Even if it's my desire,
the decision is yours.
Hurry up! We have to finish packing today.
-Hello Leela.
Bro, is Sid there?
I'm trying to reach him.
Hey, one minute.
Is Sid there? I'm trying to...
-Leela hold on
My boss is calling from Hyderabad. Hello...
Leela, you please don't
miss Siddu's wedding.
Thursday is the reception
& Friday is the wedding.
Bloody idiot!
Why did she shout at me?
Winning a match on
the field doesn't count.
Winning the heart of
your girl is what really counts.
Not answering calls.
Switching off the phone.
These are not signs of a gentleman.
It's not enough to know
six balls make an over.
He must also know that
family is based on 12 rules.
I feel he's an irresponsible fellow!
You must have called me 50 times.
It must have rung 25 times
& given 30 switched off messages.
An important semi final was on.
I finished the match and then
realised that the phone was dead.
By the time I put it for charge, my
friends had arranged for my bachelor party.
A party?
That's all.
Ok, why are you getting drenched?
Come in quick.
I won't.
Don't be stubborn. Come in!
I won't. I'll stay here.
Sid, come in!
If you smile and
say it, I'll come.
I'm smiling. Come now.
Beautiful smile!
Dad, Sid is here.
Didn't I tell you?
You'll definitely catch a cold.
No, I've had brandy.
With our wedding being finalised,
you've gone to play semi finals!
The mehendi is in 3 days!
Has your wedding
attire come yet?
Forget mine.
Has your dad's
arrived yet?
He's a rogue, a wastrel, doesn't understand
the priniciples of a family, he's always playing
is irresponsible...must
have said all this by now.
A father must fix a
good match for his daughter.
And not put her in a fix, instead.
Please don't say such things.
Dads are...
Dad, why?
are the best
There...he felt bad.
Why do you
say such things?
He's gone?
I didn't even realise.
Rains are special to me!
But this rain is all the more special!
Because I met you for
the first time in the rains!
And we're getting
closer in these rains.
In weddings, if the couple could perform
rituals in the rain, how nice it'd be!
Yes, indeed.
Very nice!
Give me your mobile.
Let me check where it will
be raining on our wedding day.
Let's go performs the rituals there!
Your dad's here!
He's not here? Ok then!
Is it just one or are two
people coming to put mehendi?-Two.
Have the blouses come?
Ours are ready.
Dad, how is this?
Hello, dad!
Do you like the colour?
This will match the sari.
You please select.
I'll join you.
This is a lovely colour!
I know you don't
approve of this match.
And I know you've
agreed for my sake.
Except for you, he's the
only other person in my life.
And if you both don't get
along, what should I do?
Leelu, you're making a mistake.
Oh c'mon!
The priest is coming in the morning.
To discuss the rituals.
When you smile, your face...
blooms like a flower
you are a sweet doll
my little one, you're my life
The sun slips away
in the path of the sky
the moon comes up
You're my dawn,
you're my dusk
You're my sky,
you're my earth
You're my life,
you're my strength
You're my God,
You're my meditation
You're my beginning
you're my end
I don't desire anything else,
I don't need anything else
You're my everything
You're my ornament,
you're my adornment
You're my desire
You're my support
You're my music,
you're my bliss
You're my attraction,
you're my conversation
You're my world,
you're my summary
I am where you are
I am always in you
You're my all
Are you related to the moon?
My Mr Handsome!
Your eyes dazzle like
they have a million stars
In your bright face!
The gentle wind blows
And asked me who you are.
I blushed and bit my li'l finger
And said you're mine
And showed you
off about being mine
And it's a lot I must say!
Why have you got me here?
To give you a surprise.
What surprise?
-Close your eyes.
Are you happy?
I had planned to go
there many times in life.
But something would
come up and I wouldn't.
Now that dream is getting fulfilled!
And because of you!
Now if my father gets to
know we're going to Africa,
he'll be so excited,
I can't wait to tell him!
We're going there on our honeymoon.
Just you and me.
Just us. Not your father.
In future,
you can take your dad with you.
Or, I'll take your dad with
me and show him around.
Like he'll come with you!
If we stay here a little longer,
your father will start his stories.
My daughter is innocent
it's just 3 days
until the wedding,
my li'l girl won't get it;
why doesn't this
fool understand?
He's taken her
somewhere. It's late.
Useless. Jobless. Wastrel.
Come. Let's first leave.
This is my life.
My entire life story,
from childhood, is in this.
My joys, my emotions,
my moments, my father
everything is in this.
Like how they
read for a final exam,
I shall read this
without missing a word.
Anyhow, we can't meet for another
3 days owing to customs. So read it.
100 per cent. I wont miss.
Where's Leela?
She's gone out with Sid.
Gone out?
That Sid is a birdbrain!
Why is this girl being stupid!
Why doesn't anyone listen....
Why were you so irresponsible?
Call me when you reach home.
I forgot to ask you.
I guess this must be the
happiest day of your life.
The happiest day will be when my
father hugs & accepts you whole-heartedly.
I don't think it's
possible in this lifetime.
I'll try for your sake.
Thank you.
Drive safely!
Bye to your father, too!
Keep quiet!
Love you!
Careful! I'll call you!
Leela.....what's this?
What happened? Why?
Leela, don't cry!
In childhood,
when you lose your parents,
and then,
at this age,
losing your child,
are orphans.
True orphans.
Cradled her in my lap,
carried and loved her,
and now you carried
her straight to the grave!
You please stay well.
After he came,
grave...he got you to the grave.
My li'l one
She's burning..
.burning away into ashes...
I've got food...please eat.
If I hadn't called
coach the other day,
she'd have still
been alive, isn't it?
Coach, we're off to
the Hyderabad competition.
Where are you now?
We're at the bus stop.
This is for you. Special gear for all of you.
Swimming caps & goggles.
New ones. For the competition.
Now I want you all to know
winning is not important, okay.
participating is. Okay?
Go, have fun. You will do your best.
You'll do well. I know it.
You have lots to do!
You all must come for the wedding.
Did you give them?
We've been standing
here doing only that!
Leela, has called so many times!
You cheated me...
You left me and went away...
Take the key, dad.
I'll keep this safely.
Who shall I take now?
This is an important series.
You must play well.
Be brave.
We're here for you.
If Leela were here,
she'd have been so happy.
If only Leela...
What is this...
feeling of emptiness?
This piercing
You filled my
eyes with dreams
you disappeared
never to return
My life is filled
with darkness
until you come and smile
All else is the same
our story remains incomplete
My light, please return
Please come back
I'm waiting for you
My sun come...
My breath, please come
Come back to me
Come back this moment
You've never told why
you fell in love with me?
You may gift me costly stuff,
but they don't mean much.
But on that day,
because my dad likes it,
you gave me a full box of pickles,
I fell in love that moment.
But tell me one thing.
why did you fall in love with me?
I don't know.
But I fell in love
the moment I saw you.
But now I wonder,
you love your father so much,
how intensely you might love,
the father of your kids!
All else is the same
Our lifestory remains incomplete
I never thought such
a day would come.
The day I saw Leela,
that day itself I became
a part of this family.
Her memories,
brought me here, sir.
I know for sure,
that she's here.
I can hear her breath here...
Even if you catch my neck,
and push me away,
or cut my neck if you may,
I won't go from here.
I'll stay here now on, sir.
Honeymoon destinations are usually
Manali, Kashmir or Switzerland.
Who desires to go to Africa!
Excuse me!
Going to Africa is not a desire.
It is my dream!
African dream.
people go to the forest for exile.
Not for honeymoon.
Listen to me.
When we go for our honeymoon,
we must shiver in the cold.
Not shiver in fear that
some animal will eat us up!
Give us a good rating, sir.
Leela would always tell me,
that she gives
your tablets on time.
Please eat.
I don't want anything!
I've paid the bills.
How are you?
Did you eat?
How are you doing...
Please talk!
What do you want me to talk!
Why are you all
torturing me like this!
After Leela went,
everything is gone!
I don't want anybody in this house!
Everything is gone with Leela!
Do you understand
what I'm saying?
I want to live alone!
Only Leela should
be in this house.
I don't want anyone else!
Tell him that!
Yes, aunty.
I'll look after him.
I'm here, don't worry.
Nothing is in our control.
Why didn't I take
her call that day?
Why did the kids
call her at that hour?
Why did she go there?
Why didn't we take care
of her that day...I'm going crazy.
And I keep talking
like a mad man, sir.
But one thing's true, sir.
I read her diary.
Every word. Every alphabet.
Every sentence.
And you occupy all of it.
In the book of 100 pages,
90 pages are about you.
Only the last 10
pages are about me.
On the banana leaf,
the salt, fritters,
rice and rasam,
salad and papad,
all of it is you.
In the corner,
lies the tiny pickle,
that's me.
She's not dead, sir.
She believed green is life,
and she breathes life into me.
And nobody can take her place, sir.
But one thing sir...
her dream has to be fulfilled,
and that's upon us.
I'm off to Africa to
fulfil your daughter's dream.
If you feel like coming, too
I've kept your ticket & passport.
Excuse me. Can I have a glass of water?
To Kenya?
This flight is headed there, my dear.
It's a long flight. I said
that to strike a conversation!
Hi. Kadambari.
What should I say?
Other than asking me not
to talk, say whatever you like.
You please sit on this
seat and I'll sit there.
In the middle?
This is in Paris.
This is all you do?
Roam around everywhere?
Uncle! This is not called
roaming. I'm a blogger!
What nonsense is that.
Like they say,
there's no better way to know if you
like people or hate them, than to travel with them.
Wow uncle!
You recite poetry, too!
That's not a poem;
it's a saying.
Aren't they the same?
Uncle, is he with you?
So all your expenses,
tickets, money, spending,
who is paying for you?
When will I spend my
father's money, uncle?
I'm a big shot!
Why are you holding that bag?
Give it. I'll store it away.
I'm not going stay here!
This is sick!
Even if I come to another country,
this guy won't get off my back!
Why are you tensed uncle?
What the hell is that?
Single cot. Flowers.
I don't like all that.
I want separate cots. Tell her.
Is that all? Take my room.
It has double cots. Give my your key.
Separate cots?
I hope you don't have a problem.
Uncle, I'm a traveler.
I can adjust anywhere.
Thank you my dear. He has the key.
Take it from him.
So can you get a honeymoon suite?
Yes. But can a single girl get it?
And that too, for free?
And the best
example for it is me!
Start with your comments!
It looks like a set of
a Ravichandran film, right?
Won't you come to Kenya?
I am in Kenya!
Rooms never have shampoo.
And here, they
have champagne bottle!
Uncle, I've planned
Nairobi in a different way!
In Bengaluru, which are the top spots?
Vidhan Soudha, Lalbagh,
Cubbon Park, all these.
But there are also places like
Majestic, Sankey Tank, Kalasipalya chakhna,
Basavangudi butter dosa. Shivaji biryani.
Let's explore such places.
Excuse me.
Our plans are sorted.
You go ahead with yours.
I'll come with you.
We haven't come
here on a school trip.
Remotes work well for A/Cs and TV's.
I'm not here to be
remote controlled.
Traveling must also have adventure.
There's no fun otherwise.
I'll come with you dear.
I don't need sympathy.
-No. Enough.
One moment.
I have crossed a wonderful
stage in my life today.
I didn't get a stage to say this.
So I'm standing on a table.
Please don't think I don't
have table manners, ok?
As tough as it is to get a
girl to agree to your proposal,
it's even more tough to
get her father to agree to it.
And I swear on my father, that dads who
have single daughters are the toughest!
And I have crossed that hurdle.
I have got my girl's dad to agree.
Leela, come here!
What's going on!
I don't know how to
express like my boy.
I used to sing it only for my dad.
Today, I'm singing it for my boy.
Come this side!
You want adventures in a foreign land?
Is this our country,
that if there's a fight we
can get people suddenly?
You should have some common sense!
Come this side my dear!
You fellows,
assuming you are nice guys,
we bid for you in the IPL auction!
We don't even get
houses on rent in Kamnahalli.
And we've let out that
area for you guys!
And you do this
when we come here.
What the hell is this!
Listening to this girl!
None of your tactics will work here.
Don't you have common sense?
What do you want a mobile for?
You want to call Modi?
It's not enough to have brains.
There must be some sense it it too.
The place we've come and why we're
here is the basic sense you must have!
Because I have basic sense I called
up that lady and called her here.
Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson
Mandela have all gone to jail.
They went to jail to fight for freedom.
Not like us.
Your fights are so cute.
Please repeat it!
I'll make a video.
Are they your relatives
that you're waving to them? Come.
I'll give it.
I haven't made a mistake that
someone else has to advice me.
I don't need it.
Why are you fighting
with that young boy?
I'm not fighting!
I keep to myself, that's all.
You're in a foreign country.
You must be vigilant.
Okay dear.
Listen, please don't
fight and argue.
I won't bother anyone.
Thanks brother.
I'll only hang out with
people of my age.
Everyone wants to advice me.
I'm younger to you.
I may have committed a mistake.
Give me a beating if you like.
But please don't
stay mum like this, uncle.
Life is like a journey.
And police stations & bus
stations will be part of it.
We must keep moving ahead.
Don't give free
advice in a foreign country.
Our plan is sorted.
Life has already made its plans.
We must go along, that's all.
Uncle, our final
destination is Masai Mara.
I'll show you that
place in a special way!
Before that, I have
a function to attend.
Let's go.
Let's go!
Uncle, why is Sid so grumpy?
He's always irritated.
Uncle! I'm talking to you!
When you ask me about
him, even I get irritated.
You get irritated. Yet,
you're journeying together.
Uncle, these are my followers.
Say hi!
Uncle, I asked you to wave & you're
folding your hands like a politician.
That's our culture.
Culture! Ok fine, say hi.
What's this dear?
Do you want to experience
everything through a camera?
God has given you
such beautiful eyes.
Savour the world
through your eyes, dear.
All this is new age uncle.
You need to update yourself.
You'll see more of him on my profile.
It's beautiful, right?
Weddings are so much fun!
The food, dance, cake, wine!
I'm going to make a nice reel.
Why do you always have
that look on your face?
What look?
Dull always.
I'll either be dull or full.
Why can't you gel
with us and chill?
Yes, I mean socialise.
While playing a sport,
those in the gallery must
not enter the field and vice versa.
You please let us be.
You look like the
protagonist from a Bhansali film!
Chudidhar, right? I'll wear it.
It's not a chudidhar; sherwani.
Ok, fine.
Promise me.
I'll wear it for the reception.
You're the best
father. Love you.
Soul ties.
In my language, we say:
To pull a bullock-cart,
we need 2 bulls.
And even if one bull isn't
there, the cart can't be pulled.
Life doesn't move forward.
It just doesn't.
You're not such a great
man to advice others.
You're not that capable.
You who are talking about
disruption in others' lives,
have already ruined our life!
A thorn should not
preach to a flower!
You do not have that capability.
Eating bread & jam
all these days,
had made the
tongue lose sensation!
Today, it feels like I'm sitting at
an Udupi hotel than a bakery!
Goddess of food! Thank you.
Annapoorneshwari means
mother of food. You!
Uncle, this wasn't made by her!
-Your son-in-law.
Because you like it, he fetched
all this and cooked it for you.
Then why didn't you tell me?
Why didn't you ask?
You just said it was tasty.
But now it's getting tough.
Uncle, what happened?
May I ask you something?
Uncle slapped you.
You didn't say a word.
And next day, you
made his favourite food,
and fed him.
When compared to the
pain of a broken heart,
the sting of a slap is nothing.
the hurt from a
slap can be forgotten.
But unforgettable.
After all, who slapped me?
My old man.
I mean the man who
should've been my father-in-law.
At least because of this,
he touched my cheek.
Think about that!
I'm enjoying that feeling!
Who are kids?
The ones who aren't old.
The ones who are
old are also kids!
The moment the boat
is rocking like a cradle,
the poor old man
is asleep like a child!
Uncle, he wants a drop.
No drops. Let's drop
him right here and go.
He looks like a local head.
Journey will be interesting.
That's why he's dangerous. No.
Man must always respect another man.
That's called humanity.
He's missed his bus
and is waiting here.
-He looks so innocent.
Do we have to carry
him on our shoulder?-Correct.
He'll be sitting in the jeep.
Mister! Please come.
I say don't smoke in public.
But if you insist on smoking
at a petrol bunk, then do so.
Uncle, come.
Let's try it?
No my dear! Some
dubious leaf it is!
What if something goes wrong?
C'mon uncle. You've had
mixed greens back home.
Why are you scared of this leaf?
What if my head starts reeling?
One puff will not
move a hair on your head.
So how will your head reel?
He's saying he doesn't want it.
You do as you wish.
I want it.
I have tried mixed
greens back home.
A Kenyan leaf won't scare me.
Travel must have adventure.
Who has parked the jeep on me?
The jeep is not parked on you, madam!
You have gone and
slept under the jeep. Get up!
Siddu, my head is reeling.
Forget your head. Where's Vasu?
Who the hell is Vasu?
First search for uncle!
Your head!
Uncle's name is Vasu.
Oh! Uncle's name is Vasu?
Okay, let's go search for him.
When did you put this on me?
Isn't this yours? Take.
This is uncle's.
If we don't find him
in the next 30 mnts,
it will be tough to breathe!
Let's go the other way.
Blame it on the company!
-I'll try it.
Uncle's gone with Bob Marley!
Oh he's gone with Mister Bob!
I won'
I won't smoke! I will smoke.
I will smoke. I've had mixed greens.
Nothing will happen to me.
Shall I give you a
friendship belt?
All this is because of me!
Get up!
How did you come here, uncle?
After smoking up,
I don't know what happened to me.
My head was reeling and I fell.
I don't know who got me here.
I told you a 1000 times.
To be careful in such places.
Did you listen to me?
I didn't know this
would happen to me.
How did you
know I was here?
Uncle, I don't know who
you are or what you do.
I know you're an Indian.
And as a Kannadiga,
I connected with you quickly.
I'm unaware of the relationship
between you and Sid.
But you won't believe it uncle,
Sid is a fantastic person!
Such a caring person!
He was super upset because
you went missing for half an hour!
You know, when baby elephants go
missing from the group, they search for them.
Just like that.
What I learnt from Sid is
you can also wish good
for people who are
not your blood relatives.
It's enough if you're
a good human.
I don't even know who you are...
Some past life ties that you
have with Leela & me...
The kind of love
you have for us...
After Leela's death, the kind
of pain I experienced,
I have given you
double that pain, my boy.
I don't know...
why I behaved
that way with you.
Having lost everything,
I had gone crazy.
I didn't want anyone.
Leela, I don't know where she is.
But she's within you.
She is definitely in you.
You never left me.
How much ever
pain I gave you,
you were by my side.
The kind of love
you have for me..
Please forgive me.
Shall I call you son,
or my darling boy...
They're coming to kill us!
Let's go! Hurry!
What happened?
My phone!
-To hell with the phone!
Is it worth more than your life?
Uncle, you won't understand!
Don't you have any sense?
-Dad, sit.
I'll bring it.
All the time phone!
Dad, what happened?
Kadambari, give him water.
What happened?
Now I realise why
they were chasing us.
When did she climb in?
My darling, when
did you get inside?
They were ready to kill us.
What are you upto?
Let's go and drop her.
No Siddu. I can't.
I'm not going to keep
going to the police station.
Come Sheela,
let's go home.
How do you know
her name is Sheela?
I had watched the
movie "Africadalli Sheela."
Hence I named her so.
Siddu, she's not Sheela;
but Leela, my daughter.
Ever since she came,
she's been with me.
We share a unique bond.
Please Siddu, let her
be with us for 3 days.
Let her stay with me.
Let's drop her when we leave.
Please say yes Siddu.
Okay dad.
Come my baby.
Happy birthday, Sid!
I saw your passport
in the police station.
I don't like birthdays.
Sankranti, Ugadi, Deepavali
than these festivals, it's more
fun to celebrate birthdays.
You know why?
Festivals come
after we're born.
But birthdays! Celebrations
are the moment you're born!
Do you speak because you have brains?
Or is it to make others
lose theirs, i don't get it!
I don't have any. Even if
I do, it can't be fulfilled.
And what's that?
I feel like talking to Leela.
Come, let's go.
It's getting late.
Where's uncle?
Forget uncle now.
I'll fulfil your wish now.
But you shouldn't say no.
What's this?
Leela is online.
...assume so and
talk to me, please!
Hello Sid!
Talk Sid!
Hi Leela.
-How are you?
I'm not fine, Leela.
What happened? How can you
not be fine on your birthday?
I'm very sorry.
It's okay. Why be sorry?
You called me so many
times and I didn't answer.
So God didn't answer my
prayer and took you away.
He kept writing
your name in my life,
and wiped you off my destiny.
Leela, when I stand in front
of the mirror, I can't see anything.
I only see you, that's all.
They say it's tough
when you lose love.
And in my case,
I've lost the girl I've loved... do I live?
Leela, if god
gives you a chance,
and rewinds life,
I will never let you go, Leela.
I will never give you up.
When you call me,
I'll answer that call.
I'll answer it & say
"don't worry Leela, I'm on the way."
I'll come.
And then,
I won't leave you, Leela.
Leela, you had told
me about your wish.
That your dad must
approve of me and hug.
The old man hugged,
kissed and approved of me.
You should have been there.
I've got T-shirts.
Same to same!
It's your birthday gift.
For you.
Thank you, dad!
Thank you uncle!
Why thanks? I didn't
give you'll a tea estate!
It's just a t-shirt!
Kadambari, click our picture!
Yes uncle,
I'll click in such a way...
that you'll faint when
you look at the picture!
-I'll click it like...
She'll call her entire family.
-Uncle, pose!
It'll get late, let's go.
Uncle, why?
No my dear. There's a
country called Africa.]
Let's earn that
amount and I'll take you!]
Dad, it's getting late
for the hot air balloon ride.
Has the child eaten?
-yes, coming.
A girl's father,
must wash his son-in-law's feet
and give him his daughter.
I came here to finish her rites.
You are handing
your daughter to me.
Leela, dad.
My little one.
It was Leela's dream,
that all animals
roam around freely'
amidst nature.
I couldn't fulfil it.
I couldn't.
Leela, Siddu is
fulfiling it my dear.
Take my boy.
Take her with you.
Come dad, let's go.
I'm not coming.
Let her see all the
animals from the top.
She'll feel happy.
Leela, go and come my dear.
Siddu will come with you.
I love you!!