Baang (2023) Movie Script

Without regard for anyone in this planet
without being concerned about others
ignoring the opinions of others
the only system which moves
forward without stopping is...
the Time.
It's the time!
If the time decides the fate,then nobody can change the outcome.
Alike, the countdown has
begun for these guys in their life.
And know... won't stop!
So, let's begin the countdown.
"Hey, come, come,
come... Come everyone...!"
"President, vice-president or the members of
the lazy association of Karnataka, please come."
"This song is for you...!
The song clearly represents all of you."
"Slow motion... Now
everything will be in slow motion."
"Whether it is day or night,
there will be no tension."
"Slow motion... Now
everything will be in slow motion."
"Whether it is day or night,
there will be no tension."
- "They say, life is too short..."
- "So, what?"
- "We must achieve something."
- "We'll see that later."
"Now everybody sing along
in confusion... One, Two, Three, Four..."
"Slow motion...
We are all in slow motion."
"We are in extreme slow motion,
please don't disturb us."
"Slow motion...
We are all in slow motion."
"We are in extreme slow motion!
We will take bath tomorrow!"
"Let's spend the whole life like this."
"Let's curse the one
who advises us to work."
"God will save us when there is trouble..."
"Let's make an offering to
God with that belief."
"Oh, oh god... to whom
shall we confide our distress?"
"Let us make them understand
that there is only one life."
"Otherwise, you tell us how to live."
"Now everybody sing along
in confusion... One, Two, Three, Four..."
"Slow motion...
We are all in slow motion."
"We are in extreme slow motion.
Let's live like this for now."
"No change!"
"Slow motion...
We are all in slow motion."
"We are in extreme slow motion,
let's sleep with our blankets on."
Dude, let's not go to work.
Turn the alarm off.
Put it on do not disturb mode.
By now you are aware that
we are in slow motion.
Nonsense, you can't even
complete one task properly.
Wake up, don't get
scolding from your father.
wake up.
He's so lethargic...
Hey Aarav, get up.
I need some privacy, mom.
What if I wasn't wearing any underwear?
Be thankful that your underwear
did not come out with the blanket.
Your dad has been irate since the morning.
What did you do this time?
I have been noticing this lately.
Mr. Kamath's torture is getting
worse by the day.
There is a limit to our patience.
You inform your husband that
it will not be pleasant.
Anyway, you're leaving,
convey the same message to him.
Where did I keep my glasses?
Today, I'm going to show you
what I'm capable of.
Why you are here? When you can't handle
a simple task given to you?
- Sorry, sir.
- How many times should I repeat it to you?
- You are fired, get out.
- Sir, sir, please...
Listen, I don't want to see you anymore.
Go now, get out.
Stupid people all around us!
Good morning, dad.
Do you know what time it is now?
It's already midday,
and the sun is overhead.
Let's talk inside, come.
Coffee, please.
Listen, I spoke with the
principal, you take the exam.
Because of your scamp
friends, you missed college.
Attend the exam at the very least.
Sure, dad.
Thanks? What for?
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Who we are is...
...judged by what we do.
There will be no redemption
unless and until you leave them.
Why are we discussing about them?
What did you say?
look, how he reacts
in support of his friends.
Are they more important
to you than parents?
Why such an arrogant behaviour?
Day by day, you will tarnish the
reputation we have built over the years.
Don't you have any responsibility?
- Enough with your scolding the son.
- You are not a child anymore.
It's getting late for your flight.
I'm ashamed to be your father.
Dad, the car is ready.
- It's getting late for the flight.
- Fine, I'm coming.
Dad, take it.
save your reputation at least
for the sake of your surname.
Do you understand?
- Yes, we are leaving now.
- Take care.
- Yes, right.
- Eat well, don't skip the meal.
Don't wander around.
- Sure, mom. - Keep safe.
- Suchi, come fast.
It's getting late.
Bye, bye.
The thing is...
Khushi called and said she will
take the day off to visit me at home.
I thought I'd respond to her
after hearing about your plans.
Our plan?
I've decided not to leave the house.
Why cause unnecessary trouble by
going out and risking Dad's reputation?
Leave us alone.
it's not that simple.
Hey, what's wrong?
I've asked her to come
assuming you guys will leave.
Wait until I finish
pooping. I'll think about it.
First, you leave now.
I'll leave...
but I've one more condition.
What is that?
Give me your car key.
This is too much.
Listen, I can't give you my car.
Now, tell me are you going out or not?
Fine, I'll leave.
Take a seat.
I'm ready.
Why does your brother seem worn out?
It must be Khushi.
Go, now.
He feels as regal as a deer.
- Khushi.
- Hi.
Come in.
Why are you worn out?
He was warming up.
- Aarav, you will never grow up.
- I know.
The movie isn't for kids, brother.
Let's go.
- When your parents will return?
- It will take two more days.
Shall we order food for dinner?
anything that occurs today must stay here.
It shouldn't reach the house.
Why are you lecturing as
if it's our first class.
Watch the road not your phone.
I've been driving even before
you were born.
Hey, you moron!
Dad, don't interfere in
our love, leave us alone.
I'd rather kill you, but I won't let you
live with this Raagi Machine Mahesh.
Hey Mahesh, you've
chosen right location to die.
If I hit you,
you will be dead.
Where the heck is he?
Okay mom, why are you
irritating me with so many calls?
I've work to do now. I'll call you.
Of course, I ate in the morning, afternoon,
and in the night I'll eat before I sleep.
You eat well and sleep.
Hang up now, I'll call you later.
- Hello. - Dude..
- Yes, tell me.
In ten minutes, I'll
be there at your place.
- Come down.
- No way.
For a week don't call me anywhere,
I won't come.
Come down, now.
Let's return after watching
a beautiful sunrise.
I won't come anywhere,
and please don't compel me.
I've my own responsibilities to take care.
It's time to take your life seriously.
Stop acting like an immature and
end with all your night outs, and parties!
- He started preaching nonsense.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Hello mister, can you move your vehicle?
Mister, your vehicle won't start.
You better throw it to scraps.
Dude, enough.
Dude, it's our area.
No one should make any noise!
Cough...! I'll deal with you later.
Where is Sunil?
He's not responding to my calls.
Is he?
Dude, let's go and
pick him up from his place.
To that area?
No way!
Do we need this?
I told you not to come here, now face it.
- one sec, move.
- Please.
You should tighten your slippers and...
if you kick like this...
Don't come one after the other;
come together.
Now, this is perfect!
Come, all of you, come.
Hogs are better than him!
It's the power of 8 crore
people of Karnataka.
Come, come now.
When did you guys show up?
Don't you dare speak
about my flour machine.
Take it, sip a fag.
Give me your slippers.
You eunuch!
Mahesh, he's my dad.
Seems, you are all out on a parole.
If I'd known about visiting your
place then I wouldn't have come.
Are you satisfied with the respect?
You've arrived just in time.
It's the climax, let's
finish it before we leave.
Are you nuts, move aside.
- Dude, dude...
- Let me disconnect the cable.
Enough, we've seen it a thousand times.
wear something to cover
your body, let's go out.
Today is my treat.
Dude, is your father all right?
Shut up! I'll kill you!
His brother has given him his
credit card to stay out.
- Chill, chill now.
- Give me two minutes.
Traveling in an old car
is an incredible experience.
Somehow you managed
to fulfill your desire.
What next?
Next, we have a green signal to
move forward, or we can follow them.
You are something...
"Life is joyous with long drives."
"Let's tie the wings to colorful dreams."
"Without worrying, let's
leave yesterday in the past."
"The whole world is full of good vibes."
"Let's hoard the happiness that is
dripping onto our palms and consume it."
"When we have plenty of money
then why do we need this world."
"Let's roam around the town drunk."
"It's a new vibe and a new life."
"When you have a free car to roam
then why would you go home?"
"Now, you have the heaven in your palms."
"Aren't you my friend when
you share all the woes."
"I will be with you forever."
"Let there be the same
speed in every moment of life."
"Let's not worry if there isn't
tomorrow since we own today."
"Every day joy joy, making new high high."
"Who's there to question us?"
"It's a new vibe and a new life."
"Life is joyous with long drives."
"The whole world is full of good vibes."
"Let's hoard the happiness that is
dripping onto our palms and consume it."
"When we have plenty of money
then why do we need this world."
"Let's roam around the town drunk."
I guess he's staring at
us. The yellow T-shirt guy.
Why did you take it when
you have hard time drinking it?
I could only read this item
from the entire menu, dude.
- Pathetic, now drink.
- I'm not sure how to drink it now.
Sir, please come to this world.
Why do you always target me at the end?
Carry on.
If there was a possibility of having
child by just staring at the girls...
then there would have been
your children all over the town.
I've been noticing you for a while.
What is that?
I'm sure...
that the girl is repeatedly staring at me.
She might have recognised
me as a movie star.
Mr. Machine Mahesh, we
are the only two people left... the world who can
recognise you as a movie star.
Dude, if the film's climax
had arrived at the beginning,
...then it would have been a massive hit.
True, true, it would have been
massive hit! Shut up and drink!
Drink now.
Sir, how much is the bill?
Sir, speak in Hindi please.
- Hindi, can you speak in Hindi?
- Hindi?
One full bottle water and...
include it and give the bill.
- Sunil, listen.- Sir, the bill is 850.
Yesterday, your mom had called.
For how long you want to
stay away from your parents?
- Thank you, sir.
- Go home.
When you invited me, I was skeptical.
I knew you would say something like this.
Aren't you done drinking?
Now, wait outside.
I need to use the washroom.
Look at his attitude.
Why does my mother call him?
Move aside.
What a moron?
- Aren't you finished yet?
- No, I'm done.
Come, let's go.
- Brother...
- F
"A game, a game of shadows..."
"...where there is search for something"
"The urgency, the little urgency..."
" rapidly rising the breath."
"The fear of getting caught..."
"has cornered you somewhere in the loop."
"It's a maze filled with
images and reflections..."
"...peek out to see yourself."
"Let there be light and darkness"
"Be careful with the faces"
"Either you walk or you run"
"They will come to you hard"
"Keep chasing yourself faster"
"Karma is just a spectator"
"Dont wait for the light in the dark"
"You will fade to the black"
"Which water to drink for
the thirst of life?"
"How much should we pray
for the life that will be gone"
"Something is shady and
wrong with the dreams"
"There is no lucid in the light
and why is that so?"
"The unseen deception of the creation..."
"makes the vision a dark sanctum"
"To an unknown place..."
"the legs are running"
"...with no direction or map ahead"
"A game, a game of shadows..."
"...where there is search for something"
"The urgency, the little urgency..."
" rapidly rising the breath."
what a loss?
The bag.
If this 8mm bullet pierces into your head..
then all your laugh will come to an end.
Oh, he must have poisoned the whiskey.
What would have happened if
I had accepted his offer to drink?
He's dead, boss.
Wa... Water...
Hello Leona, we just missed it.
Leona, Leona...
please forgive me, Leona.
All that money belongs to you.
Please take it and leave me.
Leona, please.
Please, Leona.
Hello, hello...
Leona, please leave me.
Leona, please, leave me.
Please Leona, put me down.
Let me tell you a story.
There was a king ruling a kingdom.
The king had a daughter.
The princess!
The people were scared of the princess.
In the village, if a child didn't sleep...
the princess would come
and burn down the entire village
...then she would take all the children,
that was the story narrated to the children.
One day, something
strange happened to the king.
He insulted the princess in front of the
people and sent her away from the palace.
All the people started laughing at her.
They praised the king for his actions.
the container is arriving
through Leona's territory.
It's better to notify her.
When I didn't care about Daddy, then why
should I be worried about her?
I'll wait to see her actions.
Now if the princess
wants to regain the throne...
and to bring back
the fear inside the people...
what do you think the princess should do?
She should kill the king.
Not bad, man.
That's the last page of the story.
She has to burn down the village
and villagers who laughed at her.
The burning heat should melt down
the throne to her knees.
Only then the things will be even!
I hope you've felt the heat.
Nonsense, you can't even
complete one task properly.
Sunil, listen...
For how long you want to
stay away from your parents?
Go, home.
- Thank you, sir.
When you invited me, I was skeptical.
I knew you would say something like this.
Aren't you done drinking?
Now, pay the bill and wait outside.
I need to use the washroom.
Look at his attitude.
If he had shown this attitude in the
film, then the film would have been a hit.
Then, Machine Mahesh would
have been famous in the world.
I want cookies, I'll pay the bill.
Let's leave, it's a pain to drink this.
Let's leave him be.
What's your story?
When are you getting
your mom from the village?
Someday, I need to bring her.
Somehow, if I could clear that subject...
I'll get a job through some reference.
I do feel like reading but...
Buddy, the car's trunk is open!
What the f...?
No, no, not anymore.
Who the heck are you guys?
Oh my god!
My introduction will kill some more time.
We don't have that
much time. I'm in a hurry.
My car was in your bag!
My bag was in your car.
It will be beneficial to you if
you return it as soon as possible.
It seems like a television prank show.
I'll take the lead.
The casting is perfect.
But, you are the wrong person.
I believe the TV channel
made a mistake in selecting you.
You look like the
character from the show...
Aren't you Papa Pandu?
I don't think they are listening to me.
I'll return after unloading at the toilet.
By the time I return, you
make sure you clean them up!
Hey Pandu, Papa Pandu...
He'll return.
Let's come to the point.
Move, aside.
What a moron?
It's wise if you tell us now
where the camera is placed.
If I find the camera by myself then...
each of you will be paying severely.
Remember, you will pay!
Where is the camera?
You don't want to show
it? No problem, I'll find it.
Here, under this?
Somewhere, here.
Must be here.
Buddy, there is no camera!
It's okay.
Where is Ayush?
Leave him.
Leave me.
Hey, Sunil...
Leave me.
Hey, by sunrise, the bag should
reach this address.
Otherwise, the bag with his dead
body will be delivered to your address.
Don't waste your time contacting the cops.
There is no use.
Because, the one who is waiting
there is the father to all of them.
What's going on?
Why did you allow them to take Ayush?
Look at my face.
Having seen our faces,
how can you still question?
Who is Daddy?
- Who knows?
- Who knows?
Where is our car?
I missed that part.
Boys, take the car.
Why does it keep happening to me?
What bag is that?
Give it away.
Are you out of your mind?
I have no clue about the bag.
Seems, you are all out on a parole.
Hey, move aside.
Can't you wait till I zip up my pants?
Sir, this is Balloon Babu.
I'd like you to make a deal.
Don't waste another
second. Come over here.
Sure sir, I'll be there.
What bag is that?
Give it away.
Are you out of your mind?
I have no clue about the bag.
I have never seen it.
From where can I get it?
Let's get on our knees and request them.
I'll convince them that I've no
connections to any bag.
It's the only way to get Ayush.
It's my fng headache!
You guys, leave.
- Dude...
- Dude.
don't mess this anymore, please.
You be quiet.
Dude, I'll come with you.
You don't have to come.
Shut up and drive.
Where should we go? What should we do?
Where can we search?
We have absolutely no clue.
If God exists...
he'll definitely show us some path.
Oh, they left me here!
The God exists!
Once the vehicle starts...
it will stop only at that address.
Shut up.
Why is he making such a noise?
Is the vehicle not starting?
It's yours.
- Take it. - Pass it on.
- Enjoy.
Take it.
Thank you.
Siri, Siri... Beer?
No, I'm good.
Come on Siri, it's just a beer.
I said no.
Please don't force.
Instead of going to Goa, you should get off and
take a bus to the pilgrimage,Tirupati.
Sir, have a beer.
Have some fun while driving.
- No sir, I'm driving.
- Hey, Siri.
It's okay, have a sip.
There won't be any problem.
No sir, it's okay, I'm good.
What's wrong with you?
Have you lost your mind?
What's the problem with this girl?
There will be no problem with
having just one beer.
- Give it back.
- No.
Nobody is forcing you.
Now, go back to your seat.
What a pain in the...?
In that case, I don't want
to join you guys.
Drop me back home.
Otherwise, I'll get down here.
What? Return back?
We can't return back.
You are welcome to get down here.
Please stop the vehicle.
She's a constant annoyance.
- We invited her to have fun.
- Hey, Siri.
Take it.
Where will she go at this hour?
Oh god!
Open the door.
Move aside.
What bag is that?
What bag is that?
- What was in it?
- Tell us, what was there in it?
- Why are you repeating the same questions?
- Oh, you are right.
- Who is that Daddy?
- Tell us, who the Daddy is?
Hey, move aside.
He's laughing.
Hey, Oolala... get up.
Didn't you blabber
about the bag? What is it?
How much money was in it?
No matter how much it is,
we will arrange.
Tell us, you scumbag.
What's wrong with him?
He isn't uttering a word.
He's definitely a scumbag.
Look, how he's laughing.
I'll tell you a story.
Listen, carefully.
In that bag...
it wasn't the money in it.
It's Dhan!
It's one of the rarest drug.
The cost of drug is...
around 40 crores.
A place in the middle of
a very dense forest.
The name of the flower found by
the tribal people there is...
The flower can only be
found by those tribal people.
They preserve the flower and then
sell it to a Nigerian gang.
The gang extracts the crucial component
out of the flower.
After that, they illegally ship
it to Dhaka in Bangladesh.
Later it will reach Mangalore's harbor
through the sea route.
With the help of Daddy,
the Nigerian gang...
which has a production unit
set at Mangalore...
...where the raw materials will be processed create a drug called Crystal Meth and
...through Daddy they
will distribute across India.
Listen, boys...
this was their first consignment.
You've messed with that.
There is no escape.
You will suffer.
Sir, verify the rolling.
It seems there is a Dhabha
here. Let's freshen up.
Nope, we are getting late.
Let's go.
Do you guys want to eat something?
- I want...
- Hey...
In this situation, how
can we think about eating?
We don't want anything.
I agree...
Hey, take a seat in the back.
Alright, you don't have to bother.
Sir, I'm on the way.
I'll reach there by morning 5 O'clock.
Fine, come soon.
Sure, sir.
Who knows, this could be our last meal.
You too, have something.
- No, you guys eat.
- Thanks buddy.
Oh god...
Do you want to eat anything more?
Fatso, we don't eat everything like you do.
Go, get the bill.
No wonder someone has thrashed you nicely.
Hey, what's that noise?
Bring a soft drink while you return.
Dude, I'll be back in two minutes.
Ah, no one is around.
- Hi, Bhuvan?
- No, it's Bhushan.
Bhushan, how are you?
How come you are here?
The thing is, in the bus...
Okay, okay. My friends are
waiting for me. Bye.
- No, but...
- Bye, bye.
Bhuvan? Ah, Bhushan!
Take it.
Dude, let's leave.
I'm Siri, Bhushan's college friend.
Dude, the thing is...
Actually, I missed my bus in the highway.
What happened to you guys?
Did you guys met with an accident?
You should get a first aid.
There is so much bleeding.
There is first aid kit with me, wait.
Who is she?
Turn on the power generator.
You've messed with it.
What's all this?
Hey, get up.
Hey, Oolala...
Dude, give it here.
Hey, check this.
Isn't this the drug you
were looking for?
If you had given this there,
I would have left you alone.
We could have avoided beating each other.
Give it.
There is still time, I'll take it.
This is not my bag.
I don't know how I got this.
- Dear Goddess...
- What?
It's been two hours since
I lost desire in my life.
Now, I can see some future in my life.
Dude, give me your phone.
What's going on here?
Dude, my phone is dead.
Excuse me?
What? Hey...
- Give me the visiting card.
- What's going on?
- Dude, I gave the card to you.
- What's happening here?
Can someone please explain
me what's going on here?
To whom is he calling?
Where are we going?
The phone in not reachable.
- Let's not waste our time, let's go.
- Where are we going?
Ma'am, we're heading to Mangalore
and will drop you off at the next bus stop.
- Come now.
- Mangalore? Perfect, perfect...
It's my grandma's place.
Please drop me there.
who is he?
And the bag...! ah...!
I'm not coming or letting you take the
bag until you explain what's going on here.
The thing is...
It's all that took place.
- Dude, let's go.
- Sure, let's go.
Get in.
Keep calling the number.
It might get connected.
No, nothing yet.
Without any glasses,
my vision has become blurry.
Did you reach him?
Make him quiet.
What? What do you want?
Boys, give me some water to drink.
Be quiet, even we don't
have anything to drink.
If our Daddy comes to know about
this then you will be...
Lie down quietly.
Daddy, Daddy...
my head is exploding
by hearing the name Daddy.
I wasn't even scared of my father but
I'm scared now.
Why are you sitting so silently?
there is some power to the
name Daddy in that town.
I hope your path does not take you there.
Do you know who Daddy is?
My grandma used to tell their
story like a fairy tale.
Even my grandma used to tell...
that we should know the person
before we meet them.
You continue, it's the way that goes.
Due to the heavy downpour that day...
the babies in the cradle were crying...
but the sound of a baby's crying in
the trash was much louder.
It would have been better if they
hadn't discovered the baby that day.
The coastal people would have
lived peacefully without any fear.
The child who shouldn't have grown
in such a place did grow up there.
An incident occurred after several days.
No one knows what happened that day.
He was so angry that he
burned down his own house.
He ran away from the place
fearing for his life from the villagers.
Fate had led him to the
place where he would rule.
He got everything at that place.
He got a job beyond his
strength, the money, the food...
everything... but the name?
He didn't had the name yet.
Chotu, do you think it's a toy?
Leave the gun where it belongs and leave.
Boy, do you want to shoot?
If you shoot, then this
100 rupees will be yours.
Hey, did you really shoot him?
What did you do?
Fate gave him a new life
when he fired those four bullets.
Later his growth is
no less than any film story.
One day there was
a small twist to his story.
It was the girl child.
Daddy had the impression
that the girl shared his fate.
Daddy changed his life style.
His business were more
organized like a corporate firm.
On one hand, the empire
was expanding rapidly,
...while on the other, Leona's
bullets were piercing carelessly.
There was no one to stop them.
Daddy scaled back on works
that required more bloodshed.
But, Leona, who had just
tasted the blood, felt obligated.
With great patience, Daddy
forgive Leona for her mistakes.
But that day, due to a slight
delay in the consignment...
Leon took her father's Dubai
business partner's head off.
While he wasn't even aware of it.
It's just one head.
Why you guys are so serious?
How many times do I have to remind you that
you need to tell Daddy before you execute?
I don't seek permission to do what I do.
I'll do what I feel is right.
If we allowed everyone
to live with their choices...
then nobody would be
alive above this planet.
We would be under the ground.
It's good to hear.
Are you done?
Shall I go now?
if I want to shoot you now...
then nobody will stop me.
Before acting, we should rethink
our actions a hundred times.
Otherwise, you should have asked me once.
Today marks the end of my regard for you.
You hurt me by listening
this old-mans words.
Now people will forget who you are.
I'll make sure that happens.
Later, the coastal territory was
divided, and war broke out.
The war still continues.
Why are you making noise again?
What a moron?
Hey, the call got connected.
Dude, park it aside.
Hello, sir...
- Sir, can you hear me? - Hello.
Sir, we have the bag you were looking for.
Sir, we are bringing the
bag to the location you gave.
Sir, keep my brother safe.
- Yes, sir. - Tell him, we are coming.
- What is it?
- What did he say?
Let's go.
Damn it.
It's over.
It's all over.
We thought we will bring back
Ayush by kneeling down to them.
We've now trapped ourselves by
claiming to have the bag with us.
They won't spare him.
They won't spare Ayush.
We are still with you.
Let's explain everything to them.
Isn't he part of the same gang?
Nothing will happen.
Nothing will happen to Ayush.
- Come. - Come. - Let's face the outcome.
Why are you standing still?
Explain them everything
the way it occurred.
I really hope they understand.
Come over if you need any help.
This is my grandma's house.
Three guys are here asking
for Daddy, shall I send them in?
What should we tell Daddy about the bag?
let's leave the past behind.
You don't say a word to Daddy.
You remain silent.
I'll explain him everything.
Moreover, it wasn't us who took his bag.
The one who took the
bag belongs to their gang.
God is the witness to everything.
The Lady Justice is blindfolded,
her ears are still open.
No matter what the consequences be...
let us walk on the
path of justice and truth.
Daddy will not harm us.
I said I wanna talk to
Daddy for just two minutes.
They smeared sackcloth on
our faces simply for asking.
When you were lecturing on justice and
truth, I realised what was going to happen.
Enough with you now.
Sir, sir...
please remove this.
My nose is itching.
- Sir, anyone there?
- Sir, we are looking for a boy.
- Sir...
- Sir, he's our brother.
- Sir, sir...
- Please sir.
Sir, we are here to take our brother.
Sir, sir, where are you?
Sir, sir...
Sir, please sir...
Sir, please sir.
I'll call once, I'll call only once.
Give me my phone.
I'll talk to my family. Please
give me my phone for once.
Please give me my phone.
I need to talk to my family.
When you do business with Daddy,
you will get extra benefits.
Be it extra fame, extra
money and extra respect.
But extra life...
They're making excuses
for not bringing the bag.
My brother...
Bring him here.
Sir, we don't have the bag.
The one who took it belongs to your gang.
- Trust me, sir.
- Brother.
Please trust me, sir.
You said, you will bring the bag.
But, you didn't.
I had told you, I won't spare
him if you don't bring the bag.
Too bad.
Sir, sir, please sir.
Ayush, Ayush...
Sir, please don't.
- Sir,sir...
- Brother...
Ayush, Ayush... Sir, sir...
Sir, please don't. Please sir...
Sir, he's innocent. Sir,
please... please don't...
Sir, sir, please sir... leave him.
Sir, please sir... please don't...
What a scrap?
Don't say that, Daddy. This is
the gun you used for the first time.
An extra life!
Untie them.
Sir, we have no clue about the bag.
Sir, they beat us like hell.
I've lost my right vision.
You are asking clueless questions.
Listen, you've time till this evening.
That's it.
Bring the bag before we
freeze your brother to death.
Lock the boy inside the freezer.
Let the temperature drop
a degree for every hour.
Daddy, we can't trust these amateurs.
They might reveal more
if we work on them here.
I've seen genuine fear in their eyes.
They are going nowhere.
I want to see the bag by evening.
Follow the boys.
If you feel they are toying with us, then kill them.
The golden deer is out on the plane.
I'm sure she'll be hunting.
This is not gonna end very soon.
There will be...
Come in.
She's my grandma.
Greetings to everyone.
I'm your Leela Jaala priest.
Today's topic of discussion is...
wretched Faces!
The first category are the ones who
bring wretchedness by birth.
In the second category,
we look for wretchedness.
And in the third category,
the wretchedness follows us.
Are you still thinking who that is?
You, it's you...!
You are the wretched fellows.
Siri, the thing is...
It's okay, leave it.
You guys look pathetic.
I'll go shop something for you.
You guys clean up by then.
I'll wait downstairs for you.
Aarav, why don't you talk to your family?
There is no use.
It's complicated.
There isn't any complication.
Just call your dad and speak to him.
He can't speak. They will
thrash him if he utters one word.
The evil Daddy is better than his dad.
Siri, this is your grandma's place.
You attended college here.
If you have any contacts...
- it would help us a lot.
- How?
Like, if you know any peddler.
What? Are you out of your mind?
Please Siri.
We don't have much time.
What do you think of me?
Think of something.
I had a friend from college.
But, I can't guarantee you anything.
I'll try calling her.
She's not answering my call.
We can go to her place. Come now.
I'll go back.
We will also come.
Let's go back together.
I meant to go back to my home.
What? You want to visit your home?
How can we leave him alone?
You just listen to me.
At least now you
desire to visit your home.
You go.
Don't you worry about me.
I'm not going home with the
stigma of being labelled a thief.
I'll return home with some achievement.
The clothes are amazing.
Even the size matches.
How did you find out about my size?
I guessed it by looking.
Ah, true.
She can guess just by looking!
Let's return home when
everything is complete. Let's go.
Uncle, Janhvi?
Dear child...
Hi, why are you here?
It's nothing special.
During college, you had a...
Do you remember the
boyfriend you had during college?
Now I'm married to someone else.
- Why you wanna talk about him now?
- I need his number.
Why do you want his number?
I don't want his number. It's for them.
He's a little insane.
Ask them to be careful.
Don't you come back
here to inquire about him?
Who gave you my number?
I'm Jahnvi's friend.
What do you want?
We need stuff.
Come over.
I'll send it.
What did he say?
It must be him.
Sit behind my seat.
You can come over here. It's okay.
No, I'm fine.
Sir, the thing is...
- we need some favor from you, sir.
- Call me, Manny.
What do you want?
What and how much
you want? Tell me.
Manny, sir, we need
whatever you have that is costly.
Be clear or else you leave now.
Please, ask him.
Manny, sir.
you, do tell.
The drug, which reaches you
directly from Afghan, you have anything like that?
What the hell? Where are you from?
Manny, can't you do
something so simple for me?
Oh, it's working.
Make sure you don't tell anyone
that I gave you the number.
- Sure, thank you so much.
- Let's go, let's go.
In what name should
I save your number?
Let's go, let's go.
- Hello.
- Are you Narayani?
Call him and tell him that there
in one big catering order.
It's the codeword.
Sir, there is a big catering order.
Oh, is it?
Fine, I'll share you the
location. Let's meet face to face.
Okay, sir.
- What did he say?
- He's sending the location.
Take it.
We should get this repaired.
We will, let's go.
I doubt you realise
who you're dealing with.
You were lucky we didn't catch you soon.
Nevertheless, we caught you now.
Why did you bring me here
if you intended to arrest me?
You would have taken me
straight to the police station.
If we are negotiating business
then we shouldn't waste our time.
Hello, Daddy.
When you have a snitch on your team...
then what's the point
in dancing to other's tunes.
Where did you find him?
Let's talk business.
- How much?
- Fifteen.
It's too much.
Fifteen lakhs, that's final.
I need that scumbag along with the bag.
You will have both.
When I'm negotiating in crores...
he's proposing in lakhs!
Is it luck?
It's his capability!
Daddy, the boys were
roaming around Leona's area.
I guess they met someone.
They are planning for something.
Choose a right time and finish them off.
Sure, Daddy.
"The fire has engulfed under us."
"The situation is tense."
"There isn't any Idli and Sambar to eat."
"Death is sitting and
laughing while looking..."
"The feel when you've
put your leg on cow dung."
"The time when you trampled a dog's tail."
"When a pure vegetarian gets
a piece of meat on his plate."
"Oh, dear God,"
" has become a mess."
"Please send someone mighty for help."
"Why do we need a calendar when
there is no tomorrow?"
"Let's rewrite the whole story
from the beginning."
"The fire has engulfed under us."
"The situation is tense."
Don't worry. They will find help.
There is still time.
I think you should talk to your family.
I really don't think so.
They never supported me in anything.
I didn't do anything that
drove them to support me.
Since, it's your family, you
should ask them for support.
If I ask...
then it will not be considered a support,
but rather a help.
I never got one smile
from them, not even once.
I never felt confident among them.
Let's leave it.
You won't get it.
I have more experience in this matter.
Today is my birthday.
But, I didn't receive one wish.
But, I'm used to it.
I came here because of
the anger I have toward them.
Everybody will have
their own stories to tell.
I'm sorry.
Happy birthday.
I'm not sure about the happiness
but it's truly adventurous.
Hello, hello...
- Sir, where are you?
- Give me the phone.
Sir, for how long we should wait for you?
I don't have time
to play games with you.
If you intend to come then come
fast, otherwise we are leaving.
Don't the younger generations have
the habit of looking around while speaking?
Sir, the thing is...
The ears are wide open here.
Come, let's go and talk in secrecy.
Come, now.
Secret, what's he saying?
- To where?
- Come.
You stay here.
I'll send all the refreshments here.
We will return here after the talks.
Be careful.
What do you wanna eat?
The buns are amazing here.
Waiter, three buns
and a special tea for me.
Sir, you have amazing sense in performance.
Perfect timing! Wow.
Why don't you consider acting for films?
What? Do you think I'm a fool?
Can you please shut up?
Sir, what are you doing?
We really don't have time.
If you can help us then please help us.
Otherwise, we'll leave.
Come, let's go.
- Sir, sorry sir.
- Now, you can talk.
Tell me, what's your story.
How dare you put your hands
inside the mouth of a whale?
We didn't.
It came and grabbed our hands.
Sir, you must help us.
Definitely, we are here to help.
Come, let's go.
Sir, where are we going?
You need help, right?
Now come, let's go.
What a pathetic day?
I'm curious where this guy
is going to take us.
Stop, stop it here.
You keep listening to the music.
I'll be back in no time, alright.
- Where is he going?
- How would I know?
Nobody seems to stay at
home in this town.
It's always either a factory or a go-down!
What the hell?
Oh boy, won't you ever grow
hairs on your head?
Why did you make them wait outside?
You should bring them in.
Allow them to see my face
one last time before they die.
So, you have no issues?
Shall I bring them in?
Sure, I'll do that.
Listen guys,
I've mediated everything inside.
You just need to show your
face once, that's it.
Come inside, now.
What happened to him?
Did you guys deprive him of his sleep?
I don't think he'll wake
up for another hour.
You guys come, alright, come.
Come, come.
Hello, where are you?
Fine, come fast.
I'm sorry.
Sorry, sorry.
Madam, didn't I tell you?
The bag you require is with them.
- Madam, I haven't done anything wrong.
- Oh, it's my bag.
Leave me, I'll go home.
Madam, she's the one who took my bag.
Madam, I told you.
There is something wrong.
- I guess he told us the truth.
- Please leave me, I'll go home.
Is he still of any use to us?
Then send him.
I said send him.
Madam, please don't
hurt me. Please madam.
You know I didn't do anything wrong.
Please leave me, please.
Leave me.
Madam, please leave me.
Why you guys are still standing?
Take a seat.
Bhatre, arrange juice for all the guests.
Narayani, told me your story.
You have fallen into the tiger's cage.
Now, you have only one option.
Madam, what is it?
We don't have much time.
Nobody has time!
Juice, is it?
Madam, we just had buns and tea.
You said there is only one option.
If you tell us what the option is then...
we will listen and leave immediately.
Madam, please tell us.
It's simple.
You do what Daddy asks you to do.
Madam, we have no clue about
what or where it is.
And, nobody here is
ready to listen to our words.
And I swear, we can't understand
what anyone else is saying here.
I'll arrange a path to bring the drugs.
But, you should go there without fear.
To where?
His name is Nairobi.
He's the one who supplies drugs to Daddy.
You'll find everything
you're looking for at his place.
That's his location.
If we go here, will they give us
what we seek?
Go and ask...
I don't think it's a good idea.
Madam, can you give us two minutes, please.
Nobody has time.
I don't think you have any other option.
So, make it fast.
Madam, Sir... one second...
what are you worried
about right now? Let's go.
What you are doing?
One last game!
CHAPTER-05: DIAMOND RACKEWhere is the other half of the package?
Daddy, it must be the boys.
I swear, I know nothing.
He only has ten minutes
to reveal everything.
Something doesn't feel right, dude.
I guess we're making the same mistakes.
They'll make the same mistake again.
In a little while...
there will be end to all those old-heads.
What could possibly go wrong now?
You are wasting time.
What's the plan?
Fine, what's your next move?
Daddy, lost his package?
He cannot pay you back.
He's sending three assassins to kill you.
Be prepared.
Hey, old-man...
How did you lose the package?
Nairobi, listen to me.
Your money will reach you on time.
Don't worry.
Your people will be taken care of.
Shut up, just shut up.
Have you lost your mind?
Can we give up our lives for friendship?
You're with me because you've gone insane.
Look at how peacefully he's sleeping.
That's fine, but why is she here with us?
They are holding my
brother. So let it be my death.
I don't want any of it.
I'll go straight to Daddy and
face the consequences.
I no longer want to see you.
- Do you think sane people would do that?
- You don't worry about that.
Bhatre, arrange juice for all the guests.
Madam, happy Deepawali!
Dude, what place is this?
Where are we?
Guys, let's go back.
Listen to me please, let's return.
Please listen to me...
Machine Mahesh...!
Let's get inside.
You guys shouldn't have come to this place.
I'll make sure you guys will have
the death you never wished for.
Any last wishes?
Get ready to die.
Leona here, is the job done?
- We are not giving up our friendship!
- Stay inside the car.
But still, she's a scumbag.
She had planned our execution.
If I would have stood
there for few more minutes...
then I'm sure I would
have fallen in love with her.
Who are you referring to?
What is this new love
affair in the midst of all this?
Machine, check if there are any
new holes in your body.
Shut up.
There's some excitement in life right now.
All I want is to give this to Daddy
and get my brother.
- Will he be okay?
- He'll be fine.
She's here.
Go now and propose her.
Of course I'll. I love you madam.
Come on, boys.
Did you saw that?
Dude, we are definitely going to die.
I'm still not sure if it'll be the Daddy
or the Lady who kills us.
What are you high on?
Please give me the same.
Oh god, save me from all this.
I want to go home.
Sunil, God granted your wish.
- You are son of God.
- True.
Where is it?
Give it to him.
Throw that on his face.
Let him have it. Have it for yourself.
Where is the bag?
First, you release my brother.
I'll give the bag, later.
Why do you always
seek the road to death?
Give him the bag. Let's go home.
You be quiet.
Daddy's business is a clean business.
No more games, only a straight deal.
Give and take!
Are you awake?
I was waiting for you to be awake.
Kill his brother.
- Sir, sir.
- Tell him where the bag is.
- Sir...
- Oh shit.
You have 10 seconds.
Where is it?
Sir, I can't remember where the bag is.
Sir, please sir. I don't know.
At least give him the bag now.
I don't know where it is.
Sir, if you intend to kill us,
please do so right now.
Please don't make us nervous.
Sir, please sir. Don't...
Narayani, how is your hotel business?
It's doing great.
With all your blessings.
We are thinking of
expanding the business now.
I'm here, where I never intended to be.
Let's avoid talks.
I want the boys.
Did you come all the way
to get the bag?
If I had known you wanted the bag,
then I would have
sent it to you personally.
I'm not like Daddy,
who asks for permission to get things.
I'm Leona.
I'm happy to see you.
For how long do you want to be like this?
All of this is yours at any time.
Give her the bag.
I guess you've learned
some things from experience.
Your first...
Stop it, stop it right there.
Make sure she doesn't get hurt.
Take exit.
Come here.
Dude, we don't have much time.
We should find Ayush at the earliest.
So the plan is...
Say it quickly.
Wait, I'm still thinking.
What a pain you guys are?
Let's do one thing.
Let's split. Alright.
Let's go together, okay.
Come, come.
Sir, please sir.
Sir, we will take our brother.
Grab him, hold tight.
Get a rope.
Quick, get a rope.
Hold him.
The head never considers it's
tail as his competitor.
But the ten-headed Ravana's
empire Lanka was burned down... a single tail.
I'll never make the same
mistakes Ravana did.
Though the tail and head are
in opposite directions,
...they weigh the same.
What happened to those
who built an empire?
Everyone ended up in the soil.
didn't you bring some thing?
Where did you keep it?
Sir, we really don't know.
Please, sir.
Make sure we don't meet again in this life.
Move on.
Where is the other half of the package?
Daddy, it must be the boys.
I swear, I know nothing.
In this era, there are numerous definitions
for laugh, cry, anger and for win or loose.
Whoever loses today will win tomorrow.
The one who died today will
rise again tomorrow.