Baaz: A Bird in Danger (2003) Movie Script

Today it's no longer a
figment of imagination...
...but a psychological truth...
...that every man has within his mind,
not just one, but several personalities.
One takes him towards
the path of goodness...
...the other drives him to do evil.
This is an attribute inherited
from the parents' genes...
...and also from the values and
education one is imparted.
This is the story of a man whom
education and values made him human...
...but the genes he got from his parents
turned him into a human falcon.
My son cannot be dead.
My son wasn't mad!
I have finished my own lineage.
What are you doing?
Madam, I can't find my daughter.
She was playing somewhere here.
My child! Laxmi, my child...
After seeing all
your grandson reports...
...we have called doctor's from
international psychiatric forums.
- He is doctor Sherley from UK.
- Hello Ma'am.
And he is doctor Los Thomas from USA.
We have come to the conclusion
that your grandson's behaviour...
...could be on account of a genetic
disorder he has got through hereditary.
His mother was insane,
his father committed suicide.
It means, the disorder your
grandson is a victim of...
...occurs when the patient is excited
when he sees something in particular.
As in the case of your grandson,
who reacts when he sees beauty.
He's still a child, so it can be said...
...that he wants to destroy
everything that attracts him.
Mentally, he feels that only
he is entitled to the beauty.
And by destroying it,
he gets satisfied...
...that no one else will have it anymore.
- What is the cure, doctor?
- Love and a good upbringing.
If the child is given a lot of
love and he is brought up well...
...if the atmosphere around him is
conducive and he keeps good company...
...there's a 99% chance that
your child will recover.
And yes...
The one per cent chance we
talk about is out of the fear
...that should care not be taken
this child too could face
...the same fate as your
daughter-in-law did.
- He'll have to spend his life
in an asylum. - No, doctor.
Please don't say that.
I understood.
I won't let my lineage
come to an end like this.
I will save him.
At any cost I will save him.
I'll bring him up with all my love.
"I can hear something, mother."
"In the silence, a deafening noise..."
"I hear it, I hear it."
"In the silence, a deafening noise..."
"I hear it."
"When I'm lonely..."
"there's someone, who talks to me."
"This strange world..."
"this strange world..."
"is the world I live in."
"A deafening noise, I always hear."
"Birds that cannot fly..."
"are my companions."
"The fragrance of trampled flowers..."
"appeals to me."
"Light, hurts my eyes..."
"in darkness, I seek comfort."
"In silence, a deafening noise..."
"I always hear."
"When I'm lonely..."
"there's someone who talks to me."
"When I'm lonely..."
"someone talks to me."
"This strange world..."
"This strange world..."
"is the world I live in."
"In silence, a deafening
noise, I always hear."
"In silence, a deafening
noise, I always hear."
"I always hear."
Down with the Uttaranchal government
Arrest the killer.
Home minister give the resignation.
Hang the killer!
Such ugly behaviour
with beautiful flowers?
What your eyes see is
not always the truth.
Our eyes see the earth and the
skies meeting at some point.
But that isn't true.
They even sight a mirage.
That isn't for real either.
Play of words can't
conceal a wrong doing.
Wrongdoing is a subjective term.
You trust your eyes
more than you ought to.
Look, this flower is infested with worms.
I'm destroying it,
so that the other flowers are protected.
You're right.
There must never be a blemish on beauty.
If it's tainted,
it ought to be destroyed.
Like this.
Any way, Let's go.
- Sure.
- Let's go. Coming guys.
Good evening Ladies and Gentleman.
Welcome to Mr Jaisingh
Dabral's grand party.
Friends, you must have heard of the
famous author Henry Haddock Elvis.
This author says,
Beauty is the child of love.
That isn't something I've got to
prove at this wonderful party.
It's up to three beautiful
girls to prove what beauty is.
As everyone of you know, tonight...
...we're holding the final round
of the Miss Nainital Contest.
This last round is a contest
between three beautiful girls.
They are... Preeti Rastogi.
Oh, my God.
- All the best.
- Thank You.
- Welcome. Welcome.
- Thank you very much.
Bhavna Negi.
All right.
- Looking nice, best of luck sister.
- Thank you.
- All the best.
- Thank you so much.
Kanishka Kapoor.
All the best.
- Yay! Look at the walk!
- Best of luck.
Thank you.
"Their faces are bright,
their tresses hide the night."
"Their faces are bright,
their tresses hide the night."
"You are but yourself..."
"You are but yourself..."
"what can I say in praise of you?"
"Your beauty stands out."
"If you dont find a lover...
Whats so great about it?"
"If you dont find a lover...
Whats so great about it?"
"Their faces are bright,
their tresses hide the night."
"Beauty has its own place..."
"be there a lover or not."
"Nature is kind to us,
whether someone else is or not."
"Nature is kind to us,
whether someone else is or not."
"What is a lamp that offers no glow?"
"Had it not been for beauty,
whom would you fall in love with?"
"Dolls of clay...
and what arrogance they display."
"They're proud of their own
looks; What trip is this?"
"Had it not been for moonlight..."
"what would the Moon be worth?"
"Had it not been for melody..."
"what would a song be worth?"
"Without the fireflies...
what are the flames worth?"
"Their faces are bright as day,
their tresses hide the night."
"Their faces are bright as day,
their tresses hide the night."
"Their faces are bright as day,
their tresses hide the night."
"You are but yourself..."
"You are but yourself..."
"what can we say in your praise?"
All right.
And the winner is...
Bhavna Negi.
Bhavna Negi.
All right.
- Well done.
- Thank you.
Congrats! Wow!
All yours.
All right.
Congratulation Madam.
What for? For losing?
Not losing, madam. For getting saved.
- What do you mean?
- So you don't understand?
Had you been chosen Miss Nainital,
that psychic killer would have...
To be very frank.
That's just what I wanted, Mr Chautala.
Which is why I participated
in this contest.
I wanted him to get to me and I'd...
To be very frank.
My word, madam! This is amazing.
Now please leave me alone.
Sorry madam.
Sister, you've been chosen
Miss Nainital today.
After this, you'll become Miss
India, Miss Universe, Miss World!
Naina, how can someone who wins the
Miss Universe contest become Miss World?
By the way, what is the meaning
of the title Miss Universe?
Miss Universe means the most
beautiful woman in the universe.
The universe...? So there are women
on other planets apart from earth?
Put that question to
your geography teacher.
Let's hide this crown now.
When Mom arrives from Lucknow tomorrow...
- we'll give her a huge surprise.
- Okay.
It's going to be fun, isn't it?
It's very late, Naina.
And I'm very tired.
Let's change and go to bed.
Okay, I'll go and take a shower.
Who's that?
Who is it?
Who's there?
Who is it?
- Sister!
- No!
No. Sister.
Don't move.
Or I'll shoot.
Your Honour, my client being present at
the crime scene was just a coincidence.
As my client has already stated...
...he had gone to Bhavna Negi's house
to give her a few of her pictures.
He was about to ring the doorbell
when the police arrested him.
There are two eye-witnesses to the
crime, Your Honour.
The first is Bhavna
Negi's sister Naina Negi.
Unfortunately, she has gone into
a coma following this incident.
The second eye-witness is Hari Bishnoi.
I seek your permission to
question Mr Hari Bishnoi.
Permission granted.
Mr Bishnoi, you have stated that you
witnessed the entire ghastly drama...
...from your bedroom window and you
saw my client being arrested...
...and you are convinced that it was
my client who killed Bhavna Negi.
- That's true.
- Do you remember what time it was...
- ...when this incident took place?
- It about 1:30 or 2:00 a.m.
- Were you asleep or awake?
- I was asleep.
But when I heard a commotion
at the neighbours', I woke up.
I went straight to the window which
is where I saw everything from.
Mr Bishnoi, do you wear your
glasses when you go to bed?
No. Whoever goes to sleep
with his glasses on?
Which means that when you saw
my client being arrested... weren't wearing your glasses.
Well... no.
The glasses you are wearing right now is
to see faraway things, or nearby ones?
Faraway things.
My sight for nearby things is all right.
In other words, if you take off your
glasses you can clearly see my face.
But the judge's face
will be somewhat blurred?
Here is a man who can't see things clearly
in broad daylight without his glasses.
How can he see a face
clearly in the darkness?
Besides, the distance between
Mr. Bishnoi and Ms Bhavna's bungalows... far more than the distance between
you and the witness-box, Your Honour.
Obviously then, the testimony
of the eye-witness Mr Bishnoi...
...cannot be believed to be true.
The prosecution has no witnesses
or evidence against my client.
The court agrees with the defense lawyer.
The prosecution has not been
able to produce solid evidence.
This court therefore
honourably acquits the accused.
The law has been bought! Hang the killer!
What happened, Neha?
Neha, Coffee...
I got it my friend. I got it.
Are you all right. What happened?
I'm fine. And I'm so excited.
I finally got the job.
Really. Where? Which place?
Tell me, Neha! Where you got?
My favourite place Nainital.
Lovely sights, the Valley...
and the cool climate!
And no entry noise pollution.
You know, Mr Dabral has chosen me... do the interiors
of his huge bungalow.
Let me show you.
He has even sent me a photograph.
Wow! What a location.
I never imagined that my very first
assignment would be so interesting.
- Here you go sister.
- Thank you.
Yes take this.
Okay sister.
Beauty with Purity.
- Is this where you live?
- NARAYAN: Yes, in Ranikhet.
- What is your name?
- Narayan.
- Which temple is that?
- Goddess Sitladevi's.
- How far is the place, Narayan?
- We reached.
Neha Chopra from Delhi?
Thank you.
- Mr Dabral?
- Please be seated. I'll inform him.
Where is sir?
Has Neha Chopra come?
Yes, sir.
Miss Neha Chopra.
So you've arrived in my world?
I've been waiting for you.
And the sight of you tells me
that what I've done isn't wrong.
- Please sit down.
- No. Thank you.
Sir, this is my very first assignment.
But I assure you... will really approve of my work.
I first approve of the person...
...and then his work.
You're the one I approved of.
And I will approve of your work too.
By the way I like your confidence.
This is the confidence that
brings people close to my heart.
If you wish, you can go to my
ancestral bungalow right now.
The one I want you to turn into
something beautiful like you.
But if you want to go later, no problem.
I'll go right now, sir.
As for your stay, you can stay anywhere,
At the bungalow, or here.
With me. As you wish.
Yes Sir.
I'll tell you after I've
taken a look at the site.
Neha, I don't treat my
employees like employees...
- I treat them like my property.
- Pardon me...?
Because one has a right to his property.
And that which man has a right
to, he takes better care of.
You must remember two things.
I hate refusals.
And I also hate people who
ask too many questions.
I'll try and remember, sir.
Keep this. This will help me
reach you whenever I want to.
Thank you sir.
Beauty with brains.
What do you think of my choice?
She's like you, Sir. Very different.
I'm leaving.
- Neha Chopra from Delhi?
- Yes.
Nathuram alias Nara (string)
Not the one you use in pyjamas,
nor the one that strings speeches.
Just Nara. I'm the caretaker here.
Because this animal could've bothered
you, so I silenced it.
I'm from the plains.
I don't like the hills.
Not even Nainital.
If you wish to stay here,
I've had a room cleaned for you.
Should you feel scared in the night...
...or need anything, please...
...please do not send for Nathuram Nara!
Because I'm not on duty in the night.
The sight of my special
clock must've told you...
...what a stickler I am for punctuality.
I believe...
...that the foolish man who
does not value time... given up by time and he is ruined.
That my life here has been ruined by
rats, is another story.
My duty ends at 5 p.m.
every day and right now, it's 4:59...'ll take me 7 seconds to
get to my Juliet, my scooter.
Madam, as I tell you,
there are just 26 seconds left.
And I can't possibly answer
questions you might ask.
Nara will be here at exactly
9:23 tomorrow morning.
Till then, good-night. Sweet dreams.
Like master, like servant.
This is going to be fun!
- How dare you get in like that...?
- Listen to me, please!
- Please hear me out!
- Just get out.
- Go away. Go form here.
- Please hear me out!
Please hear me out!
Don't touch me.
I'll report you to the police.
I'll tell Mr Dabral!
- Shut Up. Call the police.
- Don't touch me.
Or the Mr Dabral, but let me tell
you, that I've saved your life!
There's a short-circuit in the wiring.
Come, let me show you.
Come, look...
Look at that.
There has been a short-circuit.
Had you touched the shower-tap
you'd have been electrocuted.
Oh my God.
Do you understand now?
I was ringing the doorbell...
...but you were in your own world.
I was forced to barge in like that.
Wait here. I'll be back.
It's all right now. There's no problem.
But you'll have to bathe
with cold-water. Okay?
I must leave now.
Excuse me, I'm sorry.
- I didn't know...
- It's all right.
That is how anyone in your
shoes would have reacted.
Although my method was
wrong, my intentions weren't.
Thank you.
You don't need to mention it. I'm Raj...
...and I live in the cottage over there.
Looks like you're Mr
Dabral's special guest.
Not guest. I'm his employee.
My name is Neha Chopra.
I've got a degree in interior
designing and this is my first project.
That's wonderful.
In short, you've studied to
make things look beautiful.
- Yes.
- Very good
I have similar hobbies too.
You'll get to know.
Should there be anything you
need, do please let me know.
Even if you don't, I'll still be here.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I must say...
...few people must have had
a first meeting like ours.
Beauty with body.
Thank you, Tiwari.
See? I wanted you and I've found you.
What do you think of the location?
It's incomparable, sir. It's superb.
The interior and
landscape is a challenge.
And I love challenges.
- Thank you so much sir.
- Good.
At a special time, to find a
special person for a special job...
...has always been my specialty.
Do you agree?
Yes sir.
I hear a lot of noises, sir.
Someone's trying to escape.
What have you decided about your stay?
I'll stay right here, sir.
I'll be able to work
better if I stay here.
Make yourself comfortable. Have no fear.
Because, this is my area and without my
permission nothing will take place there.
Thank you sir.
Nice. Interesting Girl.
Coming. One second.
I'm back.
I'd come even if you don't call me.
I told you, didn't I?
You are welcome. What's all this?
Two reasons for coming here.
Firstly, I wanted to convince you...
...that I can even enter like a gentleman,
Secondly, the caretaker, Nathuram...
...who I can't figure out was given birth
by the clock or gave birth to the clock,
...must've left at five sharp.
And I was dead sure that at this
moment, you'd like a hot cup of tea.
- Take. That's it.
- Thank you.
The desire to prove that I'm a
friendly neighbour took over...
...the tea was brewed and a
sandwich got made. Taste it.
You're an interesting character.
That's why I live alone out here.
You might be wondering what I am into.
Your job is to beautify things.
And my job is to immortalize beauty.
You didn't understand, did you?
I'm a photographer-cum-painter. And I
earn enough to lead a comfortable life.
I'm beginning to think that
I've been talking too much.
By the way, in small places,
small things do matter. Right?
Next time, look before you open the door.
Good night.
"O Dawn, you're drenched in dew."
"O Cloud, you're darkened in kohl."
"O Dawn, you're drenched in dew."
"O Cloud, you're darkened in kohl."
"O Breeze, you're moist."
"O Breeze, you're moist."
"But my sweetheart is so beautiful..."
"that I find something
lacking in all of you."
"O Dawn, you're drenched in dew."
"O Cloud, you're darkened in kohl."
"At first sight, you steal hearts."
"Such spell no one else can cast."
"My eyes shall never leave you alone."
"My eyes shall never leave you alone."
"Because, you are the
only one my eyes behold."
"O Dawn, you're drenched in dew."
"O Cloud, you're darkened in kohl."
"When I saw you..."
"My heart is restless,
Just one dream I have."
"Sweetheart, I want to make you mine"
"I swear, I shall snatch
you away from the world."
"Love is driving me crazy."
"O Dawn, you're drenched in dew."
"O Cloud, you're darkened in kohl."
"O Breeze, you're moist."
Come on, madam.
You are 36 minutes and 37 seconds late.
Walking 20 kilometers per hour could've
got us close to the town by now.
Mr Nathuram,
A few more days with you and I'd
end up breaking all the clocks.
Do that, but spare me. Please sit.
On this?
Are we to ride this scrap to town?
Scrap...? Madam, she's my Juliet.
If not much, I have spent 100 hours, 36
minutes and 52 seconds of my life on her.
I share an emotional bond with her.
All right, let's go.
Hey, careful!
What is this Nathu?
This BMW of yours is a piece of junk.
Repair it.
It stopped? Must've become hot.
You're the first girl to ride her.
And you even called her scrap, too.
But not to worry, madam.
She'll come around in ten minutes.
- Come on!
- Hey Mr Nathuram!
With all the pomp and splendor, where to?
Times! When you fall in bad times
dogs get as far as to bite you.
- Where are you headed?
- To no particular place.
And stopping is not my habit.
I'll tell you where as soon as I find out.
It's not for me to stop.
By the way,
I'm going where you are going.
- Then let's go.
- Where?
You've wasted a minute.
Had we walked at 40 kilometers per hour...
- Mr Nathuram, listen to a couplet.
- Sure, recite it.
Precautions aren't
imperative for everyone.
Precautions aren't
imperative for everyone.
If you must count seconds,
count until death.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Take her safely, and be back before five.
Because I am not on duty in the night.
Hey, hurry up!
What are you staring at?
Found it! This is the shop.
Here you'll find what you're looking for.
There are two more shops,
but they really fleece you.
That's the problem.
You'll find all types of books here.
Designer book... even phone books.
- But the owner is a bit eccentric.
- How come?
He bores one to death. Come on.
It seems you are well accustomed
to this town and its people.
Right. But this town.
And it's people don't know me well.
Why so?
- Let me buy you a nice cup of coffee.
- Good idea.
- Wow! It is so pretty.
- The boat club...
Nainital's famous tourist spot.
That's why I brought you here for coffee.
It's really nice. Shall we sit here?
Two coffees please. Sit.
- Let's go. Not the right place to sit.
- You're right, let's go.
Raj, I've been observing something.
People here have been reacting
strangely when they see you.
Perhaps they're scared of you.
Might you be a don out here?
- What do you think?
- Thanks.
- Should people be scared of me?
- No.
I don't think so.
But there still has to be a reason.
You will find out the exact reason.
By the way, you are a reason too.
Means, Nainital is a small place.
And in such a place, when a beautiful
girl accompanies a guy like me...
...this is what happens,
and you can feel it.
- Yes?
- Come here.
Call the best nursery owner
here at 8:30am sharp tomorrow.
I want a quotation from him.
You will have to delay
this order by 57 minutes.
- It's you!
- Mr Nathuram...
...doesn't arrive before 9:27.
Sir, at least I'm punctual.
There are people who arrive uninvited.
What are you doing?
Gather the garbage in one place.
I've been following you for a while.
Really? And I didn't sense it.
What good is following
if it can been sensed?
You do pour your heart into your
work, I must say.
Brother Irshad, you will fell...
This house's exterior
is a bit complex, Raj.
I wish I had a helicopter and could
see this house from a top-view.
You can see it even now.
- Really?
- Of course, but you'll have to trust me.
Oh come on Raj, of course I trust you.
- Then let's go.
- Come on.
I must say,
you do trust people very soon.
Hey, Why are you wasting time. Go there.
Stay here, Neha.
While I go and get the tickets.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- Hello.
- Miss Neha Chopra?
Your life is in danger.
- What.
- Your life is in danger.
Who are you?
- Right now, for you I'm a...
- Neha...
- Hello.
- Neha.
Who was it?
No idea.
She said my life is in danger.
Danger, there is.
Going across all alone dangling...
...on a single cable is surely dangerous.
- Shall we?
- Let's go.
- Your turn, mister.
- Oh, yes.
Neha! Don't be scared, I'm coming.
Neha, look...
...look down, Neha.
No, I'm scared.
I'm terribly scared.
- Why? Don't you trust my arms?
- I didn't mean that,
...but I'm scared.
Then look into my eyes,
you won't feel scared.
"Now that I have found you, I'm happy."
"Now that I have found you, I'm happy."
"No joy can be better than this."
"Having found you, I'm so happy."
"A life more beautiful than you...."
"A life more beautiful than you...."
"I cannot imagine life
being beautiful than you."
"Now that I have found you, I'm happy."
"You are God's creation."
"You are a God-send."
"Honestly, loving you..."
"Honestly, loving you..."
"is loving God"
"I cannot imagine a worship
better than worshiping you."
"Now that I have found you, I'm happy."
"From every moment,
I shall steal the joys..."
"and fill them in your life."
"From every moment,
I shall steal the joys..."
"and fill them in your life."
"Should you shed a tear..."
"I shall kiss away the pain."
"No love..."
"can better your love."
"Having found you, I'm so happy."
Lovely architecture.
It's a beautiful temple, isn't it, Raj?
It's the Goddess' temple.
For me it's a mother's bosom.
Whenever I'm down and out, I come here.
So many bells? What are these for, Raj?
The bells are a symbol of the
people's faith in the Goddess.
If someone's prayers are answered,
he comes here and ties a bell.
And I believe,
if lovers tie a bell here together...
...their love never dies.
It becomes eternal.
Nothing can do them apart.
I love you, Raj.
I really love you.
Neha, I love you too.
Sir, you...?
I can see that you've gradually got
accustomed to the air and roads here.
But remember this.
The roads here are very rough and crooked.
The road you wish to ride on is
high, could bring you crashing down.
What you see right in front of
you, what you see is very near... could take a lot of
time to reach there.
- I don't understand..
- Exactly.
Like I told you, it takes a lot of time.
And I've been giving you time.
Sir, I know what I have come here for.
And I've been putting in my best.
I mean, I'm not wasting any time sir.
No, you're not.
In fact, I'm happy with
your efforts and dedication.
Risking your life to take a top-view
of the house... I like your approach.
One must think before he acts.
Which, you have been doing, so am I.
But as of now, time is being wasted.
- Well...?
- I mean, it's time for dinner.
Let's go.
- Sir, actually...
- I told you! I hate refusals.
And I hate those who question me.
Anyway, next time.
Good night.
The moment I entered, to my horror...
I saw Mr Dabral standing in the dark.
- Then?
- What else? As is his habit...
...he started talking in riddles.
- Then he invited me over dinner.
- Oh.
But he realised that I didn't
want to go with him, then he left.
But you know, I was terribly scared.
Let's eat now.
Sorry sir.
Don't you know how to serve?
- Are you blind?
- Sorry sir.
Who the hell employed you?
- It's a mistake. Relax...
- What relax?
Ruined my new jacket!
Stop staring and clean the table.
- Yes sir.
- Idiot!
You should've been careful.
Clean it up, quick.
- Hello.
- Your life is in danger.
- You're in danger.
- What?
Who's speaking? Who are you?
It was a lady before,
and now you call me.
Your partner...
he is a dangerous man. Believe me.
What rubbish you are talking?
What nonsense!
Who are you?
Deputy Superintendent of Police.
Come and meet me at the
police station right now.
And yes, he must not
know that I called you.
Neha, whom are you talking to?
- Sure, brother.
- Brother? Let me talk.
- I guess he's around you.
- Yes.
All right. Come tomorrow morning,
I'll be waiting for you.
Right. I'll call.
- All's well I hope?
- Yes. It was my brother.
He gets worried...
he just called up to inquire.
- Shall we...?
- Let's go.
I don't think it was wise of
you to brief Neha about Raj.
I think... no, actually I'm damn sure...'ve never played chess in your life.
A policeman ought to
be a master at chess.
For chess, you need brains.
But policemen do have hearts.
Don't you know of a game
that involves hearts?
Preeti, I'll give you an advice.
You can use it in the future.
Get into the habit of keeping your
heart at home when you set out for work.
And for your information...
In this game of hearts, no one wins.
And as you know I hate losing.
Bye Raj. Goodnight.
...was it really your brother's call?
Yes... it was my brother's call.
No. It was DSP Harshvardan
who had called.
By the way,
those in love can't fake a lie.
It's dark once again.
- I hope you aren't scared?
- No.
It's a small town.
The game of dawn and dusk
is always happening here.
I like darkness..
It is frightening to begin with.
But once you get used to
it, it becomes your friend.
I guess you seem to be in thoughts?
Not at all.
Let no worthless thoughts worry you.
Think only about me.
Think about our love.
Neha, have you ever seen the hills
of Nainital on a full-moon night?
- Open the window.
- The window...?
Yes Neha, open the window.
Come out.
I'm outside.
Aren't those hills fascinating?
Now look at the Moon.
I see two moons before me now.
It's hard to decide
which one is prettier.
But Raj...
Neha, just look at the Moon...
and whisper something.
I too will whisper with you.
If it comes from the bottom of our
hearts, there will be light.
Here I go... I've closed my eyes.
Now you do it.
Close your eyes, Neha.
I love you Neha.
I love you Neha.
- You too whispered the same, right?
- I did.
I love you Raj.
I love you.
Good night.
- Miss Neha?
- Yes.
- DSP Harshvardhan.
- Hello.
- I was the one who called you.
- Okay.
This way please.
- Sir.
- Miss Neha.
- SP Suraj Bishnoi.
- Greetings.
Preeti Rastogi.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Please sit down.
- Joshi.
- Yes Sir.
Miss Neha, perhaps you're unaware,
but in the last few months...
...several girls have been
murdered in Nainital.
Beautiful girls.
We have found five corpses.
Meghana Srivastav.
Vinita Sharma.
Sushma Gupta.
Geeta Pandey.
And Miss Nainital, Bhavna Negi.
Six girls are missing.
And till neither we have any
clue nor their dead bodies.
Miss Neha, All the girls whose corpses we
found were murdered in the same manner.
And near every corpse
we found these things.
What it implies is that the murders
have been committed by one person.
And he is Raj Singh.
The same Raj Singh whom
you are so close to.
- What are you saying?
- Yes, Neha.
Hard to believe but it's the truth.
Those who know Raj will never believe it.
He uses his personality to
befriend beautiful girls.
- You're very beautiful too.
- He wins their trusts...
...feigns love with them,
and one fine day...
This time you are his target.
Ever since you stepped into
Nainital, I've been watching you...
I mean, all of us.
Every time we were informed
only after the murders.
But this time, before anything goes
wrong, we want to arrest him.
That's why we've called you here.
- You get it, don't you?
- Yes.
But I don't understand something.
If you guys are so sure...
...why don't you arrest him?
We have no strong evidence.
We did arrest him for the last murder.
- What?
- Yes.
But his lawyer confused the
witness with his arguments...
...and the court exonerated him.
But this time he isn't escaping.
We will catch him red-handed.
..that is if you help us.
Sorry, I can't help you.
If the court has acquitted him... can I consider him a criminal?
Try to understand, Neha.
Try to understand what?
You guys have been talking rot.
The police might have the right to
suspect, but not to believe.
And I believe Raj is not the killer.
Raj is a killer.
Trust us, else we'll be showing
your snap to other girls in future.
Neha, you don't believe us because
you might be in love with him.
- Yes, I'm in love with him.
- This is not love, this is madness, Neha.
It's suicide. Despite knowing,
you're heading for a pit.
Don't worry about it.
What I do is not your problem.
Look Neha, as a responsible citizen,
it is your duty to help the police.
I know my duty, sir. I'd certainly
have helped you if I felt so.
But at heart...
I know Raj is not a murderer.
And my heart is never wrong.
Bye, Sir.
And please don't call me again.
I love him.
I love him.
I did the right thing, didn't I Raj?
Yes, I'd have done the same.
I'd do what my heart
says, and do what you did.
Raj, you and I are not two identities.
We share the same heart,
the same heartbeats and the same feelings.
Tonight is a very special night for me.
Tonight I have won your
entire love and trust.
And now I shall show you my
talent, that will leave you gaping.
- Really?
- Yes Neha.
A portrait...
what my heart saw, and my hand drew.
I'll be right back.
Raj, come back before the food gets cold.
I am coming in a moment.
Raj, there's a power failure.
Its an everyday thing. It'll come.
Raj! Come quickly!
- The lantern has gone out too.
- I'm coming.
Don't get scared. I'll be back.
Raj, where are you?
It's scary. Come fast.
Where's the matchbox?
It must be somewhere on the shelf.
It's not here, Raj.
Neha will be there. Check properly.
Neha, did you find the matchbox?
Neha, did you find it?
Neha, did you find the matchbox?
Neha. What happened?
- DSP Sir...
- You're fine.
- DSP Sir...
- You're fine.
I was wrong... I was absolutely wrong.
I was wrong...
He is the killer.
He is the killer.
DSP Sir. Raj is the killer.
He is the killer. Arrest him.
- Has the taxi arrived?
- It has, madam.
- Bring my stuff downstairs.
- Sure.
"Someone's burnt,
destroyed, and plundered..."
"someone escapes,
while someone else is trapped."
"Someone's burnt,
destroyed, and plundered..."
"someone escapes,
while someone else is trapped."
"This is love, for you.
Some win, some lose."
"I came to my senses,
after losing my mind"
"I was plundered and yet,
I couldn't have my love"
"I shall forever cry
and suffer in silence"
"I shall forever cry
and suffer in silence."
"This is a way of life
for people like me."
"We hide our suffering...
we neither live nor die."
"Someone's burnt,
destroyed, and plundered..."
"someone escapes,
while someone else is trapped."
"The heart is swayed..."
"there's a fire in the heart
that cannot be put out."
"Your exquisite charm
is a killer indeed..."
"it's my heart that you have targeted."
"My heart is bent on going out to you..."
"it wants me to lay
down my life for you."
"Love is indeed a crazy emotion."
"The heart is swayed..."
"The eyes of the falcon and
the lightning they strike..."
"fly away, O bird, before it gets you."
"Watch your step... quickly get away."
"Watch your step... quickly get away."
"This often happened in love..."
"in love, you even lose your life."
"Someone's burnt,
destroyed, and plundered..."
"someone escapes,
while someone else is trapped."
"Someone's burnt,
destroyed, and plundered..."
"someone escapes,
while someone else is trapped."
"This often happened in love..."
"in love, you even lose your life."
So you heard the call of my heart?
This is the place where I
merge my present into my past.
Sir, I'm quitting your job and this city.
Here's my resignation letter.
We haven't yet established
a proper relationship and.
Neha, its okay if you're
leaving just Nainital.
And you've already written
out a resignation letter?
But it's quite something if
you're quitting Dabral's job.
Maybe you forget. As I told you,
I treat my employees like my property.
And issues of the property are decided
by the proprietor, not the property.
I'm sorry, Sir.
I don't become your property
just because you think so.
In any case, I've always made
my own decisions in life.
I'm leaving, sir. I'm sorry.
But you will return,
I very well know. Come.
Leave her outside.
Leave her outside.
And rightly too.
What difference will it make
if a few more lives are lost...
...and a few more girls go disappearing?
What difference will
it make if a killer who
...goes about scot free is not apprehended?
In any case, Its stupid to
endanger your life for others.
Everyone loves his life.
- Everyone's afraid of death.
- Yes. I am afraid of death.
What do you think?
You're a police officer... must've seen the killer
types, I haven't.
I'm scared of dying. I feel scared.
I came here with some dreams.
I wanted to work to build
a career for myself.
But I made a very big mistake.
A very big mistake.
I heeded the call of my heart.
I fell in love, I showed trust. But...
...but how was I to know that
there are people like him...?
I was wrong.
He has done a terrible thing.
Please leave me alone.
- Please.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I didn't want to hurt your feelings.
I'd never want to do that.
I won't stop you.
But I have a request to make, Neha.
Come with me.
I want to show you a life...
...that is uglier than death.
Eyes that shed tears...
...but which feel nothing.
Lips, that can't even
move, forget about smiling.
That girl is also someone's
sister, someone's daughter.
But her mother prays for her
death, not for her life.
I want to introduce you to that mother.
Will you come with me?
I'll never stop you again. Just once.
I'll personally come to see you off.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
Come DSP sir. I can't bear
to see her condition anymore.
I can't bear to see her suffering.
Please give her some poison.
If only that killer had finished
her with Bhavna, we wouldn't have...
- ...had to see this suffering every day.
- Everything will be all right.
Everything will be all right.
Everything will be all right.
Don't give me false hopes,
I know, my daughter will never recover.
And that killer will continue
to slay girls like this...
...and still go scot free.
No one can do anything about it.
Neither nor the law,
nor your police force.
Please be quiet.
This is Naina; Bhavna's sister.
She can hear and listen...
but she can't speak a word.
She's been in a coma
for the last six months.
Had she not been in this state,
we would never have sought your help.
She has witnessed everything
that was done to Bhavna.
The killer too.
The doctors have given up.
There is no hope for her anymore.
Let's go, Neha.
I'll see you off at the station.
No. Your mission is now my mission.
I will stand by you.
Thank you Neha.
Thank you very much.
You understand the plan, Neha?
The moment you sense a danger,
press 9 on this mobile.
- See.
- All the best.
Once you press 9,
we'll get to you in minutes.
Okay? Remember only 9 number.
All the best.
In any case, we'll always be around you.
You're security is on high alert.
I'm now worried about the girls
who could be saved because of me.
Thank you.
- You'll be okay.
- Yeah.
Neha, where did you go away...?
My love! I missed you so much.
How can you leave me like this.
You cannot leave me like this.
I missed you so much!
So very much.
You vanished last night
without even telling me.
You sent for a cab and left
for Nainital this morning.
You told me nothing,
nor did you meet me... didn't even phone me.
Actually I had a splitting
headache last night.
And Mr Dabral telephoned this morning.
Yes, he wanted to know what
progress I had made on my work.
And then he started saying strange
things... and it really put me off.
And you went away?
Without even thinking how worried I'd be?
I get punished for what
Mr Dabral says to you!
I've been looking for you
all day like a madman.
I even went to the railway
station, but I knew it at heart...
...that you'd surely return.
Neha, your life isn't yours alone.
It's also mine.
What happened, Neha?
You look worried.
- Are you all right?
- Oh yes,
I'm all right.
I'm just a bit tired.
In that case... All right.
Take some rest. I'll leave now.
But I must say something.
You do look different.
Your tiredness makes you
look even more beautiful.
I love you.
Good night.
You haven't done right, Neha.
You have been suspicious of my love.
That wasn't right.
You cheated me.
It's not fair.
Happy birthday.
Sir, you?
Did you know?
It isn't necessary to know,
it's necessary to remember.
- Shall we go?
- Where, sir?
I remember. You hate people
who ask too many questions.
But you've already asked the question.
And I'm a man who knows the difference
between willingness and helplessness.
I also know that there is no fun
without someone's willingness.
I will wait for you to
express your willingness.
Good night.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Inspector Preeti Rastogi, please.
It's very important.
Call for you, madam.
- Hello.
- Hello inspector.
Naina has come out of the coma.
She recognises us.
- What?
- Yes.
- I'll tell Harsh immediately.
- Please hurry.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Yes, Preeti?
- I have amazing news, Harsh!
You're going to be delighted.
The killer can't escape anymore.
Naina has recovered from the coma.
- What?
- Yes, Harsh.
Naina's mother called just now.
Although she isn't speaking...
...she's recognising people around her.
- She is reacting.
- Are you sure?
- Does anyone else know?
- No, Harsh.
You're the first man I'm
giving this good news to.
Very good. Where are you calling from?
The police station. Why?
Get to her place, I'm coming over.
And listen, tell no one about it.
No one...
- Okay?
- Yes.
Naina's life could be in danger.
I'm coming over right now.
Okay Harsh.
Oh God.
Yes, Naina...? Speak.
- The man who killed my sister...
- Yes?
- Speak Naina.
- He...
Dear, God is kind!
My daughter has come out of
the coma after so many months.
- She's recognising people.
She'll tell who the killer is. - Yes.
You mustn't spare him.
- Speak, Naina...
- My sister killer...
- Look.
- Naina.
What happened...? What?
Did she say something?
No, she was about to tell me.
I don't know how...
I'm sorry.
Let me drop you home, Preeti.
- Are you all right?
- Yes.
- Good night.
- Good night sir.
Shut the file of Naina.
And listen,
don't tell anyone about this. No one.
It could endanger Naina's life.
Send for a stretcher.
Catch him. Drag him here.
Drag him here.
Down with the Police Department!
Down with the Police Department!
Down with the Police Department!
This is the shout of Nainital.
This is the shout of Nainital.
Harsh, see how they're raising
slogans against the police.
And look at this.
I do see it, sir.
Take the body home.
Long live Preeti Rastogi!
Long live Preeti Rastogi!
We want justice... hang the killer!
We want justice... hang the killer!
Calm down... please!
Down with the Police Department!
This is the First
Information Report, sir.
Down with the Police Department!
Here sir.
I've seen all these things before.
This glass, this knife...
- Everything is the same, sir.
- The same modus operandi.
But the situation is not the same, Harsh.
It's a prestige issue
for Police department.
And you see the guys
from the media out there?
Forget the media, Mr. SP. You know
what the opposition parties will do?
Our government will be toppled.
If the government is toppled...
you guys, I mean, we'll all be ruined.
Down with the Police Department!
This is the shout of Nainital.
Long live Preeti Rastogi!
Long live Preeti Rastogi!
Down with the Police Department!
Down with the Police Department!
We want justice... hang the killer!
- We want justice... hang the killer!
- Sir...
Down with the Police Department!
Police department is not doing anything.
We want justice...
You sir... Please tell us something.
This is the shout of Nainital.
Down with the Police Department!
This is the shout of Nainital.
Down with the Police Department!
Down with the Police Department!
Mr Mayor... you?
You could've sent for me.
When I want to have
fun, I call people over.
But when I want information,
I go to people. Get that?
One doesn't understand the language
of the rich very easily, sir.
If you could explain, it would be better.
DSP, I'm the Mayor of this city.
Which means, this is my city.
And you know how I protect what is mine.
I know, Mr Mayor.
But there's something you don't know.
To safeguard this city could
be your habit or hobby.
For me, however, it's a calling. A duty.
You're bang on target.
That's just what I want to know.
The whole city is raising questions
over about duty and your calling.
And I want answers. Here. And now.
It's very easy to ask questions
from across the table, Mr Mayor.
To get to know the answers, you need
to come to this side of the table.
From across the table, a fugitive's
escape can be called our failure.
But our success lies in the
fact that a serial-killer...
...that a serial-killer,
who was openly found
...socialising at parties
hosted by people like you... being forced to run
away and go into hiding.
It's time for results, not arguments.
We want result.
If I don't have results in 24 hours...
...there will be another man standing
where you stand right now.
Who will it be, and who won't it be?
Who knows.
But what is to be, will be.
Down with the Police Department!
Come here.
- You remember what I told you?
- Yes.
- Any doubt?
- No.
- You aren't scared, are you?
- Not at all.
Thank you.
- Neha.
- Yes.
He'll surely come to meet you, Neha.
So be very careful.
- And don't forget to dial 9. Okay?
- Okay.
- Take care.
- Thanks.
Neha. Neha, I'm not the killer.
Neha please.
Neha please, I'm not the killer.
Neha please listen to me.
Neha. Neha please.
- Neha.
- No.
At least listen to me, Neha!
Neha, please I'm not the killer.
Neha, listen to me.
Open the door, please!
Listen to me, Neha.
- Open the door, please!
- Hello.
- Neha, listen to me.
- DSP? He's here!
- Raj is here. He wants to kill me!
- Listen to me. I'm not killer.
- Open the door, please!
- He wants to kill me.
- Please help me. Please come.
- I'm not the killer. Please.
- Please come immediately! He is here.
- Listen to me.
Please come immediately!
- Please come immediately!
- Neha.
- Please.
- Neha.
I'm not the killer. Listen to me...
They're trying to implicate me.
Hear me out... please!
- Hear me out... please!
- Leave me.
- Hear me out... please!
- Leave me.
Please open your eyes!
Neha, Please open your eyes!
Get up.
- DSP.
- Up.
- DSP sir, please.
- Up.
Believe me... please!
I haven't killed Preeti.
Someone planted her body in my house.
- Believe me.
- Shut up.
- I haven't killed anyone! Please.
- Shut up!
Please believe me. I'm telling the truth.
Believe me.
- Sir please.
- In.
Believe me... I speak the truth.
I haven't killed Preeti.
Believe me...
What are you doing?
Why are you tying me up?
- Why have you brought me here?
- Because one day...
you brought Neha here.
You carried her in your arms.
With your hand in hers,
you tied a bell...
You must even have prayed for a
lifetime of togetherness, right?
Yes, I did.
Because we're in love with each other.
Neha and I...
Shut your mouth.
You know? Neha isn't just Neha.
She is a Queen.
She's a fairy.
A beautiful fairy.
My world fairy.
I've looked for Neha
ever since I was a child.
The first time I saw
her at the station...
I thought my search had come to an end.
That my world was now complete.
You know...?
My world wasn't getting complete.
I brought so many girls.
But each one of them lacked
something or the other.
Yes, there was this girl.
Miss Nainital.
A look at her told me that she
might fill the void in my life.
But I couldn't bring her here either.
Preeti landed up there.
And I...
I had to leave.
And then, you arrived.
You were made to see what I was...
...what I am really... can't believe it, can you?
That which the eyes
see is often the truth.
I'll do things...
...and you'll be blamed for them.
Shut up.
Not killer.
I'm a guardian.
Of beauty. Understand?
But you won't understand why I
didn't stop you from meeting Neha...
...and going around with her.
That was because...
I wanted people to see you
with Neha as often as possible.
Because this thing was inevitable.
I'll do things...
and you'll be blamed for them.
The other day,
The other day,
I was under great tension...
...when Neha told me at the police
station, in everybody's presence...
I Love Raj!
I Love Raj!
That Raj is not a killer... he's not!
She was very serious about you.
So I got serious too.
The photographs, the gloves,
the syringe and the dagger...
I planted all that in your house.
And that very night...
Neha clung to me and said...
Raj is the killer.
He sure is.
Things, I will do...
and you'll be blamed.
That night, I slept peacefully.
But it opened Preeti's eyes.
It sure opened her eyes.
When the sight of me
shocked Naina to death...
Preeti started suspecting me.
She spoke to grandma...
...and told her everything.
Why did she have to tell my grandmother?
It became necessary
for me to silence her.
Harsh, don't kill me! Spare me...
Let me go, Harsh!
I've always taken you for a friend.
You've always been my companion.
I've loved you with all my heart.
- I have loved you, Harsh...
- But I have never loved you.
I never looked at you
from that point of view.
Which is why I never brought you here.
Today, however,
you have come here on your own.
So how will you return?
So how will you return,
If you do you'll tell everyone.
- You will won't you?
- No.
I won't say a word to anyone, Harsh!
So why did you tell grandma? Why...?
That's because...
I knew it deep down in my heart that
you could never do a thing like this.
Something is surely the matter.
It has to be a disease, Harsh!
- It's a mental problem!
- I have no problem!
I'm not a mental case.
I'm not a lunatic.
Neither was my mother insane.
My mother was never mad...
...she was never insane.
You tell me... do I look insane?
Do I look sick?
Wasn't she wrong?
And that is why I bumped her off...
...and planted her body in your house.
Deeds, I do... you get blamed.
But everything's going to be all right.
I'll take Neha away with me.
To my world.
And then...
...neither will time be
able to mar her beauty...
...nor age.
She will always be the way she is.
After that, I'll come to you. Over here.
Tomorrow's headlines will
be, Neha Chopra's killer...
...and the assassin of dozens of girls,
Raj Singh killed in police encounter.
I even have evidence.
You want to hear it? So listen...
DSP? Raj is here!
He wants to kill me!
Raj wants to kill me!
Please come immediately!
Deeds, neither you commit... nor I.
Everything will be all right.
Don't touch her, Harshvardhan.
Leave Neha alone.
Neha... understand, don't you?
You've heard it all, haven't you?
I hate you. I hate you, Harshvardhan.
No. You love me.
And I love you.
- Let her go!
- Shut up.
You belong to me, Neha.
In body and soul... you're only mine.
Shall we go?
- Shall we?
- Harshvardhan.
- Shall we leave for our world?
- No.
"O Dawn, you're drenched in dew."
"O Cloud, you're darkened in kohl."
"The sight of whom steals your heart..."
"who possesses such magic?"
"who possesses such magic?"
"You shall not be lonely without me."
"You shall not be lonely without me."
"The heart pines,
there's just this dream..."
"that you may belong to me, my love"
"that you may belong to me, my love"
"I will snatch you from the
world, I swear"
"I will snatch you from the
world, I swear."
"This is the obsession of love."
- Let me go.
- "a deafening noise..."
"Birds that cannot fly..."
"are my companions."
"The fragrance of trampled flowers..."
"appeals to me."
"Light, hurts my eyes..."
"in darkness, I seek comfort."
"This strange world..."
"This strange world..."
"is the world I live in."
see Mother...
I've done what you always wanted.
It's Neha... my Neha... your Neha...
See there.
You know, Neha.
When I was a kid,
no child ever played with me.
None of them came anywhere close to me.
They wouldn't talk to me.
They said, "Your mother's a lunatic."
And Mother told me one day...
If children don't talk to
you, let them not.
If they don't come close to
you, let them not.
Make a world of your own.
I've been making this world
ever since I was a child.
A world of my own. And today...
Today my world is complete.
You're so beautiful.
Your eyes...
Your lips...
Can I kiss you?
Yes, I can.
- Okay.
- No.
Not now... not right now.
I'll be back in a moment, okay?
Stay right here. Okay?
I'll be back.
No Please.
No! Don't!
- Nothing's going to happen. Nothing...
- Please! Don't!
- Nothing's going to happen. Nothing...
- Please! Don't!
- It'll hurt only a little, Neha.
- Please!
- It won't hurt much.
- No!
- It won't hurt much.
- No!
If you had to kill me...
...if it was so necessary... ought to have killed
me when I was a child.
You ought to have killed
me when I was a child.
My child!
I have finished my own lineage.
Oh wow! Fantastic!
This house goes to those who heed
the call of their heart and love...
- that is the two of you.
- What?
Really sir.
You are the one who made
the house what it is...
...and it's up to the two
of you to inhabit it too.
There's something I must
say, Mr Dabral...
"Someone's burnt,
destroyed, and plundered..."
"someone escapes,
while someone else is trapped."
"Someone's burnt,
destroyed, and plundered..."
"someone escapes,
while someone else is trapped."
"This is love, for you.
Some win, some lose."
"I came to my senses,
after losing my mind."
"I was plundered and yet,
I couldn't have my love"
"I shall forever cry
and suffer in silence"
"I shall forever cry
and suffer in silence."
"This is a way of life
for people like me."
"We hide our suffering...
we neither live nor die"