Babai (2015) Movie Script

Don't worry.
Do you speak Serbian?
What's your name again?
- And your last name?
Your passport.
Hello, sir. Here you are.
What's your name?
- Gezim Berisha.
From Peja?
Yes. From Peja.
Where are you going?
- We're on a business trip.
We're traders.
What do you sell?
Just old clothes, second-hand stuff.
Get out of the car.
We're going to Montenegro for one night.
We'll be back tomorrow.
Get out!
Get out.
And what's this?
You're not going to ruin this for me.
You're old enough now.
- Then take me with you.
How can I take you? With what?
Do you expect me
to pull something out of a hat?
Idiot! Do you know how far it is,
and how dangerous?
And what could happen to you on the road?
- Then stay here.
You'll be OK without me for a while.
Where's Dad?
- Here I am.
So he went to the market
to buy more chicks.
But he bought lots.
There wasn't enough room for them all
under the hen.
He thought they'd be cold at night.
So he put the hen and the chicks
in a cardboard box.
And he put a lamp in, to keep them warm.
Do you understand, Dad?
- Yeah.
And the lamp...
- A good idea.
No, Dad. Chicks don't like light.
It suffocates them.
The next morning, they were all dead.
Come on lick his feet!
Lick his feet.
- Pour more salt on them, man!
Hold him tight!
Good evening, Uncle.
- Good evening.
Just pull! Straight ahead!
Stop! Push!
Mind the bend!
She'll soon be pregnant.
We'll only slaughter the calf.
A cow and a calf are enough.
I'll go ahead.
- No, let me.
Let me do that.
- Grab hold of it.
Woman, do you remember how many guests
came to Muharrem's wedding?
A cow and a calf
would barely feed the men alone!
But the cow will be pregnant.
Slaughtering her now makes no sense.
- All right, woman.
Then we'll sell the tractor
and buy a cow for slaughter.
Or we could sell the house
and live in the field.
All right, woman. That's what we'll do.
We need to move the cupboard aside.
Give us a hand!
Come on! Grab it! Wait!
What is it?
The gun's gone.
Put that on.
Dad, where will we sleep?
After the wedding.
I don't know.
In the kitchen, with the others.
Let's eat now.
We don't need a gun.
The damn thing's registered too.
Do you want to watch over it like a madman?
There's always a risk of something happening.
If nobody touches it, nothing will happen.
What if the police turn up and demand it?
Clirim! Didn't you forget something?
Did you leave the house like that?
Then come in the way you left.
We even have to arrange
this asshole's bridal suite.
Help me up.
You know we picked up
your bridal furniture today?
It wasn't my idea.
What wasn't your idea?
The wedding.
Asshole! You asshole!
- Please, don't!
No, please!
Asshole! Dog!
- No, Father, please!
It's registered, you asshole!
Never touch it again! Never!
Forgive me, Father! Have mercy!
Father, mercy!
- Asshole, bastard!
Can I get you anything else?
Good morning, Uncle.
Good morning.
Was he outside all night?
That's none of our business.
Come on.
- Why did Uncle Adem do that?
They should sell the gun
instead of the tractor.
Oh yeah? Shut the door.
Why is it so empty?
Hasn't the cigarette man been around?
He's coming tomorrow.
-I need "Partner."
Here are some...
It's for you.
So early? Put them over there.
Want something to eat?
I'll eat with my father.
There's chicken.
Did she give you the money?
Only half.
She'll give us the rest later.
Valentina asked about Mom.
- What?
What's it got to do with her?
She should mind her own business.
She was just asking.
Listen, son:
you have to let bygones be bygones.
You have to forget them.
You'll catch cold.
Put that on.
Can't you see I'm sleeping?
Come on, get up.
Come on!
Don't overdo it.
But I'm sleeping.
Don't get on my nerves! Keep still!
Put it on.
Should I get up now?
It's still early. Go back to sleep.
And what are you doing?
Nothing. Go back to sleep.
Uncle Adem?
What are you doing here?
Where's Dad?
Go to the shed.
Get the gasoline can.
Where's Dad?
- What?
Where's Dad?
Why are you up already?
Where are you going?
Into town with Uncle Adem.
We have to do something.
For the wedding.
I'll come with you.
You don't need to.
We're not working today.
I'll come with you.
- No, Nori. I said you're not coming.
Either you tell him "no" firmly
or you take him along.
This one thing and then another...
Or just leave it. You're spoiling him.
Like you spoilt your wife,
until she left you.
Yes, yes.
- What?
I said yes, yes!
I'm just saying.
He's a kid.
He's got to know his limits.
Come on!
Slowly, slowly!
Nori, you can't... Nori, try to understand!
You can't come.
Pull yourself together. Go on!
Nori, please understand...
Nori, listen to your father!
Nori, let go!
I told you you can't come with me.
You just can't.
That's enough! Now clear off!
You little brat...
Come on, young man. You can go home.
Look what your uncle's got for you.
I went back especially to get it.
Give it to me.
Pass me two nails.
Deutschmarks? Dollars?
2,000 Deutschmarks, huh?
- Yeah.
All right.
You little asshole. Scram! Do you hear?
What the fuck?
Who do think you're hitting?
Who do think you're hitting?
Had enough, now? Had enough, now?
Stinking little asshole!
Be careful, Uncle.
Get on.
Sit down.
May it bring you luck.
- Good luck to you too. Good night!
Get up!
Get up!
Get outta here! Quick!
Where were you?
Lost your tongue?
We looked for you all night.
Uncle Adem was worried sick.
I'll talk to him, so he won't be too cross.
Where's Clirim?
- He's been gone since last night.
Gone where?
-I don't know.
Clear this up!
- He'd never take it!
He'll pay for this.
- Did you see anyone?
-And Clirim?
Yesterday or the day before.
Someone else must have stolen it.
He'd never do such a thing.
Of course not, woman.
He's not next door either.
There are guests waiting in the yard.
- A trailer full of people.
What assholes come to visit so early?
Say I'm out.
- Where?
Say... To hell with them!
It's all gone!
All the money's gone.
We can forget the wedding!
I put it safe. Get away!
You idiot!
Uncle Muse, how are you?
- Fine.
Your sons and daughters?
- Fine.
The little ones and Auntie Hajrije?
- Fine, too.
Your daughters-in-law? Your animals?
- Fine.
How's work?
- Fine.
Thanks for honoring us.
- Thank you.
And Adem? How are you?
- Fine.
How are your sons?
- Fine.
Your daughters and the kids?
- Fine.
How's your wife? - Fine.
- The animals? - Fine.
How's work?
- Fine.
May the wedding bring good fortune.
- Many thanks, Uncle Muse.
Auntie Hajrije...
Uncle Muse, how are you?
- Fine.
How are your sons and daughters?
- Fine.
The daughters-in-law, the kids?
- Fine.
Auntie Hajrije? - Fine.
- How's work? - Fine. - Thank God.
How are you? - Fine.
Your sons? - Fine.
The girls? - Fine.
The kids? - Fine, thank God.
How's Adem? - Fine.
- How's work? - All right.
The animals? - Fine, thank God.
- Thanks for coming.
And you, Nori?
Are you happy
your dad's made it to Germany?
Did you hear what Auntie Hajrije said?
Yes. I'm happy-
He's uncle's favorite. Just a little shy.
Are you coming to your uncle now?
Uncle's favorite.
Uncle's making him man of honor.
And the bride will give you a lovely gift.
Any news from Gezim?
- From Gezim?
Has he been able to help yet?
Not yet.
Does he send money?
No, he doesn't.
Sometimes she's too blunt, right?
So what? I'm just asking.
- Any lemon?
Tea's tea. It's fine without.
Sorry, we've run out of lemons.
Are you leaving, Nori?
We're too boring for him. He's just a kid.
He's got three or four kids, I think.
- I'd never have thought it.
I didn't shower.
I didn't shower.
What happened to your head?
I fell.
Can I have some more water?
Where did you fall?
When I was playing.
And your father?
I was at my relatives' place.
But it got late.
And I didn't want to go home,
because of the curfew,
and because it was dark.
But the curfew was lifted quite a while ago.
I didn't know.
Your dad came to see me.
He wanted my husband's address in Germany.
If I'd had the money,
I would've gone with him.
You don't have to fold them.
What happened to your back?
- Nothing.
Let's take that off.
We can both leave.
I've got money.
Where did you get it?
I know where to get on the bus too.
You have to return it.
We just have to get on the bus.
Have a wash first.
We just have to get on the bus...
Come on!
Hurry up!
Move along, move along...
Slowly, slowly...
Get out! Out!
Scram! Get outta here!
Is this Germany?
- What?
Does this look like Germany to you?
It's Montenegro.
Give me the money!
Give me the money!
They'd have taken it off you anyway.
Give me the money!
I spent it.
- You're lying!
Wait, it's in my bag.
Give me the money!
My husband's waiting for me
in Germany.
I spent the rest.
You won't make it on your own.
You again?
Are you going to Germany?
Can I come with you?
You'd better go home.
I'm coming with you.
- Are you crazy?
I have money.
How much?
How much?
I don't have it here.
Only to Germany.
My father's waiting for me there.
I'm not going to Germany,
I'm going to Switzerland.
We can share the money.
Move along, young lady, slowly...
Women and children in the middle, please.
Give me your hand. You're as strong as a man.
What's your name?
Are you shy?
- Only with strangers.
At home, he's a devil.
Not him. You can sit next to me.
Come on, lady!
Come on!
You're in Italian waters! Stay on board!
Stop the engine!
Get down! Get down!
Come on!
Come on! Go!
Come on.
- I want my child.
I'll help you get out.
- I want my child.
You'll find your son here.
I want my child.
- You'll find him here. Come on.
I want my child!
No! No!
No! I want my child!
I want him!
Budge up. My leg's gone dead.
Get in!
- What?
Who's that?
He's coming with us.
What? Scram! Clear off!
Come on, get in the car!
Are you coming or what?
- He's coming too, Bedri.
I'm not a Samaritan, for fuck's sake!
But you don't get it, do you?
Do you know
what having a child in the car means?
Of course you don't.
They'll accuse us of human trafficking.
Do you know what that means?
They'll fuck us over.
- You still smoke?
Hardly ever.
Give me one.
In the glove compartment.
Want one too?
He's Gezim's son.
- Not that moron's kid!
He sells cigarettes in front of our building.
- Yeah, that's who I mean.
His wife left him.
He's always on my back.
What made you give him my address?
- That's enough.
Do you think I have a hotel?
- That's enough now.
Are you going to bring over the entire clan
one by one?
I got here using his money.
With his money?
- Yes.
Forget it. Just keep driving.
How's Dad?
Fine, how else?
What's he up to?
As usual.
It's really tasty.
Open up.
Open up.
Why did you loosen the belt?
I'm going to take a shower.
Put this on.
Just put it on.
He smells.
Do you like it here in Germany?
Looking forward to seeing your dad?
Nori, come here.
Come here!
Hey, little brat.
Come on.
You like it?
Did she bring you?
I brought her.
She came using my money.
Your money?
I took it from Uncle Adem.
The wedding money.
Nori, do you know what you've done?
Do you know how long he saved up?
Do you know what you've done?
- Yes.
So why did you do it?
Because you left.
You ran away.
And so you thought
you could do whatever you wanted to?
The gun's gone too.
Never do that again! You hear?
I'm your father!
Leave me alone!
Hey, Gezim, how are you?
Fine and you?
Come in.
Come in, Nori.
Shut the door.
And his ID card?
No ID. He's my son.
No ID?
He's my son.
What's he called? Name?
Nori. Nori Berisha.
He's not in there. He's my son.
He has to be in here
to get in.
He's my son. Understand?
- That doesn't change anything.
That's as maybe...
Open the door.
Open the door!
No, I'm sorry.
Open the door!
That's enough! Get out!
- Open the door!
- Open the door! - No entry without ID!
I said get out!
- Open the door!
Get out!
Open the door, son of a bitch!
Open the fucking door!
Open the door! Open the door!
- I'll call the police.
Open the door, you fucking asshole!
We'll go back to Bedri and Valentina's.
I don't want to go there.
- You don't want to go?
Do you want to stay outside all night?
Bedri is an asshole!
Everyone is an asshole! Everyone!
To hell with everyone!
Come on.
Get up.
Let's do something nice today.
Would you like to see something?
Like what?
Whatever you want.
Shall we go into town?
Shall I teach you how to ride a bike?
- Right, get up.
Come on.
I don't want to.
- Come on! Get on!
Look straight ahead and pedal.
Pedal! Pedal! Look ahead!
Now by yourself...
Are you hurt?
- Leave me alone!
Gezim, how are you?
How are you?
- Fine.
Can you come with me to the gateman?
I want to bring my son in.
Talk to him...
He has to be registered.
How, Gezim?
Just help me.
The boy has to be registered with the police
and then placed in a home.
Then you can apply for him to stay with you.
That's ridiculous!
Didn't you register with the police?
- Yes, because they caught me.
The boy has to register
with the police first.
Then you can apply for him
to come live with you.
By then, they'll have deported me.
Fuck you! Fuck all of you!
Come on.
We'll get our money back from Bedri.
To send to Uncle Adem?
No. We'll go go to another country.
Holland maybe.
Why do you want to go to another country?
I won't get asylum here.
Like an idiot,
I told them I came via Hungary.
But you're here now.
- But I'm not allowed to stay.
Says who?
- Who? The government, the police...
So why did you come here?
- Because I felt like it.
I knew Bedri and I had his address.
Just because you had an address?
But why?
So I could send for you, stupid.
That's why.
That's why.
Can I get you anything else?
Dad! Dad!
Climb through!
If anyone asks,
you're just here for the night.
Come on.
Put this on. We're going to bed.
What's the matter?
Go to sleep.
It's me, Gezim.
It's Gezim here.
I need to talk to you.
Can we come up for a minute?
Come on.
Wait, I'll come down.
Hi, Gezim.
- Bedri...
How's it going?
How are you?
- Fine, fine.
And Nori, how's he?
- He's fine, too.
Does he like it in Germany?
- Yeah, sure.
Any news from home?
I haven't spoken to them.
They don't have a phone.
Us yokels are still a bit backward.
You'll get one soon.
I'm sure they're fine.
Me, too.
So, how are you?
- Fine.
How's work?
- Good.
And Valentina, how's she?
- She's doing fine.
Does she like it here?
- She loves it.
Bedri, I wanted...
Shall we talk here?
- Sure. Why not?
Come on.
Come on, Nori.
Bedri, I'd like my money.
What money?
The money Valentina came here with.
- What?
She came here with Nori's money.
With your son's money?
Money from what? Selling cigarettes?
Never mind that now.
She got him here too.
You should be grateful.
She took his money.
I brought your son here in my car.
And look.
I gave him this sweater. See?
- Let's ask Valentina.
Instead of being grateful,
you accuse my wife.
I need the money.
- Hands off!
I need the money.
- Hands off!
I need the money.
- What money?
I would've given you some...
- It's my money... - Hands off!
What money?
- My money! - Hands off!
Hands off!
- Then give me some of it!
What money, you asshole?
What money?
Don't ever come here again! Understood?
Fuck off!
Come on, Dad.
Shall we get you a hat?
Let's buy you a hat.
Come on.
Fucking assholes!
Come on!
Push your head through!
I'm letting go of you now!
I'm letting go of you now!
Lift your leg over!
Careful! Mind your back!
Now jump!
Are you OK?
Where are you going?
I'm just going to hide the bike.
Get up!
I found a car. We're going to Holland.
Come on, carefully!
- Get in carefully.
- Be careful. Get in.
Nori! Get in!
- No!
Let go!
- No! - Careful!
Nori, you can get out
as soon as we're across the border.
Just as far as the border.
- It's too tight! - It isn't. - No!
It only seems that way.
- No. - It's just in your head. Quiet!
You'll get used to it. Be quiet!
No! - Don't move.
- No! - Don't make a fuss.
Nori! Everything's all right!
Stop screaming! Don't scream!
Stop screaming! Everything's OK, Nori!
We have to go.