Baban (2018) Movie Script

Sir.. something is going on at the backyard.
What is going on?
Rape is taking place.
What? Rape!
Go and catch him.
No, you look after it. I can't.
You are useless, give me the stick.
Bloody drunker. Stop raping.
"Mirror is staring at me."
"Mirror is staring at me."
"This spring is very special indeed."
"Mirror is staring at me."
"This change seems to be unbearable,"
"But it is beautiful as well."
"Flowers are hurting my feet."
"This path of youthfulness is very difficult."
"Flowers are hurting my feet."
"This path of youthfulness is very difficult."
"The day passes smoothly."
"The night stays for long."
"Mirror is staring at me."
"I am loosing my self and my heart beats for someone."
"The cuckoo sings on whose behalf."
"To whom this youthfulness belongs?"
"The cuckoo sings on whose behalf."
"To whom this youthfulness belongs?"
"I am eagerly waiting, for prince charming to arrive."
"Mirror is staring at me."
Here comes..
Chakre Check the records on muster properly.
Yes, Chairman.
Or else business will run in loss.
How are you college boy?
The rate of cow milk has fallen by Rs 2 and buffalo milk has increased by Rs 2.
These rates are never fixed.
Today again another rape on a minor.
It's not new now.
Take signature on muster.
Take my signature?
Baban? - Yes.
Do you want money?
Payment is available.
How much is the amount?
Twenty four thousand
How come?
It's 27 thousand altogether.
Do the calculation.
I did it, it's exactly 27 thousand. What is the rate?
Rs.18 per liter.
This is not fair chairman. Other dairies buy at 22, you atleast give 20 rupees per liter, it is not reasonable.
Then go and sell to them. I have not given you the invitation.
This is not fair. We boil our blood, Chairman
Take this money and move don't spoil my time.
I have other work to do.
Chairman, whose son he is? - Patil's..
Baban, atleast, now buy a new vehicle.
Father sold 10 acres in drinking and he is struggling hard.
Now how much land is remaining?
Around 5-6 acres.
You know 4-5 years back, Baiju took Rs 1,50,000 for his daughter's marriage on interest basis
Then what happened?
Hello, Sopan sir.
I have paid the money to Baban he will be coming home around 10-11am.
Just to inform you.
Then, have he returned your money back?
Somehow got principal amount, interest was defaulter.
It's impossible to get back.
He and his son are useless, gets 2 cans of milk and goes to college.
What do you think, Komal will turn up to the college today?
I don't know?
I didn't saw her since 10-12 days, will she accept my proposal..?
It is not your bit of bread. It needs guts.
Abhya is after her.
How come, Abhya is after her?
That egoistic fellow? She is very reluctant, otherwise I would have proposed her.
Not reluctant. Meet and propose her.
Shall I propose her today?
Haha.. you will propose! I doubt!
Look, if she wears yellow dress today, then I will definitely propose her, its my lucky dress.
"Barking dogs seldom bite".
It's not like that, if she wears yellow dress today I will propose her.
Chanting mantras.
What you want?
Sir you have inquired about the milk, right?
What is your milk rate?
At what rate you take the milk.
Rs 35 per liter and that too of buffaloes milk.
Sir will give you at Rs. 34, full cream milk.
Are you sure full cream milk, previous one used to add more water to milk.
Ours is " Big buffaloes milk" fully guaranteed.
Ok fine.
Bring tomorrow onwards..
..daily 100 liters without fail at 7am.
Ok fine sir. Thank you.
Because of you we missed the lecture.
Leave it man.
Hey! You blind bloody horse.
Huhh..I see, your eyes have lost the vision to see,
You "Raveena Tandon"(Heroine), get lost...
If you behave like this, how will she respond to your proposal.
Leave it "when I am there nobody can be against us"
Hey hero, what are you doing? trying to become Salman Khan (Hero).
No sir, it's not like that.
Go and enjoy. No lecture today.
What did you say to her?
Why? Is she your sister?
Behave yourself.
I will decide what I want to say, bloody Chunkey Pande (Jokingly), get lost.
You come outside I'll show you.
Their romance is going on no, then why do you interfere? Bapu says rhyming words should match.
Or else what will people say, have you got any common sense or not? Get lost.
Sheetal is there in the classroom.
Day before yesterday, you proposed her no, why again?
Today I will ask her full and final.
Come on, buck up!
Sheetal I am asking you for the last time, what you have decided?
I have rejected your proposal several times...
...and I will continue to do so. will get only humiliation from me and nothing else.
Are you sure?
Take this
Tie this thread as a sister.
Now I feel ashamed, to accept you a brother either.
You already got the breakup, you should accept his proposal.
He is not of my level.
Useless fellow, getting the golden thread tied. Kick him.
Why are you crying? She is not the last one...
Don't weep. What will the masses think?
I am Patil.
Come on hurry up..
Hey drunker! Eat fritters don't just drink water.
You nonsense! where will my new customers sit.
You order only one plate fritters and sit here for long hours doing nothing.
Is it?
Since how long are you sitting, come on get up now and leave.
Are we not the customers? you don't teach us.
you have come to our place for livelihood. Behave yourself, don't teach us.
Customers are waiting outside.
I have seen many hoteliers like you.
Eat this.
Baiju Patil, Baban has come.
Hey stop! Wait wait wait..
I am getting late, leave me
I am aware, give me Rs.100 first
I have got no money
I am your father, give me Rs.100,
You don't do any work. Just roam here and there.
Is it?
I have given birth to you, you have not given birth to me.
I have worked very hard to raise you, give me Rs.100.
you go, I am coming to look after the cattle.
Listen come here.
Wait, I am coming.
Scrap man asking for scrap material. (plastic, iron, paper etc.)
Take some milk, my son.
No enough.
My brave child. you must be hungry, take some flatbread and milk.
Hey, Baban's mom.
What's the matter?
Mom has asked for the money.
For what?
About the work and what else?
How much?
Rs. 500.
Where are you going? Done so much of makeup..
Tailoring class.
What do you stitch?
Blouse etc.
Blouse or zhamper.
That's what I mean.
Even I want to get stitched.
What "zhamper"?(blouse) Hahaaa
Then what?
Then give me your measurement.
Here comes your lion, dancing all the way.
Hey, Sarey.
Hey mother, where is my darling Sarey?
At the cremation ground. you follow her.
Oh really?
Cremation ground? I won't die before you.
I will perform your last rituals with all grand hospitality.
I'm fed up of this fellow. He is a curse to my life.
I see.
Take this vermillion. You bastard..
Pape your high heels sandals are awesome.
Give those to my darling wife Sarey too.
She will also walk like you takadan takadan.
Look at this landlord.
Come on.
He won't reform.
Do you want a slap?
Let them enjoy themselves.
Keep quiet
Talks too much unnecessarily.
Should I say something?
Gold prices have come down, get me some jewellery please.
To whom you want to show?
You always refuse, to fulfill my desire.
You have enough, why you need more?
Keep quiet.
What's going on panda mama?
Nothing new.
Hey college boy? come, sit.
No thanks. How much of milk you are giving to the dairy?
Around 40 liters, why?
At what rate?
Merely at Rs.19.
I will pay you Rs.21. I will pick up the milk from your place.
You will have no headache, it is quite reasonable, isn't it aunty?
But how is it possible now? payments are due.
The payments won't be affected, Panda uncle.
Let him take. He is paying Rs.2 more and what else we need.
Ok fine.
Complete the milking process before 6.30am. I will come to collect the milk.
Be punctual.
Come soon I want to go to market.
Have a sit.
Not now, I m in a hurry.
Hey, girl,
Bring a pot.
Hey Abhay, what's the matter? who is delivering milk here?
He is useless.
Isn't it?
Stop piercing her by eyes. It's enough.
Look how she is exposing herself.
What are you saying guys this is not acceptable.
Look at this idiot. He is running behind her she is having many affairs.
Yes, correct.
Solapur-Kolhapur. It is not your cup of tea.
Look at this nonsense, he wants to make her sister.
Do you have that guts to propose Komal? When you see her you become speechless.
What happened to him?
Look, as if her mother has arrived.
He is showing off as he is a very descent fellow..
..whereas she doesn't even look at him..but..
"Your beauty has got my life involved in it.."
" I keep your photograph under my pillow every moonlit night.."
"..before I drift off in your dreams.."
"My heart sways in comfort, after I flower your hair.."
"..please take that heart along with you, wherever you go."
Behave yourself.
How come you have started delivering milk at the companies right away.(MIDC)
Why? Have you owned that company?
You want to survive or not?
Leave my collar.
You want to survive or not?
Leave my collar.
If I will see you here in MIDC, I will break your bones.
Let's see.
What you said?
Let's see.
Ok. I will show you next time.
What is wrong?
What is wrong Abhay? Leave it.
Get lost.
Let's go.
Why are you arguing with him?
Hi, sir.
yes, seat. Seat.
phone rings
Yes speaking. Ya chairman. What can I do for you.
Oh, I see.. He belongs to your village? Ok!
Don't worry.. I will not let it happen, thank you sir.
Ok fine. How can I help you?
How much amount of loan can I get?
How much you want? our bank is big enough to provide you.
2 - 2.5 lakhs.
Do you have IT(income tax) return papers?
No IT return... What is your source of income?
I got buffaloes and cows and milk collection business.
Milk collection means, it is related to agriculture.
We don't provide loan on agriculture. It's not our policy.
But last week you said, that I will do something for you.
Yes, but the.. agriculture (loan) quota of this year is over.
Then what about the vehicle loan?
Which one?
Two wheeler.. 'Pulsar'.
We don't give loan for two wheelers, for four wheelers we can give.
I see!
I might have done something but you don't have ITR documents.
We may give loan for four wheeler not for two wheeler,
Okay. Bye.
You may go.
Has chairman conspired against us?
You know some people of our village are very evil minded..
...since we abstain to vote they didn't allow us to get the society's loan.
Really? - Yes.
Two Wheeler Exchange Festival- Rajyog Auto Care.
Let's Go...
Hey, Sarey! give me Rs.100 my sweet heart.
I have got no money, from where should I give you?
Give me.
Useless fellow... don't sit idle, get up and serve water to buffaloes.
Don't trouble her.
If you are so much concerned, then you serve water to buffaloes.
Why are you after me?
You eat bullshit or what?
It's my ancestral wealth. I will do whatever I want.
Sold all land in intoxication, what else...
I didn't invite you and father to give me birth.
Have some shame...
Instead of drinking alcohol, why don't you drink someone's piss.
Is it... then give me.. I will drink.
I will hit you.
Come on. Hit me.
Take it, You won't find 'pennies' in it.
Take it.
Something is there inside.
Search properly. You might find some money in it. let me see.
What is it?
It appears like chocolate, I don't know.
Give me.
It smells like chocolate but it is not.
What is it?
Hey, idiot! What is this?
What happened? Where did you find it throw it away.
I see..
My child it was in your pocket, I thought it's a chocolate.
Pocket? Why did you check my pockets?
I did everything but never used such type of condom, you idiot..
You should have used it, you won't have got this headache.
Very smart, don't try to teach me.
What exactly is this?
Leave it, take some sweets.
Sweets for what?
I have got a bike.
Why did you get this bike unnecessarily,
We owe people's money.
Their is no single penny in the pocket and having attitude like a king.
- There was a need for a better vehicle. - You shut up!
He did the right thing.
That previous one was useless. One should look royal on the bike.
Hello uncle, have some sweets.
Take away your sweets, what about my money?
I will return you soon. I won't run away.
You were suppose to give me day before yesterday.
You got your milk payment. then why didn't you pay me?
Take this ten thousand now.
And remaining fifteen thousand I will return you by the next month.
Rs.20000 principal amount and Rs.5000 it's interest.
I want it right now. Do you think I am a beggar or what?
I will pay.
What do you think of yourself money lender? get lost.
I want my money right now.
To whom have you given money?
Your son has taken it.
Then go away from my house and ask for the money outside.
Get lost. - Okay.
How can you behave like this?
stop.. stop...
Get lost... I have seen many moneylenders like you, bloody fool!
Shut up.
Does he give money in charity? he charges interest heavily.
Go do whatever you want to do.
Why you take money from such people, you fool?
We should live in our limits.
Take it..keep properly
Where are you taking the bike?
You want to ride? Take it..
Drive safely or else you will damage it.
is it.. don't teach me. have your father gifted this in dowry?
See him.
Mother, look at your Amitabh Bacchan (Artist).
Look back, who are they?
Oh shit! It's Abhay and his gang.
Baban.. run fast.
Baban.. run fast.
Baban.. run fast.
Baban.. run fast.
How dare you deliver the milk?
Catch him.
Ramya, catch him...
Look back, who are they?
I will see you.. wait
Ran away..
Ramya, he ran away.
He will be caught one day.
One day we will catch him.
Ramya, he ran away but his bike is here. Crush it.
Crush it..
Crush it..
Bloody trying to deliver milk in MIDC.
Crush it..
Will he deliver the milk directly?
We will show him.
Crush it.
Let's go.
Hello, sir.
Let's go to college.
Let's go.
What to do now, Baban?
Nothing, its only because of you...
We should fight with them...
We must.
Tell me.
See this.
Stand it.
Stand it properly.
Do it properly.
Let's go..
Don't want.. Let's go.
Baban... Baban..
Look at this 'app'.
Sir suggested or what?
My notes.
It's quite good.
What are you watching? who sends this rubbish videos to you?
Don't you think she has number of contacts with boys around?
Who is stopping you from having contacts?
Hey, Komal look at this video, is he a Baban? Why is he running?
Poor fellow. Why this bastard Abhay is after him?
He is too proud of his bloody money.
Let's go and see if Baban has arrived?
Why are you so much concerned about Baban?
Poor fellow Baban, he is studying and working very hard, and...
what else?
Very pitty.
If you are so much concerned then why are rejecting his proposal? why this double standards?
Both the things altogether are different.
How come?
My parents will not like...
What my parents won't like.
You want to love him or your parents?
I don't want to love him..
Then why are you worried about him.
Let him break his bones. Let's sit here
Something is fishy..
let's see if her beloved has arrived or not?
Then why are you not saying yes to him?
Let us test him more..
He is quite handsome and terror as well.
Crush it.
Crush it.
Hey hen, today some other cock is crowing.
Oh my God! how Komal was staring at you.
As if she will steal you from us.
Baban, ask her today.
No man, she shows attitude.
Huh! She is a girl not a 'Maggie' to be prepared in two minutes.
I have asked her so many times.
If you don't know how to ask then how will she say yes.
How should I propose her.
Take her aside and ask her. She might be not comfortable in a group.
Go and ask her she seems to be happy today.
But, I am not in a good mood today.
What happened to your mood today.
I am in a very good mood today shall I ask her.
Look at this highly desperate fellow.
Are you going to meet Komal?
Take it.
Hey stupid, give it to me. It is to be applied on face.
Take it.
Hey Komal...Komal.
I want to talk to you.
Yes, speak.
Let them go.
They won't go. Please wait.
Please, let them go.
No they won't, say what you want to.
I like you very much.
I love you.
Sorry , I am engaged.
Oh my God! Last week itself you said I don't like all this.
I have changed my mind.
With whom you are engaged?
That's none of your business. Let's go.
Hey, baby!
Baby, Of what?, hen's or cat's?
"Oh dear lady! with eyes like deer,"
"Oh dear lady! with eyes like deer,"
"Wait for you everyday on the same route,"
"waiting for you to call out my name.."
"Please become the fragrance of my flower,"
"and become the hymn of my evening,"
"I am all cozy and sleeping in your shade,"
"I have suffered enough sun now..!"
"The clouds will return , all darkened with passion.."
"Just tell the soil, what colours do these tears possess,"
"as the rain is about to arrive and wash off the pain, soon..!"
"Your beauty has got my life involved in it,"
"as I keep your photograph under my pillow every moonlit night,"
"before I drift off in your dreams.."
"My heart sways in comfort , after I flower your hair.."
"please take that heart along with you, wherever you go."
Does this idiot attends college or not?
I am not sure.
Then what he does?
He is sincere.
Then, what's the use if he does not enjoy? Sarey, when will the dinner be ready?
Cooking is going on.
Behaving as if you Are, doing favor on us.
Baban often fights with others.
Baban wants to spoil my name or what?
This new milk cans, belong to whom?
Please don't bother.
Baban get ready fast and eat the dinner.
I have to wake up early in the morning.
Turn off the sound.
Come and take your dinner.
Turn off the sound! Bitch..
This idiot has messed up everything.
You are giving too much importance to him.
Now he has become my father and I am his son.
Oh shit! The electricity is disconnected.
Disconnected! Can't you see old lady?
This bloody current supply gets switched on and off frequently. Yogya..
Wait, one day I will remove all the poles...
...and cables and sell them to the iron vendor.
Atlast, she (power) came back.
came back
If he falls on his back then.
Unnecessarily wasting his energy. If you think you are capable..
..then let's play wrestling.
Come on, let's play wrestling.
Yes, carry on.
You should follow traditional form of exercise,
...rather than using such hopeless kit.
You useless fellow, not listening to my suggestion.
If you are so driven with the strength then hit the wall.
Father, take away the calf and tie there.
Can't you do it by yourself?
"Wonder what feeling is this?"
If you can't handle things. You shouldn't do them.
Stop playing songs early in the morning.
you should have listened spiritual songs instead.
Pappy, tie that calf.
Useless! you can't even do such a small work, you are curse to us.
Is it?
Do it properly.
Don't look at me take away the calf and tie.
Don't irritate me or else I will leave the calf for breast feeding.
You bloody fool.
Non sense.
Stop acting over smart,
Is it a mesmerism?
Pappe stay away.
Hey, Panda mama. Baban has left?
And why did you give your bike to him?
Yes, I have given my bike to him.
You shouldn't have given him.
Why? What happened?
Yesterday in the MIDC the boys broke his bike.
Broke his bike! Seriously?
My husband is very silly.
I have told him many times don't give your things to anyone.
He will come back, he will not disappear.
Stop being over smart! Go and bring the bike. Leave that work I will do it.
What huh? Go and bring the bike first.
Hello, Ramesh, please give your bike to him?
Or else can you come?
Yes please
What huh? Go and bring the bike first.
Oh god...why you gave me this troublesome women?
Oh, mother...
No.. Baban.
Oh no.
Hey, Baban, leave him...
Leave me.
Are you insolent?
Do you think you're very smart?
Do you think you're very smart?
Oh no.
You bastards!!!
You opened the MIDC?
Rented goons.
Did you learn a lesson?
Want to oppress me.
Baban, I beg you. Please leave me.
You bloody bastard. Have I done anything wrong to you?
I beg of you.
Beg of me.
What is wrong with Baban?
It is unbelievable, I didn't expect from him.
Get lost...
Hey you
Baban was seemed to be a cool guy.
But nevertheless the other one got the lesson.
I have nothing to do with it, I want my bike back.
Come on, get back your bike soon.
Go, he won't harm you.
Panda uncle, what happened?
Give back my bike. I am not at all concerned about you and your milk cans.
Please listen to me...
You are giving trouble to me.
Let me deliver the milk first, then you take your bike.
I am supplying you milk that's enough.
I won't give you my bike or else my wife won't let me come at home.
Please Panda mama, listen.
No, that's it.
I am warning you, give my milk money today itself.
Please, Panda mama, give me bike for only 5 minutes.
No because of you I have suffered a lot get aside.
'A mere haircut doesn't help, in showing less weight'.
"If I am there who will be against me".
Why did you fight yesterday?
That Baban fellow..
That Bendre Patil's son.
Yes, in college too he acts over smartly.
He is delivering milk where I am already supplying in MIDC
...and that's why we had the fight.
I hit him hard.
Even he has hit you badly.
It is quite expected.
Very smart.. you should take revenge of it.
What nonsense is going on?
MIDC does not belong to your father.
Don't be over smart..
Make sense?
It was not my mistake. He initiated the fight.
Do you think I am a fool, this is not fair.
Are you Baiju Patil's son?
Your father lost the land in intoxication and you loose remaining in fighting.
You behave yourself or else, I will not allow you to enter the MIDC premises.
Tell him as well, stop targeting me.
He belongs to me and you as well.
Behave properly.
What I should behave properly?
What's wrong?
As if the whole MIDC belongs to him.
Bloody, all those bastards!
If he happens to come in MIDC we will hit him badly.
One should grow or not?
I am working hard to prosper
but these bastards are pulling my legs down.
But we are accountable to our parents.
My family will drive me out if they know.
Somehow I need to finish the college.
Nana speaking,
Are you in MIDC area?
What about the contract?
No, no I will send the chief.
He will come.
Come in, Mr. Baban.
This boy belongs to our friend Baiju Bendre Patil.
This one or what?
Yes. He is terror.
I was telling you to be in the company with good people,
Who will guide you in a better way to your success?
Chief, am I right or no?
You will find all these small contractors in plenty in MIDC.
You are right.
How much liters of milk you supply?
100 liters..
Collect 1000-2000 liters of milk.
Take money from me. Don't worry.
Day after tomorrow their is a village fair. Isn't it?
Then start the preparations.
"We welcome all fair loving people"
Baban dada.. where to place the banner?
Can place it on tree?
Ok fine!
Hurry up?
Baban has no money, still he has put up the banner.
We will also put up Chairman's banner.
Let us contribute Rs.500 each for the banner.
Okay, fine.
Come on, let us collect.
You give first.
I will bring it from my home.
You always give excuses.
I will bring it from home.
Bring it fast.
Let's go..
"All the orders, shall be passed in the name of Baban."
Take it.
My son Pappya is doing very well.
He has got this gold ornament for me it is 35gms.
The earnings are also 'awesome'.
God knows when I will get all these luxuries.
Many luxurious cars, visit at my door steps to pick up my son.
What are you searching inside the pots, you useless?
There are no pebbles either, in the pot.
Give me Rs.500.
You are not worthy of earning Rs.10 and asking for Rs.500.
Give me anyhow.
For what?
I need money for banner.
Banner means what?
I want to print banner for the 'fair loving people'.
You are not village head to welcome people. What does it mean?
You know he wants to put his photo on banner in order to welcome people.
My son also has photo on his banner
The fair will take place even if you don't contribute money for the banner.
Get lost I don't have any money.
Please, give.
I said, no to you. Nonsense!
From where I will bring money. I am fed up with this fellow.
There is no food grain left and you are asking for Rs.500.
I said give it.
His father is toiling hard and he is roaming around idly.
He should be ashamed.
Yes, I should.
Send him with my son, he will give him job somewhere.
He is useless, nothing can be done of him.
Aunty, don't praise your son so much.
He is a driver and not the owner of luxurious cars.
All this turned into a vain, no effect on this idiot.
Oh my god! Your son is very short tempered fellow.
That's why there is no use of it.
My son is very calm.
Leave me you crazy, leave me..
What's your problem. You won't get pregnant..!
Leave it's not right.
I don't like you.
I have got girlfriend in college.
Who is she?
Why are you concerned about it?
Is she more beautiful than me?
She is gorgeous.
Don't you like me, am I not gorgeous?
Start now.
What happened?
You despo..! Have you gone mad?
You bitch! Has your mother taught you to do this nonsense?
That's why I was wandering why you were always after him bitch!
What have I done? He called me. liar! Too smart
Oh really! And you eat shit or what?
You are reacting as if your grandson will get conceived.
Get lost! You idiot,
You rascal. I thought you are a gentleman but you proved me wrong.
It's not like that.
What did I do?
Asking me.
Get away from here.
Hurry up you stupid!
Shut up! you stupid.
Because of you we missed the school van. This is what you learn in school?
Now you don't climb up.
Son, go climb up the peak of neem tree.
Look Baban uncle's milk van has arrived. Hurry up.
Brother we have missed the school van, can you drop them to school?
Yes I will. Why does he always goes for potty during school time?
Shut up! You stupid.
Do work time to time..
Hey, hurry up stupid!
Grandma what's going on?
Old age is painful.
The eye is paining.
You have to bear the pain.
You have to bear the pain.
Ok, I will take your leave now.
I have to deliver milk.
Sit properly, boys.
Grandma do you want to come at Mandavgad?
Drop me in the farm..
No, I am going to MIDC to deliver milk.
Yes, sir.
Look at that foolish village head, behaves inappropriately.
Shankar, give me mutton masala.
How is the picture?
It's good.
Doesn't it look nice?
Why this old one always?
Chairman asked for new photo but..
Then what happened?
My husband said there is no need to take new photos.
Look at his drama.
Let him eat it's enough.
Ya, hello.. Bhausaheb speaking.
Ok, how was the meeting.
You want my signature,
Ok fine.
Never mind.
Yes, okay. Bye.
It's enough now or you want to eat the pot as well.
You bloody gourmand. Take this and eat it.
Let's move.
Stop.. stop
Hey, sit down..
Hey, you
I am here, don't worry.
Hey, you sit down, don't be overskirt, Sit, you foolish...
All concert lovers of Bendrevadi and adjoining villages,
"This is not fair" ,
The concert belongs to us. Enjoy it in a disciplined manner,
You should behave well, all songs will be played.
If someone misbehaves I will punish him.
You the music.
"The tendency to demand, a pre-matured youthfulness.."
"The tendency to demand, a pre-matured youthfulness.."
"A hasty attitude should replace, a cool behavior.."
"Night is praising my youthful charming beauty.."
"A hasty attitude should replace, a cool behavior.."
"Night is praising my youthful charming beauty.."
"Lips started blossoming, legs got entangled in rhythmic exposure.."
"The tendency to demand a pre-matured youthfulness."
"Is indeed a very strange behavior."
"Is indeed a very strange behavior."
"Is indeed a very strange behavior."
"The night is colorful, legs are beyond control."
"I surrender you fully. Let us make this magical night dipped into love hymns."
"The night is colorful, legs are beyond control."
"I surrender you fully. Let us make this magical night dipped into love hymns."
"Let us become one in.."
"..this wonderful darkness,"
"And chase the dreams of love."
"Is indeed a very strange behavior."
"I am a strong country liquor,"
"Leaving you darling, lost in this intoxication"
"I am a strong country liquor,"
"Leaving you darling, lost in this intoxication"
"My electrifying performance is shaking you vigorously,"
"And still you want this moment to come repeatedly."
"My electrifying performance is shaking you vigorously,"
"And still you want this moment to come repeatedly."
"Is indeed a very strange behavior."
"A hasty attitude should replace, a cool behavior.."
"Night is praising my youthful charming beauty.."
"Our togetherness is turning the darkness into the brightness."
"This atmosphere of love is newly blooming."
"I am full of wax surrounded by the fire like you."
"May our confluence, enlighten the flame of love. Let this romantic moment doesn't fade away."
"Is indeed a very strange behavior."
Tea has arrived or not?
Why are you so busy in record book, the business is running in loss.
Look at this news.
What happened?
Farmers commit suicide due to debt.
We are facing problems and you are raising some other issues.
Have this tea.
Do something to increase the milk quantity, it has drastically come down.
"Love me."
How come he happened to be so clever?
Bhagchand is supporting him? We will teach him a lesson.
Hello brother.
Hello moneylender.
What is going on?
Chairman, increase the quantity of milk.
These days even boys are surpassing us.
'We are fools, this is not fair'.
You have become too smart now a days.
Why? What happened sir?
Why did you gave the contract to Bhagchand?
Sir your guys have formed union. Stopped the work for 8 days.
The company suffered huge loss. I too have pressure from my seniors.
"That means we are fools and you are wise".
Do you want to run the company or not?
Then I should get this contract and the scrap one as well.
But sir both the contracts will be too heavy to handle.
That is none of your business.
I will kick your ass. Got it?
Abhay go and catch that Baban and teach him a lesson.
Father please bring the fodder.
Yes sure, I will go and you sit here idle, doing nothing.
Please go.
Come with us. We will cut the fodder. You just get the bullock cart in the farm.
No! I am feeling very sleepy.. see I have slept already.
You nonsense. That child is studying and you are giving excuses.
Oh! Just have a look, how is your dear child is studying?
He knows very well how to study. You get up and come with us.
No.. see how I am shivering, give me the blanket.
Look at his drama, lets go
Oh my god it's too cold.
Grandmother you go ahead and cut the fodder.
I will get the bullock cart afterwards.
go, go... go
Does it appear soft? and what if it shits. You idiot.
Which bird's nest is it? how beautiful it is.
Ummm.. sugran (bayaweaver bird).
How does the sugran (Weaver bird) looks?
Like you..
Will you build our home like this?
What is this Baban?
It's sweet.
It's bitter..
Now taste it.
"Eyes closed , darkness prevails"
"As my heart experiences,"
"the savoured sweetness of virgin honey."
"I take my love into my arms, my beloved little bird."
"I beautify her with freshly picked wild flowers
...and fragrant floral designs..!"
"The nights after being bathed through my days ,"
"are making my shy dreams flutter wild and free..!"
"The nights after being bathed through my days ,"
"are making my shy dreams flutter wild and free..!"
"Your sadant lips have disturbed that divine vermillion"
"Through which you have inked your name on my forehead."
"My dearest calls me his little by all his heart."
"He makes me blush, he makes me go wet, he has beautified me with freshly picked wild flowers..!"
"The nights after being bathed through my days ,"
"are making my shy dreams flutter wild and free..!"
"The nights after being bathed through my days ,"
"are making my shy dreams flutter wild and free..!"
"This moment is ours, while our bodies penetrate each other"
"and we allow us to flow in time , being together till infinity."
"Her passion stays half dipped in water, as I become her sky and cover her"
"I promised to built our love nest And swing to near by tree."
"Where I will help u enjoy your heights, slowly."
"We will help each other bath in beauty. And i will make you travel the farthest skies together."
"The nights after being bathed through my days ,"
"are making my shy dreams flutter wild and free..!"
"The nights after being bathed through my days ,"
"are making my shy dreams flutter wild and free..!"
"Eyes closed , darkness prevails"
"As my heart experiences,"
"the savoured sweetness of virgin honey."
Hey beloved,
Nothing my dear. On the way to deliver milk in MIDC.
Look here.
There are many industries around.
I feel like owning two three companies like this,
with luxury cars around and live life like a king size.
Like a king size.
Hey Babnya.
Hey Babnya. Catch him.
You think you're very smart. Stop.
Does MIDC belong to you?
Get aside, I will show him.
Come on.
Oh my god, please don't hit me.
Why not?
Stop please.
He has urinated poor fellow. Stop now... Stop hitting.
Hey Ramya, burn his vehicle.
"All orders shall be passed in the name of Baban."
I have left you urinated this time, If you happened to come in MIDC area,
I will hit you more severely
Hey Bachchan, I had warned you before.
Baban.. you should stop doing all these kind of work, I don't like it.
My love.. then what should I do?
Other than fighting do anything else, please.
I don't do anything wrong to anyone, but still..
..just let this month pass.
I will shift to Pune.
I am really fed up.
With everyone, my dad, this village.
And everything.
I will go away.
I will shift to Pune for further studies and prepare for MPSC (competiteve) exams.
I will also come there. - Hey, superhero..
You have not learnt anything from that incident. You remember no..
What happened that day?
Hey lollipop! have you seen the video.
Yes or no.
I am sure you have.
Hey 'Butterfly', why are you always with him.
Look at me also. I am worthy than him. Don't you think so?
You bastard!
you are my true companions.
Hey balutedars! (hereditary service provider)
Why you have come at my place, early in the morning.
We have not come here willingly. Do something with our milk.
What can I do, you are not doing any favor on me.
Why should your son do business,
if he is not worthy of it and why others should suffer because of him.
My son did it no.. not I, then throw it away.
Why should we throw? We are not shameless like you.
I am shameless! You bloody idiot.
Hey drunker, shut up.. what the hell, are you doing?
Baiju Patil this is not fair.
Go and die, don't trouble us.
How will I die, before you. Old lady....
This is not the way, I don't agree.
Stop, stop...
Keep quiet.
You stupid. You are trying to teach me.
We don't depend on others, like you.
You shut up.
Why should I. We are toiling very hard.
This won't work. I want my compensation.
Go take it from someone else not from me.
You will have to pay for it.
You are trying to teach me. Go away.
Don't listen to this drunker. Once he returns everything will be in order.
What the hell is Baban, going to do. We are facing so much trouble.
Panda, don't act too smart, you idiot.. take your wife and get lost.
Mother, you keep quiet
Where is Baiju Bendre's house?
This one itself..
Where is Baban?
Sir, we don't know, since 3 days he is not at home.
Arrest all of them. Where is Baiju Bendre?
catch him...
Oh shit.. oh my god. I haven't done anything, please leave me
Stand straight.
Sir leave him, he is useless. He doesn't know how to behave
Grandmother I will set Baiju free tomorrow, bring Baban to police station.
Sir I have really done nothing. By tomorrow I will bring him at your place
Ok, fine. Come on...
I didn't do anything.
Where is that woman? Bitch! I don't know police or what?
Why she is telling my name?
I have handled so many police officials like this
Daulat incurred losses no?
Baban is responsible for the losses.
You are right, he is solely responsible.
Phand Baba and Daulat, if you need some money in advance then I will give ok.
From tomorrow onwards give your milk to Chairman's dairy.
Our milk van will come at your place, keep the milk ready at morning.
Chairman come anytime, we will keep milk cans ready.
Hello sir, please take my milk as well.
Sure we will buy at Rs.18 per liter, is it fine?
You atleast increase Rs.3/4 per liter.
If you are ok with Rs.18 or else take this milk at Baiju Patil's doorstep.
He will pay you more.
Chairman sir, please take our milk.
Sure why not? Balu, let's go.
It's Bhagchand's car.
Hello, Nana.
How are you?
Please have a sit.
You have to order and we should obey, what's the matter?
Nothing sir. Day before yesterday's college matter. There was my man in it
He is absconding, I will bring him at your place. Solve the matter.
Don't worry. I will solve it. You order we will obey.
Sir there is no need. I will definitely look into it.
He is a good guy, ask him to behave well here after
Thank you
Hey college boy.
We have suffered heavily for last 3/4 days.
The child is back after 3/4 days, let him eat peacefully.
Since 3/4 days we couldn't eat either.
Baban give me money I want to buy fertilizers.
Give money.
Listen, he will give your money back. Atleast give him some time to think.
We have other work to do as well.
I will pay you by evening. Don't worry
You decide yourself.
Give me my payment.
What kind of payment?
Since 3 days we don't have milk. I am facing great loss. Let's see after 2/3 days.
I am trapped in a tough situation, please do something.
It is very difficult to pay you now. Come back after 4 days.
Hello.. yes sir.. come inside the MIDC. I am there, okay.
Tie properly , get it up, take it backward.
Please sign here.
Yes, take it.
Take it.
Okay. I will see to it.
Solve the matter immediately please...
Wait for a moment..
Take this and pay the outstanding amount of milk men.
Take it.. you need it.
Take it
Go and carry on the work.
Hello Panda uncle take your money.
Panda uncle, how much is the amount?
You do the calculations.
let me see
Bloody idiot! Don't know to behave in front of others.
You can't do calculations.. ok!
Then take it
Haushe, Panda got too irritated because of you
listen everybody, I have got milk van give your milk from tomorrow onwards.
No not at all. I will not give you milk.
Uncle, please forgive me. I have purchased new van for it.
I will not give you milk.
You will purchase many vehicles, but what about our losses?
I will pay the compensation for it.
I won't .
I beg before you. Let my child do business, give your milk to him.
No we won't.
Please listen to me, Haushi you atleast give your milk to him.
Let them go. I have seen many milkmen.
We will have our own big cattle field
and have hundreds of liters of milk don't worry...
Give me Rs.100 you should not bother and depend on those people for milk.
I will do it on my own.
Happy birthday sweetheart.
Hey sweetheart.
Hey sweetheart.
Hey sweetheart.
Stop sweetheart...
"I am on top of the world, Mirror is embodying its beauty."
"My dreams got wings to fly high,"
"Nature has turned into beautiful song, My heart is melting down."
"My dreams got wings to fly high,"
"My dreams got wings to fly high, Dancing amongst the blossoming flowers,"
"Experiencing the beautiful colours of life, You've became the vision of my life."
"And dreadful shyness takes away my heart, My eyelids are embracing."
"And dreadful shyness takes away my heart, My eyelids are embracing."
"While roaming with birds and wondering in your thoughts,"
"My dreams got wings to fly high."
"While roaming with birds and wondering in your thoughts, My dreams got wings to fly high."
"When two bodies become one, Sky enlightens with happiness,"
"My romanticism blooms gradually. The melodious flow of streams,"
"Witnesses two hearts coming closer. Lips embracing each other"
"I've left everything behind, to start a new journey with you."
"My dreams got wings to fly high."
You were hurt here, right?
When are you shifting to Pune?
You want me to go away from you?
It's not like that..
I want you to stay away from all this headache and...
And you should become a successful man.
And what if I don't become successful?
Oh my God.
What happened?
I got hurt. What is there in your pocket?
Show me.
Nothing. Leave it
Nothing. Really...
Let me see.
You had left all these things, isn't it?
Take this and shoot me..
Come on, shoot. You want to become a don. Kill me and become big 'don'.
Come on.. listen to me atleast..
No.. don't say anything just shoot me.
Listen to me sweetheart.
Listen to me sweetheart.
Hey, whose daughter are you?
whose daughter are you?
I.. Ramesh..
Who? Give me the stick who's daughter are you?
This is what your father has taught you?
No brother, it's nothing like that. I beg before you.
My sister won't do all this nonsense, you idiot..
You like him very much, isn't it?
"You mean I am a fool and he is wise, this is not fair"
You are getting us wrong. It's nothing like that.
Ok..then what is it? Tell me.
We really love each other.
Ok.. we will also love you and satisfy you fully. We all want a chance one by one.
Brother, please mind your language.
Hit this bastard.
Brother, please leave him. Please.
Brother, please leave him. Please.
Should I leave him and catch you or what?
Give me the mobile...give me..
When will you come back?
Ok.. take care.
Mom. Leave.
Leave me.
Leave me.
Where has Sangita gone?
Didn't she come for work at your farm yesterday?
She had come , but I didn't see her since morning.
She might have gone at her mother's place.
She was telling.
What was she telling?
She has purchased 20 grams of gold.
She might be feeling on top of world then...
She is literate woman, often catches others attention.
Where does your son Deepak work?
I've forgotten to tell you that, he has joined the company recently.
Hey dirty bitch! why don't you die, get lost.
Wait let me hit her away. Get lost and die somewhere.
Go away...
Who might be responsible for this? he should be ashamed for this.
She is a woman whether mentally retarded or normal,
men just want to fulfill their physical desires.
This is what the society has witnessed since the past. It is very bad.
Morality has lost it's limit. She is going through a very bad time.
"The nest safeguarded by the clouds."
"Is destroyed by the storm."
"Happily singing sapling's tender leaves Are plucked mercilessly."
"The red cloud full of despair,"
"Seems impossible to fade away...."
"Mirror is staring at me,"
"This spring is very special indeed."
"Mirror is staring at me."