Babaylan (2023) Movie Script

During the Spanish colonial period,
Shamans were the first to revolt
against the colonizers.
Like Pagali and Tamblot,
they fought for
their faith and freedom.
They are not just spiritual leaders,
they are valiant warriors...
Harnessing the power of nature,
they fought without fear.
To preserve and uphold
the Babaylan tradition,
power and responsibility are passed on
to the next generation.
No matter their gender
and status in life.
Looks like you're in
a hurry, Miss Beautiful...
Hello Miss...
Hey, Miss. Give us a second.
Would you like join us for a drink?
I can't... They're waiting
for me at home...
Come on, join us.
You'll have a good time.
Come on Miss, join us.
We're nice guys...
I really can't...
I really can't...
Gag her...
What are you doing?
Who are you?
Don't bother, just keep walking!
Oh, you're brave, aren't you?
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Go on.
Go home.
The owner of the building,
Martinez-Smith is coming later.
I just want everything to be in order.
Sir, please check this
records of our cement delivery.
Come closer.
There's a discrepancy
on the new delivery.
Especially last November 10.
20 sacks are missing.
- You smell so good.
- Sir!
Please double check and sign.
So I can finish the paperwork.
The pervert strikes again.
He's a fool.
His day will come.
Welcome to Mist Tower, Mr. Martinez-Smith.
Let me check the progress of
construction work on our building.
Yes of course, Sir.
Follow me, Sir.
This way, Sir
Its almost done, Sir.
This way, Sir.
This will be the Basement One
of your building, Sir.
As you can see,
its almost 70 percent done.
This way, Sir.
So as you can see, Sir.
Its almost done.
By the way, this will be the lobby.
Where were you?
- I had to fix a few things.
- That's enough
I'm not going with you anymore.
I found what I'm looking for.
I just hope the next time I visit,
there's better progress.
That finishing touches are underway.
Of course, Sir.
I have to go.
Let me escort you, Sir.
Where are you?
I'm outside the bank already.
All right.
I'll wait for you here.
Please hurry, I'm already late.
I have the company's payroll with me.
Give my bag back!
I don't want to hurt you...
Just leave the bag with me.
You'll just get hurt,
if you take this from me.
Can I have a cigarette?
Oh, what happened to you?
I was just in an accident,
I fell off the jeep.
Yikes! You should be careful,
don't steal from just anyone.
You too, boss.
Take care of yourself...
Death will soon
come knocking to take you.
You fool!
I'll go ahead.
Bro! How are you?
You fool!
You sped up and left me.
What did you want me to do?
I had no choice!
She moves like Cynthia Luster.
And look at your face...
She hit you so hard.
My jaw still hurts...
And the money?
Did you get it?
She got it.
What the hell?
Were you caught?
Hey! Seriously.
Give me a minute.
No, I wasn't caught.
She just let me escape.
My helmet came off,
and she just stood there,
What? What did you just say?
Let me see that face.
Cynthia Luster flipped out
when she saw you!
Stop it!
We need to make up
an excuse for Ninong.
The jerk will ask for the money.
About that...
What if we just
tell him the truth?
He'll just make fun of us!
Two thugs, beaten up by a girl?
Hey, it's just you.
It's both of us!
We still have to think
of an excuse...
- If we don't...
- We're screwed!
Who's screwed?
The cat who took our lunch.
Mom! Let me get that.
Let me get that.
I know you two...
When you talk like that,
you troublemakers
did something again?
That's not true.
Hi Jhason. Hi Poklong.
Move out of the way.
Promise, Mom! We're good boys...
Yes, Mom. We're good boys.
Do good boys get bruises on their faces?
Stop fooling me!
Where did you get that?
I fell off the jeep.
It was just an accident.
Right, Poklong?
I don't believe you!
- I'm glad you're here.
- Why?
My glasses broke.
Let's just put some tape on it.
It's not my prescription anymore.
I get a headache
when I wear it.
Sit down.
Hold this.
That really needs to be replaced.
Okay, Mom, I'll figure it out.
Mom, I'm hungry.
Is that going to take long?
Come here!
Come on, help me.
- Come!
- Looks good as new!
Is this good? Okay, teach me.
You need to peel this one.
Slice this.
I think this hurts my eyes...
Stop complaining!
Here's two thousand pesos.
I'll pay you back
when I get another racket.
This is only 1800 pesos!
He duped me.
Where's the money?
I'm really sorry.
We had a run of bad luck.
And you'll get more from me!
I'm sorry...
We got the money.
But the girl caught up with us!
And fought.
A girl did that to you?
You don't have to announce it.
It's embarrassing.
Of course it's embarrassing!
You're both so stupid!
You've found your match.
A girl!
I've been telling you for a while now
to bring a gun!
And when they resist,
shoot them!
You know I can't do that!
We're snatchers
not killers!
You're all cast in the same mold.
You're all criminals!
Take this!
- Take this!
- No.
Better to have protection.
Because a snatcher is more useful
in prison,
than dead!
I have a new job for you...
What I want,
Is that you don't fail again!
Is this about your salary?
Am I paying you too low?
We can talk about it.
I can pay you more.
But you have to work for me
That's exactly my problem.
You're a pervert!
Me, a pervert?
Your innuendos?
Your groping?
Isn't that sexual harassment?
I can report you!
I can send you to prison!
Me? Send me to prison?
You don't know who you're dealing with!
no one will testify for you.
No one heard
or saw that...
I've harassed and groped you!
Be careful who you accuse!
Be thankful I didn't twist your neck
every time you harassed me.
Ow. Ow!
Because it could have been
so easy for me.
You don't know
what I'm capable of.
- Ouch!
- Sign my resignation letter already.
And this will all be over.
What are we really doing?
Are we going to be burglars now?
If you're getting cold feet,
I'll do it myself!
Hey, don't be like that.
Give me a minute.
Maybe we can request...
that he give us something easier.
Maybe that's possible?
He lost a lot of money
when we botched the payroll job.
We need to do this.
This is all Cynthia Luster's fault.
What if...
it happens to us again?
We get caught?
Hey! What's that?
Let's go!
Oh God!
Let's get out of here!
I'll be the one to explain...
I'll face him!
Let's go!
- Hey!
- Fuck!
Quick! Ride!
Who were you fighting with?!
I don't know!
When I got to the barracks,
my boss was already dead!
I think they killed him!
Damn, close call!
Drive faster!
They're catching up.
You good? Let's go.
Come in...
Welcome to Casa Azon!
Where have you been?
And who's she?
She's Cynthia Luster...
No, Mom.
She's a friend.
Joey, Ma'am.
She had some trouble at home, Mom.
Maybe she can stay with us for a bit.
Is that alright?
Did you get her pregnant?
That's too much, Mom. I didn't.
Idiot! You are not Jhason.
Oh, Mom!
No, Mom...
My boyfriend and I broke up and...
he drove me out of our house.
That's why I called Jhason.
I don't have anywhere to go tonight.
But I'll start looking
for a place to stay tomorrow.
Oh, I'm sorry...
These idiots,
All they do is get into trouble.
But now I'm seeing,
that they actually have big hearts.
You're too much, Mom.
We're good people.
Let's eat.
Intoy, add another plate
and grab a chair.
Joey, sit down.
Thank you very much.
Let's eat.
It fits you.
It's actually quite big on me.
Thanks for saving me earlier.
Just don't tell my mom the truth...
We're okay.
I hope we're even.
You let me go the first time.
So I made it up to you.
What were you doing
at the construction site?
We had a racket.
we got there before you...
We'd be the ones who got set-up.
Maybe we're destined.
Sorry. I don't believe in destiny.
Me too.
A person makes his
or her own fate.
Find her!
And kill anyone
who gets in the way!
I found him...
Jhason. He's the first one
I adopted.
He was around ten years old.
I found him at the market
in the city
selling plastic bags.
Sometimes he works as a porter,
carrying vegetables.
He said he's an orphan.
Jhason and Poklong
would sleep at the market.
I felt sorry for them
so I adopted them.
And Poklong?
Poklong didn't want
to come with me at first.
He was afraid I'd do
something bad to him.
But Jhason convinced him to come.
Jhason's a good kid.
Gets into trouble sometimes
especially when he's with Poklong.
But he's a good person. Dependable.
He's the one who
took Intoy in.
He'll do everything he can
for his younger brother.
Jhason will do everything
so Intoy wouldn't be like him
and Poklong.
He wants Intoy to
finish his studies.
He's a smart kid.
Where's my gun?
Where is it?
It's at home.
Someone killed the contractor.
When we arrived,
the police were already there.
They suspect the disbursement officer...
She's wanted...
There's a bounty already!
How much?
One million pesos.
Are you sure
you didn't use the gun?
I didn't...
I already told you.
The police were already there.
Wash your hands and eat.
Joey cooked our lunch.
It's good.
Can we talk?
Sure. Let's go.
There's something fishy going on.
Just eat, don't mind them.
What is it, Jhason?
There's a bounty on your head.
I have to leave now.
I'll put all of you in danger
if I continue to stay here.
Joey, isn't it more dangerous
if you leave?
What if someone recognizes you?
You're safe here.
I'll risk my life to protect you.
What about your family?
I'll take care of them.
I'll talk to them.
I'll tell them the truth.
They'll understand.
And when the coast is clear,
I'll help you escape.
We'll look for a place to hide.
Jhason, wake up!
- Wake up!
- What's wrong?
The men are here.
Wake Azon and Intoy up.
Wake them up!
Come on...
You have to leave, now!
Poklong, wake up!
Wake up mom and Intoy...
Wake them up now!
Do it fast!
Mom, wake up, Mom!
Mom, wake up!
- Why?
- There are dangerous men outside.
- What?
- Come on Mom!
Intoy! Wake up! Hurry!
I'll face them.
I'll go with you.
Stand up!
- What's happening?
- What?
They need you more.
Oh my god.
Let's go!
- Pass around the back!
- What's happening, Jhason?
I'll take care of this.
- Come on. Leave!
- I'll explain later, I promise.
Be careful...
Go inside! Go inside!
Poklong! Poklong!
Take care of Mom and Intoy.
And you? Get in already!
I have to help Joey.
- Then hurry up!
- Okay, okay.
Your only wish
do not let your enemies
see your body.
Do not fear, Babaylan.
They will not find your lifeless body...
I will grant you
a second life...
A life, immortal...
Are you sure about this house?
It looks scary!
On the left.
Go ahead, mom.
This house is huge!
Whose house is this, Jhason?
You really know your way around here.
It's my grandfather's.
Grandfather from my mother's side.
Really? You're rich.
And you didn't tell us!
Why don't you live here?
Mom, I'll just bring Joey to the room.
You should rest too.
You're awake.
Sorry I got you involved in my mess.
I told you I'll take care of you.
I can take care of myself!
I know...
You're more than capable.
You don't die, right?
You saw that?
Come on.
You got shot so many times.
A normal person
would have died already.
It's hard to explain.
Then let's make it simple.
What are you?
A Babaylan.
After I got betrayed
by the man I loved,
my life was in danger.
On the brink of death,
I used my powers
and asked Mother Nature
to hide my body
from the enemy.
But a deity heard my plea
and gave me
another chance at life.
So, here I am
with a life, immortal.
So you've been
alive for a long time?
Over a century now.
And whoever is hunting me
only wants one thing.
To get the secret
of eternal life.
Why did you come back for me?
You should have just
kept your family safe.
I couldn't do it.
Because I like you.
What did Poklong say?
That your family owns the house?
Your family is well-off,
so why did you leave home?
My dad is a bastard.
He used to beat up my mom.
Is he an alcoholic?
That only happens in movies.
If you're a bastard,
you're just a bastard.
Even if you haven't
had any to drink.
He says he gets jealous.
Of course that animal was just
making excuses to hurt my Mom.
And me?
When he's still not
satisfied after beating her up,
I get hit too.
Until one day,
My mom got so beat up,
she died.
I was so scared.
I knew I was next
so I left.
Went far enough
that one day,
Mom Azon found me and took me in.
You haven't been back here?
I did, once.
When I got older,
I checked on my dad.
He was already very weak.
Not dead yet,
but was already rotting.
I found out
he died shortly after that.
So I abandoned the life
I once had.
I'm so sorry.
Don't be sorry.
I'm okay.
See them?
I'm grateful to my new
mom that now I have a family.
At least.
And you.
You were at the beach all-night.
Looks like
I'm getting a grandchild soon.
A grandchild already?
Let's not
do that just yet.
I'm not getting any younger.
And you're all grown up.
I want to be able to
play with babies again.
Oh my God!
What's that?
He looks just like you.
You're right. Who is he?
My great-grandfather.
Manuel Guerrero.
He died during
the American period
if I'm not mistaken.
You're like two peas in a pod.
Joey! Wait!
Why did you leave?
He's the man
who betrayed me.
Your great-grandfather, Manuel.
My great-grandfather, Manuel?
I wish I found out sooner.
Is that why you like me?
Because I look like him?
Don't make this complicated.
I like you because I like you.
I'm afraid that
I'll be like my great-grandfather?
That I'll betray you too?
I'm nothing like him.
I will never betray you.
Believe me.
I got word that our keep
in the mountains has been attacked.
I was lucky I was
able to escape.
Our comrades
were caught.
I'm certain
they were brought to
the garrison in the capital.
We have to save them, Manuel.
But how did they find out
where our keep is?
Did someone...
Betray us?
Who would...
Forgive me, Josefina...
It was you?
You betrayed us?
You were always the mission!
But you weren't there.
You just left.
What would you gain
from this betrayal?
She's here!
Arrest her!
Arrest her!
She's still alive!
I know she's still alive!
Where's my reward?
Where's my money?
You will get your money,
if we get her.
That's the deal.
Scour the forest!
Where are you,
Josefina Baliwag?
You should have run after her.
There's no point.
She's already decided.
I have to respect that.
Why act like a gentleman?
Deep inside
admit it.
You're thinking of her.
You're the one struggling...
Here, I fixed it.
One, two...
There we go!
Hey Intoy!
Does something hurt?
- What's wrong?
- It's my head...
It hurts.
It's like it's being split in two.
It might be because of your glasses.
Maybe your grade went up again.
- Hey!
- Hey! You okay?
Ride at the back, quick!
Faster, Intoy!
I'll cut your throat
if you try to escape!
What do you want?
Who's hunting me?
It's Arnold Martinez-Smith.
Is he the one
who owns The Mist Tower?
Yes... That's him.
Is he responsible for Carlos' murder?
He wants to frame you for that.
So if you escape,
no one will help you
when we go hunting for you.
your boss
I'm going after him.
I'll be the one hunting him.
Your brother still needs to undergo series
of laboratory diagnostic examination.
The girl you
you ordered us to kill,
said she'll be the one to hunt you.
- She said that?
- Yes, Sir.
Let's kick the hornet's nest.
Tell everyone I'll bring the
bounty up on Josefina Baliwag.
I'll raise the bounty
to ten million pesos!
Have you eaten, Jhason?
I'm okay.
- I need money...
- So do I.
I need money.
You already botched two jobs.
One more, you're out!
Take Poklong out of this.
I'll do this myself.
I won't fail, I promise.
You know me, Jhason.
I don't want any loose ends.
I'm just giving you and
Poklong another chance
because you've been
with me for a while now.
We've got history together, right?
I know a job
that pays big.
You might not be
able to handle it?
- How much?
- Ten million pesos.
You get six million,
I get four.
What's the job?
Do you remember the girl
who's wanted for the
death of the contractor...
Set her up...
So they can catch her.
How will I set her up
if I don't know her?
Let's not pretend, Jhason.
I know you and Poklong have her.
I'm just waiting for
the bounty to go up
before I offer it to you.
Can I do something else?
Will you deny me now?
When you have a debt to settle?
you want me to collect
from Azon?
Or Intoy.
Don't bring them into this.
Then think about it.
How's Intoy?
They still need to do more tests.
I'll help you.
I'll help Intoy.
Sorry, Joey.
I have to do this.
Joey, I don't have a choice.
He'll kill my family
if I don't do what he says.
You set me up?
But I can't do it.
I can't betray you.
while there's still time,
leave now.
Go on!
I'll take care of it...
Don't take responsibility
for what I can do!
Go on. Leave already!
You have to escape.
Jhason, you idiot!
You want to let go of
my ten million?
You're out!
This is my karma.
You're not going to die!
You're being dramatic.
Leave him!
and come with me
if you don't want
to die like him!
I'll heal you...
I won't let you die.
I need to end this.
If she's really a witch,
then we must find her body!
We are going to show
to everyone she's really a fraud!
I didn't know that the church
welcomes traitors like you.
- How are you--
- Alive?
You forget,
that I'm a Babaylan.
I'm glad that
you're alive, Josefina.
Please forgive me, Josefina
I beg you...
Don't kill me.
I have a family now.
They're all dead.
It's good to finally hear
your voice, Josefina.
Looks like you know
a lot about me.
Of course!
When I was a child, my bedtime
stories were only about you.
My familys obsessed about you.
I didn't know I was that famous.
Why don't you and I sit down
and discuss it like civilized people?
Enough of this bloodshed.
What do you want?
Let's meet.
Please, have a seat.
I have nothing to offer.
If I only knew
you were coming,
I would have asked them
to prepare something.
Let's just get to the point!
What do you need from me?
How to be immortal?
Is that it?
Come on, Josefina.
I'm not short-sighted
like you may think.
I don't want to be immortal.
I don't want to see people
I care for, die one by one.
I have no patience
for that kind of pain.
If not for that,
What do you want it for?
Based on my research
this was my great-grandfather's.
That once a Babaylan
becomes immortal,
she has the power to
create the golden Kalis
and the knives of the elements.
And you believe that?
Why not?
You're real, aren't you?
You don't die!
I'm not the one you're looking for!
I can't create
the golden Kalis
and the knives of the elements.
Don't give that excuse!
I know that you can make them!
I am a Babaylan,
not a Waringan.
There are no Waringans!
You made that up!
They don't exist.
If you can't do what
I need from you...
then I will force you to do it!
Intoy, how are you feeling?
I'm better.
My head doesn't hurt anymore.
Thank you, Joey.
Thank you so much, Joey.
Can't you
just stay here?
I can't anymore
I only bring trouble to your family
and I don't know
who else knows
about who I really am.
About what happened at the park...
I understand.
I understand why you did it.
Don't worry.
You're nothing like
your great-grandfather.
Take care of yourself.
Take care of your family.
and especially Poklong.
You know he's so much trouble.
And you take care too.
Go on.
She left already?
Hey! What?
Just like that, huh?
She'll just leave
without saying goodbye?
You're so cheesy!
Cheesy? I'm just making you laugh.
Come on, give me a kiss!
Shut up.
Let's go inside.
Stop it already.
Why? I'm not cheesy!
Look at you.
You're teary-eyed!
- You're such an ass!
- Why?
Where is she now?
She may hide her true nature...
She may stay away.
But I know,
in between the shadows,
she's still there.
ready to help
when she's needed.
Because it is her duty.
She is