Baby (2023) Movie Script

Hey, your friend is high and puking again.
Stop the vehicle in front of Vaishnavi's home.
"Our story is unparalleled in history."
"Our story is unparalleled in history."
Your mom is coming
What are you doing, dancing on the road?
You want to perform in a bar, do you?
I'm spending thousands of rupees on your education,
to get you a good seat and you want to dance?
I'll kill you.
Why do you bother her?
Don't raise your hand on a girl.
You shut up.
Don't teach me how to run this house.
What do you want?
Go away.
Vaishu, bye.
Look at how you are groomed up.
What is this colour!?
"What illusion is this.. Oh adolescent"
" Is this world an illusion..."
"There is no other thought in that heart..."
"Can't stay away from you even in thoughts"
"Both their journeys are one... "
"As both of them are one world..."
"The breath of those two
became one slowly.. slowly..."
"Two clouds of love came together...
like rain lashes"
"Only time will decide which way the rain will fall"
"Two clouds of love came together...
like rain lashes"
I've been observing it since a year.
That skinny girl is stalking you.
Hey! Stop
Come here.
Why do you keep staring at me every day?
You stay in the house opposite to mine, right?
What is your name?
Okay, go.
I'm observing you all.
I'm observing everything.
Tomorrow's Rakhi festival.
Are you thinking of having a holiday on the
occasion of the festival? No way!
Every girl must tie rakhi to every boy.
What is this rakhi-tying ritual, bro?
What are you looking at? Tie.
You won't tie?
Won't you tie him the rakhi?
Come forward.
Come forward.
Stretch out your hand
Stretch out
Stretch out
Stretch out your hand, I said
-Sir, please no.
Stretch out your hand
You guys are going overboard
Please, sir. No, sir.
I'll teach you...
Will you let me love you?
"Seeing this couple..."
" thought it was a dream come true"
"Their journey was a testimony of great love"
"Their journey was a testimony of great love"
You may love.
Is this for me?
Open it.
This is the first gift of my life.
It's not a gift.
Just a soap box.
But I will consider it as one.
I really love gifts.
Also cars And big houses too
Those are beyond my capabilities.
Hey, get going.
"Those eyes without any deception"
It's good, no?
And from today this is our secret place.
Our love starts from this place.
Our love grows from this place.
Our love will
Our love will
I don't know.
"Two clouds of love came together...
like rain lashes"
"Only time will decide which way the rain will fall"
Can I kiss you?
What happened?
I don't like it.
He is as it is weak in studies,
on top of that, if you don't pay his tuition fees,
how do you think he will pass his
10th standard exam? Leave now.
Is she deaf?
Hey, silence!
-Both deaf & dumb
Did you pass the exam?
Yes, I did.
You passed the exam?
Get lost. Everybody,
- Get lost from here.
Especially you leave!
Will you break up with me?
What are you talking about, Anand?
My father died when I was young,
my mom is dumb,
I don't have money neither do I education.
You will surely break up with me.
You have no idea how much I love you.
Ask me to leave my education behind, I will.
Ask me to abandon my family
and come with you, I will.
If you still don't believe me,
ask me to give away my life,
and I will.
How can you think that I will leave you, Anand?
You, not being in my life is the biggest
suffering I can face.
Your sufferings are not at all a problem to me.
Study well and earn a good job.
Remember that I've mortgaged all
my jewellery to get you this seat.
If you fail to do so, I'll light this up on your head.
Hey, wait.
She is standing there.
It's your first day to college,
don't walk across her, it's not auspicious.
Aunty, do you need an auto?
Who is your aunty?
Who did you call Aunty? Tell me.
It's you.
What? Are you angry now?
Vaishnavi, engineer.
Anand, auto driver.
Enough with your over action.
Do you know what dialogue will
your guruji write for this situation?
If you study well, you'll live a dignified life
or else you will become an auto driver.
I'm very happy.
I don't know.
It feels like entering a new world.
I hope these four years just zoom past.
Both of us.
In one house.
Forever with you.
But I'm scared too.
The college and our settlements are poles apart.
Now onwards, we can't meet
each other that frequently,
we can't talk much to each other as well,
I'm scared that the distance might separate us.
Don't be scared of distances.
Don't know.
But I feel it in my heart.
Don't worry.
Trust me.
I love you.
I love you too.
I'll kiss you.
Let me get my sandals.
One hug?
It's been 3 years.
Why are we still doing this?
I don't like that.
I'm sorry.
Anandcute boy.
Why did you come this way?
Did you come in the share auto?
My family owns an auto.
Stop hyping yourselves up as
if you belong to the Tata-Birla lineage.
Hi, Seetha.
By the way, this is Mounica, Priya,
Geetha, Akhil, and Rahul.
They look like thugs but
they'll take care of you like their own sisters.
I don't know about the others
but I'll take care of you two like my own sisters.
Good morning, students.
Hey, are you supporting them?
Did you see those faces?
I saw.
What will you do if you want to get
a coffee from the canteen?
I'll go and get it.
They will get it for me.
If you want to write your record?
I'll write with my own hands.
They will write it for me.
That batch is a sucker for friendship,
if you want you can use them too.
You are something else
What? Are you feeling bad?
Do I really not look pretty?
I feel sad.
You should ask this question to your
Dad and then to Anand.
Only your loved one should tell
you whether you are pretty or not.
Not these losers
A thunderbolt in the sky of my hopes
A small raindrop that touches many hearts
Pawan Kalyan!
Let's go.
Why did you stop?
Because there's nobody around.
I'll scream out loud.
Let's go, dude.
Get down. I have something to say.
Come here.
Love - 4 letters.
Vaishnavi - 8 letters.
Anand - 6 letters.
You are irritating me...
It's 10 letters.
I'm getting angry.
Don't crack jokes while I'm talking
about serious things.
Okay, continue.
The 4 letter Love should
become the 8-letter Marriage.
And the 8-letter Vaishnavi should become
an 8-letter Eternity.
The 6-letter Anand should
become a 12-letter Relationship.
And then
Shouldn't it double?
Shut up. That's how it is.
Do you know why I'm reciting this poetry to you?
-I don't know.
Because in the morning you were upset.
So you thought you should upset me
in the evening as well, is it?
Stop making senseless
comments in between. I can't bear it.
To buy you a smile,
I'll pawn off my death.
Is this a soapbox?
There's no soap inside?
Stupid girl.
Stop crying.
Are you happy now?
Very happy.
Now, tell me.
Will the distance separate us or unite us?
Unite us!
But, you don't have a phone.
I have one.
What? Why are you upset?
Couldn't you buy one for yourself
tomorrow and make mine special?
Okay. So tonight we shall do an all-nighter on call.
Did they gift you a mobile?
It's good, no?
Who gave it to you?
Very rich.
Because I didn't have a phone.
Mom, everyone in my college is rich.
Do they know that we live in a settlement?
Don't tell them anything.
Since it is a big college,
they must be feeling that we are rich too.
If they find out that we are poor,
they might not mingle with you.
Somebody gifted her a mobile
We should not accept such gifts, dear.
We don't know their intentions behind this.
Moreover, why would someone gift you a costly
mobile with just one day's acquaintance?
Leave. Stop with you daily soap dialogues,
finish off your drink and go to sleep.
Here, keep it.
Vaishnavi dear
-Yes, Dad.
If somebody is spending Rs.100 on you,
you should be in a position to spend
at least Rs.20 on them.
If somebody takes you out four times,
you should be in a position to
take them out at least one time.
If you are not in such a position and
you still accept favours from them,
then no matter who they are,
they will take you for granted.
Don't make such mistakes.
Okay. Go.
Who is you?
This is Vaishnavi, calling from the original phone.
That's not original phone, it's own phone.
Okay, okay, bloody tenth fail.
I am inter pass, remember that.
Hey. Don't overact.
I'm very happy.
By the way, how did you arrange the money?
I have mortgaged the auto.
Hey, how will you survive?
I'll manage the EMIs, don't worry.
We could have bought it later.
Forget about it.
Are you happy?
Very much!
To see you giggle like a crazy person,
I'm ready to sell off the entire RTC bus stand.
Say it.
I love you.
Love you too.
Shall I cut?
One kiss, please?
Attention? What is this?
Who is this civic-senseless fellow calling me this
late at night while I'm preparing for my Civils exam?
Bro, Vaishnavi has posted a photo
on Instagram and added a caption below it.
Please read it and tell me what it means.
This is the problem if you are
a well-educated fellow from your friends' group.
They'll call you at odd times and ask stupid doubts.
Wait a minute.
It means the greater gift a man can give
to his woman is his time, love, and attention.
What does attention mean?
How would I know?
Aren't you educated?
Oh, sorry. I forgot.
Attention means when the teacher calls your name
and everyone raises their hand on their call, that is attention.
That is attendance, you fool.
Then it could be the part where
they say stand at ease, attention.
So, that means along with time and love,
one must stand stiffly as well.
How well has my girl written
She doesn't know if her name starts with V or Y.
But the elevation that you give to her is
it is insurmountable.
Do you know what love is?
I know what love means.
If you don't know then get in your
sheets and write a few lines over it.
You'll get fat if you eat this.
How was your first day?
-It was good.
Is it a new phone?
Wow, this phone is so pretty.
Did you buy it at Koti?
Stop teasing her.
She is our friend now.
I told Anand that I'm scared for us.
I fear my intuitions were right.
How do you know?
You know they say that it is auspicious
if your right eye twitches
and inauspicious if your left eye twitches.
But girls feel it here when something
wrong is about to happen.
I know it.
Do you think something will go wrong?
Viraj Ashwin.
He is very handsome, isn't he?
-I don't know.
He is more handsome than your Anand.
Isn't it?
Hi, Seetha.
-Hi, Viraj.
What's up?
-What's up?
Yeah, this is Vaishnavi.
That's Kusuma.
They joined late.
You look so interesting.
Cute smile.
Look at this photo, how cute she is.
Are you kidding me?
Are you persuading me?
Are you forcing me?
Where are you? What are you doing?
I was in the college.
You were worried about the distance,
that's why I bought you a phone.
Seniors are ragging us
I will text you when I can.
Text me.
I've seen you somewhere, girl.
Even me, dude.
Yeah, I remember.
Vantalakka, dude
Yeah Vantalakka, the cook!
Hey Mr. Doctor came.
Let's go.
Let's go.
The girl got disheartened.
Thank you.
It's okay.
No problem.
You look like a good girl.
Best friends.
"Hey Goddess worshipped by the
Gods listening to all prayers"
"Embodiment of all living beings and the ever living"
We are here.
Yeah, I can see.
What's your name?
Will you have a drink?
It's okay. Have one?
Don't want?
Will you give it a try?
No, I don't smoke.
It's just an apple tobacco in it.
"Not knowing to have reached a world
with no turns and never seen before"
She said she is afraid of the distance between you both
and you mortgaged your auto to
buy her a phone? How silly!
I hope you know about that Patel.
He's a dangerous candidate.
Stay safe from him.
You are saying it's urgent,
that's why I'm giving you the money, son.
If you don't pay me back on time,
I'm the worst person you'll ever face.
Sir, I'll pay you back in one month.
"Mirages felt as true to be present at every step "
"Education doesnt inform as a lesson"
"The word stubbornness means to stand still"
I'll come along.
No, I'll leave.
You should completely avoid her, Vaishu.
Such people backstab you and spread
rumours about you to your family and friends.
She's not like that.
-Everyone thinks the same.
I'm not like everyone.
Tonight we have ladies' night. Shall we go?
-I want to come but
What's your problem though?
When I came to this college,
I still remember how everyone saw me on the first day.
If I go to the pub, even those people will look
at me in the same condescending way.
I can't bear that.
I will introduce you to what you are, to the girl
about whose existence even you didn't know so far.
Girls, today is the most important day of Vaishu's life.
Transformation from Appalamma
to Angelina Jolie.
Let's go?
What happened?
You are my true friend.
No matter what, I'll never part from you.
Chill, I'm with you.
Your life from now on will be completely
different from what it was.
Let me show you the real magic.
I can't see you.
I'm coming.
I'm right here. I can't see you anywhere.
What are you doing?
What are those covers for?
From tomorrow I have exams
I'm telling you I have exams from tomorrow
Is it?
What is this?
Stop it. Stop
-What is this?
Please, Anand. No
Please listen to me.. don't
Am I looking good?
What did they do to you?
Don't get angry.
Everyone was teasing me in my college,
and that's why my friends transformed my look.
Get lost from here.
But I don't like this.
You don't have to do this to please
some idiot in your college.
Okay, leave.
Don't you wish for my happiness or not?
-Shut up.
Wish for my happiness or not
Wish for my happiness or not What is this?
Don't get into such nasty business.
Why would someone spend so much money on you?
Okay. Leave.
Tonight we have ladies' night.
Shall we go?
Have you cooled down?
Don't irritate me.
Why are you mad at me?
Get off me.
What's the matter?
All my friends are asking me to come
to the pub along with them.
Actually, they've been calling me
since a long time but I said no.
But now they are insisting a lot.
However, I didn't say anything to them
as I wanted to ask you first.
Did I ever go anywhere without informing you?
Can I go?
Don't get angry again.
No. Tell me. Where do you want to go?
Tell me. Where do you want to go?
Stop going to that college.
What are you talking about?
Are you out of your senses?
You are going way out of limits.
Stop going to college.
Have you gone crazy?
Everyone goes to Pub nowadays
Are they not going to college as well?
Are you paying me college fees?
I will go to the Pub.
Don't irritate me.
If I lose my temper, you don't know what I'll do
What? Are you threatening me?
Even my Dad hasn't said a word to me yet.
He is a bloody drunkard.
Bloody idiot.
I'll slap you tight if you utter one more
word against my father.
I'm going. That's it.
I don't permit it.
They did so much for me,
now if I don't go it'll be too embarrassing.
Listen, let me go this one time
and I'll never go ever again.
Okay? Please...
Are you in your senses or not?
Do you think you are Arjun Reddy to do all this?
What's your problem?
Why are you preventing me from going to the pub?
Have you ever been to any Pub?
Why are you so adamant on going?
Bloody rascals, they get the girls drunk and
they force themselves on such intoxicated girls.
You don't understand that...
But I won't drink.
They'll make you drink.
Don't you know about me?
I won't drink.
Everyone says the same initially.
I'm not like everyone else.
Shut up!
Every girl says the same thing that
I am different from the others,
I'm not like the rest
Everyone's the same, nobody is different.
You are not going.
I am going.
You are not going.
-I am going.
You are not going.
-I am going.
Can't you understand
You are not going. That's it.
Do whatever you want to.
Sorry. Please listen to me.
My anger got the better of me.
listen to me. Please
Vaishu, listen to me. Please
Hey, stop.
What is it?
Turn around.
Turn around.
What is this?
Do I look pretty?
Yeah. What is this?
My friends took me shopping.
Everybody teased me there so my friends got hurt
and said today onwards you should always look rich.
So they got me all this stuff.
Do you know how much it cost?
It cost around Rs.30,000
I told them that my mother would
scold me don't get me all this.
But they said why would your mother scold you
if you look rich, instead she will praise you.
They were right.
You look pretty.
That's why I asked you to get good friends.
I had a fight with Vaishnavi, bro.
How are you so chill?
Bro, after school, all the relationships get tossed over.
Once they join the college, that's it, that's the end.
My girl is not like the others.
The car is waiting for you. Come quickly.
So what?
Do you think your girl didn't go to Pub
and is still in her house?
Hey, where are you going in this time.
Going to my friend's housewarming function.
Every thing spoiled.
What we said and what she did.
Hey let's go
Seetha trust me. I will see what i am.
Sita don't get angry,you go and wait on top.
I will come in 10 minutes.
Your wish, what ever you do.
you look stunning.
Thank you.
Bro, one welcome drink for my girl.
Thank you.
I can't drink, I promised.
To your boyfriend?
-No at home.
It's just a fruit juice.
I'm scared.
I'm there for you.
-Come on, Vaishu. Have it. Come on.
You are not going.
I am going.
You are not going.
-I am going.
You are not going.
-I am going.
I want to end up here.
Hello, Vaishu.
Say sorry.
Say it first.
Okay. Sorry.
I'm sorry too.
Anand, I want to tell you something.
Let me talk first
Sorry, Vaishu.
I would never behave like that ever again.
But even after all this, you didn't go to the Pub.
Now I would accept, you are not like the others.
Last night I went to the Pub.
I got drunk.
I'm telling the truth.
You are saying all this to hurt me, aren't you?
[Professor teaching the lesson]
See, is Viraj looking me?
Yes. He's looking at you.
Hey, boy. Where's my money?
Brother, I'm nearly broke.
This is your last warning.
If I don't get my instalment on time
next time onwards, I'll come to your house.
Brother, I will pay you back soon.
"This mind swings like a child..."
"Doesn't know the difference
between right and wrong."
"why would listen to us?"
" It runs here and there..."
"It's crazy enough to not listen to itself "
"Can't give any advice except
to watch it play its game."
"This mind swings like a child..."
"Doesn't know the difference
between right and wrong."
How do I look, Dad?
Hey, let me drop you.
No, we'll go.
Vaishu come.
One minute.
You go.
Tell Anand that I have left with my friends.
"How does it know that it should do this
now and not do it now"
I love gifts...
"How does it know that it should do this
now and not do it now"
and cars too.
"Oh my goodness... "
are you fine?
Who is it? Boyfriend?
What happened?
Why is she not picking up my call?
She has gone with her friends as
they offered to drop her off.
She asked me to inform you.
Why couldn't she say that directly to me?
I don't know. I'll leave.
"This mind swings like a child..."
"Doesn't know the difference
between right and wrong."
Why aren't you using an iPhone?
I'm comfortable with this.
Why? Is this not a phone?
Well, while the person using the phone is so beautiful,
shouldn't the phone match her level?
Don't you want my number?
Okay. Give your number to me then.
Who was he, dear?
Friend, Dad.
Ok, let's go.
You, scoundrel, how many times should
I call you?
Did you arrange my money?
Give me two days of time, sir. Please.
You don't seem like a trustworthy person.
If I don't get my money back this time
I'm going to smash your bones, remember.
Okay, sir.
Brother, can you drop me at Punjagutta?
Get in.
"There is no way to reach the destination"
Bro, Make it fast.
"The deception of this mind is unimaginable..."
"It did not understand the agony of the heart"
I don't feel right.
Tell him about Anand.
No, no.
You wouldn't understand.
Vaishu What's happening here?
Anand loves you more than his life.
Don't I love him too?
Mom has asked me to not discuss
our home or our lives with anyone.
You are going the wrong way, Vaishu.
I have observed one thing, shall I tell it?
Me being happy,
people praising me,
people getting closer to me,
you are not liking it, do you?
What are you doing? Come closer.
Everything's fine?
Dude, he is calling again.
I don't have the money.
He is torturing me, dude.
I'm scared they are going to thrash me.
Where is my money, bloody rascal?
Talk properly, sir.
If I don't get my money back in two days,
you are going to have it from me.
Why did you come out? Go.
Go home.
Why did you get angry with your mother?
What did she do?
Why are you scolding her.
He isn't listening to us.
Do you think he will understand her?
She wouldn't shut up even though she can't talk.
This has been a nuisance since my childhood.
I get irritated when I hear her screaming.
What kind of a man are you?
Anyway, it's your fault.
I told you already,
don't spend so much money to get her a phone.
Stop it.
I am upset that he hit me in public, that's it.
If I won't buy her a phone, who else will?
That's for you.
Take it.
I don't want this.
I don't like this.
I can't take it. I know that you'll say all this.
I am not doing this to impress you.
It's just that you are special to me.
Very special.
Nobody should belittle you in college.
I can give this to you in public and impress you.
But, you deserve this.
That's why, I'm giving this to you in private,
accept it.
Beautiful girls should carry beautiful phones.
Please, accept it. Don't say no. Take it.
Best friends.
What happened to you?
Nothing. Phone
I'm very happy today.
Very happy.
Do you know why?
How's it?
My friend got me this.
It's nice, no?
The camera quality is awesome.
Come, let's take a selfie.
Good, no?
The pic quality is awesome.
Your phone is worthless compared to this iPhone.
Look at these beautiful pictures.
Come, let's go.
What happened to you?
I borrowed money from someone,
I had a fight with him.
Why do you always fight with people?
Be decent.
Okay. Bye.
Tell me, auto.
Come to our place.
I need to talk to you.
I can't come.
My dad hasn't slept yet.
Just come.
What happened?
Why did you call?
Are you missing me?
Did you see my Instagram profile?
Aren't the photos awesome?
iPhone is cut above the rest.
Since I've got this new phone
should I give the old phone to my mom?
She'll be very happy.
What do you say?
What happened? Why are you so silent?
Say something.
Okay, I'm going.
I won't give it to my mom.
Take this old brick phone back.
I'll get a new one for my mom.
Hey, what are you doing?
Have you gone mad?
Why did you break that phone?
I've so many photos in it.
I understood.
This was your problem, wasn't it?
You too are behaving like that Kusuma.
You both are not able to accept
the fact that I look pretty,
I'm being happy, and that people
are being very friendly with me.
I'll ask you one thing,
are you really in love with me?
Nowadays I'm getting irritated
by just your thoughts.
On top of this, that phone
I can't tolerate your happiness
and your beauty, is it?
I mortgaged my auto to buy you this phone
and you call it a wretched phone and brick phone.
I bought it for your happiness.
Even my mother hasn't hit me to date,
but that scoundrel gave me a thrashing in public.
I took it for you.
But I'm not able to take in what
you are blaming me of.
If there were 100 girls in our school,
you were in 100th place.
Your value is because of my love for you.
Today some Tom, Dick, and Harry
has gifted you some blingy things
and you are acting so pricey
Your life has no value without me,
no happiness without me,
there's nothing without me.
I gave you everything.
You think you are beautiful, do you?
Get off this colour from your hair,
and change back to your old clothes,
no dog will sniff that old Vaishnavi.
Without clothes, everyone looks attractive.
You are not beautiful,
instead you look like a wh...
Yes, I see you like a....
Back then when I used to look at you
I would feel butterflies in my stomach
but look at me now
Go and sleep with strangers.
Not just a bloody brick phone,
you can get your mother a costly car.
Go! Go!
If you ever raise your voice in front of me
Do I look like a...?
I don't want to invade your personal space
but I haven't seen you like this ever before.
Tomorrow's my birthday.
I thought I'd spent the evening
with my close ones, especially you.
But in such times, I wouldn't force you to come
although I can't take it if you won't come.
When I said friends, you said best friends,
if you still think the same about me
share your problem with me.
Vaishu, take care.
Yeah, I'll come to the party tonight.
Best friends.
You are not beautiful, instead you look like a...
If there were 100 girls in our school,
you were in 100th place.
Hi. Can I have your attention?
Hi. Hi, everyone.
My name is Viraj.
Have you ever experienced...
anything in your life
and felt as if it has happened before?
Some situation or place or any wonderful event,
when you feel it has happened before,
that is called deja vu.
But if you feel that for a person,
it is called love.
you are my deja vu.
Those eyes filled with selflessness.
The purest smile I've ever witnessed.
If there are 100 girls in our college,
you own every rank from 1 to 100.
I love you.
I really love you.
Do you love me?
Say Yes!
[all shouting]
Sorry, Viraj.
Shall I tell you something?
You are a very good person.
I'm saying this from all my heart.
You are Gem of a person.
If you had found me 5 years before...
and said the same thing.
I wouldn't have hesitated to kill
someone to make you mine.
But for this life,
it is difficult.
did you listen to what he said?
If there are 100 girls in our college,
I own all the ranks from 1 to 100.
So many calls
He should listen to this.
Wait, let me call him.
happy birthday.
Sir, tell me.
Not Vaishu, sir.
Please Vaishu,
don't talk like that.
You gave that title to me, sir.
Tell me, sir.
For a night or for the whole day?
How much will you pay me?
Sorry, dear.
You know about my anger, don't you?
It bursts like a volcano but
cools down within a second.
Well said.
But that one second burned my heart.
You guys know that you can call a woman
a whore to hurt them.
You know.
But what should we call to hurt you guys?
Can we call you son of a bitch?
Yet you need a woman
Even while swearing you need a mother...
to calm your a down.
Cut the call, bloody.
Vaishu, please.
Don't talk.
Do you know where am I?
Do you know?
At home.
I'm at the pub.
Did you hear it properly?
At the pub!
Will you come and give me a thrashing?
Come, I'm ready to face you.
I've had alcohol as well.
I drank it because of you.
I will drink it again.
What will you do?
Tell me, what will you do?
Tell me.
I can't do anything.
The pain that you are going
through is what I'm going through too.
Just because you threaten and you have strength,
should I be your slave?
You are being such assholes only
because we can't match your strength, right?
We might not have the strength to match you
we know exactly where to hit you to hurt you.
Remember this,
you will become an alcoholic like Devdas.
Hit me now.
You scream at me,
you threaten to hit me,
then you hug me.
I should bog down to your anger
but console you when you are sad.
What if I'm sad?
I should suffer.
What kind of love is this?
I loved you.
You have this ego because I loved you.
Had you loved me...
I would have made you a dog.
will you listen to me once?
I have apologised multiple times.
I did mistakes.
I might have said multiple times that
this is the last time
but this time trust me.
I understand how much I hurt you.
You might have loved me first.
But I love you more than
you could have ever imagined.
Now onwards, you are free to be as you wish.
I won't question your actions.
I just want your happiness.
You are my treasure.
I love you.
I'm not in the mood.
I'll tell it later.
Why are you dragging it?
Should I reciprocate every feeling of yours?
I need time.
I can't forget your pricking words yet.
I won't force you.
Go home soon.
Take care.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay, Vaishu.
It's a minor wound.
I can't take it, Vaishu.
I can't stay without watching you,
without talking to you,
without spending time with you.
I don't know how I'm spending my time.
Why me?
There are so many girls around.
You are a very good person.
You are my best friend.
I'm not your best friend.
I'm in love with you, Vaishu.
I thought if I become your best friend
I'd at least have a chance.
If you won't love me,
it feels, I'm worthless.
This world should know that I make you happy.
This world should know that...
you are the most beautiful woman.
Since you came into my life,
I bought you many things to make you happy.
But nothing made me happy.
I just want one hug, one kiss from you.
Just a kiss...
I just want that in my life.
How many birthday parties
will give me this happiness!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I really wanna kiss you.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
My bad.
Leave all this.
Sorry, Vaishu.
I respect you a lot.
But don't take it as love, that's wrong.
I hope you will understand.
Unknowingly I did this in an uncertain situation...
I know.
I can understand.
I'm telling you. I'm scared a lot.
If you tell this to anyone in the college,
I shall quit college.
I told you yesterday itself...
that you have a special place in my life.
This will stay in between us,
I would not tell this to anyone.
Trust me.
Thank you.
What are you doing?
Tell me.
I don't want to go to college.
Will you take me out somewhere?
Shall we go to that blockbuster movie?
Take me to a movie where the
theaters would be vacant.
I want to be alone with you.
Nobody should be there.
Please.. please.. please
Okay, no kiss. Go back home.
-No, it's okay.
Kiss is okay.
Is this because of what I said last night?
are you tense as it is your first time?
Don't fear.
I'll handle it.
Sit down.
Listen, go and sit there.
Come near when I call you.
shall I come?
I'll slap you if you call my name again.
What if someone hears it?
Okay. Okay.
let's go over there and sit.
Shall I kiss you?
What happened?
What did you come for and what are you doing?
Vaishu, shall I tell you something?
You are not like others, Vaishu.
You can't do such things.
When you asked me, I immediately
wanted it but you can't do it.
There are many girls who get drunk and kiss random
guys at parks, lonely places, cinema theatres, and pubs.
Listen to me
-Shall I tell you something?
That sun never fades away,
and our love would never get stained.
Don't use such cringe dialogues on me.
I really want it.
You are testing me, right?
I won't get tempted.
Come, let's go.
Let's go to the canteen.
Hi Vaishu!
-HI Bro.
Seetha, I'm leaving.
What's wrong with him?
Get out.
Get out of my class.
I can't tell everyone that I'm responsible
for this condition of yours.
Viraj, please.
Try to understand.
Viraj please...
Ask me anything that you want except my love.
Don't start with kiss and all again.
Tell me
What do you want?
What should I do so that you would
become normal again?
Tell me what I should do for your happiness.
I'll do it.
Would you do what I ask for?
Date me for 30 days,
I'll become normal on the 31st day.
What does 'date' mean?
Don't you know what date is?
For 30 days, be my girl, stay beside me,
talk to me sweetly,
You should walk with me hand-in-hand.
I would give one gift a day to
see happiness in your eyes.
Shopping and roaming for your happiness.
Let's forget everything for the next 30 days.
I don't want any kisses or anything else.
Is this not love?
This is more than friendship,
a relationship which is untouched by love.
Is this really not love?
Am I not cheating?
If I do what you say for the next 30 days,
I mean if I date you,
if you will become normal again,
if we again become best friends,
What If ?
Tell me, what?
30 days.
For my friend.
For my best friend.
"When I see your beautiful smile.."
"my heartbeats break boundaries
"I want to be calm but you are not letting me."
"You are burning away my sleep.
EverydayEvery night"
"The arrows from your eyes,
kill me elegantly, will you?"
"The music in your silence,
is like the nectar of life."
"That's why, I love you madly."
"Give me your heart."
"Bless me."
"Give me peace."
"Pay attention."
Why did you bring that saree?
I have not seen you in a saree after our 10th.
Will you wear it again?
I'll wear it on a good occasion.
"Don't ever give me back to me."
" Hide me somewhere within you."
"If you promise me that today,"
"I will never ask you for anything else."
"I have imbibed the sketch of your
face in the lines of my palm."
"I have read my fate in which your
name is etched as my love."
"My dear, please pay attention to me"
"Give all your love to me. "
"You are my lifeline. "
"Allow me to spend it with you."
"Don't say you can't, my moonlight."
"Give me your heart."
"Bless me."
"Give me peace."
"Pay attention."
After these 20 days of dating,
I want to tell you something from my heart.
I'm waiting for that.
That, just 10 days left.
"I can't see anything beyond you."
"I can't hear anything beyond you."
"Without you, there's no peace in life."
"Without you, the life itself is incomplete."
" Even if my eyes turn red yet I keep
seeing you without blinking them."
"My heart gets heavy with your
thoughts yet I bear the weight."
"I keep smiling in your thoughts."
"I'm tired of smiling."
" I get dizzy from all the tiredness. "
"I get dizzy and become one with you again."
" know all this, my Dream girl? "
Tomorrow is the last day.
I'm very happy...
but at the same time, I'm sad too.
This is my last gift.
Wear this and come to the party.
Are you happy?
Very much.
How do I look?
You look like an angel.
30 days.
30 gifts.
Today is the last day.
Don't you want to know what's the gift?
I don't ask.
You asked me to be your girl for 30 days,
I'm happy.
Now onwards, you be happy.
I will.
That's why I'm having this break-up party.
Before parting away
get up.
I know how happy you were for the last 30 days.
But this is just the teaser of our love.
Even my parents liked you a lot.
Should we break up as friends and
meet as lovers?
I love you, Vaishu.
Will you marry me?
Viraj, get up.
Answer me.
Will you marry me?
Vaishu, where are you going?
Viraj, leave my hand.
I'll slap you if you won't let me go.
What, What?
So, is it a no?
Yes, it's a no!
Vaishu, what's the problem?
Do you have a boyfriend?
Or do you have any problem at home?
You are my problem.
You said it will be just 30 days,
now you are starting all over again?
Look, how everyone's staring at us.
I should have slapped you in the pub itself.
Let them.
Everyone should see what a bh you are!
Stay in your limits, don't cross them.
Shameless fellow.
Is this how your parents brought you up?
They must be blamed for you, not you.
Then what should your parents be told?
Did they teach their daughters to be gold diggers?
This This is your original character.
What you did until yesterday was all your drama.
I'm impressed with your acting.
What about you?
That day, in the pub, you drank a shit load
and licked my face all over, didn't you?
You took everything from me and
now acting so pricey
Hey, get lost.
Where would you go?
You would come to the college, won't you?
I would recover every rupee that I've spent on you.
I won't leave you.
I would drag you onto the roads.
What do you want? Money, is it?
Which money?
With whom are you talking?
Who is that?
Vaishu, man. She seems to have some problems.
Gentleman, don't feel so much for her.
You would repent it.
Shut up.
What's wrong with what he said?
I too think the same.
We can't share everything with you
but I feel she's a...
Bloody waste fellows.
Madam, today is a holiday.
Why did you come today?
I'm really sorry for yesterday.
I didn't mean it.
Beautiful hands should carry beautiful phones, is it?
Take your iPhone back.
Check everything that you have given.
From today, I don't want you to call me or text me.
Tell me honestly, do you think I'll take all this back?
After misbehaving with you,
I didn't sleep the whole night.
I felt ashamed of myself.
What should I do with all this?
Hey! Have you gone mad or what?
Why are you behaving like a sadist?
At least from now on try not to be a lunatic!
A lunatic?
Yes, you.
You tried to use me on the pretext of friendship.
You got me drunk and tried to abuse me.
I'll tell the same thing to everyone.
Everyone will believe me.
What will you do?
Tell me, what will you do?
Shut up and sit.
I did everything?
Everyone will believe you?
Wait a minute.
Did you remember?
This is what happened at the pub.
I took it from the CCTV footage...
for memories sake.
I haven't shown this to anyone.
I love you a lot, Vaishu.
Even now...
I want to delete the video so that
you won't get affected.
Please delete it.
Viraj, please.
What if you behave the same way again?
Everyone will trust you, right?
What if you call me a sadist and a lunatic again?
Vaishu, I will do anything for you.
If I show this video to everyone
No, you'll be hurt.
I can't see you hurt.
No. Take back all the gifts. Get up.
Did you take everything?
And me?
You don't want me?
I want an answer, Vaishu.
I don't want it immediately.
I'm not a psycho or a sadist or a lunatic.
Take two or three days.
But I want an answer.
Say yes to my proposal.
Shall we meet today?
-I'm busy now, I'll call you later.
Late night...
Do you know what time it is now?
What? Are you always on call?
I was speaking to my mom.
Are you doubting me now?
Why do you say so?
I'm missing you.
Listen, shall I call you later?
Wait Wait
Talk to me for a while.
I need some space.
I need a break.
What's space?
Space means I can't talk to you,
spend time with you or be with you.
I need a break from you for some days.
I'll talk to you after all my problems get solved.
What's this your problem
and my problem, are we separate?
Hey, don't use Trivikram dialogues on me.
I need a break.
Are we breaking up?
When I first fell in love with you,
I made up my mind that I will never fall in love again.
Try to understand me.
I need some space.
What happened?
Why are you crying?
Tell me dear.
What happened?
You have had a boyfriend in your colony since 10th
and yet you are having lip kisses
with your best friend at college.
You had so much going on and
you didn't tell me, did you?
Seetha, please, try to understand me.
I don't have any other friends apart from you.
I told him that I will give him all his gifts back.
I am ready to give all the money
that he has spent on me too.
What should I do?
What else should I give?
I'm going crazy.
I don't understand what I should do.
Even after rejecting so many times,
even after getting all his gifts back,
if he is still irritating you then
I guess that's what he wants.
What is that?
I don't understand.
He wants to sleep with you.
What are you talking about, Seetha?
To get rid of the boy whom you made
to roam behind you like a dog,
you need to open your...
Also, why should we return the gifts?
Just give him what he wants.
Sleep with him once
and keep a condition that this is it,
this is worth all your gifts and money,
and you will never come back in my life.
Ask him that delete that video.
What are you saying?
I'm going through hell just because I had my
first kiss not with the boy I loved but with Viraj.
And you are asking me to sleep with him?
I can't.
Give me any other idea, please.
Your wish.
But I can clearly see what's going
to happen with your life.
Once Viraj finds out about this,
he will confront you in front of your lover,
drag your parents to the road and
the whole colony will call you a....
you'll commit suicide!
I'm scared.
Do it.. nothing will happen.
This is a small matter.
Think about it.
I am concerned about your future
that's why I'm saying this.
What is this?
Are you shocked?
I too was shocked when
I watched it for the first time.
How did you get this video?
When she was showing it to me,
I air-dropped it into my phone without her knowledge.
She would eat my leftover pasta
and she wants Viraj now?
What is her range and what is his range!
She should get branded as a bitch,
then let's see who gives her the
importance she enjoys now.
How long will you stay like this?
You are drunk here and she's drunk there
Please, Seetha.
If you want to spread negativity, cut the call.
Why would I lie to you, dude?
If man retaliates, they sleep with them
and pay all their debt.
You did that for me, I did this for you.
Wait and watch,
if she doesn't come with this deal to you,
I'll change my name.
I understood.
You don't want me.
You want my body.
I can't give back the money that you spent on me,
I can't give back your time either,
instead of those...
I have something that is more precious
than all of that combined.
So far, I have never done that in my life,
and I know that that's what you want.
Just once.
I'll sleep with you.
I'll give you back all your gifts including this phone.
Once that is done,
you should never face me ever again.
I don't want you in my life, not as a friend,
not even as an enemy.
I agree.
I know that you are okay with it.
and where?
Morning 6'o'clock.
At my home.
At morning 6?
Everyone in my family is going to the temple.
They'll not come back until 8.
What okay?
I'll come.
-Happy birthday, dude.
What, dude?
Why aren't you talking?
Are you drinking alone?
I thought it was Vaishnavi.
Dude, keep this in mind,
she doesn't even remember your birthday, man.
I am 100% confirm confident, dude.
can you please wear a saree?
Come in a saree.
I don't have one.
Please, Vaishu. Please.
Can't you understand that I don't have a saree?
Okay. Okay.
No problem.
I'll arrange one.
You can change here.
No need. I'll wear it and come.
Why did you get me a saree?
I never saw you in a saree after our 10th.
Can you wear it again?
I'll wear it on a nice occasion.
Vaishu, did you book the cab?
No, everyone is cancelling the ride.
Try ola.
I tried. It's not booking a cab for me.
Why would it not?
Are you doing it properly?
I did. But it's not booking.
Vaishu please....
don't give me any more anxiety.
I can't.
Please let's meet some other day.
Instead of early morning,
let's meet at some other comfortable time.
I know very well about you.
Wait, I know how to deal with you.
I'll come.
Are you asleep?
It's ok, no problem...
Tell me...
I have lab exams today.
I forgot all my records at my friend's home.
I am yet to complete them.
But she is asking me to come to her home.
I'm not able to book a cab.
I need your help urgently.
Should I get it for you?
Take me to her house in your auto.
Can I talk to you for two minutes?
I agree.
I can never love you as much as you love me.
You got up so early,
you had an urgent work to attend to,
yet you wore the saree that
I bought for you just for me
to wish me on my birthday.
I love you.
They said you won't remember my birthday.
They are idiots.
Happy Birthday.
I told you, right?
I will wear this saree on a good occasion.
you shut my mouth whenever
I try to explain love.
Shall I complete it today?
True love is that feeling when you
feel your life doesn't belong to you...
without the other person.
Many lovers say that...
without you in my life I won't survive.
But I will live.
I don't want a death that kills all your memories.
This is my life's best birthday.
let's not discuss about what happened
or why it happened.
No matter what anyone says, I'm your girl.
I loved you.
From tomorrow,
I'll live only for your happiness.
Trust me.
I will not leave you until death separates us.
I love you.
Happy Birthday again.
Okay, let's go.
"I love you..."
"I love you..."
"In your love, I live."
"You gave life to my hopes."
"You made my life sweet somehow."
"I'll hide this kiss in my heart
as a souvenir of our love. "
"There is no story like ours in the entire history."
"I love you..."
"I love you..."
"In your love, I live."
"When you stand in front of me, my pupils dilate. "
"If you are away from me for a second,
my eyes shower rains of tears."
"This is an old relationship."
"This will neither fade away nor vanish."
"This is years of love,
this will neither melt nor shrink."
"Only one thing is immortal, and that is our love!"
"You promised me that you
would never forget me."
"I know that I'm your breath
and you cannot live without me."
"You are often in my thoughts."
"These memories are a boon to me."
"I am present in every cell of yours."
"This is not daydreaming, is it?"
"Be the witness of my pure love, darling."
"I love you..."
"I love you..."
"In your love, I live."
From now on our love is...
Our love...?
Don't know.
What's wrong?
Okay Seetha, we will wait in our room.
Vaishu. Vaishu. What's wrong?
I feel like laughing.
When I was a kid, in the Telugu
exam there used to be a question.
It said, 'what's the moral of this story?'
What's the moral of my story?
Anand kept saying that I will
definitely face this situation.
I didn't listen to him.
Even my dad told me.
I didn't listen.
It's ego.
I didn't want to
care about their words.
When the guy who loved me
asked for a hug, I used to hug him
by keeping my hands in between us.
I slept with some guy naked.
So... with Viraj, you totally...
You slept for real?
I did.
What do you want to do now?
I'll do nothing.
I'll go straight home.
I'll freshen up.
Like you said, I will turn into a new piece.
I'll marry Anand.
He's really a gem-like person.
He doesn't know how to cheat like me.
Do you know the moral of my story?
If we cheat others, we
can come out of it somehow.
if you cheat your own self
you'll be ruined.
From tomorrow,
there are no problems.
What? Did you record everything?
I'm sending another video, check it out.
Hey, I'm so happy today.
For what?
My girl has kissed me.
- Here.
Dude, it's about to rain.
Let's go home. Come on.
Let it rain. It's okay.
- Come on.
I've arranged a gift
for your birthday.
What is that?
- Let's go.
A nice new chick is in the area. Charges
are 1000 per hour. Let's go and enjoy ourselves.
Hey! Did you go crazy?
- I'm saying this for real. Let's go.
Dude. I am in love with a girl.
Would she know it or what? It's
between us. No one will know. Come on.
I'll know it. I'll know it here.
Dude, just think about it.
What if Vaishu also makes the
same mistake with somebody else?
Would I be able to endure it?
- She made the same mistake.
She slept with somebody in college.
No matter how many
times you hit me, I'll say this.
She betrayed you by sleeping with someone else.
What the hell are you saying?
If you utter another word
about Vaishnavi, I'll kill you.
I don't even care if you are my friend.
Look at this.
This video's from a month ago.
This is today's video.
I don't like you to still get cheated.
Tell me that it is fake.
Hey! Tell me.
Hey, Harsha.
Say something.
Tell me that it is not true.
Hey, hey, Harsha.
I don't know how to react.
Why am I not tearing up?
Hey, Harsha.
She's my girl, dude.
She's my girl!
She's my girl.
I've been loving her since our 10th grade.
Hey, Harsha! It's Vaishu. Vaishu.
She's my girl.
She's my girl.
Hey, Harsha. What should I do?
Get up.
What do I do now?
I'll die. I'll die.
What are you talking?
-Hey, I am dying.
Let's go home.
Anand, listen to me.
- I'll kill her.
Hey! Anand!
I can't harm her.
I can do nothing.
You know why?
Because you are my girl.
Why did you do this?
You look so beautiful.
That bindi,
that smile on your lips
and your hands.
When you slept there,
didn't you remember me?
Our love
has no value?
Do you know how it feels
if I stab your neck with this knife?
A girl whom he thought only he owned,
if some other guy touches her,
and if he knows about it,
how will the pain be?
It will be like that.
I bought you a saree and got it ironed myself.
I made you wear it myself.
I took you in an auto carefully
and made you sleep with him.
Anand is not a hero.
A broker.
Excuse me.
Are you familiar with this girl? We are not, sir.
Are you familiar with this girl?
- No, mister.
I made a mistake by listening to you, Sita.
She's a virgin.
I decided now.
I am going to marry her.
I'll see who will stop me.
Her boyfriend. Anand.
Her boyfriend?
Virgin? Wow!
She had a love story since her 10th grade.
If she has a boyfriend, why would she date me?
Kick. Rich life.
She wants a best friend who
can spend money on her and say nothing.
She's cheap shit.
Excuse me.
Do you know this girl?
Vaishnavi ?
Do you know Vaishnavi?
Tell me. I am asking you.
I'm calling you. Do you know her?
Hey, you leave.
- Okay, brother.
Get on. I'll take you.
Do you know Vaishnavi?
I do.
This is her house.
I'm downstairs at your house.
Please, leave.
If somebody here notices you,
it won't look good.
I'll come to your house. Please leave.
Your slum.
Please. Try to understand.
I said I'll come to your house.
You'll come to my home?
You'll come again. Right?
I beg you. Please. Please.
Where is your boyfriend's house?
- I said I will come. Please.
I'll leave.
I'll leave after I deal with everything.
- Oh, please.
He's my brother.
I'll just come back after talking to him.
Whom are you talking to?
I'm talking with my brother.
Come to the convenience store.
- Okay.
Whom are you talking to?
Well, my brother has come from the village.
I was talking to him.
Viraj, please.
Give me 10 minutes.
I'll come back and talk to you.
Anand... Anand...
Try to understand,
I am loving only you.
- Hey!
Then why did you sleep with me?
Tell me.
I am sorry. Let's talk again.
You go somewhere.
Everybody is looking at us. Please.
Please move away.
You loved him and used me.
Yikes. You...
What? Are you enraged?
I slept with her for one hour.
One damn hour.
What the hell were you doing then?
Tell me.
You played with my life.
At this very moment, my heart is filled with you.
I brought this knife with the rage to kill you.
looking at the love he has for you,
I saw myself in him.
Dogs in the street are much better than you.
I can clearly understand your life.
Viraj will find out everything.
He'll grab you by your neck in front of your lover.
He'll drag your parents on to the road.
And the whole slum will see you as a....
And finally you commit suicide.
Vaishu! Vaishu! Hey!
Vaishu! Vaishu!
Sir, what is this?
Sir... No, no, no.
"The story has become discombobulated."
Sir, don't.
"There is confusion in the heart. "
Take care of Viraj Ashwin.
"The story has become discombobulated."
What happened, dear?
It's not only important to give birth
to children just like a pig,
you should also know how to raise them.
I've told you not to have bad friendships.
" no amount of pleading can stop the rampage."
"Oh, Love...Love...Love..."
She's out of danger.
You can take her home within two days.
I'm Srinivas.
I'm the father of Viraj.
Is it necessary to file a case?
Rs. 10 lakh...
We paid a lot for her college education.
Let's finalise it at Rs. 30 lakh.
Don't say anything now.
"The tears have turned into a violent
sea that has disrupted lives."
If you want to go out, then we both should go.
Otherwise, we three should stay inside.
"Life has become a boat stuck in the hurricane."
"There's no way to escape this either.."
"Lives have become like the coasts hit by storms.."
If my child is in difficulty,
then I won't leave you,
no matter if the whole world leaves you.
"There's no way to escape this either.."
"There's no way to escape this either.."
"Lives have become like the coasts hit by storms,"
"no God is showing the way out from this ordeal."
"The time has written a story...
an unexpected twist in that story."
"The time has written a story...
an unexpected twist in that story."
"In this strange game of fate,
the heart trembles with anguish."
"With each twist of our parting ways,
eyes abound with turmoil."
I searched the whole house.
I didn't find your mother's picture.
The wrappers of the chocolate that she ate...
the ribbons that she wore,
the withered flowers.
I've kept all these with me.
I didn't even check if her picture was there or not.
Which one is love exactly?
Your mother came yesterday.
She gave me some money.
Keep it with you.
She is giving me money even though she died.
I wanted to apologise to you last night.
I didn't say it thinking that you would listen.
I didn't even remember that you couldn't hear it.
What a son am I?
Just try to talk with him once.
I don't know where he went, father.
Let's search until we find him.
Let's go.
Where is Anand?
He is on the bridge.
Don't say like that.
Let me tell you.
If you don't like me even after that,
then I'll leave.
I can't take it anymore.
I'll accept all my mistakes.
I made a mistake by getting drunk.
I made another big mistake,
thinking that you'd get to know that I was drunk.
To get out of these problems, I sleep...
I'm telling you again.
Just because I lied to you about some things,
don't say that my love for you is a lie.
I loved you with all my heart.
No one has ever come to my heart
since the day I started loving you.
I... I love you that much.
Just think about it once.
If I really want him, then why would I come to you?
I couldn't live without you.
I can't live.
I'll touch your feet.
Please excuse me one last time.
The wind warns before the storm
lightning warns before thunder
God always warns us before
every difficulty we face in life.
But why didn't God warn
when girls like you are coming into life
I am a very happy person
I wake up at 8 am, go to school
and hang out with friends
come home and go to bed.
I am a very happy person
When you came into my life,
my happiness disappeared.
Now, I wish I am going to past
I want to meet everyone again, especially my mother.
Should I tell you something shamelessly?
It's okay if you think that I'm stupid.
Till last month, no matter whomever I saw,
I used to see you in them.
You're the only one that
I used to see whether I opened my eyes
or closed my eyes.
But now it's not you.
You slept with him, right?
Now I can see you and him.
Even in auto...
Now I'm drinking booze, right?
I can see you and him in front of me.
Do you know how I feel?
I want to insert my hands into my head,
take out my brain, and throw it under the bridge.
I'm suffering that much.
I'm getting tired now.
You and him!
You and him!
You and him!
You roam around here.
I don't know what to do.
I don't feel like I'm in love with you.
I feel like I'm in love with both of you together.
Tell me the truth.
Don't you love me even now?
Don't swear on yourself,
swear on me and say.
Don't you still love me?
I'm still in love with you.
I'm still in love with you.
I'll love until I die.
My heart is filled with love for you.
I detest you.
I have so much anger for you that I can kill you.
I love you so much that I can die for you.
Both feelings are in me.
I'll love you by hating you for the rest of my life.
I'll hate you by loving you.
I don't have a heart that can forgive you,
heroism to understand you,
or kindness to embrace you.
I'm Anand...
an auto driver.
I'm also like the other people.
I'll think in this way only.
I'm hurting because you betrayed me.
I don't want you.
I'll cry for you.
I'll just live like this.
Just leave!
Just slap me in the face with the slipper,
call me a slut, or whatever you want.
It's okay.
But I'll live with you.
If you don't leave me now,
then I'll jump from here and die. I'm telling you.
Leave me!
I'm not swearing on myself...
I'm swearing on you.
Otherwise, I'll jump from here and die.
I'm telling you.
I'm not swearing on myself.
I'm swearing on you.
I'll look at you...
one last time for a minute.
Please! Just think about it once.
My heart will begin to need you
if I see you for one more second.
I can't live watching you.
it hurts more than dying.
If you really love me,
then please understand me.
There is nothing more hurting than this to a human.
Auto! Auto! Auto! Auto!
Auto, stop!
Will you give me a ride?
I'm asking you...
Will you give me a ride or not?
What's your name?
I'm scared that we might drift apart.
I love you.
I love you too.
"What sort of grief is this? Oh, my heart."
"All their spirits dissipated in an instant."
"The two of them, worlds apart.."
"The two of them paths diverge..."
"Both of their breaths separated..
slowly.. slowly.."
"Two clouds of love came together,
just like rain lashes..."
"Time has determined the direction
in which the rain will fall..."