Baby Blue (2023) Movie Script

[introductory music]
[pencil scratching on paper]
[recorder beeps]
[Dr. Barrett]
Uh, January 17th, 2017.
Two-thirteen p.m.
With Laura Mills,
13 years old,
Reseda, California,
accused of first-degree murder
of her father,
Detective David Mills.
Can you tell me what happened
to your father, Laura?
-It was him. He... he...
he made me do it.
[Dr. Barrett] Who--
who made you do it, Laura?
-I watched it.
[sobs] The video.
-What video?
-He made me do it.
He made me do it.
I didn't do this.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. [cries]
-It's okay. It's okay.
Tell me who did it.
Who is he?
-[Laura laughing]
[creepy child's voice]
My name is Baby... Blue.
Baby Blue
Baby Blue...
Don't look back
Mommy's behind you
Baby Blue
You're my Baby Blue
Don't look back
Mommy's in you
[sudden clatter]
-See you on the other side...
-[echoing whispers]
Do it...
-[wet squelch]
-[Dr. Barrett] No!
Help! Somebody! Help!
[Laura] Baby Blue
Don't look back
-I think I got Bigfoot hair
on my sandwich.
-[August] Whatever, man.
-Are you rolling?
-Of course, she's
fucking rolling, you idiot.
She's always rolling.
-Why are you so on edge today?
-He doesn't want to
wear the costume.
-When did we start making
bad prank videos?
-No. That's the point
of this one.
It's supposed to be shitty.
It's a crushing indictment
of the ridiculousness
of Los Angeles culture.
-Uh, yeah, I think
you're pushing it there, man.
-It's a metaphor.
-[August] For what?
-Think about it.
Bigfoot, right?
Now, think about the sheen
of our Instagrams.
And how underneath that sheen,
we're all just fucking apes.
-I knew it. You're a fucking
Jordan Peterson fan.
-This is legal,
right, Alice?
-Dressing Beans up
like an ape
and making him attack hipsters
in the name of libertarianism
is absolutely not legal.
-Don't tell him that.
[August] No, it's not.
It's borderline abuse
is what it is.
And my name is not fucking
I'm not ten years old anymore.
-We're always gonna
call you Beans, Beans.
-My name is August,
you cunt muffin.
I really don't want to
do this, dude.
I just want to play Spider-Man.
[JJ] I know you do.
If you want to
change the world,
this is what we have to do.
You're taking one
for the team here, okay?
Please. Come on, mask up.
[August] Just because our moms
fucked the same dude,
it doesn't make us a family.
-Um, actually it does.
-[August] I'm so grouchy today.
I'm sorry.
-[JJ] It's okay.
[clears throat] Should we go?
[rock music]
[Mo] Bill!
Turn the fucking AC on.
Why is this playing again?
[JJ] Oh yeah, it's--
it's just--
-Yeah, yeah,
no, turn it off.
Turn it off and sit down.
-So, Mo, what do you think?
-[exhales] What do I think?
-You don't like it.
[Mo] I didn't say that.
I did not say that.
It's just...
I don't get it.
[Alice] Uh, what's there to get?
Like, it's Bigfoot at Runyon.
Who doesn't want to see Beans
attack hipsters?
-Don't call me Beans.
-Is it cutting-edge? Huh?
Is this what the kids want?
-Um, aren't you
supposed to tell us that?
We pitched this to you.
It was kind of your idea, man.
-What you need right now
is a fucking hit. Okay?
And the only surefire way
to do it in this market...
true crime.
True fucking crime.
What you need to do is go out
and find a real-life story.
Something fucked up.
Something gross,
sexual, dirty, wrong.
I don't know,
but you need to go deep.
Go deeper than anyone else
has ever gone before.
Go balls deep.
-[JJ] Balls deep.
[Mo groaning]
All the way in there.
[August] Balls deep?
Man, I wish you'd
mentioned this a week ago.
[JJ] Beans! Mo, I'm glad
we're having this discussion.
Actually, this really helps us.
See, we've-- we've always
wanted to be real filmmakers.
We only made this dumb shit
because we--
we thought it's what you wanted.
-Well then,
I, for one, am glad
we had this conversation.
-[JJ] Us too.
We'll get started right away.
[Mo] Great. Only thing is,
you're gonna have to do
without me on this one.
-You're breaking up with us?
-[overlaps] What?!
-Yes, Sugar Tits.
I'm breaking up with you.
But look at it this way, okay?
At least we're walking away
as friends.
[August] Yeah, no.
Do not call her Sugar--
-[shouts] Shut the fuck up!
Nobody steps up to
Morris Rhinestone!
Now get out! Before I call
the fucking security!
[echoing] Now get out!
-[August screaming and pounding]
-[JJ] August! August!
August, knock it off!
-[August] Fuck!
-Knock it off!
We're fucking losers.
-Yeah? You know what,
that may be,
but that fucking suit
cost me 150, okay?
You best believe
we're returning it.
-Really hitting Bezos
where it hurts.
-You know what? I--
I don't need your sarcasm
right now, Alice. Okay?
That's why I'm the producer,
so I can pinch
the fucking pennies.
Sacrifices I make for you guys.
This is what I get.
Just a bunch of fucking babies.
-You weren't the one
who almost got beaten to death
by a fucking walking erection!
-[Alice and JJ laugh]
-A walking erection?
-That was kinda funny.
-Whatever. Fuck you guys.
What the fuck are we gonna do?
-Wait, wait, wait!
-Oh, my God.
-Film me. Film me. Film me.
Film me. Film me. Film me.
I just got the best idea.
-Tell us.
The Redmont.
-What the fuck is the Redmont?
-Big ass
With a big personality
[JJ] This better be good, Alice.
[Alice] It's fucking great.
Roll the fucking cameras.
Here. Film me.
[Hutch] Yo. What up, Alice?
You almost broke the door.
-Okay, guys. Guys, focus.
So, about six months ago
at the Redmont,
this dude Kelvin something,
he was going crazy,
and he walked
right off the roof.
-What roof?
-I-- I can't believe
you guys don't remember this.
It was literally
all over the news.
-I didn't hear about it.
-[Hutch] I didn't see that.
-Yeah, fuck the news.
-Okay, look, I'll show you.
[keyboard tapping]
[JJ] Alice, I--
I just don't really get it.
Guy kills himself.
End of story.
It's not that interesting.
-No, but that's the thing.
What if he didn't? Watch.
-Yo, yo, I remember this.
I saw this shit on Worldstar.
This dude was like
talking to spirits and shit.
-[August] Whoa, whoa, whoa.
-[Alice] Yeah, it's insane.
-Oh, shit.
You're sure this is real?
[Alice] Yeah.
One hundred percent.
That's pretty fucking scary.
-So, this is all CCTV footage
from the security cameras
at the Redmont.
Neighbors said
they heard screams
in the elevator that night.
But there was no invasion
or intruder or anything.
[JJ] He is buggin'.
-Some people think
he's schizophrenic.
Others think that he's on drugs
and other people think
that there's something
supernatural going on.
-I'd say all of the above.
-[Alice] Okay. Now...
this is where shit
gets really, really fucked.
-[JJ] Oh, my God.
[August] Whoa. Whoa. Oh God!
Holy shit.
Whoa, what the fuck?
What was that?
What the fuck?
-[JJ] Whoa, whoa, wait, wait.
Can you back that up
really quick?
[Alice] Yeah.
-He said something.
-Oh, I know what he said.
on my car ride."
-No. He said,
"See you on the other side."
[Alice] Yeah.
-[JJ] Fuck.
-[August] Ohhhh.
That actually makes
more sense though.
-That's fucking creepy.
[August] What the fuck.
-I mean, this is it, guys.
It's true crime,
like Mo said,
but there's
supernatural elements too.
It's perfect for us.
-Whoa, whoa. What are...?
Are you-- are you saying
that we're back?
-I think we need to find out
what happened to Kelvin Jones.
You ready?
-[Alice] Action.
-So, we took a deep dive
on Reddit.
We turned up some subreddits
and some sub-subreddits,
and we found an address for
Kelvin Jones' girlfriend Joy
who now resides
in West Hollywood.
Okay, so apparently
Kelvin Jones moved to LA
about a year ago in hopes of
becoming a talent agent.
-Who dreams of becoming
a talent agent?
-Joy was the last person
to ever see Kelvin Jones alive.
[door creaks open]
Wait, there she is, you guys.
-Should we do this?
-Just let me talk to her
and you just...
-[JJ] Okay.
-...hold this. And just film.
Joy. Joy?
My name's Alice,
and that's my brother, JJ.
-What do you want?
-We're investigating
the death of Kelvin Jones
and we just want to ask you
a few questions.
-You guys think
this is like cool, right?
Something to vlog about.
Something to throw on TikTok.
-[Alice] No, that's...
-Be a fucking sway boy.
Like, that's what
this is, right?
-[Hutch] Sway boy?
-[JJ] No, this is--
-But just ask yourselves,
do you want to die?
And if the answer is no,
then go the fuck home.
Forget everything
that you think you know,
and put as much distance
between you...
and whatever happened to Kelvin
as possible.
That's all that I have to say.
Just, if you want to live,
then drop it.
-Wait. Joy, Joy, some people
think you were involved.
-[JJ] Hey. No, no...
-[August] Fuck.
-Do you think
that this is a joke?
Do you think that
this is fucking funny?
Hey, when he comes for you,
it's not gonna be
so fucking funny anymore.
-Joy, who is he ?
-[sighs] Baby Blue.
[Alice] Wait, Joy. Who--?
-Wait, hey.
Who the fuck is Baby Blue?
-[Hutch] Shut the fuck up.
[Alice] Whoa. He's kind of hot.
Holy shit.
-What is it?
-[reading] "Bradley Blue,
also known as Baby Blue,
"has the ominous distinction
of being
"one of America's youngest
recorded serial killers,
"and is believed
to be responsible
for the deaths of
at least 32 men and women."
-Holy shit.
-Um, there's more.
[reading] "Seventeen-year-old
Blue filmed his own suicide
"in the attic of
his mother's house in Altadena,
"finally bringing an end
to his reign of terror.
"Blue's cell phone went missing
immediately after the incident,
"and has been the cause
of numerous urban legends,
mostly involving
a demonic curse."
-That's fucked up.
-Okay, well, I think
that we need to pay a visit
to the Redmont, right?
-[Alice] Yeah. Yeah.
-And maybe find our way
into Kelvin's apartment.
We could learn a lot.
-Yeah. Let's go.
[Hutch] Wait,
but I don't get it.
If Blue already killed himself,
then what's
Joy so scared about?
-Maybe she's as insane
as her boyfriend was.
[Alice] Hey, you guys. Um...
we gotta remember,
somebody really died here.
This isn't just
one of our pranks so...
let's show some respect.
If we're gonna do this
from now on,
we're gonna do it right.
We're gonna do it for Kelvin.
-For Kelvin.
-[Alice] Yeah.
-For Kelvin.
-[August] For-- and for views.
-[JJ] You on me?
-[August] Yeah.
[JJ] Okay. Okay,
so this is the Redmont.
This is where Kelvin Jones
committed suicide
just six months ago.
We're gonna find our way inside,
hopefully get into
his apartment,
be able to retrace his steps,
and learn what a killer
named Baby Blue
and Kelvin Jones
were doing here.
Oh, my God.
Hutch, what are you doing?
-[JJ] What are you doing?
-Oh, I read
that you could still see
the blood splatter
from where he landed.
[August] Oh, for fuck's--
are you serious?
-[Alice] Guys.
-[August] Let's take a look.
[Alice] Guys,
what did we talk about?
-It smells so bad.
-[Alice] [overlaps] Respect?
Being respectful?
-[August] What?
We talked about this?
-[Alice] Yes.
-[August] Then why the fuck
are we doing this documentary?
-[JJ] Alice, come here.
Come here. Alice.
Come get a shot of this.
[Alice] What are you doing?
[phone dial beeping]
-Checking out
our new apartment.
[Alice] And action.
[door sensor vibrates]
[unsettling music]
-This place was built
in the late 1800s.
Lots of documented deaths here.
-Oh, shit. This is sick.
This is the elevator.
[elevator button clicking]
[elevator pings, opens]
-Now, Alice,
get a shot of these buttons.
[elevator pings, closes]
I'm feeling a vibe.
Anyone else feeling a vibe?
[Alice] Yeah.
-This is creepy.
-[elevator pings]
-[all gasp]
[August] Fuck.
What's with all the cameras?
[Alice] We're, uh, we're filming
for our parents, you know?
Uh, they want to see what
the apartment looks like.
-You here for Room 200?
[Alice] Yeah.
[Bud] Right this way.
[Alice] All right.
[Bud] Follow me, boys and girls.
I gotta warn you.
Landlord's a miserable
old bastard.
Since it hasn't been rented
in six months,
he shut off the power.
-Yo, Beans, didn't you
forget something in the van?
-You forgot something
in the van.
-Oh, yeah, I did.
I forgot my phone.
Come with.
[Bud] Watch out for the rats.
They're as big as cats.
[laughs] All right.
Here we are.
Feel free to look around.
I'll just be over here,
scratching my sack.
[Alice] Ugh.
-Well, Bud, you sure got
a real fixer-upper here.
-[whispers] Hey, Hutch,
keep him occupied.
-I have to do it?
Excuse me, sir.
I have a few questions about
your building policy on smoking.
-Okay. So, um...
this is the apartment
where Kelvin Jones left his room
and ran toward the elevator.
And, you know, and when--
and he kept looking
over his shoulder to see,
um, if this thing
was following him.
[elevator button clicks]
-[breathing heavily]
-[elevator pings]
[Hutch] So, we've covered
smoking and vaping,
but where do you stand
on edibles?
-Listen, kid,
you rent this place,
you can do
whatever the hell you want.
[JJ] Whoa. This place is
all kinds of fucked up.
[August] Yeah, this is exactly
where Kelvin was standing
the night it all went down.
Okay, I downloaded this clip
from Reddit.
Okay. Uh, yeah.
He stepped on the elevator
like I just did.
He pressed
the top floor button.
Like I just did.
He rode all the way up.
what the fuck?
[woman's voice]
Baby Blue
[elevator clicks]
-[elevator pings]
-Where're those
friends of yours?
They better not be hooking up.
-Eww. They're
brother and sister, dude.
That's gross.
[Alice] [breathes heavily] JJ.
[JJ] One second.
-[whispers] JJ, come here.
[JJ] Holy shit.
-Why would a regular guy
like Kelvin
be obsessed with
a serial killer?
So, this is definitely
Kelvin and Joy's room.
Did Kelvin actually take
his own life that night,
or did whatever happened here
push him off that roof?
[door opens]
-Holy shit.
What the fuck, dude.
What is he doing, man? Whoa.
Holy shit!
Holy fuck! [chuckles]
I'm not sure what it would take
to throw yourself off of here.
[Alice] Oh, fuck.
These are Kelvin's last words...
"See you on the other side."
[JJ] Wait. Let's look in here.
[floor creaking]
Whoa. Look at that.
There's something here.
Whoa. Oh, my God.
-Dude, why would you do this?
"See you on the other side."
[woman's voice] Baby Blue
Oh Baby Blue...
[August] Hello?
- Don't look back
Mama's behind you...
-[August] What the fuck is that?
-Baby Blue oh Baby Blue...
Don't look back...
Mama's in you
[JJ breathing heavily]
Oh, my God.
Are you getting this?
[Alice] What is it?
Is that a phone?
[woman's voice] Baby Blue
Oh Baby Blue
Don't look back
Mama's behind you
Baby Blue
Oh Baby Blue
Don't look back...
Mama's in you
[man's voice]
See you on the other side.
[August gasping]
-[echoing whispers]
Do it. Do it. Do it!
-Come on!
Let me the fuck in.
Let me the fucking in.
-[elevator pings]
Leave me the fuck alone!
[choking, coughs]
-Hey, sickos!
Hey, where are you at?
[Alice] Is that a tooth?
[JJ] Oh, my God. Fuck!
-[Alice] Fuck! He's coming.
-[Bud] Hey.
Hey, where you sickos at?
[JJ] Fuck. Fuck.
[Bud] You ghouls think
it's funny?
To laugh at the dead?
[Alice] Hi. Um, is there--
is there a problem?
[Bud] You gonna take the place?
-I don't think it's for us.
[Alice] Thank you, though.
It was really... it's really...
-Oh, my God.
[Bud] You better not have
pooped in here.
-[door slams]
-Fucking hipsters.
-I don't know
what was creepier,
the building
or the building manager.
Oh, let's fucking go, guys.
Dude smelled like oatmeal.
[distant siren wailing]
[Alice] Fucking get out of here.
-[JJ] Lock the doors.
-[car doors slamming]
-[Alice] Oh, shit.
-Where's Beans?
-[Alice] Oh, fuck.
-[tapping on window]
[August] Let me the fuck in!
Let me in!
Let me in!
-[JJ] Go around!
-[August] What?
-[JJ] Go around.
[August] Fuck. Oh, fuck.
-[car door closes]
-[August] Fucking drive!
Oh, my God.
-[JJ] What happened to you?
-[August] I shat my pants.
-[JJ] You shat your pants?
-[JJ] You're sitting on
my fucking seat,
and you shat your pants?
-It's fucking everywhere.
-[Hutch] Oh, my fucking God.
-It feels like pudding.
-You fucking kidding me, dude?
-I'm sorry.
I don't know what to do!
-[Hutch] Get out of the car!
-[August] I'm sorry.
[video forwarding]
[Hutch] All I see is jailbait
tripping over his laces.
-[August] Shut the fuck up.
[Alice] [giggling]
Why didn't you tie your shoes?
[August] No, I'm not--
I'm not-- what the fuck, guys?
I'm being serious.
-[Alice giggling]
-No, stop!
I'm gonna play it back again
and you guys are gonna
fucking believe me.
-I don't want to
watch this again.
-You're gonna fucking
watch it again.
[door opens, closes]
[JJ] Guys, you won't believe it.
I actually had one of
the old chargers in the van.
[August] You got an iPhone 4?
That shit belongs in a museum.
-[JJ] Are you okay, Beans?
I really wish one of you
would believe me.
[JJ] Okay. We just need to
get past Kelvin's security.
-Yeah. Good luck.
[Alice] Is-- is that blood?
[phone keys clack]
-Kelvin's security game
is chalked.
Dude, what is that?
[August] Looks like the inside
of someone's mouth.
[Hutch] Kevin's dental game
was tight.
[August] "Play Me."
-Do it.
-[on phone] Okay, um...
I'm guessing that...
I'm guessing that...
if you found this phone,
then that means
that you went down
the same rabbit hole that I did.
And I think that
you should shut the fuck up.
And listen,
if you haven't
figured it out yet,
this is Baby Blue's phone.
[phone thuds]
The other video
on this phone is...
-We have to keep watching.
-It's like his suicide tape.
I've... I've tried to delete it.
It just-- it just--
it just keeps coming back.
-[on phone]
I tried to throw the phone away.
But it just keeps...
keeps fucking coming back.
Just don't watch it.
Don't watch that video.
Don't press "Play".
It's like--
it's like there's...
there's something wrong with it.
It's-- it's like-- it's cursed.
Gets inside of your head.
And he-- I think he's--
I think he's-- I think
he's gonna try to kill me.
-This dude is so intense.
[Kelvin] [on phone]
Or he's gonna...
-No fucking shit.
He jumped off a roof.
[JJ] Quiet.
-[on phone]
He's gonna make me kill myself.
Just-- just do not...
watch that video.
-[JJ exhales]
-[Alice] Wait.
-[August] Whoa, whoa.
-What the fuck are you doing?
-Yeah, dude said it's cursed.
-It can't be cursed.
It's an iPhone video.
-Last guy who watched it
took a walk off a roof.
-So what, our video's over?
-I'm sorry, JJ.
I just-- I don't know.
I feel like-- I feel
really bad about this.
-You guys are serious?
Fine, I'll just sign up
for unemployment now.
[phone thuds]
[Hutch] Check this out.
I salvaged it.
[August] Salvaged what?
-Just this bad boy.
-Dude, what are you doing?!
You can't have that!
Why do you have that?!
-Why are you yelling?
Dude, look--
-Because you fucking
have the phone.
-All right. Look.
It's always got to be
the JJ and Alice show, okay?
-It is their show.
-Yeah, but I'm not cool
with that, little guy.
They're always claiming
authenticity, okay?
But I'm the only one that still
shoots on an old-school. 35.
-Little guy?
Are you off your fucking meds?
-Just get the camera out
and start filming, okay?
-Oh, my God.
-So, the Scooby gang
has decided to abort
Operation Baby Blue.
But fear not, faithful viewers,
because Hutch and August
are to the rescue.
-This is not a good idea, man.
-It's a great idea.
You know what, Beans?
You know what?
I think it's time for you
to stop being Beans.
You're August, okay?
You're August.
Embrace your full destiny,
all right?
You're named after a fucking
Roman emperor, dude.
Not some gassy legume.
-[Hutch] Yeah!
I'm a fucking Roman emperor.
-Yes, you are.
-Yeah. I'm filming.
-See you on the other side.
[phone keys clacking]
[Baby Blue]
[growling, breathing heavily]
[Baby Blue] I didn't think
he'd be my last. [laughs]
[August] Dude, Hutch.
Hutch, you got to
speak to me, man. Hutch!
Hutch, talk to me, dude.
What are you doing?
[Hutch] Look!
Nobody should ever watch
what we just watched.
[water splashes]
There you have it,
you sick fucks.
The infamous Baby Blue video.
Tune in next week to see
if me and fucking Beans
are cursed and destined
to kill ourselves.
-[Hutch] Just cut it there.
-[August] Dude.
-Cut it, man.
I gotta go.
I want to surf in the morning.
-Do you really think
that we're cursed?
-I don't know.
I guess we're just gonna
have to find out.
[loud claps of thunder]
[woman's voice] Baby Blue
Oh Baby Blue
Don't look back
Mama's in you
Baby Blue
Oh Baby Blue
Don't look back
Mama's behind you
-What the hell is going on?
[Baby Blue]
Baby Blue Baby Blue...
Don't look back
'Cause Mama will find...
-Fuck this.
-Baby Blue...
Don't look back
'Cause I'm in you
[lighter clicks]
No, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
You are not real.
-Oh, fuck you.
You're not real.
-God. Just...
you're having a bad trip, man.
Come on. Wake up.
Wake up. Wake up.
[Baby Blue] Okay.
Calm down. Calm down.
You can't outrun a curse. Okay?
I mean, haven't you seen
The Ring ?
All right, look,
I don't mean to be too pushy,
all right,
but if you don't mind.
[Hutch] Hey, hey.
No, no, no. Look...
I can't take that
because I'm a pacifist.
-No, no, no. Same here.
Yeah. Totally get it.
That's why you're
holding the knife.
-God. Just-- just--
just stay back.
Stay back.
I don't want to hurt you, okay?
I don't want to hurt--
-Oh, I don't want to...
Oh gosh!
If you didn't want this shit,
you would have listened
to Kelvin's advice.
As we know, we don't really
practice what we preach, do we?
Yeah. Hey, it's gonna be okay.
All right?
It's gonna be fine. I promise.
It's not even gonna hurt.
All right?
-[echoing whispers]
Do it. Do it. Do it.
-Yeah. [laughs]
I'll see you on the other side.
[blood splattering]
-[Baby Blue laughing]
-[Hutch chokes]
[Baby Blue]
That was a bad idea, man.
Oh, worst decision
you ever made.
Well, uh, oh. Okay.
Um, you can finish this
if you want.
Right there.
Yep. I'll see ya.
I'll say hi to your sister.
-[August mutters]
No, it's not a squeezer.
It's a bat.
-Mommy, I won't need it.
I won't need it, Mommy.
What the f--?
Where'd you get that?
[Alice] Gonna ask you
the same fucking thing.
It was right there
outside your door.
You didn't watch
that video, did you?
[Alice] Okay, well,
someone fished it
out of the trash.
Wait, where's Hutch?
-Yo, you guys gotta watch this.
Beans, wake up.
-God, can't I brush
my teeth first at least?
[JJ] What are you
doing with that?
-Somebody fished it
out of the trash this morning.
-It wasn't me.
[JJ] Fuck. I hope
Hutch didn't watch it.
-What do you know?
-Okay, so I couldn't
sleep last night,
so I hit the forums.
I started digging.
-I thought
we were dropping this.
-We said that we wouldn't
watch the video.
I never said I wasn't gonna
investigate Baby Blue.
-I'm an idiot?
-Check this shit out.
[recording] So right now,
we're on our way to Glendale
to interview this guy
named Manos Sloan.
Manos' husband, David,
tracked down Blue's phone
on the internet about a year
or so ago and watched the video.
What happened after that
was super fucked up.
So, a few days after
David watched the tape,
Manos found David hanging from
the rafters in their garage.
He was still alive but barely,
and Manos saved his life.
-[coughing and choking]
-[JJ] Days after that,
David tried to attempt suicide
again and again and again.
Kind of shit.
-You're so jumpy today, Beans.
You take your Adderall?
-Yeah, yeah. Do it again.
-Okay, so right now,
we're on our way to Glendale
to interview this guy
named Manos Sloan.
Manos' husband, David...
-Glendale is a festering
den of occultists.
It goes way, way back.
Aleister Crowley,
L. Ron Hubbard, Jack...
what the hell is going on here?
[Manos] Thank you for coming
all the way out here.
When I first put up that video,
we got a lot of
cranks and weirdos.
But as you can probably tell,
my husband and I are
quite comfortable with weird.
[JJ] Thank you for having us.
-Yeah. Please, sit.
Right over.
[Alice] Um, are you okay
with us filming?
-Yes, I just want to
get the word out.
Forewarned is forearmed
after all, right?
[JJ] Uh, if you don't mind,
we're interested in knowing
how David ended up
with the phone.
-So, I guess originally,
one of the cops
who secured the crime scene
sold it to a collector,
and it got passed around
from there.
I'm not exactly sure
how many times.
David got pretty obsessed
with the case.
He got a lead on some
serial killer fan site,
got in touch with some guy
who sold him
the wretched thing, so.
[JJ] And when was that?
-I'm not sure.
It was a while ago.
-Did he tell you
that he was doing this?
-No. Not until
after he watched the video.
-Have you seen it?
-No. After what
happened to David, I...
I just wanted it gone.
I'm not proud of this part.
I tried throwing it away,
but it kept coming back.
I thought if the video
was cursed,
then maybe I could
pass the curse on,
and it would leave David alone.
You know, sort of like
in The Ring .
[August] Excuse me. Excuse me.
Um... Yeah, you're--
you're not talking about
the horror movie, right?
You're not talking about
the Naomi Watts film, right?
-[JJ] Beans, why are you crying?
-[Alice] Calm down.
-Are you okay, August?
-I'm fine.
[sniffles] It's fine.
-So, who did you
give the phone to?
-This kid...
uh, he saw the video I posted
inquiring about the phone.
He wanted to buy it.
-What was his name?
-Uh, Kelvin.
Kelvin something--
-Kelvin Jones?
-Yes. You know him?
-Sort of. Kelvin's dead.
-Oh, my God.
Oh my God.
I didn't know what to do.
I-- I-- I didn't know
what to do.
I didn't know what else to do.
-It's okay.
It's not your fault.
-Where's David now?
[keys jingle]
[door opens]
[water dripping]
-Please excuse the light.
David has a problem
with his vision.
Don't judge me for what
you're about to see.
[JJ] Holy shit.
What is this?
-We have to do that.
Without it, he tries to
chew on his tongue
and drown in his own blood.
He gouged out his own eyes
because he said he didn't
want to see Blue anymore.
This is the only way
I can keep him alive.
I have to feed him
through a tube.
-[groans] Who's there?
Who's there?!
-It's okay. It's okay.
They're here to help.
They're here to help us.
It's okay, baby.
It's me. It's me.
David, this is JJ,
Alice, and August.
They're making a...
-It-- it's a vlog
about Baby Blue.
-You think they'll believe you?
-Um, if you don't mind
starting from the top,
tell us what happened.
[David] It started
right after I watched it.
I could hear him like--
like he was inside my head.
Small things at first...
whispers in the dark...
and that awful fucking song.
-Did you-- did you ever
like start to see weird shit?
Like ropes?
[David] Sure, at first.
That's a Sunday School picnic
compared to what comes next.
-David, why do you think
he wants you to kill yourself?
-Kill myself?
No, that's not what he does.
He takes over.
He goes inside you un--
until he is in control
and you're just his puppet.
-You're talking
about possession?
-He slaughtered over 30 people
when he was alive.
How many do you think
he's killed after he died?
These aren't suicides.
These are murders.
-You said that he comes to you
every night?
We'd like to set up
some cameras, stay the night.
-We don't think it's enough
to just tell people
about your story.
We want to show them.
Okay, let's set up
as many angles as we can
and then stream
everything upstairs.
We will know exactly
what goes down.
[August] This is so fucked up.
[JJ] Yo, August. Why were you
so upset in there, man?
-Because, you short incel,
the dude had no fucking eyes.
-This isn't about you.
We're trying to
help these people.
-Dude, did the video
really do all that to him?
-Look, August, you'd tell me if
you watched that video, right?
-Yeah. Yeah, I would.
I would, I promise.
[Alice] I really hope
Hutch didn't watch it.
-You guys heard from him?
-No, but that's not
really unusual.
-All right, let's set up.
-[Alice] Okay.
[disturbing music]
-Okay, we're live.
[August] Hey, Manos.
Uh, when does the haunting
usually start?
-There's no set time.
-Now we just wait.
[keyboard clacks]
Alice, get your ass in here.
[disturbing music]
-[David's deep creepy moan]
-Fuck. Guys, look at this.
-[David's deep creepy moan]
[Alice] It doesn't look like
we missed anything.
[August] Just look.
-Oh, shit.
[JJ] Whoa.
-This is what happens.
-[David's deep creepy moan]
-Tell me you're getting this.
-Yeah. I'm getting it.
-[David's deep creepy moan]
-Is it over? Is it over?
-[Baby Blue] Jump.
-[David groaning]
-August! August!
-August, look at me!
-Stitches for snitches, bitches.
[evil laugh]
-I'm gonna ask you
one more time.
Did you watch
that fucking video?
-[David groaning in pain]
-I didn't know!
I didn't know!
[sobs desperately]
[JJ] I didn't know you could be
this fucking stupid, August.
-Hutch said it was okay.
We're taking life advice
from Hutch now?
-It was a mistake!
-Do you even know
where Hutch is right now?
For all we know, he's got a
noose around his fucking neck.
-Don't say that!
-JJ. Just...
don't yell at him, okay?
He made a mistake.
-What are we going to do?
Our baby bro, he...
he's gonna fucking die.
-[mumbles] Baby Blue.
-No, he's not.
-All right.
We need to watch him 24/7
like we never have before.
-Baby Blue,
Don't look back because...
Baby Blue...
-[car honks loudly]
-[Alice] August!
-[Alice] August!
-[August] What?
-Get out of the street, bro.
Get out of the street.
[August] I'm scared.
I'm really--
I'm really fucking scared.
-[JJ] It's okay. It's okay.
-[Alice] It's okay.
-[JJ] I know you are. I am too.
I'm sorry you're feeling this.
[distant car engine revving]
What do we do?
-We need expert help.
[August] Rent a psychic?
Rent a psychic?
What kind of psychic
coordinates business
inside of a fucking
Greek caf, dude?
-The cheap kind.
-She had five stars
on Yelp, okay?
[August] Oh, so you probably
found her off of Craigslist.
Oh, you probably got her
off of Reddit,
not Craigslist, you incel.
-Hi, I'm Ellen.
[August] You're the psychic?
Don't you got robes
or like a crystal ball?
-[chuckles] I haven't bothered
with that shit since the '70s.
-Thank you for coming.
-This is him, I take it.
-Yeah, of course it's me.
Who else could be
this stupid, right?
-At least he's honest.
I can feel his presence here.
Do you have the phone?
And he filmed
his suicide on that?
-[Ellen groans]
-What is it?
[Alice] Ellen? What's wrong?
-He can hear us.
-JJ... JJ, help her.
-I don't know what to do!
-She's having
a seizure or something.
-Ellen! Ellen!
-[Ellen laughs maniacally]
Please Baby Blue
Don't look back
Because Mommy's in you...
[laughs maniacally]
What you say we show
these cocksuckers
what your insides look like?
[laughing maniacally]
[August] Oh, my God.
-You cocksuckers
are all gonna die!
You're all gonna fucking die!!
[laughing maniacally]
[phone thuds]
-[Ellen panting]
I'm very susceptible
to demonic possession.
-No fucking shit, lady.
-[Ellen sighs]
-Are you okay?
-That was nothing.
Once got possessed
weekend of Woodstock,
woke up
at a Satanist's sex party.
Sucked every cock on the block.
Made my excuses
and said 3,000 Hail Marys
on the ride home. Whoo.
Okay. That's all I got.
-Wait. Ellen...
we really need your help.
Please just tell us what to do,
it's our little brother.
-[Ellen sighs]
There's a theory
that dark energy,
particularly in great moments
of anger, emotion or trauma,
like say the violent suicide
of a ritual serial killer,
can imprint itself
into an everyday object.
You've all seen
The Shining , right?
Scatman? Burnt toast?
-Scatman? Scat? Man?
-Oh. Okay, well...
imagine for a moment
that when this evil man
took his own life,
all of his hatred,
anger, and pain
was absorbed onto that phone
and into that video
you watched, young man.
-So, what can we do?
-What you're dealing
with here is a curse.
You can't outrun a curse.
Wherever you look,
wherever you go,
he's always going to be
right there behind you.
Closer and closer and closer
until the only option
left for you to try
is to find solace
in death itself.
-Oh, fuck. I'm doomed.
I'm fucking doomed, dude.
[cries bitterly]
-There is a possibility.
-I'm not doomed?
[Ellen] It's a long shot and
I ain't never tried it myself.
But they do say if you return
the cursed object to its owner,
the curse can be
buried with them.
Now that's all I've got.
I wish you luck.
Truly I do.
[chime rings]
-I'd say that was worth
the 25 bucks.
Do you think this rope
is thick enough?
[Alice] For what?
[JJ] For August.
This will work, right?
[Alice] Mm-hm.
-Should we get the big ones?
-["4th Floor" by Godzillionaire]
Brooklyn summertime
Biggie just died
I'm playing his song
I'm playing his song
-[Alice] These are good.
-In my tenement
The walls are so thin
People outside
Are singing along
It's just a Thursday night
Nothing's all right
-What the hell
are we supposed to do now?
-First priority,
keep August safe;
then we got to figure out
where Blue is buried.
-Oh great.
Let me just look
in my little black book
of buried serial killers.
-[indistinct] your shit, Alice.
-Hey, Cujo.
-August... August... August?
August? Dude.
-From out of nowhere,
From out of nowhere
-Hey, you guys
planning a kidnapping?
-Uh, no.
Um, just battling
a demonic curse.
Thank you.
[August] No fucking way!
What the fuck!
[JJ] August, this is the only
way to keep you safe, man.
We'll let you out of here
as soon as we know
what's going on, okay?
-You suck my balls.
Get me the fuck out of here!
[JJ] Hey, shut the fuck up!
You got to be quiet, dude.
You're gonna get the cops
called on us.
[August] What if you fail?
What if I end up like
that blind basement freak
with a retainer
and no mouth to scream?
What do you think
of that, Alice?
What do you think of me
slitting my own wrists,
blood cascading
out of the wounds?
-Don't say that.
-[August laughs creepily]
[screams] Ow!
Get me the fuck
out here, please!
-What about the
tongue-chewing-off thing?
-I thought of it.
I found it in a sex shop
down the back alley.
-Is that thing even clean?
-I don't know.
It wasn't in the used section.
[Alice] Used section?
-Sorry, buddy.
-You guys are assholes.
-We just ball-gagged
our own brother.
-[sighs] We should have
done that years ago.
-So, what are we
going to do now?
-Return this
to its rightful owner.
-Let's go.
-Yeah, yeah
[Alice] And action.
[JJ] Turns out
that serial killers
are often buried
in unmarked graves
so that haters...
-[Alice] Or stans...
[JJ] Or stans...
can't turn up to deface
or worship the grave.
And Blue is no exception.
So, finding his grave
was not super easy,
but after some snooping,
Alice and I turned up
some old court filings
with Blue's address on it.
And this part,
you won't believe.
At the height
of his reign of terror,
Blue wasn't living alone.
Do you want to deliver
the punch line?
-Dude still lived with
his mom and his baby sister,
the delightfully named
Sadie Blue.
-Mama Blue and Sadie Blue
are still living
in the same exact house.
-Which is where
we've just arrived.
If I was a serial killer,
this is where I'd live.
[JJ] Let's hope crazy
doesn't run in the family.
[car doors closing]
-This is creepy.
-Yeah. Should we see
if anybody's home?
-Just knock on the door?
[crow cawing]
[chimes ringing]
[floor creaking]
[Alice] Oh, fuck.
I think I just met
Blue's sister.
[door opens]
-Not often we get
visitors out this way.
Can I help you with something?
-Missis Blue?
-Only to the IRS.
Everyone around here
calls me Mama.
-Okay. Uh, Mama...
Do you mind if we ask you
a few questions about your son?
-Come on in.
[door hinges creak]
-[strained screams] No.
[Baby Blue]
Baby Blue Baby Blue
Don't look back
Raise a hand...
Baby Blue
Don't look back
Oh, hey, bu-- oh, shit.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
-You're not real.
You're not real.
You're not real.
You're not real.
You're not real.
-Define real?
[Alice] So how are we
gonna play this?
[JJ] Um, just butter her up.
You know, say some
nice shit about Blue.
Steer the conversation
to where he's buried.
[Alice] How the fuck
am I supposed to do that?
[JJ] You can do it.
-I can do it?
-Yeah. You'll be fine, okay?
I'm gonna go get
some shots, okay? Just--
-You're not leaving me alone
-You will be fine. I promise.
how's your day going?
-Git. They're my guests.
Been a while
since I entertained.
[chuckles] [sighs]
Well, don't be shy.
I baked 'em myself.
-Uh, cookie, JJ?
-Oh, I'm, uh, I'm a celiac.
-That's new.
[JJ] [gulping] Ah.
Okay, so, um, Missis, um...
Mama, we've been
investigating your son...
and I just want to
start off by saying
that we come in
with completely open minds.
We just-- we want to hear
your side of the story.
-All them things
they said about him was lies,
and they drove him to his death.
-So, you're saying
he was innocent?
-He was acting
in accordance with his nature.
You want to punish
a sweet boy for that?
It sounds like you think
your son was
pretty misunderstood.
-Oh, Blue loved
all living creatures.
Loved 'em to death.
-Um, Mama,
I don't mean to be rude.
Can I use your restroom?
-Oh, down the hall
and to the left.
And don't do any of
your dirty business.
The U-bends can't handle
nothing sizable.
Whenever Sadie or I defecate,
I have to break
the waste down by hand.
[JJ] Got it. No logs.
-So, um, after Blue died,
what happened next?
[lighter clicks]
-Beans. Beans.
I mean, what the fuck
happened to you, man?
Tied to a fucking
cum-encrusted motel bed.
-[August breathing heavily]
-Is that a ball gag?
-It is a ball gag.
-You know, I can save you
from this ritual humiliation,
All you have to do
is let me in.
[Mama] Those boys and girls
he took,
you gotta understand,
every one of them was a sinner.
-So you don't deny
that he killed them?
He punished them.
They got what was
theirs to come.
Child, you've barely
touched your milk.
-[takes a large sip, gags]
[clears throat] Um...
where did you bury Bradley?
-Who's asking?
-I-- I... we wanted
to pay our respects.
-No cemetery would have him,
so I buried the urn
with Baby's ashes
under the fallen oak out back
where he used to play
as a young'un.
-Okay. Let's see
what we can find.
[stomach rumbles]
Oh. Oh, I feel fucking nauseous.
[flies buzzing]
What the fuck?
Oh. [gags] Fucking nasty.
"Milk Is Life."
You know what they say
about serial killers
and overbearing parents?
[bottles clank]
What the fuck?
What's that?
What the fuck is this?
Oh-- oh, my God.
[Alice] Well, I think
I have everything I need.
-But you haven't even
finished your milk.
-[Alice slurps milk]
-It's that very same milk
that made my boy
so big and strong.
-[coughs, vomits]
I don't feel so good.
[phone thuds]
-Mama's gonna
take care of you, child.
-[shouting] JJ! JJ!
-Alice? Alice!
-JJ! JJ!
-Alice? Alice!
[JJ] Fuck! Alice!
[thuds to floor]
What the fuck are you doing?
-Well, there's nothin'
on God's green earth
I love more than babies.
-What the fuck are you doing?
-It's a shame
they have to grow up.
Baby Blue
Oh, Baby Blue
Don't look back
Mama's behind you
Baby Blue
Oh Baby Blue
Don't look back
Mama's in you
-You know...
if life after death
has taught me one thing,
it's never give up.
You know...
serial killers...
not so smart.
I know they all think
they're really big brains
but in reality, they all make
the same fucking mistakes.
Dahmer, for example,
let a guy escape from his house
who then led the cops
right back to him.
Now, Gacy.
Let's talk about Gacy.
And I gotta admit, that guy
has killed a lot of people,
but the dumb motherfucker
buried the bodies
under his fucking house.
I mean, how long did he think
he was going to get away
with that, huh?
Right? I mean--
I mean, dead bodies stink.
That's just
homicide for dummies. [scoffs]
Now, Bundy.
Bundy had promise.
When that cat
escaped a courthouse,
what do you think he did, huh?
Run for the hills,
lie low, disappear? No.
That crazy motherfucker
went on a giant rampage,
leaving a blood trail
all throughout town.
And guess what, Bean?
I was better than all of them.
I'm the ghost
with the most, baby. [laughs]
All right.
Why don't we try this again?
[both singing]
Baby Blue Baby Blue
Break the fucking binds Beans
'Cause I'm in you
-That tastes like rubber.
-[Mama singing]
Baby Blue Oh Baby Blue
Don't look back
Mama's behind you
Baby Blue
Oh, Baby Blue
Don't look back...
What the fuck?
-[Mama] Mama's in you
-What the fuck?
[Mama] It's almost dinner time.
Oh. [laughs] You know,
I fed Baby Blue from my teat
until the day he died.
-[JJ strains]
-It's what made him
so big and strong.
-What the fuck are you doing?
[Mama] Oh, there is
a special bond that comes
with such familiarity...
-Where's Alice?
-...that only a mother
and her child could ever know.
Oh. Baby Bradley
was a bed-wetter.
[JJ] Please. Please.
-It broke my heart
to watch him struggle.
-No. What are you doing?
What the fuck are you doing?
-[Mama shushes]
-Please. Please. Please.
Please. Please.
Please let me up. Please.
-Baby Blue
Baby Blue
Don't look back
Mama's behind you
-[JJ grunting]
Hush, little one. Hush.
It's okay.
You just made a little mess.
-Help! Help me.
-[shushes] Hush!
-[groans] JJ? JJ? JJ?
[cries, straining]
[Baby Blue] [on phone]
[growls, breathing heavily]
I didn't think he'd be my last.
-No, no, no.
Don't watch that.
Don't watch that!
Don't watch it!
[Baby Blue] [on phone]
[indistinct] some place.
Cops are coming
and I'm too cool to run, so...
I guess this is sayonara.
We had a good run,
my fellow sick fucks.
Kind of thought
I was out here
batting for the world record
of killing
with age and beauty
on my side but...
[knife clanks]
-[Alice cries]
[Baby Blue] [on phone]
...shit happens.
-Open your eyes.
[Alice cries]
[Baby Blue] [on phone]
Ain't she a beaut?
Intestine's cute too.
-[screams in pain]
Please, please, stop.
[Baby Blue] [on phone]
Well, you're right. Die young...
and I'll see you
on the other side.
-[Alice cries]
[gun fired]
-Those fucks
don't understand you.
Only me.
[lighter clicks]
Now come on, champ.
I want to finally see
this thing through.
[August] I have to take you
to the other side?
-[wet squelch]
-[Alice screams in pain]
-[Sadie spits]
-[Alice cries]
-See you on the other side.
-You were just a kid.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that he made you watch
while he did all those things.
But it's not your fault.
I can make it go away.
Sadie, I can make it all stop.
I promise.
I promise, please.
[crying hopelessly]
[breathing in relief]
Thank you.
-Oh, that's a brave boy.
Oh, dear.
You feel a little warm.
I'll be right back.
[handcuffs rattling]
-[whispers] Alice.
Alice, you have to get
out of here right now.
[Alice] [whispers] What the fuck
did she do to you?
[JJ] Oh, she's gonna come back.
You need to leave right now.
-I know where he's buried.
It's just downstairs.
-Just go. Go.
-I'm not gonna leave you.
-You need to leave.
I'll be okay.
I'll be okay. I promise.
Will you put the binky
back in my mouth?
[JJ] I love you.
[Alice] I love you too.
[Mama singing]
Baby Blue Baby Blue
Don't look back
Mama's behind you
Baby Blue Baby Blue
-On your feet, soldier.
I got a little present for you.
Come on. Come on.
And we all walk
the Wibbley Wobbley Walk
And we all talk
the Wibbley Wobbley talk
Wait'll they see
what they made us do
[suspenseful music]
[Alice panting, cries]
[suspenseful, intense music]
[pellets dropping]
-[spits] What is that?
[Mama] Oh, that?
That is brodifacoum.
Rat poison.
You came into my house
like a rat
and now you're gonna
leave it like one.
[JJ] No, no, no.
Please. Please.
Please. Please.
-There's a good boy.
Come on, open wide. Oh, yes.
-[JJ splutters, coughs]
-Oh, that's it.
Take it down.
Oh, God. Take the teat.
Take the teat.
[milk flooding]
-Alice! Alice! Alice!
-[knife blade thunks]
What did you...?
[body thuds]
-Please, please, please,
please, please, please.
Help me get out. Help me.
[chains and keys jingle]
[Alice panting]
[Baby Blue] Can you believe
those heathens cremated me?
If there was ever
a face that deserved
an open casket, right?
Okay. Well, why don't you
come on over here, hon?
Let me see what those
insides look like.
-[echoing whisper]
Do it. Do it. Do it.
[Baby Blue] And we all walk
the Wibbley Wobbley Walk
And we all talk
the Wibbley Wobbley talk
-[echoing whisper]
Do it. Do it. Do it.
[Baby Blue] I gotta
hand it to you, Beansie.
-No one's ever fought back
as hard as you.
-[echoing whisper]
Do it. Do it. Do it.
[Baby Blue] I didn't think
you had it in you.
[JJ] Alice! Alice!
Alice! Fuck! Fuck.
[Alice] Hi, Jeremiah Jones.
-[echoing whisper]
Do it. Do it. Do it.
-[Alice chuckles]
Alice, stop.
-See you on the other side.
-Alice, no, no.
Alice, no, no, no, no.
Alice. Alice.
Alice, wake up. Wake up.
Please, wake up.
Wake up, wake up.
Wake up, please.
[Baby Blue] So, update:
Your sister is dead.
So, you really have
nothing to live for.
So how about
we just speed this up?
-Wha... Wha...
-[echoing whisper]
Do it. Do it. Do it.
-See you on the other side.
[wet squelch]
-[echoing whisper]
Do it. Do it. Do it.
-Fucking yes!
-Beans, I need you
to chill the fuck out here.
-Do not...
-[August] Yay.
-...make this harder.
[August] Yes.
-I will fucking
rip your heart out.
[August] Fuck you.
-I will fucking kill this shit.
-I can't!
[loud headbutts]
-Fuck! Fuck! [exhales]
[JJ cries]
[owl hooting]
[lighter clicks]
[Baby Blue]
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Put it right there, daddy-o.
Now, did you really think
a 20-dollar-an-hour,
classified ad psychic actually
knew how to dispel a curse?
Well, that's the problem
right there, man.
You guys just keep on making
the same fucking mistakes.
I mean, every fiber
in your body
told you
not to watch that video.
I mean, fuck.
Kelvin practically begged you.
But you kids, you just...
you think you know better.
How bad can it be?
Curses aren't real, huh?
Why don't you ask
your dead fucking sister?
Oh, wait. You can't.
-You're lucky
you're already dead.
So let me tell you
what's gonna happen.
I'm going to possess you.
I'm going to walk you
up onto that roof
and then, uh, I'm going to
throw you off.
Anyway, I really want you
to look at the positive here.
You always wanted to be
I mean, this will get you
prime time
on every news channel
in America.
[inhales, exhales]
Well, buckle up, baby...
because here comes the pain.
-There's only, uh, one problem
with your plan, Bradley.
I never watched
your fucking tape.
-[deep voice] Don't you ever
fucking [indistinct].
I will rip your fucking throat
off. I will...
[flames flash, disappear]
-[gasps deeply, coughs]
-[gasping deeply]
-Alice. Alice. Alice.
I thought you were dead.
-You fucking wish.
-It was crazy. I saw Blue.
I had his phone.
I cursed him out!
[laughing happily]
[JJ] We have to go.
[Alice] Okay.
-Come on. Agh!
Can you breathe?
[Alice] Yeah.
[JJ] [indistinct].
[door opens]
[JJ groans]
[Alice] You want me to drive?
[JJ] Uh, no way.
[Alice] Are you sure?
[JJ] Yeah, I'll be fine.
[Alice] Okay.
[JJ and Alice panting]
See you on the other side.
-Too soon, Alice.
Way too soon.
-[Alice laughs]
-Let's go get August.
[JJ groaning]
-[Alice] You okay?
-[JJ] Yeah.
[car doors close]
[JJ] Beans. Beans.
-[Alice] Beans, Beans, Beans.
-Beans, are you okay?
-Yeah, I'm okay.
-We have a story to tell you.
[uplifting music]
[JJ] Fuck Morris Rhinestone!
[Alice] Yeah.
Fuck Morris Rhinestone!
[JJ] Fuck Morris Rhinestone.
[Alice] Fuck Morris Rhinestone!
Fuck Morris Rhinestone.
-Fuck Morris Rhinestone.
-Put your back into it.
Put your back into it.
Fuck Morris Rhinestone!
-Fuck Morris Rhinestone!
-There you go.
-I think the possession
made him less annoying.
-We should probably
go to the hospital.
[phone beeps]
Are you okay, Beans?
[August] Peachy keen, man.
-Oh, fuck.
-Somebody uploaded
the Baby Blue suicide tape.
-Stop. How?
[Alice] I don't know.
Maybe they hacked his phone,
or they got it off the cloud.
I don't know. Look.
[JJ] What the fuck?
-Look, it's hard
to exactly explain...
but it was a fucking accident,
I swear.
-I didn't mean to upload it.
-What the fuck, Beans?
You fucking id