Baby Girl (2018) Movie Script

He was the only one who understood me.
I did something terrible,
and I'm sure it'll catch
up with me someday.
Just not yet.
I'm still in high school,
and I'm being investigated for murder.
What I say next will determine the rest of
my miserable life.
It's not the way you wanna
spend your 18th birthday.
Miss Fields, I'm
Detective Antonio Velez.
I'm a criminal psychologist with the FBI.
Now you're aware that this conversation's
being recorded, correct?
I'm gonna ask you a few questions
and I'm gonna trust that you're
gonna answer me honestly.
I'm not a snitch.
Okay, how about we start
from the beginning?
I can see why
people hurt themselves.
It's not a complicated reason.
It's to make a point.
To let people know how it feels to hurt.
Writing is my only solace.
I wish I could talk to
people the way I write.
Now what do we got here?
Fuck Willis, give me that back.
I'm serious, give it to me.
I don't want you to read that, don't.
Don't look at me like that.
I wasn't, I swear.
Yeah you were.
Go ahead.
Quit trying to be someone you're not.
And remember that you're
a sweet guy, Willis.
Stick to it.
Chicks hate nice dudes.
I mean, they do want
excitement, but in the end,
they want someone who's gonna love them
and care about them and
understand them, you know?
- Well read me something then.
- No, you wouldn't understand.
You've always underestimated me.
This one's called The Hurt.
"The hurt, the pain, the agony."
"Torn, screaming limbs,
intertwined destruction."
"Souls shatter, innocent,
heavens gush blood"
"down conscious gullets."
"The hurt, the pain, the agony."
"Quenched evil?"
That's what's stirring inside of you?
I fuckin' knew it.
I didn't mean it that way, all right?
Come on Cody.
Is our lives always
gonna be this miserable?
Don't say that.
Don't you understand, though?
This place is the soul's gymnasium,
exercising us to...
I should be dead.
Instead, my dad is dead.
There's a comfort in death.
A sense of finality.
40 mind numbing years on this planet.
What the hell do I have to show for it?
What are you doing?
Moving on.
It's about time you do the same.
Moving on?
You're acting like dad never even existed.
Grow up Cody.
Trying to erase me from your memory
just like you're doing to dad?
Trying to make it like
I never existed either?
I'm still here.
Cody, marriages go through stages
and then a child comes along...
Here we go again, and that's my cue.
You never let me explain myself.
A week ago, a woman was
found dead in her home
on Santa Fe Avenue.
Her name was Carrie Womack,
better known as Diablo.
Carrie Womack?
Now, we know that she ran a porn and
prostitution enterprise in her home.
And I'm sure that you
were well aware of that.
All right now that's
just small time business,
but her clients on the
other hand were into
some other things, and
that's why I'm here.
I wanna know who they
are, and your involvement.
Now that I got your attention,
is it true that you knew Carrie?
I knew Diablo, not Carrie.
And you were there
the night that she died?
You wouldn't even
believe me if I told you.
Were you good friends with her?
How long did you know her?
We were friends.
Would you care to be a little bit more
specific, please?
We were more than friends, detective.
How did you meet Diablo?
Well, I first saw her
like around the streets and
I thought she was a pretty strange woman.
It all started with her.
And in a way, it ends with her, too.
That's a nice knife.
What the fuck?
You're scared of me, I get it.
We all get scared sometimes.
If you like, I can help you.
I don't roll your way.
I'm all about the process, baby.
That retro deal you're sportin',
yeah, it's not really workin' for you.
Revolution lover, sex,
drugs, world domination.
Cultivated in the manure of the gods.
Get an occupation, slut.
Shit, what the fuck?
My knife.
She feels dangerous.
I'm intrigued.
Pull me down
I wanna drown
It's not so easy for me, you see.
A girl with so many problems.
My dad's death is becoming
to feel like a secret,
and secrets can be seductive.
I came from a good family.
Growing up, things were simple.
I had friends, a nice life.
Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes.
Doesn't anybody ever listen to me?
I'm not hungry.
Spoiled brat.
But that all changed,
and now I have changed as well.
Somewhere along the way...
I gotta give this shit up.
I took a wrong turn.
How did I end up here?
Where did my life go wrong?
Look what you do to me
I'm livin' it up
I'm feeling high
All of the waves are crashing by
I'm floating away
From all that I know
I feel alive, alive
Fucking head rush.
I must be losing my fucking mind.
Beautiful lover, in my head
Secrets and dreams
Beautiful girl
Hey, Cody.
I got you a beer.
Come outside.
Here's life in the suburbs.
It's not so bad,
if you have a few friends.
It gets easier with time.
Give me some of that.
You don't even drink.
Fuckin' light weight, man.
Why are you always so crappy to me?
It's a mood, don't take it personally.
18 years.
That's a long time
lingering in melancholy.
Well it sucks being born a chick, okay?
You have no idea.
And you think being a dude's any easier?
Fuck yeah.
Yeah, maybe if you, you know,
can throw a perfect spiral
or sport the looks of Nicolas Holt.
Oh my god, us women, preggo
with these little aliens,
lugging around for a millennium in there.
Don't laugh, I'm serious.
Gettin' all stretch marked up and shit
while you assholes are
screwin' behind our backs.
You are so cynical, I swear.
At least I'm not dweeby and greasy.
Screw you Cody.
Just give me it.
Fuck off Willis.
Look what you did.
You are a wandering shit storm,
you know that Cody?
Maybe I am.
Does it look like I give a fuck?
No, it doesn't.
I don't give a fuck.
Easy there, Cody bear.
Please forgive me.
Fancy meeting you here.
Can't seem to shake you.
You're like a bad virus,
impossible to get rid of.
There's something to be
said about persistence, baby.
Or maybe this is fate.
I just picked up.
My stop is next, my place is close.
Come over, I'll make you happy.
I doubt it.
Don't be scared of the devil.
I got drugs and whatever else
your earthly heart may desire.
Unless you're afraid of little Diablo.
Is that a nickname or
are you the real McCoy?
You can't be that much of a dork.
Would a dork have these?
Next stop, fucked up.
Wait up bitch.
Exactly where are we going?
Your salvation awaits.
For once.
Are you scared?
I wish I could go back
and be your age again.
Nothing scares me anymore,
not even death itself.
For the first time in
my life, I'm terrified.
But I like it.
I remember the feeling.
I knew she was a bad influence,
but, that's what I was looking for.
I wish I had never stepped
off that train that night.
If I could take it back, I would.
What's all the gear for?
I'm a bitch full of exotic tastes, Cody.
How do you know my name?
How do you know me?
Que pasa?
Esta bien.
I'm totally in sync with you.
Oh really?
May I?
Yummy bone structure.
Quite a unique look.
Don't disguise what the
Lord has blessed you with.
No look, I'm not into that.
I'm gonna rip the beating
heart from the person
who ruined your self esteem.
If you were mine.
Now let me take your
picture, you're so beautiful.
It's so yummy.
Spin for me.
There we go.
Yeah, feel it baby.
That's some Dino Velvet shit.
Get that hair out of your face.
Take your shirt off.
So beautiful.
So beautiful.
Keep going, you're fine.
You're so fucking beautiful.
Open up for me.
So beautiful.
Yeah, feel it baby.
Give me that fucking beer.
There you go.
Stand up straighter.
Open your eyes, let me
see how pretty you look.
Look up.
You got your shot already.
Petulance, it becomes you.
Well you're not gonna get famous that way.
I miss the times
when the only problem I had
was trying to sneak out.
I miss the trivial things in life.
Now things are just so
complicated with my mom and I.
I wish my dad were still here.
I taught you to use a glass, young lady.
Regardless of your perception,
I do care about you.
You just make it so hard
for me to like you sometimes.
It's a conundrum wrapped in an enigma,
floating in a pile of dung.
Right, Jennifer?
You just proved my point.
Don't call me Jennifer.
I'm your mother for Christ's sake.
Not sure why I
treat my mom the way I do.
I'm sure it comes from the
way she treated my dad.
He used to be lucky, but,
that's the problem with luck:
It eventually just runs out.
What the hell is that?
A tooth.
What the hell are you doing with
all of dad's clothes?
He certainly doesn't
need 'em now, does he?
Just stop it.
What the hell do you think you're doing?
Give me the fucking shirt!
Give it!
- Gimme it!
- God!
You never had any
respect for dad, did you?
This little delusion
you've held for Mason.
He was no martyr, Cody.
You're such a bitch.
What did you say to me?
You're doing great.
Keep goin'.
The shit show really
started after my dad died,
and he had an affair,
and when my mom found
out, she fuckin' lost it.
She started screaming, he was devastated,
she wanted him out.
You know, it was a shit show.
I know what you did.
And she wanted a divorce
and then later that night
was when my dad died.
It was just hard for me
to take everything in.
What does it feel like?
The burns.
Can you do me?
Do it again.
It feels so good.
Everything moved so quickly.
At first, it was like a
whirlwind of excitement.
It was liberating.
This is wrong.
So why can't I stop watching then?
Aren't you gonna be late for school?
Isn't it a bit early for
one of your trauma dramas?
What is this on your arm?
Why do you care?
Okay, get off of me.
I thought you were over
your self-mutilation fad.
We're not even close to being done.
It should've been me.
You ruined our lives, Cody.
It should've been...
Say it.
It should've been me.
Cody, I didn't mean it like that.
Oh, fuck.
You know, like, losing my
dad is where it all went wrong.
When he died, I died,
and I just didn't really
know it yet.
You know, my dad always told
me that life was a gamble
so I should learn when to cash out.
It felt good not to be so
powerless for a change.
For the first time since I lost my dad,
there was something to
break up the monotony
that had become my life.
I needed that.
Now tell me more about your friend.
I need to know more about Diablo.
She saved me.
She was a drug and
that's how she casted me
under her spell.
What's wrong?
What happened?
Easy there, baby, Diablo's here.
Easy there, baby.
Easy there.
Why does she hate me so much?
Everything's gonna be all right.
Esta bien.
- You see me.
- Embrace your feelings, Cody.
I need a place to crash
for a couple of days.
Mi casa es su casa.
I need to make some extra cash.
Get independent.
Do you have any ideas?
What are your qualifications?
I did like a stint
in retail, stocking,
register, shit like that, it's stupid.
How far are you willing
to push the envelope
for some real cash?
No limits, D.
My dad gave this to me.
Jesus was crucified
on a star, not a cross.
What do you mean?
A stake, like this.
I thought that Bible said...
Constantine created
the illusion of the cross
to control the masses.
I want that back.
It's Pagan, Cody.
You're not one of those, are you?
Give it to me.
Real love isn't contained
in a physical thing.
So choose.
Me or the cross.
Were you aware that Diablo was running
a porn and prostitution
ring out of her home?
That's the word around the street.
Actually, you were
a willing participant.
Do I need a lawyer?
You're gonna go to jail
for a really long time
unless you decide to participate.
Now I need to know who
Diablo was working with.
We met like a few days ago.
She had some old man staying with her.
What was his name?
She called him the Gas Man.
Him, the Gas Man.
The Gas Man?
What was his real name?
That's, that's not how
it worked around there.
Don't play coy with me.
I can ruin the rest of your fuckin' life.
The Gas Man,
that's what she called him.
He always has his tank that
he wheels around with him.
How's my Gas Man?
It's been a long time.
I thought she might
be too young at first,
but when I found out she was
18, I knew you'd love her.
I need a place to
crash for a couple of days.
Mi casa es su casa.
I wanna taste before
you put her on the market.
Well as long as you keep
things running smoothly
on your end, you can have
her any time you like.
You just name the time and place, daddy.
I don't deserve you, Diablo.
No, you don't.
I need to make some cash.
I wanna get independent.
What are your qualifications?
I did like a
stint in retail, stocking,
register, stupid shit like that.
Stupid stuff.
Thanks for getting here so quickly.
I'm worried about Cody.
She's drinking and
cutting on herself again.
I don't recognize her anymore.
I don't recognize myself anymore.
Mrs. Fields, what are you doing?
Enjoying the vantage point, Willis.
Is everything okay with you guys?
You sure know how
to ruin a mood young man.
What are you doing?
Are you cutting too?
Is Cody going to school?
I don't, we don't really
run in the same circles.
Secrets, Willis.
Not good among friends.
We are friends, right?
Yeah, I guess.
If you say so, Mrs. Fields.
Has Cody mentioned anything
to you about her dad?
Taboo subject mostly.
I know you don't want
anything bad to happen
- to her, Willis.
- No, I don't.
Talk to her for me.
Find out what's going on.
Before something really...
You don't think she'd?
That's what I'm worried about Willis.
This is off the fucking charts weird, D.
Can we try somethin' else?
Stick to the script.
No boundaries, remember?
Ready, lover?
Let's fuckin' do it.
That's my girl.
Keep the action going no
matter what, understand?
Now sit back and fiddle
with the phone like a child.
Okay, talent.
I'm ready.
And, action.
What the hell kind of caretaker are you?
I pay you to clean and cook!
Sit around all day fiddling
with that damn phone.
I was just,
I'll get dinner ready.
Too late young lady.
You need to learn some respect.
Bring her over.
You bring her over.
You're the boss.
Stop, daddy.
Please, please.
You like it?
You love it.
Oh, god.
Wanna fuck?
Baby you wanna fuck?
Deep throat it, baby.
Lips taut on his dick, no teeth.
No limits, right?
You have to
forgive yourself, Cody.
That was amazing.
You are a rare gem.
You're not gonna break on me now, are you?
Where's the fucking cash?
Always on task, that's one of your most
enduring qualities.
Mason, I'm tired of your excuses.
They're gonna take the
house, you know that?
I've racked my brain, I
don't know what else to do.
Wait tables, wash dishes, flip burgers.
God, is that beneath you too?
It's tough out there, Jennifer.
You have no idea.
Would you position it like this, Mason?
Nah, would you reposition it like this?
Do you only like one bullet?
You'll probably learn in two.
Like that?
Just like that.
Easy there, Cody Bear.
You can do this.
It's only your body.
Money equals freedom.
Mason, money is freedom.
There, that looks good.
Very nice.
I like having you around.
Kiss each other.
You look great Cody.
You two, grab her and set her down.
You, stay standing.
You, get on your knees.
Move her hair out of her face.
Very slowly, touch her
neck and then I want you
to stick your tongue on her face.
So good.
You're such a good boy.
Come on Cody.
Okay, okay.
Good, good boy.
Good boy.
Put your hand on her knee.
Slowly run it up her leg.
Up her arm.
And move her hair out of her face again.
That's great.
Okay, okay, okay.
Good boy, good boy.
Slowly take your dick out of your pants
and put it in her face.
We're gonna get a good show, good boy.
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
Get off of me.
Look what I found outside.
Fuckin' little pervert.
Sit down.
Cody, I...
What the fuck are you doing here?
You know this perv?
Get back to work, the
camera's still rolling.
No, I can't, not with him watching me.
Get back to work.
What they fuck
are you doing here?
Don't you fuckin' say no to me.
Fuckin' tell me no.
- Don't fucking smile at me.
- Stop hitting her.
Rip her clothes off.
- No.
- Stop.
Get the fuck off of
me you fucking assholes,
get off of me!
Fuck off of me.
Get that out of my face!
This is such good shit.
You need to stop.
You're a big man?
Kiss the gun little boy.
Suck him off Cody.
No, Diablo.
Fuckin' adrenaline rush.
That's some Andy Warhol
and Jim Jarmusch shit.
Do it.
Do it Diablo.
I fucking dare you.
This is your fucking money shot.
Do it, go ahead!
Film us.
Do it Diablo.
You're gonna take your
dick out little boy.
Smile for the camera.
If his dick comes out,
you'll fucking lose me forever.
I hope you know that.
And what happens
if he squeals to 5-0?
He won't.
How do you know?
Because I fucking say so.
Get the fuck out of here.
Cody, let's go.
Let's get out of here.
Get over here.
Down here, film his dick.
What the fuck were you thinking?
Why are you punishing
yourself like this?
Willis, you need to leave.
Is, is this because of your dad?
Shut up, Willis.
Because it wasn't your fault.
Shut up, Willis, you don't
know what you're talking about.
Tell me what happened that night.
I can't.
We gotta go to the police.
Are you fucking kidding me, Willis?
She's not a fuck around person.
You can't, you can't go back in there.
Willis, she will end us both.
Burn that into your fucking head.
Look at me, Willis, look at me.
If you love me as much as you say you do,
you will fucking get the hell out of here
and never look back, ever.
You are one piece of
work, Cody Fields.
Don't ever fuck with
my head like that again.
You're a control freak, I get it.
We're both very dominating personalities.
But one of us has to be
submissive sometimes.
We both know who that is.
My knife.
I knew you took it.
Do it.
No deceptions, loyalty
and death, this I promise.
Okay, so, how much money
did you come up upon?
Yeah, you know the money
that you helped her earn.
Don't play naive with me Cody.
Okay, so that's what this is about.
It's a money thing.
It's not a life or
death thing, it's money.
You see...
I think you're lyin'.
I think you knew exactly
where the money was
and that you and your mommy split it.
Now if you were involved with her the way
that you say that you were,
you would know exactly what was going on.
Maybe you were even involved.
Are you serious?
You're gonna sit here and investigate me?
For what?
Falling for the wrong person?
Okay look, this is your last chance.
The next time that I
walk through that door,
I'm not gonna be able to help you again.
And I do wanna help you.
But you gotta help me, all right?
You help me, help you.
You know, like losing my dad
is where it all went wrong.
When he died, I died, and I
just didn't really know it yet.
Then I later learned
that my life would change
because of this woman, like she blamed me
for my father's death.
She followed me to Willis's house,
which is like my best
friend, and then she randomly
like came up to me and
like wanted to be friends
and she started stalking me.
Then she like approached
me at the train station,
and I found out that
she was following me for
a while now and then,
then Diablo followed me
like on my way home from school
and outside my friend's house.
Like everywhere.
She even hacked into all my computers.
This all happened behind my
back, like, out of nowhere.
I never really thought about it until she
kept following me because
she would follow me
more and more, like, as time went by.
Look, didn't you talk to
my mom about all this?
Like do I have to keep
explaining myself to you?
Yeah, but I wanna hear it from you.
Pain is pleasure to me.
I like the feeling of pain.
That's where I get most of my pleasure.
It's becoming a habit for me.
This habit of mine, has
turned out to be troublesome.
I look gross.
You stay standing and get on your knees.
Are we looking at the same person?
Baby, get over yourself.
We got 100,000 hits in 10 minutes.
There's really that many
people into this shit?
They're not just into
this, they're into you.
I wish I could see what they see.
All I see is this fucking miserable girl
who fucking hates herself.
Okay, okay.
I don't wanna be like my parents.
We can be whoever we wanna be, Cody.
It's our world.
We make the rules.
Most losers live in the
past or in the future.
Real control is living in the moment.
You can add disgusting
tramp to one of your
enduring qualities, Cody.
Do it sensually.
And slut, too.
Open your mouth.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
Oh my god!
Oh my god, Cody, no!
Oh shit.
Oh my god.
I'll bring you to enlightenment.
Oh my god.
That's incredible.
I'm gonna eat you.
Mrs. Fields?
Mrs. Fields, wake up, it's about Cody.
I called a bunch of
times, you didn't answer.
Wake up, hey.
Are you okay?
What does Cody know?
I thought, I thought
you were having a seizure.
Willis, what did she say?
I don't know.
I swear.
I need to know what she
said about her father.
She won't tell me.
Look, if you know what
really happened that night
when Mason passed away,
then please,
level with me.
My dad killed himself a few months ago.
I haven't talked to anyone about it yet.
He seemed so happy to me.
My mom, me, we all were happy.
I mean, I was happy.
I thought we were happy.
For a time, I guess.
If that makes any sense.
What's wrong?
Don't cry, please.
I don't do tears.
We're some fucked up pair, aren't we?
Why are you burning me up
with your eyes like that?
I really dig this look on you.
I can help you reach you
father, if you choose.
You're not one of those
soothsayers, are you?
When you're ready, I'll show you.
I never thought
I could love a woman.
I didn't think I could love anyone.
But I don't even recognize myself anymore.
Do you really wanna know?
You're standing in the
exact spot my husband
shot himself in the head.
I was in the other room watching TV.
Cody was in her bedroom
doing her homework.
We heard a loud gunshot,
the loudest thing I've ever heard.
I was walking down the hall,
my ears were ringing,
and that's when I saw him.
And Cody ran past me and
she was rubbing him and
trying to find his pulse and screaming,
and she looked up at me, covered in blood.
I knew I shouldn't have asked.
Watch this.
Turn it off.
Watch it.
I don't wanna
see it again, stop.
What do you mean again?
It's your fault.
You made me follow her.
- Where is she Willis?
- Turn it off.
I'll tell you, all right?
Turn it the fuck off.
What's all this for?
I'm not doing another video.
It's time.
I'm sucking
anymore dick tonight Diablo.
- Drink this.
- What's in it?
Just some Diablo tears.
Now sit, baby.
Give in.
Are you gonna tell me what's going on?
I'm serious Diablo.
This is really uncomfortable.
Why are you...
If any assholes come over
here tonight, I'm done.
Just relax.
You have a lifetime of
gunk hovering in your
chakra area here.
I'm going in to cleanse your system.
What the fuck do you
really think you're doing?
What's the fuckin' mask for?
I'm gonna take you to the astral plane
so you an access your Akashic records.
Akashic records?
The record of emotions,
events, and memories.
I'm going to lead you while you are blind.
The room's spinning.
What was in that shit?
Welcome to the world
of psychic surgery, Cody.
Welcome to my world of pain.
Oh my god, Diablo, that hurts.
Why are you doing this?
Diablo, stop.
I'm bleeding.
Why are you doing this?
Sultan sacrifice, all her.
Untie me.
You're killing me.
Why are you doing this?
You need to understand
my suffering, Cody Bear.
Cody Bear?
Only my parents called me that.
I know.
Blood, brains?
I'm scared.
Somebody help!
Get that bile out, baby.
Get me to a hospital now.
Pay homage to Mason, Cody!
How do you know my dad?
How do you know his name?
Get that bile out.
Untie me, now.
You're fucking killing me.
You're fucking killing me.
This is it?
This is a bad idea, Mrs. Fields.
That woman is batshit crazy.
Untie me, now!
You're fucking killing me!
Mrs. Fields,
slow down, she has a gun.
Get away from her!
- Get away from her!
- Untie me!
Get me out of here!
- Jesus, Cody.
- She stabbed me, mom.
- Willis, do something.
- Mom, untie me.
- Get me out of here.
- Untie her.
Get me out of here.
Stay with me Cody, hey.
Get me out of here!
Look at me, look at me baby.
I'm gonna get you to the hospital.
It's okay.
Untie her.
Who the fuck are you?
What did you do to my daughter?
Cody right here, look at me.
Cody, look at me.
- I can't.
- Stay with me Cody.
Get the fuck out of my face.
Stop, you uncaring bitch!
I'll give you anything you want.
What I want, you can't give me.
Let's go,
we're getting out here.
Let's go.
Where the fuck are you going?
Shit, she shot me.
No, mom!
Don't shoot her!
No, mom!
Don't do it.
Don't shoot her!
Don't shoot her.
Get the fuck away from me.
Get away from me.
Why'd you stab me?
Cody, don't...
Please help me.
Help me!
Come quick.
She tried to kill my daughter.
Please help me.
Oh my god, it's her.
Why did you shoot her?
This is it.
I'm dying.
We had a good run, you and me.
I'm finally leaving this shit hole.
Why did you shoot her?
You have his scent.
Whose, Diablo?
Cody, is she
talking about your father?
I loved him more, Cody Bear.
You took him from me.
I love you.
Cody, she's
talking about your dad.
Get the fuck.
She's the one that
ruined our lives, Cody.
She did this to us.
Mrs. Fields.
Don't shoot her!
Mrs. Fields, stop.
Don't, not again!
Mrs. Fields, don't.
What did you do?
What have you done?
I love you.
Who are you?
Where is this coming from?
This is totally unfair.
I'm doing all I can!
I know what you did!
What are you talking about?
I know you're a fucking fag!
Who are you to judge?
So now it's my fault?
Cody, what are you doing baby?
It's okay.
What are you doing baby?
Why, daddy?
It's not what you think, Cody Bear.
Is it because of me?
Is it because of me?
No Cody, no Cody, no.
Don't, Cody!
No, no.
Hey Cody.
Wake up.
Hey, wake up.
- Are you with us?
- Cody, wake up.
Oh my god.
Cody, please.
Oh my god.
You came back.
Where did I go?
I thought you died.
Cody, you were talking to your dad.
Where is he?
He's not with us anymore honey.
Where is he?
Don't you remember?
Cody Bear.
What do you remember?
I remember everything now.
Turns out my mom, Jen, was right.
My dad did have an affair with Diablo,
and she killed them both.
Death follows me just
like it did with my mom.
Well I'm sorry to hear that.
Now do you know whether your father
was involved with Diablo's operation?
Honestly, I don't know.
They seemed like an odd pair.
And if we were to rewind
these clocks right now,
there would be a woman that once said
that there's one ending to everyone's life
and that we all die with our bare hands.
Well that's really
unfortunate because that's
not how it worked out for her, is it?
You and your mother killed her.
See these stitches right here?
She stabbed me two times
and then drugged me.
That should answer a
lot of your questions.
Is that why you killed her?
I have something for you.
It will show you everything
you need to know,
it'll prove that I'm innocent.
It proves everything.
I knew you'd come around, Cody.
See, you might get yourself
out of this after all.
You know what I don't understand,
is you are a smart girl.
How is that you got yourself
involved with this woman?
I ask myself that question a lot,
and I lost everything when I lost my dad.
And if you're curious,
my dad didn't commit
suicide, didn't kill himself.
My mom shot him, in cold blood.
So, I'm not the person you
need to be interrogating
right now, and she should be behind bars.
I'll look into that for you.
You did good, Cody.
And I do hope that you,
I hope that you get
the help that you need.
You and me both.
Now there's one last thing
that we need to discuss,
and that's your father.
She's gonna get what she deserves.
Yeah, for the both of us.
I tried to spread my
dad's ashes today, but,
couldn't find myself to do it.
He's all I have left.
Where'd you go?
I just couldn't let him go yet.
I feel close to him with this.
My mom, it's so weird
calling her that, Jen,
she sent me another letter this week.
You miss her?
Not really.
Is that weird?
It's a process, Cody.
I've heard that before.
She's where she belongs.
It's never gonna stop hurting, Cody, but,
you're not alone.
I know.
This train's
final destination is...
One day this will be us.
We'll all be ashes some day.
Just not yet.
You know my dad told me if
I have one friend in life,
then I'm doing something right.
You know, Willis has
always been there for me.
He's the best friend I could ever ask for,
so yeah, my life is going pretty good now.
I'm ready for the future.