Babylon 5: In the Beginning (1998) Movie Script

It is said that in every age,
there is one singular event...
...that forever changes the world
around us.
A nexus, if you will.
It is said that the future
is always born in pain.
The history of war is the history of pain.
If we are wise, what is born of that pain...
...matures into the promise
of a better world...
...because we learn
that we can no longer afford...
...the mistakes of the past.
But in the pain of that war,
the future was born.
A future that would one day...
...have a name whispered
on a hundred worlds.
A final refuge for dreams...
...and our last best hope for peace:
Babylon 5.
[Children laughing and squealing]
LUC: Can't catch me.
Luc? Lyssa? Where are you?
You shouldn't be here. You can't play here.
Luc, Lyssa.
LUC: What happened to the buildings?
They fell down.
Some bad people made them fall down.
That's why all the windows in the palace
are covered so you can't see.
If they find out you've been looking...
Then why is the window here
if you're not supposed to look?
This is the Emperor's window, Luc.
He's the only one who can look
out of the palace.
That's why we can't stay.
We have to go before...
LONDO: No, it's all right.
It's been a long time since I heard
the sound of laughter in this room.
A very long time.
Let me see them.
LONDO: And what are your names?
Luco Deradi. And this is my sister, Lyssa.
LONDO: She doesn't talk much, does she?
No, she's always quiet.
We think maybe
there's something wrong with her.
Yes. Or something very right.
The quiet ones are the ones
that change the universe, Luc Deradi.
The loud ones only take the credit.
Are you really the Emperor?
I sometimes ask myself the same thing.
Yes, I am the Emperor.
Here, you see...
This is the seal of the Centauri Republic.
Only the Emperor can wear it.
So, either I am the Emperor,
or I am in a great deal of trouble.
Or both.
Come here, you.
For the next five minutes... are the Emperor of what was once
the vast Centauri Republic.
You may give one order.
Any order you desire.
Make it a good one.
What do you want?
- Tell me a story.
- Luc...
LONDO: No, no. It's all right.
He did far better with that question
than I did.
What kind of story would you like to hear?
I want a story about great battles and wars
and bravery and heroes and villains!
I see.
And what does your sister want?
She says she wants to hear a true story.
LONDO: Very well.
Then I will give you both what you want.
A story about great deeds...
...about armies of light
and soldiers of darkness.
About the places
where they lived and fought...
...and loved and died.
About great empires, terrible mistakes.
A true story.
You see,
I was there at the dawn of the Third Age.
It began with the Humans.
They are the quiet ones
I mentioned before.
They changed the universe...
...but in doing so paid a terrible price.
It began 35 of their years ago.
Their homeworld is a place called Earth...
...located in a fairly uninteresting part
of the galaxy.
We had never bothered much
with that area before.
It had little military or strategic value.
But as a culture grows decadent... becomes intrigued by art... trinkets, by eccentricity.
And the Humans had art and trinkets...
...and eccentricity to spare.
But it was none of those traits...
...that would cause so much death
and pain.
They have an expression:
"Pride goeth before a fall."
And their pride was their undoing.
I know.
I was there.
Mollari, good.
I'd like you to meet General Lefcourt.
Londo Mollari,
liaison to the Centauri delegation.
- Pleasure to meet you, sir.
- Likewise.
Please, sit.
- How is your president? Well, I hope.
- Much better.
I just saw her in the red room.
She's starting to get some of the color
back in her cheeks.
LEFCOURT: This damn flu's got
half of my staff down sick.
I suggest you give her a little of this
before she eats.
I brought it from Centauri Prime
when I heard she was ill.
It will completely eliminate her symptoms
in two, three hours at most.
Thank you. I'm sure she'll appreciate it.
LONDO: My pleasure.
Now, gentlemen, perhaps you will tell me
why you have arranged for this meeting.
AIDE: Of course.
Following our victory against the Dilgar,
we've taken advantage of the good will...
...of other worlds to expand our sphere
of influence.
We've made trade deals
and mutual defense treaties...
...with the League of Non-Aligned Worlds.
Most of the races have been very receptive
to our advances.
Others, downright hostile.
And a few are still a mystery to us.
What do you know
about a race called Minbari?
We have had some dealings with them
in the past...
...but nothing in recent years. Why?
We'll send an expedition to their border... see if they threaten our program
to expand our sphere of influence.
LEFCOURT: We understand that a third
of their population is dedicated to warfare.
They have a warrior caste.
Not exactly the same thing?
We need to know all we can about them.
Then send one ship. One ship only.
Anything more could be perceived
as a threat.
And if that were to happen...
...I assure you
they would never return home.
My people can handle themselves.
We took care of the Dilgar,
we can take care of the Minbari.
Arrogance and stupidity
all in the same package.
How efficient of you.
AIDE: Just a minute...
LONDO: Listen to me.
The Minbari are one
of the oldest spacefaring races.
Even at the height of the Centauri Republic
when we were expanding in all directions...
...we never opposed the Minbari.
If you do not bother them,
they will not bother you.
But that decision's already been made.
All we're asking is that you give us
whatever you've got...
...on the location of their military forces
so we can avoid contact.
LONDO: No, this is foolish.
LEFCOURT: Excuse me for saying so...
...but it sounds like you're concerned with
keeping your monopoly on our business.
Minbari have no interest in alien affairs
or alien business.
And I resent your implication.
I've tried to help you.
You've refused to listen.
There you are.
I will get you the information you ask for,
and that is the end.
Good luck with your mission, gentlemen.
I only hope that in your stumbling around... do not wake the dragon.
Good day.
LONDO: They didn't listen, of course.
Arrogant men never do.
Sadly, arrogance has never been...
...exclusively a Human trait.
It travels between the stars
like solar winds.
CALLIER: I never tire of this view, Lenonn.
It amazes me to think that Valen himself
stood where I am standing... many years ago.
Yes. I often feel his presence here.
Thank you for coming, Callier.
I'm honored that you should travel so far.
It is the least I can do
for the honored leader of the Anla-Shok.
I'm not certain about the "honored" part.
I know what they say about me.
You've been listening to rumors again.
Rangers specialize in reports
from distant places.
Rumors are at the core of what we do.
I've learned that the more vehemently
a rumor is denied...
...the more often it tends to be true.
So, did you pass on my request
for more support?
I did. It was considered and rejected.
They promised!
CALLIER: Lenonn, be sensible.
We have carried the Rangers
as part of our cultural identity...
...our debt to Valen, for 1,000 years.
How much more can you ask of us?
But now is when the prophecies said
that we would be needed most.
- We must begin to move.
- I'm sorry, Lenonn.
The Caste Elders have made their decision.
Then I demand to speak
with the Grey Council.
CALLIER: Lenonn...
It is my right as leader of the Anla-Shok.
I demand to see them
and make my case personally.
If you go over the heads of the Elders,
you risk offending them.
Then let them be offended.
CALLIER: You operate here
at our sufferance, Lenonn.
If you force the issue,
the Rangers may pay the price.
Ignore my request, and we shall all pay
the price for their stupidity.
[Faint tinkling]
[Louder tinkling]
Have you come from the Grey Council?
I want to speak with you.
LENONN: Where are you going?
Why won't you answer me?
[Soft howling]
DUKHAT: Well, Lenonn?
You said you wished to speak with us.
Step into the circle and speak.
LUC: You said there was going to be
a battle.
Excuse me?
You said there was going to be
a great battle in your story.
LONDO: No, it's all right.
The young do not understand that in war
there is death.
You want a battle?
Would it help to tell you
that these two isolated incidents...
...would lead to the greatest war
in Human history?
Many Minbari would die in the war,
but before its end...
...Earth herself would stand
on the very edge of complete destruction.
And the irony is...
...the terrible...
...the terrible truth that no one knows,
but that I will tell you... that the blood of many who died
in that war is on my hands.
My fault.
My fault.
I know it is not my place to speak...
...but you have endured so much
these last few years.
You cannot bear the blame for the war
between the Humans and the Minbari.
We had nothing to do with it.
Thank you, but I know my sins,
dear woman.
And the price
I will eventually pay for them.
Now, young Emperor.
I was telling you about how Lenonn,
head of the Anla-Shok...
...what the Humans would one day
call the Rangers...
...was brought before the Grey Council.
LENONN: Long ago...
...Valen led our people to victory... the Great War against the Shadows.
Before he went away...
...he gave us the prophecy that
they would return again in 1,000 years.
That time is almost upon us.
And the Rangers...
...who were created to be our eyes
and ears on the frontier... watch for the return
of the great darkness, are not ready.
There are only a few of us.
And most of those are old and tired
from years of watching, waiting.
Weary of being mocked... certain members of this Council...
...and by the Warrior Caste...
...who think of us as an embarrassment...
...and who do not believe
in the prophecy of Valen.
This prophecy also said
that the Anla-Shok will arise.
They will be ready and they will be
instrumental in the next great war.
So, why not wait until there's proof?
Valen created the Grey Council
from members of every caste...
...warrior, worker and religious... that no one caste would have
undue influence over the others.
Prophecy falls under the category
of religion, Lenonn.
The workers need to know
why they should stop building bridges...
...and start building ships,
guns and weapons.
And the warriors need to know
why they may be called upon to serve...
...and to die.
What do you say to them?
All I can say is that I believe.
What more is there to say?
We need money, resources, people.
And we must attempt a rapprochement
with the Vorlons.
[Dukhat laughs sarcastically]
...what does the Warrior Caste find
so amusing?
Over the last 100 years, we've sent
a dozen ships into Vorlon space.
None has returned.
To send more would be a waste of time
and effort and lives.
The Vorlons know the prophecy
as well as you.
Yet they have not come forth
to contact us.
Because they know that we have fallen
from grace...
...and that we no longer believe.
Then let them appear to give us something
to believe in.
If the Vorlons do not see the danger,
then perhaps the danger does not exist.
DELENN: Master...
If I may...
There may be a way to give the others
the proof they require.
COPLANN: Delenn is not formally a part
of this Council.
Though she stands in for Satai Kadroni,
she has not yet undergone the ritual.
It is inappropriate for her to speak.
I have never yet known the truth or Delenn
to speak only when it is appropriate.
Go on, Delenn.
Valen said the Shadows...
...would first return to their homeworld
of Z'ha'dum before moving against us.
So, why not send an expedition
to Z'ha'dum... determine
if they have indeed returned.
The Warrior Caste will be no part of this.
Our forces are needed here
to protect homeworld.
Besides, the journey is long and difficult.
Other expeditions have found that the area
around Z'ha'dum is mined...
...with traps and ancient defense systems.
Other races have moved in,
claimed it as their own.
DUKHAT: So, you believe it too dangerous
for the Warrior Caste to go.
The Warrior Caste fears nothing.
But it is a waste of our time.
Further, if the Council endorses
such an expedition... would cause unnecessary panic
among our people.
I agree.
So, they will not have to go.
Thank you.
We will go.
What? But, Master...
DUKHAT: We are the ones
who must decide... much support to give the Rangers.
We can rely on the reports of others,
or see for ourselves.
My whole life...
...I have heard of Z'ha'dum
in whispers and legends.
I think I'd like to see it once before I die.
Wouldn't you, Delenn?
Yes, Master.
Then we will go.
We will take only a few support vessels...
...sworn to secrecy to avoid the panic
Coplann fears.
And we'll travel indirectly...
...stopping at various outposts
until we are ready for the final jump.
It is an elegant and simple solution,
Thank you for giving it to me.
DUKHAT: You have something on your
mind, Delenn. I recognize that expression.
DELENN: I was only thinking...
I believe that Lenonn is correct,
and that we must begin to prepare.
But Coplann is also correct.
The Vorlons should have contacted us
by now.
Yes, they should.
But if the legends surrounding
the Vorlons are correct...
...remember that they do not reveal
themselves quickly and never all at once.
What are you saying?
I'm not saying anything.
I didn't say anything then,
and I am not saying anything now.
It's been a long day
and I must go to my sanctum...
...and meditate on this in private.
Good day, Delenn.
Now, it starts.
KOSH: Yes.
SHERIDAN: You wanted to see me, sir?
Yes. Come in, Commander. Have a seat.
How's your father?
He's fine, sir. He sends his regards.
He asked me to remind you, respectfully...
...that you still owe him 40 credits
from last week.
Yes, yes. I'll get it to him eventually.
It's a sad state of affairs when
a fine diplomat has to resort to cheating... poker.
I can't think of any other way
the man could've beat me.
I have an opportunity for you, Commander,
and I suggest you take it.
We're sending out a mission
to the border of Minbari space.
The ships involved will survey
the disposition of their forces...
...and determine if the Minbari
have any hostile intentions towards us.
I want you on that ship as first officer.
I'm already assigned to the Lexington.
LEFCOURT: The Lexington is an old
patrol ship that'll never fight again...
...if Captain Sterns has anything
to say about it.
He wants to finish his tour and retire with
his parts and pieces still in working order.
He's a good man and a fine officer.
He's loyal to his crew.
I feel I have an obligation to return
that loyalty.
I appreciate that.
But career advancement depends
upon high visibility assignments.
This is an important mission.
When it's over, you'll be that much closer
to your own command.
Can I ask what ship is leading
the expedition?
The Prometheus.
Captain Jankowski lost his X O
to the Churchill two weeks ago...
...and has been looking for a replacement.
You would fit in perfectly.
I know some of the officers
who have served under him.
He doesn't handle first contact situations
as well as others.
Ever since the Omega incident...
The military tribunal cleared him
of all responsibility for what happened.
Yes, I understand that.
But if I can speak frankly...
The men under his command
consider him a loose cannon.
I'd rather not walk into a situation...
...where I might have to go up
against my own CO if things got hot.
Don't misunderstand me.
I appreciate the effort, General.
And you're right. This is a plum
assignment and a fast-track to promotion.
I can't leave Captain Sterns in the lurch.
And I don't really feel comfortable
with the situation on the Prometheus.
Sheridan, you are the most stubborn man
I have ever seen.
And mainly at your own expense.
All right.
If you want to shoot your career in the foot
who am I to stand in the way?
Yes, sir.
DELENN: Excuse me.
Did you just pilot in that transport?
It is dangerous to deliver cargo
while in hyperspace.
Why did your crew
take such an unusual risk?
I do not ask questions, I only follow orders.
Whose orders?
I'm told they came from Dukhat himself.
The deliveries must not attract
undue attention from outsiders.
But why the secrecy?
I don't know.
Once each week we are given
a different rendezvous point.
We wait, and a ship arrives.
They transfer cargo to our ship,
and we bring it here. That's all I know.
You must have some information
about your cargo.
Something to do with life-support systems,
alternate atmospheres, that's all I know.
What kind of alternate atmosphere?
DUKHAT: Delenn!
It is almost time for the ceremony.
You're not prepared.
Are you reconsidering the invitation
to join the Grey Council?
No, of course not.
How could you even ask such a...
Because a member of the Grey Council
wouldn't bother herself...
...with such trivial details
as cargo shipments and transports.
No, Master, of course not.
Except when it may involve larger issues.
You see, only an alien life form
would require an alternate atmosphere.
What of it?
DELENN: I was only thinking
of what you said earlier...
...and remembering that
from time to time...
...aliens have come to us
pretending to be Vorlons.
Since no one alive has ever seen them,
it's easy to be deceived.
Are you saying I'm being deceived?
I'm not saying anything.
I did not say anything then,
and I'm not saying anything now.
Unless you are saying
you've seen a Vorlon.
I am saying even less than you.
Except for this:
When the darkness comes,
if you ever have doubt about your actions...
...all you need to do is look into the face
of a Vorlon.
Once you see that,
all doubt is erased forever.
Now we must hurry,
or you'll be late for your own ceremony.
[Scanner beeping]
Approaching next rendezvous point.
Very good.
Prepare to jump to normal space.
Navigation, prepare to jump.
NAVIGATION: Roger that, Bridge.
Jump engines standing by
at your command.
DUKHAT: Why do you come here, Delenn?
I come to serve.
Who do you serve?
I serve the truth.
What is the truth?
That we are one people, one voice.
Will you follow me to fire?
Will you follow me to darkness?
Will you follow me to death?
I will.
Then follow.
[Scanner beeping]
Sir, we're picking up a silhouette
at the edge of scanner range.
JANKOWSKI: I thought this area
was supposed to be...
...well outside the Minbari transfer points.
FIRST OFFICER: Aye, sir. It is.
There's no reason they should be here.
Unless they're looking for us.
FIRST OFFICER: Should we jump back
to hyperspace?
Negative. We just jumped in.
I don't want to put more strain
on the engines than we have to.
Besides, if it is them,
I want to see if we can get a look at them.
Captain, our orders were to avoid
any first contact situation...
...unless authorized to do so.
JANKOWSKI: I'm well aware of our orders,
Now take us in at oblique angle,
keep the scanners on the maximum.
If we do this right,
they're not even going to know we're here.
Aye, sir.
DELENN: I am become Grey.
I stand between the darkness and the light.
Between the candle and the star.
Scanners confirm target
is unknown vessel.
We read two primary vessels
and several support ships.
Let me see it.
[Dramatic instrumental music]
That's all we've got so far?
Just a silhouette?
FIRST OFFICER: Scanners are having
a hard time locking on.
They may be using some sort
of stealth technology.
Is there any hostile action yet?
FIRST OFFICER: Negative, sir.
They still may not have noticed us yet.
Bring us in closer.
I want as much information as we can get.
Sir, our orders are to avoid...
They are to bring back information
on the Minbari and that's what we'll do.
If we bring back a profile on a warship...
...they'll be handing out medals
by the bucket.
We handled the Dilgar,
and we can handle a few stray ships.
Now, bring us in closer.
The sensors have detected an echo
which seems to be following our course.
They may be alien ships on approach.
I've told them to go to maximum power
on the scanners so we can verify.
There's no reason to concern Dukhat
with it until we know more.
[Scanner beeping]
Sir, alien ships are changing course.
Moving in our direction.
I'm picking up scanners.
Extremely powerful.
I've never seen anything like them.
They've seen us!
All right, let's get out of here.
Prepare to jump.
- Jump engines not responding.
- What?
FIRST OFFICER: Alien scanner arrays
interfering with our electrical systems.
Tremendous EMP output.
Trying to reroute.
They drew us in deliberately.
Wanted us in range of their scanners,
so they could shut us down.
You said you wanted to get as much
information on their ships as possible.
What if they want to capture our ships
for the exact same reason?
Then we want to make sure
that does not happen, Commander.
Go to red alert.
Try to open up a channel.
Tell them we mean no harm.
DUKHAT: What is it?
We detected these alien ships
approaching our space.
DUKHAT: I've never seen those
markings before. Who are they?
I believe they are the Humans.
MORANN: They've tried to contact us,
but we do not understand their language.
As is our custom,
we are approaching with gun ports open.
By whose order?
Sir! Alien ships have opened gun ports.
- Are they prepared to fire?
- I don't know. I can't tell.
Talk to me. Are they locked on us?
Scanners are too powerful.
I couldn't tell even if they were.
They have opened all gun ports.
Master, that is the tradition
of the Warrior Caste...
...a gesture of strength and respect.
They see our weapons,
and we approach them open-handed.
FIRST OFFICER: Enemy presumed
to be hostile. Weapons hot!
All batteries, all forward guns... at will. I repeat. Fire!
Somebody, help me! Help me!
We have hit their scanner arrays!
We can jump now.
All right, get us the hell out of here!
Delenn, we need to strike back,
but the Council is divided.
Do we follow them back to their base
and take revenge...
...or do we wait,
try to find out what happened?
Yours is the deciding vote, Delenn.
He was the best of us.
They struck without provocation.
There was no reason.
Animals! Brutal!
They deserve no mercy!
Strike them down!
Follow them to their base and kill them!
All of them! All of them!
No mercy!
With the death of their leader, Dukhat,
the Minbari went mad.
They swore revenge
and began a holy war...
...that could only end
in the complete extermination of mankind.
LEFCOURT: The incident you have just seen
has been repeated at half a dozen bases... just the last few days.
Where the Minbari strike,
nothing is left alive.
Even ships no longer capable of fighting
are targeted and destroyed.
So, surrender on any scale is not an option.
Every attempt we've made to communicate
with them has been rebuffed.
FONTAINE: They are moving methodically
through the outer colonies...
...wiping out our defense structures
and leaving the colonies vulnerable.
Civilian structures are being left alone
for now.
Now we know the Minbari
use a caste system...
...including a warrior caste.
And we think they're fighting
in a way consistent with that structure...
...taking out our warriors first,
and coming back for the rest later.
They intend to eliminate our defensive
capability all the way to Earth.
Then, with no one to stop them,
they'll head back out again...
...and finish the job of wiping out
every last man...
...woman and child of the Human race.
FONTAINE: Since the first engagement...
...we haven't won one battle
from the enemy.
Their ships are immensely superior
to our own.
And they use stealth technology
we have not been able to beat yet.
We called you here because we wanted you
to see the situation for yourselves.
We want you to go back to your units
and make them understand two things:
One, we need a victory against these
forces, any victory, to increase morale.
Two, that unless we find a way
to defeat the Minbari...
...the Human race ends
with the current generation.
There's got to be a way to beat them,
But you saw those records.
Any ship that comes up
against them loses.
I've never believed in the idea
of an undefeatable enemy, sir.
Any ship can be destroyed.
I hope to hell you're right.
It'll be a few more days
before the Lexington is fully outfitted...
...the engines recharged.
You can see your folks.
But you're going to need me here, sir.
- They'll understand.
- Are you sure?
If you were in my position, would you go?
Under normal circumstances, no.
But after what I saw...
...I'd go.
PA VOICE: Attention.
Attention on deck.
Ganya Ivanov,
you've got a visitor in Room 7.
You've got five minutes.
Get to it. We've got to launch.
GANYA: Susan, what are you doing here?
You're supposed to be at the university.
SUSAN: You know me,
never where I'm supposed to be.
I just wanted to see you before you left.
I thought big brothers were supposed
to take care of their little sisters.
Not the other way around.
So, sue me.
I will. Later. When I get back.
SUSAN: I was just worried, that's all.
I've heard many terrible stories
about what's going on out there.
It's not as bad as everyone says.
I'll be fine.
The military takes care of its own.
Then you'll back me up when I decide
to sign up in a few months.
- Susan Ivanova, you can't...
- I'll be old enough by then.
Father won't stand for it.
It's my choice, not his.
PA VOICE: Ivanov Ganya,
report to Bay 9 for immediate launch.
I have to go.
I love you, little sister.
I love you, too.
SUSAN: Ganya, wait.
Remember when we were camping
and we got lost?
And then I lost my earring,
and then we were found.
I never found the earring.
You made me feel better... telling me that it was lucky?
I remember, but...
Here, take this for good luck.
I won't wear it again until you come back.
Until you give it back to me.
That way, we know you'll come back.
See you soon.
LONDO: I'm sorry,
but there's nothing I can do.
AIDE: We're not asking the Centauri
government to intervene militarily.
We know that won't happen.
We're talking tactical
and strategic support.
LONDO: Yes, and weapons.
AIDE: You and the Minbari are two
of the older races.
Your technology is far above our own.
With access to some of your weapons,
we'd at least stand a fighting chance.
LONDO: It is not our policy to supply
advanced weapons to developing worlds.
- We'll pay any price.
- Yes.
And then we will pay the price...
...when the Minbari come after us
for helping you.
No, I'm sorry. There's not enough money
in your entire planet... justify that risk.
- Londo, if you'd just listen...
- To what?
The voice of a race
that is about to become extinct?
No, I'm sorry.
I have always been very fond of Humans,
but we cannot risk angering the Minbari.
There is nothing I can do. I'm sorry.
AIDE: He refused to help,
just as you said he would.
G'KAR: The Centauri care for no one
but themselves.
They would sooner see your world
in flames than lift a finger to help.
So it would seem.
All right, G'Kar,
what help can we expect from the Narns?
When we drove the Centauri from
our world after 100 years of occupation...
...we seized many of their weapons.
We took them apart, studied them,
learned to turn their own weapons...
...against them,
and we are willing to sell them to you.
Aren't you worried about the Minbari?
G'KAR: If they capture
any of the equipment...
...they will assume
it came from the Centauri...
...attack them, and we win by default.
And if they should learn that the weapons
came from us...
...we endured slavery for 100 years.
A slave is immune to the fear of dying...
...because to die is simply
to end the cycle of pain.
How much can you sell us?
As much as you can afford.
But the price will be high.
Human currency has been devalued
on the interstellar market... it will take a great deal
to convince the Kha'Ri to sell you arms...
...and provide support,
but I believe it can be done.
Assuming we have a deal.
We have a deal, G'Kar.
[Chuckles triumphantly]
Good evening, Delenn.
The latest reports from the front.
Three more of the Humans'
deep range colonies have fallen.
DELENN: Leave it on the table.
I should think you would be more pleased
by the progress of the war.
DELENN: What pleasure can be found
in beating an enemy...
...that never had the slightest chance
of defeating us?
Is that sympathy I hear in your voice,
I'm surprised.
You were the chosen of Dukhat, after all.
Dukhat would have never approved of
this slaughter!
This is simple retribution.
This has gone beyond retribution, Morann.
This is madness. It is genocide.
Yes, it is.
And you're quite right, Delenn.
The Humans cannot oppose us.
So, one can only wonder why
the Warrior Caste...
...has embraced this war
so enthusiastically.
Do you want to hear what I suspect?
I'm breathless with anticipation.
The Warrior Caste loves to win...
...and hates to lose.
It is easier to fight a weaker opponent
and be guaranteed victory...
...than to oppose
a far more dangerous enemy.
Are we back on the Shadows again?
They will come.
And soon.
MORANN: Legends.
Nothing more.
The Humans are a real enemy... enemy I can touch, see and kill.
Sometimes I wonder
where your loyalty really is.
You dare?
Or is it simpler just to be a coward?
Morann, get out.
MORANN: I was simply...
DELENN: I said "get out"!
I'm sorry, Delenn.
I was your guest and I acted poorly.
No apologies are required.
When you arrived,
you said you had information for me.
I made arrangements to transfer
all of Dukhat's belongings to this ship.
I brought everything that was his, Delenn.
I even recreated his sanctum.
Only you and I have access for now.
I think you should go there, Delenn.
I think you should go very soon.
Are you a Vorlon?
KOSH: Yes.
What is your name?
What do you want?
What are you doing here?
Creating the future.
DUKHAT: If you are seeing this message,
it is because I am dead.
I leave this in trust of the Vorlons... give it to the right person,
at the right time.
I ask you to trust them as I have.
They have come to us in secret,
to prepare for the coming war.
They say...
...we'll need allies... particular, a race that is so far
unknown to us called Humans.
If we have not already done so by now...
...I hope that you will work
with the Vorlons... find these Humans and bring them
into the battle on our side.
The allies of the Shadows
are gathering at Z'ha'dum.
Their masters cannot be far behind.
They must be stopped.
Finish the work I began.
Finish it.
The Humans?
KOSH: Yes. They are the key.
He didn't know.
He couldn't know that we are
at war with them.
And that is why it must be stopped.
We have lost too much valuable time
already due to this...
If we do not end it soon,
more time will be lost.
This great war must be stopped
before it starts...
...or millions of lives will be lost.
FRANKLIN: The worst cases
of radiation poisoning...
...will be brought here for treatment.
When this goes on-line, it will be
the best facility of its kind anywhere.
We still don't know
what kind of enhanced... weapons the Minbari use.
But when we do...
What the hell is wrong with you, Franklin?
Get out. This is private.
I just got this report about your activities
before you rejoined Earthforce.
You spent three years hitchhiking
on starships, trading services... ship's doctor for free passage.
- That's right.
- You encountered a group of Minbari.
One of their ships went down.
There was no one else around.
I did what I could do to save them.
We didn't know what we were up against.
They all died.
- It's in the report.
- The hell it is!
I see statements about their language,
physiology, culture.
I know you, Franklin.
You weren't out there sightseeing.
You were gathering medical data.
- Was there an autopsy?
- Yes.
Did you, or did you not, collect
detailed information about their DNA...
...their biology, that has vital importance
to the biogenetic warfare division?
FRANKLIN: Yes, I did.
FONTAINE: And where are those notes?
Sir, I am a doctor. My job is to save lives.
- In my opinion...
- I don't give a rat's ass about your opinion!
- I want those notes!
- I can't do that.
Excuse me? I don't think I heard that.
I can't allow my notes to be used
to create a biogenetic plague...
...that could wipe out an entire race.
That's what they're doing to us.
Have you not been following the news?
If we do the same,
how are we any different?
- Damn it, mister...
- I'm sorry, General. I am a doctor.
I cannot allow my notes to be used
in the production of weapons of war.
Under the military code of justice...
Don't talk to me about codes!
You cannot force me
to go against my conscience!
Dr. Franklin's under arrest.
He will be held until he produces
the information I have requested.
I want his office and house searched,
every data crystal.
I want all reports and records confiscated
by 16:00.
And God help you, son.
From now on, the blood of every soldier
that dies in this war is on your hands.
Get him out of here!
Commander's personal log, update.
We lost two more ships to hit-and-run
attacks today.
My guess is they're softening us up
for a major offensive.
Captain Sterns hasn't slept in two days.
Word is there's some kind of...
...ace cruiser out there
that's killed two dozen...
...of our ships in the last three weeks.
No one's survived an attack yet
to confirm that.
Picking up Minbari-style transmissions.
Target bearing mark:
- Should be in visual range.
- Let me see.
Silhouette confirmed.
Looks like a short-range transport.
All batteries, go to ready status.
Roger that, batteries are ready.
SHERIDAN: Could be a scout or...
...a straggler that got separated
from a larger fleet.
Could be a decoy drawing us
into an ambush.
SHERIDAN Should we pursue?
STERNS: Negative.
I won't risk the fleet.
She'll be leaving visual range any moment,
and the scanners can't lock on.
- Launch bay, this is the Captain.
- Launch bay, aye.
Launch solo fighter.
I want that transport followed.
LAUNCH BAY: She's got a big head start
on you, Eagle 7.
Roger that. Maximum thrust.
Eagle 7 to Lexington...
...she's flamed out.
STERNS: Stand by, Eagle 7.
Move us in.
Any further radio chatter?
Negative. She's running silent.
Keep moving us in.
Sir, I don't like it.
Just before the transport flamed out,
it fired its forward thrusters...
...cutting acceleration down
to almost nothing.
Now, if I were running from the enemy,
engines failing...
...I'd try to keep my inertia going
on the off-chance I'd get away.
Not just lying there waiting to get caught.
Or maybe he wants to be captured alive...
...rather than risking getting killed
in that asteroid field.
Or maybe they want us in a precise,
predetermined location.
Captain, their jump engines
are more precise than ours.
They can target an area
of less than 100 yards.
SHERIDAN: If they jump into the middle...
STERNS: Holy...
This is fleet command. All ships, break off.
Primary systems hit.
Weapons and jump engines are down.
Only navigational thrusters functioning.
[Alarm beeping]
Captain? Order...
[Background commotion]
DELENN: The situation is getting
out of control, Lenonn.
So far, we have hit only the outer colonies.
They're sparsely populated
with minimal defenses.
Soon we will hit colonies and stations
closer to the homeworld of the Humans.
Every day that passes sees more death...
...and every death will make it
that much harder to intervene.
...what do you suggest?
We have to find a way
to open negotiations...
...give us time to find a solution.
That's why I need you, Lenonn.
I cannot contact the Humans directly...
...or ask any other member
of the Grey Council to do so.
We cannot act alone.
But someone else...
...might be able
to contact them unofficially.
Someone the others would respect...
...with a history of service
and unchallenged loyalty.
Someone like you, Lenonn.
I appreciate the compliment, Delenn, but... do I do this?
If I attempt to contact them directly...
...the Grey Council will hear of it
and interfere.
And the Humans
will almost certainly consider it a trap.
Our intelligence reports indicate the
Humans have made a deal with the Narns... buy weapons.
Through the Narns, we can arrange
a meeting in neutral territory.
But the danger is great.
To live is to risk.
I'll instruct my Rangers to make contact...
...with the Narn government
and set things in motion.
With luck, the meeting could take place
in three weeks.
Perhaps four.
It will have to do.
I've been gathering information
on their language and culture.
I'll make a copy for you this afternoon.
It may prove helpful.
Thank you, Lenonn.
Thank you.
At my age...
...I feared that I would never again
have the chance to serve my people... one of my order should.
Thank you...
...for giving me the opportunity.
I will meet...
...whatever comes with joy.
[Asteroids thud against ship]
Bridge to engine room.
Do we have any power yet?
ENGINE ROOM: Negative, sir.
- Communications...
- Sir.
Can we contact Earth,
send a distress signal?
It's possible.
But, sir...
...that Minbari cruiser only left
because it figured we were dead.
If we send a distress signal...'ll come back and finish us off.
If we sit here and do nothing,
we're just as dead.
Roger that, sir.
Firing control... we have any tactical nukes left?
FIRING CONTROL: Affirmative.
Three two-megaton warheads
with proximity fuses.
All right.
I'm authorizing use of tactical nukes.
Firing control, remove their warheads...
...get them down
to Launching Bay 9, ASAP.
Communications, stand by to broadcast
distress signal, but not till I give the order.
Aye, sir.
...I would be...
...less than honest if I said I was sure
this was going to work. It might.
And it might not.
We could very well blow up
right alongside the enemy.
At least we'll have a fighting chance
of taking them out with us.
Unless anyone else has a better idea.
All right, then we'll stick with my plan.
Hell, I didn't want to live forever anyway.
We got the nukes in place.
EVA TEAM: Heading back to the barn.
SHERIDAN: Roger that.
[Asteroid thuds against ship]
All right, send the distress signal.
Hope we don't have to wait too long.
I don't know how much more we can take.
...I think your wish may be coming true.
We have an echo on vector approach,
might be them.
Coming into range...
Bridge to navigation.
The enemy has a clear shot.
Fire docking thrusters.
Get us behind one of those asteroids,
let them think we're trying to evade.
If they want to finish the job,
let them come to us.
Here we go.
CREW MEMBER: She's locking on, sir.
A little more.
CREW MEMBER: Confirmed weapons lock.
Energy spike! She's ready to fire!
CREW MEMBER: She's out of range
of nuke two. Only one left.
See you in hell.
[Cheering and clapping]
We plan on broadcasting this... every major planetary network
for the next three days.
The Black Star was their flagship.
We've shown that we can outthink it
and outfight it.
And if any member
of the press corps asks...
...about the morality of sending out
a distress signal and hitting the enemy...
...remind them the Minbari
do not take survivors.
They were on a mission to murder
the surviving crew of the Lexington.
They paid the price.
That was quick thinking, Commander.
- You're to be commended.
- Thank you, sir.
You were right to stay where you were.
Thanks for arguing with me.
Now, I have another job for you.
- But my ship...
- It will take a while for it to be repaired.
I need you for this immediately.
LEFCOURT: Commander Sheridan,
this is G'Kar...
...of the Narn Regime which has agreed
to sell us weapons to equalize the battle.
He's also here to make arrangements
for a covert mission.
- Commander.
- Sir.
A Narn cruiser will transport you
to an abandoned listening post... Sector 919...
...where, in theory... will rendezvous
with a representative of the Minbari.
I said, "in theory."
We've heard that elements
of their government want a meeting... discuss a way of ending the war
without the annihilation of Earth.
Most progressive of them.
It could also be a trick.
We want you to make contact...
...since you've shown you can handle
yourself against them if things get hot.
Your record on first contact protocol
is outstanding.
And I'm expendable.
Once we know it's safe and they're serious,
we'll send in the negotiators.
Anyone else on my team?
Just one.
LEFCOURT: Commander Sheridan,
Dr. Stephen Franklin.
He's had a fair amount of physical contact
with the Minbari before the war.
He can verify these individuals are
who they say they are...
...and be on hand in case things go badly.
You volunteered?
Well, I didn't have that much of a choice.
The only way I could get out
of the stockade.
Long story. Tell you later.
What about a translator?
We've heard that your contact
has studied your language.
Just in case, I will go along,
since I am fluent in Minbari and English.
I don't have to tell you how important
this mission is, Commander.
It's been only a few months...
...but there are millions of lives at risk
in the inner colonies.
More here in the home system.
This has to go well, John.
There's no other choice.
And if the only way out is for Earth
to surrender?
LEFCOURT: Officially,
that's up to the negotiators.
Those are my orders.
...we're losing this war, John.
And if the only way the Human race
can survive is to surrender...
...then we will surrender.
LONDO: Orders.
We all have our orders.
That is something you
don't understand yet.
You think to go to bed early is an order... clean your room is an order.
The hard orders...
...those are the ones you discover later.
The order to leave your friends
on the battlefield.
The order to... upon the weak, the powerless.
My orders...
My orders were to prevent the Narns
from using the war... establish closer ties with the Humans.
My spies learned of the Narn mission
to the Epsilon system.
We assumed it was an arms shipment.
We didn't know...
...we couldn't know
that it was an attempt to end the war.
And so, I gave the order to intercept them.
Great Maker, forgive me.
SHERIDAN: Just a sec.
We need to find the power supply.
I just hope the solar batteries
are still working.
Dr. Franklin, check the perimeters.
See if we can secure this place.
All right.
You know, Commander...
...if we are unable
to resolve this war of yours...
...there is always a place for someone
like you among our people.
We could arrange a safe haven
for you and a few others.
...but if my world goes, I'm going with it.
A waste of material. Most unfortunate.
Good, Doctor, I was just telling your...
You, Sheridan?
I didn't know you'd been told
who was coming.
We know more than you think.
I also know what you did to the...
...Drali Fi.
The Black Star.
We did exactly
what you would have done to us.
We just did it first.
I know.
It was necessary.
I also know that many of my people...
...will not forget.
I speak to you...
...for them.
We must find a way to resolve this... that many more of your people
not get killed.
G'KAR: Yes?
N'FAL: G'Kar, a ship is coming
through the jump gate!
G'KAR: Do you have a reading on it?
N'Fal? N'Fal, can you hear me?
Hit the deck!
LENONN: [Coughing] They never knew...
...who had attacked them.
Each side assumed it was a renegade arm
of their own government.
But it was us.
And it was my order that destroyed...
...their last chance for peace.
FRANKLIN: Help me.
SHERIDAN: How is he?
Not good.
We need him alive.
That may not be...
I am sorry...
...I made things worse.
Try not to talk.
No, you must listen.
They will come looking for me.
And they will blame you...
...for me.
And the war...
...will grow worse.
LENONN: Listen...
And repeat exactly.
- Did you get it?
- Yeah.
LONDO: As Lenonn had promised...
...the Minbari came quickly.
I have a message.
I said, "I have a message!"
I know what's in Dukhat's sacred place.
I know what's in Dukhat's...
I know what's in Dukhat's sacred place!
What is in Dukhat's sacred place?
Let them go.
- Satai...
- I said, "Let them go."
There has been enough death today.
What does that mean?
The future.
Is that the end of the story?
The end?
No, not the end.
At the point that I am describing...
...50,000, maybe 60,000 Humans had died
in the Minbari War.
With their one chance for peace ruined
and Lenonn dead...
...the war escalated.
The end of the story?
SINCLAIR: Break off! I'm hit!
Not the end at all.
The greatest slaughter of all...
...still waits for us.
And it changed everything.
It's ironic, isn't it?
I had every window in the palace
blocked off because I was afraid...
...that if I came around a corner
and saw this, unprepared...
...that I would break down and cry.
And yet I spend all of my time here
in this room...
...looking at it.
In my life, I had four wives.
I cared for them all deeply.
But I loved Centauri Prime.
Loved every street, every tower...
...every inch of our world.
Everything I did, I did for her.
And look what we have done to her.
There is hope.
But it will be hard.
It will be so very hard.
Where was I?
The war.
The Humans, I think,
knew they were doomed.
But where another race
would surrender to despair...
...the Humans fought back
with even greater strength.
They made the Minbari fight...
...for every inch of space.
In my life,
I have never seen anything like it.
They would weep...
...they would pray, they would say
goodbye to their loved ones...
...then throw themselves...
...without fear or hesitation... the very face of death itself.
Never surrendering.
No one who saw them fighting against...
...the inevitable could help
but be moved to tears... their courage.
Their stubborn nobility.
When they ran out of ships,
they used guns.
When they ran out of guns
they used knives...
...and sticks and bare hands.
They were magnificent.
I only hope...
...that when it is my time...
...I may die with half as much dignity... I saw in their eyes at the end.
They did this for two years.
They never ran out of courage.
But in the end...
...they ran out of time.
PRESIDENT: Are we on?
This is...
This is the President.
I've just been informed
that our midrange military bases... Beta Durani and Proxima 3...
...have fallen to the Minbari advance.
We've lost contact with lo...
...and must conclude that they too
have fallen to an advanced force.
Our military intelligence believes...
...that the Minbari intend to bypass Mars
and hit Earth directly...
...and the attack may come at any time.
We have continued to broadcast
our surrender...
...and a plea for mercy.
And they have not responded.
We therefore can only conclude...
...that we stand at the twilight...
...of the Human race.
In order to buy more time...
...for our evacuation transports
to leave Earth...
...we ask for the support of every ship...
...capable of fighting... take part in a last defense
of our homeworld.
We will not lie to you.
We do not believe that survival
is a possibility.
We believe that anyone who joins
this battle...
...will never come home.
But for every ten minutes...
...we can delay the military advance...
...several hundred civilians...
...may have a chance to escape
to neutral territory.
Though Earth may fall...
...the Human race must have a chance... continue elsewhere.
No greater sacrifice has ever been asked...
...of a people that I ask you now... step forward one last time... last battle... hold the line against the night.
May God...
...go with you all.
We are almost within range
of the homeworld of the Humans.
The Grey Council should be assembled... see the end of our great campaign.
What glory is there in eliminating
an entire race, Coplann?
Not as much as in the beginning.
It's been a long road, Delenn.
But we are nearly at the end of our...
...holy war.
But are we any longer holy?
Why is it, whenever I see you,
you never speak...
...other than to ask questions?
Because questions are all I have left.
And after today...
...I think they're all I will ever have.
Then at least bring your questions
to the Council.
We must all be there at the end.
DELENN: Are you still here?
KOSH: We have always been here.
I've failed.
In a little while...
...the final slaughter will begin.
I know the others do not want it.
Even Morann is tired of war, tired of blood.
But the war has taken on...
...a life of its own.
And it will continue to its bloody end... matter our feelings.
I think...
I think the others only need a reason
to delay.
Or reconsider.
But there is no such reason.
And we are out of time.
I don't know what to do.
Tell me...
Tell me what to do.
KOSH: The truth points to itself.
KOSH: The truth points to itself.
I do not understand.
Before it's too late.
ALPHA 7: Alpha 7 to base.
I'm picking up energy emissions
on the horizon.
FLEET COMMAND: Alpha 7, scout ahead,
see what's out there.
Any bogeys on screen?
FLEET COMMAND: Negative, Alpha 7.
All other squadrons,
maintain radio silence...
...until Alpha 7 checks this out.
Closing in on trace emissions.
So far, nothing.
It might be just an echo or...
Oh, hell.
We've got a scouting party.
Repeat. We've got a scouting party.
Hostiles on approach. Locking on.
SINCLAIR: Hold on. Hold on.
Alpha 7!
PILOT: He's gone.
Picking up enemy transmissions.
SINCLAIR: Stay in formation!
Hold the line!
No one gets through no matter what!
MITCHELL: Understood.
Alpha Leader,
you have a Minbari on your tail.
It is time.
Tell the others to jump.
I'm on him.
Targeting fighter, no!
Mitchell, stay in formation.
It might be a...
SINCLAIR: Oh, my God.
WOMAN: They're everywhere.
MAN 1: We can't stop them.
MAN 2: They're locking on!
It's a trap. Mitchell!
MITCHELL: I've got a clear shot.
I can take them.
SINCLAIR: Mitchell, break off, break off.
They fight bravely.
They cannot harm our ships...
...but they continue to try.
Fighting or not...
...they know they will die, so really... this bravery...
...or simple desperation?
COMPUTER: Aft stabilizers hit.
Weapons systems at zero.
Defensive grid at zero.
Power plant near critical mass.
Minbari targeting systems locking on.
If I'm going out,
I'm taking you bastards with me!
Target main cruiser. Set for full velocity
ram. Afterburners on my mark!
We should bring one of them aboard
for questioning.
If our next step is the final assault
on their world...
...we must know their defenses.
Very well, Delenn. Choose.
But quickly.
We are fast running out of candidates.
KOSH: The truth points to itself.
DELENN: That one.
I'll see to the interrogation.
Why are you...
...doing this?
[Dramatic instrumental music]
Report me if you wish.
But I've seen more death
than anyone should ever have to see.
- I'll see no more.
- Delenn.
If you wish to finally destroy Earth...
...I will not watch, I...
- Delenn...
...we were using the Triluminary... probe the Human.
You should come and see.
I'll get the others.
You should...
...all come and see.
The Triluminary confirms it.
The Human has a Minbari soul.
And not just a Minbari soul...
...the soul of Valen.
I still can't believe it.
But the Triluminary is our most holy relic.
It cannot be questioned.
Minbari do not kill Minbari.
It is our greatest law.
Valen must have been reborn
into this form... tell us that the Humans are important.
Important to the next phase...
...the coming Shadow War.
We cannot destroy them.
In the name of Valen...
...and the one who is Valen's shadow
in this life, we cannot kill them.
Tell the ships to stop firing.
Tell them, Coplann.
Tell them now.
What about the Human?
He knows what we have found.
We cannot kill him.
And we cannot let him tell anyone else.
If our people find out about this...
...before we can prepare them,
it could be disastrous.
Send for a telepath.
We will remove this memory
from his mind.
He will have to be watched
to ensure that he does not remember.
Leave that to me.
We will keep him close to us
one way or another.
LONDO: For the next 10 years... question would obsess 100 worlds:
Why did the Minbari surrender
at the Battle of the Line...
...on the very eve of victory?
The answer to that question...
...would change the galaxy forever.
What happened when they found out?
That... another story...
...for another time.
You cannot expect to hear
all of the stories at once, you know.
But shortly after the war ended...
...the Earth President made a decision.
The Senate has approved funding
to construct on the Babylon Station...
...located in neutral space
between several governments.
we stood on the eve of destruction... a result of a terrible, terrible mistake.
A mistake which none of us
can afford to make again.
The Babylon Station is a place
to work out our problems peacefully.
It is, we believe...
...our last best hope for peace.
LONDO: But like all good things... took them a while to work it all out.
There. You have your story.
You must go now.
I have things to do.
I hope they were not an inconvenience,
No. Thank you...
...for allowing me to see joy
one more time...
...before it gets...
...too dark for me to see anything...
Dear lady...
...I would love to walk with you...
...on a beach.
For just five minutes.
How strange... have come so far...
...and to want so little.
...will you remember this story?
Will you remember me?
All my life, Majesty.
Very well. Go.
What about Sheridan and Delenn?
What about the end of the story?
Sheridan became president
of a great alliance...
...Delenn ever at his side.
The story... not over yet.
The story is never over.
Now go.
Did they live happily ever after?
Did they live happily ever after?
That remains to be seen.
[Bell tinkles]
I need another bottle.
I will need several more bottles.
And then...
...wait one hour...
...and bring the prisoners here.
DELENN: They are allowing us
one last moment together before...
It's all right, John.
I accepted this fate a long time ago.
They cannot touch me.
They cannot harm me.
I'm not afraid.
Not if you are with me.
Our son is safe.
That's all that matters.
...I love you.
To the future.
My old friends.