Bachaana (2016) Movie Script

"The paths were straight."
"And my days were carefree."
"I was lost in my own world...
unaware of the outside world."
"I used to always refuse..."
"As my heart called
out...everyone heard."
"Everyone heard."
"Save me...beloved."
"Where we can we meet...
tell me, beloved."
"You're my destination,
don't fade away."
"Save me...beloved."
Here you go.
'Yes...I am Vicky.'
'A taxi driver.'
'We often get to see
such love stories here.'
'What to's the place.'
'Hero is worried...full tensed.'
'Here and a dilemma.'
'And then finally...'
- Alia.
The heroine.
I love you.
- Huh!
Please move aside.
'And a little confusion...
the hero finally meets his heroine.'
'Finally the hero goes down
on his knees, takes the ring out...'
'...and expresses his heart out.'
'But like they say...
every love-story has a twist.'
'What can a guy do after all?'
'That's how girls are.'
Isn't someone going to do something?
We can't leave him like this.
I'll talk to him.
Poor guy's crying so much.
What are you staring at?
Help him up.
What's wrong? Did she leave you?
- No.
Then help him up.
- Yes.
Please, sir. Come with us.
Brother, take this tissue.
Wipe your tears.
Let me...
These things are
common in such matters.
- Yes.
If not you, then someone else.
Or maybe someone else.
- Yes.
Back in our country, there
was an SMS that got quite famous.
"So what if she tied the
knot with someone else." - Wow!
"So what if she tied
the knot with someone else."
"Now I'll find myself a bride too."
"I knew she wasn't my destiny..."
" now I'll hit
on her little sister."
I didn't write it.
I was just telling you.
Look, don't lose courage.
Just keep going.
Don't lose hope ever. Okay?
Best of luck, see you.
Oh yes...I made a video of you.
Once I upload it, there will
be a queue of girls after you.
She even made my video.
Sir, your change.
I am sorry, sir.
These things happen.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, madam.
Excuse me, madam!
- What's wrong, mister?
Do you want to blow my ears?
- Yes, Hail one for me.
Here it is.
- Where?
I am a taxi-driver.
You're a taxi-driver?
- Yes.
That name's Vicky, this is my card.
Full day tour,
best sites in Mauritius.
Full entertainment...
5000 rupees only.
No tour? No problem.
Straight from airport,
1200 rupees...flat rate.
Wow! Card and all...suited-booted.
Do you spend your entire
earning on clothes?
No, I also send some home.
Shall we?
- Where?
- Yeah.
Let him come first.
- Him?
My husband.
Please look after my luggage.
He said he's going to the bathroom.
I hope he didn't go someplace else.
I always go to the bathroom
before stepping out of the house.
There's no telling
how public toilets are.
A lot of people use them, right?
No, the toilets here are clean.
- Why? Do you clean them yourself?
- Yeah. I'll go take a look.
And listen, if anything goes missing...
...remember, I have your card.
- Okay.
Mr. Jehangir Rizvi,
please report to the information desk.
Where were you?
- What are you doing here?
Was the bathroom clean?
- Where's the luggage?
I left it with the taxi-driver.
- Are you crazy?
Where is he?
- There he is.
You can't give your
luggage to just anyone here.
Anything can happen.
Let's go.
You shouldn't have called me crazy.
Say sorry.
- Why?
Why did you call me crazy?
Well...I just said it.
Who calls his wife crazy
on the second day of their marriage?
I didn't mean it.
Marvelous, sir. Just married.
- Yes.
Just yesterday.
It hasn't even been 24 hours yet.
We'll stay one day in Mauritius...
and then leave for South Africa.
Then you should take my tour.
Best cinema...malls...temples...
best locations.
Fine, we'll see.
- What see? Of course we'll see.
We don't come to Mauritius often.
He's from South Africa.
And especially came to
India for getting married.
And he found me.
His entire family is eagerly
waiting for us at Cape Town.
We got married...
and they're getting restless.
Madam, is this your
first time out of India?
No, no, I travel to the
west each year for holidays.
Is this your first
time driving a taxi?
No, no, sir.
It's been an entire year now.
I see...because you haven't
asked yet where we want to go.
Sir...I completely forgot
during our conversation.
Sunset hotel, Grand Bay.
Yes...I've seen it, sir.
You know,
he's one of those serious types.
He keeps coming here
often on business.
You see...I've a visit visa.
Don't tell anyone, but...
...outside India...I am not even his wife.
Why don't you tell him
if you've missed something?
Jehangir, he's from our country.
By the way,
what part of India do you belong to?
No, I am from Pakistan.
Take a good look.
He's from Pakistan.
Welcome, sir.
What a lovely hotel, sir. Lovely.
Beautiful. Amazing.
Thank you so much, sir.
This is my card...
Madam, if you find the time...
...then do take my tour. My card.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
It's spiked.
It contains alcohol.
- Oh thank you.
Your room is ready,
Mr. James. - Mr. James?
That's my nickname, that's
what they call me here lovingly.
I see...since when did
they fall in love with you?
Come on.
The room's got a better view.
Come on.
I think it's the room service.
Wait, I'll take a look.
James, where have you been?
Come here.
You didn't tell me you're coming here.
Why didn't you answer my calls?
Relax. Relax, man.
- Wait inside.
- I said wait inside.
Let's just..
- You'll have to come with us.
- You know where.
Okay, give me one minute.
What's wrong, Jehangir?
Is everything alright?
Yes, everything is alright.
My wallet?
- Yes. Here.
Are you going somewhere?
- Yes, I've to go.
Should I come along?
- No, not you.
Is my bag packed?
- Jehangir, where are you going?
How can you...
I can't tell you anything right now.
Jehangir, please.
I've to go right now.
Okay, bye.
Vicky, this is only 4000 dollars.
- These are fresh notes.
She's saying it's only 4000.
I understood that...tell her,
Rome wasn't built in a day.
Drop by drop, you fill the ocean.
- What ocean?
I told you the price
is 10,000 dollars.
Not a penny less.
She won't accept anything
less than 10,000.
Look Emily,
I'll pay you in parts.
Part 1...Part 2...Part 3...
- Yes.
He says he'll pay in installments.
- I can't waste my time, okay.
This is the third week
you've been stalling me.
And I'm taking a big risk.
If you don't pay me,
I won't do this.
What Emily saying?
She saying it's not a car
that you'll pay in installments.
I get that.
Basher, tell her
I'll pay her in a week.
One week extension, please.
I can't,
I can't, I've my own problems.
You don't understand, Emily.
They will send me back.
I've an old father.
Sick mother and a unmarried sister.
They will send him back to Pakistan.
He has old father,
sick sister...
Single...single sister.
Vicky, enough.
I give you two more days. Okay.
You give me the money...
I marry you.
Otherwise, please don't bother me.
I know you understand
what I am saying. Okay.
I understand. Please take four.
I'll pay you, I swear.
- Hello, Alia.
Jehangir, where are you?
Listen to me carefully...
and do as I tell you.
But where are you?
Pack your luggage...take a taxi
and get to the airport immediately.
And you?
- I can't come now, Alia.
Alia, are you listening?
Jehangir, I am scared.
Then please do as I am saying.
There's a taxi waiting
for you outside.
Trust me.
Airport, madam.
- Huh!
Madam, airport.
- Yes.
Let's go. Have a seat.
Relax, please.
- Thank you.
Here we are, madam.
Just one second.
Let me get your bag for you.
Here you go, madam.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
What have you done?
- Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Hey...what is she doing?
Look at that girl?
Hey...what are you doing?
Is everything okay?
- Yeah, fine...please...
You speak English?
- No...English..
Where are you going?
- Cape Town.
Cape Town? Now?
But it's time for boarding.
Where are you going?
I the taxi.
Can I go?
But you can't go?
It's time for check-in now.
Yes, but I need to smoke.
Can I smoke a cigarette?
- Oh, you want to have a smoke?
Yes... - But there's
a smoking room inside.
No...outside...I need fresh air.
Fresh air? Sure? Let's go.
Can I get your bag?
No, I can carry my bag.
- Okay.
Then let's go.
What happened? Huh?
It's a different brand.
- I see.
I know your husband.
Now come with me. Let's go.
Move. Move.
Madam, you?
- You?
Let's go, quickly.
- Move. Move.
Hurry up.
Excuse me, madam.
- Drive faster.
I am driving faster, but you
didn't tell me where you want to go.
To the hotel, of course.
Your husband didn't come?
- No, he'll come later.
No luggage either?
Yes, we left it at the airport.
The flight's delayed.
Oh, I see. So when is your flight?
Later...just get me to the hotel.
Blabbering all the time.
- Okay.
Madam, your hotel.
- Thank you.
Madam. Money?
- Oh yes, how much?
1200 rupees, flat rate.
Is this fine?
- Absolutely.
Madam, do take my
tour if you get the time.
- Hello, ma'am.
Mr. Jay, please. Room 510.
Must be Jay Rizvi.
- He's already checked out.
- Yes.
Checked out? Are you sure?
Please check.
- Okay, let me check again.
Yes, ma'am. He's already checked out.
Please call his number.
- Okay, sure.
Sorry, ma'am.
His phone is switched off.
Thank you.
Madam, your bag.
No...this isn't my bag.
- It's your bag.
I meant something else.
Thank you, madam.
See you. - Wait, Vicky.
Let's go on that tour.
- Now?
Yes, let's go now. Come on.
- Fine.
The door's this way.
- No, I need to go to the washroom.
Come on.
- Okay.
No, no, no, no, sir.
Ladies bathroom.
Go to gents.
Manners, please.
- I know.
You know, still go inside.
If you go, I'll call police.
Please...welcome, sir.
It's all yours.
That's just amazing, ladies bathroom.
- Vicky, let's go.
Was this bathroom clean, madam?
- Yes, it was.
Let's go.
That's the quality
of Mauritius' bathrooms.
Madam, you did the right
thing by taking my tour.
Since you're our neighbor,
we've a special discount for you.
Listen, I want to make a call.
Yes, of course. No problem.
- I want to call India.
Madam, you've taken
our international package.
You can talk freely...
for two minutes.
I was joking.
You can talk all you want.
But there's no wi-fi.
And we'll begin our tour with
the most beautiful place in Mauritius.
Just like you guys say mind-blowing.
Mind-blowing Albion.
They say that...400 years ago...
...a queen of England came
to Mauritius through the sea.
And she was a...
- Rascal, bitch.
- My little sister.
She keeps the phone busy all day.
Why don't you try
calling her at night?
I'm sure she keeps it free at night.
You don't know my sister.
Madam, is everything okay?
- Yes, everything is okay.
Didn't you like this place?
- It's nice.
Is your husband...
going to join us? - No...
No, he can't make it.
He'll join is later.
Why don't you call him here?
Your mood will get better once he's here.
- I told you he can't come.
Stop asking me..
Mind your own business.
Didn't anyone teach you any manners?
It's the limit.
Blabbering all the time.
Please tell me if there's a problem,
maybe I can help you.
How can I trust you?
- What do you mean?
I am a Pakistani, not an alien.
Vicky...I can't find my husband.
I am scared. - What do you
mean by you can't find your husband?
He checked out of the hotel.
His phone's switched off too.
Did you two have an argument?
- No...nothing like that.
Give me the phone,
I'll find out.
Is this the number?
- Yes.
"We're sorry..."
It's switched off.
- Huh?
How can I look for
one man in this big city?
Can I say something?
You're too worried.
The batteries must have worn out.
Do one thing, go back
to the hotel and get some rest.
Soon it will be time for your flight.
You do have money, don't you?
- Yes.
But...but he has my passport.
If I don't contact him,
how will I go back?
- Yeah.
Then we must find him.
- Yes.
South Africa! Call his residence.
- I don't have anyone's number.
You must have some
of his friend's number.
I can e-mail him.
But I'll need a computer.
He instantly checks his e-mail.
I've sent this number to him, okay?
- Yes, absolutely right.
Before we got married...
...we would communicate
through the internet.
You two didn't meet before?
- No, we met over the internet.
And that's how we got together.
- I see.
Do you have a photograph?
- Yes.
Then let's take a'll come in handy.
If we have to contact the police...
...we'll have to give them a photograph.
Will we go to the police?
- Yes, if he doesn't reply...
...and we can't find him, then we'll
have to take the help of the police.
No, this is too far.
Don't you have
something that's closer.
Hold on...go back.
I know this place.
- What?'s the biggest
kung-fu academy here.
Vicky, can you please take me there.
Yes, of course. Let's go.
Thank you.
But why would this
be Jehangir's address.
He doesn't live here.
Look, in order to
get a membership here... needs to provide their address.
- No.
- Yes. And who are you?
Is he at home? At home?, no. what do you want?
Who are you?
- I am his wife.
- What?
Yes, I am his wife.
Vicky, what nonsense
is she talking?
No, no, no...
- What's happening?
What's going on?
There can be a lot of
Jay...showing him the picture.
One minute, photo.
- Okay.
Just confirming.
- Okay.
Look...this Jay?
- Yes.
Vicky, she's lying, isn't she?
What's going on?
Now what? - Let's ask her again.
What's going on? listen.
This married to him.
Can you please just go away?
- No...
You're bothering me.
- I...I...I am his wife.
I am his wife.
I'll show you..
- Madam. Madam.
Listen to me.
Vicky, let me go. Leave me.
Who does she think she is?
- Listen to me.
- Go away. Go away.
Listen to me carefully.
You can't do this here.
Calm politely.
The police will get involved.
Wait...I'm talking to her.
Hold on.
Jay inside?
- No.
No, problem. Paper marriage?
No, no, it's a real marriage.
What do you want?
- No problem, no problem.
Go away.
- I am...I am taxi driver.
This is my card, okay.
No police, no problem.
She's from India.
Real wife of Jay. have to help.
I don't care, just go away.
If you don't help, big drama.
She's a big drama-queen.
She'll go to police.
And I know,
paper-marriage...5 year prison.
Police come investigate.
Please tell, huh!
- You don't threaten me, okay.
I am not threatening you.
No, no, no.
No threaten.
We go to police, come back.
- Hey, hey, hey...what's wrong with you?
Why are you bothering me?
We're not bothering you.
We just need Jay's number.
Her passport is with Jay.
She just needs her passport.
She'll go back to the airport...
and be gone forever.
Madam, look at her, she's so innocent.
She goes to India,
we get out of your life forever.
Okay, let me see.
But after that I don't
want any trouble, okay.
God bless you. Lovely lady.
Thank you.
Very nice lady.
May Allah... Come back.
What are you doing?
Is she his real wife?
- No, she's not his real wife.
Why don't you get it?
It's a paper marriage.
Look...when she found out
that you're the real wife,..
...did you see her reaction?
And look at your condition,
this is how real wives are.
These are fake marriages,
so that they can stay here.
She's back.
Okay, this is the office address.
- Address.
And I don't want to deal
with anything right now, okay.
Phone number...any...
Is he at the office?
I don't have his phone number,
and I don't know where he is.
This is office address,
that's it. Okay.
- God bless you, madam.
Now what? - Ask her if
there was something between them?
That thing that happens
between husband and wife.
- Why don't you get it?
I am not talking about marriage.
Ask her if there was
anything between them.
What the hell...
I ask her?
- Ask her.
What's the problem?
- Big problem.
Hold on..
- Ask her.
Mr. Jay...
- Yes.
- What?
Get out!
Madam, let's go.
There was nothing.
You're a big problem, I swear.
Why shouldn't I be worried?
You said nothing happened.
They got married, Vicky. don't worry,
everything will be fine.
We'll soon see him.
- Why shouldn't I worry.
He lied to me.
One has to do everything
possible to live her.
Speak for yourself,
how long have you two been married?
If he had told you
that he's already married...
...would you have married him?
- No, Vicky.
Exactly what I am saying.
When I get married,
I won't tell the girl...
...that I was already married.
Will you lie too?
When you lie for someone's benefit,
it's not a lie after all.
I'll tell her later..
- No, Vicky. Don't lie.
- Don't lie to her.
Fine, I won't.
Madam, please go inside,
I'll go park.
Thank God I found you.
I...I was so worried.
Where's...the bag?
- Bag?
Leave me.
Don't touch me.
Jehangir...tell him to leave me.
Leave me.
Leave me...
Leave me...
Where's...the bag.
- Leave me.
Don't touch me.
- Leave me.
There are other ways
to speak to a girl, sir.
Whether the girl's
a Pakistani...or an Indian.
She's a girl after all.
Move back, or I will shoot.
Bloody liar...cheat.
Vicky, get out.
I will kill you.
I will shoot you.
Run, Vicky. Get out.
For the sake of your parents...
...please tell me what's going on here? bag...
- Yes, your bag. So what?
That's not my bag.
What's wrong with you?
How is your bag connected to all this?
There are drugs in that bag.
Have you lost your mind? I didn't
know Jehangir is involved in all this.
But you knew there's
drugs in this bag.
Do you know the penalty
here if you're caught with drugs?
Death sentence!
What could I do?
I didn't know what to do.
You could've told me,
I could've explained you.
Stop scolding me.
What else should I do?
Felicitate you...lay
flowers in your path.
And I am so foolish that
I got involved in this madness.
You go your way,
and I am going my way.
What do you mean, Vicky?
You're going to leave me alone.
Of course I will.
You can't leave me alone here.
Why not?
You can't, Vicky.
Why not?'re a Pakistani.
I've heard that a Pakistani
is never treats any girl unfairly.
And never deserts
them in troubled times.
Madam, I really loved
hearing you praise Pakistanis.
But listen to me carefully...
I've not taken responsibility
of entire Pakistan.
I've money.
Take money. Take all money.
I'll call up papa and get more money.
I'll give you as much as you want.
Please don't leave me here.
Thank you.
If you hadn't mentioned about
Pakistan, then I wouldn't have stayed.
Get in the car.
What are you doing?
Did he answer the phone?
Let me do it.'s nothing. I'll manage.
You've been stuck in the same
place for the last five minutes.
Didn't you investigate
before marrying him?
How could I? We had no time.
He had just one condition.
That we get married soon...
and leave for South Africa.
What was the hurry? You're so nice.
Didn't you have any other option?
I have three younger sisters.
Did the rest come
free with the eldest one?
Did he answer the phone?
Don't you have any other number?
I don't remember any other number.
They were all on my mobile.
This mobile phone is
the root of all problems.
Shall we go?
The police.
Are we really going to the police?
Only they can help now.
Fine, but first I
must use the bathroom?
How many times do you
have to go to the bathroom?
Is your bathroom clean?
I do it myself.
Open the door.
Open the door quickly.
Vicky, I am in the bathroom.
I know you're in the bathroom.
Why are you asking
me to open the door?
Madam, your daddy's boys are here.
Open the door.
How did they find out?
I'll go ask them.
Open the door quickly.
Light. Light.
What now?
Well go ahead...
we'll have to take a big leap.
I...I know it looks difficult.
But if we put our minds to it,
we'll do it.
I think...just close your eyes...and...
And...imagine yourself
flying in the air.
And muster all your
strength to jump across.
And you'll find yourself
on the next roof. Here we go.
Alia, what are you doing?
Come on.
What come on. I am not coming.
You said close your eyes and jump.
If I close my eyes and jump... would I know where I am going?
If you don't jump,
you'll definitely going to heaven.
Heaven...that's too soon.
Vicky, hurry up.
Coming, coming.
Vicky, be brave.
Let me zip my jacket.
I did it.
Are you hurt?
Hurt? No, I am not hurt.
Vicky, let's go.
The police here are
really nice, madam.
Things will be fine now.
What happened?
Vicky, wait a minute.
Vicky, that's the guy.
What guy?
Who replaced my bag with
this bag filled with drugs.
Oh no.. I think
he's with the police.
Let's go.
Let's get out of here quickly.
Where do we go now?
That's the policeman.
Yes, that's him.
He stopped me at the airport.
He knows Jehangir too.
How many were they?
Let's get out.
Let's go.
Where do we go now?
Even the police are
involved in this matter.
I have to get rid of this bag.
Look...everyone's involved.
What happened?
Vicky, Jehangir.
Vicky, run.
My taxi.
Forget your taxi.
Didn't you see the
guns they were carrying?
They will shoot us.
Shoot us.
Run. Run!
Madam, stop. Madam.
Stop. Stop. Stop.
I am lot of trouble because of you.
I lost my taxi.
First the goons and now
even the police are after me.
What did I do?
What did you do?
You've sworn to ruin me.
That's what you did.
And what about the
things happening with me.
What's happening with you?
It's all happening with me.
Nothing's happening with you.
For Allah's sake, stop following me.
Where will I go, Vicky?
What do you mean by where you'll go?
It's a big world.
You can go anywhere you want.
I don't care.
But stop following me.
Please, Vicky. Please...don't leave me.
Listen to me.
Any more word from you
and I'll slap your face.
Go away.
Alia...they're shooting!
It wasn't right to
say that you'll slap me.
What are we doing here?
Watching a film.
- I am thinking.
What are you thinking?
I am thinking whether I'll die
after watching this film, or before.
Don't say that.
Think positive and
good things will happen.
Think positive...
Look, madam.
I am an ordinary man.
A taxi driver.
I might boast a lot...
but all this is not my cup of tea.
Whatever I did till now was okay...
...but I can't risk my life for you.
Vicky, please don't leave me.
I told family
will compensate you.
They'll give you a lot of money.
Money! Money! Money!
I don't want your money.
I've a family...I've parents.
If anything happens to me,
what will happen to them?
You do understand, don't you?
You will have to leave me.
After the movie ends... can leave.
I am going now.
Why did you hold my
hand and bring me inside?
Why didn't you leave me outside?
I couldn't let you get shot.
What if someone shoots me now?
Think positive and
good things will happen.
I have to
You can finish watching the film...
...and leave when the crowd...
Such ingratitude after all
the times I've saved your life.
Put your clothes on
and take your gun off.
I've been looking...
The name's Bond...James Bond.
Live for nothing.
But die for something.
Warning Mr. Hunt.
This is your mission,
should you choose to accept.
Let's go. Let's go.
Leave my hand.
I said leave my hand.
- Fine, I'll let go.
What's wrong?
I don't want to anywhere with you.
- Do you want to go with them?
Listen to me, madam.
You can't go anywhere alone.
Whether I live or die,
doesn't make a difference to you.
You leave me whenever you
want...and come back when you want.
I am a living person,
not dead yet. - Quiet.
We've to find them.
Find both of them.
You go that way,
and you check that building.
Leave me. What are you doing?
I won't let go now.
I swear...I'll take
you all the way to India.
Okay, let's go.
Are they gone?
- Yes.
So leave me.
- Sorry. I had to do it.
Yeah...because you
couldn't tell me, right.
Bloody pervert.
You'll take me to India.
Listen to me, madam.
I am not what you think.
How would I know what
kind of a guy you are.
It takes only a minute for me
to leave. - So go. Who's stopping you?
He made it here.
- Yeah.
Isn't he panting too much?
- Yes.
Show me your hand. Run!
Alia, no!
Alia, no!
Are you a fan of Dhoni?
- No, Afridi.
Then only Allah can save him.
They are over there.
- Now,,,
You go, I'll stop them.
- No.
I won't go anywhere without you.
- I...
I can't go ahead.
- What do you mean, Vicky.
I mean...I can't swim.
- That's alright, Vicky.
We'll step on these stones
and go across. - No, no.
These stones are quite slippery.
I'll slip on them.
I am there. I won't let you fall.
That's fine, but..
- Vicky, you can trust me.
I am a Indian, not an alien.
Vicky, show me your hand.
Come on.
No...Alia! said you're not an alien.
You said you can't
swim...why did you jump then?
What to do?
After all I am a Pakistani.
I can't leave you
when you're in trouble.
Vicky, run!
Madam...take this.
No, I am fine.
- But this one's wet as well.
I don't have anything to offer you.
Okay - Okay, Vicky.
Listen, the water was too cold.
Too cold.
- What?
- How much?
How much?
How many times can a
person go to the bathroom?
Vicky, the water was too cold.
- Okay.
You can do it here.
- But there's no bathroom here.
Madam, this is the jungle.
There's bathroom all around you.
Vicky, I can't do it like this.
- I see.
Then wait here, I'll ask
the monkeys how they do it here.
Vicky, I am serious. I've to go now.
You and I are lost in a jungle.
The jungle.
You said you know where we're going.
I am a tour-guide, not a gin.
You just rub a lamp...
...and I make a five-star
hotel appear from thin air.
Look there, can you see anything?
Look there, can you see anything?
No, right.
There's nothing around here.
- I see...then what's that.
What's that?
Madam. What are you doing?
What's this?
- This? It's my aunty hut.
Then there must be a
bathroom in there. - Madam.
Seeing this hut in this jungle,
I... - What?
I've lost my mind.
Vicky, are you scared?
- I said I lost my mind.
And any person who has
brains...will be scared similarly.
Let's go.
Vicky, there are no ghosts in foreign.
- There are a lot of them.
They don't need visas.
Forget it, Vicky.
I need to go to the bathroom.
Look...what are you doing?
- Let's go.
You'll get us killed.
- Madam...
Vicky let's go I need
to go to the bathroom.
I was just jokiing This isn't my
sister's hut. - I have to go.
Come in, the door is open.
Hello, sir.
- Bathroom, please.
Vicky, bathroom.
Swords to slice vegetables.
Robin Cook.
Very, very good collection, sir.
You local?
Why is he sharpening his knife?
What's the old man going to do?
Knifes come in handy
in the jungle. - You...
You speak Urdu...are you Pakistani?
- I was.
Was? No, sir.
Once a Pakistani, always a Pakistani.
Location change,
but the guy doesn't change.
Uncle, how did you get here?
- In a boat.
What are you saying, uncle?
- By boat.
Oh, boat. What brought you here?
- I was charged for murder.
Now I've to go as well.
How many?
- Five.
My wife takes really long.
Alia, come quickly.
By the way,
you look like a descent man.
I've five brothers.
We've all come on hunting,
they're calling for us.
Alia, come quickly.
- She can't come out now.
Vicky, I can't open the door.
- She can't open the door.
The door will open from outside.
What kind of a door is this, uncle?
How do you manage when you're alone?
Please have mercy...
Uncle, where are you going?
Uncle, please don't go there.
No, no, no...not that, uncle.
Bad manners.
Uncle, not the big one.
What's that noise?
- What noise?
Vicky, why aren't
you opening the door?
I was...
- Move back.
Alia, move back.
Wait...what happened?
Uncle, wanted to change the setting,
so I helped him.
Let's go.
Why did you break down the door?
It opened on the inside,
and I broke it instead. Let's go.
Vicky, why didn't you use the key?
What key?
- One that's hanging there.
Oh...I am so smart...
I'll find the key, the hut...
shall we?
Let me talk to uncle first.
No, no, no...
Uncle's observing that..
- What?
Where one doesn't speak.
- Fast.
Yes, fast.
- I mean fasting.
What's that?
- For not speaking.
Yes, he's observing that.
He said it's time for my nap,
and I said okay.
Did he say it after he took the fast?
- Yes, he came close and said it.
I said uncle, fine.
Please go and sleep.
Okay, thank you uncle.
- Thank you, uncle.
Bloody uncle.
Hurry up. Hurry up.
Vicky, what's the hurry?
Since you came here...this serene
place has turned so dangerous...
I see...what danger?
Are you hurt?
- No.
Vicky, we're safe.
I guess I was too happy.
The lovebirds are gone, boss.
Their boat is gone.
Madam. You're an amazing runner.
You should be in the Olympics.
Yes, I will one day.
You know...I was the
fastest girl in school.
I mean in running.
- I didn't say anything.
But you did think.
So I thought I'll clear it first.
Our next stop is the last island.
Once we're there,
we'll plan what to do next.
Don't worry, no one can catch us now.
Why can't they catch us there?
- This is the last ferry of the day.
After this they won't
know where we are.
Thank God.
You don't worry, nothing
can happen now. thanks to Allah.
Let's start afresh.
- What?
My name's Alia.
- Oh, I see.
You real name is Waqas.
But everyone used to call me Vicky.
So my name became Vicky.
Nice to meet you, madam Alia. family cannot
compensate you. - What?
I am not from Delhi.
There's a small town Aligarh,
which is few miles away from Delhi.
That's where I am from.
This is my first foreign trip.
I lied, Vicky.
I am not some rich girl...
nor does my father have any money.
He got me married so that...
...there would be one
burden less to shoulder.
My sister...posted my
picture on the internet...
...and I started getting
marriage proposals.
In the beginning...I got proposals
from guys that were 50 and 60.
Then Jehangir sent me a proposal.
I liked him...he didn't
ask for any dowry either.
Everything happened so fast.
We got engaged, then married...
I got a visa...and came here.
You could've left me at the theatre.
But you came back.
I don't know why you came back.
Maybe for the money...
or maybe because you're a nice guy.
But you did come back.
So I thought I should
tell you everything.
Why are you quiet?
I am thinking.
- What?
If you were in Pakistan...
then this wouldn't have happened with you.
Why is that? - They wouldn't
have given you a visa so soon.
- Jehangir, speaking.
I want my bag back.
- Who was it?
- What now?
There's just one option,
we've to get you to the embassy.
And then?
- Then they will do something.
Tell them everything
that happened with you.
You'll get a new passport,
and you'll be back to India.
Why new? I've my passport.
But you said Jehangir has
your passport. - Yes, I lied.
But you said you won't lie.
- I said that before.
Couldn't you tell me the truth?
We've been running all over the city.
Instead we could've gone
to the airport, bought you a ticket...
...and back to India.
So let's go now.
I know you can walk.
- Yes.
After this ferry ride ends,
we'll come across a bus stop.
After that we'll have
to take another ferry...
...which will take us to the airport.
So we'll have to circle around entire
Mauritius to get you to the airport.
- Okay.
Well, at least this
way I can see Mauritius.
Things happened completely
the opposite of what I had thought.
Dinner on seaside...
on my honeymoon.
With a candle in
the centre of the table.
I'll wear a nice dress...
we'll go out.
Life will be filled with comedy,
...but my entire story turned
out to be filled with action.
But life isn't over yet.
- But my dreams are shattered.
Let's go.
It's a long hike.
But before that we've
to get rid of this trouble.
Now we'll have to
change something. - What?
I love shopping.
Then shop for saving your life.
- I'll be right back.
" of love."
" of love."
Will we be safe? Huh?
How much for this?
- Couldn't you just say it looks nice.
If it's expensive,
I'll buy something else.
This is too expensive, I'll look for
something else. - No. listen...
Wear it.
I're looking really nice.
Are you crazy, Vicky?
It's too expensive.
Say sorry.
- Why?
Why did you call me crazy?
- I see.
I said wear it.
You'll remember that
you met a generous Pakistani.
Hold on.
What are you doing?
I should remember who I ran into.
I see...then take some more... that you never forget me.
I need just remember you.
" of love."
- I'll be right back.
" of love."
Vicky. What's all this.
Come. I'll show you.
This is the best dish of this place.
Dal-Roti-Sandwich.'s call...
It was really difficult
remembering the name.
I am sorry you got involved
in this mess because of me.
It's okay.
What will you do now?
Doesn't seem like
I can do anything here.
I'll have to go back.
Because of me?
- No.
I can't stay here
if I don't get married.
Then get married.
- I don't have the money.
You don't need money to get married.
I've only 10 days to
straighten out my papers.
It's impossible to fall
in love with someone in 10 days.
I see...
Then how long does
it take to fall in love?
What happened?
Alia, where are you going?
" of love."
" of love."
"Like a speck of hope
in the empty paths,"
"Holds hands...and walks with
you down the lane of desires."
" of love."
"The secrets that
are hidden in my heart."
"Can be seen in the eyes."
"The world follows...while
the heart walks ahead."
"Makes paths meet."
"Makes you fall for it."
"Makes you do as it pleases..."
"...finds its own world."
"May this distance
never turn into aloofness."
" of love."
"Lost in someone's thoughts again."
"I've fallen for someone
without saying it."
"The weather unfolds like new dreams."
"This mendicant of love...
has been circling around your home."
"You're the one who
gave me this fever of love..."
"There's darkness in my path,
and you're the dawn."
" of love."
fills your life with colors..."
"This love.'
What's wrong, Alia? I had to come.
I was feeling too happy.
Go, go, go, go.
That way...go, go.
Run! must take this bus.
But, Vicky, I can't...
You trust me, don't you?
So go.
"Some desire...a companion."
"Some desire...a true companion."
"Everyone doesn't get...
a beloved they desire for."
"Everyone doesn't get...
a beloved they desire for."
"Everyone doesn't get...
a beloved they desire for."
"Everyone doesn't get...
a beloved they desire for."
"Not everyone...
finds that perfect world of love."
"Some yearn...for a peace of heart."
"Some crave...for their
beloved's sight."
"Some desire peace and serenity."
"Some crave...for their
beloved's sight."
"Not everyone...finds
that perfect world of love."
"Not everyone...finds
that perfect world of love."
"Not everyone...finds
that perfect world of love."
"Not everyone...finds
that perfect world of love."
Check your drugs properly.
Where's Alia?
I don't know.
Now do you remember?
Jehangir sir, I wouldn't
have told you even if I remembered.
Jehangir no,
Jehangir, please listen to me. - Alia.
Please listen to me.
- Alia, no.
You wanted your drugs, didn't you?
You got them.
Please don't hurt him.
He won't say anything to anyone.
I promise you.
Vicky, please.
It was my fault.
I didn't listen to you,
But I'll do as you say.
Vicky, please go.
- No.
Jehangir, please.
- No.
He won't say anything,
I promise you.
Please listen to me,
let him go.
Vicky, please go.
Let him go.
Jehangir please, let him go.
Please let him go.
- I didn't stop him.
Vicky, go.
Vicky, go from here.
- Alia, you don't understand.
Vicky, go!
Jehangir, he didn't tell
anything to anyone. - Right.
We didn't go to the police either.
Your entire stuff is in the bag.
Please let him go.
Please listen to me...
let him go.
- Alia.
Vicky, are you okay?
Please say you're okay.
Get up, Vicky.
I told you to go.
You liked to be the hero,
didn't you?
Vicky, please get up.
Vicky, forgive me.
Vicky!'re alive.
You're alive.
No...I took credit from
Allah to speak to you.
Things didn't go...
the way I thought it would.
As soon as Alia entered my life...
...everything changed in a single day.
We thought John was with Jehangir.
But actually he was an agent with
Mauritius Anti-Narcotics force.
And he was after Jehangir
and gang for a long time.
would trap innocent girls...
...and would smuggle
drugs through them.
And when Alia arrived...
...John was convinced that
Jehangir is using her too.
But before he could tell
her the truth, Alia ran.
And she got in my taxi.
But at the airport, John got
his hands on one of Jehangir's men.
And that created another confusion.
But when God's your benefactor,
no one can harm you.
John traced my cell
phone...and caught me.
And then he told me about his plan
to catch jehangir red-handed.
He said...I'll give Jehangir
the drugs back for money.
And as soon as Jehangir
gets his hands on the drugs...
...the police will arrest him.
What then...
I wore the bullet-proof jacket...
...and stood firm
in front of Jehangir.
But...Alia is Alia after all.
She had to save me.
She came there too.
And Jehangir fired.
Police took Jehangir to jail...
...and I went straight
to the hospital.
And the story ended.
Look at your condition.
So much drama, action in a single day.
What's left?'s your ticket.
Have a safe journey home.
- Thank you.
Is Vicky fine?
- Yes. He just needs some rest.
He'll be fine in one or two days.
Flight 463 for Delhi,
now ready for check-in.
Counters 1 through 5.
- Thank you, sir.
Have a safe flight.
- Bye.
Flight 463 for Delhi,
now ready for check-in.
Counters 1 through 5. Again?
I am going to India,
- For the same girl?
- But she rejected you.
These things happen...
and I am not going to lose hope.
I know I will convince her.
- What if she doesn't agree?
Then I'll hit on her
younger sister. - I see.
Well, all the best.
Thank you.
- Next please.
Please go ahead.
Listen, brother...if things
don't go as planned. - Yes.
Then I've three younger sisters too.
And they are all beautiful.
Wow, that's wonderful. Thank you.
Please don't upload that video.
She's gone.
She didn't go.
- Vicky.
- You were at the hospital.
What are you doing here?
In the taxi.
- I mean why?
What's wrong with you, Alia?
I had to come. - But why?
Because I promised you.
And what if I don't come along?
Then...I'll wait.
- How long?
Because patience is always rewarding.
When one doesn't know the difference
between a girl and reward.
He always has to wait. me your hands.
"The paths were straight."
"And my days were carefree."
"I was lost in my own world...
unaware of the outside world."
"I used to always refuse..."
"As my heart..."
"...ignored everything..."
"Save me...beloved."
"Where do I go...tell me, beloved?"
"You're my destination, don't fade away."
"Save me...beloved."
"I wonder how...
- How..."
"Our paths crossed each other."
"...each other."
"We we're ignorant...we were nave."
"How did we become companions?"
"Now I have only one wish."
"Only one wish."
"That we stay together...forever."
"Save me...beloved."
"Where do I go...tell me, beloved."
"You're my destination, don't fade away."
"Save me...beloved."
"When I found you, it felt like..."
"...that this world is mine."
"There was no one like you."
"And I lost my you."
"Save me...beloved."
"Where do I go...tell me, beloved?"
"You're my destination, don't fade away."
"Save me...beloved."
"The paths were straight."
"And my days were carefree."
"I was lost in my own world...
unaware of the outside world."
"I used to always refuse..."
"As my heart..."
"...ignored everything..."
"Save me...beloved."
"Where do I go...tell me, beloved?"
"You're my destination, don't fade away."
"Save me...beloved."