Bachelor Party (2024) Movie Script

My Grandpa would always tell me
"When in fear, chant the
Gayathri Mantra 108 times".
I'm still at the 8th chant.
Will he wait until I'm done
with the remaining 100?
Please, let me go!
Apparently, if you throw a stone here
Chances are it'll hit a dog
or a software engineer.
A lot of people must have tried it.
They're all hitting me.
4 credit cards, 3 personal
loans, 1 home loan and a car loan.
These are my credentials.
I'm Santhosh (Happiness) Manchale.
My loans aren't my source of bane.
My salary gets credited by itself.
My loan instalments
get debited by itself too.
The one thing that isn't functioning
by itself, is my wretched life.
This is my bane.
I believe in one thing.
That some day, God will
lead me to a peaceful life.
But my fate is so screwed up...
Even my goddamn office
cab forgets to pick me up.
A lift, please?
Madam, I need a lift.
- Why not? Get on the bike.
Hold on to something.
I ride really fast.
Our Sire, is having a
disgruntled affair with fate
Lord Shri Ram's blessings have
brought in Saturn looming over his head
O' my poor Santhosha
A poor soul indeed, Santhosha
We swear on almighty, he's a good boy
O' my poor Santhosha
A poor soul indeed, Santhosha
Wait! That's my 500!
Give it back!
You're delicious like a Doodh-Peda
A dear darling of the cruel fate
A chosen baby of the disaster
A close aide to the boss of his company
A worthless grump in
his disastrous private life
A damp cracker, a bitter slacker
A joke of the top order
That's our Santhu
A damp cracker, a bitter slacker
A joke of the top order
That's our Santhu
Our Sire, is having a
disgruntled affair with fate
Yes, Ma!
There's a great offer.
Make sure you also check it out.
Look how cocky she is, Ma.
She's bought the
same dress as mine.
Amma, didn't you want a dog?
Madam, the dog's over there.
I wish you a very happy birthday!
- Thank you, Amma!
Has your wife planned
anything special today?
Looks like a big surprise's coming my way.
Can't believe you celebrate
your maid's birthday too.
Our Sire, is having a
disgruntled affair with fate
A slave to his better half
His tale no less than a tragic saga
O' my poor Santhosha
A poor soul indeed, Santhosha
As pristine as a pot of honey and milk
O' my poor Santhosha
A poor soul indeed, Santhosha
A tusk-less tusker, indeed
A damp cracker, a bitter slacker
A joke of the top order
That's our Santhu
A damp cracker, a bitter slacker
A joke of the top order
That's our Santhu
Am I home already?
You're already in my home.
The thing is...
I dozed off in the cab today.
- I never realised.
Only after the driver
drove home, did he realise.
Finding a cab and getting home
was another big story, I tell you!
Good one.
- What is?
Your 'story'.
- I'm not making it up.
'Having lied to his wife, where
did this 'Software Husband' go?!'
- Ay!
I'm sorry.
Ms. Nagamma, could you
please turn down the TV volume?
Don't you have any sense of
how to behave with women?
Oh my god!
I can't believe this Santhosh!
Leave other women.
You've no respect
for your own wife.
How dare you lie to me?
- Sandhya, I swear on my mother!
I've never lied, nor
will I ever lie to you.
All these fake swearing are
why your mother is bed ridden.
LOOK! DON'T.. you dare
talk about my mother.
Watch how you behave
when I tell you the truth!
They said it right!
Husbands should
be kept tied down.
Else, they'll be out
grazing in every corner.
Which motherf..
Who said that?
Anybody could've said it.
Somebody on TV or
radio could've said it.
For all I know, a maid
could've said it too.
Madam, I'll have some
water and be back.
It's spicy.
So, this is the new home
team I'm playing against, huh?
You don't believe a word I say.
You suspect me for everything.
Nobody gives a damn about me!
I don't need it either.
Mess with me as much as you can.
I'll see how far you can go!
From today, I'm not going
to bow down to anyone!
Please, my dear?
I blurted out things
in a fit of rage.
Disagreements are common
between a husband and wife.
That doesn't mean...
I'm sleepy.
Get the hell out of here!
Oh no.
I'm going...
Make sure you get some good sleep.
I just came by to
wish you a good night.
If you change your mind,
you'll call me back, right dear?
Get lost Santhosh!
Only if you change your mind.
I'll be right across...
- That room belongs to my mother!
I'll be right across the hall
is what I'm trying to tell you.
Let only your mother use the
room whenever she visits us.
I'll be sleeping on the sofa.
- I don't care! Get lost!
Master, since you're
sleeping in the kitchen...
Could you turn off the gas?
There's always traffic out here!
Let me see that, Sir.
A 'Happy Married Life' seminar.
Do these things even work?
Why won't it work?
I had a friend.
Beaten and battered by his
marriage, he was ready to run away.
Fortunately, he found Mr. Lobo's
pamphlet and attended his seminar.
Now he's not just managing one.
But two marriages.
All within the same house.
Feel free to try it out.
Kavya, you want some tea?
- Get lost!
Start flirting every chance he gets.
Please sir!
You can do it.
That's very difficult, Reena.
Santhosh has
worked better than you.
How can I give you promotion?
Please sir!
You can do something.
Actually, you can do anything you want.
You're forcing me a lot, lady.
What do I do?
- Hi, Sir!
I was just thinking of you.
Tell me.
Actually, I had an important
family function to attend today.
Oh! A family function?
Did you need an off?
Well... Yes, Sir.
Can I take an off today?
- Take it I say!
Thank you!
It's your leave.
Why are you thanking me for that?
Take it whenever you need it.
Now, I'm getting an
important job done.
I'll meet you tomorrow, okay?
- Sure. Okay, Sir.
May God bless you.
- Same to you, Sir.
Reena, congratulations!
Here's your bill.
Thank you.
I'm planning to get married again.
Are you single madam?
Yes. Mr...?
- Santhosh.
Yes. So tell us why
you chose our seminar?
I want to stay happy
in my marriage, Madam.
Aren't you happy now?
Are there any issues?
Is that information necessary, madam?
Mister! I need to fill
these details in the form.
Oh! Okay.
Well... Erm...
There are issues for sure.
But how do I explain?
Is the issue sexual?
- Madam! Shush!
There's no such issue.
- What is it then?
Well, Madam...
My wife is always sulking!
She doesn't care about me.
I get everything our home needs.
I do everything she tells me to do.
Yet, I'm not valued.
When I return from work, my
dog welcomes me with love.
But my wife?
Also her mother's a wretched woman!
Together, they're always
scheming something.
Madam, you won't believe
what she did recently!
Sir... There's no space
to write all of this down.
I'll describe it as
'A disharmonious relationship', okay?
You can note that down.
Any plans to seek a divorce?
- Sheesh!
What are you even
saying, Madam?!
How can I lead a dignified
life if I get divorced?
What will I tell my parents?
I do love her but
sometimes, she...
No space to write it down, right?
It's fine, Madam.
Things will get better after the seminar.
I'll make it work.
Here's the bill.
Would you like some coffee?
- Yes. Coffee works for me.
Make it strong, please.
You see the counter there?
- Pay and have the coffee.
Thank you.
Sir is here!
Clap for him!
He's so good looking, right?
'Happily Married'
It's such a beautiful
feeling in the whole world.
When you ask someone their
marital status, they all say 'Married'.
Never 'Happily Married'.
Why is that?
Does anyone know?
Because none of those people
have attended my seminar!
Those cheap buggers!
Attend my seminar once...
The ordinary married
life you guys are leading...
Will turn into a happily
married life, forever.
Do you guys trust me?
Do you trust me?
You married idiots!
Before trusting something,
one must always ask for proof.
By the way, this was a free
lesson for all of you. Zero charges!
Keep it for free.
- That was awesome, right?
Shall we clap for it?
- Later, man!
A special client of mine...
Has sent a special message for all of you.
See it for yourself.
Lights off!
My wife used to beat me up a lot before.
Johnny Sins!
We gotta clap for this!
Dude, just keep quiet and watch.
One fine day, I found out
about Mr. Lobo's seminar!
I attended his seminar and
my life got back on track.
Today, you guys are here
for Mr. Lobo's seminar.
I've no doubt that your ordinary
married lives will turn into a happy ones.
All the best to you all.
Also, Mr. Lobo...
We haven't met in days.
Come down to Hollywood soon.
Don't forget!
Love you.
Bye bye!
They're so close.
- Okay. Lights on.
Anyway, that was your proof.
Now, are you ready to
live a happy married life?
Yes, Sir!
I can't hear you.
Are you ready to live
a happy married life?
Are you Ready?!
That's the energy I want!
So, who among you are ready to
talk about your ordinary married life?
Who wants to be the first one?
Speak up!
Who among you wants to turn your
ordinary married life into a happy one?
Is there no brave man in here?
Oh no!
- Everyone applaud!
You there!
That's my boy!
I love you!
The man who's braved
to stand against his wife!
Yes you!
I'm talking about you!
Share everything about your ordinary
married life with me wholeheartedly!
I will make your marriage happy!
Tell him, Sir.
This is a good opportunity.
Tell us about your tragic marriage life.
- Well...
You've paid 35,000 for this seminar.
Speak I say!
Don't you want a
happy marriage life?
Why are you looking around?
Speak up!
Don't be shy!
Everybody here is just like you.
Speak up!
Tell him man!
Why are you silent?
I can't help you.
Anyone else?
I've been married
for six years, Sir.
Things were great in the beginning.
It all got screwed
eventually, right?
I still love her.
But she on the other hand?
Doesn't care whether
I'm alive or dead.
When I return from work...
The nameplate 'Mr. and Mrs.
Santhosh' is hung outside my house.
But inside the house?
There's neither a Mr. and Mrs.
nor an iota of happiness.
She's always stuck
on her mobile phone.
She doesn't respond to anything I say.
She doesn't move a
damn thing in the house.
I said to hell with it and got
her a maid from her native.
But they instead have
joined hands to scam me!
I'm drowning in loans for having
bought a flat from a top-builder.
But guess where I sleep?
Not in the bedroom.
In the bloody kitchen!
But why in the kitchen, Sir?
You could sleep
on the sofa, right?
Because our bitchy maid
sleeps on the freaking sofa!
Stop clapping!
- Huh?!
- Why don't you divorce your wife?
How's that possible?
What will my parents think?
What will the society think?
I'm a one marriage, one woman man!
Divorce is out of question!
Did I attend this damned
seminar spending
35,000 to hear this stupid-ass idea?!
STRANGER: Can't believe he screwed our Guru.
Another classic case of blue pill!
You're a working man.
Your wife is not a working woman.
Am I right?
- Yes.
Your wife must be attending
Zumba classes, right?
Yes! At 6! Every day!
I guess you pay for
those classes every month.
Yes, Sir! I do.
You've employed a maid
to do the household chores.
You're the one who
earns for the house.
After all these years of marriage,
you would've begged for a child.
She would've
outrightly said, 'NO!'.
Because it would ruin her figure.
- Exactly!
But still, she calls herself
a bloody home maker.
Guru is coming towards us.
- Child!
I shall turn your life around.
Are you ready?
- Yes, Sir!
- Yeah!
Choose what you want.
The choice is yours.
There's heaven on this side.
A heaven on the other side too.
Our Boss is world
famous in giving pills.
Today, ask for what you
never asked her all these days.
Go on!
Come on!
Why are you always angry with me?
- Shush!
Ask it exactly how your half-dead
heart wanted to ask her all these days!
Do it.
I'm bloody married to you!
I work my ass off day in and out.
Yet, when I come home.
You don't even ask how I am
or even offer a glass of water.
You're splurging and leading a
lavish life with my hard earned money.
I'm not your slave!
I'm your husband!
Didn't you mention
something about a maid?
Are you back?
Poor you! I wonder how many evil
eyes were on you at work all day.
You must be tired.
Let me make you a
cup of piping hot coffee.
- Master?
Could you move your feet?
I'll mop the floor.
Do mop it well.
You're a God to me.
I'm no God.
I'm your friend.
My best friend!
- Come on, Child.
Lobo loves you.
Best friend!
My best friend!
He's over there!
We looked all over the town for him.
- Best... My best friend!
My best friend!
Sir, please let me go this one time!
I beg you!
Please, Sir!
INSPECTOR: How dare you steal?!
- Sir, please don't beat me!
Tch! First time, eh?
- Huh?
You already thrashed me.
How many more times will you?
- Shut your trap!
Best friend.
- Come here!
Please don't beat me, Sir.
Didn't you find another dog to steal?
Did it have to be my dog?!
Let go of my leg, you mongrel!
Sir, I had no clue
it was your dog, Sir!
I'll skin you alive!
Think this his in-laws' home.
Keeps dropping by every 3 months!
THIEF: Thank God he went out!
What case are you in here for?
There's no case against me, Sir!
They've got me here by mistake.
I've not done anything
that'll get me arrested.
I'm a gentleman.
And you?
Do I even look like a criminal?
I too am a gentleman, Sir.
Don't let the knife
confuse you, Sir.
I got it to cut this apple.
And the blood on you?
Somebody came in between,
so it just touched them.
Sir, I'm telling you the truth.
Same thing, Sir.
I too am telling you the truth.
Now tell me the truth.
What are you here for?
I won't tell anyone.
I swear on my mother.
Go on.
Tell me.
- Hello, Nagamma?
Tell me, Darling.
Your Santhosh Sir has
been arrested in our station.
Do what you've to do.
Love you.
- Same pinch.
What is this, Sir?
I asked you to beat up my
husband and throw him in prison.
You're letting him chill
on the bench under a fan?!
Best friend.
Are prisons a joke
to you, Madam?
What did that naive man do?
Dowry case.
Violence, atrocity and
misconduct against his wife.
Oh! You've a strong
case against him.
A very strong one!
You guys continue chatting,
I'll take a stroll in Cubbon park.
But will it be open now?
I'll whack you until
my boot opens up.
Oh! I'm sorry.
Tell me this.
You think it's a child's play
to throw someone into a cell?
That crook said the same thing.
You tell me what's next.
Madam, because you lodged a complaint,
your husband has been brought in.
It's common for people to go
unconscious during interrogations.
Let him wake up.
We'll question him.
Sir, it's not enough if you question him.
- Who else now?
My husband got all the ideas to
harass me, from his best friend.
Boot him hard and
throw him in a cell, first.
Come here.
- Sir?
Who's his best friend?
- That guy over there.
The two of them were calling
each other best friends and coddling.
I got lucky to have found them together.
So, I dragged them here.
Give me a nod and I'll
start 'questioning' him.
I've no clue who he is.
I just went to
attend his seminar.
Why would you lie, Sir?
He's unconscious, yet he's
muttering your name over there.
Best friend.
Best friend.
You look like a gentleman.
Why would you
betray your best friend?
It's a grave mistake, Sir.
Sir, will you lodge
a case against him?
Or should I lodge a case against you
with the State Commission for Women?
Good Lord!
Anything but that!
I can't bear their torture.
Please don't do that.
- Sir?
Find out what atrocities
they planned together.
Get off the bench!
- Sir, please wait a minute!
I'm in no way
connected to this ordeal.
There's a big
misunderstanding here.
Please let me go!
If you let him go, I'm warning
you that I won't let you be in peace.
He might be unmarried.
How dare he lead my
husband to the wrong path?
Madam, I'm married.
I'm not the guy you're thinking I am.
- You're married?
Then get your wife here.
I can ask her to come.
But not here.
And why's that?
- Sir...
Look at him stuttering in fear.
He's lying!
- Sir?
Sir, nod once and I'll
start 'questioning' him.
Please don't.
I'm not lying.
My wife isn't a good woman.
What do you mean?!
I didn't mean it like that!
She's a bit quarrelsome.
If she finds out I'm in the police
station, all hell will break loose.
Another blatant lie!
All men can do
is lie to our faces!
Will you take the case or should I
approach the Women's Commission?
Hold it, Woman!
I'm interrogating, right?
I swear I'm telling the truth.
Speaking out of experience.
Confess the truth.
Else, they'll break you into pieces.
A whack from the
police is unbearable.
My my my!
Do you mind shutting your trap?!
I really am married.
My wife exists.
But there's no way
I can get her here.
I've already suffered enough.
I can't take it any more.
- Who is she?
She is.. my wife.
Is this the quarrelsome woman?
Salam-alaikum sister!
I didn't say a word.
Has anyone in the history of this family
ever stepped into the police station, Ma?
We're such a respectable family.
- Of course!
Thanks to him, this family's reputation
has been dragged to the streets!
Bloody hell!
He told me that he's going to work
and attended a wretched seminar.
A seminar to stay
Happily Married.
Am I not keeping him happy now?
A good wife and a gem of a maid.
What more does he want in life?
I can't take this.
I feel like coming home for a while.
Come home then, dear.
Do you use a credit card, Sir?
A credit card?
I have one already.
This comes with a good offer.
5% cashback on monthly usage.
There's a buy 1 get 1
offer on movie tickets.
You can take your
wife for movies.
Don't you get it when he
says he doesn't want it?
Sir will only carry
cash from now on.
Distribute the card
among those poor people.
Carry on, dear.
Santhosh Sir!
Ready for the good news?
What good news?
- Come on, Sir.
The entire office knows and
you're acting like you know nothing.
You really are down-to-earth.
What are you talking about?
The naughty kid's
acting all naive!
Sir, the promotion
list is ready at work.
'Team Leader Santhosh' is now going
to be the 'Assistant Manager Santhosh'.
Can I bum a cigarette as a treat?
I'll take another one for the evening.
Thank you.
Sir, you better feed me the
cake when we cut it later, okay?
Don't forget, okay?
- Sure.
Congratulations Reena!
What a performance!
Oh. So this is how one
gets promoted, huh?
Reena, won't you feed me some?
I think you should
be more responsible.
A few days ago, when we had
an important project to deal with...
You were on a holiday, right?
For that family function?
That didn't go down well on me.
Look at Reena.
She did such a good job.
Mind blowing.
Better luck next time.
Everybody has 10 credit cards!
Who do I sell it to?!
Oh god!
This government is useless.
There are speed
breakers everywhere.
See, here's another one.
Careful man!
This is a new TV.
- Okay, Sir.
Master! A new TV?!
Oh my God!
Calm down!
- What's happening here?
I got a new TV for our home.
Have you lost it?!
What was the need for a TV?
A big fat one at that!
I got it on an offer, Sandhya.
Only 40,000.
40,000 was just
the down payment, Sir.
The rest is on EMI.
For 6 months.
Don't forget to pay them.
Or else, you'll end up
getting arrested on live TV.
You don't listen to me at all, right?
You won't stop wasting money!
You recently threw 35,000
down the drain for a seminar.
And now, this!
My words mean
nothing to you, right?
Oh my God! This misogyny!
This patriarchy!
My life's a living hell!
- Sandhya, please!
There's no one to wipe
my tears in this house.
Madam, I'm right here.
Thank you.
There you go.
Consider that a free gift with the TV.
Why are you causing a
scene in front of a stranger?
You don't want the TV, right?
I'll return it for a refund.
No need to return it.
- What do you want then?
The sound's really good.
Is this a colour or
a black-white TV?
Think of it the way you want.
God might not
have given you eyes.
But he gave me in your life.
Where in this world is justice?!
My plight is such that...
I don't have to
request for a song.
The TV plays it accordingly.
After having endured all this...
The thought of jumping off this
balcony to end the pain forever
Hasn't just crossed your minds.
I've had it too.
But what can I do?
I'm scared of heights.
This won't work any more.
I've only one way out.
To chant the Gayathri Mantra.
I can't, Ashok.
I can't come to
your Bachelor Party.
I'll be there for your wedding.
You came all this
way to tell me that?
When have I ever
attended a party?
Exactly why I want
you to come to this one.
I'm the last one to get
married in our batch.
Everybody will be there.
I'm sure you'll have fun.
Everybody's coming?
- Of course man.
Kannada, English,
Tamil or Telugu.
Be it any language
in this world...
The only word I don't
like in these languages is...
Don't worry.
Nothing can go wrong.
Try this.
It's apple juice.
Don't worry.
Nothing can go wrong.
What the hell!
Why are you signing
my marks card?
Nothing will go wrong, right?
Will your father sign the card
with these great marks of yours?
- Then?
Don't worry.
Nothing can go wrong.
Your son is getting into
bad company with Maddy.
Appa, I didn't do anything.
It was all Maddy's handiwork!
Don't over think this.
Maddy's in no state to join us.
He's in Jail.
He quit every job he joined.
One day he told me -
"Ashok, I'll become an
entrepreneur like you".
He started his own startup.
It tanked.
What was the startup about?
Priest services?
All kinds of religious ceremonies.
Did he suffer loses?
- Plenty.
He didn't lose much.
His clients did.
A brand new petrol bunk.
They've consulted him
for a great run at business.
He held a fire ritual ceremony.
Within seconds, the
petrol bunk exploded.
The opening ceremony ended
the petrol bunk and its owner too.
I liked the idea.
But the result was sad.
Was Maddy okay?
It was conducted online, right?
Sire was safe.
- Let that be now.
Isn't it good that he won't come?
You can be there
without a worry.
That's the least of my problems.
I'm now a family man.
Partying and drinking,
isn't something I like.
My wife doesn't like it.
Who's inviting her?
I'm inviting you.
On the 16th, you're coming to
my Bachelor Party. It's decided.
Open the Calendar
app on your phone.
Save the date.
Now show me your face.
Good boy.
16th of this month.
- Dude, try to understand.
You try and understand.
After years of hunting, I've
finally found the girl I wanted.
An ambitious, courageous, career-oriented,
strong and independent woman.
What does the girl do?
She works in the greatest
hotel of Bengaluru.
Hotel Ashoka - the
greatest there ever was.
Love you babe.
Dude, are you marrying
your hotel's receptionist?
Dude, stop judging women.
Think about this man.
Being a receptionist, she took
such good care of my hotel.
Imagine how well she'll take
care of me if she becomes my wife.
May God bless you.
Have a good life.
The bottom line is...
No matter how many
times you invite me.
I can't come to
your bachelor party.
My wife doesn't like it.
Just lie to her and be there man.
You've turned into a
hen pecked husband.
You're so boring man!
My life isn't boring.
It's freaking awesome!
I'm happy with my life!
I'm very happy with my wife!
This is too much, Santhosh.
Every day, you come
home late by half an hour.
What seminar did you go to today?
It wasn't a seminar, Sandhya.
I went to meet a friend.
Oh! Did you meet your Maddy?
You know that I don't like you
meeting your third-rated friends!
Yet you don't listen to me and...
- Sandhya.
I've avoided Maddy all these years.
Why would I meet him?
If not him, it's another
good-for-nothing fellow.
As if you're devoid of
friends to party with.
Darling, every since you hated it,
I've not met a single friend of mine.
He's an old friend.
He's getting married.
So, he invited me
to his bachelor party.
I told him that I
won't be coming.
Couldn't you do that on call?
He won't accept it
on a call, Darling.
So, I met him
personally and told him.
What did you tell him?
That you don't like me
partying with my friends...
That I won't be coming.
Basically, you made your friends
think that I'm the vamp, right?
You've told them that your
wife's controlling, dominating.
You've made me the villain.
That's it.
I'm done.
You know what?
I'm leaving.
Where are you going, Darling?
Do I need your permission to go to
my mother's place for a couple of days?
I've no freedom in this house.
To hell with this
patriarchy and misogyny.
Oh my god!
It was just a casual question.
I've no problem if you
go to your mother's place.
I mean it.
You have a good trip.
When are you going?
- On the 16th.
'16th of this month'
I know God's making it
easier for me to go to the party.
But God doesn't know.
That I would never tread
the path that my wife dislikes.
Master, I'll also go to my
native for a couple of days.
It's just that...
You see, my husband
doesn't trust you.
'Did you lie to your wife?'
- Yes, Guruji.
Show me one husband
who's never lied to his wife.
I'll personally recommend
him for a national award.
CALLER: '30 minutes ago,
I would've deserved the award, Guruji'
For the first time,
I lied to my life and drank instead.
What did you lie about?
She called me from her native.
- Okay.
She asked me what I was up to.
- Okay.
I lied that I was
having my dinner.
Mister! Men lying to their wives and having
affairs are leading a dignified life.
All you've done is drink.
You should walk around
with your head held high.
My conscience isn't consenting.
Get it drunk too.
It'll listen to you.
You sure, Guruji?
- I am.
What's your poison man?
- MH.
Good Lord! He reminded
me of the wretched brandy!
Dear viewers, I've
to take a small break.
I can't control, I say!
Guruji, is it okay
that I lied to my wife?
You dimwit!
You've not lied to your wife.
You told her that you're
having your dinner.
You eventually will eat.
- I will, Guruji.
You just haven't told
her that you're drinking.
Remember this.
An untold truth never becomes a lie.
What a pearl of wisdom, Guruji!
Time for you and your
conscience to down some booze.
- Cheers Guruji!
Thank you!
Woah! There's my man!
My darling Santhosh is here.
Come baby!
Come to Papa!
Bear hug time!
- I can't bear this!
Thank you so much, Santhu!
Thanks for coming!
You know what's bothering me?
Your hands are empty.
Keep talking to Mr. Glasses
and I'll get a beer for you, okay?
Hey bartender!
- Hi! Do you remember me?
Erm.. No.
I'm Balu.
I can't place you.
Remember I always
wore spectacles in school?
Oh yeah!
The spectacle Balu.
How are you?
What are you up to now?
I'm a Sales Rep.
- Where?
Right here.
- Here as in, where?
Right here.
Right now.
My company makes Vitamin
and Protein powder. You name it.
Milk powder?
- Being funny, huh?
Despite being on this Earth for 36 long
years, "Why are you still not married?"
This was a question everyone
of you kept pricking me with!
It was painful.
But neither did I
know the answer.
All of you got married and got
to changing your child's diaper.
But I never changed my mind.
Even now, I didn't want to marry.
But then...
I met this strong-independent woman.
Only because I met her, did
I start believing in marriage.
I finally found the answer to the
question you've been poking all this while.
The reason I remained
unmarried till now was
My soul was searching for... Her.
So, guys!
I'm finally getting married.
- Cheers!
I'm doing it happily.
So, guys!
Cheers to marriage!
'Don't do this.'
'You'll get whacked.
I'm telling you.'
Look, it's Maddy!
Maddy, come on man!
Come on!
Bowing down to the
words of the elders
Mesmerised by her
glowing skin in the photograph
Bowing down to the
words of the elders
Mesmerised by her
glowing skin in the photograph
To every relative who asked,
'When is your marriage?'
It's time to invite them and
hand over the return gifts
Reminiscing it all,
munching on some snacks
You wore the silk loin-cloth,
only to end up in shackles
When the uncle who stops
your Kashi Yaatre comes in
Ignore him and run away,
listen to me, O' my friend
What the hell man!
- Sorry!
Don't fall for it O' my son
Marriage is nothing but a sham
A scheme that burns men,
on an ever-burning pyre
Having finished your
honeymoon in Ooty
Realising that life is a
bore, a never-ending duty
Who are you looking for?
- You.
You found me.
Consoling your sobbing heart
Earning the title of a
hen-pecked spouse
A baby in your life,
will make everything right
You think you can end this
plight and turn off the bedroom light
You'll fold your arms
in front of this TV called marriage
You'll end up watching only
what your wife wants
Waking up in the middle of
the night, when your child cries
Changing diapers becomes
your only night-in plan
Oh my god!
- Emergency.
It's an emergency!
- Sir, where are you going?!
Push it man!
- Left turn!
Those drunkards left YOU behind!
How much more
responsibility can I take on?
Oh! This is a fracture.
Move your hand!
What is it?
- Oh my God!
There's a patient here.
- Where?
Didn't we bring this one here?
I'm sorry guys.
I ruined your party.
Say it and we'll party right here.
I'll say it. But the doctor
should say it too, right?
We'll make him say it.
Go ahead.
Make it happen.
Give me ten minutes, Uncle.
I'll charge my phone a bit.
You please rest
Don't you do this O' my son
Marriage is nothing but a sham
A scheme that'll make you smile
for a while and finish you forever
Fire in this direction!
Dude, he fell down.
I'll quit drinking from tomorrow.
What are you staring at man?
Instead of being happy
like this all your life.
You chose to marry.
And you chose her of all.
Why are you reminding me
of my nightmares at this hour?
Brother, she's not a
recurring nightmare.
She's your forever after.
Your reality.
Who the heck just barfed?!
I'm Balu.
The guy who always
wore spectacles in school.
My company makes
Vitamin and Protein powder.
We have it all.
Mr. Milk powder Balu.
I saw her face and got fooled.
Forget her face.
I told you just by
looking at her Facebook.
Her and her feminazi posts.
You married her despite knowing
she was Pratibha's best friend.
Pratibha made me a blockhead.
Sandhya made you a bonehead.
Dude, it's still not too late.
Quit fussing and do
something about this.
If my wife was the only one
pissing me off, it would've been fine.
That moronic maid
also pisses me off.
Every time they're asleep,
my intrusive thoughts...
Wants you to throw a slab
and smother them, right?
Dude, I just thought of
running away from home.
Now your idea too feels good.
But going to prison scares me.
Speaking of prison...
Weren't you in prison recently?
- Screw it!
Thanks to YouTube,
the word got around.
It wasn't YouTube.
Ashoka told me.
- To hell with Ashoka!
He's a woman in disguise.
He can't keep a
single secret to himself.
But tell me this.
How did you get out
of prison this soon?
The cops let me go.
Based on my good behaviour.
Dude, isn't that done only
on Independence Day?
Dude, I won't remind
you of your nightmare.
You don't remind me of mine.
Chug your booze
and get going home.
No one's going home today.
Who's that?
Gorilla, I'm taking you home.
Don't tell anyone.
That's some weird shit, bro!
Anyway, you're guests at
the greatest hotel of Bengaluru.
You're the childhood
friends of the owner.
Drinking and driving?
No way.
Not under my watch.
Right, dude.
You must be tired after drinking.
- A lot.
You guys are staying here.
You get to leave only
after having breakfast.
By the way, I'm giving
you the best room.
With a life changing view.
Dude, what do we do now?
Let's continue the party!
Get me your glass.
There you go.
Oy! Aren't you adding any
soda or water to mix the drink?
Where's the space for that?
Let's quit drinking
from tomorrow.
My screwed leg from yesterday.
'With a life changing view.'
Moron! Can't you sleep
with your shorts on?!
Dude, you know how I've
been since school days.
Remember on Children's Day?
When your aunt came
and pulled the bedsheet...
Screw the past!
Do you know how you've messed up?!
Oh God!
Did I mess up again?
Not just a mess.
It's a disaster!
Dude, let go of my hand.
Let me tie the towel.
Look over there!
What a sweet disaster
to see in the morning!
She's nice.
Let me put on my shorts.
We'll go and talk to her.
Ay! Not there. Look next to her!
- Next to her?
She's an average.
She'll suit you.
I choose the first one.
- Maddy!
Look there!
- Do you get it now?
Why did the hell did you pinch me?!
I'm just checking if this is a dream!
Pinch your bloody self
if you want! Why me?
Dude! How did we get here?
17th... Shit man!
I'd planned to withdraw my
chit money from Subbamma.
But we ended up here.
What do we do now?
- You moron!
I'm tensed that my wife will throw
me out if she finds out. And you...?
Why will your wife throw you
out if I don't withdraw my chit fund?
You're a reckless hobo!
There's no one waiting to
open the door if you go home.
Where will I go?
- Yeah, right!
You might have someone
to open the door, but your
wife won't even look at
your face when you enter.
Who the heck told you that?!
Didn't you get sloshed at the
party and announce it to the world?!
I'm never the one
to talk such things.
Moron, you got me
drunk and did this.
Of course! I got you drunk, kidnapped
you in an Omni and got you to Bangkok!
I'll now call your wife
and ask for a ransom.
But that poor woman, why
will she have any money?
Isn't she splurging your money?!
How the hell do you know this...?
Since I was young, everybody
told me to stay away from you.
All the booze made me
lose control and... Dammit!
Get sloshed and
go crazy all night.
Wake up in the morning
and blame it all on the friend.
I'm done with these married dimwits!
Don't ever contact
me again in this lifetime.
I blocked your number 10 minutes ago!
Now bugger off!
Good for me!
Already check-out?
- Yes! Check-out.
Only 2 people are checking out?
- What?
You don't speak English?!
At night, 3 people check-in.
Morning, 2 people check-out?
3 person where-ah?!
Oh shit!
- Who's that?
Who's the third person?
Who did you bring?
- I don't know.
Ay! Indian!
You want boom-boom?!
You son of a...!
Give it to me.
Give me your shoes!
Wait! Let's go and
see who it is first.
I'll see to that you have it.
I'm sure he's got it.
Let's go.
There's no one here.
You loafer! I'd never done such
an immoral thing ever in my life.
All thanks to you.
Now that's off the list.
Can't believe I trusted you
and cheated on my wife.
I'll have to suffer with
that guilt all my life.
To make it worse, this is Bangkok.
Did you get a girl or a...?
I'm disgusted!
My life has gone to the dogs.
Your life might seem dog-gone.
But if I get back to Bengaluru,
the police will break my balls!
Am I not relaxed?
- Why's that?
Well, it's just that I escaped
prison for Ashoka's party.
What?! Didn't you claim that it
was because of your good behaviour?
I was at my best behaviour.
But they should
let me go, right?
- I escaped.
My day just gets better.
So, I'm now with
a criminal, huh?
I'm eternally screwed!
Now it feels good.
Sir... You... Here?
I got done with the deed.
So, I got out.
How long do you want me to be in there?
- You're right.
Sir, how did you come to Bangkok?
What do you mean?
Didn't you guys get me here?
- From where?
From the party?
- Were you at the party?
I wasn't there at first.
Ashoka called and
forced me to come.
I wasn't really in the mood.
But then he told me
that there was booze.
I had to create the mood for it.
He got me to the party.
You guys got me to Bangkok.
I wonder why boys
love their P.T. masters.
The love and respect you guys
have for me after all these years!
Yet you PT Masters
support only girls in school.
That was back in the days.
You won't understand.
Let it be.
Now look where I am.
Loafer! As if ruining
my life wasn't enough.
You had to screw
this old hag too, eh?!
What will his wife think if she finds
out that he's in Bangkok at this age?
Don't worry about that.
My wife won't mind at all.
- Is she really that cool?
Not cool.
She went cold long ago.
Been 3 years.
No one's home.
Sir, didn't you have a son?
He's only a namesake.
He's not called me even
once since my wife died.
He's in America.
He won't mind at all.
Nothing to worry.
We can continue partying.
No problem.
I'm here to enjoy my life!
Sir, why are you acting like him?
Take off your glasses and see.
He's ruining us both.
You might not have anyone at home.
But, I do.
I know.
The monstrous wife, right?
Sir, who told you that?
Weren't you making announcements
on a mic at the party last night?
Heard him?
I was telling the same!
Sir, he's a criminal.
Every time I've been with him,
my life turned upside down.
It's your turn now.
- What did I even do?!
Why are you scolding that
naive guy for no reason?
Why?! Because he got the
innocent me drunk and got me here!
He wasn't the one who got us to Bangkok!
- Then?
Oh! Time for flashback.
Forget what yesterday was
Forget what tomorrow will be
Let's sing today
Let's make merry together
Do you guys even know what
an evil woman my wife is?!
I do.
- Tell us.
I'll tell you.
- NOW!
Woah! Our retired PT Master,
Ashwath Narayan!
What are you doing here?!
Ashoka invited, so I'm here.
Ashoka invited, so you're here.
If we invite you,
won't you come there?
I'm ready!
I'll go where you go!
Should I get something?
- A passport!
Don't worry about the money!
Have I ever asked you for money?
- Never!
The sponsor of every
event from now, is Santhosh!
If you guys cause a ruckus!
I can't keep driving!
I'll stop right here!
Drive carefully man!
I'll be careful.
Now keep quiet, Master!
Keep driving!
Shall we drive all
the way to Bangkok?
I always thought my
fate was screwed up.
I'm realising now that I'm
the one who's screwed up!
I lied at work and went to the party.
I lied to my wife and came here.
But I was telling myself
the biggest of all lies.
That I was a good man!
But the truth is,
I'm screwed up.
A disgusting man!
I'm useless.
No matter how much I try,
I can't keep my wife happy.
No matter how hard I try,
I can't get promoted.
Tell me, Maddy!
Should I even live any more?
To hell with you!
Like I care.
Sir, you tell me.
Should I stay alive?
You should!
It's just enough to live.
You'll have to live happily.
You're not a failure in my eyes.
You earn well.
- His wife splurges that money.
Mister, just shut up!
Fine! You're the elder!
Carry on.
You work hard.
You've bought a home.
You don't suck up
to anyone at work.
So what if your resume
is devoid of a promotion?
You've a quality that no
one in your office does.
So what if your company
doesn't value that?
Not like this is the only
company in the world.
Write a letter to your
manager saying -
'Dear Sir, I won't be coming
to work from tomorrow.'
'Do whatever you want, Rascal!'
Post it and join
another company.
Don't lead a life of fear
over there too. Got it?
Well, we're here now, aren't we?
Saturdays and Sundays
are holidays for you.
You said your wife's not home.
Boys, let's have some fun.
For sure.
But, didn't I lie to Sandhya?
- You..!
Who said you're lying?
You're just not telling the truth.
A philosopher on TV
said something like...
What was that?!
That good-for-nothing...
- I've no clue.
An untold truth
doesn't become a lie?
There you go.
But what if she feels bad?
Buy a costly gift on
your way back home.
Everything will be alright.
Don't remove the price tag.
Women notice that first.
- Yeah.
- Yes!
You want tuk-tuk?
- Oh no! Not at all.
Mister, he asked about the taxi.
- Yes.
What did you think?
- Well, you know...
Naughty boy!
I left my youth behind in my
pocket, and looks like I missed living it
My youth has now come in
search of me, using Google Maps
It's time to Rock n' Roll
Let's break all the damn rules
Let's go crazy and freak out
Time to dance out some
fiery steps in full force
Time to make the
dance floor go bonkers
It's a crime to wait
for the right time
Live it up, everybody!
Uncle! Chillax a bit
Shake your legs
and move your body
Uncle! Chillax a bit
Shake your legs
and move your body
Look over there!
- Get up!
No boom-boom.
Only tuk-tuk.
A job in my life, isn't
just jobbing enough
A family that makes you
smile, is a pain hidden behind
The knees have
gone weak already
The hair has thinned
out making me a baldie
What a tragedy!
Why wait any more?
Don't think any more
Life is a party,
don't you dare miss it
Check-in for the fun
Roll us some Mary Jane
Uncle! Chillax a bit
Shake your legs
and move your body
Uncle! Chillax a bit
Shake your legs
and move your body
Uncle! Chillax a bit
Shake your legs
and move your body
I left my youth behind in my
pocket, and looks like I missed living it
My youth has now come in
search of me, using Google Maps
It's time to Rock n' Roll
Watch where you go, Mr. Mishap!
You bought a costly gift, right?
- Yes.
Then things will be alright.
Happy ending.
Master, don't spread such rumours.
We never tried any of those things.
I read the name of the hotel.
Can't believe they name hotels like this.
What a thing to witness.
I myself got confused.
- What?
I thought I hated
you all these years.
You did?!
I thought you loved me man!
You're not that much of a gentleman.
But I want to tell you something.
I'm just jealous of you.
- Why's that?
How are you always so relaxed?
You do as you wish.
You're always chilling.
You know I always
wished to live like you?
You live a tied-down life.
I live a carefree one.
That's why I'm always relaxed.
Why don't you do this?
Meet me a couple
of times every week.
I'll turn your life around too.
Don't turn your life
around too much.
It'll go upside down.
As if his life isn't
upside down right now.
He's struggling at work and home.
When will he enjoy living his life?
It's not that bad.
Who told you that
I'm 'struggling'?
A couple of hurdles keep coming.
That is all.
Who doesn't experience that?
That will change too.
- Yeah, right.
Looks like our Master is upset?
Of course.
When we return to Bengaluru today...
His wife will be waiting for him.
The police will be waiting for you.
- What about me?
We're here, aren't we?
Let's meet every week from now.
We'll be there for each other.
Together, play a game of hopscotch.
What a sight that would be!
Sir, let him do as he wishes.
We'll meet at any cost.
Please don't be upset.
You always have to be happy.
- For sure.
He'll be fine.
Two pegs of booze and he'll be pumped up.
I'm terribly scared for you, bro!
But why?
Check out that incoming catastrophe.
Who's that?
His happy marriage...
with somebody else.
Oh no! His hands are on her.
Exactly why he's got her here.
Did you take a good look?
Was it really her?
100% it was her!
I've been following her ever since
her marriage alliance came up.
You're following her?!
- I mean on Facebook, Master.
The moment I found
her profile, I told him.
Dude, she's not our kind.
She's a high-profile girl.
You'll be screwed if you marry her.
This moron instead blocked me.
Let him be. He's already hurt.
Don't hurt him more.
What if he does something to himself?
What will he do?
He can't do a single thing.
He's bloody impotent.
- Maddy!
Please keep quiet, Master.
If I was him, I would've
grabbed by her hair and told her -
"You vamp! You're splurging my money
and screwed me big time back in Bengaluru."
"How dare you come to the streets of Bangkok
to play bang-bang with your boyfriend!"
I would've whacked
her on her face!
Maddy, I understand your anger.
But our sire here is
the epitome of patience.
He's watching his life partner
screw his life with his own eyes,
But this poor man's
hands are tied up.
Maddy, let him be.
- I'll let him be, Master.
Dude, don't let anything bother you.
You rush back home, sit down in the
kitchen and shed tears at this tragedy.
In the next bachelor party you attend,
get sloshed and announce
the horror stories of your marriage
for the world to know, okay?
Mr. Chauffeur, kindly
hurry up to the airport.
Sire here needs to
rush back to his kitchen.
I don't understand.
Don't worry.
Nobody understand.
- Santhosh!
How many times do I call you?
Where the hell are you?!
I hear voice instructions
in a different language.
Well, Sir...
I'm currently a bit tensed.
I'll call you later, okay?
What the hell is this?!
Did you check your e-mails?
You've not submitted
this week's time-sheets.
Fill it and send it right away.
- Please, Sir.
I'm stuck with a personal
problem right now.
I'll do it later for sure.
Later won't cut it.
I want it done right now!
Ay! I won't do it, bugger!
What do you mean?
Have you gone deaf?!
Or has flirting with that Seth
girl made you forget Kannada?!
Santhosh, you're crossing your line.
I'll have to initiate
action against you!
Ay! Who the hell are
you to initiate action?!
I'll initiate action against you.
Note this down!
'Dear Sir! I won't be working in
this shit-hole of an office any more!'
'If you try to call or mail me, I'll
sledgehammer that face of yours!'
You missed rascal.
Put the phone down, you rascal!
- Yes!
What is this?!
Kudos man!
What are you doing?!
Turn the damn car around!
You idiot!
I don't understand!
Make a U-turn, you dimwit!
Ay! You moron!
Drive properly!
I'm looking for a woman!
No way! No woman!
No boom-boom here.
This is a decent hotel.
No! You don't understand!
This woman.
Who is she?
Sh.. She is...
- She's a very big criminal from India.
Who are you?
Indian Police.
And.. Who is he?
I'm the Chairman.
Since 1996.
I see.
She stayed in Room no. 303.
But she check-out.
We will check her out.
Inspector Madhav!
We're the Indian Police.
- Yes, Sir!
Dude, it's very easy
to find a run-away wife.
Let's do a role-play.
First, it's my turn.
If I was married, I would install
a spyware in my wife's phone.
Then I would know where she's
going and who she's talking to.
I would grab her by
hair and bring her back.
It's your turn, Master.
What would you do if your
wife ran away with someone?
My wife would never run away.
Woah! Super confident now, are we?
Nah! It's not that.
She had Arthritis.
She couldn't have run away.
- Oh! Okay.
Your turn dude.
What would you do if your
wife ran away with someone?
Oh! Sorry!
I forgot.
Your wife ran away
already, didn't she?
Maddy! Stop repeatedly
saying that my wife ran away!
Sir, I'm trying to help and this
is what I get in return? Dammit!
Leave the poor man alone.
Why don't you call her and let her
know that you know that she ran away?
No, Sir!
I've to catch her red-handed.
I want to look into her eyes!
I want to ask her
why she did this to me!
Irrespective of what she says...
We'll go back and live together.
Somebody punch me!
If I call her, she'll
lie and get away.
For God sake, stop telling
that my wife ran away!
- It hurts.
Sorry. The words just
tumbled out of my mouth.
We've told the Hotel authority
that we're the Indian Police.
What if they find out the truth?
Really? Did we tell them
that we're the Police?
Which moron came
up with that idea?
Quite possible.
Sometimes I do such things.
Not just sometimes.
Every fricking time in my life!
You don't worry, Sir.
If they try to nab us,
I know what to do.
I have a master plan.
Hey you!
Indian police?!
So, this was his master plan?
Now run!
- Nitwits!
Get out of my way!
Bloody hell!
- I'm really sorry!
You there! Stop!
Hey you!
Indian police!
Hey! Stop now!
Hey you!
Stop! That was some
top-class driving, Master!
Thank you.
I hope you're fine!
- I'm good.
Why is he acting like this?
He ran, didn't he?
Must be exhausted.
Take this.
- Don't talk about running.
He'll lose his shit!
- You moron!
Sorry, Master.
- It's okay. No problem.
Take this.
You! Indian Police?
Sir, run!
- Hurry up guys!
Oh no!
You run run.
I run run.
I tire already.
I got information for you.
- Yes.
The woman.
A big criminal from India.
She call a taxi and
go to Indian restolant
Which taxi?
His taxi.
- Huh?!
He take you there.
I help.
He help.
We all help.
Did these dimwits chase
us to tell about your wife?
He's a taxi driver?
I mistook his
costume for the Police.
Dude, have you ever got
anything right in your life?
Inspector Madhav.
Inspector Santhosh.
Shall we leave?
- Yes, Sir.
Dude, careful with the other leg.
Every time I got home some
Idly, she would spit on my face.
Yet, here she comes to a
foreign country to eat Idlies.
That too with another guy.
Quit poking the wound, dammit!
Keep walking man.
Master, make sure you don't trip.
Excuse me!
Here's your food.
You vamp!
'Thank you.'
Continue please.
Sangham sharanam gachhami
Did you find her?
- Nope.
Did you?
- Nope.
Let's do this.
I'll go that way.
You go this way.
No need. You go that way.
I'll go this way.
Didn't I just say the same thing?
- So, did I.
What a bonehead!
Idly is damn tasty, right?
I didn't expect it at all.
Open your mouth.
What was that sound?
- Huh?
Did you also hear it?
Thai food isn't going
well with me, baby.
It's okay.
Please enjoy your meal.
Baby, have the Idly.
You'll be fine.
No! I don't want a Bangkok Idly.
Love is the wealth god
bestowed upon us in our lives
There's celebrations
in our hunger
Every day is like
the festival - Yugaadi
You and I, share this life
Love is the wealth god
bestowed upon us in our lives
I'll come by myself.
Thankfully, you guys woke up.
This was my last cracker.
So? What does the
Indian Police have to say?
Prakash Anna says hello.
- You mean us?
Oh! So you got into
a new character, huh?
Of course.
A matter of my livelihood.
Thanks to God.
All is well.
Good for you.
But to get out of here.
God won't do.
You need me.
What shall we do now?
You tell us, Sir.
We'll do as you wish.
You will.
You better.
Why is he walking
towards us with a baton?
Slow down man!
Dude, there's a
hole in that pocket.
The man didn't
care about my hole.
Was this the Police ID?
- Yes, Sir.
This is a damned Aadhaar card.
This is used to
book a gas cylinder.
Why are you linking
things unnecessarily?!
These foreigners don't
understand a single thing!
It's better to bring my
people from my village.
Chuck it!
- Sorry.
Do you believe us now?
You beat us up and
tied us for no reason.
Do you realise now?
That we're not the Police.
We're the good guys.
We're young blood.
We can take the beating.
But how could you
smash an old man like him?
We didn't smash him.
He got smashed himself.
I'm done with these drunkards!
The issue now is...
Don't say a word!
What are you whispering about?
Erm... It's nothing.
Prakash Anna, please let us go now.
We've to get somewhere urgently.
- Yes.
I will.
But first tell me.
Why did you guys
put up the Police act?
I'll release you guys.
If you don't tell me the truth...
He'll release his
stress in ways unknown.
The choice is yours.
He'll go for the hole again.
Sorry dude.
Things have gone out of hand.
I've to tell him the truth.
We've got no other way.
I've got a heart-breaking
story for you.
Kindly brace yourself.
This man sitting here is my best friend.
But remember, the
joy lies only in his name.
Because there's not
a gram of joy in his life.
His lawfully wedded wife.
She forgot the law and
is now here, in Bangkok.
Illegally having an
affair with another man.
We came to your
restaurant looking for her.
Just when we almost caught her red-handed,
you knocked us out and got us here.
Fine, you've tied us up.
But where will this
old man run away to?
Why have you tied him up?
Don't talk about running away.
Santhosh will feel bad.
Did you hear that?
Did you hear him?!
Why would anyone
lie in their sleep?
That too an old man?
Please believe us, Prakash Anna.
What's happening here?
A marathon of emotions.
- Wait. His wife ran away!
He is doing fine.
Why are you running
an emotional marathon?
Sorry dude.
It was just a general
knowledge question.
To hell with your knowledge!
I too have a heart-breaking story.
Are you ready to listen to it?
Sir, hold on!
Let me brace myself!
Go ahead.
I'll finish my chants by then.
Check this out dude.
You've been beaten black
and blue by your wife?
Let me see?
My my my!
This is just a trailer.
The complete story
is action-packed.
A violent adult film.
I thought I was the exploited one.
But you're 'The Exploited: Ultra-Max Pro'.
Our stories are the same.
Not really.
My wife didn't run
away with anyone.
What's wrong with you?
Just that the story
was extremely spicy.
I ended up choking.
Your wife has
thrashed you to pieces.
Didn't you feel like
thrashing her back?
It kept occurring to me.
- What did you do?
I consoled my heart.
'No. Don't do it.'
'You'll get thrashed again.'
Despite getting thrashed all your
life, you're such a brave man, Prakasha.
I'm impressed.
Take this.
There's one reason for it all.
My my!
Looks like you played well.
The music I mean.
Thanks man.
I'm still learning.
The fact that I never gave it back
to my wife, continues to haunt me.
So sad.
- Let that be, Prakasha.
Who in their right mind
gets himself photographed
while getting beaten
up by his wife?
Point to be noted.
- I got it done.
If I had to lodge a complaint with
the police, I needed some proof, right?
Oh! Did you ever
go to the police?
I approached them.
But she found out and her brother
was waiting at the police station.
Did your brother-in-law beg
you not to lodge a complaint?
Hell no!
You think he's a good man?
He's a bigger
shmuck than my wife!
Like you mentioned before.
'The Shmuck: Ultra-Max Pro'.
He had the police
in his pockets.
The policemen chose to
give me the 'Aeroplane' torture.
What happened?
What else could happen?
I chose another Aeroplane
and settled down in Thailand.
He flew from the trouble.
- I now own a small restaurant.
A small business.
I also have a small family of mine.
Life is good now.
- Not bad.
You're clearly doing good.
My life is fully messed up!
You tied us up and
helped my wife escape.
Come on.
I'm sorry.
I'd no clue about you.
I mistook you for the
police and beat you up.
I already had an old
police case pending.
You now want to
find your wife, right?
The entire Thailand is my oyster!
It's a cakewalk.
- Really?
Of course.
Show me a photograph of your wife?
No matter where she's in Thailand,
I'll find her
No problem.
I'm fully connected at the Airport.
She's heading to
Paradise Island.
She'll head back
to India in two days.
Paradise Island?
You didn't tell us how to get there.
Your Prakasha is alive and thriving.
Hurry up and whip
out your passport.
I'll book the air tickets.
- Yeah.
Where did you keep it?
- Press harder! Why are you hesitating?!
Can't find it?
Search your bags, guys.
He's right.
I almost forgot
Keep pressing.
How can I relax if you're gentle?
Should be in here.
Not in there either?
It's not here.
Did you forget it in
your previous hotel?
Why are you guys tensed?
Our Prakasha is alive and thriving.
I forgot about it.
He'll help us.
I'm here.
But I'm not getting into this.
Thanks to the rampant drugs,
the rules here are extremely strict.
If a foreigner is found without a
passport, he'll directly end up in prison.
If the Police find out that I helped
you, what if they throw me in with you?
Yes. The police already
have history with you.
Yes. I've a lot of desires in life.
But I've no intention to
board the 'Aeroplane' again.
If the Police take me away...
What'll happen to me?
My restaurant? My music?
Hell no!
I'm not getting into this.
I'm not risking this.
You guys go to
the Indian Embassy.
Somebody will help you there.
Dude, I'm not
getting into this either.
You know about the tiny misunderstanding
between and my government, right?
You understand what I'm saying?
If you go the Embassy, they'll
call your family aka your wife.
If she finds out, she'll get away.
Do you understand
what I'm saying?
Prakash Anna!
Prakash Anna!
Please understand
what I'm saying!
We've suffered a lot
because of our wives, right?
Aren't we sailing
in the same boat?
Your boat had a hole
and sank in Mangaluru.
But if you make up your mind
and stick your finger in my...
My Boat.
It'll sail through.
My relationship will survive.
Please take me where
my wife has gone.
I'm touching your
feet as I say this.
I'll seek revenge by whipping
those two pending slaps
you had for your wife,
by unleashing it on my wife.
Please, Prakash Anna.
Please save my family!
Yuck! Sir, look at him!
What is he doing?
You got my shorts wet.
Get up!
Enough man!
Get up man!
We'll figure out something.
Calm down!
Let's go somewhere.
Have half a beer and share ideas.
I can share ideas.
Not my beer.
This old hag will die drinking!
Here's your beers.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
How come all the beautiful
women are so affectionate to you?
What's the matter?
- It's nothing.
We share a strong bonding.
The beers are here.
Let's get to the point.
- Cheers!
Now, to book your air tickets.
They'll ask for your passport.
Do you have it?
- Nope.
To send you in a taxi, you
need to cross the district border.
But thanks to the drug wars,
there's incessant checking.
Are you locals?
- Nope.
A glance at you and
they'll ask for the passport.
Do you have it?
- Nope.
There's the option of a speed boat.
A 30 minutes ride...
- Oy!
They also will ask for passports.
We don't have it.
Now tell us what's the option.
Coming to the point.
All the main roads leading
to your wife are closed.
But there's one cross road.
If you don't mind adjusting, I'll
push you guys to the cross-road.
Sir, we're okay with it.
We're ready to adjust.
I've to catch her red-handed.
Fine! It's decided! It's done!
Tomorrow morning, I'll make the arrangements.
Do it.
Now drink up!
Have fun!
Drink man!
Everything is sorted now.
WAITRESS: Prakash Anna!
Didn't I tell you that
Prakasha will handle it?
I shall carry on.
I've got a musical instrument to play.
Go on! Play it well!
- Thank you.
I'm coming.
Drink now.
Tomorrow grab your wife.
Master, take this.
You didn't have
to take the trouble.
You'll need it for the journey.
It's 5.5 hours long.
Won't you be parched?
- What do you've for me?
Man, I'm very happy to have met you.
- Sure.
It was fun talking to you.
I mean it.
Well... What's your name again?
- The thing he doesn't have in his life.
Santhosh (Happiness).
It's painful even to say it.
So, yeah. This vehicle will take
you till sky city through the bypass.
There won't be any check-posts
or police on this route.
From there, you can go to
the Paradise Island by boat.
What if they ask for our passports?
It's the bypass.
Nobody will bother asking.
You can have a
comfortable journey,
catch hold of your wife and
thrash the living daylights out of her.
Thanks, Prakash Anna.
I don't know how
to repay your favour.
I knew this was coming.
Didn't I tell you?
You lost the bet.
What if you'd lost the bet?
I'd have to bang the drums all night.
Manjari, give me the bag.
As soon as you reach, a
friend of ours will come to you.
Hand the bag to them and
you would've repaid my favour.
What's in the bag?
How will we know
who to give this bag to?
Disgusting. His hand is
going to the wrong place.
Hand it over to the one
who asks for this chit.
The Kodubale will crumble.
Who is the Kodubale and
pregnancy supplements for?
Like I told you before.
The small family
I've in Thailand.
She's carrying.
My my! I wonder where all
you've been banging your drums.
Doesn't she bash you
up like your ex-wife?
No, Master.
She just bats her eyelid at me.
How long are you gonna keep chatting?!
We gotta leave now
Okay. You guys continue.
The driver's going bonkers.
He really cares for us.
Of course.
Bye Prakasha.
Bye, Prakash Anna.
Happy Journey.
See you.
Thank you.
- Take care of your health.
Let's meet in Bengaluru.
- Sure.
Keep banging the drums.
- Bye.
Hey Siri! Call my
brother-in-law, please?
Okay, Prakash Anna.
Mahabala here.
Prakash here.
Oh! Brother-in-law!
I've made a superb plan to
deliver the consignment this time.
I don't know about this time.
But I remember what
happened the last time.
Didn't your men steal my
consignment and try to sell it back to me?
Currently, I'm performing
a concert for both of them.
Can you hear it, brother-in-law?
Forget the past.
You're my family.
I've exchanged vows with your sister.
Would I ever trick you?
Last time I trusted
foreigners and got fooled.
This time, I've found
our own people.
They have a sense
of belonging with us.
Nothing can go wrong.
No problem.
Put your worries aside.
I can't put them
anywhere, brother-in-law.
Won't I be worried?
The fear that I might have to
turn my own sister into a widow...
Keeps me up all night.
Mahabala, you can't do that.
It's important that you sleep.
I care a lot for you man!
Last time you had gastritis,
I had to pray to Koragajja.
This time, pray for
yourself, brother-in-law.
If things go wrong again, you
know what's coming for you.
Please don't jinx it yourself.
Nothing will go wrong.
Stay strong, okay?
So, Mahabala?
Is everything all right?
Put the phone down, moron!
This moron cares a lot about me.
I did so much for you.
But you...?
Is this okay?
- Dude!
This style won't even
affect such vamps.
Slapping them is important.
So is hurting their ego.
Say it like I do.
You wretched who...
- Oy!
Not this harsh.
I need to get back and
make a life with her.
Woah! So a threesome then?
You, her and her boyfriend.
- Watch it Maddy!
You're crossing the line.
I've seen men practising
proposals to their women.
This is the first time I'm seeing
some practice beating up.
Let that be, Sir.
Dude, you're on your own from now.
I don't wish to marry and practice
for such conversations either.
I'll be single and lead a happy life.
What say, Sir?
- Indian always boom boom.
Dude, irrespective of whether
she's a good woman or not.
At least I have some one who I
can call my own. Who do you have?
Do you even know
the meaning of love?
So be it, Sir.
Only you, my dear sir,
have experienced love.
You eagerly tied the knots
to a girl your parents chose.
You paid the fee to
her zumba classes.
You built a dream palace with her.
But somebody else is ringing the bell.
Your girl's happily opening the doors.
All the best.
What a love story.
Why are you laughing, Sir?
here would've laughed at your love story.
Where's the 'stuff'?
You mongrels!
Where's the stuff?
Where are the drugs?
So be it.
Where's the stuff?
He doesn't need translation.
Number 44, Atomic street.
Inside the room.
On the fridge.
There... you'll find your drugs.
Very good.
Let him go.
But why?!
- Let him live.
You can go.
Have fun.
Go. Enjoy.
Thank you, Sir.
But why?!
My father always told me that
the ones dying deserve happiness
in their last moments,
even if it was from a lie.
He gave me the information.
I gave him a moment of
happiness in his last moment.
Sir, his love story is in tatters.
Tell us if you've a happy
love story that we can listen to.
Looks like you had one in the past.
Cook up a dash of romance,
comedy, some extra spice and tell us.
My love story isn't as spicy.
Mine was a simple one.
If I saw her face
and left for work,
the entire day I would
feel a sense of excitement.
The eagerness to have a cup of coffee
made by her, after getting back from work.
The fights we had, the arguments
we had and the friendship we shared
There was a sense of
celebration in all of them.
In the end, when she left
me and I finally buried her...
I trust that she'll be with
me, one way or the other.
When her memories haunt me and
a tear reaches the edges of my eye...
There's still a smile on my face.
She liked my smile a lot.
It was my smile she fell for.
This shirt was
her last gift for me.
I'll keep it with
me till my end.
Love stories are a pain.
- Why's that?
Were you never in a relationship?
Of course he was.
But the ship sank.
What does that mean?
Let it be, Sir.
Girls who come to you looking
at your bank balance disgust me.
They can't earn a
single rupee on their own.
But they flaunt a tattoo on their
arms reading 'Daddy's Little Princess.'
Looks like somebody
abandoned you on the streets.
You're furious! Wonder what
you'll do to her if you meet her!
I'll go looking for her.
I'll do it in her marriage.
When she's out exchanging her vows, I'll
exchange her destiny for a terrible one.
I'll grab the mic and tell the
world what a scammer she is!
That motherfu...
- Woah! Stop!
You guys remember your ex's
mothers more than the ex herself.
The mothers must be having
constant hiccups and wondering why.
Going by that logic, his mother-in-law
might have died because of hiccups.
Didn't he have a different love
story, other than the one with his wife?
Of course he did. That too was
a one-way road like his marriage.
Her name was Asha (Desire).
Oh! Desires are the bane of existence.
I yearn to see you once with
all of my eyes. Where are you?
I yearn to see you once with
all of my eyes. Where are you?
Are you hiding on the land?
Are you flying
high in the sky
Where are you?
I can't find you
I yearn to see you once with
all of my eyes. Where are you?
You sang well, Asha.
Tell her you're right here.
She's been yearning
for you since then.
Excuse me!
He was talking too.
Won't you write his name?
What did I do?
Why did you write...?
She's writing your name with
her own hands. Why stop her?
You can write it, Asha.
No problem.
Thank you.
- All the best.
All the best.
- Thanks, Anushka.
You didn't gift her anything.
No balls, eh?
No money, dude.
Meet us when you come here.
- Thank you.
She's going to Bombay.
Don't worry.
I know a Shetty over there.
He'll find her.
Arrange 500.
We'll get on a train and find her.
Didn't I just tell you
that I've no money?
I don't understand if it's you
that doesn't get along with women
or if it is women that
don't get along with you?
Who do women ever get along with?
Going behind a woman is
an easy recipe to disaster.
Why's he driving like a maniac?
What the hell?!
I just fixed this damn truck!
Damn! This truck
seems to screwed up!
Where in the world are we?
I don't see a single dog around.
If they eat every single dog
they find, where will we see one?
If I don't catch her by tomorrow,
how will I mend my relationship?
Dude, are you still
hopeful about that?
Moron! Everything's
a joke to you, right?
Don't you dare hit me!
I've done so much for you.
You've done enough to ruin my life!
Even the God of misfortune
will let one go after 7.5 years.
You've been screwing me
upside down for 25 long years!
Hey! Your uncle went down!
- What he's bickering?!
Your uncle went down!
- What is it, handsfree?
Your uncle went down!
Your uncle went down!
- What?
What the hell man!
I don't understand
your language!
You've got no seriousness in life!
I'm suffering here and
you're having fun mocking me!
This old hag is drunk as hell!
- Here?
- Here!
- Here...
Dude! Where's Master?
How did the wheelchair move?
I'd kept a stone to stop...
Your uncle is rolling down!
Moron! Is that what you
were blabbering all this while?!
Dude! Let's go.
'Your uncle's rolling down'
- Master!
Wake up!
God! This PT Master
made me run in school.
We're in Bangkok, yet
he's still making me run!
Yo Master!
- What is it?
Get hold of him quick!
If he goes any further,
he'll fall off a cliff!
Get up, you old hag!
This is why you
don't drink and drive!
Wake up!
You'll end up like
the Persians in Sparta!
Poor Master!
He'll be known as
an unidentified corpse.
Dude, don't worry.
He would've never felt it.
Poor man died in his sleep.
A peaceful death.
What if his son finds out?
He never bothered
calling all these years.
Why will he now?
Screw him!
We didn't even get a
moment to shed tears for him.
We're shedding
some water, aren't we?
This will do.
Some water to wash our hands?
We've this, don't we?
Use it.
Come on.
Don't feel bad that
we didn't find his body.
We've this.
Let's cremate this.
We shouldn't regret later.
Now, imagine you're his son.
I'm the priest.
I'll utter a couple of chants.
Think of your home deity.
Turn around your sacred thread.
- Maddy!
Don't stay angry
during the final rites.
The soul won't attain salvation.
Will this really help the
dead attain peace?
The final rites aren't for
the dead to attain peace.
It's for the ones
alive to feel peaceful.
With a masterpiece?
Sir, are you aliv...?
Where were you?
I almost entered the
death trap and returned.
She's the one who rescued me.
Her name is Achara.
She's 5'9.
Works in a hotel.
She's an orphan.
Her only husband gambled his life
away, ruined everything and left town.
She has a cute kid.
She works hard to educate him.
You've collected enough information
at the edge of the death trap, didn't you?
What can I do?
Women tend to get close to me.
I'm a sensitive soul.
Why the hell are
you burning my shirt?!
That's my wife's gift! Dammit!
- Put the fire out, Maddy!
Give it to me!
- I'm not burning it! I'm dousing the fire.
Here's your souvenir.
Thank god!
You spared at least this much!
Sorry, Geetha.
What are you doing
with a magnifying glass?
We were searching for you, so...
Mommy, is that our truck?
- Yes. The truck's here.
It's here.
Watch your head.
Naavin, come!
Sometimes in my heart
There's a feeling I've
never known in the past
Everything seems so cool
It's a beautiful,
colourful phase in my life
Sometimes when I
steal glances at you
I wonder what's this
longing I'm experiencing
Tell me why as I experience
this, my eyes are gleaming with zeal
The words have now turned into a song
The blazing sun has
turned into a comforting chill
As I stretch my arm out,
it's now starting to rain
Will you accompany me in the rain?
Don't forget my acquaintance
Don't forget my acquaintance
Don't forget my acquaintance
Sometimes when I steal glances at you
I wonder what's this
longing I'm experiencing
Again and again, I
scribble a song for you
This paper has melted
away, come take a look
Your fragrance has come
floating to me with the breeze
Can I help you with anything?
- Cute kid.
Shall I steal the pink
blush of your cute cheeks?
Up in the sky, shall I etch a
dream of mine, just for you?
To get her attention, make
sure you impress the kid first.
Will you appear in
that dream for me?
Don't forget my acquaintance
Don't forget my acquaintance
Don't forget my acquaintance
You finished munching
on the Kodubale.
I gave all the stickers to the kid.
Now how do we repay
Prakash Anna's favour?
Don't worry.
We'll repay it with that jackfruit.
Ay! Not the tiny one.
Pick the big one.
We've a lot to repay.
You don't know how to stick it.
Give it to me.
I wonder what's this
longing I'm experiencing
There's a feeling I've
never known in the past
Everything seems so cool
It's a beautiful,
colourful phase in my life
Naavin, are you hungry?
We'll be there soon.
Not so much, Mommy.
I can manage.
Who is this guy?
The chit?!
Oh wait!
Take this.
- Not this first.
- Oh yeah.
Prakash Anna.
Give him the bag.
All this arrangement
for a Kodubale bag?
In an hour, we'll be on Paradise Island.
There's only one
resort out there.
Once we're there, you can
easily catch your wife red-handed.
Master, you've collected
a lot of information. How?
This is how.
- Not bad!
Mahabala here?
Prakash played us again!
Take this.
Hope you're okay.
Hold on!
- What happened?
We're at a triple crossroad.
Listen to me. Let's ward
off the bad luck with lemons.
Shut your trap.
Let me speak.
I'm going this way.
Dude, you go that way.
Master, you wait here.
No matter who spots
her, let's signal each other.
- Yeah?
Yes. Signal me just like this.
I've signalled already.
Check out your missus over there.
With somebody else.
- Woah!
Man, your missus has zero taste.
Who's that fatso?
Oh no.
They got in, together.
What a nice couple!
- Argh!
Who's this dimwit?
Kindly get in the vehicle.
No. We're trying to...
- Ay! Don't you get it?
Prakasha has sent this vehicle.
- Of course.
Let's go.
Ay! Why are you going this way?
My wife went over there.
His wife ran that way!
- Shut your mouths!
- Poor guy.
Please let me go.
Let me go, please?
Dude, didn't I already mention
that we needed the lemons?
Oh! Sir! Namaskara.
You were saying something.
A flick and you'll fly away.
Do you really want
to get into this mess?
I don't want to
get into anything.
Just tell me what the matter is.
Where's the bag?
What bag?
Oh! So, that's how
you want to play it?
Okay then.
Say hello to my little friend.
Hello, Sir.
Hope you're doing well.
Sir, do we really
need this violence?
Listen, you're
getting us all wrong.
Sure, we had the bag with us.
But the bag doesn't belong to you.
It belongs to a renowned
man of Bangkok.
Wow! A renowned man!
I too am looking for the same bag.
Where did it go?
How do we tell you?
You're putting us
through a moral dilemma.
You're already deep inside a dilemma.
You're just not realising it.
Isn't that true?
Now tell me.
Listen, he's a very big man.
Big people tend to have
small dealings, right?
Similarly, my conscience isn't letting me
unravel the secret dealings of a big man.
- Sire!
His pistol is pointing
at my conscience.
I've no issue unravelling it.
I'll go ahead.
Sir, the renowned
man is called Prakash.
He has a second
family unit in this town.
He asked us to give
the bag to his men.
We did. There ends the story.
- Hope everything's clear now.
You got things mixed up
and manhandled us instead.
He too is a renowned
man in Bengaluru.
After his wife ran away, the
reputation has gone down a bit. That's it.
If you let us go now, we shall take his
wife and his reputation back to Bengaluru.
- C'mon. You don't have to apologise.
Arrange a vehicle for us and
that's about it. We'll be gone.
What say?
- Yes, Sir.
Will an ambulance do?
Sir, is violence necessary?
All the bag had was Kodubale, pregnancy
supplements and four sheets of stickers?
That was back when
the bag was given to you.
When you guys returned the
bag, there were no stickers.
All the bag had was an
Artocarpus heterophyllus.
A what?!
- What's that?
- What?
A Jackfruit?
Did you do that?
Sorry, Dude.
Actually the kid...
Sir, give me the pistol.
I'll shoot this guy right here!
Where did the stickers go?
- Sir!
A cute child came
and asked for it.
I just couldn't
turn down that kid.
I gave it away.
- The thing is...
Children are my lifeline.
What a beautiful life you have.
Now, I want to take
away this life, for myself.
Sir, why talk about
life and death?
You want the stickers, right?
I'll get you some other sticker right away.
Please don't ask me to grab
the stickers from the child.
Of course, I'll ask
you to do exactly that.
Because those weren't
any ordinary stickers.
Because it had the latest
and costliest drug in Bangkok.
Blue sky.
Now tell me.
Are you getting those
stickers back to me?
Or should I keep the
Ambulance on standby?
Don't get emotional.
He has a pistol in his hand.
Ay! You shut your mouth!
You've no clue
about our network.
One call to Prakasha and he'll
clobber you to death with his Veene.
What do you think of him?
He's a tiger!
He's the freaking Tiger
of Thailand! I mean it!
Oh! Is that the truth?
- Of course!
Show them the tiger.
What's happening, Prakash Anna?
You were banging the
instruments all these days.
Looks like music is
banging you back today?
Mahabala, you found them.
Let me go now, please.
The jackfruit scale is
brushing against my tush.
I wonder which moron
chose this massive fruit!
It's pricking all
the wrong areas.
You can do anything to us.
But please let Prakasha go.
Thanks, Master.
- Welcome.
He's suffered enough in life.
This torture will
weaken him more.
I can't bear to witness this.
What is that suffering
that I've no idea about?
- WAIT! Let me tell you.
His wife is a wretched vamp!
Do you've any idea how
much she's tortured him?
- Quiet, Prakasha.
I'm yet to tell him about
your brother-in-law!
Master, please don't.
- You keep quiet now.
I've to listen to this
story of your sufferings.
Master, please continue.
I insist.
- Thank you.
His brother-in-law is a
bigger shmuck than his wife!
Erm... What were you
calling him, Prakasha?
'The Shmuck: Ultra-Max Pro'.
Yeah, a pro-idiot!
Despite having suffered so much,
if he's still sitting there comfortably.
Do you know the
reason behind it?
Of course he knows
his way around things.
His favourite song is...
'Beat it'.
Am I right?
Thanks Master.
- C'mon.
Why thank us?
We still have a
lot to repay you.
You've repaid more than enough.
Talk more and I'll pay for my sins.
Man, you really a lucky soul.
You've got a lot
more time to endure.
I've been praying for you.
- Yes?
The three of you wait outside.
I've got to pray a bit personally.
Take your time.
Prakash Anna.
Take care.
Say what you want to, Maddy.
But Prakash has
great taste is music.
Of course! He's banging
wherever he gets a chance to.
Prakash Anna, looks like
your drums got bashed hard?
I'll give the four of
you an hour's time.
By then, you guys will
have to get me the stickers.
If you don't, this renowned person will
explain the consequences on the way.
Carry on now.
- But son...
If you let the four of us
go, won't we escape?
You'll have to hold
one of us back, right?
You're very smart, Master.
- Yeah.
You stay back with me.
- Thank you.
The three of you leave.
Hurry guys!
You've only 59 minutes left.
How do we find that kid?
Bloody hell!
We'll find him.
Why are you so tensed? Sit down.
You guys made me sit
on a throne, didn't you?
Will you two shut up?
I'm not able to concentrate.
I've to find my wife.
- Oh. That's pending, right?
Prakash Anna, you go that way.
I'll go this way.
A young kid. With him is a
superb bab... Forgive me.
A pretty girl.
Call me as soon as you find her.
You take care of the kid.
I'll take care of
the girl, okay?
- Deal.
The door's open.
Let me check here.
What are you doing here?!
I didn't see anything, woman!
You bloody pervert!
You remind me of my father.
What did your father do?
He was a swimming champion.
Poor man fell into
a well and died.
A swimming champion
who fell into a well and died?!
How's that possible?
The well had no water, did it?
Table no. 45 has
returned their food.
Actually he wants... fish instead.
Can you make it?
So annoying. I don't know
why they're so demanding.
What are you doing here?
- The young kid?
Was with a pretty girl, right?
That's her.
The pretty girl.
That means we've found the kid!
I'm so done with these rich people.
Woman! Where's your
Eww! You pervert!
What are you saying you old hag?!
You want more of this?!
She won't let a strange man near her.
Such a well-cultured woman.
How much more abuse
can this soul take?!
Prakash Anna!
The kid's here. Chase him.
You lunatic!
- Kiddo!
You lunatic!
- My loin cloth!
What a lunatic!
Good heavens!
What's this shit?!
I find it humiliating even to look.
I won't tell anyone.
I swear.
There! He's running!
Stop right there.
Here I am, kiddo!
I got you now.
Now give me your bag!
Don't be scared, kiddo.
Hold on now!
You can't get away now!
- Help me! He's going to steal my bag!
Hold it now. Stop wiggling!
- Help!
I'll get whatever you ask for.
What do you want? Chocolates?
You moron!
You bloody kidnapper!
- What a witch!
Looks like someone's
thinking of me a lot.
It's my girl after all!
You think of your
father so often.
Then there's my son.
He doesn't even call.
So what if he doesn't call?
What's stopping you?
Your ego?
Sometimes we've got to lose, Master.
Sometimes we have to lose.
It's half an hour already.
Where are those morons?!
Another drink for me.
I'm coming.
Time to nab you.
Happy Birthday!
Thank you.
The Africans are going
to strip this Tarzan naked!
What are you doing here?
I'm looking for my girl.
Me too.
I'm looking for my girl.
Dude, look over there.
Your ex-wife.
Dude, look over there.
Your ex-girlfriend.
That motherfu...
- Language!
Dude, you go there.
I'll go here.
Where did that rascal escape to?
- I've no clue.
Prakash! Oh.
You don't look like him!
Where is he?
Two floors done.
- Keep looking!
We'll continue looking.
I'm Jaby Koay.
And you forgot to press
that bell icon, dimwit!
Thank you.
You may kiss the bride.
Ladies and Gentlemen!
Your attention please.
- What happened?
Hello Daddy's Princess!
Hope you're doing well.
Is he your friend?
What's up, Mr. Groom?
Mr. Kammanahalli and you are a great pair.
Nice pair.
On the day of your
wedding, I'd desired to get on
the stage, get hold of a
mic and give a speech.
God is great indeed.
He fulfilled that
desire of mine today.
Maddy, please.
Do you want anything to drink?
I got on this stage to speak
a few great lines about you.
But all I have are
two things to say.
Happy married life.
Convey this to Mr. Kamamanahalli.
To shoot, press the X button, Master.
Shouldn't he step back for that?
- Press the X.
I'm pressing that.
Mahabala here?
- Prakasha here.
Did you find the bag?
- I found Marcello.
He'll bend me over
and kill me now.
I'm running towards the lawn.
Save me, please!
Looks like he gave up on me.
- What's wrong?
For 20 years, I've been
seeking revenge, Master.
You keep playing.
I'll go and set
this town on fire.
Don't forget to
press the X button.
Baby, let's go from here.
But why?
Your best friend
is getting married.
We can leave after
the wedding, right?
Shush! I'll tell you on the way.
Now hurry!
Tell me n...
This is the first time you're
calling my name so softly.
Yet, I don't feel happy.
What a situation, right?
You be brave.
I'm here.
Just a little away from here.
All these days, I
thought I liked you.
I was only suffering.
Never in love with you.
Every week you were
going to the saloon.
I was the one
facing the hot wax.
You joined the gym.
But my bank balance
was losing all the weight.
If loyalty was
available in a store
No matter what it cost, I
would still buy it for you.
To hell with another EMI.
Sorry, Santhosh?
- Sorry?!
You know how much I yearned
to hear this word from you?
I thought I would catch you
red-handed, slap you hard,
take you back home and
become a macho man!
Then, I wouldn't be a
hero, I would've been a di..
Sir, language!
I would've been a dimwit!
Okay, Sir.
It was a just a one-night stand.
A one-night stand?!
This is a 3N/4D package!
I've seen it all myself.
From now, you're on your own.
But looks like you're
not really on your own.
I'll find my way.
In the end, will you
fulfil one wish of mine?
Santhosh, please listen to me?
- Sandhya, you listen to him.
He's being such a gentleman.
Sir, I'll convince her.
Consider it done.
Did she agree?
- 100%.
Sandhya, didn't you
say he never gets angry?
That he's calm like a cow?
She said that?!
Run this way!
Ready Sir!
Save me!
Else, your sister will
end up as a widow.
You African morons! Die!
There he is!
Baby, there's a lot of firing here.
Let's run away from here.
How much more
do you plan to run?!
Hurry up! Quick!
- What are you saying?
My screwed up fate!
Why are you creating a ruckus?
Was it not enough that I
broke your leg once already?
A sword?
Bring it on.
Don't ruin my silk
shirt, you moron!
Cheap glasses.
Kill him with this!
Here's our family pistol!
Oh god!
That wasn't my intention.
Forgive me, if you can.
If you make it alive, I mean.
It's over for you!
This time I pressed
the X button on time.
Didn't you say something before?
Please let me go!
- I didn't get the language.
Please let me go!
But thank you.
- Please let me go!
Wish you the same.
- Please let me go, Boss.
The game's still on.
Shall we continue?
For sure, Master.
Just thanks won't cut it.
What else do you want?
I want everything I ever
bought you, returned to me!
The bag?
There you go.
Your passport.
I'd hidden them.
Pass...? I don't need it. Give it to them.
- Huh?
Where will he go without a passport?
Mahabala, despite all these hardships,
please remember that I didn't forget the bag.
Prakasha, look how far
music has brought you.
What if he doesn't receive my call?
He will.
What if he says that he
doesn't wish to talk to me?
Don't overthink a simple
call to your son. Do it.
Sounds good.
Considering the future scalability!
I don't think automation
is the right approach.
One second.
- All right.
- How are you, kid?
Who's this?
It's me.
Ashwath Narayan.
The retired PT Master.
Yes. It's your father.
You've called me
after all these years.
From Thailand, of all the places.
Should only youngsters go to Thailand?
I'm here too.
My students got me here.
Master finally made the call.
"My son's coming to
Thailand in the next month."
"This time, we'll be
celebrating Sankranthi together."
He wrote a letter
telling me that.
Maddy has settled in
a village in Thailand.
The one who always remembered
others' mothers, is now a father himself.
He'd emailed me.
The groom who ran away in
Maddy's ex's marriage, never returned.
Don't worry.
The wedding didn't stop.
It did happen.
And here I am.
God didn't make me a loner.
He had a pair for me.
Excuse me, Sir?
Did you adopt or buy this dog?
I paid for it, Madam.
I've the bill.
I can show you.
It's right in my mobile.
- I didn't mean that.
There are so many stray
dogs struggling in the streets.
Instead of adopting
one, you've paid for this.
But Madam...
If no one buys this dog.
Won't this end
up on the streets?
Sir, you don't get the
seriousness of the matter.
Let me explain.
Do you have some time?
This is actually my coffee time.
It's okay.
I'll explain while having coffee.
Only if it's okay with you.
I'm okay with it.
There's a nice place close by.
Let's go.
- Close by?
- Sure then.
Hey! Come along!
Sir, do you know how many
stray dogs are there in India?
Yes. A couple of them
came in front of my bike.
Sir, what was I saying?
- About getting closer.