Back to Lyla (2022) Movie Script

(wind whooshing)
(baby crying)
(woman shushing and whispering)
(record pings)
(plane engine roaring)
(phone beeping)
- [Mark] Hey, it's me again.
I don't know who
I am without you.
(tape whirring)
One, two, three, four
(indistinct lyrics)
Don't give me grace,
just keep it chill
This tug of war,
I saw before
I've got something
I've needed, high up
Ah, uh, uh, uh
Ah, uh, uh, uh
I sold you out
my misery wall
Your master spell
was there before
This tug of war,
I saw before
But there's something
I needed high up
Ah, uh, uh, uh
Ah, uh, uh, uh
Headed for heaven,
yeah I don't need much
Ditching my bed,
like I'm born to ride
This is a toss
up, I know it only
War with my head
(engine revving)
Headed for heaven,
yeah, I don't need much
Ditching my bed, like
I was born to ride
This is a toss up
(car honking)
(birds chirping)
(Mark whizzing)
- Mark, mark.
- Sophia.
(speaking Spanish)
- What did I just say?
- I love this game.
Let me see, I think
it started with-
- What happened to your head?
- Nothing, no big deal.
- What did you do last night?
- Nothing mom, I'm fine, okay?
- You need to stop
driving around at 3:00 AM.
You can't do that anymore.
Honey, I want you to be okay.
- I'm fine, okay?
- And get a haircut.
- Mom.
- You look like a bum.
- I think I look
like a musician.
- But you're not a musician now.
(Mark sighing)
- You know what? I'm
not even that hungry.
Everything's part
of a process, okay?
I'm where I'm supposed to be.
I'm moving on.
(door closing)
(Lyla laughing)
(bright music)
(vacuum cleaner whirring)
(bright music continues)
Since I left
you out of board
Driving around all along
Spin my head around it all
Taking cute pictures
down off the wall
Oh, oh, playing
your song on repeat
Oh, oh, think Ill
have another drink
Oh, oh, getting home
and (indistinct lyrics)
Oh, oh, young and
handsome looking for
(indistinct lyrics)
Coming to the end, the end
I was afraid of the sadness
So afraid to
leave you behind
Now I'm right where
I'm supposed to be
Oh, oh
- This is what
moving on looks like.
- [Mark's Aunt] Okay, and
you just let him do this?
- But (speaking
Spanish), I'm trying.
- There's no way
you can excuse this.
- Do you think I'm ex...
I'm not excusing him.
He just doesn't
talk to me anymore.
It's like he's
living on autopilot.
- This kid needs
some tough love.
You need to get in
there and be like,
(speaking Spanish)
- You know I can
hear you, right?
- What? I can't hear you, Marco.
Can you speak louder?
- Mom, can we please just...
- [Mark's Aunt] Hi sweetie.
- Hey Liana.
- Mark, you know,
I think you need to
get out of the house
and do something with your life.
- Yeah, oh, sorry Tia,
can you repeat that?
We can't hear you, we're
going through a tunnel.
- Tunnel? Don't you dare Marco.
(speaking Spanish)
- Mark, honey.
- Hey Mark, is that
Paparico, taste?
Thanks for the dinner,
you clearly put a lot
of effort into it.
- I mean, you know she's right.
It's not healthy for you
to be moping around all day
staring at photos of Lyla.
- You know we can be in silence
and still enjoy each
other's company, right?
- Why not? If you
don't wanna talk to me.
Why don't you go talk
to that therapist,
you used to be able
to talk to her.
- When I was 12.
- This is similar.
You did the same thing
when your dad took off.
- Mom, I'm not gonna go to
my childhood therapist, okay?
- What about your friends?
- (sighing) What about them?
- Can you talk to them?
- Only if I want
my head to explode.
- Why? Preston, Robin, Kaitlyn,
you love those guys.
- Mom, drop it, okay? Relax.
- Mark (speaking Spanish).
- I'm fine.
- You're not.
(clock ticking)
This tug of war I saw before
I got something
I needed, high up
Ah, uh, uh, uh, ah, uh, uh
Headed for heaven,
yeah I don't need much
Ditching my bed like
I was ride to ride
This is a toss up
- Mark!
(serene music)
Mark, stop.
Put the phone down.
You need to try this.
- [Mark] Ew, is that hot sauce.
- I know, I know,
but this is the best
thing you will try today.
Well, second best.
- [Mark] No, you
try it, psychopath.
- Oh, come on, you will love it.
- [Mark] Oh my God.
(Lyla laughing)
This is disgusting.
(Lyla laughing)
(heart throbbing)
(labored breathing)
(Mark grunts)
(labored breathing)
(heart throbbing)
- Oh, we got your results.
Mark, there are some
things we need to discuss.
- Okay.
What sort of things?
- Specifically, your
dysfunctional parietal lobe
and the subsequent damage it's
caused the rest of your body.
- Do you know English
by any chance?
- There's a section of your
brain that is not working.
And that's causing damage to
other organs in your body,
starting with your heart.
Low blood pressure and
abnormal heart rhythms,
which may affect blood
flow to your brain.
- Oh, okay?
- I'm not done.
- Oh, there's more.
- Hmm.
You will suffer from memory loss
and auditory and
visual hallucinations.
- Hallucinations?
- Seeing and hearing
people and anomalies
that aren't really there.
The more you experience
these hallucinations,
the closer you maybe,
well, to the end.
Unfortunately, we
caught this late
so this is a
difficult situation.
But we will be working with you
on doing whatever we
can to minimize it,
and figure how to make sure
that you're comfortable.
This is a very exciting
moment for us actually,
'cause we've never seen
anything like this and-
- Okay.
Thank you.
Goodbye Dr. Cobb.
- Mark, look, I know
this is shocking news.
- Sorry, I don't
mean to be rude.
I just, I wanna
go home right now.
- I'm sorry, I'm just
a little bit confused.
Are you really saying
that you don't wanna
do anything about this?
There are ways we can help.
We can speak with
hospitals and specialists.
- Can you promise we're
gonna change anything?
- At least talk with
your family about this,
or a friend, whoever you
think might be able to help.
What else can you do?
- I can say goodbye.
(serene music)
- Don't leave
anything unfinished.
- Thank you, for everything.
(sad music)
(background chatter)
(Mark chuckling softly)
(car door closing)
You got this.
This is stupid.
- You should run
while you still can.
- Any particular reason?
- Well, aside from the fact
that the food is horrible,
it's kind of got a weird vibe.
- (laughing) It's not that bad.
- You hate yourself?
- What?
- You've been here before
and tried the food,
and yet you insist
on coming back.
It leads me to think
that you hate yourself.
- No.
- You don't have
a lighter, do you?
- Oh, I don't actually.
I'm sorry, I don't even
know why I checked.
I knew I didn't bring
one in the first place.
I'm Mark, and you are?
- Slightly amused.
- Nice to meet you.
- We've already met,
Mr. Mark Goldman.
See you later.
- [Man] What's up?
- [Mark] Hallucinations?
- [Doctor] Seeing and
hearing people and anomalies
that aren't really there.
- Mark.
- Hey guys.
I'm glad to see you guys
still hang out here.
- Where else would we go, Mark?
- So, how have you been?
- Oh my God, just spit it out.
- What?
- We haven't seen you
in forever, Goldman?
Not since you got dumped.
- Ira.
- And then all of a
sudden you text us
saying you need to see us?
- Nice fanny pack.
- I'm not wearing a fanny pack.
- Yes.
- She's right Goldman.
Oh, that's good, she's right.
We all got busy
schedules, right guys?
- Yeah, I'm keeping busy.
- So what's going?
Go on and tell us what's up.
- I haven't been a
good friend, okay?
(Preston clapping)
- Let him talk.
- I ghosted you guys
for a while there.
I just was going through
some pretty shady times,
I still am.
I just, I thought
it would be better
if I just dealt
with it on my own.
I feel worse than Nick Jakoby
at the (indistinct) party.
You guys remember that?
Preston, you
remember this is man.
Come on bro, I got
you man, I'm fine.
(Robin retching)
(group laughing)
All of a sudden, I see
this shower of vomit
falling on top of Nick Jakoby.
- Okay, that is not
exactly how it happened.
- That is exactly
how it happened.
- I missed you guys.
- Yeah?
You miss us Goldman.
- Look, there's no easy
way of saying this but-
- What do you want man?
- I'm dying.
- What are you saying?
- Mark, what do you mean?
- I don't know how
much time I got left.
I just know it's not a lot.
- Shut up you're not-
- That's freaking low.
- Come down, okay?
You're not, that
doesn't make any,
I mean, look at
you, you look good.
You look, you look healthy,
you look like you're in shape.
You exercise, right?
Have you been doing the, what
I taught to you, the routine?
Have you been doing the
routine I taught you?
- [Ira] He's lying, okay?
You're lying.
- I'm not.
- Have you told Lyla?
- [Ira] Why would he do that?
- [Mark] Easy,
they're not that bad.
- I mean it, Lord of the Rings
is the most perfect
of trilogies.
Oh, I just, why
would you take three,
how can you make three movies
out of three massive books,
and then do the same
for one little book.
It just makes zero sense to me.
(serene music)
Have I lost you?
- (chuckling) Not at all.
- [Lyla] Ah-ah.
- You meant it.
Lord of the Rings
was literally the most
perfect of trilogies.
I mean, why would he do that?
Why would he make
three epic movies
out of three massive books,
and then do the same again
with one little book?
I mean, it makes no
sense whatsoever.
(Lyla chuckling)
No, I haven't.
- You have to tell her.
- No, no, I mean, we haven't
talked since we broke up.
I'll probably never
see her again.
- She's gonna be at
Trisha's party tonight.
- I'm sorry, what?
- She's gonna be at
Trisha's party tonight.
- How do you, how
do you know that?
- How do I know?
Okay Goldman.
I know you've been
gone for a little bit,
but I'm Preston Humphreys, okay?
If you need to know
about the party,
the who, the what, the where,
the why, the when,
and sometimes out.
- Party? Are we dancing?
Are we doing the conga line?
- No, no, no, I-
- You know you wanna
do a conga line?
- No guys, guys.
- Oh, you're really trying
to get out of doing
the conga line?
- We love the conga line.
- I can't party in
this state of mind.
No, plus I'm, look at me.
She will, no, no.
And I'm like, no, no, no, no.
No, it's okay, it's okay.
Fine, I'm good, I'm good.
- Can you finish a sentence?
(group laughing)
- You look great honey.
- You cannot allow
your comfort zone
to be the size of
a juice box Mark.
- That was beautiful Robin.
And the party is
gonna be huge, okay?
It's gonna be massive.
Don't get lost in the crowd.
You damn sure need
to party, we all do.
- Yeah, you owe us
that much, dick.
Mark, you have to
tell her goodbye.
- Who said humans can't
have fun at a party!
- So?
(upbeat music)
(group chattering)
- Let's go, come on.
Mark, okay, seriously, let's go.
- Preston, you said this
was gonna be a huge party.
- [Preston] Yeah, so?
- There's like 10 people here.
- I'm gonna bail.
I'm done feeling-
- Hey, hey, hey, Mark.
Hey, stop, don't do
this, you always do this.
What are we here to do, okay?
We're here to find Lyla.
We're gonna have a good time,
but we're gonna
stick together, okay?
All for one, one for all.
We are a unit, we're a team,
and we're gonna stick
together, we're gonna find her,
we're gonna, we're gonna,
we, we, we need to
split up, right?
We've gotta cover more ground.
It just makes more sense.
So we're gonna go, and we're
gonna find ladies, Lyla.
We're gonna find Lyla, okay?
And I'm gonna go this
way 'cause that's just,
I got senses to just, you know.
- I need a drink.
- You got this, okay?
- But I don't, I don't.
- You do, you do.
- You guys, you guys.
All right Robin, I guess
it's just you and...
Robin, no.
(piano playing)
Robin, no, no, no, no.
This is one of the nice ones.
- Ah-ah, yeah, yeah.
- Don't worry, it's
okay, it's okay.
Yeah, we're good.
(piano playing)
- Yeah Mark.
Play us some of your
sweet, sweet jams.
Why are you whispering?
I'm not playing, okay?
- He's playing.
- Sorry.
- He's playing.
- No, I'm not.
- He's gonna be playing.
- I don't wanna look dumb.
(scoffing) I can't
believe who's here.
- Who?
- No, no, don't turn around.
It's Damon McAllister.
I used to be in his band.
No big deal.
- You think he
knows where Lyla is?
- Don't, Robin, Robin.
- Hey, whoa. (chuckling)
How you doing buddy?
- Hey Damon.
Sorry, we were
just wondering if-
- Yeah, I get what's
going on here.
I appreciate it guys
but I have a girlfriend.
Thank you.
- Damon, it's me.
- Yeah.
- [Mark] Mark.
- Mark, my man.
Hi, I have a girlfriend.
- Mark from...
- I went to every single
one of your concerts.
- Oh dude, oh, thanks man,
I appreciate fans, I really do.
I really care about you guys.
Thank you so much.
- I carried your
instruments for a year.
- Oh shit, I'm so sorry.
Mark, yes.
Mark that holds the guitar.
My man, I perform
everywhere, you know.
North Cali, LA.
Mostly those two right now.
Ah, sorry dude,
faces are really hard
for me, I forget them.
Unless you have
a face like this.
(girls laughing)
Shit will stay in
your brain forever.
(all laughing)
But listen, enjoy yourself,
grab a drink, have
a good time, yeah?
Ladies, if I can just
get by you real quick.
But yeah, have a good time, man.
- Nah, no, no, you're not him.
- What, I'm Mark Goldman.
- No, no, no,
Mark Goldman was that tall
athletic blonde angel.
You know, with a
really nice body.
Come on.
- No, I'm Mark Goldman.
- Who am I thinking of?
- Let's just, let's
just, let's just go.
- [Man] Bye Robin.
- Do you remember Lyla?
- Of course. (chuckling)
- Awesome.
We just wanted to know if
you knew if Lyla was coming.
- Oh my God, you
were such a slut.
(lady laughing)
- Excuse me.
- Do you mind speaking up?
I can barely hear you right now.
(Mark sighing)
- Oh, sorry.
- Oh, you're good.
- Okay.
Hello again.
- You look like you
need one of these.
- (scoffing) I really shouldn't.
- "You don't need to drink to
have fun," said no one ever.
- I still don't know your name.
- Rebecca.
Your loss.
It helps, you know,
especially on the rough days.
- [Mark] Oh.
- Yeah, it's just, no one
here seems to remember me.
- [Mark] Same.
- Hey Mark, we should...
Are those flamingos?
- Why don't you go play
with the flamingos big boy?
- Mark.
Flamingos, Mark.
Flamingos, Mark.
Flamingos, Mark.
- Robin, I'll be fine.
You can go.
- Okay.
- Sorry about that.
- Cheers.
All these clowns think
they can pull that crap
just because they left.
Like great, you could
make your life work here,
so you ran away,
spent thousands of
your parents dollars
on an archaic institution
that nowadays won't even
guarantee you a job.
- [Mark] Exactly.
- But yeah, I'm supposed
to respect you for that.
I guess none of them
appreciated what they had here.
- You're so right.
(serene piano music)
You wanna go check that out?
- No, I'm good here.
I'll see you down there.
- You sure?
Okay, I'll see you there.
(serene piano music)
(audience clapping)
- You know what, I was
thinking since we're all here,
we could probably
sing this song.
You guys might know,
it's (clearing throat),
Twinkle twinkle little star
(all laughing)
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky
- Hey Trish.
- Hey you.
- Do you know by any
chance, if Lyla is coming?
- Oh she couldn't.
She moved away to college.
- Oh (heart throbbing).
Oh, right, yeah, yeah.
Come dance with me
Make me feel so alive
- [Trish] Are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Do you know by any
chance what college?
- St. Speroville.
- St. Speroville.
Oh, right, right, yeah.
Right, she was gonna
go to that one.
- [Girl] Trish!
- Hi.
- Oh my God.
- Oh my God.
- [Girl] Hi, come here.
Come to live, yeah
(crowd cheering)
- Robin.
Robin, let's go.
- Can we just stay here forever?
- Here?
I don't know if we'd
stay here forever.
I mean, eventually
we will need food.
- (chuckling) Oh my God.
I love you.
- Oh yeah?
- Are you okay friendo?
- It's funny.
All this time And I
still can't remember.
- Remember what?
- That moment when she left.
I can remember everything
but that moment.
She was the best thing
that ever happened to me.
And I can't even
remember why she left.
- If you don't
remember the moment,
how are you so sure
that she left you.
- We were perfect together.
I wouldn't have changed a thing.
(serene music)
St. Speroville.
- Oh, bless you.
- I mean she goes
to college there.
- Oh, yeah.
- She always wanted that.
And she always went
for what she wanted.
- Why don't you go?
- Where?
- To see Lyla.
- By myself?
- We'll go with you.
Besides, not taking an
action is still an action.
Are you really gonna
die without knowing
why the best thing that
ever happened to you left?
- Yeah.
Okay, I guess we're doing this.
- What is up, road trip?
We're going on a road trip.
We're going on a road trip.
- Hey, I'm proud of you.
- [Mark] Thanks Kaitlyn.
- Road trip, yay!
- Hey.
- That's a big bag.
- Oh it is.
I was gonna wait until
you came back from work
to tell you but,
I'm going on a little trip.
- To where?
- You know, the Grand Canyon.
- Oh, I'm glad you're
feeling better,
but you're coming back, right?
- I'll only be gone
a few days, okay?
- It's just you and me
against the world Mark.
- Mom.
- I'll miss you
(speaking Spanish).
- I'll be back soon.
- Mark, I miss you so much.
- Mom, I'm here.
- [Mom] I miss you
baby, I'm right here.
- Are you okay?
- Come back to me.
- Mom.
(doorbell dinging)
- Be safe and have some fun.
(mom chuckling)
- So then I told him,
"She's not my wife,
she's my pet plant."
(Robin laughing)
I mean
(Preston laughing forcefully)
can you believe that?
- I can't.
Robin, you gotta
stop doing that, man.
We weren't having
a conversation.
I don't know what the
freak you're talking about.
You just got here
and you, oh, you...
Big buddy still told you.
- You get it.
- I love your ass.
All right, okay.
You can stop, he's gonna come.
Go ahead.
Ah, yeah, okay.
- You're just worrying
too much, it'll be fine.
- Yeah, I am worried about him.
- Ira, you're exaggerating.
- But you see where
I'm coming from, right?
- I mean, I guess
but it's just...
- Plus, what if Lyla
doesn't wanna see Mark?
What if Lyla got hit by a bus?
What if we're setting our
friend up for failure, okay?
- Hey Mark.
You okay?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
You ready to go?
- Let's go.
(upbeat music)
- No one grabbing
these, it's just on me?
Okay, great.
- I got one, here, here.
Let's go.
Uh, it's a little heavy.
- Why did you have
to park so much?
- You know, just-
- You're one man!
I'm more man than you are.
I lose grip on the ground
always repeat myself
I never goes how I plan it
My intentions
never matches up
With the results
that I'm landing
- So she's going to
town on me, right?
And she asked me, "Are you
gonna get, are you coming?"
And I said, "Girl,
I'm not even close."
(group laughing)
- [Robin] How far were you,
I thought you said you
were in the same room.
- [Kaitlyn] Yeah.
- He was on, they
were face talking.
(overlapping chatter)
(bright music)
- Robin, Robin.
- Robin!
- No, we're gonna
turn right now.
Gus why else would you
have cruise control?
- I don't have cruise control.
- [Kaitlyn] Preston please,
that map is dangerous.
- Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn.
- It's covering up the view.
- I thought you could do better.
(car honking)
- See, we're all good.
(bright music)
- Oh my God.
(Kaitlyn screaming)
- Row, row, row, row.
- Really?
Dude, we got (indistinct).
- Get that crazy
(indistinct) in the car.
(bright music)
- So Mark, are you
gonna play Lyla a song?
- Yes, are you
gonna sing to her?
- What? No.
- You know you love singing
them cheesy ass love songs.
Lyla, Lyla is my girl
- Guys, come on.
You guys are such
dorks, stop it.
(overlapping chatter)
- [Kaitlyn] Oh yeah, the ones
with the repetitive lyrics.
(serene music)
Okay guys, stop, okay?
I don't do that anymore.
- You love playing the
piano and singing, remember?
- Well, not anymore.
You guys really think
she doesn't wanna see me?
- It's not that.
- I don't think this whole
crusade is such a good idea.
- Hold the hell on, okay?
No, why was she not
wanna see my boy Mark?
Man, she probably waiting
on you right now, okay?
(overlapping chatter)
- Okay, look, honestly,
I'm just worried
because don't you think
if she wanted to see you
she would've reached
out to you by now?
(heart throbbing)
- I don't know.
- Does anybody else hear that?
- Oh my God.
- I can fix it.
- [Ira] No, you can't.
- You don't know that.
- Okay, so fix it.
- See, now I don't
want to anymore.
- Do you guys have any
signal on your phone?
- I don't.
- Enjoy your chips
- You want a chip?
- No, I don't want a chip.
- [Kaitlyn] You okay?
(Mark indistinct)
- Okay.
(Kaitlyn whispering)
(overlapping chatter)
- [Ira] Hey Goldman, this
conversation is not over man.
- [Kaitlyn] Mark.
- I think what I
was trying to say
is that we know how
hurt you were last time
and we just don't wanna see
you get heartbroken again.
- Why didn't you guys
tell me this before?
- Because, maybe we were afraid
of you shutting
us all out again.
- I'm afraid of lamps.
- Do you guys know Lyla?
You know she wouldn't
do this to me.
- Do we, do we know Lyla?
- I know her.
- Yeah, you know her
because you guys
started hanging out
once they started dating,
but me, not so much.
In fact, I'm not sure what
the fuss is about this girl.
- Is that what this
is all about Ira?
Look, maybe Lyla and I
didn't hang out with
you for a reason.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Hmm, I don't know,
how do I put this?
When I was with Lyla,
I didn't like it when the fun
was sucked out of the room.
- Oh!
- Oh, okay.
- He didn't mean that.
- Oh no, I think he did.
You know what Mark, it's
called being objective.
Maybe if you didn't run away
from every challenge
that came your way,
I wouldn't have to suck
the fun out of the room.
- Damn.
- You're are literally
always looking for an
excuse to get into a fight.
- True.
- And you are looking
for every excuse
to run away from a fight.
- Also accurate.
- You just started
this fight just now.
- You're not wrong.
- Shut up!
- Mark, she left you man!
Any normal person would rarely
just hang their head low
for a week and then move on.
If you wanted to, if
you really wanted to,
you would sit down and you
would push through this pain.
Not chase her girl
halfway across America.
- Guys, we all
remember her, okay?
We all remember how
good she was to Mark,
to all of us really?
Who can forget how silky
her hair was after a shower,
or how much she enjoyed
having her belly tickled.
Who can forget how loyal
she was for her breed.
But dogs don't live forever.
We have to move on.
- How's that related to Lyla?
- Who's Lyla?
- I vote we never
let him speak again.
(animal calling)
- Oh, by the way I would
have handled that better,
just so you know.
(Ira punching)
(Preston grunting)
- Walk.
- Titty.
- Sorry, this is
such a shit show.
(engine roaring)
- [Voiceover] Speaking out
of curiosity, how's Mark.
- I don't wanna be here.
- Listen,
Mark knows where he's going,
he knows how to find
this girl, okay?
- [Ira] This is not my
favorite moment ever.
- Careful guys, stay away
from the road please.
(wind whistling)
My feet hurt, do your feet hurt?
- [Ira] What are you doing?
- [Mark] Hang on, I'm
gonna get this one.
- [Ira] Mark?
- [Mark] Hello?
- Do the running man.
- Hello?
- Get your silly ass
out of the street.
A car is gonna hit you man.
(car honking)
- Yes, he saw me.
Yes! Hello over here.
(car honking)
(Mark screaming)
(Tires screeching)
(car door opening)
- What the frack
is your problem?
- Dr. Cobb?
- What?
- Dr. Cobb, it's me, Mark.
- Is he insane?
Did he just get
out of an asylum?
Is that it?
I could have killed.
- Dr. Cobb.
- Why are you saying that?
That is not my name.
Have you ever been outside?
Do you know how close you
were to getting killed,
you psychopath?
- Hey, shut up.
Nobody calls my friend a
psychopath other than me.
Hey, have you ever been outside?
You could have been
killed you psychopath.
- Excuse ma'am, is there
any way you could possibly-
- No.
(car door closing)
- Leave it up to me?
- Okay, I'm just gonna...
- [Murphy] What the,
how you get into my car?
- [Robin] What's
your favorite color?
- [Preston] Robin!
- I guess you're right kid.
I do love turtles,
and I do not need a
freaking straw to drink.
Not if it's gonna end
up with a turtle's nose.
It was nice to
meet you my friend.
- Thank you Murphy my friend.
(record scratching)
(both laughing)
- Thank you so
much for helping me
in this little mission of mine.
- Look kid, there's
something you need to know.
You're gonna fail, hard,
like really, really hard.
- Okay.
- And you're gonna keep failing
until one day
you're gonna wake up
and suddenly feel
like a new man.
And then, and only then,
you will fail again.
But it's gonna be okay.
You're gonna realize it's
not the end of the world.
You will survive.
And if you're not
a complete moron,
you will learn
something from it.
So chill out okay?
- Noted.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
(distant chatter)
- [Kaitlyn] Ira, are you coming?
- [Preston] Where are we even?
- We are at Paradise motel, see.
(door creaking)
Oh, it could be worse.
- Oh, the smell.
- Thieves are sharing!
(bed squeaking)
- (chuckling) It just got worse.
(Kaitlyn and Preston laughing)
- Not really.
- Oh, we're not
even gonna be safe?
(Ira snoring)
(serene music)
- [Mark] (chuckling) Found you.
- Always do, okay?
- I will, I promise.
(marker screeching)
What are you doing?
- I'm painting.
Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Do you like it?
- (chuckling) It's
actually really good.
- Hey, so, do you
still write songs?
- What?
- Did you ever finish
that one you were writing?
(Robin humming)
- No.
- Why not?
- I don't know.
- How could you not know?
- (sighing) I...
People change Robin.
I don't have time to
write like before.
- Of course.
- Lyla and I broke up
before I could finish it.
(Ira snoring)
- It's good to have
you back, Mark.
- Thanks Robin.
(Ira snoring)
(Mark chuckling softly)
(man screaming)
(loud explosions)
(men shouting indistinctly)
(Ira snoring)
(door creaking)
(door knocking)
(serene music)
(door closing)
(bell dinging)
(serene piano music)
(keys rattling)
Were can I find a mechanic.
(man snoring noisily)
(serene music)
(man snoring)
(line calling)
I did it!
We're getting out of here.
- What'd you do?
- It took me all night
but I finally found him,
a mechanic that can help us.
- You rock Mark.
- Yeah man, you are the best.
Is that my jacket?
I know you're not
wearing my $400,
82% linen, European
hey, don't just throw
her around like that.
She's not something
borrowed off the street.
- Okay, come on guys.
Let's get ready.
- Sorry kids, I gotta
take it to the shop.
It's gonna be two days
before you can use it.
- Ah, you suck Mark.
- Yeah Mark, you suck.
Wait, you suck means
you rock, right?
- I can fix it.
- With all due respect
Preston, I don't think you can.
- Guys, guys, please, can
we just, I need a second.
- Is it beautiful
minding it again?
Hey, hey, hey, hey Mark.
Just offer the guy
some more money, okay?
That always works.
- Does it?
- Yes, I do it all the time.
Just watch me, okay?
(speaking Spanish)
What I want you to do,
get some cash,
put it in your palm,
close the palm,
lock it up and then pimp
on over to him, right?
Just like this.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey chief, what's going on?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, come on,
let's get in a hug,
bring it in, bring it in.
Hey, so you see this little
car situation right here,
did you pick the elbow?
Did you?
No you look like a turkey,
do it in a circular motion.
That's cool, yes.
Do you, this car situation,
I need you to handle
that for me, okay?
You do me a real solid,
I got some big money for you,
but you can take
care of this, okay?
That's all you're gonna
do, just like that.
- I don't know, that sounds
a little condescending.
- I don't know, I don't
know if that's a good idea.
- It's not condescending,
it is a good idea.
Listen, I do this
all the time, okay?
Look at me.
You can do this, okay?
Look, he's right
there, all right?
You got this.
I don't care how big he is,
he's not even that big.
- You got this.
(muffled whispers)
- Lock it up, lock it up.
- You miss 100% of the
chances you don't take.
- Hey chief.
Ah, so what's good in the hood?
- Excuse me?
- I mean, bring it in brother.
Wow, you're solid.
I mean, you'd be
doing us a real solid
if we, if we could get this
taken care of by
today, you know?
I could pay you
good money for it.
- Wait, you weren't
gonna pay me?
- No, I mean, yes, of course.
Of course I was gonna pay you.
It's just, that's all I got.
- It's gonna be way more
than two freaking dollars.
- Two dollars, you
gave him two dollars?
- Yes, yes, of course.
It's just that right
now, that's what I got.
We're on the road,
I can stop by an ATM
and get more cash.
But for now that would be it.
- It'll be ready in three days.
- Three?
I thought you said two.
- It'll be ready when
I say it's ready.
- Okay.
- [Preston] What if
we scream really loud?
- [Lady] Look, I don't even
have any change (indistinct).
I mean, you can think all you...
- Are you coming?
- Do you know her.
- Seriously Goldman,
that's my sister.
- You are that Rebecca?
- What are you doing here?
- Bitch, you called me.
- I didn't think you'd
actually show up.
- Remember this?
- [Ira] Hi, okay, listen,
I know you're my sister,
and I know that you hate me.
But I'm at motel Paradise,
which clearly is ironic.
Listen, okay, I'm pissed,
I'm just really mad,
I'm going to break something,
if you get this, just drive,
just come to my location
and just get me, thank you.
- You're welcome.
- What do you guys even
doing here anyways?
- We're in the middle of a trip.
- [Rebecca] Exciting.
- Yeah, it was, until
my car broke down.
- Sucks.
You coming or not?
- No, I slept on it, I'm good.
You can go.
- Wait, considering that
you're already here,
is there any chance you
might wanna join us?
- What are you doing?
- Join us, please, let's go.
- Stop talking to you guys.
- Where are you guys going?
- Ah, St. Speroville.
It's a little town up the road.
- Why would you
ever wanna go there?
- We're looking for my girl...
Well, we're gonna go
visit a friend of mine
I wanna see one last time.
And we just-
- We're looking for Lyla Miller.
- (scoffing) Hard pass for me.
- You know her?
- Not exactly her biggest fan.
- You heard her well,
gotta let you go.
Okay guys, let's go,
come on, let's go.
- Look, look.
If you help us, if
you give us a ride,
I'll owe, big time.
- Big time, huh?
You take shotgun.
- Stop it.
- No, keep going.
- Stop.
- Don't stop
till you get enough Mark.
- Stop it.
Why are you opening
a door right now?
- Guys, let's get in.
- Stop, no, no.
- Robin, guys, we're going.
- I didn't agree to that.
(upbeat music
drowns out speakers)
Oh, you're all getting in.
Roll up your wrangle, we're
burning them bridges tonight
For the gasoline engines broke
down and heat from the line
And we need to row
- Exactly, yes.
I thought I was the only
one who thought that.
- Me too.
Are you hungry?
- I'm starving.
(wind whooshing)
(bright music)
- Welcome to my little slice
of heaven, boys and girls,
almost abandoned bar.
- And you complained
about Brainie's?
- Literally, why would
you ever have a reason
to be in this area?
- Okay, enough
with the questions.
I'll be right back you guys.
- Are the initials to
this place was really AA?
- Yeah man, I dunno, I
just, let's find a table.
- I don't wanna find nothing
in here but the bathroom.
Oh, that's none of that roach.
(Ira screaming)
Come here, none of that.
None of that.
- We're good.
- Does this place
even have a kitchen?
- Don't worry Preston,
we're here for the food.
- [Ira] This is so hood,
having shady business
all over the place.
- [Mark] Ira.
- Nope, look, these guys are
probably the reason we're here.
Also, how did she
get to us so fast?
- Why don't you
cut her some slack?
Honestly, I don't see why
you guys don't get along.
You're very similar.
- What did you just say?
- All I'm saying is that-
- I might never back
down from a fight,
but she attacks people
knowing full well
that she's gonna hurt them.
You know Mark, I know
you don't do it a lot,
but there's a difference
between standing up for yourself
and tearing other people down.
- That feels like a lot
of exposition to me.
- I'm gonna go try
and hola at the chef,
see if they can get caught
on booze certificate
'cause it's just, I mean, it
don't even smell good in here.
It smells like booty
grease or something.
- I think the bathroom
could use this.
So come on baby
What you waiting
- (chuckling) I suck at this.
(heart throbbing)
Drink, this at least will
make you feel better.
(Rebecca chuckling)
You are one of a kind, Mark.
- Thank you.
- I think it's cute
that you like Lyla.
- Really?
- Can I just be totally
honest with you for a sec?
- Sure.
- You're chasing this
girl around the world
trying to find her.
You deserve better Mark.
- She saw me.
She always encouraged me to
do things that scared me.
- Why is that good though?
Love is not supposed
to scare you.
Love is not supposed to
demand so much of you.
Love is supposed to be there
for you whenever you need it.
Not run away whenever
it has the chance.
I know you Mark.
- Come on.
- Sorry, sorry,
it was an accident.
- I'm sorry I didn't
mean to raise my voice.
- It's okay.
- No it's (indistinct).
- I'll be right back, okay?
One, two, three, four
- [Robin] Is he gay?
- [Kaitlyn] In public?
- [Robin] Look at
those legs Mark.
I've got something
I needed, high up
Skills, skills.
- [Kaitlyn] (giggling) Come on.
Headed for heaven,
yeah I don't need much
Ditching my bed like
I was born to rob
This is a toss
up, I know it only
- What's up dudes.
You must be a real
bunch of losers
to look as sad as you look.
Your gang is the Wombats?
Oh, is that supposed
to be threatening.
Oh, you are definitely Bulldog.
Back off creep!
Don't touch me.
- We need to do something.
- Stop!
Get your hands off of me.
- Hey, leave her alone.
- Wombat!
(upbeat music)
It's time to (indistinct)
Don't be no
yellow belly fool
Crying all the way
You are a wild, wild, wild,
single worms in your life
So bite your tongue
and swallow your pride
The time has come to
hang up your spice
I may need to
grab (indistinct)
There's no good win or
die, good win or die
Better bring bad boys,
wanna kiss them goodbye
Got no good way to
die, good way to die
Got away, (indistinct) snakes,
and you're buried alive
Boy, you can hold on
- That wasn't nice.
So pack it up
and take the bag
You are a sheep-kicking
cow butter faded away
- Yes, I'm so proud of you.
(toilet flashing)
- [Mark] Ah, where's everybody?
- Outside.
- Let's keep moving.
- You're kidding, right?
We're going back home.
- Rebecca, I need to see Lyla.
- Stop, it's killing you.
- No, it's not.
What hurt me was
getting into that fight.
- Wait, are you
blaming me for this?
(water running)
- I'm gonna keep going.
- Where is she now, Mark?
Where is she right now?
When you need her most.
- Rebecca, I'm not.
- I'm here.
- Rebecca, I'm not.
- Not what?
- I barely know you.
- That's not true.
I'm the one who cares about
you the most, more than anyone.
I can see in your
eyes, that fear,
the desperation of not
having any clue where to go.
Trust me, I have
felt that before.
I've always known you
and I belong together.
And then you saw me at
the diner, at that party,
I've shown you how
I feel about you.
You would never need
to change for me.
- No, no, Rebecca, stop.
This, this isn't gonna happen.
We can be friends
if you want I can...
(overlapping chatter)
- Where are we next?
- We are not going anywhere.
- Rebecca, wait.
(car engine roaring)
Are you guys okay?
- Yeah, those scolongs
couldn't fight for.
- Yeah.
Hey, I'm sorry about what I
said before, about Rebecca.
- She destroys people.
- Yeah.
This is just a nightmare.
- Hmm.
- [Kaitlyn] I mean,
not everything's lost.
- Cookie, come on.
- All we really need
is a car, that's it.
- Oh my God.
- Where are we gonna
get a car from?
- You guys wanna
know a weird fact?
- What's that?
- It's weird.
But the day shift bartender
kind of looks like Murphy.
(jaunty music)
- Where are you going?
(group cheering)
- [Kaitlyn] Wait,
is that the motel?
- [Preston] Rebecca was taking
us the wrong freaking way.
- [Preston] Are you all right?
- [Bartender] All
right, you're welcome.
- [Kaitlyn] Thank
you, have a great day.
- [Bartender] You too dear.
(indistinct lyrics)
- Oh, sorry.
- Hey, if you aren't
scared, you don't care.
- Whoa, then I must really care.
- Hmm.
Oh, okay, all right.
- Thank you.
- Hmm, good luck.
Baby leave the lights on
- Are you by any chance
related to a doctor
named Dominick Cobb?
- That's my cousin.
- Really?
- No.(bartender laughing)
Go on, go get your girl now.
- Thank you.
- [Ira] Security
is pretty tight.
We need badges to get in.
- [Preston] Watch me, okay?
- [Mark] All right.
- Okay, we got an understanding?
All right, you're the man.
Oh, okay.
So you picked that up quick.
Y'all are good people.
And I'm gonna call you.
You keep on being cute,
I like that blue,
your blue berry, huh?
All right.
And that's how it's done chief.
Here girls.
You get, yeah,
you get that lady.
This is me.
- Okay, we only
have three badges.
What are we gonna do?
- Ira and I can say
we're sub teachers.
Or maybe Bible sales women.
- I like to sub teacher idea.
Guys, let's go find Lyla.
- All right.
- Be careful with the fence.
- I'm good, I'm good.
Yeah, I'm good.
- [Preston] Let's
just be cool, okay?
- Yeah.
- All right, let me get that.
Oh yeah, right there.
Pretty Ricky, let's go.
- Let's go guys.
(barrier whirring)
(dramatic music)
(barrier whirring)
- Oh, where could my badge be?
Oh, oh no, is it possible?
I may have forgotten it.
How could I be a sub teacher
and not have my badge?
- Ma'am, I opened
the gate for you,
you can enter the premises.
- Yeah, I don't,
I forgot my badge.
- Well, then you can't enter.
- All right, we'll
see about that.
- We shall see.
(dramatic music)
- All right.
Babe, I'll catch you,
you guys are good.
I'll be right in, I'll
be right in, don't worry.
I lose my grip when
you get down mama
Just stop so smooth
- Place is huge.
- Yeah, let's split up.
- Okay, let's get
back here in 20.
- That's a great idea.
- Okay.
- Okay, let's go.
- A low profile please.
I don't ride if we're
not just friends, no more
(bright music)
Heaven knows she's
got a kind mama,
It's a shame you wait
in such a pretty mind
(indistinct lyrics)
(bright music)
- [Mark] Robin, let's go.
- This place is amazing.
- Totally, look guys.
- Guys, let's stay
focused, okay?
Let's find Lyla.
- [Dennis] Hey!
- Mark, run.
Run, go, get out of here.
I'll distract him, I won't
let him get you Mark.
- Hi guys, wait, where'd Marco.
Dennis knows Lyla,
he's here to help.
- Yeah, your friend,
she packs with me, right hook.
- Yeah, no, I figured,
that was, that was my plan.
The whole, the whole time.
That plan for you
guys to be friends.
- [All] Mark!
- Song writers?
(rock music)
Traveling time?
(serene music)
(thunder roaring)
(serene music)
(dramatic music)
(whip snapping)
(birds chirping)
This place is amazing.
(heart throbbing) (Mark panting)
- Hey.
- Hey, how was the test?
- It was good.
- Good.
Is that right, you
didn't need to study.
- [Lyla] I wouldn't go that far.
- Let's go, now.
- Mark!
Ah, what are you doing here?
What's going on?
- Hey babe, are
we gonna head out?
- Just one second.
- Oh yeah, no worries.
(breathing deeply) It
was nice to see you Mark.
- Was it?
- Was it?
- What?
- If it was so nice,
why did you leave?
- Oh Mark.
- Do you really not
remember what happened?
- I don't.
So why don't you tell me?
- Baby, maybe this
isn't the best place.
- You left me for him?
- All right.
- Don't.
- He's a douche bag, Lyla.
- This has nothing-
- He's the reason you
left me, isn't he?
- You're doing it again,
you're doing that
thing, you're just-
- You never loved me.
You never did.
- How can you say that?
- Love is not
supposed to change you
or demand so much of you.
I've come all this way and...
Love is not supposed to run away
whenever it has a chance.
- If that's how you remember it,
then I don't even know why
you drove all this way.
- I'm just here to
say goodbye, for good.
- This is not how I imagined
this conversation going.
But if that's what you need,
then goodbye, for good.
This was the last
thing I ever wanted.
- You're never gonna
see me again Lyla.
- [Lyla] Well, then that
makes me really sad Mark.
(sad music)
- I knew this was gonna happen.
This is what I was
talking about you guys.
We should have never come here.
(overlapping arguments)
(sad music continues)
(car door opening)
- Thanks a lot.
(car engine revving)
You got to be kidding me.
(Mark sighing)
(animal calling)
(insects trilling)
- What the freak Goldman!
- Guys, please,
just leave me alone.
- After everything
that we did for you,
you just abandoned us.
- Mark, I just, why?
What'd you did back there,
that was not okay at all.
- Ira, gonna say something?
- Well, actually
I'm kind of torn.
Man, I'm proud of you for
standing up for yourself.
Even though you kind
of sucked at it.
And freak dude, you left us.
You left us!
- You freaking left us.
- Why did you do it Mark?
- Alone.
- A friend should never.
- Shut up for once in
your life, just shut up.
- Calm down.
- I listened to you guys,
I put myself out there,
and look what happened.
I only feel like this when I'm
with you guys and I'm done.
(Preston laughing)
- You hear this dude?
You're done.
Hey, you don't get to be done.
See, you don't get
to blame us for this.
I mean, you're the
one who lost sight
of what really
matters, right Mark?
Right Mark?
Talk to me bro.
Before this whole trip,
when's the last
time you took action
on something you
really cared about?
'Cause you stopped
caring about school,
you stopped caring about
your dreams, your health.
- Stop it!
- No, you became a numb
version of yourself.
Look at you.
You exiled us out Mark,
that's why you're sick.
You left us.
And honestly, I'm
kind of embarrassed
why I didn't see why Lyla to
let you in the first place,
'cause why in the hell
would she wanna be with a
man who gave up on himself?
- Stop!
What are you doing?
(door creaking)
- [Mom] Hi, you've
reached the Goldman;'s,
please leave us a
message, thanks.
(receiver beeping)
- Hey mom, this
trip was a mistake.
I just wanna let you
know that I'm safe
and I'll be home soon, okay?
Okay, bye.
(door creaking)
I think it doesn't work
(TV hissing)
Robin, I really don't feel
like watching TV right now.
- It's a sad one.
But a good one.
(Lyla chuckling)
- Oh, we did it.
- Watch.
- We're stepping out son.
Can you imagine, we're gonna
meet so many new friends,
and go new places,
and oh my God,
we can totally make schedules
where we don't even
have class on Friday.
Wait, what's wrong.
- [Mark] Nothing.
- Come on, Mark.
- I think I'm gonna go
to the community one.
- What, community one?
Babe, you just got
into an amazing school
with a music program,
and you saw their
recording studio.
- I can't leave my mom alone.
Not after my dad.
- Okay, I mean, yeah,
of course I get that,
but it's not that far, and
you can call her every day
and we can come back
for long weekends.
- You know it's not the same.
- There's always gonna
be an excuse, Mark.
- I can't do this right now.
(serene music)
- Hey, we are gonna figure
something out, okay?
Come here.
(Lyla chuckling)
(TV hissing)
- There's another one.
- It's your last chance.
Come on.
(sad music)
(Mark sobbing)
- What are you doing?
Say something.
Come on.
Go with her.
No, you idiot.
You idiot.
(Mark sobbing softly)
(door closing)
(sad music)
- She didn't leave you Mark.
You left her by staying.
- I don't wanna be
like this anymore.
- Then don't.
Living and just existing
are two different things.
Right now, Mark,
you're not living.
You're trapped
in this little juice
box you've created,
where you think you're safe,
but you're not.
And that is so, so boring.
It doesn't meet you anywhere.
Do you want to make a
fool out of yourself, man?
We all love you, Mark,
but for who you really are,
not the safe version of you, ah!
And believe me when I say
we're not going anywhere.
(suspenseful music)
I told you you would wear one.
(Mark scoffing)
- Thanks Robin.
- It goes with your eyes.
(Mark chuckling)
(wind whooshing)
- All right guys,
let's get on packets.
Bring your suitcases on.
Look at those muscles.
- [Preston] Yeah, yeah,
they're kind of big, huh?
- [Kaitlyn] Yeah, can
you put the big one in?
- What?
- The big one first.
- [Ira] Preston, you
forgot your charger.
- Well, can you grab it.
- Hey honey.
- And stop quarreling.
- We can't take this with us.
- Damn.
- No, this stays in the hotel.
So what was here
before, we can't take.
- What is he...
- Bt we paid for it.
- No, no, no, we
paid for the night,
but we just paid to stay there.
- [Mark] Study abroad event.
- [Ira] Robin, you really were
only gonna bring one shoe?
- [Robin] It was itchy.
- Lyla.
- Do you wanna go, okay.
- [Preston] You can't
be a thief Robin.
Robin, what is...
You better grab
my toothbrush too.
- Hey, bye butterflies?
Let's go!
(sad music)
I have to pee.
- [Kaitlyn] Not taking an
action is still an action.
- [Ira] You are looking
for every excuse
to run away from a fight.
- [Preston] What's the
last time you took action
on something you
really cared about?
- [Robin] You don't need to
make a fool out of yourself man.
(tires screeching)
- Goldman, Goldman!
- What are you doing?
- [Ira] What are
you doing, Goldman?
- Look, you guys
were right, okay?
I screwed up, I'm sorry.
- Goldman, we're not mad at
you 'cause you screwed up,
we're mad at you
'cause you gave up.
- Look, I need to tell Lyla
I'm sorry before I leave.
I don't care if I make
a fool out of myself.
(all cheering)
I'm not giving up on myself.
(all cheering)
Even if I cry in
front of everybody.
- Whoa, there's no
reason doing that man.
You can just keep it
classic, keep it dumb,
but I like where
you're going with it.
(all cheering)
(upbeat music)
(car engine revving)
- How are we gonna
get into this time?
- I know someone that can help.
Don't look at me
Don't look at me
Don't look at me
Don't look at me
(serene music)
- There she is.
- Go get her Goldman.
- Wait, I think I
have a better idea.
Preston, please make sure
that nobody at the party
interrupts me, okay?
- Okay, interrupts what?
- Just trust me, okay?
- Yeah, yeah, good.
Hey brother, man.
- Girls, go find Lyla.
- Okay Mark.
- I am not loving this bossy
version of you, but okay.
- Robin, I need to make
sure that the piano is tuned
and that the mic
is working, okay?
- Yes sir.
- Who said two humans
can't have fun at a party?
- Yes, yes.
Oh, this bit should be
called "Mark Rocks",
or "Back to Lyla."
Ah, both of the have
great potential.
Parkman and Robin.
- Okay, just go, go, go.
(Mark sighing)
(suspenseful music)
(footsteps approaching)
- Are you sure
you're ready, Mark?
You don't wanna embarrass
yourself in front of her,
have her last impression of you
be how lame you are, do you?
It's just so weird, isn't it?
It's kind of got a
weird vibe, you know.
It's not the real deal,
but you and I could
have fun here.
I know things got a
little crazy before,
I'm sorry about that.
- Rebecca.
- She left you and I wouldn't.
- Rebecca stop.
- You can't just throw
me away like that.
You need me Mark.
You don't need them.
You just need me.
You need me Mark.
(serene music)
- No, you got it wrong.
I think you meant
to say you need me.
You try to make me feel
like you understood me,
but you don't.
I'm done staying
in the same place.
(suspenseful music)
- [Robin] You got this, Mark.
- [Preston] Come on.
- I'm here because I,
I do think that students should
take opportunities abroad.
Okay, I have to
level with you guys.
I'm not the type of guy
who would take a chance
on a trip like this.
I'm actually not even good
at taking chances in general.
And that sucks.
Or at least it did
before I met this event.
Thanks to this specific event,
I embarked on a crazy trip
where I realized I wanted
to start taking chances,
to be better.
This event has always pushed me
to be the best
version of myself.
From the first time we kissed,
to the first time we-
(Dennis clearing his throat)
But what I'm trying to say is,
go on crazy trips.
Not only for the places
you want to visit,
but for the journey itself,
because only then,
you learn something
about the people who are
taking that journey with you.
Only then you learn something
you didn't know about yourself.
Never give up on a dream
just because of
how far away it is
or how alone you feel,
because you're not alone.
And staying where you are
doesn't bring that
dream any closer.
And if you go on the
adventure full on,
so many dreams you didn't even
know you had will come true.
And by the end of it,
if you do it right,
you will be able to say goodbye.
At least I can.
I finally can.
(serene piano music)
(audience cheering)
- You did it.
You did it.
You did it man.
- That was my favorite song.
- That was kind of jeezy.
- Wait guys, give me a minute.
Look, I'm sorry will
never cover it, okay?
I just, I should've
gone with you Lyla.
I should've never let you go.
(both sobbing)
(heart throbbing)
This feels like a
much better goodbye.
- Wait, why goodbye?
Are you okay?
- Stay with me man.
- Get his legs up.
- Stay with me, okay?
- Come on Goldman.
- Mark, what's happening?
- Somebody get some help.
- Hey, you guys.
- You'll be fine, you hear me?
- You're okay,
everything's gonna be okay.
- You're an amazing
young man Mark.
(heart throbbing)
- You have my respect.
- I love you guys.
- Remember you're
my best friend.
- The song was perfect.
- Yeah, it was.
(serene music)
(life support machine beeping)
- [Mark's Aunt]
You need to sleep.
Look, I can't imagine
what you're going through,
but it's serious sister,
you need to sleep.
- I'm good, (speaking Spanish).
- Mom.
- Mark?
I gotta go, I'll call you back.
(speaking Spanish)
Are you okay?
- All right Mark.
Try to relax, you're
okay, you're safe, okay?
You're in the hospital.
I'm a nurse, my name is Elliot.
I'm gonna run a few tests, okay?
Can you look at me?
Okay, can you look at my pen?
- How are we doing here?
- Oculus field tests are good
as well as pupillary response.
- Great.
- He's all yours.
- Thank you Elliot.
Hola Mark.
(speaking Spanish)
- Mark, can you hear
me pressing your feet?
Can you press back?
- Wonderful.
Can you tell me who you are?
- I'm Mark Goldman.
- And do you
recognize this woman?
- Yes, she's my mom.
- Where do you think you are.
- Okay, what's going on?
- You were involved
in an accident.
- You hit an embankment.
(Mark coughing) (car honking)
- Causing significant
brain swelling.
You've just woken
up from a coma.
It has been
approximately two weeks.
- What?
Wait, is everybody okay?
- There was no other people
involved in the accident.
- [Elliot] The MRI
results are clear.
- We're just gonna keep you
here for a few more days,
just for observation to
make sure, all right?
- Thank you for doctor.
- [Doctor] Of course.
Elliot, (indistinct).
- Wait, that song.
I kept hearing it
over and over again.
It was always there.
- The doctor said,
although it might not work,
that it was a good idea
to create soft stimulation
from the outside.
I've been playing
it for you everyday.
I even brought your
favorite blanket.
- Was this after I
played a Speroville?
- Speroville?
- It must've been.
Did my friends come along?
- Your cousins came
a couple of times.
- No, no, my friends.
My gang.
- Oh honey, I'm so
glad you're back.
Oh God, thank you.
(door opening)
Are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
Hi Bob.
- [Mom] Mark lunch is
ready, your favorite?
- Yes, I'm coming mom.
(serene music)
Where are you?
(speaking Spanish)
Hey mom.
- What are you doing?
- Ah, nothing, just-
- You're looking for
your dream friends, huh?
- They're real, okay?
I just need to find them.
- Have you considered maybe-
- Checking online? I have.
I can't find the group chat
or any of their pictures.
I don't know, it's weird.
I used to have this
drawing somewhere.
- I meant, have you thought
about talking to Dr. Nolan?
- Mom, why would I talk
to my childhood therapist.
You were there.
It's crazy.
- Isn't it interesting
how dreams work?
- This was more
than that though.
- Being in a coma
allowed your brain to
work through some things.
- It's just, it was
so real, you know.
I had this amazing
group of friends,
and I accomplished something
I was really proud of.
- Do you wanna
tell them about it?
- Why bother, they don't exist?
I'm on my own.
- You know, you can
be vulnerable here.
This is a safe space.
- Well, first there was Ira.
She was a born fighter.
But with the biggest
heart you can imagine.
She taught me how to
stand up for myself.
Kaitlyn was very optimistic
and surprisingly strong.
Well, of course it takes
strength to choose to be kind.
- I got this, okay?
- She always kept
me kind and humble.
Then there was Robin.
Robin was my best friend
and my biggest fan.
He loved my music.
- Yeah Mark.
- And encouraged me to not
take myself so seriously.
And to just be myself.
And finally, the
most fearless friend
you could ever imagine.
He made me feel like I
could accomplish anything.
Ah, Preston.
- Preston?
- Wait, how do you know them?
- You introduced us.
- I did?
I did?
- Hmm.
When you dealt with your dad
leaving, by shutting down,
we were identifying different
sides of your personality.
And these friends
that you love so much
are different sides of you.
You were a kid,
so I described them as the
decision makers in your head.
But of course,
it's a little more
complicated than that, right?
You see, we all have different
traits that define us.
That's how our
personalities are divided.
Now, if I remember correctly...
- [Mark] Preston.
- He is pride, of course.
- Yeah, Kaitlyn.
- Kindness.
You always thought
that Ira was anger,
but really she was passion.
- Was Robin something?
- You called him a
spark of craziness.
He represented creativity.
- Wait.
- Self-destruction
I wanted to let you know
that there are some
personality traits
that can be extremely
no matter how fun or
sexy they might be.
You were going through
some of that at the time,
so I had you draw her too.
It looks like you were connected
with them in your dream.
- Yeah, they were
my lifelong friends.
It doesn't matter anyway.
It was just a beautiful dream.
- Dreams can become real when
they change your life forever.
- This will change
your life forever.
I'm so proud of you.
- Thanks mom.
- [Mom] I love you.
Life is a moment in time
Even a flapper
must go around
Don't let those
clouds make fog
Keep you from gasping
'Cause immortality
is hidden behind fear
Seem like I'm sitting
at the edge of the world
Feel like I've not
known lone all this time
And don't like to think
the ending remains
The truth to life
Seem like I'm sitting
at the edge of the world
Feel like I've been
here so many times
And I don't like to
think the ending remains
The truth to life
(serene piano music)
- You found me.
Hey Lyla
Did you ever find
love in this place
Hell where did you wind up
Did you ever make it out
of this town unscaved
And oh hey Lyla
Tell me how's your
family keeping these days
And I hope you
don't mind but
I got a picture to
remind me of your face
Kissing in the backyard,
listening to fast cars,
Those where the days
Hiding from your dad,
sharing secrets in the grass,
Making daisy chains
Staring up at the sky,
With the sun in our eyes,
chasing paper planes
And sat out on the pavement,
we'd write our names,
by those old green gaze
For the rain to wash
us away ummm hmmm
Hey Lyla
Did you ever find
love in this place
And hell where
did you wind up
Did you ever make it out
of this town unscaved
And oh hey Lyla
Tell me how's your
family keeping these days
And I hope you
don't mind but
I got a picture to
remind me of your face
Innocent and free,
Far too young to believe,
we'd be old some day
Running from your dad, 'cause
he caught us holding hands
And kissing in the rain
Love was just a word,
that we always misheard,
Don't need to whisper away
Hiding from our friends, yeah
we climbed over the fence,
Down on uhbar lane
For the rain to wash
us away Ummm hmmm
Hey Lyla
Did you ever find
love in this place
Hell where did you wind up
Did you ever make it out
of this town unscaved
And oh hey Lyla
Tell me how's your
family keeping these days
And I hope you
don't mind but
I got a picture to
remind me of your face
(bright guitar music)
I come home to your
faint-breath gold face
Little bits are (indistinct)
all over the place
I pour a healthy cup of
your cheap (indistinct)
And spill a drop or two, uuh
Kitchen's a wreck, garlic
and onion in the air
You know I got a thing
for that ragamuffin air
I give you room to work,
but it just ain't fair
Gotta put my hands on you
Oh, outside the
world is hustling on
I know I should care but
I'm just too foregone
Heaven can wait so
can everybody else
I got nothing but
time, nothing but time
I've been filling my days
with your perfect imperfection
Flawed and fine,
and all mine
- [Man] Sing it sister.
Sign says keep out and
you walked right passed it
'Cause you love some adventure
and a little trespassing
Yes you follow the rules
till they don't make sense
And then you push on through
Oh, outside the love
was spotless and pure
Me I find it pretty when
it's gritty and obscure
Heaven can wait so
can everybody else
I got nothing but
time, nothing but time
I've been filling my days
with your perfect imperfection
Flawed and fine
and all mine oh
Heaven can wait so
can everybody else
I got nothing but
time, nothing but time
I've been filling my days
with your perfect imperfection
Flawed and fine and all mine
Mine, so flawed and fine
Mine, so flawed and fine
Mine, so flawed and fine
Mine, so flawed and fine