Backtrace (2018) Movie Script

[Mac] Here, get some dirt
on that shovel.
[metal scraping]
[engine starts]
This wasn't how it was supposed to go down.
This wasn't the plan.
[Foster] We did our part!
You both gotta calm down.
Nobody got hurt!
That was the agreement!
No, you changed the plan on him!
Nobody got hurt!
That was the deal!
I don't wanna spend the rest of
my life looking over my shoulder!
This was the only way we were gonna
get back what they stole from us!
Now speed it up or we're
not gonna make our window!
Who are those guys?
[Truby] I don't know.
That's not them, though.
I don't like this.
Play it cool. I'll handle this.
[Truby] Keep your eyes
on the woods, boys.
Mac, stay back till we call you.
Who the hell are you?
[Rick] Never mind that.
Where's the money?
Here you go.
Where's the rest of it?
We took our share.
That's your cut.
Truby, Foster, let's go.
That wasn't the deal.
Not now, Mac.
Yeah, well, it is now.
- That's gotta be less than half.
- Come on.
- You're damn right it's less than half.
- Let's go.
Twenty million split four ways.
Three of us pulled the job. Five
million apiece. The rest is yours.
Any one of those bills could've been
marked. How do you expect to launder it?
Let us worry about it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, relax.
Where's our money, asshole?
Easy, guys.
- Where's the money?
- [Foster] Calm down, all right?
We buried the money. You kill
us, nobody gets anything.
- [Truby] Just calm down, everybody.
- [Rick] He's bluffing.
Just relax. This isn't the plan.
You're right.
It isn't part of the plan.
- Truby, Foster, get in the goddamn truck!
- Look. Mac, relax.
- Everybody relax. Put the guns away.
- Put the guns away.
- Everybody just relax!
- [Rick] We want the money!
Where's our money?
Calm down!
[Rick] Money!
[Mitch] Move, move, move, move!
Check the truck! Go, go, go!
Son of a bitch!
Come on! Get out of there!
We gotta get out of here!
Let's get out of here.
[indistinct chatter]
How far are we
from the primary crime scene?
They're walking it now, but it looks
like it's less than two miles
if he cut his way
through the marsh.
Can we get a flyover?
Not before the weather.
What time did the call come in?
Approximately 9:30 this morning.
I don't see any brass.
Any exchange of fire?
Well, apparently this one here,
two others that were discovered by a
couple of hunters over on Route 20.
Got themselves
into one hell of a firefight.
We recovered over two dozen
spent shell casings.
The first responding officers
tracked him here.
Got IDs?
So far, we know this one
to be Donovan MacDonald.
The other two are Ike Foster
and John Truby.
John Truby.
Mr. Truby had a security badge
from Central City Bank.
The bank that got robbed
downtown yesterday.
So what's our chances of getting
anything out of this guy here?
Spotty at best.
- The paramedics gave him 50/50 when they got here.
- Hmm.
Hey, I need you guys to get him down
to the trauma center, all right?
- Yes, sir.
- And no one talks to this guy, except with me.
All right.
That's it. Have a nice trip.
Law enforcement officials are following
several leads in what authorities are calling
one of the largest bank
robberies in state history.
Over 20 million was stolen
from Central City Bank
in the morning hours
of Monday, April 8th.
Ike Foster and John Truby
died at the scene.
The third subject, Donovan
MacDonald, remains in a coma,
following injuries
sustained during the robbery.
At the press conference
earlier today,
Captain Stover of Metropolitan
Police Department
released updated information
regarding the alleged suspects.
Our Major Crimes Unit
is investigating multiple lead.
Our preliminary results indicated
that one of the suspects, John Trub,
was employed by
the security firm
that was contracted
at Central City Bank.
We're still reviewing those findings
with our partners in the FBI.
We don't wanna jump the gun till
we have more definite details.
Next question.
[indistinct chatter]
As I stated earlier, this is only
our preliminary investigation.
We're still interviewing witnesses
and coordinating our efforts
with our partners in the federl
law enforcement communities.
It is our belief
that the individuals involved
may have, in fact, planned to
assassinate him all along.
I am certain that our associates with
the FI will have more to comment.
[indistinct chatter over PA]
- [Dr. Nichols] Still having migraines?
- Yeah.
How often?
[Mac] All the time.
Follow the tip of my finger
with your eyes.
What about the nightmares?
How often?
Every night.
Don't you think it's in his best
interest to extend his evaluation period
at least until his long-term
memory comes back?
That's not my concern.
I don't know who you were
before all this happened,
but maybe it's for the best if you
don't get those memories back.
And lives were lost.
Do you really wanna know why?
Well, if I have to
go to prison...
I'd like to know why.
What about his follow-up?
It's out of my hands.
Make sure he stays
on the prescribed regimen.
[Erin] Yes, Doctor.
[Mac] Thank you.
[door closes]
[indistinct chatter]
- How's it going today?
- Good.
Hmm. Looks good.
You're sure
this is edible, right?
Seemed fine the other day.
Hey, I'm Lucas.
Just got in.
Excuse me?
You said, "got."
People don't get in here.
They're sent here.
Yeah, well, a 72-hour
psychiatric evaluation.
It's voluntary.
Do I know you?
You seem... familiar.
No, you don't know me,
but I know you.
How's that?
Read all about you.
Saw all those news stories
about you and that bank robbery.
Well, then you know
more about it than I do.
Ah. Well, I know
that you're not guilty.
At least not for everything
they're accusing you for.
How long you been here?
What, a couple years?
Seven years.
I bet you're missing
life outside these walls.
I'd bet even more that
you're desperate to get out.
What's that?
What if I told you
I can get you out of here?
I'd say you're crazy.
You mean to tell me, after all
this time you've spent in here,
you can't tell the difference
between these nut jobs and me?
Damn, I'm good.
How would you
get me out of this place?
As much as I'd like to take credit
for all of this, I got some help.
Why are you doing this?
I got 20 million reasons.
If you read my case,
you'd know that I don't have any
memory of what happened to me
before I was sent to this place.
[exhales sharply]
Look, you wanna get out of here,
this is your chance.
I'd say sleep on it, but I'm
being discharged tonight,
so you gotta make a decision quick
'cause the clock is ticking.
Trust me.
Why would I trust you?
You got any better options?
Lunch is over, gentlemen!
And Dr. Nichols is waiting
on you for your exit exam.
Let's go.
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
Everything's gonna be all right.
See you soon, Mac.
[indistinct chatter]
Mac, how are you feeling?
Like I was poisoned.
The side effects
will only last a few hours.
Here, take this.
It will help calm you down.
[gate closing]
[indistinct radio chatter]
- You done for the day?
- Uh, just finishing out the week.
Go ahead and sign this.
I'm gonna have to have you
open up that bag for me.
Ladies, can I see
your IDs, please?
Just returning these to County.
Uh, Dr. Nichols
signed off on it.
Let's get you
to open up the back as well.
Okay, give me a second.
Can we hurry this up?
[continues honking]
Come on.
[woman on PA]
Dr. Coda to the ECT room.
Dr. Coda to the ECT room.
Lights out, guys.
Hey, did MacDonald
get moved back to his room?
Not that I'm aware of.
Let's go! Move it along!
Damn it. We got a problem, guys.
[continues honking]
Alicia, what did I say?
Such an asshole.
You're good to go.
[gates buzzing]
- [Erin] Hey.
- Hey, yourself.
All right.
You still think I'm crazy?
Come on, let's get you inside.
[siren blaring]
[Dr. Nichols] It's fairly
catastrophic retrograde amnesia.
You think it was real, or do
you think he was faking it?
I believe it was real.
His brain imaging
says it was real.
Every neurological test we've
ever done said it was real.
Detective, this was
the worst case I've seen.
It took him six months
to learn how to walk again
and another 12
just to learn how to speak.
- Hmm.
- The man's lucky to have survived.
[indistinct chatter]
[Sykes] Let me
ask you something.
If it wasn't an act, how did
he get out of this place?
Has he have any visitors lately?
I've been here four years,
and other than police investigators
and the occasional reporter,
no one's come calling.
Just spoke to
one of the night nurses.
She said a security guard
by the name of Farren Dell
was a no-call, no-show
for work this morning.
He was also one of the last people
to have spoken to MacDonald.
Head over to his place and
tell me if you find anything.
No more questions.
Police are following
several leads
in the escape of famed bank
robber Donovan MacDonald.
Authorities are not speculating how
they believe MacDonald got away,
but are pursuing leads
in a person of interest...
You'll need this.
[reporter] Our Karen Matthews
is on the scene.
What do you know
about your case, Mac?
I've been asked a lot of
questions over the years, but...
And it always seems like they're
talking about someone else.
I've been accused
of a lot of things.
I'd like to know the truth.
[Erin] We can help you
with that.
This will help you relax
before we begin.
Before we begin what?
There's somebody outside.
Keep him here.
Get in here.
Were you followed?
I left behind
a few bread crumbs.
Hey, Mac.
You already know Farren.
Uh, okay.
Obviously, you guys
know who I am.
Who are you?
You're not a security guard.
- You're not...
- Crazy?
Are you a nurse?
I was in a former life.
How fast can we do this?
Do what?
Why don't you come with me, Mac?
Let's go upstairs.
- Now, hold on a minute.
- No, no, no.
- No.
- Come on.
- Listen...
- Come on.
Let me show you something, Mac.
Well, most of this
is public record.
But this? This is
the important stuff.
And according to
the police report,
the lead detective was a guy
by the name of...
[both] Sykes.
I know him.
He's been coming to the hospital
for years.
Always asking me questions.
Sounds about right.
This is something
you might be interested in.
The ballistics report...
which clearly indicates that the bullets
that killed Ike Foster and John Truby...
weren't fired by any of the
weapons recovered at the scene.
So you tell me.
How does that happen?
Well, if I didn't kill 'em,
who did?
[indistinct chatter]
We've got reports coming in
from the state troopers.
They've set up roadblocks and
checkpoints at state line and the 95.
All right, get it on the board.
Okay, we've got another hit
from a gas station attendant
that thinks they spotted
what looks like a cargo van
headed southbound
on Veterans Highway to the 204.
That makes no sense. They'd
be over by Hunter Airfield.
You're scrambling
your resources too thin.
By our estimates, this guy's
already got a massive head start.
Detective, I am sure
you know FBI Agent Franks,
and this is his new partner,
Karl Hicks.
We already extended
our perimeter out 20 miles.
What else would you
have in mind?
And I thought the marshals were
responsible for fugitive capture.
And you've had seven years to solve
these homicides, but you got nothing.
So now that the primary suspect
is out, it lands on my desk.
Yeah, you know,
that's gonna fit in perfectly
with all the evidence
you haven't given our team.
Captain, I expect your
department's full cooperation.
I've already spoken
to your special agent in charge.
What you know
about Central City Bank
could provide the missing details
that ties our cold case together.
You two have been working opposite
ends of the same case for years.
You want our cooperation,
we'll expect full transparency.
You'll have it.
Look, the briefing we got before we
headed over here was limited at best.
You're the specialist
on this one.
I need to know
who we're going after.
Is he really nuts?
You ever think about that?
Is this guy really crazy,
or is he putting us on?
Well, seven years is a hell of a
long time to wait and play a game.
All three of these guys
lived here most of their lives.
Then again,
you already know that, right?
You know more about them...
than we do.
The bank they robbed...
we were told the FBI was
investigating them for fraud.
That's right.
So what were you looking for?
It seems the owners
of the cement factory
took out a $30 million
line of credit
with their friends
over at Central City Bank,
while using the employee
pension funds as collateral.
And before
filing for bankruptcy,
they took annual bonuses
in excess of $24 million,
leaving the people
who built that company...
high and dry.
You've known about this
all along?
Our forensic accountants took over two
years looking through their books.
Couldn't prove a damn thing.
It was all handshakes
and gentleman's agreements.
The bank knew exactly
what they were doing,
but they turned
a blind eye to it because...
their money was covered.
But without proof,
there was no indictment.
This is an LPT enhancer.
A what?
A drug that stimulates the frontal lobe
of the brain, which controls memory.
[sighs] Look, I've been stuck
with every truth serum
and memory enhancer
ever invented.
Not this one.
[sighs] How do you figure?
[Erin] Because it just finished
clinical trials.
Over 80% of the patients
who took this
regained almost 40%
of their memory.
What happened to the other 20%?
They died.
Look, I have no recollection of
what happened to me in my past,
and I'm not gonna let you guys fry
my brain, trying to figure it out.
There is $20 million in cash
hidden out there,
and we believe that you know
where it's stashed,
and we're not the only ones
looking for it,
so if you wanna survive
the next couple of days,
I suggest
you start working with us!
[breathing heavily]
There's an 80% chance
this stuff will work?
What are the side effects?
Go ahead. Tell him.
It's not going to be pleasant.
Dizziness, vertigo,
possible hallucinations,
and those headaches of yours
are gonna get much, much worse.
Good news is...
you remember where you buried
the money, and we all prosper.
This doesn't work by itself.
We're going to have to expose you
to some places from your past.
So you think this is gonna
release my memories?
It takes about 15 minutes
to start working.
I'm gonna need you
to remain incredibly still.
You're gonna wanna
bite down on this.
Trust me.
It has to be
injected directly...
into your spinal fluid.
- [grunts]
- [Erin] Hold him down.
[muffled groans] -[Erin] Mac, I'm sorry.
This is gonna hurt like hell.
- Hold him.
- [Mac] Hey, hey, hey!
[muffled screaming]
Just relax. Breathe. Breathe.
[indistinct chatter]
- You guys have been busy.
- Yeah.
Who's this?
A hunch. All of this
is still speculation.
- Let's be clear about that.
- Right.
None of the weapons used at the
crime scene match the ballistics.
Someone else had to be involved.
How many people worked at this place
before they closed their doors?
About 115.
A hundred and fifteen.
I'm sure that doesn't
include contractors
or guys like Foster, whose businesses
depended upon this place, right?
Well, there's your fourth man
right there, Detective.
Every one of those people had a
motive, just like MacDonald.
[Farren] We gotta get him up.
[Mac groaning]
- Come on.
- [Mac] Wait!
- Stand up, Mac.
- Wait.
- Come on, stand up.
- [Lucas] Easy.
[Erin] You can't
push him like this, Farren.
Stopping every 10 minutes isn't gonna
cut it, not with the window we have.
- Wait! Wait!
- Come on.
[grunts] I know...
I know this place.
[grunts] Wait.
[breathing heavily]
I've been here before.
What are you seeing, Mac?
All I see is fragments.
I see in fragments.
Why do I know this place?
Where are we?
You guys need to speed this up.
What did she just tell you?
You can't fast-track this.
- Give him another shot.
- Farren!
It could kill him.
Do you really wanna waste
the last six years of your life?
Ah, shit. Get him inside now.
Come on.
Get him in. Come on, come on!
Get him in now! Hurry!
- Come on, Mac.
- Come on.
[Farren] Stay with me.
- I know this place.
- [Lucas] It's the police. Keep him quiet.
[Mac] I know this place.
All right, follow my lead.
Come on.
[Mac groaning]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[Mac groaning]
[door opens]
That's why I told him they're asking
too much. I've read the inspection.
No, they're out of their minds if they think
they're getting that much for the auction.
How you doing, sir?
Hey, can I call you back? Yeah.
- Can you hang up the phone?
- Yes, sir.
- Afternoon, Officer.
- Afternoon.
You got business here?
This is private property.
Place has
already been foreclosed.
You told me the title was clear.
[Erin] It is.
[sighs] I'm sorry, sir. Uh...
I was...
I was only out here because the
bank had listed it for auction.
You say you're out here
looking at buying this property?
[Lucas] Yes, sir.
I need a place to run my horses.
Keep your head down. Shh...
Call me crazy, but I had
a mind to renovate it...
back to its old, beautiful self.
How 'bout you show me some ID?
[Farren] Come on.
How 'bout that ID?
Keep it quiet.
[dispatcher over radio]
348, go ahead.
Give me a second.
348, I copy.
You can show me en route.
Folks, I gotta clear.
Like I said,
this is private property.
Have the proper documentation
if you're gonna be here.
Yes, sir.
Calm down. Come on.
Gotta get you up.
[car starting]
- Come on, get up.
- [Mac groaning]
Come on, come on.
All right, sit down, sit down.
Jesus Christ.
He just lost his shit up there.
- [Erin] It's okay.
- [Farren] He just freaked the hell out.
[Erin] It's all right.
Just breathe through it.
It took everything I had
to hold him down.
[Erin] Everything's
gonna be all right.
I know this place.
You used to live here.
That's why we brought you here.
It's working.
Why don't you get the equipment?
I'll meet you at the truck.
All right, Mac,
let's get you out of here.
[grunts] Come on.
Everything's in range.
His vitals are good.
- Keep him talking.
- [Erin] Just focus.
[Mac groaning]
[truck baking up]
What is this place?
[Lucas] One of the men who died in
the shoot-out used to work here.
You were talking
this whole time, Mac.
You brought us here.
Every cop in the state
is looking for us.
Why are we wasting our time
with this bullshit?
It has to have some order to it.
He's rebuilding the story
of his past.
I don't trust this guy.
I don't trust him either.
It was someone else.
Is it somebody you worked with?
Maybe someone that worked here?
Truby was working with someone.
He's the one that's gonna
help us get away clean.
He was gonna cover our tracks.
How long can you survive on unemployment?
Huh? What about you?
You gonna go back to towing barges?
Is that what you want?
This is fucking crazy.
This is all we have
right now, guys.
He's gonna meet us here
later tonight.
[Erin] Stay with it, Mac.
That guy is not coming
anywhere near my place.
[Truby] You can trust him,
all right?
He's not coming here!
You can trust him!
He's the one that told me
about our pensions.
[Rick] Where's the money?
- [gunshots]
- [groaning]
I don't know where the money is!
My eyes.
Can't you give me
something for the pain?
Not without
negative side effects.
It was by the water.
A river.
It was by a river,
and there was...
cement towers.
There were cement towers
by a river.
I got it.
Give me the keys.
Grab him now. Let's go.
I got him. [Grunts]
[Farren] Come on. I got him.
I got him.
- [Lucas] Let's go!
- [Farren] You're okay, Mac.
[Sykes] Seven years ago,
we had the most violent attack
this city has ever seen.
And the only thing we had going
were the leads
that we publicized.
We're gonna be working
with the FBI.
Stay sharp. These guys will
kill for what they're after.
Now go.
Stay sharp.
- Excuse me.
- I mean it.
Pretty powerful statement.
You said you just leaked
information to the press.
You lied.
Don't worry about it.
Look, I need you to push
these checkpoints out.
Get the word out
to Transit Authority...
I need you in my office.
Excuse me.
[line ringing]
What a fucking mess.
[phone ringing]
Carter, you get any hits
on the security guard?
It looks like he stole the identification
from the real Farren Dell,
who died in a car crash
last April in Atlanta.
I got the techs
dusting for prints right now,
but it looks like he wiped this
place clean before he left.
You guys get anything yet?
[Carter] All right, I was gonna head
back to the hospital after this.
I got them running
background checks
on all the employees
who had contact with MacDonald.
Remember that old cement factory
he used to work at?
Yeah, we combed through
that place for months.
Didn't find a damn thing.
[Sykes] Maybe we weren't
looking in the right place.
You see something, you call me.
You guys let me know
the minute you find something,
- all right?
- Okay.
[engine starts]
Come on, Mac.
Something happened here.
- Should I go help him?
- No.
If we step between him
and his past,
it could fragment the imagery.
Let him stay with it.
- [high-pitched ringing]
- [groaning]
[Farren] Grab him.
Let's get him inside.
- Come on, Mac.
- Stay with it.
[Farren] Come on. Let's go.
[Erin] Hold on.
It's too much on him.
Right over there. Let's go.
He needs to sit down.
Come on.
Let me sit him down.
[Lucas] Come on, Mac.
Right here, right here.
Sit down.
I need you to keep your eyes
closed for a few minutes.
[gun cocks]
Come on.
Sit up gently, gently, gently.
You spent
most of your life here, Mac,
sometimes six days
out of the week.
You used to work right in there.
Take this.
Let's go.
We came in through there.
[Farren] Up the steps?
I'll lead the way.
[Mac] There.
Oh, shit!
Give me the bag.
It's so real.
[Farren] It can't be up here.
All the reports
said you buried it.
Give me the other bag.
Give me the shovel.
We were never gonna bury it.
[metal clanking]
We sent it down
one of these conveyor belts.
It's gotta be
in one of those silos.
Let's go. You're with me.
Come on.
You take this side.
I'll take this side.
[Farren] You got anything?
[Lucas] Nothing!
It's gotta be down here.
Nah, this place is empty.
[indistinct radio chatter]
What do you got? Anything?
[Lucas] Still nothing, man.
Keep looking.
Got one more, come on.
[Farren] It's down here,
I know it.
I got nothing.
[Lucas] Me either.
There's no money here.
You see that there?
[Farren] Yeah.
No, no, no, no, no.
What are you looking at?
[Lucas] If they threw those
bags on the conveyor belt,
they wouldn't have fed into the
silos unless it was operational.
Yeah, that's right.
What does it connect to?
The conveyor...
connects to a dumping bin.
There's something in there.
[indistinct radio chatter]
Here, grab this bar.
Farren, there's a cop out there.
[Lucas] Grab him, grab him!
- Come on, come on.
- [Lucas] Keep him out of sight!
No, there's someone
from law enforcement.
[Lucas] Keep him quiet
and out of sight, hear me?
- Whoever that is...
- Get him in!
He's gonna kill us.
He's gonna kill us!
[Truby] He's the one that's
gonna help us get away clean.
[Mac] Why would we
involve a cop?
They're trying to kill us!
[Mac panting]
It's gonna be all right.
What did you say?
Do I know you?
Do you?
[Mac] Are you a nurse?
I was in a former life.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Everything's gonna be all right.
[kids chatter indistinctly]
[Mac] You're not
a security guard.
Dad, if we get your gear,
we might have
some daylight left.
- [Farren] Let's ride.
- [Mac] Go!
[engines start]
I had a family.
[sighs in despair]
Why didn't you tell me?
Why didn't you tell me?
Those trials I told you about,
the patients that didn't
regain their memories
thought it was
all fake and planted.
They refused to believe in it.
This was the only way
that would've worked.
[Mac sobbing]
This... this is all my fault.
[sniffles] Fuck.
[line ringing]
[phone ringing]
[Franks] So what are you saying?
Come on, what do you got?
I thought you said
we were clear of the locals.
[Franks] How many are there?
[Mitch] We only have the one.
[Franks] Call 911.
Give them some bullshit site
far away from there.
We might be in business.
[dispatcher] 911.
What's your emergency?
Uh, yeah, I think my wife and I just
saw the guy that you're looking for.
The one that escaped.
Okay, sir. Just stay calm
and don't hang up.
Can you provide me with your...
[phone ringing]
Are you sure?
Agent Franks, we got a confirmed
sighting in Brunswick.
That's a hell of a lot
farther out than we thought.
Yeah, it's at least
60 miles south of here.
What's the area like down there?
Waterways, mostly.
Interconnected islands.
Send somebody. Hurry.
Sir, just stay on the line...
All right.
Captain, we've seen this before.
If we don't get a net
around him now,
there are thousands of escape
routes across those shipping lines.
Dispatch lost connection
with the caller.
I'm coming with you.
No, Detective, I need you
to be my eyes and ears here.
Look out for the locals and
give me their exact location.
Let's go.
[Carter] Metro Police!
If you are in this facility,
you are trespassing!
I need you to come out
where I can see you!
[line ringing]
[phone vibrating]
Talk to me, Carter.
Yeah, either we got
a few well-off transients
who are camping out
for the night,
or your hunch might be right.
You want me to call it in?
I'm on my way.
Copy that.
Those people,
they've come for the money.
That's the only thing they want.
If they get it...
we're dead.
Let's get to it first.
[Lucas] Go and get Farren.
- Get him! Bring him back!
- [Erin] Okay.
After you, Pops.
That's it.
[gun cocks]
I say again,
this is Metro Police!
Come out and show yourselves!
[Erin] I'm here.
Hands in the air! Do not move!
Who else is here?
Just me.
Bullshit. I see three packs.
Where's the rest of them?
I'm not gonna ask you again!
Where's the rest of them?
I'm right here. Right here.
I'm pretty sure I'm the
one you're looking for.
Farren Dell?
Get in where I can see you.
[Farren] She had nothing
to do with it.
- Where's MacDonald?
- He's gone.
- What do you mean?
- We buried him yesterday.
Just keep your hands up
in the air.
[line ringing]
[siren wailing]
Carter, are you there?
I got a couple of them standing
right here in front of me.
[tires screeching]
You were right.
They were here
the whole damn time.
I'm ten minutes out.
I need you to roll
everyone in the area...
[Farren] Get back! Get back!
[gun cocks]
[gun cocks]
[siren wailing]
Carter, you there?
Come on, now.
Ready? Okay.
[silenced gunshots]
I remember.
I remember.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
[Mac] In here, in here.
[Lucas] Go get the money! Go!
It's the only thing
keeping us alive!
[Lucas screaming]
I've got you covered.
I've got you covered.
[Franks] All right, move!
Let's go, let's go!
Right through, right through!
[siren wailing]
[Franks] Freeze! Freeze!
Show me your hands!
- Show me your hands!
- [Erin] We're not armed!
Get them out here!
Get up, come on.
Let's go. Bring them here.
Right here.
Where is he?
Where's Mac?
Congratulations, Mac!
We must've swept this place
a dozen times,
couldn't find a damn thing.
Not a sign where you stashed it.
Come on out, Mac!
Come on! Let's work this out.
Like we did last time?
We had a deal, and you broke it!
That's not the way
I remember it.
You killed Truby and Foster!
That's because
they didn't stick to our plan!
You were never gonna
stick to our plan!
I was the one
taking all the risks, Mac.
That money needed
to be laundered.
Every one of those bills
could've been marked.
Every serial number could've
been tracked back to us.
You didn't think about that,
did you?
[Mac] No one was supposed
to get killed.
[Franks] All right,
enough talking!
You come out now,
and I won't kill you, too!
You can't kill me!
I died seven years ago.
What I did, I did for my family!
I'm sure you did.
You planned on killing us
all along!
- [Franks] That's right.
- [metal clanks]
I should've put another bullet
through your head!
Give me the money!
I'll give you the money...
but it's a new deal.
You let my wife and my son go,
and I'll give it all to you,
all 15 million.
No, not that simple anymore,
You exposed us!
That puts me
and the rest of my guys at risk.
That's not gonna happen.
[tires squeal]
You set these people up!
That's right!
It's called deception.
We gotta get to Dad.
Here it is, Franks!
Come and get it!
There you go.
It's all yours.
I heard the whole thing.
Seven years you served.
Good enough.
We'll call that time served.
This money cost me
my son's life.
I'm sorry about that,
but I'm sure it'll get you
where you wanna go.
Where could I possibly go
I wouldn't be spending
the rest of my life
looking over my shoulder?
I'll take care of it.
And my son?
I'll take care of that too.
Thank you, Detective.