Backtrack (2014) Movie Script

So ten,
going down the first step.
And nine,
down again.
And eight,
more relaxed.
And seven,
more relaxed.
And six,
completely relaxed.
And five,
deeper and deeper.
And four,
each step taking you deeper down.
And three,
deeper and deeper.
And two,
nearly there.
And one,
nearly at the bottom.
And after one, there's just...
And in the center of that nothing,
There's a warm, velvety blackness.
And you can feel yourself...
going deeply...
Into that...
warm, safe, velvety blackness.
A feeling of nothingness,
of total release.
I want to remind you
that the soul's history...
is stored in the akashic records,
Which you are able to contact
Through your unconscious mind.
You will shortly have the opportunity
to access your own record.
It will be easy for you to gain
spiritual insights.
And these could prove
to be significant
in understanding the dreams
you've been having.
You're doing really well.
Now, you move towards a horizon.
You perceive a light.
You realize the light is good
and you move towards it.
The movement is happening
You travel with your feelings.
Take a deep breath.
What's going on, Ralph?
Nothing at all?
Just blackness.
Children, daddy's waving at us.
So beginning to count,
five, four.
Beginning to feel the feelings coming
back Into your toes and fingers.
getting ready for a big stretch.
Two, eyelids fluttering,
Head moving, face smiling,
ready to come back.
One, eyes open,
back to the present.
Fucking hell.
How did you make that happen?
My nan used to do some weird
stuff with her hands, so...
thought I'd give it a go.
Well, it worked.
- It makes some sense of my dreams.
- So you feel okay.
I've lived before,
even if I was a Nazi.
Hey, babe, I'm just gonna
jump in the shower.
Don't I get a kiss?
Of course, you get a kiss.
Just as soon as I've had a shower.
Don't worry.
Moment's passed.
I'm sweaty, that's all.
Been racing around all day
trying to shift that green.
Come on, have another one.
Need to catch up
on my work.
Do yours tomorrow.
It's important to relax.
Is that what
Claudia said?
Not exactly.
She, um,
She put her hand on me.
I went to another time
and place.
You make it sound like
you were in bed together.
With Claudia?
Obvious, that's what
she's using her crystal ball.
Have another drink and
let me come home with you.
Focus on tomorrow.
Obviously, we need
to keep this between us.
My lips are sealed.
Are you sure?
Jesus, is there
any deodorant left?
I want to smell nice
for you, babe, that's all.
I think I gave Ralph
a past life regression.
Was he a kraut?
Yeah, he was.
Maybe he'll stop banging
on about his weird dreams.
Your compassion
is overwhelming.
We all have weird dreams.
Yeah, we do.
But only some of us are
willing to do anything about it.
(Men chattering)
(Alarm blares)
All right, Ralph.
In on a Sunday
as well, then?
(Man speaking German)
(Air raid sirens)
(Shouting in German)
I'm so proud of you.
Go keep us safe.
(Shouting in German)
(Echoing voice
speaking German)
Fear, terror.
Herzen, hearts.
Betreiben center.
Operation community.
It's the means to weaken
British morale
Prior to the planned invasion.
Small acts of violence.
Members of this force
would strike terror
Into the hearts
of rural centers.
(Animal screaming)
Hear me.
I ask that you bestow
your powers of foreknowledge
Upon this black mirror
That I may use
this magical medium
To contact any demons
I may call forth
To scry upon for
the revelation of secrets...
And of insights that
are unknown to me.
I petition you to bestow
the blessing of prophecy
Upon this black mirror.
You have given me
the date.
Now, I need the time
and location.
I ask this in your name.
And so it is done.
(Animal screaming)
So beautiful.
Can't really appreciate
the beauty
When I'm trondling up
this stupid hill.
- Oh, hell.
- Come on.
Not far now.
It'll be beautiful
when we get to the top,
You can see the whole view.
That is amazing.
It's beautiful.
It's all right.
Shit lot of fields.
There's bound to be
a pub down there.
Should we see if
we can get a latte?
That's not plumpton.
We've been marching for hours.
I need a coffee.
We've only been
going 40 minutes.
Wouldn't say
no to a pint.
It's 11 o'clock.
So what?
So? It's a bit early even
by your standards.
I thought this was
supposed to be a holiday.
I'm going to sleep in
a tent for Christ sake.
The least you can let me do
is have a coffee.
Okay. Let's go to the pub.
You'd have thought we'd
crossed the Sahara desert.
She was like that at school.
(Air raid sirens wailing)
Always had a note
to get out of games.
Children, daddy's
waving at us.
Surprised you came.
Me, too.
But I was curious.
What's your excuse?
It's all mumbo-jumbo to me.
But Claudia said
his dreams have stopped.
I'm not sure having
hallucinations is
an improvement.
you haven't tried acid.
You've obviously
taken too much.
You're sexy
in your hiking shorts.
Oh, hey.
(Thunder rumbles)
(Swing music playing)
Can you hear that?
Hear what?
Are you okay?
You turned into the woman
I saw in regression.
You all right, mate?
You look like
you've seen a ghost.
I feel a bit sick.
Pint will straighten you out.
I just need a few minutes.
You go on.
Are you sure
you're okay, ralphie?
Yeah, I'm fine.
You go on. I'll be okay.
Did I do anything or say
anything as this woman?
No, you just became her.
So vivid.
No, not the hand,
not just now.
Oh, bricks and mortar,
thank God.
Are we near the pub?
I think so.
It might be that
bit up there.
- So long.
- I'm so tired.
Bit of shit.
I think...
(Voices on television)
Hey, can you get
me a pint?
I'm busting for a crap.
Can't you wait?
(Man sighs)
What can I do you for?
Pint of lager
and a latte, please.
We're a bit behind
the times here, darling,
I've only got instant.
A little old-fashioned,
I know,
But be wet and warm,
quick and easy.
Make it two pints of lager.
So that's it?
Staying in the village?
No, we're camping
quite a long away from here.
Back to nature, eh?
Nothing like open air living
to get the juices flowing.
(Man speaks on television)
(Heavy breathing)
Not exactly glitzy, is it?
I think we've walked
into a time warp.
Yeah, around
the neanderthal period.
(Heavy breathing)
How are you feeling?
Yeah, I'm cool.
Didn't miss much.
No, they haven't quite
got their finger
On the zeitgeist.
Well, come on.
Let's do this.
You want a hand?
- Ready?
- Thank you.
There's one, there's two.
- You okay?
- Uh-huh.
Okay. Let's go then.
You shall be avenged.
You are so fucking horny.
Shut up.
My lips are sealed.
(Distant voices)
I'm getting a weird
feeling from this place.
We should definitely
camp here.
Gloria, James,
George, Elizabeth.
I'm pumped the mattress
up two-thirds
So it will be
nice and comfy.
I'm not completely stupid.
I brought sleeping pills.
Showing me up, Ralph.
No mattress for us,
I'm afraid, claud.
I could do some pumping,
if you like.
Gonna be hard in there
without a mattress tonight.
No wonder
my pack felt heavy.
I've always said drinking
alcohol lightens the load.
Mix the peaches with
the vodka and eat what's left.
Two treats...
In one go.
Oi, boy scout, can I borrow
your can opener, mate?
Yeah, sure.
Here you go.
This syrup is
so sugary,
Makes your lips
stick together.
Who's coming to plumpton?
- What for?
- To have a look around.
I'm good here,
thanks, babe.
You coming?
See you later.
And nostradamus claimed
to have gained access
To the akashic records
Using methods derived
from the Greek oracles,
Christian sufi mysticism
and the kabala.
So you can see forwards in
time as well as backwards?
Some people call it
the mind of God.
Do you see a future
for you and Andrea?
It's okay at the moment.
Why do you ask?
Oh, no reason.
How about you and Lucas?
I don't think so.
I think he's being
unfaithful to me.
I promise you I don't
know anything about that.
I believe you.
I always thought you were
in a committed relationship.
Lucas is in a committed
relationship with his penis.
I'm not getting anything.
Me, neither.
When I had my hand
on your forehead,
I saw what you saw.
A moment when we were
in the last village,
I had glimpses of
your past life.
Nothing here.
Not a sausage.
Let's keep looking.
(Heavy breathing)
Did you hear something?
Squelching sounds.
Damn your soul.
Face down on the grass!
Where are the other two?
They've gone to plumpton.
(Tractor engine rumbling)
(Singing in distance)
That wasn't the pub and
this isn't the church.
I saw plumpton on the map.
Maybe... maybe I got
my bearings here,
Then moved on
to the first village.
That could be why I felt
weird there, but not here.
Wake up.
Wake up!
Lucas, for fuck's sake!
Please wake up!
This is the church.
(Echoing voices)
What happened?
I saw one of the children.
He was dead.
Well, he was a corpse,
but eyes are open.
Jesus! I've got to see this.
He was there.
I believe you.
We're obviously
on the right track.
Are you okay?
I will be.
I know you will.
I'm cool.
Maybe we should go back.
This is just starting
to get interesting.
I'm here.
What the fuck is going on?
A man hit you,
Tied us up
and brought us here.
I don't know.
What did he say?
He didn't say anything.
He must have said something!
Did he touch you?
This isn't happening!
(Woman screams)
That was the church.
This is the pub.
It's real.
This is where I was
in the regression,
Where the woman
and children were.
So I see.
Excuse me.
Do you know much about
the history of the village?
Bits and pieces.
What do you want to know?
War years, early '40s?
The old boy owns this place
was in the battle of britain,
Believe it or not.
He's still alive?
Very much so.
He was shot down near here.
He could tell you
a thing or two,
But he won't talk about it.
Because he was shot down?
He was in hospital
with his burns,
His wife and kids
were murdered.
And he never
recovered from that.
It was part of
a German operation,
To undermine public morale
Prior to their planned invasion.
Fucking Nazis.
So what you're interest
in all this, then?
Uh, college project.
Are you okay?
This is real.
You were here.
Plumpton was
a red herring.
Everything happened
in jeffington.
We're making
real connections.
Did you hear
the word murder?
Where's your
journalistic instinct?
In my cozy little office
back at the argus.
So he was
shot down near here
And his wife and children
were murdered.
I don't get how I fit
in to all that.
Maybe we should do
another regression.
I'm still recovering
from the last one.
It might make
things clearer.
You're not bothered
by all this, are you?
It's better to know
than not know.
Just let me get my head around
what's already happening.
(Door creaks)
I've been waiting
a long time for this moment.
Who are you and what
do you want with us?
You could say
I've waited a lifetime.
Do you want sex?
I desire nothing
but retribution.
But I am only
halfway there.
God, I'm starving.
They've gone.
Perhaps they had
a disturbing experience
And decided to go home.
Maybe they've gone
to the pub.
It's not hard to imagine
Lucas going for another beer.
Yeah, why would they?
Andrea wouldn't
fancy the walk.
Let's just enjoy the peace
and quiet while we can.
Oh, I guess they'll be
back sooner or later.
(Clears throat)
Look, I don't know what
your problem is,
But if you untie us now
and let us go,
We'll be on our way
and the whole thing
won't be mentioned.
You have my word on that.
You talk too much.
(Muffled shout)
(Muffled crying)
You are malleable.
But there's still
some fight left in you.
(Muffled screaming)
(Screaming continues)
Listen to this, Ralph.
The akashic records
allow you to look back
Into an ancient
mystical library
And see what karmic debts need
to be restored and cleared.
Clearing your karmic debt
is a profound experience.
You go through ups and
downs with your emotions.
Joy, fear, excitement,
Feeling alone and isolated.
These are all signs
that you're healing
and changing your karma.
Where are they?
Who cares?
Even if they had
gone to the pub,
They should be back by now.
Perhaps they changed their
minds and came looking for us.
But by the time they got there,
we'd gone to the other village
So the dropped into a pub
and that's where they are now,
Getting sloshed
on local ale.
That make sense.
We should go
and find out.
If it'll make
you feel better.
I could do with
some local ale myself.
Wait a sec.
All this mess.
That's fine.
Needs some air
in it anyway.
Come on.
One minute.
Just in case
anyone comes by.
(Birds chirping)
I guess they don't do afternoon
drinking out in the sticks.
I was looking forward to that.
We should've stayed we were.
Could we have
missed them coming down?
It's possible.
I doubt it.
All we can do is
wait in the tents.
Steal some of Lucas' vodka.
That sounds like a plan.
All right.
Two large vodkas and
peach syrup coming right up.
Your vodka's getting cold.
Lucas and Andrea were
having sex in your tent.
I'm sorry to break
it to you like that.
Are you serious?
It gets worse.
One of them was hit through
the back wall of the tent.
Is this your psychic thing
going haywire?
It's circumstantial
evidence and deduction.
It all makes sense.
It makes no
fucking sense at all.
Lucas wouldn't do... Andrea
wouldn't do that to us.
And then someone
took them away in a tractor.
For fuck's sake.
There are fresh
tire tracks right there!
You're making this up.
I wish I was.
It's all in your head.
See for yourself.
There's blood on the rear
wall of the tent
At the exact level
someone's head
Would have been if
they were lying down.
You can see the shorts
she had on
And I can see the shoes
she was wearing right there.
My guess is that if you look
through her belongings,
You'll find the only
thing missing is her shirt.
'Cause that's all
she was wearing
when they were taken.
Why would anyone
attack them?
I haven't the foggiest.
I jus...
Lucas, Jesus.
Let's follow the tracks
and see where they go.
There could be
a gang of them.
Okay, so...
Let's follow the tracks
and see where they lead.
If it looks like there's
a gang, we'll back off.
I think we should
get the police involved.
We've got no proof.
What about your
circumstantial evidence?
That doesn't
actually prove anything!
Well, then maybe you're
wrong about all this.
If I'm wrong, then it won't
hurt to follow the tracks.
I can't believe this.
For fuck's sake,
they were just camping.
And having sex.
Do you really need
to keep bringing that up?
There's no point in pretending
this isn't happening.
It's me that talked them
into coming here.
And there's no point
in blaming yourself.
Anyway, it was me who
bought the book
And persuaded you to do
the regression.
I don't get it.
Who would do this?
That barman was pretty odd.
Burns are hell's
special torture.
Which way do we go now?
(Engine rumbling)
We're in a rural area.
There must be
tractors everywhere.
So what do we do now?
What if all this is
linked to your regression?
Well, how could that be?
I don't know.
But all the answers we need
are in the akashic records.
No way.
It's worth a try.
Somehow, I'm not quite
in the mood.
We have to do something.
Yeah, like call the police.
They won't do anything.
Have you got any signal?
I already checked.
We should head to Louis.
After you've done
the regression.
That's only
a second-degree burn.
Let me show you
a third-degree.
(Screaming continues)
The level of pain is
quite something, isn't it?
- Come on, Ralph.
- Fuck off, Claudia.
We still don't know what
happened in your past life.
Maybe that's why
we don't understand
What's happening
in this one.
Why should their
disappearance have anything
To do with events that
took place 70 years ago?
I don't believe
in coincidences.
They happen.
It will only
take 20 minutes.
Claudia, we need help.
Real practical help.
We should head to Louis.
They won't do anything.
Even if we managed
to get them up here,
They're just going to
follow the tracks
And hit the same dead end.
We'll spend all night
getting nowhere at all.
Thing is a fucking nightmare.
20 minutes.
If it doesn't work,
we'll head into Louis.
Even if I agreed, I would
never be able to relax.
We'll do it out here.
That way, I'll able
to see in every direction.
It's time for me to go
and get your friends.
I shouldn't be too long.
I know where they're going
to be hiding.
And as you breathe,
just become aware
of your breath
Going in and out
of your nose
And down through your throat
And how comfortable
it can feel
Just being aware
of that breath.
And as you breathe out,
Just become more relaxed,
More at ease,
more comfortable.
That's right.
Just allow your breath
to slow down.
Relax more.
And now, you can close
your eyes when you're ready,
When you're feeling
nicely relaxed.
That's right.
And now, with every breath out,
you can say to yourself,
You can hear a voice
in your head saying,
"More and more relaxed."
"Deeper and deeper."
(Rain falling)
Oh, crap.
We're gonna have
to go into the tent.
Yeah, right.
It's okay.
Uh, we'll take this one down.
That way, if anyone
comes looking for us,
They'll think we've gone.
It will look like
we just grabbed our stuff
and legged it.
Come on.
Put that bloody light out.
Just try your
hardest to relax.
Oh, it's just
totally impossible.
Feel, see or sense
yourself in your dream
In to this area
in the year 1940.
91, 92, 93,
94, 95, 96,
97, 98,
99, 100.
I'm coming to get you.
(Children screaming)
I know you're behind there.
I can see you moving.
Sit down and eat your food.
Sit down, children.
Are you going to play
hide and seek?
(Children crying)
91, 92, 93,
94, 95, 96,
(Children screaming)
What have you done to them?
I killed her.
Why have you done this?
Snap out of it, Ralph.
We've got serious
problems in this life.
(Man shouting in German)
We can't stop now.
Just keep running.
Ralph! We have to keep going!
Bloody hell.
I'm sorry. I didn't
bring you out of it.
We can't stop now.
Just keep running.
Ralph, we have
to keep moving!
Do you hear me?
We've got to run!
Put this in your pocket.
Come on!
(Voices shouting in German)
Are you okay?
Come on.
Which way is Louis?
(Children scream)
Let's just keep moving.
(Thunder rumbles)
I'm going to...
I'm going to drop
If I don't catch my breath.
How can I have done that?
Killed the woman?
The woman and
her kids, Jesus.
You're not the same person
you were before, okay?
That was a different life.
But there were
three small children
And I stabbed them.
It's horrific.
We should keep moving.
(Voices shouting in German)
We're coming
to get you!
(Echoing voices)
Fucking mobile
phone companies!
We need to find somewhere
to get some signal.
For fuck's sake!
Come on.
(Thunder rumbling)
I'm exhausted.
I can see lights down there.
Come on.
(Tractor motor rumbles)
Well, if there's a church,
there's a village.
All we have to do
is knock on someone's door
and use their phone.
I don't like it in here.
Hey, let's just
catch our breath
And focus on
what we have to do.
Village, house, phone.
I knew you would
be delivered to me here.
And so it is done.
Turn around, hands
behind your back.
How did you know?
How did you know?
I prayed to God for justice.
It was not forthcoming.
When I prayed in
the other direction,
The results
were much better.
So are you saying...
You talk too much.
Come on.
Shut up!
(Engine runs)
It wasn't them.
It was me.
They're blameless.
No one is blameless.
They were part of the operation
so they must suffer, too.
They had nothing to do
with the operation.
Perhaps you don't remember.
I promise you, they took
no part in the operation.
Oh, but they did.
Surely you realize that
souls are reborn in groups.
You are all
in this together.
How could you
know all this?
Do you imagine you are
the only person
Who's every tried to access
that akashic records?
You're war criminals,
each and every one of you.
But how could you know?
You talk too much.
You all talk too much.
(Fire clicks on)
(Motorcycle engine rumbling)
If you push that gag out
any further,
I shall have
to cut out your tongue.
defenseless children!
Put that fucking thing out!
Put it down.
(Shotgun clicks)
Those shells are 75 years old.
Shh, shh, shh.
I thought it was
your past life
I kept seeing in the present,
but it was mine, too.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Hey, it's over.
It's over.
It's over.
Stay here.
I'll call the police, okay?
(Voices echoing)
(Baby crying)
(Baby screaming)
I need an ambulance
and the police.
I don't know.
It's somewhere near plumpton
in the South downs.
We've got two people
very badly burned
And two people who are...
I can keep the line open.
Perhaps now he'll stay dead.
(Door creaks)
She's gone.
Shall I go after her?
We should wait
for the police.
They'll find her.
It's all right.
Just let go and relax.
Allow your tension
and resistance
To unwind and drift away.
He's ready for you now.
I handled all filing and
record management,
Uh, expenditure of budgets,
customer inquiries
And complaints, recruitments,
staff appraisals, temps,
Staff development and
training and health and safety.
Just relax.
You're exactly what
I've been looking for.
there's a cloud
above my head
I hear their voices
but I'm all alone
both my hands
are painted red
I try to run but I
can't even breathe
when I try to stand
I'm pushed back on my
you pull so hard
I'm falling under
I'm falling hard
towards the danger
I see the light
in your eyes
I feel the air
get colder
answer me
don't leave me
alone tonight
now my heart
has turned to stone
frozen shadows where
I used to be
heading nowhere
on my own
I thought I heard
you calling out my name
I swear I heard you
calling out my name
you pull so hard
I'm falling under
I'm falling hard
towards the danger
I see the light
in your eyes
I feel the air
get colder
answer me