Bacurau (2019) Movie Script

What was that?
Look up ahead.
We'll take two.
What the hell.
What's with the lab coat?
Isn't it hot?
Let's just say, it's kind of protection.
Got it.
They're after Lunga.
There's a big reward on her head too.
Don't expect me to turn Lunga in.
Me neither.
They're holding it all back.
Nobody did anything?
Lunga tried.
Now, I fill up with water
5-6 km up river.
They blocked all access.
About four months ago,
Lunga rocked up
with her gang and all guns blazing.
They killed three of them
but couldn't get it open.
Only Pacote knows where she is.
They're assholes.
Trigger-happy morons.
Anything unusual,
they open fire to scare you off.
Let's go.
If only all cucks were like that.
Mrs. Domingas!
Open up.
Pass it on.
Grab the case.
The suitcase!
Careful with the suitcase.
- Here comes the case.
- The suitcase!
Thank goodness.
I'm glad you could make it, sweetie.
Your grandmother.
Let's show some respect for Carmelita.
You old witch!
Whore! Lowlife cunt!
And you shut your mouths.
Shut up or you'll regret it.
I'd be curious to see if,
for my funeral,
so many people turn out.
Nobody will.
You were evil through and through!
You! What are you staring at?
Get away from that window!
You stuck-up prick!
- Okay, time to go.
- You, leave me alone.
Come on, woman, we're going.
- Don't you...
- This is not the time or place.
I'll be back.
She's my friend.
Everybody, can I have your attention?
I'll make the most
of the contribution from Domingas,
who is clearly very emotional,
to say a few words
about my mother, Carmelita.
Carmelita had children.
She had grandchildren...
great-grandchildren, godchildren...
She had lots of friends.
In our family, there are bricklayers
and scientists.
Teachers and doctors.
gigolos and whores.
But not a single thief.
There are people in So Paulo,
the United States...
People in Bahia and Minas Gerais.
Unfortunately, many couldn't come
to pay their respects
because of the problems in our region.
Instead, they sent their support.
Precious support for Bacurau.
Which goes to show
that Carmelita and Bacurau
live on in all of them.
Thank you, everybody.
Viva Carmelita!
It's time.
Careful, with the sheet.
My dear friends from Bacurau...
Let us begin the funeral procession
in honour of Mrs. Carmelita,
which is why all of Bacurau
is here with us today.
Carmelita lived 94 years
to tell the story.
She was a major figure
in our community.
As is customary, I'll now play you
the message from Mr. Sergio Ricardo...
It is very late in the night
Now is the time for the Bacurau
The jaguar dances forward
The caipora and babau dance
A feast of fear and terror
Phantoms haunt the wake
Punching holes in the trunk of night,
the woodpecker's beak
Spells are floating in the air
The work of an evil sorcerer
Charms and jinxes dreamed up
at the xang in Nicolau's
Second dead person I saw today.
Morning, girls.
Enjoying your shower?
Son, help your mother, will you?
Dear listeners...
Breaking news.
After the incidents in Serra Verde,
for now and all next week,
we're cut off from southern Brazil.
The highway is shut
for at least another week.
The upcoming festival
in the neighbouring village is cancelled.
With motorcycle access only,
tricky to get your goat there.
Anyway, chin up!
It's a few minutes after 7 am.
Make the most of life
as long as we have life.
Migraine, nausea, feeling like death.
That's a hangover.
Morning, doctor.
I was drunk
so my wife kicked me out.
I need a bed to get some sleep.
Take number 2.
- Draw the curtain, please.
- Thank you.
Go home and drink heaps of water.
And vomit.
Vomit. More water.
And vomit again.
Hello, hello, Paulo Roberto...
Jade's trying to reach you.
Answer the phone!
You're just down the street,
so keep connected.
Jade wants you to answer her call.
Today's weather forecast.
Temperatures will reach a high
of 36C.
And a low of 37C.
It's a furnace out there.
Some general information...
St. Francis natural leather sandals!
Humility is
the secret to success.
This is DJ Urso,
to the beat of Araripe.
Grandma's cake.
Like she knew you were coming.
This dress was her favorite
for wearing around the house.
Morning, Mr. Plinio.
- Teresa, Madalena...
- Hi, Pacote.
Morning, Pacote.
If you don't mind,
I go by Accio now. You see?
- Can I sit down?
- Sure. Take a seat, Accio.
Accio. I like it.
Accio Albuquerque da Silva.
You're doing okay?
The thing in Serrita, that wasn't you?
Mr. Plinio, that was different.
Different but the same, Pacote.
I am trying, Mr. Plinio.
A compilation of your greatest hits
is out there.
There's a video?
No, it's dumb.
Please, don't watch it.
It's a video someone posted.
You can't really recognize me.
No. 6 isn't me.
It's another dude.
Knowing you, it's you.
You saw it?
Don't watch that stuff, Madalena.
Everybody watched it, dad.
The clothes in the living room,
they belonged to Carmelita?
Sleep with me tonight?
You're not in mourning?
I'm not religious.
What was going on
at the funeral yesterday?
Domingas lost it, right?
She was clearly emotional,
as my father said.
Bacurau couldn't handle Carmelita.
Now nobody knows
how to handle Domingas.
Her wife can handle her.
What do you see up there?
A plane!
Can it go faster than a bird?
Sure. It flies at 850 km/h.
From where?
- From So Luis, headed to So Paulo.
- It flew into a cloud.
So, the plane's flying to So Paulo.
How far is Bacurau from So Paulo?
Here, let's look it up on the map.
Look, everybody.
Let's see if we can find Bacurau here.
Let's see now...
- Here we are...
- Bacurau's probably too far, sir.
The satellite goes over here.
Sir, Bacurau should be here somewhere.
It should.
Let's look on the class computer.
In this heat, we need water.
Let's try the other computer.
Bacurau must be on the map.
If we can't find it here,
we'll take our time to look.
Are we going back inside, sir?
Yes, we're going to look it up
in the classroom.
Let's all try to find Bacurau on the map.
It's easy here. Let's see...
All right, everybody.
Here we go...
Hold on...
Forget the map.
Let's go satellite mode.
Serra Verde...
It should be here.
Where's Bacurau?
Where's Granny Stella's house?
Sir, don't we pay
to be on the map?
No, Horacio.
Bacurau has always been here.
Here we have Serra Verde...
It should be right here.
Bacurau has always been on the map.
On this map here. Let's see.
Here, on this one, Bacurau appears.
This map shows Bacurau.
Tony Junior's coming.
So I see.
Listen up.
Tony Junior's here.
I repeat.
Tony Jr. is on his way.
He'll be with you in five minutes.
I repeat. Tony Jr. is on his way.
I repeat.
Tony Jr. will be with you
in five minutes.
Your attention, please.
For anyone
who didn't hear Darlene's message,
the Mayor's on the campaign trail.
Let's get organized.
Look out.
It's a surprise visit but we're on it.
Serra Verde needs him for Mayor
It was going good
It's gonna get better
You all know who's your best go-getter
Candidate 150 is the guy for you
Vote Tony Junior to be your Mayor!
Film it!
Good morning.
Morning, everybody.
I know you're all listening to me.
I know we had our differences
in the past.
But today,
I come to you with an open heart.
I bring you all kinds of goodies.
Books for the school,
which has the best library
in the region, for sure.
The library run by Mr. Plinio
and Ms. Angela.
Right, Angela?
I also bring supplies.
Food. Always important.
And coffins.
I'm there for you,
that's the honest truth.
Elections are coming, as everyone knows.
We are going to continue
moving forward together.
I'm standing for another term,
so that we can unite.
Starting with retinal scans.
I brought this reader device,
which makes life easy
for those who cannot come to vote.
So come on out.
There's nothing to worry about.
Open the dam, you crook!
Release the water!
If only politics were so easy.
I'd love to see you try.
The problem's far more complex,
but we'll fix the water issue.
Fuck you!
Easy now, let's talk.
I'm open to dialogue.
Go fuck yourself, you scumbag!
Son of a bitch!
Beat it!
Get your lying ass out of here!
Release the water!
- She doesn't want to go.
- Butt out, kid.
Pay up front.
You need to pay up front.
Leave her alone.
Do it in the fucking truck.
It's cool, she'll be right back.
You weren't nice last time.
All righty.
They're forcing Sandra to go!
Pay up front. That's how it works.
The Mayor's taking Sandra by force.
Pay now.
What's this ruckus?
The girl will be back, no problem.
Listen, for your information,
whores vote too.
Put it on my tab for when I get back.
Let's go.
The girl doesn't want to go.
You're taking her anyway.
I saw her come into the world.
I liked her mother very much.
If she comes back hurt,
I'll feed your cock to the hens.
Evening, everyone.
We sorted the food
you can see on the table.
- Now I'll hand over to Mr. Plinio.
- Thanks, Amaury.
So then, folks,
we went through the supplies here.
Some things
are past their expiration dates,
sometimes by more than six months.
We didn't throw it away.
It's your call.
But I advise caution.
Tony Jr. donated
a thousand books to our community.
As usual, we'll take good care
of the better ones.
We'll sort them together.
Please, Dr. Domingas...
This week Teresa brought,
in her suitcase,
a selection of vaccines.
We are now stocked up
for polio, DPT and snake bite serum.
But let me call everyone's attention
to this boxload of Brasol IV
that Tony Jr. delivered today.
It's a Trojan horse.
A black label drug
given away free of charge,
without prescription.
As many of you already know,
Brasol IV is a mood inhibitor
presented as a powerful painkiller.
It's a drug taken
by millions of people all over Brazil.
Don't ask me why,
but suppository is the most
popular form of administration.
It's bad for you,
addictive, and it dulls your wits.
The box is here.
If you want some, help yourself.
I thought I'd let you know.
I just wanted to add...
I'd like to apologize to you all
for behaving so badly
at Carmelita's funeral.
Carmelita was an important person.
Carmelita is still important.
She's a sweetie when she's sober.
Help yourself to food.
Take what you need and share.
- Are you okay?
- I'm going home, all right?
You good, Sandra?
They're from Manelito's farm.
- And?
- Nobody's answering.
Go take a look,
that's the best idea.
- We'll be in touch.
- Sure.
Horses bolting, nobody answering.
Weird, right?
Manelito, it's Accio.
Flvio tried calling.
Your horses are in Bacurau.
The guys are bringing them over.
Your truck's full of holes.
- Come again?
- It's got holes.
Somebody shot at me.
What's going on, Erivaldo?
No idea. First I knew of this.
Two more here.
Go easy.
Plug the hole.
- With plastic?
- Give me that...
What happened?
No idea, Pacote.
I just noticed these bullet holes.
I took my usual route.
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
You never use your mirrors?
I keep my eyes on the road.
Plug those holes!
More buckets.
Hey, man, what's up?
See anything strange on the road?
No, why?
The water truck
came in full of bullet holes.
Bullet holes?
Three of them.
You need to turn back.
No way.
We're on our way there.
Too bad. I'm serious, turn back.
Wait, Pacote. Hold on.
What's up?
Two bikes headed for Bacurau.
Two motorbikes? Hold on...
Flvio, what bikes?
Strangers. On trail bikes.
Don't hang up. Are they stopping?
Hold on, they're coming our way.
Still there?
They're headed for Bacurau.
Two trail bikes headed for Bacurau.
Both riders wearing helmets.
They'll be there, in two minutes.
Two trail bikes headed for Bacurau.
Both riders wearing helmets...
We've drawn a crowd.
How are you?
What's up out there?
An issue with the water truck
or something.
Then you rock up with helmets on.
Bikers with helmets,
we don't like that.
We're not real bikers,
just out for a ride.
I thought so, from your outfits.
- Like them?
- Sure.
Do you have beer?
Sure. Beer, cachaa...
No, just a beer, please.
Get the lady a beer.
Sparkling water?
And what's that?
- The green one?
- There.
A local soda. Want to try it?
What are inhabitants of Bacurau called?
Is there a word? Bacarauans?
You came to see the museum?
Museum? What museum?
The Bacurau museum. It's good.
It's right next door.
And Bacurau? Does it mean anything?
It's a bird.
A small bird?
No, it's a fairly big bird.
I see.
Extinct, I guess?
Not here.
Only comes out at night. A hunter.
Anyway, thanks a lot.
No problem.
Thanks, bye.
Do you know, sir,
anything about the water truck?
What about it?
Do you know, sir,
anything about the water truck?
What happened to it?
It came in full of bullet holes.
Very good.
Good-looking guy,
he's gonna catch the queer eye
Nice, thanks.
Just like a movie star
His pride swells, his balls grow apart
Make the most of it now, dude,
old age sneaks up on you
Free Online Movies
Check out the pretty babe
with her brown hair
Dark sultry eyes and slender pink lips
She'll give killer coitus
and claim you were never near her hips
You've got me all wrong.
Great, thanks.
These folks from down south
get no sleep and less sun
The all learn to fish
without hook, line or fun
Acting like cocks of the walk
They don't know So Paulo's a powder keg!
It shows
I'm from So Paulo?
Here, this is for you.
Actually, I'm from Rio.
You can keep your money, lady.
I'm only messing with you
Very good, really.
Very good.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- Here to see the museum?
- No.
- How come?
- Not today.
We're in a hurry.
- On the way back?
- Yeah, maybe.
See the bullet-riddled truck?
- Bullet-riddled?
- Three shots in my tanker.
Is it yours? That sucks.
You didn't see anything on the road?
We left the road to ride on trails.
Really? Where you headed?
We're touring the region.
- Beautiful, right?
- And hot.
Beautiful hills.
Hi, is that a 200?
Yup, 200.
I plan to get one.
- Excuse me.
- Great machine.
When you came in, engine roaring...
Could hear it from miles around.
- Let's go?
- Sure, go.
It's hot.
If you need anything,
I'm Erivaldo.
This is Teresa and Accio.
- No, Pacote.
- Pacote?
Interesting name.
We're Joo and Maria.
- Joo and Maria...
- Nice meeting you.
Oddly, the village isn't on the map.
- Sure it is.
- We just stumbled on it.
Stroke of luck
'cause we were thirsty.
- It's Bacurau.
- I know, she said.
But it wasn't on the map
and there's no signal.
I tried sending a photo.
I just got a message.
No signal, guys.
True enough, no signal.
Weird, we always have reception here.
Bye, good to meet you.
- Take care on the road.
- Sure thing.
Shit, still no signal.
Soraya and her little girl.
Wait there.
- Let's go.
- Wait.
- Maciel!
- Be right back.
Maciel, come on!
Let's bail, Flvio.
They're all dead.
We're going to die.
No, they're tourists.
Look at the outfits.
You didn't see what I saw.
I went into the house.
You didn't see what I saw.
We're going to die.
Hi there!
Good morning.
All good?
Sure. You guys are riding trails?
You came from that farm?
Sure. The Tarairu farm.
If I were you, I wouldn't go.
There's been a tragedy.
You got phones on you?
- The signal's...
- Sure.
We called some guys to come out here.
You got a signal?
I heard there's no signal here.
There was no signal.
Let's see your phones.
Lady, why you got guns?
Do you have guns?
Look, lady...
This isn't supposed
to happen around here.
What happened here?
You fucking bastards!
- Think we messed up?
- It's done now. Let's go.
We speak Portuguese.
- Water?
- No, thanks.
- Let it go.
- It creeps me out.
federal judge.
I should've come with them.
So there'd be 3 corpses?
Yesterday, I saw a drone.
Like a flying saucer
from some old movie.
But it was a drone.
Where was this drone?
Near Bacurau.
Go back to Bacurau.
I'll go talk with Lunga.
A man is judged
by the evil he does,
not the good.
That drone doesn't belong
to anyone local.
Watch the skies.
I told you guys not to go there.
I said turn back, dammit.
It had to be an ambush.
Fuck, Maciel!
Holy fucking shit.
Lunga, it's Pacote.
Let him in.
You're sure you weren't followed?
Lunga, that's my cousin.
Is that Flvio?
What the hell happened?
Does my aunt know?
I found them at Tarairu.
Manelito's farm.
Everyone killed.
Soraya, her daughter, everyone.
I came to ask for your help.
Who did it?
I don't know, Lunga.
They have killed seven
since yesterday. Seven.
- And shot up Erivaldo's truck.
- He's dead?
No, he was unhurt.
The truck was leaking water.
Leaking water...
- Lunga is exhausted.
- Bullshit.
I'm hungry.
Stuck here like that fag Che Guevara,
starving to death.
I'm hungry too.
Bacurau has food and water. Let's go.
People there know
all you do for them.
You're important.
So Pacote is back.
Trigger King Pacote
- You okay?
- No.
Amaury, turn that shit off.
Holy shit.
Some outfit, kid!
A real beauty!
Great rhythm, right?
In recent months, who moved back?
Madame came back with her people.
Cludio and Nelinha.
Martina, too.
Erivaldo and his kids.
When I left, I hated the place.
But with what's going down,
we're back.
You were a good writer, Lunga.
You should've studied.
Now we have a hole to dig.
I might reopen the church.
Antonio, the church was never closed.
For some reason, it became storage.
But if it makes you happy,
we're happy.
And they were scared.
The dog ran away.
Guys! Guys!
Let's play
who goes farthest in the dark.
- You have the flashlight, you go.
- Not me!
You then.
- Me? No.
- Yes, go on!
Who wants to go?
- Me!
- I'll go.
No, me. I want to go.
Me first, come on.
You can go next.
Watch out for Carmelita!
And Flvio and Maciel!
You'll scare him.
I bet he doesn't go any farther.
It is very dark.
- It's pitch black.
- Look!
He's gone.
Really far.
Whose turn is it now?
Come on, Rivaldo.
You! It's your turn.
I'm brave.
We'll see if he really is brave.
Go on!
We're under attack.
Keep digging.
My God, the boy!
They killed him.
Dad, who did this?
I don't know.
Let's get out of here.
Are you crazy, Cludio?
Come on, get in.
I'm telling you, this is crazy.
Cludio is taking off.
Wait, Cludio!
Hold on, Cludio, it's dangerous!
Open wounds, blessed heart.
May the blood of Jesus Christ
keep us from peril.
Open wounds, blessed heart.
May the blood of Jesus Christ
keep us from peril.
Keep us from peril.
Cludio, let's leave tomorrow.
You can, Nelinha.
I'm not staying in this hell.
I know this road.
It's only an hour to Serra Verde.
In this darkness?
Did you see poor Flvio?
Keep calm, Nelinha.
And Maciel.
I liked Maciel so much.
I thought you were all dead.
And as for you...
C'mon, buck up. Don't do this to me.
Let's keep you good and lush.
Come on, my beauties.
You're looking...
It's all good. Take it easy.
Stay awake.
Come on, come closer.
Cashew milk.
American music.
Why are you doing this?
Everybody left.
They were scared.
I tried
but she lost too much blood.
Rebellion Quashed in Bacurau
Stand up, you bastard. I've got you.
What are you doing
on my land, you scum?
Rivanildo Gomes dos Santos.
Flvio Tavares Nascimento.
Jos Paulo da Silva Maciel.
Maria de Lurdes Cavalcanti Moura.
Marisa Letcia Silveira da Costa.
Francisco de Assis Chaves.
Adalberto Moreira dos Santos.
Marielle Gomes de Sousa.
Aldilene Maria Ferreira da Silva.
Roberto Ferreira da Silva.
Cludio Tavares Ferraz.
Nlia Maria Albuquerque dos Santos.
Joo Pedro Teixeira.
You're crazy.
You think Lunga went too far?
We'll clean it all up good
and scrub the floor.
But leave the walls as they are.
All right?
I want it to stay like that.
Exactly as it is.
What happened?
Where are the gringo tourists?
Shut the door.
You need anything?
They're dead.
Lunga, you guys have got yourselves
in deep trouble.
They are important people.
The water issue,
we could resolve. Resolve.
But this...
We'll all pay for this.
Even I'll die for this.
In 24 hours, everything will be ashes.
Right, Plinio?
I had nothing to do with it.
I'm on your side, Plinio.
We have taken
a powerful psychotropic drug.
And you are going to die.
We can do this differently.
Who the hell is that guy?
I don't know him, I never met him!
I don't know him.
I've no idea who the guy is.
Quit yelling!
Never met you, friend.
Quit shouting my name.
I don't know you, friend.
That's enough, stop saying that.
I don't know you. Get lost!
I don't know you.
All right, let's get this over with.
He's leaving now.
The Mayor of Serra Verde municipality,
Tony Junior!
On his way to the Bacurau caatinga.
May he find there
the inner peace he sorely needs,
among the cactuses,
thornbushes, mandacaru,
favela and xique-xique.
All those bushes
waiting to give him a spiky hug.
Spinner of lies,
natural-born asshole.
He brought pain
and suffering to our community.
we in Bacurau
say goodbye to this demon.
it's the last we'll see of him.
That donkey better come back
unharmed from its miserable mission.
Filthy son of a bitch.
Good riddance.
I think he could have been
a good person once.
Don't you think, Domingas?
He had a mother.