Bad Ben - The Mandela Effect (2018) Movie Script

- Well, I'm on my way home from settlement
on the house I bought at a sheriff's sale.
How do I turn this thing around?
And this is a good sign
that this was a good
decision to get this house
because it was supposed
to be raining today
and as you can see it's bright and sunny.
It was a good deal,
truth is I would have paid
anything to get this house.
Here we are.
Not bad for a sheriff's sale, huh?
The house has four
bedrooms, five bathrooms,
a basement, so I've been
told, I've never been inside,
but the upkeep on the house looks good,
although the lawn could use some work.
Somebody's been cutting it but not often
and it looks like nobody told
the Atlantic City Press
to stop delivering.
So I'm going to shut this
off and clean this up.
Oh come on.
Great, the electric's out.
Well obviously the previous
owners were a religious bunch.
But why would they leave all their stuff?
There's probably a couple thousand dollars
worth of stuff in here I can sell.
And they had dogs, they
even left the dog pillows.
That's the oldest looking
Bible I've ever seen.
Oh well, I better call
the electric company,
it's Friday, I don't want to
be without power all weekend.
I called the electric company
and they said they'll be
able to get power on before,
hang on a second, before
the end of the day.
So I'm going to go out
and get something to eat
but first I want to get
this stuff out of here.
I can't do anything with
this house that I want to
with all this stuff in here.
I'm on my way back from dinner
and hopefully the electric company
has lived up to their promise of
getting power turned back on in the house.
Man, this is a long road.
Wait a second, I can't
tell because of the car,
wait, I think I see lights.
I think I see lights.
Oh I definitely see lights.
Atlantic City Electric, you're the best.
Oh, you guys did me a solid.
Look at this place.
Let me grab this, sorry
if the picture's shaky.
Now you're probably
wondering why I'm filming
every second of my life here.
First of all, I want you to
be able to see the house I got
and it's creepy quiet out here.
Well it's locked up tight.
I want to take and show ya,
I'm going to turn on the light
on the camera now so you can see,
but I want to take and show
you why I'm filming everything.
It'll be quite clear in a minute.
Let me, oh good.
Before I bought this house,
when you're bidding on a
house at a sheriff's sale
you're now allowed to go inside.
So you have to bid on it cold.
So I'm banking the inside
of this place is great
but it doesn't matter anyway
because I would of bought
this house either way
and you're about to see why.
Before I put a bid in I didn't come in
and walk the property to see
how it looked back here and all,
make sure there wasn't anything weird.
Well I found something weird
and this is what made
me want this location.
Way back here in the creepy
woods I found something
and you're about to see it.
Can you see that hanging up in the tree?
That's witchcraft my
friends, satanic, witchcraft,
either way that's a pentagram.
So somewhere around here
and I'm going to set this
camera up on the tripod
so I apologize if it shakes
and I'm going to try to hold
this camera as high as I can
so you can see it,
is that pentagram, so somewhere down here
is something it's marking.
What the hell was that?
Oh wait a second, what is this?
This is a cross.
This is a blank stone.
See this?
I'm going to take this inside, open it up.
I want to give everybody
a tour of the home
but first I want to take a
look and see what this is.
What the hell's all this food go?
How old is this shit?
Anyway, turn some lights on here.
Now I'm hoping, I'm
hoping to get this setup
so that you can see me and it.
Can you?
It's wet, muddy,
and this looks like it
was sealed on here in wax.
Anybody read, I don't know what that says.
Alright, you ready for the big reveal?
It's a doll.
It's a doll, an old, creep doll
and there was a cross
buried in there with it,
but here's something really strange.
I don't know if you can see this or not
but burned in, like almost
burned in like ashes,
almost like the Shroud of Turin,
in the cloth it was wrapped
in is the outline of the doll
in like ash, it's burned
in, it doesn't come off.
Anyway, can you look at
this creepy, little bitch.
Well, I'm going to leave
you, don't go nowhere's.
Tomorrow I'm going to try to
figure out what your story is,
look around a little bit,
but for the mean time,
it's been a long day.
So if y'all don't mind
I'm going to go to bed.
Alright I don't if you can hear that
but someone's playing the
piano in the other room.
Is anybody in here?
It's real cold over here.
I don't know if you can see the
goosebumps on my arms or not
but I don't remember
this piano being open.
Where's the doll?
What the fuck?
What the?
What the hell is going on?
I don't know what the fuck is going on.
The rest of the night it was quiet
but I still didn't get
much sleep last night.
How the fuck did that get over there?
What the fuck?
Is this thing moving on its own
or is something moving it?
I've been video taping everything,
hoping to capture whatever's
going on in this house,
which is strange,
but it's also very intriguing.
So, I'm not saying I'm upset by it,
I'm saying that it's intriguing
and I'm dying to learn more.
Now, this little thing here,
I don't know if she's moving on her own
or something's moving her around,
but I noticed something when I went back
to look at what I've recorded so far.
You can't normally see this in the daytime
but at night you can see it
and it wasn't until I looked
at the footage that I realized
what I discovered was these
cameras that are everywhere.
The IR head that's on
the front of that here,
that circle, that ring,
it looks like the camera's turned off
but at night it's lit up red.
So and they're everywhere.
They're here, they're on the front porch,
they're in the bedrooms, they're in the,
well the one in the basement isn't working
but they're everywhere.
So it began to occur to me
that I should disconnect,
where the,
you saw that doll was right there.
I have no idea where it went to
but that's one of the reasons,
I was initially, there's
a camera in the foyer,
there's cameras outside.
See those cameras up there
and I began to think
that maybe I can capture
if this doll's, I was
going to go unplug them all
but then I thought that
perhaps somewhere in this house
there's a recorder that they go to
that I'll look around for
and if I can find it,
I might be able to see
footage on those cameras that shows
whether or not this doll
is moving on its own
or if it's being moved by,
that's exactly what I'm talking about.
I also took and I've
had, I ordered a package
that should be coming today, hopefully,
and it's got some materials in it
that are going to help me figure out
what's going on with my
creepy, little bitch here.
Talk to you soon.
Alright, so I got my package here.
One of the things I got to keep an eye on,
I'm trying to figure out
whether she's moving on her own
or something's moving her.
So the first thing I got was a tile.
Now I don't know if any of you are,
but what you do is on an app
on your phone you hit a button
and you can find something missing.
So when she moves if I can't
find her, I can just hit this
and track her down,
but I also have a backup for that.
I got this.
This is a Bluetooth tracker
so I'll know exactly where she is
and I'm going to put that around her neck.
So you're not going to get a way from me
easy here, little lady,
and the final and most
important thing I got
and you won't believe how cheap this is,
it's a tiny, tiny camera
and it's motion activated
and it's got a clip on it.
So I'm going to clip this
on the front of her dress
and I'm going to turn it on
and now whenever anything moves
in front of her like this,
hello, she'll track it or
she'll start recording,
and I'll be able to not
only find her with the tile,
I'll be able to find her
with the Bluetooth tracker
and I'll also be able to see
what's directly in front
of her on this camera.
I'll be able to download
it, look at it on the app,
and see what she's seeing.
So this should keep an eye
and this should answer,
if she's as active tonight
as she was last night
I ought to have my answer here real soon.
So anyway, what I'm going to do now
is I'm going to leave her
here and see what happens
and it's late again,
so I am going to go to bed.
Let me turn off the.
Alright it's morning
after a nice, sunny day
I wake up this morning to rain.
That's okay, I got plenty to do inside.
What the fuck was that?
Damn near broke my neck coming
out of the bedroom on that.
Well she appears to be the
same place she was all night.
You know anything about this?
Let's see what that recorder caught.
You got that knife out of there?
You picked this up and came to my bedroom.
What were you going to do with that?
Was I wrong in untying you
and letting you out of that grave?
What the fuck were you going to do?
Were you going to stab me?
Talk to me.
Fucking thing.
I need a break from this.
Well, I needed a breath of fresh air
but you can see what I'm dealing with
and honestly it's not exactly
like I didn't bring this on myself
I knew I was asking for trouble
when I dug that thing up outback there.
This house is obviously a
hotbed of paranormal activity
and honestly I can't wait
to see what happens next,
but right now, I'm going to deal with
this little plastic bitch
that tried to cut me.
Let me go find her.
Where are you?
Wait a second.
That's why I have this app.
I don't hear it.
I think I hear it.
I hear something.
I know where you are.
What the fuck?
You little bitch.
Jesus Christ!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Stop it!
God dammit.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Oh fuck.
Alright, alright, you two are out of here.
Where are you doing this to me?
Fucking shit.
Fucking attacking me.
I gave you freedom, at least
the little bitch I did.
Then you get your big sister.
I should of known what I
was getting myself into
digging that little bitch up out of there.
What the hell was wrong with me?
What the fuck?
I know I shut that door, God dammit.
Alright you little whores, this means war.
Shut up.
Shut up.
You little bitches attack
me, throw me down the steps,
that'll take care of that one.
I don't know if these other
people had a dog or what
but this is going to take care of you
and you stay right over
here with this one.
This is where you're going to
spend the rest of your days
until I can figure out
what to do with you.
You know what,
here's something to keep you company.
You know what, fuck that.
Nothing's keeping you company.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
No, please stop.
No, stop.
Here I am on the way home from settlement
of the house on Steelmanville Road.
It's a lot later than I expected
and the weather turned to shit.
How do I turn this around?
It's a long ride.
Oh I know you saw that.
It's pouring rain, what a shit night.
I'm filming this 'cause I want you to see
the house as I pull up to it.
Hopefully power is on.
Yep, the power's on.
Oh yeah.
Let's see if I can use this app
to turn on the front lights.
Oh great, pouring like hell.
Why would they leave all their stuff here?
Man, this place looks familiar.
That's the oldest bible I've ever seen.
The Lord's Prayer, a cross hanging,
what were these people,
like Jesus freaks or,
well, I got to find something
to get rid of this stuff.
Never going to flip this house
if it looks like Billy Graham lived here.
There's a slit in the wall.
I wonder?
Motion sensors, that's cool.
What happened to?
Jesus Christ.
Okay I guess that's working.
Alright now, I know this
isn't the greatest idea
'cause the instructions
says don't play alone
and I positioned the camera overhead here
so that you can see what I'm doing.
In case you're wondering, no
the electricity is not out.
I just turned the lights
off and I'm using a candle
because I think that's
what you're supposed to do.
So anyway, I'm going to try to
contact anything that's
out there or in here
and see what happens, so.
We'll see how this goes.
Spirits of this house, whew.
No nothing's happening here
but I could swear I felt
something brush against my legs.
Are there any spirits in this house?
Are there any demons in this house?
I swear to God I am not doing that.
Oh my God, the temperature in this room
has dropped like significantly.
Have I been in this house before today?
I swear to God I am not doing this.
When was in this house before?
I swear I'm not moving this thing.
You want me to ask the question again?
Whatever I'm speaking to,
are you saying I've been in
this house again and again?
Alright, this has got a little too creepy.
I swear something's underneath the table
so I'm getting out of here.
What the fuck?
Whoa, what, no.
No please, don't.
There it is..
Well, here I am on my
way home from settlement
of the house on Steelmanville Road.
Man, I have the worst
case of deja vu-itis.
I feel like, I don't know,
everything this morning,
going to the settlement,
you know, finding out about
winning the sheriff's sale bid,
going to the settlement, all
this driving down this road,
it's like, I don't know, my mind's crazy.
How do I turn this thing around?
So, it's a nice, rainy day
and the reason why I'm
video taping all this,
well, I'm not, you don't
call it video taping anymore,
the reason why I'm filming all this
is 'cause I want everyone
to see the house I got
and just keep a record of it
until you all get tired of seeing this.
You know who you are
but the house is way out here,
so it's going to take me
a little while to get here
but it's nice, rainy
day, everything's green,
and I don't know.
This house must be meant to be mine
because I just plan on flipping it
but I've been dreaming about this place.
Now, by dreaming, I don't mean I'm like,
oh I have to have this house,
this is my dream house.
I just mean it's like I've been
dreaming like I've been
here, I've been inside
and sheriff's sale, they don't let you
inside the house before you get in.
So I don't know, I just feel
like I've been here before.
And here it is.
There it is.
Not bad for sheriff's sale, huh?
It's not bad at all.
Let me take you inside.
Let me get my hat.
Alright, here we go.
The lawn's not overgrown so,
guess the bank's been having it mowed.
It's like four or five
bedrooms, I'm not sure yet,
five bathrooms, a basement.
Yeah somebody's been mowing the lawn.
Somebody's also been delivering the paper.
Guess nobody canceled the Press.
Well before we go in,
let me clean this up.
Yeah I'm still here.
Well can I leave him a message?
No, it's not an emergency.
Can you, okay.
Thank you.
Hey Doctor Matthews, I'm
sorry to be leaving a message
on your machine so late at night.
It's not an emergency
but I'd like to get in there to see ya.
I'm having like this really
weird case of deja vu.
I just moved into this new house
and everything's like
I've been here before
and I just don't feel right
and I'd like to see you as
soon as possible, please.
Again, it's Tom Riley,
I'll wait for your call back, thank you.
- Call from private caller.
- Hello, hello?
- Help me.
- Who are, where are you?
- I'm out front.
- Where are you?
Hello, hello?
What the fuck?
Where are you?
- I'm upstairs.
- Hello?
Is anybody in here?
- Help me.
- Where are you?
- In the basement.
- Hello, hello?
Where are you?
I'm on my way home from the house
I bought at a sheriff's sale
and just settled on,
on Steelmanville Road.
How do you turn this around?
It was raining but now the sun's out.
I'm filming this, window's fogging up.
I'm filming this so all of
you can see the house I got,
the moment I pull up.
I haven't been inside yet,
they don't let ya inside houses
that you bid on at sheriff's sale
and here it comes, right
up here on the left.
Get ready.
not bad for a sheriff's sale, huh?
I'm going to flip this
baby and make a fortune.
Let's go inside and have a look.
Here it is.
It's got four bedrooms, five bathrooms,
man I feel like I've been here before.
I mean, I have been here but outside.
At least somebody's been
taking care of mowing the lawn.
They got cameras everywhere.
Man does this place feel familiar?
It's kind of creepy.
Yeah fuck this.
Put this up for sale.