Bad Blood: The Movie (2016) Movie Script

- Delivers the ball inside.
Count even at one.
We are here in the bottom
of the seventh.
Wolves enjoying a healthy
7-1 lead on the road.
Scott, it's been like this
all series.
- And it's only the latest
in a string of trouble
for the frogs,
ever since
team captain Mike cabrera
was suspended for steroid use
all the way back in march.
- Yeah.
For any team,
much less this one.
Fastball delivered high.
Swung up above foul.
Strike two.
You lose a guy like cabrera --
as you mentioned,
a leader in the clubhouse,
a leader on the field.
Boys are basically flyin' blind
out there without him.
- It's funny.
When you look at it,
their last 17 games,
they lost 15.
- That's not funny.
- And you know
what's even scarier than that?
- What is?
- Is, in those games,
they only scored 19 runs.
- That averages out
to 1.26 runs per game
down here at the stat sheet.
That's just not
where you want to be.
- The following message
has been transmitted
at the request of the drayton
county police department.
An escape has occurred
from the drayton county
correctional facility.
One subject,
mark beltran has escaped.
He is described
as a white male,
5 feet, 11 inches tall.
He has blue eyes and light brown
shoulder-length hair.
The subject was last seen
wearing an orange jumpsuit.
He should be considered
armed and dangerous.
- I don't know.
Why does it matter?
- Well, I think it's wonderful
that you're taking
this time off.
I really do.
It's something that I wish
that I had done
when I was your age.
- Uh,
yeah, uh, it's great.
- Well, it's good
to have you home, honey.
- You plan on going back
next semester?
Or is it gonna take longer
than that to "find yourself"
or whatever it is
that's happening here?
Don't look at me.
- You don't know that!
- Oh, I've watched
enough daytime TV
to know a junkie
when I see one, sweetheart.
- Shh! She'll hear you!
- Good!
Let her hear!
I want her to hear!
- Look, you just need
to give her some time.
That's all it is!
This is new to her!
I mean, hell,
it's new to me, too!
After Michael passed --
- oh, enough already!
That was almost 2 years ago!
It's time she moved past that.
You have.
- Look, Wade, I love you.
We just need some time
to adjust.
That's all it is.
Look, I know her.
She will come around eventually.
She's just never
dealt well with change.
- Change
is all there is, Lillian.
Hell, Wade Jr.'s,
what, 10, 12 years old.
He's already been through
four mothers in his lifetime.
Victoria could learn
a thing or two from him.
- What are you doing?
- Holy shit!
Junior, don't do that.
- Where are you going?
- Shut up. Keep your voice down.
Where are you going?
- Nowhere.
What are you doing out of bed?
- Got hungry.
- Shh, shh!
- Got hungry.
Does my dad know
you're taking his car nowhere?
- Okay.
No, and he can't find out.
You keep full-sized candy bars
in the house?
Okay. Please, junior,
just promise me that
you won't say anything to them.
They think that I'm sleeping.
Please, just do me
this one favor.
And I swear I will never ask you
for anything
ever again.
Promise me, shit head.
- Okay.
- Thank you. I mean it.
- Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.
Damn it, junior.
- Victoria!
- Shit. Shit.
- Get back here with my car!
Victoria, where are you going?
Son of a bitch. God damn it.
- What are you doing, Wade?
- 911, what is your emergency?
- Yes, I need to report
a stolen vehicle.
- Okay, sir.
- No, Wade. Please, no.
- Is there a medical emergency
or violent crime in progress?
- No.
Like I said, my car was stolen.
And I want it back.
- All on-duty officers
in your area
have been diverted
from their regular patrols.
- The hell are you
talking about?
- Due to the non-emergency
nature of the incident,
I will be unable to dispatch
any units at this time.
If you give me
your name, address,
vehicle description,
and location of the theft,
we will have an officer
follow up with you
as soon as we
are able to do so, sir.
Are you able to provide --
- thank you.
- What?
Uh, uh, yeah, I will be.
- You better.
It's not like
we haven't seen you
in almost a year or anything.
- Shit. I have to get gas.
- We're gonna be late.
- Do you have any money?
- Not for gas.
- Uh, check the wallet.
- Wade worthington, platinum.
All right, lil.
Now it's all comin' together.
- Need anything?
- Uh, yeah.
A-ask him to put $20 on three.
- Turning to tonight's
top story,
we have breaking news
regarding the prison escape
that has all of the greater
drayton area on high alert.
Police have now released
the identity
of the alleged escapee,
none other than dit murderer
Dr. mark beltran.
Beltran was awaiting trial...
- ...for multiple homicides
committed on dit
campus last month.
For more on this evolving story,
we go live...
- And 20 bucks on two.
- And he was being transported
to the medical wing,
where he managed to escape
the maximum-security facility.
- Look, I can call him
if you want.
But he got pissed last time.
- Should've gone through.
- Uh, yeah, I got it.
- In his wake,
seven confirmed dead,
four inmates,
three police officers,
among them warden Henry Burke.
Police do not know
how he was able to escape.
And they don't know
where he is headed next.
Beltran was complaining of...
- I swear to god,
if we miss this party
and I hear that Ryan was there
and he --
- Kelly?
- Shit.
First pitch is at 8:05.
Matt is facing off against
three-time...Winner Tim frank,
who's been nearly
unstoppable this season,
with a era of 192
in his last 22 starts.
And the pressure's on.
Everything's on the line.
Frogs lose, their playoff hopes
are gone.
If they win,
still not much hope
for a playoff run.
But, hey, something to be said
for chance.
The car was found off of 141.
Why, all of a sudden,
are we focusing back
on this gas station again?
The cops cleared it
and moved on.
- I'm just doing my job, Wade.
That means exhausting all leads.
I have a contact over at secure
com who owes me a couple favors.
And I was able to get my hands
on a copy
of the security system
maintenance logs.
Going through those dates,
a pattern emerged.
The security system
for the texaco on Collier
is conveniently out of order
every full moon
for almost a year.
- Why the hell would the moon
have anything
to do with anything?
Christ's sake...
Are you on the fucking
moon right now?
What the hell are you
talking about, stensland?
- Let me finish,
please, waderick.
Thank you.
That station attendant has
somethin' he doesn't want seen.
And, whatever it is,
it only happens on a full moon.
So I looked into him.
- Munson scholar at dit medical,
recipient of
the torrence research Grant?
Uh, uh, uh, what's a guy
with this kind of pedigree doing
working as a gas station
attendant down in drayton?
I mean, uh, he could be
saving the world.
- He got expelled from dit
a year after it was alleged
he and his partner were using
Grant money to manufacture
designer street drugs
using university lab equipment,
hard I.V. Stuff.
Now, I don't want to alarm you.
But I think it's important
you know who his associate was.
- Who?
- Dr. mark beltran.
- Who?
- The dit murderer.
- As I'm sure you're aware,
he somehow managed to escape
from a maximum-security prison
the same night
Victoria went missing.
It must've taken a heroic dose
of whatever it was
he was cookin' up there,
because he ripped
five people to shreds --
real gruesome business.
- You don't think that,
uh, uh, he...
- No, there's no reason
to assume the worst.
We haven't found a body yet.
- Yet?
- Oh, very good.
Well done, Paul.
You really do have
a light touch, don't you?
- Tomorrow night is a full moon.
- Oh, again with the moon.
For Christ's sake, stensland,
i am paying you a lot of money.
And all you are bring back to us
in return is bullshit,
nothing but --
- now, if Victoria
is somehow involved in this,
I believe tomorrow is
our best chance of finding her.
But, for that to happen,
we need to work together.
That means I need 100% honesty
from both of you.
Do you think Victoria
was using drugs?
- No.
- Yes.
- You're close.
- Sorry. Uh --
- nature called.
- Little light reading, huh?
You in school?
- Not this year.
- Huh.
Just for fun then, huh?
- There anything
else I can help you with?
Excuse me?
- No, no, that's it.
You have a good day, huh?
- Come on, man.
Fuckin' dick.
- Shit.
- Oh, so that's how
it's gonna be?
You sucker-punch and drug me
and think you can just come back
when it's that time
of the month,
and everything is gonna
be perfectly fine?
- Just don't.
Just give it to me.
- I think I've made
a breakthrough, Victoria.
- What are you talking about?
- I was right.
Her mutated spleen
was destroying the infected
blood cells in her stream.
By the time it would
reach her lymph nodes,
it may as well have been water.
But that's why the compound
hasn't been effective
as a long-term treatment.
The coding happens during
the first transformative cycle.
So, if I can find a way
to isolate the antibodies
in an "l"-positive specimen
before it goes through
that first cycle --
of course, I won't know
for sure until tonight.
But I may have a shot
at synthesizing an antidote,
somethin' that doesn't
just spot-treat the symptoms.
Talking about the cure,
- A cure for what?
I-i mean, do you even know
what attacked me?
Do you have any idea
what's inside of us
or where it came from?
How can you expect
to cure something
if you don't even know
what it is?
- God damn.
Victoria Miller.
my name is Paul stensland.
I'm an independent
private investigator
hired by your parents and
the parents of Kelly McLaughlin
to investigate
your disappearance July 26th.
I need you to come with --
what's your relationship
to the gas station attendant?
I ask because you two,
uh, seem familiar.
It's the one place
you keep going back to.
Look, I am trying
to help you.
Wouldn't hurt you
to cooperate just --
- the most hated teams in the
division, maybe even the league.
They're still in it.
And, if they win tonight,
they'll have a shot
at a playoff run.
But, if they lose, well, that's
all she wrote for this season.
- 10 till the top of the hour.
This is Scott rue
with your drive-time sports talk
on A.M. 790 the bench.
- Call in
if you want to talk frog ball.
Caller Jim from denwood.
Jim, what's eatin' you, man?
- Yeah. Longtime listener,
first-time caller.
- Good to have you on the bench.
What's on your mind?
- But, yes,
the player suspension definitely
threw a wrench in the gears
for the frogs this year.
- Yeah, but, Scott,
his numbers beforehand
just really wasn't even
all that hot.
He's a bum.
He should've never --
- well, it's tough,
because we are talking about
one of the greatest players
of the new era.
But if the season ends tonight,
i might have to agree with you.
And it's unfortunate
that his legacy
will be accompanied
by an asterisk.
- You saw what it did
when left unchecked.
But you pushed
and you pushed anyway.
It was different
when it was just us.
But now more people are dead.
A young girl is infected, and i
don't have the heart to tell her
that we are responsible.
That's on you.
- Fuck you.
- Landers,
who is that man outside?
- Clyde.
- Clyde? The gardener?
Who gardens at night?
- Clyde the gardener
works for me now, all right?
There's nothing you can do.
You're powerless.
But don't
take it personally, Murphy.
If it's any consolation,
I couldn't have done it
without you.
- Thanks.
- Who sold it to her?
- That's still
under investigation.
I can't tell you that.
- You can't tell me much,
can you?
- Well, what I can tell you
is not a lot of 17-year-old
girls disappear for a month
and come back in one piece.
And right now, that's what
you need to be concerned about.
- Did she use today?
- Mm, if she did,
she hid it well.
I tailed her
from the gas station,
and she hasn't been
out of my sight since.
Wade, this is powerful stuff.
I was a cop for 15 years, and
i never saw anything like it.
Her withdrawal could be severe.
You and Lillian
need to be prepared for that.
- Where is it?
- Victoria?
Why did you run away from us?
Don't you know
how much that hurt me?
If it's...
Drugs or...
we can get you help.
You just have to please
talk to me.
- You don't understand.
- You'd be surprised, Victoria.
I've been through
a lot of things in my life,
some things
that you might not believe.
- Not like this.
- Please. Untie me.
You -- you have to let me go.
Please, let me go.
Please, this table
is so uncomfortable.
I've had a Charley horse
for like two days.
I just want to stand up.
That's all.
- I'm sorry.
The first transformative cycle
is very, very unpredictable.
Just got to be cautious.
Nothin' personal.
No. No, no. Wait.
- What was that...Thing?
- I don't know.
An infectious disease
of some kind.
Amphibious in nature,
from what I can tell,
kind of like rabies
for warm-blooded
and cold-blooded animals.
Of course, it's the warm-blooded
ones that experience
more of the intense
transformative side effects,
though they're both linked
to the lunar cycle.
- What, like a fucking werewolf?
- No, not like --
all right. Yeah.
Kind of like a fuckin' werewolf.
But like I said, amphibian.
- You can tell all of that
and still not have any idea
what it is
or where it came from?
And if you're so smart,
what are you doing
working at a fucking gas station
in the middle of nowhere?
- That gas station put me
through med school.
It's what's keeping
the lights on down here,
and that is the only reason your
ass is still alive right now.
How 'bout a little courtesy?
- Sorry.
- No.
I don't know what this --
- frog monster?
-, or why
it's happening to us.
What I do know is that I'm going
to do whatever I can to stop it.
So I think I may be close.
- God, what is that?
- Beautiful, isn't she?
- No, it's disgusting.
What's wrong with it?
- Hey, be nice.
This little lady
could hold the key to a cure.
But we won't know for sure
until next month.
- So what? I come back then
and, like,
see if it worked, or --
- mm, uh, mm,
I'm sorry.
I-i can't let you leave.
You can't keep me here.
- I have to.
You may not come back,
and I need to make sure
that you receive your next dose.
- You're telling me
that I have to stay
in your crappy
laboratory for the next month?
- I'll get you new bedding,
some new clothes.
- No.
Just give me the next dose
and whatever paraphernalia
i need, and I'll figure it out.
- It isn't that simple.
The serum isn't effective
unless administered
during the first
transformative symptom,
and you only get one shot.
There's too much at risk.
I can't --
I can't.
- Where are my keys?
- I dumped your car
off 141 two days ago.
The cops were over here.
They were looking. I --
- give me my fuckin' car keys.
- Victoria. Aah!
Not cool.
- Managed to scrub
most of the grime off of her.
Still not talking, though.
I wish she'd just say something.
Can't stand to think of her out
there by herself for so long.
What's wrong?
- What's that?
- It's what you've been
too scared to admit
and what I've known all along.
- Huh.
- Ow.
- Lose something?
- Where is it?
- You don't actually think
I'd let a junkie
use this shit
in my house, do you?
- Y-y-you don't understand
what's going on, Wade.
Please give it to me.
- Or what?
The fuck are you gonna do?
- Wade, please.
- Shut up, Lillian.
I get it. She's your daughter.
But last time I listened
to you and went easy on her,
she disappeared for two months
and came back looking like this,
all strung out and fucked up.
If she wants to shoot dope,
i don't give a shit,
but not in my house
or around my kid.
- It's not drugs, Wade!
It's medicine for something
you wouldn't believe in
even if you saw it on fox news.
And if I don't get it,
it's gonna be really bad
for everyone, especially you.
- What the hell did you
just say to me?
- You heard me. This is serious.
Give it to me.
- Wade! Oh!
Let me -- Wade!
- No!
- Wade.
- You have no idea
what you just did.
- I know exactly what
i just did, you little bitch.
Your mother might be too scared
to teach you some
fucking manners, but I'm not.
- I-i have to --
i have to go right now.
If I leave now,
there's still time.
- Are you retarded?
What makes you think I'm gonna
let you go anywhere ever?
No. You're locked in right here
until whatever it is you've been
putting inside of you
works its way out.
- If what's inside of me
gets out,
I think a lot of people
are going to die!
- Aah!
- On your own supply,
fuckin' rookie.
- Oh, Wade.
- Lillian.
Lil -- god damn it.
- Victoria?
- Oh, god, baby.
- Do you need anything, baby?
If you do, just tell me.
I'll get it for you. I will.
I don't care what Wade said.
You're my daughter.
And I am not
gonna leave my daughter.
What's -- are you okay?
- God damn it.
I thought we talked about this.
What the hell
is goin' on out here?
- Ooh, looks like
he wanted to bunt there.
Little bit too much on it.
It's just gonna trickle down
the third-base line, easily
scooped up by the pitcher.
And Roscoe Miller will
ground out to end the fifth.
Frogs trailing 0-2,
not looking good for --
- dispatch to 51.
Dispatch to 51.
We have reports of a domestic
disturbance in your zone.
Please proceed to 4721
showbridge drive immediately.
- Copy that, dispatch.
I'm on my way.
- Things are not looking good.
Only a couple hits
so far in this game.
Gonna need to get
that offense going.
They're looking dead in the --
- Victoria?
It's Paul stensland.
If you're here, I missed you.
Oh. Wade worthington?
Are you --
are you Wade worthington?
- Uh, uh, yes.
- Yeah, we got some
phone calls from your neighbors
about some loud noises
coming from this house.
Said they heard some screams.
Is everything
all right in there?
- It -- it would be
if, uh, the swamp frogs
would win one at home
every once in a while.
- Yeah, right.
They've been asleep
since the Florida game.
- Oh, yes.
- You know, I've been sayin'
all this time,
"if you cannot win a home game,
how the hell do you expect
to win a championship?
- You -- you can't.
You just can't.
- It -- it's
That's what it is.
- It's ridiculous.
- Dispatch, this is unit 51.
An all-clear on that 273.
False alarm.
- Copy that, 51.
- Yeah.
Well, uh, i-I'll try
and keep it down, officer.
I'm -- I'm sorry
for the disturbance.
- Mm-hmm.
All right, Mr. worthington.
Have a good night, okay?
- You, too.
- Dispatch, this is unit 51.
Come in.
- Dispatch.
Gonna go check it out.
- Copy that, 51.
Proceed with caution.
- Do it.
- That girl is 19, you know?
Her entire family is dead now,
torn to pieces.
Whatever you creeps are on,
it makes pcp look like
fuckin' baby aspirin.
God, you got a whole
fuckin' operation down here.
- It's not what you think.
- It doesn't matter.
There he is.
Wake up, you piece
of human garbage.
That's it.
- You get off on it, don't you?
- No! No!
- What --
what -- what are you doing?
No. No. What are you --
what are you doin'?
- I'll ask again.
Where is Kelly McLaughlin?
Where is Victoria Miller?
Where's beltran?
- Victoria, don't!
Victoria, don't!
- Victoria?
- My mom.
They're dead.
My family and...
My mom are all dead.
God, I killed people.
- Hey.
That wasn't you.
- What do we do now?
- I don't know.
He destroyed all the reserves.
All of it.
Spilled a coffee in the store.
Fuckin' asshole.
Is there enough time
to harvest another batch
between now
and the next full moon?
- He's dead.
- Maybe it's time we take this
out of the basement.
I mean, you had colleagues
in med school, right --
professors, some kind of link
to the scientific community?
They would be all over this.
We could get professional help.
- Yeah, they would
dissect us like animals.
I'd rather die on my own terms.
It worked.
- It -- it worked?
What -- what -- what worked?
- My new serum.
- Does --
- the pre-cycle blend.
- Does this mean that --
- all it means is that
we might have had a chance.
- But -- but what --
what do you mean "might have"?
You said that their kidneys were
similar to a human's, right?
- Spleens.
But that doesn't mean --
- okay. So take the spleens
out of one of these things.
That would allow you to isolate
the antibodies
or whatever it is you need
to do. That's what you said.
- Even if we had
one of these "things,"
I can only supplement
the mechanics of a human body.
I don't have the resources
to replicate them.
Without the spleen,
they wouldn't be able
to stay alive
through the harvesting process.
They barely survive as is.
We need a living specimen,
and we need it before
it completes its first cycle.
- So what are you saying?
- I'm saying
that we're on our own.
Without an antidote,
nature will take its course
on the next full moon,
and we're gonna be powerless
to stop it.
- You should've just killed me.
- I am sorry, Victoria.
- I could have escaped,
could have gotten back here
before --
this is all my fault.
- No. No, it's mine.
- No, you --
you did everything you could.
I mean, you don't even know
what this thing is.
If it wasn't for you,
i would be dead right now.
Look at me.
Tell me that you don't know
what this thing is.
- We never meant for it
to get out like that.
- What?
- We thought the side effects
would be minimal
on human subjects.
The simulation results
were so encouraging.
We couldn't get fda approval,
so we decided to...
Test it on ourselves.
It was supposed to be
a controlled experiment.
We took every precaution.
I don't know
how he could be so careless.
He was a better
scientist than that.
- You fucking liar!
It was you the whole time.
You were just keeping me
for insurance.
- Victoria, I didn't know --
- I tore my mother to pieces
because of your
fucking science project!
- Victoria,
you must understand --
our research can revolutionize
modern medicine.
Imagine being able to cure
any disease, any --
- it doesn't matter
what you meant or what disease
you were trying to cure.
You created something worse.
- If you kill me,
you will not be able to stop it.
I am your only chance.
- If I kill you and then myself,
this ends here,
and no one else gets hurt.
- It doesn't have to be
like that.
I can fix this. Please, just --
- you said it yourself.
It's too late.
- Swamp frogs with a chance
to come alive this season.
C-call an ambulance.
- He hasn't cycled yet.
- Frogs win! Frogs win!
- Last month's quadruple
homicide rampage,
which started here in the home
of waderick worthington
has left only more questions
in the case of...
Worthington was the
stepfather of Victoria Miller,
one of the girls who disappeared
the night of July 26th.
Drayton p.D.
Is also reaching out
for any information regarding
the whereabouts of former
detective Paul stensland,
who disappeared
on the same night.
A warrant has been issued
for Paul stensland's arrest
in the murders.
He is believed to be hiding
somewhere in the drayton area
and is considered
a fugitive from justice.
Stensland was discharged
from the drayton p.D.
- ...that we were gonna be
in the race this late,
I would've told you
you were crazy.
But, hell, a miracle streak
got us this far.
Maybe it'll take us all the way.
With that, we're gonna wrap up
the swamp frogs pregame show
here from A.M. 790.
Quick thank-you
to the sponsors...
- your swamp frogs
are ready to play ball...
In a fight for the playoffs.
- Do you mind keeping it down
over here?
I know it probably hurts
really badly,
and I don't want
to sound ungrateful
'cause I do appreciate
everything you're doing.
But you are being so annoying.
There's only...25 more days
until the next full moon,
so I really need you to focus.
We need every last ounce
out of you.
- Kill me.
- Thanks, Paul.