Bad Day for the Cut (2017) Movie Script

You look like a man that's being
eaten from the inside out.
What are you doing here?
Oh I think you
know... Leo.
You've wasted the fucking trip. The
tumour's going to do the job for you.
Oh I don't know about that.
There's still things we can do.
Donal! Help me!
You alright?
You alright?
I fell.
Before or after?
I'm only after washing
those floors.
Thank you.
You get what you're owed.
Don't you worry about that.
So, I can't square
you altogether.
Hang on, hang on.
I brought you something instead.
She barely made it over the
But a man like you could fix her up
and sell her on for a good profit.
Or you could always
hang on to it
ask that Liz one to go
on a bit of a holiday.
I couldn't leave
my ma on her own.
You're too loyal Donal. Get out
and enjoy yourself.
The couch turns into a bed.
So... what do you think?
With this, plus two hundred?
Poor old Tommy Rafferty's gone.
Is he?
There's a wake we'll
need to be at.
I might give his wife a call and see if
she needs a hand with the sandwiches.
They'd be lucky to have yours.
Jesus, I didn't realise you were
that fond of Tommy Rafferty.
I'm not... it's just, everybody
I know is fucking dying.
I can stay in tonight
if you want
don't be silly. I'll
press your shirt.
McMahon Leo, 1945 - 2016. Died
this week at the city hospital...
Same again?
No. Um, an old gin and tonic.
Living dangerously.
You know me.
How's your ma?
You should bring her
down some night.
She's at the stage now y'know, she
doesn't like to leave the house anymore.
You ever get a chance to head
out for a night yourself?
Sorry Donal. Give me a sec'.
Lads, less of the shite.
It was an accident, Liz.
My wee darling, eh?
Alright men, give her
room to dry it up.
Get your fucking hand off
me. Fucking silverback.
What the fuck you gonna do?
What? You gonna tell your ma?
I mean how the fuck is it a man your
age can still live with his ma?
What the fuck is that about?
Wee boys like you shouldn't take
drink if they can't hold it.
Don't fucking look at
me like that again!
One, two, out to
fuck, young man.
Where did you get this?
Bernard. Some job isn't she?
Come on in.
Will we go for an old spin?
I'm too old for
that carry on now.
What was the name of that beach where
you and da used to have the caravan at?
Sure we'll go there.
I don't think so, Donal.
Aw, come on. I'll put big tom on
the speakers. It'll be good Craic.
Donal!! Would you just
fucking leave it!!
And you shouldn't be spending
so much time on these machines.
There's a pile of work
to be done around here.
I brought you these.
Thank you.
If you want to take a spin away down the
country by yourself, I'll not mind.
I'll be grand on my own.
No, I'm alright.
The wee beach was beautiful.
Well whatever you do, leave the door
open a bit... I like that old tune.
Donal help!
Ma? Ma? Ma...
Hello, I need help -
I know this is hard but it's important we
get the information while it's still fresh.
I saw a man leaving the house. Clean shaven,
light hair. Fancy looking sort of boy.
You were outside?
I was sleeping in the shed.
I heard noises. I went to look and
saw two men leaving the house.
And you're sure about that?
Didn't I tell you, clean
shaven, light hair...
'Fancy looking sort
of a boy, ' yeah.
And what about the man inside the car?
Did you get a look at him?
Sir, we're not
finished here yet.
Give him a minute.
Fucking hell.
She'd go clean mad if she knew
her wake was closed coffin.
She would not.
Oh, you wanna seen
when she was younger.
Couldn't leave the house without
the old paint scraper makeup.
That's a sin.
Sorry, cub. Aye, she
was a good sister.
Good mother. She was
lucky to have you.
Sorry for your trouble,
Donal. Wild altogether.
Aye. Thanks, Marcus.
Sorry for your loss, eh?
Thank you.
Me, Joe and the
kids Belfast 1975
hey boy, what's going on here?
Put that shotgun down.
I said put that shotgun down.
What's this carry on boys?
Now step forward and fuck up.
Holy fuck!
How much slack
did you give that thing
take it up another two foot.
You, stand over there.
More than that.
What did you do?
What are you doing here?
They're checking in.
Who is?
I'll ask them direct.
We were sent to kill you...
Well you went at it in a
bit of a roundabout way.
They wanted it to look
like you did it yourself.
He had all the information.
They don't tell me anything.
This is so bad... this
is so fucking bad...
Emergency. Which service do you require?
Police, fire or ambulance?
Tell them everything went grand.
If you don't talk to them,
I will
No. It's Bartosz here.
Put Dee, put Dee on
the fucking phone!
He is taking a shit.
Did youse get it done?
Yes yes.
Right. The cockle
bar. Twelve tomorrow.
Can I see her then?
Aye, yeah. Surely. Aye.
Now what?
Hey! Now what?
Makes no difference who you
are, ghetto Joe or superstar
now get chatting.
About what?
Start off easy.
What's your name?
And where you from?
That other boy on the blower,
is he Polish as well?
His name's Gavigan.
What's he look like?
I don't know. Regular. I
don't have a picture.
Fancy looking sort of a boy?
How fancy?
Why did he kill Florence?
My ma. Do you not know
what happened her?
Two men broke into her house and caved
her head in with her own clock.
I take it this Gavigan
boy is one of them.
I dunno.
You wouldn't be the best boy
for this job, would you?
They have my sister. I do as they
or they're going to hurt her.
They have lots of girls.
What? Like pimps?
You really don't want to start
messing around these people.
Oh aye? Are they all as
bad as you, are they?
Let me go and straighten
this out. Please.
what are you going to tell them?
That you hung a noose too low
and ballsed the whole thing up?
If these boys are as bad as you say
they are, you're in a lot of bother.
If he finds out what really
happened he's going to kill her.
Well then the way I see
it, you need to help me.
I tried to get to her once. Didn't
take them long to catch me though.
You must have history of
ballsing things up, have you?
What do you call her anyway?
Kaja. That's her real name. But I don't
know what they make her use now.
I think that's her!
That's not the man
was at the house.
Gavigan must be inside.
Right you go to the front door.
Now if you try anything,
I swear to god, you'll be the
first one to get the two barrels.
Happy enough?
Grand. Come on.
Where's Damien?
He's not here yet?
Is Damien here with us, Jerome?
I swear. He said
he would be here.
This was an important job.
It came from herself.
So of course I asked Dee to
bring proof that it was done.
Have you got any?
Damien has the pictures on his phone.
You can't blame me, he's not here!
Please. I want to see my sister.
She's not here.
I just saw her come in.
Oh, you mean her.
Show him who he means.
This is Sophia.
She tried to run.
Now, management have very specific
rules about girls who try to run.
Okay! Okay! Damien is dead!
Did you kill him?
No. The farmer did. Then
I killed the farmer.
See. Doesn't it feel
good to tell the truth.
Just, let me talk
with her at least.
She's working. She doesn't
have time to talk.
Don't feel too bad. This
was gonna happen anyway.
Hey! Let me out
the fuck!!
What going on in there, Jerome? Don't
you be interfering with that body.
Put the hammer down.
Put it down!
Well. Is it him?
No. But I'd say he knows.
You're the farmer?
You and me's gonna go and have a wee chat.
Now if you mess me about
I'll splatter your head
all over that wall.
Happy enough?
Come on.
You should have brought your tractor.
It might have been less conspicuous.
How hard do you think it'll be to find a
Polack and a cultchie in a red camper van?
Shut your Jesus mouth.
Jesus Donal.
Get him in the fuck.
Sorry for your trouble.
That wasn't my sister.
Well she was belonging
to somebody somewhere.
I just want to ask him
a lock of questions.
Might be waiting a while.
Could you eat?
Get chatting.
Go away and shite, you
dirty, boghopping whore.
That's wild language. I bet a boy like
you has never spent a day in the bog.
You just go around
robbing old ladies.
Why couldn't you just
leave it at that?
I dunno? Because she was a cunt?
Aaaah! Aaaaaah!
I'll not have anyone say a
bad word about Florence.
Bartosz, have you forgotten
about your fucking sister?
Never mind the sister.
Look... if you just stop this
now, I'll forget about it.
Look I didn't kill your
mother, I wasn't even there!
So, who did?
Ok, ok, ok!
All I know is they
wanted you dead.
So I sent this idiot and one
of my better men to do it.
Who's they? Is one of them a
fancy looking sort of a boy?
That's one way to describe him.
His name is Trevor Ballantine.
And who was the
other one with him?
That's the boss.
Come on up, I'm getting dressed.
I'll just be a sec.
No rush.
I took a look at the new
premises. They're expensive.
We can afford it. It would be
good for us to be more upmarket.
People are going there
for one thing, Frankie.
The outcome is always the
same. Upmarket or not.
We could charge more.
With the quality of people we have,
if we're going to start charging
customers more we need to
offer something other than a
better postcode
and then you start getting
into specialist services.
And then you start
attracting weirdos.
And I've dealt with enough
fucking weirdos in my time.
Yes. Yes you have.
Thank you Trevor.
So how's Gavigan getting on?
Good. He's all over it.
So, this Frankie Pierce and
Ballantine are... burglars...
Out on a job... get panicked
when Florence wakes...
And they kill her... then they put
you in charge of getting rid of me?
You haven't a fucking clue.
Well if they weren't going to
rob us, why were they there?
I don't know.
Watch him. I'm away for a slash.
Bartosz, Bartosz c'mere.
If you snip these cable-ties I'll make
sure Frankie never finds out about this.
How about you just tell me
what name Kaja is using?
Ok. They call her
What in the name of Jesus?
Useless as tits on a boar.
Come on...
You left something in the
car the other night.
I was wondering where they were.
Is it sorted?
I'm in a fucking
bind here, Trevor!
Ok, slow down.
No I haven't fucking taken care of it!
He's chasing me right now.
Who's chasing you?
Oh shit... the farmer.
What have you told him?
I'm sorry, Frankie. He's
a fucking headcase!
He burned me with
a pot of beans!
All over it?
It's fine. We'll fix it.
I'll make sure your sister knows that you're
the reason I'm sawing her hands and feet off.
Hey boy!
Is it bad?
Please... help me.
Where do I find Pierce?
Take me to a hospital.
Donal, we should
I won't say anything!
Alisha. They call
your sister Alisha.
Here. Come on now.
We'll need a spade
for that ground
Bartosz came in asking
about his sister.
What sort of a name is Bartosz?
Him and Dee were supposed to do in
some farmer. But Dee never came back.
How is it that
you're still here?
He locked me in the store.
You should have handled the
farmer personally, Trevor.
Isn't that what we
pay Gavigan for?
You're the fucking prick he saw.
Jerome, which of these
whores is the pole's sister?
I can't remember her name,
there's that many of them.
Y'know Jerome, being a big cunt
isn't really good enough anymore.
You need to know shit as well. Listen to what's
going on around you. D'you hear what I'm saying?
Do you hear what what I'm
fucking, fucking, saying?
Yes, Frankie.
You personally find
out who this girl is
and you go along to see how someone with
a fucking brain functions in the world.
I'm gonna try Gavigan again.
This is the third person
I've buried this week.
They instigated this.
This is not our fault.
I think we may have to take
some of the blame for this one.
Oh hi there. We should talk about
this before anyone else gets hurt.
Same way as you talked to my ma?
If that's how you want it.
I just want to know why.
If you have to ask that then you
didn't know her that well at all.
I know you think it was just a
case of wrong place, wrong time.
But believe me she's had a
target on her back for years.
Target on her back? She was
a wee innocent old doll!
Yeah you keep telling
yourself that.
I only have to tell myself the
once. Targets on your back now.
'Targets on your back? Are
you a fucking assassin now?
Where are we going?
You alright?
Ah, middling enough I suppose.
Nothing strange going on?
Not that I know of.
You and your mate wanna
come in for a mug of tea?
No he's alright in the Van.
I'll maybe take a quick drop.
Good to see you have your
mind off your mother anyway.
There you go.
Aye, speaking of that, do
you know this boy here?
Where'd you get this?
Ma's room. Under a matress.
You know, there was something
came through the letter
box the other day that you
might be interested in.
He was a friend of hers.
After your old boy died he helped her out.
He was very good to her.
Was there something going on?
God no. They were just good friends.
He had his own family and all.
That's the daughter there.
Frances. He called her Frankie.
What was his name?
Joe Pierce.
He died, years ago.
Got involved with the wrong people at
a time when that was the thing to do.
Them same people then started to think
that he was talking to the government.
Your mother, she tried
to help him out.
Let him hide out at the caravan down on Montague
beach but they caught up with him. Killed him.
I never knew anything
about that.
Your mother didn't want you to have
any part of what went on back then.
There's some bad
friggers in this world,
you're lucky you did not have
to deal with any of them.
So she took you and headed off
to the glorious countryside.
In another life you could have
been an oul townie, just like me.
Ah! For Jesus'
sake. Here we are.
Might be a nice place for
a wee bit of holidaying.
Have you the Google
on that thing?
'The Google?'
just type in the name 'Joe
Pierce' and less of the buck.
There's a few recent news
articles that mention Joe Pierce.
Show me that.
Give me the gist.
Former prominent Ira commander Leo McMahon
died in palliative care this week
after a long battle with cancer.
McMahon was suspected of carrying
out a string of political murder
with long time collaborator Joe
Pierce in the seventies...
What has this got to
do with anything?
I dunno. Yet.
Well if you don't fucking know,
can we go and get my sister?
I told you, lad. We get Pierce first.
Then we go get your sister.
Right. What if getting Kaja
could get you to Pierce?
Remember how I said I
tracked her down before?
She told me about Pierce. She knew
about her business, where she lives.
They have mad orgies there.
And how does your sister
know all of this.
They would make her take part.
She knows where Frankie Pierce
lives, Donal.
I know the number. Now I
know the name they've given her.
You just have to
call and arrange to meet.
Away and shite.
They know me and they know my voice. So
you have to call and ask for Alisha.
And say what?
Just pretend you're lonely and you
need some company. Come on. Come on!
Paper lantern Chinese,
how can I help?
Hello? Uh, is Alisha about?
Sorry no one by that
name works here.
Oh. Right.
Anything else I can
help you will
no I just wanted to
speak to Alisha.
I'm afraid you've got
the wrong number.
They hung up. It's a Chinese take away.
Not a whore in the place.
Sorry. No need for
that language.
It's a front. Just try again.
Paper lantern Chinese.
Aye hello, I meant to say
to you earlier,
Gavigan gave me this number and
told me to ask for Alisha.
Continental apartments.
Six o'clock.
We're grand. Six o'clock.
We'll need to lie
low for a while.
And we also need to get you
something else to wear.
Hang on I'll go and see
if Eamon has a suit.
I don't understand?
Did you never hear of
hiding in plain sight?
Tell me you have positive news.
We've found the pole's sister.
You have her?
Jerome's on his way. I'm
coming to lift you.
Put the foot down.
Why are you not doing
your homework?
What are you doing?
I'm just reading some
stories about your grandad.
Because it's important to remember people.
And he would have loved to have met you.
And he would have been really annoyed
that you haven't finished your homework.
So go on.
Relax. You look fine.
I look like a tube.
Almost time.
Gimme your number. In case.
I need you to come in.
Hold on.
Oh, seven, double eight, six...
Alright mate.
How you doing?
Another fifty, boss.
In you go.
Behave yourself.
Hello. Would you like a drink?
How you doing, Kaja?
Your brother tracked you down.
I told you I'll be good now. I'll behave.
Just, please don't hurt him.
No. Bartosz is with me.
Come on we need to leave.
Look he's been trying to get at
you now for a lock of weeks.
There you are.
What about him?
Go you and get ready,
I'll worry about him.
What's your name?
How do you know my brother?
He tried to kill me.
It's all sorted now though.
Albert!! Help me!!
Where does Frankie Pierce live?
Y'know... your woman who
runs them... orgies.
What the fuck are
you talking about?
Your brother's some boy.
Come on boy, tell
me about Pierce.
Fuck off.
What are you doing? Come on.
I don't know anything
about Pierce.
Well what about Ballantine?
You're a lying shite.
Ok, alright, fuck!
Ok, alright alright
alright alright.
Pass me the pen.
Well holy fuck.
Jerome's dead.
Sure he is. It's for
the best. Probably.
What did you tell the farmer?
Nothing about you.
My head feels like it's
bleeding from the inside.
Jeez, that's not good.
Here let me help you with that.
Frankie... we already have
one dead body to deal with.
It's ok Trevor. What was it
you said? 'We'll fix this.'
Cunt! Cunt! Cunt! Cunt! Cunt!
She knows nothing about Pierce.
Orgies my hole.
I had to tell you something.
And you almost got her killed.
I've an address for that hole
Ballantine works out of.
You're barely able to stand up.
You don't have to go.
I want to.
Whoah whoah whoah, whoah. We just
freed you from these people.
Yeah. Both of you did.
Jesus, you are both
as bad as each other.
Put that into your sat-nav.
Were you and your mother close?
Close enough, aye.
Why do you think they do this
Frankie thought she had something to do
with her father's death. But she's wrong.
Do you have anyone
else back home?
No. But I'm dead on.
What about you?
We have a big family but I
didn't appreciate them.
I wanted to escape, so I did.
I got to London. I was excited,
nervous, being on my own.
And one day it just happened.
They took me in the
middle of the street.
In broad daylight.
And brought me here.
After a while I just
stopped fighting.
That's Tara...
What does Tara mean?
Thanks for helping me back there.
I meant to say to you earlier...
It's ok. It didn't feel real, the way his
body slumped over. I keep seeing it.
That's the boy there.
A 'Tara' man.
You can say that alright.
You sure?
I'm sure alright.
Whoa whoa whoa whoa
whoa, whoa! Here?
It's a good enough spot.
Look at this shit. Look.
Let me see.
Fair enough. We'll come back
when the child's asleep.
Hang on, who's that?
Did they follow us?
They must have got to Eamon.
There will probably
still be someone there.
I hope so.
Donal I have just got Kaja back.
You do what you want Bartosz but
child or no child,
Frankie's not going to get away
with killing an innocent woman.
What if she wasn't
innocent Donal?
What did you say?
I think you should
stop and go home.
I asked you a question.
What. Did. You. Say?
You don't know the full story.
No-one seems to know the full story.
That's the problem with this country.
Maybe Frankie had a reason.
Get the fuck off me!
Stop it! Both of you!
You're gonna get us all fucking killed!
I'm not gonna be part of it anymore.
You feel the same way, Cutty?
I didn't know she had a child.
You are some Craic.
Both of youse can get
out right here and now.
We're on the side of the road!
I was gonna shoot you in my shed when we
first met, so you're not doing to bad.
Fuck you, Donal.
You didn't kill me because
I didn't deserve it.
That'll get you both a flight.
And you'll need that too.
What you making there?
What flavour?
You find him?
At a caravan park.
But... they saw me. I'm still looking.
Sorry Frankie. I'll get them.
Your mummy is surrounded
by silly men, pet.
Don't worry. We'll get him.
Will we?
You should have handled the
farmer personally, Trevor.
That's not really my area.
You were the silly man he saw.
Yes I know. But I was
only there for you.
Because I pay you.
Oh, you think because we fucked once, you
have to run around looking after me?
I told you not to kill her.
If you use the word 'kill' in front of my
daughter again I'll shoot you through both eyes.
You pay me for advice.
No, I don't.
You're sacked.
Get out. Without making a fuss.
Come on Frankie.
Come on Trevor. You
know how this will go.
Say goodbye to Trevor, pet.
Goodbye, Trevor.
Goodbye, Trevor.
Bye Josie.
Look, Frankie-
come get me. I know where
the farmer is going.
Jesus Eamon, what are you doing?
I thought my mobile was up here.
Can't find the fucking thing.
Forget about it. I wasn't trying
to call an ambulance.
I was trying to call you. I left half
my guts out there on the stairs.
You need to stop.
Leave Frankie Peirce
alone. Call it a draw.
It's not a draw.
I know you idolised your ma...
Now Eamon don't.
I should have told you the
minute you turned up here.
Maybe none of this would have happened.
I would still have my guts.
Should have told me what?
She was having an affair with
Joe Pierce, but...
She still gave him up to Leo and his boys.
Because they threatened you.
That's not true.
That's not true.
Frankie found out and she couldn't let
it lie. Just like you can't let it lie.
And the whole fucking
thing goes on and on...
Make sure they clean my stairs.
Sorry horse.
Let me go in first.
When you see him,
don't hesitate.
I know you like fucking around,
slicing bellies and all
that shit.
Which is something we're going
to talk about down the road.
We're not the shankill butchers.
I know. I'll be grand.
He's only a farmer.
That must be why he's not
causing any problems then.
Go in shooting and less of the backchat.
Or you'll be the one getting sliced.
Up. Slowly.
Give me that pistol.
We're going out to the Van, slowly. If
you try anything, you'll get the barrel.
Happy enough?
Ok, Donal. You're the boss.
You're driving.
Any chance I could answer that?
Oh I know where we're going.
Just shh now.
What are you doing?
I need to get rid of this.
Go back to sleep.
So. Here we are.
The fucking farmer has Frankie.
Where are you?
Is that Donal's blood?
He's not here. Do you
know where they went?
You've just spent a
couple of days together.
And you have no idea where
they might be going?
If he's got her, then it's over.
I'm leaving. You should as well.
Not just yet.
Fuck fuck fuck!
I know there was something...
Going on between
Florence and your da.
I know she gave him up
to Leo and his boys.
But what she did, she
did it to protect me.
I can understand that. A
mother protecting her son.
That's all it was.
I went to see Leo McMahon in the hospice
before he died. It was disgusting.
Surrounded by nurses and
doctors caring for him.
I wanted to strangle
him with his catheter.
But I didn't. I made him talk.
And the things he told me...
You're just looking more time.
Leo came here because
Florence told him to.
But when he got here, somebody had
shot my father once through the jaw.
The police found Leo at the scene and
I'm sure you've googled the rest.
Leo told you a pack of lies.
That's what I thought.
Which is why I went
to see your ma.
What are you fucking smiling at?
You... look so like him.
Everyone says that.
The same eyes the same shape
of a face.
We never had a pile of time together
but I still remember every detail.
Him. The caravan. Our wee beach.
He loved the water.
Even if it was raining it was nice to
get away from the madness of Belfast.
The odd time we would
even spend the night.
Who did you call to
come and kill him?
I could never have done
that. I loved him.
No don't say that.
It's the truth. I loved him, I
loved him more than myself...
More than my own son...
You wouldn't understand.
I can tell by looking at you that
you've never felt anything like that.
And he loved me as well. But that
didn't matter. He had a family.
That night he told me it was
over. He put on his coat.
He lifted his bag. He said he would
never be coming back to the beach.
His gun was sitting
on the table.
Oh, god... I'm so sorry...
Are you fucking joking me?
I just wanted to stop him leaving. I
didn't mean it... I didn't mean it...
Aye well you covered your tracks so you
mustn't have been too fucking sad.
You knew the police would arrest
Leo so you called them both.
I had to. If I went to prison Donal
would have been left on his own.
Things would have been so much different...
if neither of us had children.
Donal! Help!
I was five years old
when she killed him.
I loved my daddy.
And now you're gonna do the same to me...
because that's what you do? Isn't it?
Turn around.
How do you feel? Leaving a
little girl without her mother?
I feel sorry for her.
Having a mother like you.
That's the end of it now. Ok?
Sure that's not even load...
It's all over, Bartosz. I
gave her the chance but...
What's over?
What have you done?
Where's Bartosz?
He's here. With me.
Please, the cub didn't do anything.
He had no part of this...
Let him go and I'll
come up there to you.
Donal! Just go!
Let me talk to him.
Why in under Jesus
did you come back?
Wanted to help. Ballsed
it up I guess.
I'm sorry, cub. You were right,
I should have listened...
Look I'm coming up
there right now.
They can take me...
If you want me, I'm
at your uncle's.
Emergency. Which service do you require?
Police, fire or ambulance?
Hello? Hello? Hello?