Bad Genius (2017) Movie Script

Forwarding STIC exams...
or the Salient Exams for the
International College...
who tested the knowledge of am...
... and used to apply for baccalaureate
programs in the United States of America.
This year the unity that
supervises the examination...
has dismantled one fraud...
... which leads to leakage
checks in most Asian countries.
The advanced settings are not done yet...
He is not mine.
My name is Rinrada Nilthep.
I am in gred 12...
... at the Krungthep Thaweep School.
You can go there to
check my school record.
Checking STIC is not
beyond my ability.
Student Portfolio: Rinrada Nilthep
4.00 GPA Gred 7,
Academic Year, 2011
Everything A since Gred 1.
Exceptional learner
from Grade 7 to Gred 9.
Being in first place in Mathematical Matches in this school area.
Also cross word the state.
Also achievements in sports...
... sports pool.
You're not good enough.
This is enough.
No need to ask the same whether
we will accept Lynn or not.
The problem is...
Do you want to study here?
What is your decision, dear?
I do not have to make a
decision right now, right?
I do not want to study here.
Actually, my old school
is more suitable for me.
If I move here, my dad...
... need to pay almost 150,000 a year.
Why 150,000?
One semester is only 60,000.
So it's all in 120,000.
But my dad taught
in my old school.
So in the morning I
may go with him.
If I study here, I need
to board the Skytrain.
Includes the motortection of the
80 Bath Stores in each day.
For 8 months, meaning 170 days.
Excluding school leave.
Everything in 13,600 Bath a year.
Including also eating midday.
Only 20 Baths for two
side dishes with rice.
Here, it cost 35 Bath.
I also need to buy new school
equipment and uniforms.
I think it's all inclusive...
... he may not have bows.
Pingat gold in mathematics.
Father is capable.
No, dad can not.
What if you learn it for free?
Vit, I will add a midday
meal program as well.
You see, our school does
judge Lynn's cleverness.
Now, do you think you're brazing?
All of that is very brazen.
Berbaloi, right?
Letter of Approval
We will use ID card for 3 years.
So it should look good.
You're a new student, right?
I'm Grace.
I'm Lynn.
May I see?
Remove your eyes mirror.
Believe me.
Smile a little.
Okay, available, one, two...
You are on, fast.
My ID is after him.
So we sat together for 3 years.
Lynn and I are good friends.
Everyone is good, Lynn is wise.
I am also...
I am good at curriculum activities.
I am sure, others think
I'm less intelligent.
The attorney has already created a new rule.
To accompany the school drama,
I need at least GPA 3.25.
Am I too stupid to
play in a drama?
I think...
Tailors are worse off than learning.
Look, I'm studying with
Encik Sophon for weeks.
But I still do not know anything.
And mathematics,
really blows gred me.
The answer is C.
You can answer by just looking?
In fact, in reverse!
That's easy very.
A and a united B that overlap with C.
Complete the problem in confinement first.
So take a look at the
dwelling area in C.
So that's the answer.
I already understand.
Student slaves are great.
Is there another problem?
Lynn, can you be my teacher?
If you teach me...
... I will buy milk mix
after school every day.
No child.
You can review the
lesson every evening.
Not enough.
What about...
If you agree...
... I'll be your first
student, Mentor Lynn.
Mentor Lynn.
Mentor Lynn.
Mentor Lynn!
I like it.
I will teach you
everything today.
Grace tell you, I
helped her lesson?
It's true.
But teaching my friends
is not wrong, right?
This is the time you've been waiting for.
Passed the exam.
Take a deep breath,
empty your mind.
It's crystal clear.
Students, you may first answer.
Mathematics 60
questions, 30 marks
Mathematical Question...
I have warned you,
it is not easy.
If you know what you
do not understand...
... but you still do not
want to study with me.
Now, it's too late.
Say goodbye to your gred.
This question is the same
as Encik Sophon's paper.
You can make it, right?
Why anyway?
I've taught you!
I can not remember.
Why are you talking?
Do not imitate!
I will not leave an element if someone
imitates in the check-in booth.
Rinrada Nilthep
Do I need to write a name
on a piece of paper?
Must be.
You never take an exam?
Sorry, cikgu.
Student Reporting Cards
What about you?
How much can you get?
Are you there tomorrow?
Let's get it.
Let's see Pat.
Seronok sikit.
You have a bathing suit, right?
Pat, can not you
plunge as usual?
Because he is not great.
There is water in my ears.
Mr. Pat, dinner is served.
Leave it there.
Hey, I'm cool.
Grace, are you looking for rocks?
Many times I have told
Grace to pick you up here.
We are all in the same
class, but we rarely boast.
Grace is always good...
... Lynn it, this Lynn.
Be quiet.
Are you jealous?
Grace is always good, you are wise.
Without you, gred he
will not increase.
I also tell him...
I want a good friend like you.
I see you have a lot of friends.
But no one has given his
fire when borrowing.
So why?
Are you a school drama too?
A wise man like you
will not understand.
Less intelligent people like me...
... just put on a good gred.
If I do not fail, my dad
will give me a new train.
Seronok, right?
I know we are not so tight...
but if you agree...
I'll pay you 3,000 each subject.
From every one.
From every one?
What do you mean?
I have five more people.
What if cikgu can know?
Do not worry about that chapter.
All my friends can be trusted.
Everyone is willing to pay.
Cuba think, that's
just one subject.
How many subjects are in a single semester?
Excluding subject of PE...
So in one season of examination,
you will be able to...
13 times...
234,000 Bath.
Beautiful Digit, 234,000.
Just use your brain.
Think of it as a school bribe.
What is money for a bribe?
You really do not know?
Everyone will pay.
The more stupid you are,
the more you need to pay.
I gave 400,000.
This stupid guy donates
20 iMacs for the library.
But I've got a scholarship.
The scholarship is for learning purposes.
Do not forget the
other boarding house.
Resit: New Student
Payments 200,000 Bath
Divorce Letter
What's so on you?
Dad will sell it
to buy a new cart.
You can not play anymore.
I just remembered my mother's
birthday last night.
Why did my father send
me to another school?
Most students from that school...
... got a scholarship
to study abroad.
Dad just give you
a better chance.
I am not like mother.
Have you ever thought that...
... i might be happier
in my old school?
Three eyes.
Do not be too strong and
annoying neighbor next door.
Let's eat.
Daddy goes to sleep.
Okay, I admit I paid Lynn.
But pay him to learn piano.
Not in conflict with any
international law, right?
Or is it wrong?
Did you take me to an
international tribunal?
You've heard that
classical music...
... can help brain development?
We will use 4 songs
to represent...
A, B, C and D.
Memorize the movement of my finger.
This is for A.
Remember, it starts with the little
finger and finishes with the thumb.
This is for B.
B is 4 3 2 1 3, repeating twice.
This is for C.
This is for D.
I will give 3 answers
in one time.
I will repeat this way.
So, he will not be suspicious.
This can be evasive
from cikgu attention.
Moreover, you complete yourself.
I will start giving
a reply at 9:15 am.
In the meantime, complete
the other questions first.
Expensive this outfit.
You get rich after
teaching the piano?
Dad needs to wear new clothes too.
They are harassing dad at school.
They are good fathers.
Dad no story if it
can be new as well.
The classical piano by Mentor Lynn.
More crowded people want to
accompany your piano class.
Tahniah to Student of
Academic Year 2013
Look forward to the
Genius Youth after this.
Me and Lynn are studying in the same school.
But we are not friends.
Actually, we are competitors.
What does not hit?
Did you eat the ramen at noon?
How do you know?
There are some impressions on your shirt.
Dirty and twitching.
Take this, wet wipes.
Clean your shirt.
The prize is 5,000!
Actually we will get
less than that.
With 3% excise tax
cut, it is 150.
So, only 4,850 or
2,425 every one.
That's still a lot.
It is enough to eat salmon sideboard.
If we win, do you
go this evening?
No child.
I do not like to eat out.
Spending money only.
What is a joke?
Nothing, the way you
are as good as my dad.
So, is it good or not?
It must be a good thing.
Unpacked hair, twitches,
really like him.
I'm just nak betak your hair.
We're gonna be in TV for
an instant, get a box.
Looks neat now.
Last question.
Tell me the value of Pi along
with its decimal point.
I think that's enough.
And the winner of Teen
Genius this week is...
The School of Krungthep Thaweepanya!
I am truly amazed.
How did you get the
value of Pi so quickly?
I do not think.
I'm just memorizing it.
You memorize the value of Pi?
I always play memory
games with my dad.
The value of Pi, the person's name, the name of the river.
I am very proud of my students.
Please sit down.
I did not ask you to come,
so I can praise you.
I have good news for you.
Next year, the Singapore
Embassy offers a scholarship.
There is no bond.
He is a full-time student.
You may take a baccalaureate and finish
with a doctoral degree of philosophy.
Based on gred, your
behavior and your keazaman.
I am sure that both of you
will represent the school.
But there is a challenge.
This school only
provided one slot only.
But that's not a problem, is it?
Overnight you are both partners of the army.
But this time a competitor,
is not that a hiccup?
Dobi Secretariat
Another damaged machine.
Mak did not have time to wash.
Do not worry.
Let me help.
The mak hand is all broke.
Let me remind me that
I will change...
... but Ben also co-ed.
Apart from my father...
Ben is the only one who works hard
and the most honest person...
... I've met.
Hey, Ben!
What are you, Tong?
You're on a re-review?
I am the same.
When I was sick and did
not have time to learn.
Now it's the same.
I do not have time.
Help me!
I'm nak imu you.
I really should not
fail this time.
I've tried...
... but I'm hard to
understand the piano code.
Piano code?
No, nothing.
Hey, I do not imitate
you so uselessly.
I'll pay you.
3,000 Bath, enough?
Impersonation I will not
subtract your mark.
Listen here first!
It's not for you, Ben!
Could not please your friends?
There's no mercy!
Hurry, sign in.
Today you all take
the exam together.
Do not sit next to
your classmates.
All right, you can start answering.
Class 1
Class 4
Class 3
Class 6
This paper question is set 1.
There are 2 sets of exam papers.
You only need to answer
following the set you can.
A. Set 1
B. Set 2
Be careful.
Tong try not to imitate you!
Which sets do you get?
So which sets?
Set 1.
Place set 1 here.
Line 3.
Short hair that reflects the eye.
He imitates Rinrada
sitting next to him.
I'll see for myself.
Do not worry.
You can go.
What else?
You are 30 minutes away.
A. Set 1
Swap paper.
Banjong Wonpoom
20 minutes before graduation.
May I not extinguish your
name and write your name?
No way!
Sit tight.
Only 10 minutes left.
There are 5 minutes left.
B. Set 2
The period is over.
Stop writing!
Put your pen!
Not enough boys can A?
Ouch, that cikgu is fierce.
The good fortune of Mentor Lynn is there!
Do not invite people again.
I am not in the dungeon.
But, 3,000 for 25 people.
Do you think?
You did not write your
name on your paper.
Rinrada, from class 11/3...
... and Banjong from class 11/1.
Please come to the official
officials immediately.
I'm sure.
If the master does not believe, tell
Tong the original answer that question.
Puan will know the truth.
I call you both here...
... because Thanaphon
said, there is a mimicry.
There are 2 sets of exam papers.
It is impossible for him to imitate.
I give you an opportunity
to tell the truth.
Banjong, you are imitating?
We'll know it soon.
Thanaphon and
Rinrada, you may go.
Banjong, you wait here.
Lynn, later on.
Why is this road
guessing on your paper?
This road guess is
not from your set.
Do not let them know.
Everything is no problem.
The chancellor may want to
talk to the student article...
We have evidence that Lynn is
preparing her friend's paper.
Could you please tell me?
Otherwise I'll throw you away.
For the sake of money.
Tong try to pay me to
give him the answer.
3,000 Bath.
I am very disappointed with you.
Vit, I accept your child for...
... he is a mirror student.
But getting good gred
is not enough...
He needs good behavior.
You are a teacher, you are supposed to understand.
Answering your friend's
exam paper is a mistake.
It violates school rules.
I can throw you out now.
Although, this is
the first time...
... I can abort your students too.
Yes, master.
Can they take the original exam?
Remember, Lynn.
School is the place to learn...
... not to make money.
What is a joke?
You are already brash.
Encik Pravit...
You are a teacher.
You teach him a civilized way?
I do not think I'm just a...
... who uses the school
to make extra money.
What do you mean?
I am good at bribe
money my dad gave...
It's not a bribe.
That's the school.
Is not the school administration
included in the yuran?
Enough, Lynn!
I want to save the
teachings here.
He is still allowed to study in tuisyen.
Let's go.
All right.
But I have one condition.
You will not accept Singapore Student.
Let's go.
What is the relationship of a student with this problem?
It is true that I let my
friends imitate me...
... but I never imitate anybody.
My gred results from
my own work and skill.
Other students also have this skill.
The person worthy of the
scholarship is Thanaphon.
If you can not accept
this situation...
... then you can withdraw.
All right, Encik Pravit?
Yes, master.
Let's go, Lynn.
Tahniah for the scholarship.
If you find evidence...
... I'm sure Lynn is dishonest.
But I have nothing to
do with that problem.
Being a respectable
student is not important.
We have the same behavior.
Rinrada Nilthep
Dad already a bit.
Not just 3,000 Bath.
Teaching piano?
Have you ever thought, actually
more beautiful teaching them?
But the deck cheats too.
How do you think it's deceiving?
Father paid willingly.
So do my friends!
You are still not conscious
with your mistakes!
Dad will accept that mistake.
It's all wrong father.
Dad should not blame others.
If your father can not afford to
raise you to be a good person...
... how dare dad ask anyone
else to pay your tuisyen?
Dad will sell the train
to pay your tuisyen.
For this dress...
... dad no longer wants me.
About going out of the
country, forget it!
You're not going anywhere.
Stay here with my dad.
Return all the money
to your friends.
Do not think about the extent
of the ugliness you think...
but for me...
... Lynn is really a good friend.
Sorry for crying.
But this is not intentional.
Looks refreshing?
Hold it.
Selection of tomorrow starts.
You meet me not
just that, right?
How are you now?
You can face for the
coming semester?
Me and Pat have other
things to worry about.
Pat already told you?
We have just come back from France.
The visit was very hooked.
Yes, because mak left me.
It's a central area to buy.
Mak have bought you something.
Go pick red wines for dad.
Why do not you ask
someone for help?
Good, sir.
Grace, you boys dessert again?
It's okay, thanks.
We picked you today...
... because we
want to thank you.
For what?
Because helps Pat in his lesson.
You do not know...
... how depressed we
are to improve him.
But since Pat has
friends with you...
... he is very changed.
I think you are better than
all the teachers we know.
We have also designed...
... so Pat can study at the college
I studied first, in Boston.
But with grednya before this...
... I know he will not be able.
So, I reserve...
... so you should
also come with him.
So you can help him learn.
Do not worry about shopping.
We will get...
... for recitation yuran.
If you need anything help...
Just let me know.
Do not worry.
I have some information for you.
Look at it.
If it's not a money
issue, just agree.
You know the STIC exam, right?
Just like a GAT / PAT exam, to
apply for a university in America.
The checks are made
simultaneously around the world.
I need to take STIC...
... and I need to
take it in this year.
If not...
I did not have time to apply for
that university in his time.
I've sacrificed a
lot for you, Grace.
I really did not have the
heart nak asked you...
... but we do not know
what else to make.
Pat said he would pay
you 600,000 Bath.
Can you return this to Pat?
Can I borrow pens and papers?
I really can not help you.
Hi, honey.
Hi, dad. / font
I'm glad you contacted me. / font
Very bright there.
Now what time? / font
Noon, father. / font
I hope my father is berseronok in Thailand. / font
Can you see what time it is now?
/ font
Why is it so dark there? / font
It's now in bed here. / font
Okay, you need to sign in. / font
Okay, can you contact me later? / font
Good evening. / font
Bye. / font
Zon period.
STIC taken following the same
period and date around the world.
So, these countries will
take the first check.
Let me explain.
If you both take
it in Thailand...
... so I need to go outside the
country and take a test somewhere.
For example, Sydney, Australia.
There, 4 hours earlier than Thailand.
I'll take that check first.
I'll finish it first.
I can take the answer
for both of you...
... and also the person who
accompanies us in Thailand.
You will not only get a mark...
... but we can make
money from others.
After all denied, we
will share the profits.
Is not that very risky?
What risks?
There is no risk whatsoever.
See who this is?
Mentor Lynn.
This is the only way.
I can get enough money
to study with you...
... without asking for money from anyone.
I forgot my son.
I will go Boston
with both of you.
It will be more hilarious
if we go together.
Both of you will be
responsible for...
... look for this test taker.
For the part of checking...
... let me take care.
Later on.
Before we go looking for someone else...
I understand the article of the zon of that era...
but I'm still mistaken...
... how are you giving that answer?
By memorization.
The best way to remember it.
That's what survived the most.
Without any paper.
You're one of the X-Men experts?
STIC there are over 100 questions.
How do you remember all that?
I can make.
If there is enough time.
The problem is after
I finish the exam...
... I do not have much time.
I can only remember
half of the answer.
Only half?
There is someone who may be allowed.
But maybe she does not want to.
Why, mak?
Yes, I'm done.
Home Cik Rut?
May it be another day?
... I have a student
check at 8:00 am.
Hey, you!
Your basket is rolling in my mirror!
If you are sorry...
250,000 for the pass marker.
Small value for you, right?
Yuran tutorial STIC more expensive.
We need it in 30 people.
If it's more than that,
it might be risky.
If less than that, not berbaloi.
I can almost 30 people
in the STIC chat group.
If you can them all...
You will be able to...
... rejected from your full payment.
Later on.
You need to make sure no
one knows this chapter.
Especially the loser, Ben.
Do not ignore the bastard.
He will not be okay.
You do not hear?
He got knocked out.
Now he is hospitalized.
More sexy again...
... he is unfamiliar in
the scholarship check.
Seminar: Brilliant In
Education To Achieve Glory
I am sure that you all come...
to pass STIC...
... for a brighter future.
He's Steve Pat.
I have a way to get a
satisfactory post.
The thing that needs to be brought
inside the checking chamber is...
Pensel 2B.
Fire Extinguisher.
Letter of endorsement.
Passport card.
Any kind of communication
tool is certainly not true.
So, I will hide this phone
to deliver the answer...
... in the tank.
I will conduct a response
during the break.
The examination is divided into 3 sessions...
... and 2 times break time.
Later on.
How do other people
remember all the answers?
Not everyone is
capable like you.
The bar code.
Everyone will receive a 2B
pen with a printed bar code.
The width on the bar code...
... will represent a reply.
Starts from left to right.
The thickest is A.
Then, B, C and D.
Great, right?
But it does not end here.
There are 4 pens.
One pen for one part.
The number next to the bar
code for the Grid-In response.
For the section of the essay...
They usually take
published articles.
I'm going to deliver a keyword
to search for it on Google.
Hey, here I am.
Hey, pay attention!
You need to write an
essay by yourself.
In short, on the day
of the examination...
everyone will leave the
encounter before 7:30 am...
... to go to the examination
center just in time.
We will provide motosikal...
... to take you to the
examination center.
End once...
... everyone needs to
pay within 2 weeks.
Otherwise, the
agreement is canceled.
I also want to emphasize that...
... what makes this need to be taken care of.
Is there a problem?
If there is no...
I will end this seminar now.
We will unite together...
... to be brilliant in education.
We will be able to mark the location
we want to go to the university.
We may select a university.
They can not choose us!
Ouch, the teruknya, Ben.
What is the news?
I also sympathize...
... because you're off the scholarship.
Me too.
That day...
I did not intend.
I do not know whether you
are intentional or not.
What do I know...
... you need to be responsible
for what's going on.
I have a backup for you.
What is it?
Take a check.
Taking or mimicking in a check?
For me, the words imitate it...
... means someone
will miss something.
But we will be able to earn money,
and others can be good marks.
So, all can.
We are both equally poor.
We are not born rich
like Grace and Pat.
We must try harder to
achieve our dreams.
Look what happened?
It's not the same.
You're cheating.
I just have not had enough luck.
But you do not even though
you do not imitate...
... your life is still miserable.
This is the Grace address.
Meet tomorrow if
you're interested.
Printing Warehouse
Printing Warehouse
Sitting here.
You do not want to sit down?
Here's what we designed.
We will go to Sydney and
take STIC together.
Hey, Lynn.
You have not enough documents.
Do you still remember the
Genius Youth program?
They want me to go to Sydney.
They need your bank's
regulator for Visa purposes.
Who are you going with?
With Ben.
Not just the two of us,
there is a teacher.
I and you...
... need to memorize half
the answer from every part.
Do not forget...
Ben will memorize
the first half...
... and Lynn, the second half.
Part 1 there are 52 questions.
For the last part...
... you got to go first to
give me an essay question.
Period for section 4.
Start the essay.
Memorizing the keyword
is not so difficult.
But the hard thing is,
they will not let you go.
To evade suspicion...
... you need to act sick.
I can vomit.
I need to vomit now?
Do not!
How much do I pay?
1 million.
How much do you pay?
2 million.
What's your feeling, Ben?
Everything is in your hands.
Can be!
You should call yes from the beginning.
f a c e b / font o o k 1 0 0 M a / font l a y
Hey, come first!
Meet tomorrow, 1:00 noon.
Are you crazy?
The flight was 11:00 pm.
Why hurry so much?
There is one more thing
we need to practice.
You can not keep asking
innocent people!
You should be enjoying...
... cries of innocent people.
That's over, Pat.
I use all my cards.
You make as you really
have been caught.
I'm good, I understand...
... if you get arrested,
we'll just blame you.
Last question before
heading to the airfield.
Last question.
Spiritualizing character.
What if Ben is caught?
Are you going to be good?
He's a bit different.
I am not friends with him.
I see him around
school in 4-5 years.
I never saw he was a friend.
He looks like he is marginalized.
The quaint.
He was also beaten and dumped
into the stripping site.
Is it done?
Already, Ben!
I'm fine, stop!
Remove him!
What does not hit you?
You're the one who
told me so well.
So why are you angry with me?
Pat, already.
Ben, that's enough.
I am...
What are you?
... tell me what I have been
dumped at the removal site.
Now you know what
angry I am for!
All of you are designing
all this, right?
You did this for me so I can
not get the scholarship!
You are all involved, right?
You all know it already, right?
Really not?
You already know, right?
Why do not you answer?
Ben, back then.
Swimming, Ben.
I do not hear from you anymore!
Ben, be patient!
Let's talk!
Are you calm?
I'm sorry, Ben.
I'm sorry.
I never thought they
were too harsh on you.
Ben, listen first.
You still take STIC, right?
Forget the stupid STIC!
Ben, hear me first.
You, hear here!
I just got my mak.
He's old, still washing clothes!
I'm not rich like you.
This scholarship is your dream.
A dream that can be nice to me.
You're a blast!
Ben, if I'm not Lulu STIC,
my dad will go berserk.
Please, Ben.
We can both.
Please, Ben.
May be...
You did it for your
father's birthday!
What's your problem?
Are not you a good
man you need him?
If I do not play dirty...
... do you think he's a kid please us?
Let's talk first.
You are also involved in this?
No, I do not know right away.
Try Pat's intentions Pat.
He made the cause...
... he's nak please design you.
No matter who gets hurt?
The Future of Dobi
Grace, return everyone's money.
I pulled myself.
Wait, Lynn.
Okay, I respect your decision.
It's okay.
No need for anyone else.
Only the three of us.
Like the original design.
You still do not understand?
If I'm okay, no boy!
All right.
Be on your back.
I have only one request.
Do not get mad at me.
If I have half of your brain...
... I will not make
such a stupid case.
Please help.
Flight will be
released in 3 hours.
Let's go.
I will continue.
At least, I can get paid.
I'm not spanked.
What if I'm good... ... I'm not doing this anymore?
I did not ask anyway.
Why did I come here because of you.
... you're the cause of me being
dumped at the removal site.
All these problems
are due to you.
Are you guilty of
what you started?
This is your call.
I'm sorry.
Sorry for what?
... your nose.
You know...
I've never been out of
the country before.
Start tomorrow and so on...
... the world is like our oyster.
Let's take a picture.
The STIC year of study is canceled in
most countries across Asia... / font
... like China and South Korea. / font
This is because the college
has got it know... / font
... the STIC has been leaked
before the exam. / font
This year the boss has stepped up the
safety measure for the exam... / font
... to make sure there's no more trouble. / font
Classical Music for Learning
All applicants... / font
Please gather here. / font
Come, all. / font
Excitement! / font
Good. / font
Tahniah, you are in the last set...
/ font
... who can go inside and
take the exam. / font
Anyone who gets to slow will not be
allowed to take the exam. / font
All your stuff, especially telefon...
/ font
... should be stored here. / font
We will collect it at the top level.
/ font
All test takers... / font
Please make sure you fill out
all the information... / font
... on the answer paper. / font
Part 1 is a reading test consisting
of 52 questions. / font
You will be given 45
minutes to answer. / font
The period to answer. / font
5 mins away. / font
Ending period. / font
Please put your pen. / font
Your answer paper will be collected... / font
... when you were given a
10 minute break. / font
The first break between
5:15 and 5:25 am.
We're ready.
Overlapping. / font
Why are you this? / font
Select all
I'm one million more.
One million more?
You're worthless!
Be right!
Move money within 5 minutes
or forget about the answer.
5 mins?
Ask him?
What is his problem?
Take care of your emotions.
I can not calm down!
It's not for you, Ben!
This is Grace.
Well, we will move.
One million to my wages, a
million more because I was hit.
This is all I have.
Moreover, after we can answer.
The check will start in 1 minute.
/ font
Please go back to the checklist. / font
A B B C C A.
C A B C D B.
B A C B C D.
That's just fair.
Let's continue.
You may initially answer
section 2, now. / font
The period for Part 2 has finished.
/ font
You may initially answer
section 3, now. / font
The time has graduated.
10 minutes to break. / Font
Next, answer in the form of Grid-In.
Whatever is inside, please exit.
/ font
Do you hear? / font
Sign out, I'm fine. / font
Now! / font
Someone is reporting, you are
too long inside. / font
Sign out. / font
Now! / font
Sign out, now! / font
You heard, cik?
I'm good, out now. / Font
Hello? / font
Someone inside? / font
Please exit, now. / font
Your check is almost started.
Please return to class. / Font
Thank you. / font
See here. / font
I'll give you a chance to
tell everyone. / font
What are you doing? / font
What are you doing? / font
Notify me. / font
This has nothing to do with you.
Please log in. / Font
You may initially answer
section 4, now. / font
10 mins away. / font
For Sale
Are not we worth leaving
before 7:30 am?
The section of the essay begins now. / font
Why is this?
Are you okay? / Font
Are you okay? / font
Are you okay? / Font
I'm not good.
Can I go back now? / Font
If you leave now, your check
mark will be canceled. / font
Do you understand? / font
Later on. / font
Now 7:00 am.
Which of the other answers?
I do not know either!
Good morning.
Lynn is here?
I can not contact him.
He is not here.
He told me he went to
Sydney for one game.
It is worth it we do not see him.
I am sure he must
bring home pingat.
But I met this letter
of truth at home.
I am a telephon, no
one is answering.
So, I came to this address.
Could you tell me why
Lynn went to Sydney?
I have not seen him, boss. / Font
Okay, I'm looking for him. / font
No, he's not here. / font
Keep looking, I'll go upstairs.
/ font
You see him? / font
I'm out. / font
If you do not answer, I'm
going to see you counselor.
Tell me now what you are doing!
Lynn and Ben are making love!
They went to a secret ceremony.
Lynn is afraid that Mr. Cik
does not really let him go.
So, he had to be hokey.
I do not know what kind
of man to advise him.
Preferably, pack cik elegant
to the child pack cik.
Hurry up!
Pak cik...
Love is so beautiful.
What kind?
It's 7:00 am.
Motortection is already moving.
This has passed from
what was agreed.
Tell me what's the problem.
I do not know what
kid makes anymore!
Let me talk to them.
Why with your legs?
It's almost 7:30 in the morning.
What are we waiting for?
Where's the bar code?
I already paid.
Do not worry.
You will arrive at the time.
I promise.
We're out of sticker!
Here it is.
500 every one.
We'll leave later.
Can this door be opened? / Font
Exit Strip
It's almost 7:30 in the morning, Grace!
We have all the answers?
Not yet!
Six more!
This is EDGE!
What is EDGE?
No cues.
What happens if we
do not have time?
What about our money?
We will not have time!
We want money back!
Hurry up.
You've got the answer, have not you?
Do not Sign In
Three of these lines, go to
Bangkapi checkpoint center.
Two of these, go to Suttisarn.
Everything has gone up?
Do not forget to wear a hat just!
Give them.
One set for each one!
We are ready!
Put your hat on!
Hey! / font
Are you okay? / font
No, I'm not good. / font
That's okay. / font
But you need to go back to the
checkpoint with me. / font
Now! / font
Let's go!
f a / font c e / font bo o / font k 1 font color = "# ffffff" 0 / font 0 Ma / font l a / font y
I am from the embassy.
Students from Thailand claim to
use dictionaries from his phone.
We are working on this issue.
What will happen to him?
Perhaps his checkpoint
will be canceled.
Most successful, he will be
blacklisted from retrieving STIC.
They will question you.
If nothing goes you can go.
Wait here first.
I will talk to them.
Can I use demolition?
Welcome back.
From Mentor Lynn's followers.
Thank you very much, Lynn.
We will hold a party
at my house tonight.
For what?
You know, Ben got arrested?
And my markup has been canceled.
We'll find another
checkpoint for you.
If you do not take
the first check...
... you can not apply to the university.
Hey, Lynn.
You got the initial check.
Please, Lynn.
I've changed my mind.
Even though you've
got your markup.
We can not leave without you.
You both know no?
Check out at university
no choice of answers.
Even though I agree nak go...
... you still can not imitate me.
I will seek my own future.
Where's your man's friend?
Where is he?
Daddy nak pick him up for dinner.
What kind?
Why do not you ever
tell his chapters?
I am a child for recognition.
What is he, baby?
Tell the father.
Why are you interested in
the field of recitation?
I want to be a
teacher like my dad.
So others may benefit
from my knowledge.
You have experience in
giving instruction point...
... or teach others?
Yes, there is.
I got 1460 in STIC.
Becoming a teacher is not
just an academic expert.
You think...
You can be a good
example to others?
Lynn, you come no?
Ben has taken his share.
Let's take your part.
I miss you.
I am not a ruse.
Many bad things I
made before this.
But I will make it a guideline
for myself and others.
Lynn left the group chat.
To no avail.
Many achievements you have accomplished.
You may apply for a
student and study abroad.
You are not interested in it all?
I think...
... some are more deserving of it.
Student Dismissal Letter: Thanaphon Viriyakul
Ben: Come to my house tonight.
The Secretariat of Dobi Encik Ben
Sign in.
This shop looks new, Ben.
Already Encik Ben now.
You are stolen wang haram?
You've been dumped school...
... because the embassy for
your chapter report, right?
After this, what is it?
That's why I invite
you to come here.
Have you applied for a GAT / PAT check?
I have a backup for you.
I have a way to trust.
Guaranteed to be safe.
We can give answer
to crowded people.
More importantly, there are more
GAT / PAT takers from STIC.
But this design...
... will not be complete without Mentor Lynn.
How much money do you need?
If your payment is still not enough...
... you can take my
payment from Pat.
Go take it.
This is not a chapter of money.
This article...
from now on...
... how many we can make.
I've already made an estimate.
This time...
... we may, at least 10 million.
You do not think it's enough
to blend with the risk?
You've been natural.
If we are arrested, we
will not go to jail.
Can you study for 4 years
with a 5-figure salary?
You can get millions,
from now on.
Why do we need to
work at the desk?
Because for me...
... money is not everything.
If you do not want to make...
I will tell everyone...
... that you are the
mastermind in STIC.
I assure you.
You will be black-acted from studying
outside the country like me.
Let it be.
So, we're both in series.
Not just you!
And all the STIC takers.
Fine carefully...
If the boss can know...
... they may abort all
markers within Thailand.
One more thing...
Your father should be
disappointed with you.
Do not be afraid, honey.
We must continue, no
matter what happens.
Dad's kind smile.
Cik Rinrada? / font
You ever told me...
If we win, we win together.
If we lose, we lose equally.
I'm not the type who likes
to feel it all by myself.
If you do not want to make...
I will make sure you
will fall with me!
Do you think, Lynn?
What will apply?
It all depends on you.
That's right.
Everything depends on me.
We are here to brand
your acknowledgment...
... about fraud when STIC exams.
So you're available? / font
I am available. / font