Bad Guys: The Movie (2019) Movie Script

CJ Entertainment presents
A CJ Entertainment
& Bidangil Pictures production
Executive Producer
CHO Young-ki
Co-executive Producer
Mike IM
Creative Producer
LEE Son Young
Produced by
KIM Su-jin YOON In-beom
Please! Don't kill me!
If you spare me,
I'll do anything for you.
Park Woong-chul
Formerly hired muscle
Serving 28 years for
duress, aggravated assault
What's all the fuss about?
I was nailing my topstitch.
What's going on? A riot?
The newbie is a total nut job.
He's in for killing a man.
How come you're just watching?
We could get hurt...
and you arrived just in time.
And you still get your paycheck?
Outta the way.
The big boss is here.
Shit, it's him.
We gotta get outta here.
Don't you get tired of this?
Don't just stand there.
Clean up this mess.
The fight is over.
What the hell
Clueless bastard.
Oh, shoot! My glove!
That son of a bitch
I could've ruined it.
Come back here.
Stop! All of you!
What is it?
I thought I should show you this.
Organized crime boss
found dead, organs cut out
You were never an actual gangster.
You did what you did for a friend
then took the fall for everything.
I'm sorry it worked out this
way but don't let it ruin you.
Memorial Park
I'll give you a two-day
leave to see him off.
Nam Myung-suk
You've got no other friends?
No one to hang out with?
No, I got someone here.
Why do I need anyone else?
Cut the crap. Something bothering you?
When you were around, your
name alone solved problems.
Not anymore.
I told you to quit.
You're too soft.
You aren't cut out for this job.
I heard you picked up sewing.
Just to kill time... it's a hobby.
My old man has a dry cleaners.
And my mom raised the six of
us with her sewing machine.
She used to wear one
of these all the time.
To look after her hand,
the tool of her trade.
So this belonged to your ma?
You sure I can have it?
I support what you're doing.
I don't know if my hand will fit.
It does. Wow!
It definitely gives you
a sense of professionalism.
You caught your daughter's killer.
Why are you living like this?
I have something to ask you.
If it's about your friend,
you wasted your trip.
It's cancer.
I'll be meeting my daughter soon.
Don't bother me. I wanna go quietly.
Mi-young came to me a few days ago.
She's snooping about the Junggu Clan.
She thinks they might be
behind your buddy's murder.
Look her up.
What's with the last
minute prisoner transfer?
We do what we're told,
no questions asked.
Long time no see, little lady!
You're calling from your phone?
Did you break out?
Just a short leave.
You make prison sound like high school.
I wanted to say thanks
for helping with my dad.
He's much better now.
We should catch up.
I'll wait outside your work.
Sounds good.
Find another seat.
What the hell?
I checked it before we left.
You checked too, right?
We gotta problem.
I repeat. We gotta problem.
We need to stop for gas.
Are you kidding me?
Copy. Round up all escorts.
CK, surveil up front.
We're changing course to C,
stopping at gas station 45.
This is Bell 1. Do you copy?
Copy. S-1 to C course.
Transfer bus to C course.
S-2 to C course.
Okay, you're done.
All that running must've
upset my stomach.
Open this door.
Kwak No-soon!
I'll tear it down!
What are you doing in there?
You hear me?
Was that necessary?
And my name is Jessica, not No-soon.
My stomach hurts real bad.
Can we stop by the hospital?
Come on.
What's the ETA?
About an hour.
Wow, you finally caught her.
She was a slippery one.
Her site was based in Myanmar,
so we searched all of Yangon.
But turned out her operation was here
the whole time.
One of the residents dug up
a box of money in a field.
What about accomplices?
No such thing. She seems to fly solo.
Is that possible?
Doesn't make sense, does it?
But if anyone could pull it off,
it would be her.
She's the real deal.
And global too.
I'm feeling nauseous.
I think I might be pregnant.
The station first
- You don't give up, do you?
- You been pregnant before?
What the fuck?
Let go of me!
What are you doing?
Aren't you gonna go?
What are you doing?
Man, oh man
I'm getting outta here.
Can't let all that money go to waste.
Hello, I'm Detective Yoo
with the Seoul Met Police.
Hello? Can you hear me?
What the hell
Noh Sang-sik, you're coming with us.
Who are you?
Where are you taking him?
Can you hear me? The transfer
bus has been in an accident.
On Route 39,
near Gyeongcheon Gas Station.
1-6, do you copy?
Come in, 1-6.
1-6?! Dammit
Son of a bitch!
Who are you?
Outta the way!
Stop, you bastard!
The only two people that treated me
like a human being ended up this way.
I'll take care of it.
You take care of yourself.
Let's do this.
You fucking bastard!
Come here.
Who's your boss? Where is he?
His name is Noh Sang-sik,
but he's not here.
Where the hell is he?
In the big house.
You took out the Dongbang boss
to take over the clan?!
No! After our boss went inside...
If I hear a single lie...
We merged with Dongbang.
I'm telling the truth!
Report current location.
Return by tomorrow 4:00PM.
I knew you'd be here.
It looks like more than a day's job.
You saw the news?
Get me a passport and a flight.
No time for explanation. Hurry!
Emergency Room
Unprecedented Prison Bus Hijacking Case
Can I get some tea?
What would you like?
Actually, coffee with milk
and extra sugar, please.
I'm getting a sweet tooth
because I'm tired.
I know how it's been for you.
This one and this one
we arrested these two today.
This one, this one, and this one...
we got a lead on their whereabouts,
so it's just a matter of time.
But these three and this woman
are still missing.
They're the big ones.
Any info on the attacker
or who's behind it?
This is the Junggu Clan boss,
Noh Sang-sik.
It could be one of his boys
but who would stick their neck out
for a clan practically defunct?
We're checking all possibilities.
Once this hiccup passes,
will you officially become
the youngest commissioner ever?
Is that jealousy I hear?
I'm happy to see my classmate prosper.
I just hope you'll help me up
once you get to the top.
Listen, seven of our men
got killed in this incident.
If you're done drinking coffee,
go out and bring in those bastards!
And let me worry about who I pull up.
Well, I'd hate to taint
your reputation as a clairvoyant.
I'll be on my way.
Woah, look who's here!
You're Oh Gu-tak, founder of
the legendary Special Crime Unit, right?
I'm Detective Cho, in charge
of the prison bus escape case.
I'm not in the mood for introductions.
Bring me up to speed.
The Junggu clan is a mafia organization
based in and around Seoul.
The boss is Noh Sang-sik.
Morning, sir.
Mr. Chairman!
He recently took over Sammi Savings Bank
with funds from God knows who
and has been playing
entrepreneur ever since.
The clan was growing fast,
getting powerful until his recent bust.
About a month ago, Noh called
Detective Yoo from prison.
He'd received death threats
and wished to come clean.
He said he wasn't the actual leader.
The de facto boss is of incredible
financial means and political connections,
and on his way to subjugating the
underground finance world.
He claimed he has a bribe book
to back his words
and that he's willing to hand it over.
He demanded strict confidentiality
until safety was guaranteed.
Then a few days later,
there was a second
assassination attempt...
So an urgent transfer was arranged,
and this happened.
There was clearly a leak,
meaning a mole within the force?
To be honest, I don't know where to
You can't trust anyone and you want
this to go away quickly and quietly.
First things first.
I'll get you reinstated.
Tell me what you need.
I'll provide full cooperation.
We'll unleash the dogs again.
Oh Gu-tak
Ex-captain of Special Crime Unit
Served 3 years for
dishonorable use of force
It's like handing it to him
on a silver platter.
A few years ago, they launched
an unconventional crime unit.
So the rumor was true?
They used inmates to catch criminals?
You remember when
that massive organ-trafficking
network was broken up?
The police-DA joint operation
sat on leads for a full year,
but that crime unit brought it all down
in 3 weeks.
They busted into the network's den
and went straight to the top.
the Muscle grabs the butcher
who snaps a man's neck like a twig,
and cuts all the tendons
in his wrists and ankles.
the Mad Dog doesn't hesitate
to shoot any criminal he encounters.
the relentless, crazy Bitch Cop moves through
thugs like a shredder through paper.
And fourth,
Jung Tae-su finishes the job.
No one can clean up scum like he can.
He's a mad, man-killing machine.
They're all veritably mad.
This case is big,
with a promotion at stake.
Let's do it right.
Yes, sir.
You're a three-time commendation recipient
for arresting the West Village boss
and rounding up the
White Tigers and the entire Miari Clan.
How did you end up in jail?
I didn't get a chance to ask
the perp I was chasing
about his medical record
before he started running from me.
He dropped dead of a heart attack.
5 years for involuntary manslaughter.
They wouldn't do that
for one tragic accident.
There was also brutality, tainting the force's name,
assault causing bodily harm, insubordination, etc.
Top of your class at the academy
But like your father, you weren't
interested in climbing the ladder.
What do you know about the old man?
I worked with him briefly.
Then not long enough for
him to suffocate you.
He was a way better cop
than I could ever be.
Are you just being respectful
for the dead or what?
You got some mouth on you.
Alright, I'll cut to it.
You must've heard about
the Special Crime Unit.
We don't care about procedures
or what the top brass say.
We just catch bad guys.
There is one rule though.
You can beat, cut,
smash perps up all you want,
but you gotta bring them back
to me breathing.
Solve this case, and we'll knock
5 years off your time.
I'll pay my dues one way or another,
but I get antsy being locked up.
So I'm excited to crack
some criminal skulls again.
Also, there's a personal debt to settle.
Ko Yoo-sung
Ex-homicide cop
Serving 5 years
for involuntary manslaughter
Taekwondo School
How come it's just you?
Where's Tae-su?
He's done getting blood on his hands.
I believe you two have met.
This is your partner from today on.
Partner, my ass
I heard about you.
If you're gonna do this,
do it with a smile on your face.
Yeah, whatever. Let's get to work.
Park Sung-tae, 45.
Starting with the murder of
a professor and his wife 10 years ago,
he's killed 8 people
over a period of 2 years.
He targets the elder and women.
He was arrested in 2007
and sentenced to death.
A devil unleashed to the world
after 11 years.
What he needs is a good beating.
Next, Kim Chang-min.
He has a rap sheet
with any crime you can name on it,
but he only got 15 years.
What's notable about him is
he broke out of prison in 2009
and was on the lam for 907 days.
57 officers were submitted to
disciplinary measures
and 7 were relieved of their posts.
Letter of Resignation
He's fast on foot,
good with his fists.
And in excellent shape.
How do you know his shape?
Our third target is
Noh Sang-sik.
Let's make this clear,
I call dibs on him.
They suspect the whole incident
was to snatch this guy.
I don't understand how
a third-rate clan no one's heard of
can suddenly rise to power and
take over major cities so quickly.
It doesn't make sense.
An unanswered question.
Why not?
Who subjugated Seoul in just 25 days
by taking over 1 district a day
from Guro to Nowon?
That was a long time ago
And by the way, stop talking
to me like I'm your little brother
or I'll smack some sense into you.
Both of you knock it off.
Lastly, there's Kwak No-soon.
She operated an illegal gambling site,
milking millions from gambling addicts.
Wait, I know her.
She's called...
Jessica! A friend of Chul-joo's.
Yoon Chul-joo? The crook?
Yeah, the greasy-looking one.
Taekwondo School
Remember, use your words, not hands.
Of course not. Like the saying goes...
Be good to those you know.
What kinda bullshit is that?
You know everyone around here
uses my towel.
I know, but customers
complained about the smell.
Who complained?
Some damn sharp noses?
What smell are they talking about?
Don't you know who I am?
I'm Park Woong-chul.
From Guro to Nowon,
I wiped out 1 district a day,
taking over Seoul in just 25 days.
That's it. Closing business today.
What are you doing?
Sorry, boss.
Everyone out! I said out!
We're closing for the day. Bye!
Come on, keep smiling.
Isn't he finished? Or is he deaf?
Hey, little one
Long time, Chul-joo.
Or is it Woong-chul now?
I, I can't believe this
Is everything okay, boss?
Hey, punk. Do you have any idea
who this man is?
Don't worry about it.
What's the matter, boss?
Oh, I remember!
Good to see you again.
You must've been released.
You little shit...
How dare you talk to my boss like that?
Stop. Don't.
Don't do that.
Well, this is my buddy, Chul-joo.
We go way back.
Oh, the crook that used to work
under you, right?
Not under me. No.
He's my best friend, you know?
Stop offending my buddy
and get outta here.
- Yes, boss.
- Go.
Hey, get back here.
What the hell
You will pay for everyone you threw out
and clean the place up, understand?
Yes... sir.
Chul-joo, come here.
I wanna talk to you.
Will you just leave me alone?!
You wrote to me saying
you'll leave the past behind.
I'm sorry, man
for not keeping my word -
You didn't hit him, did you?
You were gentle with him?
It's good to see you too!
It's been a long time.
Why didn't you write more often?
Yeah, I missed you too.
You must be very tired.
Jessica! Jessica!
Did you get what I asked for?
Of course.
Let's enjoy tequila by the Iguasu Falls.
Sure thing.
What's the matter?
Oh nothing.
You're sweating like a pig.
It's hyperhidrosis. That's all.
See you later.
You know, I wasn't entirely sure
when I asked you to help.
I thought you might sell
me out to the police.
So I got this just in case.
You didn't tell, did you?
Don't be ridiculous! Though
I would've understood if you had.
Because we're friends
You fucking idiot!
Kwak No-soon!
I'm gonna kill you!
Good to see you again, Captain!
Let's not make a scene.
There are 5 exits and just 2 of you.
You'll never catch me.
You are in danger.
- Come here.
- Stop.
Help me.
Kwak No-soon
Fine. I'm turning myself in.
Hey, it's been so long.
I almost forgot your face.
I'm sorry I didn't visit more often.
Pay respects to him.
Sir, my name is Lim Chun-ho.
I'm the new CEO.
Good. How's the Chairman?
Very well. How's the food?
Rice wine after hiking is the best.
The Chairman always knows
exactly what I want.
Have a great time here,
and let us pass the budget review.
Enough talk of state affairs.
Let's have a good time.
Have you been taking something?
Captain, can I have a word?
Clearly there's been a misunderstanding.
I need to talk to you.
Someone's coming to pick you up.
Won't be but a moment.
At least untie me.
You can't do this.
I turned myself in, remember?
Uncuff me. Come on!
You're loud and annoying.
I'll uncuff you if you'll shut up.
There. You better keep quiet now.
Captain, what is this place?
Some kinda torture chamber?
Shut up and sit down, will you?
In a minute.
Don't try my patience...
Why... why are you doing this?
We gotta lead on Noh.
He's on the run with
legendary fugitive Kim Chang-min,
who's dodged police detection
for over 3 years now.
What are the police doing?
They're reinforcing checkpoints
and police force
throughout the province of Gangwon.
But that's not Kim's style.
You know him?
Oh, very well.
I partnered with him briefly
while working over some old misers.
He'd rob their houses
while I distracted them.
She's bullshitting her way through this.
Take her away.
How dare you say that about me!
There's no one that knows him like I do.
He was begging to meet me
the last time he broke out of prison.
Just get her out of here.
Why don't we hear
what No-soon has to say?
Now we're talking.
By the way, it's not No-soon.
It's Jessica.
I would kill for that sweet...
what is it?
Caramel Macchiato.
Kwak No-soon
Self-styled analyst
Estimated 5 years
for multiple counts of fraud
I indicated where Kim was
during his escape in 2009.
He broke out in Busan
and went into hiding for 907 days,
covering 40,000km.
And he never once appeared
in Gangwon province.
Because no one lives there.
You poke your head out,
and you'll be noticed instantly.
He didn't go there.
He just shot a smoke bomb off
to divert attention.
Then where do you think he is now?
In 2010, he appeared briefly
in Gaepo, Seoul.
He gave 13,000 cops the slip
and after just 2 days,
turned up in Iksan 200km away.
He made his way down on
nothing but fucking milk and bread.
Pardon my French.
And the police? They were
searching the sewers of Gaepo.
You really wanna catch Kim?
Forget statistics and logic.
You need a humanistic
and emotional approach.
What the hell are you saying?
You dense, dumb...
It's women.
When he was arrested in 2011,
Kim famously said
there was only
one woman he ever loved.
Give that to No-soon.
Wait, are you telling us to work
with this nut job?
Oh, come on, sweetheart.
It'll be fun working together.
Don't call me sweetheart.
Hey, can you work with her? Be honest.
I don't care. Whatever.
- Ridiculous.
- Some cooperation, please?
She'll come in handy, that's for sure.
I don't know
Are you kidding?
I'm supposed to wear this?
What happened to human rights?
Wear it or you're out.
But my million dollar legs...
Urgh, I can only do the pants for now.
Whether you like it or not,
that's the condition
if you wanna work here.
These exceptionally proud two
are wearing them without complaints.
Catching the small fish knocks
off 3 years. The big one, 5.
Not a bad deal, huh?
If I catch the big one,
I'm exonerated immediately
Kim Chang-min
Victim's statement
These are the women who
helped him while he was on the run.
Their locations and
jobs are all different.
There's gotta be a link somewhere.
How many women is that?
How can we categorize them?
Love proportion.
The longer you travel,
the more often you need to take a dump.
So we follow the smell.
What... is she getting at?
It took days for Kim
to travel to his next woman.
- What's his nickname?
- The Romantic Outlaw.
But still an outlaw.
Still stealing to live.
I sent over the record
of open, nationwide theft cases
since the escape.
I appreciate it.
Kwak is a five-time fraud convict.
Use her carefully then ditch her.
No studios or small apartments.
Too much unnecessary attention.
Look for houses at least
3,500 sq.ft. and in affluent areas.
Where things haven't changed
much since the 90's.
Houses with high walls,
that's what we want.
What is she doing to the map?
Kim never revisits the same area twice.
I think she's marking patterns
and directions in color.
Oh... what the hell's that mean?
Just let her do her thing.
Choi Sun-mi?
Who are you?
Someone that can help.
What are you talking about?
You're taking him food
this late at night...
You think it's love, don't you?
You're wrong. He's just using you.
What do you know about him?
Oh, I know him.
Want me to convince you?
He must've told you
about his miserable past,
how the world is the problem,
but now he's repenting
and he can't live without you.
Snap out of it. That's his repertoire.
The women he sweet talked into helping
him he simply used then ditched...
There are 15 in the police record alone.
My own sister fell victim
to the same trick.
It's good.
You're an amazing cook.
I'll open a restaurant for you one day.
Honey, listen...
The police came to me earlier.
Kim Chang-min, where's Noh Sang-sik?
Why would they make a road like this
All this unnecessary work at night.
Get up.
You okay?
They'll say you turned yourself in.
Don't worry.
What are you doing?
You're so dumb. I was gonna
keep you around for a bit longer.
Once a scum...
It was you.
I didn't know you had a sister.
A crazy girl.
Bring it on. I've got nothing to lose.
Bitch! I'll kill you!
You piece of shit
Get up.
What the hell?
That son of a bitch!
Back up, back up!
What's wrong?
You okay?
What is it?
Just fucking great...
I'm not going anywhere.
I knew this was gonna happen
when you paired with a criminal.
He's not at the church,
and he's not answering his phone.
Track down his ankle monitor.
Then what?
What am I supposed to do
with you in the hospital?
You know what the difference is
between your father and us?
If a perp jumped into a fire pit,
you and I would chase them into it.
We're not too bad as cops.
But your father prevented
countless crimes in advance.
Ko Chang-ho
Woong-chul is ready to
live as a changed man.
He just hasn't had the chance yet.
With his flesh and bone,
he's expiating in his own way.
- Show me some respect.
- Okay, okay
Do you know who I am?
What's going on?
Wake up.
Did I sober you up?
It wasn't me, man.
I know.
You don't have the balls to do that.
So who's the actual boss of the clan?
They call him the Chairman.
I saw him once.
They say he's like a phantom -
Remember how we used to
go to the sauna together,
you, me, and Myung-suk?
For old times' sake,
I need you to be honest with me.
Of course.
Where is their hideout?
I was taken there once,
but the car windows were blacked out.
I think it was near Incheon Port.
Who are they?
I'm not the loser that used to
rub your back at the sauna anymore!
Any more goons?
Come back here.
Ever heard of teamwork?
Don't go rogue on us.
Stop, stop.
It was the Junggu boss
that killed Myung-suk.
So let's pay Chang-min
a visit at the station.
We gotta find Noh anyhow.
He holds the key.
Okay, let's go.
Who are you?
Damn you okay?
- Call an ambulance!
- What was that?
That crazy fucker
Chief Cho
this should make us even.
Oh, and...
if you ever touch one of mine again,
I'll bash your fucking head in.
A message from Captain Oh.
Where's Noh?
Why should I tell you that?
You got nothing for me then?
You better heed those words.
You're all insane!
I get so turned on
just thinking about kicking your ass.
Crazy bitch...
Where's Noh?
Not gonna tell me?
Don't change your mind, okay?
Hey... wait!
A few of us ran to the bus terminal.
We just happened to be there together!
It's the truth!
Kim Chang-min Noh Sang-sik
Excuse me. Can I ask you something?
I want to find my friend's address.
I have her social security number.
If she's your friend, why don't you ask
I'm asking you because
I can't ask her myself.
Why not?
It's difficult to say.
You said you know this person.
So why's it difficult?
Because she knows if I find her,
I'll kill her.
I'm going to kill her.
What are you
You goddamn butcher! How long do
I have to put up with this shit?
Shit, this will hurt when it's wet.
This is it.
The escape boat is tomorrow?
I'll get you onboard,
but let's split up for now.
I saved your life in the machine room.
Don't complicate things.
Just shut up and stick with me.
Requesting ID.
10,000 police were
dispatched to the wrong place,
and there's a psycho
serial killer on the loose.
Pandora's box is wide open.
What about collateral damage - Prisoners
still at large. Where are the police?
I said no.
You're not listening to us.
I don't think you understand...
Whether he kills me
or I starve to death,
I wind up dead either way.
You are in grave danger.
Who are you people?
That news has been running for days.
What're the police doing?
I wish I'd never reported him.
He's the criminal, but
I'm the one living in agony!
You said it was the right thing to do.
You said I did the right thing.
I'm sorry but...
I can't speak on behalf of the police,
but I'm truly sorry.
We're not actually with the
Yes, sir.
The Deputy Commissioner wants to see me.
Catch you later.
Two officers were murdered last night.
This is from the dash cam.
That's Park, right?
Increase security around -
Hold on.
She went out the back.
She went to work against our warning.
Good evening.
Karaoke Bar
You came in early.
He must be on some kinda blood thinner.
There was a ton of blood.
I missed you, baby.
I'll stand guard.
Baby, you awake?
I created a song to help me remember
your social security number.
Just kill me already, you nut job...
Oh don't worry, I will.
I've been itching to do it for a while.
Another drink?
I'm in. Where at?
How about...
Hey, Noh Sang-sik!
Why are you looking at me funny?
If that's how you wanna do this...
Open this door!
Open it, dammit!
Son of a bitch!
Outta the way.
You piece of shit.
Come here.
I wanna kill you, but I can't.
So I'll just kill half of you.
Stay with me.
This way!
Crazy fucker!
Shit, that was close. Why did you run?
Damn you...
Hi, good to finally see you.
Get up.
I told you he was mine.
Let go of him.
What are you doing?
I'm gonna kill this bastard
and end it all right here.
Don't be an idiot! Killing him won't
bring back your friend!
Come again?
You want me to kill you too?
We didn't go through all this shit
just so you can fuck it up for us!
Let go.
Come here.
You killed Myung-suk, didn't you?
It wasn't me. I swear.
Don't fucking lie to me!
I didn't do it! Let me explain!
Let's hear him out.
Start lying and I'll rip your tongue
The real boss of the Junggu Clan
is the boss of Yoshihara-kye,
a branch of Yamaguchi-gumi.
Backed by extreme right power,
Yoshihara started a war against
Yamaguchi, Japan's largest yakuza.
After 7 years, Yoshihara
subjugated the yakuza world
like Toyotomi Hideyoshi
did centuries ago.
After taking over Japan,
he turned his sights outwards,
with enormous money at his disposal.
So they're basically like a K-pop band.
5 years ago,
he approached me right after
I made the Junggu Clan with a few boys.
He said he'd back me up
and make me Korea's top boss
in return for my loyalty.
You filthy traitor
Please, let me finish.
So you were wiping Yakuza ass.
Why are you even telling us this?
It all comes down to ice.
Like... crystal meth?
One day,
Yoshihara took me to a warehouse
and showed me our next line of business.
With massive funding from banks,
he bought equipment and manpower
and began organ trafficking.
He bribed people up top,
even got laws changed
to acquire a pharmaceutical company.
From organ trafficking
to meth production...
I've seen some shit in my line of work,
but that was
That was hell on earth.
He turned our young
members into addicts.
He recruited homeless, illegals,
kids just out of orphanages,
made them work for him
and even...
He even used them for testing.
Just like back in the
Japanese occupation.
With that kind of data,
they must have amazing know-how.
They do.
They started producing
stuff unlike any existing drugs.
Why did he want to get rid of you?
Wait, but
who exactly are you people?
You don't ask questions. You talk
and reflect on still being alive.
You know Detective Yoo?
We're with her.
I guess this is how it's gonna be.
Yoshihara would've built
sales networks,
probably through arcades
and karaoke bars.
If you don't stop him,
this country will fall apart.
Fantastic job.
Mission complete! Alright!
Who are these people?
We'll take it from here.
You're good, I gotta give you that.
The police will do things
according to procedure from here.
I don't like where this is going.
Bunch of criminals running around,
acting like heroes
You've served your purpose.
It's time to let you go.
You know me, don't you?
How much did they bribe you
to turn you like this?
It's not just about the money.
My reputation as the
clairvoyant of Seoul Police...
Let's just say I got help,
not clairvoyance.
Yoshihara spoon fed you
juicy cases then pulled strings.
They put some hard work
into getting you on top.
So now you know why I brought you in.
It's not rocket science.
You'll take the bribe book,
frame us for snatching Noh
for money, and get rid of us.
No handcuffs? You're gonna do it here?
Clever boy.
You're the late
Superintendent Ko's son?
Like your old man,
you're too damn romantic.
That's not how the world works.
If you try to be a hero like your dad,
you'll die like him.
Son of a bitch!
Wait, wait.
No bullet holes.
Let's not complicate the autopsy.
I know your face.
Better not bump into me again.
Take a good look.
What are you gonna do?
This'll be the last thing you see.
I heard Oh could go any day now.
At least, he'll have you
to keep him company.
And you call us the criminals?
Shut up, bitch.
We don't want the
crime scene to reek of petrol.
It's practically a tinder box.
Just set it on fire.
And make sure they burn with it.
I'll report to you later, sir.
Come on, think!
I can't if you keep yapping.
Both of you shut up! The smoke
gets you before the fire.
Okay, this is gonna hurt.
What? What's the matter?
There's gotta be another way!
Just stick it out a little longer!
It hurts bad, like really bad
- I have an idea.
- So do I.
You're ripping me in two!
It worked!
This old building
Don't be dramatic.
Get up. Let's get outta here.
Ugh... my belly
What's wrong with him now?
Well shit
Don't be embarrassed.
No one saw anything.
Saw what?
What's wrong with her?
She's not breathing.
Geez, you scared me.
You okay?
I'm okay. I'm fine.
You sure?
I'm breathing. See?
- Finish off here.
- Yes, sir.
Are you allowed out here?
Worry about yourselves.
I kept getting a bad feeling,
couldn't sleep.
They took the books with them.
You're all here.
Like you said,
something didn't add up.
I knew it.
Geez, you scared me.
I'm not gonna eat you.
I have a favor.
You're asking me for a favor?
It's all about catching the bad guy.
We're working together.
Like the saying goes...
When asked for a favor, do it.
Let me at least hear it.
Look into recent
gang activities in Incheon.
They've kept things low key
for years now.
Junggu merged with them
without any friction.
Too quiet, too smooth
Something is cooking for sure.
We gotta find their secret location.
It's a huge city.
They need a lotta people
to run such an operation.
Look for places with a sudden
flow of people for no reason.
Okay, but what makes you
think you can trust me?
Some things are just obvious.
You don't seem to have extra
cash to splash on nice clothes.
You're still low in rank,
so you're probably not a kiss ass.
Okay, okay. I get it.
It's a stuffed toy factory with
no usual factory types working there.
Only burly men come and go,
and security is very tight.
So this is the factory.
Gotta be a thug to think like one...
Is that it?
Something like that.
Now what?
We catch some Yakuza. What else?
What? You wanna join in?
We gotta go too, but
we don't have a warrant.
No. Don't even think about it.
I told you you could count on me.
Good work.
I think you're ready to trade your
nightstick in for a political podium.
I'll arrange a dinner with
the big boss next week.
Thank you, sir.
Please don't kill me.
The only place for a traitor is hell.
this is worth 30 shots of ice,
which equates to a grand.
1kg of ice is 3 million dollars,
and 10kg, 30 million.
But I didn't spend tens of millions
to make petty cash in return.
This country is a mere test bed.
Once today's operation proves solid,
we head mainland.
Yes, Mr. Chairman!
Being outnumbered is one thing, but
getting in will take forever too.
That's why I brought in Goblin Foot.
Who the hell is that?
Someone I used to worked with.
Who's this?
Maybe they ordered from inside.
You know, he'd give his life
if I asked him to.
That's a big favor.
Chinese Delivery
Don't just stand there,
take it inside.
Why's he called Goblin Foot?
He's so fast, you don't see his feet
You thugs are so creative
when it comes to nicknames.
And No-soon got her name
because her mom had her in the street?
There he is.
Long time. All good?
You ready for some heavy lifting?
The deputy's men got arrested.
So good
if I take out the head,
I get 5 years off, right?
I can't help you if you get beat up.
You're on your own.
Are you ready?
Let's do this.
Fucking hell!
I'm a Superintendent General
with the Korean Police!
You wouldn't dare do this to me.
Open his mouth.
Wait! No!
The Republic of Korea...
is there anything that
money can't do here?
Covering things up isn't hard,
as long as there's a face
for people to blame..
Make it that the Deputy Commissioner
did this after taking the drug.
Who the hell are you?
How did you get here?
GPS is how, you dumbass.
You fucking punk
You're not getting outta here.
I'm about to bring the
hammer down on this place.
He can be really scary, right? I mean,
look at his face. It's barely human.
Kill them.
How dare they sneak in here!
1 million apiece,
bring their heads to the Chairman's
That way.
Come on, get them!
You're not coming?
I gotta take care of something.
I'll catch you later.
Goblin, make way.
Come here.
There's something
I've been meaning to tell you.
You give shitty back rubs!
What... aren't you gonna work?
They'll take care of this.
You should lay low in Japan for a while.
Son of a bitch
Need a hand?
No, I got it.
The Yakuza went up to the roof.
Shit more stairs?
Okay! Keep at it!
I'm gonna kill you today, you asshole.
You're not going anywhere!
Tenacious bastard
I admire your spirit.
Any last words?
You have the right to remain silent
and the right to an attorney. Scumbag.
Crazy bastard
It's been so long.
It makes my blood boil.
Um no onions, please.
Maybe that wasn't right.
Just come here.
Bring it on.
You bastard.
Just two more, okay?
This one's for Detective Yoo,
and this one, for Myung-suk.
Worthless son of a bitch.
Captain Oh,
we've got bodies everywhere in here.
If you let this one slip,
I'll find you a matching liver.
I promise.
What are they paying you?
I can get you more.
Just name your price.
Jin-sook's mom
who runs the shop on the first floor,
Jong-min's dad
who runs the dry cleaner's,
Hae-nam's uncle
who plays video games all day...
they all pay taxes.
And your salary comes
from their pockets.
If you eat, drink, and dress
on the dime of the taxpayer,
the least you can do
is not do bad things.
As a civil servant,
isn't that your basic, sensible duty,
you fucking asshole?!
I know it's hard,
but try to live like a man.
I think that's it.
Great job. Well done.
Ready? Go in.
Yes, sir!
Lift it up.
Move aside.
Get in there.
Let's go, boys.
Sorry you had to go through
this shit because of those bad guys.
Bad guys would be an understatement.
They ruined innocent lives and
practically sold the country for money.
Times change, but
scumbags stay the same.
That's why they need people like us.
Since Uhm got arrested,
the deal's gone out the window.
I ended up working for free.
I heard you found a donor.
Sure you don't want the transplant?
There's so much work to do.
This country's a mess.
Uhm was small fish.
You'd be surprised.
That sounds like
a good enough reason to keep living.
Don LEE KIM Sang-joong
KIM A-joong JANG Ki-yong
Directed by SON Young-ho
Dear Jessica, how are you holding up?
Why Bitcoin? Why now?
We saw a massive crash in 2014
with the internal dispute,
but ever since,
it's been a roller-coaster ride
and now!
Time to go.
We don't need that. We go way back.
Going back will have to wait.
They're unleashing the mad dogs again.