Bad Hombres (2023) Movie Script

[soft music]
Take my cousin too.
He's the best roofer.
Better than you?
Thank you.
Oh, sorry.
I don't speak Spanish.
If you're looking for
work, go out there.
Don't look for work here.
Hey, get the hell out
of here, goddamn it!
Hey, what did I tell you?
You cannot solicit in here.
You understand?
Do you speak English?
You cannot solicit in here.
Is there a problem here?
They can't solicit in here.
I'm sorry.
Did my friend just solicit you,
or did you make an assumption
based on the color of his skin?
I'm sorry.
Apologizing to the
wrong fucking guy, mate.
I'm sorry.
Don't be ashamed, man.
See, I shouldn't even
assume that you're a man
or how you identify.
Hey, do you sell
ice bandages here?
It's a hardware store.
How about a toe strap?
Thanks, man.
So you're looking for a job?
Forgive me for assuming.
Actually, I need two
kinds for this job.
I need someone with a car, a
car or a truck or something,
you know.
Ass is packed tighter
than a nun's nasty.
You got one, a truck, that is?
Yes, good.
Two for two!
What's your name, amigo?
Felix, like Felix?
Felix the cat?
I'm just kidding.
It's a good name, bro.
So, Felix, I got
maybe, let's say
150 apiece for a little filthy
trabajo on my uncle's ranch.
What do you say?
Yes, good.
Yeah, I fucking--
I love my uncle,
but he's a-- he's
a fucking dickhead sometimes.
You know, he's a
full conspiracy nut.
He's just a fucking flat
earther and microchips
in the vaccine, fucking lizard
people, all this bullshit.
Anyway, I'm in the shower this
morning, you know, singing.
I'm feeling happy, and this
motherfucker comes straight
in, fucking bangs on the door.
I slip, go down,
and boom, busted up.
You think he gives a shit?
Because today he's the perfect
day to prep for the end
of the world, Donnie.
He's fucking got a bunch of
shit in the back of his car
that he needs to,
you know, be put
in the ground or some bullshit.
I don't know.
You know, he's a-- he's--
he's fucked because he's like a
fucking dog with a bone, right?
Once he gets
something in his head,
he's got to go through with
it, just will not let it go.
Which is where you guys
come in to save my--
my lily white ass.
That's him in the fucking
shitbox caddy out there.
All right, you guys
are ready, just
give us a-- give us a toot.
Honk, and we'll be off
quicker than a frog in a sock.
Prickly Jack's.
So how epic are these?
Dude, shit's keeping
you up all night.
Have you never had one?
What, is it your first day
in the fucking country, mate?
All right, folks.
It's gonna be $18.22.
Fucking hell.
Keep it, mate.
You're fucking kidding me, mate.
Welcome to the US of A.
First day in the country!
Oh, when Donnie
boy's done with you,
you're going to be bleeding
red, white, and blue.
[music begins to play]
[singing in spanish]
Hola, amigo.
This is a prime piece
of real estate, huh?
You're going to be an
American, you got to learn
to lie better than that.
You know, Americans
are good, but they're
second best in the world.
You know who the best are?
Fucking Aussies, bro.
Yeah, our whole country is
founded by colony of criminals.
Yeah, the fucking
Brits used to take
the worst of their
society, sent them
to what they thought was hell;
turned out to be paradise.
But our history is
saturated by murder,
and blood, and treachery,
just like America's.
Uncle Steve says it needs
to be about this size--
deep enough to keep
the dingoes out.
Let's get cracking.
Grab the cooler and
the tools, guys.
Uncle Steve, can I
get my phone back now?
Come on, man.
Come on!
It's not that hard to
watch two dudes dig a hole.
They're-- they're
both cool cats.
I gotta stay in the moment.
Stay in the moment, Donnie boy.
Yeah, danger is
real, Donnie boy.
Thanks for showing me a better
way, you fucking wanker!
[music playing]
Oh, yeah!
I fucking love
anything ranchera.
Music, huevos.
I guess that's pretty much it.
Hey, cabrn, aqu.
You hear that?
The accordion.
You know, in the 1800s, a bunch
of Germans came to Mexico,
and they brought two
things with them--
beers and accordions.
No one talks about that sort
of cultural appropriation,
do they?
We're all thieves.
Do you know the Indigenous
people of Australia
weren't even counted in the
National Census until 1967?
How fucked up is that?
Fucking Aussie dickheads
thinking they own the land.
The USA is the same.
This whole goddamn
country's stolen.
You're a thief too, Felix.
You stole this job
off an American, mate.
So what's your deal, Felix?
Is this the plan?
Is this it?
This can't be it, mate.
Hey, tell me you've got
a better plan than this.
You know, digging
holes for arseholes
out in the middle
of fucking nowhere!
I-- I cook.
Man, no shit.
Any good?
Pepin de pollo.
Pepin de pollo?
Something with chicken.
It is a chicken with
pumpkin, like mole.
Yeah, fucking good.
If it's that good, forget
being a cook, mate.
You should-- you should
open your own restaurant.
Dream big, baby.
This-- this is America.
This is-- you got to
feel the success, Felix.
Imagine and create!
I don't know.
Fuck, mate!
I'm going to be your
first customer, all right?
I might even invest.
A little bit of
money coming in, eh?
I need to diversify, mate.
Yeah, it's going to happen.
We put it out there, mate,
in the universe, fucking
secret and all that shit.
Seriously, wait, player.
Listen, player.
It's going to happen, all right?
Look at me.
It worked for me.
You need to say it.
Yes, what?
Say it.
Say it.
Say it!
Yes, putting it out there,
fucking in the universe.
Hey, can I get a dart, mate?
Give me one of those?
I'm giving you
$150 of them, mate.
You can learn a lot
from this guy, Felix.
Nothing in this
country is for free.
Mind telling me what
y'all are doing out here?
What does it look
like we're doing?
We're digging a big
fucking hole, mate.
Boy, you better tell
me what you're doing.
This land is my land.
This land is your land?
This land is my land, from
California to New York island.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
All right, all right.
There's obviously been
some sort of mix-up.
Ain't nothing mixed up here.
What's really going on here
with you and these Mexicans.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
There's no need for
that language, mate.
"Mexicans" ain't
a derogatory term.
Same thing as
saying Australians,
or Italians, or Jews.
Now, I asked you a question.
Yeah, and I'm
going to answer it.
I'm still sort of thinking
about the Jews one, though.
See, the thing is, you're
asking the wrong question.
It's not what these undocumented
immigrants are doing.
It's why.
And the answer to that is to
get rid of four dead bodies.
Now five.
Holy fucking shit!
Oh, beautiful
fucking timing, mate.
Did you see the
look on his face?
I mean, before it exploded.
It's fucking awful.
Shut the fuck up, Donnie.
Get their phones, and get
them to finish the hole.
Don't fuck with me
'cause I'm a gangster!
Look too close, and I probably
won't break your bank.
You make it.
Doing my thing, check
out my Visa card.
It's got diamond rings.
So much money.
Buy a Bugatti, my
fucking Maserati.
Here we go to zone, yeah.
Hoo, hoo, yeah.
[tense music]
What the fuck!
What the fuck.
Did you just piss
on my crime scene?
I'm-- I'm sorry.
I didn't know it was--
Yeah, we potentially
have a witness here.
MAN (ON RADIO): Copy that.
What have we got?
Yeah, he urinated on
some of the evidence.
MAN (ON RADIO): Urinated?
Let me clear him out, OK?
MAN (ON RADIO): Uh-huh.
Am I the first and only
person you've seen out here?
Yes, sir.
How long have you been here?
Not long, just a--
It's your first piss drop?
Piss drop?
Yeah, it's my-- my first.
All right, let
me get you a card.
It's out in my car.
Follow me.
Hey, do you know what-- what
might have happened here?
Yeah, this was a
botched property deal.
There-- there--
there was a head.
Yeah, the Los Zetas cartel.
It's their favorite go-to card.
What they do is they buy a bunch
of properties around the border
to establish a new cash drop.
It's no surprise at all that
they have a head in there.
Believe me, whoever's
responsible for this,
they knew I was coming.
That head was left
there on purpose.
I got to get all this shit
cleared up by the morning.
By the morning?
If I don't get it
cleared up by morning,
the Los Zetas
cartel, they're going
to go to war with my employer.
Is that-- is that
the police or the feds?
Did you hear back from the
people at the reservation yet?
MAN (ON RADIO): Not yet.
We'll let you know.
(SINGING) Getting
it done in the desert!
You, put the rest
of them in the hole.
Oh, OK.
Hey, Steve.
Why don't you sit
in the car, mate?
I got this.
Come on, put them in the hole.
Hey, bro.
Hey, come on.
Come on, Felix.
You don't get your
shit together,
Steve's going to kill you.
Mr. A-OK over here, you
know we can trust him.
Can we trust you?
Look, I know it doesn't
feel like it now,
but we're the
same, you and I. We
saw an opportunity to have a
better life, and we took it,
We're tired of being
little men, eating scraps
at the tables of others, hey?
You don't mind?
Ah, fuck it.
Let's help this guy out.
Come on, cabrn.
Come on.
Fucking mother--
It's this cunt's fault
you guys are even here.
Please put him in
the hole, please.
Oh, right, Felix,
I forgot to ask you.
Is it "Latin-X" or "Latincks"?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Cabrn, cabrn, cabrn.
Alfonso, no!
[speaking spanish]
You pump, I dump.
I'm fucking with you.
I just need a caffeine fix.
Make that two.
Fuck off.
[radio chatter]
[radio chatter]
Excuse me, officer.
I was just a little
bit distracted.
I find her so captivating.
Look at her.
See, for me, it's the
right woman's eyes
when you look into them
you can see the future
and how beautiful it can be.
Yeah, she's got a nice set.
That's shirt, it's
fucking awesome.
Thank you.
Well, thank you
for your service.
Liquid heart attacks again?
Coffee's for cucks.
You think your
wife's cheating on you?
Fuck you.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
What are you doing?
We're family.
Look at me.
We're family, mate.
Stop, stop, stop.
Wait, wait.
The phone.
Mary, it's in the glove box.
She locked it in the glove box.
We could get it back, mate.
We could track it.
We could get the
money back, just--
just put the pickaxe down.
Too late for that, Donnie.
It's not too late.
We can track the fucking phone.
Think about it.
Just-- just save me.
Take me to see dad.
Hey, he can fix me up.
He can fix me up.
We're family.
Go on, go on.
[car alarm]
It was the Macaroni Grill.
So, you know, yeah, pretty
nice for a first date.
No, I had to cut it short
before any funny business.
I don't want him
to think I'm easy.
I know I am.
I just don't want
him to know that yet.
He'll find out on
our second date.
Hang on a second.
Help me!
Oh, my god.
Ah, help!
Call the police.
Someone's here!
[door slams]
Oh, my god, no!
I've got my dad's gun.
Get the hell out of here!
[muffled crying]
[banging on door]
Mister, I-- I got a 357.
It has big fucking bullets.
They'll take your
dick clean off!
Fuck yourself, or
I swear I'm going
to pull this fucking trigger!
I warned you.
I fucking warned you.
No, no!
Look at me.
We provide clean, fresh,
and up-to-date web design,
logos, graphic design.
Our services do not stop there.
We provide social--
money will not buy you friends!
I cannot stress this enough,
my brothers and sisters.
God does not care.
Money will not buy you friends.
Yes, can you feel me?
The darkness is coming!
land is your land.
This land is my
land, from California
to the New York island.
The redwood forests and
something, something.
must believe in your hearts
that this is all simply
a test of the flesh.
God's sanctity
resides in all of us.
Death is not the
end, my brothers.
There are multiple
levels to get through.
PREACHER (ON RADIO): [inaudible]
peace with God's life
within us.
The first death is always
the physical death,
which the Lord is tired
that we must separate--
Still breathing, huh?
You came back.
Let's get you on the truck.
I-- I couldn't open this.
I got it.
That's enough.
That fucking hurt, you cunt.
Drop it.
All right, you in the car,
let me see your hands.
Are you fucking deaf?
That's hands, plural!
Your right and then you
left-- this is basic shit.
Does it look like he
speaks English, Rob?
No, but you do.
Who the fuck are you, hombre?
You got a fucking
hearing problem too, uh?
It's me.
Well, you're fucking
terrible at taking direction.
Easy, pal.
All right.
Fucking hell.
I thought they cut
your fucking head off.
No, the God-killer.
Open the gate.
You look like shit.
I mean, you were never
really a handsome dude.
You really look bad.
How do you think you look?
Fair enough.
I need a clean car.
I need you to junk this one.
Yeah, I need a new
liver and a beer.
What did you do, man?
It's not what it
looks like, man.
It's just bad luck.
No such thing.
All right, you know what?
I don't give a shit.
I don't really care.
I'll junk this piece
of shit for you,
but I do not have another car.
Where are you going?
I hate to burst
your bubble, man,
but you ain't going to find
another car under there.
You-- you don't look so great.
I'm not even going to ask.
Hey, Fonzie, man, come on.
Get your ass out of there, man.
I got plans tonight.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Do I got plans.
You know what?
This is a total
invasion of my privacy.
I knew it was going
to be safe here.
You can't just stash shit under
my house without telling me.
What the fuck!
It's private fucking
property, man.
And I do not have a
fucking car for you!
I do have a 1972
Chevrolet Camaro.
It's 255 horses, 454 big block,
needs a couple of gaskets.
Just get it running.
I'll get it going.
What the fuck, man?
I was getting towels!
Shit, lift your leg up.
Easy, easy.
Come on.
Hey, this was a very
nice couch, you pricks.
He needs water.
He needs a little
more than water.
[speaking spanish]
He says he cannot
get deported.
I think he's got
a few more problems
to deal with right now.
[speaking spanish]
He says he's fine.
Yeah, the fuck it's fine.
How fast can you
get this car ready?
As fast as fucking possible.
And who could patch him up?
You got any other favors
you want to ask me tonight?
I might know a guy who
might be down, if he's
not drunk in an Indian Casino.
Yeah, you better
be fucking gracias.
This is Doc Growler.
Leave a message.
Hey, it's Rob.
Look, man.
I need a favor.
Dude, call me back-- stat.
All right.
If he's not drunk in
a bathtub full of gin,
he'll call me back.
But what you should
do, you should
call a fucking ambulance,
dump him at the Safeway,
and they'll patch him up.
He'll be good as new.
Of course, he won't be
here, but fuck, man.
Beggars can't be choosers.
He says that his family
lives in a small house
with three other families.
Thanks for the life story.
At least you'll be
alive, fucking idiot.
Says he could call his
cousin to come pick him up.
Your cousin?
Fuck, man.
Call him!
Hey, this is Tina.
I can't get to the
phone right now.
He doesn't know
the fucking number.
[speaking spanish]
He says he's
trying to remember.
My man, Safeway.
It's 10 minutes.
Go, go now!
[speaking spanish]
That's a fucking iPhone!
If this guy wasn't here,
I would fucking kill--
Rob, outside-- now.
You find my phone!
Can't see shit!
Can you say that in Spanish?
You do a job with a
dude, it goes South.
So fucking what?
Dump him.
We got a job from a couple
of guys at the hardware store.
They were connected.
They tried to kill us.
You got a job at
the hardware store?
All right.
So what the fuck does it matter?
Get rid of this fucking kid.
Get on with your life,
man, your real life.
We help him first.
This ain't going to
wipe your slate clean.
That has nothing
to do with this.
[speaking spanish]
What the did you
do to my bathroom?
Growler, are your
hands steady enough
to do some
extracurriculars, like now?
You are one lucky fucking dude.
A few miles east on Mesa.
You can't miss the sign.
You know, I was going to have
a few ladies over tonight,
but I canceled because of you.
You paid up front?
Go fuck yourself, man.
Go on.
Get out of here.
MAN (ON RADIO): Oh, Jesus.
Oh, five bodies, three
Zetas, one of them headless,
our old friend Gonzalo.
I thought that was him.
MAN (ON RADIO): And the
property owner, a rancher.
Whoever did this
split in a big hurry.
So Donnie boy and horrible
Hoskins are the only two
unaccounted for.
MAN (ON RADIO): Right.
That's an unlikely duo.
They've got to be mad
if they were willing to break in
here and murder a young woman.
How did you come
across the scene?
got a call of a B&E.
Found the property
owner's daughter
deceased with a gunshot wound.
Owner's truck was missing.
- Yeah, one second.
OK, and continue.
MAN (ON RADIO): At least
one of them's hurt.
The bathroom sink at the
house was covered in blood,
not the victim's or
the owner's blood.
It's a little early
in the movie for them
to turn on each other.
MAN (ON RADIO): Yeah, right.
Yeah, well, what's
one more murder?
State can't kill him twice.
So are-- are we good?
No, I prefer extending your
life one favor at a time.
You Growler?
Doc Growler, yeah.
You're Rob's friend?
I am.
Kid got shot in the leg.
He's in the car.
How long ago did he get shot?
Couple hours ago.
He was able to walk on it for
a while, but then he fell down.
He's all fucked up.
What's your name, son?
All right, let's
get him inside.
All right, get up on the table.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Lie down lie down.
There you go.
[phone vibrating]
Don't get away.
ROB (ON PHONE): Growler.
Yeah, who is this?
Let me talk to the Mexican.
It's for you.
ROB (ON PHONE): Yeah, I think
you left something here.
I'll be right there.
I got to go back to Rob's.
No, no, no, no.
No, take him with you.
I'll be right back.
No, no, no.
You can't leave him here.
No fucking way, dude.
I said, I'll be right back.
I don't fucking
know you, dude.
It's all right.
I don't know what
the fuck you're doing.
You don't fucking know me.
No, I don't know what
the fuck you're doing.
I said, I'll be right back.
I don't know what
you're fucking up.
You can't just leave a
fucking gunshot body here.
- You want money?
- No.
You want fucking money?
I don't want
your fucking money!
Rob asked me for a favor.
Here you go.
That's what the fuck this is.
He has a fucking family.
So get your ass in there
and save his fucking life.
I'll be back.
You tell fucking Rob he owes me!
This kid fucking winds up
dying, I'm fucking throwing
his body in a fucking dumpster.
No, it's OK.
Go ahead.
Lie down.
Come on.
All right, let's get
this bullet out of you.
You all right?
OK, Felix.
I'm going to put this in, and
you're going to go to sleep.
Dormir, OK?
I'm going to put
this in your IV,
and you're going to go to sleep.
And when you wake up,
there'll be no more bullet.
I got to take the
fucking bullet out.
You don't want to go to sleep?
You're a real cowboy, huh?
All right, all right.
We can do it a different way.
OK, hold on one second.
I'm going to put
it right there, OK?
I no go to sleep?
No, you're not
going to go to sleep.
I numb it up, OK?
You're going to feel a little,
little prick right now.
All right.
Here we go.
Uno, dos, and tres.
And done.
Now we wait.
Want a little of this?
Bite down on this, OK?
OK, we're going to get it.
[screaming, crying]
OK, one fuerte.
One-- dude.
Dude, I can't fucking get this
if you're going to fucking
move around like that.
All right, calm down.
You're going to fucking
feel something, dude.
Give me the towel.
Give me-- give me the towel.
All right, I got an idea.
Hey, it's going to
be all right, man.
I know it hurts.
Like this.
Sorry, dude.
It's just easier that way, man.
We got to do it.
It's just the way it goes.
All right, ready?
10, 9, 8.
7, 6, 5, 4--
that's right.
It's going to be all right.
You don't look so good.
Maybe you better tell me the
password to your phone before--
you know, just in case.
There are two deaths.
Death smiles at us all, mate.
All a man can do is smile back.
you have the second death,
the most important
death of all, because it
is the eternal life that--
What street's it on?
Cut out the fucking Marcus
Aurelius quotes already.
your hands in the air.
Yes, yes.
Hey, wake up.
Don't fucking fall asleep.
What street's it on?
I can't think.
Turn this fucking
shit off, mate.
Fucking turn it off.
Turn it off!
It's broken.
Have your second life,
your born again life.
Don't fuck with it.
It's broken.
It's fucking broken!
Fucking bullshit.
Turn it the fuck--
it's on-- it's on Mesa.
How are you feeling?
Your bag?
Right there.
Keep the weight off that leg.
Take these.
You're lucky, you know.
A couple of centimeters to the
left, you'd have been toast.
You feel all right?
It's all right.
Sorry about knocking you out,
against your will and all.
In there, the recovery room.
Come on.
He fucked you, man.
You're wrong.
You think he was sitting in
my office dropping a deuce?
He's just a scared kid.
You were skinning folks
alive when you were his age.
All the flying product
I did for Ricardo?
Fuck, man.
He made sure I knew all
the terrible shit you did.
He's just trying
to help his family.
You don't even know
he's got a family.
How do you know that
family's even real?
You don't have a family.
How would you know?
Neither do you.
There he is, God-killer.
Last time I looked into these
eyes, you were fading fast,
and I was slipping you
my favorite pocket knife.
Look, what Ricardo
did to your wife--
And my son.
That knife in your hand,
I knew what you'd become.
I knew that you'd take
all those motherfuckers
and send them straight to hell.
You did it to save yourself.
Hey, how about that?
God-killer still
knows how it works.
It was in every nook and
cranny of that fucking
car except the passenger seat.
Yeah, that was empty.
Hey, kid.
Must be fucked up being
new to the country
and everything, huh?
Give it a chance.
Bunch of assholes over here,
but we ain't all murderers.
There's some good people too.
You understand?
You don't understand.
He fucked you, man.
He fucked me.
You take this money, you go,
get the fuck out of here.
Take that with you.
Come on.
we're closed.
Come on, we're closed.
No, no.
Open the door.
No, no, no.
Did you hear me?
We're fucking closed.
All right.
Jesus fucking Christ!
What the fuck happened to him?
He took a pickaxe
to the chest.
I need you to wake him up.
You're the fucking doctor.
Wake him up!
Help me.
Pick him up.
God fucking damn it.
What is it with
you fucking people?
Oh, man.
Oh, man.
This is fucking bad, man.
This is really fucking bad.
He's still got a pulse.
Do your job.
I don't know if I can, man.
It's not that fucking easy.
And this is not my fucking job!
You fucking people know
about fucking hospitals?
Pickaxe, huh?
What's going on?
I should look at that.
Just fucking help him.
It's like that, huh?
All right.
Well, I don't know.
Look at him!
He's in hypovolemic shock.
I-- he needs fluids.
I don't know.
I'm a vet.
I don't have any
human blood here.
I don't know if I can save him.
I didn't ask you to save him.
I asked you to wake him up.
You want me to just, like,
wake him up temporarily?
How the fuck am I
supposed to do that?
Are we clear?
I can try!
All right, listen,
listen, listen.
I got it.
Adrenaline hydrochloride.
I got 250 CCs.
I can put the whole
fucking thing in his chest
right fucking in his heart.
It'll work.
It'll-- fuck, this will
wake up a fucking giraffe.
It better.
If I can't talk to him,
you're never going to wake up.
Trust me, he'll
fucking wake up.
And you better get your
little fucking question ready,
because I don't know what the
fuck's going to happen, really.
I ain't never done this.
Oh, fuck.
Holy God help me.
It'll work?
It worked?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Come on, man.
Wake up.
Come on, man.
Wake up!
Come on, man.
Wake up, wake up, wake
up, you motherfucker!
Wake up, you fucking
piece of shit cocksucker!
Wake the fuck up!
Blow some air in him.
You fucking blow into him.
I ain't doing it, man!
Goddamn it!
Look at me.
Look at me.
Be reasonable.
- Look at me.
- Be reasonable.
No, no.
Think about it.
I did everything
I fucking could.
I tried, man.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
One last thing-- I
could get the paddles.
I'll put the paddles on him.
I can put the paddles on him.
Just let me do it, OK?
Here's a paddle.
[dogs barking]
Who won the gunfight?
I thought you were a goner.
Christ, some cunts
are just hard to kill.
How you feeling?
Yeah, yeah.
Pretty good.
Well, I saved your life.
You mind showing me how
to track your phone now?
[cocks gun]
What do you think you're doing?
I brought you here to help you,
gave you everything you wanted.
I thought we were family.
Closest thing to
a father I ever had.
Well, fuck you, Donnie.
It's just what
dad would have said.
[dogs barking]
[tense music]
[dogs barking]
[dogs barking]
Where's my fucking money?
What the fuck is this?
Don't you lie to me,
you fucking [inaudible]..
All right.
Where's my $5 million?
Wise the fuck up, God!
Where's the car?
Where's my fucking car?
No, but I would
like to meet him.
Now, about this car.
That's a lot of "yo no se's."
I call bullshit.
You're from
Ecuador, aren't you?
I can tell.
Hmm, got a beautiful--
be smart.
You know I got some crazy
motherfuckers in Ecuador.
I can make one phone call,
and they'll tell me exactly
where this picture was taken.
Give me a second.
Shut the fuck up.
Hey, amigo.
I was wondering if I
can send you a photo.
I need you to tell me exactly
where this family is located.
Yeah, I'll get it
over to you shortly.
Think you can help me out?
Yeah, I'm here.
Let me call you back.
There something you
want to tell me?
It's good to see
you're still holding on,
Dr. Dean, because I
wanted to tell you,
I need one more favor from you.
[phone vibrating]
ROB (ON PHONE): Hey, Growler.
It's Rob.
The guys who hired
us are here, dead.
Whoever did it took Felix.
Yeah, of course they
took that little shit.
Guess why.
Why don't I be
like, hey, fellas.
Good to see you.
Here's your money back.
See you later.
You ever need a car crushed,
that's on the house.
Just take the money and go.
ROB (ON PHONE): Even if I was
that stupid, it's too late.
They're here.
I'll be right there.
I'm sorry, Rob.
Yeah, I'll ask
them to wait for you.
It's a courteous
little death squad.
There's no backup.
Lucky me.
[engine revving]
[ominous music]
Ah, fuck.
Yeah, yeah.
Hang on.
Well, well, well.
Come on.
You are lucky.
You're a real piece of shit.
You know that?
That's not him.
That's not him!
Back you go.
[rummaging noises]
Nasty motherfucker.
[ominous music]
Geez, eh.
I told you.
I'm guessing
you're all Alfonso.
Where's the rest of it?
Where's the kid?
What kid are
you talking about?
The grown-ass man
that ratted you out?
Is he alive?
For the time being.
But he's got to die.
You work for the gringos, no?
What gave it away?
So your men are responsible
for the death of three Zetas.
Even if you get
their money back,
they're going to demand blood.
And Felix?
He's not going to cut it.
So this is what's
going to happen.
You're going to give him
whatever is in that backpack,
and then you're
going to let him go.
Your bosses live.
The Zetas get their
money and their blood.
But it's going to be my blood!
Why the fuck would anyone
give two shits about you?
Because I am the God-killer.
Wait, wait.
Hold on.
Get up.
Get up!
Do you know whose gun this is?
It could be anyone's.
It belonged to Ricardo
Carrillo Morales.
He used to run the Zetas
until I killed him with it.
Holy shit.
You're real.
Imagine if you hand
over the God-killer.
Alfonso, no.
Shut the fuck up!
We've got a deal.
Gun goes on the ground,
and get over here.
That's far enough.
Turn around and get
down on your knees.
You're not going to
let him go, are you?
Normally, I wouldn't.
But you just don't fuck up
an opportunity this good.
[contemplative music]
[music playing]
[singing in spanish]