Bad Influence (1990) Movie Script

(turns on tap)
He's in a meeting, Michael.
Do you know that the third quarter
of schedule 47 is gone?
lt's 60 million in currency purchases
outlined, and it's gone.
- lt was a pleasure.
- l'll see you again.
Hey, what's goin' on?
Schedule 47 is off the computer.
- Did you check the backup file?
- Gone. Both gone.
l'm sorry. l wish l could help you, Michael.
- No, l'm sorry. l can't believe...
- lf you didn't get it done in time,
l suppose l can get Howard to pull me off
what l'm doing to give you a hand.
lf you really want me to, that is,
but it doesn't look too good.
The only people that have access to
that file are me and Leslie, Britt and you.
lf you're trying to say something,
why don't you just come out and say it?
- Michael, did you find it?
- No calls.
Oh, Michael, your... Michael?
(mutters under his breath)
l just can't believe it.
- Forget it was Thursday?
- Jesus, you scared me.
Sorry. Are you ready for lunch?
l have to get back.
Oh, lunch. Jesus, l...
- You're not gonna cancel?
- No. l just haven't felt...
- Should l cancel dinner with my parents?
- No, of course not. l wanna do that.
They're a drag, but they have been sweet
about the wedding plans.
Which reminds me,
l'm having second thoughts.
- You are?
- God, that sounded terrible.
l just meant that October might not
be good for me. How's November for you?
Fine. November's fine.
Oh, l'm sorry, sweetie.
l didn't mean to scare you.
No, don't be silly. You didn't scare me.
l absolutely, positively
wanna get married...
this year.
And l absolutely, positively
wanna have a baby...
- next year.
- Ooh.
- What is it, Michael?
- Ooh. lt's my stomach.
l just feel like l can't breathe sometimes.
lt's just a stupid thing.
Do you want me to call
my father at the hospital?
- No, l'm all right.
- Better?
Yeah. Yeah.
l know you better than you know yourself.
These attacks are work related.
Not even 30, and you're
gonna be senior analyst.
- Someone is gonna be senior analyst.
- You know it will be you.
You're successful, for God's sake.
Try to relax and enjoy it.
All right. Yeah, you're right.
- lf you're feeling better, l have to get back.
- No, no, l'm fine. You should go.
- Call me tonight?
- Sure.
Yeah. That'd be good.
Oh, Christ!
( ''Spiritual Healing'' by Toots)
(barmaid) Hi. What can l get ya?
(woman) Bourbon and water.
- $2.75.
- l can't find my damn wallet.
lf you could wait just a minute, please.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Looks like you're having
the same kind of day l am.
For your sake,
l hope your day was nothing like mine.
Supposed to be at the office?
Should've gone to Disneyland.
As a kid l wanted to get right off the boat
in the middle of Pirates of the Caribbean.
Just live there.
Son of a... bitch!
- You can't walk away from this, Karen.
- Not here, OK?
- What's he lookin' at?
- Take it easy, Will. He's just some drip.
- Thank you.
- He just bought me a drink, OK?
Why don't you take a hike, pal?
This is a public bar.
l can have a drink here, can't l?
- Jesus, Willie. Not again.
- You should've taken a hike.
- Jesus, all right. l just helped the girl...
- Now it's too late.
- Let him go.
- Yeah? What are you gonna do?
Let's find out.
Come on. Get the hell outta here.
(door unlocking)
(door shutting)
(fiance) Hi, sweetheart. l wanted
to see if you were better. Call me later.
- (beep)
- Hello? lt's Pismo.
l have to ask you something.
l'm coming over.
- (beep)
- Michael, it's Howard.
Patterson thinks there's some problem
with your schedule 47. Not true, is it?
By the way,
where were you this afternoon?
- When did you get this?
- (Michael) Two weeks ago.
- Why did you get this?
- l don't know. lt was on sale.
- Do you need it?
- That's not the point.
Better give it away to somebody.
Cut your losses.
- You're not making sense.
- Your life makes too much sense already.
You'll have an espresso machine
by next year.
- Pismo, what do you want? l gotta go.
- Why the rush all the time?
l left my wallet at the beach.
Better find your credit card so you
can charge some more video cameras.
You needed to ask me something.
Do you need money again?
- Why do you assume l need money?
- Do you?
- Yes.
- Fine. l'll write you a cheque.
You know what really drives me nuts?
You don't respect me.
l'm your older brother, your only brother!
- Don't do this.
- lt's true.
l just think you could do better than sitting
around smoking pot all day, that's all.
Does that mean l have to
just because l could?
Who says l could anyway?
l couldn't get a decent job
to save my life, and you know why.
Eight years ago. Six months
for possession. Nobody cares.
lt was dealing. Those people never forget.
- Hey, l'm out there trying.
- God.
Look, do we have go through this
every single time l loan you money?
lt's no big deal, all right?
Come on.
l'll call you if your wallet turns up,
but don't hold your breath, OK?
- And that's my office.
- OK.
Thank you.
(woman) l know you didn't want me to,
but l brought you something.
lt's just such a nightmare. This is
taking a lot longer than l had planned.
You really don't have to.
l want to. Please.
(man) You're so sweet.
You're the guy from the bar, right?
The guy with the bottle, right?
- l'm Michael. Why did you leave so fast?
- l didn't wanna stay for thank-yous.
Well, thank you anyway. l'm...
Do you live around here or...?
- No.
- Oh.
Thank you... anyway.
- Why didn't you back down?
- What?
The guy told you to take a hike.
Why didn't you?
l don't know.
l don't know.
You know that voice
that tells you what to do sometimes?
l guess l listened to it today.
lt sounds stupid, l suppose.
l'm like that.
And l always listen to it.
l'm Alex. You wanna get a beer?
He's a conniving son of a bitch
and he gets ahead. That pisses me off.
Well, that's the way it works,
and he knows it.
He pulled that stunt to show you
he could and that you'd let him.
- l didn't let him...
- You did nothing about it.
lt won't be a computer file next time.
lt'll be your biggest account, or your girl.
You won't do anything about that either.
Same principle, just a bigger scale.
He understands that.
l like the guy.
- What's his name?
- Patterson.
- To Patterson.
- You've gotta be kidding me. No.
Come on. To Patterson.
What kind of man are you
that you'd drink to your enemies?
- This isn't funny.
- There.
Show Patterson that face.
Beat him at his own game.
(man) Dominant athletic woman.
- l think you're really gonna like this band.
- l can't stay long. l gotta be up early.
Come on. l get the feeling
you don't get out so much.
- Dominant athletic woman.
- Yeah, that's it.
- Who is this band?
- Nymphs!
What's inside an evil man's eyes?
l just had to know
What's inside a stranger's eyes
l just had to know
Gentlemen, what can l do for you?
- Ready?
- Oh, uh, beer.
Tequila shot.
Oh, yeah.
- Are you going?
- No, but you are.
Go on. Get outta here.
- What?
- Go on.
Thank you, my friend.
What's inside an evil man's eyes
l just had to know
What's inside a stranger's eyes
l just had to know
What's inside a killer's eyes
l just had to know
What's inside a stranger's eyes
l just had to know
Hey, listen, can l get two
of whatever she's drinking?
Shit, my wallet! Hold on a second.
l don't believe it.
Yo, Reggie! Jessie!
What's inside a killer's eyes
l just had to know
- Excuse me. Are you all right?
- Where are you going?
- We're pleased you made this decision.
- We worked with him two years ago...
Donna, can l have balance sheets
for the Tilburg account?
- Let's look at the 60-day figures.
- Of course.
- l understand you're a Lakers fan.
- l love basketball.
l have season tickets. l can't use them
next week. l'll send a couple over.
l have a great story. l took my girlfriend
a month ago. l was sure she'd hate it.
Ends up she turns out to be a great fan.
She loved it. She thought it was great.
She was screaming.
Gentlemen, will you excuse me
for one moment, please?
- Be right back.
- While we have time...
What have you done?
- What do you mean?
- You know damn well what l mean.
There are batting averages
in my section report.
Batting averages? Are you sure
they're not batting champions?
l'm in a meeting, you swine, with Howard
and two pension-fund administrators.
- Where's my section report?
- Where's my schedule 47?
- Patterson, is everything all right?
- Yes, Howard. Fine. One minute.
Michael, what's this l hear
about the schedule 47?
l don't know. lt's all set, ready to roll.
Good. So are we, so let's go.
l'm not admitting l did anything, of course.
Of course not.
But if you give me mine back,
l'll see if l can get you yours back.
What do you want?
- l want you to go down to your office...
- l'm in a meeting.
Go down to your office and
get my report back on line in 60 seconds.
Ruth? l'm gonna be here
for another two and a half hours.
Yeah, no, no, no, l'm fine.
l'm just tired. l wanna go to bed.
All right, well, say l'm sorry
to your parents, OK?
l'll call you in the morning.
l love you, too. Yup.
( ''Out of the Rain'' by Etta James)
- Get you something?
- l owe you that from last night.
lf you say so.
Uh, you want a drink or somethin'?
No, l'm just, uh...
l was looking for somebody.
l was just looking for you.
- Tony, you know this guy?
- Yeah, he's cool.
He looks like a cop to me.
- Tony?
- Old joke. Let's get outta here.
- All right.
- Later.
Yeah. l won't wait up.
- You're staying here?
- Upstairs, for a while.
Hey, you got your car? Can l drive?
- So it worked?
- Yeah. l wish you could've seen his face.
- You watched?
- The whole time.
That's great. Always gotta stick around
and watch the fun. Watch 'em squirm.
Hey, how about some champagne?
(woman) Togomoshi would like to buy
item one and item 27 and item 28.
Right? Yes, this one and this one. Yes.
Field of opportunity.
Excuse me.
Oh, really? Darling, l'd like to
introduce you to my husband, Dr Segal.
- And this is Maxwell...
- Cunningham. Nice to meet you, Doctor.
- My friends call me Don.
- Don. Good to see you.
- Didn't you know? She's dead.
- Dead? Chantal?
Mm-hm. Hans killed her.
Actually, Chantal asked him to do it.
She would have done it herself anyway.
After looking at these pictures all night,
l can't even think about anything like that.
(with foreign accent) Dominic!
l'm Franco. Look who's here - Claire.
l think you met last night.
- You remember?
- Of course.
- l'm very sorry.
- Well, thank you... Don't worry about it.
- So, what do you think of the art?
- So derivative and without hope.
Without hope. Definitely without hope.
lt's great you've managed
to keep your spirits up.
lt must be very difficult for you. l'm sorry.
Yes, it, uh... it has been.
Well, l think we've seen
all there is to see here.
l know l have.
Hang on. l'm going to...
free myself from an entanglement.
- l'll be right back.
- What's going on here?
- She thinks your wife just died.
- What?
You're gonna fuck a fantasy,
may as well be a good one.
- Let's go.
- Yes, let's go.
l hardly even knew the man,
but Andr said he was fine, so l stayed.
The place was beautiful. You would've
loved it. lt overlooked the ocean.
- lt's so nice, Dominic.
- Yes, it is.
- Does anybody want an espresso?
- No. His wife was insane.
- He had a wife?
- Yeah. Do you have any liquor?
- Yeah, whatever you'd like.
- Rum.
They were separated. He had changed
the locks, but she owned the place.
- Very nice.
- She tried to kill me.
She showed up with a big knife, so l split.
- Do you play?
- No, never.
- So, show me around, Dominic.
- All right.
Yeah, let's go upstairs first.
- Do you want me to get you anything?
- No, no, no. l'll get a beer.
- So, how long ago was this?
- Five years.
- l stayed on the island two more seasons.
- (knock at door)
- Where do you live now?
- ls that a sun deck?
- Who are you?
- A friend of Michael's.
- Who are you?
- l'm fine. ls Michael here?
He's busy.
Tell him it's his brother.
Tell him l have the fear.
(whispers) l said he's busy.
Oh. OK.
Who are you? What are you doing here?
Helping Michael.
- Can l ask you something?
- l don't have it.
- Have what?
- Your accent.
You must be looking for it by now.
He told you?
l knew.
But he didn't wanna say anything.
Some people just can't lie.
He's still very upset about Jasmin's death.
- What?
- lt's Dominic.
l think l'd be good for him.
(moaning on TV)
(Claire) Oh, God.
You make a very funny face
when you come.
- Jesus Christ!
- No, no, no, you were just getting good.
- Relax. l thought you looked really good.
- (honking)
l thought you looked beautiful,
especially on top.
- Thanks.
- (honking)
My cab. Bye.
Just wait right here.
- Claire! Let me give you a ride.
- That's OK.
Just wait a second.
- Let me at least give you cab fare.
- l have money.
- Well, can l get your phone number?
- Why?
Well, l just... l mean, we...
Dominic. We just felt like it, so we did it.
l just thought l might call you. That's all.
You're so sweet.
Get home safely.
- l can't believe you did that.
- l gave her to you.
- Gave her!
- Least you could do is say thank you.
l reminded her of your grief
towards Jasmin.
Michael, l don't mind you
giving away my Franco thing.
lt's smart to keep the dead wife though.
Confess to one lie, but continue another.
Nothing like it to confuse people.
l think she would have
gone for you without me.
She said we seem like brothers.
- She did?
- Yeah.
l knew you did something
cos that never happens to me.
lt does now.
Tell me what you want, Mick.
Tell me what you want.
Tell me what you're afraid of.
l, uh...
Just for fun. Come on, tell me.
What are you afraid of?
l'm afraid of getting married, l guess.
That's easy. Don't.
Well, l'm engaged.
l didn't wanna lose her.
l'm terrified of gettin' married.
Now tell me what you want.
More than anything else in the world,
what do you want?
This guy Patterson and l are both
up for the same job - senior analyst.
l want that job. l want that so bad.
Then drink to it.
Make it happen.
Make it happen.
- Give me that quote on the whole 79.
- (man) l've already told you l could.
- You wanna dump the dollars?
- You wanna go to lunch?
l can't. l gotta meet somebody.
Great job on the bimonthly.
When have you had time to sleep?
- Pete, l'll call you back.
- Gotta beat the morning trade figure.
l know. l know. l know. l'll call you back.
Hi, Alex. Sorry l'm late.
Listen, just leave them under the seats.
Sure you can't go? Beautiful day.
Track? l really can't
play the ponies right now.
- You're uptight.
- lt's work.
Wanna tell me about it?
lt's a matter of timing. The trade figure
comes out at 5.30 tomorrow morning.
lt's going to be significantly up.
- How do you know?
- l just know. l feel it. lt's my job to know.
l should dump dollars
before New York closes,
but company policy dictates that l can't
until after the trade figure is out.
What if you do it before?
lf l'm right, l'm ahead of everybody,
the client cleans up.
So you can make 'em money.
lt's not illegal. What's the problem?
lt's a question of judicious business.
lt's not a question of judicious business.
- lt's a question of balls.
- (winces)
Do you have the cojones or don't you?
- Spent all night doing the report. l'm tired.
- Good morning, Michael.
- (Leslie over intercom) You in already?
- Yeah.
- A Mr Cojones for you on line three.
- Hello.
- (Alex) Morning.
- You up already?
l haven't gone to bed yet.
Well, how'd you do?
- l was right. Up by almost a 30% pop.
- Great! Let's celebrate.
l can't. l gotta go to Ruth's parents' house
for dinner - anniversary party. Very formal.
- Sounds like a riot.
- l can't not go. Dr Fielding'd be crushed.
- Suit yourself. Hey, nice work, Mick.
- Thank you.
Michael, don't forget about the DMV
to get your new driver's licence at nine.
And also you've got
just a stack of messages from yesterday.
l'm just gonna get a cup of coffee.
l'll just be at my desk.
- Leslie?
- Yes, sir.
Call me Mick.
Patterson here. You're kidding.
When did those figures come in?
Hold on for a second.
Good news.
( ''L'Amour est Enfant de Bohme''
from ''Carmen'' by Bizet)
- Thanks, Daddy.
- Terrific.
- Look at you. l like it.
- You do?
lt's a little greasy, but nice.
- l'm late. Sorry.
- Everything OK at work?
- Couldn't be better.
- Your friend is here.
My friend?
- Michael! There you are, dear.
- Happy anniversary. This is for you.
- l've been chatting with Franois.
- Franois?
Bonsoir, Michel.
Franois, you made it.
Oui. l could not let you
celebrate without me.
- Of course not. No.
- Michael.
- Dr Fielding, congratulations.
- 30 years.
- Guess l'll come to these things for you.
- l guess.
- You work with someone from Paris?
- Yes, yes. We've been, uh...
- l 'ave been 'ere for several weeks.
- Yeah.
We were about to look at the promotional
campaign you and Franois put together.
Pardon, but Mick and l have seen
this promotion a thousand times. Mick?
- He's charming.
- Yes, he is, isn't he? Franois?
- What are you doing?
- Don't be mad.
- l'm not mad...
- You might be in a minute.
- l just want you to know l did this for you.
- Did what for me?
Did what for me?
- Oh, my... You did...?
- Just the highlights. lt's for the best.
Oh, my God.
- Come here.
- Dr Fielding...
Turn it off!
l can explain. That French guy, Franois...
- Come here, you little shit.
- (Alex honks horn) Hey, hurry!
Hey, come back here! Hey!
You asked me to, remember?
Here you go.
Gay white male.
Not you.
What's going on in there?
(woman) Hello.
- Dominic.
- Oh.
You look beautiful. That's not my name.
Dominic. lt's not my real name.
- My name is... Kirk.
- Kirk!
Yeah, my real name is Kirk.
- l suppose your wife isn't dead either.
- No, she's not even my wife.
You should be angry.
Angry is boring.
l don't feel like it.
What do you feel like?
Oh, Jesus. Watch out.
- Who are these people?
- Just people.
- Hey.
- Decongestant?
Oh, great.
- Forgive me?
- The hell with it. l owe you.
l'll keep this, all right?
What are you doing? What's this?
- lt's my number. Do you want it?
- Yeah, of course. Yeah.
- lt's good for two days.
- Ready?
Yeah, let's get out of here.
- l'm sorry. Cheers.
- So long.
You tired?
- Not a chance.
- Good.
Hi, there.
Dr Fielding.
Dr Fielding.
- Perfect.
- There's a mask for you.
- Oh, no, no, l don't need one.
- That's $8.50.
Come here. Come on!
Come on. Put your hands here.
Dominic, come here.
- Shut up.
- What?
- Empty the register.
- What?
Empty it!
Press ''no sale''. Upper left.
Take it!
- Please... Please, mister...
- Start the car.
Please don't shoot.
Please. Please don't shoot.
- Look at me.
- Please don't shoot me.
Oh, God.
- Open your mouth.
- Oh, God. Oh, God.
- You were great! Great.
- (squeaking)
Pull over.
l think you better stop the car.
You OK?
l'm ready to do another one. 7-Eleven.
- Those guys got cameras.
- Doughnut shop.
- Why don't we rob a police station?
- No. l love doughnuts.
( ''Downtown'' by Lloyd Cole)
l wanna take you down
l wanna take you right down
l wanna see a touch of evil in your eye
But all that l get, babe,
is sweetness and lies
l wanna see something
that l might desire
l wanna take you down, babe,
into the mire
Deal's going down
no cheques no plastic
One thing's for sure,
never get what you're asking
They come with johnsons,
they come with knives
They're robbing your boots
when they're giving you a shine
l wanna take you down
l wanna take you right down
l wanna take you down
l wanna take you down
l wanna take you right downtown
Hey! Don't fade on me now.
- l'm all right. l just wanna sleep a second.
- Come on.
This is Patterson's neighbourhood.
That's his street.
- Really?
- Let's turn around.
Pull a U-ie right here.
l have to go to work.
You don't mind if l sleep here, do you?
Just lock up when you go.
You were somethin' last night, Mick.
A changed man.
(door opens)
- Give my regards to Patterson.
- (door shuts)
- Mr Boll!
- Rito.
- Aced it.
- What?
My accounting test.
Third highest in my class.
- Thanks for your help.
- Sure.
- Hey, Michael... Mick.
- Morning.
- That is so awful.
- The city is getting just ridiculous.
- Where's the sugar?
- lt's right here.
- Hear what happened to Patterson?
- He got mugged last night. Assaulted.
- Can you believe it?
- Gross. What happened to your hand?
- Nothing. No, well, l hurt it.
- Are you OK?
l'm fi... Yeah, l'm fine.
Where did it happen?
l'm not sure.
Do they know who did it?
l don't know.
He didn't seem to wanna go into it.
- He's OK though?
- l think so. He was beaten up pretty badly.
lmagine that. That is the very thing that
makes me wanna... move back to Seattle.
- (door opens)
- (Michael) Alex?
What happened last night?
What do you mean?
Last l remember
we were in Patterson's neighbourhood,
and l go into the office today
and find out he got beat up.
And l'm standing there in the middle of
everybody with dried blood over my hand.
Did we go to Patterson's last night?
Yes. We went to Patterson's.
l mean, l didn't hit him, did l?
You didn't just hit him.
You beat the shit out of him.
What the hell were you doing?
Holding him down.
Don't worry. l'm not gonna tell anybody.
Tell anybody?!
- Jesus, this guy is a colleague of mine!
- Don't worry about him.
He won't say anything.
- He knows you'd kill him if he did.
- Wait a min... Wait a sec.
- Kill him?
- Yes.
And if you didn't kill him, l would.
l told him that this morning...
when l went to get the doughnuts.
Get out.
Get out!
You got what you wanted.
Mick, Howard wants to see you
in his office right away.
- Did he say what it was about?
- No. He just said right away.
- l heard you.
- Sorry.
Sit down, sit down, sit down.
l just got off the phone with Patterson.
He's withdrawing himself
from consideration for senior analyst.
He says he doesn't want the pressure.
Personally, l think he's overreacting
to what happened to him last night.
Yeah. l heard about that.
lf Patterson's out, that makes you
far and away the leading contender.
l just wanted to let you know.
Thank you. That's good to hear.
- You don't seem very pleased about this.
- No, no, l'm... l'm very pleased about it.
l'm sorry that it happened this way.
Don't let it obscure the fact you've worked
very hard for this and certainly deserve it.
(elevator bell)
Hi, Mike.
Love to see it when you're finished.
- Finished?
- When you're finished with redecorating.
- ls Alex upstairs?
- Who?
- Tony, whoever. The guy staying upstairs.
- Oh, re-upped.
- What?
- Re-enlisted in the navy.
He and my brother were shipmates.
- That son of a bitch.
- Hey, watch your fuckin' mouth, man.
Tony, he's a hell of a guy.
Do you know why l took your stuff?
To show you l could.
Put things back in perspective for you.
What kind of game are you playing
with my life? This is my life!
- l'm going to the police.
- What are you gonna tell 'em?
That some guy you knocked over
a hamburger joint with stole all your stuff?
l just want it back.
lt's mine.
Like your promotion is.
Like Claire is.
Do you think you would've gotten
any of it if it weren't for me?
Keep it.
Keep the stuff.
- So the stuff makes us even.
- Yeah, the stuff makes us even.
- Oh, hi.
- Hi.
- Why do you wanna stay?
- Would you rather l not, cos...
No, that's fine. l was just wondering
what was wrong with your place.
- Nothing.
- Oh.
Come on.
- Morning. Any messages for me?
- Here you go, Mr Patterson.
Thanks, Kelly.
Mick, there's a call for you on line one.
She says it's urgent.
- Who said it's urgent?
- l don't know. She wouldn't say.
All right. Thank you.
Take a look at this, Carol.
- Hello.
- (Alex, in a female voice) Hi, sweetheart.
- Don't pretend you don't remember me.
- What do you want?
- (own voice) l'm doing you a favour.
- l don't want a favour.
l did what you said.
Your stuff's gone. l sold it.
But there's a lot of shit that's no good
to anybody - discs, pictures, passport.
- Do you want it?
- Yes, that would be a good idea.
You know the oil fields off La Cienega?
Your stuff's in a box by well number 43.
That's not convenient.
Take it or leave it.
lt's on my way outta town.
You won't see me any more.
- Oh, your wallet's there, too.
- My wallet?
Yeah. You left it on the bar
at the beach. Remember?
l think your Diners Club card's
over the limit, though.
Adios, Mick.
l've gotta go someplace. l'm sorry.
Can we pick this up in the morning?
- Sure.
- Great.
- Everything OK?
- Yeah. Leslie, help Carol.
- Where shall l say you went?
- Don't.
Sorry l asked.
Hi, pal.
l want you to remember one thing.
You asked for this.
(knock at door)
Don't touch that dial.
- Well, hello. ls he here?
- Yeah.
Where's all his stuff?. ls he moving?
(Alex) Uh, well...
- Yeah, sort of.
- Where is he?
- He's in the bedroom.
- Good. l wanna talk to him.
Great. Come on down!
So where is he?
Quit fooling around.
- (Alex) Mind if l play through?
- Where is he? What are you doin'?
- (Alex) Fore!
- Argh!
(recites ''Hail Mary'')
You thought we were even before.
Now we're even.
Before you do anything stupid like
go to the police, l'd think it through,
cos l've covered all the bases.
Elvis has left the building!
(knock at door)
(Pismo) Michael, it's me.
(knocks again)
Open the door.
What's going on?
l thought you didn't wanna come here.
- Go away.
- Michael!
Michael! Come on!
- Michael.
- Shit!
Could you please stop that?
lt's just a matter of time. Get in bed with
the devil, sooner or later you have to fuck.
He did it in my apartment
with my golf club.
l run out of my office after getting
some call from some... woman.
He's got my jacket. My jacket.
- lf l call the police, my jacket shows up...
- l can't be in this.
Blood all over it in my car,
or in some Dumpster, or in my office.
Cops won't believe this guy even exists.
Don't go to them. Promise me you won't.
l need to smoke.
l need your help.
We have to take your car.
Mine's too small.
lf anything happens, if the cops find out...
l can't promise what l'll do.
l don't wanna let you down.
(elevator bell)
What if somebody gets on?
Let's put it down here.
OK. Go get the car and bring it around.
The keys! l left 'em upstairs.
- l was distracted, OK?
- Just hurry.
- Uh-huh.
- Hurry!
(angry voices)
(man) l told you, l did not fuck her!
(woman) You took her out.
To me, that's fucking.
OK. l fucked her once.
- Did you like it?
- Goddammit! Shut up.
- l'm sick of it! Every week!
- How was it?
- What?
- Was she good?
- (man) l don't wanna hear it.
- Wait a minute.
- (man) Just forget it, OK?
- Wait!
- Where do you think you're going?
- That's the end of it.
- (woman) Come back.
- Not until you start trusting me.
Trust you!
You just admitted you fucked her.
Yeah, but you wouldn't even know that
if l hadn't told you.
Get lost! You and your stupid dog.
Over here.
(knock at door)
- What's this?
- lt's my transfer.
- Your what?
- Transfer! l'm going to Financial Services.
- Why?
- Why don't you tell me, Mick?
Something is obviously wrong.
Something has been wrong.
You haven't even spoken to me in days.
And l can't handle it. l'm sorry.
- Leslie, wait. Let's talk about this.
- What?
lt's noth... it's nothing.
All right. See ya later, Mick.
lt means he followed us.
He knows where we put the body.
- He followed us the whole time?
- Right.
- So he's seen me. He knows where l live!
- (siren)
l can't be in this.
What are we gonna do?
- Michael?
- l've gotta call you right back.
This is what he does - watch me squirm.
And if l'm not squirming enough,
he gives me another jab.
l cannot go back to jail.
l'll die there, l swear to God.
l'm gonna fucking hang!
And there's not a goddamn thing
l can do about it.
Unless l kill the son of a bitch.
Of course, l can't kill the son of a bitch
unless l know where he is.
Now you're thinking like him.
Do you have a copy of The Reader?
- Do you? Where?
- Yeah. Here.
- l know how to find the son of a bitch.
- No, Michael!
The police have a file on me.
They've gotta have a file on this guy.
We just have to get his fingerprints.
- You'll have to wait here. You know that?
- Yes.
- lf he sees you, everything is fucked.
- Yeah, l know.
So you'll wait here
while l try to get his prints?
- ''Fun-loving couple seeks petite...''
- You got it.
( ''Look Who's Sorry Now''
by Skinny Puppy)
Buenas noches, Victor.
l feel funny about this, Mr Boll.
l'll get it back to you Monday morning,
as soon as l make the deposit.
l don't know.
l'm sitting on $40,000 cash
for the weekend.
l just don't feel safe.
l would never ask, except l'm stuck.
l don't have anybody else l can go to.
lf it was anybody else but you...
Thank you.
- Be careful, OK?
- Absolutely.
Agh! Agh!
Michael! Help!
- Hold on.
- Help!
Pismo, what happened?
- He's here. He tried to kill me.
- Wait.
l can't find him any more.
What happened?
OK, l got the address of his friend.
Manhattan Beach.
That's where l met him.
That's where he's staying.
Hey, wait.
Michael! Would you wait up a minute?
- Michael!
- l do not want you with me.
- What is this? Where did you get that?
- Go upstairs and go to bed!
What are you gonna do?
Michael, wait!
- Would you stop for a second?
- Go back inside.
Give me the gun.
Don't fuck with me.
You don't know me any more.
Yes, l do. Give it to me
before you hurt somebody.
Fine. Take it.
Stop! Do not step on the brake!
Go touch the pedal.
- Let me help you.
- You can't help.
Michael, please.
lf you do this, he really has won.
(wind chimes)
Me. l'm next.
- l'm gonna get us something to drink.
- OK.
Be right back.
(wind chimes)
You make a very funny face when
you come. Anyone ever tell you that?
- Are you going someplace?
- (groans)
What's that?
Oh. My jacket.
Where were you gonna plant it?
ln the Dumpster at my office?
- Your apartment.
- Oh.
Under the Dumpster, actually.
Drop it.
You and l need to talk.
No. No.
No talking.
You're gonna die with your mouth shut.
Then do it.
You can't, cos l never showed you how.
Now l'm gonna show you.
Oh, shit!
Guess l got you now, Mick.
Fuck you.
Get back.
l said get back!
Drop the knife in the water.
What is this?
lf you were gonna kill me,
you would have at the house.
l said drop the knife in the water.
You're not gonna use that.
l'm sorry.
l'm sorry.
Sorry? You fuck, you.
You're sorry about what?
Killing Claire? Trying to kill my brother?
Or maybe for holding a guy down
while l beat him. Fuck you, you're sorry!
You didn't beat anyone.
l beat Patterson! You were
passed out in the car the whole time!
Knocked your hand on the pavement
to fuck with you.
Fuck with me?
l didn't make you do anything
that wasn't in you already.
People are such hypocrites.
They walk through their whole lives
playing innocent, but they're not innocent.
l showed you that.
That's why l killed Claire, Mick.
My name is Michael.
Did you get that?
Every word.
Oh! Watch out!
l called them.
They'll be here any minute.
That was fast.
You can stay here.
What are you going to tell them?
l'm gonna tell them what happened.