Bad Lands (2023) Movie Script

Karajan split.
You set him up for welfare.
He got tired
of filling out forms every time.
It's welfare. No forms, no pay.
He'd always say, "Might as well."
So I called him "Mighty" at first.
"Might as well." That's all he ever said.
Why'd you call him Karajan?
Like the conductor?
His bushy gray hair.
Mandala's is bushy too.
His is just an overgrown onion flower.
Sara. Stop flapping your gums
and get me some coffee.
Just made it.
"Might as well."
I'm going back to bed.
Your brother. Not blood-related?
This is your good ear?
Yeah, my right ear's the good one.
Then answer me, damn it.
He's my stepbrother.
G.I. Joe's the son of the guy
your mom was involved with.
It's Jo Yashiro, not the action figure.
You think I don't know that?
Haven't you stirred enough?
The last grain has to melt.
Sugar melts all together, dummy.
My fingers can feel the last grain.
How old and how old?
I was ten. He was eight.
Aren't you worried about today's job?
Why would I be?
We submitted it to the higher-ups
as a C-minus.
That's what you thought.
The callers felt it was an A.
I've never even met them.
Our group doesn't need a starter
who pitches a nine-inning shutout.
Bookkeeper, scout, caller, equipment guy,
catcher, enforcer, we all have a role.
I manage the group
and give the GM the money we make.
The GM pays the yakuza
their protection money.
You're better than
a third-base coach for catchers.
So I'm having you scout.
It's an order from above.
A multilevel pyramid. I get it.
I don't call the shots.
We all answer to someone.
The GM reports to the board.
These are politicians. You get me?
We're big business.
Hands in every layer of Japan.
We're filled with
the hearts and minds of Japan.
It's about time.
Yeah, about time.
Who's that?
The Monday Priestess.
Runs like that every Monday.
Never seen her?
Why on Monday?
How would I know?
What's important is everyone knows
it's Monday when they see her.
I asked, "How old and how old."
You said ten and eight.
You get me even when I can't say it right.
Feels good. An ideal relationship.
Shut the door!
Yashiro gets out of prison
and he's already getting in trouble.
Can you use him as a scout?
My brother's got no one else.
That's Mikiko Inoue.
I'll see if she withdraws the cash.
Don't go. Use someone lower.
I only have one catcher.
Why don't you have a backup?
I only have enough to pay one.
Split the pay between them.
The lowers have a life to live too.
Gotta pay them properly for their labor.
What are you, a union rep?
Here you go.
Stop eating. Make the damn call!
Where do I start?
From A!
This is Aoki.
Game on.
On it now.
Hello? This is Inoue.
It's Okabayashi. Is the money ready?
I withdrew it.
5.2 million yen.
That's right.
Where are you now?
Inside the bank.
And you, Mr. Okabayashi?
Actually, this is a bad time.
I'm at a client's office. An emergency.
I'm sorry, but could you
take the subway to Namba?
Where in Namba?
How about in front
of the Royal Classic Hotel?
Is 11:30 okay?
Okay, 11:30.
I'm wearing a black suit
and a white shirt with a blue tie.
Sorry for the trouble. I'll see you soon.
Where are you?
Namba. Underground mall.
Where is she?
Heading to the exit.
Any cops following?
None. Where are you, Mr. Takagi?
Across from the hotel. I'll watch for her.
I'll head to the next point
with the catcher.
This is Aoki.
She's at the hotel.
How does it look?
Two men nearby.
Skinny guy in work clothes.
Another in a blue jacket.
Big guy. 185 cm, 85 kg.
Are they cops?
How would I know?
Tell the third-base coach.
We'll move, then.
Check, please.
Tie off, Professor.
Wear it when you see her.
See ya.
Your name?
Hiromu Okabayashi.
Why are you getting money
from Mikiko Inoue?
Her son embezzled money
to invest in futures.
It went bad, and he lost 10.4 million yen.
I'm his boss. I'll lose my job
if a subordinate gets arrested.
So I decided the two of us
would quietly pay it back. Half each.
I'm about to collect his half,
-5.2 million yen.
-The deadline to pay?
Your target is the lady with the red bag.
Once you catch up?
Call her from behind and say my name.
Thumb up means necktie.
Three, then four fingers means abort.
The timing?
Put on the tie, then call to her.
Take the money out of the bag.
Put it in this.
That's her.
You nervous?
It's my fifth time. I'm used to it.
Good. Let's go.
Coming through!
Watch out! Behind you.
Watch out!
Pay attention.
How's it look?
Hello, sir.
No sign of them yet.
He's here. Let's go.
Gather up!
Hey. Did you get the money?
Nope. The cops were there.
Watching and waiting at the bank.
Would've cuffed us
the second we took the money.
Oh, well.
I'll get lunch with the catcher.
I'll head home.
I'll come to HQ tonight.
-Reimburse me for my overseas trip?
-Got it.
No use waiting any longer.
Did they catch on?
Thank you for your help.
Sorry about today.
In lieu of your per diem.
You're an educated man.
Just swimming in a negative spiral.
Swindling money from old people.
Don't you feel guilty?
Have-nots steal from the haves to survive.
It's justified and within our rights.
Such literary expression.
Get rid of this cell phone too.
Hang up, everyone.
Where are the cell phones?
-In this bucket for now.
-We'll toss them in the sea later.
Time for the postmortem.
The scouts assessed Inoue Miko
as a C-minus.
It's Mitsuru's fault.
Fuck you!
You people are
I'm the one speaking, damn it!
You're supposed to exploit the elderly,
not the other way around.
Come up with new stories,
just like the prosecution does.
Going back to HQ, Coach?
I'll go back to Fellowship Villas
with you. It's been a while.
Take this. Call if you need me.
Mandala's due for another eruption.
I'll hold on to it.
How is it that a young beauty like you
lives in Fellowship Villas with us losers?
My first job was at Fellowship Villas
when I came home to Osaka.
Came home?
I was in Tokyo for about ten years.
I see.
An old man died alone with his dog.
HQ made me clean up.
Didn't feel like finding an apartment,
so I stayed.
Like The Insulted and Injured
by Dostoevsky!
Hey, Mr. Policeman!
You're right, actually.
Me and my strange behavior
has been the focus in the last half.
Look at this strange world we live in.
Hey! What the fuck you doin'?!
Who the fuck gave you permission?!
Fuck off!
Lots of student photographers.
Wasn't long ago no one dared
come around here with a camera.
You got it!
What are those numbers?
Solitaire betting records.
Mandala has them all over his walls.
Solitaire's a solo game.
There's nothing to bet on.
But there is. I came up with a way.
It's fun.
Five-yen chips.
What? You agreed to ten yen.
You can't change it.
Hey, kiddo?
What, Mandala?
It may be another vision,
so take it with a grain of salt.
You're seeing things again? That's scary.
It's nothing scary.
I'll protect you with my life.
Thank you.
What was I saying?
"Visions! Take it with a grain of salt."
He knows. Stay out of it.
Go on. Tell her.
Some kid with pencil-thin eyebrows
was peeping into your room.
How old?
When I made my yakuza debut,
no one shaved their eyebrows.
He's in cahoots
with that pirate cabdriver.
Don't worry about it.
Go back to your game.
Mandala, take all these, will ya?
We checked Mikiko Inoue's
incoming calls record.
The call came from a prepaid phone,
one of 3,000 illegally obtained
by a convenience store owner
in Shinjuku, Tokyo,
through a Chinese trading company.
But we don't have any leads
for the group behind the call.
The phone's a dead end.
Any security footage?
The analysis team took videos
at the bank, hotel, and river walkway.
We're also analyzing footage
from security cameras
at those three locations.
The anonymous tip line got a call
about an auto shop used by scammers.
It's located in Nishi Yodogawa.
We set up a 24-hour security camera
and saw a van arrive at 11:35 a.m. today.
The same van parked
near the Royal Classic Hotel
where I was staked out.
Take a look at photo ten.
Look at the front of the bank.
Do you see these two? See them?
Mr. X and Ms. X.
Ms. X was also on the security cameras
at the bank and the river walkway.
It's too small to see.
Close-up photos of the bank
and the river walkway.
Looks different.
It's the same person.
Based on?
Show us the lady falling at the bank.
Only three people didn't look at her.
Our two detectives and Ms. X.
I was too focused on Mikiko Inoue.
-No one's blaming you.
-Show the river walkway.
The woman on the river walkway
didn't notice the wheelchair behind her.
In both cases,
the sound came from her left side.
Ms. X always kept her right ear
toward Mikiko Inoue.
So it seems the same woman,
deaf in the left ear, is in the footage.
Hold on.
The catcher was in a suit and blue tie.
Ms. X is the third-base coach.
What's the coach do?
Signals the catcher
to go all the way home.
All we learned is
the third-base coach is deaf in one ear?
That's not all. There's also Mr. X.
He seems to have hailed this cab.
We're trying to locate it now.
Maximum Security, Yamamoto speaking.
Hey, buddy. It's Yonemura from Osaka PD.
This is a surprise. What's up?
Your leaflet from a while ago?
Which one?
For info on any women at a crime scene
who are deaf in the left ear.
We spotted her.
Goya Corporation, Executive Office.
We found a woman in Osaka
who's deaf in her left ear.
She's involved with phone scammers.
Monday's materials.
-These are for Monday.
-Thank you.
Materials for Monday.
Here are the materials.
Monday's? Thanks.
Monday's materials.
Thank you.
Settling in?
Kurumada? You don't have to be here.
You work behind the scenes.
I don't mind. I like her here.
Besides, she's cute.
Call him now.
They found what he's looking for.
Itoi, where's the chairman?
Mr. Goya just returned from Shanghai.
Is the joint venture a go?
No, it's a small group of millennials,
macro investors.
There'll be an announcement
next Monday.
Sounds exciting.
I'm curious.
Yes, in that room.
Am I allowed in? I'm new.
Squeeze your asshole tight.
Why not just cast those internet trolls
from the show too?
It's a reality show after all.
That's a very interesting idea.
Cast member suicide
is high in the West, right?
Yes, about 30 have--
top that.
Our sponsors won't exit no matter what.
We found what you wanted.
Gimme ten.
Itoi, with me.
Footage from the Osaka PD
Special Fraud Task Force.
From when?
Today, around noon.
Neri's involved with phone scammers?
A so-called third-base coach.
She gives catchers instructions.
Who are the catchers?
Defaulted borrowers, itinerants,
welfare recipients.
People at the bottom.
You wanna be trash?
Come here.
This woman was where you are now.
Only difference is
she stole my heart and fled.
When do we rescue her?
Find out what happened first.
Scammers in Osaka
often have big backers.
I will. Anything else?
There's still time.
Don't use your hands.
There's a huge line.
Always so crowded?
-Looks good!
Must be good.
I like this place.
Osaka hosted a garden expo in 1990.
The governor used that
as an opportunity to clean up the town.
Like the favelas.
The fa-what?
Before the Rio Olympics,
the military police cleared out the slums.
Shut up, newbie.
Please continue.
One policy can change
a town so completely.
No more going all the way
at bathhouse brothels since then.
Far fewer day laborers
coming to Shinsekai.
It's no fun now.
Off to the bathhouse, Professor?
Pay for my bath?
You lost again?
I lost.
Sorry, I promise
to pay you back next time.
Move, and I stab your balls.
Calm down, miss.
Gimme your wallet.
"Hitoshi Zama, age 19."
Why are you following me?
I'm here for Yashiro.
He told me to look his sister up
when I'm in Osaka.
Then come through the front door.
I was going to.
Next time you show up, I'll carve you up.
I wonder if they ate here after their job.
-The third-base coach and catcher.
Of course.
Struck out on the job. No pay for the day.
A good coach would bring her catcher here
and buy him food and a drink
to call it even.
I'd do that.
How many places are here
in Jan Jan Yokocho Alley?
About 30? Including bars.
At three minutes per place,
we can cover it in 90 minutes.
Listen to me, newbie.
No one rats out
their customers in this town.
Never heard of that happening.
It's the one thing that hasn't changed.
It's the backbone of Shinsekai.
How long have you known this place?
My dad often brought me here as a kid.
He'd practice shogi
while I climbed Tsutenkaku
or ate beef tendon like this.
-Two orders of beef tendon, please.
-Coming right up.
That's too much pepper.
You played hooky?
Look at all that pepper.
All that pepper.
I did like you did.
I only used a little.
Have you no taste buds?
How about you try?
-To Monday!
-To Monday!
Here are my travel receipts,
all paid in cash.
How much total?
Total is 303,650 yen.
The amount under 10K is rounded off.
Put the passport back.
I made another. Here.
"Hinako Goto, age 40."
Only one that worked.
Use that name, Goto, on office calls.
-A secretary?
-Yep. The photos?
When do the women arrive?
Next month.
Get married, get citizenship,
get divorced.
Marriage fraud takes so long.
A pain in the ass.
I like going overseas twice a year.
When's the next one?
No more wedding tours for a while.
No, I mean the regular job.
Could be tomorrow. Could be next week.
So no per diem today?
It's always money with you.
I took a red-eye.
Went straight to the job.
Couldn't even unpack.
I'd also like to pay the catcher.
Thank you very much. I'm off.
Where to?
Fellowship Villas today.
You got more places?
Of course. I'm on the run.
Relax. You're safe as long as I'm around.
Hey, pour me some Spirytus.
You're not supposed to have open flames
near Spirytus. It's flammable.
You've been safe this last year.
I guess.
Before that, you were running
all over Japan like a maidservant,
working at hot springs and nursing homes.
Should've come back here.
-You were overseas?
Two weeks.
Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia.
You're a workaholic.
-Tell me.
Who the hell is Zama?
Oversized trash.
You don't meet Mr. Takagi
by hanging out with trash.
I don't.
He's the type that dies too soon.
You should stay away from him.
Sis, you're looking more like Mom.
You think so?
Am I charming?
Who's that?
Which one?
The girl there.
That's me. My brother's below,
but I disowned him.
So I understand how hard it is for Neri.
You seem like a handful.
What a long day.
Here. And Sony.
Thank you.
PINs are on the back of the cards.
you had no advances.
50K goes to rent, so let's see
You get 60K.
Combo had 20K in advances.
Subtract rent. That's 70K.
Rooting for you
to be world champ one day.
Leave it to me.
Next group ready?
Mandala's not here.
He was moaning last night.
Hey, Mandala?
My scarf!
What'd he say?
Can you hear me? We're at the hospital.
Do you understand?
I'll kill you!
Get the wheelchair!
Pops, it's Little Neri. I'm here.
Little Neri?
How old are you?
You're writing it all in hiragana.
My conversion function's broken.
Like you even have one.
The latest version.
Neri. You collect the money?
Thirteen people, 965K yen.
Thirteen? One short. Who's missing?
Mandala. Had to take him to the hospital.
A welfare-fraud hospital
that takes patients prisoner?
It's legit. He's got hepatitis
from drinking too much.
Who cares? He's a dirt-poor geezer.
Totally dispensable.
It's Mandala. He used to be your partner.
That's why I take care of him,
even if he's broken.
Not my partner. My bodyguard.
That's a rank below.
Mandala took such good care of me.
Enough already.
Your pay for scouting.
There are three registries there.
Give Yashiro some work too.
His rsum reads like a rap sheet.
You sure about him?
"Sunrise Hill."
A subdivision from the 1960s.
Two thousand houses, mostly old folks.
There should be at least 100 targets
in those three registries.
It'll take a week to go through.
Go get changed.
Got it.
Let's go, Jo.
The conversion function's fixed.
Thank you very much.
It's still broken, idiot!
Only 100K for a week's labor?
That's exploitation.
I should clock him once.
Bet the old man's got lots of enemies.
Clock him, take his wallet.
Use a brick in an alley.
Better not.
Embarrass me again, I'll disown you.
You think it's that easy to disown me?
So what are you to Takagi?
You let him tap you?
Gross! I told you
he was a friend of my dad's.
I've known him since I was a kid.
The old man's got
at least 200M hidden away.
Probably more.
You've always been so stupid.
Nothing but trouble.
Why'd I even introduce you to Takagi?
-We have an edgy relationship.
-Edgy and rotten.
What's that in English?
So educated!
I studied English in prison, you know.
But I didn't learn "rotten edge."
Gotta serve four or five years
to learn that.
Start the engine already.
Hey, someone's here.
Who is it?
Last hope for the taxi lead.
I had no hope to begin with.
Osaka PD. I'm Yukawa.
I'm Satake. Do you have a minute?
We're investigating phone fraud.
The phone scams that trick old people.
A man got in a taxi near an auto shop
in Nishi Yodogawa four days ago.
Monday, around 11:45 a.m.
We'd like to speak to the driver.
That's probably Tsuji.
Was it?
He said he picked up a shitty fare
in West Yodogawa.
A shitty one?
I'm not sure, but
That ain't helpful.
-Anyway, Tsuji's off today.
-Can you call him?
He's at the boat race. Loves to gamble.
-You have a picture of him?
-Sure do.
He'll be in Stand 3. Only a few there,
so you won't need a picture.
One-three East. This is it.
About 100 tsubo of land and two Mercedes.
Hiroshi Kurosawa, age 72.
Traded futures in 1998.
Who is it?
I'm Hagawa, from Daido Securities.
I'm Yamaguchi.
I don't have business with Daido.
We're representing the industry today
to inform investors
of the post-NISA system.
Have you heard of JGOTS?
I know about NISA.
The NISA system is ending next March.
JGOTS replaces NISA
and has a higher contribution limit.
We would love to give you
an overview of the new system.
My kids are on their own now.
I have 3 grandkids.
Where are your kids now?
My son is in Nara.
As I said, tax exemption is five years,
but if your son
opens an account in his name,
you can extend it another five years.
We'll mail you a contract later.
Please read it carefully.
Just sign and return it.
No need for your seal.
-Sign it in my name?
-Yes, your name, Taeko.
The review takes time, so it will be
30 to 40 days before you get the contract.
Can't you send it sooner?
I know it's hard caring for the elderly,
but we have over 1,000 applications.
The benefits only start when an applicant
is accepted to the facility.
Oh, I see.
You just can't trust anyone these days,
what with the phone scams.
They said they were the police,
but how was I to know?
Rank of the houses?
Out of A to E, I'd say B.
And the old lady we visited next?
I'd say D.
Waiting in line for a nursing home.
She's desperate.
Damn government is useless.
Three checking accounts
worth seven million.
Savings worth 15 million,
nine million in mutual funds.
Why tell us so much?
Grasping at straws.
She'll be scammed.
Yeah. I can even hear their gaslighting.
Swindling from these old folks
to make a living
Who is? The pols?
Gotta fool who you can fool.
That's what Takagi said
when I escaped back to Osaka.
When'd your left ear go bad?
Three years ago.
What happened in Tokyo?
I ain't saying.
We were so poor back in Wakayama.
I was crying
'cause I wanted hot chocolate.
So you poured
a bunch of sugar in hot water
and told me to stir
till the last grain melts.
"It's so yummy!" you said.
We had plenty of sugar.
What's your point?
Let's beat him senseless in his office
and steal his bankbook.
Chill the fuck out, moron!
Keep it down.
Enforcers will come after us in droves.
So we run.
Takagi is no ordinary crook.
I'm a psychopath myself.
For real. I'm serious.
I'm being serious here!
I really am.
-Of course you are.
-Don't believe me?
Believe me. I am!
Okay, two more to go.
That was quick.
That's Tsuji.
Mr. Tsuji? Osaka PD. Sorry to interrupt.
You picked up a "shitty fare"
in Nishi Yodogawa. Was it him?
Yeah, that's him.
Why say "shitty"?
Was it ten years ago?
Remember the hospital
that exploited the homeless?
-It was all over the news.
-Defrauded the welfare system, right?
The First Lady was friends
with the hospital's chairman.
Oh, that? She was on the hospital's board.
He took photos with her.
And was invited to the PM's
autumn leaves viewing event.
Forgot his name,
but I can't forget that shameless face.
Where'd you drop him off?
A parking lot on Taisho Street.
Saw him get in a Mercedes
that drove off as I was taking a leak.
What color?
Black. And it was new.
Did you see the plate?
I didn't.
Was it a monthly lot?
Yes, it was.
Thanks for the help.
Lock up when you leave.
I'm going to bed.
Not feeling well?
The Minnesota Timberwolves
are playing later tonight.
What's that?
The NBA.
I'm a die-hard Minnesota fan.
Minnesota Fats, Minnesota Twins,
and so on.
-What's she talking about?
-Minnesota Fats?
I dream of Minnesota.
Sleep tight.
Is it risky to be a catcher?
Very. Tons of cops
around the target last time.
How much cash?
She had 5.2 million.
And how much do you get from that?
Five percent as agreed.
So 260K.
Takagi gives me 300K,
including 40K for the catcher.
That's 260K for just an hour.
Pretty sweet.
If they get the catcher,
it's likely they get all of us.
It's high risk.
Scouting the target
won't get you prosecuted.
You get a percentage of the take too.
Why not do scout, caller,
and catcher all together?
I don't wanna be a full-on fraudster.
Work another year, save up,
go somewhere tropical.
Splash around in the sea.
That's all I want.
Tropical? Like Okinawa?
Visit all 118 islands.
Splash around at every beach.
What's so great about splashing around?
I'll splash around to reset my life.
Well, well.
I came through the front.
I told you, next time, I'll carve you up.
What? You told me to come
through the front door!
You shoulda told her!
Hold on! Just hold on!
The Zama brothers live in Tokyo,
so I'm taking them gambling here.
Cut 'em some slack.
Everyone waiting for pickup?
Most likely.
This the only stop?
A nearby pachinko parlor too.
Who runs the spot?
"White Sheep."
A branch of the Shirate Family.
How many men?
How many?
About ten.
Gambling won't feed ten men.
Real money must be from this.
People shoot up in the bathroom.
Gotta pee?
You didn't tell her?
Are you kidding me? No way.
What if we gotta do it today?
Today's just a meeting.
We're ready.
There are two cars.
Please get in the left one as you go out.
-Sis, let's go!
How far are we going?
I wonder. Pretty far.
Is it an inn or cabin?
No way it's an inn. Last time
was a log cabin near a golf course.
The house's take?
They get a cut of one percent
of the better's winnings.
Don't pay up front.
Gambling with Sis. I'm so happy.
I'm your chaperone. Don't forget.
How much you bring?
Nothing for you.
No need. I'm gonna win today.
What is this place? A period drama set?
It was an outdoor set. Defunct now.
They shot a samurai movie here
a few years ago.
The floor is in the back.
The dice are in the cup.
Please have a seat.
This way.
Phone calls are limited
to the backyard or this room.
Wow. This brings back memories.
New guests.
It's packed.
The dice are in.
Place your bets.
Place your bets.
Promptly, please.
Place your bets.
Bets in front of you.
Go ahead.
Place your bets.
Place the bet in front of you, please.
Oh, sorry.
Just a moment, please.
Ready here!
This side too.
Here we go!
-4-1 for 5.
It's 5. Anyone for 5?
The data came in.
Chili shrimp today?
I'd never guess you like spicy food, boss.
The cabbie's lead was solid.
The Benz belongs to Seiji Takagi.
He's the former chairman
of those hospitals.
There's the file.
Thank you.
Okay, here we go!
4-2 for 6.
What'd I say?
Sis, sit out. Break your losing streak.
-Is this your first time, miss?
My left ear's no good.
First time?
It's totally new to me.
Does she run this place?
That's Ms. Hayashita. She's the bookie.
Reading at a gambling den?
Hegel's The Phenomenology of Spirit.
He said it is possible that crime
as a phenomenon can be fundamentally good.
When a homeless person is hospitalized,
the government pays all
the medical costs as emergency protection.
This crook exploited the system. Kept
doing tests and procedures on patients
to trap them in the hospital.
So many died.
The hospital was shut down,
but Takagi avoided arrest.
The hospital director took the blame
and killed himself.
Or maybe he was killed.
Takagi is connected
with the yakuza and politicians.
A crook's crook.
He started an NPO in March of 2008.
Playing the system.
I'll get on Takagi's ass now.
You can't.
The former First Lady is on the board
of Osaka Fellowship, Takagi's NPO.
-Hands off!
The chief's orders?
What if arresting the catchers
and callers leads us to him?
Would that work?
Well said, newbie!
The chief will approve
as long as Takagi isn't the entry point.
I'll move you to a different team.
You're transferred to the Tigers.
Does that include me? The newbie?
You want her?
Don't put me on the spot.
And can you even see?
Crystal clear.
She does require a lot of hand-holding.
Then good luck to you three.
And it's kung pao squid.
We have a 1.
Fuck yeah!
Thank you.
I can't lose today! If this keeps up,
I'll get everything I ever wanted.
-Ain't fair.
-Settle down, man.
-Hello? Can you hear me?
-Professor? What is it?
Mandala left the hospital!
He's going crazy here.
All confused, looking for a woman.
Where's Naomi!
Where did you hide her?
Hey, I need a ride back right away.
It's an emergency.
The young lady wants to leave.
She can go if she covers the toro.
We can get you back, but you'll have to
be the guarantor if Jo has a toro.
What's toro?
A loan.
Are you serious?
So unfair.
That's her!
Professor! Combo!
Boxer took a few guys to look in Shinchi.
Why Shinchi?
He says Mandala's looking for Naomi,
a girl who got sold there ten years ago.
She still there?
Help Mandala.
Damn! I lost! How do you get
the same roll three times in a row?
4-2 for 6.
It's a 6.
Six, anyone?
Jo, call it a night. Your luck's run out.
There's no end to this losing.
Fuck you. The tide will turn again.
My luck will come back.
-But, sir--
-Just one more loan.
You've borrowed too much.
-I'm asking, please.
-I can't.
Just lend me the money.
-I can't loan you any more.
-I'll pay it right back. C'mon!
Mr. Yashiro?
Follow me.
-Send Takuya up when he gets back.
-Will do.
I don't know where to start.
Whoever heard of such a thing?
A hit man borrowing money
from his client who runs the house?
You borrowed 2.5 million.
Your fee is three million
upon completion of the hit.
Did you know, Zama?
Yashiro told me.
So all we gotta pay now is 500K.
It was one million per person,
not three million total.
You have a point.
Succeed and I'll pay you one million each.
What about me?
It'll go towards your debt.
You make the hit, the debt is 1.5 million.
If not, it's 2.5 million.
Interest is ten percent per day.
You have ten days to pay or else
By the way, bad timing,
but you'll make the hit tonight.
Chieko Naniwa, get it?
Who? And what's this?
Drive 'em back after you brief 'em.
Yes, boss.
Takuya will give 'em to you there.
But we need to test them first.
Not my problem.
I told Yashiro.
Not my problem!
Backing out?
Stop with that.
All good, right?
It's your Kansai debut. Better not
screw up if you wanna work here.
Yashiro's local.
I'm not worried about him.
Plus, his sister is his guarantor.
No. My sister has nothing to do with this.
Bullshit. The loan
is under both of your names.
12:01 A.M.
The site's floor plan.
Back door is unlocked.
I can't read kanji.
This is your target.
He's playing mahjong now.
So there are four guys.
The other three are punks.
One shot and they'll run.
Shoot 'em if they get in the way.
Doesn't matter.
Who is this? Why are you after him?
We're like a cross between
an assassin firm and an ad agency.
We get a job and outsource it.
What did this guy do? Tell us.
It'll help motivate us.
The target's a judge.
A killer was sentenced to death.
On appeal,
the judge reduced it to life in prison.
The reason?
Only one 19-year-old girl was killed.
The murder was gruesome
because she didn't die easily.
-For real?
-It's true.
He's done this
with many other death sentences.
A lot of people want him dead.
Remember where to meet up?
The bridge from earlier.
Yeah, the bridge.
What is this?
A women's bathhouse?
Hold on.
For what? I bet he's got a good hand.
Good hand.
Make your move.
Can't I laugh a little?
No way! Seriously?!
Thank you very much!
See if this works.
Ron, 1,300!
What the fuck! You asshole!
That's a shit hand. Look at this!
Look! I was so close to winning!
Eat shit and die!
Fucking morons.
What the fuck?
Stop, you fuck!
Don't make me shoot.
Why don't you run?
I was one tile away from a huge win.
That's a shame.
I know. I'm so frustrated.
"A shame."
A shame? Well said.
You said it.
Did I? Really?
You're shaking.
I don't wanna shoot.
I don't wanna be shot.
Can I leave? I'm leaving, then.
Let's both live long.
Mr. Judge?
You stabbed that guy.
I wanted her to move in.
Right. You were in love.
That's all I could think about
while I was in the hospital.
You get lonely, huh?
In the hospital,
I was the lonely man in "Solitaire."
The Carpenters' song?
You guys wanna play solitaire?
Yes! Let's play.
-Mandala lost it again?
He settled down. He's okay now.
Okay, my ass.
Come tell me what happened.
Your team will disband if this continues.
You got away.
Toru kinda fucked up.
Watch what you say.
You fuck up, you die,
you get blamed. That's all.
Guess so.
Keep your gun.
I've been thinking.
We might as well do another job.
What job?
A break-in.
Now? From here?
We'll get 40 to 50 million each.
I'll kill you if this is a trick.
How many bullets left?
Until seven years ago,
he had power of attorney for my banking.
Mandala did?
Yeah. He's an honest man.
Never touched a single yen.
He'd be working here if he wasn't broken.
He only loses it occasionally.
He's useful other times.
If you think so, he's yours.
The problem is your ex-boyfriend.
What about Goya?
He found out about this place.
No need to run. He's just watching.
With the higher-ups involved,
he can't make a move.
The dodo bird has grown up
and come home to her nest.
I will protect you.
And something else. Don't tell anyone.
I'll groom you to be my heir.
Go get another bottle of Spirytus.
That was quick.
Can I ask you something?
You really are confused.
Asking with a gun pointed at me?
You think you'll get away with this?
He's threatening us.
Shut your fuckin' mouth!
Your sister would be pissed
if she saw you like this.
Open the safe.
You know who backs me? Answer me!
One word, and I can have them kill you.
Tear you to pieces.
Stop sweating. Shoot me!
Shoot me!
Shut the fuck up!
Move your ass.
Oops, wrong one.
Listen, Jo. It'd break your sister's heart
to see you like this.
Shut up and open it.
No, she'd be furious.
Fuckin' open it!
The fuck you doing?
Don't shoot! It's my sister!
-Answer me!
-You bitch!
Don't shoot!
Stop! Don't!
-Neri! Stab him with your knife!
He's trying to kill me, Sis!
Help me!
I'll kill you!
Get off, you fuck!
Sis, help! Get off!
Stop! Sis! He's gonna kill me!
Forgive me.
What the hell? I'm your father, damn it.
Please! Call an ambulance.
You can have all my share.
Help me, Yashiro. Please.
Shut the fuck up.
He was your father?
That's tough.
Not even!
I got even.
Get it right, will you?
Got it.
Where'd you get a gun?
The scary lady at the gambling den.
I was hired to make a hit,
but we screwed up
and Zama's brother got killed.
What a crazy night.
We get rid of the body first.
Count the money later.
Aren't you curious
how much is in his bank accounts?
Takagi's not dead if there's no body.
No one will notice in the short term.
And the enforcers?
We'll figure it out.
Anyone know Hitoshi was here?
We'll withdraw his money and skip town.
I owe money.
But you were winning.
Tide turned after you left.
You blaming me?!
They said you're the guarantor.
How much?
Two-point-five million.
They hire you for a hit, and you borrow
2.5 million from them? Seriously?
Apparently, it's unprecedented.
-Don't even think about it.
-He's so damn big.
Please, let's not. Please.
I'm serious. I can't.
He's huge.
I'll move him myself. Just let me do it.
It's no use cutting him up.
Each piece will still be heavy.
I'll just move him myself.
Why did I ever help you?
You love me.
Wrap them both up.
In tarps?
Right. Go get them from storage.
Got it.
Something funny?
You told me to go get a tarp
when I killed my dad.
Just like old times.
We're a real team.
Mom really hated you.
He's so damn heavy.
You quit smoking?
When I was in prison. The second time.
In Tokyo.
We didn't know what we were doing
when we buried my dad.
Probably took twice as long.
We didn't even have a car.
I was 13, and you were 15.
That hill in the back was so steep.
How'd we ever climb it?
He was an asshole too. Stunk of booze.
Often beat the shit out of me.
You were 14 when he raped you?
He kept doing it for a year.
I came to your rescue.
Don't forget that.
It was easy-peasy.
The factory burned down
the night I killed him,
and we got the insurance payout.
The sweet smell of burning sugar
It felt so good.
There's a motel off the highway.
We'll shower and change there.
A motel with you?
We look suspicious like this,
driving a Mercedes.
Whoa! Look at this place!
What's this?
Look, the bed spins!
Fucking cool! A spinning bed!
But it's so slow.
Check this out, Neri!
What's taking so long?
Just come in!
-I'm coming!
-We ain't got all day!
I know.
No one cares about your junk.
I set fire to the sugar factory.
Why'd you never tell me?
You're loose-lipped.
I never told anyone about Dad.
I won't this time either.
We got no luck in life. Gotta be weeds.
Gotta survive even when we're trampled.
Can't get cocky.
We'll collect Takagi's money,
then split it 50-50.
Then we go our separate ways.
Don't say that.
We're a team, our fates intertwined.
Let's start a company together.
You're a psychopath
with a brain stuck at age 13.
You kill a man,
then you jump around like a little brat.
I ain't jumping around.
We get the money,
then you and I are done.
Follow me and I'll turn myself in. Got it?
Answer me, damn it!
Got it.
We'll sleep two hours, then leave.
Come to think of it,
we ain't blood-related, are we?
Some people fuck even when they are.
What are you saying?
Dicks are the root of all evil.
Doesn't matter whose.
It's easier to chop off when it's hard.
Oh, my Buddha.
Lick it clean.
He'll find me no matter where I go.
I'll die if I keep going like this.
So you're home after 16 years.
I'll do anything.
Please let me stay.
Everything you own is in that bag?
Is it?
I'm sorry. I can't hear in my left ear.
A medical condition?
He hit me and ruptured my eardrum.
You got money?
Five hundred and fifty yen.
Today's your birthday.
I forgot.
The tarot card for August 20th
is judgment.
An angel blowing a trumpet.
"Don't get carried away."
"Don't lose balance."
That's the angel's warning.
What a great day to be born.
Thanks to who?
Thanks to me.
I never once forgot your birthday,
even after you were gone.
Imagine my shoe's your birthday cake.
Lick it clean.
The hell was that?
Status update?
The Mercedes?
It's being appraised.
Won't know till tomorrow.
Payments left?
None. Must've paid cash.
We selling the watches?
Got his name on 'em.
Black market sales only.
Here. He had accounts at four banks.
Sankyo, Daido, Kyowa Fuji, and Izumi.
A total of 82 million.
We have the ATM cards
but no PIN number.
I bet he wrote it down.
But we don't know where.
Four digits? Maybe he just memorized it.
Then it would be a special number.
But we have his bankbooks and seal.
True, but they may ask for the PIN
if they suspect something.
And there are six seals here.
Which one's for the banks?
The two ivory seals have his full name,
so they're official.
How 'bout the brown one?
Bull's horn?
That one. That's for the banks.
You think a man like Takagi would keep
his bank seal with his official seals?
He hid it somewhere.
What else?
Three credit cards.
An envelope of statements
from four investment banks.
No cards for those.
Four more banks, huh?
How much in stocks?
He had most of his money in stocks.
A total of 250 million.
Over 300 million altogether.
But how do you sell stocks?
You can sell 'em over the phone.
Tell 'em your account number,
name, and address.
Once authenticated, the money
goes into your registered account.
Can you get it at a teller?
Only by wire.
How do you know?
I did stuff like that in Tokyo.
I was a secretary.
How do we find his registered account?
I know.
Look for wire transfers
from investment banks.
There it is.
He only registered Sankyo Bank.
Wires from all four investment banks.
An excellent bookkeeper.
Why'd he lock this?
-We'll divide and conquer.
-What are we looking for?
Weren't you listening?
His PIN number,
the seal he used for the banks,
et cetera, et cetera!
Got a moment?
-Do you have an appointment?
-Osaka PD.
Is Yuri Sakita here?
She's washing a customer's hair.
How long will it take?
Another ten minutes.
We're looking for Eiji Konuma.
Did he con someone?
We arrested a catcher and a lookout
in a sting yesterday.
They told us he recruited them.
They were in a bike gang together.
We asked around,
but no one in your apartment building
has seen him in a while.
When did he leave?
Six months ago.
A relative of mine
who prepares legal documents
helped me get him to leave.
Any contact since?
He's been calling lately.
Do you have his phone number?
I delete it every time.
Do you remember any of his friends?
He introduced me once to a guy
at a club he liked to go to.
The guy had piercings on his ears
and nose. I think he also had a tattoo.
I don't remember his name.
Does Konuma have a tattoo?
On his left shoulder.
A red dragon with wings.
Back to work!
Here it is. An ebony seal.
It's definitely a bank seal.
Now we just need the PIN.
If we can't find it?
Get someone to pose as Takagi tomorrow
and submit a PIN reset form.
That'll take too long.
Hear that?
It's me, Hiraoka.
Wait, who's this?
This is Goto.
I've heard of you.
There was no answer at his usual number
or the office, so I tried this one.
Can you put Mr. Takagi on?
He's out right now.
May I ask how you know him?
We work together.
With the books?
Well, a lot of things.
The truth is
Mr. Takagi got rid of his cell phone.
Said it was getting too risky.
Something happen? Is there trouble?
Some men came here
from Tokyo a few days ago.
They were arguing.
Mr. Takagi said
he'd go under the radar awhile.
Under the radar? Where?
A hot spring hotel, I think.
He made a reservation on the phone.
He go by car?
Yes, his Mercedes.
What the hell? We have a job to do.
I can arrange a catcher for you.
Well, lemme talk to the guys here.
Okay, then. If Mr. Takagi calls,
I'll tell him to call you, Mr. Hiraoka.
Yes, please do. Thanks, Ms. Goto.
You did good.
Con men are monsters.
They're not so easily fooled.
Which will come first?
The money or the monsters?
We don't have much time.
Then comes the morning farewell.
I'll miss you.
The title to Fellowship Villas.
I'll take that.
For what?
A gift to the guys at Fellowship Villas.
Just give 'em a bunch of money.
No, the old lowers would spend it all.
The smart move
is to give this title to the professor.
-What about him?
He did all of Takagi's banking
until seven years ago.
-Gotta go.
What if there's a call?
Don't answer!
Where's Mandala?
Contemplating solitaire.
Don't disturb him.
So where is he?
Head all the way inside, then right.
All the way inside, then right. Thanks.
Having fun with solitaire?
It's the only game in town.
You stopped drinking?
My head's clear when I'm sober.
A new discovery.
Can I ask about your past?
How far back?
Seven years ago.
Back when I was a yakuza.
You had power of attorney
for Mr. Takagi's banking.
Why's it "Mr. Takagi"?
He's your dad.
He told me to call him that.
I don't get it.
You gave me whatever I wanted
when I was little.
Little Neri was cute.
Little Neri wanted to kill her daddy.
He sold my mom and me to the owner
of a sugar factory in Wakayama.
When the guy died, we got insurance money
and finally could live the easy life.
Then my mom--
Got swindled, right?
"Milk 'em for all you can,
whatever it takes."
That's my dad's motto.
I tried to stop him.
Mom hung herself because of Takagi.
Why come back?
There's a devil in Tokyo.
He beat me silly.
I got away with one good ear at least.
That cocksucker.
He comes after me wherever I run.
The cops are useless.
So I used Takagi for protection,
even though I hated him.
It's freezing in here.
Go to my place?
I've done horrible things
and deserve to die.
But I wanna help someone
before I drop dead.
I'll kill that devil in Tokyo if you want.
I'll even kill Takagi if you want.
I'm still man enough for it.
My money is on you, Pops.
You won't lose that bet.
I killed and buried Takagi.
You did?
I'll take his money and leave the country.
Only problem is
I don't know his PIN number.
Pops, you had power of attorney?
That's what this is about?
That's what this is.
It was in here, just last year!
It's empty now!
Don't worry about it.
Who knows if he was using
the same PIN from seven years ago?
He was.
He definitely did.
It was a special number.
I remember asking him
why he chose that number.
He said it was a date to remember.
Why do you have an eight card?
I told him if you move the date a little,
it would be 8/15, the end of World War II.
That would be easier to remember.
That's it. How'd you know?
It's my damn birthday.
What's up?
His Benz is worth 5.5 million.
Tell 'em we'll sell it for cash.
We need a letter of assignment,
his official seal,
and the seal registration.
We should take care of it today.
It's Sunday.
I can't get the seal registration.
And the dealer
can't get 5.5 million so fast.
We can get the seal registration.
Osaka has service counters open.
There's one in Namba Station.
I'll handle the paperwork when I get back.
And any dealership can get five
or six million cash ready on a Sunday.
And the PIN?
I got it.
There was a call on Takagi's cell.
The one from Hiraoka?
On the red cell too.
And there's some yakuza out front.
White Sheep?
No, never seen these guys.
I'll come in from the back, then.
How many hours since you killed Takagi?
About the time the enforcers showed up.
So soon?
Back in the day, if a boss didn't check in
for 24 hours, it meant an emergency.
Takagi was a big fish.
He said he was just a manager.
We gotta play it smart here.
I'll go back to the office for now.
Pops, wait for me at Bad Lands.
Before you leave, can you get
something from the attic for me?
I'm scared of step stools these days.
You still seeing things?
Scared I'm a loaded gun?
I feel fine.
I'm good for four or five days, I think.
I told Mandala I killed Takagi.
You said he's broken.
You're broken too.
They know him at Sankyo Bank.
He can make a big withdrawal
without suspicion.
His share? Don't say a third.
I'll pay him from mine.
And then?
And then it's none of your business.
What the hell?
You're leaving your brother for that guy?
He's a bigger psychopath than me.
You hear me?
If I'm a one-star, he's a five.
He's crazy dangerous.
Mandala falls apart sometimes,
but he never talks.
He never told anyone Takagi was my dad.
He's mum about their past too.
I'm betting on Mandala.
You get me?
It's called the bond of the have-nots.
The thought soothes me.
But you won't bet on me?
I did when I was 15.
The Namba service center
opens at 10:00 a.m.
Get the seal registration
and go sell the Benz.
That letter needs a seal.
Pay off your gambling debt
once you sell the car.
I will.
I'll see you at Bad Lands.
-Where are you?
Napping while I crap.
I can smell it.
It's all these all-nighters.
Yuri Sakita called.
Who's that again?
Please sit.
Thanks for coming.
What did Konuma say?
Let's order first.
He said, "I'm leaving Osaka
to start over.
I want to meet
one last time to apologize."
That was it.
What can I get you?
Coffee for everyone.
So four for the drink bar?
Did he say where he was?
No. I don't want to know.
-I'll repeat the order.
-Shut it.
That'll be all.
This number came up on my phone.
Thank you so much.
We need a favor.
We would like you to call him
and ask where he is.
I'm sorry. I know you'd rather not.
But if we let Konuma go,
the scammers will still prey on people.
We need to get the whole group.
Ask his address? He'll be suspicious.
That's true.
Okay, no address.
Maybe just ask what area
of Osaka he's in. What kind of place?
If you could ask nonchalantly
We won't tell him about you
if we arrest him.
-It's me.
I'm off today.
How about you?
Where are you?
A building in Nakasakicho.
I have a colleague who lives there.
A condo?
A building that used to be a bank.
It's Neri's voice.
The Namba service center
opens at 10:00 a.m.
Get the seal registration
and go sell the Benz.
I'll see you at Bad Lands.
Takagi is presumed dead.
Bad Lands is a pool hall nearby.
Is the informant at Osaka PD
in touch with you?
We talk directly.
The cops don't know Takagi is missing.
Disband the surveillance team.
Yes, sir.
Neri won't run till the cops find out.
Send some snatchers?
That's failed twice in three years.
I'll do it.
It's too risky.
I used to do as I please.
Your father was still alive.
You're the face
of a 50 billion-dollar firm.
Itoi, get over here.
Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir. I'll watch.
Neri is a doe in the forest.
Her smile is like the Mona Lisa.
You're dear to me.
I truly love you.
So I want you to receive all of me.
I want to book the whole place
from this afternoon to Tuesday morning.
Is a million good?
That's too much. 300K max for two days.
I'm feeling generous. I'll pay a million.
Fine, twist my arm.
Mandala and Jo will be there soon.
Feed them, will you?
Mandala's here.
Is he behaving?
Very well. He's meditating.
Mandala, the faithful dog.
Aren't you, pooch?
He ignored me.
-Put it there.
-Yes, ma'am.
Start the car.
Yes, ma'am.
I want your heart in Neri's body.
Your insults feed my soul.
I'll go to Osaka after the press event.
I'll call the bodyguards.
Just you. No one else.
What if Neri refuses?
A runaway slave has two options.
Return to her master or be torn to pieces.
Sorry about the hit.
No biggie.
It was a decent outcome for a fuckup.
Right, Takuya?
The target's scared. He's in the hospital.
That was fast.
My sister helped a lot.
You have a good sister.
Do I get a receipt?
See ya.
Something's off.
Definitely off.
Takagi owns them.
Word on the street is he skipped town.
I'll follow Yashiro.
Can I help?
Who are you?
I'll ask again.
Who are you?
I'm Goto. I work here.
The third-base coach?
And you are?
I'm Arai.
People call me Mama.
Eitetsu Tokuyama, Isei Family.
No business card.
You hear that, bitch?!
My left ear's no good.
Eitetsu Tokuyama, Isei Family.
No business card!
Ms. Arai, you're the GM,
and these are the enforcers?
Me? The GM?
I do equipment. No one told you?
I don't even know the callers.
Mr. Takagi's gone for a while?
He's gone under the radar.
Don't be coy with me.
Same to you.
You got balls.
I'll gut you, bitch.
Wait, Toku? Is that you?
Mandala's gofer?
The crybaby?
Look at you now!
Who are you?
You're not Goto, the third-base coach?
I'm Takagi's daughter, Little Neri.
Shit, it's getting complicated.
Toku, you know her?
Hey, is he here?
Never met him?
Never. Introduce us.
He's fine today. Just say hi.
Hi. Nice to meet you.
I'm Yashiro.
Look at this. Books, papers
He put everything in his car and left.
Why won't he answer his phone?
No idea. Probably has another one
we don't know about.
Said he'd call once he settled.
When will that be?
How would I know?
He didn't call today.
He might call tomorrow.
That's my answer.
Watch your fuckin' tone, bitch!
Dumbass! She's the boss's daughter.
What if he finds out we hurt her?
My finger
Tamaki? Do something about this, will ya?
I'll take him to the hospital.
It hurts so bad.
What do we do, Mama?
So Takagi was the boss.
Majority owner.
I'm the minority owner.
It all makes sense now.
Come to think of it,
after those two came from Tokyo,
Takagi said,
"There's a storm brewing.
I have to hide from the cops."
That's bullshit. Right, Toku?
A total lie.
You almost fooled me, you little shit.
Mr. Takagi doesn't have to fear the cops.
He can control them
through his friends in Tokyo.
Your story is total bullshit.
Hey, Tamaki?
Bring me some tools
after you take him to the hospital.
It's torture time. Two or three hours.
I'll wait as long as I have to.
A violent gal like this?
She could've killed Mr. Takagi.
He spoiled his daughter.
You're right, Mama.
Do what you gotta do.
Get back everything he owns.
Will do.
I'm counting on you.
Ever since menopause,
I can't handle the sight of blood.
In my experience,
distance is the key to a hit.
Decide on the distance beforehand.
Like a camera shot.
Social distance is two meters.
So once you're two meters away, bang.
What a great tip.
Just about there.
We're one-on-one.
Better run while you can.
You sure got a mouth.
-Who taught you the knife?
Beat it into me till he sold us.
I was ten.
SOS from Neri.
Takagi's office. Let's go.
Where are you?
Lay off her, you fuck!
Stay out of this, old man!
You're dead, dick cheese!
Want another?
The hell you doing?
Why do you get to carry a gun?
She's a sharpshooter.
For real?
I'm in the next Olympics.
Go do it already.
Yes, sir.
-Flower delivery for Mr. Eiji Konuma.
-From who?
-Ms. Yuri Sakita.
Police! Fraud Task Force.
Here's the warrant.
Eiji Konuma?
Yep, a red dragon.
Hold on.
Who's the warrant for?
Show me, you asswipe!
It's for Konuma, you fuck!
2:10 p.m. Warrant served.
-Get the exits!
Stop, motherfucker!
-Go up!
What's going on?
Oh, shit! No, no, no!
You almost shot my face!
As expected.
Nobody move! Don't move!
We'll take everything!
Don't touch anything!
Everyone over here. Gather up.
Please, spare me.
Will you help us?
What'd I do?
Bad attitude.
I would love to help.
We'll call your guy.
What's his name?
We'll call him.
This is what you'll say.
Read it.
Takagi called.
I can only write the report,
but I could also add my comments,
like, "the suspect was remorseful
and very cooperative," you know?
Scam addicts that aren't irredeemable
can get a reduced sentence.
The minority owner is Arai.
She does equipment.
Her first name?
Tomoko. T-O-M-O-K-O.
Almost there! Spill your guts!
You'll feel better, Konuma!
The bookkeeper's the owner.
The owner keeps the books? You lie!
I'm telling the truth!
Takagi, the bookkeeper, is the boss.
Say that again.
Takagi from that sensational
hospital fraud scandal.
He's the majority owner.
Got ya, Takagi!
The man arrested for possession
of a firearm was an Isei Family member
Cops can be useful sometimes.
Thank you
for going through all the trouble.
So glad to hear you're doing well.
I quit drinking.
I'm doing so much better now.
Thanks again for your help. Bye now.
Did it work?
My guy retired last year,
but he's friends with the branch manager.
The paperwork is easy.
You'll be rich tomorrow.
The Sankyo Bank money
is a three-way split.
What do I need all that money for?
You can do volunteer work.
Listen, there are things in this world
that money can't buy.
That's what's important to me now.
I don't get it.
It's time's up when the battery runs out.
It's like that. My clock
is winding down to time's up.
So I'm serving others.
I want coffee too.
It's right there.
I knew that.
Need a new battery?
Konuma said Takagi
hasn't contacted them since Saturday.
Tomoko Arai, the minority owner,
has a prior for selling stolen goods.
She worked for Takagi at the hospital.
Tamaki, who was arrested at the station,
had a text from Arai.
He is probably one of their enforcers.
Why did Tamaki have a gun?
Organized Crime is looking into it.
And Tokuyama from the Isei Family?
We're tracking him down.
We need a search warrant for Arai
and the Isei Family.
Once word spreads,
no one will care about those scumbags.
Kung pao squid.
The three accounts
other than Sankyo Bank are yours, Jo.
Consider tomorrow your only chance.
Withdraw all you can.
How 'bout we meet up at a five-star hotel?
We have the money.
This is the safest place in Osaka.
Once Tamaki sings, the cops
will watch all of Takagi's places.
And the five-star hotels
are under Goya's control.
Goya? Who's that?
So this is your "Devil in Tokyo"?
He's worth 50 billion dollars.
A big-time global macro investor.
I was his sex slave until three years ago.
You can't come up for breath
as long as Goya's alive.
Yeah, now that Takagi's dead.
How are you gonna move
the money abroad anyway?
There are tons of cryptocurrency owners
in Japan. I'll use one of their wallets.
Then cash out overseas.
I don't know how that works,
but wouldn't Goya try to stop you?
Everything has a risk. It's do or die.
Do or die. Well said.
I'll go pack.
Crazy Jo, you thinking crazy
what I'm thinking?
Professor, you awake?
What is it?
The title to Fellowship Villas
and the letter of assignment.
Use it well.
Takagi won't be around anymore,
nor will I.
Some cash to hold you over.
Tell me.
My dream?
Talk about my dream?
The dream you love about the magician.
My dream?
A flat puzzle moves in 3D.
A kami, a playwright,
and a magician are neighbors.
Sometimes I'm born in the kami's house
next to the magician's.
Sometimes I'm born there
and adopted by the playwright.
And sometimes I'm born
in the playwright's house
and adopted by the kami.
The magician always saves me from misery.
His son becomes my brother,
and we learn magic together.
My dream?
Have a bad dream?
This world is a bad dream.
Where's Jo?
Probably with a woman.
Does he even know what to do?
Why the hell did Tamaki
have a gun at the station?
Where's Tokuyama?
He ain't answering his phone.
What's going on with the Isei Family?
What? A raid?
Kyoko, get the door.
Police. Where's Arai?
The cops are here.
Tomoko Arai?
Police. Here's the search warrant.
Oh, my!
Sit there by the snake.
I'll take your phone.
I transferred all the money
from the stocks to Sankyo Bank.
It's 250 million.
You're withdrawing 200 million, right?
Why isn't Jo calling?
Mic check.
Not too much volume.
Why's the banner facing the wrong way?!
Sorry, sir. If it's not facing
the audience, then--
-Fine. Leave it.
-Sorry, please leave it.
Sorry, please leave it.
The cops raided Arai and the enforcers.
They'll soon learn Takagi was killed.
Neri will catch a flight today.
Monitor all Kansai airports
and stand by for further orders.
-The helicopter ready for post-press?
-Anytime, anywhere.
It's about time.
About time.
House lights out, please.
The rehearsal is about to begin.
I am a millennial,
but not the kind who day-trades
on a no-fee app like Robinhood.
I am a professional.
I analyzed Bitcoin based on
profitability, security, and liquidity.
And this is what I determined.
I'm launching Embryon,
a new cryptocurrency
surpassing Bitcoin in every way.
I'll invest ten percent of our net assets.
The Embryon logo is on the screen.
-I told you there's a lag!
-Sorry, sir!
It's late. Don't screw it up.
-Coming through.
-Even a tiny bit late--
-Sir, stop!
Mr. Goya!
Call an ambulance!
-Mr. Goya!
-Stay still!
Mr. Goya!
Where is he? Go around.
Do you see him?
Stop right there!
Officer down!
Drop the weapon!
God damn it!
Toss the gun!
Don't move!
-Drop it!
Like hell I will, fuckwads.
Drop the weapon!
-Get in.
-Wait, what?
Take her to Nishinari, please.
Naomi's calling me. My time's up.
No, it's not.
Jo really loved you.
Get your ass moving!
Pops headed to the river walkway
and from there to the water taxi stop.
He strolled on the pier
where he had made so many memories,
then his battery ran out.
I heard about it long after it happened.
But I learned about Jo
that same day on the radio.
There was a mass shooting
at a hotel in Tokyo.
Billionaire investor Kento Goya
was killed.
Police identified the shooter
as Jo Yashiro, currently unemployed.
He died in a shoot-out with the police
providing security at the hotel.
It is unclear if terrorism--
I'll leave tonight.
Be careful.
Here's the rental fee.
-Jo paid me.
Left for Tokyo last night.
Said he won't be back.
He gave me this.
"Going to Tokyo. Gonna kill Goya for you.
Thanks for one helluva weekend."
I need you to go shopping for me.
Will you?
You two, over there.
You, over here.
I think I found Tokuyama!
Is he dead?!
Still breathing!
What a grim face.
-Plastic surgery for the yakuza look?
-Get a gun and wait for me.
Sit to my right, both of you.
In fight mode, I see.
She said you're in fight mode.
A shitload of death today because of me.
But the kami will forgive me
if a couple more die.
Hayashita knows the situation you're in.
She just wants to talk.
Wait, do you
run a black market crypto exchange?
The usual commission is five percent.
If you pay a little extra,
you can withdraw that money in Sri Lanka.
-No problem.
I got 200 million. I'll pay
your usual five percent commission.
You do realize
the cops were in Takagi's office?
They're monitoring the whole town.
You can't get the money out.
I'm shopping around.
You won't find anyone that easily.
But I can transfer 200 million
in Bitcoin to your wallet.
I don't have a wallet.
I'll show you how to make one
under a fake name.
See? Your only way out is to let me
handle it for a ten percent commission.
Fifty million in the Sankyo account.
The other three accounts total 80 million.
Interested, Hayashita?
Yes, I am.
I'll tell you the PIN
once I cash out in Indonesia.
What do you say? Five percent?
Huh? Looks like a screen
for opening an online bank account.
Enter a fake name.
PIN number.
We can drive you to the airport.
A flat rate of one million?
It's Monday.
I can go by myself.
You really are badass, sister.
Auntie Sara?
Can you bring me what I asked for?
Don't all talk at once!
Hey! Hands off!
I said hands off the car!
It's the Monday Priestess!
We're rooting for you!
Be careful out there!
She runs on Mondays. Poor girl.
An hour past midnight.
-It's Tuesday now.
-Time ticks differently 'round here.
Subtitle translation by: Jason Franzman